Edmonton Summer 2022

Edmonton Summer 2022

Edmonton Summer 2022


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Remodeling your kitchen is exciting, but also presents you with a variety

of difficult choices. After all, the choice you make is one you will

have to live with for quite some time. One choice that homeowners

find very challenging is that of selecting the right material for kitchen

countertops. The two choices that often compete very closely are

quartz and granite.


You know both countertop materials are attractive, and you may

have even found colours and styles you like that suit the overall

design of your kitchen, but you still need to decide between the two.

Granite is quarried directly from the earth in a large single chunk.

It is a natural stone that can be cut into slabs later. Quartz, on the

other hand, is crushed and mixed with resin at the ratio of 93 percent

quartz to seven percent resin. It is then manufactured to create a

variety of colours and patterns.

To compare these two stone surfaces adequately, you need to consider

the following:

Stain Resistance – Quartz is one of the only stone surfaces that is

stain resistant and does not require sealing to be resistant. It repels

wine, oil, coffee and even makeup spills with ease. Granite, on the

other hand, is porous and can stain, especially if it is not sealed properly

and regularly according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Safety – Your kitchen countertops will obviously be exposed to food

and other consumables on a daily basis. Quartz is non-porous,

which means it is easier to keep clean and more resistant to bacteria.

Granite can absorb food-borne pathogens and the small fissures and

spaces can easily harbour bacteria.

Aesthetics – Both countertop types are attractive and it is personal

preference as to which looks better in your kitchen. Engineered

stones can sometimes have more consistent patterns, while with

granite the material is formed naturally and may show more variations

in the surface.

Cost – Every home improvement project has a budget. Granite has

become more affordable over the past few years and the prices are

remaining consistent. Quartz prices can vary, costing more than

granite at times or less. When it comes to the overall care costs,

quartz will ultimately cost less than granite in the long run.

The best way to decide which countertop surface is right for your

kitchen is to visit a showroom and see the varieties and colours in

person for yourself. PF Custom Countertops invites you to see our

showroom and see our quartz and granite countertops for Sherwood

Park, St. Alberta and Edmonton residents in person.

Call us toll-free at 888-484-0831 or contact us online to learn more

about our granite and quartz countertops in Edmonton or to request

a quote.July 28, 2019


Your countertops should be cleaned daily using a soft-material cloth.

This helps remove dust and dirt and protects the finish. Avoid using

harsh bleach cleansers or scouring agents as these can remove the

shiny finish of the laminate. Instead, stick to an all-purpose cleaner

and degreasing agent.

While not prone to staining, in the event that you do find that some

staining occurs on your laminate countertop surface, the process for

removing the stain is quite simple. For heavy stains, you can use a

baking soda paste made from three parts baking soda and one part

water. Spread the paste evenly over the stain and allow it to sit for at

least five minutes. Then, wipe it away gently without scrubbing.


Most homeowners assume that laminate does not last as long as

other real stone countertops, but often this limited lifespan is due

to poor maintenance. To keep your laminate countertops looking

beautiful, follow these easy tips:

Avoid dropping heavy items onto the surface. While laminate is durable,

heavy objects can easily crack or damage the surface.

Never use a cutting blade on the countertop surface as this can chip

or scour the surface.

When cleaning, avoid using heavy amounts of water on your countertops.

While they are sealed, exposure to excess water can allow it

to seep under the seams and create a bulging or deformed surface.

Harsh chemicals should never be used on laminate, especially those

containing lye or acidic elements.

While heat-resistant, a laminate counter can become scorched or

burned. Never place hot objects directly onto the surface of your

counter; instead, use a hotplate or pad.

When cleaning, you can use a soft short-bristled brush to loosen

dirt or stains, but never use a scouring pad or steel wool to clean the


PF Custom Countertops carries the largest selection of laminate

countertops in Edmonton. Come to our showroom and see our extensive

selection of colours, style and finishes that mimic real stone,

but made from affordable, beautiful laminate. We carry Formica®,

Wilsonart® and all of the major laminate brands in our lineup.

