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Defi 2.0<br />

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Poetry's Not Dead<br />

Octo Mob<br />

ExchgART NFTs<br />

Dev Talk<br />

McDegens<br />

Meme Alpha<br />

Worth Knowing<br />

Mallow NFTs<br />

Populus<br />

Ovals<br />

DamZine<br />

Fariz<br />


Gerard Lalo Sandoval

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>135</strong><br />

Solana's NFT Renaissance: A Tapestry of Creativity and Global Adoption<br />

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Solana has emerged as a powerhouse, carving a niche for itself<br />

in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The current state of the Solana NFT scene is not just a reflection of success<br />

but a testament to the blockchain's ability to foster innovation, empower creators, and captivate a global audience.<br />

At the heart of Solana's NFT revolution lies a thriving ecosystem that continues to gain momentum across the world. The<br />

blockchain's robust infrastructure, characterized by high throughput and low transaction costs, has positioned it as a<br />

preferred platform for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts alike. This combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness has<br />

given rise to a dynamic and diverse NFT marketplace, showcasing the boundless possibilities of digital ownership.<br />

One standout project that has captured the imagination of the Solana NFT community is the Degenerate Ape Academy.<br />

This collection of uniquely animated, hand-drawn apes has become a cultural phenomenon, symbolizing the creative<br />

potential that Solana offers. The academy's success is not just in its whimsical characters but in how it has pioneered<br />

the fusion of art and technology, creating a vibrant community around these digital collectibles. The global appeal<br />

of Degenerate Ape Academy speaks volumes about the decentralized nature of Solana's NFT scene, transcending<br />

geographical boundaries to unite a diverse audience under the banner of digital art.<br />

Mad Lads NFT is yet another testament to Solana's global appeal. This project has gained traction for its bold and<br />

distinctive artwork, featuring a collection of lads with eccentric personalities. The creators have not only produced<br />

visually striking pieces but have also established a community that actively engages with the artwork and its underlying<br />

narratives. Mad Lads NFT highlights the sense of community that has organically developed within the Solana NFT<br />

ecosystem, fostering connections among creators and collectors from different corners of the world.<br />

What sets Solana apart in the competitive NFT landscape is its commitment to scalability. While other blockchain<br />

networks grapple with congestion and rising gas fees, Solana's innovative architecture ensures a seamless and scalable<br />

experience for users. This scalability has not only attracted individual creators but has also led to strategic partnerships<br />

with established brands and organizations eager to harness the potential of NFTs on a global scale.<br />

The global reach of Solana's NFT scene is palpable in the widespread adoption and participation from artists and<br />

collectors across continents. Solana's accessibility and user-friendly interface have democratized the NFT market,<br />

allowing creators from diverse backgrounds to showcase and monetize their work. This inclusivity has turned Solana into<br />

a melting pot of creativity, where artists find a global audience and collectors discover a rich tapestry of digital assets.<br />

As we navigate the current state of the Solana NFT scene, it's evident that we are witnessing more than just a trend; we<br />

are witnessing a paradigm shift in how we perceive and engage with digital ownership and creative expression. Solana's<br />

NFT renaissance is a beacon, guiding the way toward a future where blockchain technology reshapes the cultural and<br />

economic landscape on a global scale.<br />

Solana's NFT scene is a testament to the blockchain's enduring impact, with projects like Degenerate Ape Academy, and<br />

Mad Lads NFT serving as beacons of creativity and innovation. As Solana continues to thrive, it not only establishes itself<br />

as a leader in the NFT space but also sets the stage for a decentralized and interconnected digital future. The global<br />

success of Solana's NFT ecosystem is a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology, where the<br />

boundaries between art, technology, and community blur to create a new paradigm of digital expression.<br />


DRiP codes:<br />

EuRxC7Lb<br />

7qPDFx7s<br />

EMYnY49X<br />

Solarplex codes:<br />

live-solarplex-xyz-atx3o-fdkhr<br />

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Floor codes:<br />

7T6ANQ<br />

6ENR5Q<br />

GD2E4G<br />


DowngrApes Beardude<br />


@0xBenii<br />

DeFi 2.0 is here and printing. I’ve shown you liquid staking rewards, lending point systems and even combined<br />

strategies. Now, get ready for the grand finale. PART 3 - Hidden gems<br />

Solana DeFi has skyrocketed by 80% in just one month. SOL price surged over 170%. Major DeFi reward tokens<br />

pumped over 900% combined. Combine this read with the previous 2, to unlock endless possibilities in @solana<br />

DeFi.<br />

$ZETA by @ZetaMarkets<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>135</strong>

