Travel & Hospitality Awards - Oceania 2023

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<strong>Oceania</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />


Cape<br />

Mackerel<br />

Cabin<br />





Sponsor and<br />


Team<br />

CEO<br />

Robert Bruce<br />

Editor-In-Chief<br />

Katherine Lozell<br />

Art Director<br />

Marcs Bacera<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Director<br />

Brian Anson<br />

Editorial Liaison Manager<br />

David Hyde<br />

Director Of Marketing<br />

Azim Aftab<br />

Social Media Manager<br />

Apple Gatus<br />

Senior Writers<br />

Tasmai Dave & Zavier Zulfqar<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Harry Duncton<br />

Senior Designers<br />

Maria Fernandes & Ashwin Ramesh<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Managers<br />

Adam Cole, Alice Smith,<br />

& Stanley Lucas<br />

Research Managers<br />

Peter Clement & Mukul<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Joseph Malabanan,<br />

& Michael Popoola<br />

Contents<br />

Sponsor and Partners 6<br />

Team 8<br />

Contents 8<br />

Criteria10<br />

Criteria12<br />

Unique <strong>Oceania</strong>14<br />

Unique <strong>Oceania</strong>16<br />

The Canopy Rainforest Treehouses<br />

& Wildlife Sanctuary20<br />

Hazel’s Boudoir 22<br />

Tall Trees Eco Retreat24<br />

Australia 26<br />

Oxenberry Farm28<br />

Australia’s Incredible Hidden Gems30<br />

Great Mackerel Beach32<br />

Cape Mackerel Cabin and Magic Palm<br />

Beach Views34<br />

Anders Sörman-Nilsson36<br />

Brilliant Boorowa42<br />

Boorowa Hotel44<br />

Charming Collie46<br />

The Colliefields48<br />

Unforgettable Beechworth50<br />

Planetrees Estate 52<br />

Pleasant Tatura54<br />

Tatura Country Motel56<br />

Sydney and Beyond58<br />

The Lake House and Apartment<br />

Merimbula62<br />

The Queensland Super Six64<br />

NOMAD68<br />

Pacific Sun Bargara 70<br />

Colourful Adelaide 72<br />

The Retreat at Stirling 74<br />

Mannum A Luxury Retreat 76<br />

Riverview House Younghusband80<br />

Riverview Rise Retreats82<br />

Adventure in Western Australia84<br />

Ultimate Watersports86<br />

Gateway to the Outback88<br />

Territory Manor Motel 92

Fiji 94<br />

Fiji Paradise Found96<br />

Go Dirty Tours Fiji100<br />

Fiji Diving Holiday102<br />

Dive Academy Fiji & Viani Bay Resort104<br />

New Zealand 106<br />

Bay of Plenty Plenty To Do108<br />

Regent of Rotorua110<br />

ONE88 ON COMMERCE112<br />

Hawke’s Bay A Fine Wine Capital114<br />

Anchorage Motor Lodge116<br />

Arrowtown A Tourist Gem118<br />

The Arrow Hotel120<br />

Beautiful Taupo 122<br />

The Village Resort 124<br />

Pauanui The Perfect Weekend Break 126<br />

Pauanui Pines Motor Lodge128

Criteria<br />

Service<br />

Excellence in Service is an important<br />

category, as customer service can often<br />

be responsible for having guests return<br />

year after year. We look for the hotels<br />

and tour operators that go out of their<br />

way to please their guests, those that<br />

provide a personal level of service and<br />

take the time to get to know each visitor<br />

so that they might anticipate their every<br />

need. This can be something as simple<br />

as a 24-hour concierge desk, a hotel<br />

manager who offers a personal greeting<br />

or a tour guide who is happy to create<br />

bespoke private tours – but whatever<br />

it is, we are always pleased when we<br />

encounter staff that have been trained<br />

in the art of customer satisfaction.<br />

Style & Design<br />

It is no question that style and design<br />

plays a big part in selecting our awards<br />

shortlist. A guest will form an opinion<br />

about a hotel as soon as they arrive<br />

so it is important to us that all our<br />

winners make those first impressions<br />

count. We’re certainly not partial to a<br />

particular period of architecture – but<br />

whether we’re judging a gothic castle or<br />

an environmentally friendly lodge, the<br />

criteria remains the same. We consider<br />

factors such as architectural features,<br />

use of materials, creation of spaces,<br />

décor and the overall feel. We love it<br />

when we find a hotel that tells a story<br />

though its design and construction, or<br />

offers a design that is sympathetic to<br />

the natural surroundings of its location.<br />


Local Knowledge<br />

Knowledge of the local area is essential<br />

for any organization, be it a hotel or a<br />

tour operator. The quality of services<br />

takes a great hit when the quality of this<br />

element is not up to the mark. Quite a<br />

few of our winners in this category are<br />

because they have displayed excellent<br />

knowledge about the surrounding<br />

areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly<br />

lenient compared to a tour operator, as<br />

the latter is expected to have thorough<br />

knowledge of the area in order to<br />

provide good services.<br />

Facilities<br />

Award-winning guest rooms come in all<br />

shapes and sizes, but they all have one<br />

thing in common – a home-away-fromhome<br />

feel. The comfort of the facilities<br />

on offer are of vital importance; we look<br />

for luxurious linens, stylish bathrooms<br />

and a coordinated colour scheme that<br />

work together to create a cohesive<br />

sense of relaxation. Additional touches,<br />

such as complimentary toiletries, free<br />

wi-fi or tea and coffee making facilities<br />

are always a bonus in making us feel<br />

welcome. We’re always impressed to find<br />

hotel rooms that embrace technology<br />

and offer amenities like tablets or smart<br />

thermostat systems, but this does not<br />

always necessarily trump the traditional<br />

– four poster beds, ornate fireplaces or<br />

antique furniture can add a touch of<br />

decadence to a hotel stay.<br />

Marketing<br />

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour<br />

operator cannot rely on word of mouth<br />

to get their message out into the world.<br />

As social media has become a vital<br />

part of everyday life, we like to see<br />

companies that go the extra mile to<br />

engage with their guests, both past<br />

and future. Attractive and informative<br />

websites and engaging and honest<br />

content are what we look for when<br />

judging a company’s use of marketing;<br />

how well they display their services, how<br />

up-to-date their content is, how well<br />

they get their brand message across,<br />

and, most importantly, how well their<br />

marketing can tempt us to go and see<br />

what they have to offer for ourselves.<br />


Criteria<br />

Diversity<br />

Diversity is one important aspect that<br />

needs to be taken into consideration<br />

when in the travel and hospitality<br />

industry. It is essential to have staff<br />

that has varying diversity to ensure that<br />

the organization can properly connect<br />

with their guests. Diversity is taken into<br />

account in terms of gender, nationality<br />

as well as languages spoken among<br />

other factors. Not only do we take the<br />

diversity of the staff into account but<br />

even that of the facilities and services<br />

offered; a hotel or tour operator<br />

providing a better range of services is<br />

preferred over those that do not.<br />

Customer Reviews<br />

What better way is there to know about<br />

an organization than by getting first<br />

hand reviews? Customers are the best<br />

judges of any service as they are the<br />

ones who experience them and can<br />

assess whether they were up to the<br />

mark or not. Considering reviews from<br />

hundreds of customers gives us a fair<br />

idea about the general pros and cons<br />

of any organization and also gives us<br />

valuable inputs for the other criteria<br />

as well.<br />


Industry Knowledge<br />

It is of prime importance that an<br />

organization has thorough industry<br />

knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits<br />

of the industry, it is difficult to flourish<br />

and provide services which are a class<br />

apart. Before any organization ventures<br />

into the industry, it is essential that<br />

they know how the industry is moving<br />

and how they should make changes to<br />

their methodologies in order to remain<br />

relevant and also be a top-performing<br />

organization.<br />

Location<br />

Location is one of the most important factors, but also one of the most subjective,<br />

as the ‘ideal’ is very much determined by the type of visitor and the type of<br />

hotel itself. However, there are a few factors we take into consideration when<br />

determining the winners of location-based awards. The first is convenience; that<br />

is, hotels that are easy to travel to. Many of our winners in this category are in<br />

convenient locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or found in<br />

the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always impressed when hotels go the<br />

extra mile to take the hassle out of traveling and offer such additional services as<br />

airport shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited to come across<br />

a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, off-the-beaten-track. A hotel that can<br />

offer something a little different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the<br />

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.<br />


14<br />

Unique <strong>Oceania</strong>

thawards.com<br />

NSW, Australia<br />


16<br />

UNIQUE<br />


A vast geographical region that includes the continent-sized country of Australia, as well as New<br />

Zealand, Polynesia, and thousands of islands, <strong>Oceania</strong> is unlike anywhere else on Earth. It’s the<br />

destination of choice for anyone seeking adventure, luxury, and the chance to get up close to<br />

