SHILL Issue 51

Solana ecosystem zine.

Solana ecosystem zine.


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#<strong>SHILL</strong><br />


xeanus monkeys<br />

staking is live,<br />

what’s next?<br />

ISSUE #<strong>51</strong><br />

0.2 ◎<br />

coffeeattack<br />

what’s worth<br />

looking at and why<br />

unpopular opinion<br />

charting floor prices gives<br />

you alpha!<br />

$Puff tokenomics<br />

worth considering?<br />

geometric isometric<br />

ctrlkaitlyn software<br />

engineering and isometrics<br />

Dumbledore’s artmy<br />

Dumbledore’s artmy<br />

short looks at key Sol nft<br />


In<br />

THIS<br />

ISSUE<br />


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So much to write. So little<br />

space.<br />

HOLAPLEX opens waitlist<br />

Set and collect your transaction<br />

fees distributed to you or the<br />

project treasury if operating as a<br />

DAO<br />

XEANUS Monkeys<br />

Recent announcemt for staking.<br />

What does this mean for holders?<br />

#alpha<br />

Probably Nothing<br />

CredibleCrypto sounds the<br />

alarm. Are you listening? #alpha<br />

SolsWatch<br />

Is there anything this tool can’t<br />

do? #alpha<br />

Barndog & Metaverse<br />

At it again with the latest news<br />

and insights #alpha<br />


Seminal_Digital takes a closer<br />

look #alpha<br />


What he is looking at and why<br />

#alpha<br />

UnPopular Opinion<br />

Degenswings looks at charting<br />

floor prices #alpha<br />

PUFF Tokenomics<br />

GuitarCookies explains why<br />

PUFF and ALL tokens are<br />

worth considering #alpha<br />

Geometric Isometric<br />

CTRLKaitlyn talks about her art<br />

and why you should take a look<br />

#alpha<br />

Marco Polo<br />

A look at the week in Solana<br />

NFT #alpha<br />

Dumbledore's ARTmy<br />

Short looks at key Solana NFT<br />

artists #alpha<br />


the<br />

from<br />

EDITOR<br />

#Shill zine notches up 6 months of publishing THE Solana ecosystem magazine with issue <strong>51</strong>.<br />

For those that have stuck around reading each issue, my sincere thanks for supporting the zine<br />

through your retweets!<br />

Most readers are aware that this zine started because of the lack of support for NFT artists<br />

trying to make their way into the space. Sure, they can create a couple of NFT art pieces and<br />

list them on Holaplex, Exchange.Art or Fornication but the exposure after that is lacking. Unlike<br />

the generative art mints that push out 1000+ PFPs that you’ve seen again and again who have<br />

the funding to drive large media campaigns and pay major influencers for a couple of tweets.<br />

That’s where #Shill started. A soapbox for the ‘little’ guy. A FREE magazine published via Twitter<br />

that highlights what has been going on during the week. In every issue you are bound to come<br />

across an NFT atist you’ve never heard of. If you don’t, then #Shill hasn’t been doing its job<br />

properly.<br />

NFThrilling is a guest writer for the zine. Completely voluntary. He chases down major NFT artists<br />

and interviews them to give you an insight into the lives of Solana artists. He even translates his<br />

articles from English into native Italian.<br />

Key words so far, FREE and voluntary. After <strong>51</strong> issues.<br />

What does it cost you, the reader? Other than a RETWEET. Nothing. Every retweet you make<br />

about the zine is appreciated. Immensely. It helps cast a net over larger groups of people within<br />

this space that #Shill zine does not directly touch. Your retweets work according to Google<br />

analytics which tells me that over the course of a week we gain 190+ new users AND they are<br />

spending over 2minutes in the magazine. In this digital age that’s an accomplishment! To top it<br />

off, each issue of #Shill has around 3000+ views per month.<br />

Considering that many LARGE NFT projects have 10k followers, #Shill zine is a ‘blip’ on the<br />

radar. Untapped. Purely because of REACH.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>51</strong> brings you some HOT alpha. Fantastic NFTs from newcomers and mainstayers. Almost<br />

every article in this issue is true ALPHA. If you can’t be bothered to read an article or two during<br />

your daily commute then you truly NGMI. Come on #frens show the love. Hit the artists up on<br />

