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DELIVering the goods<br />


WHat exactly is ‘your’ image<br />

ISSUE #<strong>29</strong><br />

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The gaming space is booming<br />

are you prepared?<br />


Making your assets work for<br />


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Wise words or ramblings?<br />


Digging deeper in this<br />

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CelestialBody talks<br />

about the importance of<br />

branding your style.<br />

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16 43<br />

THE GAME PLAN DOOMille has a look at<br />

making a game plan when<br />

it comes to gaming.<br />

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23 Dropping, holding and<br />

hoping<br />


45<br />

An exciting product<br />

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already now with new<br />

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Still around. Still<br />

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delivering quality and<br />

value.<br />

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<strong>SHILL</strong> the Mint<br />

Dropping, holding and<br />

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7D Volume rankings<br />

MOVERS<br />

SolsWatch analysis of<br />

current NFTs on market.<br />

UP & COMING<br />

New section, where have these<br />

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ALPHA Mints<br />

Keep an eye out for this artist!<br />


The one-of-one mints you<br />

wish you had ALPHA about!<br />


Just some of the NFTs<br />

floating around lately<br />

GRIFFIN interview<br />

As interviewed by artscum.<br />


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<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>29</strong>- Great to see you!<br />

As you can see, the RETWEET winners is published. Send me a DM<br />

and I will send you your NFT prize.. Easy.<br />

Another jam-packed issue with a fantastic interview with Aussie NFT<br />

project, Down Under. This team of Sydney based devs are truly a<br />

force and I expect big things in the months ahead.<br />

4<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

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Pixeltoy<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 5


NFT<br />

Welcome to #Shill zine. To begin with, let’s find out a little about you the<br />

team. Where are you based? How many people are working on this project?<br />

And, what does the team bring to the Solana ecosystem?<br />

Firstly, we want to take a moment to thank you for having us! We’re super<br />

excited to join the Shill Zine family and are a big fan of the content and<br />

platform you’ve provided for Solana projects. It’s great to see a reliable<br />

source of information in the space.<br />

About the team, we’re primarily a tight knit group of mates! We met at<br />

university in Sydney, where we all studied mechatronics engineering. There<br />

are five of us in total, each bringing their own diverse set of skills to the table.<br />

This range of talent has helped us bring the project to life. Since we’re all<br />

based in Sydney, we had opportunity to launch the project out of a bedroom<br />

in the inner city. To say the least, we’ve had a lot of fun building this.<br />

In terms of contributing to the Solana ecosystem, we’ve developed our own<br />

6<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

ole verification service, SolaBots! This was actually our first venture in the<br />

Solana space as we noticed a lot of projects were struggling to access a<br />

streamlined verification tool. Our team is passionate about providing value<br />

to the Solana community beyond NFT Down Under and we’re actually in<br />

the process of integrating a range of services such as sales, analytics and<br />

minting on top of verification. Check out our Twitter @SolaBots and give us<br />

a follow, especially if you run or know a project who could benefit from our<br />

offerings!<br />

Your concept for your NFT offering is a novel one. NFTs that are a plot of<br />

land in Australia and can have user information stored for all to see. Can<br />

you tell us a little about this idea and how it works?<br />

For sure! The concept of digital land in Australia is the crux of the project<br />

and defines how we provide utility to our holders. We wanted to move away<br />

from the traditional “profile picture” project and pivoted to being a digital<br />

land project. The concept behind this was to give our users a sense of<br />

attachment to their NFT, by attaching art to a plot of land in Australia.<br />

As a land owner, you have the ability to customise the land name and<br />

description, giving you full control over the space. Further, we offer the ability<br />

to plug your social media profiles such as Twitter and Discord, giving others<br />

the opportunity to purchase your land or perhaps organise a collaboration<br />

with you - if they like what you’ve done with the place.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 7

Taking a step back and breaking things down a bit, our NFT is an mp4 file<br />

attached to a plot of land in Australia. To create the mp4, we feed an image<br />

through our AI algorithm, which takes a string of text as input, and capture<br />

the translation from the original image, to the stylised output. We have five<br />

unique styles that form our art collection, which are then attached to five<br />

land sizes – small, medium, large, huge and gigantic.<br />

What’s more, we just released our fully integrated NFT art gallery, which<br />

is embedded in our map. This provides land owners the opportunity to<br />

show off their entire NFT collection. The same functionality exists for our<br />