natural wonders and exciting animals.<br />

Longitude 131°<br />

One of the most iconic sites in all of Australia is the sacred<br />

site of Uluru. A giant sandstone monolith, it’s well worth the<br />

trek into the “Red Centre” to experience one of the world’s<br />

true natural wonders. There’s only one perfect place to<br />

stay when you visit though: Longitude 131°, with its<br />

collection of luxury tents and stunning Dune Pavilion.<br />

Toberua Island Resort<br />

Boasting crystal-clear waters, an incredibly friendly<br />

welcome, and intense tropical beauty, the Pacific<br />

Island nation of Fiji isn’t short of spectacular places<br />

to hang your hat. But if you want to call a private<br />

island home for your holiday, then the Toberua Island<br />

Resort needs to be at the top of your list. It’s a true<br />

island paradise – think white sand beaches, diving in<br />

coral reefs, and relaxing in your own luxury cabana.<br />


The Canopy Rainforest Treehouses<br />

and Wildlife Sanctuary<br />

Queensland, Australia, is home to some spectacular rainforests.<br />

Teeming with exotic wildlife, they’re an unforgettable place<br />

to spend some time. But you don’t need to trek for days to<br />

experience it up close, and you can visit in complete luxury.<br />

The Canopy is a collection of beautiful treehouses found in<br />

a pristine piece of rainforest in the Tablelands region. Built<br />

with ecological sustainability in mind, you can experience the<br />

wonderful flora and fauna that makes this part of Australia<br />

famous while treating yourself to a hot tub or a classic barbecue<br />

on the wide verandas. It’s a true slice of paradise in the middle<br />

of nature.<br />

SiloStay<br />

Life’s too short to avoid visiting New Zealand, the<br />

Land of the Long White Cloud. And when you’re there,<br />

why not stay somewhere completely unique? Just<br />

south of Christchurch is an award-winning four-star<br />

hotel that just happens to be housed in a collection<br />

of repurposed grain silos. These aren’t old, dusty farm<br />

sheds though; each silo is a self-contained slice of<br />

luxury with incredible attention to detail. Plus, you<br />

can explore the spectacular Banks Peninsular and do<br />

a spot of dolphin watching while you’re there.<br />


Tintoela<br />

If you’re looking for a private<br />

place to kick back and relax,<br />

it doesn’t get more secluded<br />

than the Norfolk Island. The<br />

most remote island in all of<br />

<strong>Oceania</strong>, it’s 560 miles due<br />

east of Australia, and with a<br />

population of just over 2,000,<br />

it’s never overcrowded or too<br />

busy. The most spectacular<br />

place to stay on this quiet<br />

island is the grand Tintoela, a<br />

luxury homestead that features<br />

six bedrooms and everything<br />

you need for a relaxing stay,<br />

including stunning sea views.<br />

Norfolk Island itself is a place<br />

of staggering beauty: steep<br />

cliffs plunge into the deep, blue<br />

South Pacific Ocean, where<br />

you can swim or surf to your<br />

heart’s content.<br />


The Canopy Rainforest<br />

Treehouses & Wildlife<br />

Sanctuary<br />

Australia | Boutique Accommodations<br />

It’s not every day that you get a chance to stay in a pristine rainforest.<br />

And it’s even more special when you can do it in the lush<br />

surroundings of you own luxury treehouse and ecological retreat.<br />

The Canopy Rainforest Treehouses make that really wild dream<br />

into a fantastic reality.<br />

Nestled in 100 acres of ancient rainforest found in the<br />

Tablelands Region of Queensland, this must be one of<br />

the best ways to experience the huge range of exciting<br />

wildlife that Australia has to offer. You don’t need to<br />

go trekking through the jungle on an adventure<br />

safari when the parrots, possums, and exotic<br />

cassowaries come to you. It’s a true animal<br />

lovers’ paradise.<br />



247 Hogan Rd, Tarzali,<br />

QLD, 4885<br />

Tel +61 0459 978 645<br />

Staying in one of the luxurious treehouses<br />

at The Canopy is a real treat. The stunning<br />

Riverfront Treehouse is ideal for a romantic stay<br />

or a small group, with its huge beds and wide<br />

balcony that’s perfect for feeding the local bird<br />

life. For larger parties, The Bower House can<br />

sleep up to eight people in supreme comfort<br />

and style. There are fully equipped kitchens in<br />

all treehouses, and communal barbecues for<br />

dining al fresco.<br />

You can take a walk along one of the property’s<br />

many private trails to get up close and personal<br />

with the local wildlife and even feed the friendly<br />

turtles in the nearby stream. The area is a real<br />

haven for exciting flora and fauna, but you’re<br />

not completely cut off from civilisation either.<br />

The region is famed for its lively and exciting<br />

markets that sell everything from great local<br />

produce to traditional arts and crafts. And<br />

you’re only an hour away from the coast!<br />

If you’re looking for a great place to reconnect<br />

with the outdoors, and yourself, then The<br />

Canopy Treehouses are the right place to start.<br />


Hazel’s Boudoir<br />

New Zealand | Unique Accommodations<br />

Situated in gorgeous country between the city of Hamilton and the<br />

harbourside paradise of Tauranga, Hazel’s Boudoir is a collection of<br />

contemporary private holiday chalets that offer complete privacy and<br />

decadent luxury.<br />

Found in the pretty town of Matamata, famous for its rolling hills<br />

and home to the Hobbiton Movie Set from Peter Jackson’s<br />

Lord of The Rings, this luxury collection of accommodations<br />

are simply marvellous.<br />

With several different options to stay in complete<br />

comfort, the House of Hazel has something for<br />

everyone. The Homestead can sleep up to six<br />

people in three roomy bedrooms, and boasts a<br />

real fireplace, cosy furnishings, and all you’d<br />

need for the perfect family holiday.<br />



Station Road 14,<br />

3400 Matamata, New<br />

Zealand<br />

Tel +64 21 455 780<br />

For groups of up to four, you can choose the<br />

exquisite Hazel’s Boudoir. This European<br />

designed and fully kitted out accommodation<br />

is filled with clever features and is the ideal<br />

place for cosy relaxation. Fans of the Lord of<br />

The Rings film series will love Chalet Frodo and<br />

Chalet Gandalf though. This pair of purposebuilt<br />

private chalets can sleep up to three<br />

guests and are filled with boutique touches.<br />

The bold design of each accommodation is<br />

something that sets the House of Hazel apart<br />

from the competition. Deep beds, striking<br />

colour schemes, and everything you could<br />

need for a relaxing stay is right there. If you<br />

want to chill out, you can make full use of the<br />

full kitchens, kick back and watch Sky TV or<br />

Apple TV on the big screen television.<br />

Just minutes away from downtown Matamata<br />

with its excellent selection of restaurants,<br />

cafes, and bars, and only a few miles from<br />

the hot mud paradise of Rotorua, the House<br />

of Hazel is ideally placed for a New Zealand<br />

getaway.<br />


Tall Trees Eco Retreat<br />

Australia | Eco Retreat<br />

Surrounded by lush rainforest and butting up against the serenely beautiful<br />

Barham River, Tall Trees Eco Retreat is just that. It’s a retreat from the hustle<br />

and bustle of the outside world and a place that you can get back in touch<br />

with nature and the people you love to spend time with.<br />

You can take your pick from the retreat’s selection of cosy private cabins,<br />

that all come with comfy beds, essential barbecuing equipment, and<br />

space to eat both indoors and outdoors. Inside, there are plush sofas<br />

and a fireplace to curl up with a good book or an even better glass<br />

of delicious local wine. The onsite kitchen is stocked with the<br />

essentials you’ll need to prepare your own delicious food too.<br />

Surrounded by some of Australia’s iconic wildlife, you can<br />

wake up to the sounds of the birds in the trees, like the<br />

friendly kookaburra, and maybe even spot a koala or<br />

two nearby. The more unusual locals are the herd<br />

of friendly alpacas that live on the property and<br />

roam freely between the cottages. These<br />

cheery neighbours are sure to put a smile<br />

on anyone’s face.<br />



1090 Barham River Road, Apollo Bay,<br />

VIC, Australia, Victoria<br />

Tel +61 3 5205 8349<br />

Mob 0487 489 428<br />

email: info@talltreesecoretreat.com.au<br />

fb: @talltreesecoretreat<br />

You’re not short of things to do in<br />

Australia’s enchanting southern coast<br />

either. The stunning coastal town of<br />

Apollo Bay, with its impressive range of<br />

restaurants and pristine beach is less<br />

than 20 minutes away by car. You could<br />

learn to surf, cruise the beach, or even<br />

try out a spot of whale watching while<br />

you’re there. Apollo Bay was voted the<br />

4th best beach in Australia recently.<br />

So, if you’re looking for a tranquil and<br />

sustainable place to hang your hat when<br />

you’re in Southwestern Victoria, then<br />

the Tall Trees Eco Retreat is a perfect<br />

match. You can get back to nature<br />

and appreciate what’s really important,<br />

without having to rough it. It’s paradise.<br />


26<br />


thawards.com<br />

Great Barrier Reef,<br />

Queensland Australia<br />


Oxenberry Farm<br />

Australia | Luxury Guest House<br />

Deep in the heart of the McLaren Vale Wine Region, with its rolling dun<br />

coloured hills and fabulous Shiraz grapes growing everywhere, it’s one<br />

of the gems of South Australia. And one of the best places to stay if you<br />

want to indulge in some fine Aussie food and drink in a relaxed setting is<br />

Oxenberry Farm.<br />

With three luxury cottages to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice<br />

whether you’re travelling as a couple or in a larger family group.<br />

The Daringa Cottage is the original homestead on the farm and<br />

is decked out with all mod cons as well as a stunning kitchen<br />

and two airy bedrooms.<br />

The one bedroom Colton Cottage is perfect for a romantic<br />

getaway, while the two bedroom Pedler Cottage is<br />

packed with rustic charm and is more secluded for a<br />

private stay. The expansive gardens and spacious<br />

deck are perfect for chilling out and wandering<br />

around at your own pace.<br />



26-28 Kangarilla Rd,<br />

McLaren Vale SA5171<br />

Tel +08 8323 0188<br />

Situated right on the Shiraz Trail, an old railway<br />

line that has been converted to a splendid 8 km<br />

long walking and cycling trail, it’s an easy way<br />

to get into the great outdoors and experience<br />

some of the fine wine cellars along the route.<br />

You can rent an e-bike on site and discover<br />

the peaceful countryside at your leisure or<br />

stay on site and tuck into fabulous Mod Oz<br />

cuisine that the region is famous for. The<br />

restaurant is famous for its antipasto platters<br />

that are packed with great local produce, as<br />

well as hearty dishes like the Oxenburger, a<br />

premium beef burger loaded with veggies and<br />

homemade barbecue sauce.<br />

So when you’re visiting the beautiful countryside<br />

south of Adelaide, and you want somewhere to<br />

stay that can serve up the best local produce<br />

with phenomenal wines in a comfortable and<br />

relaxed setting, then Oxenberry Farm should<br />

be at the top of your list.<br />


30<br />




The continent-sized country “down under” might be far away, but it doesn’t really feel like it’s off<br />

the beaten path. Still, some of the best sites, food, drink, and experiences are found on the road<br />

less travelled. Don’t expect these special spots to stay hidden for long, though!<br />

Great Mackerel Beach<br />

You might be surprised to find out that there’s a secluded<br />

beach community that you can only access by bush trail<br />

or tiny ferry just a few kilometres north of Sydney. It’s a<br />

magical spot that boasts ancient Aboriginal art and the<br />

most incredible feeling of peace. With no roads and cars<br />

to contend with, you can really relax.<br />

Boorowa<br />

The peaceful farming community of Boorowa hasn’t<br />

always been a calming place to reconnect with nature<br />

and discover great, local wines. It was once a lawless<br />

region plagued by Bushrangers and was even part of the<br />

Australian gold rush in the 19th century. Now, this rural<br />

community is more famous for the Irish Woolfest that<br />

celebrates the region’s strong links with its Irish heritage.<br />

Beechworth<br />

Great food, gorgeous landscapes, and renowned wines<br />

are all things that Australia are famous for. You can find<br />

all three in spades in the gold rush town of Beechworth.<br />

Deep within the high country, this wonderfully preserved<br />

historic town is like a snapshot of Australia in the mid-<br />

19th century, but with plenty of great places to eat and<br />

drink.<br />

Collie<br />

Once a busy coal mining town in Western Australia, Collie<br />

is now a haven for adventure tourism and laid-back<br />

holidays. Surrounded by National Forests and top-notch<br />

wineries, you can bike through the mountains, explore<br />

the spectacular mural trail, and even jet ski on top of an<br />

old mine.<br />


32<br />

GREAT<br />



New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, is home to Sydney, with its opera house and<br />

iconic skyline, but you might not know that one of the country’s most exciting hidden gems is less<br />

than an hour’s drive north. Great Mackerel Beach is an achingly beautiful and secluded spot that<br />

feels a thousand miles from anywhere.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

The only way to reach Great Mackerel Beach is either by the<br />

Myra ferry from the tranquil coastal town of Palm Beach,<br />

or by the Basin Trail that passes by ancient Aboriginal art<br />

on the way. And with no roads or cars, getting around is a<br />

simple case of walking where you want to go.<br />

Things to Do & See<br />

Great Mackerel Beach is found right in the middle of the<br />

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, so there’s no shortage<br />

of stunning natural beauty to be experienced. The park’s<br />

rich Aboriginal heritage means there are hundreds of<br />

sites to visit as well. You can take a walk to a secluded<br />

beach for a swim or get friendly with the local wildlife if<br />

you want.<br />

Dining<br />

One of the special things about taking a trip to Great<br />

Mackerel Beach is that it’s a self-made adventure. There<br />

are no restaurants, shops, or bars at the beach, and you<br />

only have what you can take with you. It’s an exercise in<br />

holiday DIY. Grab some provisions and barbecue on the<br />

beach!<br />

Accommodation<br />

There are several B&B options to choose from if you<br />

want to spend the night. Book a cosy “fibro shack” for the<br />

authentic Aussie holiday experience.<br />


Title<br />

Cape Mackerel Cabin and<br />

Magic Palm Beach Views<br />

Country | Award<br />

Australia | Eco Cabin<br />

Pudaectia doluptatur, omnis molores et idunt liquos dolorio ssitior ibuste<br />

Cape eatur? Mackerel Cabin with Magic Palm Beach Views is a charming twobedroom<br />

acitatem eco cabin sima located et faceseq on the uiatis clifftop simus of nonesci Mackerel entium Beach faci in<br />

Usae sinis<br />

nimagnitat Pittwater, New ilist, South ullut rae Wales, dit eum Australia. sum int Owned rent. and managed by futurist<br />

Anders Sörman-Nilsson and swimwear designer Nicole Banning of<br />

Ephemera, it’s a unique look into what clever ecological design<br />

means in a luxury setting.<br />

The self-sufficient cabin is perched on the edge of ancient<br />

bushland and has stunning views of Palm Beach and<br />

Pittwater. It’s just across the bay, but a million miles away<br />

from the breakneck speed of modern Australia. It’s the<br />

ideal way to literally get away from it all. There are<br />

no roads, no cars, and no distractions from your<br />

peaceful enjoyment.<br />



33 Ross Smith Parade,<br />

Great Mackerel Beach<br />

https://airbnb.com/h/<br />

capemackerelcabin<br />

The cabin is fully furnished and equipped with<br />

everything you need for a comfortable stay.<br />

The kitchen is fully equipped with all the latest<br />

appliances, with a large dining table where you<br />

can enjoy your meals. There are two sizeable<br />

bedrooms, one with a queen-size bed and one<br />

with bunkbeds and a private bathroom. The<br />

cabin also has a large sundeck and balconies<br />

with unbelievable views of the ocean.<br />

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking,<br />

swimming, and fishing in the area. You can walk<br />

the trails to the Aboriginal sites in Ku-ring-Gai<br />

National Park, laze on the picture perfect sandy<br />

beach, or bathe in the crystal clear waters that<br />

the region is famous for.<br />

One of most private residences on the already<br />

secluded Cape Mackerel Beach, the only way to<br />

get there is by boat or by trail from Palm Beach,<br />

Hawkesbury River or by sea plane from Rose<br />

Bay in Sydney.<br />

A truly remarkable place to stay in what’s already<br />

a magical continent-sized country, the Cape<br />

Mackerel Cabin is truly one of a kind.<br />


Anders Sörman-Nilsson<br />

We sat down for an interview with Anders Sörman-Nilsson<br />

Tell us a little bit about yourself.<br />

I am global futurist who advises brands like Apple, Dyson, Lego, BMW, Adobe and<br />

Rugby New Zealand, help them decode trends, and create sustainable futures<br />

that are good for people, planet and profits. In a sense I help share avant-garde<br />

ideas from the future that expand minds and inspire a change of heart - to help<br />

nudge people out of apathy, comfort and inertia. Being a futurist is kind of like<br />

being a business science fiction author - you are helping brands and leaders<br />

co-design new, sustainable narratives dedicated to building a practical odyssey<br />

to a future point in time. While in my mind I call Sydney’s Northern Beaches in<br />

