British Columbia Spring 2022

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The front door is arguably one of the most important entry points of

your home. A well thought out and designed front entry way can set

a welcoming tone for your home. The right door will balance out the

exterior aesthetic, boost curb appeal, and protect your home.

Not all front doors are made equal, which is why it is important for

you to consider these 4 things before you make your final decision.


Your front door reflects your architectural preference and personal

style. You do not want to flippantly choose a front door for your home.

The wrong door could throw off aesthetic balance. Not only will your

home look better and more cohesive with the right front door, but it

will also improve its resale value. A new door is a relatively inexpensive

improvement that promises a strong return on investment.


There are a variety of materials that doors can be constructed from.

Each type of door has its own benefits and drawbacks. When choosing

a front door for your home, you need to consider how the specific

characteristics of each material may influence their performance.


Fibreglass doors are a great option if you are looking for energy

efficiency, low maintenance, and customizability. They come in a

wide array of colors, styles, and textures, so it is easy to blend into the

overall aesthetic of your home. The insulation they offer can also help

offset energy costs, which makes them more affordable in the long

run, despite the initial purchase price. The fiberglass doors offered

by Window Mart, for example, feature a polyurethane core free from

chlorofluorocarbons, delivering superior energy efficiency compared

to wood doors (up to 6 times more insulating, in fact). Fiberglass

doors are also exceptionally durable and are designed to resist corrosion

and deterioration.


True wood adds a certain level of rustic beauty that is not achievable

with other materials. Wood doors can be stained or painted to achieve

the look you want, yet each one remains completely unique. Other

ways to customize wood doors include decorative glass inserts, stylish

hardware options or added embellishments. The downside to wood

doors is that they require continual maintenance to prevent warping,

swelling, or rotting. It is also often recommended that a storm door be

installed to protect the wood from the elements, which can take away

from the classic style you are looking for in a wood front door. Wood

doors are elegant, but high-maintenance.


Steel doors are as stunning as they are durable. They provide a superior

level of security while still offering color and texture customizability

(though not quite as much as with fiberglass). Steel does have the

potential to rust over time, so it is important to choose a high-quality

option with protective coating like what is offered at Window Mart.

Some steels doors are also offered with an insulated core which

improves their energy efficiency performance. Window Mart, for

example, carries several steel door products with a high-density polyurethane

foam filling that increases insulation and reduces thermal



How much money are you comfortable spending? This is probably

one of the most important questions you need to ask before beginning

any home improvement project, and replacing your front door

is no exception. The initial investment versus long-term benefits,

such as reduced energy costs. High-quality materials, also require less

maintenance, which also results in long-term savings. Should also be

conscientious of hidden costs, such as extra finishing. Wood doors,

for example, may require additional painting or staining that is not included

in the purchase price. Choosing a reputable window and door

company will ensure that your new front door is installed properly

and save you from potentially costly mistakes.


When it comes to choosing a front door for your home the possible

security features are an invaluable consideration. Most of the doors

on the market are similar in terms of the strength of their basic construction.

If you are going to make any customizations, such as adding

glass inserts or side panels, you may want to consider options that

offer additional safety. Glazed glass, for example, is harder to break

into. You may also want to consider your desired level of privacy. Textured

or frosted glass makes it so passersby cannot see directly into

your home, but still allows for natural light to enter. Front Doors are

incredibly important assets of the safety and security of your home,

and in turn, your family.


Choosing a new front door for your home is an incredibly important

task. If you take all the things listed into consideration you are sure to

find a front door with the perfect balance of function and beauty.

Window Mart provides high-quality front door options and installation

services for homeowners in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Contact our friendly staff today to get your complimentary estimate

for your home’s front door replacement.

Window Mart

11474 Winterburn Rd NW

Edmonton, AB T5S 2Y3

+1 855 993 0303



- A dehumidifier is a good investment to reduce moisture.

- Move your furniture and clean well underneath.

- Clean and deodorize curtains, carpets or rugs.

- Wipe down wood furniture and consider cleaning with wood soap

in the springtime. Place packets of coffee grounds or charcoal in the

drawers of cupboards or dressers.

- Baking soda in your fridge deodorizes and removes stale food

smells; also in the garbage pail or down the kitchen sink.

- Natural deodorizers – oranges and lemons are great for cleaning

counter surfaces. Place dried oranges spiked with cloves in your


- Place lavender, cedar or vanilla sticks in closets.

- One part boric acid, and two parts hydrogen peroxide and white

vinegar each with four parts water clears musty smells.

