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SATURDAY, 3 JULY, 2021<br />




The Mercedes boss‘ days of records, rallying,<br />

and racing with <strong>Red</strong> Bull

02 Gallery F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

3 July, 2021 The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong><br />

Sensational days in red-white-red:<br />

finally, there are fans in Spielberg<br />

again, Max Verstappen (pictured) is<br />

hot favourite, and teammate Checo<br />

Perez is driving his 200th GP.<br />


ORANGE<br />

After last week’s successful Styrian GP,<br />

this weekend’s Austrian GP is all about<br />

setting a record: if Max Verstappen can<br />

repeat his victory from last Sunday,<br />

he will be the first F1 driver in history<br />

to win four times at this track.<br />

In yesterday’s two free practice<br />

sessions the Dutchman posted excellent<br />

lap times, showing he has no intention<br />

of letting his rivals have the slightest<br />

say in his role as boss in Spielberg this<br />

weekend.<br />

“Don’t let the lion stand around in his undershirt.” Can’t understand a word<br />

we’re saying? Maybe reading our columnist on page 6 will help.

The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong> 3 July, 2021 redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring Gallery <strong>03</strong><br />

We’ve been waiting for these pictures for over a year: well-filled stands, and<br />

it’s only Friday. 100,000 spectators are expected for the weekend.<br />

“Is rain coming?” “Not today.<br />

But probably on Sunday.”<br />

Christian Horner and Ferrari<br />

boss Mattia Binotto are<br />

certainly talking shop about<br />

the weather here.<br />

No more records: from the race after next, it will barely be possible to stop<br />

in less than two seconds due to a change in the pit stop regulations.<br />


Warning, track limits: yesterday,<br />

the drivers repeatedly lost lap times<br />

because they drove over the yellow<br />

“sausage kerbs”. This could also be<br />

an issue in today’s qualifying.

04 Gallery F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

3 July, 2021 The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong><br />

From the hunted to the hunter: after<br />

years of dominance, Mercedes is no longer<br />

the favourite. It’s good for the sport.<br />

The <strong>Red</strong> Bull Skydive Team already jumped in yesterday for their<br />

big performance at the GP on Sunday.<br />

Impressive rookie Yuki: still racing in F2 until this year, Tsunoda in<br />

the AlphaTauri was in the top 5 for long stretches yesterday.<br />

Australian with an affinity<br />

for football: Daniel Ricciardo,<br />

here on the podium in 2017.<br />



06.–08. AUGUST | RED BULL RING<br />



13.–15. AUGUST | RED BULL RING<br />



06 Bullhorn F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

3 July, 2021 The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong><br />

PIT BITCH:<br />


Fish eggs, baseball bats, clown cars<br />

and underdressed lions. Our confused<br />

columnist reckons 2021 is shaping up<br />

nicely, if a little strangely…<br />

C<br />

an a year have passed since we were last here, bursting with<br />

hope and expectation that a full season of Formula 1 lay<br />

ahead of us? The hastily commissioned team-branded<br />

masks were barely fit for purpose, but we didn’t care, we<br />

were about to go racing and could see the light at the end of the<br />

tunnel, except the light turned out to be the oncoming train<br />

transporting the second and third waves of the pandemic.<br />

However, as always in F1, the sport took a look at the regs, found<br />

a way to navigate around the problems and beat every other sport to<br />

the competitive punch. Staging a whopping 26 F1 races in 52 weeks<br />

is a unique, unbelievable performance, except that ‘unique’<br />

and ‘unbelievable’ are generally words I use when having<br />

to think of something non-committal to say to actor<br />

friends after the opening night of a terrible show.<br />

I just don’t think F1 needs to be rammed down our<br />

necks at a rate surpassed only by the number of<br />

times everyone has to be deep-throated with a<br />

cotton bud, to prove viral purity. If you are<br />

constantly fed a diet of caviar, eventually you see it<br />

for what it is – slimy, salty fish eggs.<br />

Here in Austria there is nothing fishy about food<br />

preferences, best summed up as ‘veal is life’. And if it’s<br />

not schnitzel, they love a bit of a dairy, to the extent they<br />

actually have a cheesy libation called Lattella, something I<br />

assume would only appeal to fans of Daniel Ricciardo’s shoey.<br />

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be here, because the delights of<br />

