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Etinosa Idemudia - The Ultimate Bad Ass Girl?

Etinosa Idemudia - The Ultimate Bad Ass Girl?


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<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

AUGUST <strong>2021</strong><br />

Botox:<br />

The Non-<br />

Invasive<br />

Treatment<br />

& Side<br />

Effects<br />

Kim<br />

Kardashian:<br />

10 Nigerian<br />

Celebrities<br />

She Influenced<br />

Into Plastic<br />

Surgery<br />



The Ultimate Bad Ass Girl?<br />

The power<br />

of sex and<br />

the men<br />

Brought<br />

Down<br />

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Inside<br />

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<strong>August</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

HEALTH<br />

7 Proven<br />

Weight-Loss<br />

Techniques<br />

52<br />

The Power<br />

Of Sex:<br />

And The Men<br />

Brought Down<br />

48<br />

14<br />



The Ultimate Bad Ass Girl?<br />

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B<br />

ooks are never to be judged by their covers.<br />

To cast a book aside simply because<br />

the cover looks unattractive would have<br />

deprived the world of the great intellectual<br />

minds whose writings have enthralled the world:<br />

from Shakespeare to Yeats, Charles Dickens, Wole<br />

Soyinka and Chinua Achebe, to mention a few.<br />

As only reading a book can tell its true contents,<br />

so one can’t judge a person from afar You can<br />

only really truly know someone once the veneer of<br />

public glare has been pulled off. This is what I can<br />

confirm with my interaction with Etinoda Idemudia,<br />

a Nollywood superstar.<br />

This cover almost didn’t happen. Opinions were<br />

divided: “She has a bad reputation that wouldn’t<br />

be good for the magazine”, some argued. “Let’s<br />

give her a chance to tell her story”, the side<br />

countered.<br />

At the end, the decision to go ahead or not fell<br />

on me and I put down the gavel! I wanted to hear<br />

her story. Is Etinosa really the ultimate bad ass girl?<br />

You will not know unless you turn the pages!<br />

Welcome to all our other fabulous stories. Another<br />

month, another package! Just for you!<br />

From one bad ass girl to another bad ass<br />

American star, influencing women all over the world<br />

to acquire ‘bad asses.’ Read how Kim Kardashan<br />

has influenced women all over the world with her<br />

‘bad ass’ butt revolution. See pp. 40.<br />

Also, read the whole story of plastic surgery and<br />

Fredric Brandt, the doctor who stumbled on botox<br />

treatment and changed women’s faces for ever.<br />

We have a package! Every story - a must read!<br />

Welcome <strong>August</strong>!<br />

Enjoy!<br />

R .<br />

Remmy Diagbare<br />

Editor - in-Chief<br />

Style 101:<br />

One Trend<br />

Three Ways<br />

8<br />

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We remain committed to supporting intellectual property and creativity.<br />

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GURU: HOW<br />

TO DRESS<br />


LADY<br />

Dressing well and looking presentable is essential<br />

but so is being comfortable because that,<br />

ultimately, makes you feel confident – as the boss<br />

lady you are. “A woman is never sexier than when she<br />

is comfortable in her clothes”. This quote from Vera<br />

Wanghas is so relatable, in my opinion.<br />

Female entrepreneurs, founders, executives and<br />

professionals perceive power-dressing as the new work<br />

place accessory that can move your career along.<br />

Fashion builds and demonstrates confidence.<br />

It is a new empowerment tool because it’s essential<br />

to dress for the life you want to live. Now, women are a<br />

force to reckon with, especially as we have a new focus<br />

on women uniting.<br />

Read on and find the interesting fashion tips on office<br />

wear for ladies. Now, considering that I’m privy to all the<br />

behind-the-scenes discussions that have allowed me to<br />

pick up a few things over the years, I have decided to<br />

put together a few style tips that have helped me bring<br />

my A-game, style-wise, and as a ‘boss lady’ every time.<br />

Check out how to score the ‘boss lady’ look in four<br />

different ways.<br />

Dress<br />

4<br />


Work the Tops<br />

and Colours<br />


Choosing a good quality blouse for work<br />

seems like an easy task but the right kind<br />

of ‘boss lady’ look requires a little attention<br />

to detail. Just because you work in an<br />

office environment does not mean you<br />

always have to go for the usual monotonous<br />

black or grey suit.<br />

Have fun picking tops that have<br />

monochrome colours but are creative in their<br />

sleeves, cuts and patterns. No doubt, you’ll<br />

look like the trendiest ‘boss lady’ in your office.<br />

It is no ‘little black dress’ and though shirts keep<br />

a low profile, they share the same versatility in<br />

the wardrobe.<br />

A patterned shirt can be matched with a classic<br />

black skirt or pants and, even if you decide to go<br />

for a bold bottom, a simple, evergreen white shirt<br />

brings the whole look together. You can even get<br />

creative and opt for asymmetrical shirts for that<br />

added edge.<br />

Sexy and Classy<br />

Any woman can look sexy and professional at the same<br />

time. Choose a dress that accentuates your curves and<br />

keeps your look professional. Work wear for women will<br />

never go wrong with dresses. A well-fitted dress does this<br />

effortlessly. Have a go-to colour palette when choosing<br />

your dress – it is common for women to stick to grey, black<br />

and dark blues. These are tones you can never go wrong<br />

with. Similar to choosing tops, dresses in these colours have<br />

a sleek and sensual vibe that you can’t get from any other<br />

coloured dress.<br />

When it comes to the culottes themselves, choosing the<br />

right style is key. Culottes can easily be unflattering and<br />

make you look shorter or broader (unless you’re one of<br />

those tall, thin types who look good in anything). The key is<br />

to find a pair that hits a few inches above the ankle and<br />

streamlined on the sides - no bunching or pockets, which<br />

can add bulk.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5


Don’t Forget<br />

the Bottoms<br />

You need to choose your skirt or pants<br />

right to finish off that chic ‘boss lady’<br />

look. Your options are plenty - from<br />

high-waisted pants to wide-leg<br />

culottes.<br />

Putting on a skirt can add<br />

sophistication to your look; a black<br />

pencil skirt is another ‘must’ in your<br />

wardrobe. Just ensure that you<br />

balance the colours in your whole look<br />

by opting for a monotone bottom to<br />

match a bolder top and vice versa.<br />

High-waisted pants hide love handles,<br />

belly bulges and front flap. They keep<br />

shirts properly tucked-in. Best of all,<br />

they don’t give you a muffin top or<br />

show a ‘plumber’s crack’. No wonder,<br />

then, that the high-waisted style is on<br />

the rise.<br />

Power Suits or<br />

Blazer It Up<br />

Power suits! They are not for everyone but<br />

they sure are an excellent choice for an<br />

office girl. There are so many different styles<br />

out there, it will make your head spin. Pick<br />

the one that fits your personal style best and<br />

rock it to that Monday morning meeting.<br />

Attention and compliments are<br />

guaranteed!<br />

Blazers have been the pinnacle of sartorial<br />

elegance for the longest time. They are a<br />

piece of clothing that transcends fast<br />

fashion as they are adaptable to any<br />

occasion.<br />

Easy to style with any ensemble, a blazer is<br />

also perfect for any age or profession,<br />

making it a must-have in your wardrobe. Try<br />

on a relaxed blazer to bring that delicate<br />

balance of edge and elegance which fit<br />

the highly recommended work wear for<br />

women.<br />

6<br />



Tip<br />

Always Accessorize<br />

Go for a bold accessory this time: chunky<br />

earrings, statement rings, golden pendant<br />

necklaces. There are so many options to help<br />

you add a funky and chic twist to your office<br />

attire, it’s almost overwhelming! Pick the one<br />

that suits your style most and flash it to<br />

everyone at work. Go get it, boss lady!<br />

There is not a lot of variety when it comes to<br />

work clothing. When creating a powerful style,<br />

the goal is to play with how you combine<br />

these pieces to make them look different.<br />

By playing with colours, patterns and<br />

accessories, you create a whole new look.<br />

Think earrings, necklaces and bracelets. An<br />

iconic yet straight forward accessory can<br />

complete the look, making you look like a<br />

women entrepreneur.<br />

Please let me know your thoughts.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7


