Travel & Hospitality Awards - Americas 2023

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<strong>Americas</strong><br />



Jamaica | Unique Tour Company<br />





Sponsor and<br />


Team<br />

CEO<br />

Robert Bruce<br />

Editor-In-Chief<br />

Katherine Lozell<br />

Art Director<br />

Marcs Bacera<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Director<br />

Brian Anson<br />

Editorial Liaison Manager<br />

David Hyde<br />

Director Of Marketing<br />

Azim Aftab<br />

Social Media Manager<br />

Apple Gatus<br />

Senior Writers<br />

Tasmai Dave & Zavier Zulfqar<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Harry Duncton<br />

Senior Designers<br />

Maria Fernandes & Ashwin Ramesh<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Managers<br />

Adam Cole, Alice Smith,<br />

& Stanley Lucas<br />

Research Managers<br />

Peter Clement & Mukul<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Joseph Malabanan, Michael Popoola,<br />

& Harry Duncton<br />

Contents<br />

Sponsor and Partners 6<br />

Team 8<br />

Contents 8<br />

Criteria 10<br />

Criteria 12<br />

Our <strong>Hospitality</strong> Managers 14<br />

Keir Weimer 16<br />

Bianca Zullibeth Velasquez 22<br />

Guesthouses Done Right 26<br />

The Lark & Loon Inn 28<br />

Patterson Inn Hotel & Restaurant 32<br />

Holidae House Bed & Breakfast 32<br />

Black Walnut Bed & Breakfast 34<br />

The Perfect Boat Trip 36<br />

Treasure Seekers Shell Tours 38<br />

toursgrenada.com 40<br />

Exuma Escapes Bahamas 42<br />

Baja Charters 44<br />

The United States of America 46<br />

Weekender Hotels - The Alpine Lodge 48<br />

Fort Lauderdale The Venice of America 50<br />

Nobleton Hotel 52<br />

New Orleans Big Easy 54<br />

New Orleans Top Tours 58<br />

The Vegas 560<br />

Marvit Tours LLC 62<br />

Discover Wallowa 64<br />

Mingo Motel 66<br />

Canada 68<br />

Grand Vancouver 70<br />

Smithers Gateway To The North 72<br />

Rocky Ridge Resort-BC 74<br />

Québec Top 3 76<br />

LA maison de l’île d’Orléans 78

Mexico 80<br />

San Miguel De Allende Hidden Gem 82<br />

Casa Grande Luxury Accommodations<br />

San Miguel 84<br />

Luxury in Mexico<br />

Punta Mita 86<br />

Casita Mia de Mita 88<br />

Hayhu Beach Mexicos Best 90<br />

Hayhu Beach Club & Cabañas 92<br />

Costa Rica 94<br />

The Home of Beautiful Beaches 96<br />

Belize 98<br />

Natural Wonders of Belize 100<br />

Mariposa Beach Resort 102<br />

Colombia 104<br />

The Country that has it All 106<br />

Captivating Cartagena 108<br />

Charleston Santa Teresa Cartagena<br />

Hotel............................................... 110<br />

La Guajira Off the Beaten Path 112<br />

Palomino Sunrise 114<br />

Peru116<br />

Peru Country Profile 118<br />

Planet Odysseys 122<br />

Bahamas 124<br />

The Bahamas Super 6 126<br />

John Watling’s Distillery, Ltd. 130<br />

Cuba 132<br />

Havana 134<br />

Cubyke136<br />

Havana Day Trips 138<br />

Taxi Driver Cuba 140<br />

Jamaica 142<br />

Jewel of the Caribbean 144<br />

Island Paradise 146<br />

Tiki Pon Da Sea 148<br />

Turks & Caicos 150<br />

Turks & Caicos Beautiful By Nature 152<br />

Get To Know Provo 156<br />

Puerto Rico 158<br />

Charming Puerto Rico 160<br />

Adventure in PR 164<br />

Hidden Excursions PR 166<br />

Barbados 168<br />

Relaxed Getaway 170<br />

Tantalus 172

Criteria<br />

Service<br />

Excellence in Service is an important<br />

category, as customer service can often<br />

be responsible for having guests return<br />

year after year. We look for the hotels<br />

and tour operators that go out of their<br />

way to please their guests, those that<br />

provide a personal level of service and<br />

take the time to get to know each visitor<br />

so that they might anticipate their every<br />

need. This can be something as simple<br />

as a 24-hour concierge desk, a hotel<br />

manager who offers a personal greeting<br />

or a tour guide who is happy to create<br />

bespoke private tours – but whatever<br />

it is, we are always pleased when we<br />

encounter staff that have been trained<br />

in the art of customer satisfaction.<br />

Style & Design<br />

It is no question that style and design<br />

plays a big part in selecting our awards<br />

shortlist. A guest will form an opinion<br />

about a hotel as soon as they arrive<br />

so it is important to us that all our<br />

winners make those first impressions<br />

count. We’re certainly not partial to a<br />

particular period of architecture – but<br />

whether we’re judging a gothic castle or<br />

an environmentally friendly lodge, the<br />

criteria remains the same. We consider<br />

factors such as architectural features,<br />

use of materials, creation of spaces,<br />

décor and the overall feel. We love it<br />

when we find a hotel that tells a story<br />

though its design and construction, or<br />

offers a design that is sympathetic to<br />

the natural surroundings of its location.<br />


Local Knowledge<br />

Knowledge of the local area is essential<br />

for any organization, be it a hotel or a<br />

tour operator. The quality of services<br />

takes a great hit when the quality of this<br />

element is not up to the mark. Quite a<br />

few of our winners in this category are<br />

because they have displayed excellent<br />

knowledge about the surrounding<br />

areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly<br />

lenient compared to a tour operator, as<br />

the latter is expected to have thorough<br />

knowledge of the area in order to<br />

provide good services.<br />

Facilities<br />

Award-winning guest rooms come in all<br />

shapes and sizes, but they all have one<br />

thing in common – a home-away-fromhome<br />

feel. The comfort of the facilities<br />

on offer are of vital importance; we look<br />

for luxurious linens, stylish bathrooms<br />

and a coordinated colour scheme that<br />

work together to create a cohesive<br />

sense of relaxation. Additional touches,<br />

such as complimentary toiletries, free<br />

wi-fi or tea and coffee making facilities<br />

are always a bonus in making us feel<br />

welcome. We’re always impressed to find<br />

hotel rooms that embrace technology<br />

and offer amenities like tablets or smart<br />

thermostat systems, but this does not<br />

always necessarily trump the traditional<br />

– four poster beds, ornate fireplaces or<br />

antique furniture can add a touch of<br />

decadence to a hotel stay.<br />

Marketing<br />

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour<br />

operator cannot rely on word of mouth<br />

to get their message out into the world.<br />

As social media has become a vital<br />

part of everyday life, we like to see<br />

companies that go the extra mile to<br />

engage with their guests, both past<br />

and future. Attractive and informative<br />

websites and engaging and honest<br />

content are what we look for when<br />

judging a company’s use of marketing;<br />

how well they display their services, how<br />

up-to-date their content is, how well<br />

they get their brand message across,<br />

and, most importantly, how well their<br />

marketing can tempt us to go and see<br />

what they have to offer for ourselves.<br />


Criteria<br />

Diversity<br />

Diversity is one important aspect that<br />

needs to be taken into consideration<br />

when in the travel and hospitality<br />

industry. It is essential to have staff<br />

that has varying diversity to ensure that<br />

the organization can properly connect<br />

with their guests. Diversity is taken into<br />

account in terms of gender, nationality<br />

as well as languages spoken among<br />

other factors. Not only do we take the<br />

diversity of the staff into account but<br />

even that of the facilities and services<br />

offered; a hotel or tour operator<br />

providing a better range of services is<br />

preferred over those that do not.<br />

Customer Reviews<br />

What better way is there to know about<br />

an organization than by getting first<br />

hand reviews? Customers are the best<br />

judges of any service as they are the<br />

ones who experience them and can<br />

assess whether they were up to the<br />

mark or not. Considering reviews from<br />

hundreds of customers gives us a fair<br />

idea about the general pros and cons<br />

of any organization and also gives us<br />

valuable inputs for the other criteria<br />

as well.<br />


Industry Knowledge<br />

It is of prime importance that an<br />

organization has thorough industry<br />

knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits<br />

of the industry, it is difficult to flourish<br />

and provide services which are a class<br />

apart. Before any organization ventures<br />

into the industry, it is essential that<br />

they know how the industry is moving<br />

and how they should make changes to<br />

their methodologies in order to remain<br />

relevant and also be a top-performing<br />

organization.<br />

Location<br />

Location is one of the most important factors, but also one of the most subjective,<br />

as the ‘ideal’ is very much determined by the type of visitor and the type of<br />

hotel itself. However, there are a few factors we take into consideration when<br />

determining the winners of location-based awards. The first is convenience; that<br />

is, hotels that are easy to travel to. Many of our winners in this category are in<br />

convenient locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or found in<br />

the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always impressed when hotels go the<br />

extra mile to take the hassle out of traveling and offer such additional services as<br />

airport shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited to come across<br />

a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, off-the-beaten-track. A hotel that can<br />

offer something a little different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the<br />

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.<br />


14<br />




Responsible for overseeing the operations of a hotel, resort, or just about anywhere you can stay,<br />

a great hospitality manager wears several hats.<br />

Leadership<br />

A good hospitality manager needs to have strong<br />

leadership and communication skills, the ability to talk<br />

to staff and guests at all levels, and the talent to think<br />

strategically and problem-solve. They need to be able<br />

to lead and coordinate the work of a diverse team of<br />

employees, including those in front-of-house and backof-house<br />

roles.<br />

Knowledge<br />

They naturally need a deep understanding of the<br />

industry and how to deliver the very best in customer<br />

service. The best hospitality managers<br />

have a working knowledge of<br />

all functions and roles in the<br />

hotel or resort so that they<br />

can effectively manage<br />

and plan for the future.<br />

Teamwork<br />

They should also be able to manage and motivate a team,<br />

lead by example, and inspire others to produce their best<br />

work. A resort or hotel is run by tens or even hundreds<br />

of different people that work in different departments but<br />

who all need to work together.<br />

Experience<br />

It helps to have experience in one or more departments<br />

in the hospitality business. Managers who have<br />

worked in front- or back-of-house roles have a greater<br />

understanding of what it takes to make things run<br />

smoothly.<br />

It’s not a job for the fainthearted and it can be difficult at<br />

times, but it’s a role that changes every day and can never<br />

be called boring.<br />


Keir Weimer<br />

Weekender<br />

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Weekender<br />

Growing up, I would escape to the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY<br />

with my family. It was a magical place for me where I created some<br />

of my best memories growing up, exploring nature and the great<br />

outdoors: hiking the High Peaks, swimming and fishing in the lakes<br />

and rivers, building campfires with my friends, and experiencing<br />

the ultimate rush of skiing down a mountain. I feel most at<br />

home in the Great Outdoors and in the mountains, and so for<br />

me Weekender is a very personal experience and pursuit,<br />

and I am grateful I get to build a platform and a series<br />

of places and experiences to share this pastime and<br />

passion with others now.<br />


I learned to love the adventure and joy of travel at a young age, as my<br />

parents instilled in me this appreciation for other places and cultures and<br />

a desire to be a student of the world through travel. This passion grew<br />

within me over the years as I got older. By the time I graduated from college,<br />

I’d spent time living in London and had visited over a dozen countries.<br />

The wanderlust, the thirst for adventure, the quest for freedom, and the<br />

passion for connecting with the world around me in new and meaningful<br />

ways was deeply entrenched in who I was as a person.<br />

After some hard life experiences in my 20s at the end of college that kept<br />

me from the travel and adventure I loved, I started a career in real estate at<br />

30 years old. I founded and grew several successful companies in the real<br />

estate, multimedia, and venture-backed tech startup spaces, and then<br />

“came back home” to one of my deepest passions by founding Weekender<br />

when I was 37 in the spring of 2021.<br />

I was fortunate to have a childhood that included travel, adventure,<br />

new experiences, and an appreciation for lifelong explorations—of both<br />

the world around us and of ourselves. I founded Weekender because I<br />

wanted to provide a setting for others to do the same thing. I wanted<br />

Weekender to be a guide focused on helping bring newfound joy, freedom<br />

and adventure to their lives. And, most importantly, it is my hope that<br />

Weekender is an invitation and an inspiration to others to create their own<br />

memories just like the ones I created and hold so dear.<br />

Weekender started with a property in the Adirondack Mountains of<br />

Upstate NY—where I had spent so many amazing summers in childhood.<br />

It was a refocus on what makes life worth living: the sense of adventure<br />


of heading out into the great outdoors<br />

on a new hike, the calm and freedom of<br />

slowing down to watch the sunrise over<br />

the lake, the community and connection<br />

of gathering around a warm campfire to<br />

share stories after a day full of outside<br />

adventures.<br />

We have a bold vision to inspire the next<br />

generation of travelers to adventure<br />

more into the great outdoors; to<br />

roam freely and explore new areas<br />

and activities; to find and nurture<br />

their passions; and to connect with<br />

themselves, those they love, and the<br />

world around them more deeply. We are<br />

on a mission to bring “The Weekend”<br />

back to the lives of our guests.<br />

We invite you to experience for yourself<br />

the freedom of the great outdoors,<br />

the power of connecting with others<br />

and experiencing new things, the<br />

joy of a life lived on purpose, and<br />

the transformation available through<br />

adventure. This message is resonating<br />

with guests around the world because<br />

our organization is growing quickly. We’re<br />

now headed into our second year with 4<br />

hotels and 2 new upcoming launches in<br />

summer of 2022, and we have several<br />

more hotels and experiences planned<br />

for the next few years.<br />

With all this growth, I still always come<br />

back to one of my core passions in life:<br />

the passion and commitment to travel,<br />

adventure, and exploring the great<br />

outdoors. As an avid outdoor enthusiast<br />

and athlete, you can often find me<br />

summiting a mountain, skiing in the<br />

backcountry, flying down a single-track<br />

mountain bike trail, or out on the open<br />

water boating, sailing, or kayaking. It’s<br />

out in the great outdoors where I feel<br />

most free and at home, and I invite you<br />

to come along for the adventure!<br />


What sets Weekender apart<br />

within the hospitality space?<br />

We are here to inspire the next<br />

generation of travelers to adventure<br />

more into the great outdoors, to<br />

explore new areas and activities, to<br />

find and nurture their passions, and<br />

to connect with themselves, those<br />

they love, and the world around them<br />

more deeply.<br />

With Weekender, this is your chance<br />

to explore new places, try new<br />

things, and create lifelong memories<br />

with the ones you love, and to do it<br />

through adventure and exploration<br />

at the heart of your vacation<br />

experience. We’re here to make it all<br />

possible. You get the comforts of<br />

a luxury stay with proximity to the<br />

great outdoors, endless outdoor<br />

activities and adventures, Smart<br />

Hotel technological amenities,<br />

design-forward and modern rooms<br />

and public spaces, and a fun and hip<br />

basecamp for your next adventure.<br />

Is there any property or activity<br />

you’d recommend for a first-time<br />

visitor?<br />

I would recommend Great Pines<br />

(https://greatpines.com/), our<br />

flagship Weekender property and<br />

my first foray into hospitality in 2015,<br />

almost 6 full years before Weekender<br />

was born and launched in 2021, and<br />

began to grow very quickly over the<br />

last 18 months into now 7 hotels and<br />

properties, going on 10 in Q1 next<br />

year in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

It’s right on the water on a beautiful<br />

Adirondack mountain lake, close to<br />

so many wonderful outdoor activities,<br />

has a restaurant and bar on property,<br />

and a real mountain lodge aesthetic<br />

and feel.<br />

You acquired your first property<br />

in 2015 but experienced sizeable<br />

growth during the pandemic<br />

years. What challenges did you<br />

face during the pandemic and<br />

how have you overcome these?<br />

I would say the biggest challenge was<br />

the rapidly changing labor market to<br />

be honest in these small destination<br />

Resort communities that our hotels<br />

are located in. But we found new<br />

and creative ways to overcome<br />

this challenge. Also early on in the<br />

pandemic the challenge of making<br />

guests feel safe and providing a safe<br />

and accommodating environment<br />

was a challenge but a challenge that<br />

we adapted to quickly.<br />


What does the future hold for<br />

Weekender?<br />

We are excited to continue the growth<br />

of Weekender at an even faster pace<br />

to really help transform the new<br />

future leisure travel and to inspire the<br />

next generation of travelers through<br />

adventure and exploration! We’re<br />

acquiring, renovating and launching<br />

anywhere from 5 to 7 new hotel<br />

activations per year moving forward<br />

and ramping up our operations,<br />

implementing new brand standards<br />

and new experiences this coming<br />

year, and also launching 2 new subbrands<br />

of Weekender that I can’t<br />

speak much about now but excited<br />

to launch in <strong>2023</strong>. So stay tuned!<br />

It’s fair to say <strong>Travel</strong> is a passion<br />

for you. What advice would you<br />

give to anyone starting out in the<br />

industry?<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> and adventure are some of<br />

