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Editor<br />

BONK hard facts<br />

Meme Burns<br />

JulesL.art<br />

Dev Talk<br />

DePIN leader<br />

Rise of Meme<br />

McDegens<br />

StepnGO<br />

Switchboard<br />

WIF History<br />

MadLads<br />

Mallow NFTs<br />

Solarplex NFT


Navigating the Highs and Lows of the Solana NFT Space<br />

The world of blockchain is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, twists and turns, and unexpected<br />

surprises. Just when we thought we had seen it all, #Solarplex makes a comeback,<br />

signaling a new chapter in the realm of decentralised social protocols. After facing<br />

closure, the announcement of Solarplex's return has sparked excitement and anticipation<br />

within the community. With promises of permanence and a renewed focus on creators<br />

and users, Solarplex is poised to carve out its place in the decentralized landscape.<br />

For those eager to explore the revived Solarplex platform, now is the perfect time to<br />

dive in and experience firsthand what all the buzz is about. The platform's commitment<br />

to openness and decentralization sets the stage for a vibrant community-driven space<br />

where creators and users can thrive together. Sign up at solarplex.xyz and join the conversation!<br />

In other news, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine's favorite daily news recap, DopeGrandma, continues to captivate<br />

audiences with its unique blend of AI-driven insights delivered by, you guessed it,<br />

a dope grandma! Providing a 2-minute daily recap from across the blockchains, Dope-<br />

Grandma offers a refreshing take on the latest developments in the crypto world. Check it<br />

out here and stay informed with a touch of humour.<br />

Turning our attention to the Solana NFT scene, the landscape appears bleak as major<br />

projects struggle to maintain their momentum. With Mad Lads, SMB Gen2, Famous Foxes,<br />

DeGods, and Degen Apes all hitting record lows, the market sentiment is undeniably<br />

bearish. Even platforms like ExchangeArt, Mallow, Artplex, and Truffle are feeling the<br />

pinch as investors seek out projects that offer tangible utility and quick returns.<br />

In a climate where the value of $SOL hovers over $160 USD, consumers are becoming<br />

increasingly discerning, reluctant to part with their hard-earned tokens for mere digital<br />

collectibles. The harsh reality is that without utility, NFTs risk being overlooked in favour of<br />

more lucrative investment opportunities.<br />

This is where Solarplex emerges as a beacon of hope for the Solana NFT community. By<br />

providing a platform that prioritises customer engagement and rewards, Solarplex enables<br />

artists to connect directly with their audience and build meaningful relationships. In<br />

a world cluttered with noise, Solarplex offers a sanctuary for creators and collectors alike.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>162</strong> of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine is brimming with insights, interviews, and NFTs from across the<br />

Solana ecosystem. From deep dives into projects like $BONK to exclusive interviews with<br />

artists like JulesL.art, there's something for everyone to discover. Plus, learn about the fascinating<br />

journey of $WIF and explore the latest trends in the world of Solana NFTs.<br />

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and supporting the Solana ecosystem. Happy exploring!<br />




BroHalla GMers<br />

The Backwoods

@WizartAy<br />

BONK - the biggest airdrop in Solana history. With an<br />

ecosystem as big as some L2s, let’s explore it all from<br />

A to Z By the end you should understand why ATH is<br />

imminent.<br />

How it started<br />

In 2022’s cold winter, the Solana ecosystem was in<br />

shambles post FTX. Suddenly, on Christmas day, we<br />

woke up with a new memecoin in our wallets. A new<br />

community token emerged, and it soon became everyone’s<br />

favorite dog.<br />

Bonk Rewards<br />

The more BONK you lock and for a longer time, the<br />

more % you get from the rewards pool (fees collected<br />

by their ecosystem). Total locked: approximately 3.2T<br />

Multipliers: 3 months - 1.4x 6 months - 2x Check out<br />

http://bonkdragon.com if you staked.<br />

Stats<br />

Initial supply: 100T Supply airdropped to Solana users<br />

and developers: 50% (50T) Early contributors: 20% to<br />

22 people (3 years linear vesting) Minimum airdrop<br />

allocation: 50M BONK LamportDAO (194 devs): 25bn<br />

each Current MC: $2.8bn Current holders: 730k<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

Bonk Swap<br />

Launched a year ago, BonkSwap is an AMM DEX where you can best make use of your BONK and get rewarded for it.<br />

Features: - Swap - Liquidity: provide & earn esBONK (Escrow Bonk) - Stake: esBONK => unlock BONK - DCA: bonus 2-10%<br />

- BonkOrBust: up/down betting game<br />

@bonkbot_io- Solana’s Telegram trading bot<br />

Cool things about it: - All fees go towards buying BONK, 10% gets burnt every day - Bonkbot has burnt $40m worth of<br />

BONK to date - By referring friends you earn 30% of their fees in the 1st month, 20% in the 2nd and 10% forever

The phone that paid for itself<br />

In 2023 Solana launched Saga, its first phone. Sales were stalling in April, with just ~1000 units sold at $1k. In August the<br />

price was cut to $599, but that didn’t help either.<br />

Each Saga could claim 30m BONK. During BONKmas it sold out (~15k).<br />

The missing airdrop<br />

A year ago BONK announced a fix for the missing OpenBook airdrops (3k users eligible). A vesting contract that for a year<br />

released 50mill BONK weekly/user (2.7bn). Bullish case? Millions of $ in weekly sell pressure just went away!