Style<br />

101 1 3<br />

Trend<br />

Ways<br />

Word By Amenna Daayo<br />

Jumpsuits became<br />

popular a few years<br />

ago, and have slowly<br />

become a trend.<br />

Every woman agrees that<br />

they are a sophisticated<br />

alternative to our standard<br />

jeans and cute top outfit<br />

formula. You can easily<br />

dress them up or down<br />

which is extra helpful when<br />

many of us are traveling<br />

or just have busy weekend<br />

schedules.<br />

Anyway, potty breaks<br />

aside (it is terrible taking<br />

bathroom breaks in<br />

jumpsuits – you just have to<br />

take the whole thing down),<br />

we all love jumpsuits!<br />

Jumpsuits have become<br />

a trend, and there are a<br />

lot of options out there.<br />

You can style the jumpsuit<br />

in different ways. If you<br />

are only buying one and<br />

want the most versatile,<br />

go with a full-length wide<br />

leg. There are so many<br />

styles available, from<br />

tapered and skinny legs<br />

to wide cropped legs. We<br />

can make all these work<br />

in different ways, but the<br />

easiest to wear are the full<br />

lengths.<br />

Casual on<br />

Vacation<br />

Next up is a look fit for someone<br />

on a vacation. The jumpsuit is easy<br />

enough to pack because of the<br />

nature of the fabric. It also pairs with<br />

a range of other materials, like the<br />

denim jacket above.<br />

My idea here is you are going to<br />

dinner; your hair is pulled back in a<br />

low ponytail, or wrapped in a bun.<br />

You wear a bold lipstick and a few<br />

accessories.<br />

People are going to ask about what<br />

1<br />

to wear when it gets chilly. You could<br />

wear a denim jacket, or, you could<br />

carry a lightweight wrap, either one<br />

would work and will keep the chill off<br />

your shoulders.<br />

This striped raffia clutch is perfect for<br />

making the outfit look perfect for a<br />

vacation.<br />

Finally, you will notice that the<br />

earrings work with the sandal. Again,<br />

this is how you create a cohesive<br />

look without adding layers.<br />

8<br />


Dressed Up<br />

Evening<br />


2<br />

If you have an after-work function, an evening<br />

event, a casual wedding or a cocktail party, you<br />

can wear a jumpsuit!<br />

To give the outfit a more grown up, or<br />

professional vibe, add a blazer for some<br />

structure. You could wear black like we have<br />

above, or white. I like how this blazer isn’t too<br />

stuffy. The sleeves are permanently ruched, and<br />

it has shape without looking like you took a suit<br />

jacket and paired it with a jumpsuit.<br />

For shoes, you can wear a pair of pointed<br />

pumps. A slingback would work well because<br />

the openness in the back keeps it feeling light,<br />

and that will work with the weight and drape<br />

of the pants. Be sure here that the pants are<br />

puddling on top of the shoe to create a long<br />

line to your body.<br />

Then grab a black evening clutch. Finally, have<br />

some fun and slide on a lovely cocktail ring.<br />

Date Night<br />

Outfit<br />

Finally, for a chic date night in the city<br />

when the temperature is warm yet<br />

comfortable, wear the jumpsuit as is. With<br />

the right combination of accessories,<br />

you can create a composed look that<br />

doesn’t involve layers or any fuss at all.<br />

You should use tassel earrings to keep<br />

the look from feeling too serious. There’s<br />

something about a tassel that feels<br />

more appropriate for the warm weather,<br />

so even though this look is all black, it<br />

doesn’t feel heavy and is seasonally<br />

appropriate<br />

The open toe sandal helps keep the<br />

look light as well. They have a block heel<br />

which is important to help ground the<br />

look. It maintains the casualness, and<br />

3<br />

the shape of the heel balances out the<br />

width of the pants.<br />

You just can’t get enough of this clutch.<br />

It complements the earrings in terms<br />

of shape, so you instantly create a<br />

cohesive look.<br />

Keep in mind, when you are creating a<br />

look for the warmer weather, you don’t<br />

have the option of adding many layers.<br />

Since that is what helps create depth<br />

and interest to a look, you have to be<br />

strategic about your accessories.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


10<br />

Tips on how to dress<br />

Fashionably<br />

& Trendy<br />

this Season<br />

As the popular saying<br />

goes “if you look<br />

good, then you feel<br />

good.” Everyone wants<br />

to know how to dress<br />

fashionably but many fear<br />

they don’t have the means<br />

to do so. And this is not the<br />

case.<br />

Speaking personally, I’ve<br />

always found fashion to be<br />

a part of who I am for as<br />

long as I remember.<br />

Since I come from a<br />

very modest Nigeria<br />

background, I learned<br />

early on that I could be creative<br />

by using the pieces at hand,<br />

modifying them and putting<br />

together new outfits. It’s not<br />

always about wearing the<br />

trendiest or priciest clothes.<br />

To dress fashionably, all it takes<br />

are tiny tweaks to create a fresh,<br />

next-level look – one that most<br />

importantly helps underline your<br />

individuality and makes you feel<br />

good.<br />

So here are 10 ways to<br />

make your outfit instantly<br />

cooler this season:<br />

Unusual<br />

Colour<br />

Combination<br />

Trying a new colour combination<br />

can innovate a seemingly dull<br />

wardrobe and completely<br />

transform a look. It’s time to try<br />

an unusual colour combination.<br />

Wear rust with teal or lavender<br />

with yellow. Go all out and<br />

choose weird, contrasting<br />

combinations and step up your<br />

creative game.<br />

10<br />



Draped<br />

Shoulders<br />

Spring is among us and we all<br />

know that means – shedding<br />

layers! Say goodbye to heavy<br />

coats and hello to “Blazers”!<br />

There are so many<br />

unconventional ways to wear a<br />

blazer – for example, draped<br />

over your shoulders or hanging<br />

off to one side. But don’t think<br />

of your Blazer as a blazer. Think<br />

of it as a cape with sleeves –<br />

ones you are never to put your<br />

arms into. It’s the perfect way<br />

to add a dose of originality and<br />

flamboyance to your look.<br />

Cool<br />

Shoes<br />

One thing is for certain:<br />

you can never have<br />

enough shoes. With<br />

that being said, shoes<br />

that make a statement<br />

are the perfect way to<br />

upgrade your outfit.<br />

From cheeky and playful<br />

to sporty or modern,<br />

shoes can take your<br />

outfit from “good” to<br />

“knockout”.<br />

Neck Scarf<br />

When I think of neck scarves, I<br />

think “powerhouse accessory”.<br />

Silk scarves are definitely having<br />

a moment. When tied loosely in<br />

a knot or wrapped several times<br />

to create a “choker effect”, a silk<br />

scarf adds an instant air of chic<br />

to any outfit.<br />

What I love about this trend is<br />

that it’s very easy to do and<br />

makes a huge difference in<br />

your outfit – one that shouts<br />

confidence and style.<br />

Pants<br />

under Dress<br />

Time to swap out your statement<br />

tops for full-blown dresses. We all<br />

have that go-to dress we wore<br />

one too many times but just<br />

can’t get rid of.<br />

Try mixing it up by adding pants<br />

underneath – this will undeniably<br />

put a cool new spin on your<br />

dress. You might think this is a<br />

ridiculous concept, but I call it<br />

clever layering.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


Shades On<br />

Nothing says casual-cool like an awesome pair of sunglasses.<br />

Whether worn on your face, on top of your head or hanging<br />

off the neckline of a blouse, a good pair of sunnies are an<br />

essential style enhancer and can always be utilized as a<br />

statement-making addition to any outfit.<br />

Knotted<br />

Belt It<br />

It’s all about getting creative with your<br />

accessories. Belts are definitely a great way<br />

to change up an outfit and make it look<br />

fresh while adding an extra dimension to<br />

something that may have been considered<br />

dull or out-dated.<br />

There are so many different ways to wear<br />

belts with an outfit. You can wear it with a<br />

flirty dress, an over-sized shirt or even over a<br />

masculine blazer to help create the illusion<br />

of an hourglass shape. I’ve been amazed<br />

by how many outfits I’ve been able to<br />

revamp just by adding a belt.<br />

If you feel like your<br />

outfit looks a little<br />

boring, knots are<br />

the solution! Give<br />

a new and stylish<br />

lease on life to<br />

tops that have<br />

been sitting in your<br />

wardrobe.<br />

You can tie a<br />

knot on any shirt<br />

you’ve got (or<br />

even borrow<br />

one from your<br />

husband, brother<br />

or boyfriend) and<br />

kink the voluminous<br />

fabric to help<br />

accentuate your<br />

waistline. If you’ve<br />

got it, flaunt it!<br />

12<br />



Mixed<br />

Prints<br />

If you’re wondering how to<br />

dress fashionably, then the first<br />

thing you should know is when it<br />

comes to creating the boldest,<br />

most eye-catching outfits mixing<br />

prints is a must.<br />

Mastering the art of pairing<br />

patterns can sometimes be<br />

tricky and super intimidating. It<br />

may seem there are no rules,<br />

but you have to make sure<br />

that the prints harmonize well<br />

together.<br />

When this is done right, you will<br />

be sure to turn heads.<br />

Put a<br />

Hat on It<br />

Hats have been and<br />

always will be my favourite<br />

staple accessory. Aside<br />

from hiding a bad hair<br />

day or shielding yourself<br />

from the Sun, hats can<br />

totally change the game<br />

and completely transform<br />

your outfit from “basic” to<br />

instantly cooler.<br />

It’s all about having the<br />

confidence and attitude to<br />

pull off a hat.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13

Etinosa Ide<br />


The Ultimate Bad Ass<br />

Words by Sebastian Ebathemehi<br />

Nollywood superstar, Etinosa Idemudia,<br />

is many things to many people. In this<br />

exclusive interview with “<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>”, the celebrity gives us an<br />

insight into her life and career – to reveal the<br />

real Etinosa.<br />

After switching from a lucrative and promising<br />

career as a computer engineer in the oil and<br />

gas industry to entertainment, Etinosa is not a<br />

small fish in the Nigerian film industry today. After<br />

securing her first major entertainment award in<br />

2016, the actress has not looked back. She has<br />

positioned herself as one of the highly sought<br />

after actresses in Nigeria and beyond.<br />

Here, the Nollywood superstar speaks about<br />

her life, career and opens up on aspects of her<br />

life never seen or heard of anywhere before. It<br />

was a wonderful experience getting up-close<br />

and personal with the personality behind the<br />

legends – Etinosa Idemudia. Enjoy!<br />

14<br />



Girl?<br />

mudia:<br />

Photography:<br />

@Bamiyo Iselema Emina<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15


When you look into the mirror,<br />

who is the Etinosa Idemudia you<br />

see?<br />

Etinosa is a beautiful,<br />

strong-willed realist who loves<br />

to discover new things. She is<br />

relentless, fun-loving and selfless.<br />

Among other things, you are a<br />

mother, an actress, an internet/<br />

social media influencer and<br />

a film maker. Considering the<br />

demands associated with each,<br />

how have you been able to find<br />

a balance and remain relevant<br />

on all fronts?<br />

I am also a script writer and<br />

practicing procurement engineer<br />

so you can imagine how full<br />

my hands and head are. I am<br />

able to balance all by making<br />

good use of my time, adequate<br />

planning and assigning of roles<br />

to others - trusting my team to<br />

put in their 100 percent as I do<br />

too. Sometimes, 24 hours are not<br />

even enough but one must try.<br />

How was your growing up like<br />

and at what stage of your life<br />

did you make up your mind<br />

to work towards becoming the<br />

woman you are today?<br />

Growing up was good. I am<br />

blessed with loving parents and<br />

siblings. I grew up in a strict yet<br />

loving Christian home. I had my<br />

life outlined for me by my folks<br />

but at age 24, I realised and<br />

made a conscious decision to<br />

make my life what I wanted by<br />

the grace of God<br />

What motivated you<br />

to abandon Computer<br />

16<br />



“<br />

A celebrity is a<br />

human being with<br />

friends, family<br />

and feelings who’s<br />

privacy should also<br />

be respected just<br />

like any other human<br />

out there.<br />

Engineering for entertainment?<br />

Unlike other entertainers, you<br />

were doing well in your career<br />

and worked as an engineer with<br />

Delattre Bezons and various oil<br />

and has projects.<br />

I was a field planning engineer<br />

at the time I realised I wanted<br />

something more. I was doing<br />

very well financially and there<br />

was good potential for career<br />

growth in the oil and gas<br />

(construction) industry but I was<br />

not fulfilled. Fortunately, while<br />

on leave, I went to a film school<br />

and, let me say, I discovered<br />

myself. From that point, there was<br />

no going back.<br />

Did your award for ‘Best Online<br />

Comic Act’ at the 2016 Scream<br />

Awards serve as the final<br />

confirmation you needed to go<br />

into entertainment full-time?<br />

Because, you haven’t looked<br />

back since.<br />

Exactly. Apart from that<br />

award, I had secured some<br />

deals; the entertainment industry<br />

welcomed me so well. I got<br />

good opportunities that helped<br />

me to further my decision to<br />

switch industries.<br />

However, I am still an engineer<br />

and still do business in the oil and<br />

gas industry till date.<br />

In your interview with “Sunday<br />

Scoop” in February this year,<br />

you said, “Nigeria is filled<br />

with very toxic people so one<br />

needs to protect one’s loved<br />

ones. I have never revealed<br />

the identity of my parents or<br />

any siblings and I don’t intend<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17


