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Home Advice<br />


<strong>Winnipeg</strong>: The Heart of the Canadian<br />

Prairies<br />

Nestled at the junction of the Red<br />

and Assiniboine rivers, <strong>Winnipeg</strong><br />

stands as a testament to resilience,<br />

diversity, and the unyielding spirit of<br />

the Canadian Prairies. This vibrant<br />

city, with its rich tapestry of cultures<br />

and deep historical roots, serves not<br />

only as the capital of Manitoba but<br />

also as the heartbeat of central Canada.<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong>’s unique position in<br />

the heart of the continent has shaped<br />

its identity, making it a pivotal hub for<br />

transportation, economy, and culture.<br />

Historical Glimpse<br />

The history of <strong>Winnipeg</strong> is a mosaic<br />

of indigenous heritage, European settlement,<br />

and multicultural integration.<br />

Long before the Europeans set foot<br />

on this land, the area was a trading<br />

center for Indigenous peoples,<br />

including the Cree, Ojibwe, Dakota,<br />

and Dene. The arrival of the fur trade<br />

in the 18th century, spearheaded<br />

by the Hudson’s Bay Company and<br />

the North West Company, marked<br />

the beginning of European influence<br />

in the region. The city’s name itself,<br />

“<strong>Winnipeg</strong>,” is derived from the Cree<br />

words for “muddy water,” a testament<br />

to the area’s original inhabitants.<br />

The Red River Rebellion of 1869-<br />

1870, led by the Métis under Louis<br />

Riel, was a pivotal event that shaped<br />

the city’s early development. This<br />

period of resistance and negotiation<br />

ultimately led to Manitoba’s entry<br />

into the Canadian Confederation in<br />

1870, with <strong>Winnipeg</strong> being incorporated<br />

as a city just five years later.<br />

The arrival of the Canadian Pacific<br />

Railway in 1881 transformed the city<br />

into a transportation and trading hub,<br />

catalyzing rapid growth and attracting<br />

a diverse influx of immigrants.<br />

Cultural Melting Pot<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong>’s cultural landscape is<br />

as diverse as its history. The city is<br />

renowned for its vibrant arts scene,<br />

including the <strong>Winnipeg</strong> Art Gallery,<br />

which houses the world’s largest collection<br />

of contemporary Inuit art, and<br />

the Royal <strong>Winnipeg</strong> Ballet, Canada’s<br />

oldest ballet company and one of the<br />

longest continuously operating ballet<br />

companies in North America. The<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong> Symphony Orchestra and<br />

the Manitoba Opera add to the city’s<br />

rich cultural tapestry.<br />

Festivals play a central role in <strong>Winnipeg</strong>’s<br />

cultural life, with the <strong>Winnipeg</strong><br />

Folk Festival and the Festival<br />

du Voyageur celebrating the city’s<br />

folk and French-Canadian heritage,<br />

respectively. The latter pays homage<br />

to the fur traders and pioneers who<br />

shaped the region’s history. Meanwhile,<br />

Folklorama, the world’s largest<br />

and longest-running multicultural<br />

festival, showcases the diversity of<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong>’s communities, featuring<br />

pavilions from over 40 cultures.<br />

Economic Hub<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong>’s economy is as robust as<br />

its culture is diverse. The city’s strategic<br />

location has made it a key player<br />

in Canada’s transportation and distribution<br />

sector, often referred to as the<br />

“Gateway to the West.” This centrality<br />

has fostered a strong manufacturing<br />

base, with industries ranging from<br />

aerospace to furniture and food processing.<br />

Additionally, <strong>Winnipeg</strong> is a<br />

leader in the agricultural sector, serving<br />

as a pivotal market and research<br />

hub that supports the vast farmlands<br />

of the Canadian Prairies.<br />

Innovation and technology have also<br />

found a fertile ground in <strong>Winnipeg</strong>,<br />

with the city’s tech sector experiencing<br />

significant growth. This is supported<br />

by educational institutions such<br />

as the University of Manitoba and<br />

Red River College, which collaborate<br />

closely with industries to fuel research,<br />

development, and innovation.<br />

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Life<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong> is not just about history,<br />

