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Solana ecosystem magazine.


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Kaleve_<br />

SolatheCreator<br />

Embrace the enigma of new meta about to unfold on solana<br />

blockchain, Bozo the clown known as @BozoCollective<br />

a character steeped in whimsical lore and laughter<br />


Editor<br />

Solcity Radio<br />

WhoozyNFT<br />

SHDW<br />

BozoCollective<br />

Hedging<br />

ExchgART NFTs<br />

Creative Corner<br />

DRiP<br />

Mallow NFTs<br />

Adoption<br />



Editorial: Embracing the Winter Chill - A Recap of Solana's Latest Developments<br />

For those who have been closely following the pulse of Solana, the dates<br />

from August 31st to September 3rd held special significance as Hacker House<br />

Berlin took center stage. The Solana Foundation, in a commendable move,<br />

commissioned a unique edition of #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine exclusively for this event. Limited<br />

to just 500 premium copies, these magazines were crafted with precision and<br />

successfully distributed.<br />

The response was nothing short of exhilarating, with social media buzzing as<br />

lucky individuals shared their copies this exclusive magazine. The demand was<br />

so high that we received direct messages from enthusiasts inquiring if they<br />

could purchase a copy. If you're eager to secure one for yourself, we recommend<br />

reaching out to the Solana Foundation – you just might be in luck. And, of course,<br />

we eagerly await your feedback.<br />

In the midst of all the excitement, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine managed to get its hands on a few<br />

gems from Joseph Taylor's new series through the Metaplex mint site. The icing<br />

on the cake was the acquisition of a Fubby14 access pass. It's moments like these<br />

that remind us why we're so passionate about this space.<br />

It's been one of those weeks when the entire crypto space seemed to take a<br />

collective breath. However, even during these lulls, sparks of innovation persist.<br />

Notably, the buzz around VISA partnering with Solana's USDC settlement<br />

service briefly sent prices soaring, albeit temporarily. The subsequent correction<br />

pulled the price back to under $20 USDC. It's a reminder that in the world of<br />

cryptocurrencies, excitement can be as fleeting as winter's first snowfall.<br />

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. In this<br />

edition, we've diligently curated a collection of articles that we believe are well<br />

worth your time and investment to read. Additionally, the NFTs featured in this<br />

issue hail from talented creators such as Mallow and ExchangeArt. We hope<br />

that within these pages, you'll discover something new and exciting, perhaps<br />

something that had never crossed your mind before.<br />

Editor, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine<br />

Pixeltoy<br />

Joseph Taylor - FUTURA<br />

Spherescape #118<br />

Joseph Taylor - FUTURA




SOLANA<br />

Connect with the community<br />

WETIKO<br />






ARTIST!<br />

4 ARTISTS<br />



Sol Patrol Shredded Apes<br />


@TheDonsDAO<br />

I just found the next thrilling project on Solana. The name of the project is called @WhoozyNFT<br />

What is @WhoozyNFT?<br />

Whoozy is built by @vesperverse, @zengirlll and @Seekandmint with the vision of Exceptional Art,Real Value<br />

to the holders and mission to build the strong community on solana. They’re also aiming to launch a life-style<br />

brand that bring a rush of excitement.<br />

Mint Details: Supply-6007 Mint Price-TBA Mint Date-TBA<br />

Brand<br />

Whoozy brand is a testament to the vibrant and dynamic essence of early 90s era hip-hop and 2000’s skate culture<br />

with the carefully curated color palettes, captivating visuals and a touch of nostalgia converge to form the<br />