Call us toll-free at 888-484-0831 or contact us online to learn more

about our laminate countertop products and all the options available

for your kitchen.


The laminate countertop options in Edmonton are diverse and

come in a variety of colours and styles. These days, these non-stone

surfaces can resemble real stone and can be extremely durable; only

as long as they are properly cared for. It is important to know how to

clean, maintain and even remove stains so that you can have the look

of high-end countertops without the cost.




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If you just want more hours to spend on your deck or are preparing

a special evening experience outside such as a romantic picnic,

star-gazing session, or outdoor movie night, installing outdoor deck

lighting improves the ambiance and protection of your outdoor living

space. Check out Railings Toronto for railings that will beautify your

home and outdoor deck.

In this article, we’ll discuss deck lighting ideas to help you get the

most out of your deck. There are a plethora of deck lighting options


Deck lights in today’s market are practical and come in a variety of elegant

and trendy designs to complement every deck concept. Among

the options are:

Lighting for deck posts

Lights installed into the deck post cap are popular with many homeowners

because they guide light downward to illuminate where you

move without shining in your eyes. Many composite deck posts are

hollow, allowing you to cover the wires for a sleek, finished look if you

use wired deck post lights. Solar deck post lamps, on the other side,

charge wirelessly from the sun – providing free, clean energy. In addition

to cap lights, several manufacturers sell lights that mount directly

to the post in a number of models.

Deck railing lighting options

Installing under-rail strip lights is a beautiful way to outline your

deck. These LED deck lights, also known as “bridge strips” or “rope

lights,” are made up of hundreds of individual small lights enclosed

in a flexible tube that can be hidden under the deck railing. Deck rail

lights, including deck post lights, guide light downward for a more

subdued effect.

Stair lights for the deck

Since it is possible to misjudge stairs in the dark, lighting the stairs is

a smart way to improve deck protection. This may be accomplished

by installing deck post lights, deck rail lights, or recessed bullet lights

in the stair risers. These recessed deck stair lights clearly label – step,

adding tactile appeal and preventing the distracting – and potentially

risky – sensation of skipping a stage that we’ve always experienced.

Enhance The Design with Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

With the variety of deck lights now affordable, you can experiment

with light to make amazing outdoor spaces. Installing button lights

on the deck’s surface or under rail strip lights for an understated light

source are two suggestions for making the best of these choices. This

adds visual interest and improves protection by giving deck users

valuable visual clues regarding the position of deck edges. You may

also add lights that illuminate any part of a platform, including large

rails that allow people to use the rail as a resting place for beverages

or plates of food, making it a perfect spot for nighttime socializing.

Under rail strip lights may also offer helpful lighting to help identify

the deck while adding suspense by shining from a secret fixture in an

unusual location. Recessed deck stair lights conveniently direct visitors

from one section of a deck to another, making usage of an entire

outdoor living space possible.

on the deck’s surface or under rail strip lights for an understated light

source are two suggestions for making the best of these choices. This

adds visual interest and improves protection by giving deck users

valuable visual clues regarding the position of deck edges. You may

also add lights that illuminate any part of a platform, including large

rails that allow people to use the rail as a resting place for beverages

or plates of food, making it a perfect spot for nighttime socializing.

Under rail strip lights may also offer helpful lighting to help identify

the deck while adding suspense by shining from a secret fixture in an

unusual location. Recessed deck stair lights conveniently direct visitors

from one section of a deck to another, making usage of an entire

outdoor living space possible.

Utilizing Deck Lights

Deck light construction is now simpler than ever thanks to the introduction

of energy-efficient LED deck lights and wireless solar deck

lights. Some devices are marketed as plug-and-play, making them

DIY-friendly and removing the need to employ an electrician.