culture, and economy; it is also a city<br />

that cherishes its natural surroundings.<br />

The Forks, situated at the confluence<br />

of the Red and Assiniboine<br />

rivers, has been a meeting place for<br />

thousands of years and today is a<br />

bustling public space offering parks,<br />

4 Home Advice

that cherishes its natural surroundings.<br />

The Forks, situated at the confluence<br />

of the Red and Assiniboine<br />

rivers, has been a meeting place for<br />

thousands of years and today is a<br />

bustling public space offering parks,<br />

trails, and recreational activities.<br />

Assiniboine Park and Zoo provide a<br />

green oasis in the city, with expansive<br />

gardens, a conservatory, and a<br />

comprehensive zoological collection.<br />

Winter in <strong>Winnipeg</strong> brings its own<br />

charm, with the city transforming<br />

into a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts.<br />

The frozen rivers become<br />

trails for skating, while the snowy<br />

landscapes offer opportunities for<br />

cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.<br />

The winter months also see<br />

the emergence of warming huts, an<br />

architectural competition that has<br />

garnered international acclaim.<br />

Community Spirit and Resilience<br />

Perhaps what truly defines <strong>Winnipeg</strong><br />

is its community spirit and resilience.<br />

Despite the challenges posed by its<br />

location and climate, the city thrives,<br />

bolstered by the strength and diversity<br />

of its people. <strong>Winnipeg</strong>gers are<br />

known for their warmth and hospitality,<br />

a reflection of the city’s inclusive<br />

and welcoming nature.<br />

The resilience of <strong>Winnipeg</strong> is also<br />

evident in its response to adversity,<br />

Home Advice<br />

from the historic 1950 Red River<br />

Flood to the more recent challenges<br />

of climate change and economic<br />

shifts. The city has always emerged<br />

stronger, with a clear vision for the<br />

future that includes sustainable development,<br />

social equity, and cultural<br />

enrichment.<br />

The Cultural Mosaic<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong> is celebrated for its cultural<br />

diversity, a feature that adds vibrancy<br />

and vitality to the city. The Forks, a<br />

historic site at the confluence of the<br />

Red and Assiniboine rivers, has been<br />

a meeting place for thousands of<br />

years and continues to be a gathering<br />

spot for cultural celebrations,<br />

festivals, and community events. The<br />

city’s rich tapestry is further highlighted<br />

through its numerous cultural<br />

festivals, including the <strong>Winnipeg</strong> Folk<br />

Festival, the <strong>Winnipeg</strong> Fringe Theatre<br />

Festival, and Folklorama, the largest<br />

and longest-running multicultural<br />

festival of its kind in the world.<br />

The arts and culture scene in <strong>Winnipeg</strong><br />

is dynamic and accessible,<br />

with institutions like the <strong>Winnipeg</strong> Art<br />

Gallery, which houses the world’s<br />

largest collection of contemporary<br />

Inuit art, and the Canadian Museum<br />

for Human Rights, the first museum<br />

solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration,<br />

and future of human rights.<br />

These institutions, along with vibrant<br />

music, theatre, and dance communities,<br />

provide a window into the soul of<br />

the city.<br />

Looking Forward<br />

As <strong>Winnipeg</strong> continues to grow and<br />

evolve, it remains true to its roots—<br />

proud of its history, committed to<br />

diversity, and always looking forward.<br />

The city is a model of adaptation and<br />

progress, blending the<br />

Conclusion<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong>, with its deep historical<br />

roots, cultural richness, and economic<br />

vitality, stands proudly at the<br />

heart of the Canadian Prairies. It is a<br />

city that honors its past while boldly<br />

facing the future, offering a quality<br />

of life and a sense of community<br />

that is as unique as the landscape<br />

that surrounds it. From the buzz of<br />

its urban core to the quiet beauty of<br />

its surrounding prairies and lakes,<br />

<strong>Winnipeg</strong> is a city that invites exploration,<br />

celebration, and connection.<br />

In the heart of Canada, it remains a<br />

beacon of diversity, resilience, and<br />

warmth, truly deserving of its place at<br />

the center of the prairies.<br />


Now Accepting<br />

Rental Applications<br />

Vista Housing for Seniors provides affordable housing<br />

options in <strong>Edmonton</strong>, for low to modest income Seniors<br />

Citizens who are able to live independently in an apartment<br />

setting. Rent is calculated based on 30% of your<br />

household income<br />

- Chinese Alliance Manor 9312-149 Street<br />

- Mary A. Finlay Manor 10209-134 Avenue<br />

- Ortona Villa 10421-142 Street<br />

Central <strong>Edmonton</strong><br />

- Piazza Italia 9521-108A Avenue<br />

- Dnipro Seniors Residence 11030 – 107 Street<br />

Applications are available online, through our main<br />

office or at our properties.<br />

South East <strong>Edmonton</strong><br />

- Central Baptist Manor 9403-95 Avenue<br />

- Millbourne Manor 2115 Millbourne Rd W.<br />

- Bethel Seniors Residence 7728-82 Avenue<br />

- St. Andrews Selo 8025 – 101 Avenue<br />

North East Edmonto<br />

- Norwood Golden Manor 11715-95 Street<br />

- Casa Romana 13439-97 Street<br />

- St. Elia’s Pysanka Manor 11906-66 Street<br />

- Tower 1 12840-64 Street<br />

- Viselka 114515-86 Street<br />

North West <strong>Edmonton</strong><br />

- Alliance Villa 12620-109A Avenue<br />

- Calder Place 12934119 Street<br />

Vista Housing for Seniors is committed to providing accessible<br />

and affordable housing solutions for the senior<br />

community in <strong>Edmonton</strong>. With a variety of properties<br />

located across South East, North East, North West, and<br />

Central <strong>Edmonton</strong>, we offer a diverse range of options for<br />

low to modest income senior citizens who seek a comfortable,<br />

independent living experience<br />

Applications for rental can be conveniently accessed online,<br />

through our main office, or directly at our properties.

