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Solana ecosystem magazine.


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Editor<br />

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Bankmen<br />

Poetry's Not Dead<br />

Bonk<br />

ExchgART NFTs<br />

Dev Talk<br />

McDegens<br />

Book Publishing<br />

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Unveiling the Year-End Extravaganza: #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine’s 2023 Odyssey with Solana<br />

As we bid farewell to 2023, <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>140</strong> of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine marks the crescendo of a year-long journey that began<br />

with <strong>Issue</strong> 90 in January. What a ride it's been! From a humble start to the forthcoming <strong>Issue</strong> 141, we've<br />

traversed the vast expanse of the Solana ecosystem, dedicating a whopping 51 magazines brimming with over<br />

80 to 180 pages of rich content, encompassing articles, alpha insights, reviews, and a treasure trove of NFTs<br />

that would leave your visual senses in awe.<br />

For those who may have missed the excitement, fear not! 120 issues of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine, including the latest, are<br />

available online with full and free access. Embark on a journey through the evolution of Solana at www.<br />

shillzine.xyz and witness the unfolding narrative of innovation and creativity.<br />

This week's <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>140</strong> is an absolute feast for Solana enthusiasts, boasting over 130 pages dedicated to the<br />

extraordinary developments in the Solana ecosystem. We pride ourselves on making catching up with the<br />

Solana universe a breeze. Load up the magazine on your phone or tablet, kick back, and immerse yourself in<br />

the pages as you unearth hidden gems of information.<br />

Among the highlights of this week's issue are nine riveting articles, ranging from an update on $Bonk to<br />

developer insights that may leave you questioning if Solarplex is the unsung hero. Delve into thoughts on<br />

Bankmen and Trustpass, explore the potential revolution blockchain could bring to book publishing, and<br />

discover a possible diamond in the rough—$COOK, with the potential for a 2-500x return.<br />

Our regular features, including McDegens and Populus, deserve special mention. Populus, having recently<br />

closed their mint at 150 pieces, has seen a meteoric rise to a 50 Sol floor and currently rests at 25 Sol. Is it<br />

mere coincidence? Perhaps not. NFTQuest, a great game playable on your phone or PC, offers a novel way to<br />

end your year in the Solana universe. And don't overlook MIXtape, a free mint that's always worth compiling a<br />

selection of your favourite tracks.<br />

As the year-end celebrations approach, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine extends heartfelt gratitude to our supporters who have<br />

steadfastly rallied behind our endeavours. Your generous donations week after week have fuelled the<br />

magazine's relentless pursuit of excellence. As we step into 2024, our third year in the Solana space, we<br />

remain committed to delivering value to our readers in every conceivable way.<br />

And what about $COOK? It's not just a token; it's a vibrant community of WEB3 builders, digital artists,<br />

collectors, and investors who know how to infuse the world of crypto with a dash of magic. So, grab your<br />

spatula, don that apron, and let's embark on a culinary journey to whip up some crypto magic together! Find<br />

out more about this delectable adventure in the pages of this very issue of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine.<br />

In closing, <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>140</strong> of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine encapsulates the essence of a year filled with innovation, growth, and<br />

community support within the Solana ecosystem. Here's to the thrill of discovery and the promise of more<br />

exciting adventures in 2024. Stay tuned and let the Solana odyssey continue!<br />


DRiP codes:<br />

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Solarplex codes:<br />

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Floor codes:<br />

SSFJ84<br />


DowngrApes 111Anons<br />


KryptoKan // https://www.publish0x.com/crypto-journey-kan<br />

$COOK - A Meme Coin On The Solana Network That You Must Keep Your Eye On<br />

What Is $COOK?<br />

The big question, “What Is $COOK?” “Wen Utility?” “Is It Legit?” $COOK hit the crypto-space with a presale on<br />

the 29th of November 2023 and went live on the 30th of November 2023, they had a total of 30 holders and<br />

most of the pre-sale investors sold-out, I discovered $COOK around the 9th or 10th of December 2023, not<br />

knowing whether I should buy some or wait for a use-case AKA a reason to throw money in a “NEW TOKEN” or<br />

just shoot-my-shot.<br />

I decided to go with taking profits from another project I’m in and went in $COOK I was paranoid & full of anxiety<br />

for about a day or 2, one morning I woke up and had a few “DMs” telling me how I made a good call with $COOK<br />

and how it ate a 0, I wasn’t sure what these messages were on about until I checked the $COOK CHART myself,<br />

the chart literally went from 0.00004 to 0.0004 and we are expecting the chart to eat it’s 2nd zero really soon<br />

as we are waiting on snippets, demo’s and previews of what’s to come out of the kitchen the $COOK team are<br />

preparing us.<br />

Within 2-3 days we went from 30 holders to 221 holders and counting - so, why are investors throwing money<br />

at a token that has no use-case or any hype? The answer to this question is, I honestly have no idea but I’m glad<br />

when I bought some!<br />

Whitepaper<br />

I won’t re-write the whitepaper you can read it yourself - it’s 7 pages long ($COOK WHITEPAPER)<br />

What we read in the whitepaper tells us the tokenomics and how they could be adjusted for project and development<br />

purposes, we also get a glimpse of what $COOK will be about, from what I get from the whitepaper is<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

that it will be an entertainment/gaming token - a go-to token, a vibe to get people in the Solana ecosystem if not, bring<br />

investors from other blockchains to the Solana Network and have fun together.<br />

For “Safety” of the project and the community, the team also link the LP they provided towards the project - so the<br />

transparency is there with the chefs!<br />

Official Links<br />


Wrap it up<br />

All I’m saying is to watch this project, whether you invest or not I have a good feeling about the team and I see a very<br />

interesting community lurking in their telegram group, however if you do decide to get some $COOK, download a Phantom<br />

Wallet connect to “Radiyum” or “Jupiter Swap” make sure to have $SOL loaded into your wallet and buy any<br />

amount of $COOK you want to.