to reveal the identity of my husband<br />

and children; except they opt for that<br />

themselves.” How has it been trying to<br />

protect your family from ‘toxic people’?<br />

It has not been easy. A lot of people,<br />

unconsciously, don’t mind their<br />

business and are very nosy. I use<br />

the word ‘unconscious’ because<br />

I feel they don’t even know that<br />

they are being nosy - trying<br />

so hard to invade another<br />

person’s privacy. You don’t<br />

post something online... They<br />

will still go around snooping<br />

and asking questions.<br />

Their excuse is: “That’s the<br />

celebrity life. You are a<br />

public figure; your life is our<br />

business” etc. but I don’t<br />

buy that school of thought.<br />

A celebrity is a human<br />

being with friends, family and<br />

feelings; who’s privacy should<br />

also be respected just like any<br />

other human out there.<br />

Congratulations on the birth of<br />

your lovely daughter, Ofure Izoduwa<br />

Christabel. How has the angelic<br />

bundle of joy influenced you as an<br />

individual and as an entertainer?please<br />

Thank you. My daughter, Izoduwa,<br />

in her cute, little way has made me<br />

stronger. If I was laid back on getting<br />

things done, her presence in my life has<br />

made me to sit up. I work harder now<br />

and plan better now<br />

Being a popular figure, how were you<br />

able to keep your pregnancy a secret?<br />

Many people, including your fans,<br />

didn’t know you were pregnant until the<br />

pictures from the naming ceremony<br />

flooded the internet.<br />

Keeping a secret is easy when you<br />

stay away from friends. I was working out<br />

of town a lot. And even on set nobody<br />

noticed. Maybe, because my<br />

stomach didn’t grow out big... I don’t<br />

know.<br />

In one of your previous interviews, you<br />

hinted at being a survivor of polycystic<br />

ovary syndrome. Can you, please, shed<br />

more light on this?<br />

Polycystic ovaries syndrome reduces<br />

your chances of ovulation but you will<br />

ovulate, regardless. Just not every month.<br />

I guess the month I took in, God destined<br />

18<br />



“<br />

Keeping a<br />

secret is easy<br />

when you stay<br />

away from<br />

friends.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


it to happen because I was not on<br />

any medication.<br />

A particular blogger seems to<br />

always be on your case, prompting<br />

you to publicly call her out on your<br />

Insta story and refer to her as an<br />

‘old witch’. In your opinion, how<br />

will you rate the professionalism<br />

of the media in their coverage of<br />

celebrities?<br />

I don’t know much about<br />

journalism so I may not be able<br />

to say if she or other bloggers are<br />

professional or not. All I can ask is, they<br />

do their investigations properly to avoid<br />

misleading the public. Another thing<br />

is, they should know where to draw the<br />

line. Some things are private and if the<br />

celebrity does not put it out for public<br />

consumption, I feel it is wrong to go<br />

snooping around and digging people’s<br />

trash. It’s a very sad way to earn a living.<br />

Hahaha.<br />

20<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


22<br />



Who is your closest friend in the Nigerian<br />

entertainment industry?<br />

Right now, I have a couple of them but<br />

would rather not mention names.<br />

You are often referred to as a<br />

controversial figure and it is safe to say<br />

people perceive you differently. How do<br />

you want to be perceived?<br />

I am happy with the way people<br />

perceive me. I don’t want to be<br />

demystified.<br />

As a professional actress, would you turn<br />

down a movie role? If yes, what will ever<br />

make you turn down a role?<br />

If the role is against humanity, against<br />

what I stand for which is equal rights and<br />

justice, love and peace for all men, then<br />

I will turn it down. If it seeks to bully anyone<br />

or a group of persons, I will turn it down. For<br />

example, that useless Yomi Fabiyi movie.<br />

I am not only angry at him, I’m imagining<br />

what the actors were thinking, filming that<br />

horror.<br />

Have you ever been a victim of<br />

sexual harassment from your male<br />

colleagues, directors, producers<br />

or marketers in the Nigerian<br />

entertainment industry?<br />

No. I have never experienced sexual<br />

harassment. Only advances and passes<br />

made but never conditional. I have<br />

never been bullied either. I don’t set<br />

myself up for such.<br />

Let us set the records straight once<br />

and for all. What is your relationship<br />

with MC Galaxy?<br />

We are acquaintances. I met him in<br />

2018 when I was trying to get a licence<br />

from him to use his song in my film ‘The<br />

Washerman.’<br />

Which movie has challenged your<br />

creativity the most? Such as bringing out<br />

the best in you by reaching deep within<br />

to bring out the talent even you didn’t<br />

know you had?<br />

That will be ‘The Washerman’ movie...<br />

It took me deep into emotional clusters I<br />

never knew existed.<br />

What has been the most embarrassing<br />

moment in your acting career?<br />

The MC Galaxy saga.<br />

If you were to be cast in a Hollywood<br />

movie, which foreign stars would you<br />

rather be cast along with?<br />

Jason Statham, Tiffany Hadish, Melissa<br />

McCarthy, The Rock x Kevin Hart and Tyler<br />

Perry.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


Tell us one thing about Etinosa<br />

Idemudia which has never<br />

been in the news.<br />

I just bought a house in Lekki<br />

County Homes. Glory be to God.<br />

There is a new craze amongst<br />

Nigerian celebrities to do<br />

plastic surgery for different parts<br />

of their bodies. In particular, the<br />

nose, bust and butt. What‘s your<br />

opinion on this?<br />

I think it’s great. Getting the<br />

look you want in a couple of<br />

minutes. Amazing. If you can<br />

afford it, go for it!<br />

Would you ever consider doing<br />

plastic surgery If yes, what<br />

would you want to enhance?<br />

I don’t know... Really, for now,<br />

I’m not considering it.<br />

What’s your most priced fashion<br />

item?<br />

My gold and crystals but I feel<br />

uncomfortable talking about<br />

this publicly, seeing the security<br />

situation of the country right now.<br />

What will you never do in the<br />

name of fashion or beauty?<br />

Wow! When it comes to<br />

beauty, never say never! I am a<br />

very spontaneous person and<br />

don’t like to restrict or limit myself.<br />

What is your beauty hack?<br />

What you do to enhance your<br />

looks?<br />

Hahaha. Waist trainers? Does<br />

that count? Apart from the<br />

regular make-up, I don’t think<br />

I try much. I don’t try at all to<br />

look good. I am effortlessly ‘fly’.<br />

Hahaha!<br />

Finally, a word for your fans.<br />

Okay. Before the word to my<br />

fans, let’s find a way to include<br />

this. I love people, humans. I am<br />

always happy; laughing and the<br />

clown of my group. I don’t live<br />

life with any rules and I believe<br />

the ultimate power in life is a<br />

pure heart; love. Even when<br />

people oppress you, cheat,<br />

frustrate you, a pure heart who<br />

wishes well for everyone will<br />

always win. I am someone who<br />

always goes the extra mile for<br />

my friends and even strangers.<br />

I am very soft but have to put<br />

up a strong facade to protect<br />

myself.<br />

One word to describe myself<br />

– “sweetheart.” Two words –<br />

“masked sweetheart” – because<br />

you will never know until you<br />

come closer.<br />

Okay. So, word to my fans... I<br />

love you!<br />

24<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25


Post-<br />

Covid<br />

Fashion<br />

Trends<br />

To Look<br />

Out For...<br />

Masks<br />

and Veils<br />

Most governments, across the globe,<br />

have ordered the use of masks as<br />

recommended by the World Health<br />

Organization (WHO) to prevent the spread<br />

of the virus. Masks are considered the<br />

first line of defence as the virus tends<br />

to be spread through the mouth and<br />

nose primarily. This has resulted in masks<br />

becoming a fundamental part of our daily<br />

wear. The moment you step out of the<br />

house, you should don one.<br />

As expected, many people have opted<br />

for colourful and well designed masks and<br />

veils that blend well with their outfits. It has<br />

become common to find celebrities style<br />

in beautiful and stylishly designed masks<br />

on the red carpet. Ifu Enada and celebrity<br />

fashion designer, Toyin Lawani, have led<br />

this trend in the Nigerian fashion space<br />

and have gained huge accolades.<br />

Fashion. This seven-letter word has the<br />

capacity to evolve forever and adapt<br />

to time and circumstances. It is very<br />

much alive - continually changing,<br />

discarding trends and adding new ideas onthe-go.<br />

Fashion can define cultures and<br />

geographical boundaries based on the<br />

standards that are set within a given area.<br />

Many factors can revolutionize fashion; the<br />

recent global pandemic is undoubtedly<br />

one of them. The 2020 Covid-19, no doubt,<br />

shook the entire human existence to its<br />

very core.<br />

The kind of damage the pandemic has<br />

done in almost all occupational spheres<br />

has been devastating. It has virtually<br />

altered every aspect of human life and<br />

fashion did not escape its impact.<br />

However, the fashion industry has<br />

been spared the blushes as its conveyors<br />

headed in a positive direction as the<br />

pandemic instilled a sense of vogue that<br />

has never been seen before.<br />

Here is a list of new trends to watch out<br />

for post-Covid-19.<br />

26<br />



Local Prints<br />

More people are going ‘local’ these days<br />

and buying from the native people rather<br />

than relying on brands to satisfy their<br />

trend brain.<br />

It puts the indigenous style on a pedestal<br />

and brings out the best from the native<br />

culture. African prints have gotten<br />

wider acceptance – perhaps the most<br />

significant endorsements it has ever<br />

received, as celebrities worldwide are<br />

beginning to accept and adopt African<br />

prints in their fashion tastes. Top celebrities<br />

like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Kim<br />

Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, to mention<br />

a few, have all constantly adorned<br />

African prints, which has served as a good<br />

influence to people worldwide.<br />

We may not know how much the<br />

pandemic may change the world, but we<br />

sure know that it will change the fashion<br />

industry in no small way – good or bad?<br />

You be the judge!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


Gloves<br />

Gloves form a protective<br />

measure that prevents your hands<br />

from coming in contact with any<br />

surface which might carry infectious<br />

germs. This has become crucial<br />

as hand-to-mouth or hand-to-nose<br />

spread of Covid-19 was observed to<br />

be on the rise.<br />

Fashion gurus, worldwide,<br />

predict that traditional gloves<br />