Bonkathon (April 29th - June 10th)<br />

A hackathon hosted by Radiants, dedicated to accelerating Web3 adoption on Solana. $350k worth of BONK in prizes<br />

split between the following tracks: Consumer apps, Gaming, Public Goods, Finance/DeFi, AI, Continuation<br />

Now you understand why BONK is such an integral part of Solana.

Tragedy Strikes as Solana Meme Coin Dev Suffers Severe Burns During Livestream<br />

In a shocking turn of events, a Solana meme coin developer found himself at the center of a harrowing<br />

incident during a livestream, resulting in severe burns and a trip to the trauma center.<br />

The incident occurred just six days after the launch of the TruthOrDare token (DARE) on Pump.fun, a<br />

platform known for its meme coin offerings. The developer, known as Mikol, decided to take part in a<br />

dangerous stunt to pump his token, which ultimately ended in disaster.<br />

Doused in isopropyl alcohol, Mikol allowed fireworks to be shot at him while livestreaming the event.<br />

However, the situation quickly escalated when he went up in flames after being hit by several fireworks.<br />

Despite efforts from friends who were present to help extinguish the fire, they were only equipped with a<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

limited amount of water, which proved insufficient to fully control the blaze.<br />

During the livestream, viewers witnessed Mikol’s distress as he suffered from severe burns to a large portion<br />

of his body. His friends, frantically attempting to assist him, urged for the recording to be stopped so they could<br />

focus on providing aid. Mikol, in visible agony, expressed his need for medical attention, lamenting the intense<br />

pain he was experiencing.<br />

As the situation unfolded, viewers were horrified by the severity of Mikol’s injuries, with some speculating that<br />

he had sustained third-degree burns covering approximately 35% of his body. Michael Valentine, a viewer with<br />

experience in the fire department who communicated with Mikol during the incident, provided insights into the<br />

extent of the injuries based on symptoms described during the livestream.<br />

In the aftermath of the incident, Mikol was transported to a trauma center in Miami for urgent medical treatment.<br />

His condition remains critical, and those close to him, including his brother, have refrained from making<br />

statements until he wakes up.<br />

The tragic events serve as a stark reminder of the risks associated with the growing trend of livestreaming for<br />

meme coin clout. While such stunts may garner attention and publicity, they can also have devastating consequences,<br />

as evidenced by Mikol’s ordeal. As the community awaits updates on Mikol’s condition, questions<br />

arise about the need to reassess the boundaries of online behavior and the potential dangers of chasing viral<br />

fame at any cost.