My two-year anniversary on Solana and everyone who has been in this journey is celebrating. We are vindicated<br />

for our conviction in solid fundamentals and through all the trials Solana has been through.<br />

My #SolanaJourney<br />

I got introduced to Solana via @goku_nft on the GM Show. Being in this community help me get involved with<br />

the independent art ecosystem on Solana. With the GM show primarily @IAMAIMOS @goku_nft @Wardalejack<br />

@rollnwthehomies inspiring me<br />

to build a photography space on<br />

Solana like the GM show. I began<br />

cohosting morning spaces w @<br />

thejomshoots was in those spaces<br />

I met @crypto_mulliman @<br />

jairo_ema25 @XO12XX<br />

Realizing strength in numbers @<br />

jairo_ema25 @XO12XX @thejomshoots<br />

@crypto_mulliman we<br />

began @SolCityRadio and started<br />

the Solana morning show The<br />

Rise Before Grind m-f 9Am est. it<br />

has rapidly become the morning<br />

space for independent artists in<br />

Solana to network. It is incredible<br />

to see where SCR has gotten to<br />

and going to with the collab haus<br />

with @drip_haus.<br />

I collaborated with @exchgART<br />

on interviewing so many amazing<br />

artists with our show NFTalk.<br />

Highlighting dozens of artists<br />

ranging in all styles of mediums.<br />

Through NFTalk I met @<br />

EssjayneArt and began to get involved<br />

with cohosting our weekly<br />

Photography Spotlight Tuesdays<br />

3p est, in which we interview<br />

photographers on Solana. She has<br />

gone on to start @SolanaPhoto.<br />

Along with being a builder I am a<br />

surreal artist using bricks to strip<br />

away the masks we wear and<br />

convey human emotions. Along<br />

with making art I have collected<br />

from many of Solana’s independent<br />

art ecosystem.<br />

I have also helped use my platforms<br />

to inspire and spread environmental<br />

conservation. Starting<br />

#NFTCLEANUPDAY a global trash pick-up initiative. This last year in the bear market I hosted the first Metaverse<br />

10 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

and IRL art gallery BrickHaus of Art That’s Fire featuring 29 global artists, using art to speak on wildfire safety.<br />

@RichwaterNFT @Walking_Designs @laser_lew @lazulcapital @ifeelsomoldy @XO12XX @EssjayneArt @5hanksy @<br />

artsy_skulls @susp_enders @billxmono @MVDinDSM @ldupar13 @kirkenglehardt @SylvahArt @allisonjoyful_ @artofwander<br />

@ifeelsodurty @RavinginDenver @fredartworld @hersoid @BuzzinErik @hacss @1qban @StudioMistrot @<br />

AliOnStairs @degenghosty<br />

IG Artist handles: Chelsbake11<br />

Facebook: Lydia.Jenkins3<br />

This is also the first coffee table art book backed by nft. You can collect from these artists in our @3rd_land StarBricks<br />

coffee shop link down below.<br />

I love Solana, I never lost faith and never gave up on this chain or the artists here. These are the moments where we are<br />

being vindicated and it feels good being a Solana enjoyer!

@ChowkingEth<br />

Exciting News from Bankmen Finance<br />

Introducing Bankmen Map: Navigate the DeFi landscape with our comprehensive map. Unlock the full<br />

potential of Solana’s ecosystem through revenue-generating products.<br />

Bankmen Lending Platform: Empowering users to lend and borrow with ease. Boosting liquidity and<br />

fostering financial inclusivity within the Solana community.<br />

Raffle Platform: Feeling lucky? Participate in our raffles for a chance to win big! A thrilling way to engage<br />

with the Bankmen community and earn exciting rewards.<br />

$CASH Machines: Accessible and user-friendly, our $CASH machines provide a seamless experience for<br />

users to manage their funds, promoting financial autonomy.<br />

Engagement Bounty System: Contribute to the<br />

ecosystem and get rewarded! Our bounty system<br />

recognizes and appreciates the efforts of active<br />

participants, creating a vibrant and collaborative<br />

community.<br />

Bankmen Boxes and Checks: Holders, get ready<br />

for surprises! Our loot box-style rewards system<br />

contains SOL, NFTs, $CASH points, and more. Unbox<br />

your rewards and enjoy the benefits of being a<br />

Bankmen member.<br />

Beyond Profit: We’re not just here to make money.<br />

Our products aim to foster a healthier Solana<br />

ecosystem by unlocking liquidity, rewarding participants,<br />

and building genuine connections within<br />

the crypto community.<br />

Work Hard, Play Hard: Bankmen Finance embodies<br />

a “work hard, play hard” ethos. Get ready for engaging<br />

IRL events focused on fun, networking, and<br />

yes, touching grass!<br />

Exclusive Experiences: Holders, you’re in for a<br />

treat! Eligible for exclusive private events and experiences,<br />

because being a Bankmen member comes with perks.<br />

Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine the landscape of decentralized finance on Solana.<br />