Enhancing the beauty of your home with custom deck railings

Do you want to turn your outdoor room into something that is both

functional and visually appealing? Consider having custom deck

railings made. Not all railings are appropriate for all outdoor living

spaces, and the safest choice is often one that has been specifically

built for your deck or porch. Feeling positive in the nature of your

space can encourage you to use it more often and make the most of

your outdoor space.

Width and height

You should have a deck railing that is longer or shorter depending on

your needs. Tall railings that block the view will make you feel safe

and relaxed if more protection will allow you to utilize your outdoor

room. You should buy something that guarantees stability but still allows

you to see through the deck railings if you want to see over them.

Consider Glass Railings

Consider custom glass railings if you choose to get a nice view or

though you’re seated in chairs on your porch. They can keep the wind

out while also providing you with the views you want. They still have a

fantastic modern appearance, sometimes with minimal stainless steel

posts or railings, or often without visible attachments and frameworks.

A Look to Match the Home

If your home or apartment is made of wood, you might choose custom

railings made of the same material. If you want a more contemporary

style, something elegant and streamlined would most likely fit

your home better.

Custom railings allow you the freedom to incorporate just what you

want to your outdoor room or balcony. When you have a usable

outdoor area, it makes sense to make the improvements that would

enable you to utilize it.

Utilizing Deck Lights

Deck light construction is now simpler than ever thanks to the introduction

of energy-efficient LED deck lights and wireless solar deck




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Window Film

The conversation around the environment both outside the home

and indoors requires us to understand the interaction between the

elements and how we build our homes, the materials we use, and in

this particular case the fact that in homes built today, over 15% of the

total area of the house is glass.

The attraction for large windows allows for more light into a house

and architecturally can enhance the overall style and appearance of

the home. There are however considerations to be made regarding

how to deal with the seasons; the effects the sun’s rays have both on

the home and utility bills.

The electromagnetic energy that showers the earth from the sun

comprises of three bands by wavelengths – the Ultraviolet Band, the

Visible Band and the Near Infra-Red Band. Each of these bands respectively

has differing outcomes in how we experience them – from

fading, to creating glare and the transmitted heat.

Window film is a product that has been developed to control the

effects the solar electromagnetic energy has on our homes, our person

and the regulation of energy in the home, to create a stable and

comfortable environment.

The film is impossible to see once applied to windows, and is

constructed with a micro-thin laminate of high tensile strength

polyester, and metal particles combined with a clear distortion-free


One of the advantages of the window film is that it diffuses the sun’s

light without blocking it. The latest window films manufactured are

capable of reducing glare by as much as 75%. Both the sunlight and

heat generated are responsible for fading and causing discolouration

of furnishing and interior finishes.

and flooring.

With this added protection, the reduction of skin cancer means that

health professionals would endorse this product.

When it comes to energy in your home, solar control window films

help reduce utility bills by reducing the solar heat gain in the summertime,

saving energy and demand on the air conditioner.

In winter they reduce hot spots, regulate temperature and retain

warmth in the home by reflecting heat reaching the inside glass surfaces

back into the house, normally lost through the windows.

Other qualities and attributes of the safety/security films are that

they reduce glare, provide glass mitigation, provide protection from

storms, and deter break-ins. The scratch-free coating allows windows

to be easily cleaned.

Whilst the product is available from hardware stores for the do-ityourselfer

– the recommendation is to call in the professionals who

work with superior quality products, with full manufacturer’s warranty,

which apply with professionally installed systems.

Professional companies know their products. They can advise

on which are suitable for any specific application to provide a

good-looking outcome, performance and length of life.

In the consideration of your home, the aesthetics, your furnishings,

your level of comfort, the high-energy functioning of your windows

and utility systems, solar control window films are a worthy investment.

Window film rejects up to 99.9% of the ultra violet light streaming

into your home to protect and preserve your curtains, furniture, art



Computerized Garden


Having any luck with your garden planting this summer season?

Any plans for future changes for sustainable and a more efficiently

growing system? Believe it or not, computerized programmes for municipal

gardens and other institutions have been implemented and

experimented within North America since the late ’70s and 80s.

