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Dam Charity<br />

Diversify<br />

Launch a Meme<br />

Optimistic<br />

ExchgART NFTs<br />

Dev Talk<br />

Passive<br />

Airdrops<br />

McDegens<br />

Solana Classic<br />

Staking<br />

The Bakery<br />

Mallow NFTs<br />

UpRock<br />

Your NFT<br />

Solarplex NFT


Unlocking the World of Solana: Insights from #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>155</strong><br />

Greetings, Solana fam, and welcome to #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>155</strong> – your gateway to the latest in Solana<br />

goodness! This issue is extra special as it's entirely FREE, complete with a TipLink NFT mint to add<br />

to your collection.<br />

With a whopping 132 pages awaiting your exploration, this edition is jam-packed with insights,<br />

NFTs, and Solana wisdom you might have missed in the past week. As the first issue for April<br />

2024, we're thrilled to present a lineup of articles that demand your attention.<br />

Ever dreamed of creating your own meme coin? We've got you covered with not one, but<br />

two articles guiding you through the process step-by-step. Whether you're a seasoned crypto<br />

enthusiast or a newcomer, these platforms will empower you to become a burgeoning mogul in<br />

the meme coin space.<br />

For those unfamiliar with DAMzine's past DAMCharity issue, fear not – we've included a snippet to<br />

showcase the incredible work of Lowbrow and CultureHacker in the Solana art scene. Dive deeper<br />

by clicking the link to the full DAMCharity issue and prepare to be inspired.<br />

Looking to diversify your portfolio or maximize your yield through Solana airdrops and staking?<br />

Our concise articles offer practical advice to help you fine-tune your investment strategy and<br />

achieve clarity in your portfolio setup. Plus, discover the secrets of passive income farming – start<br />

small and watch your earnings grow!<br />

In exciting news, LeDAO has undergone a rebranding, now known as "The Bakery" complete with<br />

a croissant flair. Our brief article brings you up to speed on the DAO's plans and future direction,<br />

offering insight into their exciting journey ahead.<br />

Considering launching your own NFT project? Our comprehensive guide provides valuable<br />

insights and considerations to ponder before diving into the world of large-scale NFT ventures.<br />

Take your time to absorb this knowledge and plan your project meticulously for success.<br />

But that's not all – we've curated over 80 NFTs from platforms like Mallow, ExchangeArt, Solarplex,<br />

and the newest addition, ArtplexIO. With such a diverse array of NFTs, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>155</strong> is a<br />

treasure trove you'll want to revisit time and time again.<br />

After 2.5 years of publishing #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine, the wealth of Solana content continues to amaze us.<br />

Weekly updates on all things Solana? We've got you covered. Our team sifts through the noise<br />

to deliver the essential bits you need to see, making your journey into the Solana ecosystem<br />

seamless and enjoyable.<br />

Don't forget to claim your TipLink NFT – it's the ape over there, waiting for you to grab it and add it<br />

to your collection.<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>155</strong> is your passport to the vibrant world of Solana. Dive in, explore, and immerse<br />

yourself in the boundless opportunities that await you.<br />

Happy reading, and may your Solana journey be filled with success and prosperity!<br />




dorsia The Geckz<br />

Degen Hawks

DAMcharity returns in partnership with Collector and The Giving Block in honor of Impact<br />

Index Fund: Mental Health, which evenly distributes to the following mental health-focused<br />

organizations.<br />

Proceeds of this curation will be donated directly via the Solana network.<br />

For more information, visit: https://collector.sh/DAM/DAMcharity<br />

Seeing Beyond this Moment<br />

by culturehacker<br />

a glitch portrait by culturehacker for DAM issue #21 #DAMcharity<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

Veils & Reflections<br />

by Anonyra<br />

Inner, Outer Perception of Reality Vice versa knows The Dance of Brighter Lights And Darker<br />

Shadows Imagined by Anonyra For DAMCharity | The Giving Block

Protect Me From The Storm<br />

by transitorymask<br />

Digital illustration. 2024. Made as part of #DAMcharity, supporting mental health through decentralized<br />

donations. If you become overwhelmed by the chaos, it’s okay to accept to help from<br />


Door Within a Door<br />

by misterpatient<br />

“Door Within a Door” Secrets lie hidden In the castle on the hill —Door within a door Camera:<br />

Canonet QL17 Film: Kodak TMax 400 Photo taken in Fall/Winter 2023 Haiku & photo by misterpatient<br />

(Stephen Truex)

The Garden Of Tranquility<br />

by Abstract Queen<br />

“Discovering inner peace and tranquility is a lifelong journey.” ~ Unknown Created for DAM Charity<br />

2024 (Feb 2nd to 5th) Original 1/1 Digital Abstract Work created using Procreate Dimensions:<br />

11000px*11000px, 1200 dpi, JPEG No AI has been used in this Digital Abstract Work Created in<br />

January 2024

Peace of Mind<br />

by xoo chi<br />

“Peace of Mind” amplifies a mental and emotional equilibrium. Is like having a cozy mental blanket,<br />

a warm hug for the soul. It’s that feeling when your mind takes a deep breath and says, “Hey,<br />

everything’s okay.” This sweet spot where worries fade away, and you find inner calm, a quiet and<br />

happy space within yourself. It’s about feeling content and safe, like finding a harmonious oasis<br />

amidst life’s hustle. Whether it’s through meditation, a walk in nature, or simply embracing joy<br />

along your path, “Peace of Mind” is that heartwarming friend who whispers in your ear, “You’re<br />

doing great, everything will work out better than you expect. Trust in yourself” 35mm color film<br />

photography Canon AE1P & Vialy Slide 100 (x-process) For DAMzine <strong>Issue</strong> 21 #DAMcharity in collaboration<br />

with Collector. February 2023 @xoo_chi

Above & Under<br />

by sakehqueen<br />

“Above & Under” is a metaphorical piece created for a special #DAM Charity <strong>Issue</strong> where all proceeds<br />

go to an index of mental health non profits via the Giving Block. Above represents, enjoying<br />

the beautiful life which is in front of us and easily to reach out whenever we want. Under represents,<br />

the avoidance of all what above represents. Mixed Media Photography + Digital Painting<br />

