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AWARDS<br />



United States<br />

“The law is<br />

complicated.<br />

SixFifty makes<br />

it easy.”


06<br />

Retail &<br />

Hospitality<br />

14<br />

Legal &<br />

Corporate<br />

26<br />

Marketing<br />

36<br />

Development<br />

44<br />

Medical<br />

48<br />

Blockchain<br />

8 Retail<br />

Management<br />

Software<br />

10 Digital Stamp<br />

Cards |<br />

Excellence in<br />

Innovation<br />

12 Magic Stamp<br />

16 Legal<br />

Technology<br />

Trends<br />

18 Legal and<br />

Corporate<br />

SoftwareOur<br />

Picks<br />

22 SixFifty<br />

24 n2uitive<br />

28 How to<br />

Choose the<br />

Right Content<br />

Marketing<br />

Software for you<br />

30 The Future<br />

of Marketing<br />

Software<br />

32 ecoWeb<br />

34 CampaignTrackly<br />

38 The Software<br />

Development Life<br />

Cycle<br />

42 Maveryx<br />

46 Medical<br />

Software<br />

Innovation<br />

50 How<br />

Blockchain is<br />

Changing the<br />


RETAIL &<br />


6 innovatechawards.com<br />


Retail<br />

Management<br />

Software<br />

Retail management software helps<br />

store owners’ aggregate sales<br />

performance, in-demand products,<br />

and measure consumer behavior<br />

through digital footprints. The entire<br />

retail process, from production to<br />

buying from wholesalers right through<br />

to returns, can now be digitized,<br />

away from traditional reliance on<br />

physical management. Meaning retail<br />

management software should really<br />

be a non-negotiable for any modern<br />

retail business.<br />

What is Retail<br />

Management Software?<br />

Retail Management Software (RMS) refers<br />

to any application that benefits a business<br />

at any stage of the retail process. RMS<br />

application assists retailers in tracking<br />

inventories, order new stock, build sales<br />

reports, market products, and logistics<br />

Benefits of Retail Management Systems<br />

1<br />

RMS applications provide real-time inventory checks as they<br />

automatically update store data to reflect sold units and product<br />

availability. This reduces the time spent on taking physical inventory<br />

and the probability of human error in taking stock.<br />

2<br />



The Point-of-Sale integrations on RMS allows retailers to gather<br />

data on their best-selling products and make informed business<br />

decisions in terms of buying and marketing<br />

3<br />


One of the major drivers of retail growth is customer satisfaction<br />

or loyalty. Allowing your customers to browse through available<br />

product units, specifications, and place orders online enhances<br />

their shopping experience while building a bridge for brick-andmortar<br />

retailers to tap into the ever-expanding world of eCommerce.<br />

RMS also enables retailers to maintain digital records of customers and implement programs<br />

to reward loyalty. Retail management systems fulfill the roles of an assistant seamlessly and<br />

can ultimately help scale businesses.<br />

8 innovatechawards.com<br />


What are Digital<br />

Stamp Cards?<br />

Benefits<br />

Digital<br />

Digital stamp cards are a loyalty<br />

reward program that businesses use<br />

to retain customers. Like traditional<br />

stamp cards, they serve as loyalty<br />

points issued to customers when<br />

making purchases. This program<br />

demonstrates customer loyalty as a<br />

collection of digital stamps that can be<br />

redeemed for a complimentary item or<br />

discount.<br />

For a long time, many types of<br />

businesses have used physical stamp<br />

cards as part of their loyalty reward<br />

program. However, going digital has<br />

proven to be more efficient, cost<br />

effective, and insightful. All customers<br />

need to do is download the necessary<br />

stamp card app on their smartphone<br />

or mobile device.<br />

User-Friendly<br />

Physical stamp cards are more likely to be lost or left at<br />

home, and reissuing stamp cards can be discouraging<br />

as many customers are unwilling to go through the<br />

reissuing process to rebuild loyalty points, on top<br />

of this there is the added cost to the business. With<br />

digital stamp cards, customers no longer have to worry<br />

about missing out on loyalty points, all they need to do<br />

is whip out their phones and scan QR codes at the<br />

point of purchase.<br />

Stamp Cards<br />

Excellence in<br />

Cost Effective<br />

Printing, maintaining, and setting up a physical stamp<br />

card program can be expensive. Digital stamp cards<br />

are a much cheaper alternative, aside from the initial<br />

set-up cost there isn’t much more to it.<br />

Innovation<br />

Promotional<br />

and Marketing<br />

Tool<br />

By using digital stamp cards, businesses can directly<br />

target loyal customers by offering regular discounts<br />

and offers. This presents the opportunity to measure<br />

and assess customer engagement meaning<br />

businesses can adapt products and services when<br />

necessary.<br />

10 innovatechawards.com<br />



THE APP<br />

Magic Stamp<br />

Digital Loyalty Card<br />

United Kingdom<br />

Loyalty Cards Made Digital<br />

MOST OF US love popping into our favourite coffee shop or restaurant with our<br />

stamp card in hand knowing full well in time there is a reward of a complimentary<br />

beverage or more to be had. While this may seem like a modern invention the history<br />

of loyalty programs actually goes back over 200 years. Innovation is imperative for<br />

any practice to survive and for stamp cards this comes in the form of Magic Stamp.<br />