Australia home, my heart is still fondly Swedish and in my life, business, and<br />

family Swedish thinking, design, and sustainability values still inform much<br />

of what I do. In my company Thinque, we provide strategy development/<br />

scenario planning, conference presentations, coaching and workshops, as<br />

well as branded thought leadership assets through award-winning content<br />

collaborations like Adobe CQ, podcasts, leadership development videos, and<br />

commissioned trend reports for the likes of Microsoft and ING Bank. The notion<br />

of sustainability runs through everything we do - from 1% for the Planet, Effective<br />

Altruism and composting to the podcasts I host - the 2nd Renaissance and the<br />

Entrepreneurs Organization’s Scaling Impact.<br />


What was the decision-making process behind<br />

opening up a holiday cabin?<br />

My wife, Nicole - who is the founder and head designer<br />

of Australian women’s swim and resort-wear brand,<br />

Ephemera, and myself have had a long love affair with<br />

the Pittwater area in Sydney. It’s a beautiful spot where<br />

the Ku-Ring-Gai national park bush meets the quiet salt<br />

water of Pittwater, and where the Pacific Ocean on the<br />

other side of the Palm Beach headland makes itself visibly<br />

known. Pittwater and Mackerel Beach remind me of the<br />

Stockholm archipelago where I grew up so the cabin is<br />

in a sense both an ode to my Scandinavian childhood<br />

but also a fundamental expression of Australian summer<br />

and beach culture that Nicole grew up with. It’s a place to<br />

disconnect from modern life, and to tune back into what<br />

is important, and to shift one’s horizons. Having holidayed<br />

in remote coastal locations in Liguria, Italy, the fact that<br />

the cabin is water-access only didn’t concern us but<br />

was rather a reminder of its natural beauty as a desired<br />

destination. Because we have young children, we knew<br />

we wouldn’t be able to go up to the cabin every weekend,<br />

so we decided to set it up in a way that would be like home<br />

for our family and an expression of our sustainability and<br />

design aesthetic, but also to share our slice of heaven for<br />

others who are in need of a natural reset or a reconnection<br />

to their family and friends.<br />


What do you feel is Cape Mackerel Cabin’s biggest<br />

selling point?<br />

Our reviews suggest that what our guests most appreciate<br />

is the relaxation they enjoy in a place that feels remote<br />

from Sydney yet is in Sydney - only an hour’s drive up the<br />

northern beaches and a quick ferry ride across. When they<br />

arrive, the cabin, which is like a tree house for both adults<br />

and children, nestled into the ancient rock face and tree<br />

tops, has a 270 degree vista over Pittwater, Palm Beach,<br />

the Pacific Ocean, and Central Coast from every room<br />

including our sundeck and balconies. The cabin is the most<br />

private and remote house at Mackerel Beach, but has the<br />

most elevated view, and sits next to what we colloquially<br />

refer to as Champagne Rock. The number of proposals and<br />

engagements we have hosted here attest to its romantic<br />

nature. The outdoor shower, made of recycled materials,<br />

with its botanical products has the best outdoor shower<br />

view you could imagine. The body and cleaning products,<br />

bed linen, wine, teas, coffee are organic and sustainable,<br />

and the cabin is powered solely on renewables. Bushwalks<br />

are on your doorstep and in 3 minutes you can throw<br />

yourself into Pittwater for an early morning dip at sunrise.<br />


What do you recommend in terms of things to do for first<br />

time visitors to Great Mackerel Beach?<br />

Bushwalks to West Head or the Aboriginal Rock Carvings close to<br />

our house, meditating on the look out boulders, stand up paddle<br />

boarding or kayaking, lazing on the beach, or yoga on our sundeck<br />

are all great nature based activities. A glass of champagne or<br />

aperitif watching the sun go down, or a coffee in bed watching<br />

the sunrise are all nourishing things for the soul.<br />

You’ve carved out a successful career as futurist and<br />

keynote speaker, how do you juggle this with managing<br />

Cape Mackerel Cabin?<br />

Cape Mackerel Cabin is very much a passion project and a side<br />

hustle (and my solace for thinking). Digital tools like Pricelabs,<br />

social media, AI driven accounting, and technology help me<br />

manage it but I still look after all guest communications myself.<br />

We have set up a weekly rhythm with our cleaner, gardener and<br />

our au pair who manage our mainland home (eg linen washing<br />

and supplies) so that the AirBnB/cabin weaves into our family’s<br />

schedule, so that my wife and I can focus on our main businesses<br />

- Thinque and Ephemera - while still getting to delight our Cape<br />

Mackerel Cabin guests whose appreciation means a lot to me.<br />

The cabin has also become a testing ground for sustainability<br />

ideas and technology so I can run Internet of Things enabled and<br />

solar powered ducted air con, measure rain fall, and monitor the<br />

harvested rain water tanks remotely.<br />


What advice would you give to anyone getting<br />

started in this space?<br />

Find the balance between doing the numbers on your<br />

venture and make sure it can weave into the rhythm of<br />

your life. Bring your own unique aesthetic and personality,<br />

and ask yourself the question: would I come here for a<br />

holiday or to disconnect from the modern world? Invest in<br />

sustainable solutions whatever you do.<br />

What does the future hold for you in the hospitality<br />

space? Do you plan on opening more properties?<br />

I can imagine eventually retiring from my full-time day job<br />

as a futurist and build a portfolio of eco retreats and cabins<br />

now that we have gained the experience that we have from<br />

Cape Mackerel Cabin. I find it deeply rewarding personally<br />

and it is good for the 3Ps of people, planet and profit. We<br />

get to look after people (our guests and our family), the<br />

planet and local community through sustainable land<br />

management and design, and we have generated a<br />

profit from day one, so I hope this can scale across other<br />

properties in the future.<br />


We are a travel guide, so we have to ask. Your favourite<br />

holiday destination and why?<br />

Punta Chiappa in Liguria, Italy. Nicole and I found this gem on<br />

Airbnb after a reconnaissance mission to Camogli, which is<br />

where the Milanese go on holidays to avoid overseas tourists.<br />

Punta Chiappa is a fiercely independent nearby fishing village in<br />

Portofino National Park, accessible only by boat. It is a wonderfully<br />

romantic, albeit highly impractical, Italian fiefdom, where mayor<br />

Ludovici served us grappa each evening. It is also a place where<br />

our then one-year-old son, Lucien, could finally sleep through the<br />

night.<br />

anders@thinque.com<br />



42<br />



Boorowa is a pretty little town located in the Hilltops region of New South Wales, Australia. Just over<br />

200 miles southwest of Sydney and 60 miles northwest of Canberra, it’s found on the Boorowa<br />

River and is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and vast bushland.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

The best way to get to Boorowa is by car. The town is<br />

located on the Hume Highway, which is the main road<br />

between Sydney and Melbourne. You can take the train<br />

from Sydney to nearby Hume, but it’s a short bus ride<br />

from Canberra.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

When you’re in town, you can’t miss the Boorowa Historical<br />

Museum, built back in 1843. It tells the story of Boorowa’s<br />

history, from the gold rush and bushrangers to its deep<br />

connection with the Emerald Isle. The Boorowa River is<br />

a popular spot for outdoor recreation as well. If you’re<br />

lucky enough to be in town when the Boorowa Show is<br />

on, you’re in for a real country treat! The Hilltops region is<br />

also ideal for cycling and walking.<br />

Dining<br />

For a small town, Boorowa is blessed with some excellent<br />

eating spots. You can tuck into hearty Aussie pub fayre<br />

at the Boorowa Hotel, while The Courthouse Hotel is a<br />

favourite lunch spot for locals and visitors alike.<br />

Accommodation<br />

For anyone passing through, the best rooms in town are<br />

found in The Boorowa Hotel. It’s a traditional Aussie-style<br />

pub offering rooms and a famous, warm welcome.<br />


Boorowa Hotel<br />

Australia | Traditional Hotel<br />

Far out in the rolling countryside of the Hilltops Region of New South Wales,<br />

the village of Boorowa was founded more than two centuries ago. This<br />

pleasant slice of rural life is a hidden gem for anyone that wants to get to<br />

know the real Australia, and it doesn’t get much better than the Boorowa<br />

Hotel.<br />

A staple of the bike tour circuits, the Boorowa Hotel offers rooms for<br />

weary travellers, adventurers, and wine fanatics who have come<br />

to discover the cellars of the Hilltops Wine Region.<br />

If you want to rest your head for the night, the rooms are<br />

bright and airy, and guests can choose from a selection<br />

of twin rooms, double rooms, and quadruple rooms for<br />

family groups where there’s free Wi-Fi, ample parking.<br />

A morning continental breakfast is included in the<br />

guest kitchenette, a full and hearty breakfast<br />

with coffee is available in the Shamrock Cafe.<br />



37B Marsden St, Boorowa<br />

NSW 2586, Australia<br />

Tel +61263853000<br />

boorowahotel.com.au<br />

boorowa.pub@gmail.com<br />

The traditional Aussie hotel is a pub at heart.<br />

And thanks to the deep Irish heritage that<br />

the area is known for, you can be sure to find<br />

a well-stocked bar with what’s arguably the<br />

best pint of Guinness in New South Wales.<br />

The on-site restaurant is a haven for hearty<br />

fare and great Aussie country pub food too.<br />

Guests can tuck into a selection of grilled<br />

favourites like local lamb rack and juicy<br />

T-Bone steaks, while the seafood basket is<br />

perfect for pescatarians.<br />

If you’re lucky enough to be around on the<br />

first day of October, you can see Boorowa<br />

come to life for the charming Irish Woolfest.<br />

It’s one of the best loved celebrations in<br />

the Hilltop Region and pays homage to the<br />

village’s Irish community and traditional<br />

export. There’s a street parade, lively Irish<br />

dancing, and the not-to-be-missed Running<br />

of the Sheep that attracts visitors from<br />

across the country.<br />


46<br />



Western Australia’s links with mining run deep, and one of the best spots to visit is the ex-coal<br />

mining town of Collie. A thriving community surrounded by wide countryside and the stunning<br />

Collie River Valley, you need to visit before this secret corner of Oz becomes common knowledge!<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Found on the southwestern tip of Australia and just a<br />

couple of hours’ drive south of Perth, it’s easy to reach<br />

Collie by car, bus, or train.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

Collie is surrounded by beautiful, natural sights like<br />

Wellington State Park, with its scenic Lennard Drive and<br />

cool swimming holes, as well as being criss-crossed<br />

by miles of scenic bike path through the jarrah forests<br />

outside of town. There’s the mural trail to follow as well,<br />

including the spectacular 8,000-square-metre mural<br />

painted on the side of Wellington Dam. If you’re interested<br />

in the town’s mining history, there’s a Replica Coal Mine<br />

just outside of town. Put on your hard hat and experience<br />

what it was like underground in the 1950s.<br />

Dining<br />

There are plenty of nice little places to grab a bite to eat in<br />

Collie, as well as some unexpected finds, too. Just north<br />

of the town is the excellent Harris River Estate, a familyowned<br />

vineyard that runs the Cellar Door restaurant on<br />

site.<br />

Accommodation<br />

You can stay in several places around Collie, but the heart<br />

of the town is home to The Colliefields, a traditional-style<br />

café, restaurant, and hotel that is ideal for a restful stay.<br />


The Colliefields<br />

Australia | Unique Hotel<br />

The vast beauty of Western Australia is just one of the reasons to visit the<br />

country’s largest state. Steeped in mining history and home to some<br />

excellent nature trails, the best place to stay in Collie is the Colliefields Hotel.<br />

A traditional hotel, which locally means a pub with rooms above for<br />

travellers to rest their weary legs, Colliefields is right in the heart of<br />

town on the main street. With a range of comfy accommodations<br />

ranging from single occupancy up to family rooms, there’s<br />

something for everyone.<br />

Guests can also make the most of the continental breakfast<br />

that’s included with every stay, served each morning in<br />

the lounge. You can make yourself a cup of something<br />

tasty there any time of the day, too. The restaurant<br />

on site caters for hungry appetites while the café<br />

serves up delicious coffees and cakes during the<br />

day.<br />



91 Throssell Street,<br />

6225 Collie, Australia<br />

Tel +61 8 9734 2052<br />

No proper Aussie hotel would be complete<br />

without a bar selling ice cold beers when the<br />

temperatures rise. You can watch the world go<br />

by outside the window or watch the game on<br />

one of the big screen TVs during your stay for<br />

an authentic local experience.<br />

Just outside the town are several National<br />

Forests, each with their own share of<br />

fascinating natural beauty and exciting biking<br />

trails. You can discover some of the best places<br />

to wild swim, including the turquoise waters of<br />

Black Diamond Lake and take a kayak or jet ski<br />

out onto Stockton Lake.<br />

Whether you’re stopping in town to check out<br />

the Wellington Dam mural, getting a glimpse of<br />

the huge coalfields down the road, or trekking<br />

through on the Bibbulmun Track, the Colliefields<br />

Hotel is a fabulous place to stay.<br />


50<br />



Deep in the north west of Victoria, the well-preserved historical town of Beechworth is like a living<br />

time capsule, only with the best of Mod Oz cuisine to make it an unforgettable visit.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Making your way to Beechworth is all part of the adventure.<br />