- Along with charcoal, zeolite is a natural mineral that absorbs odours.

- Kitty litter draws out odours in a room.

- Use natural food-grade odour neutralizing sprays in trashcans,

smelly sinks and drains, bathrooms, cars and diaper bins. These and

wickless food-grade candles are safe for children and pets.

Experiment with safe, natural ‘cure-alls’ to effectively disinfect and

neutralize odours and kill bacteria – making your winter home experience

pleasant and refreshing.


That Log Cabin Feel

Longing to bring a little log cabin chic to your home? If you’re looking to add

some rustic to your home, try making sure your furniture add to the rustic

atmosphere. Use pieces made of wood, or, if it’s upholstered use leather or

other natural materials (flannel, or wool). Using something that looks like

animal fur, or antlers, as accessories help bring in that woodsy feel.






You’ve probably heard that “time is the enemy” in debt collection.

And procrastination is the number one factor in bad debt write-offs.

Yet still, you hesitate to send overdue files to collections. It’s a commonplace

mix of overconfidence, optimism and fear of giving up

more than you need to.

I’ve spent my career in Accounts Receivable Management, and I know

the statistics. Every day you wait makes an overdue account less likely

to be recovered.

Got Questions? Reach out any time—and be sure to download my 10

Debt Recovery Tips to collect like a pro every time!

Author: Brian Summerfelt

President and CEO of MetCredit,

Canada’s top-performing consumer and commercial collection


That’s why so much of MetCredit’s focus has been on collecting

accounts more quickly than anyone else. When we receive a file and

get the green light to collect, our goal is to receive payment in two

business days or less.

For your business, you can apply some of the same techniques to

speed up cash flow and minimize bad debt.

Button up your files. When MetCredit collection agents makes a call,

they’re sure to have all necessary information at the ready, so that if a

question or stall tactic comes up we have the answers. The customer

requests an invoice re-sent? We fire it right off, and follow up immediately.

Be sure to keep contracts, records of communication, proof of

delivery and all your documentation together. You’ll collect faster on

your own files, and when you use our automated system (available to

MetCredit clients 24/7), it will be quick and super-easy.

Call at the right time. Reach out to your customers when you know

it’s a good time for them to pay. Early in the day tends to be better

than late on a Friday when they’re feeling they’ve bought themselves

another week. At MetCredit our applied AI systems use machine

learning with deep industry databases and continuously adapting

algorithms to tell our agents the best possible times to place a call in

order to collect from each debtor, minimizing frustration at both ends

and speeding recovery. While you may not have sophisticated AI tech,

you do have common sense. Plan your call times in advance.

| www.metcredit.com

Don’t accept delays. When a debtor business is in trouble, an automatic

prioritization process comes into play, and the most critical

debts get paid first to ensure continuity and avoid a forced shutdown.

For you, that is probably bad news unless you are a secured creditor

or provide the customer a mission-critical service. It means you will

continue to be put off until things turn around—and will lose the

money owed to you if they don’t. As a collection agency, we don’t

accept excuses or stall tactics. The first time an already late payment

is delayed, send us the file.

Getting paid quickly is NOT a luxury. It is essential to running a successful

business and is central to achieving reliable cash flow.

And it’s a mistake to feel guilty about taking measures to collect any

payment that is not provided as promised by a customer.

When you stop worrying about overdue accounts, you’ll suddenly feel

liberated, with more time and energy to innovate, delight customers

and create new revenue streams.



Should You

Switch To

Linen Bedding?


The average person spends eight hours per night, seven days per

week sleeping. If you live until the age of 90—that means you are

sleeping for 30 years of your life! Sleep is essential for all humans, so

it’s important that you make the most of your time in bed. Sleep helps

you rest and recover and allows you to approach the start of each new

day refreshed.

When you think about slipping into bed at the end of the day, you

most likely think about the softness and coolness of the sheets and

the feeling of the fabric against your skin. There’s a feeling of comfort

and relaxation that comes from quality bed linens. It’s one of the

reasons people tend to sleep so well in hotels—the business owners

know the power of a good night’s sleep and invest in quality linens for

their guests.

The type and style of bedding you choose for your bed is an individual

choice, depending on the specific qualities you want for your sheets

and duvet covers. Before you decide which sheets are best for you,

take a moment to learn about linen and consider how linen bedding

is made.

What is Linen?

Linen is a light, lint-free fabric that can absorb more moisture than

cotton without the material itself becoming damp. Linen is three

times stronger than cotton, so it will stay beautiful for years, no matter

how often you wash it.

How is Linen Made?