Twitter. Tell the writer’s you read their articles. Give back a little!<br />

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a simple retweet.<br />

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!<br />

Pixeltoy<br />

4<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

Keep your eye on...<br />

chonkee_monkee<br />


<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />


Holaplex Opens Waitlist<br />

By Soumen Datta<br />

With the goal of empowering creators, Holaplex has developed the Marketplace Standard, which lets creators<br />

create their marketplaces and set the translation fees.<br />

Holaplex NFT Marketplace Standard: What is it?<br />

Holaplex brings the Marketplace Standard for brands, NFT projects, DAOs, and collectives to create their own<br />

customized branded marketplaces without writing any codes.<br />

Holaplex announced the new update with a Twitter thread from March 24 and an accompanying tutorial<br />

video. As a user, you can now set and collect your transaction fees, distributed to you or the project treasury<br />

if operating as a DAO. According to the announcement, the best part is that you can simply add the creator's<br />

address to populate all your NFTs in one place. Once you do that, your community has the option of sorting<br />

by attributed collection.<br />

“All the NFTs minted will be available to view on one place, making a really engaging marketplace to interact<br />

on”. Holaplex says in the announcement. “The NFT Marketplace Standard is a free standard solution for any<br />

brand, creative team, or developer to create their marketplace within minutes”.<br />

As Holaplex explained further, Holaplex Marketplace Standard differs from centralized marketplaces in the<br />

following ways:<br />

1.No middlemen and no walled gardens<br />

2.Owned by you<br />

3.Sellers retain custody of their NFTs listed<br />

4.You collect the fees<br />

5.100% open source<br />

In addition, users don't have to release their NFT to the bots. Instead, the NFTs will remain in your wallet until<br />

you sell them as Holaplex supports an escrow-less contract.<br />

Following this development, Cardinal Labs couldn't contain their excitement as they poked Holaplex with<br />

a tweet inviting Holaplex to collaborate to create subscription marketplaces. It would be exciting to see if<br />

they come together as recently Cardinal Labs and Portals also joined forces to bring NFT rentals for Portals<br />

Metaverse.<br />

Holaplex community<br />

members interested in<br />

creating a marketplace<br />

can join the waitlist.<br />

What is Holaplex?<br />

Holaplex, founded in<br />

2021, provides independent<br />

artists, musicians,<br />

and creators with simple,<br />

free tools to make and<br />

sell NFTs and over 2,000<br />

stores for NFT buyers<br />

and collectors to discover<br />

up-and-coming projects,<br />

fast-rising artists. Hola<br />

6<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

@XeanusMonkeysN<br />

We’re excited to announce that staking will go live on 29/03 10pm UTC. The staking will be the<br />

first of part of a fun quest line in which we have developed. With the ultimate goal of returning<br />

home to Xeanu, and back to our usual, alien form.<br />

We will be releasing the next parts of the quests shortly, in the<br />

meantime you will need to put your monkeys to work. Each<br />

quest will require $XEANU, & a token that you will receive from<br />

the previous quests. I love a good surprise, so I won’t spoil anything<br />

else.<br />

Each Monkey will receive 6 x $XEANU token per day! (There will<br />

be multipliers further down the line too, so put your monkeys to<br />

work!)<br />

The first quest will be unlocked using a token that will be airdropped<br />

to delisted monkeys. If you wish to participate in the<br />

quests, and receive the rewards from it - you need to delist. The snapshot will be taken over the<br />

next 7 days.<br />

$XEANU token will have many utilities - we are creating an auction aggregator with so many<br />

possibilities for our token.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />








@CredibleCrypto - 322k followers<br />

Getting more and more involved with<br />

NFT’s. It’s fun to flip/trade them.<br />

Certainly not easy and a much higher<br />

level of risk imo because of the<br />

illiquidity and how quickly trends<br />

shift, but fun nonetheless.<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

OVER 5Sol & TOP NFT<br />

SolsWatch<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />


the ASTRONAUT<br />

The Astronaut @thexastronaut

the ASTRONAUT<br />


PURPLEanalysis<br />




grapeprotocol<br />


SOLANA Gaming Update<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAE7vYphNuE<br />


ANATOLY the Cat<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0tSnCZk4Dw<br />