Zeta is a decentralized derivatives exchange, built atop<br />

a fully on-chain orderbook. They launched their reward<br />

system just recently. The $ZETA token distribution will be<br />

based on the user’s Z-Score. Season 1 is all about smart<br />

trading!<br />

Liquid staking your SOL is a well-known strategy. With<br />

Kamino, you can take it even further. By LP-ing the LST you<br />

get:<br />

• near zero IL risk<br />

• LST LP outperforms “holding” every time<br />

Enjoy LST appreciation, amplified rewards, and fees while<br />

virtually eliminating IL concerns.<br />

You earn 1 Z-Score for every $1 of volume. There are ways<br />

to boost your Z-Score earnings:<br />

• 2X boost - be a profitable trader, climb the leaderboard<br />

• 2X boost - Z-Pass, a tradeable NFT<br />

• Hold @MadLadsNFT @tensor_hq @banx_gg<br />

Stay tuned for more NFT partner boost details.<br />

Other boost methods may occur throughout the program<br />

such as<br />

• referrals & social activity<br />

• promotions with ecosystem partners<br />

With over $600M in cumulative volume, Zeta is taking<br />

a massive leap forward with this system. Get started at<br />

http://dex.zeta.markets<br />

Strategies with @Kamino_Finance<br />

Kamino unifies lending, liquidity, and leverage into a single<br />

DeFi product suite. • Borrow and lend assets • Provide leveraged<br />

liquidity to CLMM DEXs • Build your own automated<br />

liquidity strategies Forget rewards. Here is something<br />

better.<br />

Level up with Kamino Lend! Unlock a unified liquidity<br />

market and eMode to borrow highly correlated assets.<br />

Kamino 2.0 is just around the corner, bringing a potential<br />

points system and token! Get started at http://app.kamino.<br />

finance<br />

Strategies with @HawksightCo<br />

Hawksight’s app integrates & automates yield-generating<br />

DeFi protocols, such as: • AMM liquidity providing • NFT<br />

lending and token lending • Concentrated Liquidity Marketing<br />

Making Here’s how to make the most of this powerhouse<br />

toolbox.<br />

Use the HawkAI LP simulator to discover CLMM alpha by<br />

simulating yield strategies to track profitability. • Choose<br />

an LST (one side at least) pair and start the LP • Enjoy the<br />

LST boost while earning fees from the LP Get started at<br />


Drifting with @DriftProtocol<br />

A DEX where you can trade perpetual swaps, borrow, lend, LP and even stake. With close to $2B cumulative trading volume<br />

and almost 5M trades it’s a protocol we can’t ignore. Don’t just trade - unlock unique earning potentials.<br />

Drift is a go-to place for many top DeFi wallets. • lend stables or LSTs (earn interest + boost) • get MM rewards, stake<br />

with Insurance Fund All these interactions might count towards an incentive program and potentially $DRIFT. Get started<br />

at http://app.drift.trade/ref/0xbeni

So how is DeFi 2.0 printing?<br />

$SOL going up + incentive programs are out<br />

More staked $SOL moves into LSTs<br />

More LSTs used in DeFi (vaults, lending, borrowing)<br />

New incentive programs release<br />

Protocols airdrop their tokens ( $JUP, $PYTH, $ZETA )<br />

TVL, volume and trades skyrocket<br />

More users, devs and retail are attracted @solana<br />

You can<br />

• combine incentive strategies<br />

• leverage the same funds in multiple protocols<br />

• enjoy automated strategies In exchange, you get points + SOL + fees + rewards + boosts.<br />

The @solana DeFi ecosystem is enormous and colorful. Don’t miss out on @orca_so @JupiterExchange @MeteoraAG @<br />

TulipProtocol @HubbleProtocol and @StepFinance_. And that’s just the beginning. You can always do DeFi. But now is<br />

the time to do it.


Poetry is the mechanism that makes it possible<br />

to turn language into art. The moment we<br />

capture through language paints a thousand<br />

pictures in the reader’s mind…so, how can it be<br />

dead? This really can’t be the case.<br />

Welcome and lovely to have you for today’s<br />

poetry breakdown…this poem coordinates with a<br />

9x12 canvas board spray-painted and layered<br />

with gouache and acrylic paint.<br />

“why-fi” is a cry out in frustration. Have you ever<br />

wished the birds could talk instead of humans? Okay–I know that’s a little harsh but think about<br />

it..well, let’s think about it together! I remember the times you could only call house phones, long<br />

before the internet. Then times really started to change, especially when texting came out. I<br />

remember it was a sign of coolness if you were able to text. A lot of people still text even though<br />

their parents didn’t want them to and there were stories all over the news about parents getting<br />

bills for thousands of dollars because their child had sent so many texts without a plan with the<br />

cellular company. Hah! Yeah, that actually happened. I used to send 10,000 texts a month in<br />

high school but I never thought that social media and the internet would have such a grasp on<br />

humankind…but it sure does…Anyway! The topic of this week’s poem is that damn wifi…and<br />

how it’s disintegrating our human relationships and community.<br />

Something I notice about humans is the fact that we always try to be separate from the rest of<br />

creation, we try to build things or break things, or prove a thesis just to prove a point to an<br />

extreme level…but we don’t ever stop to be a part of the earth…the place we were born from.<br />