2159x3840px png

Original feelings<br />

by zuluink<br />

It doesn’t matter what colors surround you - what matters is what colors you from the inside out

Shogun Saski<br />

4 Coins for Your Portfolio<br />

Altcoins that are highly sought after and boast significant potential this season.<br />

Moreover, they could be considered for inclusion in a long-term portfolio, as experts suggest<br />

the likelihood of experiencing growth and unlocking further bonuses for their holders.<br />

So, let’s dive right into them;<br />

Solana (SOL)<br />

Launched in 2020, Solana is a functional open-source blockchain with a focus on decentralized<br />

finance solutions. By combining its innovative proof-of-history (PoH) consensus mechanism<br />

with proof-of-stake (PoS), it tackles scalability challenges, making itself attractive to<br />

both retail and institutional investors.<br />

Strong fundamentals have fueled Solana’s recent surge in popularity, attracting a significant<br />

number of users. This popularity has been further boosted by the launch of trending<br />

meme coins within the Solana ecosystem, including the recent dragon-themed Smog coin<br />

that has seen a price increase.<br />

This follows the success of earlier meme coins like BONK, WIF, and MYRO. Solana’s SOL token<br />

has also seen remarkable growth over the past year, exceeding 700%. Many believe this<br />

surge is far from over, with analysts predicting Solana could reach $250 by the beginning of<br />

the altcoin season and If the hype persists, the token’s price could soar even higher.<br />

Solana 1yr price chart<br />

Aptos (APT)<br />

Built for mass adoption, Aptos is a Layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain designed to empower a<br />

new wave of user-friendly web3 applications (DApps) that tackle real-world problems.<br />

At its core lies Move, a cutting-edge smart contract language based on Rust, enabling the<br />

network to theoretically handle over 150,000 transactions per second through parallel execution.<br />

This high speed makes Aptos ideal for building real-world applications on Web3, the decentralized<br />

future of the internet. Strong financial backing from leading venture capitalists<br />

underscores Aptos’s potential to revolutionise Web3 development.<br />

16 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

Aptos 1yr Price chart<br />

While Aptos’s token price remained relatively<br />

flat throughout the past year, it’s important<br />

to note that investor accumulation and blockchain<br />

development continued actively. This<br />

dedication during a challenging market positions<br />

Aptos as a strong contender in the crypto<br />

world.<br />

Aptos offers a particularly fertile ground for<br />

launching DeFi projects, with a thriving ecosystem<br />

actively building them. Experts believe the token is still in<br />

its accumulation phase, but with the approach of the alt<br />

season, it’s expected to see significant growth, potentially<br />

reaching new all-time highs.<br />

Cosmos (ATOM)<br />

Cosmos tackles key challenges in blockchain<br />

technology. It aims to replace slow, expensive,<br />

and environmentally unfriendly proof-of-work<br />

systems with a network of interconnected<br />

blockchains. This “internet of blockchains”<br />

enables faster transactions, lower costs, and a<br />

more sustainable approach.<br />

Cosmos also simplifies blockchain development<br />

through a modular framework, making it<br />

easier for developers to build decentralized applications<br />

(DApps). Additionally, its interblockchain<br />

communication protocol allows different<br />

blockchains to communicate seamlessly, preventing<br />

industry fragmentation.<br />

This collaborative environment fosters innovation<br />

and the broader adoption of blockchain<br />

technology.<br />

The project’s roots trace back to 2014, with the<br />

founding of Tendermint, a core component of<br />

the network. A white paper detailing Cosmos<br />

was published in 2016, followed by a token sale<br />

in 2017. ATOM tokens, secured through a hybrid<br />

proof-of-stake system, power the Cosmos Hub<br />

and play a role in its governance.<br />

While ATOM has experienced a flat trend in<br />

price this year, it’s important to consider the<br />

broader picture. Even during bear markets,<br />

investors haven’t let the token drop significantly.<br />

Currently, the token price remains within an<br />

attractive range for long-term investment.<br />

Given the Cosmos ecosystem’s constant scaling<br />

and its ability to attract major blockchains, acquiring<br />

ATOM for the long term could provide<br />

holders with significant profits at the current<br />

price of $11.77.<br />

Cosmos’s focus on scalability, developer friendliness,<br />

and interoperability positions it as a<br />

strong contender for future growth within the<br />

blockchain industry.<br />

Injective (INJ)<br />

Injective is a high-performance blockchain<br />

specifically designed for decentralized finance<br />

(DeFi) applications. It empowers developers<br />

with the tools to create various DeFi products,<br />

including exchanges, prediction markets, and<br />

lending protocols.<br />

This focus on DeFi positions Injective as a key<br />

player in a rapidly growing trend: the transition<br />

of derivatives and futures trading to decentralized<br />

exchange (DEX) platforms. Injective offers<br />

several advantages that make it well-suited for<br />

this evolving landscape.<br />

It boasts fast transactions, seamless compatibility<br />

with other blockchains like Ethereum and<br />

Solana, and robust security features that resist<br />

manipulation and ensure secure trading.<br />

Injective 1 yr price chart<br />

Additionally, the Injective protocol has pioneered<br />

commission-free trading technology,<br />

implemented liquidity enhancement features,<br />

and significantly bolstered the security of trading<br />

operations over the past year.<br />

These advancements have already translated<br />

into impressive growth for Injective’s native token,<br />

INJ, with returns exceeding 10x even before<br />

the recent surge in DEX popularity.<br />

As the DEX trading sector continues to flourish,<br />

Injective’s innovative solutions and strong foundation<br />

are likely to attract further investment,<br />

potentially leading to significant future price<br />

growth for the INJ token.