Bankmen Finance is not just a platform; it’s a community, an experience, and a lifestyle. Get ready to<br />

bank on the future with Bankmen!<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

BONK’s Rollercoaster Ride: From Sky-High Peaks to a Recent Dip—The Unpredictable Journey of Solana’s Meme<br />

Coin<br />

Riding the Crypto Waves with BONK<br />

Hey crypto enthusiasts, buckle up for the latest thrill in the crypto world! BONK, Solana’s meme coin, has taken us<br />

on a wild ride—shooting up like a rocket and then taking a nosedive that has left us all wondering: What’s next?<br />

In this laid-back exploration, we’ll dive into the recent antics of BONK, from its jaw-dropping surge to its recent<br />

dip, and try to make sense of the ups and downs that come with the territory of meme coins.<br />

BONK’s Boom and Bust: A 44% Plunge After Hitting the Skies<br />

So, what’s the buzz about BONK going bust? Last week, it was on cloud nine, reaching an all-time high of<br />

$0.00003416 on Friday. But hold on, the party didn’t last long—BONK decided to make a quick descent to a<br />

current price of $0.00001931, marking a 44% drop faster than you can say “crypto rollercoaster.” According to<br />

CoinGecko, it’s only down about 1% in the past 24 hours, trying to keep its cool after sliding a bit in the last few<br />

days.<br />

Don’t hit the panic button just yet! Despite this recent plunge, BONK is still up a whopping 56% over the last seven<br />

days and a mind-blowing 502% in the past 30 days. It’s like BONK’s saying, “I might dip, but I’ve got my eyes on<br />

the long game.”<br />

Déjà Vu: BONK’s Flashback to January 2022<br />

For those who’ve been on this crazy crypto ride with BONK, this might feel a bit like déjà vu. Flashback to January<br />

last year, and BONK was pulling some acrobatics with a dramatic rise and fall. Sure, it was on a smaller scale<br />

back then, with the latest peak price being ten times higher than the top price seen in January 2022. It seems like<br />

BONK has a history of shaking things up—what can we say, it’s a meme coin with flair!<br />

BONK Holding Strong in the Crypto Playground<br />

Now, let’s talk numbers. BONK might be dancing on the edge, but it’s still got some serious clout. With a market<br />

cap of $1.17 billion, it proudly claims the title of the 60th largest cryptocurrency out there. And get this—it’s not<br />

just any cryptocurrency, it’s the third-largest dog-themed coin in town, following in the pawprints of Dogecoin<br />

and Shiba Inu (SHIB). As we chat, the big dogs have market caps of $13 billion and $6 billion, respectively.<br />

The BONK Giveaway: Spreading the Love in the Solana Community<br />

Wondering how BONK found its way into the wallets of the Solana faithful? Well, half of the BONK supply was<br />

tossed into the community like confetti starting last December 2022. Developers, artists, NFT collectors—everyone<br />

got a slice of the BONK pie. Take the LamportDAO community, for instance. Last Christmas, each developer<br />

snagged a cool 25 billion BONK tokens, valued at around $300 at the time. Fast forward to today, even with the<br />

recent dip, those tokens are strutting their stuff at a whopping $485,000. Talk about a holiday bonus!<br />

Climbing from the Abyss to the Stars<br />

BONK might be the life of the party, but let’s not forget its partner in crime—the Solana blockchain (SOL). SOL is<br />

up nearly 5% today, rocking a current price of $74 and showing off a 24% jump over the past month. Sure, it’s a<br />

far cry from its all-time high of about $260 in November 2021, but remember when SOL took a nosedive to just<br />

above $8 after the FTX exchange collapse last year? Since then, it’s been on a comeback tour, climbing the charts<br />

and proving it’s not one to stay down for long.<br />

Where to Next on the BONK Express?<br />

One thing’s for sure: the crypto world is never short on surprises. BONK’s rollercoaster ride from sky-high peaks<br />

to a recent dip is just another chapter in the thrilling novel of meme coins and blockchain adventures. Will BONK<br />

bounce back with even more gusto, or is it a cautionary tale in the making? Only time will tell. So, kick back, relax,<br />

and enjoy the ride—because with BONK, you never know what’s around the next blockchain bend!



