y 0xJiuJitsuJerry.Nft<br />

In the vibrant realm of contemporary art,<br />

where traditional techniques meet digital<br />

innovation, one artist stands out with<br />

an exquisite fusion of mediums—JulesL.<br />

art. As an abstract and landscape artist,<br />

JulesL.art has captivated audiences with<br />

breathtaking creations on both the traditional<br />

and digital canvas. Each piece is<br />

a testament to the artist’s ability to blend<br />

the tactile richness of oil paintings with<br />

the limitless possibilities of digital reconstruction.<br />

With every stroke, JulesL.art<br />

breathes life into art, transforming it into<br />

a dynamic and immersive experience.<br />

JulesL.art’s artistic journey is a symphony<br />

of creativity, meticulously orchestrated<br />

with a wide array of techniques and<br />

tools. By using elements from her oil<br />

paintings as the foundation, she crafts<br />

digital masterpieces that echo the depth<br />

and texture of their traditional counterparts.<br />

The result is a stunning interplay<br />

of layers, where each piece reveals a new<br />

dimension of artistic expression. This<br />

unique approach has earned her a dedicated<br />

following on Solana, where she<br />

has been minting digital art across numerous<br />

marketplaces for several years.<br />

In early 2023, JulesL.art discovered Access<br />

Protocol, a platform that resonated<br />

with her vision of connecting with<br />

art enthusiasts in a meaningful way.<br />

Intrigued by the potential of subscription-based<br />

engagement, she embarked<br />

on a new creative adventure. By January<br />

of this year, she had joined the platform<br />

as a creator, eager to share her evolving<br />

process with a global audience. Through<br />

her collection “Beneath The Surface,”<br />

JulesL.art offers an intimate glimpse into<br />

her artistic journey, unveiling the intricate<br />

layers within her oil paintings and<br />

the reconstructed digital pieces.<br />

Each month, subscribers to JulesL.<br />

art’s Access Protocol receive a curated<br />

selection of her work, enriched with behind-the-scenes<br />

insights and exclusive<br />

content. This innovative approach not<br />

only showcases her versatility as an artist<br />

but also fosters a deeper connection<br />

with her audience. By merging traditional<br />

artistry with digital innovation, JulesL.<br />

art continues to push the boundaries of<br />

contemporary art, inviting us all to explore<br />

the captivating world beneath the<br />

surface.<br />

Background and Inspiration: What inspired<br />

you to become a content creator,<br />

and how did your journey bring you to<br />

Access Protocol?<br />

I have been an artist on Solana for several<br />

years, minting digital art across several<br />

marketplaces. Early in 2023 I became<br />

aware of Access Protocol and was excited<br />

by the potential I saw in connecting<br />

with art enjoyers through subscription.<br />

I set about developing content that I<br />

could share with subscribers specific to<br />

Access. In January this year I joined the<br />

platform as a creator.<br />

Creative Process: Can you describe your<br />

creative process? How do you go from<br />

an idea to a finished product on your<br />

platform?<br />

My process begins in the studio, with<br />

a blank canvas. I then start my layering<br />

process with oils, beginning with<br />

the base color. This is applied unevenly<br />

across the canvas to develop areas of<br />

light and dark. When sufficiently dry,<br />

using a palette knife I start adding more<br />

color, randomly at first. This is also the<br />

time I build texture into the undersurfaces.<br />

As more layers are added, form<br />

begins to take shape and is refined and<br />

defined with the final layers. The finished<br />

canvas may be abstract or landscape.<br />

Throughout this process I capture<br />

images of the layers. These layers form<br />

the basis of my digital paintings. My<br />

digital process involves importing these<br />

layers into the main software program I<br />

use, ibisPAINT. These are then manipu-<br />

14 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

lated, distorted, over painted, exported to<br />

other programs for refinement, reimported<br />

for the final tweaking.<br />

Impact of Technology: How has Access<br />

Protocol changed the way you create and<br />

share your work compared to other platforms<br />

you’ve used?<br />

Creating for Access gives me the freedom<br />

to explore multiple directions using the<br />

same layers as input. So, using the same<br />

base layers for example I can explore a<br />

theme, like my “Twin Cities”, resulting in<br />

seven unique paintings, the same palette,<br />

the same theme. This allows me to provide<br />

more cohesive content to my subscribers.<br />

Community Interaction: How do you engage<br />

with your audience on Access Protocol,<br />

and how has that relationship influenced<br />

your work?<br />

I regularly share my Access content via<br />

my website, X or in the discord, and more<br />

recently through the first of a regular<br />

Newsletter I am developing. Any interaction<br />

with subscribers I usually follow up via<br />

a personalized response. Recently I have<br />

included physical pieces as a special drop,<br />

where the recipient is required to contact<br />

me via email. This has been a wonderful<br />

opportunity to engage directly with a subscriber.<br />

Something I am very grateful for.<br />

Unique Offerings: What unique content<br />

do you offer on Access Protocol that fans<br />

might not find elsewhere?<br />

All my content is handcrafted artwork. In<br />

addition to my regular digital content, I<br />

have special drops planned that include<br />

physical artworks, oil on paper, oil on canvas.<br />

These are shipped globally to the lucky<br />

subscriber. This is just the start; other physical<br />

content is in the pipeline!<br />

Challenges and Overcoming Them: What<br />

challenges have you faced in your creative<br />

career and how has being on Access Protocol<br />

helped you overcome them?<br />

One of the biggest challenges I have is<br />

connecting with an audience in the digital<br />

space. I have connected with a lot of people<br />

across the digital art space, artists, and<br />

art-enjoyers, but I am not one to cold-shill<br />

my art. Another challenge is being confident<br />

enough to march to the beat of my<br />

own drum, and not get swept along with all<br />

the white noise. Access Protocol has been<br />

pivotal for me in my evolution as an artist.<br />

Being a creator on Access is a privilege and<br />

a responsibility. It is not something I take<br />

lightly. I want to deliver quality content on<br />

a regular basis. Each artwork I create has to<br />

be the best I can possibly deliver. An artwork<br />

I am proud of and I hope an artwork<br />

my subscribers are delighted to receive.<br />

There are technical challenges as well in<br />

the minting and delivering content on<br />

occasions, but with the dedicated team at<br />

Access no problem is insurmountable.<br />

Future Projects: Are there any upcoming<br />

projects or collaborations you’re particularly<br />

excited about? How do you think Access<br />

Protocol will play a role in these?<br />

Nothing planned at this point, but as a<br />

collective bunch of creators on Access I am<br />

confident new opportunities will present<br />

themselves soon.<br />

Advice for Aspiring Creators: What advice<br />

would you give to aspiring content creators<br />

who wish to start their journey on Access<br />

Protocol?<br />

Explore the world of Access content that<br />

is being delivered by the current creators.<br />

Why do you want to join Access as a creator?<br />

Think about your vision. Develop a<br />

plan, what you would like to create, and<br />

how you will implement it. Consider quality<br />

over quantity.<br />

Vision for the Future: How do you see your<br />

genre or medium evolving on Access Protocol<br />

in the next few years?<br />

I’d love to see more traditional artists on the<br />

platform, delivering abstract and landscape<br />

art, as well as educational content about<br />

the history of the genre, artists who shaped<br />

the genre.<br />

Personal Favorites: Could you share one<br />

of your favorite pieces/projects that you’ve<br />

created on Access Protocol, and tell us the<br />

story behind it?<br />

Uncharted Waters: Aquarium I<br />

Uncharted Waters was borne out of a frustration<br />

I was having completing a Traditional<br />

Canvas.<br />

This was my second drop in the Collection<br />

Beneath the Surface. My plan had been<br />

to present three layers within the original<br />

artwork as three NFTs to subscribers. My<br />

criteria for the individual NFTs at this point<br />

was each layer had to be considered as an<br />

abstract artwork in its own right.

I did not feel that this was the case. And so, I pivoted to include each of three layers in the<br />

digital paintings, themed Uncharted Waters. The result was six unique digital artworks of<br />

which I am extremely proud.<br />

This piece, Aquarium I is the fifth piece in the collection, a fish, a landscape, looking into<br />

the eye of the storm, in Uncharted Waters. It represents exactly how I was feeling, taking<br />

a risk, venturing into the unknown

Uncharted Waters: Finished Canvas by Julesl.art<br />

JulesL.art exemplifies the perfect blend of traditional and digital artistry, offering a<br />

unique and immersive experience for art lovers worldwide. Her innovative approach and<br />

dedication to her craft shine through in every piece she creates. As she continues to explore<br />

new horizons on Access Protocol, we can look forward to more captivating works<br />

that push the boundaries of artistic expression. Stay tuned to witness the evolution of a<br />

true visionary in the art world.

