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Why Albert Is Poised to Be Canada’s Next Hottest Real Estate Market

As Canada’s hottest markets in the West(Vancouver) and the East(Toronto)

begin to finally cool after what felt like an endless climb, all

eyes are on where the next hot market will come from when the 2023

spring market heats up. While I’m obviously biased towards my home

city, I think there’s a strong case to be made for why Alberta is going

to come out on top.

I see three big factors as contributing: affordability, lifestyle, and

Alberta’s younger workforce and growing economy. While it will obviously

take years for the market to catch up to Toronto and Vancouver(thankfully

for first time buyers!) I think we’re going to be seeing a

lot of growth ahead of us. Let’s take a look at each of these factors and

how they are going to drive the market higher in 2023, focusing on

my home market of Edmonton.

1. Affordability

The average home in Edmonton costs around 30 - 40% of a comparable

property in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. This also means that

buyers will be able to make the most of their dollars and salary- if

they could barely afford the down payment for a condo in Toronto,

they might be able to buy a large single-family home in Edmonton!

This makes the city more friendly to young professionals looking to

start families or shopping for a multi-generational home.

2. Lifestyle

The pandemic was a wake-up call to many to evaluate the amenities

afforded by their neighborhoods and cities! Parks, trails, and urban

greenery became hot commodities, and many of us are keeping our

outdoor habits going as a new part of our lives.

Edmonton and Alberta abound with accessible wilderness and natural

beauty. Edmonton boasts the largest urban park in North America,

and skiing, mountain biking, and hiking are only minutes away.

Alberta is also booming culturally, with more festivals, music, culture

and cuisine at your fingers than ever before.

3. Alberta’s Economy

Alberta’s economy is in a solid place, which should continue to draw

in new buyers from Canada and across the world. Some of this is a

side effect of the fortunes of the energy sector, but quiet growth over

the last decade in everything from logistics to hydrogen technology

to AI has created an explosion of new high-paying jobs that are

attracting young professionals from across the country.

Coupled with the affordability of the market and Alberta’s low taxes,

this creates a huge opportunity that many are taking advantage of-

Edmonton’s labour market is one of the youngest and best-educated

in Canada.

I hope I’ve been able to give you some quick food for thought on

some factors driving what should be a very dynamic market in 2023

and beyond. I’m excited to see what comes next!

Interested in learning more about the Edmonton market? Come and

visit me at www.edmontonrealestateteam.com






Industrial Palettes

One way to master the industrial look in your home is to limit your colour

palette! Black, grey, and white are staples of industrial style. You can paint

anything black to give it an instant industrial upgrade. Try painting radiators,

trim, picture frames, really anything! Just remember to use the black

as a contrast against the large amount of white in your house – your don’t

want your space becoming too dark!




Your Needs. Your Style. Our Guidance.






Tamara 780-906-6363




Richard 587-800-3720



Mashar 780-913-2444





Platinum Edge Lawn Care

Great soil amendment

Neutralize dog urine stains

100% organic and from Alberta

Helps with droughts

30% more yield in gardens and agriculture

Binds heavy toxins and metals

Our product will help your plants have deeper roots, break down clay, and aid your grass against droughts




Taking a walk through furnishing stores prior to spring is always a refreshing experience. The new white seems whiter and cleaner. Shades of

greens, blues, and taupe are crisper, fresher and newer. Exciting patterns, fabrics and furnishings herald the promise of spring – the new plush

and lush; a hint at freshening our homes and the way we feel about ourselves. The natural world’s renewal of life awakens and energizes again,

translating abundantly into our lives; inspiring and invigoratively creative.

Just a splash of new colour to grace our walls, changing up some rooms, moving furniture around, recovering the sofa, perhaps purchasing or

sewing new scatter cushion covers. Change lifts one’s energy and vibrancy. Like a breath of fresh air.

2020 colours range from shades of white, off-white, creams, beige, natural and neutral tones as well as the deeper, darker pastels and browns.

Green is back; all shades, ranging from the bright electrics through emerald to blue greens. Smaller rooms do well with lighter coloured walls

which open the area, as darker walls tend to close in the space. Accent walls, a tone darker create contrast, highlighting various furnishings close

to, or paintings hanging on the wall. Black is featured this year, mostly as an elegant trim, or designer fabric print to add that formal atmosphere

of rich, opulent contrast.

