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Solana ecosystem magazine.

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Chicken Tribe

The Stoned Cybers


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Concept Art



Mallow NFTs





#SHILLzine Issue 130: The Ultimate Solana Extravaganza

Welcome, blockchain enthusiasts, to a sensational edition of #SHILLzine – Issue 130, where we immerse ourselves in the

expansive world of Solana! This time, we've gone all out with an extraordinary 150 pages of Solana-focused content,

and guess what? It's absolutely FREE! Starting from Issue 120, we've been making every 5th issue accessible to all. In the

interim, we count on our community to support us with a $2 donation – a small token of appreciation for the 24+ hours

invested in crafting each issue.

In this complimentary edition, we introduce a brand-new section devoted to PIXEL ART, a brilliant addition stemming

from a suggestion on #Solarplex. If you haven't yet explored Solarplex, you're undeniably missing out! It exudes the

original Solana charm from the early days of the crypto space. With over 4,000 active users, it's a treasure trove waiting

for you. And as a little treat, #SHILLzine has some exclusive invite codes to kickstart your journey!

Speaking of 'free' and Solana, have you experienced mixt-ape.com? This innovative platform has given birth to 140

MixtApes as Solana NFTs, a creation by the talented harkl_ as part of his Hackerthon project. Don't miss out on this

exciting endeavor!

Furthermore, we have something special for you – Floor, an app designed to help you manage your portfolio and NFTs

with ease. It's available on both iOS and Android, and we're thrilled to share a few exclusive invite codes to get you

started. Pair this with your daily DRiP feed, and you'll have a comprehensive view of your crypto journey.

Remember, these invite codes are one-time opportunities, so act swiftly!

In this edition of #SHILLzine, you'll also find the inaugural issue of the ChickenTribe comic, an 18-page introduction

produced by the Chicken Tribe NFT project. This OG project continues to be a pioneering force in the Solana space,

providing solutions for minting your own project, creating NFT assets, and establishing your own candy machine project.

Visit ChickenTribe to learn more and explore their diverse launchpad tools. As an added bonus, ChickenTribeNFTs are

being offered as prizes on Solarplex in a competition initiated by #SHILLzine.

Don't miss an opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of McDegens. Take a few minutes in this issue to discover

the project's intricacies. Why should you consider accumulating $PIKL? What tools have been developed, and what's the

McDegenDAO all about? Find out in this edition.

This jam-packed issue has an abundance of articles to keep you entertained all week long. You'll also find hundreds of

NFTs you may not have come across before. There's truly something for everyone in the sensational #SHILLzine Issue 130

– a celebration of all things Solana!

Enjoy the read, and may the blockchain continue to inspire and empower us all.

Editor, #SHILLzine


DRiP codes:




Floor codes:



Solarplex codes:






DowngrApes Beardude


SHILL Issue #129



I’m back with a fresh list of early Solana projects. Here,

the upcoming Best 4 Sol Projects.


- I’m really looking forward to this project, and the mystery

surrounding it makes it even more exciting. - After

hints from the founder, @Finnydegods, it seems that

Bags is getting close to iOS testing, and we can expect the

release soon.

- In August, Finnydegods, one of the co-founders behind

the well-known DeGods and y00ts NFT projects, made it

known on his X account that he had parted ways with the

company. - Keep eyes on this project’s


- The Curators is a group of art and NFT enthusiasts with

a mission to help real-world artists venture into the NFT

space while enabling web 3 enthusiasts to invest in traditional

fine art and own real art pieces through NFTs.

- They’re working on creating an art gallery that welcomes

collectors and investors from both the web 3 and web 2

worlds. - They aim to inspire others to enhance the space

with fresh art, ideas, and concepts while building a real


Holder’s benefit: - Holders are gallery associates, earning

20% revenue share from their upcoming sales, including

royalties. - They gain access to the $65 billion fine art

market, art world education, their real-world art business

network, and partner perks.

Team: Moody/Cristo : Founder , Art dealer and art advisor.

Fred: Co-founder, Graphic designer.

@benji_whyzard: Associate, Marketing leader. Sammy: Art

expert, collector and providing his expertise on the choice

of the artists the gallery will launch.