Smithii_io<br />

Easily Launch a Solana Memecoin<br />

It is Solana Memecoin Season, and you could be one of those people who creates a memecoin<br />

and reaches an Amazing Marketcap.<br />

You may think that launching a token on Solana is difficult, but it’s not at all. In this mail, I’ll<br />

explain how to launch a Memecoin with just 1.5 SOL.<br />

Let’s go directly to the process.<br />


We will show you the easiest way to create an SPL Token. To complete the entire process, you will need<br />

from 1.5 SOL to 5 SOL, we are considering the token creation itself, the authorities revoke,<br />

OpenBook Market and Liquidity Pool creation. We also need to take into account the costs of<br />

design, marketing, and liquidity.<br />

For sure, if we are launching a memecoin, “professional preparation” and high costs are not necessary,<br />

the most important thing is to have a good meme. If you want to create a serious<br />

project, it is key to prepare a good marketing strategy, with collabs, airdrops, partnerships, etc.<br />

We recommend avoiding launching until you have the basics prepared: Branding, Marketing Plans,<br />

Social Media and Tokenomics.<br />

We need to understand what drives the market and which platforms are the most used.<br />

Regarding marketing, most tokens with good performance usually use “influencer” promotions and are “shilled”<br />

on DAOs.<br />

About platforms: people usually use Raydium, Birdeye, Jupiter Aggregator and Dexscreener to<br />

trade tokens.<br />


In this tutorial, we will use Smithii No-Code Tools to create and launch our token. Let’s divide the<br />

process into 3 steps: Create SPL Token, Create Liquidity Pool on Solana and List an SPL Token.<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

How to Create an SPL Token?<br />

To create our SPL Token we should go to this Tool that Creates the Solana Token for us without coding, Solana<br />

Token Creator (https://tools.smithii.io/token-creator/solana), there we can also create a Tax Token (Token<br />

2022), but for this guide, we will create a standard one.<br />

Once we are in Solana Token Creator, we should follow these steps:<br />

1. Connect your wallet in order to use the tool<br />

2. Set your Token Name<br />

3. Set the “Ticker” or “Symbol” of your SPL Token<br />

4. Select the Token Decimals (6 decimals is the most common)<br />

5. Write your token Description<br />

6. Upload your token Image (PNG or GIF)<br />

7. Set the Supply<br />

8. Add links to your token metadata (optional)<br />

9. Select the authorities you want to revoke (optional)<br />

10. Click on “Create Token” and accept the transaction<br />

“Immutable”, “Revoke Freeze” and “Revoke Mint” refers to authorities. Let’s explain what they mean<br />

and if we should use these options.<br />

Solana Token’s Authorities<br />

On Solana’s blockchain, a Token has 3 Different Authorities: Update Authority, Freeze Authority, and<br />

Mint Authority.<br />

• Update Authority allows you to update the token metadata. When we revoke it, we make the<br />

token “immutable”.<br />

• Freeze Authority allows you to Freeze the Token in the holder’s wallet. You can’t create a Liquidity<br />

Pool if you don’t revoke freeze authority.<br />

• Mint Authority allows you to mint more supply of the token you created.<br />

It’s important for us as founders to revoke these authorities in order to ensure that people feel confident<br />

and secure while investing in our token. We can revoke them all on Smithii Tools.


Once we have our token ready, we can go directly to create a liquidity pool. On Solana, we first need to<br />

create an OpenBook Market and then add the liquidity, but we can do it all in one step with the<br />

Smithii “Create Liquidity Pool” Tool.<br />

This tool allows us to create our liquidity pool on Raydium with a friendly user interface and from just 1 SOL (up to 3.5 SOL<br />

based on the settings you use).<br />

Create Liquidity Pool Solana<br />

1. Go to Create Liquidity Pool (https://tools.smithii.io/liquidity-pool/solana) and connect your<br />

wallet to use the tool.<br />

2. Select the “Base Token,” which you created but has no value on the market yet.<br />

3. Select the “Quote Token”. A token with value on the Market. Usually SOL or USDC.<br />

4. Set the “Minimum Order Size”. This is the minimum token quantity that users will be able to<br />

buy.<br />

5. Set the “Tick Size”. It means the minimum quantity that the price of your token can change.<br />

You can use this chart as a reference for Min order size and Tick size.

6. Set the advanced options (only if you want to use a cheap Market ID, from 0.4 SOL).<br />

* These are the “inputs” you should use for the different Market IDs based on the cost.<br />

0.4 SOL:<br />

Event Queue Length: 128<br />

Request Queue Length: 63<br />

Orderbook Length: 201<br />

1.5 SOL:<br />

Event Queue Length: 1400<br />

Request Queue Length: 63<br />

Orderbook Length: 450<br />

2.8 SOL:<br />

Event Queue Length: 2978<br />

Request Queue Length: 63<br />

Orderbook Length: 909<br />

Take into account that the bigger the market is, the more transactions it can process. We explain<br />

below how it works.<br />

7. Set the number of tokens and SOL/USDC you want to add.<br />

8. Set launch date (optional)<br />

9. Click on “Create Liquidity Pool” and accept the 3 transactions.<br />

It will take a bit to complete, and then you will see the Market ID and the Liquidity Pool Address. Save them, as you may<br />

need the addresses for future uses.<br />

You can also make the liquidity pool creation process as usual by following the next 2 steps:<br />

Create an OpenBook Market<br />

The common price for creating an OpenBook Market is around 2.8 SOL. That’s the “optimal” length for the<br />

market based on the protocols. But we can also modify its setup and make it cheaper.<br />

If you are working on a project that is intended to have a serious impact, you should use the standard market. However, if<br />

you are planning to launch memecoins, you can create an OpenBook Market with just 0.4 SOL. Please note<br />

that some transactions may fail, but this is only likely to occur if there is a high volume of transactions.<br />

In this post, we will show you 3 options for your market ID: 0.4 SOL, 1.5 SOL, and 2.8 SOL.

