MSN Life Autumn 2021

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<strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

Issue 40<br />

Sponsored by Midsomer Norton Town Council<br />

Updates on Heritage Action Zone,<br />

plans for events in the town and much more inside.

Where ever, when ever<br />


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H<br />

ello and welcome to the <strong>Autumn</strong> edition<br />

of Midsomer Norton <strong>Life</strong>. It is hard to<br />

believe that we're almost at the end of another<br />

year, but as we look forward to the autumn<br />

months, we hope that more of our favourite<br />

events can return and life becomes a bit more<br />

normal.<br />

In this issue, you can find out more about upcoming<br />

events at the Town Park Amphitheatre and the<br />

return of face to face council meetings among<br />

other exciting upcoming projects.<br />

If you want to appear in our Winter issue, which<br />

will be our 10th anniversary(!), get in touch with us<br />

- news@ignyte-uk.co.uk<br />





WERN<br />


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November <strong>2021</strong>. If you would like your group to be<br />

included in the next edition, please contact us on 01761<br />

410141 before the deadline of 12th October <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

If you have difficulty reading the print please contact<br />

the Town Clerk for a large print copy. You can also view<br />

Midsomer Norton <strong>Life</strong> on the council’s website at www.<br />

midsomernortontowncouncil.co.uk<br />

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can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party for loss or<br />

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prior permission of the publisher.

4<br />



H<br />

ello everyone and welcome to the<br />

latest edition of Midsomer Norton<br />

<strong>Life</strong>. I hope you are managing to keep well<br />

now that the regulations regarding the Covid<br />

19 virus are being lifted. It certainly helps that<br />

the vast majority of people have received their<br />

vaccinations and I hope that those who haven't<br />

yet managed to organise it, can do so soon.<br />

Hopefully, when you receive this copy of<br />

Midsomer Norton <strong>Life</strong>, the weather will be a bit<br />

better than it is at the time of writing this. We're<br />

just going through the batch of wind and rain<br />

storms following on from those few days when it<br />

was scorching hot. Not too good for those of us<br />

who are trying to get some gardening done!<br />

Keeping you up to date with the Town Park,<br />

unfortunately the Lions had to cancel the<br />

opening of the Sensory Garden due to the<br />

Covid regulations, but they have now been<br />

able to reorganise it for 11th September at 12<br />

noon. So, if you would like to come along to<br />

this event, please do. We have had a number of<br />

organisations contacting us about holding events<br />

in the Town Park and they are all being arranged.<br />

If you are part of a group that would like to meet<br />

up in the Town Park for an event, please contact<br />

the Town Trust to get it organised.<br />

I expect you have noticed that several dropped<br />

kerbs have been installed around the town. This<br />

makes life so much easier for wheelchair and<br />

mobility scooter users.<br />

My Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mike Moxham, has<br />

had a number of comments from members of<br />

the public about the state of the old brewery<br />

building at the Welton, Bibby and Baron site on<br />

Station Road. With a construction background,<br />

Mike was the best person to contact Welton,<br />

Bibby and Baron about this and they have<br />

responded saying they intend to carry out a<br />

structural survey soon. So, that sounds like good<br />

news.<br />

Thank you all for taking the time to look through<br />

this copy of Midsomer Norton <strong>Life</strong> where you<br />

will find lots of information about what is going<br />

on in the town. Take care and enjoy the rest of<br />

your <strong>Autumn</strong>.<br />

Lynda Robertson,<br />

Mayor of Midsomer Norton Town Council


A return for Community<br />

Trust’s events Programme<br />

T<br />

he Midsomer Norton Community Trust’s<br />

events programme is set to finally return in<br />

full, 18 months after they were last held.<br />

“As with many other community groups it’s been a<br />

struggle to keep going with the impact of COVID.<br />

However, we have survived and our volunteers<br />

turned out in force recently to run our first<br />

concert at the Town Hall. All we need to do now is<br />

to get the message out there that we’re returning<br />

and I’m confident we can begin serving the local<br />

community again!”, said Alex Davis, Trust Manager<br />

at the Midsomer Norton Community Trust.<br />

The First Thursday Afternoon Social returns to<br />

Welton Rovers on the 2nd September from 2-5pm<br />

with live musical entertainment from Spirelane.<br />

Since its launch the monthly First Thursday has<br />

developed into a popular event in the social<br />

calendar. Local entertainers provide a blend of<br />

musical entertainment, laughter and even a bit of<br />

bingo with hot and cold refreshments available<br />

from the bar. The Social is the perfect chance to<br />

have a laugh, make new friends and dance or foot<br />

tap the afternoon away! Upcoming acts include<br />

Niteshift, Bennie Vee and Russ Matthews.<br />

Meanwhile, the Paradis Palm Court Trio series<br />

resumed in August. These classical concerts see<br />

Jacquelyn Bevan (piano), Lisa Betteridge violin &<br />

Linda Stocks (cello) play a lunch-hour concert,<br />

12.30-1.30pm on the first Friday of each month in<br />

the Assembly Room at Midsomer Norton Town<br />

Hall. Each concert is themed and comprises pieces<br />

of music in a wide range of styles. Delicious<br />

homemade cakes are on sale, along with tea &<br />

coffee. Entry is free, with a retiring collection<br />

towards the cost of running the series.<br />

Meanwhile the Trust are aiming to resume<br />

the Community Cinema screenings from<br />

October. The Trust are currently in discussions<br />

with their distributors about the film lineup<br />

for the Community Cinema with news<br />

and tickets expected to go on sale in early<br />

September. For more information on all of these<br />

events as they’re announced, head to www.<br />


6<br />


Have you seen the new<br />

Greenspaces Poster?<br />

Y<br />

ou may remember in the last edition of<br />

Midsomer Norton <strong>Life</strong> an article regarding<br />

a green spaces poster being designed for<br />

Midsomer Norton.<br />

The posters have now been installed on the back<br />

of the bus stops on The Island.<br />

The posters include a map, making the town's<br />

green spaces easy to find alongside a few<br />

interesting facts about the Somer Valley.<br />

Next time you are passing have a look and see<br />

the green spaces Midsomer Norton and the<br />

surrounding area has to offer.<br />




Town Council Office NOW opeN<br />

A<br />

s Coronavirus started to race across the<br />

world last year, our community faced<br />

many challenges and the residents of Midsomer<br />

Norton went to extraordinary lengths to protect<br />

each other, their friends, and their families<br />

from the effects of the virus. A couple of<br />

consequences of the pandemic were the national<br />

lockdowns and the working from home mandate.<br />

As a result of this, on Friday 20th March 2020,<br />

Council staff said goodbye to each other and<br />

the Council offices which were then closed for<br />

the foreseeable future. The office staff found<br />

themselves starting work on the morning of<br />

Monday 23rd March 2020 at home! Definitely a<br />

new experience for us all. The Town Hall offices<br />

may have been closed, but the Town Council<br />

remained firmly open for business, continuing<br />

to ensure public services were maintained and<br />

running where possible.<br />

Our Town Warden maintained his presence out<br />

and about in the Town and was able to work<br />

outside by following the government guidelines<br />

on social distancing. We saw how hard Dave works<br />

around the Town in the last issue of Midsomer<br />

Norton <strong>Life</strong> and we would like to thank Dave for<br />

his continued commitment during these difficult<br />

circumstances. Town Council and Committee<br />

meetings were moved online and held remotely<br />

via Zoom, because of a change in legislation to<br />

reflect these unparalleled times. The Town Council<br />

was able to hold all their meetings in this way for<br />

the duration of the restrictions.<br />

After a lifting of restrictions, the Town Council<br />

offices were reopened on Monday 19th July <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Currently two members of the office staff are<br />

in the Town Hall, while further staff continue to<br />

work from home until a phased and gradual return<br />

of all staff by the end of August.<br />

A deep clean of the office was carried out with<br />

every workstation cleared and thoroughly cleaned.<br />

Ventilation was an issue in the office because of<br />

many layers of paint being applied to the window<br />

frames over the years. The Town Warden was<br />

able to rectify this and the windows can now be<br />

opened to let air flow through the office.<br />

To ensure the continued safety of staff and<br />

visitors, we would like to request that visits to<br />

the office are kept to a minimum. Please arrange<br />

an appointment where face to face contact is<br />

required. Contact details can be found on our<br />

website. The office staff are always happy to help<br />

and are available via email or telephone during<br />

office hours. We do hope that the numbers in the<br />

area continue to improve as they currently are at<br />

the time of writing, and that normal service can<br />

resume as soon as possible.

