SHILL Issue 33

Solana ecosystem zine.

Solana ecosystem zine.


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Interview with the team as

they prep for launch. #ALPHA


UP? DOWN? Is it looking

good or not?


you watching what they are

doing? #ALPHA


Barndog takes us through

the how and why. #ALPHA











So much to write. So little space.

NFT Sales

Solana NFT sales break

records in January.


Dropping, holding and 15 hoping


One more time we are


putting this #ALPHA out

there. Are you reading





Gaming review and more



Interview with the team.

Whitelist opportunity!


Watch this artist!






What has been popping

these last few days?


Do we laugh or do we cry?


Genesysgo is creating

opportunities. Are you

watching this #ALPHA?


What projects should we

have an eye on moving

forward? #ALPHA


A new limited edition that

had a hugely successful

launch. #ALPHA



Just when you thought

there was no more #ALPHA




Here we are #frens, issue 33 and 17 weeks running. The stats are

looking fantastic as #Shill breaks the 5000 weekly views. Each zine

is being viewed over 3000 times.

#Shill has been working/sharing ideas over DM and Discord. It is

really heartening to see individuals taking their ideas to the next step.

@inbloom_sol has a new zine “IN BLOOM” https://bit.ly/3KytuR4

The discussions I have had with @inbloom_sol show that they know

where they want to go and how to get there. A unique approach in the

NFT space generally- I’m glad to say that it is happening on #Solana.

Think about it #anon. Of all the blockhains offering NFT services.

With their highly active social media channels. Thousands of users.

How many have a committed zine, and now artist showcase? If you

know of one, please send me the link. Personally, I have not come

across anything as consistent and community friendly as #Shill.

Pretty soon we will have a built asset in “In Bloom” to access as well.

Frankly, I’m excited for the space!

I had the privilege during the week to be part of a Twitter Spaces

headed by @DCodedNFT for the first round of auctions on

@PhantomsSol. As the timers on the auctions made their way to 0,

buyers were coming in propping the sales up to new highs. Overall,

the PhantomsSol team made an impressive launch into the space.

They are promising another 97 in the series, if this auction is anything

to go by make sure you bring a bag of $Sol! A big congratulations to

the PhantomsSol team- looking forward to your roadmap coming to


Keep an eye out for the URS Crown auctions coming up on the 26

and 27 January. This will be a one-off opportunity to gain access to

one of the most productive and supportive NFT groups in the Solana

ecosystem. Owning a crown opens up a 7-month subscription for

fine art that is curated by the URS. 26 January will be fore whitelisted

participants and the 27th is for the public. THIS should be on your

list #anon.

#Shill has a couple of things in the works that should be coming to

the surface over the next couple of issues. Guest writers covering

the EU that #Shill has been sorely lacking in due to the constraints

of time zones and new sections within #Shill covering a large part of

the ecosystem that we have never touched on- gaming.

We are kicking it off this issue with an insight into “Photo Finish”.

For some of us it means nothing at all. For others it is an area of

interest worth exploring. We have Barndog delivering the goods with

a live video explainer behind the thinking and strategy he is taking

as the project starts moving towards launch day. You get to see

Barndog put his money where his mouth is! Barndog is indicative of

your average Australian. Casual. A talker. To the point. If the project

in gaming is shit, he WILL call it out. I am looking forward to more of

his content in the zine.

Anon, I impress upon you to carefully read the previous issues when

it comes to finance. Read. Make an educated opinion. Don’t just

be sitting in NFT. This space is more than just that. There was true

#ALPHA going back to November when we first started including

info about $Chest finance. Go back, follow the breadcrumbs before

the opportunity passes you by!

Finally, as I wrap up the editorial for this week, our cover design is by

none other than Space GOATS who have been featured in #Shill for

a while now. Their mint is closing in. Their art is just...art! The Space

GOAT team is phenomenal, I have had the pleasure to listen to them

talk in a Twitter Spaces. The team just gels together so nicely. And

of course, there is the main artist E Merlin Murray who is not only the

visual artist but also an aural artist in his own right! (Check out his

work in one of the previous #Shill zines). The contents page features

E Merlin Murray’s work that he ‘whipped up’ just for this issue!