Linen is a natural textile made from fibres of the flax plant. It is a thick

and durable fabric that is quite difficult and labour-intensive to produce,

but the end result is a strong and breathable material. Before

cotton was introduced, linen was widely spun, and the fabric was

used to create clothing and household materials. The daily use of linen

has declined over the last 50 years because of the mass production

of cotton and the introduction of synthetic materials. As we entered

the 21st century, designers and consumers have started to reconsider

the benefits of linen.

Why is Linen Bedding Unique?

Linen is the most environmentally-friendly textile in the world.

During the first 100 days of the flax plant’s growth, it needs very little

water to thrive. Due to its strength and resilience, the use of pesticides

is not necessary. Once mature, the entire plant is processed into linen,

and very little of the plant is wasted. Compared to cotton, a minimal

amount of chemicals are needed to produce the linen. Linen is also

three times stronger than cotton and lasts for years. The soft, 100%

natural linen fabric also feels great against the skin, resulting in a

better night’s sleep.

What is Coco Linen?


Linen has a reputation as the world’s strongest natural fibre—it’s

twice as strong as cotton and the ideal choice for a linen duvet cover

or sheet set and pillowcases. Coco linen blends the best of both

worlds, combining the comfort and breathability of cotton with the

durability of linen.

Adapts to Different Seasons

One of the most appealing features of linen fabric is its ability to

adapt to different temperatures and seasons. Linen helps regulate

temperature and allows you to sleep comfortably any time of year—

from cool and comfortable in the summer to warm and cozy in the

winter. Coco linen is a unique blend of cotton and linen and combines

the best features of both materials. It creates an exceptional

insulating effect that allows you to enjoy a more consistent temperature


Absorbs Moisture

Linen bedding such as duvet covers and flat sheets can absorb as

much as 20% of their weight in moisture without feeling damp. That is

why it is so comfortable to sleep on linen bedding in the summer.

Easy Cleaning

Linen bedding is easy to care for and is as simple to clean as cotton.

Linen is distinct because it doesn’t require ironing—it maintains a

naturally “wrinkled” look, which is part of its aesthetic. Although a

linen duvet cover can feel a little rough at first, it becomes softer and

more comfortable with each wash. Coco linen is also easy to clean,

and the blend of cotton with linen makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Linen is an ideal fabric choice for bedding because it is naturally

hypoallergenic. Used for centuries in Egypt because of its healing

properties, linen can benefit people sensitive to dust and suffer from

allergies or asthma. Linen also has antibacterial properties and is a

natural antiseptic. This makes the fabric resistant to bacteria, fungi,

and dust mites. Linen is often recommended for children to help ease

symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

Selecting Unique Coco Linen

Coco linen bedding from Maison Tess combines the best of both

worlds—the softness and breathability of cotton with the durability

and health benefits of linen. Unique coco linens are the ideal choice

for comfortable and environmentally-friendly natural bedding—from

fitted and flat sheets to pillowcases and duvet covers. Visit their catalogue

today to see their wide range of linen and coco linen products.

Coco linen is a natural fabric made from a blend of cotton and linen.

The blend of natural fibres combines the softness and comfort of

cotton with the strength and durability of linen.

Benefits of Linen

Linen bedding has been used for generations in homes around the

world. Linen has a reputation for quality and durability, but there are

a number of benefits and features of linen that make it an ideal choice

for your home.


Linen is considered an environmentally-friendly choice because it is

grown without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Linen is also

considered a low-water plant and can be grown effectively without

environmentally harmful irrigation systems. As a natural material, it

is also recyclable and biodegradable.



5 Undisputable

Benefits of Towel



Let’s face it, nobody likes damp towels. This is exactly why towel

warmers, or towel radiators, were invented over 100 years ago! Towel

warmers provide a gentle warmth in your bathroom and can keep

your towels toasty. One of the easiest ways to create a spa-like experience

in your bathroom is to bring home a modern towel warmer, by


Who doesn’t love the luxury of a warm fluffy and warm towel? Modern

heated towel rails are an energy-efficient and affordable way to dry

towels and keep your bathroom inviting and comfortable, even in the

colder months.

Towel warmers can plug right into the wall outlet and can be bolted

to your wall to hide any dangling wires, and they can be controlled by

a timer, remote, or thermostat. There are two ways to effectively keep

your linens warm: by using a radiator-type warmer, a hydronic unit

(heated by hot water), or by purchasing an electric model.

Ultimately, all of these devices are essentially a radiator as they slowly

radiate heat that either warms or dries your towels.

