Travel & Hospitality Awards - Europe 2022

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<strong>Europe</strong><br />





Sponsor and<br />

Partners<br />




Team<br />

Contents<br />

CEO<br />

Robert Bruce<br />

Editor-In-Chief<br />

Katherine Lozell<br />

Art Director<br />

Marcs Bacera<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Director<br />

Brian Anson<br />

Editorial Liaison Manager<br />

David Hyde<br />

Director Of Marketing<br />

Azim Aftab<br />

Social Media Manager<br />

Apple Gatus<br />

Senior Writers<br />

Tasmai Dave & Zavier Zulfqar<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Harry Duncton<br />

Senior Designers<br />

Maria Fernandes & Ashwin Ramesh<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Managers<br />

Adam Cole, Alice Smith,<br />

& Stanley Lucas<br />

Research Managers<br />

Peter Clement & Mukul<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Joseph Malabanan,<br />

& Michael Popoola<br />

Sponsor and Partners 4<br />

Team 6<br />

Contents 6<br />

Criteria 8<br />

Criteria 10<br />

Countryside Retreats12<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>an Country<br />

Retreats 14<br />

The Kaprun Edition 20<br />

Pike Paradise Lodge24<br />

Johannesbad Thermalhotel<br />

Ludwig Thoma 26<br />

Stroblhof Active Family Spa<br />

Resort 28<br />

Hotel VOS 30<br />

Quinta do Rapozinho 32<br />

Adventure in <strong>Europe</strong> 34<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>an Adventure |<br />

The Super 6 36<br />

The Mountain Men Ltd 42<br />

River Tribe 48<br />

Arctic Trucks Experience 50<br />

Dark Sky ® Alqueva 52<br />

FunFlights<br />

Helicopter-Tours 54<br />

Alpine Ski School 56<br />

Golf <strong>Europe</strong> 58<br />

Luxurious Golf Courses<br />

to Visit in <strong>Europe</strong> 60<br />

Food & Drink 66<br />

Alternative Foodie<br />

Destinations 68<br />

Elements of Food 72<br />

Bites & Walks 74<br />

Nellicious <strong>Travel</strong>s 78<br />

Raise Your Glass 80<br />

Greek Grape Wine Tours 84<br />

Nice Food and Wine Tours 86<br />

Chauffeur Your<br />

Way Around 88<br />

Transfer Tips 90<br />

Bergen Transfer Service 94<br />

Week Break Tours 96<br />

Iceland 98<br />

Experience Iceland 100<br />

Your Friend in Reykjavik 102<br />

Ireland 104<br />

Dublin | Ireland’s Playful<br />

Capital 106<br />

Unearthed Tours 108<br />

County Kerry Top 5 110<br />

Kerry Experience Tours 112<br />

United Kingdom114<br />

Unique London 116<br />

MyChocolate 118<br />

Cambridge | Take A Punt on<br />

This Cultural Hub 120<br />

The Fellows House<br />

Cambridge, Curio Collection<br />

By Hilton 122<br />

Whitby | A Hidden Gem 124<br />

Riviera Guesthouse 126<br />

Why Wales? 128<br />

Holm House Hotel 132<br />

Belfast | Northern Ireland’s<br />

Cultural Centre 134<br />

MicksTours.com 136<br />

Portugal 138<br />

Lisbon | The Laid-Back<br />

Capital 140<br />

TakingUThere 144<br />

Lisbon with Pats 146<br />

Sintra Gastronomy 148<br />

Unmissable Sites in Sintra<br />

150<br />

Algarve | More than Just a<br />

Resort 152<br />

Shantivillas Group 156<br />

Surfing in Portugal 162<br />

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort<br />

164<br />

Spain 166<br />

Cultural Tourism Andalucia<br />

168<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> Factory Andalucía 170<br />