distinct brand identity.<br />

8 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>125</strong>

holders.<br />

Whoozyverse<br />

Whoozyverse is the game powered by Unreal Engine<br />

5,you can check the game trailer in here https://twitter.<br />

com/WhoozyNFT/status/1673722926217003014?s=20…<br />

Whoozyverse includes 5v5 Risk & Reward,Deathmatch,Treasure<br />

Hunt and Tournament game modes.<br />

Mint Funds Breakdown<br />

-50% of all royalties will always be allocated for the community<br />

expenditure.<br />

-Majority of the mint funds will be allocated to develop<br />

and improve products,Whoozy Production Hub and battle<br />

royal game Whoozyverse<br />

$WOOT Tokenomic<br />

$WOOT is the heart of Whoozyverse and it has many use<br />

cases. You can get it by staking and joining the game battles.<br />

$WOOT can spend in raffles,to join the tournaments,-<br />

Crafting,Power-Ups and Buffs,Wheel of Fortune,Trading<br />

and Cosmetics.<br />

Whoozy Production Hub<br />

Whoozy B2B Production Hub is designed to offer production<br />

services to prominent projects on Solana. Revenue<br />

generated from the partnerships will be sharing to the<br />

Personal Opinion<br />

1000 NFTs already sold out in presale and roadmap also<br />

sounds good. The thing that I worry about is branding and<br />

game projects usually take time and people slowly fading<br />

as long as it takes. So, it’d be interesting to see how they<br />

would handle it. (DYOR,NFA)