Team: Moody/Cristo : Founder , Art dealer and art advisor.

Fred: Co-founder, Graphic designer .

@benji_whyzard: Associate, Marketing leader . Sammy:

Art expert, collector and providing his expertise on the

choice of the artists the gallery will launch.


- Outmatrix is a lore-based project featuring the pioneering

concept of a gamified minting process. - They bring

together impressive artistry and advanced NFT technology

to operate their minting procedures.

- Their main offering is a gamified minting experience that

puts emphasis on user involvement.

- During the NFT minting, users can choose distinct traits

26 SHILL Issue #129

for their NFTs, and these choices lead to bonuses that enhance

each NFT’s uniqueness and overall value.

and lore that captures the essence of their ecosystem and


Team: @dusterxxxx (Founder & COO) : An entrepreneur

with marketing expertise, with prior experience at Tesla,

skilled in managing various marketing endeavors.

@niqmool9 (Founder & CEO) : Professional poker player

and NFT enthusiast since 2021. A forever DeGod holder.

@ye_btc ( Advisor) : Founder of btcmechanics / pixelmoonarts.

@halikete ( Advisor) : An educated marketer with experience

at BitGet, Nekki, and Tollan Worlds, also advising

and co-founding projects like BTCMechanics and Pixelmoonarts.

- This endeavor has spanned over 6 millennia, with nearly

5 millennia devoted exclusively to shaping each element

within it.

- The project Insomnia is set to revolutionize the ecosystem’s

approach to development with its distinctive and

unconventional unfolding strategy.

Holder’s benefit:

- They’ve been working hard for months, and some cool

things are coming, especially for art lovers.

- Their objective is to transform Insomnia into an artistic

movement, a brand, and a legacy.


Founder - @felix_gesualdo

Insomnia Heads ( marketing) - @TavoBit, @

D2Mi_0711, Wolf Insomnia Dev (Engineer) - Letrix

Illustrator - Pora


- Higher beings, including ClayDrako and real-world investors,

are collaborating on a project to create a narrative

Unlocking the Imagination: Exploring Blockchain

NFT Concept Art

In the vibrant world of blockchain NFTs, concept

art serves as the portal to boundless creativity and

imagination. These digital canvases crafted by talented

artists often lay the foundation for immersive

gaming experiences, awe-inspiring landscapes,

and captivating storytelling. In this review, we

delve into some remarkable pieces of concept art,

each a testament to the limitless possibilities of

this burgeoning digital art form.

Rocket Queen by UNLENS

Concept art isn’t just about characters; it’s about

bringing them to life. UNLENS, with their creation

“Rocket Queen,” offers a glimpse into the meticulous

design process that goes into crafting protagonists

and their worlds. The Rocket Queen herself

is nothing short of incredible, leaving us eagerly

anticipating her adventures.

Rubycreatenft takes us beyond the confines of

reality with “Serendipity,” pushing the boundaries

of traditional landscape art. This artwork invites us

to explore fantastical realms that exist only in the

artist’s imagination, proving that concept art can

transport us to places we’ve never dreamed of.

2.Serendipity by rubycreatenft

Starwatcher x27238 by DA0XLAB

Environments play a pivotal role in storytelling,

and DA0XLAB’s “Starwatcher x27238” brings

them to life. From landscapes to architecture,

concept art influences level layouts and sets the

mood, immersing players in rich and immersive


1.rocket queen by UNLENS

Serendipity by rubycreatenft

28 SHILL Issue #129

5.F-Stop by Omore

Warrior’s Resting Place by UNLENS

UNLENS returns with “Warrior’s Resting Place,” a testament

to the power of concept art in setting the tone

and style of a game. From color palettes to lighting,

this artwork guides the visual direction to create a

cohesive and captivating gaming experience.

3.Starwatcher x27238 by DA0XLAB

Elvish Lyrist by ErnestoC

Collaboration between concept artists, writers, musicians,

and designers often results in visual masterpieces.

ErnestoC’s “Elvish Lyrist” is a shining example

of this synergy. This artwork was created for a music

single album titled “The Elves,” inspired by Norse

mythology’s Alfheim realm. It pays homage to the renowned

watercolor artist Rebecca Guay while beautifully

complementing the melodic journey of the album.