If you are considering selling your home, neutral colours are tasteful, and always your best and safest bet when it comes to attracting potential


The furnishing trends of 2020 revive both the natural and the sleek lines in furniture. Décor is clean, simple and functional and yet the hint of

simply contrasting and layering of textures and shades can enhance a richly visual and sumptuously comfortable effect. The rustic look with

natural materials brings the outdoors inside for comfortability and ease. Woods like birch, oak, walnut and rattan are back. Of course bamboo is

not only appealing for its strength and durability, but as a sustainable product for flooring and furniture.

Tribal and ethnic prints for living room areas are bright and bold, rich in colour and pattern; adding delightful contrast to neutral walls and furniture.

Vibrant scatter rugs, cushions, throws are most suitable and desirable for high energy areas, activity and entertaining. Brass and gold metals

complement wood furnishings and sumptuous blends of fabric textures and designs. Feather motifs are prolific ‘objets d’art’, or incorporated

into prints.

There are no hard and fast rules with decorating. Your personality and taste shine through when it comes to colour, furnishings, creative style.

Spring’s a wonderful excuse to explore, see what’s out there, exercise your imagination in changing up your home just a little, so something new

and exciting is reflected back into your life.

Much consideration should go into your plans and desired goals, if you need to freshen up your home to list in the upcoming spring market.

Make your decisions practical and appealing for reasons that suit your pocket and creativity.




Come visit us at our brand new showroom

at 2828 Ellwood Drive SW,

Edmonton, Alberta

Stop by our showroom and Clearance Center located at

2828 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton, Alberta

780.457.DOOR (3667)

Support of Mustard Seed, Hope Mission,

Moms Canada, Little Warriors,

Edmonton Minor Soccer Association

and other local charities.










CALL US: 780.504.8009

Are you looking to get some work crossed off your to do list? Go handy can give you a

quote and get those items crossed off. We do handyman services as well as general

maintenance and renovations. Give us a call!



@gohandyservices on instagram


Edmonton first started its curbside-recycling program in 1988, and touts

itself today as a “global leader in effective urban waste management.”

Holiday seasons create much waste in packaging, leftovers, food scraps and giftwrap – and the list goes on.

The city offers helpful planning tips around generating less waste, creating reusable items and wrapping, and tips for storage. When it comes

to food items and your special meals, make sure to plan what you are preparing and serving; what you need to purchase that you don’t already

have in your pantry; what you can store for leftovers, and what can be donated in the way of unopened treats to local charities.

Decorate with materials that can be saved and used again. It’s a fun exercise to get your children involved in showing off their creativity. Check

the Reuse Centre Pininterest Board and the Reuse Centre for their helpful tips.

Gift giving should also be a pragmatic and creative endeavor when it comes to wrapping parcels. It is suggested you might want to wrap gifts in

scarves or gift bags that can be utilized again and again.

Be mindful too about what you wash down your drain.

Use fine metal mesh sink drainers to stop small food particles from flowing down the drain. Never flush fats, oils and grease from cooking or leftovers

down the drain. Remember that all drains lead to the network of waterways that lead to lakes and ultimately to oceans. Be cognizant that

kitchen waste can become toxic and hazardous to marine life.

And speaking of composting food scraps – the city of Edmonton is offering

Master Composter Recycling courses in early Spring 2016.

“Promoting the four Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.” You might wish to take a look at the 40-hour training course that teaches recycling,

composting, how to “grasscycle,” start a worm composter, and reduce waste. In the process you can become a mentor at a community

garden and always host waste-less dinner parties – especially relevant for all festive, celebratory seasons.








What does Your Bathtub Need? Where has the time gone? The time of raising your family has come and gone, and in the meantime you have not

noticed the wear or tear on your bathtub. Now that you look at it, you can assess what needs to be done in your bathroom to bring your tub back

to its former glory.

In the design of older homes it could be that some bathtubs were tucked away into a corner. For renovation purposes, the estimation in replacing

and refitting the tight space with a new model might be too expensive for your budget. If it’s a galvanized tub, have you thought about what it

would be worth to re-enamel instead?