8 Home Advice

We make modern<br />

Windows<br />

and preserve tradition<br />

Restoration Window & Door offers<br />

custom-crafted windows and doors<br />

made through a professional engineering<br />

process. As one of the leading<br />

window brands in North America,<br />

the company pays close attention<br />

to detail combined with exceptional<br />

customer service.<br />

No job is too big or small for Restoration<br />

Window & Door. From a torn<br />

screen or broken window lock to full<br />

window and door replacement they<br />

handle them all. With window and<br />

door designs from the traditional to<br />

ultra slim frame modern that can be<br />

custom coloured, they have the windows<br />

and doors to suit any home.<br />

Through ongoing investments in technology,<br />

research and development,<br />

Restoration Window & Door remains<br />

on the cutting edge of windows that<br />

can withstand the extremes of our<br />

prairie climate.<br />

Some popular options include tilt<br />

and turn windows, which tilt inward<br />

from the top to allow for draft-free<br />

ventilation – even when it’s raining.<br />

By simply turning the handle, the can<br />

also open inward like a door for easy<br />

cleaning and maximum ventilation.<br />

Home Advice<br />

The casement-style is the company’s<br />

best performing window in<br />

harsh weather such as snow, wind,<br />

and rain. This type fo window opens<br />

outward up to 100 degrees and is<br />

hinged on one side. Picture and fixed<br />

windows don’t open but they provide<br />

an unobstructed outdoor view.<br />

They’re often used in combination<br />

with operating casement or awning<br />

windows.<br />

Awning and hopper windows are a<br />

great option for air circulation and<br />

easy use. They’re hinged at the top<br />

and swing out or in, respectively, from<br />

the bottom.<br />

Homeowners can reduce their energy<br />

costs with Restoration Window<br />

& Door’s improved version of the<br />

classic single-hung window design.<br />

Another option is the double-hung<br />

window. These styles are ideal for<br />

rooms that face decks, porches or<br />

walkways since the sashes slide<br />

up and down tather than opening<br />

outwards.<br />

Bay and bow windows can be customized<br />

for any angle, and they’re<br />

available with an optional head<br />

and seat to create a scenic spot to<br />

lounge. They allow plenty of natural<br />

light to fill the room, which can make<br />

small rooms feel more spacious.<br />

When it comes to doors, homewoners<br />

can choose their favourite style<br />

for the door slab and glass. An array<br />

of finishes is available, and custom<br />

colours are also available by request<br />

for all doors (and windows) – including<br />

fibreglass, steel and patio.<br />

For more information about Restoration<br />

Window & Door, or to request a<br />

free in-home estimate:<br />

Call: 204-291-6221<br />

Email: info@restorationwindow.ca<br />

or<br />

Visit: restorationwindow.ca.<br />


10 Home Advice

Your Trusted Partner in Local and<br />

Long-Distance Relocations Across<br />

Western Canada<br />

In the dynamic world of relocations, Fort Moving sets the<br />

gold standard for local and long-distance moving services<br />

throughout Western Canada. Our dedication to excellence,<br />

combined with a deep understanding of the intricacies<br />

involved in moving, has solidified our reputation as<br />

the premier choice for individuals, families, and businesses<br />

seeking a seamless transition to their new location.<br />

Moving, inherently stressful and complex, demands more<br />

than just physical labor—it requires careful planning,<br />

precision, and a personal touch. At Fort Moving, we are<br />

committed to easing this transition. Our team of seasoned<br />

professionals is equipped with the expertise and resources<br />

to handle moves of any size or distance, offering personalized<br />

solutions that cater to the specific requirements<br />

of each client.<br />

From the initial consultation to the moment your last box<br />

is unpacked, Fort Moving ensures a smooth and efficient<br />

process. Our services encompass everything necessary<br />

for a successful move, including professional packing,<br />

secure loading, and efficient transportation, all executed<br />

with the utmost care and respect for your possessions.<br />

What truly sets Fort Moving apart is our unwavering<br />

commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that<br />

trust is the cornerstone of our service, which is why we<br />

strive to maintain open communication and transparency<br />

throughout every step of the move. Our detailed planning<br />

and state-of-the-art moving equipment guarantee that<br />

your items are handled safely and arrive at their destination<br />

in pristine condition.<br />

Moreover, Fort Moving prides itself on offering competitive<br />

and transparent pricing, ensuring that our clients receive<br />

top-notch service without any hidden costs. This straightforward<br />

approach, coupled with our relentless pursuit of<br />

and transparent pricing, ensuring that our clients receive<br />

top-notch service without any hidden costs. This straightforward<br />

approach, coupled with our relentless pursuit of<br />

excellence, has earned us a loyal customer base and a<br />

reputation as a trusted partner in the moving industry.<br />

For those planning their next local or long-distance move in<br />

Western Canada, Fort Moving is here to turn a potentially<br />

stressful event into a smooth and worry-free experience.<br />

Reach out to us today, and let us help you make your next<br />