Magic Stamp is a mobile app designed to give you access to a digital stamp card. In essence, all the benefits of a<br />

stamp card in a handy user-friendly app without any of the drawbacks, such as risk of losing or damaging stamp<br />

cards which means starting again or the issue of space that may arise when you have multiple cards.<br />

The process is simple, you start by downloading the app and signing up for a stamp card for your favourite<br />

café, shop, or business. When in store simply present the stamp card on your phone. Complete the stamp cards<br />

to unlock rewards for your loyalty. It really is that easy! The is of course the added benefit of regular in-app<br />

promotions and should you order online, worry not, as Magic Stamp has you covered with codes sent remotely.<br />


For businesses, Magic Stamp offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper stamp cards.<br />

There’s no complex tech, expensive integrations, or QR codes involved. Just a handy stamp and simple sign<br />

up. The app also offers a unique insight into customer behaviours and allows businesses to track activity, target<br />

promotions, and incentivise regulars even further.<br />

12 innovatechawards.com<br />


LEGAL &<br />


One undeniable fact about the<br />

21st century is the prevalence of<br />

technology intertwined in our daily<br />

lives. Technology has infiltrated all<br />

aspects of our lives, that’s obvious<br />

when you think about it, however, one<br />

area that it’s maybe less obvious is<br />

the legal industry. Oftentimes when<br />

we think of the legal profession it’s<br />

lawmakers, solicitors, and courts.<br />

But it’s so much more than that from<br />

electronic signatures to legal analytics<br />

and virtual law firms; Legal technology<br />

is in fact a thriving industry.<br />

Here is, our list noticeable trends in the legal tech space.<br />

Electronic Filing and Serving<br />

Several courts across the United States<br />

and Europe now allow parties to download<br />

forms, enter info, and submit them via an<br />

online portal. Similarly, you can serve court<br />

papers via email and other messaging<br />

platforms.<br />

Teleconferencing<br />

This is perhaps one of the biggest wins<br />

in the legal tech space. Before now, all<br />

parties, including witnesses and lawyers,<br />

had to be together physically. However,<br />

with teleconferencing applications, these<br />

meetings are now held via a teleconference<br />

regardless of respective geographical<br />

locations.<br />

Legal<br />

Technology<br />

Trends<br />

Legal technology refers to computer<br />

applications and software that simplify<br />

access to and render legal services.<br />

These vary from DIY apps that help<br />

you draw up simple contracts to more<br />

complex ones that enable electronic<br />

filing of court papers and trial<br />

teleconferencing.<br />

While legal technology has been around<br />

for a while, 2020’s covid lockdown<br />

saw an acceleration in the adoption of<br />

legal technology. Court hearings, legal<br />

consultations, and client meetings<br />

occurred online, with many law firms<br />

realizing the importance of an online<br />

presence.<br />

Legal Research Tools<br />

Many traditional ideas of law revolve<br />

around voluminous books and documents.<br />

This is changing as law reports, journals,<br />

and vital documents are now online and<br />

easily accessible. Leading to a reduction in<br />

the time spent scouring through books or<br />

physical journals. Lawyers can now, with a<br />

few clicks, log onto websites to view cases,<br />

developments, and legislations on specific<br />

areas of law.<br />

Outsourcing Network<br />

A decade ago, you probably had to visit a<br />

law office to get legal advice. Nowadays,<br />

several online platforms allow you to get<br />

legal advice or hire a legal practitioner to<br />

handle your case. With the added caveat of<br />

online reviews, you can make sure you’re<br />

getting the right professional for your<br />

needs.<br />

16 innovatechawards.com<br />


Legal and<br />

Corporate<br />

Software<br />

Our Picks<br />

The use of technology in law firms<br />

and corporations has evolved<br />

beyond mere administrative and<br />

communicative tasks. Technology<br />

allows these organizations to build<br />

and render products online, keep<br />

track of their clientele, and manage<br />

projects seamlessly. This has improved<br />

service rendering and enhanced the<br />

accessibility of legal services.<br />

Legal and corporate software<br />

are web-based platforms that<br />

enhance practice management<br />

and automation of services. These<br />

range from time tracking and billing<br />

solutions to document automation<br />

and transcription. Some legal and<br />

corporate software also helps<br />

businesses in bookkeeping and<br />

regulatory compliance.<br />

Why Legal Corporate Software?<br />

The purpose of legal and corporate<br />

software is to ease the delivery of legal<br />

services and break the accessibility<br />

barriers of costs and time. Lawyers,<br />

organizations, and prospective clients<br />

can quickly surf through several<br />

complex issues through research,<br />

automation, and document review<br />

applications.<br />

Some other benefits are -<br />

• It reduces the possibility of data<br />

breaches associated with third<br />

party compliance offices<br />

• Keys into the new norm of remote<br />

work<br />

• Saves considerable time in drawing<br />

up and reviewing documents<br />

• It helps organizations say bye to<br />

huge piles of paperwork<br />

• Increases employee productivity<br />

In the software world, functionality reigns supreme. As the digitization gospel spreads, more<br />

solutions are pumped into the market. This makes finding the right software solution for your<br />

business difficult. To help we’ve scoured the market and drawn up a list of notable legal-corp<br />