Refinishing or resurfacing your bathtub is a job for the experts. Although there are do-it-yourself kits available, the experts know what they are

doing when it comes to repairing damaged, chipped or cracked tubs. Tubs need to be stripped right down after repairs are made. Acid etching is

used to prepare the surface of the tub. Methyl chloride is highly toxic and should be used with the greatest of care. Coats of primer are applied,

and then a topcoat rolled, brushed or sprayed with polymers, urethanes or epoxies.

This work is quite hazardous, and the professionals would be equipped with special protective clothing and equipment in the form of respirators.

Ensure that your family is out of the house for the day. The professionals work with powerful industrial-type exhausts to remove unpleasant and

unsafe fumes, however, they may slightly linger overnight depending on how many coats have been applied. Keep your exhaust fan running until

you are ready to retire for the evening.

A job done professionally though will give you a brand new looking tub ready for decades of use. Professionals will recommend not using

abrasive cleaners or abrasive cloths that will scratch the tub. There are many natural bathroom cleaners now on the market that are far gentler,

and much safer for the environment. Bring in the experts to talk about the options and benefits of re-enameling your old and tired bathtub.

From there you can look at the costs of various renovation strategies and decide what works for you and your budget. Whether it is a new tub or a

re-surfaced tub, you can still enjoy your relaxing winter soaks.









Shop. Donate. Volunteer.

Get ready for huge scores at ReStore! Find

great value on quality new and gently-used

building materials, furniture, appliances, tools,

and unique items. All proceeds help families

access affordable homeownership.

Open to the public!

20% OFF your next purchase!

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4004 99 St NW, 7 Streambank Ave (Sherwood Park), and 10431a 96 Ave (Grande Prairie). Cannot be combined with

other offers. One time use only. Coupon must be surrendered to cashier at time of purchase. Does not apply to items

previously purchased at ReStore. Expires Dec 31, 2022. Code RHA20.


The treasures you’ll find





Now Booking For The Reno & Home & Garden Shows

Edmonton/Calgary 2023


Now Booking For The Reno & Home & Garden Shows

Edmonton/Calgary 2023



The All-Inclusive Collection Agency: 12 Things

Clients Get for Free

It’s no secret that MetCredit clients take no risk when sending overdue

accounts for collection. If we don’t collect, you don’t pay.

But what is less-known, even to some longtime clients, is just how

many significant things we offer for free, regardless of whether or

not we are successful at collecting a given account. (Spoiler alert: we

usually are!)

The reality is that not all past-due accounts can be collected, and

recoverability decreases with every day you wait. Very old or statute-barred

accounts, for that reason, are invariably the hardest to


Debtor businesses sometimes run out of funds, and can owe a great

deal of money to the CRA and secured creditors. If the credit grantor

in those cases has no security, it can be hard to apply any leverage,

and even credit bureau reporting carries relatively little clout to a

corporation that has ceased operations for good due to insolvency.

If you use another avenue, such as suing the customer in court, you

will in all likelihood still receive a bill from your lawyer, for hourly

fees and a long list of possible disbursements. Even if you never

stood a snowflake’s chance in Vegas of collecting, you’ll need to pay

those fees.

At MetCredit, that’s not the way it works. We cover all expenses


Some of these points in themselves contain more than meets the eye.

For example, no other Canadian collection agency reports to more

credit bureaus, especially the highly specialized industry-specific

ones that we do.

Reporting unpaid debt to credit bureaus (and updating the reports

when the debtor pays in full) is expensive and time-consuming—and

is not even available through a lawyer or even all collection agencies.

It provides valuable leverage against debtors, because an unpaid file

in collections hurts the debtor’s credit score and can make it impossible

to get a credit card, loan, mortgage, vehicle lease or even certain

kinds of jobs.

Another significant cost savings is in disbursement costs. While law

firms typically charge marked-up fees for out-of-pocket costs like

searches, applications, correction of errors, service of documents,

execution of court orders, court fees, judgment certificates, couriers,

photocopies, travel, postage and other items, we cover these items

for you. (When we do take a debtor to court, as a last resort in a small

percentage of cases, legal fees that apply are minimized by our efficient

in-house legal team.)

All in all, it’s an amazing value for our clients.

If you haven’t experienced MetCredit’s quick collection and industry-leading

capabilities, give us a try. I know you’ll be impressed.

It gives us a strong incentive to succeed in collecting on your behalf.

And it offers tremendous value to our clients.