move your best move.<br />


Home Advice<br />


12 Home Advice

Home Advice<br />


Revitalizing Your Space: Innovative<br />

Home and Garden Improvement Ideas<br />

In the ever-evolving landscape of<br />

home and garden design, the quest<br />

for fresh and innovative ideas to<br />

revitalize living spaces is perpetual.<br />

Whether you’re looking to enhance<br />

the functionality of your home, increase<br />

its aesthetic appeal, or simply<br />

inject some new life into your garden,<br />

the possibilities are endless. This article<br />

explores a range of creative home<br />

and garden improvement ideas that<br />

cater to diverse tastes and budgets,<br />

aiming to inspire homeowners to<br />

transform their spaces into personalized<br />

sanctuaries.<br />

Inside Out: Harmonizing Home<br />

and Garden<br />

Merging Indoor and Outdoor<br />

Living<br />

The trend of blurring the lines between<br />

indoor and outdoor spaces<br />

continues to gain momentum.<br />

Consider folding glass doors or large<br />

sliding panels to seamlessly connect<br />

your living room with your patio or<br />

garden. This not only enhances the<br />

visual space but also promotes a<br />

harmonious living environment that<br />

encourages interaction with the natural<br />

world.<br />

Vertical Gardens: A Touch of<br />

Green Indoors<br />

For those with limited outdoor space,<br />

vertical gardens offer a unique way<br />

to bring the outdoors in. Utilizing<br />

wall-mounted planters or bespoke<br />

vertical garden installations can<br />

breathe life into any room, improving<br />

air quality and adding a vibrant touch<br />

of green that revitalizes the indoor<br />

ambiance.<br />

Smart Technology: Enhancing<br />

Convenience and Efficiency<br />

Home Automation Systems<br />

Embrace the future with home<br />

automation systems that integrate<br />

lighting, heating, security, and entertainment.<br />

Smart technology not only<br />

offers unparalleled convenience but<br />

also helps in reducing energy consumption,<br />

making your home more<br />

efficient and environmentally friendly.<br />

Innovative Garden Gadgets<br />

From smart irrigation systems that<br />

adjust watering schedules based on<br />

weather forecasts to solar-powered<br />

lighting that transforms your garden<br />

at night, technology is reshaping how<br />

we interact with our outdoor spaces.<br />

These gadgets not only save time<br />

and resources but also allow for more<br />

creative expression in garden design.<br />

DIY Projects: Personal<br />

Touches that Make a<br />

Difference<br />

Upcycling Furniture for a Unique<br />

Look<br />

Transforming old furniture into new,<br />

functional pieces is not only a cost-effective<br />

way to revamp your home<br />

décor but also contributes to sustainability.<br />

Whether it’s repainting a vintage<br />

chair or converting an old ladder<br />

14 Home Advice

into a quirky shelf, upcycling offers<br />

endless opportunities to personalize<br />

your space.<br />

Garden Art from Recycled Materials<br />

Create unique garden features by<br />

repurposing materials. Old tires can<br />

become colorful planters, broken ceramics<br />

can mosaic stepping stones,<br />

and discarded pallets can morph into<br />

vertical herb gardens. These projects<br />

not only enhance your garden’s aesthetics<br />

but also promote environmental<br />

responsibility.<br />

Space Optimization: Making the<br />

Most of Every Inch<br />

Multi-functional Furniture for Space<br />

Saving<br />

In smaller living spaces, multi-functional<br />

furniture is a game-changer.<br />

Ottomans with storage, fold-down<br />

desks, and extendable dining tables<br />

can dramatically increase the usability<br />

of a space without compromising<br />

on style or comfort.<br />

Gardening<br />

Maximize your garden’s productivity<br />

by employing raised beds and container<br />

gardening. This approach not<br />

only makes gardening more accessible<br />

by reducing strain on your back<br />

and knees but also allows for better<br />

soil management and pest control.<br />

Conclusion<br />

Home and garden improvement is<br />

an ongoing journey of transformation<br />

and discovery. By incorporating<br />

some of these innovative ideas into<br />

your projects, you can create a space<br />

that reflects your personality, meets<br />

your needs, and connects you more<br />

deeply with the natural environment.<br />

Whether through the integration of<br />

technology, the embrace of sustainability,<br />

or the personal touch of DIY<br />

projects, the possibilities for enhancing<br />

your home and garden are<br />

limitless. Embrace the opportunity to<br />

revitalize your space and enjoy the<br />

process of making it uniquely yours.<br />

Raised Beds and Container<br />

Home Advice<br />


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Home Advice<br />


Embrace the Renewal: The<br />

Significance of <strong>Spring</strong> Cleanup<br />

As the winter frost begins to thaw,<br />

and the first buds of spring peek<br />

through the soil, a sense of rejuvenation<br />

fills the air. With the arrival of<br />

this transformative season comes<br />

the opportunity for a fresh start—a<br />

chance to shed the remnants of the<br />

past and embrace the promise of<br />

new beginnings. At the heart of this<br />

seasonal transition lies the ritual of<br />

spring cleanup—a task not merely<br />

about tidying our surroundings, but a<br />

symbolic act of renewal and revitalization.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> cleanup transcends the mere<br />