The Balearic Islands 172<br />

France174<br />

Paris | The City of Light 176<br />

My Private Paris 178<br />

Belgium 180<br />

Brussels | The Comfort Food<br />

Heart of <strong>Europe</strong> 182<br />

Serendip Spa & Yoga 184<br />

Netherlands 186<br />

Sights and Sounds<br />

Amsterdam 188<br />

Sebi Boat Tours 190<br />

Finland 192<br />

Helsinki | A Stylish Nordic<br />

Capital 194<br />

Helsinki TukTours 196<br />

Germany 198<br />

Alternative Berlin 200<br />

Berlinsidestories 204<br />

Italy206<br />

Alpine Paradise Trentino-Alto<br />

Adige 208<br />

Ansitz Steinbock 212<br />

Ultimate Tuscany 218<br />

ARLI Hotel Hideaway Punta<br />

Ala 222<br />

24 Hours in Campania 224<br />

GoinItaly 226<br />

Croatia228<br />

Dubrovnik | Pearl of the<br />

Adriatic 230<br />

Hotel More 234<br />

Greece236<br />

Zakynthos | A Spectacular<br />

Island 238<br />

Nefis <strong>Travel</strong> - Private<br />

Day Tours 240<br />

Santorini | A Perfect Greek<br />

Island 242<br />

Santorini’s Luxury <strong>Travel</strong> 244<br />

Alma Libre Suites 246<br />

Angel Sailing Santorini 248<br />

Athiri Santorini 250<br />

Naxos Top 5 252<br />

Naxos Island Tours 256<br />

Turkey258<br />

Istanbul | Gateway to the<br />

East 260<br />

Richmond Istanbul 262<br />

Konuk <strong>Travel</strong> 264<br />

Şirince| A Hidden Gem 266<br />

Terrace Houses Sirince 268

Criteria<br />

Service<br />

Excellence in Service is an important<br />

category, as customer service can often<br />

be responsible for having guests return<br />

year after year. We look for the hotels<br />

and tour operators that go out of their<br />

way to please their guests, those that<br />

provide a personal level of service and<br />

take the time to get to know each visitor<br />

so that they might anticipate their every<br />

need. This can be something as simple<br />

as a 24-hour concierge desk, a hotel<br />

manager who offers a personal greeting<br />

or a tour guide who is happy to create<br />

bespoke private tours – but whatever<br />

it is, we are always pleased when we<br />

encounter staff that have been trained<br />

in the art of customer satisfaction.<br />

Style & Design<br />

It is no question that style and design<br />

plays a big part in selecting our awards<br />

shortlist. A guest will form an opinion<br />

about a hotel as soon as they arrive<br />

so it is important to us that all our<br />

winners make those first impressions<br />

count. We’re certainly not partial to a<br />

particular period of architecture – but<br />

whether we’re judging a gothic castle or<br />

an environmentally friendly lodge, the<br />

criteria remains the same. We consider<br />

factors such as architectural features,<br />

use of materials, creation of spaces,<br />

décor and the overall feel. We love it<br />

when we find a hotel that tells a story<br />

though its design and construction, or<br />

offers a design that is sympathetic to<br />

the natural surroundings of its location.<br />

Local Knowledge<br />

Knowledge of the local area is essential<br />

for any organization, be it a hotel or a<br />

tour operator. The quality of services<br />

takes a great hit when the quality of this<br />

element is not up to the mark. Quite a<br />

few of our winners in this category are<br />

because they have displayed excellent<br />

knowledge about the surrounding<br />

areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly<br />

lenient compared to a tour operator, as<br />

the latter is expected to have thorough<br />

knowledge of the area in order to<br />

provide good services.<br />

Facilities<br />

Award-winning guest rooms come in all<br />

shapes and sizes, but they all have one<br />

thing in common – a home-away-fromhome<br />

feel. The comfort of the facilities<br />

on offer are of vital importance; we look<br />

for luxurious linens, stylish bathrooms<br />

and a coordinated colour scheme that<br />

work together to create a cohesive<br />

sense of relaxation. Additional touches,<br />

such as complimentary toiletries, free<br />

wi-fi or tea and coffee making facilities<br />

are always a bonus in making us feel<br />

welcome. We’re always impressed to find<br />

hotel rooms that embrace technology<br />

and offer amenities like tablets or smart<br />

thermostat systems, but this does not<br />

always necessarily trump the traditional<br />

– four poster beds, ornate fireplaces or<br />

antique furniture can add a touch of<br />

decadence to a hotel stay.<br />

Marketing<br />

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour<br />

operator cannot rely on word of mouth<br />

to get their message out into the world.<br />

As social media has become a vital<br />

part of everyday life, we like to see<br />

companies that go the extra mile to<br />

engage with their guests, both past<br />

and future. Attractive and informative<br />

websites and engaging and honest<br />

content are what we look for when<br />

judging a company’s use of marketing;<br />

how well they display their services, how<br />

up-to-date their content is, how well<br />

they get their brand message across,<br />

and, most importantly, how well their<br />

marketing can tempt us to go and see<br />

what they have to offer for ourselves.<br />

8<br />


Criteria<br />

Diversity<br />

Diversity is one important aspect that<br />

needs to be taken into consideration<br />

when in the travel and hospitality<br />

industry. It is essential to have staff<br />

that has varying diversity to ensure that<br />

the organization can properly connect<br />

with their guests. Diversity is taken into<br />

account in terms of gender, nationality<br />

as well as languages spoken among<br />

other factors. Not only do we take the<br />