Community Partners, allowing them to shill their collection and gain eyes on<br />

glass from various communities. We’re trying to promote cross-pollination<br />

between projects and strengthen the Solana ecosystem.<br />

Where does the team see this project going?<br />

This is a great question! We’re committed to delivering on our roadmap<br />

and maximising value for holders. A prime example of this is releasing our<br />

integrated art gallery. The next step is to release our native token, $ROO<br />

(DollaRoo). Our tokens can be re-invested into land, which increases the<br />

lands inherent value. As you invest more tokens, you’ll level up your land,<br />

where certain levels will unlock bonus features. There will also be a public<br />

leader board so everyone sit and envy the most valuable land in Australia.<br />

Once we’ve released our token, the next step is to mint the next state! So far,<br />

we’ve only minted NSW and have six more states to go. This demonstrates<br />

the scope we have to build out the project and validate this is a long-term<br />

play. As an indicator, our conversations end in where we want to see the<br />

project in six months’ time. As a small glimpse, our goal is to be the largest<br />

digital land project on the Solana blockchain. We understand that true<br />

success is often a marathon, not a sprint.<br />

What’s more, we’ve got the opportunity to feature our artwork at the first<br />

NFT exhibition in Australia, Emergence 2022 in March. We’re really looking<br />

forward to showcasing our interactive map to prospective investors gather<br />

8<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

feedback to ensure we can continue to grow. This is just one of event we<br />

have looming on the horizon in the next three months, it doesn’t end here.<br />

Your project just finished its ‘round 2’ mint of NSW. Tasmania being minted<br />

earlier. Both rounds have sold out. What are some of the ‘wow’ moments<br />

you had during the first creations made by minters?<br />

We’d like to take this opportunity to quickly talk about Tasmania! Tasmania<br />

is land reserved for our community land partners. The majority of these<br />

relationships have been forged via SolaBots and include projects such as<br />

Frakt, BackDAO, Desolates, Furious Flowers, DeRuged Snakes, SolPunks<br />

RussianPunkz, Neon.Game, the list goes on! To see the full list of our<br />

partner projects, check out the Solana Land Community section on our map<br />

at https://nftdownunder.art/map. We’ve got some exciting plans of how to<br />

leverage this community space and build the Solana ecosystem together!<br />

In terms of “wow” moments, we think the support and kindness of everyone<br />

in the Solana NFT space is something that stands out. We’ve been<br />

overwhelmed by the generosity and mindset of those we’ve talked to. It’s<br />

refreshing to be see a culture built on wanting to see each other succeed in<br />

their ventures!<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 9

Your Discord is active for a membership of 3k. What are the types of things<br />

your team runs to keep engagement high?<br />

We’d like to take the credit for the engagement we’ve seen in our Discord,<br />

but the truth is we’ve been blessed with an incredible community of legends.<br />

Our mission was to create channels where everyone could connect on a<br />

human level and learn from each other. Whether it be our “shenanigans”<br />

channel (which focuses on beer chat) or the main chat, from day 1 we saw<br />

deep connections established, fostering a diamond hands mindset within<br />

our community.<br />

Moreover, we focused on developing genuine connections with our users,

ealising that there are no shortcuts to this. We achieved this by us, the<br />

devs, being super active in our channel, answering questions, listening<br />

to feedback and actioning suggestions from our community. There’s no<br />

substitute for authentically interacting with the extended team.<br />

To compliment this, we’ll start running regular giveaway competitions again.<br />

We’ve developed a core group of legends but with the release of our art<br />

gallery and our token, plus with future mints of other states, we’re looking to<br />

onboard new members.<br />

Finally, I would like to thank you for your interview today with #Shill zine.<br />

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to share our story with the Shill<br />

Zine community! To all the readers, we appreciate the time you’ve taken to<br />

learn about our project. We hope we can crack a beer with you in the Aussie<br />