Technology has advanced where everyone now has access to the

sophisticated program and hardware; where you can either have

computerized gardens that allow you to have self-sustaining growing

beds all year round; your own personal food-growing computers, or

the science of gardening with a large variety of cell phone apps that

calculate and provide growing and harvesting information 365 days

a year.

The latest computer programs determine the layout of your garden

based on the size of your allotted space and what you would like

to grow. Input size and choose from a number of various gardens

shapes given the direction and beneficial positioning so larger plants

are placed behind the smaller ones for example.

The computer will consider placing specific plants together for pollination

or spacing the rows based on whether you are manually or

mechanically cultivating your garden, and which plants will require

more space to grow.

Consumption is important in pre-determining the number of people

in your household with the computer statistically working out quantities

required, and even preferences for a full array of fresh or frozen


Printouts adjust the amounts you can grow for the estimated quantities

for adults and children based on the space you have as well as

the type of vegetables you wish to plant. Your garden plan illustrates

the rows of crops, the spacing of plants, the positioning of all the

plants in relation to each other; dates to plant and depth of each

vegetable type.

Smart farming technologies monitor and make adjustments to

climates such as temperature, moisture and humidity, oxygen and

carbon dioxide, air current, pH of the soil, fertilizer flow and lighting.

We are learning more about hydroponics, growing plants using mineral

nutrient solutions and water, and now with the latest technology

coming out of NASA –aeroponics is evolving to give us maximum

yields with zero-waste. Technology advances by the companies producing

computerized growing systems are working on projects where

every aspect of the plants growing in personal 2 x 2 x 2 foot aeroponic

grow boxes is monitored.

Computers will be able to talk to each other across communities and

the globe to share information on particular growing protocols; trade

seeds and talk about climate and weather pattern details.

Of course bringing these advances into the mainstream seems ahead

of time, however, taking the guesswork and ease out of growing your

own food is a reality today.

Apps range from garden time planners, garden managers, organic

gardening tips to growing without toxic pesticides or chemicals; logging

your growing notes for future use; tracking and notifying you of

your watering, feeding and predicted harvest schedules, and giving

you updates on the latest food growing information.

New personal computerized gardens offer self-sustaining computerized

grow beds that plant and water automatically. If you are

looking for technology that caters to your hectic lifestyle with the

ease of cultivation, reduces energy, waste, water and space, and fuels

your desire to eliminate pesticide-sprayed plants; save money, and

ultimately move towards greater efficiency and sustainability by as

much as 80% for communities and cities collectively, you might be

motivated to research the technology today that is fast becoming

mainstream for the near future.



Keeping Your House Clean

It is always a battle to keep your home spotless and ready for guests.

That is why this week we want to share a tip that works to ensure you

are ahead of the game. When tackling the job of cleaning, a great tactic

is to look at the entire house as separate sections or in a grid formation.

This way you never miss anything and it doesn’t seem overwhelming.







CALL US: 780.504.8009

Are you looking to get some work crossed off your to do list? Go handy can give you a

quote and get those items crossed off. We do handyman services as well as general

maintenance and renovations. Give us a call!



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Why Hiring a Newer Real Estate Agent is a Brilliant Idea!

So why would you even think to trust a newer or young agent who’s

just been a Real Estate agent for under a few years ? It’s a pretty logical

question you’d ask yourself?

Here’s why:

One of the most significant advantages you’ll get as a client by hiring

a newer or young agent is motivation, determination, and the will

to get the sale done, whatever it may be. New agents are hungry to

prove to the world their talents, capabilities, strengths, and by giving

them the opportunity, you’ll be much rewarded.

Here’s how:

You want your agent to be 100% devoted to you, right? A newer agent

will have fewer clients in the beginning of their career, making you

their priority and allowing you to receive all of their attention with

fewer distractions. They will take pride in not wasting your time, and

they will reply to your messages, questions, concerns, and inquiries

as a top priority. They feel comfortable communicating the truth to

you, as honesty goes a long way. Most importantly they take pride in

earning your trust.

opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in Real Estate.