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yland close














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lady noire

matthew rock

michelle thompson


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a deep state of mind

a deep state of mind


ick astly

ick astly





Dave t

Dave t

disturbed future

Dmitry Martovsky

donna martinez







Mike Hale<br />

Developer Education<br />

freeCodeCamp<br />

freeCodeCamp is a popular platform for learning various programming and web development topics, and it’s<br />

known for its structured curriculum, hands-on projects, and active community.<br />

Now they are offering a complete Solana Curriculum funded by the Solana Foundation.<br />

It offers an interactive way to learn Solana’s blockchain protocol and the tool ecosystem by building a series of 15<br />

interactive projects focusing on learning the Solana protocol and its tools.<br />

Through these projects, you’ll learn how to build and deploy smart contracts, develop dApps, and use Solana’s<br />

command line tools.<br />

Some of the projects included in the curriculum are:<br />

• Building a “Hello World” smart contract<br />

• Working with Solana’s token program to mint fungible tokens<br />

• Using the Metaplex SDK to mint NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)<br />

• Building games like Tic-Tac-Toe and an Anchor leaderboard<br />

• Deploying applications to Devnet.<br />

Introducing the Solana Curriculum: Smart Contracts, dApps, and Command Line Tools<br />

Unboxed Advanced Lessons on SolDev<br />

For more experienced developers looking to level up, Unboxed has added 4 new Advanced Solana Programming<br />

lessons to their popular course.<br />

The Program Architecture lesson covers different architectural considerations and optimizations related to memory,<br />

storage size, and concurrency.<br />

The Oracles lesson guides you through understanding the use of oracles and oracle networks and utilizing Switchboard<br />

feeds in your programs.<br />

The Verifiable Randomness lesson explains why randomness is problematic on the blockchain and how to overcome<br />

this challenge, and how to use VRF such as the one offered by Switchboard.<br />

The Compressed NFT lesson provides a comprehensive guide on state compression and compressed NFTs using<br />

Metaplex’s Bubblegum program and SDK.<br />

Solana Development Course<br />

New Wallet Features<br />

Phantom Shortcuts<br />

Phantom is introducing “Shortcuts”, a feature to enhance the utility of NFTs and offers a more interactive and<br />

informed experience with digital collectibles.<br />

It acts as a “Linktree” for NFTs for associated links of an NFT collection (like official websites, social media, chat<br />

groups) that users can access directly from their wallets.<br />

Shortcuts is currently in beta with five launch partners, but four more projects will be integrated soon.<br />