Dust you are from and dust you shall return…it’s a really old line of poetry. It’s true too, the tree’s<br />

roots will eventually eat all this concrete that we’ve created & we’ll be a distant memory.<br />

Ashes to ashes dust to dust is another common troupe and saying we find in humanity but how<br />

often is it thought of or actually taken into consideration in our own daily lives? Humans simply

do not want to pay attention to stuff so they don’t. We believe fake news and then don’t address<br />

true history, forgetting that history is written by those who hang heroes.<br />

I find that so interesting and quite strange that we choose to be disconnected and then claim<br />

everything is against us, we’re not even playing on the right team it seems. And with that<br />

melancholy monologue I think now is a great time to read the poem for this week…<br />

“why-fi”<br />

all they care about is the wifi connection<br />

misty-eyes, undignified<br />

can’t see the real disconnection<br />

leaves & birds<br />

can speak in tune<br />

but their ears are quite immune<br />

device in hand held high<br />

searching for their dear wifi<br />

Maybe tomorrow morning we can all try this practice tomorrow (yes! Even if it’s cold outside!).<br />

When we wake up first thing in the morning, get up and spend 10 minutes off the internet.<br />

Spend 10 minutes being grateful and truly recognizing how far you’ve come rather than<br />

crucifying yourself for how far you have to go. Look deep into your own eyes in the mirror and<br />

smile–tell yourself I love you! Yeah, it’s gonna feel weird but that’s ok. Then maybe just maybe if<br />

we fix our insides, our outsides won’t get so frustrated. We’ll be able to find our tribe and the<br />

ones who turn on old music and have new thoughts. When you invest in kindness, it will show<br />

itself the opportunity to be used. So maybe…screen time down 10% this week? Smile at<br />

someone at Aldi? Just a little something can go a long way in changing how humans see one<br />

another. And it all starts inside us…as weird as that sounds, it’s totally true and you know it.<br />

And with that! Thank you humans or cyborgs for coming and sharing in this poetic journey we<br />

call life. Go forth and be great, the greatness is already inside of you, let it free.<br />