Here are just 12 of the many things MetCredit clients get for free,

included in our services for every account you send our way.

1. 24/7 online access to load unlimited files, send accounts day or

night and see all your files in one place

2. Full commercial and consumer credit bureau reporting to Equifax,

Transunion, Dun & Bradstreet as well as regional and specialized

industry-specific credit bureaus

3. Credit bureau monitoring

4. Credit inquiries on accounts assigned for collection

5. Telephone, email, SMS text message and postal campaigns to

reach debtors for payment—in the way they prefer to communicate

6. Comprehensive skip-tracing services to locate hard-to-find debtors

7. Corporate searches as necessary

8. Couriers and 3rd party disbursements

9. Secure data transfer of client information

10. Flexible debtor payments by credit card, Interac eTransfer, Interac

Online, debit card, online & telephone banking, LoadHub, Western

Union, company cheque—an unmatched number of ways to pay!

11. Call centres located in Canada, not offshore

12. Customer Service Team available to clients 24/7

Author: Brian Summerfelt

President and CEO of MetCredit,

Canada’s top-performing consumer and commercial

collection agency


Now Booking For The Reno & Home & Garden Shows

Edmonton/Calgary 2023




This summer visit Tourism Calgary https://www.visitcalgary.com/ for

more information regarding the numerous events ranging from art

shows, concerts, sports events and other organized activities posted

for the summer months of July and August into September.


Calgary’s history goes back to 1787 with the first recorded European

to the area, cartographer David Thompson. Eighty-six years later

the first settler came to the Calgary area, and with that, the late 19th

century grew replete with much history in this region.

The Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in 1883, and the incorporation

and inauguration of Calgary and its first mayor took place in 1884. It

was not until 1902 that oil was first discovered in Alberta, and in 1947

when large oil reserves were found in the province, making Calgary

the centre of the oil boom. Growth has taken place exponentially

since then.

The centre of the city is situated in the south of Alberta and is the

largest city in Alberta. East of the Yoho National Park, Banff National

Part, the Elbow-Sheep Wildland and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

in Alberta, Calgary lies in an area of foothills and prairie, and sits east

of the Canadian Rockies. Highway one connects the city to Banff and

Highway 2 heads north to Innisfail and towards Red Deer.

A greatly diverse city, Calgary can count over 200 well-planned, safe

and unique “communities” or neighbourhoods in the region. With

Calgary divided into four quadrants – Northwest, Northeast, Southwest

and Southeast Calgary, the Bow River on the north borders the

downtown commercial core; the Elbow River forms the boundary to

the east.

The downtown area is home to the Government, entertainment

districts and retail core along with other neighborhoods – such as the

Downtown West End, East Village and Commercial Core. Other neighborhoods

include Chinatown, Eau Claire and the Beltline – separated

with mostly residential and mixed-use neighborhoods.

The population of the City of Calgary according to its 2019 municipal

census is 1,285,711, a change of 1.4% from its 2018 municipal census

population of 1,267,344. There are a total of 469,874 households and

328, 583 families. The biggest demographic in age group is the 25 to

29 year olds and 30 to 34 year olds. The 35 – 39 year olds along with 40

– 44 year old age group form a large part of the demographics.

The 2019 age distribution estimates the greatest increase in the demographics

will come through the 35 to 44 years olds. Young families

are gravitating towards Calgary’s way of life, and populations in other

towns in the region such as Canmore, Okotoks and Strathmore have

contributed towards the fast growing pace of these communities.

Calgary’s economy includes energy, financial services, film and

television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing,

aerospace, health and wellness, and retail and tourism sectors. The

region is a major transportation hub for Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan,

BC and parts of northern USA. Statistics Canada defines the

Calgary CMA as including nine municipalities: Calgary and Airdrie,

Rocky View County, Chestermere, Cochrane, Crossfield and Irricana,

the village of Beiseker, and First Nations Reserve – Tsuu T’ina Nation.

According to the Calgary Real Estate Board – CREB®

2020 opens with a slight gain in sales Housing market conditions continue

to follow similar trends to last year, with gains in sales.

At the same time, there have been further reductions in new listings,

inventory and more declines in prices.

January sales activity was 863 units, nearly eight per cent higher than

last year’s levels. While sales remained well below January activity

recorded before 2014, they remain consistent with activity recorded

over the past five years.