Do you really need any additional convincing to buy a towel radiator?

If so, and want to learn more, here are 5 undisputable reasons why

you shouldn’t think twice before buying one!

Keeping your bathroom warm and cozy

From freestanding models to space-saving wall cabinets, these drying

rails are available in a variety of finishes, including polished and

brushed stainless steel and white or oil-polished bronze. An effective

combination to keep your bathroom warm and dry is a fan in combination

with a towel warmer.

For family bathroom, a floor-mounted towel rack usually comes with

multiple bars, allowing different family members to hang their damp

towels and knick-knacks on their own bar or rack.

Not only are towel warmers ideal for warming your towels, but they

also produce radiant heat and are perfect for taking the chill out of

the air as you step out of a warm bath or shower into the comfort of

your warm and luxurious feeling bathroom.

Keeping mold away

Good ventilation in your bathroom is very important. A few things

can ruin the feeling of a hot bath, one would be entering an icy bathroom.

An additional radiant heat source from a towel warmer not only

makes your bathroom more comfortable, but when combined with a

bathroom exhaust fan, it can also make the air in your bathroom less

humid and penetrating, drying wet linens and reducing the presence

of mold and mildew.

Towel warmers provide fresh air while sniffing out unnecessary moisture

and odors. In the long run, this will help to reduce the amount of

laundry and ultimately saves water.

Attractive and useful bathroom furniture

Today’s towel warmers and towel radiators are designed to be both attractive

and efficient. The combination of design and functionality is

enormous. Contemporary hot rails are attractive, with a wide variety

to choose from that take up little floor and wall space.

This makes it easy to customize the sleek look of these towel warmers

for any bathroom. There are even towel warmers that can incorporate

a radiator into their design, so you get the best of both worlds.

Most towel warmers are relatively easy to install, energy efficient,

attractive and practical and will give your bathroom a modern, contemporary


Energy efficient

Many towel warmers are designed as independent electrical appliances

intended to operate continuously and economically and have a

built-in thermostat, which prevents overheating. So not only are these

towel warmers safe, they can safely be left on for about the cost of a

light bulb or two.

The hydronic towel warmers use hot water that is used to heat your

home through some sort of radiator, so you may need a plumber to

install it in your bathroom. The great thing is that once it’s installed it

doesn’t suck up any more energy to produce the heat, which is good.

The downside of using a water heated towel rail is that a radiator is

normally not in use in your home during the summer months (unless

you like living in a sauna!), so you might not want to heat your towels.

Easy to install

Electric towel warmers, on the other hand, are heated by means of

electricity. The advantage of electric towel rails is that they are easier

to install. You can simply plug in some electric towel warmers and

they are ready to go. The other advantage of an electric towel rail

is that they can be used all year round and can be installed almost


In hindsight, towel warmers made of solid material, such as stainless

steel, are less prone to rusting or flaking, like some towel holders

that are covered. Finally, if you really want to take the chill off your

bathroom floor on those cold winter mornings, you can install radiant

heat under your bathroom floor to keep your toes warm.

And remember, keeping your bathroom dry is one of the best ways to

keep your bathroom mold-free.







Vinyl Decking Options Built for Canadian Weather

We carry both Dec-Tec and DeckRite waterproof PVC membrane,

which is produced in North America and is engineered to meet CGSB

testing requirements and thrive in the vastly fluctuating Canadian

weather and even fire-rated for Canada’s hotspots.

Our durable PVC membrane adds beauty and value to any sundeck or

waterproofing project, providing protection against rot and expensive

maintenance or repair costs.

Advantages/Benefits of Waterproof, Fire-Rated Vinyl Decking

Safety, Quality, Durability & No Maintenance

Both Dec-Tec and DeckRite PVC membrane offers many advantages

over liquid applied systems and conventional wood sundecks:

- Ideal for wood substrates

- Can be applied to almost any surface – even over concrete – with

minimal surface preparation

- Installed in just hours and can be used immediately

- Can be installed in almost any weather condition

- Designed / engineered for heavy foot traffic and the most severe

Canadian weather conditions

- Will outlast painted substrates by many years

- Will not peel, crack or delaminate

Simply put, our vinyl decking will give you years of worry-free enjoyment

with almost NO maintenance. (You may have to shovel the


Dec-Tec Vinyl Decking

Dec-Tec’s membrane is adhered to the deck substrate by either a water-based

or solvent-based adhesive. The membrane roll stock, once

adhered to the substrate, is heat-welded together to create a completely

waterproof seam, stronger than the membrane itself.