xoxox<br />




hamster labs



the watchers

the watchers







“Sometimes people wa<br />

to preserve a memo<br />

that comes to them out<br />

nowhere and bring it<br />

life in the real world,” m<br />

father replied.<br />

After thinking about it fo<br />

while, I finally understo<br />

what my father mea<br />

We may sometimes wa<br />

to enjoy the confusion<br />

being lost in a labyrin<br />

without a way out. W<br />

may also want to crea<br />

something for the sake<br />

our ego, even if it’s difficu<br />

to do”.<br />


(@fierzafajri)<br />

Collage by Peter Bla<br />

“When I was in scho<br />

my father took me to<br />

labyrinth garden. In t<br />

center of the garden wa<br />

mysterious human statu<br />

“What’s the purpose<br />

keeping this statue he<br />

Dad?” I asked.<br />

I didn’t think much of<br />

at the time and just sa<br />

“Hmm, okay, Dad.” B<br />

later, I remembered th<br />

memory and tried<br />

recall the story of our tr<br />

to the park.<br />


ol,<br />

a<br />

he<br />

s a<br />

e.<br />

ke<br />

of<br />

re,<br />

nt<br />

ry<br />

of<br />

to<br />

y<br />

it<br />

id,<br />

ut<br />

at<br />

to<br />

ip<br />

r a<br />

od<br />

nt.<br />

nt<br />

of<br />

th,<br />

e<br />

te<br />

of<br />

lt<br />


FARIZ (@dulfariz)<br />


Jeff Wall<br />

“Ik ben skies/fariz // not<br />

ur type of artist. Living<br />

in the dream while using<br />

photography as a form of<br />

therapy, crafting artistic<br />

creations from paper and<br />

transforming them into<br />

something madness.<br />

[I try to] tell and make<br />

people realize about<br />

different perspectives in<br />

this world, and also to<br />

care more about your<br />

surroundings. cuz art is<br />

not only a medium but it’s<br />

a mindset”<br />

Fariz<br />

For me, Fariz represents<br />

the sort of hard-working,<br />

relentless creative<br />

energy so typical of<br />

the Indo art scene. His<br />

photographs - typically<br />

night scenes, with their<br />

long exposure glaring<br />

lights or mysterious<br />

tranquility, capture<br />

urban ennui beautifully.<br />

But his perormance like<br />

interventions - artworks<br />

pasted ad-hoc in the<br />

physical environment<br />

with no announcement<br />

or preconceived<br />

audience - are an act of<br />

anti-art that hint at the<br />

fire in the belly of this<br />

otherwise tranquil artist<br />



alchemy robotics



everly kills

everly kills

cover art guy













ghost kid dao

gerard lalo sandoval

ghost kid dao


in framed

in framed

juleslik m




lowbrow native




mister reborn



punk not dead

punk not dead



studio yorktown


the anons

the anons



wild coyote crew

wild coyote crew


Mike Hale<br />

Have you caught your breath from everything announced at Breakpoint yet?<br />

I hope so, and I hope you’re enjoying the $SOL pump!<br />

I try to keep this newsletter focused on the developer view of things, but it is nice to see the price reflect the<br />

positivity in the Solana space right now.<br />

We pushed through, built in the bear, and now we’re seeing those efforts pay off.<br />

It might not be as crazy as the last couple weeks, but Solana never slows down (get it?) so here’s the latest<br />

roundup of what’s happening in the space this week…<br />

Ironforge RPC Gateway<br />

When your app starts getting a lot of users, you need to be sure it’s ready to handle it!<br />

One approach is to use multiple RPC providers and set up a primary-secondary strategy for availability and distribution,<br />

but this can be expensive and resource-intensive to manage.<br />

Ironforge has stepped up and announced the Ironforge RPC Gateway, a collaboration with Helius and Triton One,<br />

two of the biggest and baddest providers in Solana.<br />

The RPC Gateway simplifies managing your endpoints from these providers, or integrating a custom RPC. It also<br />

includes:<br />

• Intelligent Analytics to provide deep-dive metrics to monitor endpoint performance.<br />

90 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>135</strong>

• Diagnostic Logs for real-time, granular logs for quick bottleneck resolution.<br />

• Auto Failover for uninterrupted service with dynamic endpoint rotation.<br />

• Smart Alerts that allow customization of alerts for mission-critical notifications.<br />

The Ironforge RPC Gateway aims to streamline RPC strategy, minimize resource use, and make your blockchain development<br />

more efficient.<br />

Announcing Ironforge RPC Gateway<br />

Solana Developer News<br />

Breakpoint 2023 Video Summaries<br />

Do you have time to go through all 199 videos from Breakpoint? Nope! Here’s a big shout-out to Solana Compass who<br />

used Whisper to grab high quality transcripts from each video, and then summarized each them using GPT4 to create a<br />

high level summary, key quotes, facts & figures, and a Q&A section.<br />

David Hoffman: What I Learned at Solana Breakpoint<br />

The guys at Bankless are pretty much unapologetic Ethereum/L2 maxis who never pass up a chance to take a swing at<br />

Solana with the same tired FUD we’ve all heard a million times already. So this is an interesting take from David Hoffman<br />

who attended Breakpoint and had some very positive thoughts on the community and vibe of Solana (with a subtle dig<br />

or two tossed in for good measure).<br />

Quick Hits<br />

Helius launches SecureRPC URLs to prevent API key leaks - @heliuslabs<br />

Solana Devs channel on WhatsApp - WhatsApp<br />

Who are the best designers working in Solana? - @rajgokal<br />

Backpack Mobile available in Google Play Store - Google Play<br />

D.A.G.G.E.R. binaries for running a Wield node - ShadwDrive<br />

Cymbal’s Human Readable Block Explorer now supports Solana - @cymbalxyz<br />

A Starter’s Guide to using SolanaFM Explorer - SolanaFM Insights<br />

ExtendProgram feature activated on Mainnet - @solana_devs<br />

Tools & Resources<br />

mint.ts is a reference script to mint NFT’s using the new Umi framework.<br />

firedancer-validator provides instructions for deploying Firedancer nodes using Ansible.<br />

BOLT (from Magicblock) is a scalable and composable SVM framework for fully-on-chain games focused on composability<br />

and scaling. This is possible with ephemeral rollups, leveraging specific operations in a dedicated runtime while programs<br />

and state remain on the L1.<br />

The Scoop<br />

In this episode of The Scoop recorded live at Solana Breakpoint 2023 Austin Federa, Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation,<br />

unpacks some of Breakpoint’s biggest announcements and explains how Solana builders persevered through the<br />

depths of the bear market to continue enhancing Solana’s tech.<br />

Solana strategy exec claims work done during the bear market is paying off

@Horusuiux<br />

I did 40+ hours of research on Solana meme coins so you don’t have to. Here is the $SOL meme coin that will<br />