To create our OpenBook Market, we are going to use another Smithii Tool to Create an OpenBook<br />

Market (https://tools.smithii.io/openbook-market/solana). To complete the process successfully, follow<br />

these steps:<br />

1. Connect your wallet in order to use the tool.<br />

2. Select the “Base Token”. The token you created and doesn’t have a value yet.<br />

3. Select the “Quote Token”. A token with value on the Market. Usually SOL or USDC.<br />

4. Set the “Minimum Order Size”. It means the minimum token quantity that users will be able to<br />

buy.<br />

5. Set the “Price Tick”. It means the minimum quantity that the price of your token can change.<br />

6. Set the advanced options (only if you don’t want to use the recommended values for a market<br />

with a cost of 2.8 SOL)<br />

These are the “inputs” you should use for the different Market IDs based on the cost.<br />

0.4 SOL:<br />

Event Queue Length: 128<br />

Request Queue Length: 63<br />

Orderbook Length: 201<br />

1.5 SOL:<br />

Event Queue Length: 1400<br />

Request Queue Length: 63<br />

Orderbook Length: 450<br />

2.8 SOL:<br />

Event Queue Length: 2978<br />

Request Queue Length: 63<br />

Orderbook Length: 909<br />

You can also use other lengths aswell, but we consider these ones are standard.<br />

Once you fill in all the inputs you should click on “Create Market” button and accept the transaction.<br />

You will see the Market ID, remember to copy and keep it. You will need the ID for the next step.

Add Liquidity on Raydium<br />

Once we have our OpenBook Market, we can add the liquidity on the DEX of our choosing. In this<br />

case, we will use Raydium as it’s the most used. The cost of adding liquidity on Raydium is around<br />

0.45 SOL.<br />

For adding liquidity: we will go to “Liquidity Create” (https://raydium.io/liquidity/create/).<br />

On this page, we need to paste the Market ID and click on continue.<br />

Then, we will be able to set the initial price and the liquidity quantity we want to add. To finish the<br />

process, we can set the launch date (optional) and click on confirm.<br />

Remember to prepare your tokenomics and strategy before initiating this step.<br />


We all want to increase the visibility of our Solana Token, and listing it on different platforms can make it more<br />

accessible to users while also promoting our project.<br />

Let’s introduce how we can list our token on Birdeye, Dexscreener, Jupiter, Coingecko, and Coinmarketcap.<br />


Both of them are trading platforms with thousands of users. Our token will be automatically listed on them after<br />

creating the liquidity pool, so we don’t need to do anything else.<br />

We can pay to add our social media to our token profile and also to trend on the platform.<br />


Jupiter is the largest Solana’s platform for token trading. We can always swap our token on Jupiter, but we won’t<br />

be “verified” until we are accepted.<br />

We can make an application via GitHub following this guide: How to list a solana token on Jupiter.<br />


They are popularly known, and being listed on them is free exposure. In order to be on their platform, we will<br />

need to fill out an application.<br />

Coinmarketcap application: https://support.coinmarketcap.com/hc/en-us/requests/new<br />

Coingecko<br />

application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfpIPMsCvVokn7l6OpjJmJoYRxvpArYpO4rvcps-0XQx-<br />

LQ7DQ/viewform<br />

Creating a token on Solana could be a challenge if we don’t have coding and marketing knowledge, by following<br />

this tutorial you will only need to take care of the marketing part!




