act of clearing debris and organizing<br />

clutter. It embodies a deeper, more<br />

profound sentiment—a collective<br />

commitment to renewal and revitalization.<br />

It is a communal effort that<br />

brings together individuals, neighborhoods,<br />

and communities, fostering a<br />

sense of unity and shared purpose.<br />

In the process of tending to our<br />

outdoor spaces, we nurture bonds<br />

with our neighbors, strengthening the<br />

fabric of our communities.<br />

Moreover, spring cleanup serves as<br />

a tangible manifestation of environmental<br />

stewardship. By removing<br />

litter, debris, and pollutants from<br />

our streets, parks, and waterways,<br />

we demonstrate our respect for the<br />

natural world and our responsibility<br />

to preserve it for future generations.<br />

Each discarded piece of trash collected<br />

during spring cleanup represents<br />

a step towards restoring ecological<br />

balance and safeguarding the beauty<br />

of our planet.<br />

Beyond its environmental significance,<br />

spring cleanup carries profound<br />

personal benefits as well. Engaging<br />

in the physical labor of tidying<br />

and beautifying our surroundings<br />

18 Home Advice

aphorically cleanse our minds and<br />

spirits, making space for fresh ideas<br />

and aspirations to take root.<br />

Furthermore, spring cleanup serves<br />

as an opportunity for reflection and<br />

introspection. As we sift through the<br />

remnants of the past season, we are<br />

reminded of the passage of time and<br />

the cyclical nature of life. It prompts<br />

us to evaluate our habits, behaviors,<br />

and priorities, and consider what<br />

we wish to cultivate and preserve<br />

in the season ahead. In this sense,<br />

spring cleanup becomes a ritual of<br />

self-renewal—a chance to discard<br />

that which no longer serves us and<br />

nurture that which brings us joy and<br />

fulfillment.<br />

In recent years, the importance of<br />

spring cleanup has been underscored<br />

by the growing awareness of<br />

environmental issues such as pollution<br />

and climate change. As communities<br />

across the globe grapple with<br />

the consequences of human activity<br />

on the planet, initiatives like spring<br />

cleanup take on added significance.<br />

They offer tangible ways for individuals<br />

to make a positive impact on<br />

their immediate surroundings and<br />

contribute to larger efforts aimed<br />

at environmental conservation and<br />

sustainability.<br />

As we embark on the annual ritual<br />

of spring cleanup, let us do so with a<br />

sense of purpose and commitment.<br />

Let us approach this task not as a<br />

chore to be completed, but as an<br />

opportunity to reaffirm our connection<br />

to the natural world and to each other.<br />

Let us embrace the renewal that<br />

spring brings, and in doing so, sow<br />

the seeds of a brighter, more vibrant<br />

future for generations to come.<br />

Home Advice<br />


Exploring Home and Garden Ideas<br />

In the realm of home and garden<br />

design, creativity knows no bounds.<br />

From transforming a humble backyard<br />

into a lush oasis to revamping<br />

interior spaces with innovative décor,<br />

the possibilities are as endless as<br />

they are inspiring. In this editorial,<br />

we delve into the realm of home and<br />

garden ideas, exploring the art of cultivating<br />

spaces that reflect our unique<br />

personalities and aspirations.<br />

Gardens, with their verdant beauty<br />

and tranquil ambiance, serve as havens<br />

of relaxation and rejuvenation.<br />

Whether you have acres of land or<br />

a cozy balcony, there are countless<br />

ways to infuse your outdoor space<br />

with charm and character. Consider<br />

incorporating vertical gardens to<br />

maximize limited space, or experiment<br />

with raised beds for a touch of<br />

rustic elegance. Embrace the trend of<br />

edible landscaping by interspersing<br />

herbs and vegetables amidst ornamental<br />

plants, creating a feast for the<br />

senses that nourishes both body and<br />

soul.<br />

Moreover, the concept of sustainable<br />

gardening has gained traction<br />

in recent years, as more individuals<br />

seek to minimize their environmental<br />

footprint. Explore eco-friendly practices<br />

such as rainwater harvesting,<br />

composting, and native plant landscaping<br />

to create a garden that not<br />

only flourishes but also supports local<br />

biodiversity. By nurturing a thriving<br />

ecosystem in your backyard, you<br />

contribute to the larger effort of preserving<br />

our planet’s natural resources<br />

for future generations.<br />

Indoors, the art of home décor<br />

20 Home Advice

offers a canvas for self-expression<br />

and creativity. Whether you prefer<br />

sleek modern minimalism or eclectic<br />

bohemian chic, there are endless<br />

opportunities to curate spaces that<br />

reflect your unique taste and style.<br />