150x this next bull run.<br />

When researching meme coins, you want to find projects that have been here for a while. New projects have<br />

high risk of being pump and dump scams. Ideally, the coin should’ve been here the past bull run and should’ve<br />

survived the bear run.<br />

$SAMO and $WOOF are the OGs Doge coin like projects on solana. And $BONK has recently dominated and gain<br />

popularity. So I quickly realised that one of these three had the potential narrative, and was going to be my best<br />

bet for a 150x next bull.<br />

Then I jumped on http://Solscan.io and looked at 2 primary aspects for each meme coin: 1. Market Cap (for potential<br />

ROI) 2. Holder distribution (for red flags)<br />

Lets first analyze $BONK: https://solscan.io/token/DezXAZ8z7PnrnRJjz3wXBoRgixCa6xjnB7YaB1pPB263#analysis…<br />

It has a $200M market cap, meaning, you’d be lucky if this coin 30x next bull run from here. A month ago, it was<br />

at 10M market cap, that would have been a good entry, but the train has past.<br />

Plus, the top 10 $BONK holders collectively own 35% of the supply. These may be project pools, but it’s still not<br />

ideal when dealing with a meme coin.<br />

92 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>135</strong>

Next on the list is $SAMO: https://solscan.io/token/7xKXtg2CW87d97TXJSDpbD5jBkheTqA83TZRuJosgAsU#txs…<br />

It has a $40M market cap, and this was a winner in the<br />

past bull run. BUT the top 10 holders collectively own 53%<br />

of the total supply. FUCK.<br />

$WOOF was mainly a community centric airdrop the past<br />

bull run, a real $SOLANA OG meme coin. Then 98% of the<br />

supply was burnt, and the current team is built of community<br />

members that keep pushing and showing up.<br />

Now let’s talk about $WOOF: https://solscan.io/token/9nEqaUcb16sQ3Tn1psbkWqyhPdLmfHWjKGymREjsAgTE#analysis…<br />

It has a $1.5M market cap, meaning its perfectly positioned<br />

for a possible 150x ROI next bull run with $SOL<br />

pumping like this. The top 10 $WOOF holders collectively<br />

own 17%. Exactly what you’d want when dealing with a<br />

meme coin.<br />

In conclusion, I’m betting on $WOOF as the meme coin<br />

with more potential ROI next bull run. Now, bear in mind I<br />

am an absolute degen in a basement designing cool websites<br />

while investing in crypto. So please don’t make any<br />

decisions based on this tweet lol. Not financial advice.<br />

Forgot to mention. This is 10/10 level risk play. But the<br />

highest risks get the highest rewards. If the market tanks<br />

all meme coins tank. Be cautious.