@grekos99<br />

A thread on the @solana native & high-performance<br />

$SHDW cloud platform powered by @GenesysGo<br />

and why it outclasses competitors like @Filecoin, @<br />

ArweaveEco and others.<br />

1. Team<br />

@GenesysGo is a team of super experienced & PhD<br />

giga brains. These guys achieved more in a year than<br />

any of the competitors achieved in 5+ years, and will<br />

undoubtedly continue to do so:<br />

- The founders:<br />

@GenesysGo (Frank) @GummersGG (Steven)<br />

- The devs:<br />

@tracy_codes (Tracy) @taylorabbey (Taylor) @DeFi_<br />

Rooster (David) @hexagraf (Chris)<br />

- The shadow engineers:<br />

@_nighthawk69_ (stranzhay) @CavemanLoverBoy<br />

(cavey) @khaIilnafis (Khalil)<br />

with the soon to be released $SHDW Drive v2.<br />

Quote<br />

grekos99<br />

@grekos99<br />

$SHDW Drive vs GDrive upload times. $SHDW Drive is<br />

not only decentralized & secure, it’s also fricking fast!<br />

And this is not even the final product. @GenesysGo is<br />

still building a revolutionary storage tech called DAG-<br />

GER. Try UIs like @sdrive_app @shadow_storage or @<br />

synx_xyz<br />

2.2 The tech: DAGGER<br />

2.1. Product offering<br />

@GenesysGo’s mission is to provide a high-performance<br />

and affordable cloud storage platform. The<br />

current version, $SHDW Drive v1.5, has been live for<br />

over a year and is already being utilized by numerous<br />

projects as well as individuals for their storage needs.<br />

See below its incredible performance & speed vs Google<br />

Drive. However, a major enhancement is planned<br />

This enhancement is called DAGGER, a custom distributed<br />

ledger technology (Directed Acyclic Gossiping<br />

Graph Enabling Replication). It will be the core of the<br />

$SHDW platform. It acts as the orchestration engine<br />

for the network: it allows data to safely be erasure coded<br />

into pieces and stored across multiple independent<br />

operators without having to compromise on security.<br />

The same way Solana is the optimal execution layer<br />

for fast payments, DAGGER is the optimal L1/L2 hybrid<br />

designed specifically to manage large amounts of data<br />

stored across decentralized networks. All while being<br />

scalable and bandwidth efficient.<br />

10 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>125</strong>

Performance is key to attracting users & businesses! That is<br />

why @GenesysGo is making sure DAGGER provides performance<br />

on par with AWS & co.<br />

For more details on how it works see below. A whitepaper<br />

is also being drafted by the team for more technical readers.<br />

https://docs.shadow.cloud/learn/dagger<br />

2.3 Why use $SHDW Drive vs competitors?<br />

- choice between mutable & immutable storage - embedded<br />

GDPR compliance to tackle regulatory risk - deterministic<br />

name structure to enhance performance - Robust dev<br />

tools for Solana builders - S3 compatibility for seamless<br />

onboarding of new users & web2 businesses - Ease of use<br />

thanks to community UIs @Filecoin & @ArweaveEco do<br />

not offer these features.<br />

2.4. Existing user interfaces<br />

Although additional products are being built on top of<br />

$SHDW Drive, there are currently three available community<br />

UIs to easily upload files onto $SHDW Drive. All you<br />

need is a login & a Solana address with a tiny amount of<br />

$SOL & $SHDW.<br />

- https://sdrive.app by @sdrive_app<br />

- https://shadow.storage by @shadow_storage<br />

- https://synx.xyz by @synx_xyz<br />

2.5 Product roadmap<br />

@GenesysGo has never committed to a specific timeline.<br />

Simply because building great products takes time. To<br />

quote dev god @tracy_codes: ‘It’ll be ready when it’s<br />

ready’. However, the shipping pipeline is pretty full: DAG-<br />

GER, mobile, vector storage for AI…<br />

3.1. Tokenomics<br />

$SHDW is the utility token that powers the<br />

Shadow ecosystem. It has two main purposes: -<br />

buy storage & compute capabilities - secure the<br />

network (via a staking mechanism for shadow<br />

operators)<br />

$SHDW is close to FULL DILUTION! 88% of the<br />

total supply is in circulation and it will reach<br />

close to 100% within months. The project<br />

launched with 200m $SHDW. Last year @<br />

GenesysGo burned the entire token reserve of<br />

31m as the team felt it was not needed. There<br />

are therefore 169m left, of which 148m are in<br />

circulation. The remaining 21m are staked via<br />

Shadowy Super Coder NFTs and most of them<br />

will be in circulation in the coming months.<br />

Track the staking address here: https://solscan.<br />

io/account/46BtRifF7jVcMYaoPu9E6Mdh9ahy-<br />

Er8TMkrxKFwJ3QDa…<br />

$SHDW is deflationary. The total supply will<br />

never increase and will instead be reduced via<br />

various burning mechanisms: - ingress/egress<br />

charges for high-performance data requests -<br />

mutable storage fees - purchase of SSC NFTs v2<br />

features or upgrades - additional mechanisms<br />

tbd<br />

3.2 Pricing<br />

A dynamic $SHDW Drive pricing pegged to a USD value<br />

is in place for mutable storage. Mutable: 1GB = 0.05 USD<br />

per year $SHDW value low? More $SHDW gets burnt for<br />

each GB but the customer still pays a fixed price. $SHDW<br />

moons? Cost to customer stays the same, just results in<br />

less $SHDW burnt.<br />

Immutable storage on the other hand is not pegged.<br />

Immutable : 1 GB = 0.25 SHDW (~ 0.03 USD) Some might<br />

wonder how both these pricing structures can be sustainable<br />

and how operators are incentivized. Think of the<br />

current offering as being a teaser rate: early adopters can<br />

get large storage space almost for free. This will of course<br />

be recalibrated in due course.<br />

4. Business structure<br />

Thanks to careful planning and execution, @GenesysGo<br />

was able to setup an extremely flexible business structure<br />

to navigate through potentially turbulent times: - no VC<br />

dependency, as no private token sales took place. This<br />

means total freedom to build the way they want - they<br />

have around 50m in IDO funds at disposal, allowing the<br />

team to continue building for 20+ years - should the web3<br />

potential turn out to be limited, @GenesysGo mentioned<br />

that they could easily become a web2 business and swap<br />

$SHDW tokens into shares or buy them back with generated<br />

revenues.<br />

Final thoughts My conclusion of the above is simple:<br />

@GenesysGo has the potential to be a major disruptor in<br />

the USD 400 billion a year cloud industry. If they succeed<br />

and manage to gain just a tiny fraction of the market share,<br />

it would result in a multi-billion valuation for $SHDW. As a<br />

reminder the current valuation is at 18m. That’s right. 18.<br />


HimuraNFT<br />

Embrace the enigma of new meta about to unfold on solana blockchain, Bozo the clown known as<br />