Metaverse one day, or IRL if you visit Sydney.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 11

https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/664710<strong>29</strong>5<br />


https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/664710228<br />

The 128 Club


@celstialbody<br />

This is only a somewhat experienced opinion everything is subject<br />

to context. You may wonder why the hell you should even care about<br />

branding, you're an artist after all not a company. Remove the idea of<br />

a brand as a commercial entity from your mind.<br />

A brand at its core to me is a consistent communication of a principal<br />

or idea. NOT A LOGO. Now it sounds more familiar, after all is Pollacks<br />

"brand" not instantly recognisable? Yes it’s a style but it’s more than<br />

that, it's Warhol's personality, and Banksy's anonymity.<br />

A brand should embody you as an artist. It does not need to be overt;<br />

it does not need to be a 50-page design document describing the<br />

rules of the aesthetics that make your art. A brand is what you want<br />

to say about your work (and yourself if you want to)<br />

Branding should flow easily into what you do, and when you feel like<br />

you’ve lost your way it should be something to refer to that guides<br />

you. It's how you present yourself in a digital space, the language you<br />

use, the formatting for your auction tweets, as well as your style.<br />

14<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

You don’t need to go out and draw up plans for all of this, but you<br />

should keep things consistent, and plans can help with that. You<br />

don't need to pigeonhole yourself in to one singular aesthetic, but<br />

you should remember what got you this far in your work. What is your<br />

visual USP.<br />

How does that USP feed into your online presence. My work is<br />

all about reconnecting and expressing ideas and identities that<br />

we need to feel and see more of in society. Its visual expression<br />

with typography, hence the use of poetry in my tweets. That’s raw<br />

expressive typography.<br />

When you start to think about these things they become more<br />

concrete, consider what you're trying to communicate with your work<br />

and identity, it gives you a reference point for whether you're achieving<br />

it. As importantly from a collector standpoint they know what they're<br />

getting.<br />

I missed a million things from this thread and there are plenty of<br />

contradictory statements and debates to be had. The art of visual<br />

communication is fluid and vast. Everything matters most in context,<br />

and its best if it provides its own context so nothing gets lost.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 15

GAMING<br />

game plan<br />

@DOOMille<br />

I wanted to write down/share my gameplan for the NFT gaming<br />

space this year (which as of now is entirely in the $SOL ecosystem).<br />

For reference I've been holding my buys/yet to make profits in the<br />

2021 JPEG market and I'm still new to NFTs in general. I'm just a<br />

guy with a lifetime of experience in the gaming industry and I have a<br />

decent idea of what makes a project succeed or fail.<br />

https://vimeo.com/user162426088<br />

IMO 2022 is the year when building and substance matters for<br />

projects, and patience is the key for investors. I think buying/holding<br />

NFTs for solid gaming projects early in their development will be less<br />

effort, less risk, and greater returns than JPEGs in 2021<br />

Did you find a project that has a solid team, the game looks fun, it's<br />

showing excellent progress towards their launch and the value prop/<br />

tokenomics make sense for players? Then either mint or start buying<br />

on secondary. You can't get spooked by price movement or a sinking<br />

floor.<br />

In fact, many buyers will panic sell below mint within 24-48 hours.<br />

Take advantage. From that point, keep checking in and asking<br />

yourself: is the team building and moving forward towards what<br />

they've promised? Then keep accumulating. Are they lagging? Dump<br />

and move on.<br />

With the way things are going right now, the NFT oriented gaming<br />

16<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

model is immune to crypto carnies running the play of: “Narrative =><br />

Hype => Pump = Dump on Suckers” (Yes, of course a few scams are<br />

going to fall through the cracks.)<br />

Success for investors hinges on the opposite strategy: you DON'T<br />

want to hype up a project when it's early. If you feel it has the plan<br />

and team to be successful and is delivering, it's in your best interest<br />

to keep it on the DL so you can keep accumulating and sniping rares.<br />

My most confident play right now is @panzerdogs. They have a<br />

highly qualified team showing consistent progress. The 3v3 PVP<br />

game design has a full demo and is based on little three-minute<br />

dopamine fixes that make you want to play over and over. It's a great<br />

game regardless of P2E.<br />

https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/665028055<br />

You think I was gonna run around shouting about how everyone had<br />

to buy into @panzerdogs like I was schilling an altcoin to pump my<br />

bags? Absolutely not! You aren't going succeed doing that with the<br />

current dynamics because the money is made buying low between<br />

mint and launch.<br />

(The only reason I'm even mentioning @panzerdogs here is that I've<br />

already accumulated a lot of it below the current floor).<br />

It's critical to note how this NFT value dynamic differs from the<br />

previous token-oriented model @ZssBecker talks about in his videos.<br />

That strategy centres on buying into a project and then selling into<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> Is1ue #<strong>29</strong> 17