@Linkkzyy<br />

Solana Projects Worth Knowing About. This will be<br />

broken down into three sections, Leaders, Up and<br />

Coming and Tokens. None of this is financial advice,<br />

just publicly available information condensed neatly<br />

alongside my opinion. Aight, rant over, let’s get into<br />

the stuff you came for.<br />

Leaders<br />

@MadLadsNFT<br />

: Across the bear market these guys have solidified<br />

themselves as true allies to the nation of Solana.<br />

They’ve produced an insane number of unique ideas<br />

and brilliant tech that has pushed the ecosystem’s<br />

standards forward tenfold. Be it content creators as<br />

ambassadors, Backpack as a product and now the<br />

plans for eXchange. They’ve done nothing short of<br />

repeatedly impress and have now built a community<br />

that’s vocal, vibrant and carries its own authentic culture.<br />

FP: 76.5<br />

@GalacticGeckoSG<br />

: My biggest bullish sentiment about these is purely<br />

based on @genuinearticles+ @TRAPJNR and the<br />

community. While they offer an array of other notable<br />

points, what stands beyond all is the sheer amount<br />

of memes and social activity they carry. They live and<br />

breath the project, a recipe for success in a socially<br />

driven market. FP: 65.75<br />

@Claynosaurz<br />

The animation market was valued at 394.8 B I L L I O N<br />

in 2022 and has growth rates projected at around 600<br />

Billion by 2030. These guys are talented animators,<br />

with extremely well-rounded resumes, very succinct<br />

plans and are expanding beyond their IP actively such<br />

as the plushies. Their movements remind me of Walt<br />

Disney’s roadmap and out of every animation studio in<br />

Web 3.0, they reign supreme in my eyes. FP: 27.3<br />

@DegenApeAcademy and @SolanaMBS<br />

: In my opinion, if Solana succeeds these two will<br />

succeed. I have much higher conviction in DAA, not<br />

precisely sure why, but @0xMert_, @TopoGigio_sol<br />

and @tofushit888 are absolutely farming the timeline.<br />

Check their profile to see the similarities, also follow<br />

them while your there. FP: DAA - 23.18 | SMB - 79.68<br />

@FamousFoxFed<br />

: I don’t feel like I need to really expand on this one,<br />

just go to their website and look at all the shit they’ve<br />

created. FP: 23.47 Up and Coming Domains /<br />

@bonfida<br />

For the most part this is a fairly self-explanatory one,<br />

Domains will earn more value as the amount of active<br />

users on Solana steadily grows, but right now they’re<br />

fairly overlooked and undervalued. Worth looking for<br />

any domains you might want yourself or any you think<br />

could be worth holding onto until the right time. Pepe<br />

Capitals/Pepe Marketers. These seem to be a best<br />

kept secret in the 1/1 art space right now, a sister collection<br />

to @chainszy’s bear marketers in collaboration<br />

with @HODLsolana, at some point in the future, you<br />

will be able to burn 6 Pepecapitals in redemption for a<br />

single Pepemarketer. They can be found on exchange<br />

art here -> https://exchange.art/editions/BEVaXEtKf-<br />

H285HnArEpkFRkoZpkLmKBCMvgFspExT5Lw…<br />

FP: 5.6 SOL<br />

@TaiyoPilots<br />

While these saw success in the distant past, they’ve<br />

fallen drastically in FP, but it doesn’t discredit @SolportTom’s<br />

success as a founder with @TaiyoRobotics.<br />

He seems to have taken a step back and readjusted<br />

his approach which can only serve as a positive, with a<br />

better market ahead and an experienced lead, brighter<br />

days may be ahead. FP: 2.5 SOL<br />

@AlphaPharaohs<br />

Not only is @sn00ze_sol a beloved member of the<br />

Solana community, but he is a tried and tested leader<br />

who’s brought nothing short of success to this project<br />

throughout harsh market conditions. However, the<br />

main selling point for this project is the network and<br />

access to Alpha and the information it will provide.<br />

If you’re on a last-minute option making an abrupt<br />

return or entry to the SOL ecosystem this’ll give you a<br />

nice boost at a cheap price. FP: 3.18<br />

@DeadKingSociety<br />

Similarly to Pharoah’s, the lead here, @TurntUpDylan<br />

is an OG and beloved member of the Solana community.<br />

While this come at a steeper price, in comparison<br />

to most of the exclusive, low supply DAO’s on Solana<br />

these guys are severely under-rated, I don’t hold one<br />

myself, but Dylan’s perspectives have always been<br />

nothing short of impressive and ones I value highly on<br />

the TL. Another big selling point like Pharoah’s is the<br />

network and information it will allow you to tap into<br />

and learn from quite quickly and the very defined rules<br />

of what they call the Commonwealth. FP: 96<br />

94 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>135</strong>

@datboiNFT<br />

(disclaimer i hold this) Don’t let their messy doodle style<br />

art fool you, these guys are serious. They launched in<br />

the peak of the bear with a failure of a mint, instead of<br />

throwing the towel, they successfully navigated the lack<br />

of funding and created several successful revenue streams<br />

that also uplifted 1/1 artists at the same time. They’ve<br />

made code and tech for some of your favourite projects<br />

and released custom trait swapping before projects even<br />

dreamed of it. I can only sing praises for this crew and<br />

their a must check out on Solana, adding to this big sheet<br />