my biggest passions and core values<br />

in life. That’s why it’s so exciting to<br />

be building what we’re building at<br />

Weekender, as it is very aligned with<br />

my personal values and interests. I<br />

believe we’re not fully activated as<br />

ourselves and not fully alive until we<br />

get up and move and explore new<br />

experiences, meet new people, and<br />

adventure in new areas. That’s why<br />

I am humbled to be able to share<br />

this dedication and passion to other<br />

people across the world through<br />

Weekender.<br />

Finally, what is your favourite<br />

place to travel and why?<br />

I love travelling internationally to new<br />

countries and new places, meeting<br />

new people, learning their stories<br />

and backgrounds and passions,<br />

and finding new adventures and<br />

excursions in the Great Outdoors.<br />

It is hard to pick a specific place to<br />

say, but I tend to favour mountains<br />

over ocean, rugged outdoors over<br />

pampered luxury. Last winter and<br />

again this winter, I will be living,<br />

working and adventuring remote out<br />

West in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming,<br />

and other states, searching for new<br />

markets and hotels where Weekender<br />

can enter the Western market in<br />

the Rocky Mountains, and getting<br />

inspired through travel and new<br />

experiences.<br />



Bianca Zullibeth<br />

Velasquez<br />

<strong>Hospitality</strong> Manager | Mexico<br />

Hotel Bardo has a natural and almost tranquil ambience, what was the<br />

thinking behind this? And how does the adult-only concept play into<br />

this?<br />

One of the founders, entrepreneur Alberto Penny with his four partners<br />

and lifelong friends, together created an oasis that today is Hotel Bardo.<br />

Located within the town of Tulum, this unique adult-only boutique<br />

hotel concept invites guests to experience an intimate and profound<br />

transformation to connect with their inner voice.<br />

The concept behind Bardo is from Tibetan Buddhism that<br />

symbolizes a mystique that leads toward the search for<br />

oneself, spiritually and emotionally. Besides being inspired<br />

by the symbolism of Bardo, our founders set out to<br />

create an environment where we invite our guests<br />

to immerse themselves in our surroundings to<br />

experience a form of rebirth.<br />


The adult-only concept was to<br />

allow our guests to be present<br />

and in search of the optimum<br />

equilibrium. The intention was<br />

an experience-based location<br />

of transformation to awaken<br />

the deepest corners of our<br />

minds. Hotel Bardo balances<br />

distinctive design and luxury<br />

based on a contemporary<br />

lifestyle, secluded within<br />

the Mayan jungle so guests<br />

can live a pure, unique, and<br />

transformative experience.<br />


Gastronomy is a key part of the Hotel<br />

Bardo Experience. What can guests<br />

expect when it to food and what would<br />

you recommend for first time visitors?<br />

We are proud of the cuisine that we can<br />

offer on our premises. Our chefs are local<br />

to the region and maintain their identity<br />

through the gastronomy served within<br />

our restaurant Milam, whose inspiration is<br />

keeping the authentic taste of the southern<br />

part of the country by using traditional<br />

Yucatecan ingredients. Milam is available<br />

for indoor and outdoor dining for breakfast,<br />

lunch & dinner from 7:30 am - 11:00 pm.<br />

For our visitors, we recommend trying two<br />

of our signature dishes on our menu that<br />

we are very proud of! The first is a fresh<br />

catch of the day, slowly cooked in white<br />

wine with local spices and accompanied by<br />

grilled vegetables. The second dish is our<br />

famous “Tacos de la Suegra” pork terrine<br />

tacos, which have a three-day preparation<br />

process. It is a recipe that has been in our<br />

Chef’s family for over 80 years, they are<br />

delicious!<br />

What does the future hold for Hotel<br />

Bardo?<br />

Our founders have plans to continue<br />

growing in what will be Grupo Bardo. We<br />

are in the development phase of expanding<br />

and enlarging our family with a strong<br />

concept in-line with our values - the aim<br />

of transforming our guests’ lives with each<br />

of our projects. Milam Boutique Hotel and<br />

Residences, our next project, is scheduled<br />

to open in the Summer of <strong>2023</strong> in the<br />

Holistica Colonia of Tulum.<br />

What obstacles did you face during<br />

Covid pandemic?<br />

For us, one of the biggest hurdles during the<br />

COVID pandemic was finding a way to meet<br />

the high level sanitary protections of our<br />

guests’ and complying with the constant<br />

changes from the World Health Organization.<br />

We had to go above and beyond to make our<br />

guests feel as safe and secure during their<br />

stay at our establishment as if they were at<br />

home. In the hospitality sector we all faced<br />

unforeseen threats of a pandemic hinering<br />

our business, but we also turned those<br />


looming threats into opportunities. Now,<br />

we have implemented new protocols at<br />

our hotel that are a part of our culture.<br />

Tulum is often compared to Cancun,<br />

and some may argue it’s a better<br />

holiday destination. What do<br />

you think sets Tulum apart from<br />

Cancun?<br />

Tulum and Cancun are two completely<br />

different destinations. Our beaches,<br />

our biodiversity, and the ancestral<br />

atmosphere of Tulum are ideal for<br />

reconnecting with nature and oneself by<br />

offering a niche market to those who seek<br />

a unique, bohemian experience. Tulum<br />

stands out as a Wellness destination<br />

whereas Cancun idolizes itself as a resort<br />

destination. I believe that nowadays,<br />

people are looking to make meaningful<br />

changes in their lives through travel in<br />

a more holistic way. Tulum is the perfect<br />

destination for that, as opposed to an<br />

all-inclusive resort on the manufactured<br />

beaches of Cancun.<br />

What advice would you give to<br />

anyone start in the hospitality<br />

industry?<br />

Pursuing the human experience<br />

at all times and with humility will<br />

allow you to connect more deeply<br />

with people. I also believe that<br />

attention to detail is what makes<br />

the difference.<br />

Finally, what your favourite<br />

place to travel and why?<br />

Paris is one of my dream places<br />

because of the beauty of the<br />

streets, culture, gastronomy,<br />

history, romanticism, and the<br />

high standards of quality and<br />

luxury that hospitality offers in the<br />

destination.<br />


Guntersville Lake,<br />

Alabama, USA<br />




The famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson goes “It’s the not the destination, it’s the journey.”<br />

As much as that can be the case, you wouldn’t be happy if, on arrival, you found a faceless hotel<br />

with a drab breakfast.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong>ling through North America is always an adventure.<br />

The vast lands are as varied as anywhere on Earth – there’s<br />

desert, plains, grand cities, and prairies. And all throughout<br />

this majestic scenery is the great American guesthouse.<br />

What is a guesthouse and why is it special? The typical<br />

guesthouse is a privately-owned property that is run by<br />

the owner. There are usually fewer rooms than a hotel<br />

and it feels more like a “home-from-home” than a big<br />

hotel would. The magic comes from being able to stay in<br />

a unique place that’s unlike anywhere else, plus the level<br />

of service you get from someone with a vested interest in<br />

your happiness.<br />

But for some holidaymakers, a chain hotel is exactly what<br />

they want. Whether you’re staying in Montreal or Houston,<br />

Santa Barbara or Atlantic City, the room will look, feel, and<br />

might even smell the same. You know what you’re getting<br />

before you even think about booking – and if you travel a<br />

lot, you might get discounts as well.<br />

So, how and why do these characterful hostelries remain<br />

part of the American landscape? When huge hotel chains<br />

offer more amenities, a standardised room type, and<br />

arguably cheaper rates across the board, you might think<br />

that a boutique guesthouse would lose out. However, you’ll<br />

be pleased to know that that isn’t the case.<br />

In the age of large corporate hotels that, while comfortable<br />

and reliable, lack any personality or charm, the guesthouse<br />

offers an oasis of a historic or unique place in which you<br />

can hang your hat for the night. Almost always run by<br />

hardworking folks that let their own personalities rub off<br />

on their guesthouses, they add so much to a trip that they<br />

become a key part.<br />

If you want to stay out in the countryside where the air is<br />

clear and you’re far from the rumble of constant traffic, a<br />

guesthouse is a fine option. And it doesn’t get more tranquil<br />

than La maison de l’île d’Orléans. This historic guesthouse<br />

can be found in the heart of French-speaking Canada, just<br />

east of grand Quebec City.<br />

Or if you’re in North Carolina and want a luxurious stay<br />

close to one of America’s great homes, the Biltmore Estate,<br />

then The Black Walnut Bed & Breakfast is perfect. These<br />

charming and characterful places to stay will leave you<br />

with lasting memories that just can’t be made in a motel.<br />


The Lark & Loon Inn<br />

Canada | Guest House<br />

One of Canada’s founding provinces of Nova Scotia faces the Atlantic Ocean and<br />

is famous for its huge lobsters, juicy apples, and beautiful countryside. Make<br />

the most of “Canada’s Ocean Playground”, and book yourself a spacious room<br />

at The Lark & Loon Inn. The landmark heritage building that’s home to the Inn<br />

is a stunning example of late 1800’s Victorian architecture and is filled with<br />

delightful antique furniture, high ceilings, and period features. Located on<br />

a wide and leafy avenue just outside the town centre, it’s perfect for<br />

anyone who wants to get away from it all.<br />

Your day will be filled exploring a community steeped in culture<br />

and history. Visit the beautiful Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens,<br />

17 acres of serenity you can stroll through all year round.<br />

Canada’s oldest and easily most important site Fort Anne<br />

where you can delve into the Acadian connection with<br />

a Parks Canada interpreter. Annapolis Royal will thrill<br />

you with various galleries, gift shops and fine dining<br />

that have become part of the fabric of this jewel<br />

of a town.<br />


Annapolis Royal sits at the end of one of the most fertile<br />

valleys in Canada boasting some of the best, wineries<br />

and craft breweries in the world. Green valleys and a<br />

winding river will certainly fill your soul while your body<br />

will be filled with some of the finest culinary delights<br />

known to Man. We invite you to come share this bounty<br />

with us in our beautiful home and experience Canada’s<br />

oldest and most historic community.<br />

The rooms in The Lark & Loon Inn are exactly what<br />

you would dream about in a proper historic inn.<br />

There are four poster beds, deep armchairs to relax<br />

in, thick bedspreads, and handsome wood floors. The<br />

bathrooms boast deep claw foot baths and corner<br />

showers, while the spacious lounge is the ideal place to<br />

pass the time in peace. It wouldn’t be much of a stay if<br />

breakfast wasn’t included though. Don’t worry, The Lark<br />

& Loon Inn supports local producers and offers one<br />

of the best breakfasts in the province. The wonderful<br />

hosts can accommodate dietary requirements and<br />

make sure you start your day right.<br />


643 St. George Street,<br />

Annapolis Royal, NS,<br />

B0S 1A0, Canada<br />

Tel +1 902 286 2068<br />


Patterson Inn Hotel<br />

& Restaurant<br />

USA | Hotel & Restaurant<br />

Denver, the “Mile High City”, is one of America’s greatest places. It<br />

has big city sophistication while being surrounded by some of the<br />

best scenery that the country has to offer. And for those in the know,<br />

the Capitol Hill neighbourhood is home to one of the best boutique<br />

hotels in the state, the Patterson Hotel & Inn.<br />

The historic hotel building is made from local Manitou sandstone<br />

in the French chateau style, with towering turrets and a<br />

steep gabled roof. This charming and characterful bed and<br />

breakfast hotel has a terrace, a cosy bar, and a unique<br />

history to learn when you stay.<br />

Boasting nine luxurious and unique suites, from the<br />

Prague with its spectacular four poster bed to<br />

the beautiful blue Biltmore or the dark wooden<br />

delight that is the Library, the Patterson Inn<br />

has a sumptuous space for all tastes.<br />


The only thing that’s sure to get you out of your<br />

deep and comfortable bed in the morning is the Inn’s<br />

famous breakfast. Made fresh every day to order, you<br />

can have what you like, and the helpful staff can cater<br />

for all dietary needs as well.<br />

Located in a charming part of Denver, right in the<br />

heart of the city, The Patterson is perfect for exploring<br />

Colorado’s most populous city. The Denver Art<br />

Museum, Clyfford Still Museum, and the fascinating<br />

Denver Mint are all withing a few block’s walk, and<br />

there are plenty of restaurants to choose from too.<br />

So, if you want to stay in a historic mansion with a<br />

rich history, luxurious rooms, and warm welcome, The<br />

Patterson Historic Inn is the only place you need to<br />

stay.<br />


420 East 11th Avenue,<br />

Denver CO 80203<br />

Tel +1 303 955 5142<br />


Holidae House<br />

Bed & Breakfast<br />

USA | Guest House<br />

If you find yourself in “The Pine Tree State”, one of the best places<br />

to visit is the outdoor paradise of Bethel. A small town with a vast<br />

outlook, it’s surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and happens<br />

to be home to a fine place to hang your hat. The Holidae House<br />

Bed & Breakfast is a classic Maine clapperboard lodging<br />

that is as cosy and luxurious as it looks.<br />

The house, built in 1906 and home to owners John and<br />

Jeanette Poole, is a grand and impressive Victorianstyle<br />

property painted in dark green, but with playful<br />

pink accents that make it feel incredibly inviting<br />

from the outside. With eight delightful suites to<br />

choose from, you’re spoiled for choice.<br />


It’s everything you’d expect from a classic American guesthouse<br />

on this inside too- dark wood antique furniture, huge soft fourposter<br />

beds, and a home cooked gourmet breakfast to die for. The<br />

famous Chef’s Choice breakfast is prepared fresh every day by<br />

proprietor Jeanette, so expect locally sourced organic produce<br />

and some of the best fluffy pancakes in the state.<br />

Whether you choose to stay in the blushing pink Rose room, the<br />

gilded masterpiece that’s known as the McIntosh room, or the<br />

huge and historically correct Wandering Moose room, it’s obvious<br />

that the lodgings have been decorated with love. They’re not just<br />

beautiful though, the decadent furnishings and deep mattresses<br />

are just what you’ll need to get away from it all.<br />

If you’re planning on getting out into the great outdoors, then the<br />

wide and friendly streets of Bethel is the ideal launchpad. You can<br />

relax with a stroll through “Maine’s favourite mountain village” to<br />

check out local favourites like Sud’s Pub and the Sunday River<br />

Brewing Company or go wild on the ski slopes of the Sunday River<br />

Resort that’s just round the corner. The Holidae House welcomes<br />

you to stay all year round.<br />


85 Main St., Bethel, ME 04217<br />

Tel +1 207 824 3400<br />


Black Walnut<br />

Bed & Breakfast<br />

USA | Guest House<br />

The Blue Ridge Mountains have inspired generations of Americans to<br />

explore their beautiful country. Sitting peacefully in their shadow, the<br />

city of Asheville is the ideal place to take in the sights of historic North<br />