Solana: A Rising Star in the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network Sector<br />

Solana continues to stand out in the crypto universe by establishing itself as a key player in<br />

the decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) sector. Thanks to the spectacular rise of<br />

Render Network and Helium Network, Solana demonstrates its potential to revolutionize<br />

critical industries such as artificial intelligence and data storage. This article explores the<br />

synergy between Solana and the DePIN sector, highlighting the contributions of Render<br />

Network and Helium Network to Solana’s growing dominance.<br />

Solana and the DePIN Sector – A Winning Synergy<br />

A recent report from Flipside highlights the rise of Render Network and Helium Network as<br />

leaders in the DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) sector on the Solana<br />

blockchain. DePIN leverages decentralized community networks to improve the efficiency<br />

and resilience of infrastructures, notably in the areas of artificial intelligence and data storage.<br />

By encouraging decentralized services, DePIN paves the way for a multitude of uses<br />

within and beyond the Web3 ecosystem.<br />

According to the Flipside report, Solana asserts itself as a leading platform for DePIN projects<br />

thanks to its high-speed transactions, reduced costs, and robust infrastructure. Garrison<br />

Yang, director of strategy and marketing at io.net, emphasizes: “DePINs heavily rely on<br />

community participation, as these are decentralized hardware networks. It is not surprising<br />

that many of these projects, including io.net, choose the fastest-growing ecosystem in crypto<br />

– Solana.”<br />

The Role of Solana’s Robust Infrastructure<br />

Solana’s infrastructure plays a crucial role in its success within the DePIN sector. The blockchain’s<br />

ability to handle a high volume of transactions quickly and at a low cost makes it<br />

an attractive platform for DePIN projects. This efficiency is particularly important for applications<br />

in artificial intelligence and data storage, where large amounts of data need to be<br />

processed rapidly.<br />

Moreover, Solana’s robust infrastructure ensures reliability and security for DePIN projects.<br />

The blockchain’s consensus mechanism, Proof of History (PoH), combined with Proof of<br />

Stake (PoS), provides a high level of security while maintaining fast transaction speeds. This<br />

combination of speed, cost-effectiveness, and security creates an ideal environment for De-<br />

PIN projects to thrive.<br />

The Rise of Render Network on Solana<br />

Render Network positions itself at the forefront of decentralized GPU rendering, offering<br />

scalable and economical computing power for various applications such as artificial intelligence,<br />

media rendering, and scientific research. Since its migration to Solana in November<br />

2023, Render Network has rendered approximately 33 million images, equivalent to 33,000<br />

GPU hours using NVIDIA RTX 3090s.<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

The number of active node operators on the<br />

Render network peaked at 1,900 in January<br />

2024, a 66.3% increase since the migration<br />

to Solana. This growth is attributed to better<br />

awareness of Render’s capabilities and support<br />

from the Solana ecosystem. Rewards for<br />

node operators have also seen a 34.3% increase,<br />

peaking at 228,000 RNDR in early January 2024.<br />

Advantages of Decentralized GPU Rendering<br />

The decentralized nature of Render Network’s<br />

GPU rendering services offers several advantages.<br />

By leveraging a distributed network of GPU<br />

providers, Render Network can offer computing<br />

power at a lower cost compared to traditional<br />

centralized providers. This cost-efficiency is<br />

particularly beneficial for industries that require<br />

significant computational resources, such as artificial<br />

intelligence and media rendering.<br />

Furthermore, decentralized GPU rendering enhances<br />

the resilience and reliability of computing<br />

services. With a distributed network, there<br />

is no single point of failure, reducing the risk of<br />

downtime and ensuring continuous availability<br />

of computing power. This reliability is crucial for<br />

applications that require uninterrupted computational<br />

resources.<br />

The Growth of Helium Network on Solana<br />

Helium Network, the world’s largest decentralized<br />

network, is experiencing remarkable<br />

growth, particularly in its mobile sector. Token<br />

burns for Helium’s mobile network now far<br />

surpass those of its IoT network, driven by the<br />

rapid adoption of Helium Mobile services. In<br />

January 2024, the number of Helium Mobile<br />

subscribers reached nearly 90,000, supported<br />

by competitive pricing and MOBILE token<br />

incentives.<br />

Since December 2023, rewards offered to users<br />

of Helium’s mobile network have significantly<br />

increased, outpacing the growth rate of new<br />

subscribers. This increase is due to improved reward<br />

mechanisms and a crackdown on fraudulent<br />

activities, ensuring that genuine contributors<br />

now receive substantial rewards.<br />

The Impact of Helium Mobile<br />

Helium Mobile’s success is driven by its innovative<br />

approach to mobile connectivity. By<br />

leveraging a decentralized network of hotspots,<br />

Helium Mobile can offer competitive pricing<br />

and high-quality service to its users. The use<br />

of MOBILE tokens as incentives further drives<br />

adoption, creating a virtuous cycle of growth<br />

and reward for both users and network operators.<br />

The decentralized nature of Helium Mobile also<br />

enhances its resilience and scalability. With a<br />

distributed network of hotspots, Helium Mobile<br />

can expand its coverage and capacity without<br />

relying on centralized infrastructure. This<br />

scalability is crucial for meeting the growing<br />

demand for mobile connectivity, particularly in<br />

underserved areas.<br />

Solana’s Role in Supporting DePIN Projects<br />

The Importance of Community Participation<br />

Community participation is a cornerstone of<br />

DePIN projects. Decentralized networks rely<br />

on the contributions of individual operators to<br />

provide the necessary infrastructure and services.<br />

Solana’s active and engaged community<br />

plays a vital role in the success of its DePIN<br />

projects. By fostering a sense of ownership and<br />

involvement, Solana ensures that its community<br />

is motivated to contribute to the network’s<br />

growth and development.