6. warrior’s resting place by UNLENS

Hunter on Hunter by UNLENS

UNLENS proves to be a master of visual impact with

“Hunter on Hunter.” This artwork demonstrates how

artists use color, typography, imagery, and design

principles to create attention-grabbing and memorable

posters. It’s a striking reminder that concept art

extends beyond the digital realm, making an impact in

the physical world as well.


4. Elvish Lyrist by ErnestoC

F-Stop by Omore

Concept art knows no bounds when it comes to style

and genre. Omore’s “F-Stop” offers a glimpse of a futuristic

world that captivates with its motion and visual

impact. It’s a reminder that concept art can transport

us to entirely different realities, whether they are rooted

in the past, present, or future.

7. hunter on hunter by UNLENS

Solitude #5 by aaronlhg

As a storytelling tool, concept art has the power to

convey mood, tone, and atmosphere like no other

medium. “Solitude #5” by aaronlhg is a prime example,

pulling viewers into its melancholic embrace and

allowing them to connect emotionally with the depicted


8. Solitude #5 by aaronlhg

In the world of blockchain NFTs, concept art shines

as a beacon of creativity and innovation. These digital

masterpieces open doors to uncharted realms, immerse

us in rich environments, and breathe life into

characters we can only dream of. As the blockchain

NFT ecosystem continues to evolve, one thing remains

clear: concept art will always be at its heart,

guiding us on imaginative journeys beyond our wildest



























Unleash your inner gamer and earn rewards with Genopets! Explore, battle, and evolve your digital pet as you

walk and take on daily challenges. With your Genopet by your side, every step becomes an adventure. So why

wait? Enter the Genoverse today and start your journey to a more rewarding lifestyle. Sign up for early access on

our website.

Genopets is the gamification of an active lifestyle. Walking around the mall? Jogging at the gym? Running between

meetings in your office? No matter how you stay active, your Genopet is always by your side, counting the

steps you’ll use to fuel your gameplay.

Genopets is a move-to-earn game that does more than count your steps and reward you for how much you walk.

The game is predicated on you building a bond with your digital companion and taking care of it every day by taking

care of yourself.

Paying homage to the nostalgia of taking care of our Tamagotchi, evolving and battling our Pokémon, or even

raising our first real-world pet, the emotional connection between oneself and their pet is a powerful force. That

emotional force is the premise of Genopets and ultimately what will help motivate you to live a more active


Rewarding an Active Lifestyle

Passively played, but actively rewarded.

As you go about your life, Genopets uses the pedometer on your smartphone to track your physical activity. After

a long day, you can bank your steps to convert your real-life movement into Energy, your source of in-game fuel;

we call this move-to-play. Energy unlocks opportunities to earn rewards like converting Energy to KI (with a Habitat)

or XP to level up and using Energy to battle, explore, and play with your pet too.

60 SHILL Issue #129

Genopets is played passively as you accrue steps throughout

the day. Every day, you’ll need to bank your steps to

reap the rewards of your day’s activity before the clock

strikes midnight. By removing hours of staring and tapping

on a screen from the equation, we replace traditional

mobile game grinding with building better habits through

gamified self-care. This action you take to recognize your

hard work every day is designed to reward consistency.

The key to self-care starts with building better habits.

Move-to-Play + Play-to-Earn = Move-to-Earn Gaming.

GameFi Sustainability

Sustainability has been a hot topic in GameFi over the

past year—and rightly so. Games could onboard billions of

players to Web3 through fun and rewarding experiences.

However, that adoption will not happen without game

developers iterating on existing play-to-earn models.

Building a sustainable Web3 game economy begins with

designing meaningful, interactive experiences for the playerbase

to engage and bond with. These serve as the basis

of the player’s desire to play the game (fun) and means

to transact around (earn), via trading and collaboration.

A game players enjoy for its intrinsic, experiential value

affords opportunities to spend and be rewarded for efforts


From meaning, comes value; from value, comes earning.