Carolina, and if you’re going to stay, you should stay at the Black<br />

Walnut Bed & Breakfast.<br />

Built in 1899, the Black Walnut is a quintessential place to hang your<br />

hat and unwind. Whether you’ve been out in the great outdoors<br />

or simply enjoying the Asheville food and beer scene, it’s a<br />

cozy and luxurious place to stay.<br />

With eight unique and utterly delightful rooms available,<br />

all with period features and antique furniture, the most<br />

difficult part of visiting the Black Walnut is choosing<br />

which room to call your own. Whether it’s the<br />

Azalea Room with its clawfoot bathtub, or the<br />

Dogwood Room with its crystal chandelier,<br />

they all come with modern conveniences<br />

and your complete comfort in mind.<br />


So you’ve got your bed, but what about breakfast?<br />

The Black Walnut is fiercely proud of their gourmet<br />

offerings, and anyone who stays gets treated to the<br />

best breakfast in North Carolina. It’s an indulgent start<br />

to the say, and the team are happy to accommodate<br />

your dietary needs.<br />

If you want to head out and explore the area, you<br />

can’t miss one of America’s finest private homes, the<br />

Biltmore Estate. This palatial home, built in the style<br />

of a French chateaux, draws visitors from around the<br />

country. You can even book your experience directly<br />

through the B&B for special rates.<br />

Or if the outdoors is more your sort of thing, you’re not<br />

far from the world famous Appalachian trail. Stretching<br />

for thousands of miles through pristine rural tracts of<br />

the USA, you could try it out for a day if you stay at the<br />

Black Walnut.<br />


288 Montford Ave<br />

Asheville, NC 28801<br />

Tel +1 828 254 3878<br />


Grand Anse, Grenada<br />




Getting out on the water is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The sense of calm that comes from the<br />

simplicity of an ocean landscape, the stunning palette of colours that are conjured upon the sea<br />

and sky… All are good reasons to take a trip on a boat.<br />

But not all boats are the same and neither are the<br />

excursions you can take. So, what makes the perfect boat<br />

trip? If you want to cut through the waters of Grenada in<br />

a schooner, find glittering shells off the coast of Florida,<br />

or maybe even swim with pigs in the Bahamas, there’s a<br />

nautical adventure that’s just right for you.<br />

There are as many types of boat trip as you can imagine.<br />

You could join a group of likeminded holidaymakers for a<br />

few hours of sightseeing or charter your own vessel with<br />

its crew for an extended voyage across the seas. Whatever<br />

your budget or appetite for adventure, there’s bound to be<br />

something for you.<br />

For longer cruises between islands and in the open sea, or<br />

when you want the experience of owning a yacht without<br />

the hefty price tag, a yacht charter is the way to go. Imagine<br />

being able to pick a sheltered cove and sit back with a<br />

freshly-made drink, while the crew light up the barbecue to<br />

cook the tuna you caught earlier in the day. Heaven, right?<br />

Or what about a big celebration that no one will ever<br />

forget? Sure, you could rent out a room somewhere and<br />

have a few drinks, but chartering your very own cruising<br />

yacht with an open bar and the best view in the world of<br />

the Sea of Cortés is a setting fit for life’s great celebrations.<br />

The good people at Baja Charters can make this dream<br />

become a reality.<br />

Although there’s an awful lot of deep blue sea out there, you<br />

can’t quite beat the Caribbean for its perfect sun-kissed<br />

beaches and tantalising azure waters. If you’re staying out<br />

in the Bahamas, then hopping from island to island is one<br />

of the best ways to experience the charm and hospitality<br />

that’s found by those willing to explore a bit further. Check<br />

out Exuma Escapes, who have made it their goal to show<br />

off the best of the islands on their exciting wildlife safari<br />

tours.<br />

It’s true that the perfect boat trip might be completely<br />

different from one person to the next. However, there’s one<br />

thing that you can guarantee: a fine boat with an attentive<br />

crew will take you to paradise and help you experience the<br />

call of the seas and their mysterious bounty first hand.<br />


Treasure Seekers<br />

Shell Tours<br />

USA | USA Private Tour Company<br />

Heading to the USA’s sunshine state of Florida is always an adventure.<br />

But with miles of gorgeous coastline, shady mangroves, and hundreds<br />

of tiny islands to explore, you’re going to need a guide. The experienced<br />

guides at Treasure Seekers Shell Tours are just the right people to take<br />

you to the hidden spots, way off the tourist trail.<br />

Take a trip to the Ten Thousand Islands chain just off the southwest<br />

Florida and find yourself on a real life desert island. With nothing<br />

but the sound of the waves, birds overhead, and the chance<br />

to find beautiful shells to on the agenda, it’s an activity like<br />

nothing you’ve ever tried before.<br />

If you’ve ever gazed at a marine shell and been fascinated<br />

by the intricate shapes and beautiful colours, this is<br />

the chance to find one of your very own. Heading<br />

out with one of the company’s expert shell guides<br />

means you get a chance to find the best and<br />

hardest-to-reach shells possible.<br />


Getting out to the islands involves hopping aboard<br />

one of the company’s comfortable tour boats.<br />

Perfectly equipped to take you out to the best shell<br />

beaches and keep your gear dry at the same time,<br />

they’re all crewed by experienced local captains. With<br />

extensive knowledge of the Ten Thousand Island area,<br />

your captain can take you into secret spots to find the<br />

elusive and beautiful shells.<br />

And because most of the guides and captains are<br />

fully qualified Florida Master Naturalists, the crew<br />

can educate you about the majestic flora and fauna<br />

around the boat and on the islands. It means you’ll get<br />

to know what’s in the air, land, and sea around you<br />

and truly appreciate the natural beauty that Florida’s<br />

known for.<br />

So, for a taste of the Sunshine State’s expansive<br />

natural beauty, and the unique shelling experience<br />

of a lifetime, Treasure Seekers Shell Tours are the real<br />

local experts.<br />


750 Palm Point Dr, Marco<br />

Island, FL 34145<br />

Tel +1 239 571 2331<br />


toursgrenada.com<br />

Grenada | Tailor Made Tour Company<br />

Based in St George’s, Tours Grenada are the people to talk to if you want<br />

to get under the skin of a picture perfect tropical island. With a range<br />

of tours on land and sea to choose from, all led by experienced guides, it’s<br />

your ticket to an exciting adventure and some great food too!<br />

The tiny island nation of Grenada, known as the Isle of Spice, is one<br />

of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. Laying 100 miles off<br />

the coast of Venezuela, it’s a tropical paradise with a colourful<br />

history and world famous hospitality.<br />

The verdant green island is covered with lush jungle<br />

and tropical plants and animals of every type you can<br />

imagine. Explore the sights, smells, and sounds of<br />

the interior with a private guided tour. Discover<br />

towering waterfalls, explore hidden jungle<br />

clearings, and even make friends with the local<br />

mona monkeys that populate the island.<br />


For a perfect bit of island hopping, and to discover<br />

secret coves and the best snorkelling spots in the<br />

Caribbean, the jewel in Tours Grenada’s crown<br />

is the SS Corsair. Expertly crewed and perfectly<br />

suited to cutting through the clear waters around<br />

the island, the 73 foot Biloxi schooner is the ideal<br />

craft for an adventure around Grenada.<br />

A full range of cruises are available to suit all<br />

budgets and tastes. You can choose to join a<br />

shared cruise for half a day, take in the sunset on<br />

an evening jaunt, or hire the whole yacht for an<br />

extended voyage if you wish.<br />

You won’t be surviving on ship’s biscuits during<br />

your cruise either. The crew are almost as fanatical<br />

about food as they are about sailing. Sourcing<br />

ingredients from the island’s rich bounty, you can<br />

tuck in to a delicious meal onboard that reflects<br />

the tropical waters you’re sailing in. They also have<br />

a trained culinary arts chef onboard the boat to<br />

prepare delicious treats for you.<br />


Burns Point #3327<br />

St George’s Grenada<br />

Tel +1 473 4158665<br />


Exuma Escapes<br />

Bahamas<br />

Bahamas | Boat Tour<br />

Founded in 2014, Exuma Escapes have been showing visitors<br />

the playful side of The Bahamas with their fun-filled<br />

offshore wildlife safari tours. Hop on a boat or even a plane<br />

to visit the sea park and secluded islands of the Exumas.<br />

The Exumas are a chain of tropical islands, and<br />

because there’s 365 of them, you could visit one a<br />

day for a whole year! Famous for their dazzling<br />

blue seas and incredible hospitality, it’s a<br />

true paradise with white sand beaches<br />

and some of the best water sports in the<br />

world.<br />


Ever fancied swimming with pigs? You might not know<br />

it, but they’re excellent swimmers themselves. There<br />

are many stories behind why the pigs on Big Major<br />

Cay have taken to the waves, but the most likely one<br />

is that they’re simply hungry little piggies. Visitors to<br />

this secluded beach have the chance to feed the local<br />

residents and make acquaintances with the friendly<br />

critters.<br />

But if you want a bit more extreme, Exuma Escapes<br />

also offer the chance to swim with something a little bit<br />

more frightening. Sharks. Swim in crystal clear waters<br />

with one of the world’s oldest predators and overcome<br />

any fear you might have of these graceful animals. You<br />

can even feed rock iguanas on the way there!<br />

Most tours are taken by fast boat out into the<br />

archipelago, but for the best chance of seeing the<br />

incredible “disappearing sandbar” for an unforgettable<br />

lunch stop is by air. Meet your guide at the airport and<br />

fly out to where the pigs and the sharks swim freely.<br />


4 Roosevelt Avenue,<br />

Mackey Street, Nassau,<br />

New Providence N9120<br />

Tel +1-242-424-7117<br />


Baja Charters<br />

Mexico | Charter Company<br />

If you ever wanted to experience “The World’s Aquarium” or visit a genuine<br />

desert island, then hiring your very own yacht is the best way to do it. Get<br />

out onto the clear blue ocean aboard one of Baja Charters’ fleet of sailboats,<br />

yachts, or even fishing boats for the adventure of a lifetime.<br />

Looking for an all-inclusive trip with a difference? All private<br />

charters come with chef-prepared meals and an open bar<br />

throughout the duration of the hire. You can make the most of<br />

the expert crew and learn all about the incredible waters off<br />

the coast of Baja Mexico.<br />

The ultimate way to experience the crystal clear waters<br />

of the coast, or the mysterious jungle-like mangroves<br />

is aboard the stunning 60’ sailing catamaran. Lay<br />

out on the deck, do a spot of fishing, dive off<br />

into the warm waters, or stay cool in the air<br />

conditioned cabin if you want.<br />


For a spectacular party, you can book the 96’<br />

Adventure Style Cruising Yacht with up to fifty friends<br />

and explore the magnificent Sea of Cortés. This wellequipped<br />

and luxurious cruiser is fully crewed and<br />

boasts a dive boat, kayaks, wetsuits, and beach gear<br />

for when you find that hidden cove.<br />

If big game fishing is more your sort of thing, then the<br />

30’ sportfisher Lucky One is ready for an unforgettable<br />

experience for up to five fishers on the bountiful Gulf<br />

of California. Or for something a bit bigger, the Marylee<br />

is a fully equipped scientific research and fishing boat<br />

that’s ideal for private hire.<br />

Really get to know the magnificent waters around the<br />

Sea of Cortés and make the adventure all your own<br />

with a private Baja Charter. And there’s as much as<br />

you like to eat and drink onboard too.<br />


Blvd. Marina Plaza de La Danza, Local 2,<br />

Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.<br />

Tel +52 612 152 9940<br />


The United<br />

States of America<br />


thawards.com<br />

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA<br />


Weekender Hotels -<br />

The Alpine Lodge<br />

USA | Boutique Hotel<br />

It doesn’t get much more beautiful than upstate New York. For those in the<br />

know, it beats the hustle and skyscrapers of the big city down south. For<br />

a real New York experience, you need to check out The Alpine Lodge, a<br />

home away from home that happens to be right next door to one of<br />

America’s best ski resorts.<br />

In-keeping with the alpine theme, there’s a ski gondola acting<br />

as gate guardian outside when you arrive. Found in the small<br />

but perfectly formed Adirondack community of North Creek,<br />

this “smart” hotel manages to combine natural charm<br />

and luxury with all the latest tech to make your stay as<br />

comfortable as possible.<br />

The wide selection of rooms available range<br />

from standard king with a huge focal point<br />

bed made from raw wood, all the way up to<br />

the astonishing Eagle’s Nest apartment,<br />

complete with soaring ceilings, Jack &<br />

Jill bathroom, and feature fireplace.<br />


All rooms come with large flat-screen TVs, individually<br />

controlled and zoned heating and air conditioning,<br />

coffee machines, and they’re all voice activated via<br />

Alexa. Rooms with full kitchens are available if you want<br />

to cook for yourself too.<br />

It’s no surprise that The Alpine Lodge is perfectly set up<br />

for a winter sports holiday. Just three miles from the ski<br />

mecca of Gore Mountain, you can get into some deep<br />

powder on skis or snowboards, then head back into the<br />

warm for a well deserved rest in your cosy room.<br />

In the summer, you can make the most of the beautiful<br />

countryside around the Lodge and get involved with<br />

some classic family-friendly activities. There’s hiking in<br />

the mountains, tubing, and even white water rafting for<br />

the adrenaline junkies in the group.<br />

The best thing about taking a holiday in the beautiful<br />

Adirondack mountains might be the great outdoors, or<br />

it might be the company you keep. But either way, you’ll<br />

always have a memorable stay at the Alpine Lodge.<br />


264 main Street, North<br />

Creek, NY 12853<br />

Tel +1 518 251 2451<br />


50<br />

FORT<br />




Heading to the USA’s southernmost state of Florida, rightly known as “The Sunshine State”, is<br />

always an adventure – but nowhere is more exciting, picturesque, and downright peculiar than the<br />

city that seems to be built on water.<br />

More laid-back and slightly more low-key than the bright<br />

lights and gaudiness of next door Miami, “America’s Venice”,<br />

as Fort Lauderdale is otherwise known, is home to great<br />

food, incredible water sports, and the sort of welcome you<br />

only get in America.<br />

Just north of Miami on the East coast, Fort Lauderdale<br />

is a city that’s indelibly linked with the water. With more<br />

than 165 miles of canals and 24 miles of gorgeous, sandy<br />

beaches, there’s plenty to do and see no matter how you<br />

like to spend your holiday!<br />

For activities on the water, you can go boating or rent a<br />

jet ski on the blue seas. Why not try out a spot of sport<br />

fishing for sailfish or sharks? Or you can take a tour of the<br />

huge homes that line the canals and find out about all the<br />

millionaires and billionaires who call Fort Lauderdale home.<br />

This far south and so close to a warm and bountiful<br />

ocean, it’s no surprise that Fort Lauderdale has a special<br />

relationship with fish and seafood. Grab yourself some<br />

serious fish tacos, fresh grilled swordfish, or local favourite<br />

stone crab with mustard sauce.<br />

So, whatever your plans are, if<br />

you’re heading down to<br />

Florida to catch some<br />

sun and make some<br />

memories, make sure<br />

you head to Fort<br />

Lauderdale. You<br />

won’t regret it.<br />


Nobleton Hotel<br />

USA | Unique Hotel<br />

Just north of Miami on Florida’s East Coast is what’s known as The Venice<br />

of America. Fort Lauderdale, as it’s officially known, is one of the most<br />

exciting places to visit in the United States if you’re a big fan of the water.<br />