Introducing Shortcuts<br />

100 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

MetaMask Snaps Solana Support<br />

MetaMask, a crypto wallet traditionally associated with<br />

EVM-compatible blockchains like Ethereum, has introduced<br />

a new feature called “Snaps” that allows for expanded<br />

integrations.<br />

Solflare has developed a custom MetaMask Snap, enabling<br />

users to link their MetaMask wallet to Solana-based decentralized<br />

apps (dApps).<br />

This step-by-step guide from QuickNode walks you though<br />

how to integrate the Solflare Solana Wallet Snap into<br />

MetaMask, bridge Ethereum assets to Solana, manage a<br />

Solana token portfolio, and interact with Solana dApps all<br />

within the MetaMask interface.<br />

How to Connect Your MetaMask Wallet in Solana dApps<br />

Solana Developer News<br />

Solana’s Past, Present & Future<br />

Hell hath frozen over! This unbiased, FUD-free post from<br />

Bankless (Yes, I said Bankless!) digs into some of the challenges<br />

Solana has faced, how it’s developer community<br />

has remained strong despite multiple setbacks, and what<br />

that could mean for the future of Solana.<br />

Buildhive<br />

Buildhive is a Discord for builders to get critical feedback<br />

on projects while earning points for posting their own<br />

idea, product, or launch, and by giving feedback to other<br />

builders.<br />

Solana On-chain Achievements & Rankings<br />

SOAR is a new open-source primitive to track players’ identity,<br />

leaderboards, progressions, automatize NFT/SPL token<br />

rewards for games on Solana. SOAR lets developers aggregate<br />

wallets into unique players ID, set up leaderboards<br />

and progression systems , trigger automatic payouts, and<br />

check players’ performance.<br />

Exploring The Design Space Of DePIN Networks<br />

This report covers the challenges and considerations in<br />

designing decentralized permissionless infrastructure<br />

networks (DePINs), many of which are #OPOS. Helium,<br />

who migrated to Solana is mentioned as an example. It<br />

also touches on token design implications, the balance between<br />

incentivizing contributors and maintaining network<br />

maturity, and the decisions involved in scaling DePINs.<br />

Quick Hits<br />

The Solana explorer landscape from the perspective of a<br />

dev - Tweet<br />

Shyft launches Solana Brainfood bite-sized video tutorials<br />

- YouTube<br />

Triton One launches new high-performance tools and<br />

services - Article<br />

Building NFT Onchain from Scratch in Solana - YouTube<br />

Solana v1.17 adds Poseiden Syscall - Tweet<br />

Solana University Accelerator teams showcase - Website<br />

Top 10 countries by registrations for the Hyperdrive Solana<br />

Hackathon - Tweet<br />

Tools & Resources<br />

IDL Type Generator generates Typescript types from<br />

your Anchor IDL.<br />

solana-wallet-adapter-mantine-ui is a wrapper for the<br />

Solana Wallet Adapter that works with the latest version of<br />

Mantine UI.<br />

Code Micropayments SDK it a Permissionless micropayments<br />

service for the web with charges as low as 5 cents.<br />

Developers can request early access to try the service.<br />

Saganize is a Kotlin SDK that enables in-app transactions<br />

for Solana Mobile dApps, allowing users to interact with<br />

transactions within their app, without without having to<br />

build an independent wallet. (Early Access)<br />

McSwap is a tool to support trustless cNFT trades ready to<br />

be skinned and hosted for your own community.<br />

Listen to This<br />

Unlayered<br />

Solarplex has been one of Solana’s most successful projects<br />

at the intersection of crypto and social. Despite still<br />

being in an invite-only beta, Solarplex’s userbase has been<br />

on a tear, generating tens of thousands of unique posts<br />

each week.<br />

Viksit, the Founder of Solarplex, shares his views on crypto<br />

social, Solarplex’s unique value proposition to communities,<br />

the role of cNFTs in creating novel experiences, and<br />

where he sees Solarplex going long-term.<br />

Viksit’s Vision to Bond Communities Through Crypto

CheriWWrites<br />

Revolutionizing Book Publishing<br />

Original article<br />

The advent of blockchain technology has brought<br />

about significant transformations in various industries,<br />

and book publishing is no exception. Blockchain-based<br />

publishing platforms offer authors<br />

and readers a decentralized, transparent, and<br />

secure ecosystem that revolutionizes the traditional<br />

publishing process. This article explores the<br />

concept of publishing books on a blockchain, emphasizing<br />

the importance of blockchain publishers<br />

providing ISBN numbers to authors. Additionally,<br />

it delves into how book publishing can enter the<br />

realm of Web3, leveraging the power of blockchain<br />

technology to create a more inclusive and<br />

accessible publishing landscape.<br />

I. The Benefits of Publishing Books on a Blockchain:<br />

Decentralization and Transparency:<br />

• Blockchain technology enables the creation<br />

of decentralized publishing platforms,<br />

eliminating the need for intermediaries<br />

such as traditional publishers. This<br />

decentralized approach ensures transparency<br />

in the publishing process, allowing<br />

authors more control over their work and<br />

ensuring fair compensation.<br />

Copyright Protection and Intellectual Property<br />

Rights:<br />

• Blockchain’s immutability and cryptographic<br />

security provide authors a robust system<br />

for protecting their intellectual property<br />

rights. By publishing books on a blockchain,<br />

authors can establish an immutable<br />

record of their work, making it easier to<br />

prove ownership and protect against plagiarism<br />

or unauthorized use.<br />

Royalty Tracking and Fair Compensation:<br />

• Blockchain-based publishing platforms<br />

can automate royalty tracking and payment<br />

systems, ensuring authors receive<br />

fair compensation. Smart contracts on the<br />

blockchain can facilitate transparent and<br />

automatic royalty distribution, eliminating<br />

the need for complex accounting processes<br />

and reducing the risk of payment disputes.<br />

Global Accessibility and Reach:<br />

• Blockchain technology removes geographical<br />

barriers, allowing authors to reach a<br />

global audience without the limitations imposed<br />

by traditional publishing models. By<br />

publishing books on a blockchain, authors<br />

can tap into a global network of readers,<br />

expanding their reach and potential for<br />

success.<br />

II. The Importance of ISBN Numbers in Blockchain<br />

Publishing:<br />

Establishing Credibility and Recognition:<br />

• ISBN (International Standard Book Number)<br />

is a unique identifier assigned to each<br />

published book, providing a standardized<br />

method for cataloging and identifying<br />

titles. In the blockchain publishing ecosystem,<br />

providing ISBNs to authors is crucial<br />

for establishing credibility and recognition.<br />

It allows books published on the blockchain<br />

to be easily identified and integrated<br />

into existing book databases and libraries.<br />

Facilitating Discoverability and Distribution:<br />

• ISBNs play a vital role in facilitating book<br />

discoverability and distribution. By assigning<br />

ISBNs to books published on a<br />

blockchain, blockchain publishers enable<br />

102 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

authors to list their works in traditional bookstores, online marketplaces, and libraries. This integration<br />

with existing distribution channels ensures that blockchain-published books can reach a wider audience<br />

and gain visibility in the broader publishing industry.<br />

Ensuring Compatibility with Existing Systems:<br />

• The use of ISBNs in blockchain publishing ensures compatibility with existing systems and infrastructure.<br />

By adhering to the established ISBN standard, blockchain publishers can seamlessly integrate their<br />

books into the existing publishing ecosystem, making it easier for authors to navigate the industry and<br />

collaborate with traditional publishers if desired.<br />

III. Book Publishing and Web3:<br />

Web3, the next evolution of the internet, is characterized by decentralized, user-centric, and trustless systems.<br />

Book publishing can leverage the power of Web3 and blockchain technology to create a more inclusive and<br />

accessible publishing landscape. Here’s how book publishing can enter Web3:<br />

1. Tokenization of Books:<br />

• Blockchain technology enables the tokenization of books, allowing authors to create unique digital<br />

assets that can be bought, sold, and traded. By tokenizing books, authors can explore new revenue<br />

streams, such as fractional ownership, micropayments, and royalties tied to smart contracts.<br />

2. Decentralized Content Distribution:<br />

• Web3 enables the creation of decentralized content distribution platforms, where authors can directly<br />

connect with readers, bypassing traditional intermediaries. These platforms leverage blockchain technology<br />

to ensure fair compensation, transparent royalty tracking, and direct engagement between<br />

authors and readers.<br />

3. Community Building and Engagement:<br />

• Web3 empowers authors to build communities around their work, fostering direct engagement and<br />

collaboration with readers. Blockchain-based publishing platforms can incorporate features such as<br />

decentralized social networks, crowdfunding mechanisms, and incentivized participation, creating a<br />

vibrant ecosystem where authors and readers can interact and support each other.<br />