20 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

BubbleBoy_ vws

@seminal_digital<br />

A thread about @forgebots<br />

Full disclosure: I hold a lot of bots. This thread is for a competition to win 1 SOL. If I win, it’ll be spent<br />

on a ForgeBot that I’ll give away here to someone who retweets this thread (my 1st).<br />

@forgeBots are 3333 3D robots and surely one of the best<br />

designed NFT collections, both visually and re. the variations<br />

and distributions of traits.<br />

Even the lowest ranking bots look fantastic. Some of my favs<br />

are low ranking, even though I have lots of the highest ranking<br />

also.<br />

@forgebots are a bet on the<br />

metaverse in general, rather<br />

than a specific metaverse<br />

project (many will fail). Every<br />

ForgeBot will have it’s own<br />

3D Avatar ready for whichever<br />

Metaverse projects win.<br />

Companions are just the beginning;<br />

a test. These 3D avatars are like little<br />

adverts for the main collection that’ll<br />

soon by flying about the metaverse,<br />

turning heads.<br />

ForgeMaster @drewflet<br />

has 15 years experience<br />

as a 3D pro<br />

working for some of<br />

the biggest brands in<br />

the world. He's as experienced and capabie as any<br />

metaverse team. His submission for Riptde Hackathon<br />

is a little proof of concept game within portals<br />

for collecting $EGEM<br />

@drewflet’s professional experience shows. The<br />

collection’s appeal isn’t limited to geeky, male robot<br />

fans. It has a welcome sprinkle of cute, quirky and<br />

fun. My nieces love them and some of the biggest<br />

whale collectors are female.<br />

@forgeBots connoisseurs can perhaps subdivide<br />

the bots into 4 main categories (some bots overlap).<br />

Heroic, Cute, Kooky, Freaky.<br />

22<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

WHAT I'M<br />


@CoffeeattackNFT<br />

Let me give you guys an update on what I’ve been up to in #Solana NFTs as the ecosystem has<br />

come back alive in anticipation of the OS integration:Thanks to @grapeprotocol’s NFT Council<br />

(which I’m a member of) -<br />

@BohemiaArtFair came onto my radar. The art is cool the roadmap is ambitious. I bought 6<br />

of them at 2 SOL each and after taking some profit I now have 3 staked which gives me daily<br />

$WOOP.<br />

@SolsteadsNFT - I originally minted over 20 of these and ended up with 37 on them by day 3.<br />

Mint price was .25 and for the longest time this cute collection went as low as .1 until @Solport-<br />

Tom acquired it.<br />

A big part of my thesis in NFT investing is betting on teams and that’s why I never sold despite<br />

the low price because of Solsteads and now we’re seeing the power of strong leadership with<br />

@SolportTom. Once I take some profit, I intend to hold my rare’s for the ride.<br />

Metaverses are all the rage right now, esp in the #Solana ecosystem. One metaverse that I’m<br />

bullish about is @solice_io - a VR first metaverse that will be holding their land sale tomorrow.<br />

Only 60k land plots will ever be available, which is less than Decentraland/Sandbox.<br />

To get WL you have to buy a Genesis Avatar, and I got 7 of them. I’ll be using 6 for my own land<br />

buys and @grapeprotocol will purchase 1 land plot with my last WL slot.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />


With the Azuki meta taking hold in the ETH NFT ecosystem, I found @AkariLabs on #Solana and<br />

found that they stood out enough artistically to merit a closer look. With only 2222 total supply<br />

and a staking option for $GLOW (0 tokens retained by the team), I decided to buy 5.<br />

The last purchase I want to talk about is one that I just did today, which was acquiring 5<br />

@FunGuyzNFT - including the #4 and the #37 rarest of them all.<br />

With only 3k supply and a staking mechanism to get $FUNZ, the project is intriguing. What sold<br />

me was their strong roadmap which includes 3D avatars and a "ShroomSteads" land plots for<br />

their FunForest Metaverse.<br />

Almost every project promises a metaverse but few can deliver. What makes me think<br />

@FunGuyzNFT can deliver the goods? Just look at this awesome preview of their @desolateNFT<br />

creation theyve done for @DeGodsNFT LINK<br />

This is my first thread and if you got this far, thanks for reading! With a renewed interest in #SolanaNFTs<br />

- I wanted to take the time to showcase a few spots that Im bullish on. NFA/DYOR always<br />

but I find it to be a very exciting time in NFTs, especially on Solana.<br />

24<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>














@DegenSwings<br />

Unpopular opinion:<br />

Charting floor prices on NFT collections can give you a hedge when buying and selling<br />