Boasting 24 miles of golden sand beaches and an incredible 165 miles<br />

of canals, you can be close to the wet and wild action at the Nobleton<br />

Hotel.<br />

Sandwiched between the blue sea on one side and the<br />

expanse of canals on the other, this hotel is perfectly placed<br />

for a Florida holiday. Just one block away from the beach,<br />

you can be there with your beach towel in under five<br />

minutes’ walk. And thanks to Florida’s year round<br />

sunshine, you can work on your tan pretty much<br />

every day.<br />


There are three room types available at the Nobleton.<br />

The standard king room features a huge bed, coffee<br />

machine, flat screen TV, and a fridge. Then there’s<br />

the studio king kitchenette, which has the big bed,<br />

TV, and coffee machine, but also includes everything<br />

you’d need to make your own meals while you stay.<br />

The biggest suite is the double king kitchenette, with<br />

nearly 100 m² to call your own. You get two huge king<br />

size beds, two bathrooms, everything you need to<br />

make meals, plus a view across the garden.<br />

Talking about the garden, it’s one of the finest things<br />

about the Nobleton Hotel. A wide and peaceful place<br />

to enjoy during your stay, you’re spoiled for choice<br />

when it comes to relaxation. There’s a pool to splash<br />

around in, plenty of sun loungers to top up your tan in<br />

the tropical sun, and even a communal barbecue to<br />

grill up a steak. Welcome to paradise!<br />


2908 Bayshore Dr, Fort<br />

Lauderdale, FL 33304,<br />

United States<br />

Tel +1 954 520 5882<br />


54<br />



It’s not called “The Big Easy” for nothing. New Orleans is a city like no other in the United States. It’s<br />

a byword for fun and games, a place that enjoys life, and its unbreakable community spirit. Sitting<br />

close to the mouth of the mighty Mississippi River, you won’t forget your visit to NOLA.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You can fly direct to Louis Armstrong New Orleans<br />

International Airport from London, but the city is also on<br />

cruise ship routes that dip into the Gulf of Mexico. Once<br />

you’ve arrived, getting to the best sights in the city is just<br />

a bus ride or walk away.<br />

Things to Do & See<br />

If you’ve heard of New Orleans,<br />

you’ve probably heard of Mardi<br />

Gras too. Translated to “Fat<br />

Tuesday” from French,<br />

it’s a time when the city<br />

goes carnival mad with<br />

parades, loud brassy<br />

music, partying, and<br />

dancing.<br />

The city is famous for<br />

its French colonial past,<br />

which is reflected in the<br />

Creole-style architecture. You<br />

can take it all in with companies<br />

like New Orleans Top Tours that focus<br />

on the French Quarter and its fascinating yet grisly past.<br />


Dining<br />

You can’t go to The Big Easy and not try some of the food for which it’s<br />

known. Jambalaya is a traditional rice-based dish that reflects the city’s<br />

African roots, while gumbo is more like a religion<br />

than a food. A thick stew, it’s the perfect thing<br />

to eat alongside a famous Sazerac cocktail.<br />

Accommodation<br />

It doesn’t get much grander than The<br />

Roosevelt New Orleans. The city’s oldest<br />

hotel at 130 years, it’s a classic hotel that<br />

oozes charm.<br />



New Orleans Top Tours<br />

USA | Cultural Tour Company<br />

Sitting on the grand Mississippi river is Louisiana’s party city, New Orleans.<br />

Famous for its lively jazz music, colourful Creole cuisine, and wild Mardi<br />

Gras festival, it’s one thing to visit, but another to be shown around by a<br />

local.<br />

With more than three decades of experience guiding visitors<br />

around this great southern city, there isn’t much about The Big<br />

Easy that Top Tours doesn’t know. Whether you want to find<br />

out about the colourful history of the USA’s most interesting<br />

city, or even the supernatural side of things, your guide<br />

will unfold the city for you like a good book.<br />


New Orleans Top Tours run two very different tours<br />

that take in two very different sides of the city. Know<br />

to be the most haunted city in all the US, you might<br />

want to take the famous “Ghosts, History, Murder and<br />

Mystery” tour. It’s a real fright. Explore the dark side<br />

of the French Quarter and learn about some of the<br />

gruesome goings on that will have the hairs standing<br />

up on the back of your neck.<br />

For a more sedate, but still fascinating tour of New<br />

Orleans, you might want to take the “Garden District<br />

and Lafayette #1” tour instead. Take a walk around<br />

the garden District that’s packed with stately Creole<br />

mansions and revel in the tales about their vibrant<br />

former owners. Then head over to one of the city’s<br />

strangest sites. The aboveground mausoleum<br />

populated by the once great and good of New Orleans<br />

is a must.<br />

The tours run seven days of the week, so there’s no<br />

excuse not to dive in! And as they say in Nola, “Let the<br />

good times roll”.<br />


700 Decatur St, New<br />

Orleans, LA 70116,<br />

United States<br />

Tel +1 504-523-0804<br />


60<br />


It’s easy to get lost in the mega casinos on the strip, but there’s more to Las Vegas and its surroundings<br />

than first meets the eye. Check out the top five things to do on your next trip to Sin City.<br />

1. The Strip<br />

You can’t take a trip to Vegas and not wander along “The<br />

Strip”. You’ll spend most of your time looking straight up<br />

at the wild architecture and the impossibly huge hotels<br />

and casinos everywhere. And yes, that’s an exact replica<br />

of the Eiffel Tower – just half the size.<br />

2. The Grand Canyon<br />

One of the wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon<br />

needs to be seen to be believed. All right, it’s a couple of<br />

hours away from the city by car, but it’s still very much a<br />

part of the Las Vegas experience. Marvel at the majesty of<br />

the canyon carved out by the wide Colorado River.<br />

3. Valley of Fire State Park<br />

The red Aztec sandstone marvel that is the Valley of Fire<br />

is another great place to visit for a hike, or maybe just a<br />

slow drive in the heat. Arguably one of the most beautiful<br />

and desolate places you can expect to find in the USA, the<br />

rock formations are truly stunning.<br />

4. Zion National Park<br />

Another natural marvel just over the border in neighbouring<br />

Utah, Zion is so achingly beautiful that you’ll want to<br />

photograph everything. The towering mountains and lush<br />

valleys are addictive.<br />

5. Seven Magic Mountains<br />

And lastly, this one’s a<br />

little bit stranger than<br />

the rest. You’re not<br />

going to see a natural<br />

wonder but rather an<br />

artistic curiosity. Swiss<br />

artist Ugo Rondinone’s<br />

brightly coloured and<br />

stacked boulders are just<br />

10 miles outside of town.<br />


Marvit Tours LLC<br />

USA | Adventure Experience<br />

Las Vegas is well known for its bright lights, casinos, and reputation as<br />

America’s playground. What you might not be so familiar with is the<br />

incredible natural beauty that surrounds it. And if you want to discover the<br />

secrets of Red Rock Canyon or the Hoover Dam, Marvit Tours are your<br />

new best friends.<br />

The vast desert lands around Sin City are an enigma just waiting to<br />

be discovered, from the stark and otherworldly beauty of Antelope<br />

Canyon to the red stone monuments of the Valley of Fire state<br />

Park.<br />

If you want a full day experience that takes in the most<br />

incredible natural and man-made sites to be found<br />

around the city, Around Las Vegas is the most soughtafter<br />

tour off the strip. Taking in Nelson Ghost Town,<br />

the oddball Seven Magic Mountains, and the<br />

majestic concrete mass of the Hoover Dam,<br />

it’s the best way to get under the skin of the<br />

Entertainment Capital of the World.<br />


Or if you want to see something a bit further off,<br />

Hop on board one of Marvit Tour’s comfortable airconditioned<br />

vans and head out into the great outdoors.<br />

The seven-seater minivans or full size 15-seater vans<br />

are the perfect chariots to discover the pristine beauty<br />

of Bryce Canyon and Zion Park, or even West Grand<br />

Canyon. It’s not that often that a tour company can<br />

take you to one of the seven natural wonders of the<br />

world.<br />

The company’s knowledgeable guides will pick you<br />

up from your hotel, if it’s close to the strip, then whisk<br />

you off for the adventure of your life. With private tours<br />

available, and drinks and snacks included, Marvit Tours<br />

make safety their number one priority so you can<br />

relax and make lasting memories of a great American<br />

adventure.<br />


Las Vegas, NV<br />

Tel +1-760-858-0077<br />


64<br />



Northern Oregon, USA. Famous logging country, where the granite mountains spring from the<br />

ground and mark the state line with Idaho to the east is a beautiful county and town named<br />

Wallowa. Nowadays, it’s one of the finest places you can imagine if you want to reconnect with the<br />

outdoors.<br />

All year round are opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and<br />

get out into nature. With the glorious Wallowa Whitman<br />

National Forest just a short distance to the south, you’re<br />

spoiled for hiking trails, mountain biking routes, or some<br />

great fishing on Wallowa Lake.<br />

Wallowa Lake is a picture-perfect postcard sight that<br />

almost defies description. The deep waters with the<br />

mountains behind them are simply spectacular – spend<br />

all day staring at its natural beauty. Or hop on the Wallowa<br />

Lake Tramway, a cable car that takes you up to the best<br />

views in the state, no walking required.<br />

The town of Wallowa itself is on a rather spectacular bit<br />

of road as well. The wonderfully named Hells Canyon All-<br />

American Road Scenic Byway stretches for 218 glorious<br />

miles along the eastern edge of Oregon. Taking in some<br />

of the best small towns and jaw-dropping vista after jawdropping<br />

vista, it’s one of the great drives in the USA.<br />

And if the days of hiking, biking, and driving around this<br />

beautiful corner of Oregon aren’t enough, then you only<br />

need to wait for the sun to go down for one last thrill. As<br />

one of the least light polluted areas around, you can gaze<br />

at millions upon millions of stars when the skies are clear.<br />

It’s like Heaven on Earth.<br />


Mingo Motel<br />

USA | Motel<br />

Found smack bang in the middle of Wallowa, one of the prettiest places<br />

in North America, is the Mingo Motel. It’s the sort of motel you see in a<br />

movie, with a hand-crafted wooden sign and rooms spaced around a car<br />

park. Perfectly placed for exploring the incredible beauty in this corner of<br />

Oregon, this is a terrific place to hang your hat.<br />

The far north-eastern corner of Oregon, where it meets the<br />

states of Washington and Idaho, is a truly marvellous place<br />

to visit. And when you need a comfortable and welcoming<br />

place to stay, the Mingo Motel has everything you need.<br />

The rooms all come with fast Wi-Fi, air conditioning,<br />

and there’s plenty of parking outside. Each room<br />

is decorated in a homely style with huge chunky<br />

timber frame beds and rustic features you’d find<br />

in a traditional log cabin.<br />


Nestled in the Wallowa mountains that mark the state<br />

boundary, Wallowa town is an ideal place to reconnect<br />

with nature, hike, bike, or kayak down the river. Making<br />

up part of the scary sounding Hells Canyon Scenic<br />

Byway, one of the famous All-American Roads, the<br />

area is visited by adventurers who want to connect<br />

with the great outdoors and travel the States by road.<br />

There are plenty of good local amenities for the weary<br />

traveller to fuel up as well. For great burgers in a<br />

friendly setting, The Little Bear Drive In is just a few<br />

blocks away, while Wallowa Food City has everything<br />

you’ll need to stock up for an adventure in the great<br />

outdoors.<br />

When you’re out in logging country like northern<br />

Oregon, you’ll need a comfortable bed and a place to<br />

take a hot, relaxing shower. The Mingo Motel is just the<br />

right place to refuel and recharge before you get out<br />

there and discover more of America.<br />


102 N Alder St,<br />

Wallowa, OR 97885<br />

Tel +1 541 886-2021<br />


68<br />


thawards.com<br />

British Columbia, Canada<br />


70<br />

GRAND<br />


The west coast of Canada is home to the biggest city in the province of British Columbia. This<br />

cosmopolitan locale, with its handsome harbour, is surrounded by water on three sides and has<br />

the stunning backdrop of Coastal Mountain Range behind it.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You can fly to Vancouver International Airport from<br />

London in just over 12 hours. Other visitors take advantage<br />

of Vancouver’s proximity to Seattle in the US and head<br />

there first. Public transport is efficient and reliable, so you<br />

can leave the car at your hotel. A lot of the best sites are<br />

walkable too, which is great for a big city.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

For unbeatable views of the Vancouver skyline, one of the<br />

top things to do is take a harbour cruise. Fully narrated<br />

tours are available on comfortable cruise boats, or you<br />

could go further afield and do a spot of whale watching<br />

while you’re onboard. To get a little taste of the great<br />

Canadian outdoors, you could take a trip out to majestic<br />

Grouse Mountain. Look out for grizzly bears, though!<br />

Dining<br />

The food scene in Vancouver reflects its position on<br />

the Pacific Coast, with an incredible range of great fish<br />

and seafood restaurants on offer. Head to The Sandbar<br />

Seafood Restaurant for arctic char, or Chinatown for Fat<br />

Mao Noodles.<br />

Accommodation<br />

A city like this has places to stay that suit every budget<br />

and pretty much every taste. For a slice of luxury in a<br />

great location, L’Hermitage Hotel ticks all the right boxes.<br />

A small boutique hotel with a rooftop pool, it’s hard to<br />

beat.<br />


72<br />




British Columbia is the immense and westernmost province of Canada. Packed with miles of<br />

coastline and towering mountains, it’s the gateway to the vast northern reaches of the world’s<br />

second largest country.<br />

British Columbia is the immense and westernmost<br />

province of Canada. Packed with miles of coastline and<br />

towering mountains, it’s the gateway to the vast northern<br />

reaches of the world’s second largest country.<br />

On your way up through the province, where the terrain<br />

gets rougher and the views get wider, is a town that’s<br />

known quite rightly as “The Gateway to the North”.<br />

It was founded when the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway<br />

came through the town and has been loved ever since for<br />

its fertile lands, grand forests, and abundant nature.<br />

If you need a place to stay<br />

and want the peace and<br />

tranquillity that only the<br />

mountains can offer, you<br />

need to check out the Rocky Ridge Resort. Just a few<br />

miles out of town but a million miles away from ordinary<br />

life, this beautiful collection of traditional log cabins is a<br />

simply stunning place to hang your hat.<br />

These days, Smithers and the surrounding countryside is<br />

an outdoor paradise with excellent skiing, snowboarding,<br />

and snowmobiling in the winter months, as well as hiking,<br />

biking, and fishing in the summer. If you can do it outdoors,<br />

there’s a chance that Smithers does it best.<br />

It’s not a bad place for eating and drinking either. With<br />

more than a few great places to hang out, like the excellent<br />

Smithers Brewing Co with their famous Boot Legger<br />

Brown Ale and Telly’s Grill for comfort food classics such<br />

as six hour beef brisket and baked lasagne, you won’t be<br />

short of places to visit.<br />


Rocky Ridge Resort-BC<br />

Canada | Holiday Cabins<br />

If your idea of heaven is an authentic log cabin in middle of the pristine Canadian<br />

wilderness, then Rocky Ridge Resort-BC is the only name you need in your<br />

head. Sitting peacefully at the base of the majestic The Nipples Peak, the<br />

resort is one of the most achingly beautiful sites in all British Columbia.<br />

Owned and operated by a Swiss family who fell in love with the<br />

incredible beauty around this part of BC, Rocky Ridge is a friendly<br />

and relaxing place to stay in the mountains. You can choose<br />

from a selection of well-appointed by comfortably rustic<br />

cabins that come with everything you need.<br />

For bigger groups, or if you just want a little more space,<br />

then Bear Cabin and Eagle Cabin are ideal. But just<br />

because you’re in the great outdoors, you don’t<br />

need to rough it. Each of the larger cabins come<br />

equipped with not one, but two bathrooms.<br />

With sleeping room for six, these comfortable<br />

cabins are perfectly equipped for anyone<br />

that wants to explore the woods that<br />

ring the site.<br />


If you fancy a touch of luxury, there’s even an on-site<br />

sauna. It’s the ideal place to soothe away the aches and<br />

pains you’ll get after an action-packed day exploring<br />

the woods and mountains close to the resort.<br />

Anyone who enjoys canoeing, hiking, swimming, or<br />

fishing will have plenty to do in the resort. You can<br />

make the most of the Kitseguecla Lake Recreation<br />

Site next door or do some cross-country skiing in the<br />

winter if you fancy it. For the more adventurous, you<br />

can head into the nearby town of Smithers to rent an<br />

ATV or bicycle to explore the many trails and lanes<br />

that crisscross the countryside.<br />

So, whether you want to run the trails and conquer the<br />

mountains, or simply want to relax far away from your<br />

busy life, the good people at Rocky Ridge Resort are<br />

here to make it happen.<br />


31369 Kitsequecla<br />

Lake road<br />

Smithers, BC<br />

V0J 2N1<br />

Canada<br />


76<br />

QUÉBEC<br />


Stretching from the US border in the south to the subarctic zone in the north, the Canadian province<br />

of Québec is as fascinating as it is vast. With French as its official language and some of the best<br />

cities in Canada to visit, you need to add it to your next Canadian adventure.<br />