software.<br />

Sixfifty<br />

Sixfifty is a legal software that prioritizes<br />

the accessibility and affordability of<br />

legal services. It achieves these goals by<br />

providing a document automation platform<br />

that lets you customise contracts, privacy<br />

policies, and even employee handbooks.<br />

Sixfifty is backed by Wilson Sansoni, an<br />

American law firm that provides research<br />

and the necessary human input to keep<br />

the platform’s services in tune with the<br />

latest developments.<br />

Luminance<br />

Luminance is a contract drafting and<br />

document review software that allows<br />

lawyers and businesses to go through<br />

documents in Microsoft Word. The software<br />

illuminates contractual segments that are<br />

non-compliant with state laws or different<br />

from previously agreed terms. Luminance<br />

also helps lawyers in legal drafting by<br />

displaying precedents for varying types of<br />

contracts.<br />

OneTrust<br />

OneTrust is a privacy and security software<br />

that enables businesses to track how<br />

personal data is used, stored, and shared. It<br />

also provides templates for privacy policies<br />

and regulatory compliance training for staff<br />

and employees on GDPR, CCPA, and LPGD<br />

requirements.<br />

Casetext<br />

Legal research is the bane of a lawyer’s<br />

work, and this is what Casetext seeks<br />

to simplify. Casetext provides an online<br />

repository of statutes and recently decided<br />

cases on diverse areas of law, thereby<br />

reducing the time spent on research. It<br />

also has an advanced search feature that<br />

helps you discover cases with similar facts<br />

and disputes to your current brief.<br />

18 innovatechawards.com<br />


n2record<br />

Adobe Sign<br />

Notion<br />

Practical Law<br />

n2record is a comprehensive, secure,<br />

easy-to-use web-based solution that<br />

streamlines and standardises the entire<br />

claims processing workflow for recorded<br />

statements. Using any phone, digital<br />

recorder or, n2record mobile, the n2record<br />

iPhone app, you can capture, store, share,<br />

and transcribe statements from one unified<br />

platform.<br />

Arguably one of the most important legal<br />

and corporate software tools, Adobe Sign<br />

provides an electronic signing option<br />

on documents. The esignature feature<br />

reduces the need for hard copies and<br />

physical mailing of documents.<br />

Notion is a virtual workspace built to<br />

improve collaboration and remote working.<br />

Notion gives organizations full control over<br />

the workspace with custom templates and<br />

boards for tracking project status, sharing<br />

files, onboarding, and communicating with<br />

team members.<br />

Practical law is an online legal research<br />

assistant that groups resources according<br />

to practice areas. The platform is built for<br />

lawyers to gain access to specific questions<br />

of law.<br />

20 innovatechawards.com<br />


SixFifty<br />

Compliance Software<br />

United States<br />

THE LAW IS complicated. SixFifty makes it easy.<br />

If you’ve ever had to create a compliance document or<br />

any sort of employment legal paperwork then you know<br />

the process can be long, complex, and expensive. There<br />

is a lot to consider and unfortunately a “one size fits<br />

all” model can’t be applied as every business and their<br />

needs are different. On top of this laws and rules change<br />

meaning flexibility and adaptability are key elements to<br />

contemplate. All this can add up to a lot leaving only the<br />

wealthiest businesses with access to best legal work.<br />

This needn’t be an issue anymore however thanks to<br />

Sixfifty and their innovative technology system that is<br />

designed to write up advanced legal documents for a<br />

fraction of the cost.<br />

Headquartered in the Silicon Slopes of Utah and powered<br />

by highly accomplished law firm Wilson Sonsini, SixFifty<br />

is a technology company that brings the expertise of the<br />

top legal minds to your fingertips. The ultimate mission<br />

is to build top quality legal products that make the law<br />

much more affordable and accessible. The technology<br />

is programmed to take on complex legal issues by<br />

providing customized contracts, policies, and documents<br />

to everyday individuals and businesses. With the human<br />

expertise behind the scenes, you can guarantee that<br />

SixfFifty continuously and competently monitor dynamic<br />

areas of the law to update tools and solutions in real time.<br />

It doesn’t matter whether you’re<br />

an established company, a local<br />

grocery or retail store, or an<br />

individual in need of urgent legal<br />

assistance, Sixfifty aim to help<br />

you create vital legal documents<br />

without breaking the bank.<br />

To date the technology has helped tens of<br />

thousands of people and businesses create<br />

top-tier contracts, policies, notices, demand<br />

letters, responses, and more in key areas of<br />

law such as Privacy and Security, Asylum,<br />

Start-ups, and Employment Law.<br />

Contact Information<br />

7050 S Union Park Ave<br />

Suite 400 A<br />

Midvale, Utah<br />

84047, United States<br />

Tel +1 833-749-3438<br />

22 innovatechawards.com<br />


n2uitive<br />

Claims Processing Software<br />

United States<br />

WITH A STRONG TEAM, years of experience, and a fresh innovative approach, it’s fair<br />

to say n2uitive is set up to fully understand the day-to-day of claims professionals in<br />

the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. Equipped with this unique insight,<br />

n2uitive designed innovative software to improve decision support, advance best<br />

practices, and facilitate robust collaboration across whole organisations – all in an<br />

efficient and cost-effective manner.<br />

The company’s flagship solution – n2record – serves the needs of many adjusters, with n2record mobile<br />

capabilities and integrations with telephony providers and claims solutions software.<br />

To enable adjusters to take recorded statements<br />

from anywhere in the field, n2record’s mobile<br />

capabilities ensures recordings taken from the<br />

adjuster’s phone are automatically uploaded to<br />

n2record, receipt validated, and then wiped from<br />

the mobile device. This purpose-built mobile app<br />

is comprehensive, user friendly, and provides the<br />

high security & reliability<br />

In addition to supporting mobile operations,<br />

n2uitive has embarked on a journey to offer<br />

industry-best integrations for solutions ranging<br />

from single sign-on (SSO) to connectivity with<br />

claims management solutions. n2uitive recently<br />

released its Guidewire accelerator, which further<br />

simplifies the claims interview and recorded<br />

statement process with integrated, on-demand<br />

call initiation and statement recording done<br />

entirely within Guidewire ClaimCenter.<br />

n2record<br />

n2record is a comprehensive, secure, easy-to-use web-based solution that streamlines and standardises the<br />

entire recorded statement workflow. Using any phone from anywhere, adjusters can capture, store, share, and<br />