Competitive Advantages of Solana<br />

Solana’s competitive advantages lie in its ability<br />

to support innovative projects while remaining<br />

adaptable to new entrants. The blockchain’s<br />

high transaction speed and low costs make it<br />

an attractive platform for DePIN projects, while<br />

its robust infrastructure ensures reliability and<br />

security. These attributes position Solana as a<br />

leading platform for DePIN projects, capable<br />

of supporting a wide range of applications in<br />

critical industries.<br />

Furthermore, Solana’s ability to adapt and<br />

evolve in response to new challenges and<br />

opportunities ensures its continued success in<br />

the DePIN sector. By staying at the forefront<br />

of technological advancements and industry<br />

trends, Solana can maintain its competitive<br />

edge and continue to attract innovative projects.<br />

Expanding Use Cases<br />

The future prospects for Solana and the DePIN<br />

sector are promising. As the technology matures<br />

and adoption grows, new use cases for<br />

DePIN are likely to emerge. These could include<br />

applications in areas such as autonomous vehicles,<br />

smart cities, and decentralized finance. By<br />

continuing to innovate and expand its capabilities,<br />

Solana can remain a leader in the DePIN<br />

sector and drive the adoption of decentralized<br />

infrastructure solutions.<br />

Collaboration and Partnerships<br />

Collaboration and partnerships will be key to<br />

Solana’s future success in the DePIN sector.<br />

By working with other blockchain platforms,<br />

technology providers, and industry stakeholders,<br />

Solana can enhance its capabilities and<br />

create new opportunities for growth. Strategic<br />

partnerships can also help Solana to overcome<br />

challenges and stay ahead of the competition.<br />

Solana’s continued success in the DePIN sector<br />

will depend on its ability to support innovative<br />

projects like Render Network and Helium Network<br />

while remaining competitive against new<br />

entrants. By leveraging its high-speed transactions,<br />

reduced costs, and robust infrastructure,<br />

Solana is well-positioned to revolutionize<br />

critical industries such as artificial intelligence<br />

and data storage. With a focus on community<br />

participation, technological innovation, and<br />

strategic partnerships, Solana can maintain its<br />

leadership in the DePIN sector and drive the<br />

adoption of decentralized infrastructure solutions.

In the vast and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency,<br />

one trend has captured the attention of investors and<br />

enthusiasts alike: the remarkable growth of meme<br />

coins. From Dogecoin to Shiba Inu, these coins have<br />

experienced explosive increases in value, often outpacing<br />

more traditional cryptocurrency projects. But what<br />

exactly drives this phenomenon? Let’s delve into the<br />

reasons behind the significant growth of meme coins<br />

compared to other digital assets.<br />

a cent, these coins are accessible to a wide range of<br />

investors, allowing individuals to purchase large quantities<br />

with minimal financial risk. This low cost per coin<br />

fuels speculation, with investors hoping to capitalize<br />

on the potential for exponential growth. The allure of<br />

substantial returns from even a modest investment<br />

drives a speculative frenzy that propels prices to new<br />

heights.<br />

Influencooors<br />

At the heart of meme coins’ success lies their viral<br />

nature, fuelled by the power of social media platforms<br />

such as Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok. Influential personalities<br />

and online communities play a pivotal role in<br />

creating hype around these coins, sparking waves of<br />

investment based on the momentum generated online.<br />

For instance, tweets from figures like Elon Musk<br />

have had a profound impact on the value of Dogecoin,<br />

demonstrating the immense influence of social media<br />

in shaping market trends.<br />

Public Sentiment<br />

Meme coins often attract extensive media coverage,<br />

further amplifying their visibility and appeal. Stories<br />

of individuals making significant profits from small<br />

investments in meme coins serve to fuel the public’s<br />

interest and drive demand up. This media attention,<br />

coupled with positive public perception, creates a<br />

self-reinforcing cycle that contributes to the rapid appreciation<br />

of meme coin values.<br />

Community<br />

Meme coins thrive on the sense of community they<br />

foster among their holders. This communal aspect<br />

often gives rise to a fervent following, where investors<br />

not only buy into the coin but actively promote and<br />

advocate for it. The culture surrounding meme coins<br />

is characterized by its light-hearted and engaging<br />

nature, offering a stark contrast to the more technical<br />

and serious atmosphere of other cryptocurrency<br />

projects. This inclusivity attracts a diverse audience,<br />

including individuals who may have previously been<br />

hesitant to enter the world of crypto.<br />

Speculation<br />

One of the defining features of meme coins is their<br />

low entry barrier. With prices starting at a fraction of<br />

The meteoric rise of meme coins can be attributed to<br />

a combination of factors, including their viral popularity<br />

on social media, the strong sense of community<br />

and culture they cultivate, their low entry barrier, and<br />

extensive media coverage. These elements converge<br />

to create a potent mix of hype and speculation, driving<br />

prices to dizzying heights. However, it’s essential to<br />

recognize that investing in meme coins carries inherent<br />

risks due to their volatile nature.<br />

Understanding the dynamics behind the ascent of<br />

meme coins offers valuable insights for both investors<br />

and developers in the cryptocurrency space. As the<br />

market continues to evolve, recognizing the power<br />

of community and media influence will be crucial for<br />

navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital<br />

assets. By harnessing these insights, stakeholders can<br />

better position themselves to capitalize on emerging<br />

trends and opportunities in the crypto sphere.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong><br />