Throughout those opportunities, they have built strong connections

with some of the top real-estate agents who they can turn to for guidance

as needed. So you will have double the resources.

Here is what they offer:

They understand the diverse technology it takes to serve a client.

It seems that there are new Apps out every day. Your listings or the

listings you are looking at will be advertised through all sorts of social

media platforms. So doesn’t it make sense that you deal with a newer

or young agent that knows how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

LinkedIn, Pinterest and more… This is a chance to have your property

viewed by thousands of extra people or how to find you that new

home. And there is so much more that they offer to clients. And of

course they love to show off for themselves on their social media.

So doesn’t this make sense? …How about you? Are you ready to hire a

newer or young realtor?

Tim Grover



While newer agents are always learning new things, they have spent

months studying, shadowing, and partnering in every possible



Industrial Palettes

One way to master the industrial look in your home is to limit your colour

palette! Black, grey, and white are staples of industrial style. You can paint

anything black to give it an instant industrial upgrade. Try painting radiators,

trim, picture frames, really anything! Just remember to use the black

as a contrast against the large amount of white in your house – your don’t

want your space becoming too dark!

5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security


Your home is your haven. It’s a safe space to come home after a long

day and feel safe and secure. That’s why it’s so important to keep your

property secure by taking some simple safety precautions and regularly

keeping an eye out for potential security threats in the home.

Here are five easy ways to improve your home’s security today.

#1: Test Alarm Systems on a regular basis

One of the best ways to keep your home secure is by installing an

alarm system. An alarm system will alert you to any suspicious activity

on your property, such as intruders. Most systems nowadays are customizable

so you can choose which alarm settings are necessary and

which aren’t. Alarm systems not only alert you to potentially suspicious

activity but also deter robbers from entering the property. If you

don’t have an alarm system, this is a quick way to improve your home’s

security. Find a trusted company with real-world knowledge that can

offer you a tailored solution, such as Ninja Security.

Check your alarm systems regularly to ensure they are working and

protect your property from unwanted visitors.

#2: Reinforce your doors

Prevent intruders from kicking in your door by reinforcing your doors.

There are several ways you can secure doors again blunt force. Firstly,

install a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock goes further into the door

frame making it harder for burglars to pick the lock.

Did you know that burglars can actually take your doors off the hinges

to enter your property? One way to prevent this is to reinforce the door

hinges by adding safety stubs. These studs stop burglars from knocking

the door off the hinges or unscrewing it. It’s also wise to protect your

door frame from the blunt force by installing a metal frame. Installing

door barricades and other security devices on your door will further

protect it against intruders. There are plenty of quick fixes you can do

at home to reinforce your doors and make them as impenetrable as


#3 Defend your property from porch pirates

Porch piracy has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to a rise in online

shopping. So much so that billions of packages are estimated to have

been stolen from porches in the last year. But how can you keep people


from stealing your packages when you’re not home? An increasing

number of people are investing in porch lock boxes and mailbox sensors

to deter porch pirates and keep their packages safe.

Delivery people can safely pop your packages in the lockbox to keep

them secure until you return. Just remember to change the security pin

regularly. Mailbox sensors will alert you to any suspicious activity near

your mailbox.

#4 Keep security lights switched on at night

The most common time for burglars to try to enter your home is

when it’s dark. Security lights tell potential burglars that you’re home.

Switching the security lights on at night when you’re home and when

you’re out will not only deter intruders, but it may throw them off

too. Many intruders will watch your property for some time before

robbing it to get an idea of your schedule and when you are least likely

to be home. Setting the lights to come on at the same time each night

(whether you’re home or not) will make it seem like there is always

someone home, deterring burglars.