@BozoCollective, a character steeped in whimsical lore and laughter, Here’s everything you need to know and<br />

why you shouldn’t miss out.<br />

Bozo is said to be the guardian of joy, a timeless and ageless being who travels between worlds on a rainbow-colored<br />

balloon. Born from the dreams of children, Bozo is a whimsical enigma, both prankster and wise counselor<br />

rolled into one. #Bozocollective<br />

Bozo emerged from the laughter of the very first child<br />

to discover the joy of a well-timed joke. This laugh,<br />

pure and infectious, took on a life of its own, materializing<br />

into the clownish form of Bozo. With a big red<br />

nose, Blue round eyes, Bozo embodies the spirit of<br />

fun!<br />

Bozo is renowned for his playful pranks, which are<br />

never meant to hurt but rather to remind people not<br />

to take life too seriously,he hosts a never-ending carnival<br />

where cotton candy grows on trees, the animals<br />

tell jokes, and everyone dances to the tune of their<br />

own mirth.<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>125</strong>

Beyond all,Bozo imparts profound wisdom about the<br />

importance of laughter, unity, and the boundless possibilities<br />

of imagination. He teaches that even in the darkest of<br />

times, a well-timed joke can be a beacon of hope.<br />

Lastly, Bozo reminds us all that there’s a place for laughter<br />

and silliness in our lives. So, the next time you hear a<br />

clown’s horn honk or see a splash of confetti, remember<br />

that @BozoCollective might be near, spreading laughter<br />

and merriment wherever he goes. #Bozocollective<br />

Conclusion!<br />

Owning @BozoCollective NFTs is like holding a key to a<br />

lifetime generational wealth and here’s why: Free mint on<br />

solana network<br />

• Low supply<br />

• No Overallocation<br />

• Rewards active participant<br />

@BozoCollective is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Kaleve_<br />

A good way to protect your NFT portfolio is to hedge against market volatility. You can do this in many ways, and<br />

in today’s content I will show you how to do this through a loan. Understand how you can hedge quickly through<br />

platforms like @texture_fi.<br />

Borrow to hedge, how does it work? As a Borrower, you will deposit your NFT as collateral and you will receive<br />

tokens (SOL) in exchange for this. The loan has a duration and a certain interest rate At the end of the loan, you<br />

have two options.<br />

1- Repay the loan + interest rate, in this way, you will once again regain ownership of the NFT that you origi-<br />

16 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>125</strong>

nally put forth as collateral.<br />

2- 2- Do not repay the loan. In this case, you retain<br />

the borrowed SOL tokens, but the ownership of<br />

your NFT will be transferred to the lender.<br />

The moment the floor price drops below the amount you<br />

borrowed, you have successfully hedged. So in that situation,<br />

you would choose to keep the amount you borrowed.<br />

You can then choose to buy back if the NFT price drops<br />

further.<br />

Last week, CETS price reached 10.88 SOL And on this same<br />

day (08/22) we took a snapshot, and the best loan offer<br />

was 7.70 SOL. On the 29th of August (7 days later), the<br />

price returned to 7 - 6.4 SOL range. If you had a 7-day loan<br />

it would have been a successful hedge!<br />

And you can do this whole process through @texture_fi<br />

A user-friendly and simple-to-use platform. After a few<br />

steps, you can Borrow with just one click!<br />

Weekly, @texture_fi is making posts showing the hedges<br />

of the week Take a look at the last tweet here.<br />

Quote<br />

Texture @texture_fi<br />

Alpha reminder: hedging your portfolio with some NFT<br />

loans is often a smart move<br />

https://twitter.com/texture_fi/status/1696561491481182294<br />

I hope you understand how to hedge with<br />

a loan If it makes sense to you, it can be a<br />

good strategy to protect your portfolio, even<br />

more so when the floor price of a collection<br />

increases a lot in a short time.





empty lab




sikedelic Kreepykreepz




Pop Monkez

Philipp Rosenhain



Philipp Rosenhain

Philipp Rosenhain









yellow trash can

yellow trash can

yellow trash can

yellow trash can


Hello Readers, now that you’ve had a few light weeks of practicing here. Let’s<br />

once again dive into the deep waters of poetic structure and the constraints that<br />

help us become better writers and artists each day. Now if you remember the five<br />

poetic structures, and if you can’t recall here they are: meter, rhyme, scheme,<br />

verse, and stanza. These five elements are a generalization of the vast number of<br />

different types of poetic structure that you can use as an outline for your writing.<br />