an Austrian double-header bring back memories of the fun I had as a<br />

chalet girl in Kitzbühel. Of course, after the holiday romance wore<br />

off, double headers gave way to back-to-backs and then, when<br />

regular partners decided it was all a bit unsanitary, the inevitable<br />

one-time assignations with desperate old flames looking to rekindle<br />

a dead romance. Yes, we’re looking at you Istanbul Park.<br />

Going back to caviar, it has to be said that the current season is<br />

the finest Royal Beluga, as we’ve finally got the Max-Lewis fight<br />

we’ve been craving. Lewis is still Lewis and Max has matured into a<br />

calmly confident driver, who no longer tries to win every race at the<br />

first corner of lap one. It also helps that he no longer looks quite so<br />

much like Alfred E Neuman off the cover of ‘Mad’ magazine.<br />

Mercedes’ troubles haven’t been helped by Valtteri Bottas’ woes,<br />

the normally ultra-reliable Finn sometimes looking about as<br />


‘If you are<br />

constantly fed<br />

caviar, eventually<br />

you see it for what<br />

it is – slimy, salty<br />

fish eggs.’<br />


competitive as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking<br />

contest. I refuse to feel sorry for F1 drivers, given<br />

the life they lead, but a bit of sympathy for VB might<br />

be in order. I remember Eddie Irvine comparing being<br />

Michael Schumacher’s team-mate to waking up every<br />

morning and being hit on the head with a baseball bat.<br />

This year’s great racing hasn’t got in the way of gallons of ink<br />

being wasted in the media on what really matters – wobbly wings,<br />

exploding tyres and comedy trackside hazards. Fans just want to see<br />

the drivers racing hard, not Coco driving his Clown Car, with the<br />

mirrors and doors popping off and the steering wheel coming away<br />

in his hand, as he honks his horn after hitting a Sausage Dog kerb.<br />

Looking back at the Styrian GP, I can’t believe Verstappen didn’t<br />

win Driver of the Day. The last time I paid attention, all of the<br />

Netherlands was duty bound to vote for Max after every race, even<br />

if he retired on the formation lap. Then I realised they were all too<br />

busy packing their caravans with all the orangery they can find –<br />

scarves, shirts and of course the lion costume – ready for this<br />

weekend’s full house. They’ll be here in their colourful thousands<br />

singing their strange songs with lyrics such as “Laat de leeuw niet<br />

in zijn hempie staan”, which as you all know translates as: “Don’t<br />

let the lion stand around in his undershirt.” No, me neither.<br />

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redbulletin.com<br />

TRB_DE_EN_F1_Daily_195x270mm.indd 2 24.06.21 13:40

08 Cover F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

3 July, 2021 The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong><br />

Toto Wolff as we know<br />

him: in command, on<br />

the Mercedes pit wall.<br />


TOTO W.<br />

The world knows him as Mercedes’ commanding team<br />

principle. But TORGER CHRISTIAN WOLFF used to be a<br />

very different type indeed. A glimpse into the secret<br />

<strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong> archive reveals a multifaceted racer<br />

who didn’t shy away from drama.<br />



The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong> 3 July, 2021 redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring Cover 09<br />