transcribe statements from one unified platform.<br />

Contact Information<br />

1818 Westlake Ave, Suite 201<br />

Seattle, Washington 98109 USA<br />

Tel +877 294-3846<br />

24 innovatechawards.com<br />



26 innovatechawards.com<br />


Content management offers a great<br />

way of bringing your business services<br />

closer to your target audience. The<br />

digitization of goods and services has<br />

made content management essential<br />

for any business worth its salt.<br />

Yes, Content is King – but how do<br />

you connect your king to your target<br />

audience without breaking the bank?<br />

That is where content management<br />

software (CMS) comes in. The right<br />

content management platform should<br />

be able to help you achieve the<br />

following:<br />

1<br />


You have to consider<br />

the purchase cost of the<br />

software and additional<br />

costs of using features or<br />

keeping it running.<br />

2<br />



If you have existing software that you<br />

use in your management strategy,<br />

it should be compatible with the<br />

new CMS.<br />

How to<br />

Choose the<br />

Right Content<br />

Marketing<br />

Software for you<br />

• Create an editorial calendar for a<br />

better content schedule.<br />

• Improve team communication and<br />

collaboration.<br />

• Content distribution across relevant<br />

channels.<br />

• Track leads generated.<br />

• Obtain data from campaigns for<br />

insight.<br />

• Increase the efficiency of your work<br />

There are lots of content<br />

management software systems<br />

available. However, choosing<br />

the right content management<br />

software depends on your<br />

management goals, budget, and<br />

ease of integrating them into your<br />

current operations.<br />

Generally, the following things are<br />

worth considering when picking<br />

the right content management<br />

platform:<br />

6<br />



A great content management<br />

software must provide relevant data.<br />

It helps to see what you’re doing<br />

right and the areas where you need<br />

to improve.<br />

5<br />


You can get an idea of the software’s<br />

performance by reading feedback from<br />

clients. It’s always best to check a third<br />

party review site for this.<br />

3<br />


There is always an adjustments period<br />

but ultimately the software should be<br />

easy to use for you and your team.<br />

4<br />


UPDATES?<br />

You need a platform that<br />

follows the recent trends in<br />

management. Your audience<br />

will evolve, and you need<br />

innovative strategies to<br />

retain them.<br />

28 innovatechawards.com<br />


The Future<br />

of Marketing<br />

Software<br />

The Rise…<br />

The past few years we have seen a<br />

global shift in marketing strategies.<br />

The importance of data, customer<br />

engagement, and brand awareness<br />

has never been more apparent.<br />

Marketing campaigns have become<br />

increasingly centered on bridging<br />

the gap between brand values and<br />

consumer satisfaction. It is never an<br />

easy job crafting content for a wide<br />

range of people. It was only a matter of<br />

time before harmonizing the interests<br />

and preferences of diverse customers<br />

became a marketing problem.<br />

Thankfully, the popularity of social<br />

media has long presented a great<br />

way to create brand awareness and<br />

gauge customer interests. However,<br />

building personalised and targeted<br />

content goes beyond likes or retweets<br />

and companies are now encouraged<br />

to explore the benefits of marketing<br />

software.<br />

Marketing software refers to digital<br />

solutions that help businesses reach<br />

and engage their target audience.<br />

These applications enable businesses<br />

to collect insightful data, track the<br />

effectiveness of their marketing<br />

strategies, and distribute content.<br />

These include email marketing<br />

campaigns, online surveys, social<br />

media marketing, and analytics.<br />

Currently, personalised emails seem<br />

to be the strongest lead generator<br />

for modern-day marketing. This is<br />

because it enables businesses to<br />

generate user-specific email content<br />

with reference to each customer’s age,<br />

interests, location, and even gender.<br />

The Future…<br />

Context determines the success or<br />

otherwise of content marketing. The future<br />

of marketing software rests largely on<br />

creating accurate contextual insights for<br />

businesses to tap into while treading the<br />

fine lines of data privacy regulations.<br />

We expect to see AI and machine learning<br />

deployed towards understanding online<br />

consumer behavior and creating data<br />

guides for marketing teams. Increased<br />

mobile optimisation is a no-brainer as<br />

smartphone penetration increases rapidly.<br />

Smartphones are now an integral part of<br />

our lives and will continue to drive realtime<br />

user engagement. Instant messaging<br />

and social networks live and breathe in our<br />

palms, making poorly optimised marketing<br />

content a recipe for disaster.<br />

30 innovatechawards.com<br />


ecoWeb CMS from Deskspace<br />

The micro-responsive web site builder<br />