Take the train to Wangaratta or drive from Melbourne, all<br />

the way across the pleasant countryside. You can even<br />

fly into nearby Albury. When you’re in Beechworth, one of<br />

the best ways to see the countryside is by bicycle on one<br />

of the many trails.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

Famous for its part in the Australian Gold Rush, the<br />

town of Beechworth exploded in size and population<br />

halfway through the 19th century. The centre of town is<br />

remarkably well preserved with plenty of historic buildings<br />

to check out, as well as the excellent Burke Museum<br />

with its collection of ephemera related to the infamous<br />

Bushranger Ned Kelly. Don’t forget to check out the miles<br />

of excellent biking and hiking trails around the town.<br />

Dining<br />

You really can eat your way around Beechworth. With<br />

top restaurants like The Provenance serving fine dining<br />

Mod Oz cuisine and local heroes Bridge Road Brewers<br />

offering excellent beer and comfort food, you won’t ever<br />

go hungry. And you can’t visit the region without making<br />

a visit to one of the many artisan vineyards that dot the<br />

landsca<br />

Accommodation<br />

When you find yourself this far out into the glorious Aussie<br />

countryside, it makes sense to treat yourself a little bit.<br />

For a truly remarkable stay, the Planetrees Estate ticks all<br />

the right boxes. Marvellous rooms, a natural swimming<br />

pool, and extensive gardens full of mouth-watering fruit<br />

and veg make this an unbeatable place to hang your hat<br />

in Beechworth.<br />


Planetrees Estate<br />

Australia | Family Friendly Retreat<br />

The historic goldmining town of Beechworth, Victoria, is one of the many<br />

hidden gems in Australia. And the area, known as Victoria’s High Country,<br />

is home to the wonderful Planetrees Estate. More than just a hotel, this<br />

charming collection of accommodations with its own vineyard is a<br />

delightful place to stay.<br />

With extensive grounds designed by architect and garden designer<br />

owner Genevieve, you could easily lose yourself in the stunning<br />

surrounds of the Estate. With hundreds of deciduous trees,<br />

shady paths, and a vast vegetable garden, you can explore<br />

and even sample some of the produce grown on site.<br />



374/819 Stanley Rd,<br />

Stanley VIC 3747,<br />

Australia<br />

Tel +61 (0) 418 630 835<br />

The luxury accommodation on site is split between<br />

The Lodge and The Art Suite. The rustic but<br />

magnificent log-built Lodge is ideal for families and<br />

group bookings, with a light and airy open-plan<br />

design. The four bedrooms are well-appointed and<br />

there are bathrooms on every floor. The Art Suite is<br />

the ideal escape for couples or two friends, with an<br />

ensuite king bedroom and large living room.<br />

One of the many fabulous features of Planetrees<br />

is the natural pool. Rather than using harsh<br />

chemicals, the pool is filled with low-nutrient,<br />

natural water that is naturally filtered using a<br />

planet-friendly organic system. An ideal place to<br />

cool off after a warm day, it adds to the tranquil<br />

nature of the estate.<br />

If you want to get out into the glorious surroundings<br />

around the estate, then the town of Beechworth<br />

is an ideal destination. Home to several excellent<br />

restaurants, bars, and the popular Billson’s<br />

Brewery, it’s a great place to visit. And the wide<br />

open country around the town is packed with<br />

outdoor things to do too. There are walking trails,<br />

wine tours, and adventures to be had in nearby<br />

Mount Buffalo National Park.<br />


54<br />



The Golburn Valley in South Australia is famous for its produce. Whether it’s fantastic stone fruits<br />

or some of the best wine grapes in Oz, the town of Tatura is the ideal place to start your adventure.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Just over 100 miles due north of Melbourne, Tatura is well<br />

connected by road and rail. It takes around three to four<br />

hours by public transport via Murchison to the south.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

Surrounded by famous South Australia wine country, you<br />

can’t miss visiting one of the vineyards in the area, even<br />

if wine isn’t your sort of thing. The nearby Hilltop Golf &<br />

Country Club is a fantastic public course that’s ideal if you<br />

fancy a few holes in the sunshine. You can wander around<br />

Cussen Park with its rich natural wetlands, or even find<br />

out about Tatura’s fascinating local wartime history in the<br />

excellent local museum.<br />

Dining<br />

The Goulburn Valley area has more than its fair share of<br />

brilliant places to eat and drink. Local wines are celebrated<br />

around the world, while the residents of the Greater<br />

Shepparton area are treated to the plentiful beers and<br />

spirits distilled in the area. Tatura itself has the popular<br />

Tatura Hot Bread bakery that officially makes Australia’s<br />

Best Sausage Roll.<br />

Accommodation<br />

A popular area on the campervan and caravan scene,<br />

Tatura’s wide countryside is a perfect place to spend the<br />

night in nature. But, if you want a solid roof over your head,<br />

the best spot is the Tatura Country Motel. It’s a quiet place<br />

to stay with plenty of space to spread out.<br />


Tatura Country Motel<br />

Australia | Country Motel<br />

Known for being the best kept secret in the heartlands of the state of Victoria,<br />

the Goulburn Valley is a foodie heaven and home to some of Australia’s<br />

best vineyards. And when you’re there, the best place to stay is the Tatura<br />

Country Motel.<br />

This expansive motel is set on two peaceful acres of land on the wide<br />

and quiet streets of Tatura. An ideal place to relax with friends and<br />

family, it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre, and a<br />

totally comfortable place to spend a few nights.<br />

You can choose from a Queen Room or a Twin Room for up<br />

to two guests or go for a spacious Family Room that can<br />

sleep from four to five guests. Each room comes with air<br />

conditioning, flat screen TVs, and a mini kitchen with<br />

a kettle, microwave, fridge, and toaster.<br />



9 Ferguson Rd Tatura,<br />

Victoria, 3616<br />

Tel +03 58 24 1155,<br />

+61491 033 577<br />

If you’re feeling peckish, the on-site bistro<br />

provides delicious continental or cooked<br />

breakfasts, or you can use the new barbecue<br />

area on-site for a proper cook out, Aussie<br />

style. There’s plenty of parking for your car or<br />

campervan as well, so it’s an ideal place to stay<br />

when you’re on any type of adventure.<br />

What can you get up to locally? You can wind<br />

your way through the lush orchards, vast<br />

vineyards, and bountiful farms that make up<br />

this part of Victoria to your heart’s content. It’s<br />

a place of wide natural beauty that’s ideal for<br />

curious minds, and an absolute foodie paradise.<br />

And if you’re seeking outdoor activities, the<br />

Tatura Country Motel is located close to several<br />

fantastic walking and cycling trails, including<br />

the popular Waranga Basin Trail. Proprietors<br />

Dale & Liane Simpson look forward to seeing<br />

you soon.<br />


58<br />



The capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia, it’s one of the world’s iconic<br />

cities, with landmarks that are recognised around the world. But there’s a whole lot to explore just<br />

outside the city, too.<br />

Located in Port Jackson Bay, an inlet of the Tasman Sea in the South Pacific Ocean, the towering<br />

Blue Mountains are to the west and the mighty Hawkesbury River is to the north. It’s a global city<br />

and a major financial, commercial, and cultural centre.<br />

The most recognisable sights are the Sydney Opera House, built in 1973, and the round hump of<br />

the Sydney Harbour Bridge, two structures that make the skyline so recognisable. Other main<br />

attractions in the city are the Royal Botanic Gardens, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, and the historic<br />

Capitol Theatre. You can’t forget the world-famous Bondi Beach or Manly Beach for excellent<br />

surfing and sunbathing.<br />

A Foodie Heaven<br />

You can’t go to Sydney without getting caught up in<br />

its fantastic approach to Modern Australian, or Mod Oz,<br />

cuisine. It’s an energetic and exciting world of flavour that<br />

reflects Australia’s hugely diverse population. Multicultural<br />

favourites include everything from Vietnamese fine dining<br />

to relaxed street food offerings like dumplings and paella.<br />

Getting Around Sydney<br />

Sydney is a brilliant city for public transport. It has an<br />

extensive network of buses, trains, metro rail, and, of<br />

course, ferries. Grab yourself an Opal Card and travel the<br />

length and breadth of the city in comfort.<br />


Other Striking Sites<br />

If you head up north along the coast from Sydney, apart<br />

from all the beautiful beaches and stunning views of<br />

the South Pacific Ocean, you’ll soon find yourself in the<br />

coastal town of Newcastle. Once a major shipbuilding<br />

city, it’s now a beach-lover’s paradise and a great place to<br />

start your journey into the majestic Hunter Valley.<br />

In the opposite direction, the city of Wollongong is<br />

waiting for you. A haven for great food, art, and culture,<br />

the beaches aren’t bad either! Known as one of the best<br />

places in Australia for cycling, it’s a city that spends its<br />

life outdoors.<br />

A bit further down the coast in southern New South Wales,<br />

the pretty town of Merimbula is one of state’s worst-kept<br />

secrets. It means “two lakes” in Aboriginal and is easily<br />

one of the best places on the South Pacific Coast to go<br />

whale watching.<br />

Turning your back to the sea and heading into the vast<br />

inland of the continent-sized country, this trip is full of<br />

surprises, too. This majestic land of huge farms, incredible<br />

wines, and wide-open countryside is begging to be<br />

explored, either by train, bus, or car.<br />

You can head off where you like, but we think you’ll like<br />

staying at Blue Fattoria, luxury accommodation found<br />

on an authentic, working, agricultural business. Get away<br />

from it all and relax in the delightful Northern Rovers<br />

region of New South Wales.<br />


Sydney, Australia<br />


The Lake House and<br />

Apartment Merimbula<br />

Australia | Waterfront Guest House<br />

A<br />

stunning modern property awaits on the shores of Merimbula Lake.<br />

Perched in the hills of the upmarket Top Lake area, The Lake House<br />

and Apartment is an ideal holiday destination for families and even solo<br />

travellers.<br />

The spacious house has four bedrooms to choose from, with<br />

stunning views across the water from both the decks, selected<br />

bedrooms, and the lounge. The fully kitted out kitchen has a<br />

Nespresso coffee machine, huge communal dining table,<br />

and of course there’s a barbecue outside.<br />

The apartment, known as The Lake Unit, is the perfect<br />

spot for couples or small groups, with one bedroom<br />

and a private deck to unwind in the mornings.<br />

Complete with walk-in wardrobe and open plan<br />

living area, it’s a peaceful place to kick back<br />

and relax.<br />



Lakewood Drive, Merimbula<br />

Tel +61 423 186 962<br />

www.thelakehousemerimbula.<br />

lodgify.com<br />

A water-lovers wonderland, nearby<br />

Merimbula Lake is perfect for a spot of stand<br />

up paddleboarding, fishing, or swimming in<br />

the clear and inviting waters. The shore is<br />

a wonderful place to take a stroll, whatever<br />

time of the day,<br />

Just the other side of Merimbula Bridge to<br />

the east is the vast South Pacific Ocean,<br />

and all the excitement that lays beyond.<br />

Fishing charters, boat trips, and even whale<br />

watching are on the cards in this beautiful<br />

corner of Australia.<br />

The house and apartment are just a<br />

couple of kilometres away from the wealth<br />

of excellent restaurants and shops in<br />

downtown Merimbula, with local favourites<br />

such as Ritzy Wine & Tapas Bar and The<br />

Waterfront Café serving up excellent Mod<br />

Oz cuisine.<br />

Anyone who wants to try out a piece of the<br />

relaxed coastal lifestyle found in Merimbula<br />

and this particular part of the Sapphire<br />

Coast will love spending time at The Lake<br />

House. It’s your own private paradise.<br />


64<br />

THE<br />



Queensland, Australia, is a land of extreme natural beauty and intrepid adventure. From the Great<br />