new liquidity that comes with massive hype to peak the price.<br />

When the game value is attached to NFTs instead of coins, there are<br />

a limited number of admission “tickets” available to join in the fun.<br />

(This is why I love @KFSnft and its 1,212 membership limit by the<br />

way).<br />

As of right now I have no intention of buying tokens for games on<br />

the open market, because the NFTs generate them for you. The one<br />

exception so far has been @TinyColonyGame and their $TINY token,<br />

but that's because their lands haven't minted yet.<br />

https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/665028085<br />

(I broke my own rule here and revealed a top project I love in @<br />

TinyColonyGame because I want to get whitelisted for those NFT<br />

Lands! DM me guys, hopefully it worked).<br />

Because the value is in the NFTs, make sure you know the rarity and<br />

value scheme within the game. For example, in @meekolony there's<br />

no difference between rarities with in-game power or airdrop quality.<br />

Those setups make it easier to buy into the floor and speculate for<br />

cheap.<br />

As @elliotrades mentioned, you're going to be far more successful at<br />

crypto and NFTs when you play it as a team sport. Do you research,<br />

18<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

find a $SOL OG PFP community that you like. You'll be able to get<br />

priceless alpha and even some excellent whitelist opportunities.<br />

I was tipped off to @panzerdogs pre-mint in the @DeGodsNFT alpha<br />

channel, and the @KFSnft alpha channel is another great one. Those<br />

kinds of resources create so much value beyond the market price of<br />

the NFTs for that community.<br />

(Big shout out to the true top DeGod among @DeGodsNFT @<br />

AussieNftGuy for being a BEAST when it comes to exclusives and<br />

whitelists. The man is crushing it this week even while fighting<br />

through COVID. Access to the man is worth a @DeGodsNFT on its<br />

own).<br />

I am all in on $SOL because it works, has a massive amount of<br />

investment capital and WILL have dominant first mover advantage<br />

by the end of Q1. The mass adoption retail wave you've been waiting<br />

for could care less about the decentralization altruism many love so<br />

much about crypto<br />

The new retail money about to bust through the crypto/NFT doors<br />

will want something that works, is fun, intuitive and can make them<br />

money for playing video games. Right now and for the foreseeable<br />

future, that is @solana and @phantom Wallet. Full stop.<br />

One exception is that @enjin/@efinityio is positioned to be a big part<br />

of this as well. We've yet to see what this ecosystem will do because<br />

all of their strategy hinged on the Efinity network, which just got<br />

approved for a $DOT parachain and will launch in March.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> Is1ue #<strong>29</strong> 19