Québec City<br />

This old and venerable fortified city sits on the wide and<br />

beautiful St Lawrence River, the artery that connects<br />

the Atlantic Ocean to Canada and beyond. It’s a UNESCO<br />

World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist<br />

destinations in the country.<br />

Feeling more like a quaint European destination than a<br />

North American one, Québec City is fiercely proud of its<br />

French population and language, so you can expect to<br />

hear it being spoken more than English.<br />

Montmorency Falls Park<br />

Just outside Québec City is one of<br />

the country’s most amazing natural<br />

spectacles. Higher than Niagara Falls<br />

and with a death-defying suspension<br />

bridge spanning the top, it’s a<br />

beautiful place to visit – so long as<br />

you like heights.<br />

From some angles, it looks like the falls are in the middle<br />

of the wilderness, but you’ll be pleased to know they’re<br />

practically in the suburbs! It’s an ideal place for hiking<br />

and, if you’re an adrenaline junky, there’s even a zipline.<br />

Hôtel de Glace<br />

In English, this translates to The Ice Hotel. In a country<br />

that’s no stranger to cold weather, it might not be so much<br />

of a surprise that you can stay somewhere made from<br />

a massive 500,000 tonnes of ice and snow. Everything<br />

from the ornate staircases to the beds are made from<br />

frozen water.<br />


LA maison de<br />

l’île d’Orléans<br />

Canada | Guest House<br />

Deep in the heart of French-speaking Canada, and just down the river<br />

from the beautiful, fortified capital of Quebec, is the magnificent Île<br />

d’Orléans. And tucked away on this peaceful and historic district is la<br />

Maison de l’île d’Orléans. A boutique two-room hotel with a conscience,<br />

it’s a fine way to spend some time when you’re in Canada.<br />

The house itself sits on land just a stone’s throw away from the<br />

wide and majestic St Lawrence River. Owned by a succession<br />

of intrepid female owners, the current proprietor is Sylvie,<br />

who made her bones in the hospitality industry and has<br />

brought a slice of exotic excitement back from her time<br />

on Terre de Haut Guadeloupe.<br />

The two well-appointed rooms in la Maison come<br />

complete with huge beds, period-appropriate<br />

furniture, fast Wi-Fi, and smart TVs. And to<br />

make the most of your stay, there’s a private<br />

pool on the grounds as well.<br />


Bed & breakfast has been done already. The passionate<br />

owners of la Maison decided to kick things up a notch<br />

and provide an exclusive and luxurious four course<br />

brunch for their guests. Fervent supporters of the<br />

“slow food” movement, Sylvie and Yves make sure<br />

that everything on the menu is sourced from the<br />

island itself and prepared with love.<br />

Orleans Island, as it’s known in English, is a thin sliver<br />

of land on the St Lawrence River and is a protected<br />

heritage area. It feels like a time capsule, showing the<br />

land as it was when French settlers arrived centuries<br />

before. With just 7,000 inhabitants, it’s a wonderfully<br />

quiet place to explore and take time out.<br />

And if you’re looking for a slice of European-like city<br />

life, the fascinating capital, Quebec City, is just a half<br />

hour drive away across the grand Pont de l’Île. À ta<br />

santé!<br />


21 Rte du Mitan, Saint-Jean-de-l’Îled’Orléans,<br />

QC G0A 3W0, Canada<br />

Tel +1 5817486268<br />

lamaisondeliledorleans.com<br />


80<br />


thawards.com<br />

Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico<br />


82<br />




Found right in the middle of Mexico is one of the most picturesque little cities you could ever hope<br />

to visit. Packed with old-world charm and famous for its warm hospitality, you need to add San<br />

Miguel to your travel itinerary.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You can’t fly direct to San Miguel but there are flights to<br />

nearby León that come from Mexico City if you want the<br />

quickest option. Thankfully it’s only 170 miles north west<br />

of Mexico City, so you can hire a car or take the bus too.<br />

One of the best things about getting around San Miguel is<br />

that you can do it on foot – but it’s a bit hilly, so if you’re<br />

tired you can take a taxi.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

Visitors are drawn to this fascinating<br />

city mainly for the allure of its<br />

colonial era Mexican and Spanish<br />

architecture. The cobbled<br />

streets, stone colonnades<br />

with their shady walkways,<br />

and delightful pastel-coloured<br />

facades are unforgettable.<br />

Dining<br />

Take yourself on a tacos and tequila<br />

culinary tour to find the best of<br />

traditional Mexican food and drink in<br />

the city. Going on a tour like this will<br />

take you away from the tourist trap<br />

restaurants and get you into some<br />

of the best places that the locals love<br />

too.<br />

Accommodation<br />

If you’re looking for somewhere special to stay<br />

on your trip to San Miguel, look no further than the Casa<br />

Grande Luxury Boutique Hotel. This impossibly beautiful<br />

villa is filled with elegant furniture and flooded with soft<br />

light. It’s pure bliss.<br />


Casa Grande Luxury<br />

Accommodations<br />

San Miguel<br />

Mexico | Boutique Hotel<br />

One of Mexico’s prettiest colonial-era towns, San Miguel de Allende,<br />

is known for its beautiful architecture and fascinating history.<br />

Staying there in style is easy, once you know about the Casa Grande<br />

San Miguel Boutique Hotel that is. “The big house” has earned its<br />

name well, it’s a huge luxury villa that’s packed full of authentic<br />

furnishings, cool rooms, and even a rooftop hot tub.<br />

Found on a quiet cobbled street just outside the town<br />

centre, Casa Grande is just round the corner from some<br />

of the brilliant and authentic Mexican cantinas that<br />

the region is famous for. Or, if you want, it’s just a 20<br />

minute stroll to the centre of town and everything<br />

else that San Miguel de Allende has to offer.<br />


The high walls and imposing turrets make the Casa Grande an<br />

impressive place to stay for your next Mexican adventure, and the<br />

huge bedrooms and lounge areas are sumptuously equipped to<br />

satisfy even the most jaded of world travellers.<br />

With suites to choose from including the opulent Jacaranda<br />

with its private balcony or the cosy Margarita that boasts huge<br />

wooden beams on the ceiling, smaller groups and couples are<br />

perfectly catered for. But if you’re in a larger party, there are private<br />

residences on site that are filled with beautiful folk art and all<br />

modern conveniences.<br />

And far from offering just a bed, the Casa Grande is a one-stop<br />

holiday destination on its own. Fancy a ride into town with your own<br />

private transport? You can even enjoy Mexican cooking classes or<br />

the popular interactive pizza parties, made by you from scratch.<br />

Decadent massages can be arranged in the comfort of your own<br />

suite as well. They also offer pre-stocking, so your cupboards can<br />

be filled with all of your favourite things before you arrive.<br />

If you’re planning a trip to San Miguel de Allende, then don’t settle<br />

for anything less than the luxurious Casa Grande San Miguel. It’s<br />

the perfect place to call home when you’re in Mexico.<br />


Cont. 5 de Mayo 8 Int 12B, Zona Centro, San<br />

Miguel de Allende, GTO, MX 37760<br />

Tel (Mexico Cell) +52 415 566 2457 / USA<br />

Cell +1 832-294-8959<br />


86<br />


MEXICO<br />


Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Stunning beaches, excellent surfing, and one of the most exclusive luxury<br />

resorts around. The Punta Mita peninsular is achingly gorgeous, a fabulous place to stay, and<br />

somewhere that you’ll never want to leave. It’s Mexico’s true luxury destination.<br />

The name Punta Mita comes from the Aztec word for<br />

“Gateway to Paradise” or “mictlan” – and it’s pretty easy<br />

to see why. The dazzling cobalt blue waters that surround<br />

the peninsular invite you to swim, surf, or simply splash<br />

around and the miles of beautiful beaches are perfect for<br />

just about anything.<br />

This 1,500-acre private peninsular is the ideal place for a<br />

luxurious getaway on the Mexican Riviera. There are two<br />

golf courses to choose from and several luxury resorts<br />

that have world-class restaurants, spas, and the facilities<br />

you expect from a place as exclusive as this.<br />

One of the gems of the entire area, though, is the stunning<br />

five-star boutique Casita Mia de Mita hotel. Perched on its<br />

own long stretch of white sand beach on the northern<br />

stretch of Punta Mita, it’s a serene place to call home.<br />

With a palm tree-lined pool, opulent bedrooms with fourposter<br />

beds, and some of the best food you can get in<br />

Mexico, there’s a good chance that when you get to<br />

the Casita, you won’t ever forget<br />

it. Come for the spectacular<br />

view but stay for the firstclass<br />

service, perfectlymixed<br />

cocktails,<br />

and unforgettable<br />

atmosphere.<br />


Casita Mia de Mita<br />

Mexico | Boutique Hotel<br />

Visitors to “My Little house at Mita” might be shocked to find that it’s not<br />

a cosy little cottage, but a well-equipped and spacious boutique hotel<br />

that’s right on the beach. Far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the<br />

city, it’s the perfect place to forget yourself and recharge your batteries.<br />

Situated in Western Mexico’s Nayarit State and commanding the<br />

most incredible views of the deep blue Pacific Ocean, this allinclusive<br />

hotel is perched on the end of a long sweep of white<br />

sand beach that’s just begging to be explored.<br />

Entering the hotel is like taking a weight off your shoulders.<br />

Whitewashed walls and gentle stone steps lead down<br />

to the ocean view terrace that’s flanked by palm trees<br />

and the best view of the ocean you can imagine.<br />

The suites on offer are just what you’d expect from<br />

a luxury boutique hotel like this. Huge canopy<br />

beds and cool stone floors make them the right<br />

place to retreat from the warmth outside.<br />

Dark wooden shutters can be flung open<br />

to reveal idyllic private sea views.<br />


The luxury doesn’t stop there though. The extensive<br />

dining menu takes inspiration from homespun<br />

Mexican dishes to sophisticated international food<br />

that will delight even the most jaded palate. Breakfast,<br />

lunch, dinner, you choose when you want to be waited<br />

on hand and foot.<br />

If you don’t fancy walking down to the beach, you<br />

can take a dip in the pool that features one of life’s<br />

great luxuries – a swim-up bar. And because it’s allinclusive,<br />

you don’t need to remember your wallet.<br />

Don’t forget to check out the tequila room too, for an<br />

authentic Mexican fiesta.<br />

When the need to get out and about hits you, the<br />

hotel’s just down the road from Corral del Risco. A<br />

picturesque fishing village, it’s the ideal place to learn<br />

to surf, eat delicious food on the beach, or charter a<br />

yacht to explore the coast. Welcome to paradise!<br />


Playa Careyeros, 63734 Punta<br />

Mita, Nay., Mexico<br />

Tel +52 329 298 4114<br />


90<br />



Mexico’s Caribbean coast is as close to perfection as you can get. Warm blue waters, palm trees as<br />

far as the eye can see, and the famous hospitality for which the country’s known… Hayhu Beach,<br />

why haven’t you visited yet?<br />

The Best Beach in Mexico?<br />

You’ve heard of Cancun, with its huge nightclubs and<br />

raucous parties – but if you want something more<br />

laid-back and closer to paradise, it has to be Hayhu.<br />

With blinding white sands, aquamarine coloured water,<br />

and lush jungle to your back, it doesn’t get much more<br />

relaxing. Plus, you can relax knowing that you won’t be<br />

disturbed.<br />

The Best Time to Come<br />

A huge country with diverse geography, Mexico offers<br />

a huge range of opportunities all year round. The “high<br />

season” runs from around November to March, when it’s<br />

generally dry but the prices are higher. To beat the winter<br />

blues, you should aim to arrive in January.<br />

The Best Place to Stay<br />

You’re a long way from the busy streets of Chetumal when<br />

you make it to Hayhu. The closest town of Mahahual has<br />

several hotels and ecotourist-friendly hostels, but for the<br />

best experience in all of Quintana Roo, Hayhu Beach Club<br />

is hard to beat. Pick a hammock or cosy sun lounger, order<br />

up some freshly-caught seafood, and enjoy your own<br />

slice of paradise.<br />

Things to Do<br />

When you’re this close to some of the best waters in<br />

the world, you won’t need much encouragement to get<br />

your feet wet. You can rent out a snorkelling kit, hop on<br />

a paddleboard, or even try out kitesurfing… Or you could<br />

always just kick back and watch the world go by.<br />


Hayhu Beach Club<br />

& Cabañas<br />

Mexico | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Just south of the pretty coastal village of Mahahual is a true slice<br />

of paradise on the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. Found in the<br />

magnificent Mexican state of Quintana Roo, home to Mayan ruins as<br />

well as world-famous beach resorts like Cancun, this is a private and<br />

incredibly relaxed way to spend a holiday.<br />

With delightful white sand beaches that feel like powdered<br />

sugar between your toes, the Hayhu Beach Club is the<br />

ultimate getaway. It feels like you’re a million miles away<br />

from your ordinary life, and that can’t be a bad thing.<br />

Rising out of the coastal jungle in perfect isolation is<br />

the traditional thatched roof of the beach club itself.<br />

It feels like you’re arriving at a friend’s house,<br />

thanks to the warm welcome and intimate<br />

setting.<br />


But once you’re inside, the cool wooden floors and<br />

secluded dining areas, hammocks, and sunbeds<br />

give you the space you need to relax, unwind, and<br />

recharge. Hungry? Then the Hayhu have got what<br />

you need. Check out their fillet mignon or their unique<br />

Shrimp stuffed avocados. Or if you want something<br />

special to share order one of the famous Surf & Turf<br />

sample platter served with a grill your table.<br />

If sitting on the beach and enjoying a cocktail isn’t<br />

your thing, or at least not all the time, then you can<br />

make the most of the calm seas in front of you. Hire<br />

out one of the beach club’s kayaks or snorkel sets to<br />

explore the crystal clear waters just off the coast, or<br />

if you’re feeling more adventurous, there are even<br />

paddleboards and kiteboards to try out!<br />

Whether you want to splash in the water, eat some<br />

fabulous local food, or simply watch the world go by<br />

from your hammock, Hayhu Beach Club is your own<br />

little Mexican getaway.<br />


Camino Costero Mahahual - Xcalak km<br />

13.5 Puerto Angel, 77976 Mahahual,<br />

Q.R., Mexico<br />

Tel or WhatsApp - (+52) 998 390 3577<br />


94<br />

Costa Rica

thawards.com<br />

Costa Rica<br />


96<br />




Sandwiched between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south, Costa Rica boasts both<br />

Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. If you like beaches, you’ll love this tourist-friendly country. It’s not<br />

named the “rich coast” by mistake.<br />

As a country that has two of the most enviable coastlines<br />

in the world, visitors are spoiled for choice and have the<br />

luxury of choosing one or both sides of the country during<br />

their visit.<br />

The east coast of Costa Rica, which faces the Caribbean<br />

Sea, is punctuated with both black volcanic sand beaches<br />

and the kind of white sand beaches you can only picture<br />

in your dreams. The gently swaying palm trees and lush<br />

tropical rainforest all add to the experience.<br />

For a memorable visit, Cahuita<br />

National Park isn’t just full of<br />

exotic birds, insects, and<br />

plants but also two of the<br />

country’s finest beaches.<br />

Playa Blanca is a white<br />

sand beach with amazing<br />

surf and Puerto Vargas<br />

possesses some of the<br />

bluest waters in the country.<br />

The Pacific Coast of the<br />

country is different but no<br />

less enjoyable. Head out to<br />

Guanacaste for its diverse<br />

collection of stunning<br />

beaches and unrivalled<br />

opportunities to explore<br />

coral reefs – and the<br />

marine life they protect.<br />

Just when you think the<br />

Gold Coast of Costa Rica<br />

has nothing left to offer when<br />

it comes to memorable beaches,<br />

there’s Playa Conchal to take your<br />

breath away. It’s a pink sand beach, a rare sight in this<br />

part of the world made from the tiniest crushed shells.<br />


98<br />


thawards.com<br />

Secret Beach Belize,<br />

San Pedro, Belize<br />


100<br />




Tucked away along the east coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea is a small but incredibly<br />

beautiful country that’s literally packed with sights that will take your breath away. It can only be<br />