A big shout out to the Solanauts NFT project. The Commish, Centi

and JCal just make the Discord community one of the best places

to frequent. #Shill zine is truly honoured by your adding it to your

website. Humbled. https://www.zeroglabs.io/community

Whitelist opportunity if you read the interview carefully!

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!


SHILL Issue #33 5



Solana NFT total sales

volume crosses $1 billion

by MK Manoylov January 19, 2022

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales on the Solana blockchain surpassed $1

billion in total volume in January of 2022, according to the NFT sales

tracker CryptoSlam!

Solana’s NFTs gained in popularity in the latter part of 2021 as Ethereum,

the most popular blockchain for NFTs, experienced prohibitively high

transaction fees.

The first Solana NFT to break $1 million occurred on September 11,

for a Degenerate Ape Academy NFT — part of a collection of 10,000

algorithmically generated 3D primates. The most expensive Solana NFT

sold for $2.1 million nearly a month later.

Solana’s highest weekly trade volumes reached $160.39 million on

August 29, 2021, according to data from The Block. However, trading

volumes for Solana-based NFTs still pale in comparison with the

Ethereum-based market, and Solana lacks high-profile NFT projects

akin to Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Nonetheless, healthy investment in the Solana NFT space has continued

into the new year, as seen with the NFT protocol Metaplex raising $46

million through a SAFT sale on January 18.

¡Las ventas de tokens no fungibles (NFT) en la cadena de Solana

superaron los mil millones de dólares en volumen total en enero de


SHILL Issue #33

Los NFT de Solana ganaron popularidad en la última parte de 2021 cuando

Ethereum, la cadena de bloques más popular para NFT, experimentó tarifas de

transacción prohibitivamente altas.

El primer NFT de Solana en romper $ 1 millón ocurrió el 11 de septiembre,

para un NFT de Degenerate Ape Academy, parte de una colección de 10,000

primates 3D generados algorítmicamente. El Solana NFT más caro se vendió

por 2,1 millones de dólares casi un mes después.

Los volúmenes comerciales semanales más altos de Solana alcanzaron los

160,39 millones de dólares el 29 de agosto de 2021, según datos de The

Block. Sin embargo, los volúmenes de comercio de NFT basados en Solana

aún palidecen en comparación con el mercado basado en Ethereum, y Solana

carece de proyectos NFT de alto perfil similares a Bored Ape Yacht Club y


No obstante, la inversión saludable en el espacio Solana NFT ha continuado

en el nuevo año, como se vio con el protocolo NFT Metaplex recaudando $ 46

millones a través de una venta SAFT el 18 de enero.


SHILL Issue #33 9








@joemccann 42.9K Followers

Fed on Wednesday might

nuke the relief really.

High probability trade

is up from here.


SHILL Issue #33 15

Chest Expands Vision

Treasure Islands

Dardania Havolli

Chest Finance sees a revamp that will hone in on GameFi and earning

opportunities for users.

Chest Finance ve una renovación que se centrará en GameFi y en las

oportunidades de ganancias para los usuarios.

PlaytoEarn Switchup for Chest

Treasure Island will officially be the new home for Chest Finance and

its native token $CHEST, the team has confirmed.

In an announcement published via Medium on January 19, the team

behind chest explained the evolution as a way to rehouse $CHEST

DEX, the Yield-generating structured product chests, liquidity farms,

and an exclusive new Solana game consisting of rare NFTs, land

ships, and a ‘DeFi Sea.’

“Treasure Islands is not only a game, but an entire DeFi ecosystem,

from yield-generating structured product chests, to DEXs, to liquidity

farms, to governance councils, all centered around utility and

gameplay-driven NFTs and $CHEST.”


SHILL Issue #33

Treasure Island será oficialmente el nuevo hogar de Chest Finance y

su token nativo $CHEST, según ha confirmado el equipo.

En un anuncio publicado a través de Medium el 19 de enero, el equipo

detrás del cofre explicó la evolución como una forma de realojar

$CHEST DEX, los cofres de productos estructurados que generan

rendimiento, las granjas de liquidez y un nuevo juego exclusivo de

Solana que consiste en NFT raros, naves terrestres. y un ‘Mar DeFi’.

“Treasure Islands no es solo un juego, sino todo un ecosistema DeFi,

desde cofres de productos estructurados que generan rendimiento,

hasta DEX, granjas de liquidez, consejos de gobierno, todo centrado

en NFT y $CHEST impulsados por la utilidad y el juego”.