Barrier Reef to the Daintree Rainforest, there’s something for everyone in this diverse Australian<br />

state. We’ve put together a list of the six best places to visit.<br />

1. The Great Barrier Reef<br />

The world’s largest coral reef system, it’s a true wonder<br />

of the natural world – and it’s just off the coast of<br />

Queensland. You can snorkel or SCUBA dive magnificent<br />

sites like Agincourt Reef or visit the otherworldly Museum<br />

of Underwater Art, a collection of sculptures built under<br />

the waves. Even if you don’t want to explore the deep,<br />

you can still float above it via one of the boat tours that<br />

run daily.<br />

3. Daintree National Park<br />

Undeniably one of Australia’s gems, this rainforest is a<br />

striking example of the wide variety of landscapes you can<br />

find in the state. Thundering waterfalls, towering trees,<br />

and mysterious lagoons are home to a dazzling display<br />

of local wildlife, so make sure you take your camera. It’s<br />

not all jungle trekking though; you can treat yourself to a<br />

luxury stay at the Daintree Ecolodge, complete with the<br />

excellent Julaymba Restaurant.<br />

2. Port Douglas<br />

A stone’s throw from the Great Barrier Reef, the upmarket<br />

seaside town of Port Douglas is a spectacular place to<br />

eat, drink, and experience some of Queensland’s greatest<br />

beaches. It’s a real foodie paradise, with top-class<br />

restaurants to choose from and exciting nightlife. The<br />

year-round tropical weather’s not bad either.<br />


4. Bargara<br />

A small town on the Coral Coast with a huge reputation<br />

for beautiful beaches, spectacular seafood, and<br />

stunning Lady Elliot Island, Bargara is a must-see when<br />

you’re in Queensland. The beachfront esplanade is a<br />

relaxed place to spend some time in the sun, with plenty<br />

of cafés and good coffee to drink while you watch the<br />

sun come up over the ocean in the morning. You can<br />

even learn about local loggerhead turtles in the Mon<br />

Repos Turtle Centre, if that’s your sort of thing.<br />

5. Fraser Island<br />

Just across the water from Bargara is the UNESCO<br />

world heritage site of Fraser Island. Inhabited for<br />

more than 5,000 years, this incredible sand island is<br />

otherwise known as K’gari, or Paradise. Packed full of a<br />

rainforest, mangroves, and surrounded by crystal-clear<br />

waters, it’s the perfect place for a tour. You can swim<br />

in a natural lake that’s filled with tea tree oil, race along<br />

wide sandy beaches, or camp out under the stars on<br />

your unforgettable Australian adventure.<br />


6. Brisbane<br />

Last, but definitely not least, is the<br />

capital of Queensland. A metropolis<br />

of towering skyscrapers and exciting<br />

culture, it still finds time to be laidback<br />

and friendly. It’s the perfect<br />

place to discover excellent food, visit<br />

a museum or two, or take a boat ride<br />

out for a Champagne and oyster tour.<br />

And if you want to meet Australia’s<br />

cuddliest little creatures, Lone Pine<br />

Koala Sanctuary is the place to go.<br />


NOMAD<br />

Australia | Luxury Apartment<br />

Getting to grips with the sheer scale and beauty of Australia<br />

is no mean feat. In a land of outstanding natural wonders,<br />

Queensland’s northeast coast might just take the prize though.<br />

And if you’re looking for a magical place to indulge in a big slice<br />

of comfort, NOMAD Luxe Apartment is the right place to stay.<br />

Boasting a delightful contemporary interior with a<br />

designer’s touch, the attention to detail and luxurious<br />

facilities are second to none. It’s an achingly<br />

beautiful apartment that comes complete with<br />

a fully equipped kitchen, indulgent hot tub,<br />

and outdoor pool accessed directly from the<br />

accommodation. It’s a perfect place for<br />

couples to call their own during their visit.<br />



16 Warner St, Port<br />

Douglas QLD 4877,<br />

Australia<br />

Tel +61 458 793 299<br />

Port Douglas. The jewel of the Coral Sea coast,<br />

it’s the ideal springboard to explore the natural<br />

wonders of the Great Barrier Reef or the<br />

biodiversity of the local rainforest in Daintree<br />

National Park. A stone’s throw away from the<br />

beauty of Four Mile Beach, with its golden sands<br />

and clear waters, the apartment is perfect for<br />

beach lovers as well. It’s clean and picturesque,<br />

with incredible views across the bay and<br />

Alexandra Reefs beyond.<br />

The apartment is right in the heart of Port<br />

Douglas, and with all the restaurants and cafes<br />

that it’s famous for. Local favourites like the<br />

Grant Street Kitchen serve up the best of Mod<br />

Oz cuisine in a relaxed environment, while the<br />

spectacular Wrass & Roe restaurant makes the<br />

most of the bountiful seafood and fish that are<br />

caught in the azure blue seas nearby. And the<br />

best thing is, they’re only metres away from the<br />

front door.<br />

So, if you want to stay somewhere exceptional,<br />

with your own space to spread out and enjoy<br />

the finer things in life, NOMAD is the place to be.<br />


Pacific Sun Bargara<br />

Australia | Boutique Motel<br />

Found on the coastline of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, the seaside resort<br />

town of Bargara really does have it all. Fabulous beaches, hip cafes, and<br />

safe swimming in one of Australia’s best holiday spots. And just two blocks<br />

from the golden sands is the Pacific Sun Bargara, a boutique motel that’s<br />

perfect for a Queensland adventure.<br />

Solo travellers or couples can stay in the bright, light, and airy<br />

standard or twin rooms, while larger groups can opt for a family<br />

room, apartment with its own terrace, or the generous two<br />

bedroom apartment that can comfortably sleep up to six<br />

guests at a time.<br />

All the rooms come with a kitchenette or cooking<br />

facilities, private or ensuite bathrooms, and plenty<br />

of space to spread out and relax during your stay.<br />

There’s plenty of parking on-site, you get air<br />

conditioning in all the rooms, and the Wi-Fi’s<br />

included as well.<br />



9/11 Bauer St, Bargara<br />

QLD 4670, Australia<br />

Tel +61741592350<br />

One of the best things about the motel is how<br />

close it is to Bargara’s best attractions. There’s<br />

the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery, The Basin<br />

swimming beach, and the kids’ favourite Turtle<br />

Park on the Esplanade.<br />

One of the best places to eat in town is literally<br />

just across the road. Red Chilli Thai Bargara is<br />

a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike,<br />

while Rick’s at Bargara and Kacy’s Restaurant<br />

are only a few steps away.<br />

You’re not far from the excitement of “Rum City”<br />

either. Just 15 minutes away by car, Bundaberg<br />

is the home of the eponymous spirit as well as<br />

fiery ginger beer enjoyed across the globe. So<br />

whether you want an exhilarating holiday on<br />

the water, a relaxed beach stay, or you’re just<br />

passing through on your way up the coast, The<br />

Pacific Sun Bargara is one in a million.<br />


72<br />



The capital city of South Australia is famed for being one of the world’s most liveable cities. With a<br />

dreamy Mediterranean climate and fascinating, multicultural food scene, it’s one of the best places<br />

to visit down under.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

A four-hour flight from Sydney or a mere 20-hour long<br />

haul from London, Adelaide sits on the edge of the St<br />

Vincent Gulf, a rich area for marine life. Once you’re in<br />

the city, you can get around via buses, trains, or the city’s<br />

famous trams.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

The 1.3 million people that call Adelaide home are lucky<br />

to have an awful lot to do. When you’re there, you need<br />

to check out the Central Market, a bustling centre for<br />

great, local produce that’s been there since the late 19th<br />

century. The Botanic Gardens are beautiful, while the<br />

huge range of beaches close to the city are the perfect<br />

place to chill out.<br />

Dining<br />

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to great food in<br />

Adelaide. Whether it’s the best of fine dining at Georges,<br />

the funky Asian stylings of Mai Kitchen, or the best cup of<br />

coffee at Sibling, there’s something for everyone.<br />

Accommodation<br />

Adelaide isn’t short on places to stay. While you can hang<br />

your hat at any of the ordinary places, we think the most<br />

unique and exciting offering is the Franklin Boutique<br />

Hotel. True to Aussie tradition, it’s a pub with rooms, but<br />

what incredible rooms they are! It’s a funky and very<br />

trendy place that you’re sure to love.<br />


The Retreat at Stirling<br />

Australia | Country Retreat<br />

If you want to get away from it all, in a place that’s perfectly designed to offer<br />

you a relaxed and luxurious place to stay, look no further than The Retreat<br />

at Stirling. Found in the delightful Adelaide Hills area in South Australia, it’s<br />

perfect for your next romantic getaway or family break.<br />

The Retreat offers guests the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence,<br />

with a range of luxurious amenities and services to suit all tastes.<br />

Located at the end of its own private drive, the extensive<br />

accommodations provide everything needed for a secluded<br />

and exclusive stay.<br />

This magnificent six bedroom property is available in its<br />

entirety or can be split into different sized apartments<br />

to suit just about any group size. There’s the option<br />

to stay in apartments with one or two bedrooms<br />

that have direct access to either the pool or the<br />

gardens, and they all share a clean and modern<br />

décor throughout.<br />



9 Hoylake Ave, Stirling<br />

South Australia 5052<br />

Tel +61-414 911 356<br />

The charming indoor pool is the ideal way to<br />

relax and unwind, while the bright and airy<br />

lounges and bedrooms are simply wonderful.<br />

Each apartment comes complete with a fullykitted<br />

out kitchen, and there’s even the option<br />

to have it stocked ready for an indulgent<br />

breakfast without needing to pop to the shops.<br />

Nearby attractions include the Heysen bush<br />

walking trail, the top class Stirling golf course,<br />

and the stunning 97 acre Mount Lofty Botanic<br />

Gardens, amongst others. And you can’t forget<br />

that you’re in the middle of wine country in the<br />

Adelaide Hills. Nearby Hahndorf Hill Winery is a<br />

particular favourite.<br />

So, for your next Australian adventure, you<br />

can’t miss out on your own piece of privacy<br />

and luxury at The Retreat at Stirling. It’s built<br />

specially to take you away from the busy and<br />

hectic world of ordinary life.<br />


76<br />

MANNUM<br />

A LUXURY<br />


Just east of the great South Australian city of Adelaide is the historic town of Mannum. A popular<br />

tourist destination, it’s a real summer getaway for Aussies as well as lucky visitors from around the<br />