8<br />


HIGH STREET Heritage Action<br />

Zone makes further Progress<br />

A<br />

s the High Street Heritage Action Zone<br />

(‘HSHAZ’) programme moves into <strong>Autumn</strong>,<br />

the project team are pleased to report that<br />

further progress has been made on the various<br />

project streams and a number of key things<br />

have happened over the summer months. These<br />

developments relate to improvement works on<br />

the High Street, support for local organisations<br />

and stakeholders and plans for new community<br />

events and activities.<br />

The first key development relates to The Island<br />

and the specialist input now being received from<br />

engineers at AECOM regarding the plans for the<br />

new Market Square. Over the recent months,<br />

AECOM have been undertaking technical work to<br />

test the proposals and ensure they achieve highquality<br />

design standards, support local businesses,<br />

improve safety for pedestrians and road users and<br />

function well for markets and other community<br />

events. The engineers are currently looking at<br />

the condition of the river culvert beneath The<br />

Island and considering how to make sure it is<br />

safe; this will require site investigations and trial<br />

holes to take place at some point soon. Once<br />

the engineering works and tests are completed<br />

the designs will be updated and shared with the<br />

community.<br />

As mentioned in the Spring issue of Midsomer<br />

Norton <strong>Life</strong>, plans for the Town Hall project<br />

continue to take shape and the newly-formed<br />

‘Transformation Implementation Committee’ have<br />

been meeting with the project managers to work<br />

out how best to reinstate the ‘Market Hall’ on the<br />

ground floor for community use. At the moment<br />

the Committee are considering how best to cost<br />

and phase these works and also fundraise for the<br />

The High Street Heritage Action Zone outlined on<br />

a street plan of Midsomer Norton<br />

© Crown Copyright and database right 2020.<br />

All rights reserved. Ordnance Survey Licence<br />

number 100024900<br />

later phases, including the new side extension and<br />

upper floors. The Committee are pleased that<br />

tenders from structural, mechanical and electrical<br />

engineers have been received and surveying/<br />

technical work from these professionals will come<br />

forward in the next few months.<br />

In other news, the project team were delighted<br />

to have many business owners, landlords and<br />

residents attend the community webinar<br />

presentation for the High Street Study in late<br />

July. Held online, this webinar gave an overview<br />

of the surveys carried out on every pre-1960<br />

High Street building, recommendations for<br />

improvements within the town centre and the


associated guidance for shopfronts. The webinar<br />

also presented the findings of the High Street<br />

Questionnaire and launched the Shopfront and<br />

Heritage Asset Improvement small grants schemes.<br />

For those who may have missed this event the<br />

recording can be found here: bit.ly/3frMVNz<br />

High Street business owners and landlords<br />

interested in carrying out improvement works to<br />

their shopfronts are also encouraged to contact<br />

the High Street Project Manager and fill out the<br />

associated Expressions of Interest form.<br />

Other updates include another successful<br />

meeting of the HSHAZ ‘Steering Group’ on<br />

Wednesday 7th July. Items discussed at the<br />

meeting included the development of the new<br />

HSHAZ website, opportunities for outdoor arts<br />

commissions in Summer 2023 and the recruitment<br />

of an Engagement Coordinator to run markets,<br />

community events and cultural activities on the<br />

High Street on behalf of the Community Trust.<br />

If this role is of interest to you, or someone you<br />

know, please keep an eye out for the forthcoming<br />

job advert or get in contact with the High Street<br />

Project Manager or Trust Manager (manager@<br />

midsomernortoncommunitytrust.co.uk)<br />

For more information about the HSHAZ project, or<br />

to discuss anything mentioned above, please feel<br />

free to contact the High Street Project Manager,<br />

Edward Heritage, via email or post (details below).<br />

Email: MidsomerNortonHSHAZ@bathnes.gov.uk<br />

Edward Heritage, High Street Project Manager,<br />

c/o Midsomer Norton Town Council, The Island,<br />

Midsomer Norton, BA3 2HQ.<br />

TOWN PARK Amphitheatre<br />

M<br />

idsomer Norton Town Council have<br />

transferred the ownership of the Town<br />

Park to the Town Trust, whose mission is to<br />

provide spaces for the inhabitants of Midsomer<br />

Norton for social welfare, recreation, leisure time,<br />

voluntary groups, events and activities.<br />

Welton Baptist Church have plans to use the<br />

amazing new 300 seat Amphitheatre space for<br />

song, worship, picnics, talks about the Gospel<br />

and testimonies about God’s impact on individual<br />

lives.<br />

Midsomer Norton Town Council have transferred<br />

the owner ship of the Town Park to the Town<br />

Trust, whose mission is to provide spaces for<br />

the inhabitants of Midsomer Norton for social<br />

welfare, recreation, leisure time, voluntary groups,<br />

events and activities.<br />

Please get in touch with Jo Corbett, the<br />

Secretary of Midsomer Norton Town Trust, if<br />

you are interested in using the Amphitheatre<br />

or another space in the Town Park for an event.<br />

You can contact her by email: secretary@<br />

midsomernortontowntrust.co.uk or by phone:<br />

07873 232437. Her office hours are Tuesdays and<br />

Thursdays, from 9am to 5:30pm

Does your child have Myopia?<br />

Award winning lenses available now<br />

HOYA MiYOSMART lenses use cutting edge technology to help manage the development of myopia<br />

(also known as short-sightedness).<br />

They are clinically proven to be an effective solution to slow down the progression of myopia and<br />