How to Pick Up Relevant NFTs

Pirate NFTs are described as the heartbeat of the game. These

NFTs are the pirate characters that users will need on their mission

to conquer the DeFi Seas. Each retains their unique traits and offer

different possibilities.

The team has already detailed how these NFTs can be used:

1.12% Staked $CHEST tokens, and

2.Up to 120% voting boost at the DeFi Sea Council (DSC)

3.Ability to evolve their Gen. 0 Pirates into Gen. 1 Pirates in the future

The minting schedule will see 10,000 Gen. 0 Pirate NFTs made

available for mint on the following schedule:

•January 29 Limited white-list pre-sale (details in Discord here)

•January 29 Final public sale

Los NFT piratas se describen como el latido del corazón del juego.

Estos NFT son los personajes piratas que los usuarios necesitarán

en su misión de conquistar los mares DeFi. Cada uno conserva sus

rasgos únicos y ofrecen diferentes posibilidades.

El equipo ya ha detallado cómo se pueden usar estos NFT:

1. 12% de tokens $CHEST apostados, y

2. Hasta un 120 % de aumento de votos en el DeFi Sea Council (DSC)

3. Capacidad de evolucionar sus Piratas Gen. 0 a Piratas Gen. 1 en el


SHILL Issue #33 17

El cronograma de acuñación verá 10,000 NFT piratas Gen. 0

disponibles para la acuñación en el siguiente cronograma:

• 29 de enero Preventa de lista blanca limitada (detalles en Discord


• 29 de enero Venta pública final

What is Treasure Islands?

The team explains in their official docs that Treasure Islands is not

only a game but an entire DeFi ecosystem. The game has built out

yield-generating structured product chests to DEXs, liquidity farms,

and governance councils, all centered around utility and gameplaydriven

NFTs and $CHEST.

Treasure Islands float across the DeFi Sea. Users will be able to

stake and earn in structured product chests, swap, and trade on a

DEX with the coin master, farm and provide liquidity in farms, and

vote on protocol-wide policies that will govern the DeFi Sea through

the DeFi Sea Council (DSC), a cooperative of pirates and governors

powered by $CHEST and rare pirate NFTs.

El equipo explica en sus documentos oficiales que Treasure Islands

no es solo un juego, sino todo un ecosistema DeFi. El juego ha creado

cofres de productos estructurados que generan rendimiento para


SHILL Issue #33

DEX, granjas de liquidez y consejos de gobierno, todos centrados en

NFT y $CHEST impulsados por la utilidad y el juego.

Las islas del tesoro flotan sobre el mar DeFi. Los usuarios podrán

apostar y ganar en cofres de productos estructurados, intercambiar

y comerciar en un DEX con el maestro de monedas, cultivar y

proporcionar liquidez en las granjas, y votar las políticas de todo el

protocolo que regirán el Mar DeFi a través del Consejo del Mar DeFi.

(DSC), una cooperativa de piratas y gobernadores impulsada por

$CHEST y raros NFT piratas.

SHILL Issue #33 19






SHILL Issue #33


The Astronaut @thexastronaut

SHILL Is1ue #33 23




SHILL Issue #33

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you should be aware of the

phenomenal success of ZED Run on the $Eth blockchain. Virtual horse

racing with real prizes. Photofinish is promising the same experience on the

$Sol chain. Hopefully you can appreciate the opportunity that is being put

forward. You own an NFT horse. You race it. If your horse places, you win

prize money.

How to get started? @ClashBarndo takes you step by step in what to consider

and how to go about it. Are you ready anon? (click to view)

SHILL Is1ue #33 25

Extinct Creatures

Moon Club

Recently many NFT projects have started offering a gamified version of their

NFT to capture the community. What if there was something more noble?

Something where you could feel and know that you were making a difference?

Shill zine has the pleasure of catching up with @boltorium from the ECMC.

Welcome to the zine. Tell us a little about the team behind ECMC.

Hey, thanks for having me here. I ve been in crypto since 2018 and own a

business IRL. Community building and marketing are my passions as well as

travelling (which I almost forgot about now). I’m 35 yo, with 2 children. My

partner and artist behind the project @workart_bob is my friend, we've known

each other for like 10 years already, he is an illustrator, working with different

brands and companies for more than 15 years as an in-house and outsource


Now about the Moonclub. How did the idea come about and why tie it to

wildlife funds?