might be ditched for more trendy,<br />

exquisite-looking ones. Matching<br />

gloves can make a straight forward<br />

fashion statement.<br />

Gloves have always been a<br />

part of a relaxed and rustic fashion<br />

but they will surely get integrated<br />

into daily wear soon. Other than<br />

the protection they provide, they<br />

have the additional advantage<br />

of keeping your hands warm.<br />

Therefore, this trend is going to<br />

be even more accentuated in<br />

temperate climate regions. You can<br />

look at different brands or online<br />

portals to invest in stylish gloves of<br />

your liking.<br />

28<br />



Scarves<br />

More people are going ‘local’ these<br />

days and buying from natives rather<br />

than relying on brands to satisfy their<br />

trend brain. This development puts the<br />

indigenous style on a new pedestal and<br />

brings out the best from our culture. African<br />

prints have gotten wider acceptance now -<br />

perhaps the most significant endorsements<br />

they have ever received as celebrities<br />

worldwide are beginning to accept and<br />

adopt African prints in their fashion tastes.<br />

Top celebrities like Michelle Obama,<br />

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Naomi<br />

Campbell, to mention a few, have<br />

constantly adorned African prints recently,<br />

which has served as a plus for Africa all<br />

over the world.<br />

We may not know how much the<br />

pandemic may change the world still<br />

but we sure know that it will continue to<br />

change the fashion industry in no small<br />

way. Good or bad? You be the judge!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29

BEAUTY<br />

The Complicated<br />

Legacy of<br />

Dr. Fredric Brandt<br />

– The Baron of Botox<br />

Dr. Fredric Brandt went from a<br />

small dermatology practice<br />

in Miami, USA, to become<br />

Madonna’s personal skincare<br />

consultant and the go-to for public<br />

figures desperate to stave off aging. His<br />

clients loved him. Fashion magazines<br />

profiled him. But as Brandt continued<br />

to build his empire - a best-selling<br />

product line, pristine homes in New York<br />

and Miami and an absurd modern<br />

art collection - he gradually became<br />

addicted to his own product.<br />

Popular speculation has it that it was<br />

Martin Short’s scathing portrayal of a<br />

clearly-based-on-Brandt character in<br />

the ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ that<br />

pushed him to his death but the truth<br />

is far more complicated. From Justine<br />

Harman and the team behind ‘Broken<br />

Harts.’<br />

In the early 1980s, cosmetic<br />

dermatologists were mostly skin cancer<br />

specialists, mole removers and pimple<br />

interventionists. At a time when people<br />

still smoked in airplanes and considered<br />

bronzed skin a sign of good health,<br />

Fred Brandt was hiding from the Miami<br />

sunshine and admonishing friends for<br />

tanning with baby oil.<br />

30<br />


BEAUTY<br />

He began living with a<br />

young male dancer but the<br />

romance was short-lived. By<br />

many accounts, Brandt never<br />

found himself in a serious<br />

relationship again. Instead,<br />

he surrounded himself with<br />

people who were the best<br />

in their fields - aesthetes, like<br />

himself, who valued their<br />

career and lifestyle over family.<br />

Brandt also began<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31

BEAUTY<br />

the limitations - of his postwar<br />

generation. He grew up during<br />

the golden age of Hollywood,<br />

when studios had a stronghold<br />

over their stars and plastic<br />

surgery made its bombshells<br />

appear more blue-blooded.<br />

Brandt’s most famous faces<br />

shared the unmistakable<br />

contours of beauties - like<br />

Bette Davis, Judy Garland, and<br />

Rita Hayworth, who reportedly<br />

had her hairline raised to<br />

obscure her Latina roots.<br />

Dr. Fredric Brandt, who spent<br />

decades masking the aging<br />

process of celebrities with<br />

the promise of eternal youth,<br />

cut short his own life inside<br />

his Miami home. Friends and<br />

family attributed the death to<br />

an illness he couldn’t kick.<br />

“He suffered from<br />

collecting art; early<br />

acquisitions from Marilyn<br />

Minter, Richard Prince and<br />

Christopher Wool were “a way<br />

of keeping score, of being a<br />

trendsetter,” said Paul Frank<br />

McCabe, his personal art<br />

dealer.<br />

“To him, the aesthetic<br />

interaction, the living with it<br />

and being excited by it was<br />

more important than the<br />

cash.”<br />

Brandt’s sexuality, though<br />

not a secret, was rarely<br />

discussed.<br />

“He definitely had some<br />

romantic interludes or<br />

involvements, a couple<br />

of which ended in a hard<br />

way for him,” said Jonah<br />

Shacknai, former CEO of<br />

pharmaceutical company,<br />

Medicis, which distributed the<br />

filler Restylane. “Had he been<br />

born 20 years later, he would<br />

have lived a very different life,”<br />

Shacknai noted.<br />

Brandt was undeniably<br />

beholden to the ideals - and<br />

32<br />


depression,” said Jacquie<br />

Tractenberg, Brandt’s publicist<br />

of 20 years. Brandt, the<br />

South Florida dermatologist<br />

dubbed ‘Baron of Botox’ by<br />

‘W <strong>Magazine</strong>’, a man who<br />

made his career ironing out<br />

celebrity wrinkles and who<br />

pioneered a line of skin care<br />

products to protect against<br />

the brutal Florida sun, was 65.<br />

The doctor’s clients included<br />

Madonna, Kelly Ripa and<br />

model Stephanie Seymour.<br />

Miami police ruled his<br />

death a suicide.<br />

Officers responded to a<br />

call placed by John Joseph<br />

Hupert, a friend who was<br />

staying at the Coconut<br />

Grove house with Brandt.<br />

According to the police<br />

report, Hupert was concerned<br />

that the doctor, who was<br />

under psychiatric care for<br />

depression, was suicidal. He<br />

found Brandt hanging from a<br />

yellow cord with a white towel<br />

around his neck in the house<br />

garage around 9:15 a.m. on<br />

a Sunday. He last saw Brandt<br />

alive at about 11:30 p.m. the<br />

previous night.<br />

Five years after his<br />

death, Dr. Brandt’s beauty<br />

empire soldiers on without<br />

its namesake. In New York,<br />

his disciple, Dr. Robert Anolik,<br />

continues to treat each face<br />

as its own canvas. Anolik<br />

wears a white lab coat and<br />

comfortable work shoes to<br />

his office each day; his own<br />

face is lightly lined and a<br />

little tanned. He might refuse<br />

to erase a “forever line” in<br />

someone’s forehead if it will<br />

create too much tightness<br />

around the eyes.<br />

Though the Steven Klein<br />

photo is no longer on display,<br />

Anolik still performs the Y-lifts<br />

and rejuvenating neck<br />

treatments he learned directly<br />

from his mentor. Occasionally,<br />

BEAUTY<br />

he’ll play the ‘Baron of Botox’<br />

by making a corny joke or<br />

instructing a patient to “frown”<br />

and then “relax” before<br />

making an artful injection to lift<br />

the tip of the nose.<br />

After a long day, Anolik<br />

might even take the back<br />

stairwell favoured by stars<br />

hoping to avoid the prying<br />

eyes of the public. But he’ll<br />

leave the needles at the<br />

office.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33

BEAUTY<br />

before<br />

after<br />

BOTOX:<br />

Mo Abudu:<br />

‘Mosunmola Abudu’, popularly called<br />

Mo Abudu, is a Nigerian media mogul,<br />

philanthropist, and former human resources<br />

management consultant. She has been<br />

described by Forbes as “Africa’s Most Successful<br />

Woman”, and rated as one of the “25 Most<br />

Powerful Women in Global Television” by ‘The<br />

Hollywood Reporter’.<br />

Nigerian Celebrities<br />

We Suspect<br />

before<br />

Body enhancement is serious<br />

business in the society we<br />

live in, even though the<br />

procedure doesn’t come<br />

cheap, both ladies and guys,<br />

especially women, will give an<br />

arm and a leg to get the<br />

perfect body.<br />

Celebrities are majorly<br />

showing off their new<br />

bodies, throwing caution to the<br />

wind what people think. These<br />

public figures seem to have the<br />

money for going under the knife,<br />

while those who cannot afford it<br />

go for cheaper mediums.<br />

Some celebs openly reveal<br />

they had their bodies done, others<br />

leave you to your imagination<br />

after<br />

Chika Ike:<br />

Chika ‘Nancy’ Ike is a<br />

Nigerian actress, television<br />

personality, producer,<br />

business woman,<br />

philanthropist and former<br />

model.<br />

34<br />


and there are those who deny<br />

the obvious despite the glaring<br />

evidences. The transformation is<br />

just too obvious, so we are here<br />

to shake some tables today and<br />

those not sitting properly are<br />

definitely going to fall off.<br />

In this article, I am not<br />

accusing anyone of doing<br />

Botox, but I want us to compare<br />

the pictures together and<br />

access the evidences.<br />

From liposuction (a surgical<br />

procedure that uses a suction<br />

technique to remove fat from<br />

specific areas of the body,<br />

such as the abdomen, hips,<br />

thighs, buttocks, arms or neck) to<br />

Dermal fillers, rhinoplasty (Nose<br />

job), facelift, Butt implants, boob<br />

augmentation or reduction,<br />

or better still plastic surgery (a<br />

surgical specialty involving the<br />

restoration, reconstruction, or<br />

alteration of the human body<br />

that can be divided into two<br />

main categories: reconstructive<br />

surgery and cosmetic surgery.<br />

Reconstructive surgery<br />

includes craniofacial surgery,<br />

hand surgery, microsurgery,<br />

and the treatment of burns.<br />

While reconstructive surgery<br />

aims to reconstruct a part of the<br />

body or improve its functioning,<br />

cosmetic (or aesthetic)<br />

surgery aims at improving the<br />

appearance of it).<br />

Interestingly, there are some<br />

celebrities who openly accept<br />

that they have done Botox, while<br />

there are others whom despite<br />

the obvious evidences continue<br />

to deny the claim.<br />

I have compiled a ‘Beforeand-After’<br />

photo of some<br />

societal figures, you be the<br />

judge!<br />

Let us know your thoughts<br />

in your comments across our<br />

social media platforms.<br />

before<br />

Funmi Iyanda:<br />

Olufunmilola Aduke Iyanda, better<br />

known as Funmi Iyanda, is a<br />

Nigerian talk show host, broadcaster,<br />

philanthropist, journalist, and blogger.<br />

She produced and hosted a talk show,<br />

New Dawn with Funmi, which aired<br />

on the national network for over eight<br />

years with unprecedented and yet<br />

unsurpased ratings.<br />

before<br />

Toke Makinwa:<br />

Toke is a Nigerian radio personality, television<br />

host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur and<br />

author. Toke is known for hosting The Morning<br />

Drive on Rhythm 93.7 FM and for her YouTube<br />

vlog series Toke Moments. She released her<br />

book On Becoming in November 2016.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