Today we will be looking at a structure that has 2 uses, as a stanza and a use as<br />

its own poem as well. The Tercet. A Tercet is any three lines of poetry, whether as<br />

a 3-lined stanza or a stand alone poem. The Tercet can rhyme (or not) and can<br />

have a particular meter (or not). A great example we all know commonly as the<br />

Haiku is a Tercet. Oh! Now in your mind you’re thinking a Tercet is easy? Three<br />

little lines, just scribbled on a page. Well, let’s put it this way, an easy Tercet is like<br />

a “bad” Tercet, not thought out, syllables not even noticed, no meter, no subtle<br />

foreshadowing or social commentary. Remember, even if you can only use ten<br />

words in an entire poem–those ten words must convey the precise intention of<br />

the author. If you choose your words all willy-nilly your poem will lose its depth<br />

and power. When we use conciseness we must use preciseness as well…using<br />

little words doesn’t mean applying lesser meaning. Using more words does not<br />

portray more meaning.<br />


2/4<br />


Be exact and precise in your words when writing poetry, study them! Use a thesaurus!<br />

Look up schemes and meters that you would otherwise not have thought of to use, and<br />

use them! Study syllabic sounds so that you can put your art together in a way that the<br />

reader can easily convey your intention. The more you practice the art of words, the<br />

easier these poetic structures and cadences will come naturally to you.<br />

Everything you do in life is a practice,<br />



Today you have the opportunity to practice poetry with me! Follow along with my<br />

4 easy steps and you’ll be writing in no time…<br />

Step 1: Choose a topic. This week I’m choosing the clouds because that’s where my<br />

head is right now.<br />

Step 2: The most fun step, the Madlib step. Fill in the blanks with brainstorming!<br />

Come up with a few ideas you might put in your draft. Here I go: light and airy like<br />

a perfect beignet. So high, blown by the wind, cold and stormy sometimes too.<br />

Step 3: Choose a poetic structure–you didn’t forget about the Tercet did you?<br />

Let’s practice using our structure from this week. I’m going to write 3 Tercets that<br />

can also be 3 stand alone poems.<br />

Step 4: Wrap up your piece with an ending. Don’t judge yourself, it’s only the first<br />

draft! You can always change it later, that’s the beauty of poetry. Don’t stress–let<br />

yourself be free to write what’s on your mind.<br />



Let’s see what I can come up with…<br />

Up There<br />

down here, looking up<br />

sure you don’t look that tough<br />

just a cloud floating by<br />

too high to grasp<br />

my jump can’t last<br />

i still reach up to you anyway<br />

even when you’re gray<br />

i could lay aneath you all day<br />

watching you blow away in the chilled wind<br />

What do you think? Working with structures is fun and<br />

challenging. I can’t wait to see what you write this week…<br />

send them to<br />

and until next time…be practicing!<br />


@solathecreator<br />

Free Nfts of your favorite Creators This could be the game changer in crypto & Nft adoption But most people<br />

aren’t paying attention. Here’s a bit background of @drip_haus.<br />

DRiP originated from @solanaspaces physical storefronts designed to introduce users to Solana. The concept was<br />

straightforward yet innovative: offering free art on a weekly basis, created by renowned artists.<br />

Quote<br />

DRiP @drip_haus<br />

Introducing Drip, a drop by @solanaspaces. Sign up free at http://drip.haus Get a free 1/1 art NFT to your @<br />

Phantom wallet every week from top creators. Collect our drops and soon, unlock rewards like merch, stickers,<br />

WLs, and NFTs, just for collecting.<br />

Now Creators & brands can reach out to @drip_haus to expand their reach as it showcases their creations upon<br />

thousands of subscribers weekly.<br />

As at the time of Writing there are currently 27 channels on Drip. My favorite channels are<br />