The first project I minted on Solana was

Trippy Bunny Tribe, it was a degen play,

but I became a total fan of them and

their community ever since. When they

donated 100% of proceeds to charity,

I thought this is how we can make an

impact – merge art with charity and do

something good. This is when the idea

came to me, and I told everything I knew

to @Workart_bob. The story line came to

us unexpected, we thought about Dodo

birds, the most famous extinct creatures

of the last several centuries. Then we

decided to make a story, that they have

never become extinct, that they have

moved to another metaverse, or another world, and we choose the Moon to be

their residence home. The story was developing itself and we have found our

Dodos on a mission to save the endangered animals on Earth. This became

our Lore.

You are one of the few NFT projects with an actual mission statement. Can

you talk about your statement, what it means to the team and how your

community see it?

We say that we are saving endangered animals. This is our mission - to build


SHILL Issue #33

a project, which can be known

for being good to our Earth

and our little friends here.

We are building a community

which shares our vision. They

are very excited that we are

going to make several charity

donations and so do we. If we

look in the future, we can see

a lot of opportunities to move

on with this statement and

develop ourselves as the NFT

project supporting wildlife

charity. You can do anything if

you have a community which

backs you up. This is what we

are working on.

Let’s have a look at your roadmap.

We are starting with our first DODO collection, which will have 5555 pcs in it

(with 10x 1/1) and more than 600+ traits.

Other than some standard procedures (secondary market listings, holders’

verification, sales bots etc etc) we will start working on our second collection

which is about to be dropped in April-May 2022. The unique aspect of

this collection (Dodo Mutants Moon Club) will be in the fact that to get a

mutant, you need to burn your Dodo NFT (our first collection). This will bring

additional deflation aspects in the first

collection and make it more valuable for

our holders.

ECMC DAO (holders) initiative is going

to receive 25% of secondary sales % and

they will be used according to holders'


We understand that any project needs

money to get developed so we are

allocating 20% of our mint proceeds for

DAO and Development funds, to be able

to explore the further developments

paths (the last drop for 2022 will be

SHILL Issue #33 27

a 3D NFT), which opens lots

of opportunities for further


Throughout 2022 year we are

going to have 4 collection drops,

and our aim is to get our holders

to get them for free or with

almost 0 cost. We are going to

develop the Lore of our Dodo

Story, making it an exciting

journey to take part of.

Too many mints during

December and January have

rugged their community. What

are some of the steps you have

put in place to assure your

community that this project is

here to stick around?

We understand the concerns with so many rugs and really feel sorry for

everyone who suffered a loss because of that. Despite of the fact that we

truly respect the right to be anon in crypto (for a lot of reasons), we doxxed

ourselves and got verified with Civickey. We started this project almost 3

months ago and got ourselves a very

legit solana dev @ansel_sol, who has

already worked on many solana NFT


We’ve been working hard for these 3

months and are not going anywhere.

We’ve got a full year roadmap we need

to attend to, so this is what we are going

to do.

Exciting times ahead for the ECMC

holders. I would like to thank you for

your interview today with #Shill zine and

look forward to supporting the project

with a couple for the #Shill wallet!

Thank you for the interview. The only thing I want to add is that we are looking

forward to our mint which is going to be on 27th of January and welcome

everyone to join us in this event. We thought minting should be fun, so we have

made the treasure hunt event during our mint. There are 7 special attributes


SHILL Issue #33

hidden on our NFTs and they will be activated as we move on with

our sales. Also, there are 10 1/1 hidden in the collection which will

grant its owners special $ drops from the project. We allocate 10-

15% of our mint to these fun activities.

I also would like to whitelist anyone who comes to our

discord with “from #Shill zine” password. We have

been almost 50% full on our WL, but still have some

left which we would love to share with your readers.

SHILL Issue #33 29




Doug the Newbie










Fast Food chains

serving NFTs

Jinia Shawdagor

Fast-food restaurants across the globe are jumping on the NFT

bandwagon with their own digital tokens.

Los restaurantes de comida rápida de todo el mundo se están

subiendo al carro de NFT con sus propios tokens digitales.