is a cult like fanbase they’ve managed to build throughout<br />

their lifetime. It is Wednesday. FP: 0.499 SOL<br />

@Liquidator_X<br />

If you’re hunting for quick and easy access to an LP sniping<br />

tool on Solana ahead of the next big shitcoin season, these<br />

guys will have you covered. They have some track records<br />

of results on the TL and I’m sure there’s more to uncover if<br />

you inquest a bit more before buying! FP: 6.5<br />

@GhostKidDAO<br />

Throughout rough market conditions, these lads have<br />

continued to seek greater options and produce more, it<br />

will offer you a place to connect and grow your knowledge<br />

on a short time frame. With a recent art change that looks<br />

dope as hell, you can also enjoy repping a nice PFP. The<br />

community is active as ever and continues to grow. FP: 1.3<br />

@subberxyz<br />

The main premise of these is the access they’ll grant you<br />

to WL’s and raffles during a better market. If favour returns<br />

to NFTs and WLing remains as dominant as ever, having a<br />

few of these lying around will certainly make your grind<br />

much smoother and less hectic from time to time. FP: 0.3<br />

@droidcapital<br />

A disgustingly undervalued project, like Datbois in my<br />

eyes. Although the art may be unappealing, the concept<br />

and utility behind this project is immensely strong. The<br />

most impressive part is the functionality it has managed to<br />

achieve as a REAL DAO mixed in with the realms of Venture<br />

Capital. Beyond that, you have Radar, DroidFi and Redline,<br />

saving a length explanation, check out their website for the<br />

nitty gritty. FP: 1.9<br />

@AnybodiesNFT<br />

Incepted with the goal of revolutionising physical assets<br />

in the Web 3.0 space, they’ve moved towards something<br />

closer to a SaaS that will benefit holders with free access.<br />

With an art upgrade on the horizon as well, overall, these<br />

look nicely positioned. After talking with the founder at<br />

length in the past, I can say these guys are in safe hands.<br />

Lastly, a loyalty tokens on the way STYLE with some interesting<br />

concepts behind it. FP: 6.3 Tokens: $SOLAPE /<br />

@SolApeDEX<br />

An OG DEX on Solana, notorious for some big airdrops<br />

back in the 2021 days these guys haven’t gone anywhere.<br />

After working with the team for over a year, I believe it’s<br />

in super capable hands and no chad works harder than @<br />

toadofdestiny. In comparison to all the other exchange<br />

coins seeing attention, these fellas remain overlooked, and<br />

I expect that’ll change after their success in the previous<br />

bull.<br />

$DARK / @privateLP<br />

I’m a big believer in @0xNIC0 and have been for quite<br />

some time accumulating $DARK in small steady amounts<br />

throughout the bear. His NFTs, 888 Anons saw great success<br />

and the tech his working on behind $DARK is nothing<br />

short of impressive. Saving a lengthy explanation I’m far<br />

too underqualified too condense accurately, I recommend<br />

reading the info yourself! $BONK /<br />

@bonk_inu<br />

These guys can be considered a savior of Solana. In our<br />

darkest hour when everything was down bad, these guys<br />

single handedly injected a massive amount of liquidity<br />

and vibes back into our ecosystem. Whether you consider<br />

them a memecoin or one with serious utility, their set to<br />

be dominant in the future. $JUP /<br />

@JupiterExchange<br />

While the token isn’t public yet, this is a no brainer to find<br />

yourself holding onto at some point. Whether you get it<br />

on the markets of through airdrops, it’s certainly set to be<br />

one of the biggest tokens on Solana and for good reason.<br />

$SAMO /<br />

@samoyedcoin<br />

The tokenomics around these guys are quite nice and overall,<br />

it’s poised well to sit as a contender or companion of<br />

BONK in success. Certainly, something to consider holding<br />

moving forward. $SHDW /<br />

@GenesysGo<br />

A native token to Shadow Drive, i believe the only decentralised<br />

data storage on Solana. The tokens used for<br />

uploading data and the tokens used for that than get burnt<br />

from supply. You can see the bullcase.<br />

If you enjoyed this read, please reply and let me know! Had<br />

a bunch more I wanted to write about but wanted to avoid<br />

an overdrawn read. If you’re here, feel free to bookmark<br />

the post / show it too some homies. I also have a project,<br />

@TrippyBunny_NFT, we’ve been around since 2021,<br />

donated 250k USD to charity, art upgrades in progress, big<br />

plans for the streetwear industry, supporting 1/1 artists<br />

and more.<br />







@mlodyjano3<br />

@solana pumping, NFTs pumping again... Obviously,<br />

you want to invest in bluechip, OG community, that<br />

will never let you down, right? Cheap entry, huge upside<br />

potential, strong community, big treasury, already<br />

proved themselves - @ElixirNFT: Ovols. Dive into that<br />

thread!<br />

to trade NFTs as fast as you trade SOL. Until now, Elixir<br />

APP grew up to be one of the biggest marketplaces on<br />

Solana with constant upgrades.<br />

2. CreatorX (partnership with Magic Eden)<br />

@solanais widely known for it’s speed, low costs and<br />

quality. Elixir understands the advantages and needs of<br />

Solana, that is why CreatorX was created.<br />

With that launchpad, everyone can mint NFT incredibly<br />

fast. Since the beginning, Elixir provided launchpad to<br />

many projects such as @CHADSwtf or @NomadsNFT_,<br />