Khosravi Pantea












Mike Hale<br />

Colosseum Accelerator Mentors<br />

Up to 10 of the teams that win the Renaissance<br />

Hackathon will be accepted into the<br />

Colosseum Accelerator and receive $250k in funding,<br />

one-to-one support from Colosseum, and guidance<br />

from the mentors:<br />

• @aeyakovenko & @rajgokal of Solana<br />

Labs<br />

• @armaniferrante & @yver__ of Backpack<br />

• @kashdhanda & @akshaybd of Superteam<br />

• @buffalu__ of Jito<br />

• @0xMert_ of Helius<br />

• @cindyleowtt of Drift<br />

• @vibhu of DRiP<br />

• @BChillman of Phantom<br />

• @SimkinStepan of Squads<br />

• @y2kappa of Kamino<br />

• @edgarpavlovsky of MarginFi<br />

• @0xrwu of Tensor<br />

• @PhilHedayatnia of Airfoil<br />

• @0xdirichlet of Sphere<br />

• @therealchaseeb of Solana Foundation<br />

• @_RossCohen of Solana Labs<br />

• @jarxiao of Ellipsis Labs<br />

• @ArbVision of Tiplink<br />

And don’t forget that The Solana Renaissance<br />

Hackathon submission portal is now<br />

open. The deadline to submit a project is 11:59pm PST<br />

on April 8, 2024, but you can edit your submission info<br />

up until the deadline.<br />

Good luck to everyone submitting a project!<br />

Ackee School of Solana Season 5<br />

Ackee Blockchain Security has announced<br />

the School of Solana Season 5, starting April<br />

10.<br />

This 9-week, fully online and free program, is<br />

designed for developers looking to enhance<br />

their expertise in blockchain technology,<br />

specifically Rust within the Solana ecosystem.<br />

While open to all, this program requires<br />

applicants to have a basic understanding<br />

of programming. Season 5 promises an<br />

in-depth curriculum covering Solana and<br />

blockchain basics, Rust programming, Solana<br />

programming, culminating in a certification.<br />

The course modules include:<br />

• Introduction to Solana and Blockchain<br />

• Introduction to Rust<br />

• Solana programming model I & II<br />

• Best development practices and debugging<br />

• Front-end for Solana Programs<br />

• Security<br />

• Final Lecture & Graduation<br />

• Bonus: SPL Tokens<br />

• Bonus: Gaming<br />

• Bonus: Token Extensions<br />

With over 1300 applicants last season, early<br />

application is encouraged to secure a place<br />

in this prestigious program and applications<br />

close on April 7.<br />

I was a part of the Ackee Winter School of<br />

Solana 2023 cohort and I highly recommend taking<br />

part in this program!<br />

Join School of Solana Season 5<br />

The Agave Client Runtime<br />

The core element of Solana is its “Sealevel”<br />

SVM runtime, which manages transaction<br />

processing and updates to the Solana ledger.<br />

Its job is to execute Solana programs<br />

64 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

and concurrently manage state.<br />

Written by Anza engineer Joe Caulfield (@<br />

realbuffalojoe), this is an in-depth exploration<br />

of the new Agave client codebase, and explains<br />

the underlying mechanisms of how Solana executes<br />

transactions.<br />

The Agave Runtime<br />

Developer News<br />

Solana Mega Report: Like Apple, but Unlike<br />

Apple<br />

Blockchain research company Four Pillars has<br />

published an in-depth report on Solana, examining<br />

it from various angles including its architecture<br />

and ecosystem of products. According<br />

to the report, Solana stands out for its efforts to<br />

make blockchain technology more accessible,<br />

focusing on areas such as DePIN, mobile technology,<br />

gaming, and payment solutions.<br />

Breakpoint Tickets On Sale<br />

Tickets for Solana Breakpoint 2024, to be held<br />

in Singapore on September 20-21, 2024, are<br />

now available for purchase. Attendees can<br />

anticipate a lineup of leading speakers (TBA)<br />

and an opportunity to engage with the Solana<br />

community. General Admission tickets for<br />

$500, with discounts for developers, artists, and<br />

students.<br />

Helius Automatic Private Nodes<br />

Helius has announced the launch of Automatic<br />

Private Nodes, streamlining the process of<br />

setting up dedicated RPC or Geyser nodes. This<br />

allows users to easily select machine specifications,<br />

region, and plugins through the Helius<br />

platform.<br />

Tools & Resources<br />

mpl-core-candy-machine is A version of Candy<br />

Machine integrated with Core, which is now live to test on<br />

Devnet.<br />

Buddy.Link SDK enables the integration of referral and<br />

reward systems into your applications without the need<br />

for custom development. It allows users to create and<br />

distribute referral links easily with referral tracking in the<br />

background or on dedicated referral pages.<br />

Dynamic Routing is a new feature on Ironforge<br />

that gives developers the ability to set up routing<br />

rules that are specific to the RPC Method<br />

being used. Developers might select a sequential<br />

routing strategy for most endpoints but use<br />

a Parallel routing strategy for sendTransaction,<br />

which can benefit from simultaneous processing<br />

across multiple nodes.<br />

Quick Hits<br />

How to troubleshoot a new Anchor program - @<br />

mikemaccana<br />

Tips to improve your transaction land rate with<br />

web3.js - @jordaaash<br />

The 76 Devs Show-n-Tell: Solana Godot Game<br />

Dev SDK - YouTube<br />

The Solana Ecosystem call now has its own<br />

website - @SuperteamDAO<br />

bitsCrunch now provides in-depth analytics<br />

to projects within the Solana Ecosystem -<br />

bitsCrunch<br />

MetaBlox’s Roam Network Migrates to Solana -<br />

@metablox<br />

Solana Crossroads Content Sprint with up to<br />

$7000 in prizes - Solana Collective<br />

How to Make a Great Hackathon Demo Video -<br />

Doc<br />

Cubik Grants Round 1 contributors gave twice<br />

the size of the matching pool - @IrffanAsiff<br />

7 top State of the Ecosystem articles and<br />

reports - @yashhsm<br />

Listen to This<br />

Solfate<br />

In this conversation, Nick and Matty discuss<br />

the Solana Global Hackathons and the launch<br />

of Colosseum. Matty shares his background in<br />

crypto and how he got involved with the Solana<br />

ecosystem, starting at Solana Labs and then to<br />

Solana Foundation.<br />

They explore the unique structure of the Solana<br />

Global Hackathons, which focus on driving<br />

long-term sustainable startups in the ecosystem.<br />

Matty explains the decision to leave the<br />

Solana Foundation and start Colosseum as an<br />

independent organization to build a product<br />

specifically catered to running hackathons.<br />

Nick and Matty discuss the Colosseum accelerator<br />

program and venture fund, which invests<br />

in the top teams from the hackathons. Matty<br />

covers the terms and requirements for Colosseum<br />

funding, including the 7% equity stake and<br />

the remote nature of the accelerator program.<br />

They also highlight the value of the network<br />

and mentors provided by Colosseum. Matty<br />

explains the importance of having a strong idea<br />

and a well-structured pitch to win a Colosseum<br />

hackathon. He also shares tips for creating a<br />

compelling submission video.<br />

Finally, they discuss their excitement for projects<br />

that utilize token extensions and open new<br />

markets in the ecosystem.<br />

Scaling the Solana Hackathons (w/ Matty,<br />

co-founder of Colosseum)

@0xGumshoe<br />

$500, the bare minimum price of SOL by the end of this cycle Here’s why & how:<br />

Thought Process<br />

Solana should end this cycle with hundreds of billions of FDV or else the market is wrong Its<br />

metrics, activity, growth, adoption and narratives all support this assumption.<br />

Simple Maths<br />

The thesis is simple: SOL should go at least towards ETH’s Bull Market Breakout price: ETH’s<br />

Bear Market Low: $131B ETH Bull Market Breakout: $227B Let’s go onto Price Targets:<br />

66 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

Bear Case<br />

The bear case for me is SOL reaching ETH’s Bear Market Low on the cycle top. This means that<br />

SOL would go to $296 per token.<br />

Medium / Optimistic Case<br />

It’s reasonable for SOL to hit the market cap of ETH when it had its bear market breakout. This<br />

means that SOL would go to $513 per token.<br />

Bull Case<br />

Ethereum’s bull market support and breakout price is around $2.5K or around $300B Market Cap<br />

This means that SOL would go to $679 per token<br />

SOLETH<br />

SOL has severely outperformed ETH and is on its way to 0.1 Assuming ETH pumps 100%, at a 0.1<br />

ratio SOL would be at ~$600

Why compared Mkt caps?<br />

Because SOL is several times better than ETH while being 1/4 of its market cap There is no better<br />

L1 than Solana in any way so far tech-wise and adoption<br />

Thoughts<br />

Odds of Solana reaching ranging (+-$100) on the Medium case price target are quite high, obviously<br />

assuming this bull market isn’t over and still has a lot of steam. IMO Medium Case has 65%<br />

odds, 10% for Bear and 25% for Bull.