The past few months have seen an explosive uptake of nonfungible

tokens (NFT) as crypto artists, gaming enthusiasts, musicians,

celebrities and now fast food chains deploy the technology in various


Fast food giants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell


SHILL Issue #33

are taking to NFTs because of their capacity to enable gamified

promotions and distribution of their products and services.


Los últimos meses han visto una aceptación explosiva de tokens no

fungibles (NFT) a medida que los criptoartistas, los entusiastas de los

juegos, los músicos, las celebridades y ahora las cadenas de comida

rápida implementan la tecnología de varias maneras.

Los gigantes de la comida rápida como McDonald’s, Burger King y

Taco Bell están recurriendo a las NFT debido a su capacidad para

permitir promociones gamificadas y distribución de sus productos y


Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a popular fast food brand in the United States thanks to

its Mexican-style products. In a March 2021 marketing campaign,

Taco Bell launched a new NFT collection emerging as the first among

fast-food chains to offer collectible tokens.

Taco Bell NFTs (Taco Art) comprise artistic illustrations of its fastfood

offerings, with some buyers paying upward of 10 Ether (ETH)

for one Taco Bell NFT. According to tweets from the restaurant chain,

earnings generated from the sale were donated to charity.

Taco Bell es una marca de comida rápida popular en los Estados

Unidos gracias a sus productos de estilo mexicano. En una campaña

de marketing de marzo de 2021, Taco Bell lanzó una nueva colección

NFT que surgió como la primera entre las cadenas de comida rápida

en ofrecer tokens coleccionables.

Los Taco Bell NFT (Taco Art) comprenden ilustraciones artísticas de

sus ofertas de comida rápida, y algunos compradores pagan más de

10 Ether (ETH) por un Taco Bell NFT. Según los tuits de la cadena

de restaurantes, las ganancias generadas por la venta se donaron a

obras de caridad.

Burger King

Not one to be left behind, Burger King announced its entry into the

NFT space with the release of a range of digital collectibles under a

marketing campaign dubbed “Keep It Real Meals.”

Every Burger King customer will be able to scan the QR code that

comes with their meal to receive one of three collectible game pieces.

Once a player receives all three, they will receive a fourth token that

SHILL Issue #33 45

could be a reward of a digital collectible, a year’s supply of burgers or a call

with one of the campaign’s celebrity spokespeople.

Para no quedarse atrás, Burger King anunció su entrada en el espacio NFT con

el lanzamiento de una gama de coleccionables digitales bajo una campaña

de marketing denominada “Keep It Real Meals”.

Todos los clientes de Burger King podrán escanear el código QR que viene

con su comida para recibir una de las tres piezas coleccionables del juego.

Una vez que un jugador recibe los tres, recibirá un cuarto token que podría ser

una recompensa de un coleccionable digital, un suministro de hamburguesas

para un año o una llamada con uno de los portavoces famosos de la campaña.


Despite China’s ban on nearly everything crypto-related, McDonald’s China

branch will release a set of 188 NFTs to its employees and customers as

part of a giveaway celebration of the franchise’s 31st anniversary.

The NFTs consist of three-dimensional artistic designs of McDonald’s

China’s new office headquarters in a project titled “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube,”

and they were built in partnership with digital asset creation agency Cocafe.

A pesar de la prohibición de China de casi todo lo relacionado con las

criptomonedas, la sucursal de McDonald’s en China lanzará un conjunto de

188 NFT para sus empleados y clientes como parte de una celebración de

obsequio del 31.º aniversario de la franquicia.

Los NFT consisten en diseños artísticos tridimensionales de la nueva sede

de la oficina de McDonald’s China en un proyecto titulado “Big Mac Rubik’s

Cube”, y se construyeron en asociación con la agencia de creación de activos

digitales Cocafe.

Pizza Hut

The Canadian subsidiary of Pizza Hut, a fast-food chain famous for its allyou-can-eat

pizza buffet, released an NFT project called “1 Byte Favourites,”

which are digital NFT images of pizza slices.

In a March 17 announcement, the company said it would issue NFT images

of a slice of pizza every other week. Each slice and NFT image would come

with a different recipe, and interested buyers will have access to the NFTs

on Rarible.