The $ENJ + $EFI model is based on a turnkey system that will allow<br />

video game publishers to seamlessly incorporate blockchain and<br />

NFTs into their games within the background so that players don't<br />

see and won't even be aware of the complicated wallet stuff.<br />

Building a huge budget game is difficult enough, so it makes a lot<br />

of sense for those companies to go “Yeah, let's just go for the $EFI<br />

solution so the NFT and blockchain structure is taken care of and we<br />

don't have to think about it.”<br />

We don't know what partnerships $ENJ currently has lined up and<br />

have yet to see its platform truly unleashed, so it's hard to predict<br />

their place in the market. If I had to guess, in 2022 I think we'll see<br />

at least one AAA studio weaving NFTs into a big title using @Enjin.<br />

I can see @enjin positioned as the AAA publisher, and @solana in<br />

the niche of Indy game platform. The big publishers that would use<br />

$EFI in this scenario have a massive infrastructure of overhead to<br />

maintain, which means less revenue going back to token and NFT<br />

holders.<br />

In 2022 AAA may base payouts like we already see with their<br />

esports: top heavy and giving out most of the prize pool to pro level<br />

tournament champions. $SOL could be positioned as community<br />

oriented and have an ecosystem that spreads out rewards in a more<br />

equitable way<br />

Just like minting and accumulating, my sell signal will be based on<br />

development. This space is evolving at such a rapid pace, and it<br />

won't take much for a project to lag and lose most, if not all of its<br />

value. Watch out for empty promises of future updates.<br />

Based on the level of current technology and acceleration, I expect<br />

we'll advance from today's Atari 2600 era to PS1 level by the end of<br />

2022. The skill for making money is going to be knowing when to<br />

sell/scale out at a game's peak and pivot to the next opportunity.<br />

I could be wrong, but like any bull market I think it's going to be hard<br />

to lose money this year in NFT gaming. The risk hinges on not going<br />

diamond hands with Pong when Tomb Raider is around the corner.<br />

Don't misconstrue "hard to lose money" because as always, it's<br />

important to warn that NFTs are highly risky. But I see far less risk<br />

in the NFT model of crypto gaming because again, it'll be based far<br />

more on substance and not much on hype. You will see the builders<br />


If you're not a dummy and can do basic research/invest in tangible<br />

progress, it's unlikely you're going to get straight up rugged. It's also<br />

much harder to dump an NFT collection and crash the floor to the<br />

point of no recovery compared to coins in the traditional crypto<br />

market.<br />

So don't obsess over hitting home runs. Look for projects that are<br />

positioned to make solid contact at the plate and go from there.<br />

You're going to have your strikeouts but be aware of those risks in a<br />

project when you buy in and sell when needed before the floor falls<br />

out.<br />

Otherwise, hold and accumulate where it's merited. Profits will<br />

come months later, right before and after launch.<br />

@panzerdogs floor is already at 3.5 $SOL after the 1 $SOL mint,<br />

and they have barely even started. Selling before the game is fully<br />

released would be silly.<br />

Again, I have no idea what I'm doing :) I don't think any of us do<br />

right now. If I've learned anything in my short experience with NFT<br />

gaming, it's that we'll see major leaps in the blink of an eye. So,<br />

dump when you need to. Devotion to a community is only as good<br />

as its project<br />

Most of all, have fun! Focus on profit, but also enjoy the process.<br />

This is SUCH an exciting time for this space. Here and now is<br />

something you'll be telling stories about in ten years, just like sitting<br />

around talking nostalgia over the fun you had playing NES games<br />

as a kid.<br />


https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/664710188<br />



@joemccann 42.9K Followers<br />


Risk taking is the purest form of virtue.<br />

Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Margin Trader.<br />

NFT collector. @monkedao & @ftx_official<br />

from Day 1.<br />

Ethereum is not web3,<br />

it is a subset of<br />

web3.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 23

CHEST<br />

finance- evolving<br />

$CHEST v2 —Introducing Pirate NFTs, Treasure DAO & Tokenomics,<br />

IDO, Retroactive Airdrop, Leveraged Yield Chests, and more<br />

Warning: The following article contains a lot of alpha. If you have<br />

any questions, please join the conversation on discord.<br />

SOLANA, JAN 10, 2022—Over the last month, $CHEST launched the<br />

first ever structured product and yield generating chest on Solana,<br />

attracted over $10m+ TVL, generated over 50%+ APY across<br />

Chests… and did all of this without a single dollar from VCs.<br />

In line with the protocol’s decision to raise $0 from VCs, $CHEST is<br />

now entering the next chapter of its mission towards community<br />

ownership, community rewards, and community empowerment:<br />

Introducing the Pirate utility NFT, the Treasure DAO and $CHEST<br />

Token, retroactive airdrops, and all new leveraged yield chests<br />

(50–200% APY).<br />