after<br />

after<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35

BEAUTY<br />

after<br />

Helen Ajayi:<br />

Helen Prest-Ajayi, formerly Prest-<br />

Davies, is a Nigerian lawyer,<br />

writer and former beauty queen.<br />

Helen was raised in England. She<br />

attended the International School<br />

Ibadan for her advanced levels<br />

and Obafemi Awolowo University<br />

for her undergraduate studies in<br />

Law prior to her pageantry.<br />

before<br />

Ini Edo:<br />

Ini Edo is a Nigerian<br />

actress. Ini Edo<br />

began her film career<br />

in 2000, and has<br />

featured in more than<br />

100 movies since her<br />

debut. In 2013, Ini Edo<br />

was a judge for the<br />

Miss Black Africa UK<br />

Pageant. In 2014, Miss<br />

Ini Edo was appointed<br />

by the United Nations<br />

as a United Nations<br />

Habitat Youth Envoy.<br />

before<br />

after<br />

before<br />

Nike Oshinowo:<br />

She is a Nigerian talk show host, entrepreneur,<br />

former pageant director and style icon.<br />

after<br />

36<br />


BEAUTY<br />

Betty Irabor:<br />

She is a Nigerian columnist,<br />

philanthropist, writer,<br />

publisher and founder of<br />

Genevieve magazine. She<br />

previously had a column in<br />

Black & Beauty magazine<br />

in the United Kingdom. She<br />

also has a foundation that<br />

promotes breast cancer<br />

awareness, early detection<br />

and treatment.<br />

before<br />

after<br />

Tonto Dikeh:<br />

Tonto Charity Dikeh<br />

is a Nigerian actress,<br />

singer, songwriter<br />

and humanitarian.<br />

On 27 <strong>August</strong> 2000,<br />

Tonto Dikeh set up her<br />

foundation, the Tonto<br />

Dikeh Foundation.<br />

before<br />

after<br />

after<br />

before<br />

Funke Akindele:<br />

Akindele-Bello Olufunke<br />

Ayotunde is a Nigerian actress<br />

and producer. Funke Akindele<br />

starred in the sitcom I Need to<br />

Know from 1998 to 2002, and<br />

in 2009, Funke won the Africa<br />

Movie Academy Award for<br />

Best Actress in a Leading Role.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Botox:<br />

The Non-<br />

Invasive<br />

Treatment<br />

Everyone is<br />

Doing Now<br />

and the Side<br />

Effects<br />

Firstly, you probably will have heard of Botox before,<br />

but maybe not Botulinum Toxin A. Botox is a registered<br />

trademark name owned by Allergen Inc. and is the<br />

most well-known brand of Botulinum Toxin A. To save<br />

confusion, I will refer to the product as Botox in this article.<br />

You may have already done some research into<br />

Botox and what can go wrong with Botox. Botox was<br />

approved for cosmetic use in 2002. Since then, millions of<br />

procedures and climbing are performed yearly worldwide<br />

– and fast-rising in Africa. Risks are minor with Botox,<br />

but things can go wrong just like any other medical or<br />

cosmetic treatment. In this article, I will explore these issues<br />

and problems with Botox and celebrities who share their<br />

Botox experience.<br />

Why do people use Botox?<br />

Botox reduces wrinkles and fine lines<br />

by temporarily relaxing the underlying<br />

muscles. It has had an undeserved<br />

reputation, usually invoking images of<br />

frozen-faced or permanently surprised<br />

celebrities.<br />

However, when done right can<br />

provide subtle, natural results, and you<br />

should still look like you. Botox does not<br />

work to change the shape of your face<br />

or eliminate existing wrinkles. Botox is a<br />

preventative measure; it prevents your<br />

muscles from over-working and causing<br />

wrinkles and fine lines to appear.<br />

Is Botox dangerous?<br />

Botox has been regulated for a long<br />

time now and is a very safe treatment,<br />

even compared to having dermal filler.<br />

This is because the Botox is injected<br />

directly into the muscle being treated<br />

rather than the layers of the skin. This<br />

means that there is less room for error by<br />

injecting into the wrong layer of the skin<br />

as with dermal filler, for example.<br />

Botox is not permanent, and the<br />

effects of the treatment eventually wear<br />

38<br />


BEAUTY<br />

Victoria Beckham<br />

Victoria Beckham wrote a letter to her younger self for British Vogue in 2017.<br />

In the letter, she admits to regretting her breast implants and denying she<br />

had them. “I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs,” Victoria<br />

wrote. “All those years, I denied it—stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate<br />

what you’ve got.”<br />

off. However, although very rare, you<br />

need to know the potential for more<br />

severe side effects.<br />

What are the side effects of having<br />

Botox?<br />

• Pain, swelling, or bruising at the<br />

injection site<br />

• Headache or flu-like symptoms<br />

• Droopy eyelid or cockeyed eyebrows<br />

• Crooked smile or drooling<br />

• Stiffness of parts of the face<br />

• Eye dryness or excessive tearing<br />

What Your Favourite<br />

Celebrities Say About<br />

their Botox Procedure<br />

A slew of A-list celebrities have also been<br />

open about regretting or questioning<br />

various types of work they’ve had done<br />

after the fact and weren’t shy about<br />

sharing that.<br />

From problem nose jobs to A-list botox<br />

mishaps, these celebrities opened up<br />

about why they got plastic surgery or<br />

other cosmetic procedures in the first<br />

place—and why they wished they hadn’t<br />

in hindsight.<br />

Khloé Kardashian<br />

It’s no secret Khloé Kardashian has undergone plastic surgery, but she wasn’t<br />

entirely happy with her face fillers. She had to get them dissolved because<br />

she said they made her look “crazy.”<br />

Courteney Cox<br />

Courteney Cox said many doctors suggest she get fillers now and then,<br />

which led to layers upon layers of cosmetic enhancement that she didn’t<br />

like. “I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. I’m as natural as I can be,” the<br />

Friends star told New Beauty. “I feel better because I look like myself. I<br />

think that I now look more like the person that I was. I hope I do,” she said.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Joan<br />

Rivers<br />

Joan Rivers was the queen<br />

of plastic surgeries, most<br />

of which she loved. But<br />

the late comedian said<br />

she didn’t like the results<br />

of her liposuction. “I didn’t<br />

check out the doctor, and<br />

the result wasn’t smooth,”<br />

she said.<br />

Kylie Jenner<br />

Kylie Jenner is known for her plump lips,<br />

but the entrepreneur said she regrets<br />

some of her lip injections. “Well, I made<br />

my lips a little too big at one point,” she<br />

told her sister Kim in an Allure interview.<br />

“I got excited and felt like I needed to<br />

do a lot. And then you guys were like,<br />

‘Kylie, you need to chill.’ And then I had<br />

to go back and have it fixed, and it was<br />

a crazy process. Thank God I didn’t end<br />

up on Botched.”<br />

Sharon<br />

Osbourne<br />

The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne<br />

admitted to being on her “third face” in<br />

2016, though she hasn’t always liked<br />

what she had done. “And in a lot of<br />

shots, my face looks plastic, and at<br />

certain angles, I was like, ‘Oh, dear. Oh,<br />

I should never have done that. Oh,<br />

that’s a bad one,’” she said. “So I’m like,<br />

‘No more. No more abuse.’”<br />

40<br />


BEAUTY<br />

Kourtney<br />

Kardashian<br />

Kourtney Kardashian got breast implants when she was 22, but she<br />

said she wished she hadn’t in an episode of Keeping Up With The<br />

Kardashians. “I had my boobs done, but if I could go back, I wouldn’t<br />

have done it. I was so cute before,” she said. “I’ve realized that I was<br />

made to look a certain way, and I’m considering removing them.”<br />

Heidi Montag<br />

The Hills star Heidi Montag famously underwent ten cosmetic<br />

surgeries in one day in 2010. In hindsight, the TV star regretted<br />

making so many changes to her body. “I was way in over my<br />

head. I’m glad it worked out, and you can’t reverse time,” she<br />

said. “I kind of wanted a few enhancements, and then it kind of<br />

got out of hand. I wasn’t really told the repercussions, what would<br />

happen, emotionally and psychically, and the pain I would be in.<br />

I was kind of in shock.”<br />

Kim<br />

Kardashian<br />

Though she has gotten some work done, Kim<br />

Kardashian West regretted getting Botox on an<br />

episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.<br />

“On the show, you saw I had some bruising<br />

around my eyes after the procedure, which is<br />

natural, but because I hadn’t looked into the<br />

side effects, I freaked out,” she wrote. “Botox<br />

just wasn’t necessary for me at this age.”<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