Experiment with bold accent walls,<br />

statement furniture pieces, and textured<br />

textiles to add depth and visual<br />

interest to your interiors. Incorporate<br />

personal mementos and cherished<br />

treasures to infuse your home with<br />

warmth and personality, creating a<br />

space that feels truly yours.<br />

In recent years, the rise of sustainable<br />

design has revolutionized<br />

the world of home décor, inspiring<br />

a shift towards conscious consumption<br />

and ethical production.<br />

Explore eco-friendly materials such<br />

as reclaimed wood, bamboo, and<br />

recycled glass to create stylish yet<br />

environmentally responsible interiors.<br />

Embrace the principles of upcycling<br />

and repurposing by breathing new life<br />

into vintage furniture and salvaged<br />

architectural elements, adding a<br />

touch of history and character to your<br />

home.<br />

Furthermore, the integration of smart<br />

technology has transformed the way<br />

we interact with our living spaces,<br />

offering unprecedented convenience<br />

and efficiency. From automated lighting<br />

systems to smart thermostats and<br />

security cameras, the possibilities for<br />

enhancing comfort and convenience<br />

are virtually limitless. Embrace the<br />

latest innovations in home automation<br />

to create a living environment<br />

that seamlessly adapts to your needs<br />

and lifestyle, providing both comfort<br />

and peace of mind.<br />

In essence, home and garden ideas<br />

represent an opportunity to unleash<br />

our creativity and imagination, transforming<br />

ordinary spaces into extraordinary<br />

sanctuaries of beauty and<br />

inspiration. Whether you’re cultivating<br />

a flourishing garden or crafting a cozy<br />

retreat indoors, the journey of design<br />

is as much about self-discovery<br />

as it is about creating aesthetically<br />

pleasing spaces. So, dare to dream.<br />

Home Advice<br />


A Message from<br />

Slava Cravcenco,<br />

CEO of Window<br />

Mart Inc:<br />

Dear Valued<br />

Customers<br />

As the proud co-owner and CEO of<br />

Window Mart Inc., I am thrilled to<br />

share the story of our company, the<br />

range of services we offer, and how<br />

we strive to deliver the best products<br />

and services in the market.<br />

Founded in 2016, Window Mart<br />

began as a small, family-owned<br />

business with a mission to provide<br />

high-quality, durable, and aesthetically<br />

pleasing windows and doors to<br />

homeowners in <strong>Edmonton</strong>. Today, we<br />

have become a leading company in<br />

Canada’s window and door industry,<br />

known for our commitment to excellence<br />

and customer satisfaction. We<br />

have a team of over 100 employees,<br />

and our operations span across three<br />

provinces: Alberta, ritish Columbia,<br />

and Ontario.<br />

Our Products<br />

At Window Mart, we recognize that<br />

windows and doors play a crucial role<br />

beyond their basic functions; they are<br />

key in boosting your space’s aesthetic<br />

appeal and energy efficiency. We<br />

offer energy-efficient windows and<br />

doors to reduce energy consumption<br />

and lower heating and cooling costs.<br />

Our products are perfectly tailored<br />

to various architectural styles and<br />

personal preferences. Crafted with<br />

the highest quality materials, our<br />

windows and doors promise longevity,<br />

durability and superior energy performance,<br />

ensuring that your home is<br />

both beautiful and cost-effective in its<br />

energy use.<br />

Why Choose Window<br />

Mart?<br />

What sets Window Mart apart is our<br />

comprehensive approach to customer<br />

service.<br />

- Free In-Home Consultation: Our experts<br />

provide free, no-obligation consultations<br />

to understand your needs<br />

and suggest the best solutions.<br />

-Customization: We offer custom window<br />

and door solutions to match your<br />

specific requirements and aesthetic<br />

preferences perfectly.<br />

- Professional Installation: Our team<br />

of in-house installers ensures that<br />

your windows and doors are installed<br />

with precision and care, maximizing<br />

their performance and lifespan.<br />

- After-Sales Support: We believe in<br />

building lifetime relationships with<br />

our customers, providing exceptional<br />

after-sales support, scheduling, and<br />

coordination efficiently, ensuring that<br />

every aspect of your experience with<br />

us is smooth and hassle-free.<br />

In conclusion, Window Mart is not<br />

just a company that sells windows<br />

and doors; we are a team dedicated<br />

to enhancing your spaces’ comfort,<br />

beauty, and efficiency with our<br />

top-notch products and services.<br />

Thank you for trusting us with your<br />

replacement window and door needs,<br />

and we look forward to continuing to<br />

serve you with the best the market<br />

offers.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Slava Cravcenco<br />