Belize.<br />

The Cayes<br />

With more than 400 islands, or cayes as they’re known<br />

locally, there’s an incredible number of beautiful places<br />

to explore in Belize. Ranging from the biggest (Ambergris<br />

Caye, home to towns and resorts) to the hundreds of tiny<br />

desert islands that you could call your own, it’s a perfect<br />

holiday if white sands and turquoise seas are your kind of<br />

thing.<br />

Mayan Ruins<br />

Scattered throughout Central America, the best preserved<br />

sites of the ancient Mayan civilisations are found in Belize.<br />

The most famous is Caracol, a<br />

sprawling site that’s home<br />

to numerous temples,<br />

including the mysterious<br />

“Sky Palace”.<br />

The Belize Barrier Reef<br />

The country is home to the world’s second largest reef<br />

system behind Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It stretches for<br />

hundreds of miles off the coast and serves as the habitat<br />

for a stunning variety of tropical fish and other beautiful<br />

sea creatures. It’s one of the natural wonders of the world<br />

– and for good reason.<br />

The Great Blue Hole<br />

You might have seen the image<br />

somewhere before: a deep blue<br />

circle in the middle of the<br />

azure blue seas of the Belize<br />

Barrier Reef. Originally<br />

explored by underwater<br />

legend Jacques Cousteau,<br />

it’s a giant 125-metre deep<br />

sinkhole that has rightly<br />

become a paradise for<br />

scuba divers and other ocean<br />

adventurers.<br />


Mariposa Beach Resort<br />

Belize | Beach Front Resort<br />

Welcome to the Placencia Peninsular. A picture perfect tropical paradise<br />

that might as well be a million miles away from ordinary life. The<br />

most private of the eco resorts that have grown up in Placencia, Belize,<br />

the Mariposa Beach Resort is almost impossibly beautiful. It sits on a<br />

golden beach, surrounded by swaying palm trees and lush jungle.<br />

The warm tropical waters of the Caribbean lap at the shores around<br />

the resort, where snorkelling, paddleboarding, and laying on<br />

the resort’s private beach are just what the doctor ordered.<br />

Staying here is a cure for the stresses of modern life.<br />

Make the most of the complementary bicycle, kayak,<br />

paddleboard, and snorkel gear hire to explore your<br />

own little piece of blissful Belize. If you want to stay<br />

a little closer to the resort, you can make the most<br />

of the restaurant, pool bar and open air palapa,<br />

a traditional Belizian thatched building.<br />


The extensive jungle gardens that surround the resort<br />

are home to an array of native flora and fauna, while<br />

the collection of just 11 luxury suites mean you’re not<br />

rubbing shoulders with anyone but your loved ones.<br />

For your own private view of the Caribbean Sea, the<br />

Mariposa has a range of comfy suites with their own<br />

balconies. They’re just steps away from the resort<br />

facilities and are ideal for couples. For a little more<br />

adventure, you can even back to nature in one of the<br />

resort’s exclusive secluded treehouses. Built to host<br />

up to four guests each, don’t worry about roughing iteach<br />

treehouse features comfortable beds, flatscreen<br />

TVs and air conditioning.<br />

So whether you just want to enjoy being so close to<br />

the sea, or are planning on trekking to the nearby<br />

Mayan ruins, the Mariposa Beach Club is a place<br />

where lasting memories are made.<br />


Main Road, Placencia<br />

Village, Stann Creek<br />

District, Belize<br />

Tel +501-523-4474<br />


Colombia<br />


thawards.com<br />

Bolivar, Colombia<br />


106<br />


THAT HAS<br />


After decades of political upheaval, Colombia is now a firm favourite among savvy travellers as one<br />

of the best places to visit in the world. A haven for ecotourism, adventure holidays, or just relaxing<br />

on the beach, it really has it all.<br />

The weather is usually warm thanks to its position close<br />

to the equator and because there’s so much going on,<br />

you won’t have a chance to get bored! There are exciting<br />

cities to discover from Bogota to Cartagena, as well as<br />

rainforests, golden sand Caribbean beaches, and even a<br />

desert.<br />

Combine Colombia’s abundance of<br />

natural wonders with famous<br />

hospitality, great food, and<br />

the fact that it’s one of the<br />

most affordable South<br />

American countries<br />

to visit… Well, you get<br />

an idea of why it has<br />

become such a popular<br />

destination.<br />

Hit TV shows like Narcos<br />

have painted an exciting<br />

(if pretty dim) picture of this<br />

misunderstood country. Although<br />

Colombia certainly has a chequered past,<br />

it’s not a dangerous place to visit and is<br />

ideal for a family holiday. There’s top<br />

notch healthcare, the crime rates<br />

in the cities are low, and you can<br />

comfortably travel alone if you want.<br />

So, what makes for the ideal<br />

Colombian holiday, then? You could<br />

fly into Bogota to check out the gold<br />

museum, trek into the Amazon rainforest,<br />

head to the highlands to see where the<br />

amazing coffee is grown, or relax<br />

on the beach in Cartagena.<br />

If the world is your oyster,<br />

then surely Colombia is<br />

the pearl. Salude!<br />


108<br />



Known, among other names, as the Jewel of the Caribbean Coast, Cartagena is everything you<br />

might dream of for a visit to tropical Colombia. Year-round warm weather and miles of stunning<br />

beaches aren’t all the city is famous for, though.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You won’t find a direct flight into Rafael Nuñez International<br />

Airport from the UK, but you can find flights that stop<br />

in Miami on the way. Once you’ve reached the city, the<br />

easiest way to get around is via the yellow taxis that can<br />

be found just about anywhere. Plus, if you’re within the<br />

city walls, everything is walkable.<br />

Things to Do & See<br />

Once you’re in the city, you’ll see why it’s such a popular<br />

place to visit. The grand colonial-era architecture in<br />

The Old Town, the views you get from the top of the<br />

magnificent Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, and the<br />

Palacio de la Inquisicion (with its grisly but fascinating<br />

history) are just three places to check out.<br />

Dining<br />

Being so close to the bountiful seas of the Caribbean, you<br />

won’t be surprised to learn that Cartagena is famous for<br />

its fish and seafood. Local favourite dishes include fried<br />

mojarra fish, empanadas Colombian style, and ajiaco,<br />

a chicken and potato soup that’s popular across the<br />

country.<br />

Accommodation<br />

You’re spoiled for choice in Colombia’s finest coastal city.<br />

The historic walled city is home to the best hotels, such<br />

as the fabulous Charleston Santa Teresa Cartagena. This<br />

17 th century gem is perfect for a luxury stay thanks to the<br />

three top notch restaurants on site.<br />


Charleston Santa Teresa<br />

Cartagena Hotel<br />

Colombia | Historic Hotel<br />

The beautiful port city of Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean coast is<br />

a stunning example of Spanish colonial architecture and is one of<br />

the most exciting places to visit in the country. And if you want to<br />

stay somewhere that’s as colourful as the rest of the city, then the<br />

Charleston Santa Teresa Hotel is waiting.<br />

Housed in a beautifully renovated 17 th Century building within the<br />

city walls and close to some of the best sites in the area, The<br />

Charleston is fantastically placed to explore the grand and<br />

venerable Jewel of the Caribbean Coast.<br />

The recently renovated rooms boast huge beds with<br />

courtyard and ocean views, while the suites range<br />

from the Republican Junior all the way up to the<br />

stunning Grand Suite Santa Teresa that has its<br />

own dining room, living room, and spectacular<br />

views across the blue seas outside.<br />


If you feel like relaxing during your stay, you can check<br />

out the hotel’s rooftop pool, or wander down to the bar<br />

to enjoy a fresh cocktail while you decide what part of<br />

Cartagena to explore next.<br />

Possibly the most stunning feature of The Charleston<br />

is the not one, but three fantastic restaurants that are<br />

on site. You can choose to dine outside in the fabulous<br />

Plaza Santa Teresa and enjoy the breeze coming off<br />

the Caribbean or check out the exclusive rooftop<br />

restaurant La Terraza with its unbeatable views<br />

of the old town. But the jewel of The Charleston’s<br />

gastronomic offerings must be Harry’s Sasson,<br />

arguably Cartagena’s finest restaurant that’s set in the<br />

hotel’s grand courtyard.<br />


Carrera 3 # 31-23, Historic Center, Plaza<br />

Santa Teresa, Cartagena<br />

Tel +57 (605) 664-9494<br />

+57 (605) 650-1026<br />


112<br />


OFF THE<br />


Did you ever think you’d find a desert in South America? Well, you can – in what’s arguably the most<br />

exciting corner of all Colombia. This vast and diverse land of jungle, mountains, salt flats, sand<br />

dunes, and stunning Caribbean beaches is just begging to be discovered.<br />

Part of the backpacker route for a while now, La Guajira<br />

is a welcoming and laid-back place to visit, whether you<br />

want to get out there and explore or simply kick back with<br />

a drink and enjoy the sunshine.<br />

The indigenous Wayuu people who have traditionally<br />

inhabited the region play an important role in the culture<br />

and economy, including fantastic handicrafts like their<br />

intricately-woven mochilas bags. Although it’s not a rich<br />

region of the country, it’s a fascinating place to explore<br />

that still retains some traditions not found in the big cities.<br />

For the intrepid explorer, you can tour the desert area on<br />

a guided motorbike or 4x4 adventure to reach Colombia’s<br />

most remote national park, Macuira. This bizarre<br />

landscape of shifting sand dunes and craggy mountains<br />

is home to a tropical microclimate that must be seen to<br />

be believed.<br />

And if you need somewhere to take a load off and wash<br />

the sand out of your hair, then Palomino Sunrise is the<br />

place to stay. Based in the tiny town of Palomino on the<br />

north coast of La Guajira, it’s a collection of comfortable<br />

cabanas and family rooms based around the pool and<br />

just a few steps away from the beach.<br />


Palomino Sunrise<br />

Colombia | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

If you’re looking for a little slice of paradise, then Palomino Sunrise have got you<br />

covered. The small and tropical town of Palomino hugs the Caribbean seas<br />

that lap against Colombia’s northern coast. This quiet and friendly tourist<br />

destination hides one of Colombia’s best kept secrets- the Palomino<br />

Sunrise.<br />

Found at the end of a quiet lane just a stone’s throw from<br />

the miles of white sand beaches and blue Caribbean Sea,<br />

Palomino Sunrise is a collection of accommodations for all<br />

types of visitors. Ranging from cabanas around the pool<br />

to private family rooms, it’s close to all the action but<br />

still a peaceful place to relax and recharge.<br />

Guests can make the most of the pool and the<br />

cocktail bar to help unwind, and even catch up<br />

on their emails thanks to the speedy Wi-Fi<br />

available throughout the grounds. Offering<br />

a delicious range of foods including<br />

vegetarian and vegan options, the<br />

American style Sunrise Restaurant is<br />

a firm favourite with visitors.<br />


The Palomino Sunrise is one of the best places to stay<br />

if you want to connect with the tropical Caribbean Sea<br />

in Colombia. Famous for its reliable surfing waves, the<br />

palm tree-lined beach is an ideal place to join a surf<br />

school or simply relax with your feet in the water.<br />

But the thing that makes this the ideal place for a<br />

break is the fantastic customer service offered by the<br />

team. Knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming – the<br />

staff make this a place to visit again and again. The<br />

English speaking hosts are on-hand 24 hours a day to<br />

help you make the most of your stay.<br />

And even though this is the Palomino Sunrise, you<br />

won’t want to miss Palomino’s famous sunsets with a<br />

cool drink in your hand. It’s bliss.<br />


info@palominosunrise.com<br />

Carrera 3 # 3-534, Palomino,<br />

La Guajira, Colombia<br />

Tel +57 315 374 3777<br />


116<br />


thawards.com<br />

Lima Peru<br />


118<br />

PERU<br />



Located on the western coast of South America, Peru is the ideal destination for any traveller who<br />

seeks its unique mix of adventure, history, and culture. From the high Andes Mountains to the<br />

shores of majestic Lake Titicaca, it’s a travellers’ paradise.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Flying to the capital city of Lima is the most popular way to get into Peru.<br />

Flights from London take around 12 hours and touch down in Jorge Chávez<br />

International Airport. <strong>Travel</strong>ling around the capital is made easy thanks to<br />

a thoroughly walkable historic centre as well as a convenient bus and<br />

metro service. Take a taxi if you want some privacy but watch out for<br />

unlicenced cabs.<br />

Peru is a big country. Flying to other cities<br />

makes sense if you’re short on time, but<br />

the spectacular train routes through<br />

the Andes Mountains and cheap<br />

buses that reach every corner<br />

of the country are popular with<br />

locals and tourists alike.<br />


Things to Do & See<br />

You can’t talk about visiting Peru without mentioning Machu Picchu. One<br />

of the world’s most famous archaeological sites, the ancient citadel<br />

of the extinct Incan people is rightly one of the wonders of the world<br />

according to UNESCO. Found high in the stunning Andes Mountains,<br />

it’s Peru’s most visited site.<br />

Home to a large section of the Amazon Rainforest, this mysterious<br />

and beautiful place is teeming with some of the most incredible flora<br />

and fauna on earth. Visitors can explore the jungle on foot, by boat,<br />

but the best way to see it is on a guided tour. The Peruvian Amazon is<br />

just one of the country’s must-see places though.<br />


Dining<br />

Peruvian cuisine is all about big, bold flavours that reflect<br />

the country’s diverse regions and population. The foreign<br />

influences found in popular dishes reach all the way back<br />

to the Spanish conquest in the 16th Century. Particularly<br />

noticeable are dishes like Empanadas, a type of pie or<br />

pasty typically filled with beef and vegetables, or Aji de<br />

Gallina, a comforting chicken stew introduced by homesick<br />

Spanish conquistadors. And don’t forget that Peru boasts<br />

an incredible 4,000 different varieties of potato. From jet<br />

black to blushing pink, they’re<br />

culturally significant as well<br />

as delicious.<br />

Accommodation<br />

There are plenty of jaw-dropping places in Peru to hang<br />

your Chullo, that recognisable Peruvian woolly hat with<br />

the ear flaps, but one of the most unique is found in<br />

the Sacred Valley. The Skylodge Adventure Suites are<br />

transparent pods suspended 400 metres above the<br />

ground with arguably the best view you could ever wake<br />

up to. Reached by a climb up a vertical cliff face, they’re<br />

not for the faint of heart.<br />

For something a little more traditional, there’s the<br />

opportunity for a homestay experience like no other on<br />

the wide and majestic Lake Titicaca. Amantaní Island is<br />

home to an authentic cultural experience where you<br />

can meet the locals and stay with them to discover<br />

their traditional lifestyle that hasn’t changed in<br />

centuries.<br />


Planet Odysseys<br />

Peru | Tour Company<br />

The otherworldly beauty of Lake Titicaca, the vast body of water high up in<br />

the Andes mountains between Peru and Bolivia, is one of earth’s great<br />

sights. A sacred body of water that has great cultural significance to<br />

Peruvians, you’ll need a guide to show you its hidden wonders. In steps<br />

Planet Odysseys, Cusco-based tour experts that help to make dreams<br />

come true.<br />

What about a trip out to beautiful Amantaní Island? You can set<br />

out onto the calm waters of the lake on a two-day immersive<br />

tour from the city of Puno that takes in some of the best<br />

sights. It’s a home stay, so you get to meet the locals<br />

and experience their rich culture in a way that other<br />

visitors just don’t get to. If you don’t have the time<br />

for such an in-depth tour, Planet Odysseys also<br />

run half and full-day excursions out onto the<br />

lake that are just as exciting.<br />


If you’re more into ancient history, then maybe a tour<br />

of the Sillustani archaeological site is more suitable.<br />

A fascinating pre-Inca settlement complete with<br />

above-ground tombs and mysterious architecture, it’s<br />

a fine place to explore with a knowledgeable guide.<br />

Exploring the beautiful Lake Titicaca region doesn’t<br />

mean you’re being an irresponsible visitor though.<br />

As more and more world explorers are making efforts<br />

to become more responsible for their impact on the<br />

area they arrive in, Planet Odysseys are steps ahead.<br />

Their thoughtful approach to tours is a breath of fresh<br />

air, and their commitment to the local communities<br />

and environment is in everything they do.<br />

If you want to really get under the skin of South<br />

America’s most captivating country, then a local guide<br />

is essential. So, it’s a good thing that Planet Odyssey<br />

are here to lead you on your next Peruvian adventure.<br />


B-604 Las Torres Kayser, Cusco.<br />

Peru 08003<br />

Tel +51 969 355 221<br />


Bahamas<br />


thawards.com<br />

Bahamas<br />


126<br />



If you were to conjure up the ideal luxury holiday, you’d probably end up in the Bahamas. With a<br />

welcome as warm as the weather, this island paradise has some great adventures in store for you.<br />