The trouble<br />

with Nina ...<br />

and her butt<br />

enhancement<br />

“Looking good” they say “is good business” and<br />

who other than celebrities are particular about their<br />

looks and public image?<br />

With celebrities, showing<br />

off is one way to<br />

remain relevant and -<br />

whether it is their luxury<br />

lifestyle or physically enhanced<br />

looks, I like to think - they live for the<br />

validation of others (fans). It is not<br />

surprising, therefore, to see Nigerian<br />

celebrities going abroad to have<br />

their bodies worked on to get ‘the<br />

perfect shape’ or figure.<br />

One of such celebs that went<br />

under the knife recently is Nina Ivy.<br />

The reality TV star and ex-Big Brother<br />

Naija (BBNaija) 2018 housemate,<br />

Nina Onyenobi, popularly called<br />

Nina, has joined the list of female<br />

celebrities that have undergone<br />

Brazilian butt enlargement<br />

surgery. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a<br />

cosmetic procedure that involves<br />

the transfer of fat to help create<br />

more fullness in one’s backside.<br />

The reality TV star and mother of<br />

one took to Instagram on Sunday,<br />

June 20, where she shared a<br />

photo of herself and the cosmetic<br />

surgeon. She also shared a video<br />

of ex-BBNaija house mate, Khloe,<br />

who has also gone under the<br />

knife. In the video, Khloe praised<br />

Nina’s new body describing it as<br />

‘banging’.<br />

However, controversy<br />

has trailed Nina’s BBL.<br />

The controversy started<br />

when Mav Herbals,<br />

a popular Nigerian<br />

herbal body sculpting<br />

brand, called Nina out<br />

for breach of contract.<br />

Nina, who reportedly<br />

signed a deal with the<br />

brand barely a month ago,<br />

has been stripped of her<br />

ambassadorial deal with<br />

the company after going<br />

public with her Brazilian butt<br />

lift procedure.<br />

Her butt surgery also stirred<br />

diverse remarks among<br />

her fans as she signed a<br />

contract with a natural body<br />

enhancement brand and<br />

still went ahead to do artificial<br />

surgery.<br />

An excerpt from Mav Herbals<br />

CEO’s reaction reads:<br />

42<br />


BEAUTY<br />

‘‘Barely three weeks you signed a<br />

deal with me, you went ahead to use<br />

the money to do plastic surgery. Why<br />

didn’t you finish the deal as promised<br />

since you already collected money from<br />

me? I paid you millions of naira!<br />

“Asides from the fact that I am<br />

collecting my full balance back from<br />

you, I need a public apology for the<br />

confusion you have caused today on<br />

social media. I am the last person to be<br />

messed with because I know how hard<br />

I have worked for my brand. Is it a bad<br />

thing I paid you to influence for me?”<br />

Nina, who currently lives in the U.S.<br />

with her husband and son, had her<br />

plastic surgery done on June 2, at<br />

305 Plastic Surgery, Florida, U.S.A. Nina,<br />

who is also a fashion entrepreneur has<br />

hit back at her critics and described<br />

them as hypocrites who are envious<br />

of her action. She also said that<br />

she informed the company prior to<br />

signing the contract.<br />

She said,<br />

‘‘Most of you are suffering from<br />

depression because you don’t want<br />

your current body and no money for<br />

surgery because you can’t afford one.<br />

So all you gotta do is to sit and judge.<br />

Sis, I got my body done. I took out my<br />

fat and put it where I need it more and<br />

damn, this my new body is killing. I did<br />

it for me and not any of you.<br />

“And no, I never signed a contract<br />

not to have my body done before<br />

getting signed by any brand. In fact,<br />

I always tell my manager to tell them<br />

that I am getting surgery. So all these<br />

fuses are a waste of time.”<br />

As at the time of writing this report,<br />

Nina is yet to offer an apology to the<br />

brand, Mav Herbals.<br />

Nina is not the only celebrity<br />

who has had their body worked<br />

on. Bobrisky has been giving<br />

fans updates, of recent, after his<br />

procedure even though he has<br />

not shared photos. Other Nigerian<br />

celebrities like Toke Makinwa,<br />

Tonto Dikeh and fellow ex-BBNaija<br />

housemate, Koko, have gone under<br />

the knife.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Kim<br />

Kardashian<br />

And 10 Nigerian<br />

Celebrities She Influenced<br />

Into Plastic Surgery<br />

Word By Patty Munor<br />

Plastic surgery and the Kardashian<br />

clan are two phrases that go<br />

well in a sentence. From their<br />

estranged “father”, Bruce to their<br />

“momager”, Kris and down to almost<br />

every one of them, going under the<br />

knife to look good is a thing of joy.<br />

One notable member of the<br />

family who arguably influenced<br />

many people worldwide,<br />

including Nigerian celebrities, is<br />

Kim Kardashian.<br />

The mother of four has reportedly<br />

done surgeries ranging from nose<br />

jobs to tummy tuck, liposuction,<br />

boob job, facelift, Vampire facials,<br />

butt lift, hips and more.<br />

With over 250 million followers<br />

and die-hard fans across different<br />

social media, it’s safe to call Kim<br />

Kardashian a highly influential<br />

personality.<br />

However, Nigerian celebrities are not<br />

left behind in this quest for beauty, as<br />

many of them spend millions of naira<br />

to alter their body parts.<br />

Below are 10 Nigerian celebrities who<br />

had plastic surgery<br />

44<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

1<br />

Onyii Alex:<br />

The light-skinned<br />

actress whose<br />

behind used to<br />

be as flat as a<br />

table suddenly<br />

developed curves<br />

and a big butt.<br />

Oh yes, there is<br />

nothing “Dr Jesus”<br />

cannot do, right?<br />


BEAUTY<br />

Abiri Oluwabusayomi:<br />

Reality star, Abiri<br />

Oluwabusayomi better<br />

known as Khloe is also a<br />

significant occupant of<br />

this list. Khloe, who used to<br />

be as straight as a meter<br />

rule, suddenly developed<br />

curves and butt. The<br />

controversial socialite<br />

made the rounds online<br />

after she shared photos<br />

of the wonders of her<br />

doctor’s hands.<br />

2<br />

3<br />

Daniella<br />

Okeke:<br />

Danielle is a<br />

fan of luxurious<br />

things, especially<br />

cars and has<br />

been accused<br />

by Nigerians of<br />

doing surgery<br />

to enhance the<br />

size of her butt.<br />

However, she has<br />

never accepted<br />

or denied the<br />

accusations.<br />

4<br />

Mercy Eke:<br />

The reality TV star and Big Brother<br />

Naija winner bought her bouncy<br />

butt from a doctor!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 45

BEAUTY<br />

Laura Ikeji:<br />

The mother of two<br />

and social media<br />

influencer, a diehard<br />

fan of Kim<br />

Kardashian, isn’t shy<br />

about her dreams.<br />

Although she hasn’t<br />

done any serious<br />

surgery, Laura<br />

recently shared<br />

a video of her<br />

undergoing a nose<br />

procedure. The<br />

footage sparked<br />

mixed reactions<br />

from social media<br />

users.<br />

5<br />

7<br />

Ini Edo:<br />

The brown-skinned<br />

Akwa-Ibom-born<br />

actress had<br />

liposuction and<br />

fats transfer to<br />

look hotter. Ini<br />

increased the size<br />

of her butt and<br />

hips and admitted<br />

in an interview<br />

where she said,<br />

“plastic surgery<br />

isn’t a crime.”<br />

6<br />

Toke Makinwa:<br />

The media personality<br />

also recently went under<br />

the knife. She admitted<br />

that she did butt and hip<br />

surgery. Well, her before<br />

and after pictures made<br />

everything obvious.<br />

8<br />


46<br />


BEAUTY<br />

9<br />

Tonto Dikeh:<br />

The controversial actress turn YouTuber<br />

and philanthropist is sitting comfortably on<br />

this list. Tonto enhanced her butt, hips and<br />

breasts. She has admitted several times<br />

to it and tagged her doctor on her social<br />

media platform. However, Tonto reportedly<br />

went for corrective surgery in Dubai<br />

sometime last year.<br />

10<br />

Nengi<br />

Rebecca<br />

Hampson:<br />

The Big Brother<br />

Naija reality TV<br />

star’s bouncy<br />

butt is also a<br />

package from<br />

her doctor.<br />

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The Power<br />

Of Sex:<br />

And The Men<br />

Brought Down<br />

Famously placed by the<br />

legendary Al Pacino in the<br />

1983 blockbuster movie –<br />

Scarface, Tony Montana<br />

said it all when he said:<br />

“Money brings power and power<br />

brings women – who will bring<br />

you to your knees.”<br />

Time and again, history has<br />

shown that man’s greatest<br />

weakness – sex, is capable of<br />

bringing down the noblest and<br />

rubbishing his legacy in the mud.<br />

From the biblical days of Adam<br />

and Eve, women have been<br />

responsible for the downfall of<br />

great men. Even Samson, the<br />

man who was adjudged to be<br />

the greatest man ever lived, was<br />

brought down by a woman.<br />

Despite the shameful scandals<br />

and embarrassing walks of<br />

shame that many notable<br />

personalities have been<br />

compelled to endure due to their<br />

inability to control their guilty<br />

pleasures, more men are pulled<br />

down daily.<br />

From top political leaders to<br />

clergypersons – the walk-ofshame<br />

list contains men from<br />

all sectors – men who were<br />

perceived as role models.<br />

While these stories put a bitter pill<br />

in the mouth, it leaves us with a<br />

thought-provoking question as to<br />

why men will risk everything they<br />

have built for a few minutes of<br />

pleasure.<br />

Another striking aspect of these<br />

scandals is the kind of women –<br />

sex workers, maids, minors, etc.<br />

– who bring these powerful men<br />

to their feet.<br />

I have highlighted 10 famous<br />

sexual scandals that have<br />

rocked our world. Let’s check<br />

them out:<br />

Silvio Berlusconi &<br />

a Minor<br />

Known to have quite the colorful reputation, the<br />

former Italian PM stood trial for having sex with a<br />

minor in 2011.<br />

The girl was a 17-year old Moroccan belly dancer,<br />

Karima El Mahroug. In 2009, his wife of 19 years,<br />

Veronica Lario, had filed for divorce and publicly<br />

accused her husband of ‘consorting with minors’.<br />

The scandal was the beginning of the end of Silvio<br />

Berlusconi’s blistering political career.<br />

48<br />


Bishop<br />

Francis Wale<br />

Oke<br />

Bishop Francis Wale Oke of the<br />

Sword of the Spirit Ministries, also<br />

known as Christ Life Church, left<br />

many Christians shocked after<br />

he came out clean about his<br />

adulterous lifestyle.<br />

The man of God confessed<br />

before his church congregation<br />

that he was having an affair with<br />

his secretary.<br />

According to him, that relationship<br />

had been on for years. Oke, who<br />

was already rated as one of the<br />

top pastors in the country, saw his<br />


ministry and church hit by that<br />

open confession.<br />

Other many other top preachers<br />

of the gospel have been<br />

accused of infidelity; Bishop Oke<br />

remains one of the few that has<br />

publicly confessed to his actions.<br />

Matt Hancock<br />

& Gina<br />

Colangelo<br />

In May <strong>2021</strong>, the UK Health Minister<br />

was forced to resign after photos<br />

of him kissing his assistant, Gina<br />

Coladangelo, in his office were<br />

published in the papers.<br />

In what was undoubtedly one of<br />

the worst moments in his life, a<br />

broken Hancock conceded he had<br />

let the public down after security<br />

camera footage showed him kissing<br />

colleague Gina Colangelo.<br />

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said<br />

he was ‘sorry’ to receive Hancock’s<br />

resignation.<br />

Mike Tyson & a Miss Black<br />

America Contestant<br />

The former heavyweight<br />

champion of the world was<br />

accused of raping a Miss Black<br />

America contestant in 1991.<br />

He was sentenced to 6 years of<br />