We believe the solution to creating a sustainable GameFi

economy where players can earn in all kinds of ways must

be built on 3 foundational principles:

1.Create a game that rewards players for dedication

and skill, not solely how much they are willing to

invest financially in the game. By actively playing

the game, and investing their time and efforts into a

Genopet, their NFT can appreciate because of their

hard work; and can be freely traded within the game’s

marketplace economy, with capital flowing from other

players willing to pay for a head start. This leads to

non-linear, skill-based earning, not dependent on

increasing fungible token emissions.

2.Facilitate the creation and transaction of value between

players in a marketplace economy where players

must continually make choices on how to earn.

Genopets fuels a creator economy of players transacting

in-game items for their enjoyment of the game

and the potential to earn. In this way, the viability of

the economy rests on daily active use of the game as

players buy, sell, or trade to play. As a game publisher,

we define what can exist, but it’s up to players to make

it happen and assign value to the items they create.

3.Create experiences (and NFTs) worth paying for!

This allows for deflationary sinks to stabilize the ingame

economy. Players are willing to pay for cosmetic

items in Web2 games purely for their aesthetics;

many other items are prized for their social proofing

or emotional

value. Web3

games have

the unique


for this value

to be recognized

in real,


terms for player-creators,

who will be


to create and

sell game NFTs

for a potential

profit. A player


earnings in

customizing a Genopet’s wings, tail, colorway, or other

augments could be monetizable attributes, with rarity

increasing marketplace value.

We posit that designing a game following these basic

principles will create a sustainable in-game economy

predicated on transaction of value between players

rather than earning derived from unsustainable

growth and inflationary fungible token rewards. A marketplace

driven game rewards players for dedication,

thrives because of daily active use, and grows with

players enjoyment of the game.

Marketplace Economy

Genopets affords players a multitude of ways to earn by

creating and trading value among one another. The more

effort put into upgrading a Genopet, the better it can be at

battle, the farther it can explore in the Genoverse, and ultimately,

the more rare and valuable it may become when

traded on marketplaces.

Marketplace doesn’t end at Genopets. Whether players

are crafting a rare Augment, terraforming a Habitat or

refining a new set of Crystals, actions taken in-game all

create value that can be transferred between players.

Genopets facilitates a creator economy and marketplace of

players creating and transferring value among each other

which in turn results in earning opportunities.

The innovation that makes this model sustainable is rooted

in the viability of the economy being tied to players’ daily

active use and enjoyment of the game, rather than relying

on continuous user growth to be sustainable.

Player’s affinity for their Genopet’s growth and evolution,

battle abilities and storyline to explore create a multitude

of ways players will be able to enjoy, strategize, and earn in

game. That enjoyment will fuel crafting, buying, and selling

in-game items, Genopets, and Habitats, creating a flourishing

economy built around a player driven marketplace.

See GameFi Sustainability for more of our thoughts on

designing a viable GameFi economy.

A marketplace driven economy enables all players to be

financially rewarded from gameplay. Short-term earning

through fungible token or a greater long term earning

opportunity from the creation, use, and sale of Genopets

NFTs. This foundation we believe will lead to a more

sustainable economic model from which we can grow

and expand with additional content as the game grows in


This not only creates two economies in which players can

earn, but it also makes the marketplace opportunity much

larger with Genopet NFTs, Habitats, Crystals, Augments,

Seeds, and more, all being traded among players willing

to pay to get ahead or simply because they love the

game. This is the foundation of our economic model from

which we can grow and expand with additional content

as the game grows in popularity. For example, items and

augments equipped by Genopets which can be crafted

through a formula of KI, GENE, and Crystals can be bought

and sold on the in-game marketplace, thus further bolstering

the economy.

See Player Created Economy for a more in-depth view of

our thoughts on virtual economies and players as economic

agents in game economies.

Game Rules

Genopets is a game that makes it fun and rewarding for

you to live an active lifestyle. Walking around the mall?

Jogging at the gym? Running between meetings in your

office? That’s being active.

A Genopet’s evolution and growth are earned through

honest individual activity. Attempts to cheat the system

devalue other players’ efforts and destabilize the ecosystem.

Here are the general rules of the game. Please read

them carefully.

1. One account per person, per device. No multi-accounting.

2. Get steps by walking, running, or jogging. GPS is not

required, but you need to move to play this game.