- “Real Technology” on Natural Line

- 20 Year Limited Warranty 80 mil total thickness

- Cool underfoot even at high temperatures

- Ideal for Balconies & Rooftop decks

- Spreadcoat construction cannot de-laminate

- UV Stabilized

- Anti Microbial

- Excellent vinyl to vinyl “weld-ability”

- 10 year limited warranty on 60 mil membrane

- 20 year limited warranty on 80 mil membrane The Classic Line

is one of our most popular product lines. Each membrane offers a

functional and traditional feel with cutting edge membrane technology

so you can enjoy style, comfort and protection. Our classic

colors compliment all décor styles and accentuate any outdoor space,

whether it’s a deck, patio, boathouse, or walkways. Designed to be

neutral and durable, our Classic Line is stunning in any application,

from commercial to residential.

Dec-Tec Coolstep Line

With our CoolStep line, Dec-Tec offers all the same waterproofing

capabilities in the form of white, light pattern membranes with

increased solar reflectance making it the perfect option for warmer,

sunnier climates.

​20 year limited warranty on 80 mil membrane

For over 25 years, Dec-Tec® has delivered proven waterproofing and

roofing solutions for decks, balconies, walkways and many other

types of exterior surface applications. As North America’s leading

innovator in pedestrian traffic bearing PVC membranes, along with

industry leading system accessories and components, water intrusion

problems on deck areas are a thing of the past. Dec-Tec has over 25

years of proven technology and proven performance.

DeckRite Membrane

DeckRite waterproof PVC membrane is produced in North America

and is engineered to meet CGSB testing requirements.

Our durable PVC membrane adds beauty and value to any sundeck or

waterproofing project, providing protection against rot and expensive

maintenance or repair costs.

DeckRite PVC membrane offers many advantages over liquid applied

systems and conventional wood sundecks:

ideal for wood substrates

can be applied to almost any surface – even over concrete – with

minimal surface preparation

installed in just hours and can be used immediately

can be installed in almost any weather condition

designed / engineered for heavy foot traffic and the most sever Canadian

weather conditions

will outlast painted substrates by many years

will not peel, crack or delaminate

Simply put, DeckRite’s vinyl decking will give you years of worry-free enjoyment with almost NO maintenance.

DeckRite Platinum Series

​DeckRite offers a large number of colours and patterns to meet consumer demands. Our membrane is embossed with an anti-slip texture that is

ideal for commercial projects.

DeckRite is produced in 6 foot wide, 300 foot long master rolls, and cut to dealer requirements. This means minimal waste for our dealers and no

additional charge to the end consumer; you only pay for what you need.




Detecting Water Leaks in your home needs to be done quickly. Think

about how many fixtures with flowing water are in your house right

now: faucets, toilets, showers, fridge water, dishwashers, hot water

tanks etc. Now imagine receiving a notification that there is a small

leak in one of those lines. This system tells you exactly where is issue

is when there’s an issue.



Keep your home protected with this Water Leak Detection system

that will shut off the source to the fixture when it detects a leak. You

receive a notification to your phone as to the error, and exactly which

fixture has the problem. This system detects as little as 0.015 inches of

water and will close your main water line valve.

The most common insurance claims for water damage come from

fridge water lines and dishwasher leaks. With this system, not only

will you know where the leak is happening but the system will close

the main valve saving you time, money and water damage repair


water leak valve

you up at night.

With this system not only are you notified that there is a problem,

it tells you exactly which fixture has the issue. This can save you

hundreds of dollars in damage from the water or from exploratory


We supply and install this water leak detection system for fixture

you would like to monitor, so you can be at ease when away from

home. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be notified* of an

issue with any of the fixtures that are being monitored. You can have

peace of mind that the problem has been stopped as soon as it was


*Internet connection required

Vision Mechanical is the local supplier for Sedna Water Damage

Products in Western Canada. We can supply and install these

systems for any fixtures you would like to monitor, so you be at ease

when away from home.

Contact us at 778-402-9423 e-mail info@visionplumbingandheating.com.



This simplified management system will help avoid costly claims for

homeowners and managers. For Condo & Apartment Managers, the

thought of a quiet water leak somewhere in your building might keep


Need more Home Advice? Check us out online!





Use our Home Advice

to take your home to the next


Creating a Moroccan

Inspired Room

Creating a Moroccan inspired room in your home can be quite overwhleming,

there are so many colours, textures, and patterns to play with! If there

seems to be too much inspiration, or too many options floating around, a

good place to start is with pillows! You can easily add colour, texture, and

patterns with an overabundance of pillows!