4. Immutable and Verifiable Reviews:<br />

• Web3 can address the issue of fake reviews and biased ratings by leveraging blockchain’s immutability<br />

and transparency. By storing reviews and ratings on the blockchain, readers can trust that the feedback

they encounter is genuine and verifiable, enhancing the credibility and reliability of book recommendations.<br />

Publishing books on a blockchain offers numerous benefits, including decentralization, transparency, copyright<br />

protection, and global accessibility. Blockchain publishers providing ISBNs to authors is crucial for establishing<br />

credibility, facilitating discoverability, and ensuring compatibility with existing publishing systems. Furthermore,<br />

book publishing can enter the realm of Web3 by leveraging blockchain technology to tokenize books,<br />

enable decentralized content distribution, foster community engagement, and ensure verifiable reviews. As<br />

the publishing industry continues to evolve, embracing blockchain and Web3 principles can create a more inclusive,<br />

transparent, and empowering publishing landscape. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology<br />

and embracing the principles of Web3, book publishing can undergo a transformative shift that benefits both<br />

authors and readers.

Authors can benefit from the decentralized nature of blockchain publishing platforms, as they gain more control<br />

over their work and receive fair compensation through automated royalty tracking and payment systems.<br />

The immutability and cryptographic security of the blockchain also protect their intellectual property rights,<br />

ensuring that their work is not plagiarized or used without permission. Additionally, by publishing books on<br />

a blockchain, authors can reach a global audience without the limitations imposed by traditional publishing<br />

models, expanding their reach and potential for success.<br />

For readers, blockchain-based publishing platforms offer a more transparent and trustworthy ecosystem. The<br />

immutability of the blockchain ensures that the content they access is authentic and has not been tampered<br />

with. The decentralized nature of these platforms also allows for direct engagement with authors, fostering a<br />

sense of community and enabling readers to provide feedback and support. Furthermore, the integration of<br />

blockchain technology with existing distribution channels, facilitated by the use of ISBNs, ensures that blockchain-published<br />

books can be easily discovered and accessed through traditional bookstores, online marketplaces,<br />

and libraries.<br />

In the Web3 era, book publishing can take advantage of tokenization to create unique digital assets that can<br />

be bought, sold, and traded. This opens up new revenue streams for authors, such as fractional ownership<br />

and royalties tied to smart contracts. Decentralized content distribution platforms enable authors to connect<br />

directly with readers, bypassing traditional intermediaries and ensuring fair compensation. These platforms<br />

can incorporate features like decentralized social networks and incentivized participation, fostering a vibrant<br />

ecosystem where authors and readers can engage and support each other.<br />

Web3 also addresses the issue of fake reviews and biased ratings by leveraging the immutability and transparency<br />

of the blockchain. Storing reviews and ratings on the blockchain ensures they cannot be manipulated,<br />

providing readers with genuine and verifiable feedback. This enhances the credibility and reliability of book<br />

recommendations, allowing readers to make informed decisions about the books they choose to read.<br />

In conclusion, the combination of blockchain technology and Web3 principles has the potential to revolutionize<br />

book publishing. By publishing books on a blockchain, authors can benefit from decentralization, transparency,<br />

copyright protection, and global accessibility. The provision of ISBNs by blockchain publishers ensures<br />

compatibility with existing publishing systems and facilitates discoverability and distribution. Embracing Web3<br />

principles allows for tokenization of books, decentralized content distribution, community building, and verifiable<br />

reviews. As the publishing industry continues to evolve, embracing these technologies and principles can<br />

create a more inclusive, transparent, and empowering publishing landscape for both authors and readers.<br />

Cheri Wilson

@degenrory<br />

Websites & applications that I find helpful on Solana (no coins here just useful stuff) Plz RT so the new Solana<br />

enjoyers can have the smoothest experience possible.<br />

BonkBot is an absolute must for shitcoining. Most of these new coins won’t show up in a wallet and take a while<br />

to get on Jupiter /use different DEXs. Bonkbot does all the routing for you, and the quickest and safest option on<br />

Solana.<br />

t.me<br />

BONKbot<br />

@StepFinance_<br />

Solana explorers have often got stick for being notoriously hard to read- step finance makes this super simple,<br />

laying out Defi positions to NFTs to spot/leveraged holdings. you don’t have to connect your wallet just type it in<br />

to check your portfolio<br />

@HelloMoon_io<br />

Hello moon does a whole load of things to help the Solana ecosystem- one thing worth highlighting is the data<br />

they collect and present on their site gives a great overlook on the Solana universe<br />