are as easy to wear as any pair of glasses.<br />

Benefits of MiYOSMART<br />

MiYOSMART lenses with D.I.M.S<br />

technology have been clinically<br />

proven within a two year clinical trial,<br />

the results showed that the level of<br />

myopia progression was reduced by<br />

an average of 60%.*<br />

MiYOSMART is child friendly and<br />

easy to adapt to as they are just<br />

like wearing any other single vision<br />

lenses.<br />

MiYOSMART offers protection<br />

with a impact resistant material,<br />

UV protection and anti reflection<br />

coating for durability and easy<br />

cleaning.<br />

Visit our practice and ask a member of the team for more information.<br />

* Myopia progression (SER) by 59% and axial<br />

elongation (AL) decreased by 60% compared<br />

with those wearing SV lenses.<br />

Edwards Opticians<br />

2 Mansbrook House, 15 High St, Midsomer Norton<br />

Tel: 01761 413212<br />





R<br />

adstock and Midsomer Norton Lions club<br />

has had a number of successful<br />

environmental projects, facilitating litter picks<br />

held monthly alternating between Radstock<br />

and Midsomer Norton since 2018, and funding a<br />

grassroots group, More Trees, for B&NES to grow<br />

and plant trees in Bath and North East Somerset<br />

in 2020. However, by far the most ambitious<br />

project for the club has been its involvement<br />

in the creation of a sensory garden with Lions<br />

funding the plants and trees within the garden<br />

of the new Midsomer Norton Town Park. Earlier<br />

in the year the club won the Lions' District<br />

Environmental competition in recognition of<br />

their work over the last few years.<br />

The project has taken a number of years and the<br />

development for the whole park will take more<br />

years and funding in the future to complete. The<br />

land is owned by the Town Council and the site<br />

was given to the Town Trust, who now manage<br />

the park project where the sensory garden<br />

is sited. The idea of a new ‘Town Park’ being<br />

developed in Midsomer Norton was put forward<br />

by the Midsomer Norton Town Trust in 2017 and<br />

approved by BathNES council.<br />

The club is delighted that our MP Jacob Rees-<br />

Mogg, along with the Mayor of Midsomer Norton,<br />

Lynda Robertson will officially open the sensory<br />

garden on Saturday 11th September.<br />

The Lions hope that the sensory garden will leave<br />

a permanent environmental legacy within the park<br />

for the people of Midsomer Norton and Radstock<br />

and future generations and that it will appeal to<br />

all 5 senses and offer a rich therapeutic experience<br />

to people with a range of different needs.<br />

The design encourages a protected, stimulating<br />

place for people to enjoy simply being, working<br />

and socialising outdoors; a place for reflection and<br />

enjoyment.<br />

The club would like to thank all of the people<br />

involved in this project who have made the<br />

Sensory Garden go from an idea into reality.<br />

Sarah Oughton, President, Radstock & Midsomer<br />

Norton Lions Club

12<br />


Youth Connect South West &<br />


Y<br />

outh Connect South West is a youth<br />

focused charity delivering services in Bath<br />

and North East Somerset. In Midsomer Norton<br />

they will be delivering community-based youth<br />

work sessions using Midsomer Norton Town<br />

Council funding.<br />

The project will operate on two evenings a<br />

week starting from 7th September <strong>2021</strong>. Tuesday<br />

evenings between 6-8pm will be based at the<br />

container (HUB) at the skate park for a youth café<br />

session that includes cooking and participating<br />

in a range of table top activities. YCSW will be<br />

engaging with young people to develop the HUB<br />

and increase its use. On Friday evenings between<br />

6 – 8pm will be a detached session (on foot). The<br />

team will cover hotspot areas identified from<br />

previous youth work and by the police and Town<br />

Council, such as the High Street.<br />

The sessions will offer young people improved<br />

access to support for physical wellbeing, mental<br />

wellbeing, sexual health and relationship issues,<br />

improved access to employability and training<br />

support and access to positive activities. They<br />

will provide an opportunity to build positive<br />

relationships with trusted adults, have more access<br />

to relevant support services, and educate and<br />

discourage young people from involvement with<br />

serious violence, criminal activity and substance<br />

misuse.<br />

The aims of YCSW are to reduce anti-social<br />

and criminal damage incidents related to young<br />

people in the High Street, skate park and Town<br />

Park, by engaging young people more with their<br />

community and increasing their feelings of<br />

community ownership.<br />

Youth Connect South West, Bath Rugby<br />

Foundation, Bath Area Play Project and partners<br />

also delivered a fun and powerful package of<br />

summer activities at the Astro Courts at Midsomer<br />

Norton Sports Centre, Gullock Tyning. This was<br />

open to all teenagers aged 12-16, with activities<br />

including sports, exercise and creative play, as well<br />

as nutritious food, for all attendees to enjoy. This<br />

ran on Mondays from August 2nd to August 23rd.<br />

Youth Connect provide a range of other services<br />

for young people, such as supporting unemployed<br />

young people or providing individuals with<br />

support with issues that affect them. More<br />

information on Youth Connect services can be<br />

found at www.youthconnectsouthwest.org.uk.<br />

Harry Parsons is the leader for the Midsomer<br />

Norton work and can be contacted via:<br />





S<br />

t John's are very pleased to let you know<br />

that as the Covid restrictions are beginning<br />

to lift, they are now holding weekly Holy<br />

Eucharist services at 10am every Sunday. On<br />

Sunday 5th September they will also reintroduce<br />

the 8am service. St John's encourage the<br />

congregation to still wear masks, and they are<br />

now able to sing hymns – a great step forward.<br />

A new member of the team at St John’s is Revd<br />

Philip Hopper, who has joined in a training post as<br />

Assistant Curate. Philip will be working on a part<br />

time basis, and the team very much look forward<br />

to his ministry with them.<br />

On Tuesdays at 10.30am - 11.45am St John's are<br />

resuming their coffee mornings, so people can<br />

meet for a chat and a cup of coffee or tea. This<br />

will be followed by Eucharist at 12 noon for those<br />

who wish to stay.<br />

The social events started again, the first one being<br />

a Songs of Praise followed by a cream tea on<br />

Saturday 21 August at 2.00pm.<br />

There will be a very warm welcome to anyone<br />

who would like to join any of these occasions.<br />

To obtain more information, please visit the<br />

Facebook page - St John’s <strong>MSN</strong> community group.<br />

9 OUT OF 10<br />




To find out why, talk to us<br />

today about your home and car<br />

insurance needs.<br />

Call your local Bath agency on:<br />

01761 239382<br />

A P R Smith & H G Wareham is an appointed<br />

representative of The National Farmers Union<br />

Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982).<br />

Fresh and<br />

local pork,<br />

beef, lamb<br />

and chicken<br />

cut to your<br />

specification.<br />

LocAL<br />

DeLiverieS<br />

AvAiLABLe<br />

Tel: 01761 418506<br />

112 High Street, Midsomer Norton BA3 2DA<br />


14<br />



M<br />

Midsomer Norton Town Council is<br />

committed to using the most appropriate<br />

channels of communications to reach our wide<br />

variety of customers and stakeholders, including<br />

residents, employees, schools, businesses,<br />

community partners and all levels of government.<br />

The Town Council are eager to listen, review<br />

and check that our communications are being<br />

understood by our community. We are constantly<br />

striving to improve the way that Midsomer Norton<br />

Town Council communicates with our customers<br />

and stakeholders.<br />

Of the replies to our recent survey about this<br />

magazine, 96% of respondents said that they<br />

look forward to receiving Midsomer Norton <strong>Life</strong><br />

maxem<br />

eyewear<br />

Magazine.<br />

We asked for your ideas for future features,<br />

and your feedback will help us to ensure that<br />

we are targeting our readership. Your requests<br />

include finding out what the Town Council are<br />

doing to help the environment, news about<br />

volunteer groups, catching up with things different<br />

Councillors have been up to, positive stories about<br />

local youths in our Town and some interviews<br />

with local businesses and shop keepers.<br />

Our thanks to everyone who took part in our<br />

survey. The Town Council has agreed to appoint<br />

a working party to look into the future of the<br />

magazine and additional communication channels.<br />

maxemeyewear.co.uk<br />

Unit 1, Block 33, Second Avenue,<br />

Westfield Industrial Estate, BA3 4BH<br />

Tel: 01761 235802<br />

info@maxemeyewear.co.uk<br />

Find us @maxemeyewear<br />

Husband and Wife team, Vicky<br />

and Matt Andrews have over 20<br />

years experience in the optical industry and have opened a<br />

dispensing only shop that offers an independent personal<br />

service with competitive prices. Dispensing only means<br />

that you just need to bring in an up to date prescription to<br />

order spectacles.<br />

All the spectacle and sunglass frames range from £30 -<br />

£70 and coated lenses start from £30 per pair. They are<br />

also happy to reglaze any cherished frames, pince-nez or<br />

even monocles at no extra charge.<br />

Matt has run his own business called Maxem Glazing,<br />

providing a service directly to opticians all around the<br />

country. Vicky is a fully qualified Dispensing Optician who<br />

is on hand for any help and advice that is needed for frame<br />

and lens selection.<br />

“Westfield Trading Estate was a perfect location for our<br />

business. With rent not as high, we can pass this saving<br />

onto our customers and offering a parking space just<br />

outside the door makes the trip worthwhile.”<br />

Affordable prices with<br />

an independent service.<br />

Same day service available.<br />

Repair service.<br />

Covid measures in place.<br />

Affordable prices with<br />

an independent service.<br />

Same day service available.<br />

Repair service.<br />

Covid measures in place.<br />

Please bring in your<br />

current prescription.



E<br />

arlier in the year, Midsomer Norton Town<br />

Council staff were invited to learn more<br />

about connecting communities to green spaces.<br />

Somer Valley Rediscovered were funding a<br />

four day training course run by Emily Malik<br />

and Michéal Connors as part of the Natural<br />

Academy. The training was focused on assetbased<br />

approaches to nature connection and<br />

engagement. In Midsomer Norton we are very<br />

lucky to have numerous green spaces around us.<br />

The Natural Academy state that, “our mission<br />

with the NatureWell approach is to find a flexible,<br />

scalable, integrative way of helping people and<br />

the natural world recover and flourish. As we<br />

know, this is vital for all our futures together<br />

as one health”. Natural Academy is a social<br />

enterprise whose mission is to support the health<br />

and wellbeing of people and nature. They have<br />

developed the NatureWell approach from over<br />

12 years’ experience of working with people's<br />

health in natural settings. NatureWell is part<br />

of a well-evidenced learning framework that is<br />

being delivered across the region and nationally as<br />

part of NHS Forest.<br />

The first two days of the course were held at the<br />

end of June at Combe Hay Wine and Vineyard, a<br />

beautiful location, just outside of Bath, where we<br />

were kindly invited by the owners for the training<br />

session. The second part of the training took<br />

place in early August at Greyfield Wood in High<br />

Littleton, another wonderful natural area we are<br />

lucky enough to have on our doorstep. It was<br />

a great opportunity to learn how we can engage<br />

more in the green spaces owned by Midsomer<br />

Norton Town Council.<br />

The aim of the training was to show us how to<br />

help people and communities connect to nature<br />

for their health and wellbeing by disseminating<br />

good practice more generally. By realising the<br />

value of local communities and natural spaces<br />

NatureWell can be applied to help people<br />

connect to natural spaces to develop healthy<br />

communities and, at the same time, to care for<br />

our natural spaces in Midsomer Norton. It also<br />

helps those who are living with challenges to<br />

their health or wellbeing, are socially excluded,<br />

or deprived to access the many benefits that<br />

connecting with nature provides.<br />

After the last 18 months of living through a<br />

global pandemic we are all now familiar with<br />

the health and mental health benefits that being<br />

able to get out into nature can bring, even for an<br />

allotted hour to get some exercise! During the<br />

pandemic some of us discovered a new found<br />

love of walking or discovered new local walks to<br />

areas we were not aware of. It is time to embrace<br />

and maintain this change going forward and to<br />

preserve our great outdoors and appreciate how it<br />

enhances our daily lives.