24<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

Following in the footsteps of GenesysGo’s Shadowy Super Coder<br />

NFTs and DAO, Lifinity’s Flares NFTs, $CHEST is announcing its<br />

own Pirate NFTs.<br />

Pirate NFTs will play 2 fundamental roles in the $CHEST protocol,<br />

and will earn superpowers in the Treasure DAO:<br />

I) Receiving 12% $CHEST tokens at the Chest IDO.<br />

This is the most important utility to us. The protocol strongly<br />

believes that the biggest winners in DeFi should be the community,<br />

so to level the playing field with larger VC entities who monopolize<br />

access to early seed rounds, NFT holders will receive direct<br />

allocation in the $CHEST network. There are no hidden features<br />

here. Every NFT will be entitled to a proportional share of 12%<br />

$CHEST tokens at the Chest IDO, regardless of whether the entire<br />

NFT collection sells out or not. The distribution will be linearly<br />

vested over 1 year, with a bonus reserved for those who hold for the<br />

entire year.<br />

II) Up to 120% Compounded Governance Voting Power<br />

This is the one we are most excited about. Holders of the Pirate<br />

NFT will receive compounded governance votes. This means that<br />

for every N number of $CHEST tokens, the holder can have up to<br />

1.2 * N voting power (essentially an additional 20% of virtual voting<br />

$CHEST tokens!), depending on the number of NFTs owned.<br />

Ex: Alice holds Pirate NFTs and 64,000 $CHEST tokens. When<br />

voting at the Treasure DAO, she now has 64,000 x 1.2 = 76,800<br />

tokens to vote with.<br />

This creates 2 important dynamics for the token and NFTs. The<br />

most loyal users will benefit the most as they will be NFT holders,<br />

active DAO participants, and large token stakers allowing them to<br />

amplify their voices across DAO decisions, as they should, since<br />

they have the most at stake. This also generates very strong utility<br />

and value for the NFT as the value can theoretically be pegged to<br />

the value derived from the largest token holder, so if a whale holds<br />

1M $CHEST tokens, and he can derive 200,000 voting powers from<br />

the NFT, that should theoretically be the value of the NFT.<br />

The voting power also compounds in an increasing manner. For<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> Is1ue #<strong>29</strong> 25

every additional NFT, the vote multiplier is multiplier by 2, for<br />

a maximum of 1.2. So, for the first NFT, the voter will receive<br />

1.00625x extra votes. For the second NFT, the voter will receive<br />

1.0125x, then 1.025x, then 1.05, then 1.1, and finally 1.2.<br />

The voting multiplier per NFT will be restricted to a max number of<br />

tokens that can be multiplied. Implementation will be detailed in a<br />

separate follow up article.<br />

Minting and Drop details<br />

So how do you get in on this?<br />

The NFT mint date is scheduled for January 19th, 2022, powered<br />

by the Metaplex candy machine. Only 10,000 will be available. Save<br />

the date!<br />

The exact minting price, time, and site will be announced in a follow<br />

up article and announcement.<br />

Follow updates here:<br />

•Discord: discord.gg/chest<br />

•Twitter: https://twitter.com/chestfinance<br />

Powering the future of Chest protocol, structured products, and<br />

yield generating defi on Solana will be the Treasure DAO, and<br />

$CHEST tokens.<br />

The DAO will play the pivotal role of determining protocol<br />

parameters, chest token rewards, and more. The $CHEST token will<br />

be the voting token in the network.<br />

Most importantly, the DAO will enable a vote locking mechanism,<br />

whereby stakers will be able to boost locked staking rewards,<br />

determine rewards and reward distribution on Chests, similar to<br />

Curve’s model.<br />

$CHEST Tokenomics<br />

•Total supply: 100bn<br />

•The treasury is used for Chest emissions to<br />

stakers, makers, and ecosystem expansion<br />

plans, as voted by the DAO. 0.5% is currently<br />

earmarked for maker emissions up until the IDO,<br />

26<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

at which point the DAO will vote on future maker<br />

emissions.<br />

Finally, as the first to launch structured products on Solana, Chest<br />

is excited to announce that it will be the first protocol to launch<br />

leveraged yield chests.<br />

Leveraged yield chests will allow you to stake into leveraged chests,<br />

that are higher risk, but also much higher reward. This means that<br />

the potential APY is boosted by many factors, but losses can also<br />

be amplified.<br />

Leveraged chests will not be for everyone but will allow users to<br />

take on higher risk yield, something that does not exist currently on<br />

Solana.<br />

We know this was a lot of information to digest, so here is the<br />

recap:<br />

1.The pirate NFT mint is on January 19th, 2022 and will<br />

allow holders to receive 12% of network tokens, and up<br />

to 120% multiplier on voting abilities.<br />

2.Treasure DAO and $CHEST token will enable direct<br />

ownership of the protocol for its users. The IDO will be<br />

announced in a follow up announcement.<br />

3.Early stakers will be rewarded 12% of token supply.<br />

4.New Leveraged Yield Chests will enable exposure to<br />

high risk, high APY chests.