106 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

@hey_wallet<br />

Hey wallet allows you to use your twitter account to send<br />

and receive crypto- a really cool way of being able to tip<br />

your fave creators or reward people for contests etc.<br />

@heliuslabs<br />

A whole bunch of dev tooling, webhooks, API suite, RPCs<br />

(which you will need if you ever want to beat a bot to mint<br />

an NFT)- great place to start when building something on<br />

Sol<br />

@birdeye_so<br />

Birdeye is the best place for looking at shitcoins and<br />

finding low cap gems- if you wait for coins to show up on<br />

coingecko & TradingView you’ll sometimes be too late. The<br />

combination of birdeye & @bonkbot_io is a great match

@DappRadar<br />

Great for an overlook at Defi protocols & finding new projects<br />

you might not know about- just select Solana ecosystem<br />

on their site<br />

@tensor_hq<br />

Tensor is obviously great for trading NFTs, but their opening<br />

screen makes looking at the sol NFT market in a glance<br />

super easy- their charts & trait/rarity sales filtering make<br />

for great analytic tools<br />

Twitter One of the most obvious but best resources is<br />

a good twitter feed- here’s some Solana absolute must<br />

follows:<br />

@TopoGigio_sol<br />

@0xMert_<br />

@jords<br />

@fabianosolana<br />

@tofushit888<br />

@SOLBigBrain<br />

@SolJakey<br />

@cozypront<br />

@slorgoftheslugs<br />

@SolanaSensei<br />

@SebMontgomery<br />

@Shillzine<br />

+ many many more

@0xGokul_<br />


Introducing..... // STAKE by @xinlabs_<br />

// STAKE is a fully customisable staking solution on solana Every project can use this for absolutely FREE<br />

// STAKE Offers Staking/Locking/Vesting Included as standard: • WYSISYG editor - upload own logo, background<br />

image, customise fonts and colors • Choose from mulitple rewards - SPL token, SOL Distribution or Points (coming<br />

soon) • Add multiple collections to a single STAKE instance • Stake / claim / unstake all with a single click •<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong><br />


Public API for reporting and easy integration into any third<br />

party services (coming soon)<br />

HOW TO SETUP STAKING? • Go to https://stake.xinlabs.io/<br />

creators<br />

• Click on start now • Enter your project name/url slug •<br />

Select FREE plan (paid plans optional) • Click now on create<br />

& approve transaction. BOOM STAKING SITE CREATED<br />

NOW GO TO ADMIN SETTINGS • Go to collections tab •<br />

Click on add collection • Select non-custodial or custodial<br />

• Enter your project’s Metaplex Certified Collection ID or<br />

First verified creator • Then Click add collection & approve<br />

transactions STAKING IS ALMOST READY<br />

ADDING TOKEN • Click on add token • Enter your token<br />

address (if you don’t have token , Go to https://biblio.tech/<br />

tools/token-tool…<br />

and create token very easily also you can use any token) •<br />

Then Click on add token LFG Token added!

LAST STEPS • Go to collections again and add token<br />

emission • Enter tokens per day , duration • Click on add<br />

emission & approve it<br />

OPTIONAL THINGS You can customize logo/banner/font<br />

according to your preference everything you can find in<br />

theme tab<br />

Lastly , I wanna thank @TheGentlemonke @A7exSOL for<br />

putting months of efforts for making this possible. This is<br />

absolute game changer! Instant holder verification right<br />

after mint? Possible Instant staking live right after mint?<br />

Yes , Now its possible!! COMPLETE SELF STAKING<br />



Self-Serve you say? Super easy you say? //






















McSwap 1.4 (beta) was just pushed live!<br />

Now supports SPL Tokens and both cNFT & NFT trades.<br />

When you need trustless, private, p2p asset trades, you McSwap.<br />

134 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

Use ours, or host and brand your own. https://mcswap.xyz #Trustless #NFT #CNFT $SOL #Solana By<br />


@solsniperxyz<br />


Curious about your coins from #SniperWrapped ? Alpha below.<br />

Sniper Points have been tallying since the inception of our marketplace in June. These points will be dubbed as<br />

Season 0 which will be conclude December 31 2023. Season 0 participants will have the highest point multipliers<br />

and OG tier.<br />

Sniper Season 1 officially begins January. Where we will transition to a BRAND NEW Rewards system and convert<br />

points to XP and Coins. 1 XP = 1 COIN (but are shown separately) So why have both?<br />

Coins can be redeemed anytime instant rewards. More details on this soon. XP will track overall contribution to<br />

the protocol. Like all seasons in sport- the best rewards come at the end of the season.<br />

[REDACTED] will be exactly that so our biggest participants will reap the biggest rewards! The coins you see on<br />

your profile now are the tally of your current points converted to coins. Next week we will add auto update so<br />

you can see your coins go up in real time<br />

136 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

XP & Coins can be obtained by the followings methods: • List on Sniper close to floor of top collection • Bid on Sniper<br />

close to floor of top collection • List/bid on Sniper • Volume on Sniper<br />

But that’s not all we will also reward you as the best NFT aggregator. Therefore any trade on ANY marketplace using<br />

Sniper will earn both the other marketplaces rewards as well as Sniper XP/Coins! Double dipping never felt so good<br />

We will host a Twitter Spaces on Wednesday the December 20th at 10AM PST to answer any questions! We cannot wait<br />

to launch all that we have been building in 2024 but for now you know what to do to earn BIG.<br />

