SHILL Issue128 Preview

Preview of issue 128. Please consider supporting by paying $2usd for access via the Helio link.

Preview of issue 128. Please consider supporting by paying $2usd for access via the Helio link.


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Blockchain Resilience: Navigating the Storms of Market Sentiment<br />

As September wraps up, the blockchain space finds itself at a crossroads,<br />

where sentiments are in dire need of a reset. Market dynamics have taken<br />

a toll, pushing asset values and NFT prices to unprecedented lows. But<br />

let's be clear, this is not the end; it's a turbulent phase that holds more<br />

challenges in store.<br />

Looking ahead, 2024 appears poised to be the year that separates the<br />

wheat from the chaff, where blockchain's true believers will shine. NFT<br />

utility will face rigorous testing, especially for those profile picture (PFP)<br />

projects that need to prove their mettle even in trying times.<br />

Amidst the chaos, there are beacons of resilience. Projects like<br />

Downgrapes and Beardudes persistently build their utility, undeterred by<br />

the pump-and-dump (PnD) volatility surrounding them. SolPatrol stands<br />

tall, having made substantial strides in the gaming sector over the past<br />

year. Meanwhile, Brohalla has demonstrated the genius required to foster<br />

a vibrant community and develop tools that keep users engaged.<br />

However, you cannot overlook the remarkable work of @gentlemonke<br />

at XLabs, the mastermind behind Dandies. The suite of tools he has<br />

pioneered is nothing short of extraordinary. Several projects are now<br />

following suit, claiming innovation, but Dandies has been leading the way<br />

for quite some time.<br />

#Shillzine has found a new home on Solarplex, reminiscent of Twitter's<br />

early days. We recently extended our support to #SassyBoys by<br />

participating in two exclusive auctions and backed #Playground's Populus mint, an inspiring<br />

project with deep roots in the blockchain space. Additionally, we secured a piece from @<br />

degenghosty, who will soon migrate her stories to DReader. These are victories we cherish!<br />

Degen Ghosty<br />

Our articles this week hold a wealth of insights and alpha. Take a few minutes each day to explore them; it's a journey<br />

worth undertaking by week's end.<br />

To those who have supported #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine through magazine purchases, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your support<br />

means the world to us. For those who haven't (perhaps you stumbled upon a secret link), we invite you to consider it –<br />

join us in this blockchain adventure.<br />

Editor, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine<br />

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SassyBoys<br />


Populous Through Clouds

DowngrApes Beardude<br />


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