54 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>125</strong>

Worthy to mention DRiP has minted 33m+ collectibles so<br />

Far and has over 500k registered wallets (Users) This is<br />

only possible on @Solana via compression.<br />

DRiP has some exciting features that go beyond just free<br />

NFTs:<br />

1. Legendary Lock-in (Game) to play and unlock a higher<br />

rarity of NFT.<br />

2. Vault (Gallery) to view all your collectibles.<br />

3. Say thanks (Donate) to your favorite artists.<br />

Why should you use Drip?<br />

- Drip provides a chance to receive free NFTs from Top<br />

creators.<br />

-It’s a risk-free way to enter the crypto and NFT world.<br />

-Great way to support and empower creators.<br />

To get Started 1. Get an invite code 2. Visit http://drip.<br />

haus and connect Solana wallet 3. Enter your invite code<br />

3. Subscribe to your favorite artists 4. Log in daily to play<br />

Legendary Lock-in










_hanaknight17<br />

Mass adoption is *NOT* going to happen just from institutional adoption.<br />

As @0xBanana & my mom puts it: It's going to take all of us embracing our roles as a "doorto-door<br />

salesperson".<br />

When the @Visa integration news broke out<br />

yesterday, I was barely online. I found out from<br />

family & friends flooding me with questions<br />

about Solana.<br />

Influencer, dev, artist... Whatever your role is, if<br />

you're still here on @solana, you share part of<br />

this communal responsibility to push the space<br />

in the direction that you want it to grow.<br />

To a lot of us in here, Solana feels inevitable.<br />

Be it for the future of global payments, or for<br />

creators in the arts & other creative industries,<br />

Solana is mega bullish.<br />

But that's the bottleneck, it's still a bubble.<br />

Not only do we need to continue putting in the<br />

hard work to build tech infrastructure, public<br />

good services, and creative projects that are<br />

actually meaningful on-chain use-cases.<br />

But we also need an overwhelming amount of<br />

patience:<br />

• To explain what blockchain technology is all about, and why it *doesn't* damage the environment<br />

any more than people using cloud gaming or movie streaming services do;<br />

• To show how we can transform the existing socio-economic interactions into something<br />

more equitable, accountable, and transparent;<br />

• To share how NFTs the paradigm shift this represents for creatives across multiple industries<br />

being able to OWN and VERIFY the authenticity & provenance of their work, and how<br />

it is very much *not* just "random strings of letters and numbers with a JPEG front-end"<br />

As our neighbourhood supersaiyan Pengu @iamkadense always says:<br />

Slowly then suddenly... Solana<br />

66 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>125</strong>

The becc Interview: A Web3 Content Creator Story<br />

becc tells us about her entry into NFTs, learning how to create content, lack of female representation in Web3<br />

and her favorite 1/1 artists.<br />

Benzel Washington / tsbdigital<br />

You’re a holder and active member in numerous bluechip projects like DeGods, SMB, Claynosaurz and of course,<br />

the Mad Lads.<br />

What was your entry into the NFT space?<br />

My brother got me involved, he’s a trader.<br />

I’m more of a collector - been around ever since.<br />

68 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>125</strong>

Have you been creating content since the beginning?<br />

How did you find your voice as a creator in web3?<br />

I started creating after about a year in NFTs.<br />

I found my voice by connecting with dope people in the<br />

space and going to IRL events, and honestly just posting,<br />

and seeing what works and always getting better.<br />

You recently spoke out about the lack of representation<br />

of female builders in NFT projects.<br />

What female led projects are you most bullish on right<br />

now?<br />

I don’t know of any projects that are considered blue chips<br />

that are female-led, that’s the problem haha.<br />

Rooniverse is dope.<br />

Who are the underrated or unknown women in the space<br />

that deserve more of a spotlight?<br />

Too many women to name. nich and bangerz are both<br />

G.O.A.T. artists.<br />

Gotta shoutout bee because they made me a sick<br />

DeGod.<br />

You’ve started exploring the 1/1 NFT world lately. Who<br />

are your favorite 1/1 artists right now?<br />

0xZh_ is the dope artist for my Oracle as well.<br />

1/1 artists are a big move!

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