5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s

Security Today

Your home is your haven. It’s a safe space to come home after a long

day and feel safe and secure. That’s why it’s so important to keep your

property secure by taking some simple safety precautions and regularly

keeping an eye out for potential security threats in the home.

Here are five easy ways to improve your home’s security today.

#1: Test Alarm Systems on a regular basis

One of the best ways to keep your home secure is by installing an

alarm system. An alarm system will alert you to any suspicious activity

on your property, such as intruders. Most systems nowadays are customizable

so you can choose which alarm settings are necessary and

which aren’t. Alarm systems not only alert you to potentially suspicious

activity but also deter robbers from entering the property. If you

don’t have an alarm system, this is a quick way to improve your home’s

security. Find a trusted company with real-world knowledge that can

offer you a tailored solution, such as Ninja Security.

Check your alarm systems regularly to ensure they are working and

protect your property from unwanted visitors.

#2: Reinforce your doors

Prevent intruders from kicking in your door by reinforcing your doors.

There are several ways you can secure doors again blunt force. Firstly,

install a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock goes further into the door

frame making it harder for burglars to pick the lock.

Did you know that burglars can actually take your doors off the hinges

to enter your property? One way to prevent this is to reinforce the door

hinges by adding safety stubs. These studs stop burglars from knocking

the door off the hinges or unscrewing it. It’s also wise to protect your

door frame from the blunt force by installing a metal frame. Installing

door barricades and other security devices on your door will further

protect it against intruders. There are plenty of quick fixes you can do

at home to reinforce your doors and make them as impenetrable as


#3 Defend your property from porch pirates

Porch piracy has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to a rise in online

shopping. So much so that billions of packages are estimated to have

been stolen from porches in the last year. But how can you keep people

Industrial Palettes

One way to master the industrial look in your home is to limit your colour

palette! Black, grey, and white are staples of industrial style. You can paint

anything black to give it an instant industrial upgrade. Try painting radiators,

trim, picture frames, really anything! Just remember to use the black

as a contrast against the large amount of white in your house – your don’t

want your space becoming too dark!


from stealing your packages when you’re not home? An increasing

number of people are investing in porch lock boxes and mailbox sensors

to deter porch pirates and keep their packages safe.

Delivery people can safely pop your packages in the lockbox to keep

them secure until you return. Just remember to change the security pin

regularly. Mailbox sensors will alert you to any suspicious activity near

your mailbox.

#4 Keep security lights switched on at night

The most common time for burglars to try to enter your home is

when it’s dark. Security lights tell potential burglars that you’re home.

Switching the security lights on at night when you’re home and when

you’re out will not only deter intruders, but it may throw them off

too. Many intruders will watch your property for some time before

robbing it to get an idea of your schedule and when you are least likely

to be home. Setting the lights to come on at the same time each night

(whether you’re home or not) will make it seem like there is always

someone home, deterring burglars.

#5 Don’t forget to lock the garage

Familiarize yourself with all the potential points of entry on your

property and ensure that they are all secure. This includes your garage,

especially if it provides a point of entry to your home. Always lock your

garage before going out, make sure the door and windows are secure,

and keep the garage door opener inside your home rather than your

car where it can be easily stolen. If you have a door connecting your

garage to the remainder of your house, keep it locked and make sure it

is well reinforced.

Final Thoughts

Property crimes are on the rise. But there’s no need to panic. A reliable

alarm system, regular security checks, and some good quality doors

and windows will go a long way to burglar-proof your property. Follow

these five simple hacks to ensure your home is secure today.







While the weather is still warm and dry and the children are just

winding down their summer holidays, you might want to re-plaster

one of your walls or take up clay sculpturing, clay carvings and murals

for your outside patio wall.

If you are interested in learning the art; the different techniques,

sculptural designs, mouldings and carved plasters, colours and

textures, natural wall finishes of beautiful clay and lime plasters, your

walls will be sure to become a talking point amongst your friends.

One of the benefits to come out of the straw and bale cob houses are

the natural earthen plasters. Originally developed in New Mexico

and Arizona with the growth in popularity of cob clay and straw bale

homes. They have been around for thousands of years in traditional

mixes and tend to look better and become harder with time.

Sustainable clay plasters are now available for purchase online. The

lime-based clay plasters are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are the

ultimate replacement for paint as they can be tinted with the same

colourants used to colour latex paint. They have no off-gassing components

and are hypo-allergenic.