Site open Control Panel Editor<br />

auto build<br />

Control Panel<br />

ecoWeb<br />

Content Management Software<br />

United Kingdom<br />

search site<br />

current page- tap<br />

or click to open<br />

close ecoWeb<br />

new page or para<br />

mode selector<br />

open tools<br />

actions<br />

tools and more...<br />

delete page<br />

What Is It?<br />


be a tricky exercise, even for the best of<br />

us. Preparing text, sizing images, applying<br />

your own unique brand can be difficult<br />

especially if all you want is to upload quickly<br />

and easily edit. For this there is a solution,<br />

ecoWeb! It is one of the most efficient,<br />

and probably the fastest, website content<br />

management systems currently available.<br />

This innovative software application is fully responsive,<br />

and one that you can run locally on any modern MacOS,<br />

Windows PC or iOS device or it can be hosted remotely<br />

on a cloud server for distributed shared use. So you can<br />

create and edit your site on an iPhone or an iPad.<br />

ecoWeb was originally developed for professional use<br />

and has now been made available for anyone who wants<br />

to take control of their own web-site.<br />

It will automatically take your pasted in text and convert<br />

it into paragraphs in a simple markdown format which<br />

you can then edit as you wish.<br />

The system is set up to take any page content that you<br />

have written to create a html web page (an html text<br />

file) automatically in a few hundredths of a second,<br />

outputting straight onto your computer or automatically<br />

uploading to your designated web server - ready to go<br />

live, immediately.<br />

Because ecoWeb creates smaller faster web sites it<br />

means your sites use less resources, e.g. less electricity<br />

for storage, transmission and display then most other<br />

site management systems.<br />

How Do I Use It?<br />

YOU SIMPLY PREPARE your content<br />

on the app, whether it is copy and<br />

pasted or composed directly on there.<br />

Once your content is finalised a page is<br />

automatically created. It is then displayed<br />

so you can review how it looks and make<br />

any necessary amendments before it is<br />

uploaded to your web server.<br />

Images can seamlessly be included on the page either<br />

in full width, in two columns or in rows of as many<br />

images as you wish which all scale automatically to fit<br />

your page or screen perfectly on any device’s browser.<br />

To finish up you “mark-up” your text to instruct the App<br />

how to handle it. ecoWeb is extremely easy to use and<br />

fairly straight forward. You are in complete control and<br />

are welcome to select any theme that suits you and<br />

your brand. You can select colours, fonts, type sizes,<br />

padding, boxes etc. Each theme is ultimately made up<br />

of fifteen text styles each of which you can customise<br />

to suit your own design and then apply to your content.<br />

You instantly see the result and can then change the<br />

style if it isn’t to your liking.<br />

Using ecoWeb automatically creates your own unique<br />

website on deskspacecloud and you can direct your<br />

site pages to your own web-server, wherever that is.<br />

It really is as simple as that!<br />

Style tools<br />

United Kingdom<br />

32 innovatechawards.com<br />

33<br />

Address<br />

07973 518513<br />

111 Cambridge Road<br />

Great Shelford<br />

Cambridge CB22 5JJ

CampaignTrackly<br />

Integration is another key facet<br />

of the platform which is built to<br />

flawlessly integrate, code-free,<br />

with google analytics (multiple<br />

accounts in one dashboard),<br />

Bitly, chrome extension, Buffer,<br />

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,<br />

and so much more.<br />

Link Building Platform<br />

USA<br />

So Much More Than Your Average UTM Tagging App!<br />

BUILT BY MARKETERS FOR MARKETERS, CampaignTrackly is quite simply the<br />

ultimate platform for UTM link building and management. No manual work or<br />

coding required, CampaignTrackly produces your UTM tracking links, short links, and<br />

spreadsheets.<br />

Automation is at the heart of the platform; users can expect over 35 automation features. The platform is cost<br />

effective, offering an array of individual and team plans, while at the same time including fast adoption. The<br />

centralised nature of campaign tracking means it’s easy to streamline and implement the most efficient link<br />

building processes with reduced touch points, and minimal hassle. The consistent and accurate link tracking<br />

paves the way for clearer insights into marketing decision making, budget spend, and ROI.<br />

Operational Benefits include:<br />

• Simplified Tagging with Link Grabber<br />

• The Ability to Process Multiple Links in One Go<br />

• Error Prevention via a Reliable Link Checker<br />

• No More Memorising or Entering Tags<br />

• Decreased Hopping Between Tools to Shorten Links<br />

• Gone are the days of Juggling Files & Places to Tag Multiple Links<br />

• Export Tag Links in a .csv File<br />

• Stay on Top with Tagged Links Tracker<br />

• Store and Edit Tagged Campaigns<br />

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Software products have become<br />