wkryptojimi<br />

I made $605 passive income on Solana this week! How?<br />

@Solcasinoio $215<br />

@pioneerlegendio $211<br />

@Tillarys_NFT $71<br />

@MarinadeFinance $49<br />

@AlphaPharaohs $40<br />

@microsharesNFT $13<br />

@hadeswap $6<br />

72 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

I enjoy analysing investments, assessing risks, and managing a diversified passive income portfolio. My goal: $1,000/<br />

week. Current average (10-week MA): $529/week. This is information - not financial advice or any recommendation. Do<br />

your own research!<br />

Gems of the Week: The @Solcasinoio team recently announced increased staking requirements (90k $SCS 120k<br />

$SCS), as they emphasise their focus on $SCS price appreciation. Season 2 has been announced - 1st May 2024.<br />

@Legacyzzzzz announced a modified payout structure, creating a lot of commotion in @pioneerlegendio resulting in<br />

FPs dropping. In USD terms, I do not expect a change in ROI; though those who were investing based on the previous<br />

payout structure (5-15% $SOL) found their expectations out of sync. I’ve been a little busy lately and slept on a few of<br />

my @Tillarys_NFT actions this week; but the income is still juicy as ever! As @AlphaPharaohs wind-down the Liquidity<br />

Pharaohs collection, they’re still distributing token airdrops received to holders. This week I received a share of the<br />

$BANX airdrop. Next week, I’m expecting a distribution from the liquidation process.

Weekly Review:<br />

Market sentiment has been positive lately. I’m hoping this trend can continue. Memecoins continue to dominate as NFTs<br />

continue to spiral.<br />

With $SOL reclaiming $195, the portfolio value has reached an ATH . We also hit an ATH for the 10-week moving average<br />

income, currently sitting at $529/week. Much of this is due to the uptick in @Solcasinoio revshare, so I will need to<br />

make some moves if I want to keep this up long-term.<br />

Cash balances are sitting at 47 $SOL. I’ve staked 20 $SOL with @jito_sol; and I’m considering scooping up a @Solcasinoio<br />

NFT if the opportunity presents itself.

Risk Management:<br />

Identifying & managing risks are critical to any passive income portfolio. It’s important to apply proper risk management<br />

practices.<br />

Scale slowly and be patient. Take the time to research. Avoid FOMO and plan for a good entry by responding to volatility.<br />

Consider staking as it provides intangible benefits - building stability and flexibility into your portfolio. In the long-run,<br />

$SOL will outperform many NFTs.<br />

Cutting losses, as painful as it is, is part of the game. Yesterday, I sold off 5 out of my 11<br />

@pioneerlegendio NFTs. I’m still a strong supporter of their RWA-based revshare, but this week’s events caused me to<br />

revise my risk assessment; so, I decided to reduce my exposure.<br />

@ShutterBotsClub recently announced that their revshare will be paused for the next 3-6 months, as @LucianPotlog<br />

handles some personal matters. I mention this because it’s important to highlight the various situations and risks that<br />

can affect your portfolio, particularly relating to passive income NFTs.










McSwap 1.4 (beta) was just pushed live!<br />

Now supports SPL Tokens and both cNFT & NFT trades.<br />

When you need trustless, private, p2p asset trades, you McSwap.<br />

88 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

Use ours, or host and brand your own. https://mcswap.xyz #Trustless #NFT #CNFT $SOL #Solana By<br />


@jussy_world<br />

Weekly update on Solana Airdrops.<br />

Parcl, Grass, Uprock, 1intro, BackPack, Jup<br />

@Parcl Community Allocation<br />

Early Parcl adopters 7.5%<br />

HOA NFT holders 0.4%<br />

Madlads holders 0.1%<br />

Snapshot for diamond hands, already done.<br />

First LBP on Solana, they have announced a<br />

public sale of their token $INTRO which will be<br />

on launched with LBP:<br />

A Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) public sale<br />

is a mechanism designed for fair token distribution<br />

and price discovery. Might be very interesting!<br />

@getgrass_io<br />

They implemented the first massive network<br />

upgrade!<br />

Many people say that it was a purge, because the<br />

last season ends in 10 days.<br />

Plus, for someone income on points has been<br />

reduced, but no, for 75% I have been receiving<br />

2000 per day and other from referrals.<br />

@Backpack<br />

Already in the second week, they opened rewards<br />

of 30% from your referrals, from the<br />

amount they spend on commission.<br />

Just go to Drop tab, my referrals hit 300k volume,<br />

I got $200+ in various tokens which is a<br />

pretty good result.<br />

@JupiterExchange<br />

@UpRockCom<br />

They updated the UI design, added animation,<br />

and most importantly, they are testing the app<br />

on IOS, so soon more users will be able to join.<br />

They also increased the reward in $WEN tokens.<br />

@1intro<br />

There is currently a second vote, which is very<br />

collaborative, on whether the team will receive<br />

funding for the new project, which is about over<br />

$1M. As it is too much for me, the best solution<br />

would be to reduce the funding by 25% and let<br />

the team work on a new project.<br />

90 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

@0xGumshoe<br />

People are making almost 15% APY on SOL Staking, why<br />

aren’t you? Introducing @sanctumso, the LST king Here’s<br />

everything you need to know.<br />

What is Sanctum?<br />

Sanctum is a new primitive built on Solana to power liquid<br />

staking and bring Solana into an infinite-LST future.<br />

Staked SOL Problems<br />

Staked SOL secures the network but can’t be used for anything<br />

else, and unstaked SOL has a lot of utility but doesn’t<br />

help secure the network This is where Sanctum and LSTs<br />

come in.<br />

Infinite LSTs<br />

Sanctum wants Solana to have infinite LSTs. Imagine being<br />

able to trade on Tensor or have your bids accrue APY while<br />

sitting on Tensor because you are holding TensorSOL. Imagine<br />

the same for NFT platforms like Sharky.<br />

How to Start<br />

Go to @sanctumso’s website and:<br />

- Choose one of the Blue Checkmarks (Sanctum List) LSTs<br />

- Stake (Basically swap SOL to the preferred LST)<br />

- Confirm Transaction<br />

...and you’re now getting almost double the regular Staked<br />

SOL APY<br />

Powering the SOL Economy<br />

One of the main issues with LSTs is fragmented liquidity<br />

(multiple pools, bad incentives) Sanctum solved this with<br />

its unified liquidity layer, allowing anyone to trade in size<br />

without slippage.<br />

Tokenless Protocol<br />

Tokenless protocols may eventually launch tokens and<br />

assuming there’s an airdrop you may qualify by holding<br />

INFSOL. The best airdrops are the unexpected ones.<br />

Final Thoughts<br />

Have some exposure to LSTs or you’re not generating any<br />

yield on SOL and are technically losing money due to the<br />

SOL inflation tokenomics.<br />

Sanctum wants infinite LSTs so that you can always generate<br />

yield on your SOL, no matter where you have it.