3. Using hardware devices or software to input step data

to simulate movement is not allowed.

4. Swapping Genesis Genopets between accounts has a

24-Hour cooldown.

Please do not try to cheat the system. Violation or attempts

to violate these rules may result in being banned

from the game or other repercussions. Cheaters will be

banned at the sole discretion of the Genopets Team. The

team reserves the right to add or change these rules as the

game evolves.

Being banned means your account can’t access the game,

your wallet can’t access Mainframe, your pet’s level is

reset to 0, you lose all your energy, and all of your pending

harvests are revoked.


Introducing @TheStonedCybers, Pioneering the fusion

of 3D cannabis gaming and your favourite Blockchain

(@solananof course) Little surprise at the end.

The project was founded by my good friend @ryry_so,

who is a successful American auto-entrepreneur IRL.

While the initial project was to build a cannabis-related

business IRL, from growing to selling, plans change

to fit realistic objectives. Pre-mint roadmap is already


Team has been working hard the past few months,

and community members already profited from over

10$SOL of prizes by just showing up in the discord

(cool NFTs and $SOLANA) https://discord.gg/AJ6K84qV

Rumbles, riddles, VC games, name it!

What to expect on the short term?

The game demo is about to hit in a few weeks! After

1/1s launch (expect awesome post-mint priviliges),

the Gen1 Collection will be minting (limited supply of

1000 NFTs). Most of mint funds will be used for game

blockchain integration!


I have been helping @TheStonedCybers as an Advisor,

and daily brainstorming with @ryry_so to bring the

most value back to our current community, and hopefully

our future holders. I am strongly biased but shit

we cooking is so good not gonna lie, nobody is ready!

64 SHILL Issue #129

What kind of game to expect?

Grow, sell, trade, protect your factory, upgrade your Grow

Rooms, in a 3D first person game that has no equivalent in

or outside the blockchain! A real game changer is about to

hit us, and no one is ready for what has been cooking!

What else?

Exciting partnership with @sol_suite will allow you to

send your NFTs to ADVENTURES with the chance of returning

with prizes but also bet against other players. Also live

on @MonetSAC

And more to come but that’s a secret for now.

And that’s not all! The vibrant community (420+ on discord,

420+ on X) is higly supportive and engaging, full of

@solana Ogs. Big shout out to @buzz_231 & @MinoThe-

Goon for providing stoner proofs and educational content

related to Cannabis consumption.

Stoned Professors

Why play @TheStonedCybers game?

You’ll be earning an in-game token, which you will be able

to use in many ways:

- Upgrade your grow factory to increase daily yield

- Protect yourself from robberies

- Spend in web2/3 marketplace

- Or just cash out your earnings

For more details, dive into the amazing whitepaper and

learn about mint details & tokenomics














balada perupa

brett colby




essjayne art




maxwell adams








poegnan club



roadside lake















Hey fellow Yosu enthusiasts! As a proud member of

the Yosu community, I cannot contain my excitement

about the incredible @YosuNFT project building on the

Solana blockchain.

2. Yosu Points Reward System: Unlock achievements

and complete quests to earn Yosu Points, your ticket to

enriching your gaming persona.

3. NFT Upgrades & Traits: Customize your NFTs with

traits and upgrades using Yosu Points, making them

unique and more valuable.

Well, let me break it down for you in a way that captures

the essence of being a community member!

@YosuNFT is not your run-of-the-mill R2E project. It is

a unique, immersive experience that goes beyond Solana

rewards. It is about crafting a gaming universe that

we all can enjoy.

@YosuNFT not just staying on Twitter. Yosu is extending

its reach to Instagram and TikTok, bringing rewards

to all favorite platforms. How cool is that? Yosu is all

about harnessing the power and speed of Solana, putting

us at the forefront of the GameFi revolution.

As a community member, I am stoked to be part of

something extraordinary. But lets get into the nitty-gritty

of what makes @YosuNFT so exciting:

1. Raid to Earn: Earn SOL and build your Yosu

Points on raid-to-earn platform.

Here is the link: http://yosu.yosunft.com

110 SHILL Issue #129

Mint: The mint date is set for October 18th on the @vtopiaio

Launchpad. Get ready to play, earn and conquer in

gamified rewards system.