a part of our everyday lives, with<br />

some so essential it’s almost like<br />

the developer read our minds. The<br />

software development life cycle entails<br />

the necessary steps to delivering a<br />

quality software product. Each phase<br />

is crucial to the product’s success<br />

and may be performed by different<br />

professionals. There are eight stages<br />

in the software development life cycle.<br />

01<br />


The planning stage defines the terms of the<br />

project. Planning involves identifying the goals and<br />

objectives of the project. The product manager creates<br />

the roadmap and onboards team members with the necessary skill<br />

set to achieve the project’s goals. Feasibility studies regarding the<br />

cost and timeline of the project are also carried out to ensure total<br />

readiness.<br />

The Software<br />

Development<br />

Stages in the Software<br />

Development Life Cycle<br />

The software development life cycle<br />

is sequential, although you may do it<br />

simultaneously if your team is large<br />

enough. The lifecycle oversees a<br />

software product from its inception to<br />

its final delivery and use.<br />

02<br />


Gathering requirements involves getting feedback<br />

from the intended users and stakeholders to<br />

understand what will be built. At this stage, assigned<br />

team members carry out user-centered research to identify the<br />

solutions you and I need. It is necessary to provide a clear insight<br />

into what the users consider valuable to ensure those functionalities<br />

are incorporated into the software development. The users’ wants,<br />

must match the purpose of the software product.<br />

Life Cycle<br />


03<br />

Upon gathering requirements, the next phase is to<br />

define them. The information gathered is documented<br />

to identify essential features. Typically, the stories<br />

compiled during the gathering requirements stage are translated<br />

into technical terms for the team to understand. A product<br />

requirement is created to explain what the product should do, and<br />

the features required. Armed with this, team members can deduce<br />

how to perform their roles.<br />

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04<br />

The design stage is important because it prescribes<br />

how the software will function and appear. This<br />

is where product designers come in. This team is<br />

responsible for making the software appealing and user friendly,<br />

usually by creating a design plan. A review of the design plan and<br />

feedback are necessary to ensure that the plan aligns with the<br />

project’s goal. It also determines how users are likely to interact<br />

with the software.<br />

07<br />

Upon confirmation that the software works well, it<br />

will be delivered to the targeted users. The product<br />

is ready to use in this phase. However, organisations are<br />

responsible for choosing how to deploy their software products any<br />

marketing that may be necessary. This could be a portal to process<br />

an action, an application available on a device, or a webpage.<br />


05<br />


Software developers are responsible for the success<br />

of this phase. Developers are responsible for writing<br />

codes and building the software. A major part of the<br />

job is ensuring that they stick to the software requirements and<br />

eliminate any errors they encounter.<br />

08<br />

This is the post-development stage where the<br />

software has been released and is in use. Maintenance<br />

is essential to ensure that the software remains efficient<br />

and valuable to users. The goal of the maintenance stage is to fix<br />

errors not detected during testing and to innovate.<br />


06<br />

The code written by the developers is tested to<br />

ensure they correlate with the software requirements.<br />

Testing is done to ensure that the software does what it<br />

was intended for. Testing allows for the detection and elimination<br />

of any bugs and/or other technical glitches<br />

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Maveryx<br />