Swim with Pigs<br />

You heard it right: a trip to the Bahamas wouldn’t be<br />

complete without a splash around with some of the<br />

friendly local inhabitants. Hop on a boat tour of The<br />

Exumas island chain and get ready to come face to face<br />

with a swimming piggy!<br />

Originally introduced to the islands to keep the population<br />

fed, the clever pigs found out that they would be fed first<br />

if they swam out to meet the farmers when they arrived<br />

with their supper. Since then, it’s<br />

become a rite of passage<br />

to have a swim with<br />

the plucky porcine<br />

islanders.<br />

John Watling’s Distillery<br />

In the Caribbean, rum isn’t just important – it’s part of the<br />

very fabric of life. Its history is indelibly linked with the<br />

people of the Bahamas and the best way to honour them<br />

is by visiting one of the island’s premier distilleries.<br />

Set in a grand colonial-era house in<br />

Nassau, rum has been produced<br />

on site since 1789. Famous<br />

for their molasses-coloured<br />

Paradise Rum and the<br />

delicious cocktails it<br />

makes, taking a tour will<br />

bring the whole process<br />

to life. It’s the perfect<br />

place to visit and pick up a<br />

bottle.<br />


Aquaventure<br />

If the warm waters of the Caribbean aren’t quite enough<br />

for you, you should make a visit to the enormous waterpark<br />

known as Aquaventure. This 141-acre mega waterpark is<br />

part of the upmarket Atlantis Resort and boasts some of<br />

the biggest and best water slides, 11 different pools, and<br />

the opportunity to swim amongst the fishes. It’s a dazzling<br />

way to spend a day.<br />

Land and Sea Sightseeing Tour<br />

One of the best ways to really get to know a new place is<br />

by taking a tour – and this is one with a difference. Run by<br />

Marvel Tours, you start off with a tour of Nassua and take<br />

in the sights, sounds, and smells of this tropical haven.<br />

Next, hop on board an air-conditioned coach to sightsee<br />

around island highlights like Bob Marley’s island home.<br />

But that’s not it! The tour finishes up on beautiful Nirvana<br />

Beach, where you’re handed a snorkelling kit for a guided<br />

tour of the azure blue waters and the incredible Ocean<br />

Atlas sculpture that lies beneath the waves.<br />


Queen’s Staircase<br />

Built by slave labour to create a shortcut between Fort<br />

Fincastle and Nassau Harbour, this canyon carved from<br />

solid rock is a sobering reminder of the island’s colonial<br />

past. Renamed in honour of Queen Victoria, who helped<br />

to abolish slavery, it’s now a tranquil and beautiful place<br />

to spend some time among the lush vegetation.<br />

Pirate Jeep Sightseeing Adventure<br />

Infamous for its association with piracy, Nassau was a<br />

haven for those who chose to live a life of crime on the<br />

high seas. So, why not take to your very own jeep for a<br />

dashing tour around the island? Your 4x4 adventure will<br />

take in some of the prime sights of the island and you get<br />

your very own pirate captain who does all the driving. A<br />

swashbuckling way to spend half a day. Arrr!<br />


John Watling’s<br />

Distillery, Ltd.<br />

Bahamas | Local Attraction<br />

Based in Nassau, the capital city of The Bahamas, John Watling’s<br />

Distillery is in the business of making super-premium rum. Take<br />

a complimentary tour around its home, the two-acre Buena Vista<br />

Estate, to discover just how they make JOHN WATLING’S rum.<br />

Established in 1789, the historic Buena Vista Estate located in<br />

downtown Nassau and overlooking the harbour is where 24<br />

Bahamians hand-craft JOHN WATLING’S rums. Whether<br />

you enjoy JOHN WATLING’S rum on the rocks, or as<br />

part of your favourite tropical cocktail, you can’t beat<br />

sampling JOHN WATLING’S at the Buena Vista<br />

Estate.<br />


Visitors can wander around well-manicured lawns and<br />

spot a rare bird or two. The lush two-acre site is famous<br />

for being friendly to local birdlife, and you’re bound to<br />

bump into one of the resident roosters who roam the<br />

grounds freely.<br />

A visit to the estate is not complete without a visit to<br />

the on-site tavern with a large range of cocktails. There<br />

you can test out their famous JOHN WATLING’S Piña<br />

Colada or sample JOHN WATLING’S Paradise Rum,<br />

a blend of the distillery’s four and six-year-old rums<br />

aged in bourbon barrels then married for six months in<br />

sherry casks.<br />

In addition to providing signature Bahamian cocktails<br />

at its tavern, John Watling’s Distillery features a<br />

production and museum-like tour, shopping and local<br />

food favourites such as Conch Fritters and Guava Duff.<br />

For a Bahamian experience, a delicious range of<br />

authentic rums and a tour around a real working<br />

distillery, John Watling’s Distillery at the 1789 Buena<br />

Vista Estate has it all.<br />


Buena Vista Estate, 17 Delancy<br />

St, Nassau, Bahamas<br />

Tel +1-242-322-2811<br />


Cuba<br />


thawards.com<br />

Havana, Cuba<br />


134<br />


If you’re looking for a capital city offering a unique history and a warm welcome, then welcome<br />

to Havana. The City of Columns, as it’s affectionately known, has not only a wealth of beautiful<br />

architecture but also the biggest collection of classic American cars on the streets!<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You can fly in to José Martí international Airport non-stop<br />

from London or pick up a connecting flight from almost<br />

anywhere in the USA. Getting around the city is part of<br />

the Cuban experience. There’s no metro to speak of, so<br />

you’ll need to take the bus or hire a classic American taxi.<br />

Things to Do & See<br />

You could probably spend your entire trip staring up at<br />

the glorious, if crumbling, architecture found all around<br />

the city. A trip to the UNESCO heritage site of Old<br />

Havana, with its charming Latin<br />

heritage, is a must. Plus,<br />

spending time on the miles<br />

and miles of golden sand<br />

at Playas del Este goes<br />

without saying.<br />

Dining<br />

Most people are familiar with at least one Cuban cocktail,<br />

so whether you fancy a cool Cuba Libre or minty mojito,<br />

you know you’re in Havana. The excellent local rum isn’t<br />

the only thing on the menu, though – if you want to eat<br />

like a local, try a hearty dish of beef ropa vieja.<br />

Accommodation<br />

One of the best places to stay in all<br />

of Havana is the grand Iberostar<br />

Parque Central. Located in the<br />

downtown area just moments<br />

away from the Museo Nacional<br />

de Bellas Artes, it’s hard to beat.<br />


Cubyke<br />

Cuba | Bicycle Tour Company<br />

The island nation of Cuba is one of the hottest travel destinations right now.<br />

It’s a country that feels frozen in time, with old American cars from the<br />

1950’s still roaming the streets and a socialist government in charge. It’s a<br />

place that begs to be explored, and e-bike adventure wizards Cubyke are<br />

the best people to help you out.<br />

You shouldn’t take a tour around Cuba’s capital city or beautiful<br />

countryside on any old bicycle either. Hand made in Germany,<br />

Cubyke’s fleet of super cool low-rider style bikes don’t just<br />

look good, they’re perfectly designed for a comfortable<br />

ride.<br />

Worried you’ll need to be a professional rider to get<br />

around Cuba’s famously bumpy streets? Don’t<br />

worry, the whole fleet are e-bikes with strong<br />

motors, so you can sit back and enjoy the view<br />

without working up too much of a sweat,<br />

unless you really want to.<br />


The range of tours that Cubyke have on offer is<br />

impressive. Designed around what you want to do, you<br />

can choose anything from an exciting and extensive<br />

tour around Cuba’s cities across six days, to a fantastic<br />

glimpse of the mysterious Isla de la Juventud.<br />

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your ride, but if you<br />

want an incredible experience with a group of your<br />

friends, then why not explore Havana by Night? This<br />

four hour tour takes in the majestic beauty of Havana’s<br />

crumbling but beautiful buildings in the dark.<br />

Helmets, water, and sometimes even cocktails are<br />

included in the price of the tour. And you can pick<br />

from public trips that run regularly or build your own<br />

private tour that goes exactly where you want. It’s<br />

the best way to get around with an experienced and<br />

interesting guide, and all on two wheels.<br />


7ma 8607 entre 86 y<br />

88 11600 La Habana /<br />

Miramar<br />

Tel - +53 72144383<br />


138<br />

HAVANA<br />


It’ll be hard to leave behind the crumbling beauty of Havana, but the land that surrounds the<br />

capital is home to some incredible sights.<br />

Viñales Valley<br />

The UNESCO World Heritage site of the Viñales Valley,<br />

where tobacco plantations stretch almost to the edges<br />

of strange-looking limestone mountains, is a rather<br />

magical place. You can visit the ethereal Cuevas de Santo<br />

Tomas (one of the largest cave systems in the <strong>Americas</strong>),<br />

fly down a zip-line, or simply marvel at the untouched<br />

beauty of the area.<br />

Finca Vigia<br />

Just a few miles outside of the city is a sprawling white<br />

farmhouse that was once home to legendary author<br />

Ernest Hemingway. He lived there from 1939-1960 and<br />

his extensive collection of furniture, 9,000-book library,<br />

and even his whiskey bottles are still on display. It’s a fine<br />

place to visit and see where the man wrote some of his<br />

most famous books.<br />

Matanzas<br />

East of Havana is the classy old capital of Matanzas. This<br />

rejuvenated city has bounced back from years of decline<br />

thanks to government money and a passion for the<br />

production of art and music. Head to Lolo Galeria-Taller<br />

to see some wild sculptures or have a raucous night out<br />

at La Comparsita nightclub.<br />

Playas del Este<br />

For something a little more laid-back, you can visit the<br />

“East Beaches” that stretch along Cuba’s north coast for<br />

miles and miles. Although they’re just outside the city,<br />

you feel like you’re in your own white sand paradise with<br />

beautiful blue waters to swim in and plenty of places to<br />

kick back and relax.<br />


Taxi Driver Cuba<br />

Cuba | Private Tour Company<br />

<strong>Travel</strong>ling round the exotic island of Cuba is like stepping into a real world<br />

time machine. Ride in style and experience a ride like no other in one of<br />

Taxi Drivers Cuba’s fleet of classic American cars. You can book a simple<br />

airport transfer or tour the island in complete luxury and comfort.<br />

Cuba is one of the only places in the world that feels like a living<br />

classic car museum. Thanks to the country’s chequered past<br />

with its neighbours in the USA, the resourceful people of<br />

Cuba keep an incredible range of cars running from the<br />

1940’s and 50’s.<br />

What better way to arrive at your hotel than in the<br />

back seat of a classic American convertible car?<br />

If you want a comfortable airport transfer,<br />

then this is the way to do it, Cuban style.<br />

Taxi Drivers Cuba offer rides between all<br />

the major towns and cities on the island<br />

too. Agree on a fare before you leave,<br />

and you can pick just about any<br />

destination you want.<br />


But if you’ve got the spirit of adventure in you, then<br />

book a car and driver for a tour around some of<br />

Cuba’s best loved sights. For example, you can take<br />

in an unforgettable whole day tour from Varadero to<br />

Havana. Visit a world famous Cuban cigar factory,<br />

view the Museo de la Revolución, and even try a local<br />

daiquiri cocktail made from local rum.<br />

When you book a private tour with Taxi Drivers Cuba,<br />

you’re not just getting a ride though. On some outings,<br />

the drivers will take you for a walking tour around<br />

special sites, recommend the best spots for an<br />

authentic Arroz y Frijoles Negros, and tell you all about<br />

the fascinating history of this special island nation.<br />


Street O, Havana, Cuba<br />

Tel +1 786 297 7938<br />


Jamaica<br />


thawards.com<br />

Treasure Beach, Jamaica<br />


144<br />



Found in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by tropical waters and ringed with stunning<br />

beaches, the island nation of Jamaica may just be one of the most beautiful places in the world.<br />

One of the most popular places to visit in the Caribbean,<br />

probably thanks to its year-round sunshine and famous<br />

hospitality, Jamaica has been a holiday destination for<br />

more than a century. The tourist-friendly cities of Montego<br />

Bay to the northwest and Port Antonio to the northeast<br />

still welcome sun-seekers in the same way since colonial<br />

times.<br />

When you think about an island paradise, Jamaica will<br />

probably spring to mind. The relaxed attitude to life and the<br />

famous concept of “Island Time”, where nothing is done in<br />

a hurry, are some of the best things about taking a trip here.<br />

You can happily sit on a beach and enjoy a rum punch<br />

cocktail, or you can get out on the water and take a party<br />

cruise on a catamaran around some of the island’s stunning<br />

bays. Don’t forget the exciting nightlife that Jamaica’s<br />

famous for, as well! Then for followers of the great man’s<br />

life and music, there’s the Bob Marley Museum in a leafy<br />

part of the capital city, Kingston.<br />

With plenty of sites to visit,<br />

including the spectacular<br />

Dunn’s River Falls and<br />

Park and even the ruins<br />

of a pirate city in Port<br />

Royal on the south<br />

of the island, you’ll<br />

be amazed at how<br />

much there is to<br />

do on this island.<br />

Or take advantage<br />

of the good weather<br />

and simply do<br />

nothing at all.<br />


146<br />

ISLAND<br />


When you arrive in Jamaica, you’ll be amazed at the experiences on offer. So whether you’re<br />

looking for an adrenaline rush or a relaxing day at the beach, here are three of the best activities<br />

with which to get involved.<br />

Tiki Pon Da Sea<br />

If you like boats and you like to party, then Jamaica’s best<br />

boat party is waiting for you. Based in beautiful Negril, a<br />

town famous for its miles of white sand beaches, is one<br />

of the funkiest cruise boats you’ll ever see on the sea.<br />

A traditional tiki bar built on a catamaran boat, it’s a fine<br />

way to spend a few hours. Take to the aquamarine waters<br />

around the island for a special lunch date or a party booze<br />

cruise that slowly trawls up and down Seven Mile Beach.<br />

Irie!<br />

Rastasafari Experience<br />

Getting out into the peaceful Jamaican countryside isn’t<br />

boring when you’re behind the wheel of your very own<br />

adventure ATV. Take to the rural tracks with friends and<br />

a local guide to experience parts of Jamaica that other<br />

visitors don’t get to see. The tour takes in little villages,<br />

farms, and even stops at a crystal-clear mineral spring<br />

swimming hole – the perfect place to wash off the dirt from<br />

the road.<br />

Bamboo Rafting<br />

For something a little more sedate and a lot quieter, you can<br />

take to the inland Martha Brae River on a unique raft made<br />

from nothing but bamboo. There are plenty of different<br />

types of bamboo raft tours to choose from, ranging from<br />

individual floating platforms to big comfortable rafts, but<br />

it’s a great way to see another side of Jamaica no matter<br />

what you choose.<br />


Tiki Pon Da Sea<br />

Jamaica | Unique Tour Company<br />

Do you love the warm caress of the aquamarine Caribbean Seas? Is there<br />

a better way then to enjoy both the seas around Jamaica, and the<br />

famous welcome that the island is famous for? Meet Tiki Pon Da Sea, a<br />

fabulous combination of food, drink, and the magic of a Tiki bar. They’re<br />

ready and waiting to take you on a tropical adventure you’ll never forget.<br />

With an extensive list of customizable tour packages and travel<br />

options, Tiki Pon Da Sea caters to the needs of all types of<br />

travellers, whether you want a relaxing lunch on your own<br />

desert island or a sunset cruise for the best way to end a<br />

day on the island.<br />

Started by a Jamaican and American couple from an<br />

idea they had back in 2017, the Tiki Pon Da Sea is<br />

a fun-filled and unique way to have pure fun on<br />

the blue Caribbean Sea. Calling the stunning<br />

Negril area’s Seven Mile Beach home, the<br />

boat is perfectly placed for beach fun as<br />

well as trips up the lush and tranquil<br />

Negril River.<br />


Packages include the popular Booze Cruise, where all<br />

you can drink chilled Red Stripe and rum punch is on<br />

the menu, or the Coffee Cruise where a more sobering<br />

drink, made from locally grown Blue Mountain coffee<br />

beans, is on offer. Or you could head out on an<br />

excursion to Bobby Cay for a Breakfast Cruise that<br />

finishes up with a delicious feast on the beach. Expect<br />

island delicacies like ackee and saltfish or Tiki French<br />

toast to start your day.<br />

Just when you thought you couldn’t find another way<br />

to relax, wake up, or party on “The Rock”, Tiki Pon Da<br />

Sea sails into view. In a place like this, it just makes<br />

sense. Irie!<br />


Tiki Pon Da Sea,<br />

Negril, Jamaica<br />

Tel +1 876 442 8811<br />


Turks & Caicos<br />


thawards.com<br />

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands<br />


152<br />

TURKS &<br />

CAICOS<br />



This chain of some 40 islands must be one of the most peaceful and relaxing places in the world,<br />

let alone the Bahama Archipelago. When you arrive you’ll be on “Island Time” – so let your stresses<br />

melt away in the tropical heat. The British Overseas Territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands is a<br />

beautiful place to be.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You might not expect it, but you can fly into Providenciales<br />