@The_Bakery_DAO<br />

Welcome to The Bakery<br />

The Bakery, formerly known as “LeDao,” serves as a representation of our groups commitment<br />

to the Solana ecosystem, reflecting our passion for its vibrant art community. We are<br />

dedicated to supporting the onboarding process for new collectors and artists alike, providing<br />

guidance and resources to ensure their integration into this wonderful ecosystem.<br />

This marks the beginning of several future endeavors, as The Bakery charts its independent<br />

92 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

course. By setting up a durable DAO, we’re<br />

securing our longevity and ensuring a positive<br />

influence over the ever-expanding art community.<br />

Over the coming months we will continue to<br />

highlight these new ideas that help highlight<br />

artists. Bringing together some of the strongest<br />

collectors in the space who speak individually<br />

but under a cohesive voice of The Bakery.<br />

A special recognition to @Delux3_Art for their<br />

incredible dedication and expertise in spearheading<br />

the DAO’s rebrand. Their vision and<br />

hard work have truly transformed our identity.<br />

We are excited to live up to the standards set by<br />

their dedication in finding the spirit of The Bakery.<br />

Thank you for being a driving force behind<br />

our new chapter!

Introducing the Classic Token Creator. A user-friendly<br />

tool crafted to simplify the token creation process<br />

on the Solana blockchain. Whether you’re an experienced<br />

developer or new to the blockchain space, our<br />

platform offers the resources and assistance needed<br />

to bring your ideas to fruition. We provide support<br />

throughout the process, and as an integral part of our<br />

project, 100% of the revenue generated by the Classic<br />

Token Creator will be reinvested into Solana Classic.<br />

The cost of generating a contract on the Solana Blockchain<br />

is 0.5 SOL.<br />

Revoking mint authority costs 0.1 SOL.<br />

Freezing mint authority also costs 0.1 SOL.<br />

8. Click ‘create’ and approve the transaction in your<br />

wallet. In about 30 seconds the tokens will appear in<br />

your wallet.<br />

Revoke Mint Authority<br />

If you choose to revoke mint authority, you’re ensuring<br />

that the maximum supply of tokens cannot be exceeded.<br />

Revoke Freeze Authority<br />

By revoking freeze authority, you’re ensuring that<br />

tokens cannot be frozen in holders’ wallets. It’s essential<br />

to revoke freeze authority if you plan to create a<br />

liquidity pool.<br />

Every penny generated from the ultimate token generator<br />

is reinvested back into Solana Classic.<br />

Here’s how we allocate our revenue:<br />

25% for strategic buybacks on the chart.<br />

25% for development to enhance various utilities.<br />

50% for marketing efforts to spread the word and grow<br />

our community.<br />

Beginning Your Journey: Initial Steps to Token Creation<br />

on Solana.<br />

1. Connect your wallet on our generator page.<br />

2. Enter your tokens name.<br />

3. Choose a symbol (up to 8 characters).<br />

4. Specify the total supply of your token.<br />

5. Select the decimal precision.<br />

(0 for Whitelist Token, 5 for utility Token, 9 for meme<br />

token)<br />

6. Describe your token briefly and add all links to your<br />

socials.<br />

7. Upload your PNG tokens image/logo.<br />

↑ Revoke Mint Authority and Revoke Freeze Authority<br />

↑<br />

After deploying and receiving your tokens, revoking<br />

both mint and freeze authority, you need to create<br />

a market ID. Click on ‘Create ID’ on the button at the<br />

top left. Make sure you do not lose your market ID!<br />

After creating your market ID, use it to create a pool on<br />

Raydium. Click on the ‘Raydium Pool’ button on the left<br />

sidebar to be directed there. A comprehensive information<br />

page detailing this subject will be published<br />

once the tool is officially live, providing deeper insights<br />

into the process.<br />

In addition to our revenue model, what sets us apart is<br />

our dedicated support system for those with questions<br />

about generating a contract. We’ve implemented a<br />

chat feature right on the generator page to assist everyone<br />

with ease around the clock. Users will receive<br />

assistance through our Telegram chat, accessible via<br />

the provided link on the page, ensuring 24/7 support.<br />

94 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

@0xGumshoe<br />

Solana is attracting BILLIONS to DePIN and AI The next big DePIN x AI Project is coming SOON And you can already<br />

pre-mine Tokens and qualify for a potential airdrop Introducing @UpRockCom<br />

Solana DePIN x AI<br />

Render, Helium, Nosana, ionet have all either launched or bridged to SOL because it is the best chain for technology<br />

You have to invest in projects launching on the chain of choice, which is why UpRock should be on your radar<br />

What is UpRock?<br />

UpRock is a people-powered AI DePIN network, where users can provide their unused bandwidth to power the<br />

growth and development of AI Your data helps power AI discoveries and savings, while also improving the AI<br />

assistant agent that users have access to<br />

Rocket, the AI Agent<br />

Rocket is an AI Agent that uses UpRock’s open data network to provide real-time insights to you. By using natural<br />

language, Rocket can help normies & you better understand crypto, wallet management and more.<br />