Go claim Season 0 points now! #sniperwrapped

@I_Am_Victory<br />

I’ve been a @TrustDAO Trust Pass holder since mint<br />

day. My experience has been incredible so far and I’m<br />

excited for all that is to come. If you haven’t heard of<br />

TrustDAO or are on the fence about picking up a pass,<br />

let me give you some reasons to join us.<br />

@DrSolanaNFT<br />

(TrustDAO founder) is a breath of fresh air in this<br />

space. He cares deeply about every member of the<br />

community and is always there to offer advice, let us<br />

know of projects to look out for, or just hang out in the<br />

chat and vibe with everyone.<br />

The TrustDAO community itself is incredible. Made<br />

some great friends in there and learned so much just<br />

by hanging out and chatting with people. Everyone has<br />

everyone’s back and you can really sense the comradery.<br />

It’s not the standard “WEN” chatter of most<br />

servers.<br />

The events - from weekly spaces and talent shows to<br />

impromptu VC to game nights, there is no shortage of<br />

things to do to interact with other TrustDAO members<br />

and meet new people.<br />

The WL.<br />

@DrSolanaNFT hooks us UP! He has gotten some of<br />

the best and most popular WL for us and always makes<br />

sure no one is left behind in terms of wallet submission<br />

or keeping up with mints. Which has helped me<br />

personally many times.<br />

The alpha.<br />

We have a whole twitter group chat, telegram community,<br />

etc. that just shares alpha ALL day EVERY day.<br />

I have made some decent profits just by being in there<br />

and following some of their calls.<br />

In summary - if you’re on the fence about joining<br />

TrustDAO, ask yourself: - Do I like friends and fun? - Do<br />

I like money? - Do I have 1 SOL in my wallet to pick up<br />

a pass? (they’re cheap rn, but that won’t last long!) If<br />

so, head to ME and join us!<br />

https://magiceden.io/marketplace/trustlabs…<br />

138 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>


Poetry is the mechanism that makes it possible<br />

to turn language into art. The moment we<br />

capture through language paints a thousand<br />

pictures in the reader’s mind…so, how can it be<br />

dead? This really can’t be the case.<br />

Roundness in the Merriam-Webster has nine<br />

definitions. NINE! Can you believe that? And<br />

people say that the dictionary is boring! Can you<br />

imagine having 9 sides to your personality?<br />

Roundness has a curve for all of its definitions<br />

and we’ll get into it.<br />

The Roundness of it All is social commentary, especially if you look at the visuals with the poem<br />

together. Social commentary really just means an overarching comment on what the artist sees<br />

in their society as an issue normally. You could of course choose to make a pleasant comment<br />

on our society but social commentary is usually used to highlight a blatant problem. Instead of<br />

using social commentary to comment on others, have you ever thought to use your art to reflect<br />

a comment back to yourself? Sometimes it’s more important to look inward and see our own<br />

faults rather than pointing the finger away from ourselves and towards others.<br />

We all really need to remember that there is more to a word than meets the eye, there could be<br />

9 definitions in the dictionary literally for just one word. If words are like that…then don’t you<br />

think a lot of other things could be too???<br />

The Roundness of It All<br />

round & round we go<br />

sharing this circle<br />

this big sphere<br />

a rock<br />

you’d think<br />

we’d be better

& doing alot<br />

but we’re caught up<br />

our pants on the line<br />

still hanging in piss<br />

while we’re waiting to dry<br />

then we’ll do it again<br />

over & over<br />

the circle of life<br />

that you’ll never quite master<br />

be one with the circle<br />

Crazy right? I can hardly believe that Round has nine definitions and I will always be trying to<br />

find a word with more definitions now that I know about this one! As you can see from even the<br />

first line of this piece Roundness holds a ton of meaning. I challenge you to open the Merriam<br />

Webster (there’s online access!) and read all the different definitions of Round. My favorites are<br />

3: substantial in amount: ample and 4: direct in utterance: outspoken. These 2 definitions reflect<br />

back on to the meaning of the poem, almost unintentionally. The Roundness of It All is a nod<br />

back to everything, a social commentary on the literal circle of life, and substantially so words<br />

are included in that circle. Everything we do and experience here in this understanding of the<br />

world is included in the circle. Even the earth is a spherical shape! Definition 6 states that<br />

Roundness brings something to a completion, something finished…yet…where does the end<br />

meet the beginning to begin again? Life, words, leaves, flowers, bugs, we all are together<br />

experiencing the end and the beginning of so many things all at once. Maybe if we stopped for a<br />

moment and quit working against it all we’d finally start to understand the true meaning of this<br />

circle.<br />

Think about that…maybe?<br />

Thank you humans or cyborgs for coming and sharing in this poetic journey we call life.<br />

Go forth and be great, the greatness is already inside of you, let it free.<br />

xoxox<br />


@solarplex_xyz<br />

Introducing Solarplex’s In-Post Minting - the slickest<br />

minting experience in the world. Only possible on @<br />

solana. Transform your ideas into NFTs in a flash. Creating<br />

an NFT is a simple as tweeting. And collecting one<br />

is as simple as hitting the like button.<br />

Step 1 - make a new post, click the NFT upload button.<br />

Step 2 - add metadata and post! Step 3 - Simply click<br />

the mint button to mint it! It’s really that simple.<br />

Ready to start creating? - Sign up at http://solarplex.<br />

xyz/creators - Click “Apply” on “Creator tools” on the<br />

left to become part of our verified creators program!<br />

142 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>140</strong>

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

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