#5 Don’t forget to lock the garage

Familiarize yourself with all the potential points of entry on your

property and ensure that they are all secure. This includes your garage,

especially if it provides a point of entry to your home. Always lock your

garage before going out, make sure the door and windows are secure,

and keep the garage door opener inside your home rather than your

car where it can be easily stolen. If you have a door connecting your

garage to the remainder of your house, keep it locked and make sure it

is well reinforced.

Final Thoughts

Property crimes are on the rise. But there’s no need to panic. A reliable

alarm system, regular security checks, and some good quality doors

and windows will go a long way to burglar-proof your property. Follow

these five simple hacks to ensure your home is secure today.




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Discover ReStore!

All proceeds go towards helping families gain access to affordable home ownership.


You never know what unique product will be waiting for you! Each of our Re-

Stores is a bit different in layout and product, but one thing that is the same

is our stellar customer service and value based prices.


Every donation from a home or business can be dropped off at

one of our ReStores or picked up at your doorstep by our ReStore

Team. To donate visit HFH.org/restore or call (780) 477-4057. Your

donation of product is also eligible for a charitable tax receipt.


Meet new people while helping a life-changing charity! There are

plenty of volunteer opportunities at ReStore, and our friendly staff

would love to have you join us.

Visit us Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm!

The ReStore Impact

ReStore contributes funds to Habitat for Humanity to help families like

Rhonda’s and Reier’s. This amazing couple had big plans: Reier was

working on a computer sciences degree, they started a family, and

wanted to purchase a decent house. Due to circumstances beyond

their control, they were pushed out of home ownership.

After their financial situation improved, Reier and Rhonda began

renting an old townhome. Although it was a step up, they were

concerned that rent increases would keep outpacing their income.

They worked out that they could afford a down payment if they

saved for the next 10 years and their rent didn’t keep outpacing

their income. And so they gave up on owning a home.

The couple then found Habitat, applied for home ownership, and received

a home! It’s the first home that hasn’t felt temporary. Reier and

Rhonda no longer worry about rent increases outpacing their income, or running

to the fuse box when the washing machine and the microwave are running simultaneously.

Read Reier’s and Rhonda’s full story at www.hfh.org/stories.

Donate: HFH.org/restore

(780) 477-4057




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Funds affordable home ownership

Charitable tax receipts available

Diverts items from landfills

Provides employment


Valid only at Habitat Edmonton ReStores. No cash value. Cannot be

used on gift cards or previously purchased items. One time use; must

be surrendered at time of purchase. One coupon per transaction, per

customer. Code RHA20. Expires December 31, 2022. Redeemable at

all Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Grande Prairie ReStores.



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Proud Supporters of the Home Advice





How Inflation is Hammering Your Accounts


It’s gone from inconvenient and frustrating to becoming a serious

threat to many Canadian families and businesses.

Inflation is at the highest rate since Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

introduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in January of 1991, over

three decades ago.

At that time, the new tax and a war raging in the Persian Gulf contributed

to cost increases, similar to today’s recently increased carbon

tax and war in Ukraine.

But in addition to those similarities, many things are worse now. A

never-ending pandemic, a supply chain crisis exacerbated by disastrous

flooding in BC and lengthy border blockades—then the largest

interest rate hike in 22 years—have combined for a perfect economic


Inflation means everything you need costs more.

For retailers, a shipping container that two years ago cost $4,000 to

carry products overseas now costs $20,000 for freight alone.

Expensive fuel drives up the cost of everything we buy. Even the cost

of barging crude to coastal refineries and trucking fuel to the pumps

is increased by the cost of oil. Food, consumer goods, travel and delivery

services like Amazon are all affected by the high cost of fuel.

What you may not have considered if you run a business is what

inflation is doing—right this minute—to your accounts receivable.

You simply can no longer justify subsidizing customers’ businesses

by carrying overdue receivables—if you ever thought you could!

Your Accounts Receivable are being hammered, at the same time as

your customers are struggling to live up to their financial commitments

(including paying you), and it’s a deadly combination.