These plasters are perfect for either new construction or for renovations

as they will stick to other surfaces. One great attribute is that

they filter the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and odours. They are

known to be mould resistant with the ability to absorb moisture. They

can be painted over and colours do not fade. YouTube videos and

other tutorials are available to learn how to apply the plasters.

If you are not anticipating redoing an entire wall and would love to experiment

with the decorative techniques used with earthen plasters,

techniques can be learned to create something unique and special.

Experts Bill and Athena Steen from the States have perfected their

decorative plasterwork by plastering several layers of clays that consist

of different pigments.

They use Japanese trowels of different sizes and flexibilities to cut and

remove layers, ultimately to reveal the different colours underneath.

If you are interested in learning the art; the different techniques,

Brighten and add Color to

your Home

You can try to just adjust the hue of your outlook, but adjusting the hue of

your decor can really help! Get out of that visual rut by adding color in areas

like throw pillows, wall art, rugs, or curtains! Or, you can go ham and repaint

the whole house! Whatever the reason, this is the season to refresh and

revive your home!




If you just want more hours to spend on your deck or are preparing

a special evening experience outside such as a romantic picnic,

star-gazing session, or outdoor movie night, installing outdoor deck

lighting improves the ambiance and protection of your outdoor living

space. Check out Railings Toronto for railings that will beautify your

home and outdoor deck.

In this article, we’ll discuss deck lighting ideas to help you get the

most out of your deck. There are a plethora of deck lighting options


Deck lights in today’s market are practical and come in a variety of elegant

and trendy designs to complement every deck concept. Among

the options are:

Lighting for deck posts

Lights installed into the deck post cap are popular with many homeowners

because they guide light downward to illuminate where you

move without shining in your eyes. Many composite deck posts are

hollow, allowing you to cover the wires for a sleek, finished look if you

use wired deck post lights. Solar deck post lamps, on the other side,

charge wirelessly from the sun – providing free, clean energy. In addition

to cap lights, several manufacturers sell lights that mount directly

to the post in a number of models.

Deck railing lighting options

Installing under-rail strip lights is a beautiful way to outline your

deck. These LED deck lights, also known as “bridge strips” or “rope

lights,” are made up of hundreds of individual small lights enclosed

in a flexible tube that can be hidden under the deck railing. Deck rail

lights, including deck post lights, guide light downward for a more

subdued effect.

Stair lights for the deck

Since it is possible to misjudge stairs in the dark, lighting the stairs is

a smart way to improve deck protection. This may be accomplished

by installing deck post lights, deck rail lights, or recessed bullet lights

in the stair risers. These recessed deck stair lights clearly label – step,

adding tactile appeal and preventing the distracting – and potentially

risky – sensation of skipping a stage that we’ve always experienced.

Enhance The Design with Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

With the variety of deck lights now affordable, you can experiment

with light to make amazing outdoor spaces. Installing button lights

on the deck’s surface or under rail strip lights for an understated light

source are two suggestions for making the best of these choices. This

adds visual interest and improves protection by giving deck users

valuable visual clues regarding the position of deck edges. You may

also add lights that illuminate any part of a platform, including large

rails that allow people to use the rail as a resting place for beverages

or plates of food, making it a perfect spot for nighttime socializing.

Under rail strip lights may also offer helpful lighting to help identify

the deck while adding suspense by shining from a secret fixture in an

unusual location. Recessed deck stair lights conveniently direct visitors

from one section of a deck to another, making usage of an entire

outdoor living space possible.

on the deck’s surface or under rail strip lights for an understated light

source are two suggestions for making the best of these choices. This

adds visual interest and improves protection by giving deck users

valuable visual clues regarding the position of deck edges. You may

also add lights that illuminate any part of a platform, including large

rails that allow people to use the rail as a resting place for beverages

or plates of food, making it a perfect spot for nighttime socializing.

Under rail strip lights may also offer helpful lighting to help identify

the deck while adding suspense by shining from a secret fixture in an

unusual location. Recessed deck stair lights conveniently direct visitors

from one section of a deck to another, making usage of an entire

outdoor living space possible.

Utilizing Deck Lights

Deck light construction is now simpler than ever thanks to the introduction

of energy-efficient LED deck lights and wireless solar deck

lights. Some devices are marketed as plug-and-play, making them

DIY-friendly and removing the need to employ an electrician.

Enhancing the beauty of your home with custom deck railings

Do you want to turn your outdoor room into something that is both

functional and visually appealing? Consider having custom deck

railings made. Not all railings are appropriate for all outdoor living

spaces, and the safest choice is often one that has been specifically

built for your deck or porch. Feeling positive in the nature of your

space can encourage you to use it more often and make the most of

your outdoor space.