16<br />


Happy Birthday St John's!<br />

S<br />

t John’s Primary School have been<br />

celebrating their 300th year this month<br />

with a series of celebrations. The school was<br />

founded in 1721 after money was left in the will<br />

of Ann Harris to educate the poorest 40 pupils<br />

in the Parish of Midsomer Norton. Today the<br />

school is attended by over 430 pupils who are<br />

enormously proud of the school’s long history.<br />

The 300th anniversary festivities began on St<br />

John’s Day, Thursday 24th June, when we held<br />

assemblies where the children learnt more<br />

about the history of the school. They took part<br />

in a treasure hunt around the school to find key<br />

features which hint to the development of the<br />

site from commemorative plaques, bricked up<br />

doorways, historic fireplaces and the school<br />

bell which was tolled for us all to hear. In the<br />

afternoon we held a picnic on the field in class<br />

bubbles and enjoyed cakes (donated by our lovely<br />

PTA) and party games.<br />

Earlier this month, Alun Williams, CEO of<br />

Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership,<br />

Headteacher Danielle West-Gaul and pupils<br />

from Year 3 officially opened our outdoor<br />

classroom.<br />

This new facility will provide another area of<br />

learning for pupils attending forest school, as<br />

well as the opportunity to move lessons out of<br />

the classroom. Other year groups worked hard<br />

preparing for its opening by helping to cover the<br />

floor area with chipped bark. We would like to<br />

thank George’s Garden for donating a cherry tree<br />

which was planted to mark the occasion.<br />

Later this year the school will be installing a<br />

stained-glass window in the school hall which is<br />

being designed by Edgar Phillips. Former pupils and<br />

local residents can make a donation to go towards<br />

the installation by visiting gofund.me/09844bd6


Wellow Brook Walk UPDATE<br />

T<br />

he Great British Summer weather brings<br />

the usual mix of sunshine and heavy<br />

showers - the perfect combination for the grass<br />

and greenery at Wellow Brook to grow and<br />

grow at a rate of knots! Since the farmer who<br />

previously, and very kindly, cut the area, retired a<br />

couple of years ago, the Town Council have been<br />

looking for somebody else to do the job.<br />

The four acres of, sometimes rough under foot,<br />

terrain is difficult to cut without the correct<br />

machinery, and we were very lucky to find a local<br />

farmer, Paul, who had the equipment for the job.<br />

Paul was able to cut further into the hedgerow<br />

than had been done previously, and this has<br />

opened the field up considerably. There is now a<br />

larger area for dogs to run in and for residents to<br />

enjoy.<br />

Please do get out and experience this part of our<br />

Town. Our plans to improve the area are still<br />

being considered, so keep an eye on our website<br />

and social media for any updates.<br />

Wellow Brook also has a problem with Himalayan<br />

Balsam, which thrives along riverbanks. It is fast<br />

growing, non-native to the UK, and spreads rapidly<br />

annually by seed. Himalayan Balsam can grow<br />

up to three metres in height, and each plant can<br />

produce 800 seeds which can spread over seven<br />

metres away, or even further if transported by<br />

water.<br />

The Town Warden has spent a lot of time carefully<br />

pulling the plant by hand. The issue is being<br />

tackled at the appropriate time of the year with<br />

the correct equipment.<br />

Our home help service<br />

offers flexibility and choice<br />

to suit individual needs,<br />

enabling you to remain<br />

independent and<br />

comfortable in your home.<br />

Respite or regular care available.<br />

Fully qualified, registered and insured.<br />

Contact us for more details 07714 425461<br />

reginapersonalassistant@outlook.com<br />


18<br />


MUGA at West Clewes<br />

M<br />

idsomer Norton Town Council have<br />

received quotes and approved the<br />

construction of a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)<br />

at West Clewes Recreation Ground. The MUGA<br />

will have a court suitable for multiple sports<br />

including football and basketball. On the outer<br />

side of the fences will be a cricket wicket,<br />

hotshot target, and penalty shootout board.<br />

The Town Council successfully secured Youth<br />

funding from B&NES towards this project and the<br />

Youth Hub at the Town Park. A lottery grant was<br />

applied for by the Recreational Trust which was<br />

successful and they have also contributed further<br />

funds towards the full cost of the project. Any<br />

outstanding funding will be supplied by the Town<br />

Council from the reserves.<br />

The Town Council are excited about providing<br />

this free, fun facility and the physical and mental<br />

health benefits it will bring to the town.<br />

Sight Support West of England<br />

S<br />

ight Support West of England improve<br />

the quality of life for visually impaired<br />

people. They provide practical and emotional<br />

support for people adjusting to living with sight<br />

loss. They support people to continue to live<br />

independently by equipping them with the tools<br />

they need and create peer and social networks to<br />

help reduce isolation.<br />

The charity believe that sight loss shouldn’t stop<br />

people reaching their full potential.<br />

The Sight Advisors are available to offer<br />

information and advice on assistive technology,<br />

lighting, magnifiers and much more to help you<br />

manage your sight loss. They are committed to<br />

ensuring the services are accessible to everyone,<br />

so appointments are available in accessible<br />

locations across the region.<br />

All face-to-face services are provided observing<br />

COVID-safe procedures. Booking is essential.<br />

Please call Sight Support on 0117 3224885 to<br />

make an appointment. Sessions run on the 4th<br />

Thursday of each month, between 10am and 1pm<br />

at Midsomer Norton Town Hall.


West of England Rural Network<br />

WERN<br />

New Village Agent appointed<br />

A<br />

s we come out from the COVID lockdown<br />

and life begins very slowly to return to a<br />

new normality, many people are very nervous<br />

about what they will find as they leave home<br />

after nearly 18 months of self-isolation. Local<br />

support services, clubs and social activities<br />

have been closed and events cancelled as the<br />

Government asked us to stay at home.<br />

With a glimmer of light now showing at the end of<br />

the tunnel, local charity WERN (West of England<br />

Rural Network) is looking to support people in the<br />

community who have struggled with their physical<br />

and mental wellbeing. They have appointed<br />

Michael Auton as their new Village Agent working<br />

across Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Westfield and<br />

Paulton.<br />

Two teams of Village Agents (North Somerset and<br />

B&NES) are embedded in the rural communities<br />

in which they work, providing confidential 1-to-1<br />

support with information and advice. Alongside<br />

this they work with local people to create new<br />

opportunities for activities and social groups,<br />

and encourage people to move more and sit less<br />

through gentle exercise and walks.<br />

The focus is on people living in rural, often remote<br />

locations. Older residents often feel forgotten<br />

and ignored. They are certainly out of sight as<br />

the social groups they attended have been closed<br />

over the last year. During the pandemic Village<br />

Agents became a vital point of contact for food<br />

and other essential supplies.<br />

Michael has lived in the Somer Valley for many<br />

years and will use his wealth of experience and<br />

local knowledge to signpost residents to local<br />

services, befriending groups or offering 1-to-1<br />

support. He is now looking to connect with<br />

service groups, lunch clubs, befriending groups,<br />

churches and charities, and is keen to come and<br />

talk to readers about how the service can support<br />

them at home.<br />

Michael said: "The last 15 months have been hard<br />

on all of us and we have struggled to manage<br />

the impact of COVID on our lives. Social contact<br />

has been significantly restricted and activities we<br />

took for normal may no longer exist. As the new<br />

Village Agent for Midsomer Norton, Radstock,<br />

Westfield and Paulton, I am here to help any<br />

residents to provide information and support to<br />

access services which will improve their health<br />

and wellbeing."<br />

Anyone over 18 years of age can be supported and<br />

you can self-refer if you are struggling and need<br />

additional support. Michael can be contacted by<br />

emailing michael@wern.org.uk or telephone 07392<br />

700765. More information about the Village Agent<br />

service can also be found on the WERN website -<br />


20<br />



T<br />

he past two years have been hard on<br />

everyone, both physically and mentally,<br />

so if you feel like you need support, join the<br />

team from Bath Mind at one of their local mental<br />

health and well-being groups.<br />

The Midsomer Norton Wellbeing Group meet<br />

every Tuesday from 11am until 1pm at the Swallows<br />

Café. It is an inclusive and supportive group that<br />

encourages positive mental health through peer<br />

support and creativity, offering a number of<br />

different activities, as well as one to one talks,<br />

which are facilitated by the group’s organisers.<br />

Bath Mind also run Open Opportunities sessions<br />

at their base on Manvers Street in Bath. This group<br />

supports those with ongoing mental health issues,<br />

allowing them to engage in social activities linked<br />

to the five ways to well-being. This group meets<br />

face to face every Monday and Wednesday from<br />

11am until 1pm.<br />

Young people struggling with challenges, anxiety<br />

or depression or who just want a group of likeminded<br />

individuals that they can speak openly<br />

with are encouraged to visit Safe Space, the<br />

online well-being group provided by Bath Mind<br />

volunteers. Safe Space is held via Zoom on a<br />

Thursday from 5pm – 5.30pm with monthly meet<br />

ups in person.<br />

To find out more about Bath Mind’s work,please<br />

contact the wellbeing team on wellbeing@<br />

bathmind.org.uk or call Becky on 07538 113890.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Travel with confidence in <strong>2021</strong> - Enjoy a coach<br />