Adoption<br />

UpRock has already started to see adoption mostly in Asia and Africa, although Europe and North America have<br />

been on the rise as well.<br />

96 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

Tokenomics<br />

The majority of the Token supply is to the Community,<br />

which means emissions from users providing their data<br />

to UpRock DePIN tokens generally have a high FDV vs Circ<br />

Supply, which shouldn’t be taken as predatory because<br />

most of the locked tokens will go to miners<br />

Token Utility & Burn<br />

UpRock will have several Burn & Buyback and Burn events,<br />

coming from Platform Fees and Revenue Streams Part of<br />

the Revenue goes towards improving Liquidity and Rewarding<br />

Miners, in addition to the dedicated Community<br />

Pool.<br />

Allstar Team Background<br />

The core team has been together for 10+ years and has<br />

had 2 successful exits, most notably their Tenta Crypto<br />

Browser which was acquired by Avast. This is a team that<br />

knows how to build a product and deliver it to the masses.<br />

Final Thoughts<br />

UpRock is one of Jupiter’s LFG launchpad candidates,<br />

which reminds me of the projects (like Nosana) which<br />

presented at the last Solana Breakpoint conference. Don’t<br />

fade any of them, don’t fade UpRock.<br />

How to Start<br />

You can immediately get 20 $UPT by doing this: - Sign Up<br />

https://link.uprock.com/i/4391b061<br />

- Install the App (Android and macOS Supported) - Voilá<br />

If you don’t want to use my referral link go to @UpRock-<br />

Com bio!

smithii<br />

How to decide what utilities we are going<br />

to offer in our NFT Project, which even<br />

though we have previously downplayed its<br />

importance compared to marketing, is a key<br />

point that will add a lot to achieving sold<br />

out and above all so that our collection is<br />

successful in the long term.<br />

It is very important that you are clear<br />

that the profits you promise must be achievable,<br />

they must make sense and work in<br />

the long term. It is also important that this is<br />

profitable; Your NFT project is a business, it<br />

needs to generate profits in one way or<br />

another to sustain itself.<br />

Without further ado, let’s look at the importance<br />

of differentiation, places to find inspiration<br />

and we will discuss where we get<br />

Tillary’s’ profits from.<br />



The utility that we offer in our NFT Project<br />

will be one of the factors that will allow<br />

us to differentiate ourselves and stand out to<br />

attract users with the potential to purchase<br />

our NFTs.<br />

Having a unique or unusual utility is important,<br />

especially if it is truly valuable. Offering<br />

what we are used to seeing in all projects<br />

(Staking, belonging to a DAO, Receiving<br />

Calls and Whitelist Opportunities) will not<br />

help us , although there are many cases of<br />

projects that brand these same things and<br />

achieve an incredible impact.<br />

The NFT sector has very little history, so we<br />

have many blue oceans to exploit with our<br />

Project. Having so many opportunities it<br />

makes no sense to be left with a red ocean.<br />

Of course, if we have a functioning business<br />

that can support our NFT Collection<br />

it will be much more helpful. It will also be<br />

very useful for us if our team is made up<br />

of certain people if our utility is going to be<br />

based on their work (for example there are<br />

NFT projects that are dedicated to offering<br />

their development to other projects, their<br />

usefulness is to make revenue sharing of the<br />

benefit they generate).<br />


UTILITY?<br />

We have many ways to get inspired or<br />

get ideas from. If you already have a business<br />

that works, the simplest thing is to<br />

offer something related to it to your holders,<br />

so this will contribute to us, making the<br />

business and the NFT project feed each other<br />

(what we talked about in chapter 2).<br />

If not, which is the most normal, we will<br />

have to use our creativity or copy other<br />

projects and take it to a different blockchain/<br />

adapt the idea.<br />

Copying is not bad , if someone is doing<br />

something that works and you apply it in<br />

another sector (in this case in another blockchain)<br />

you have an advantage , since you are<br />

sure that it has worked previously.<br />

You can find hundreds of NFT projects on<br />

Twitter or on Marketplaces like Opensea or<br />

Magic Eden, take your time and check out<br />

the ones you find interesting. The more projects<br />

you see, the better ideas you will have.<br />

You should also not analyze more than necessary;<br />

you must analyze but also act. We<br />

should not have paralysis by analysis under<br />

any circumstances.<br />

If you don’t want to copy literally, you can<br />

use the same concept but give it a different<br />

use.<br />

It should be noted that there is a great opportunity<br />

to convert games and businesses<br />

that operate in the “traditional” sector to the<br />

NFT sector, find the one that best suits you.<br />

Do you want to receive news and tips for<br />

NFT Creators?<br />

Subscribe to our Newsletter and don’t miss<br />

all the news about NFTs.<br />


In the case of Tillarys, we have drawn inspiration<br />

for our utilities from different places.<br />

Tillary’s’ approach is to do revenue sharing,<br />

but not through its NFTs as such, but<br />

through the creation of secondary collec-<br />

98 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #154

tions. Tillary’s holders will be able to mint these<br />

collections for free. And these collections will<br />

focus on offering tools as a service to other<br />

projects, from which they will generate profit<br />

and provide revenue sharing.<br />

That is, we will earn money with our profits.<br />

That is, we will not seek to monetize solely with<br />

royalties or the mint, so we will sell a very limited<br />

collection at an average price.<br />

These secondary collections will be created<br />

through the incubator, which will also support<br />

external collections, such as a standard startup<br />

incubator.<br />

Not only will Tillarys have that, but they will also<br />

have Gatchapy and Tamagotchy. A Gashapon<br />

machine for users to play using the $THII token<br />

and a Tamagotchi game with which to evolve<br />

the NFT, customize traits and get $THII.<br />

The incubator idea is literally copied from the<br />

“real” business model that Startup incubators<br />

already follow.<br />

We have taken the revenue sharing model<br />

from other collections and incorporated it<br />

through secondary collections, in order to separate<br />

all the tools that we can offer as a service<br />

into “categories”, having their own “commercials”,<br />

which will be the holders themselves. ,<br />

due to their interest in generating more sales.<br />

The Gatchapy idea is an adaptation of the<br />

vending machine idea from another project.<br />

And Tamagotchy is an adaptation of the old<br />

game mixed with the concept of traitshop and<br />

metadata updating.<br />

Finding utilities that we have the capacity to<br />

carry out and that are profitable for us is a key<br />

point for the long-term success of our NFT<br />

Project. Take your time to investigate, read<br />

about other projects and find what utilities<br />

you would like to offer, without overlooking<br />

the analysis of said idea to make sure it makes<br />
































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