imprisonment, and his manager<br />

was surprised there weren’t<br />

more complaints against him.<br />

According to many, the former<br />

professional boxer was a ‘sex<br />

addict.’<br />

As is widely publicized, this was<br />

the beginning of Tyson’s fall. The<br />

one-time multi-millionaire will later<br />

become broke to the core and<br />

struggled with drug addiction for<br />

many years.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 49


Tiger Woods &<br />

various women<br />

Once upon a time, considered one of the greatest<br />

athletes to be alive across all sports, he fell from grace<br />

when his secret about being a serial cheater came to<br />

light.<br />

His wife allegedly chased him with a golf club after<br />

getting to know that he had been unfaithful, and quite<br />

regularly. Overnight, his reputation was tarnished. He<br />

quickly went from the greatest golfer of all time to a<br />

‘pig.’<br />

It is believed that the repeated car accidents he has<br />

been involved in are all suicide attempts to take his<br />

life due to the humiliation the revelation of the sexual<br />

scandal has caused him.<br />

Usifo Ataga & Chidinma<br />

Ojukwu<br />

In what appears to be one of the biggest sex scandals to<br />

come out of Nigeria yet, the CEO of Super TV, Usifo Ataga, was<br />

murdered by his undergraduate lover, Chidinma Ojukwu, in a<br />

short let apart in Lagos.<br />

The media mogul who many perceived as a role model in<br />

the business and matrimonial strides was not as lucky as some<br />

of his counterparts.<br />

In death, the CEO has destroyed all he spent his life building.<br />

Although the family is following up the case and has his lover<br />

in public custody, we all know too well that nothing can be<br />

done to bring back the CEO or clear the scandal off his name<br />

forever.<br />

Bill Clinton &<br />

Monica Lewinsky<br />

Sadly one of the biggest scandals of the<br />

20th century, when sitting President Bill Clinton<br />

confessed to having cheated on his Hillary<br />

with a White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky.<br />

There are claims that the then-president had<br />

sexual intercourse with Lewinsky in the White<br />

House – and even in the oval office. Bill<br />

Clinton underwent an impeachment trial and<br />

was subsequently acquitted.<br />

The scandal affected Clinton’s personality,<br />

followed by his perceived disappearance<br />

from the public eye – except when<br />

mandatory.<br />

50<br />



Brad Pitt &<br />

Angelina Jolie<br />

A million hearts broke when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston<br />

announced the end of their marriage. The world was suddenly<br />

divided into two Team Aniston and Team Jolie.<br />

Even though the Friends star maintained a dignified silence<br />

throughout the turmoil, friends talked about how Pitt had drifted<br />

away from the family once he began shooting for Mr. and Mrs.<br />

Smith.<br />

The scandal greatly affected the Hollywood movie star, with<br />

many publications publicizing his personal struggles with<br />

alcohol and drugs.<br />

Arnold<br />

Schwarzenegger<br />

& His Baby Mama<br />

The muscle-man turned actor turned<br />

governor of California was found to have a<br />

love child of 14 years outside his marriage.<br />

Apparently, he was involved with the<br />

housekeeper, and they had a son, who<br />

came to light only in 2011 when Arnie came<br />

out and addressed the world about his<br />

infidelity. He and his wife Maria split the same<br />

year.<br />

The news was met with widespread<br />

disappointment, especially from fans and<br />

admirers who have seen the movie star as a<br />

role model and family man.<br />

Dominique Strauss-<br />

Kahn & a Hotel Staff<br />

Chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was accused<br />

of brutally assaulting Nafissatou Diallo, a 33-year-old former<br />

housekeeper at the upmarket Sofitel hotel in Manhattan.<br />

The case dragged on for really long before Strauss-Kahn<br />

was acquitted with a settlement for an undisclosed amount.<br />

However, the evidence overwhelmingly proved his guilt.<br />

The scandal affected the IMF boss personally. It also<br />

disrupted his brilliant career – a sad reality that he is still<br />

battling with to date.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 51


7<br />

PROVEN<br />



Word By Patty Munor<br />

Plenty of diets to choose from<br />

these days! People diet for all<br />

types of reasons as there isn’t<br />

no shortage of reasons for wanting<br />

to live a healthier life. There is also<br />

a wide variety of options when<br />

it comes to selecting a diet that<br />

might work for you. Here is a close<br />

look at some of the different types<br />

of diets that people are using all<br />

around the world.<br />

The Paleo Diet<br />

Dieting is a sure way to meet your<br />

weight loss goals and the paleo diet<br />

is highly recommended as it helps<br />

in reducing one’s sugar intake. The<br />

paleo diet consists of foods such as<br />

fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils,<br />

sweet potatoes, eggs and meat;<br />

everything ingested must be natural<br />

and taken minimally for results to be<br />

fully achieved.<br />

The goal of this type of diet is not only<br />

to reduce one’s carbohydrate intake,<br />

but also to allow the body to convert<br />

fat to energy, thereby achieving<br />

weight loss.<br />

1<br />

52<br />



2<br />

Exercise<br />

The importance of<br />

exercise cannot be<br />

over-emphasized. For<br />

most people with busy<br />

schedules, finding time<br />

to exercise could be<br />

daunting. However, it’s<br />

important to note that<br />

inculcating, at least, a<br />

30-minute work-out into<br />

your daily routine goes a<br />

long way to aid living a<br />

healthier life. Try anything<br />

from skipping to yoga or<br />

pilate and see how much<br />

better you’ll feel.<br />

Go Vegan.<br />

3<br />

Many have tried, few have<br />

succeeded. However, this is a<br />

straight shot to weight loss. Going<br />

vegan means abstaining from<br />

ingesting meat or any animal<br />

product. Planning to go vegan<br />

could be traumatic for a meat<br />

eater.<br />

One of the primary effects of this<br />

diet is that it reduces intake of<br />

cholesterol and saturated fat. If<br />

this becomes routine, its effects<br />

will be easily seen and it can go a<br />

long way in preventing issues like<br />

coronary heart disease, obesity and<br />

high blood pressure. To replace<br />

meat in one’s diet, vegans can<br />

opt for vegan-friendly foods like<br />

cauliflower and tofu which are also<br />

sources of protein and vitamin B-12,<br />

needed in our daily diet.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 53


The Mediterranean Diet<br />

Like the vegan diet, the<br />

Mediterranean diet is a<br />

vegetable-heavy diet that<br />

avoids a lot of meat. However,<br />

it does not eliminate it<br />

altogether. This diet has been<br />

proven to aid management<br />

of depression. Furthermore, it<br />

works wonders in controlling<br />

blood sugar levels, thereby<br />

leading to weight loss. For<br />

this type of diet to work, it is<br />

recommended that olive oil<br />

be adopted as an alternative<br />

for butter salad dressings or<br />

marinades. It also emphasizes<br />

adding vegetables to each<br />

meal as well as opting for fish<br />

as opposed to chicken. One<br />

should also consider including<br />

whole grains, nuts and herbs to<br />

one’s diet.<br />

4<br />

54<br />

5<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

Keto/Protein Diet<br />

Many people aren’t strangers<br />

to the keto diet which is a high<br />

protein diet. As much as this<br />

diet is recommended, the Keto<br />

diet has its downside for peoply<br />

who do not do it properly. Most<br />

people miss its dictates and end<br />

up gaining weight instead of<br />

losing it.<br />

One of the biggest<br />

misconceptions about this type<br />

of diet is that you can eat any<br />

kind of meat or you have to<br />

eat ONLY meat! The keto diet<br />

consists of eating foods such as<br />

white meat (skinless chicken),<br />

eggs, milk, nuts etc. These are all<br />

sources of protein, compared to<br />

eating red meat which is highly<br />

unhealthy for your heart. If done<br />

right, the keto diet goes a long<br />

way to improving your energy<br />

levels and losing weight.


6<br />

Intermittent<br />

Fasting<br />

It is a clear fact that the body requires<br />

at least 8 hours to fully digest meals<br />

before it is ready to start the cycle<br />

again. Most people tend to eat<br />

not just when hunger sets in but by<br />

indulging cravings. Doing this puts<br />

a strain on the digestive system,<br />

thereby leading to weight gain.<br />

With intermittent fasting, you<br />

allow your body to fully complete<br />

the digestion process of already<br />

ingested foods and get the body<br />

ready for a new meal. While this is<br />

happening, your body converts fat<br />

already in the system to energy to<br />

keep you going; allowing to you burn<br />

off excess calories and fat.<br />

You can plan intermittent fast between<br />

meals by having your last well portioned<br />

meal at 4p.m. and nothing else till the next day.<br />

If you get hungry earlier in the day, opt for fruits,<br />

vegetables pleaseor nuts.<br />

7<br />

Getting More Sleep<br />

Believe it or not, getting the<br />

right amount of sleep not<br />

only contributes to weight<br />

loss goals, it also aids<br />

your body’s metabolism.<br />

Research has shown<br />

that people who get at<br />

least 6 to 8 hours of sleep<br />

have a more productive<br />

lifestyle and tend to meet<br />

the average weight<br />

requirement for their age<br />

and BMI average.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 55

ESCAPE<br />

Destination Post-COVID:<br />

8<br />

Vacation<br />

Destinations in<br />

Africa to Consider<br />

Word By Sebastiane<br />

It’s a big sigh of relief for<br />

everyone as the global<br />

lockdown is gradually easing<br />

down.<br />

Although things may never return<br />

to how it was, and humanity<br />

may have to conform to the new<br />

normal, we have to appreciate<br />

the fact that we are in control of<br />

her lives once again.<br />

One lesson the COVID-19<br />

pandemic taught us is to live<br />

every day like it is our last. I know<br />

you can’t wait to get back to living<br />

life free, and you are probably<br />

looking to make a move by visiting<br />

your dream destinations.<br />

As you know, there is a lot of<br />

excitement and confusion in<br />

planning a trip, especially in a<br />

time like this. Many questions<br />

come to mind when making<br />

decisions for a vacation.<br />

Will you go back to a place you’ve<br />

already visited? Do you want to<br />

explore somewhere new? Is it time<br />

to visit your dream location? Is it<br />

safe? Have you saved up enough<br />

for the trip?<br />

Well, as usual, we’ve got you<br />

covered and have provided a list<br />

of pocket-friendly destinations to<br />

consider post-COVID.<br />

Let us know which destination you<br />

fancy the most, and who knows?<br />

You may win an all-expensepaid<br />

dream vacation courtesy<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

Check out these locations:<br />

1<br />

Pyramids in Egypt:<br />

Visiting the pyramids and taking a cruise up (yes up), the Nile River<br />

is a bucket list adventure for a good reason. “Egypt is the cradle of<br />

Western civilization. Few experiences can measure up to the massive<br />

scale of the pyramids and the sphinx,” says Claudia Worth, Product<br />

Manager of Abercrombie &Kent.<br />

“Discover the Aswan islands by felucca (traditional sailboat) or privately<br />

tour the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, home to artifacts recovered<br />

from Tutankhamun’s tomb.” This part of Northern Africa appeals to<br />

history buffs and those interested in a cultural journey.<br />

56<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Safari in South Africa:<br />