averaging 6-7 projects per week. It is no secret that<br />

founders want theirs collections mint to be smooth,<br />

cheap and easy.<br />

1. Marketplace<br />

The journey began on October 30, 2022. That’s when<br />

Elixir team revealed first piece - marketplace. After<br />

reveal, we saw app making absolutely crazy volume -<br />

$300k in under 72 hours!<br />

Elixir provides every each of these, additionally enabling<br />

projects to mint on non-bottable launchpad<br />

thanks to Anti-botting function on site. Basically, it is<br />

not required to have any technical skills to start collection<br />

mint, thanks to Elixir!<br />

It was fantastic - first Floor AMM, revolutionizing the<br />

way you trade NFTs - from that moment you are able<br />

96 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>135</strong>

3. Essence Hub<br />

You feel lucky today? Spend essence from stacking on<br />

raffles! Team regularly adds prizes to Essence Hub - we<br />

have already had tens of Ovols, Bodoggos and other collections!<br />

Oh, I almost forgot about MadLad ($4500) and<br />

Claynousaur ($1700) :eyes:. Huge prizes!<br />

What is worth mention, team has secured several times<br />

token airdrops like $BONK! Projects securing such collaborations<br />

are worth the credit, who knows what collabs are<br />

next to come?<br />

5. Amazing community<br />

I have already met many great people in Elixir, discord is<br />

active almost always. There is no way you will not get an<br />

answer to any question you ask shortly. Everyone is helpful<br />

and nice, if you show respect to others, you will get it<br />

multiplied by 10!<br />

It is often said that your network is your net worth, I believe<br />

Elixir’s discord is perfect place to make new connections<br />

with valuable people.<br />

6. Other unreleased/hidden products<br />

There are still many products such as long/short for NFTs,<br />

basically waiting for better times. It is bullish that Elixir<br />

decided to keep these unreleased -<br />

There is still more utilities for essence to come, one day<br />

it may become one of the most valuable staking tokens.<br />

Stack while you can.<br />

4. Strong partnerships<br />

Partnerships play a vital role in the success of projects<br />

within the Web3 space. We have already seen Elixir partnering<br />

with projects such as Claynosaurz (top NFT project).<br />

Where things get interesting, Elixir not only partners with<br />

other NFT projects, but also with platforms as big as Magic<br />

Eden (the biggest marketplace for SOL NFTs, other chains -<br />

ETH and POLYGON aswell) or even @JupiterExchange!<br />

It is the best proof that they are here for long run, not<br />

rushing any release to cause quick pump and dump. When<br />

the time comes, the team has ready products - more<br />

options to generate revenue! I wonder what else they hide<br />

from us.<br />

7. Active team<br />

Everyone loves teams who do not stay silent all the time,

Elixir is even better - they are never quiet. We see almost<br />

the whole team posting tweets, threads, talking on discord<br />

daily. Isn’t it bullish, @TheSwervor?<br />

8. DCA into NFTs feature (JUPITER partnership)<br />

What is the best way to have good entry into coin or NFTs?<br />

Just DCA! Elixir came up with that fantastic idea to make<br />

DCA into NFTs platform. What does it mean?<br />

9. Fractionalization<br />

How does it work? Every NFT is divided into 1000 tokens.<br />

For example, 1 Ovol NFT = 1000 OVOL token. It makes us<br />

able to buy into the projects like MadLads cheaper, without<br />

owning whole NFT.<br />

Shortly, you will be able to set up program, that will automatically<br />

buy fractions of NFTs every certain period. Lately,<br />

Jupiter revealed that feature on their site, check it out<br />

below! But what is fractionalization? More about it deeper<br />

into the thread.<br />

It is believed by many that fractionalization is the future<br />

of not only NFTs, but also in-real-life assets like properties.<br />

I am totally excited, I feel like fractionalization will be big<br />

thing in the future, what would make Elixir even more<br />

recongizable along the industry.<br />

10. New branding<br />

This point is not only new art (more about it below), but<br />

whole new colour palette, graphics, logo, discord emojis,<br />

stickers and other things.

Branding is the perfect way to drive more investors - people always look firstly at visual things like collection art and aesthetics<br />

- then they look at utility and good for us - Elixir has no shortage of utility as you see.<br />

11. Art<br />

In the process of finding great artists, the team tried many options. It was a long process - they knew they needed someone<br />

able to make perfect pfp collection. Finally, @SireniaNFT became the artist. The collection he created is absolute<br />

masterpiece, every Ovol is a great choice for pfp.<br />

After the long journey, these cute Ovols are evolving - each Ovol is going to become an older, mature-looking chad.



clintxvx andsproject




















Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

McSwap 1.4 (beta) was just pushed live!<br />

Now supports SPL Tokens and both cNFT & NFT trades.<br />

When you need trustless, private, p2p asset trades, you McSwap.<br />

128 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>135</strong>

Use ours, or host and brand your own. https://mcswap.xyz #Trustless #NFT #CNFT $SOL #Solana By<br />


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