CEO & Co-Owner<br />

Window Mart Inc<br />

22 Home Advice

Home Advice<br />


The Role of Commercial Engineers<br />

As <strong>Edmonton</strong> continues to expand,<br />

the landscape is increasingly<br />

dotted with new construction sites,<br />

marking the city’s vibrant growth<br />

and development. In this burgeoning<br />

environment, ensuring the success of<br />

your commercial construction project<br />

is paramount, and the guidance<br />

of a structural engineer becomes<br />

invaluable. Below, we delve into the<br />

crucial role a commercial engineer in<br />

<strong>Edmonton</strong> can play in your project,<br />

offering expertise that spans from the<br />

foundational planning stages to the<br />

complex execution of construction.<br />

What Is a Commercial Engineer?<br />

Commercial structural engineers are<br />

the linchpins in the architectural and<br />

construction arena, specializing in<br />

assessing, predicting, and ensuring<br />

the structural integrity of buildings.<br />

Their expertise covers a wide spectrum,<br />

from evaluating the strength<br />

and stability of simple structures to<br />

navigating the complexities of more<br />

intricate designs. Collaborating closely<br />

with architects, construction teams,<br />

and project managers, commercial<br />

engineers are instrumental in driving<br />

projects to their completion within the<br />

stipulated timeline and budget, all<br />

while adhering to the stringent safety<br />

standards set by municipal and provincial<br />

regulations.<br />

Services Provided by a Commercial<br />

Engineer<br />

The scope of services a commercial<br />

structural engineer offers is comprehensive,<br />

ensuring every phase of<br />

your project, regardless of its scale,<br />

is meticulously planned and executed.<br />

Structural engineering firms in<br />

<strong>Edmonton</strong> are equipped to handle an<br />

array of projects, including:<br />

- Apartment complexes<br />

- Barns and farm buildings<br />

- Multi-family homes<br />

- Pre-engineered steel buildings<br />

- Shopping centers<br />

- Steel buildings<br />

- Storage facilities<br />

- Underground parking lots<br />

- Warehouses<br />

A proficient commercial engineer<br />

ensures your project not only meets<br />

but exceeds municipal and provincial<br />

building codes and zoning regulations.<br />

Their services, while varied,<br />

typically encompass:<br />

- Permit applications and special<br />

exemptions<br />

- Civil engineering services<br />

- Construction management<br />

- Document preparation<br />

- Environmental constraint studies<br />

- Feasibility studies<br />

- Infrastructure engineering<br />

- Planning and design<br />

- Surveying<br />

- Water resource planning<br />

- Zoning and rezoning<br />

From the drawing board to the final<br />

stages of construction and compliance,<br />

structural engineers stand<br />

by your side, providing detailed<br />

schedules of their review processes<br />

and the extent of their involvement.<br />

They are also on hand to offer expert<br />

advice when unforeseen issues arise,<br />

ensuring your project progresses<br />

smoothly and efficiently.<br />

The Value of Professional Engineering<br />

in Commercial Construction<br />

Engaging a commercial engineer<br />

is not just a step towards achieving<br />

architectural ambitions; it’s a critical<br />

investment in the safety, efficiency,<br />

and success of your construction<br />

endeavor. A commercial engineer in<br />

<strong>Edmonton</strong> can translate architectural<br />

visions into reality, steering your project<br />

towards completion on time and<br />

within budget.<br />

At BIE Engineering Corp, we are<br />

committed to supporting your construction<br />

objectives with speed,<br />

efficiency, and strict adherence to<br />

all applicable standards. As a family-owned<br />

and operated firm, we are<br />

dedicated to contributing to <strong>Edmonton</strong>’s<br />

infrastructure, aspiring to set a<br />

benchmark that the nation admires.<br />

Contact us to discover more about<br />

our services or to request a quote,<br />

and take the first step towards realizing<br />

your construction goals with<br />

excellence and precision.<br />

24 Home Advice

Home Advice<br />


Innovative Window Coating Service<br />

Eco Glass Solutions is at the forefront<br />

of the sustainable building materials<br />

industry, focusing on innovative windows<br />

coating services designed to<br />

enhance energy efficiency and comfort<br />

in buildings. This article explores<br />

the significance of their services, the<br />

technology behind their coatings, and<br />

the benefits they offer to both residential<br />

and commercial properties.<br />

At the core of Eco Glass Solutions’<br />

offerings is their state-of-the-art window<br />

coating service, which involves<br />

applying a microscopic layer of<br />

metallic oxide to the surface of the<br />

glass. This technologically advanced<br />

process is not only aimed at improving<br />

the aesthetic appeal of the glass<br />

but, more importantly, at significantly<br />

enhancing its functional properties.<br />

The primary benefit of Eco Glass<br />

Solutions’ window coatings is their<br />

remarkable ability to reduce energy<br />

consumption. By reflecting infrared<br />

radiation from the sun, these coatings<br />

keep interiors cooler in the summer,<br />

thus reducing the need for air conditioning.<br />

Conversely, during colder<br />

months, the same coatings help<br />

retain indoor heat, lowering heating<br />

costs. This dual functionality makes<br />

Eco Glass Solutions’ products an<br />

invaluable asset for anyone looking<br />

to decrease their carbon footprint and<br />

utility bills.<br />

Moreover, the company’s window<br />

coatings are designed to filter out<br />

harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which<br />

can cause furniture, artworks, and<br />

fabrics to fade over time. By blocking<br />

up to 99% of UV light, Eco Glass<br />

Solutions not only protects interior<br />

spaces from sun damage but also<br />

contributes to the wellbeing of its<br />

occupants by reducing their exposure<br />

to UV radiation.<br />

Eco Glass Solutions takes pride in<br />

the durability of its window coatings.<br />

Once applied, the coating forms a<br />

bond with the glass that is resistant to<br />

peeling, cracking, or discoloring over<br />

time. This ensures that the benefits<br />

of the coating last for the lifetime<br />

of the window. The environmental<br />

impact of Eco Glass Solutions’ window<br />

coatings cannot be overstated.<br />

By improving the energy efficiency<br />

of buildings, these coatings play a<br />

crucial role in reducing the overall<br />

demand for fossil fuels, thereby<br />

contributing to the global effort to<br />

combat climate change. Additionally,<br />

