The Wanderer - issue 119 - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/

The Wanderer - issue 119 - Online - WYCOMBE WANDERERS INDEPENDENT SUPPORTERS CLUB - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/

The Wanderer - issue 119 - Online - WYCOMBE WANDERERS INDEPENDENT SUPPORTERS CLUB - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/


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But there was no time to rest or even take a breath before the talk of a terrible pestilence

befalling us all began. Stories were shared of an unforgiving, relentless, seemingly never

ending darkness seeping into every corner of our existence, limiting our movements and

threatening our health, our sanity and, some would say, our very souls.

But I was not shaken. The Holy Spirit filled me with hope and strength and I was able

to ignore the tumult, the wailing and teeth-gnashing, look this new Hell in the face and

say: ‘Whatever lies ahead for this great nation, our sport and our people… the rules are

the rules. Wycombe came up fair and square and we’ve just got to get on with it...’

Having encountered you all many times on the rocky, desolate road to promotion, I was

delighted (if not somewhat incredulous) to find you risen to sit alongside the more

established parishes in the promised land of financial stability. I even recall one dark

night when I found myself whispering: ‘Surely Lord, there has been one hell of a

mistake. Can you have a word...?’ But as always, when you start invoking the spirit, the

disbelief and rising anger gives way to contemplation and calm.

Did not St Peter(borough) write that, though a man may indeed be languishing in

eighth when he votes to stop playing, yet may he still be offered redemption in the form

of some sort of hastily devised points-per-game algorithm? And though it may come to

pass that he prevails and still the doubters claim he did robbeth them blind...they

should wail not, as they may well find themselves in the same coracle at some point if

the European Union keeps making us eat bats.

I was truly heartened to read in the (in some parts poorly fact-checked) writings of

Brother Harman that within your ranks there are a number of practicing Christians.

No doubt, like myself, you will believe you are guided, lifted and supported in your

efforts by the Lord and that He will ensure that your hard work and faith will, in the

end, bring you through your present troubles and help you achieve your aims, however

insurmountable the obstacles facing you may appear.

To that I say...I was here first and, frankly, if anyone has the ear of the Almighty, I

fear it will not be anyone in a quartered shirt, who basically sneaked in by breaking the

dodgy catch on the window at the back of the Vestry.

I hope that little dose of reality will help you come to terms with the realities of the

fruitless battle ahead… God Bless you all!”


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