holiday memorable for all the right reasons<br />

Holidays & Day Trips available<br />

Pembrokeshire<br />

Coast & Countryside<br />

Fri 15 - Mon 18 Oct<br />

4 days - £349<br />

<br />

Includes<br />

Picton Castle & Gardens<br />

Tenby<br />

Pembroke<br />

<br />

3* Giltar Hotel ,Tenby<br />

overlooking South Beach<br />

3 nights DB&B<br />

Sights & Sounds of<br />

Liverpool<br />

Fri 5 - Mon 8 Nov<br />

4 days - £299<br />

<br />

Includes<br />

4 nights DB&B<br />

All coach travel<br />

<br />

4* Mercure Liverpool<br />

Atlantic Tower Hotel<br />

Located very close to<br />

Albert Dock area<br />

Festive Breaks<br />

Victorian Festivities, IOW<br />

8 - 12 Nov<br />

<br />

Waddesdon Manor Xmas<br />

Lights & Oxford<br />

28 - 29 Nov<br />

<br />

Tinsel & Turkey Llandudno<br />

13 - 17 Nov<br />

<br />

Tinsel & Turkey Eastbourne<br />

26 - 29 Nov<br />

<br />

Tinsel & Turkey Babbacombe<br />

3 - 6 Dec<br />

www.johnmartincoachholidaysbath.co.uk<br />



Duck update<br />

B<br />

ack last Summer we received a call from<br />

a resident advising us that several<br />

ducklings were stuck in the grate on the River<br />

Somer.<br />

The mother duck was obviously very distressed<br />

at not being able to reach her ducklings, which in<br />

turn was upsetting for the resident who contacted<br />

us. At this time, our Town Warden was fortunately<br />

able to install some wooden planks to enable the<br />

ducklings to climb out and be happily reunited<br />

with their mum! However, these wooden planks<br />

were not a long-term solution to the issue.<br />

The issue arose again earlier in the summer, with<br />

several very upset residents reporting stuck<br />

ducklings to us. We immediately reported this<br />

matter to the RSPCA (as redirected by the RSPB)<br />

who can be contacted on 0300 1234 999. After<br />

rescuing the ducklings from the area, the RSPCA<br />

advised us that they could not move the duck<br />

and ducklings up stream, as this was their nesting<br />

ground, and they would eventually make their way<br />

back to it.<br />

We, therefore, contacted the Environment Agency<br />

and explained the situation to them. After a visit<br />

to the area, they came up with a plan to install a<br />

ramp with small pieces of wood all the way up.<br />

This would enable the ducklings to make their<br />

way out without sliding back down to the place<br />

where they were getting trapped. We would<br />

like to thank the residents for alerting this to us,<br />

the RSPCA for carrying out their rescue and the<br />

Environment Agency for installing the ramp and,<br />

hopefully, preventing any further incidents.<br />

DROP-IN COVID Vaccinations<br />

A<br />

s part of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination<br />

programme, Bath & North East Somerset<br />

Council offered mobile drop-in vaccination<br />

appointments at various locations in B&NES<br />

throughout May, June, July and August <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

The vaccination bus parked in the Town Park<br />

spaces near the Somer Centre. They targeted<br />

areas where there was a relatively lower uptake of<br />

vaccinations, and to rural areas where accessing<br />

a large vaccination clinic may have been harder.<br />

The vaccine bus operated as a drop-in service<br />

so people didn’t have to book; they could just<br />

turn up and have their vaccine, and there was no<br />

requirement to be registered with a doctor. The<br />

bus also operated as a space where people could<br />

come to find out more about the vaccine without<br />

having to actually have it. It was very difficult to<br />

predict what the uptake would be: they had the<br />

capacity to provide up to 200 vaccines per day.