world.<br />

Mannum’s History<br />

The history of the area is indelibly linked with the wide<br />

Murray River that flows through the region. The traditional<br />

owners of the land are the Ngarrindjeri tribes, who were<br />

famed for their skills as fishermen.<br />

The area was first explored by Europeans in the mid-<br />

19th century by steamboat, and it soon became an<br />

important trading post. In modern times, Mannum and<br />

its spectacular scenery still look to the Murray River as a<br />

place to cruise, relax, and enjoy the perfect sunset.<br />

Tourism in Mannum<br />

You only need to look at Mannum to see why it’s growing<br />

in popularity every year. Known as Murray River’s<br />

Playground, everyone looks towards the slow-moving<br />

waters for inspiration, relaxation, and good, clean fun.<br />

People flock to the riverbanks to hop on a paddle steamer<br />

and, like one of Australia’s pioneers, explore the wide<br />

river and the hidden wonders it has to offer the intrepid<br />

explorer. There are several famous, historical boats to<br />

choose from, including the fully-restored PS Marion and<br />

PW Mayflower.<br />

With exciting excursions to choose from, including the<br />

overnight star-lover’s cruise with an introduction to<br />

astronomy, an afternoon cruise with high tea, or romantic<br />

twilight cruises for special occasions, it’s a simply splendid<br />

way to experience the area.<br />


Food & Drink<br />

The lush climate of South Australia means one great thing:<br />

the best local produce you can possibly imagine. The local<br />

restaurants, cafés, and wineries all take great advantage of<br />

the fantastic ingredients they can call on.<br />

The area is famous for growing a wide range of food, with<br />

sumptuous stone fruits like loquats and peaches, to tangy<br />

citruses like grapefruits and Valencia oranges, as well as<br />

almost any type of vegetable you can think of. And don’t<br />

forget the grapes!<br />

The wide flat lands between Mannum and Adelaide are<br />

home to some of Australia’s best-loved wineries, so you<br />

can test out some of the famous local vintages if you like.<br />

For a local Mannum spot that everyone gets a kick out of,<br />

you should check out Café Mannum. Found inside the<br />

Mannum Motel, it’s a fine place for breakfast as well as one<br />

of the best river views in town.<br />

The Best Places to Stay<br />

Spending time in beautiful Mannum means picking just the<br />

right place to hang your hat during your stay. The area’s<br />

greatest asset is the Murray River, so when you’re in the<br />

area, you need to stay where you can watch it flow slowly<br />

past while you enjoy a glass of something refreshing.<br />

For the best views and a real, relaxed slice of luxury, we<br />

think the Riverview House Younghusband is just about<br />

perfect. An intimate and beautiful bed and breakfast, you<br />

can sit out on the wide deck and watch the world go by,<br />

while you’re spoiled with excellent food, drink, and service.<br />


Victoria Square, Adelaide, Australia<br />


Riverview House<br />

Younghusband<br />

South Australia | Boutique Guest House<br />

A<br />

stunning retreat tucked away in the rural town of Younghusband,<br />

South Australia, is the stunning Riverview House. This beautiful<br />

property sits on the banks of the wide Murray River, providing guests<br />

with breath-taking views of the surrounding natural landscapes.<br />

The property features five light filled and airy bedrooms, making<br />

it the ideal location for a group of friends or a family looking for<br />

a relaxing and luxurious getaway. The interior of Riverview<br />

House is spacious and open plan, with large windows that<br />

make the most of spectacular views of both the Murray<br />

River and Gowlings Wetlands and Lagoon.<br />



12 Geehi Pl,<br />

Younghusband SA<br />

5238<br />

Tel +61 (0)408 480 818<br />

One of the true highlights of Riverview House<br />

Younghusband is the outdoor area. The<br />

property features a large deck that overlooks<br />

the river, complete with outdoor seating and a<br />

barbecue in true Aussie style. It’s the perfect<br />

place to sit back with a cool drink and take in<br />

the beautiful natural surroundings.<br />

For activities, you’re not short of things to do<br />

around the Younghusband area. Popular local<br />

attractions revolve around the Murray River<br />

and include canoeing, river cruising, or even<br />

water skiing. The nearby national parks offer<br />

a range of hiking and biking trails, and the<br />

scenic roads make for a memorable drive. The<br />

town of Mannum is also just a short distance<br />

away, where you can enjoy a range of shops,<br />

restaurants, and cafes.<br />

Overall, Riverview House Younghusband is a<br />

stunning property that offers the perfect blend<br />

of luxury and natural beauty. Whether you’re<br />

looking to unwind and relax or to explore the<br />

great outdoors, this property is the perfect<br />

choice for your next South Australian holiday.<br />


Riverview Rise Retreats<br />

Australia | Luxury Resort<br />

The luxurious couples-only Riverview Rise Retreats is in the charming<br />

Murraylands region of South Australia. Located due East of Adelaide, the<br />

hotel is nestled in a secluded and tranquil property overlooking the grand<br />

Murray River.<br />

A perfect destination for a romantic getaway, the retreat is ideally<br />

suited for anyone who wants to get away from it all to relax and<br />

recharge in luxurious comfort. The collection of chic villas are<br />

tucked away on the riverside and feature all modern amenities<br />

such as air conditioning, spa baths, and private outdoor areas.<br />

Guests can choose from the premium “six star” Bob’s<br />

Bungalow with its candlelit spa and prime river view, the<br />

Lazy Jane Lodge with it’s stunning handmade bed, or<br />

dive in to Molly’s Hideaway, another beautiful villa<br />

with serene views across the wide Murray River.<br />



10182 Hunter Road,<br />

Mannum SA 5238<br />

Tel +0400 310 380<br />

The facilities are what you’d expect from a<br />

premium luxury retreat too. You can wrap<br />

yourself in a silk gown and drink your fresh<br />

morning coffee on your own private terracebarbecue<br />

included of course.<br />

You get a fully equipped kitchen, and full<br />

breakfast provisions are waiting for you on<br />

arrival. And if you want to treat yourself to an<br />

indulgent grazing platter in your room, that’s<br />

available too. Your Retreat is all about luxury<br />

self-catering accommodation. It guarantees<br />

utmost privacy, and is the ideal choice for<br />

couples seeking a romantic escape.<br />

You can also explore the beautiful surrounding<br />

area by taking a scenic helicopter ride or a<br />

guided tour of the local wineries that make the<br />

region famous. Staying at the Riverview is sure<br />

to be an unforgettable experience for those<br />

looking to escape ordinary life. With its stunning<br />

location on the river and excellent food and<br />

wine choices, it’s no surprise that this retreat<br />

is a popular choice for those seeking a truly<br />

decadent getaway.<br />


84<br />




The largest state in all of Australia, WA, truly is the land of exhilaration and adventure. Here are<br />

three of the best ways to get your pulse racing down under.<br />

Water Sports<br />

Bordering on the Indian Ocean, Western Australia boasts<br />

some of the best beaches – and with an average water<br />

temperature of a balmy 22°C, it’s the perfect place for<br />

water sports of all kinds. The waters are incredibly safe,<br />

and you can try out a huge range of exciting waterbased<br />

activities, from SCUBA diving and stand-up<br />

paddleboarding to surfing and even jet boarding.<br />

4WD Trekking<br />

Taking a road trip in Western Australia is one of the most<br />

exciting ways to see the beautiful landscapes and hidden<br />

gems the state has to offer. But for a real thrill, you need<br />

to go off-road in your own four-wheel adventure machine.<br />

Some routes are ideal for novice off-roaders who just want<br />

a taste of bumpy tracks and fun terrain, while others are a<br />

challenge for even the most intrepid green laner. Trekking<br />

into pristine wilderness like Francois Peron National Park<br />

can only be done on four wheels.<br />

Hot Air Ballooning<br />

Ever fancied gliding through the sky with nothing but the<br />

sound of the wind in your ears, as the dramatic scenery of<br />

Western Australia unfolds beneath you? Hot air ballooning<br />

is a great way to experience the state from a unique<br />

perspective. Step into the basket and reach for the skies.<br />

You’re not roughing it on this adventure, though; it’s<br />

traditional to have a glass of Champagne when you’re up<br />

in the clouds.<br />


Ultimate Watersports<br />

Australia | Watersports Company<br />

Western Australia is world famous for its wines, huge expanses of stunning<br />

scenery, and some of the best surfing you can find anywhere. It’s no<br />

surprise then that Ultimate Watersports call the Geraldton area home and<br />

other locations such as Broome, Exmouth, South Perth and Hillary’s boat<br />

harbour (Northern Perth), where you can take part in a huge range of<br />

exciting water-based activities.<br />

Started by wakeboarding fanatic and local legend Lindsay Cannon,<br />

the company has a mission to make a splash and build memories<br />

that last a lifetime. By offering everything from relaxing stand<br />

up paddleboarding to the ultimate adrenaline hit of Flyboard<br />

X, there’s something for every age and ability.<br />

The expert team of instructors at Ultimate Watersports<br />

are there to make sure your experience on the waves<br />

is as fun and safe as possible. Using their in-depth<br />

local knowledge, they’ll give you full instruction<br />

on how to use the equipment and the best<br />

places to catch waves, soak up the sun, and<br />

most importantly, have the most fun in a<br />

swimsuit.<br />



Broome | Exmouth | Geraldton |<br />

Hillary’s | South Perth<br />

Tel +61 8 99991839<br />

www.ultimatewatersports.com.au<br />

admin@ultimatewatersports.com.au<br />

fb: @uwatersports<br />

One of the best value ways to get out on<br />

the water is with one of the company’s<br />

exclusive day passes. You can pick and<br />

choose from a variety of exhilarating<br />

water sports, from jet skis and kayaks to<br />

the big banana and gravity-defying wake<br />

foil.<br />

One of the experiences that Ultimate<br />

Watersports are famous for is the ever<br />

popular jet ski tour. Big enough to carry<br />

two or three riders, you can check out the<br />

wildlife before letting rip on the blue seas<br />

around Western Australia.<br />

Run out of ideas for your next big birthday<br />

bash? Want to wow your friends with an<br />

unforgettable water-based bachelor or<br />

bachelorette party? Make the most of<br />

a group booking and rent out the everpopular<br />

jet skis for a few hours and get<br />

the rest of the un-motorised watersports<br />

equipment thrown in. For the essential<br />

Aussie adventure, Ultimate Watersports<br />

are the right people to talk to.<br />


88<br />



Conjuring up images of wild adventure and jaw-dropping natural wonders, the Outback is a vast<br />

land that’s more than twenty times the size of the United Kingdom. The best way to get out there<br />

is through Northern Territory, the state at the top of the continent-sized country.<br />

The Back of Beyond<br />

The Outback has an incredible and diverse range of<br />

landscapes. You might think it’s all desert, and in fact,<br />

there are 10 of them to visit, but there’s also savannah,<br />

mountains, woodland, and even rainforests to experience.<br />

The vast Outback in the Northern Territory is characterised<br />

by two main sections: The Red Centre and the Tropical<br />

North contain a huge section of Australia and an incredible<br />

range of flora and fauna found within. The North is home<br />

to towering mountains and steep gorges, while the Red<br />

Centre is, of course, home to the otherworldly mass that<br />

is Uluru.<br />

The Best Time of Year to Visit<br />

Although the Outback in the Northern Territory is beautiful<br />

year-round, with each season bringing its own character<br />

to the landscape, the most comfortable time to visit is<br />

between May and October. The temperatures in these<br />

months tend to stay moderate and are perfect for getting<br />

outside and seeing the sights. However, you might not<br />

like “The Wet”, when the humidity hangs around 80% and<br />

the chance of tropical cyclones increases.<br />

Hot Springs and Spectacular Things<br />

Located about halfway between Alice Springs and the<br />

state capital of Darwin on the northern coast, the town<br />

of Mataranka is famous for its warm thermal pools and<br />

impressive landscape. The palm tree-lined springs stay at<br />

a soothing 34°C all year round, so it’s an ideal spot to relax<br />

and soak away any aches and pains you might pick up on<br />

your Aussie adventure.<br />


Territory Manor<br />

When you’re in the area, we think the best place to stay is<br />

the wonderful Territory Manor. It’s the warmest welcome<br />

you could hope for in the area, where you can stay in<br />

comfortable and eco-friendly rammed earth motel rooms<br />

or pull up in your campervan or caravan for a taste of the<br />

great outdoors in complete comfort. There’s an excellent<br />

on-site restaurant that serves locally caught barramundi,<br />

and it has all the facilities you need for a memorable stay<br />

on the edge of the Outback.<br />

The Red Centre<br />

The Northern Territory’s southern desert region has the<br />

impressive title of the Red Centre. Characterized by its<br />

red soil and wild rock formations, it’s a popular tourist<br />

destination for anyone who wants to explore the unique<br />

landscape, Aboriginal culture, and plentiful outdoor<br />

activities. It’s home to several national parks that help to<br />

preserve this pristine landscape and honour its original<br />

Aboriginal owners.<br />

You can’t talk about The Red Centre without mentioning<br />

Uluru though. Once known as Ayers Rock, this enormous<br />

and especially sacred site is a monolithic sandstone rock<br />

that rises from the desert around it at a height of nearly<br />

350 m. You can take a camel tour around the base, dine<br />

underneath the stars, or simply stand back and try to take<br />

it all in.<br />


Uluru, Petermann Northern Territory, Australia<br />


Territory Manor Motel<br />

Australia | Motel<br />

The warm thermal pools of Mataranka and the Elsey National Park are two of<br />

the best things about the Northern Territory. And when you’re there, you<br />

need to stay at the Territory Manor Motel.<br />

Found underneath the towering gum trees in a beautifully secluded<br />

spot, the motel celebrates its place in nature and is perfect for anyone<br />

who wants to wake up to birdsong and the sound of wild peacocks.<br />

You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to how you stay<br />

at the Territory Manor. You can stay in a unique eco-friendly<br />

rammed earth motel suite and choose from a double share<br />

room for singles or couples, or a spacious family room with<br />

a double bed and bunk beds for the kids. All motel rooms<br />

come with private bathrooms and outside spaces, air<br />

conditioning, fridges, and flat screen TVs.<br />



51 Martin Rd,<br />

Mataranka NT 0852,<br />

Australia<br />

Tel +61889754516<br />

If you turn up with your campervan or caravan,<br />

there are powered sites under the trees, or<br />

even unpowered camping spots for anyone<br />

who likes to wake up to the sounds of nature.<br />

Facilities for campers include access to the<br />

large camp kitchen with barbecue, fridges, and<br />

washing up facilities.<br />

Everyone staying at the Manor gets to use the<br />

fabulous outdoor pool and spa facilities, as well<br />

as the barbecue pit for a feast under the skies.<br />

But if you’re hungry and you don’t want to cook<br />

for yourself, you really don’t need to go far at<br />

all. The Manor Restaurant on site is a delightful<br />

eatery that specialises in proper Aussie grub.<br />

You can eat outside under the spacious<br />

canopies or stay indoors in the airy dining<br />

room. Firm favourite dishes include Pan Fried<br />

Saltwater Barra as well as Australian classic<br />

slow roasted lamb shank.<br />

Make sure to visit on your next adventure in the<br />

wild Northern Territory.<br />


94<br />


thawards.com<br />

Leleuvia Island, Fiji<br />


96<br />

FIJI<br />



The archipelago of Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean is just what you’d conjure up if you wanted to<br />

design a perfect island paradise. Famous for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and friendly<br />

welcome, it’s the jewel in the crown of <strong>Oceania</strong>.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You can fly direct from London Heathrow<br />

to Nausori International Airport, but make<br />

yourself comfortable because it’s a real long<br />

haul at around 20 hours in the air. Other<br />

options include lay overs in Los Angeles or<br />

Doha.<br />

Fiji isn’t a single place. In fact, it’s a collection<br />

of more than 300 islands, so if you want to<br />

go island hopping, you’ll need to take a boat.<br />

Ferry services run between the main islands<br />

like Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, but if you want to<br />

explore some of the many tiny islands, you’ll want<br />

to charter a small boat.<br />

On the larger islands, public transport is plentiful<br />

and affordable. The most popular way to get around<br />

is by bus, but visitors from big cities around the<br />

world need to remember that you’ll be on “island<br />

time” – don’t expect to leave on time!<br />


Things to See & Do<br />

This stunning island paradise is packed with tropical<br />

landscapes, white sand beaches, and shimmering<br />

turquoise seas. Most of the nation’s hundreds of islands<br />

and islets are uninhabited as well, so it remains one of the<br />

world’s best unspoiled countries to visit.<br />

For activities, you can take your pick of water sports,<br />

with world-class surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and<br />