the coatings are manufactured in an<br />

eco-friendly manner, further underscoring<br />

the company’s commitment<br />

to sustainability.<br />

In conclusion, Eco Glass Solutions is<br />

revolutionizing the building materials<br />

industry with its advanced window<br />

coating service. By offering a product<br />

that significantly improves energy<br />

efficiency and ensures long-lasting<br />

performance, Eco Glass Solutions is<br />

not just enhancing the functionality<br />

and aesthetics of buildings but is<br />

also making a tangible contribution to<br />

environmental conservation. As the<br />

world increasingly focuses on sustainable<br />

living, the services provided<br />

by Eco Glass Solutions are more<br />

relevant and valuable than ever.<br />

26 Home Advice

Home Advice<br />


Sustaining Quality<br />

and Environment:<br />

The Dominion Vacuum Approach to<br />

Conscientious Consumerism<br />

For over three decades, Dominion<br />

Vacuum has been the cornerstone<br />

of the local community, offering not<br />

just a wide array of vacuum cleaners<br />

but also a depth of service and<br />

repair expertise cultivated through<br />

years of hands-on experience. Since<br />

its establishment in 1992, Dominion<br />

Vacuum has epitomized excellence,<br />

reliability, and personalized customer<br />

service—a stark departure from the<br />

impersonal and often uninformed<br />

assistance found in the vast aisles of<br />

major retail chains.<br />

The frustration felt by consumers<br />

grappling with inferior vacuum<br />

cleaners is tangible. Many individuals<br />

find themselves ensnared in a cycle<br />

of purchasing seemingly affordable<br />

options, only to be confronted with<br />

premature failures within a mere year<br />

or two. These portable vacuums,<br />

prominently displayed in the cavernous<br />

spaces of major retailers, often<br />

bear recognizable brand names, yet<br />

their true origins and quality leave<br />

much to be desired. Manufactured<br />

inexpensively overseas to cater to<br />

the demands of retail giants like<br />

Canadian Tire and Walmart, these<br />

products are essentially designed<br />

to be disposable—a far cry from the<br />

durable and dependable appliances<br />

championed by Dominion Vacuum.<br />

The disposability of these vacuums<br />

exacerbates the already acute issue<br />

of waste management. As these<br />

products inevitably succumb to malfunctions,<br />

a scenario all too common,<br />

consumers are left with scant options<br />

for recourse. Repair services are frequently<br />

non-existent, and spare parts<br />

are a rarity. Consequently, discarded<br />

vacuums end up adding to the burden<br />

of landfills, worsening environmental<br />

degradation and contributing<br />

to the planet’s woes.<br />

In steps SEBO, the embodiment<br />

of German engineering prowess.<br />

Dominion Vacuum proudly sings<br />

the praises of SEBO vacuums for<br />

their unparalleled craftsmanship and<br />

durability. Painstakingly crafted and<br />

engineered to withstand the rigors of<br />

regular usage, SEBO’s upright and<br />

canister vacuums exemplify an investment<br />

in both cleanliness and sustainability.<br />

Yet, SEBO’s commitment<br />

doesn’t end with the product itself—it<br />

extends to comprehensive customer<br />

support and a complimentary 10-year<br />

warranty. In the unlikely event of a<br />

malfunction, SEBO stands ready to<br />

swiftly address the issue, ensuring<br />

that their products continue to serve<br />

faithfully for years to come.<br />

28 Home Advice

Home Advice<br />


The Importance of Gas Fireplace<br />

Maintenance<br />

Gas fireplaces add warmth and ambiance<br />

to any home, providing a cozy<br />

retreat during the colder months.<br />

However, like any other appliance,<br />

regular maintenance is essential to<br />

ensure their safe and efficient operation.<br />

Neglecting gas fireplace maintenance<br />

not only poses safety risks but<br />

also diminishes performance and increases<br />

energy consumption. Here’s<br />

why prioritizing gas fireplace maintenance<br />

is crucial for homeowners.<br />

First and foremost, regular maintenance<br />

helps ensure the safety of your<br />

home and family. Gas fireplaces produce<br />

heat through combustion, and<br />

without proper maintenance, issues<br />

such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide<br />

buildup, or faulty ignition systems can<br />

occur. These pose serious health and<br />

safety hazards. Scheduling annual<br />

inspections by certified professionals<br />

can identify and address any potential<br />

issues, ensuring that your gas<br />

fireplace operates safely.<br />

Additionally, proper maintenance<br />

enhances the efficiency of your gas<br />

fireplace, saving you money on<br />

energy bills in the long run. Over<br />

time, dust, debris, and soot can<br />

accumulate in the fireplace and<br />

venting system, obstructing airflow<br />

and reducing efficiency. Cleaning and<br />

inspecting the burner, pilot assembly,<br />

and venting system can help optimize<br />

performance and prevent energy<br />

wastage. A well-maintained gas<br />

fireplace will produce more heat with<br />

less fuel, translating into cost savings<br />

for homeowners.<br />

Regular maintenance also prolongs<br />

the lifespan of your gas fireplace,<br />

reducing the need for costly repairs<br />

or premature replacements. Components<br />

such as thermocouples, thermopiles,<br />

and gas valves can wear<br />

out over time, but routine inspections<br />

can catch potential issues early on,<br />

allowing for timely repairs or replacements.<br />

By investing in maintenance<br />

now, homeowners can avoid larger<br />

expenses down the line and enjoy<br />

their gas fireplace for years to come.<br />

Furthermore, proper maintenance<br />

contributes to a cleaner indoor environment.<br />

Gas fireplaces that are not<br />

adequately maintained can produce<br />

excess soot, dust, and other pollutants,<br />

which can affect indoor air quality<br />

and exacerbate respiratory issues.<br />

Cleaning and inspecting the fireplace<br />

and venting system regularly can<br />

help minimize indoor air pollution,<br />

creating a healthier living environment<br />

for you and your family.<br />

In conclusion, gas fireplace maintenance<br />

is not just a matter of convenience;<br />

it is essential for ensuring<br />

safety, efficiency, and longevity. By<br />

scheduling annual inspections and<br />

performing routine cleaning and<br />

upkeep, homeowners can enjoy<br />

the warmth and comfort of their gas<br />

fireplace while minimizing risks and<br />

maximizing savings. Investing in<br />

maintenance now will pay dividends<br />

in the form of safety, efficiency, and<br />

peace of mind for years to come.<br />


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