You might think this is bullshit and technical analysis(TA) doesn’t work, that’s fine with me, if you are<br />

interested keep reading below.<br />

Fear, greed and herd instinct are terms that come up when discussing the psychology behind financial<br />

markets, this is because human emotions play a part in the price action in markets.<br />

A price chart, then, is a timeline of optimism and pessimism in market participants.<br />

Technical analysis is not a prediction tool, but a tool to understand psychology in market participants<br />

and understanding important or possible levels for price action (PA) in an asset.<br />

“Show me the charts and I’ll tell you the news”<br />

-Bernard Baruch<br />

I don’t need to know that @opensea was launching support for Solana NFTs, the headline doesn’t<br />

matter, the charts only tells you that market participants were hyper bullish on whatever the news the<br />

market absorbed, thats what matters.<br />

As seen below<br />

@SolanaMBS had a solid support around 115-<br />

125 SOL, which means it had a lot of buyers in<br />

that area,once it broke 170 SOL it spiked to ~260<br />

SOL and its currently consolidating, in case of a<br />

pull back a great area for accumulation would be<br />

~222 SOL.<br />

Impressive ownership chart<br />

@DegenApeAcademy was looking bullish when<br />

it consolidated and reached 40-50 SOL FP, 100<br />

SOL was a psychological resistance and a lack of<br />

bullish continuation created a local high, now 65<br />

SOL seems like an excellent buy zone *IF* we get<br />

there.<br />

@DeGodsNFT went bananas.<br />

Honestly, there is nothing to chart here, but prior<br />

psychological areas of interest where people<br />

might FOMO or be in disbelief whatever the way<br />

the future price action goes from here.<br />

42<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

DegenApeAcademyOwnership close to ATHs<br />

TaiyoRobotics correlates with ownership being<br />

at ATHs<br />

DeGods Price increase rinsed a lot of owners,<br />

but it will get to ATHs<br />

@TaiyoRobotics has been in accumulation for 43<br />

days now after reaching 185-200 SOL and has<br />

a SOLID support around 140-150 SOL (tons of<br />

buyers), in this case the asset is just waiting for a<br />

catalyst to break up (or down).<br />

@BoryokuDragonz topped at 400 SOL and<br />

pulled back to ~200 SOL, which seems to be an<br />

important support based on prior PA.<br />

There seems to be some psychological resistance<br />

levels around 300 SOL, you break that and you go<br />

and test your ATHs again.<br />

Boryoku Ownership is consolidating<br />

Let me make emphasis that this doesn’t mean is<br />

as easy as drawing squares and lines, but rather<br />

to understand where important levels are on an<br />

asset.<br />

TA is a tool to be used along number of owners,<br />

bullish catalysts in a collection or market<br />

conditions.<br />

This was NFA.<br />

Alpha:<br />

I used the following applications:<br />

@SolanaFloor @SolanaKit<br />

Not in the charts but that I also use a lot is:<br />

@solsniperxyz<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />











$PUFF<br />

@GuitarCookies<br />

Tons of threads on the @StonedApeCrew whitepaper these past couple days<br />

explaining why #SAC and #NAC are primed for the long haul. Here's my take, focusing<br />

specifically on $PUFF tokenomics, leaving<br />

aside all the other amazing utilities.<br />

https://docs.stonedapecrew.com<br />

Let's first recognize the utility of $PUFF<br />

inside the #SAC NFT ecosystem: NFT<br />

evolutions, NFT generations, NFT raffles,<br />

NFT auctions, NFT mints - we've already<br />

seen the wild success of $PUFF as a critical<br />

component of the #SAC ecosystem by<br />

tokenomics<br />

allowing the rescue of Nuked Apes.<br />

The $PUFF token itself has brought in<br />

thousands more people into the #SAC<br />

ecosystem in just a couple months. I am<br />

entirely confident the NFT ecosystem<br />

will continue to expand through the<br />

$PUFF token with more awesome NFTs<br />

(intergalactic and beyond).<br />

Next let's recognize the utility of $PUFF outside the<br />

NFT ecosystem - as a cannabis lifestyle token. You'll<br />

be able to buy greens with $PUFF, buy merch and<br />

apparel, and access an online CBD and Accessories<br />

store. This is just the beginning. The sky is the limit<br />

here.<br />

As crypto tokens and digital assets become more<br />

widely used for payments, discounts, and brand<br />

access, we will see these early tokens like $PUFF gain<br />

more and more utility and purpose. I firmly believe<br />

digital asset payments are part of our economic<br />

future.<br />

Token supply. With halving structures, the maximum supply of $PUFF is 186 million<br />