SCUBA diving off the islands. The coral reefs that surround<br />

Fiji are some of the finest worldwide, so you should make<br />

sure to get a look at what lies beneath the waves.<br />

There’s no shortage of good times to be had back on<br />

dry land, either. You could take a guided hike across the<br />

lush vegetation of the main island’s highlands, take an<br />

exhilarating quad bike ride through a remote forest, or<br />

rent yourself a scooter and take it all in at your own pace.<br />


Food & Drink<br />

The traditional way to have a feast on Fiji is with a lovo,<br />

or underground oven. Meat, fish, and vegetables are<br />

wrapped in banana leaves and buried on top of hot stones<br />

for a delicious, smoky feast that’s the Fijian version of<br />

barbecue.<br />

It’s no surprise that Fiji is home to some incredible<br />

seafood. An authentic local delicacy is Cawaki, an<br />

edible sea urchin, but the most popular island dish is<br />

Kokoda, a delicious raw fish dish made like ceviche<br />

but served in a clamshell.<br />

Accommodation<br />

The range of places to stay in Fiji is impressive.<br />

From backpacker-style beach shacks to five-star<br />

luxury resorts, there’s something to match most<br />

budgets and tastes. For something a little out of the<br />

ordinary though, you could spend the night in a luxury<br />

treehouse retreat at the Matangi Island Resort and live<br />

your very best island paradise life.<br />


Go Dirty Tours Fiji<br />

Adventure Tour Company | Fiji<br />

The tropical islands of Fiji are some of the most beautiful in the world. Sun kissed<br />

beaches, incredible scenery, and the famous warm welcome are just three<br />

of the reasons to visit. Want to see the country at its best? Go Dirty Tours have<br />

got your back. Whether you want a shot of adrenaline or a simple scooter<br />

to get around during your stay, they’re the local business who know best.<br />

Go Dirty Tours is an exciting adventure tourism company located in<br />

Nadi, on the west coast of Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu. Founded in<br />

1999, they’re the premier tour operator for action and adventure<br />

for all ages and interests.<br />

Fiji is a breathtakingly beautiful country with a distinctive<br />

culture and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever<br />

meet. Go Dirty Tours Fiji allows visitors to experience<br />

the best of Fiji’s natural beauty and cultural heritage<br />

at their own pace, whether on two-wheels or four.<br />



New Town Road,<br />

Wailoaloa, Nadi, Fiji<br />

Tel +679 992 8162<br />

Take a tour to the country’s famous mud baths,<br />

explore remote forests, and even ride up to<br />

mountain plateaus for the best views on the<br />

island. Go Dirty Tours are suitable for all types<br />

of visitors, with options for ages 5+ across a<br />

range of different tracks and experiences.<br />

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a culture<br />

buff, there’s a tour that will cater to your needs.<br />

Plus, the company places a strong emphasis<br />

on safety, ensuring that visitors can enjoy their<br />

tours with peace of mind.<br />

So, if you’re planning a trip to Fiji and want to<br />

experience the country’s sites in a fun and<br />

exciting way, Go Dirty Tours Fiji are the best<br />

people to talk to. With years of experience<br />

and rave reviews, it’s no wonder that they’re<br />

one of Fiji’s most popular adventure tourism<br />

companies.<br />


102<br />



Easily one of the best places in the world to escape to underneath the waves, your Fijian adventure<br />

awaits.<br />

What to Expect<br />

The famously clear waters make for excellent visibility,<br />

and the average water temperature sticks to 26°C yearround,<br />

so the waters are perfect for diving.<br />

What You’ll See<br />

Famous for being “The Soft Coral Capital of the World”, you<br />

can dive in some spectacular spots off Fiji’s main islands<br />

or small islets. The best diving spots are Rainbow Reef,<br />

with it’s magical “Great White Wall”, Yellow Tunnel, Beqa<br />

Lagoon, and the countless other reefs and habitats that<br />

make the nation a diving wonderland.<br />

You might well encounter some of the South Pacific<br />

Ocean’s great inhabitants as well. Humpback whales,<br />

tiger sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and a whole rainbow<br />

explosion of tropical fish call the waters around Fiji home.<br />

Best Time of Year to Dive<br />

Because the water temperatures are so stable, you can<br />

dive in Fiji all year round. However, the best times to go<br />

down are during the Fijian winter, between April and<br />

October. The waters are a little cooler which leads to the<br />

best possible visibility.<br />

Is it Safe?<br />

One of the things that makes Fiji such a great place to<br />

dive is that the sites are generally safe for novice divers.<br />

It’s essential that you get your PADI certificate before you<br />

even think about SCUBA diving, but if you don’t fancy that<br />

then you can always learn to snorkel and enjoy the water<br />

that way.<br />


Dive Academy Fiji &<br />

Viani Bay Resort<br />

Fiji | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Dive Academy Fiji and Viani Bay Resort have made a significant<br />

impact since their founding in 2017. Their mission to preserve<br />

the beauty of the surrounding environment is evident in the many<br />

conservation and community support initiatives they undertake,<br />

including coral restoration, SCUBA scholarships, clean-ups, and<br />

teaching at the local school.<br />

Dive Academy Fiji and Viani Bay Resort is an opportunity for<br />

visitors to experience sustainable luxury at the Rainbow<br />

Reef. The resort offers a secluded getaway off the<br />

beaten track, allowing guests to indulge in Fijian<br />

culture and tailored services that offer authenticity<br />

paired with superior comfort and delectable<br />

local cuisine.<br />



GPS coordinates:<br />

-16° 44.691’ S / 179° 53.561’ E<br />

Tel/WhatsApp<br />

+679 7258184<br />

+679 7258167<br />

TripAdvisor/Facebook - Dive<br />

Academy Fiji , Viani Bay Resort<br />

Guests are invited to join the conservation<br />

and community projects during their<br />

stay. The resort’s 5-star PADI Diving and<br />

Freediving Centre offers private diving<br />

experiences with maximum four dive guests<br />

per boat, and tailors the schedule to divers’<br />

bucket list, experience, and the condition.<br />

An important detail as diving the 30 sites<br />

on the Rainbow Reef including the famous<br />

Great White Wall is highly dependent on<br />

tides and currents. Dive Academy Fiji is the<br />

closest operator to the Rainbow Reef Sites<br />

and offers night dives and excursions to<br />

the Manta Rays in Rabi. It is the only PADI<br />

Freediving Centre in the area, and they<br />

teach SCUBA diving from introduction all<br />

the way up to pro.<br />

For guests looking for an unforgettable dive<br />

holiday, Dive Academy Fiji and Viani Bay<br />

Resort ticks all the boxes. With a commitment<br />

to conservation and community support,<br />

sustainable luxury, and personalized<br />

experiences, it’s a holiday like no other.<br />


New Zealand<br />


thawards.com<br />

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand<br />


108<br />

BAY OF<br />

PLENTY<br />


The North Island of New Zealand is simply packed with great things to do and see. Here are our top<br />

five “must see” destinations.<br />

1. Tauranga: The lovely harbour city of Tauranga is<br />

perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors.<br />

Surrounded by water and lush forests on all sides,<br />

it boasts excellent cycling and walking trails, as well<br />

as world class fishing and dolphin spotting. There<br />

are some great restaurants in town as well, with the<br />

local favourite Umami Fusion Kitchen winning several<br />

awards.<br />

2. Rotorua: Just inland from the city of Tauranga,<br />

Rotorua is a spectacular geothermal wonderland.<br />

The lake is, in fact, a caldera, or the top of an ancient<br />

volcano. Famous for its number of spurting geysers,<br />

healing mud pools, and bubbling hot springs, Rotorua<br />

is also a deeply important spot for Māori culture and<br />

an ideal place to experience a traditional ceremony.<br />

3. Moutohora Island: The Bay of Plenty has several<br />

islands that you can visit, but Moutohora, or Whale<br />

Island, is something special. A fiercely protected<br />

wildlife sanctuary, you can only go there with a select<br />

number of tour operators to see the blue penguins,<br />

grey-faced petrels, and fur seals. You can take a boat<br />

across to meet the local wildlife and even swim in a<br />

secluded hot water beach.<br />

4. Waihī Beach: Found at the northern tip of the Bay<br />

of Plenty, Waihī Beach is a five-mile-long, gorgeous,<br />

sandy beach that is known for its surfing and volcanic<br />

black sand. You can splash around in the sea, try your<br />

hand at surfing, or check out the cycling trails.<br />

5. Lake McLaren: If kayaking is your sort of thing, you<br />

can hop aboard in downtown Tauranga and take a<br />

once-in-a-lifetime trip down the Wairoa River. The<br />

waters wind past sheer cliff faces and lush vegetation<br />

that teems with delightful wildlife, and at the end, the<br />

incredibly scenic Lake McLaren comes into view. If<br />

you paddle along at the right time, the whole place is<br />

filled with dancing glow-worms.<br />


Regent of Rotorua<br />

New Zealand | Hotel & Restaurant<br />

World famous for its geothermal hot mud springs and deep links with traditional<br />

Māori culture, Rotorua is on the top of most people’s list when they visit New<br />

Zealand. And when you’re there, why not stay in style and luxury? The Regent of<br />

Rotorua is the perfect place to eat, relax, and play with the people that mean<br />

the most to you.<br />

Based in downtown Rotorua, this boutique hotel is just minutes away from<br />

beautiful Ōwhatiura Bay and even closer to more than a few fabulous<br />

local restaurants and bars. The Regent is ideally placed, whether you<br />

want to experience the healing hot thermal pools or experience a<br />

traditional pōwhiri (welcoming) ceremony while in town.<br />

The choice of suites you can stay in is as impressive as you’d<br />

expect from a boutique hotel like this. Guests can choose<br />

from a range of room sizes, from the Cutie Rooms that<br />

are ideal for solo travellers or couples, all the way up to<br />

the impressive opulence of the Superior Rooms with<br />

their huge flatscreen TVs, designer bathrobes, and<br />

stunning rainfall shower that can accommodate<br />

two at a time.<br />



1191 Pukaki Street,<br />

Rotorua 3010, New<br />

Zealand<br />

Tel +64 7 348 4079<br />

The award winning on-site restaurant, known<br />

as the Regent Room, is an ideal spot for coffee,<br />

a cocktail, or a special meal. Chef Alan Haslem<br />

pulls together all his experience to produce<br />

excellent contemporary New Zealand cuisine,<br />

with an ever changing seasonal menu that’s<br />

guaranteed to impress.<br />

Open for everything from takeaway coffees to<br />

opulent dinners, you can expect to see dishes<br />

like Chicken ballotine and Horopito Seasoned<br />

Venison Loin to plant-based options like<br />

Jackfruit ‘Crab’ Cakes and firm favourites like<br />

Sticky Date Pudding for dessert.<br />

So when you’re planning your next New Zealand<br />

adventure, don’t ignore the call to visit Rotorua,<br />

and just like royalty, the Regent is the place to<br />

stay when you’re in town.<br />



New Zealand | Motel<br />

The North Island of New Zealand is famous for its dramatic coastlines, and the<br />

Bay of Plenty Region is no exception. The town of Whakatāne is a cultural<br />

hub with a vivid Māori history, and is home to the marvellous One88 On<br />

Commerce Motel.<br />

Perfectly located to explore the local area, this comfortable<br />

establishment is a fan favourite. Each of the 22 rooms in the motel<br />

is air conditioned and comes with fast Wi-Fi and a flat-screen<br />

Smart TV. Guests can choose from Suites with a Super King<br />

size bed for solo travellers and couples, up to the spacious<br />

two-bed deluxe suite with luxurious spa bath, for families<br />

or larger groups. All suites come with a separate lounge<br />

for unwinding and are complete with comfy chairs and<br />

tables. All suites feature a kitchenette for preparing<br />

your own food, although Guests can also opt for<br />

a continental or hot cooked breakfast that will<br />

help to start the day off right, and get them<br />

ready for an adventure.<br />



188 Commerce Street,<br />

Whakatāne 3120,<br />

New Zealand<br />

Tel +6473070915<br />

The helpful and friendly staff at the motel are<br />

always happy to help during your stay and<br />

can recommend the best things to do in the<br />

area. The Motel Managers Liz and Malcolm are<br />

well-known for being some of the best hosts<br />

around having won many awards and industry<br />

accolades.<br />

Just a stone’s throw away from the gorgeous<br />

Ohope Beach, with its soft sands and excellent<br />

surfing, One88 is in just the right spot. It’s not<br />

far from the restaurants and bars of downtown<br />

Whakatāne either, so you won’t go hungry for<br />

great local food.<br />

The local area around One88 On Commerce has<br />

a wealth of outdoor activities that the region<br />

is famous for. You can bask in the hot springs<br />

in Awakeri, or go a bit further afield to the<br />

bubbling mud pools of Rotorua. Or get out onto<br />

the seas with a kayak tour or even experience<br />

an encounter with a dolphin by boat.<br />


114<br />




One of New Zealand’s premier regions for growing just about any fruit you can think of, it’s home<br />

to more than 200 fantastic vineyards and is now officially one of the world’s Great Wine Capitals.<br />