Pizza Hut Canada chief marketing officer Daniel Meymen said that the NFT

campaign was “an opportunity to give fans another way to get their hands

on their favorite Pizza Hut recipes, even if it’s virtual.”


SHILL Issue #33

La subsidiaria canadiense de Pizza Hut, una cadena de comida rápida famosa

por su bufé de pizza de todo lo que pueda comer, lanzó un proyecto NFT

llamado “Favoritos de 1 byte”, que son imágenes digitales NFT de porciones

de pizza.

En un anuncio del 17 de marzo, la compañía dijo que emitiría imágenes NFT

de una porción de pizza cada dos semanas. Cada rebanada e imagen NFT

vendrá con una receta diferente, y los compradores interesados tendrán

acceso a los NFT en Rarible.

El director de marketing de Pizza Hut Canadá, Daniel Meymen, dijo que la

campaña NFT era “una oportunidad para brindarles a los fanáticos otra

forma de tener en sus manos sus recetas favoritas de Pizza Hut, incluso si

es virtual”.

The new marketing medium for big brands

Like every other popular trend online, marketers have hopped onto the NFT

bandwagon to get a piece of the pie and grab people’s attention by using

the novel technology.

Fast food brands and other consumer good brands are quickly discovering

that selling their products with the NFT badge and other digital collectible

jargon as part of their campaign is a winning strategy.

Even in cases where the collectibles are not limited or rare, the masses

have continued to buy NFTs at exorbitantly high prices. The jury is still out

on whether this is the future of brand marketing or just hype that will soon

die down.

Al igual que cualquier otra tendencia popular en línea, los especialistas en

marketing se han subido al carro de NFT para obtener una parte del pastel y

captar la atención de las personas mediante el uso de la tecnología novedosa.

Las marcas de comida rápida y otras marcas de bienes de consumo están

descubriendo rápidamente que vender sus productos con la insignia NFT y

otra jerga coleccionable digital como parte de su campaña es una estrategia


Incluso en los casos en que los coleccionables no son limitados o raros,

las masas han seguido comprando NFT a precios exorbitantes. El jurado

aún está deliberando sobre si este es el futuro del marketing de marca o

simplemente una exageración que pronto se extinguirá.

SHILL Issue #33 47



GenesysGo Will Launch a

Decentralized IDO Platform

Decentralizing IDO´s

After the smooth SHDW token IDO, GenesysGO will now release an IDO platform

to lay the foundation for developers to launch their own projects.

The largest remote procedure call provider on Solana announced their plans to

launch an IDO platform on January 22 via Twitter, drawing on the successful

SHDW token initial DEX offering three weeks ago. According to their Medium

blog, it was the first decentralized IDO on the Solana network and was powered

by their team of Alpha-Shadow operators.

Después del suave IDO del token SHDW, GenesysGO ahora lanzará una plataforma

IDO para sentar las bases para que los desarrolladores lancen sus propios


El mayor proveedor de llamadas de procedimientos remotos en Solana anunció

sus planes para lanzar una plataforma IDO el 22 de enero a través de Twitter,

aprovechando la exitosa oferta inicial de DEX del token SHDW hace tres semanas.

Según su blog Medium, fue el primer IDO descentralizado en la red Solana y

fue impulsado por su equipo de operadores Alpha-Shadow.

“After the $SHDW IDO ended, we realized that we were basically 90% of the way

to an IDO platform already… and, given the network difficulties that some IDO

platforms have caused the validator network lately, we decided to finish out that

last 10%,” they explain on the blog.


SHILL Issue #33

“Después de que finalizó $SHDW IDO, nos dimos cuenta de que básicamente

ya habíamos recorrido el 90 % del camino hacia una plataforma IDO… y, dadas

las dificultades de red que algunas plataformas IDO han causado últimamente

a la red de validación, decidimos terminar los últimos 10 %”, explican

en el blog.

The IDO platform will be the first of many new use cases for the Shadow

Token and aims to be fully decentralized, leveraging GenesysGo´s decentralized

RPC network and incentivizing developers to promote their projects

across the whole Solana ecosystem, not restricted or limited by a centralized

launchpad authority. It will be completely automated and on-chain via

audited smart contracts built on Anchor.

Projects that want to use the platform for their IDO launch will need to deposit

15K USD in SHDW tokens to pay for the independent server operator

fees that power GenesysGo’s decentralized RPC network.