And there is more! Introducing the Ultimate Solana Wallet

Tracker, the YosuTrackerBot! Monitor any Solana wallet,

track whale movements, and stay informed with insights.

Exciting utility features are on the horizon!

Now, why am I personally excited about Yosu? Because it

is not just a project. It is a community driven movement.

Being a member means embracing innovation, connecting

with like minded enthusiasts and shaping the future of

gaming on Solana.

So fellow Yosu community members, lets engage, amplify

and build this incredible future together. Share your

thoughts, ideas and dreams. Tag @YosuNFT and let’s keep

the conversation going!





Why I am bullish on @wabalabaland one of the most hyped free mint currently A Thread. Let’s dive in #Solana


First, the fact that they are delivering this digital collectibles to everyone,free content, including PFPS, posters,

backgrounds, all absolutely free of charge!!!, isn’t that exciting?? A big thank you to @wabalabaland for that.

The Quality of the fun art is perfect for pfp, lot of styles and colors can be found in this collection as you can see I

have one as my pfp and it looks perfect . I love it!

@wabalabaland is really serving us art lovers and collecting, returning the essence of NFTs.

Another reason is the fun filled and Strong community with perfect engagements on Socials, sometimes I don’t

even keep up with the speed of these engagement . I love it, it’s so rare to have such a Strong and Committed

Community. I give big kudos to @wabalabaland

112 SHILL Issue #129

The method of whitelist also is so unique. Mahn!! This

method makes me want to participate every day. Tho I

haven’t gotten my ticket yet, but I hope soon I will.

On Top of the list is the Creator @itsnot_demarco. Mahn!!

He is the number 1 top trending artist creating cool arts

and still he’s so lovely, he attends to the community and

feed us with great info.. And that’s the real deal . Thank

you @itsnot_demarco

I also love the Friendship Wabalabaland lands team has

with some other projects such as @GoofsFree its fun to

see and it makes me so bullish The Honoraries are fun too

I must say.























Our vision, roadmap, and how you can join us in this unique journey on Solana.

Artistic Depth:

With only 1,111 unique boar-themed NFTs in creation, our project is a testament to digital artistry and nature’s

splendor. Every piece tells a story.

136 SHILL Issue #129

Our Roadmap:

DAO formation & community governance rollout.

Green partnerships & eco-initiatives.

Exclusive events for our cherished holders.

Expanding the ecosystem through strategic collaborations.


Operating on the carbon-neutral Solana blockchain,

Suidaes is more than an NFT collection. It’s our pledge to a

greener, more sustainable digital universe.

The Suidaes Vision:

Beyond minting NFTs, we’re fostering a community where

digital innovation meets actionable eco-impact. It’s about

synergizing art, tech, and environmental responsibility.

Get Whitelisted:

Hop onto our Discord to access our whitelist and dive

deeper into Suidaes’ mission. It’s a space of knowledge,

engagement, and shared ambition. http://discord.gg/ZRezuCyTj3

Community & DAO:

Being a Suidaes holder means being an integral voice in

our journey. Through our DAO, the power to mold our

project’s trajectory is decentralized, placing it firmly in the

hands of our community.

To a brighter, greener future! With a supply cap of 1,111

NFTs, we cherish every piece and every community member

as unique. Let’s shape an NFT narrative that’s impactful,

aesthetic, and sustainable.

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

Populus by _DreamCult_

What is McDegens DAO?

McDegens DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization committed to providing its members

with innovative tools and dApps centered around NFTs and cNFTs. Our vision is to empower

the NFT community, artists, and collectors by creating a vibrant ecosystem that enhances the

utility, accessibility, and value of NFTs.

We are dedicated to building a robust infrastructure that supports the growth of the NFT ecosystem

while providing ample opportunities for artists to showcase their creations and collectors to

engage with unique assets.

We envision a future where NFTs are widely embraced as a transformative medium, empowering

creators and collectors worldwide. Through our collective efforts, McDegens DAO aims to

revolutionize the NFT landscape and create lasting value for its members.

How can I join?