“A persistent slowdown in the energy sector has resulted in a reset in

many aspects of our economy. This includes the housing market,”

said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie.

“We continue to see the slow adjustment to more balanced conditions,

but it will take time before that starts to translate into price


Citywide unadjusted benchmark prices were $417,100 in January.

This is slightly lower than the previous month and nearly one per cent

lower than last year’s levels.

Benchmark prices eased, but there were some modest improvements

in both the average and median prices. This is likely a reflection of

some changes in the distribution of sales.





The front door is arguably one of the most important entry points of

your home. A well thought out and designed front entry way can set

a welcoming tone for your home. The right door will balance out the

exterior aesthetic, boost curb appeal, and protect your home.

Not all front doors are made equal, which is why it is important for

you to consider these 4 things before you make your final decision.


Your front door reflects your architectural preference and personal

style. You do not want to flippantly choose a front door for your home.

The wrong door could throw off aesthetic balance. Not only will your

home look better and more cohesive with the right front door, but it

will also improve its resale value. A new door is a relatively inexpensive

improvement that promises a strong return on investment.


There are a variety of materials that doors can be constructed from.

Each type of door has its own benefits and drawbacks. When choosing

a front door for your home, you need to consider how the specific

characteristics of each material may influence their performance.


Fibreglass doors are a great option if you are looking for energy

efficiency, low maintenance, and customizability. They come in a

wide array of colors, styles, and textures, so it is easy to blend into the

overall aesthetic of your home. The insulation they offer can also help

offset energy costs, which makes them more affordable in the long

run, despite the initial purchase price. The fiberglass doors offered

by Window Mart, for example, feature a polyurethane core free from

chlorofluorocarbons, delivering superior energy efficiency compared

to wood doors (up to 6 times more insulating, in fact). Fiberglass

doors are also exceptionally durable and are designed to resist corrosion

and deterioration.


True wood adds a certain level of rustic beauty that is not achievable

with other materials. Wood doors can be stained or painted to achieve

the look you want, yet each one remains completely unique. Other

ways to customize wood doors include decorative glass inserts, stylish

hardware options or added embellishments. The downside to wood

doors is that they require continual maintenance to prevent warping,

swelling, or rotting. It is also often recommended that a storm door be

installed to protect the wood from the elements, which can take away

from the classic style you are looking for in a wood front door. Wood

doors are elegant, but high-maintenance.


Steel doors are as stunning as they are durable. They provide a superior

level of security while still offering color and texture customizability

(though not quite as much as with fiberglass). Steel does have the


potential to rust over time, so it is important to choose a high-quality

option with protective coating like what is offered at Window Mart.

Some steels doors are also offered with an insulated core which

improves their energy efficiency performance. Window Mart, for

example, carries several steel door products with a high-density polyurethane

foam filling that increases insulation and reduces thermal



How much money are you comfortable spending? This is probably

one of the most important questions you need to ask before beginning

any home improvement project, and replacing your front door

is no exception. The initial investment versus long-term benefits,

such as reduced energy costs. High-quality materials, also require less

maintenance, which also results in long-term savings. Should also be

conscientious of hidden costs, such as extra finishing. Wood doors,

for example, may require additional painting or staining that is not included

in the purchase price. Choosing a reputable window and door

company will ensure that your new front door is installed properly

and save you from potentially costly mistakes.


When it comes to choosing a front door for your home the possible

security features are an invaluable consideration. Most of the doors

on the market are similar in terms of the strength of their basic construction.

If you are going to make any customizations, such as adding

glass inserts or side panels, you may want to consider options that

offer additional safety. Glazed glass, for example, is harder to break

into. You may also want to consider your desired level of privacy. Textured

or frosted glass makes it so passersby cannot see directly into

your home, but still allows for natural light to enter. Front Doors are

incredibly important assets of the safety and security of your home,

and in turn, your family.


Choosing a new front door for your home is an incredibly important

task. If you take all the things listed into consideration you are sure to

find a front door with the perfect balance of function and beauty.

Window Mart provides high-quality front door options and installation

services for homeowners in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Contact our friendly staff today to get your complimentary estimate

for your home’s front door replacement.

Window Mart

11474 Winterburn Rd NW

Edmonton, AB T5S 2Y3

+1 855 993 0303



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