New Zealand’s Fruit Basket<br />

The Heretaunga Plains in the region’s south have the<br />

perfect weather and soil conditions for growing fabulous<br />

produce. The area is renowned for apples, figs, pears,<br />

and, of course, grapes. The most popular varietals are<br />

Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.<br />

Napier and Beyond<br />

When you visit, the stunning city of Napier awaits. Heavily<br />

damaged by a huge earthquake in the 1930s, it was rebuilt<br />

in a delightful Art Deco style that adds to the charm of<br />

this friendly place.<br />

The best spot to stay in town when you’re visiting the<br />

local wineries is the stunning Anchorage Motor Lodge. It’s<br />

a collection of spacious apartments that boast the best<br />

view across the harbour and is just steps away from the<br />

city’s fine selection of bars and restaurants, including the<br />

brilliant Urban Winery.<br />

Wineries and Festivals<br />

You can’t make it all the way to Hawke’s Bay without<br />

visiting a winery or two. The oldest and largest winery is<br />

the spectacular Mission Estate, birthplace of Kiwi wines,<br />

but you can also visit the wonderful Pask Winery in<br />

Gimblett Gravel.<br />

If you’re lucky enough to visit in the summer, make sure<br />

you check out the Food and Wine Classic festival. It brings<br />

together some of the best Kiwi food, drink, and chefs for<br />

a celebration of what the region does best.<br />


Anchorage Motor Lodge<br />

New Zealand | Hotel<br />

The North Island of New Zealand is home to some of the country’s most<br />

famous sites, lush landscapes, and exciting adventures. The city of Napier<br />

is filled with handsome architecture, palm tree lined streets, and the four<br />

star Anchorage Motor Lodge. A spacious and comfortable hotel with<br />

stunning views, it’s the perfect place to stay when you’re on a kiwi<br />

adventure.<br />

With 44 generously sized suites spread across three floors, guests<br />

can choose between one and two-room accommodations to<br />

suit their group size. Upper floor suites boast a spectacular<br />

view across the calm waters of the harbour, as well as<br />

separate lounge rooms for kicking back and relaxing in.<br />



26 West Quay, Ahuriri,<br />

Napier 4110, New<br />

Zealand<br />

Tel +06 834 4318<br />

If you’re looking for a little slice of luxury<br />

pampering, then the on-site Salt & Sea Day<br />

Spa should be your first port of call. Guests can<br />

choose from relaxing treatments including a full<br />

body scrub, Swedish massage, and Vagheggi<br />

mud treatment, to revive tired muscles after<br />

long days’ adventuring.<br />

And when you get a little peckish, you can call<br />

on the room service menu for breakfast classics<br />

like bacon eggs benedict, or a big plate dinners<br />

like steak and eggs with chips and a salad. Or<br />

you can wander just a few hundred metres<br />

down the road to some of Napier’s magnificent<br />

places to eat and drink.<br />

Ideally located in the Ahuriri neighbourhood,<br />

the hotel is perfectly placed for exploring the<br />

best of Napier’s bars and restaurants that<br />

line the fabulous quayside, like local favourite<br />

The Thirsty Whale Bar & Restaurant. Heading<br />

further afield, you can make the most of the<br />

Hawke’s Bay region and its collection of worldclass<br />

wineries and unbeatable local produce.<br />


118<br />



Once the centre of the Kiwi goldrush, Arrowtown is a piece of living history that happens to be set<br />

in one of the most beautiful parts of all New Zealand. The Southern Alps are the country’s highest<br />

range of mountains, and their stunning beauty is hard to forget.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Less than half an hour away from the seriously beautiful<br />

city of Queenstown and the international airport of the<br />

same name, Arrowtown is well connected with the rest of<br />

New Zealand and the world, despite feeling like you’re in<br />

your own personal, outdoor paradise. The easiest way to<br />

get around is by car, but if you snag yourself an Orbus Go<br />

Card, the buses are frequent and inexpensive.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

If you’re a fan of hair-raising adventure, whether on the<br />

water or flying through the air, the Shotover River is hard<br />

to beat. Home of exhilarating jet boat rides that zip along<br />

at more that 50 mph, as well as the world’s first and best<br />

canyon swing that’s a mere 60 metres off the ground, it’s<br />

an adrenaline junky’s heaven. It’s not all pulse-racing fun,<br />

though.<br />

Dining<br />

For a real local treat, you can’t go wrong with a visit to The<br />

Fork and Tap. A fabulous and newly renovated gem, it’s<br />

stuffed with good food and even better local beers.<br />

Accommodation<br />

If you crave luxury in a tranquil setting, then The Arrow<br />

Hotel sits resplendent on the hillside just outside of<br />

Arrowtown. Set across magnificent contemporary<br />

lodgings, it’s the most stylish place to stay in town.<br />


The Arrow Hotel<br />

New Zealand | Boutique Hotel<br />

New Zealand’s South Island. A jaw-dropping place that’s filled with towering<br />

mountains, ice blue lakes, and wide glaciers, it looks like it’s straight out<br />

of a fantasy film. And down in the south west, is the Arrow Hotel. It’s a luxury<br />

boutique hotel that’s within easy reach of New Zealand’s adventure<br />

capital, Queenstown.<br />

It started life as a stone cottage, but time and effort has transformed<br />

the humble building into a contemporary masterpiece. The<br />

expanded hotel features box shaped structures that cascade<br />

down the hillside, so that each room commands an excellent<br />

view while maintaining privacy for guests.<br />

The views of the mountains surrounding the hotel are<br />

framed through large picture windows in the suites,<br />

with each taking full advantage of the spectacular<br />

scenery as much as possible. The five luxurious<br />

rooms come equipped with luxurious beds,<br />

flat-screen TVs, coffee machines, and the<br />

option to have breakfast delivered to the<br />

room.<br />



The Arrow Hotel<br />

63 Manse Rd<br />

Arrowtown<br />

New Zealand 9302<br />

Tel +64 21 414141<br />

The close by settlement of Arrowtown, a historic<br />

goldmining site, is a charming place to visit<br />

when you stay at The Arrow. It has a delightful<br />

range of restaurants, shops, and opportunities<br />

to get out into the pristine wilderness that<br />

surrounds it.<br />

Some of the best walking, biking, and horse<br />

riding trails are in the Otago region, but nearby<br />

Queenstown is the place to visit if you crave<br />

adrenaline. The famous shot over jet boats and<br />

white knuckle ziplines are just two of these<br />

thrills you can experience nearby.<br />

A visit to The Arrow is anything but hair raising<br />

though. It’s a perfect place to relax and take in<br />

the clear mountain air. It’s a peaceful place to<br />

stay to recharge your batteries and leave an<br />

ordinary life behind in beautiful New Zealand.<br />


122<br />



Sitting peacefully on the shores of the great lake of the same name, Taupō is a friendly city that<br />

loves an outdoor adventure.<br />

How to Get In & Around<br />

A three-hour drive south from Auckland, the two cities<br />

are well connected by bus or internal flight. When you’re<br />

in Taupō, it’s simple to get around the compact city by<br />

foot, or you could rent a mountain bike and explore the<br />

excellent trails nearby.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

You can’t visit the Taupō region without making the<br />

pilgrimage to one of the most incredible sights in all of<br />

New Zealand, the Huka Falls. A huge torrent of water,<br />

you can get up close and personal on a jet boat ride, or<br />

just watch it from the safety of the banks. Famous for<br />

its geothermal pools and volcanic alpine terrain, it’s an<br />

outdoor paradise.<br />

Food & Drink<br />

By far the most popular restaurant for locals and visitors<br />

alike is Dixie Browns. A hot spot for delicious and hearty<br />

comfort food, you can expect to see fan favourites like<br />

crispy slow-cooked pork belly and, of course, succulent<br />

lamb shank. The pure waters around the lake also make<br />

for excellent brewing, so check out Lakeman Brewing Co.<br />

Accommodation<br />

You don’t need to look far to find a comfortable place<br />

to stay in Taupō. There’s a range of hotels, motels, and<br />

campsites to suit every taste and budget, but one of the<br />

best must be the Acacia Cliffs Lodge, just across the<br />

water from the city itself.<br />


The Village Resort<br />

New Zealand | Resort<br />

Located close to the banks of the majestic Lake Taupō, The Village Resort is<br />

a charming and popular place to stay. Ideal for exploring Taupō and the<br />

Waikato region beyond, it’s the ultimate family-friendly hotel.<br />

Complete with heated outdoor pool, spa pool, sun loungers, deck<br />

with a view, kids’ playground, and Barbeque area. The Village has<br />

got everything you need to stay entertained during your stay.<br />

The accommodation available ranges from cosy one bedroom<br />

suites to three bed lake view apartments for large families<br />

or groups of friends. The spacious, bright, and airy rooms<br />

are all air conditioned, and are comfortably furnished<br />

with queen and king beds. There are inviting sofas to<br />

relax on, and the washing facilities are just perfect<br />

for cleaning your clothes on long trips.<br />



82 Lake Terrace,<br />

Taupō, New Zealand<br />

Tel +07 378 0333<br />

Situated close to the shore in the town of Taupō,<br />

you’re not far from the excellent restaurants,<br />

bars, and shops that make up the town centre.<br />

You don’t need to leave The Village Resort<br />

for food though, because each suite comes<br />

complete with a fully equipped kitchen.<br />

It might look like a quiet little place, but Taupō<br />

is home to some of the best white-knuckle<br />

fun you can have in New Zealand. A Mecca<br />

for adrenaline junkies, you can take a thrilling<br />

jet boat ride right up to the raging Huka Falls,<br />

throw yourself out of plane on a local top rated<br />

skydiving experience, or bungee jump over the<br />

Waikato River.<br />

For something a little more sedate, the region<br />

is famous for its hot springs and geothermal<br />

activity, so you can take advantage of the<br />

healthy mineral waters and even hot mud close<br />

by. There’s eco sailing trips out on the lake, and<br />

beautiful walking trails to explore.<br />

There’s plenty of reasons why you should visit<br />

the Waikato region, and The Village Resort is<br />

one of them.<br />


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The gateway to the adventure playground of Coromandel, New Zealand, the holiday town of<br />

Pauanui has something for everyone. Wide beaches, beautiful views, and the famous laid-back<br />

Kiwi vibe make this a must for a weekend break.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

About a three-hour, scenic drive from New Zealand’s<br />

biggest city, Auckland, Pauanui is wonderfully secluded. If<br />

you want to do it without hiring a car, you can hop on a Go<br />

Kiwi shuttle bus instead.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

You can’t spend time in Pauanui without getting a little bit<br />

of sand between your toes. Whether you’re sunbathing,<br />

taking out a sea kayak, or simply strolling along the wide<br />

beach, it’s the perfect place to spend some time in the<br />

fresh air. You can take surf lessons with the instructors at<br />

the Outback Surf Shop, or even try your hand at stand-up<br />

paddleboarding if you like things a little bit more relaxed.<br />

If you like a challenge, hike up Mount Pauanui for the best<br />

view of the surrounding countryside.<br />

Food & Drink<br />

When you’re in town, you’ll need to check out The Local.<br />

It’s a friendly spot that does proper Kiwi grub like calamari<br />

salad and, of course, beer-battered fish and chips.<br />

Accommodation<br />

With all this fresh air and exciting outdoor activities to get<br />

stuck into, you’re going to need somewhere with comfy<br />

beds and a warm welcome. The Pauanui Pines Motor<br />

Lodge is the ideal place to kick back and relax. The spacious<br />

rooms and complimentary bicycle hire are brilliant.<br />


Pauanui Pines<br />

Motor Lodge<br />

New Zealand | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Found within the stunning natural beauty of the Coromandel Peninsula<br />

on the North Island of New Zealand is the Pauanui Motor Lodge.<br />

Perfectly placed for your next Kiwi adventure, this collection of<br />

18 cottages is just what you need for a relaxing break.<br />

Sandwiched between the wide Tairua River on one side and<br />

the South Pacific Ocean on the other, the delightful town of<br />

Pauanui is known for its laid back attitude and zest for life<br />

spent outdoors in the abundant nature that surrounds it.<br />

Guests can choose from a one bedroom twin apartment,<br />

one bedroom queen apartment, or a two bedroom<br />

apartment to suit their needs. Each modern<br />

and spotlessly clean apartment includes full<br />

kitchen facilities, good size bathrooms, and a<br />

lounge area to kick back after a hard days’<br />

adventuring.<br />



174 Vista Paku,<br />

Pauanui Beach, New<br />

Zealand<br />

Tel +64 7 864 8086<br />

It’s your choice whether to take a dip in the<br />

outdoor pool, or just sit back and relax in the<br />

spa pool to soak away your worries in the warm<br />

waters. And when you’re hungry, you can make<br />

use of the complimentary gas barbecues to cook<br />

up a tasty meal al fresco on the deck. Feeling<br />

a bit more energetic? You can borrow a bicycle<br />

and helmet, free of charge, or get competitive<br />

on the on-site tennis court with complementary<br />

rackets available at the front desk.<br />

A short walk from the stunning Pauanui Beach,<br />

a favourite among surfers for its consistent<br />

waves, and not much further from the picture<br />

perfect Pauanui Waterfall, there’s plenty to see<br />

and do, and right on the doorstep.<br />

The lodge is about 2 minutes’ walk away from<br />

the main shops.<br />

The North Island of New Zealand has so much to<br />

offer, and the best way to see it is at the Pauanui<br />

Pines Motor Lodge, a little slice of paradise on<br />

the Coromandel.<br />






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