Helmet on for a drive<br />

from hell. “They always<br />

say only locals can drive<br />

fast here. I drove up<br />

from Vienna, practised<br />

a bit and now we’ll see<br />

what happens.”<br />


TOTO,<br />


HOLDER<br />

The Nordschleife of the<br />

Nürburgring is rightly considered<br />

the toughest racetrack in the<br />

world. In April 2009, Toto tried to<br />

break the lap record of 7 minutes<br />

and 7 seconds in a Porsche 911<br />

RSR. He did it on his first attempt:<br />

7:<strong>03</strong>.28. Then there was the<br />

unofficial – timed by a hand-held<br />

stopwatch – Niki Lauda record<br />

from the 1970s of 6m58s. Toto<br />

wanted to break that too. The fact<br />

that fingernail-sized chunks of<br />

tyre were coming loose on the first<br />

lap should have given Toto pause<br />

for thought. Hardly, and so the<br />

inevitable occurred... He came off<br />

at the notorious Fuchsröhre<br />

(Foxhole) at 268kph. It took<br />

months for him to be able to taste<br />

and smell again after the fearsome<br />

crash; the deceleration on impact<br />

shook his nerves badly.<br />

Toto’s friend Niki Lauda<br />

called the attempt “the<br />

most stupid suicide<br />

mission I’ve ever heard<br />

of in my whole life”.<br />

Porsche said: “It was<br />

the worst-damaged<br />

roll-cage a driver had<br />

ever managed to bring<br />

in by himself.”<br />

The record is gone:<br />

7:<strong>03</strong> minutes for<br />

20.8km. Toto said<br />

afterwards: “The car<br />

seems a little bit<br />

dangerous to me.<br />

Anything can happen on<br />

the Nordschleife.<br />

You’ll quickly end up<br />

in the local hospital<br />

in Adenau if you<br />

don’t watch out.”<br />

The Porsche 911/997<br />

was the tool of choice<br />

for the attempt to break<br />

the Nürburgring lap<br />

record in 2009. The<br />

460hp racing car had<br />

dominated the 24-hour<br />

race on the same circuit<br />

in previous years.

10 Cover F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

3 July, 2021 The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong><br />

Full-on attack: Toto<br />

quickly won his way to<br />

spectators’ hearts with<br />

his uncompromising<br />

driving style. And he<br />

thought internationally<br />

right from the off; in<br />

2002 he even finished a<br />

respectable sixth in the<br />

N-GT category at the FIA<br />

GT Championship.<br />

TOTO,<br />


DRIVER<br />

Even though he cut his motorsport<br />

teeth on the race track, he was just<br />

as taken with rally driving. And as<br />

Toto probably thought at the time,<br />

it would at least provide a lot more<br />

fun in a day than you’d get in a<br />

long-distance race, which largely<br />

consisted of waiting around. He<br />

was a latecomer to the rally stages<br />

but he learned quickly. And as we<br />

know of Toto, he didn’t do things<br />

by half measures. From July 2006<br />

to late 2013 he was involved with<br />

Austrian Raimund Baumschlager’s<br />

elite rallying outfit, BRR, and<br />

drove their cars, mostly<br />

Mitsubishis. The highlight from<br />

that period was second place in<br />

the Austrian championship behind<br />

team-leader, Baumschlager<br />

himself.<br />

Wolff’s co-driver<br />

Gerald Pöschl guided<br />

the future team<br />

boss through thick<br />

and thin during their<br />

rally years.<br />

Among the established<br />

rally-drivers, Toto was<br />

seen as someone who<br />

sought his limits at<br />

the upper extreme<br />

and learned from his<br />

mistakes. He is<br />

convinced, “I could<br />

have made a living from<br />

rally driving.”<br />


The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong> 3 July, 2021 redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring Cover 11<br />

TOTO,<br />

THE BULL<br />

In the early 2000s, Toto took<br />

part in the FIA-GT World<br />

Championships and in other<br />

major long-distance races in São<br />

Paolo, Spa-Francorchamps and<br />

Silverstone. He racked up class<br />

wins over a number of years for<br />

Porsche, BMW and Ferrari<br />

alongside team-mates such as<br />

Karl Wendlinger, Dieter Quester<br />

and Philipp Peter. In 2006, he<br />

wrote history with the latter<br />

pair and German legend Hans-<br />

Joachim Stuck when he won<br />

the first Dubai 24-Hour Race<br />

wearing blue <strong>Red</strong> Bull overalls.<br />

Legendary… Class<br />

victory for Wendlinger/<br />

Wolff/Quester/Zonca<br />

at the 1000 Miles<br />

of Interlagos in 2004.<br />

And who recorded the<br />

quickest lap in the<br />

toughest of conditions?<br />

Yup, Toto Wolff.<br />

You wouldn’t have<br />

thought back in 2004<br />

that this young man with<br />

the nice hair and the<br />

plastic watch would<br />

years later go on to<br />

become the successful<br />

Mercedes team principal<br />

and the toughest rival for<br />

his partner of many<br />

years, <strong>Red</strong> Bull.<br />


Toto Wolff, Philipp Peter<br />

and Dieter Quester<br />

celebrate winning the<br />

2005 Misano 6 Hours in<br />

their BMW E46. Virtually<br />

like father and son,<br />

Toto only contested<br />

one long-distance race<br />

without veteran star<br />

Dieter by his side.