CRYPT<br />

zero<br />

@CryptZero<br />

CryptZero is a series of<br />

unique collectible avatars /<br />

personal profile NFTs with on<br />

the Solana blockchain with<br />

themes revolving around the<br />

horror genre. CryptZero is<br />

currently in Season 2 with the<br />

theme of “Ghosts”. CryptZero<br />

is designed from the ground<br />

up to last years and scale with<br />

overall NFT adoption without<br />

diluting the value of existing<br />

releases:<br />

The images are to be released in multiple seasons,<br />

each having a different subject. Each season lasts<br />

approximately 3 months (to reflect real world<br />

seasons)<br />

Royalty shares for future seasons are given to<br />

random holders of the current season (Royalty<br />

Giveaway).<br />

Bonus airdrop occurs mid-way through season to all<br />

current season holders.<br />

Future seasons scale in edition size to reflect the<br />

growth of the nft ecosystem.<br />

Token darwinism: Unclaimed tokens are removed from the<br />

collection at the end of each season in order to maintain<br />

equilibrium with demand wthout creating artificial scarcity.<br />

28<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> <strong>29</strong>

https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/664710016<br />


<strong>SHILL</strong> the<br />

the MINT<br />


_sonlitsonny<br />

32<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

<strong>SHILL</strong> the MINT<br />

culturehacker<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> Is1ue #<strong>29</strong> 33

34<strong>SHILL</strong> the MINT<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

ku_yart<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 35


<strong>SHILL</strong> the MINT<br />



<strong>SHILL</strong> the MINT<br />


40<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

SOLANALYSIS 7D volume<br />

42<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

TOP NFTs / TOP Gainers<br />

The Astronaut @thexastronaut<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> Is1ue #<strong>29</strong> 43


SolsWatch<br />

44<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

UP & COMING<br />



UP & COMING<br />


UP & COMING<br />






ALPHA<br />



ALPHA<br />










https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/665047995<br />







Fallen Traveler


Sol Demon




https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/665027980<br />


Did you see it?<br />


Did you see it?<br />


GRIFFIN interview<br />

https://artscum.org/griffin-dzmura-mcguire-painter-usaunpublished-submission/<br />

Statement:<br />

The looking glass has broken, we must brave the Kaleidoscope<br />

mirage…<br />

Q: Who are you?<br />

I’m Griffin, an artist on the other<br />

side of a degree in Philosophy<br />

from UC Berkeley. My favorite<br />

mediums are acrylic paint and<br />

ink. One of my aims is to invite<br />

viewers into another world, one<br />

which will remain with them<br />

in the hidden alleyway of the<br />

subconscious mind.<br />

Q: Darkness is not only the<br />

absence of light. What more<br />

is lurking in the shadows (of<br />

mind)?!<br />

Shadows conceal, but also<br />

provide form and feature.<br />

The play between shadow<br />

as a metaphor and shadow<br />

as absence of light provides<br />

an interesting field of exploration. In my work I often explore<br />

autonomously without intention. I feel that this allows me to explore<br />

the shadows in my own mind without censorship.<br />

Q: What is the most important taboo in art?<br />

For me, I find the association of a price tag with a piece of to be a<br />

taboo that is worthy of deeper exploration. Many of the artists that<br />

are most widely spoken of are known in part due to the notoriety of<br />

their sales volume as opposed to the questions their work explores.<br />

80<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

In this strange dynamism between value and creativity there’s much<br />

more to think on and is one of the reasons I decided to move my<br />

digital work into the blockchain space.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 81

Q: Why is the beauty in ugliness so fatal?<br />

Art is not just a pursuit of Beauty. In the unsettling, and disturbing,<br />

a whole range of emotions which are under-explored and critical to<br />

artistic exploration are able to be brought into the open.<br />

82<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong>

Q: What question would you ask the most evil person on this planet?<br />

Though I’m not sure there’s someone who is the most evil, I’ll ask<br />

them if they enjoy Pineapple on pizza.<br />

Q: The world seems to become more and more a violent, unkind<br />

place. Greed and egoism seems to be the only impulse of any<br />

change. Did mankind still have<br />

the chance to build a peaceful, sustainable world for every living and<br />

feeling being or would it be better if somebody dispose everything in<br />

the sewer of the evolutionary failure?<br />

From my perspective, it seems that history shows us a world in<br />

which violence is the norm. We see much more of the ugliness in the<br />

world with news and the advances in new media, though this doesn’t<br />

imply that the world is actually more violent than it was in the past.<br />

A new slate, a Tabula Rasa, can be an appealing idea but in practice<br />

only leads to forgetting our standing as humans and moves us away<br />

from working on the problems we face.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>29</strong> 83


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