Gypsy Dream





anna victoria

anonymous ghost


dorin photograph







mada kusuma


mew cat




saki gang

tasha v

the earth travellers







Mike Hale<br />

Pyth Grants Program<br />

The Pyth Ecosystem Grants Program has launched, offering 50M in PYTH tokens to support<br />

community contributions to the Pyth Network.<br />

This grants program aims to encourage community members to share their ideas and insights<br />

about the Pyth Network with the wider Web3 community and contribute to its development<br />

through educational and research initiatives.<br />

One key focus is the Developer Grants that focus on incentivizing the creation of new tooling<br />

to support the protocol’s operations, integrations with Pyth products, and other valuable<br />

development contributions to the network.<br />

Developer grants come in the form of bounties, which are listed on the Research and Developer<br />

Bounties webpage. Each bounty includes the project scope, conditions or requirements,<br />

deadlines (if applicable), and reward structure.<br />

Anyone can take on a Developer bounty.<br />

Launch of Pyth Ecosystem Grants Program<br />

Introducing Trident<br />

Trident is a Rust-based framework designed to perform fuzz and integration testing on Solana<br />

programs, ensuring the security of your code.<br />

Developed by Ackee Blockchain, and supported by a grant from the Solana Foundation,<br />

Trident is the first open-source fuzzer to test Solana programs written with Anchor.<br />

Trident’s development began more than two years ago (as Trdelnik) and won the Marinade<br />

Finance community prize during the Solana Riptide Hackathon.<br />

Trident simplifies the testing process by automatically creating templates for fuzz and integration<br />

tests for programs written using the Anchor Framework.<br />

Trident Features<br />

Automated Test Generation: Trident simplifies the testing process by automatically creating<br />

templates for fuzz and integration tests for programs written using the Anchor Framework.<br />

Dynamic Data Generation: It increases test coverage by using random instruction data and<br />

pseudo-random accounts, creating unpredictable fuzz test scenarios.<br />

Custom Instruction Sequences: This feature allows for the design of specific sequences of<br />

instructions to meet particular testing needs or focus on specific aspects of program behavior<br />

during fuzz testing.<br />

Invariant Checks: Trident enables custom invariant checks to identify vulnerabilities and<br />

unwanted behaviors.<br />

Trident<br />

Encode x Wormhole Programs 2024<br />

Encode Club and Wormhole have partnered up to offer three programs for developers.<br />

The first is the Wormhole Educate Series, a 4-week series of technical workshops focused<br />

on building cross-chain applications including Solana. This series aims to equip participants<br />

with the essential skills needed for developing multi-chain dApps.<br />

56 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

Following the Educate Series is the Wormhole Hackathon, which provides a competitive platform<br />

for participants to apply their newly acquired skills and innovate. The hackathon offers a prize<br />

pool of $50,000 for the best projects.<br />

Later in the year, the Wormhole Incubator program will begin. This program provides funding and<br />

personalized mentorship to help developers transform their hackathon projects into successful<br />

startups.<br />

Encode x Wormhole 2024<br />

Developer News<br />

Core Print Editions Guide<br />

Metaplex has released a new guide to using Core Candy Machine to create print edition NFTs. To<br />

achieve the Edition concept Core uses two plugins: Master Edition in the Collection and Edition in<br />

the Asset, which are the prints.<br />

Metaplex Core JS SDK v1.0<br />

The Metaplex Core JS SDK v1.0 is now live, featuring new wrappers that allow plugins to be defined<br />

without constructor functions and Auto-Generated Kinobi Functions with auto-resolving<br />

external plugin adapter accounts to streamline development, along with improved Fetch, Authority,<br />

Lifecycle, Plugin and State helper functions.<br />

Lightspeed Newsletter<br />

I feature the Lightspeed podcast a lot in this newsletter, and now they are launching a daily Solana<br />

newsletter of their own with the latest updates, data analysis, and market metrics for Solana<br />

investors, developers, and community.<br />

Tools & Resources<br />

helius-rust-sdk is an asynchronous Rust crate that supports all major Helius and Solana endpoints.<br />

Wormhole TS SDK offers a universal API that provides a consistent interface across the chains<br />

Wormhole supports and the protocols built on top of Wormhole.<br />

token-extensions-transfer-hook is a Solana Token Extension that enables token issuers to enforce<br />

constraints on token holders using Civic Pass, an identity verification system that enables users to<br />

prove aspects of their identity to programs.<br />

minting-tool is a tool built by 3land for minting compressed NFTs that builders can use to enable<br />

cNFT creation from within their dApps.<br />

drillx is a proof-of-work algorithm for smart contract based cryptocurrency mining based on Equix<br />

that will be the engine of v2 of the Renaissance Hackathon Grand Champion Ore.<br />

Quick Hits<br />

Rated launches support for Solana on the Rated Explorer and API - @ratedw3b<br />

Approaches to Privacy On-Chain - Arcium<br />

Build a guessing game using Orao VRF - Jimii<br />

The DeCharge Solana Hack experience - DeCharge<br />

EasyA app adds all-new Phantom challenges - @easya_app<br />

Web3 infrastructure,”tokenization of everything” drawing VC investors - Cointelegraph<br />

How to overcome the 1000 transaction limit using getSignaturesForAddress - Chainstack<br />

Tinydancer Simplified Payment Verification client is live on Testnet - @tinydancerio<br />

Mainnet v1.17.34 Release Notes - GitHub<br />

Squads Labs announces the partial acquisition of the codebase of Fibonacci Finance - @SquadsLabs