Width and height

You should have a deck railing that is longer or shorter depending on

your needs. Tall railings that block the view will make you feel safe

and relaxed if more protection will allow you to utilize your outdoor

room. You should buy something that guarantees stability but still allows

you to see through the deck railings if you want to see over them.

Consider Glass Railings

Consider custom glass railings if you choose to get a nice view or

though you’re seated in chairs on your porch. They can keep the wind

out while also providing you with the views you want. They still have a

fantastic modern appearance, sometimes with minimal stainless steel

posts or railings, or often without visible attachments and frameworks.

A Look to Match the Home

If your home or apartment is made of wood, you might choose custom

railings made of the same material. If you want a more contemporary

style, something elegant and streamlined would most likely fit

your home better.

Custom railings allow you the freedom to incorporate just what you

want to your outdoor room or balcony. When you have a usable

outdoor area, it makes sense to make the improvements that would

enable you to utilize it.

Utilizing Deck Lights

Deck light construction is now simpler than ever thanks to the introduction

of energy-efficient LED deck lights and wireless solar deck





How a Collection Agency Fits With the

Roles In Your Business

One of the most powerful mechanisms triggered when you engage a debt collection agency is third-party psychology. The reality is that non-paying

debtors (whether individuals or businesses) who ignore multiple gentle reminders have consciously chosen to dishonor their original commitment

by not paying your company. They’ve weighed the options, and for one reason or another decided to re-allocate the promised money to

something else. In such a situation, it becomes very hard—sometimes impossible—to collect what is owed to you on your own.

But when a professional third party steps in on your behalf, the dynamics change entirely. It’s no longer you or your employee pleading to be paid

(often semi-apolegetically). Now it’s a collection professional asserting your end of the bargain with authority—and consequences. An accredited

collection agency can report unpaid accounts to major credit bureaus, trigger lasting impact on the debtor’s ability to secure further credit.

This combination changes the game, making collection through a collection agency more effective than in-house efforts and usually faster than


To achieve this, it is helpful to understand how the collection agency can benefit everyone in your business—and to ensure your team members

enterprise-wide can also appreciate how far-reaching the relationship can be. The better the collection agency’s role and that connectivity is

understood, the more effective use your business can make of it.

For the CEO, CFO and stakeholders, the best collection agencies add value by supporting positive cash flow in all economic cycles. A business

that uses a collection agency most effectively is methodical and sends accounts out like clockwork, based on a written policy. I recommend 60

days past due as the maximum during uncertain times—increasing the likelihood of collecting before secured creditors and the taxman claim all

the available money from a debtor business in trouble. The result is invariable fewer bad debt write-offs, and better profits.

Sales managers and their teams appreciate how a proactive and

retension-focused collection agency can avoid the painful moments

when hard-earned accounts must be frozen, and the business can be

lost due to mishandled internal collection efforts. (And for sales reps

charged with the awkward duty of collecting debt on their accounts,

there is no greater relief than having one’s employer bring on a good

collection partner.)

Marketing departments also benefit from the use of a good collection

partner. A central part of marketing is reputation management, and

the best collection agencies understand the vital role they play in representing

the brand positively, particularly in consumer collections

where customers can often turn against the brand when collections

are managed improperly. The most professional collectors recognize

the importance of win-backs when the customer’s situation turns

around, because every client’s customer pool is finite. And while even

the most tactful in-house collector can put the brand under fire, a

collection agency relationship places precious distance between its

client and the role of collection—buffering the backlash with customers

who will invariable prove more volatile.

Accounting teams often directly benefit most of all from having a reliable

collection agency to partner with. Most accountants, bookkeepers

and even Accounts Receivable managers are delighted to have the

task of placing collection calls delegated to a team of debt recovery

professionals, removing what can be the most dreaded and stressful

part of their workday. Needless to say, job satisfaction and turnover

for accounting roles tend to see a huge positive impact from working

with an effective collection agency.

Because it’s such an impactful relationship, be sure to do your homework

when making the decision to partner with a collection agency,

Look at online reviews (and how the agency responds to debtor complaints

as well as customer posts), BBB ratings, and even pay a visit

to the collection agency’s office if they allow it—my own have always

had an open-door policy. Be sure the people within your organization

understand how the new engagement benefits their job, the company

and the brand. Done right, it can be a powerful step forward for

profitability and for everyone’s job satisfaction.

Author: Brian Summerfelt

President and CEO of MetCredit

Canada's Top Performing consumer

and commercial collection agency.

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