SHILL Issue 40

Solana ecosystem zine.

Solana ecosystem zine.


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#<strong>SHILL</strong><br />


barndog<br />

all things solana gaming<br />

metaverse me<br />

star atlas wrap & grape<br />

grants<br />

Gyris<br />

r u rdy anon?<br />

ISSUE #<strong>40</strong><br />

0.025 ◎<br />

treasure island<br />

bullish on chest- here’s why

THIS<br />

In<br />

ISSUE<br />

<strong>40</strong><br />


4<br />

FROM<br />

6<br />

8<br />

12<br />

34<br />

38<br />


So much to write. So little<br />

space.<br />


With only weeks to go before<br />

launch. Is this the project we<br />

have been waiting for? #alpha<br />

Probably Nothing<br />

JoeMccann with his finger on<br />

the pulse<br />

Metaverse<br />

Star Atlas news AND Grape<br />

grants<br />


Why you should be BULLISH<br />

on $Chest #alpha<br />

Barndog Sol Gaming<br />

Youtube highlights of the<br />


the<br />

from<br />

EDITOR<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>40</strong>!<br />

20 weeks of Solana ecosystem news, nft’s and alpha bundled up in<br />

an online publication. Let’s hear a ‘woot!’ for #Shill.<br />

Putting together a zine twice a week is a daunting task yet, the<br />

content is always there. If there aren’t tweets to quote, then the zine<br />

is easily filled with NFT art that keeps pumping every day. Loads of<br />

new artists entering the space weekly.<br />

The more you dig, the bigger the surprise! @ctrlkaitlyn is my latest<br />

surprise. Hailing from QLD Australia, a blender artist that is only listing<br />

art that passes her satisfaction test. @singpentinkhepi is another,<br />

so good that @eternalsnft pointed out that people were copyminting<br />

them from Opensea onto Holaplex. Glad to see @singpentinkhepi<br />

porting their wares over to Solana.<br />

This issue I have done something a little different. This is the first<br />

time an artist has featured on the cover and the contents page. And<br />

deservedly so. Love your work @culturehacker! (disclaimer: I have<br />

never succesfully bought a CultureHacker piece) Same goes for<br />

@ itsMcNatt. I do, however, own an early piece from @glitchstroke<br />

who just keeps going from strength to strength developing his own<br />

unique style. You see ‘that’ NFT and you instantly know, “That’s a<br />

Glitchstroke piece.” PLUS, you//know//it’s//him//from//his//tweets.<br />

Over the last couple of issues, I have placed GYRIS in #Shill. If this<br />

wasn’t a heads-up-alpha-tip then I don’t know how else to point it out.<br />

The team is solid. Fully doxxed. Regular ‘spaces’, Discord AMA’s etc.<br />

Have an achievable roadmap (get to know the team to understand<br />

why) and have a product that is about to set NEW standards in the<br />

space. What’s your gameplan for this one?<br />

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!<br />

Pixeltoy<br />

4<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>


Need to be seen?<br />

Over 8000 views/week<br />

Advertising space in #Shill<br />

send an email to:<br />

pixeltoy.sol@gmail.com<br />

with “Ad query” as the<br />

subject.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong> 5

GYRIS<br />

rdy #anon?<br />

The Gyris Metaverse is an open world built on Solana. Our Genesis<br />

holders are our Pioneers, builders in a wild frontier.<br />

The Gyris Metaverse will result through the interaction of story<br />

and community. In the beginning of all great civilisations, the<br />

people did not own the land, they discovered it. All Gyris holders<br />

will have the opportunity to stake claim and settle in Gyris.<br />

There will be no initial land sale for Genesis holders as you are<br />

our frontier settlers. The Gyris Game will drop those willing,<br />

into our vast world.<br />

Supply: 2735<br />

Mint Price: TBA<br />

WL Mint Date: 10 March 2022<br />

Mint Date: 11 March 2022<br />

Description of Project<br />

Gyris will be more than a beautifully crafted NFT project. Our<br />

vision is to become the world’s first web3 metaverse film and<br />

gaming franchise.<br />

Studio Gyris<br />

The studio responsible for establishing the franchise and home<br />

to the Gyris Gaming Division and Creative Team. The studio has<br />

written the story of Gyris and will develop metaverse gaming<br />

and film assets using Unreal Engine 5. UE5 makes this possible,<br />

as the majority of assets developed are usable across both<br />

film and gaming. Think of us as the Marvel Studios of web3.<br />

Project Utility<br />

First web3 metaverse film and gaming franchise. The people’s<br />

Marvel Studios. Revenue sharing:<br />

-Metaverse land rights for holding NFT. Gyris holders will<br />

6<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>

have the opportunity to stake claim and settle in Gyris.<br />

- 50% of film and gaming profits -> Gyris DAO<br />

- 7.5% of Genesis Drops -> Gyris DAO<br />

- 0.6% of every sale on secondary -> Gyris DAO<br />

- Launchpad - DAO approved projects = 5% of revenue<br />

goes to DAO<br />

- 7.5% of mint and 10% of secondary commissions go to<br />

Equal Playing Fields charity<br />

- Artist marketplace and in game assets denominated in<br />

$GYRIS<br />

- P2E and Create-to-Earn<br />

- Staking<br />

- Fully doxxed team<br />

- Registered Australian Company<br />

Discord: https://discord.gg/PSvgy6P9dv<br />

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gyris_official<br />

Website: https://gyris.io/<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong> 7