22<br />


AGE UK offer SUPPORT FOR THose<br />

who have lost THEIR COnfidence<br />

A<br />

ge UK Bath & North East Somerset is<br />

urging the public to be compassionate,<br />

as we head into autumn, with a recent survey<br />

showing that a huge 48% of older people say<br />

they have lost their confidence, and many<br />

more are worried about the future.<br />

CEO, Simon Allen, said: “We are really concerned<br />

that nearly half of people who answered our<br />

survey say they have lost confidence. Older<br />

people have been some of the most affected<br />

during the pandemic and for many, the isolation,<br />

lack of contact, worry and loss of loved ones has,<br />

understandably, taken its toll. Therefore, we are<br />

urging the public to really be mindful of older<br />

people in our community who may want to take<br />

things slower – not all of us are ready for no<br />

masks and group hugs."<br />

The survey, which went to thousands of residents<br />

in Bath & North East Somerset, has shone a light<br />

on how older people have coped during the<br />

pandemic, what support is needed and feelings<br />

about the future.<br />

Nearly half of all people who answered said<br />

they had lost confidence, which has sparked the<br />

charity to launch an emergency ‘Confidence; to<br />

live the life you choose’ appeal raising money for<br />

more one to one support including tailored<br />

mobility exercise, access to community groups,<br />

chat and check in and practical guidance to<br />

getting online.<br />

Comments from the survey included:<br />

Paula, 69, “I've never spent so much time alone<br />

without human contact before. I have become<br />

very isolated and have felt very lonely.”<br />

Peter, 81 said: “I need confidence to understand<br />

technology and get online. I find it difficult<br />

being disabled and relying on other people all the<br />

time.”<br />

Rose, 63 said: "It is hard making friends when you<br />

don't have confidence”.<br />

Brian, 76 said: “I do hope I can build up the<br />

confidence to go out of the house again.”<br />

Confidence isn’t changed overnight and so the<br />

charity is asking people for regular donations to<br />

support their ongoing work which will see older<br />

people having the confidence to live the life they<br />

choose.<br />

Age UK Bath & North East Somerset want to<br />

remind people that they are here for anyone<br />

over 55 who might need advice, support out of<br />

hospital, help at home or just a friendly chat.<br />

Can you help to support people in building back<br />

their confidence? Please visit<br />




H<br />

enry is an 8 year old from Midsomer<br />

Norton who loves to be independent<br />

and make people smile. At 12 months old he<br />

was diagnosed with cerebral palsy spastic<br />

diplegia which most noticeably affects Henry’s<br />

lower limbs making him unable to stand or walk<br />

unaided. This has never stopped Henry aiming<br />

for better mobility and independence with his<br />

determined nature helping him along the way.<br />

Henry has received weekly therapy since diagnosis<br />

which has become a big part of his life, teaching<br />

him the skills to sit, crawl, walk with a walker<br />

and now learning to walk with just sticks thus<br />

increasing his stamina to go even further. These<br />

are skills we all take for granted but Henry worked<br />

extra hard to achieve.<br />

Thanks to everyone`s support and help with<br />

fundraising he was able to have SDR in July 2020 at<br />

the Portland Hospital London.<br />

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery is a<br />

procedure that treats muscle spasticity caused<br />

by abnormal communication from the brain<br />

to the muscles. It achieves this by cutting the<br />

nerve rootlets in the spinal cord, thus reducing<br />

spasticity while improving the range of motion<br />

and functional mobility.<br />

Following SDR there is an intense rehabilitation<br />

period of 3 years and without this Henry will<br />

not gain the full benefits from the operation. He<br />

has been working so hard before and after and<br />

deserves the chance to improve his mobility and<br />

independence.<br />

Just4Children are still trying to raise funds to<br />

continue to allow Henry to access the therapy he<br />

needs and any equipment and orthotics to aid his<br />

independence.<br />

You can help by either donating to www.<br />

justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/just4children/<br />

helpinghenry or why not join in the the firewalk<br />

that’s happening on the 8th October at <strong>MSN</strong><br />

Cricket Club.<br />

If you would like to volunteer to walk on fire<br />

and raise some well needed funds, contact<br />








Will provide colour and interest<br />

in the garden from year-to-year<br />

COMPOST (inc a good choice of peat free),<br />





Wells Road, Chilcompton, Radstock BA3 4RR<br />

Telephone: 01761 232137<br />

Open: Mon. to Sat. 10am – 4pm. Closed Sundays


The Conservation Volunteers<br />


T<br />

he Conservation Volunteers (TCV Bristol)<br />

have completed a 200m path over the last<br />

few months at Midsomer Norton Town Park. It<br />

has taken the incredible efforts of a small group<br />

of volunteers to lay 400m of revetment and<br />

move 58 tonnes of hardcore/hoggin all by hand.<br />

Work is now underway on a set of steps leading<br />

from the Amphitheatre up to the Greenway<br />

behind. Twenty-six steps were built initially;<br />

several more days work will be necessary to<br />

complete the job.<br />

Midsomer Norton Town Trust appealed for<br />

funding for the paths and were delighted to<br />

receive £1558.62 in donations. A huge thankyou to<br />

everyone who generously contributed. There will<br />

be an opening ceremony for the paths and steps<br />

once the work is completed.<br />

The Town Council, Town Trust and Community<br />

Trust are delighted with the continued<br />

developments at the Town Park, and very grateful<br />

for the amazing work undertaken by TCV. Please<br />

get in touch if you can spare some time to work<br />

on this, or other TCV projects.<br />


Would you like to help maintain<br />

Midsomer Norton Town Park?<br />

If you interested in physical activity outdoors<br />

that will be a positive benefit for the<br />

community then get in touch.<br />

All tools and training will be provided by TCV.<br />

Visit www.tcv.org.uk/getinvolved/volunteering<br />

or contact the TCV officers on 07739447995

26<br />


3SG - Community Wellbeing Hub<br />

B<br />

ath and North East Somerset Third<br />

Sector Group (3SG) has been providing<br />

support to charities, social enterprises and<br />

community groups in Bath and North East<br />

Somerset since 2016. 3SG is an independent<br />

charity that has a membership of over 140<br />

organisations, made up of charities, social<br />

enterprises, faith and voluntary groups.<br />

Their aim is to raise the profile of their members,<br />

provide 1-to-1 support and offer opportunities to<br />

influence local strategic decision making. 3SG also<br />

provide hundreds of volunteer marshals to the<br />

Large Vaccination Centre at Bath Racecourse and<br />

are currently recruiting so use the contact details<br />

below if you'd be interested.<br />

Since the start of the pandemic, 3SG has also been<br />

behind the local volunteer response and was a<br />

founding partner of the Community Wellbeing<br />

Hub. The Community Wellbeing Hub is still open<br />

and continues to offer a wide range of advice<br />

and support to residents of Bath and North East<br />

Somerset.<br />

You can contact the hub on 0300 247 0050 from<br />

Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm.<br />

If you would like to find out more about 3SG, then<br />

please get in touch:<br />

Email: Miles at contact@3sg.org.uk<br />

Call: 01225 683087<br />

Website: www.3sg.org.uk


‘A Ticket to Ride’ AT THE STATION<br />

T<br />

he weekend gala to celebrate the visiting<br />

steam locomotive Austin at Midsomer<br />

Norton station saw four locos in action in some<br />

of the best weather of the summer! The biggest<br />

ever gala saw resident Class 08 and 03 Diesel<br />

Shunters working alongside unique Sentinel<br />

steam locomotive ‘Joyce’ and the visiting Kitson<br />

0-6-0ST ‘Austin 1’.<br />

There was an intensive timetable that saw<br />

both freight and passenger services, with all<br />

combination of locos in action. Two vintage buses<br />

were on site assisting with transport to and from<br />

the gala. The Wickham Trolley was also put to<br />

work providing a ride within the confines of the<br />

station yard.<br />

Austin has been hauling passenger services every<br />

summer weekend and will be a major part of the<br />

autumn Gala on the 22nd to the 24th October. An<br />

extra treat this year are Driver Experience courses<br />

on Austin on September the 4th and 18th. Looking<br />

forwards, bookings will soon be available on the<br />

website for Santa Specials on all the December<br />

weekends.<br />

People have been very welcome over the summer<br />

weekends and volunteers at the station would<br />

like to thank all the visitors who have made all<br />

their hard work worth while.<br />

You can get your ‘Ticket to Ride’ on the website<br />

or why not join the team as a working volunteer?<br />

Booking for all events and rides is through the<br />

website, sdjr.co.uk<br />



=<br />



28<br />


Wheelchair & Pushchair Access<br />

in Midsomer Norton<br />

M<br />

idsomer Norton Town Council has<br />

always been keen for all its residents to be<br />

able to enjoy as much of the town as possible.<br />

Many steps have been taken to ensure better<br />

access to as many of the town's public areas as<br />

possible. However, it had been reported to us<br />

that there was an issue with access to the Town<br />

Park, because of the lack of dropped kerbs in the<br />

area.<br />

Councillor Steve Plumley contacted B&NES<br />

Council and arranged to meet with one of their<br />

officers, along with Councillor Mike Moxham<br />

for some practical advice, to discuss suitable<br />

locations. B&NES Council granted permission for<br />

the works to go ahead, and the dropped kerbs<br />

have now been installed, making it easier for<br />

wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs to<br />

access the Town Park and the Somer Centre.<br />

Another area that was notified to us as proving<br />

difficult to access, was the entrance to Hayes<br />

Road, as there was not enough room to negotiate<br />

the bars. The bars in Hayes Road have reportedly<br />

been an issue for years but it was recently brought<br />

to our attention again by a resident. The bars were<br />

so close together as to not allow some of the<br />

newer children’s buggies and mobility scooters to<br />

get through.<br />

Councillors Steve Plumley and Mike Moxham<br />

again met up with the B&NES Council's Highway<br />

Inspector, and they have now installed new bars<br />

with an increased space between them to make<br />

access into and out of Hayes Road much easier.<br />

We would like to thank B&NES Council and their<br />

officers for their assistance in making the areas<br />

more accessible.<br />



Furniture • Vintage Toys • Silver Objects • Glassware<br />

Ceramic Items • Jewellery • Vintage Coins • Lighting<br />

Unusual & Rare Objects • Bric-a-brac ... etc.<br />

All types of furniture restored/repaired (free quote)<br />

Free valuations given for insurance or selling.<br />

For enquiries, please phone Sean on: 07454 972 973<br />

129 High Street, Midsomer Norton, BA3 2DA<br />

(next to One Stop shop)<br />

Open: Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.<br />

Like and follow us on facebook<br />

From fashion and<br />

designer sunnies to<br />

more classic designs<br />

and value options,<br />

our sunglasses are<br />

available either with or<br />

without a prescription<br />

2 The Island, Midsomer Norton. Tel: 01761 414136


HELP Stop Anti-Social Behaviour<br />

T<br />

he Town Council are disappointed to<br />

continue to deal with anti social behavior<br />

at West Clewes and the Town Park. In recent<br />

weeks the trampoline has been broken, bottles<br />

smashed, litter left and individuals have been<br />

drunk and disorderly. Broken glass is a serious<br />

health and safety risk, especially so close to a<br />

park where children are playing and where dogs<br />

are frequently walked. The Town Warden quickly<br />

responds to reports of broken glass to ensure no<br />

one is injured.<br />

CCTV in both areas have recently been upgraded<br />

and blind spots have been removed. Due to this<br />

upgrade the office staff are now able to download<br />

good quality footage to send to the police. The<br />

police have been taking the footage to the local<br />

schools in a bid to identify those youths who<br />

appear on the footage. In three recent instances<br />

the youths have been identified and the parents<br />

have been informed of their children’s behaviour.<br />

Two Community Resolution Orders have been<br />

raised and two youths now have a six month ban<br />

from entering West Clewes.<br />

Each time an instance of anti-social behaviour is<br />

reported the office staff must take time out of<br />

their busy schedules to trawl through the CCTV<br />

and download the appropriate footage. The Town<br />

Warden spends a large<br />

part of his time repairing<br />

the damage caused or the<br />

clearing up. At times the<br />

damage is severe and the<br />

Town Council must pay<br />

a contractor to make the<br />

repairs.<br />

All this is costing the Town Council money. The<br />

funds received by the Council come from the<br />

Town’s residents' council tax. Spending money on<br />

repairs takes away funds for other projects that<br />

make the town a better place to live in.<br />

The Town Council have been working closely<br />

with the police in combating this unacceptable<br />

behaviour, including patrols taking place. The<br />

police are eager to speak with those mistreating<br />

these areas and educate them on the impact of<br />

anti-social behaviour.<br />

With the summer holidays upon us, the Council<br />

would like the open areas to be enjoyed by the<br />

community as a whole and for residents not to be<br />

put off by anyone being a nuisance or causing a<br />

disturbance.<br />

If you witness any anti-social behaviour, please<br />

contact the Police on 101.<br />



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OPEN<br />

EVENTS<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

Wed 13 th Oct<br />

& Wed 1 st Dec<br />


Both 4pm –7pm<br />

at City Centre &<br />

Somer Valley Campus<br />

www.bathcollege.ac.uk/openevents<br />

info@bathcollege.ac.uk<br />

@bathcollege 01225 328 720<br />


ON OUR<br />


All aspects of roofing – Lead specialists<br />

• Roof Replacement • Detailed Lead Work<br />

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S<br />

omer Valley FM, the local radio station for<br />

North East Somerset, based in Midsomer<br />

Norton, have had their gardens further developed<br />

and spruced up by the Prince's Trust 2 Team from<br />

Bath College.<br />

The team, based on the Somer Valley campus,<br />

initially cleaned and cleared the area, renovated<br />

existing borders, planted afresh and even designed<br />

and built a lit path.<br />

Ben Perry, Prince's Trust Team Leader was<br />

delighted with the results. "The team were<br />

brilliant in planning and completing the garden<br />

redevelopment very quickly. Working well<br />

together, I’m sure the skills they are gaining as part<br />

of the Prince's Trust training will help them in their<br />

future careers."<br />

The Prince's Trust Team is Sophie, AnnMarie,<br />

Ashleigh, Liam, Callie and Nathanial.<br />

Richard Burgess, Station Manager, commented:<br />

"We have a great relationship with Bath College,<br />

across all the campuses. It’s important to me<br />

and our team that we encourage our young,<br />

local people wherever we can, from gardening<br />

through to media presenting. The students were<br />

a pleasure to be around – I hope they can find<br />

the right opportunities for themselves when their<br />

education is complete."<br />

The Prince's Trust next programme starts 27<br />

September, finishing 17 December.<br />

To contact your local radio station: 01761 411755,<br />

studio@somervalleyfm.co.uk, or find us on social<br />


32<br />


Join the WELTON RUNNERS<br />

W<br />

ould you like to make new friends and<br />

have company when you’re exercising?<br />

'Welton Church Runners' could be the group for<br />

you!<br />

We meet every Saturday morning, 9am outside of<br />

the Somer Centre in Midsomer Norton. Everyone<br />

is welcome, whatever your age (children must<br />

be accompanied by adults). The group follows<br />

various circuits around Midsomer Norton Town<br />

Park, depending on ability. Some of the runners<br />

have also recently been part of a fantastic<br />

volunteer team adding a new path, linking the<br />

existing routes, to create different options. For<br />

those wanting to do a little extra, some of the<br />

group are also doing Couch to 5k and would love<br />

to offer encouragement and support. Others<br />

also sometimes meet in the week for time trials.<br />

Whether or not you’re ready for going the “extra<br />

mile”, coffee and cake with new friends at a nearby<br />

café is a popular option after running together<br />

on Saturdays - it would be great to see you. If you<br />

would like more information or would like to join,<br />

please contact eugene.kertzman@weltonchurch.<br />

org.uk<br />


CARVED<br />

STONE<br />


- keeping tradition alive -<br />






We will work with you to sympathetically design, produce and install a personal<br />

memorial, either hand carved or engraved. Lawn memorials, complete kerb sets,<br />

cremation tablets and vases available in a wide range of slate, stone and granite.<br />