54<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

tokens. It's important to note $PUFF supply will likely never meet this cap because of<br />

the numerous token burn mechanisms. Using $PUFF (as described above) very often<br />

results in token burning.<br />

Currently, there are about 3.7M $PUFF in circulation and about 10M tokens have been<br />

burned. That means about 73% of tokens circulated so far have been burned. $PUFF<br />

NFT generation will also deflate 9 times over the next 2.5 years.<br />

docs.google.com<br />

Token burning + ecosystem utility + deflationary supply events = a lowering supply<br />

faucet over time. As demand for the<br />

ecosystem grows, supply of the token used<br />

to access the ecosystem will enter the<br />

market at lower and lower rates. It is easy<br />

to foresee demand outpacing supply.<br />

So with current circ. supply of 3.7M $PUFF<br />

at about $0.50 per token, the market cap is<br />

about $1.85M. That puts $PUFF just outside<br />

the top 1500 tokens by mcap. Other SPL<br />

tokens like GENE (Genopets), ATLAS (Star<br />

Atlas), FIDA (Bonfida) are sitting between<br />

a $50M-$100M mcap.<br />

What does that mean? Even for $PUFF to<br />

slot itself in with other average, lower mcap<br />

#Solana NFT and ecosystem tokens, $PUFF<br />

could go another 25x-50x, assuming circ.<br />

supply remains stable (which it likely will<br />

not, it will fluctuate).<br />

IMO $PUFF may be undervalued to where<br />

I think the real value should be closer to<br />

10x-50x of where it is at now - and that is<br />

today, without all the time, ecosystem<br />

building, brand recognition, community<br />

participation, etc.<br />

Even if $PUFF hits its absolute maximum<br />

token supply of 186M at $0.50 - it is STILL<br />

in line with those other comparative SPL<br />

tokens by mcap ($93M mcap). A $93M<br />

fully diluted mcap in crypto markets is<br />

INCREDIBLY TINY. E.g., $RAY's fully diluted<br />

mcap is $1.8B 19x $PUFF.<br />

$RAY's current mcap is $311M, 168x of<br />

$PUFF's mcap. Now I'm not suggesting<br />

$PUFF today is as valuable as $RAY<br />

(Raydium protocol's token), but it could be<br />

in the future. If $PUFF's current mcap were<br />

to reach $RAY's current mcap, we would<br />

see $PUFF at $84 per token.<br />

$RAY’s current mcap is $311M, 168x of $PUFF’s mcap. Now I’m not suggesting $PUFF<br />

today is as valuable as $RAY (Raydium protocol’s token), but it could be in the future.<br />

If $PUFF’s current mcap were to reach $RAY’s current mcap, we would see $PUFF at<br />

$84 per token.<br />

Now, it appears common sense that the circulating supply of $PUFF will increase as<br />

time goes on, but I think $PUFF supply will stay relatively low as long as people continue<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />


That’s 111 days of ALL #SACs burning those<br />

$PUFF every day. This is just ONE supply<br />

control mechanism - all while we see demand<br />

increase every single day.<br />

So let’s run some numbers at some different<br />

theoretical (yet realistic) circ. supplies for<br />

$PUFF to see where its market value could<br />

land within the overall crypto market. After<br />

months, or years, of the team and community<br />

building, marketing, participating. Let’s start<br />

at a 10M $PUFF circ. supply. Feels a bit low after<br />

a year or two time but it’s 2-3x higher than the<br />

participating in the #SAC NFT ecosystem.<br />

Specifically because there are extreme token<br />

burn mechanics.<br />

The Awakenings alone would burn between<br />

10M-20M $PUFF just for every #SAC and #NAC<br />

to consume a Magic J. Rescue missions burn<br />

$PUFF. Auctions and raffles burn $PUFF. NFT<br />

evolutions burn $PUFF. There will likely be more<br />

burn mechanisms in the future.<br />

You heard that right. Turning all #SACs and #NACs<br />

into Awakeneds are going to take 3x-5x MORE of<br />

the ENTIRE current circ. supply of $PUFF. You<br />

want an Awakened? You will either have to wait<br />

a substantial amount of time staking OR buy<br />

$PUFF.<br />

It will take a role ape 111 days of $PUFF staking to<br />

generate enough $PUFF to become Awakened.<br />

current supply. Slotting in at just around a top<br />

300 mcap crypto you’d see a mcap of about<br />

$200M. That would be a $20 $PUFF token.<br />

Entirely possible.<br />

At a 20M $PUFF circ. supply and a $200M mcap,<br />

that’s a $10 $PUFF token. Entirely possible.<br />

At a 50M $PUFF circ. supply and a $200M mcap,<br />

that’s a $4 $PUFF token. Entirely possible.<br />

At a 100M $PUFF circ. supply and a $200M mcap,<br />

that’s a $2 $PUFF token. Entirely possible.<br />

These numbers are considering $PUFF to<br />

become a BOTTOM OF THE BARRELL SHITCOIN by crypto market cap, and we are<br />

still looking at a 4x-40x from here. If $PUFF achieves real world, and/or common use<br />

throughout the crypto community, what would that look like?<br />

56<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

If $PUFF reaches around a top 150 mcap,<br />

comparative to $JEWEL, we would see about a<br />

$650M mcap. That’s a $65, $32.5, $13, $6.5 $PUFF<br />

token at those circ. supply numbers above.<br />

Entirely possible IMO.<br />

Even though a $20 or $30 $PUFF token seems<br />

entirely plausible, let’s be more conservative<br />

and put $PUFF at $10 - which I think puts $PUFF<br />

as a lower-end SPL token with relatively high<br />

circ. supply (5x-15x more supply than currently<br />

circulating).<br />

At a $10 $PUFF token, you’re looking at $18,000<br />

a month at first, lowering to $3,600 a month<br />

over a year. That’s just if $PUFF supply becomes<br />

overinflated and the token caps out as a low-tier<br />

SPL. The current price could pay for itself in two<br />

weeks.<br />

Now I’m out of room - but none of this even<br />

considers the value or utility of $ALL - which could<br />

potentially double these value figures.<br />

In conclusion, I think $PUFF and #SAC is still<br />

widely undervalued considering the strength and<br />

ambitions of the @StonedApeCrew community.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />




Xeanus X Hersoid
















@ctrlkaitlyn<br />

Initially it was just from a love for isometric and line art. It ended up becoming more than<br />

this to me, I realised I was visualising my mind as a software engineer.<br />

I make the pieces by thinking of a software concept/idea and then use a combination of pen<br />

on paper and digital mediums to make each work.<br />

Geometric Isometric - Genesis<br />

Where the collection started, this was inspired by those wooden puzzles and complex origami<br />

art.<br />

Can be purchased here for 1 SOL - https://exchange.art/single/2WyQNz8m8vjs3bQYgSsgEHtZCytqmqhzp6AsmTs6YbGP<br />

Geometric Isometric #1 - Data Structure<br />

The realisation that I was visualising my mind as a software engineer. This one reminds me of<br />

small data structures in code. Shoutout to @sleeprNFT for the colour inspiration.<br />

Can be purchased here for 1 SOL - https://exchange.art/single/2M5qhGJ4JqULsirUfWD-<br />

Fq3myDQ8jS9vrbiwLW61P63Y3<br />

76<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

#2 Microservice<br />

This one is the start of the collection where<br />

the descriptions to the works become more<br />

educational. You’ll find a short write up of<br />

what a Microservice is in software.<br />

Lookout for auction starting soon @ 1 SOL<br />

- https://exchange.art/single/A86CNs7YpqEsysQDwc3EKL2CVpEwHNx6Cq91XtS4XvNX<br />

#3 Legacy/Monolithic<br />

Many moving pieces in this one, this is how I<br />

visualise the complexities of legacy codebases.<br />

See the links art description for more about<br />

legacy/monolithic codebases.<br />

Lookout for auction starting soon @ 1 SOL<br />

- https://exchange.art/single/FeEX5BnZed-<br />

2KzxFxa4teAZp2nyFYUqq6PMbK6XrhX6GR<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />


MarcoPolo<br />

mercanti<br />

A Look at<br />

the week<br />

in Solana<br />

My name is Marco Polo, I am a traveler in the vast spaces of Solana’s NFT-verse, and let me tell<br />

you, there’s a lot of shit going on. I’ve seen a lot in my life, including a fight between Kublai<br />

and a degenerate ape in the year 1260. But none of the things I’ve seen in my travels compare<br />

to the sheer volume of non-fungible monkees and pixel dicks launched on Solana. So, as I have<br />

done before with my New York Times best-selling book, “The Travels of Marco Polo,” I will<br />

attempt to document everything going on. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.<br />

From Death Comes Life<br />

Is there even any question about this? Frank has brought one of the OG NFTs on Solana from a<br />

floor price of 6 SOL to almost 100 SOL in a little over two months and now the DeadGods have<br />

arrived. Will you sacrifice 1000 $DUST for the transformation so your newly christened Dead-<br />

Gods can earn 30 $DUST per day?<br />

Look at the details….<br />

Introducing DeGens by Fronk. Now they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so Frank<br />

must be very flattered of late with all the DeGods derivative projects coming out. However he<br />

might be more flattered if these DeGens didn’t look like their diet is solely Big Macs.<br />

78<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

@sainteclectic<br />

Remember the Cashio hack last week (Jesus feels like a month ago already)? It’s obviously not over until<br />

refund settled. Our old friend The Saint Eclectic is doing his best to dig it through the whole story, update<br />

the progress from Cashio and Saber teams in order to help the exploiters claim their refund. TLDR but it’s<br />

a must because, if Saint has done his job devoting his time researching and writing, then it is us anon’s job<br />

to read and share — it’s the only way to push our ecosystem forward.<br />

The Skinny: What’s your favorite childhood bedtime book? I will go first: Little Prince. To bring back our<br />

childhood memory, Dahlys is building our dream at web 3.0 now with a collection of 2222 dreamers inspired<br />

by the works and illustrations of our childhood stories.<br />

Why we’re paying attention: As your dahlys explore the depths of their minds and creativity, let them<br />

dream inside the Dahly Dream Emporium to earn $IMGN tokens that will help them create the beasts,<br />

machines, and worlds of their wildest imaginations. How can you not be bookish for it?<br />

Mint Date: Wed, Apr 6th<br />

Mint Supply: 2,222<br />

Price: 1.5 SOL<br />

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DahlysArt<br />

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading my journal entry. Feedback is appreciated, and if you want<br />

to be featured in my journal next week, please DM us on Twitter, or join our Discord for the latest updates!<br />

Safe Travels,<br />

Marco<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />


Dumbledore's ARTmy<br />

@DumbARTmy<br />

Our next artist is someone muggles and wizardkind alike can't @Resistt_<br />

... *cough* yeah it's @Resistt_. Hailing from house HufflePUNK. This work kills like Tom Riddle's<br />

Adava Kedavra curse, instantly and without remorse.<br />

@Resistt_ was onboarded to Solana from Eth by @notjohnlestudio and came in hitting hard with<br />

thick drippy lines, vivid colors, and an insane cyberpunk world of characters.<br />

80<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong>

Their Genesis collection is amazing to look at as a glimpse into a dystopian future of cybernetics<br />

and metaversal existence.<br />

There is a distinct look and feel to a @Resistt_ piece that<br />

burns their sigil into you eyeballs. After doing a deriv for @<br />

Solanauts, @TopoGigio_sol, and the art for @SeaShantiesSol<br />

it's become clear they were made to melt faces across this<br />

ecosystem.<br />

Outside of the Genesis collection and these amazing pieces, @<br />

Resistt_ also cast a collection spell called Blue Haired Baddies<br />

that makes me want to trade in my patronus.<br />

The Genesis collection is still coming out, and right now you<br />

can be a collector. Imposter Syndrome is live at auction for the<br />

next 5ish hours from this post and it shouts encantations that<br />

should mezmorize the whole community with a stirring feeling.<br />

Anytime you look at a @Resistt_ zoom in on the details or<br />

you’re missing some incredibly thoughtful bits that make each<br />

piece legendary. We are all woefully underexposed to this brilliant<br />

creator.<br />

My financial and cultural advice<br />

is to go bid right now.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>51</strong><br />



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