12 Great races F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

3 July, 2021 The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong><br />

LEARN<br />

AND<br />



After a tough start to his F1 career PIERRE GASLY has<br />

bounced back in style. And for the Frenchman, the strength<br />

of his recovery is founded on the lessons he learned in his<br />

earliest years in single seaters. Here, Pierre picks the races<br />

that made him one of F1’s hottest properties…<br />

Words MATT YOUSON<br />

Pierre Gasly has experienced more<br />

than the average 25 year-old – even<br />

more than the average 25 year-old F1<br />

driver. At the moment, he’s riding the<br />

crest of a wave, delivering the sort of<br />

electrifying qualifying laps and strong races<br />

that mark him out as a top talent.<br />

Of course, Pierre has been here before.<br />

Few drivers will experience the rapid rise,<br />

shattering fall, and extraordinary return<br />

that the young man from Rouen has been<br />

through. But through it all Gasly has shown<br />

remarkable resilience, a mental fortitude he<br />

says comes from experience.<br />

“You always improve and year-after-year<br />

you become stronger. But also you become<br />

who you are race after race, building, getting<br />

more experience,” he says. “And also, you<br />

progress from the mistakes and failures,<br />

because that’s how you improve.”<br />

When asked to list the races that have<br />

made him the driver he is today, Pierre,<br />

perhaps surprisingly, largely opts for<br />

formative experiences during his time in<br />

the <strong>Red</strong> Bull Junior Team. He confesses it’s<br />

difficult to list only a few when there are so<br />

many – but these are the races that stand<br />

out for him.

The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong> 3 July, 2021 redbulletin.com/f1special F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring Great races 13<br />


A member of F1’s elite<br />

band of race winners,<br />

Pierre Gasly has matured<br />

to become one of the<br />

sport’s top talents.

14 Great races F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring redbulletin.com/f1special<br />

3 July, 2021 The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong><br />

2013 FORMULA<br />




“My final race in Formula Renault<br />

2.0 sticks in my mind because I won<br />

the Championship that day – but it<br />

was a very tight battle with Oliver<br />

Rowland that went down to that<br />

final race. I remember qualifying<br />

was going really badly! I had a lot<br />

of traffic and yellow flags and just<br />

couldn’t do a lap. It was a highpressure<br />

situation, I was down in<br />

P20 with just one more chance –<br />

which had never been something<br />

that happened before during that<br />

year. I had a clean lap and took<br />

pole position.<br />

“I went into that last race of<br />

the season leading by eight points.<br />

Rowland tried to pass me on the<br />

first lap and crashed into me, trying<br />

to win the title. He broke his front<br />

wing, and damaged my car. He<br />

picked up a drive through penalty,<br />

but I was able to recover and finish<br />

sixth. It was quite an intense<br />

experience but dealing with that<br />

sort of thing was valuable later.”<br />

Unrewarded in Italy<br />


“There were a couple of memorable races in GP2 but the one that really<br />

stands out is from my first year, in Monza. I took my first pole position<br />

Looking back, I remember at the time feeling that I was really fast in<br />

qualifying and that in the race we were struggling a bit more – but even so we<br />

were leading quite comfortably. And then we broke the driveshaft during the<br />

pit stop. I remember it being difficult to digest. It was an important one. It<br />

would have been my first win in GP2. For me, I learned to accept that you can<br />

sometimes have a great weekend on a personal level but with no reward.”<br />

An emotional victory<br />

at Silverstone<br />

2016 GP2 FEATURE<br />



“In 2016 I won the GP2 title, and<br />

the weekend that really stands out<br />

for me was Silverstone. It was my<br />

first win of the season, but it sticks<br />

in the mind because it was a<br />

particular sort of weekend. On<br />

Friday, I was involved in a road car<br />

crash. It was a bad one. [Travelling<br />

to the circuit, with Pierre in the<br />

back of the car with his mother, the<br />

car was involved in a collision with<br />

another vehicle, and reportedly<br />

rolled four times before coming to a<br />

halt 50m from the road].<br />

“My Mum went to intensive care<br />

with broken vertebrae, broken ribs<br />

and a head injury. She was kept in<br />

intensive care and it was quite<br />

worrying. I went to the track and<br />

was fastest in practice, then in the<br />

afternoon I qualified P2 and won<br />

the race on Saturday. It was odd<br />

because my parents were not there<br />

at the time to celebrate with me. I<br />

was strangely motivated but it was<br />

one that, mentally, was not easy: to<br />

go through the weekend but still<br />

manage to perform.”<br />


The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Bulletin</strong> 3 July, 2021 redbulletin.com/f1special F1 <strong>Red</strong> Bull Ring Great races 15<br />