International Airport direct from London Heathrow. Other routes<br />

come via Nassau in the Bahamas or other hubs in the Caribbean.<br />

The Turks and Caicos Islands are popular destinations for<br />

cruise ships as well, so it’s not exactly cut off from civilisation.<br />

Once you’re on the islands, don’t expect a regular bus<br />

service (or any public transport at all!) To get around you<br />

can grab a taxi, rent a car, or hire out something a bit more<br />

affordable, like a bicycle or scooter. Hopping between<br />

islands is easy too, thanks to regular ferry services like the<br />

popular route between North Caicos and Provo.<br />


Things to See & Do<br />

These relaxing islands are perfect for<br />

recharging your batteries. The ideal tropical<br />

holiday destination, you can reconnect<br />

with yourself and forget all about your<br />

busy life once it feels a thousand miles<br />

away. Although there’s plenty to do on<br />

the islands, you might just want to eat<br />

the great seafood and taste a tropical<br />

rum punch or two.<br />

If the thought of doing nothing at all isn’t<br />

your cup of tea, you can make some noise<br />

and go on an ATV tour around the island or<br />

take the quieter option and go on a pony trek<br />

around the island’s beauty spots.<br />

You might enjoy the powdered sugar sand<br />

beaches and the feeling of the warm sun on<br />

you as you lay out on a sun lounger, but the real<br />

adventure starts when you hit the water. The<br />

crystal clear seas around the islands maintain a<br />

26°C average temperature year round. You can<br />

go conch diving, learn to snorkel above a coral<br />

reef, paddle around in a clear kayak, or even<br />

learn to sail a boat.<br />


Dining<br />

You’re on a tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean, so you shouldn’t be<br />

surprised that the best local cuisine is top class fish and seafood.<br />

However, it would be considered a crime to ignore the island’s most<br />

popular dish of conch fritters.<br />

If you want fine dining, then you won’t be disappointed either.<br />

Somewhere like the Infiniti Restaurant & Raw Bar on the south<br />

side of Provo, which is part of the upmarket Grace Bay Club,<br />

offers delights like wood fired lobster and crispy jumbo soft shell<br />

crab.<br />

Accommodation<br />

There’s no shortage of stunning<br />

places to stay on the islands.<br />

With upscale resorts including<br />

The Ritz-Carlton and The<br />

Palms, you won’t be roughing<br />

it. But for the ultimate island<br />

experience, you can’t beat<br />

Ambergris Cay. It’s a collection<br />

of just 10 luxury villas on their<br />

own private island – and they<br />

pick you up in their own plane.<br />


Get To Know Provo<br />

Turks and Caicos | Cultural Experience<br />

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the<br />

Atlantic Ocean. Made up of 40 different islands and cays, this beautiful<br />

part of the world just begs to be explored. With the most incredible turquoise<br />

waters, warm weather all year round, and famous hospitality, Get to Know<br />

Provo are the best people to show you around.<br />

Laying off the north coast of the Dominican Republic, the<br />

fascinating island of Providenciales is packed full of bright<br />

colours and friendly people. Locally known as simply “Provo”,<br />

it’s the most populated place in the Turks and Caicos, and<br />

most exciting too.<br />

Located in the Saltmills Plaza, the friendly team<br />

will meet you and get your started on your tour.<br />

You can choose from a shared tour with other<br />

holidaymakers or opt for a private tour that<br />

takes in the sights, but all at your own pace.<br />


If you want to get out there and explore the islands,<br />

the best tour to start with is the Providenciales Day<br />

Tour. Clamber aboard an air-conditioned bus and<br />

enjoy complimentary water or local alcholic beverages<br />

and soft drinks while one of the knowledgeable and<br />

friendly tour guides dives into the fascinating history<br />

of the island.<br />

Discover fascinating historical sites and learn about<br />

the famous names such as Georgian plantation owner<br />

Thomas Stubbs and American Revolutionary figure<br />

Wade Stubbs. Visit the Cheshire Hall Plantation, Blue<br />

Mountain Beach, and even Omar’s Beach Hut for some<br />

of the finest seafood on the island.<br />

Or if you’re more of a night-owl, then the night-time<br />

tour of Providenciales is the one for you. Take in the<br />

sea air and discover parts of the island nightlife you<br />

never knew existed. If you’re lucky, the driver will take<br />

you to the famous Turk’s Head Brewery. Cheers!<br />


Providenciales, TCI<br />

Tel +649 348-5176<br />


Puerto Rico<br />


thawards.com<br />

Playa Mar Chiquita Aerial, Maniti,<br />

Puerto Rico<br />


160<br />



Found in the north eastern Caribbean is an island nation that’s sort of part of the USA, but not<br />

really. That being said, the 3.2 million inhabitants have US passports and the official currency is the<br />

US dollar.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

You can fly into any one of the three<br />

international airports in Puerto Rico.<br />

Choose from the biggest in the capital,<br />

San Juan, or the two smaller ones<br />

- Ponce in the south or Aguadilla<br />

in the island’s far west. Although<br />

there aren’t direct flights to Puerto<br />

Rico from the UK, a short stopover<br />

in somewhere like New York or Miami<br />

isn’t terrible.<br />

Once you’ve arrived, this relatively<br />

small island is quite easy to get around,<br />

as long as you don’t expect to use public<br />

transport. It’s almost non-existent except<br />

for the infamous públicos that seem to start<br />

and stop as they please. Renting a car is<br />

the easiest and most convenient way to get<br />

mobile if you want to see anything outside<br />

the bigger cities and towns.<br />


Things to See & Do<br />

One of the most popular places to visit on<br />

the island is the capital city San Juan.<br />

It’s a colourful and vibrant place with a<br />

delightful Old Town that’s full of history<br />

and beautiful Spanish colonial-era<br />

buildings. Getting out of the big city is a<br />

great way to experience small town life,<br />

though – plus the picture-perfect town<br />

of Arroyo, with its quiet charm, is a great<br />

place to add to the list.<br />

But seeing as you’re on an island, you’ll<br />

want to experience as much of the tropical<br />

Caribbean waters that surround Puerto Rico as<br />

possible. A haven for marine wildlife, you can put on<br />

your snorkelling gear and explore the coral reefs for<br />

an unforgettable underwater experience. It’s also<br />

one of the top places for deep sea fishing and<br />

For something a little more sedate, you can visit one<br />

of the world’s natural wonders – but only once the<br />

sun has gone down. Bioluminescent bays around the<br />

island, like Laguna Grande, come to spectacular life<br />

at night and you can experience their otherworldly<br />

beauty from the beach or on a special kayak tour.<br />


Dining<br />

If you’re on the lookout for traditional Puerto<br />

Rican dishes, then it won’t be long before<br />

you’re tucking into a dish of mofongo. Made<br />

from mashed up and deep fried plantain,<br />

a type of large cooking banana, it can be<br />

stuffed with a range of delicious fillings<br />

including roasted pork or octopus.<br />

As you might expect from an island nation<br />

with a diverse population and society, the<br />

food on offer is a reflection of its reputation as a<br />

cultural melting pot. And thanks to the year-round<br />

good, balmy weather, dining al fresco is always on<br />

the menu.<br />

Accommodation<br />

If you want to stay in an old colonial-era building in the heart of San<br />

Juan old town, you can do it. If you want a luxury resort with on-site<br />

spa and world class restaurants, they’re there. Or, if you want, you can<br />

rent a luxury villa with its own stretch of private beach. Let’s just say<br />

that Puerto Rico isn’t short on beautiful places in which to hang your hat.<br />


164<br />



The Caribbean island paradise of Puerto Rico is anything you want it to be. A sunbather’s paradise<br />

for some, a food lover’s destination for others. However, one of the things you can’t avoid is the<br />

spirit of adventure that exists throughout this tropical country.<br />

Join a tour with the local experts Hidden Excursions PR for an experience like no other.<br />

Explore a Rainforest<br />

Did you know that Puerto Rico has its own rainforest? The<br />

El Yunque National Forest in the east of the island is not<br />

just home to hundreds of indigenous species of flora and<br />

fauna but also a wonderful place to explore with a local<br />

guide.<br />

Trek to Las Tinajas Falls along verdant green trails and try<br />

to spot some wildlife on the way, including the famous<br />

local coqui tree frog with its huge and soulful eyes. There<br />

are rare parrots that are indigenous to the island too, so<br />

keep looking up to spot green wings.<br />

Eat Like a Local<br />

It’s easy to go on holiday and pick out what you’d normally<br />

eat at home when in a restaurant. So instead, let a local<br />

take you to their favourite street food stall or eatery for a<br />

taste of something a bit different.<br />

Puerto Rican favourite dishes reflect the multicultural<br />

origins of this impressive country. Check out some<br />

flavoursome Empanadillas stuffed with rich meat and<br />

potatoes or try tostones, a popular snack made from<br />

twice-fried green plantain chips.<br />


Hidden Excursions PR<br />

Puerto Rico | Tour Company<br />

A<br />

Caribbean Island with a distinctly tropical feel, Puerto Rico means “rich port” in<br />

Spanish. This bountiful land of jungle and beautiful beaches is begging to be<br />

explored. Famous for its wide diversity of landscapes, from mountains to the only<br />

rainforest in the US commonwealth, the island is best explored with a local.<br />

Join one of the team’s local tour guides to take you on a journey into the<br />

mysterious interior of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rainforest. There you will<br />

discover a beautiful world of unmissable landscapes, flora, and fauna.<br />

Or take a private tour around the historic old town of San Juan if<br />

you want a glimpse into Puerto Rico’s fascinating history.<br />

Hidden Excursions PR focus on leading only small groups to<br />

maintain the feeling of being with family member rather than<br />

on a tourist tour. With maximum group sizes of just six<br />

people, the adventures are intimate and private, with a<br />

knowledgeable guide to explain everything you see.<br />

They can even take you to a favourite local food spot<br />

to try out some delicious mofongo and wash it down<br />

with a cup of locally grown and roasted coffee.<br />


Trekking into the lush green rainforest or the<br />

mountainous interior is the ideal way to experience<br />

the real Puerto Rico. Discover hidden swimming holes,<br />

towering waterfalls, and historic buildings that are far<br />

off the well-trodden tourist trail.<br />

The young and energetic founder of Hidden Excursions<br />

PR is Kevin Preisach Peréz. A native of Puerto Rico, he<br />

fulfilled a lifelong desire to expose the hidden sights<br />

and sounds of this tropical island. He and the team<br />

have put together a comprehensive package of tours<br />

to suit any visitor, as long as they’re prepared to be<br />

blown away by Puertorican beauty and hospitality.<br />


Tel +1 939 539 9013<br />


Barbados<br />


thawards.com<br />

Barbados<br />


170<br />



The laid-back but fun-filled tropical island of Barbados is the perfect place to get a taste of the<br />

Caribbean sun.<br />

An ex British Colony, it’s an island with a fascinating past<br />

and an even more exciting present. The island is known<br />

for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant<br />

culture. The official language is English but Bajan Creole<br />

is widely spoken among the locals.<br />

If you want an island getaway, Barbados is hard to beat.<br />

You can get out on the water and practise your surfing,<br />

snorkelling, or stand-up paddleboarding, or simply chill<br />

out on a hammock and watch the world go by.<br />

This peaceful place to visit is the perfect antidote to a<br />

busy and stressful life. Make the most of the long days in<br />

the sun, where the temperature rarely drops below 25°C<br />

and the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea beckons. And if you<br />

want an adventure, you can swim with turtles, charter a<br />

sailboat, or even explore a rainforest!<br />

For a truly special time, Barbados is home to some<br />

exceptional hotels, villas, and spas. Indulge yourself and<br />

take your mind, body, and soul on a wellness retreat while<br />

you’re on the island or eat at one of the best restaurants<br />

in the Caribbean.<br />

And if you’re looking for a party, Barbados isn’t called “Rum<br />

Island” for nothing! The fiery spirit is loved throughout<br />

the island and gives its flavour to cocktails like Barbados<br />

Punch, which combines tropical fruits and spiced rum to<br />

improve the mood and even move the hips a little bit.<br />


Tantalus<br />

Barbados | Beach Front Villa<br />

Nothing says holiday more than a trip to beautiful Barbados. The beautiful<br />

azure blue Caribbean Sea, miles of white sand beaches, and the party<br />

capital of the island, Bridgetown. For a luxury stay that feels like your very<br />

own escape from the world, there’s Tantalus Villa.<br />

A huge beachfront property that’s just steps away from fabulous<br />

Brighton Beach, and mere minutes away from the heart of<br />

Bridgetown, the villa is an oasis of calm with everything you<br />

need for a relaxing stay.<br />

Boasting its own pool and private beach access, Tantalus<br />

is on the West Coast of Barbados, so it’s the perfect<br />

place to watch the beautiful sunsets with a cool<br />

drink in your hand. For entertaining, there is a huge<br />

marble-floored lounge that opens on to the<br />

terrace, and a covered veranda with wicker<br />

chairs and hammocks for those looking to<br />

chill out in style.<br />


The interior of the villa is wonderfully cool while the<br />

outside temperature never gets too far below 25° C<br />

all year round. The bedrooms benefit from huge beds,<br />

ensuite bathrooms, ceiling fans, and plenty of storage<br />

for your belongings. You get a fully equipped kitchen,<br />

and there’s all the creature comfort’s you’d expect<br />

from a luxury family home.<br />

Spacious enough to sleep up to 20 people, it’s the<br />

perfect place for a family gathering or holiday with<br />

friends. And for smaller groups, the villa can be split<br />

into two separate flats. With a three bedroom suite on<br />

the ground floor, and five bedroom suite on the top<br />

floor, it’s a versatile space for all types of visitors.<br />


49CC+F25, N Brighton Rd,<br />

Bridgetown, Barbados<br />

Tel +1-246-425-8889<br />


HIDDEN<br />


Puerto Rico | Tour Company<br />






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