From shark cage diving and malaria-free safari zones to experiencing the<br />

flavors of Durban, an enclave of Indian culture in Africa that rests right on<br />

the Indian Ocean, South Africa combines a European and African flair.<br />

Private game reserves abound in South Africa, making it easier to see the<br />

Big Five animals up close and in a limited time than in other destinations.<br />

You can also go on wine tours or get in some hiking up Table Mountain—on<br />

its own, one of the best places to go in Africa for a day trip.<br />

Spice Market in<br />

Morocco:<br />

Visit the famous spice markets and entrench<br />

yourself in Arab culture. “With a history<br />

stretching back nearly 10,000 years, the<br />

country’s great cities—Marrakech, Tangier,<br />

Fez, and Rabat—offer a look into ancient<br />

traditions,” says Worth.<br />

“A must is the Djemaa el Fna, the<br />

largest market in Morocco and the<br />

biggest square in Africa,” says Worth.<br />

“Make sure to have a walk around the<br />

square in the evening when musicians,<br />

dancers, and storytellers come out.”<br />

Wander around the many souks<br />

adjacent to Djemaa el Fna, where you<br />

can buy everything from spices to teapots.<br />

Morocco is a year-round destination and one<br />

of the best places to go in Africa. Marrakesh<br />

can be hot in the summer months, however,<br />

and the desert gets very cold in January.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 57

ESCAPE<br />

Game Viewing<br />

in Botswana:<br />

This country’s focus is on high-end, low-impact<br />

tourism, so the properties are all very luxurious,<br />

and the crowds you see in East Africa are<br />

noticeably absent here. It’s where to go in Africa<br />

for up-close wildlife experiences, sans crowds.<br />

Plus, the landscape is simply stunning with the<br />

Okavango Delta, so instead of traditional game<br />

drives by vehicle, you’ll be able to go out in<br />

mokoros (traditional dug-out canoes), which<br />

brings you eye-level with the game. Nothing says<br />

safari like being five feet away from a bathing<br />

elephant.<br />

The game viewing gets progressively better in<br />

the winter, from June through September, after<br />

the Okavango Delta floodwaters have started to<br />

recede. September is considered peak season.<br />

Zambezi River in Zambia:<br />

The white water rafting down the Zambezi River is a sight to behold,<br />

chock-full of crocs and hippos (it’s a fantastic experience and one we<br />

highly recommend).<br />

“Additionally, Zambia focuses on fantastic walking safaris in wonderful<br />

national parks like South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi. In the latter,<br />

you can also do canoeing and fishing in addition to the game drives<br />

and walks,” says Hippo Creek Safari’s Daniel Saperstein. “The game<br />

is excellent, and Zambia’s experience feels like Kenya did 30 years<br />

ago—still very raw and real.”<br />

Sand<br />

Dunes in<br />

Namibia:<br />

In Namibia, you can climb<br />

some of the highest dunes in<br />

the world (or better yet, take<br />

a hot air balloon ride over<br />

them). The scenery is dramatic<br />

and vaults Namibia into the<br />

discussion for one of the best<br />

places to go in Africa.<br />

“However, don’t go to Namibia<br />

expecting to see game. You<br />

may see some up north in<br />

Etosha, but it’s more about the<br />

dynamic landscapes, which<br />

are breathtaking,” explains<br />

Saperstein.<br />

58<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Mgahinga<br />

Gorilla<br />

National Park<br />

in Uganda:<br />

This Park is home to the Nyakagezi gorilla<br />

family with its two silverbacks (adult males).<br />

It holds a certain allure since it boasts one<br />

of the highest concentrations of silverbacks<br />

within a family.<br />

Tours are small, no more than eight people,<br />

and once the gorillas are spotted, you<br />

have 60 minutes with them—and believe<br />

me, it goes fast.<br />

Wildlife in Kenya &<br />

Tanzania:<br />

These two countries are often combined<br />

into one trip. Many people consider these<br />

two counties among the best places to go<br />

in Africa because they’re where you can<br />

see the Great Migration—where 2 million<br />

wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle make a<br />

migratory circle from the Masa Mara in<br />

Kenya to the Serengeti in Tanzania and<br />

back again.<br />

But even if you don’t go during the<br />

migration, Kenya and Tanzania have<br />

some of the most extensive populations of<br />

wildlife in all of Africa; it’s not uncommon<br />

to see 50 elephants in a herd or to see the<br />

Big Five (lion, rhino, cape buffalo, elephant,<br />

and leopard) on your first game drive.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 59


G lamView<br />

White Privilege<br />

And The Black<br />

Dilemma<br />

By Bose Panama<br />

“White privilege is an absence of the consequences of racism. An<br />

absence of structural discrimination, an absence of your race being<br />

viewed as a problem first and foremost.” - Reni Eddo-Lodge<br />

In her 2017 blog post titled “Why<br />

I’m No Longer Talking to White<br />

People About Race,” awardwinning<br />

journalist Reni Eddo-<br />

Lodge wrote about her frustration<br />

with how discussions of race and<br />

racism in Britain were perceived<br />

and anchored.<br />

For me, she summed up the<br />

reason why white people seldom<br />

join discussions of racism when<br />

she said “White “white privilege is<br />

an absence of the consequences<br />

of racism.” Perhaps the dilemma<br />

Black people face when they<br />

encounter white privilege is its lack<br />

of consequence; in fact, white<br />

privilege is the status quo.<br />

White people struggle to<br />

discuss race. Even when they<br />

do, the discussion changes<br />

when you throw “White Privilege”<br />

into the discussion; this is always<br />

followed with awkwardness—<br />

and defensiveness—which can<br />

multiply astronomically.<br />

The reality that a White person’s<br />

whiteness has come—and<br />

continues to come—with an array<br />

of benefits and advantages not<br />

shared by many people of colour<br />

is no longer surprising. Many white<br />

people have begun to admit<br />

that their skin colour gives them<br />

access to many privileges which<br />

people of colour do not have<br />

access to.<br />

“It doesn’t mean that I, as a<br />

White person, don’t work hard<br />

(I do) or that I haven’t suffered<br />

(well, I have known struggle), but<br />

simply that I receive help, often<br />

unacknowledged assistance<br />

because I am White,” an<br />

unidentified white lady admitted<br />

during an interview with YES!<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

One of the significant situations<br />

that have portrayed the true<br />

nature of white supremacy is the<br />

way blacks are treated by the<br />

police – white policemen who<br />

perceive blacks as the opposite<br />

of order – and wrongly so.<br />

There have been multiple<br />

cases of white police officers<br />

opening fire at blacks who show<br />

no form of resistance or pose<br />

no threats to society. In contrast,<br />

white criminals who perpetrate<br />

hideous crimes are dismissed with<br />

a slap on the wrist.<br />

It is a natural occurrence for<br />

violent white protests against<br />

being protected and escorted<br />

by police. In contrast, peaceful<br />

protests involving both the elderly<br />

and kids have been met with stiff<br />

resistance not fit for criminals on<br />

death roll.<br />

A good example is an incident<br />

involving nearly 1,000 White<br />

college students who gathered<br />

to party in Columbus, Ohio. They<br />

came to celebrate the “Chitt<br />

Fest,” a series of spring block<br />

parties. But this year, their brand of<br />

fun included damaging property<br />

and flipping seven cars. When the<br />

police responded, the revelers<br />

seem unfazed and unbothered.<br />

60<br />



Flipping cars without a care is the<br />

apex of White privilege.<br />

The officers responded to<br />

the event from a distance.<br />

Using a megaphone, they said,<br />

“They’ll come down when it’s<br />

safe for them.” When it comes<br />

to confronting Black protesters,<br />

police seem to have the will of<br />

fire.<br />

Yet, when it comes to<br />

confronting White people, their<br />

demeanor changes. Even when<br />

students damaged property, the<br />

police didn’t give them a hard<br />

time. Those White students partied<br />

until they couldn’t party anymore.<br />

Police officers did not threaten<br />

them, though they did ask<br />

them to disperse. None of these<br />

students made it into cuffs or the<br />

back of a police car.<br />

Before Black protesters take<br />

to the streets to protest racial<br />

inequality, officials prepare. They<br />

issue warnings and set curfews.<br />

“Everyone must remain calm<br />

and peaceful. We will have order.”<br />

These preemptive measures<br />

feed into a dangerous stereotype<br />

about Black people. Namely, they<br />

are more difficult, noncompliant,<br />

and wreckless than White people.<br />

The irony isn’t lost<br />

because when<br />

White students<br />

refused to leave<br />

the party, police<br />

didn’t force them.<br />

White privilege<br />

works on two<br />

different levels.<br />

On one level,<br />

White privilege<br />

shields White people<br />

from the harsh treatment Black<br />

people receive. White people do<br />

not have to live in fear of police<br />

brutality, for example. This privilege<br />

is passive and does not require<br />

any action by the individual who<br />

benefits.<br />

On another level, White people<br />

can abuse their White privilege.<br />

When they do, they test the limits<br />

of what’s socially acceptable.<br />

With only a few days off the<br />

first anniversary of George Flloyd’s<br />

death after his gruesome murder<br />

in the hands of police officers<br />

Bose Panama is a UK based<br />

Immigration lawyer and a<br />

contributor to <strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

– all white, black communities<br />

are still conscious that the war<br />

and stigmatization are not over.<br />

There will be another George<br />

Floyd, and there are millions of<br />

white supremacists who share the<br />

same ideologies as Officer Derek<br />

Chauvin.<br />

It remains a sad reality that<br />

the tree of racism and white<br />

supremacy has continued<br />

to blossom despite the<br />

educational and technological<br />

advancements across the globe.<br />

Black people must come together<br />

to solve this dilemma, not to<br />

contest white privileges, but to<br />

create structures and standards<br />

that will not make us slaves to their<br />

beliefs and systems.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 61

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