Don’t wait any longer. If there is one thing I’ve seen proven true in every

economic condition, it’s that procrastination is the single biggest

cause of bad debt write-offs.

So at a time like this, it’s alarmingly easy to see what will happen

next. Don’t regret not taking action and sending those overdue accounts

to your collection agency now.

Drop me a line if you need Accounts Receivable advice. Or reach out

to one of my debt collection experts for a free assessment of your

overdue accounts.

Let’s collect that debt while it’s still recoverable—and has the maximum

buying power for your business!

Left out in the cold?

We'll collect those receivables.

As of this writing, Canada’s inflation rate has reached 6.7%—a 31-

year high.

That means your receivables are decreasing in value at the same rate

as if you were paying extra interest at nearly 7% on them.

Money that you billed a customer just last month will NOT go as far

today as it did when you sent out the invoice.

Your costs are all higher, for your business, at home, and on the road

in between.

And now, if you have a mortgage or a line of credit, the cost of borrowing

is rising at a pace that hasn’t been seen in years. And Canadian

economists predict that interest rates will more than double in the

coming year. Increasing interest rates is intended to curb inflation,

yet it hammers every individual and business that carries a mortgage

or line of credit, driving their costs way up.

If the people who owe money to your business are in any trouble

now, expect things to get worse, not better. MNP’s latest Consumer

Debt Index shows that bankruptcies have shot up by 18% in the last

few months alone.

What this means to business owners is the same as always: time is

the enemy. Your chance of collecting always decreases the longer you


Except now it’s urgent.

With inflation aggressively shrinking the money owed to you and

the cost of using lines of credit to support it going up, I believe we’ve

reached a tipping point.

Author: Brian Summerfelt

President and CEO of MetCredit,

Canada’s top-performing consumer and commercial

collection agency




Thinking about power washing your deck, or roof in the coming

weeks? With water – freshwater – being a concern these days, it

would be prudent to consider the following facts prior to engaging

in power washing around your home.

Firstly, consider whether there is an alternative method to reduce

the amount of water that is ultimately used. Can you use absorbent

materials to wipe up any oil? Does the area require a good

sweep or vacuuming to remove debris prior to the wash?

Thought needs to go into the cleaning solutions you intend to

use. Are they environmentally friendly? Caustic chemicals corrode

surfaces they settle on, as well as being harmful to the environment.

Location is also important. Are you power washing close to

storm drains, or on a slope where runoff is going to land up in the

storm drains?

Water that flows down into storm drains is not treated and poses

potential hazards particularly if it runs off rooftops, or down

driveways where antifreeze or oil leaks, paint chips, roof particles

and so on, go unchecked into the lakes, streams and ultimately

oceans. Storm drains must be protected from this runoff.

What about water seepage into the soil?

Depending upon what you are cleaning, the following instructions

are recommended:

Do a dry clean-up before washing down. If possible, wash without

soaps. Contaminated water must be kept out of the storm drains

and if caustic, must be neutralized before being discharged to the

sanitary sewer. Dispose of dry waste into the garbage if non-toxic.

If materials have been used to soak up paints, solvents, cleaning

fluids and so on, they should be directed to a hazardous waste facility.

Wash water and solid residues with lead-based paints must

be contained and tested as a hazardous material and disposed of

at a licensed treatment facility. Keep the usage of freshwater to a


It is vital to place conscious thought as to the best and proactive

techniques to engage upon when power washing. Water is a finite

commodity that is precious and valuable. When you implement

practical, thoughtful steps to achieve the desired cleanup you

are looking for, you are protecting and improving water quality;

saving money on disposal costs, and saving the environment and

water systems from toxic run-offs.

Just as you would be proactive in ensuring the health of your

family, realize that the health of the environment is interconnected,

and just as important. The same measure of implementation

and concern is necessary for both – one is not mutually exclusive

to the other.
















Sylvia Kozicki

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