Automation Testing Tool<br />

Europe<br />

Additional Services<br />

Test it Simple!<br />

MAVERYX IS A world leader when it comes to automation solutions. Founded and<br />

based in Italy, Maveryx has been delivering solid, dependable testing frameworks for<br />

almost ten years, and with continued innovations and advances, there’s no sign of<br />

slowing down anytime soon.<br />

Maveryx ® offers a wide array of<br />

additional services to support<br />

and enhance your experience.<br />

This includes technical<br />

support, consulting, update<br />

assistance, regular upgrades,<br />

and customised training.<br />

The ultimate mission at Maveryx is to innovate test automation for everyone leading to the delivery of simple<br />

and easy-to-use solutions that establish trustworthy relationships with customers. The aim of the game is<br />

automation, but the focus is on people.<br />

The Framework<br />

The Maveryx testing automation framework provides automated testing capabilities for functional UI testing,<br />

regression testing, codeless testing (no-code and low-code), and data-driven testing of a wide range of desktop<br />

and Web technologies.<br />

Customers can expect inspection and recognition at actual run time, meaning no more time wasted in recording<br />

and maintaining actions, maps, objects, repositories, etc.<br />

Ultimately test managers receive:<br />

• One script to test them all: Desktop and Web<br />

• More time to invest in quality and improve overall performances<br />

• A Multi-Platform Maveryx tool that essentially operates as a senior human tester granted with machine<br />

capacity<br />

The no-code approach allows testers to write automated scripts using Excel (for example) by choosing from<br />

200+ built-in keywords. Alternatively, users can write tests by MBlockly, a visual editor for blocks programming,<br />

using a low-code method.<br />

Benefits<br />

• Time – Without recording and maintaining GUI Maps or Objects Repository, testers can save a lot of time,<br />

thus reducing the software release time.<br />

• Quality – With a considerable amount of time saved, testers can write more tests increasing test coverage<br />

and product quality.<br />

• Saving money – The Maveryx system grows, as does the complexity of your software. With reduced personhours<br />

required for testing, there is potential to cut extra costs.<br />

Contact Information<br />

+39 333 30 72 597<br />

+39 351 87 85 706<br />

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While innovation in medical technology<br />

has always been common especially in<br />

treatment, this hasn’t traditionally been<br />

the case in management software.<br />

In fact, when it comes to medical<br />

software it’s only in recent times there<br />

has been vast improvements.<br />

The reason? Technology. Our<br />

smartphones and watches are now<br />

equipped with medical software that<br />

tracks so much of our health such<br />

our blood pressure, heart rate, and<br />

blood sugar levels. While this helps<br />

patients keep tabs on their health it’s<br />

also massively useful for practitioners,<br />

nurses, and emergency medical<br />

personnel.<br />

Medical software innovation is now allowing healthcare professionals to keep records of patients’<br />

data and make better diagnoses. Software deployment in healthcare has been shown to ensure<br />

easier access to treatments, reduce bureaucratic delays, and ease information recovery.<br />

Medical software is broadly divided into Electronic Health Records and Practice Management<br />

applications. However, developers are now fusing both functions to suit the needs of caregivers<br />

and hospitals. Some of the recent medical software innovations include:<br />

Patient Portal: This software allows patients to access their medical records, schedule<br />

appointments with physicians, and even make online payments. Some patient interaction<br />

features allow for audiovisual calls and instant messaging to facilitate online consultations. This<br />

helps to declutter practitioner schedules and allow more efficient appointments.<br />