We also offer headstone restoration services.<br />


PHONE: 01749 840 869 / 07966 366 816 EMAIL: andrew@carvedstoneletters.co.uk



A<br />

s summer turns to autumn, excitement<br />

builds as Midsomer Norton Rugby Club<br />

prepare to play their first matches for almost<br />

eighteen months.<br />

The First XV begin their season in Cheltenham on<br />

Saturday 4th September, before the first chance<br />

to catch them at home the following Saturday<br />

against Chipping Sodbury. The Second and Third<br />

XVs have slightly longer to wait, starting their<br />

league campaigns on Saturday 25th September.<br />

The Junior Section continues to thrive with the<br />

pitches at Norton Down full of youth players<br />

of all ages enjoying training on Sundays. With<br />

coronavirus restrictions easing the clubhouse has<br />

now fully reopened and families are enjoying its<br />

new look after a volunteer-led refurbishment.<br />

Behind the scenes there have been changes with<br />

Neil Denning stepping down as Chairman after<br />

an incredible nineteen-year stint in the role. Alex<br />

Davis was elected as the club’s first new Chairman<br />

for almost two decades.<br />

The club have recognised the contributions to<br />

the club of Neil Denning, Bob Ladd and Simon<br />

Mollison with the award of <strong>Life</strong> Memberships.<br />

The contribution of the three individuals will be<br />

celebrated at an event this <strong>Autumn</strong>.<br />

The rugby club welcomes new members and<br />

players of all ages and abilities. For more<br />

information head to<br />

www.midsomernortonrfc.co.uk<br />


A Dignified Goodbye<br />

Planning your funeral may seem daunting,<br />

but there’s nothing to worry about, and it’s often better to prepare.<br />

We provide a thorough planning service for clients throughout the Somerset area.<br />

Professional, compassionate service with over 50 years in business<br />

Service available 24/7 • Doctor liaison • Funeral announcements • Catering<br />

Burial • Vicar liaison • Flowers • Music • Crematorium • Private Chapel of Rest<br />

Contact us, and learn more on our wide-ranging services.<br />

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Hockley<br />

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To support our trade<br />

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depots are open with<br />

measures in place to serve<br />

our customers safely.<br />

Elmbridge<br />

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Howdens are chosen<br />

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for all ur trade account<br />

holders.<br />

Third Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, Radstock BA3 4XD<br />

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm | Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm<br />

Tel: 01761 662000 Fax: 01761 412202<br />





F<br />

or so many people, this has been a<br />

challenging year. Trying to run a Beavers<br />

group (the youngest section in Scouting for ages<br />

6-8 years) has pushed the leader’s ingenuity to<br />

the limit!<br />

With imagination aplenty, the Beaver leaders<br />

of 1st Midsomer Norton Scouts have managed<br />

programmes that allowed the young people<br />

to have fun and continue to gain their badges.<br />

Thanks to the wonders of Zoom, there have<br />

been visits by the police and fire services, plus a<br />

magician and even a pantomime.<br />

With lockdown easing, all the groups at 1st<br />

Midsomer Norton Scouts have been able to meet<br />

back face to face. Last week saw the end of the<br />

Beavers' year, with a family party in the park.<br />

Over 100 badges were given out to the group,<br />

including some very special badges. Five Beavers<br />

achieved the top award which can be presented<br />

at Beavers, the Chief Scouts' Bronze Award. Huge<br />

congratulations go to Ollie, Charlie, Ed, and Zach.<br />

Amelie, aged 8, not only achieved this award, but<br />

she managed to attain every badge that Beavers<br />

has to offer. A total of 22 activity and 6 challenge<br />

badges, from first aid and road safety to hikes,<br />

fires, and cooking.<br />

Martyn Rayner, the Beavers Leader for Ottawa<br />

group, said: “We are so proud of Amelie’s<br />

achievement. She has hardly missed a session in<br />

the past two years and joined in every activity<br />

with a big smile on her face. We will miss those<br />

leaving us this term, but hope they enjoy Cubs and<br />

stay within the Scouting movement for years to<br />

come.”<br />

If you are interested in your children joining 1st<br />

Midsomer Norton Scouts, please send their details<br />

to joiners@midsomernortonscouts.org.uk or for<br />

further details on joining or volunteering please<br />

visit our website: midsomernortonscouts.org.uk

36<br />


Gardening in the sunshine<br />

SWALLOW Charity<br />

S<br />

WALLOW is a local charity supporting<br />

teenagers and adults with learning<br />

disabilities. SWALLOW members and staff have<br />

been busy getting out and about and enjoying the<br />

good weather. The SWALLOW horticulture group<br />

have been planting up hanging baskets and also<br />

making a ladybird bug house.<br />

If you would like to know more about SWALLOW’s<br />

work please go to www.swallowcharity.org.<br />

Registered charity<br />

number 1045893.<br />

The charity relies on<br />

donations to be able<br />

to continue its work in<br />

Midsomer Norton. If you<br />

would like to support the<br />

charity by making a gift or<br />

fundraising please contact<br />

Nicky Tew on nickyt@<br />




D<br />

ue to the sale of our existing warehouse,<br />

the Somer Valley Foodbank needs to find a<br />

new storage facility that can hold up to 7 tonnes<br />

of non-perishable food. We need a space that is<br />

about 1,500 square feet in size.<br />

We are appealing to the local business community<br />

for help in this matter and if anyone knows of<br />

or has a premises that we could use, please<br />

could they contact the Somer Valley Foodbank<br />

Chairman, Paul Woodward, on 07729523986 or<br />

email info@somervalley.foodbank.org.uk.<br />

“We need this matter resolved as soon as possible,<br />

as we have to leave the present warehouse by the<br />

end of the year. The foodbank management team<br />

would like to thank our landlord who has been<br />

most generous and helpful with the arrangement<br />

we have and it is just unfortunate that we have to<br />

leave. It has been a very useful warehouse for us<br />

to have for the last year. We fully understand the<br />

need to sell the facility but we just do not have<br />

the funds to purchase it,” said Paul Woodward.<br />

The Foodbank provides three days of emergency<br />

food to people who need it the most.<br />

Professionals such as health visitors, social workers<br />

and the CAB identify people in crisis and issue<br />

them with a Foodbank voucher. This all done via<br />

phone calls and electronic vouchers.<br />

The voucher can be taken to a Foodbank<br />

distribution centre, in Midsomer Norton,<br />

Peasedown, Paulton or Radstock, where a friendly<br />

team of volunteers will help people with their<br />

food needs.<br />

With more than 70 volunteers collecting and<br />

transporting food, helping in distribution centres<br />

and providing support to those who visit, the<br />

Somer Valley Foodbank is one of the biggest<br />

volunteer-led projects in Bath and North East<br />

Somerset.<br />

Of the 2,000 people who receive help each year,<br />

they are referred to the Foodbank for a variety of<br />

reasons, such as being on a low income, benefit<br />

delays, benefit changes, debt, ill health and<br />

unemployment, etc.<br />

“We would also like to thank the local press for<br />

their continued support and to the community<br />

who continue to donate food for us to hand out<br />

to those who are referred to us by local agencies.<br />

We are now calling on the community for help in<br />

finding a new warehouse,” added Paul Woodward.<br />

For more information about the Somer Valley<br />

Foodbank, visit www.somervalley.foodbank.org.<br />

uk, email info@somervalley.foodbank.org.uk or call<br />


38<br />


GOOD NEWS FROM Welton Rovers<br />

W<br />

elton Rovers’ season has got off to a<br />

fantastic start with the Midsomer Norton<br />

team winning the Fry Club Cup for the first time<br />

in the club’s history.<br />

The prestigious pre-season tournament has been<br />

won by the likes of Bristol City and Bristol Rovers<br />

in the past, and celebrated it’s 50th instalment<br />

this year. Rovers will go down in the competition’s<br />

history as the milestone winners after a 2-1 victory<br />

over Mendip Broadwalk in the showpiece final.<br />

Welton Rovers Confirm New Club Sponsor<br />

Welton Rovers are delighted to announce Sam<br />

Chivers Estate Agents as the club’s new Primary<br />

Sponsor.<br />

Sam Chivers Estate Agents are local experts in<br />

residential property sales, lettings, commercial<br />

lettings and land of all types in the postcode areas<br />

of BA3, BA2 and BS39.<br />

As part of the new sponsorship deal, the Sam<br />

Chivers logo will adorn Welton Rovers’ brand new<br />

Nike manufactured home kit, which the club wore<br />

in their opening leaguefixture at Odd Down.<br />

Rovers' chairperson, Malcom Price, said of the new<br />

relationship: “There is no better company for us<br />

to have started this relationship with than Sam<br />

Chivers Estate Agents. Their work is everywhere<br />

to see within our community, and for our football<br />

club to receive their support is a massive boost to<br />

us going forward, as well as a further commitment<br />

to their work within our local area”.