La plataforma IDO será el primero de muchos casos de uso nuevos para

Shadow Token y tiene como objetivo estar completamente descentralizada,

aprovechando la red RPC descentralizada de GenesysGo e incentivando a

los desarrolladores a promover sus proyectos en todo el ecosistema de Solana,

sin restricciones ni limitaciones por un sistema centralizado. autoridad

de la plataforma de lanzamiento. Estará completamente automatizado y en

cadena a través de contratos inteligentes auditados construidos en Anchor.

Los proyectos que deseen utilizar la plataforma para su lanzamiento de IDO

deberán depositar 15 000 USD en tokens SHDW para pagar las tarifas del

operador del servidor independiente que alimenta la red RPC descentralizada

de GenesysGo.

“The platform will live as long as Solana does and be available for any and

all to use. That’s the beauty of blockchain, we can use it to build meaningful

platforms that help move the ecosystem forward but do it in a way that

doesn’t force the ecosystem to become more and more reliant on a centralized

team over time”, the blog concludes highlighting the importance of

decentralization to move the Solana ecosystem forward.

“La plataforma vivirá tanto tiempo como Solana y estará disponible para que

todos la usen. Esa es la belleza de blockchain, podemos usarla para construir

plataformas significativas que ayuden a hacer avanzar el ecosistema, pero

hacerlo de una manera que no obligue al ecosistema a depender cada vez

más de un equipo centralizado con el tiempo”, concluye el blog. destacando

la importancia de la descentralización para hacer avanzar el ecosistema de


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Mark Jurgens

The real question is what projects should we have an eye on moving

forward. The year 2021 was an incredible year for crypto. Specifically

for smart contract platforms and tokens building on them.

The market has definitely acknowledged the value of Solana, which

was trading below $2 on Jan 1. The token is up nearly 1000% YTD,

trading at ~200 during writing. While Solana may not do another 10x

next year, the possibility can be found in a plethora of ecosystem


Solana has been one of the most prominent names in Web3,

DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. The blockchain proposes scalability and

innovation while maintaining security and decentralization.

Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain, Open Economy, - Just Gaming

The rise of gaming, the metaverse, and NFTs seems inevitable. The

growth of these Web3 verticals is echoed through traditional spaces.

News continues to hit headlines but notably, players like Facebook

rebranding to Meta, Microsoft acquiring Activision-Blizzard, and G2

Esports entering the NFT scene displays the trend.

Solana is the perfect breeding ground for these protocols considering

the scalability and institutional interest.

What is Mini Royale: Nations?

Mini Royale: Nations is the first live multiplayer game to launch on

the Solana blockchain. The game is a seamless browser-based firstperson

shooter that requires no third-party client or installation.


SHILL Issue #33

There is already a live beta mode available online at miniroyale.io

that has achieved considerable popularity. Over 2 million players

have banded together to compete in action-packed PvP gameplay

during their Open Beta.

Faraway, the studio behind MRN, has raised a total of $29 million

via a seed and Series A funding round as reported by CoinDesk. The

most recent of $21 million was led by FTX and Lightspeed Venture

Partners. Other investors such as a16z, Sequoia Capital, Pantera

Capital, Jump Capital and Solana are listed on the whitepaper.

What is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is a P2E NFT based game built on the Solana blockchain

network as a part of the growing metaverse. In the game, players will

be able to collect Nyans (Cats) and their Guardian Robots as NFTs.

These heroes can then be used to battle other players in a shooterstyle

action game.

The main cryptocurrency behind Nyan Heroes will be $NYN and

$CNTP (pegged in-game currency). The token will provide a

multifunctional governance token allocated during private and public

sales, with specific proportions set out for the core team, staking

rewards, and community treasury.

Nyan Hero has completed a $2.5 million seed round led by Three

Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital and DeFiance Capital. Additional

strategic backing includes Sino Global Capital, Infinity Ventures

Capital, Solana Ventures, Skyvision Capital, Yield Guild Games and

Merit Circle.

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What is Solice?

Solice is a VR Metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. Solice

elevates the metaverse experience to the next dimension by

providing top-quality infrastructure with next-level, immersive lifelike


The protocol is where virtual worlds, NFTs, and communities

intersect, with the aim to improve the overall user experience,

connecting them through interoperability across the metaverse. The

project recently began the first phase of its roadmap.