What if you could get rewarded for being active and connect with friends using a cutting-edge app?<br />

That’s exactly what STEPN GO is all about - social interactions, physical activity, and rewards.<br />

Stepn is taking a fresh step forward. FSL, the company behind the “move and earn” mobile<br />

crypto game, announced the launch of a new social lifestyle game called Stepn Go, along with<br />

plans for a new token called the Go Gaming Token (GGT).<br />

Like the existing Stepn app, which will continue to exist, Stepn Go is built around rewarding<br />

NFT-owning players for their real-world movement via crypto tokens. But Stepn Go adds new<br />

social functionality, making it about more than just your own walks and runs.<br />

With STEPN GO, you earn rewards by staying active, using digital Sneakers. These Sneakers<br />

are more than just collectibles; they’re tools that track your fitness activities and let you earn<br />

tokens and rewards based on your movements.<br />

The app’s integration with blockchain ensures everything is transparent and fair, providing a<br />

secure and reliable environment to interact and transact.<br />

Stepn Go will introduce new elements like a “Haus System” lending feature that lets NFT<br />

owners share their digital sneakers and split the crypto rewards, plus an interactive map that<br />

lets players see other users and leave messages for them to stumble upon. A player-vs-player<br />

(PvP) feature will also let players earn the FSL ecosystem token, GMT.<br />

“The Stepn community has been requesting social features within the app since the early days<br />

of Stepn,” said FSL co-founder Yawn Rong, in a release. “Therefore, we’re so excited to reveal<br />

these new features, which will propel Stepn Go into mainstream adoption.”<br />

Let’s dive into STEPN GO’s new features to give you a glimpse of what’s waiting for you:<br />

58 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>


This social feature ensures easy onboarding for new users. Lend your Sneakers to friends or family,<br />

allowing them to start without any crypto knowledge or investment.<br />

2. GGT TOKEN:<br />

Earn the new GO GAME TOKEN when walking or running with your Sneaker.<br />

3. AVATAR & OUTFITS:<br />

Create your avatar, equip them with Outfits received through in-game crafting, and flex them on the<br />

in-app Interactive Map.STEPN GO is more than just a continuation of a successful formula; it is an<br />

expansion into new realms of social interaction and fitness motivation.<br />


To get Energy and increase the Energy Cap, users must burn Sneakers, helping maintain a stable<br />

and sustainable economy.<br />

STEPN GO isn’t just continuing a successful formula; it’s expanding into new realms of social interaction<br />

and fitness motivation.<br />

The original Stepn app, launched in 2021, allows users to earn cryptocurrency by walking, jogging,<br />

or running while wearing NFT sneakers. It has amassed over 5.6 million users and partnerships with<br />

brands like Adidas, Steve Aoki, and Asics. Stepn was first built on Solana, but has expanded to Ethereum<br />

and BNB Chain as well.<br />

An alpha version of Stepn Go is slated to release in Q3 2024, with a prize drawing set to offer 5,000<br />

NFTs to the FSL community.

@Smithii_io<br />

All you need to know about @switchboardxyz<br />

Switchboard is an Oracle network, just like @PythNetwork for example. They also power a lot of different<br />

platforms and pools in biggest lending protocols. And they recently started the Operation (X)<br />

- Switchboard Orbs which is actually just a points system that will lead us to the airdrop and maybe<br />

sooner and bigger than everyone expects it to be.<br />

Quote<br />

Switchboard @switchboardxyz<br />

The big reveal of Operation [X] is here! Introducing: Switchboard Orbs Get ready to collect Orbs!<br />

The more you gather, the greater the surprises that await you. Unpack all the details<br />

Switchboard powers such platform as @KaminoFinance,@solendprotocol, @marginfi,@uselulo, @<br />

symmetry_fi and @mangomarkets. It will be more accurate to say powers some pools in there. So to<br />

farm these Orbs all you need is just use such pools and platform to acquire those. Just find their sign<br />

near the pool you are looking at and there we go.<br />

60 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

Of course there are 2 in 1 Airdrop strategies exist in such case -<br />

@marginfi didn’t drop a token yet,<br />

@KaminoFinance S2 in full force right now,<br />

@symmetry_fi is actually a sleeper one that will bring some gains soon. And this Switchboard rewards can<br />

also be very undervalued and also unexpected just like it was with<br />

@PythNetwork and their token $PYTH, this can perform very very similar.<br />

Airdrop season on Solana isn’t finished yet, and the big ones will be the ones you least expect.
































McSwap 1.4 (beta) was just pushed live!<br />

Now supports SPL Tokens and both cNFT & NFT trades.<br />

When you need trustless, private, p2p asset trades, you McSwap.<br />

96 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

Use ours, or host and brand your own. https://mcswap.xyz #Trustless #NFT #CNFT $SOL #Solana By<br />


@solanabateman<br />

How I deployed a memecoin with GDP higher than 30 countries + Americas Largest companies<br />

My story starts in 2020, I dove into the Solana world, passionate about creating products and building communities.<br />

I was involved in several NFT projects, helping shape vibrant communities and innovative products.<br />

Fast forward to late 2022, I ventured into Solana memecoins. January 2023 marked the beginning of my experiment<br />

with creating tokens. The ecosystem was just getting started, but Solana’s low fees and high speed made it<br />

perfect for memecoins to thrive.<br />

The first half of 2023 was a rollercoaster. We launched multiple community memecoins, gaining valuable experience.<br />

Despite low volumes, hacks, and black swan events, we kept the fun alive on Solana.<br />