2020 FORMULA 1<br />




2017 SUPER FORMULA<br />



More often than not a GP2/F2<br />

champion can find an F1 seat for the<br />

following season, but with no seat<br />

available at <strong>Red</strong> Bull’s F1 teams,<br />

Pierre was sent to Japan for a year<br />

of racing in the high-powered Super<br />

Formula championship. He came<br />

within half a point of winning the<br />

title, and had the final two rounds<br />

not been cancelled due to Typhoon<br />

Lan, may have gone one better – but<br />

the experience was critical. Pierre<br />

lists his race win at Autopolis as the<br />

stand-out race – because he and his<br />

team decided to gamble on the<br />

unknown Soft compound tyre. It<br />

was part of a larger learning cycle<br />

that saw him take a much deeper<br />

dive into technical matters – if only<br />

to be better understood.<br />

“Japan was a lot of new things<br />

for me. When I went to Japan, I had<br />

no idea what was going to happen. I<br />

built a relationship with Honda and<br />

Japan: wiser and more experienced<br />

was also able to spend more time<br />

than usual with my team and<br />

understand how they operate.<br />

I didn’t speak Japanese, only one<br />

guy in the team spoke English,<br />

so there was a lot of potential for<br />

miscommunication. I became more<br />

involved on the technical side<br />

so they could understand what I<br />

needed. Great experience. I learned<br />

a lot and was much more involved<br />

than I’d been in other series where<br />

the driver gives feedback but<br />

concentrates mostly on driving.”<br />

Unexpected joy in Monza<br />

Pierre’s performances in Japan,<br />

learning new circuits and new<br />

technology, embedding himself<br />

in a different culture and<br />

producing results from day one<br />

earned him a call-up to Toro<br />

Rosso for the final few F1 rounds<br />

of 2017 before a full-time drive<br />

for 2018. In 2019 a step up to<br />

<strong>Red</strong> Bull Racing resulted in the<br />

toughest time of Pierre’s career<br />

as he struggled with the RB15<br />

and was eventually sent back to<br />

Toro Rosso to build again. In Spa<br />

that year he also lost close friend<br />

Anthoine Hubert to a fatal crash<br />

in Formula 2. It was a dark period<br />

for Gasly, but through the next<br />

year he channelled the negative<br />

energy into positive races,<br />

scoring his first podium in Brazil<br />

and then last year an incredible<br />

first win at the Italian Grand Prix.<br />

“It takes so many things to win<br />

a race in F1. When I crossed the<br />

finish line I just thought of my<br />

team, my family — I was so<br />

thankful for all of their hard<br />

work, their sacrifices,” he told<br />

The Players Tribune. “I knew that<br />

I was the one who had physically<br />

crossed the line, but they had all<br />

been there right beside me. That<br />

cool down lap ... I wish I could<br />

experience that a million times.<br />

The best feeling. The best.”<br />

Reflecting on those years,<br />

Pierre says they have made him<br />

the driver and person he is now.<br />

“You always have challenges<br />

in life, whatever you do,” he says.<br />

“It’s not only myself. Everyone<br />

can relate to that. It’s important<br />

to face those challenges and I<br />

think that’s also what shapes you<br />

as a person – as a driver, as a<br />

human. This period of my life<br />

shaped who I am today and even<br />

if it was tough I never gave up and<br />

I always had a clear idea of what I<br />

want to achieve in the sport.”<br />

And have all of these formative<br />

experiences contributed to the<br />

success he’s now enjoying? Pierre<br />

grins: “Of course! The good days<br />

but also the mistakes and failures<br />

– because that’s how you improve<br />

yourself, how you learn and come<br />

back stronger.”

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