The project had a funding round enviable to most protocols. The

backing was led by Zhu Su’s Three Arrows Capital, DeFiance Capital,

and Animoca Brands. Alameda Research, Jump Capital, Genblock

Capital, KuCoin Labs, Solar Eco Fund, CMS Holdings, and Rarestone

Capital were also involved.

Selecting and Weeding Through Web3 ‘dApps’

A lot goes into evaluating projects. One of the best things I first ask

is whether or not the product or service is innovative. This is only the

tip of the iceberg. From there due diligence spans multiple fields:






SHILL Issue #33

Key Personnel

Due diligence checks are thought to reduce financial risks, which

Web3 and crypto markets can bolster with. Ranging from rug pulls,

flash loan attacks, and project failure. But, due diligence is not a sole

indicator of performance

The good news is, due diligence is typically performed by multiple

parties if it’s a well-regarded project. This means for the retail investor

it can be as simple as looking at what Venture Capitalists(VC), funds,

and angels are supporting.

Large and well-regarded VCs have extensive due diligence processes.

For this exact reason, the two main criteria I will be following are:

Concluding Thoughts

An innovative, novel, or necessary product

Accredited VC’s with a reputable record

I would like to stress that this is far from financial advice. The

‘suites’ can be wrong too, but I typically don’t like to bet against

experts. Cobie, Co-Founder of UpOnly Podcast, pointed out some

potential flaws in Solana ecosystem tokenomics in his “Trading the

metagame” substack post.

“The Solana ecosystem had it’s own “very high FDV” sub-metagame,

whereby the only people that were really early were the people that

funded the seed round.” Cobie did point out. Popular trader Hsaka

also poked fun at the ecosystem Tweeting a meme highlighting the

‘very high FDV’ and the early seed round investors.

So, there are ‘veterans’, who suggest differently.

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PHANTOMS is a project of 100 hand-drawn art created by @

PhantomsSol and @DCodedNFT on the Solana blockchain. It is most

important to us is to build an organic following base and have each

PHANTOMS as a rare asset, not to release thousands of PHANTOMS

which decreases the value.

Here at Phantoms our mission is to build the best community here on

the Solana blockchain and bring value to all holders of a PHANTOM.

Our number one priority is to provide value to our PHANTOMS holders.

We will be looking into ways to secure partnerships, giveaways and

much more.

At PHANTOMS our roadmap is straight-forward. Providing value for

holders and releasing regular auctions. As the community grows, we

will allow the holders and community to decide what the future will

hold and keep our followers up to date with plans once verified.

Excited for the future of this project with more announcements

to come. Now our question to you is... will you be one of the 100

PHANTOMs living in a mansion?

Regular auctions will be held on @holaplex

Secondary sales will be live on @exchgART

Discord link: https://discord.gg/hXG5Q68p


PHANTOMS es un proyecto de 100 obras de arte dibujadas a

mano creadas por @PhantomsSol y @DCodedNFT en la cadena de

bloques de Solana. Lo más importante para nosotros es construir

una base orgánica de seguidores y tener cada PHANTOM como un

activo raro, no liberar miles de PHANTOM, lo que disminuye el valor.

Aquí en Phantoms, nuestra misión es construir la mejor comunidad

aquí en la cadena de bloques de Solana y aportar valor a todos

los titulares de un PHANTOM. Nuestra prioridad número uno es


SHILL Issue #33

proporcionar valor a nuestros titulares de PHANTOMS. Buscaremos

formas de asegurar asociaciones, obsequios y mucho más.

En PHANTOMS, nuestra hoja de ruta es sencilla. Proporcionar valor

para los tenedores y lanzar subastas periódicas. A medida que la

comunidad crezca, permitiremos que los titulares y la comunidad

decidan qué les deparará el futuro y mantendremos a nuestros

seguidores actualizados con los planes una vez verificados.

Emocionado por el futuro de este proyecto con más anuncios por

venir. Ahora nuestra pregunta para ti es... ¿serás uno de los 100

PHANTOM que viven en una mansión?

Las subastas regulares se llevarán a cabo en @holaplex

Las ventas secundarias estarán en vivo en @exchgART

Enlace de discordia: https://discord.gg/hXG5Q68p

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