Our hard work started to pay off. Ethereum enthusiasts began migrating to Solana, drawn by its superior tech.<br />

We kept learning, improving, and adding value. November was a breakthrough month for us!<br />

We launched RIBBIT, and just a week later, WIF, the biggest memecoin of this super cycle, was born. The response<br />

was overwhelming, and it was clear we were onto something big.<br />

98 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

$WIF was always a community driven token. It never really had a centralized team. I believe tokens led by communities<br />

are more adaptable and work out in the long run. $WIF was created by a couple degens. Many are unaware, but $WIF<br />

had a pre-sale.<br />

Our goal was always to create a truly decentralized community memecoin. A permissionless protocol, led and driven by<br />

the community.<br />

The crypto community has started excavating and buying up all the tokens created or they believe are deployed. All my<br />

creations hold a very special place in my heart.<br />

Most of the tokens I created were made before a lot of you joined the meme coin ecosystem on solana. Now with the<br />

supercyle in full effect I believe most of my tokens to be blue chips.<br />

I believe many of them have a chance to hit 1 Billion

The NFT market on Solana faced some challenges around 3 months ago. This was evident when bluechip<br />

collections like DeGods and y00ts decided to “move houses” away from this blockchain. At that<br />

time, the leading NFT marketplace on Solana, Magic Eden, found it difficult to simultaneously satisfy<br />

both collectors and creators.<br />

Furthermore, many supporters of this blockchain couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next.<br />

Sometimes all it takes is one NFT project to act as a catalyst for significant market changes. And it<br />

seems that Mad Lads is heading in the right direction to achieve this for Solana.<br />

This project has become the topic of the blockchain and has attracted attention from a wide range of<br />

users. So, what makes this profile picture (PFP) collection so special?<br />

What is Mad Lads?<br />

Mad Lads is an NFT PFP collection consisting of 10,000 NFTs on Solana. This collection generated<br />

over $16.86 million revenue in the first week since launch (according to data from CryptoSlam).<br />

Each NFT in the Mad Lads collection was minted at a price of 6.9 SOL (equivalent to $154 at that time)<br />

starting from April 20, 2023.<br />

100 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>162</strong>

Mad Lads NFT Collection<br />

In terms of imagery and aesthetics, Mad Lads features PFP NFTs accompanied by clothing, weapons, and<br />

unique accessories with a classical touch.<br />

As the most prominent collection on Solana, who is the Mad Lads’s team?<br />

Who is the Mad Lads team?<br />

Mad Lads is created by Armani Ferrante and Tristan Yver - 2 co-founders of the Web3 Backpack wallet.

Mad Lads team<br />

So, what is Backpack? Backpack is a platform aimed at creating products and protocols for the Web3 space.<br />

The team of Backpack is Coral - the same group of individuals who built the Anchor Framework and xNFT.<br />

This platform was founded by Armani Ferrante, who has extensive experience in building products on Solana.<br />

He is the founder of Anchor, a framework for developers to build products on SOL.<br />

Previously, he worked at FTX around March 2020. Later, he resigned and became a co-founder of Coral.<br />

II. What makes the Mad Lads collection stand out?<br />

Mad Lads has indeed caused a frenzy with its first launch, leading to an explosion in sales. Specifically, this<br />

NFT floor price skyrocketed, with the participation of a large NFT community and a staggering $8 million generated<br />

within 24 hours.<br />

Highlights of Mad Lads<br />

Additionally, even blockchain co-founders such as Solana’s Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal joined as collectors<br />

by changing their Twitter avatars to support the project during its initial launch.<br />

Mad Lads marked its first major drop closely associated with Backpack, a multifunctional wallet app developed<br />

by Coral based on the Solana xNFT standard, or “executable NFT” - NFTs that can be executed. This is a<br />

token standard built on Solana containing encoded code representing its execution rights. xNFTs can function<br />

as an application on mobile phones.<br />

Developers can create decentralized applications (dApps) that users can directly add to their wallets. These<br />

applications can directly integrate xNFTs, allowing owners of xNFTs to use their assets as they wish, right within<br />

the app without connecting to external platforms.<br />

However, to use xNFTs, users need to use a special Web3 wallet that supports xNFTs, and that is the Backpack<br />

wallet.<br />

Specs<br />

• NFT Name: Mad Lads<br />

• Ticker: Mad Lads<br />

• Blockchain: Solana<br />

• Token Standard: SPL

• Max Supply: 10,000 Mad Lads<br />

• Floor price: ~64 SOL<br />

Use case<br />

Holders of Mad Lads NFTs will have the right to:<br />

• Use the NFT images in the collection as profile pictures on social media platforms.<br />

• Join clubs that can be categorized based on the characteristics of the NFT.<br />

• Store and hold for investment purposes like other types of assets.<br />

NFT wallet<br />

Solana Mobile is a noteworthy partner in the project. This collaboration enables holders who purchase Saga<br />

phones to receive complimentary laser engraving of Mad Lads NFTs.<br />

Mad Lads have a catalytic role in “reviving” the NFT niche on Solana, especially as two of the hottest Solana<br />

projects at the time announced their move to other blockchains like Polygon and Ethereum.<br />

From Ferrante’s perspective, Mad Lads’ strong development doesn’t just reside within the Solana NFT space<br />

but also in its dominance on the sales volume leaderboard across the entire market at that time. This indicates<br />

a revival of the Solana community.<br />

However, whether Mad Lads can maintain its position as a top NFT on Solana remains to be seen. It’s advisable<br />

for enthusiasts to keep an eye on the project’s social media platforms to stay updated with the latest<br />


























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