@joemccann 46.9K Followers<br />

@solana Pay in the<br />

real world faster<br />

than you can blink<br />

grapeprotocol<br />

8<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>

PURPLEanalysis<br />

@Purpleanalysis<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong> 9

the ASTRONAUT<br />

The Astronaut @thexastronaut<br />

10<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>


grapeprotoco<br />


Star Atlas<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DogOepgmyMc<br />


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIrAcLQzC9k&t=1286s<br />

12<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>

OVER 5Sol & TOP NFT<br />

SolsWatch<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong> 13













Glitchstroke<br />



treasure island<br />

The LOST ISLE<br />

By Treasure Island (prev. Chest)<br />

The Mysterious Lost Isle<br />

As our travels go on, we’ll continue to reveal more & more details<br />

about our final destination and its hidden secrets. In the meantime,<br />

let one of our Captains fill you in on our voyage thus far.<br />

During the past few days, our deck has experienced an enormous<br />

growth in numbers and activity. As our crew grew, we’ve noticed a<br />

tremendous amount of help & value provided by the community to<br />

others as more and more of our members find their callings on board<br />

and help others adjust and integrate. Since the beginning, we’ve tried<br />

to create a tight knit crew of pirates from different backgrounds<br />

and with different strengths that could bond and enjoy each other’s<br />

company as we all plunge into this exciting adventure!<br />

Animation<br />

Last week, some of you may have heard rumours of an upcoming Gen<br />

0 NFT upgrade allowing Pirates to move, shoot from their flintlocks,<br />

smoke their pipes & much more! Indeed, starting tomorrow, every 2<br />

34<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>

days, 1000 randomly picked NFTs will be upgraded to their animated<br />

version. Every selection will be made among the pool of unlisted<br />

NFTs on the Marketplaces. The snapshot for each update will be<br />

taken at a random time during each two-day period!<br />

Also, each week, we’ll be holding a giveaway inside our Discord for a<br />

custom 1/1 NFT Animation with a custom name for all Gen 0 Pirate<br />

Holders<br />

The Lost Isle (Storyline)<br />

While scouring the sea in the<br />

search for the Treasure Islands,<br />

one of the crewmates on the<br />

ship noticed an exotic Island<br />

with a shining blue light coming<br />

out of its deep jungle. To avoid<br />

unnecessary risks and explore<br />

the mysterious isle, one of our<br />

Captains, Sammy Tide, sent a<br />

small crew to investigate and<br />

map out the island.<br />

While awaiting their return, a<br />

turbulent storm engulfed the<br />

Sea. Violent rain and waves<br />

quickly filled up the waters<br />

damaging the ships and throwing a dozen pirates overboard. To save<br />

the crew and the numerous chests filled with gold aboard the ships,<br />

the Pirate fleet had no choice but to dock on the stray island. On the<br />

next morning, the crew realized that significant repairs needed to be<br />

made before it was possible to resume the search for the famous<br />

Islands. However, it also became clear that their current place of stay<br />

wasn’t safe as the scouting party disappeared without a trace. For<br />

the time being while the Isle is being explored and to accommodate<br />

their stay, a camp has been built with a Market, Bar, a lending shop<br />

as well as multiple smaller shacks to respond to each pirate’s needs.<br />

Pre IDO staking — On the Island each Pirate can go on quests to find<br />

resources, items & gold. Each NFT owner is allowed to choose the<br />

line-up for each quest by choosing the specific pirates they want to<br />

send as well as their amount. (Sending out multiple Pirates on one<br />

quest decreases the awarded amount while increasing the chances<br />

of finding the searched items; finding items is not guaranteed,<br />

allowing for different staking strategies)<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong> 35

Alpha Game release — While it’s not a full release of the game and<br />

its utilities, it gives a chance for holders to get a small glimpse of the<br />

game’s mechanics and its spirit before anyone else. It also allows<br />

existing $Chest users and Pirates to experience firsthand multiple<br />

financial tools in a gamified and easy to use environment<br />

Borrowing & Lending Borrow & lend assets governed by $Chest<br />

holders, allowing b&l for both in-game assets and Solana assets<br />

In-game Mechanics — Experience the basic mechanics of the game,<br />

moving, shooting, character interactions & more in this Holder-only<br />

alpha. Earn items, trade, and Stake in a unique and gamified fashion.<br />

Community & Integrations<br />

Throughout these past few days, we’ve been working hard to give<br />

more autonomy to the community to allow everyone to participate<br />

and give value to the group. This is a big step for us as we move<br />

forward in the direction of community ownership and increased DAO<br />

participation in the project. Moreover, we’ve been further growing<br />

our community and utility by partnering up with different projects<br />

and protocols in the Solana ecosystem. All Pirates are now free to<br />

borrow against their NFT to receive an instant loan for up to 1 week<br />

by pawning their NFT with Pawn Shop Gnomies. Honey Finance will<br />

also become available starting next week. We’re already working on<br />

a few other integrations and partnerships, more details soon ;)<br />

1/1 NFT Auction<br />

Finally, to further increase community involvement we’ll be soon<br />

hosting the first 1/1 Defi Pirate related NFT, proceeds from which<br />

will be used as a Prize pot for community events.<br />

36<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>



Solana Gaming<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwbaJzoqbRM&t=4s<br />

https://youtu.be/wwbaJzoqbRM?t=466<br />

38<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>40</strong>






















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