T<br />

he Town Council has transferred three<br />

of its assets to the Town Trust, the<br />

charity established in 2014 to provide facilities<br />

for recreation for the inhabitants of Midsomer<br />

Norton. The Trust has now added to its assets the<br />

Town Park and Somer Centre in Gullock Tyning,<br />

and the Silver Street Nature Reserve. The Trustees<br />

will seek to maintain these spaces for the use of<br />

groups and residents of Midsomer Norton, in line<br />

with the Trust's charitable objects.<br />

The Town Trust is currently working closely<br />

with the Town Council on the Town Hall<br />

Transformation Project, which is seeking to<br />

improve the operational challenges at this building<br />

in the heart of the Town. The Town Hall offers<br />

G. Mitchard & Sons<br />

Family Butcher • eSt. 1913 WeStFielD<br />

We thank our customers<br />

for their continued support supplying their<br />

needs for every and any occasion.<br />

We are pleased to supply our customers<br />

with locally farmed meat, poultry,<br />

milk and cheeses,<br />

home-prepared bacon and cooked meats,<br />

our prize-winning pies and sausages,<br />

plus our famous faggots!<br />

Shop opening hours:<br />

Tuesday to Saturday, 7am to 3pm.<br />

Phone orders taken Mon-Fri 7am-5pm<br />

(for collection during above shop opening hours)<br />

or visit our Facebook page<br />

Westfield Radstock BA3 3XS<br />

Tel: 01761 412109<br />

a range of spaces for community use but the<br />

addition and partition of rooms over its 150 year<br />

history make the building difficult to use and it<br />

is in a poor state of repair. The proposal being<br />

implemented is a transformation of the building<br />

to reinstate the original ground floor Market Hall<br />

and construction of a rear extension for offices,<br />

community meeting rooms, storage and service<br />

rooms.<br />

These current projects, along with the ongoing<br />

management of St Chad’s Well and the Orchard<br />

Hall are keeping the Trustees and the Town Trust<br />

Secretary busy and hold the promise of exciting<br />

opportunities to come for the communities of<br />

Midsomer Norton.<br />

Broadies Supplements<br />


Don’t be shy,<br />

come say Hi<br />

NEW<br />


13 Stony St,<br />

Frome<br />


• CBD OIL<br />


• CBD FOOD & DRINK<br />


• CBD TEA & COFFEE<br />



01761 568081 • broadies-supplements.co.uk<br />

broadies.supplements@googlemail.com<br />


40<br />


Silver Street Nature Reserve<br />

F<br />

or the last couple of years we have been<br />

feeling the benefit of our wild open<br />

spaces. In Midsomer Norton we have the<br />

wonderful Town Park and the Silver Street Nature<br />

Reserve as well as other areas in walking distance.<br />

We have found that being in contact with our<br />

natural side feeds the mind, body and soul and<br />

listening to bird song is just a joy. Walking is also<br />

good for us too.<br />

So many people come to the Nature Reserve in<br />

Silver Street and are pleasantly surprised with<br />

what they find there. A lovely cool woodland<br />

with the glint of the pond appearing through the<br />

trees and the spring ever flowing even in the dry<br />

weather. The meadow is full of wildflowers and,<br />

facing south, is a wonderful place to sit a while<br />

and look over Midsomer Norton.<br />

We have had our assessment from It’s your<br />

Neighbourhood (In Bloom) and hope for a<br />

favourable result; the judge was very impressed<br />

with the work our volunteers have achieved this<br />

year. So come along and see for yourself what you<br />

are missing!<br />

Let's clamp<br />

down on<br />

Catalytic<br />

Converter<br />

Theft.<br />

Responsibilities can<br />

build up when you<br />

care for someone<br />

You’re not alone. The Carers’ Centre<br />

is here to support you.<br />

0800 0388 885<br />

Monday–Friday, 8.15am–3pm<br />

support@banescarerscentre.org.uk<br />

banescarerscentre.org.uk<br />

Organised criminals can<br />

remove catalytic converters<br />

from under a vehicle in a<br />

matter of minutes.<br />

If you have information on<br />

those behind catalytic<br />

converter theft, contact us<br />

100% anonymously.<br />

You can speak up and remain<br />

100% anonymous. Always.<br />

crimestoppers-uk.org<br />

CC-Adverts-March<strong>2021</strong>-v2.indd 1 23/03/<strong>2021</strong> 09:35




I hope this edition of Midsomer Norton <strong>Life</strong> finds<br />

you well and you enjoyed the summer months.<br />

As you will have read earlier in this issue, the staff<br />

of Midsomer Norton Town Council have started<br />

to return to the office after a long 18 months<br />

of working remotely. With COVID cases rising<br />

locally, we must all continue to act to control the<br />

spread of the virus, to keep ourselves and others<br />

as safe as we can. If you do need to see us, please<br />

make an appointment, or continue to contact us<br />

via email or by phone; we are always happy to<br />

help where we can.<br />

You will have read that Anti-Social Behaviour is<br />

continuing to have an impact in the Town. While<br />

we are aware that it is a small minority causing<br />

issues, the consequences affect us all at the end<br />

of the day. Should you see anything of concern<br />

then please report it to the Police on 101. This is<br />

not an emergency number for incidents requiring<br />

an immediate response but can be used to report<br />

a crime or incident. As another example, we have<br />

had reports of cars parking in locations likely to<br />

cause an obstruction – this too can be reported<br />

on 101.<br />

Similar to 101 in a sense that you can report an<br />

issue requiring attention, is the Bath and North<br />

East Somerset Council Fix My Street website -<br />

https://fix .bathnes.gov.uk. Here you can report<br />

problems with roads, pavements, parks, litter and<br />

fly tipping, and overhanging vegetation to name<br />

but a few, for all locations in Bath and North East<br />

Somerset.<br />

Recent installations in the Town have included a<br />

new bus timetable at Redlands Terrace. This was<br />

requested by a resident early last year and was<br />

delayed because of the pandemic. New bars have<br />

been fitted between Hayes Road and Northmead<br />

Road, allowing mobility scooters and buggies<br />

better access. The Somer Valley greenspace<br />

posters are now up in Midsomer Norton, Radstock<br />

and Westfield. The poster in Midsomer Norton<br />

can be seen on the back of the bus stop on The<br />

Island detailing the green spaces in our area.<br />

Finally, a new server has been installed at the Town<br />

Hall, for increased service reliability for its users.<br />

In other news, all revenue grant payments have<br />

been made and letters sent to the recipients.<br />

Please see the Midsomer Norton Town Council<br />

Grant Policy on the website to see if your local<br />

voluntary or community group might be eligible<br />

for financial help. We are also continuing to<br />

investigate funding for the planned improvement<br />

works at Wellow Brook, including potential<br />

funding from S106 monies, the Duchy of Cornwall<br />

and Somer Valley Rediscovered.<br />

With Wellow Brook Walk also in mind, we have<br />

been advised by Somer Valley Rediscovered that<br />

as part of the new Environment Bill, developers<br />

will need to demonstrate part 10% Biodiversity<br />

Net Gain (BNG) on qualifying developments.<br />

Ideally this net gain of biodiversity is delivered<br />

on-site but, in some instances, where this is<br />

impossible, they may be allowed to achieve this<br />

10% increase off-site. In return for the off-site<br />

improvements the developer must provide<br />

funding for a minimum of 30 years management to<br />

achieve stated habitat creation and improvements.<br />

We have nominated the Town Park and Wellow<br />

Brook Walk as potential areas to take advantage<br />

of this funding and are waiting to hear from the<br />

B&NES ecologist.<br />

Please continue to keep up to date with what<br />

the Town Council are doing by having a look at<br />

our website and social media pages, which are<br />

updated regularly. I would also like to take the<br />

opportunity to let you know that (at the time of<br />

writing) the Full Council, Planning Committee, and<br />

Finance and Operations Committee meetings due<br />

to take place in September, will see a return of<br />

meetings in person, and all details will be found<br />

on the website in due course.

42<br />




Midsomer Norton Town Council<br />

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Bath BA3 2HQ - 01761 418701<br />

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Cllr Michael Moxham<br />

(Deputy Mayor)<br />

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Cllr Brian Lawrence<br />

(Chair of Finance and<br />

Operations Committee)<br />

07701 007 277<br />

brianlawrence@midsomer<br />

nortontowncouncil.co.uk<br />

Cllr Gordon Mackay<br />

(Chair of Planning<br />

Committee)<br />

07806 604 302<br />

gordonmackay@midsomer<br />

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Cllr Pete Mocock<br />

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Cllr Richard Robertson<br />

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