Kareo: Kareo is a hybrid software that allows medical practices to store patient information<br />

online, create medical forms and billing cycles, and manage patient appointments. It also<br />

allows physicians to exchange patient records securely, especially when referring a patient to a<br />

specialist.<br />

Medical<br />

Software<br />

Innovation<br />

Emergency Services Software: Wearable devices such as your Apple Watch use this<br />

software to help detect an emergency and send an SOS signal. In fact, most modern<br />

smart phones equipped with emergency SOS features.<br />

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How Blockchain<br />

is Changing the<br />

World<br />

Blockchain has revolutionized the way<br />

we process information. For personal<br />

reasons or business, information<br />

moves between people and entities<br />

in transactions, payments, or records.<br />

Blockchain technology enables<br />

the digital storage of transactional<br />

records in groups called blocks.<br />

When the storage capacity of a block<br />

is exhausted, it is linked to other<br />

information-filled blocks to make up<br />

the blockchain system.<br />

Blockchain allows the swift, digital<br />

distribution of information such that it<br />

cannot be tampered with. Compared<br />

to the traditional database, blockchain<br />

guarantees that data stays secured<br />

exactly how it was created.<br />

Because of the decentralisation<br />

of the blockchain system, there is<br />

transparency, and it is easy to track<br />

transactions. Recorded information<br />

on the blockchain is publicly<br />

accessible to participants of the<br />

blockchain platform. The technology<br />

makes it almost impossible to amend<br />

information because other nodes will<br />

cross-reference an alteration with the<br />

original data on its system and expose<br />

the falsified data.<br />

It is a no-brainer that the global<br />

business ecosystem is adopting<br />

blockchain technology due to the<br />

decentralised security and accuracy<br />

of the database.<br />

The Use of Blockchain in Different Sectors<br />

The popularity of blockchain technology has been explosive in recent years due to the multiple<br />

benefits that many industries derive from incorporating it into their operations.<br />

Usually, business transactions involve many parties, and the handling of record-keeping on<br />

information by third-party can be costly or take time to conclude. Blockchain eliminates such<br />

limitations and facilitates faster transactions and accurate data storage.<br />

There are many forms that different sectors can implement blockchain technology:<br />

Finance<br />

In practice, the finance sector<br />

currently benefits the most from<br />

using blockchain. Incorporating<br />

blockchain technology in financial<br />

activities has proven to be very<br />

efficient. Financial institutions<br />

process many monetary transactions<br />

daily, and there may be delays in<br />

verifying some transactions, such<br />

as a check. Integrating blockchain<br />

in financial operations will allow<br />

transactions to reflect faster, and all<br />

parties can easily confirm it.<br />

Currency<br />

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin operate using blockchain technology. Unlike normal currencies,<br />

the decentralized nature of blockchain cryptocurrency functions without subjecting it to<br />

a central authority that dictates the terms of operation. The system creates a more stable<br />

currency suitable for global use. Cryptocurrency also uses blockchain to record a ledger of<br />

monetary transactions that are publicly accessible due to the transparency of the technology.<br />

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Real Estate<br />

Marketing<br />

Real estate or property records are usually<br />

stored by custodians working in a local<br />

government office. Property deeds have to<br />

be recorded and entered into the database<br />

provided by the office to the public. The<br />

process of recording deeds or obtaining<br />

records is usually inefficient and timeconsuming.<br />

The office may only operate<br />

during business hours on weekdays, limiting<br />

the time the records are available to you.<br />

In places without proper government<br />

structures, proving property ownership<br />

can be difficult if there are multiple claims.<br />

Storing the proof of property ownership on<br />

blockchain will eliminate any inefficiencies<br />

of the current practice. Deeds are kept safer<br />

and can be authenticated easily. Public<br />

access also makes it easy for interested<br />

persons to inspect anytime.<br />

Blockchain can impact and change the<br />

way we navigate marketing online. In a<br />

blockchain-based marketing ecosystem,<br />

there is bound to be trust and transparency<br />

between businesses and customers. The<br />

immutability of information passed across<br />

by brands will promote the integrity<br />

of businesses and allow marketing<br />

transactions in a more secure ecosystem.<br />

Blockchain in the marketing ecosystem<br />

also increases the protection of<br />

customers’ data. Nowadays, there are<br />

many discourses about the intrusion<br />

on privacy online, like data gathering<br />

by website cookies. Online privacy will<br />

be encouraged in a blockchain-based<br />

marketing ecosystem. Clients can choose<br />

to be anonymous while interacting with<br />

a business but will be verified on the<br />

blockchain.<br />

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