Tools and Projects by the DAO

1. McSwap (Beta): Easily swap cNFTs or NFTs with community members with no hassle or worry. The tool

is open sourced and can be found on our GitHub page.

2. $PIKL Flip: After a simple click on the PIKL on-site, you get a shot at winning some $PIKL or experiencing

the excitement of taking a risk.

3. Benefits Package: We offer a Benefits Package to McDegens where we airdrop free assets to our members

who qualify. It’s our way of saying thanks to our community. (assets are subjected to change during

the year)

144 SHILL Issue #129



el pulpo

last soul



Mike Hale

Retroactive Public Goods Funding and Solana’s Future

The Solana Retro Public Goods Funding is a program by OpenBlock Labs where $250,000 of funding for

public goods projects is allocated to initiatives that have already made an impact on the Solana community.

The allocation is determined through a voting process involving a diverse set of community delegates

and funds are distributed to the projects that have been listed in the final results.

The program includes various efforts such as creating tools like developer SDKs, APIs, oracles, and educational

resources to promote dApp development. It also involves the development of protocols and

standards to enhance governance.

During the program, individuals can nominate projects by submitting relevant details and links on the


The nominated projects should contribute to the Solana tech stack, developer ecosystem, governance,

and user experience and adoption.

Solana Retroactive Public Goods Funding (Round 1)

Back in Issue #10 I shared an idea shared by Mert of Helius for an “Only Possible on Solana” hackathon.

Just a few weeks later that hackathon became a reality and a bunch of projects were submitted across

31 tracks.

What about a Solana hackathon for written and educational content only?

It might be just an idea for now, but if the OPOS hackathon was any indication I’d start thinking about

152 SHILL Issue #129

what you want to create for it now!

This report from Nansen provides an in-depth look at

Solana’s performance and growth in the blockchain


Some of the key highlights include:

• Solana’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has almost


• Solana’s staking yield is currently double that

of Ethereum

• Solana has maintained 100% uptime year-todate

• Visa introducing settlement of USDC on Solana

• Solana’s state compression technology significantly

reduces minting and transaction costs

for NFTs

• DRiP emerged as the largest collection of Solana


The document also discusses the importance of

measuring decentralization and the need for bridging

infrastructure and native asset support in the Solana


Overall, Solana’s performance and adoption are seen

as positive, but there are still areas for improvement.

Solana: Past, Present, and Future

Helius Mint API

The Mint API streamline the process of minting compressed

NFTs by handling Merkle tree management,

dealing with the storage layer and associated costs,

and ensures the seamless upload of off-chain metadata

to Arweave.

Star Atlas Unlocks Tools to Help Game Devs Build on


Star Atlas creator ATMTA is providing game developers

with access to its toolkit and documentation. This

initiative gives developers the opportunity to dive into

Star Atlas, with free access to its range of imagery,

audiovisual content, Unreal Engine tools, APIs, and


Squads Protocol v4

Squads Protocol v4 is the latest iteration of the multisig

standard for the Solana ecosystem, introducing

enhanced features such as Time Locks, Sub-accounts,

Roles and Permissions, Spending Limits, Support for

Address Lookup Tables, Network Fee Relayer, Enhanced

Security, and Wider Application Scope.

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solana-kmp leverages the power of Kotlin Multiplatform

SDK to enable developers to create and sign

transactions using various signer modules and interact

with Solana across various platforms including

Android, iOS Ecosystem, and the JVM.

soda is game-changer for Solana that lets devs generate

clients from an IDL, or even create new Solana

IDLs straight from a UI so developers can focus on

building interoperable dApps and reduce boilerplate


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The Cove

I mentioned the Star Atlas developer tools above, but

if you want to learn more about what Star Atlas is,

check out this podcast with the project’s founder to

see what they’re building and the lessons developers

can learn from the ambitious project.

What would happen if you embarked on the ambitious

task of building a web3 game from the ground

up in space? How do you craft a vibrant incentive

aligned in space economy? How does a web3 enable

the Triple-A game to differ from regular Triple A’s?

How do you keep the community engaged along the

development cycle?

Today The Cove heads into space to chat about Star

Atlas with the one and only Michael Wagner

Star Atlas: The Triple-A Web3 game

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