diversity of the staff into account but<br />

even that of the facilities and services<br />

offered; a hotel or tour operator<br />

providing a better range of services is<br />

preferred over those that do not.<br />

Customer Reviews<br />

What better way is there to know about<br />

an organization than by getting first<br />

hand reviews? Customers are the best<br />

judges of any service as they are the<br />

ones who experience them and can<br />

assess whether they were up to the<br />

mark or not. Considering reviews from<br />

hundreds of customers gives us a fair<br />

idea about the general pros and cons<br />

of any organization and also gives us<br />

valuable inputs for the other criteria<br />

as well.<br />

Industry Knowledge<br />

It is of prime importance that an<br />

organization has thorough industry<br />

knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits<br />

of the industry, it is difficult to flourish<br />

and provide services which are a class<br />

apart. Before any organization ventures<br />

into the industry, it is essential that<br />

they know how the industry is moving<br />

and how they should make changes to<br />

their methodologies in order to remain<br />

relevant and also be a top-performing<br />

organization.<br />

Location<br />

Location is one of the most important factors, but also one of the most subjective,<br />

as the ‘ideal’ is very much determined by the type of visitor and the type of<br />

hotel itself. However, there are a few factors we take into consideration when<br />

determining the winners of location-based awards. The first is convenience; that<br />

is, hotels that are easy to travel to. Many of our winners in this category are in<br />

convenient locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or found in<br />

the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always impressed when hotels go the<br />

extra mile to take the hassle out of traveling and offer such additional services as<br />

airport shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited to come across<br />

a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, off-the-beaten-track. A hotel that can<br />

offer something a little different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the<br />

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.<br />

10<br />


Countryside<br />

Retreats<br />

thawards.com<br />

Härnösand, Sweden 000<br />

12 13

Sometimes the best holidays are the ones where you simply get away from the hustle of modern life<br />

and retreat into the country. Essentially, it’s about taking time to concentrate on your own wellbeing,<br />

experiencing positive discomfort, or even immersing yourself within a unique culture. There’s adventure,<br />

serenity, and so much more to be had on a country retreat.<br />




What Makes a Good Country Retreat?<br />

Being packed into a city with millions of other people isn’t<br />

always a recipe for rest and relaxation. Unless you’re already<br />

lucky enough to live in the countryside, you probably long<br />

for quiet stretches of green far from the hustle of urban life.<br />

Luckily, the restorative effects that come from time spent in<br />

nature are usually only hours away from home.<br />

Turning off your phone, leaving your meetings and<br />

appointments behind, and stepping out into a completely<br />

natural world for a few days is something that more of us<br />

need to do. A <strong>Europe</strong>an country retreat sounds like just the<br />

way for you to complete a digital detox.<br />

Mountain<br />

The majesty of the mountains, the freshest air you’ve ever<br />

tasted, and views that seem to stretch forever… Time spent in<br />

the mountains is never wasted, so a retreat to high altitudes<br />

is a popular way to recharge.<br />

Whether you’re looking to ski down a mountain, hike up one,<br />

or simply marvel at its beauty with a drink in your hand, it’s<br />

one of our favourite ways to leave ordinary life<br />

behind.<br />

One of the most astonishing<br />

retreats we’ve found is the<br />

Karun Edition Luxury<br />

Chalets. It’s a series<br />

of wonderful rustic<br />

chalets nestled in<br />

the mountain town<br />

of Kaprun. Decked<br />

out with luxurious<br />

amenities, hot tubs,<br />

and stunning views<br />

right on the doorstep,<br />

we can’t think of a better<br />

way to relax.<br />

14 15

Lake<br />

Getting back in touch with nature doesn’t<br />

happen faster than when you’re surrounded<br />

by serene lakes, greenery, and the gentle<br />

sounds of wildlife. Lakeside retreats have<br />

always been popular, but interest has gone<br />

through the roof since COVID-19.<br />

Spending time on the lakefront, particularly<br />

on and in the water, is said to be restorative<br />

and beneficial to your health, so we think<br />

one of the best ways to slow down and<br />

breathe deeply is in Boliden Sweden at<br />

the Pike Paradise Lodge. Comfortable<br />

accommodation is offered in a traditionallybuilt<br />

lodge where you can partake in fishing.<br />

If you want to completely immerse yourself<br />

and be surrounded by water, then you<br />

should consider staying on a boat. It doesn’t<br />

get much more serene than chartering a<br />

stunning luxury yacht on Italy’s famed lake<br />

Como. Perfectly suited to a true getaway,<br />

be surrounded by water, stunning views,<br />

and a unique sense of privacy.<br />

Wellness<br />

As we lead increasingly busy<br />

lives, you might feel that one of<br />

the missing elements is time<br />

to spend on wellness. Looking<br />

after your health on a wellness<br />

retreat will allow you to return<br />

feeling rested, recharged, and<br />

healthy again.<br />

The volcanic island of Tenerife<br />

might be famous for its sun and<br />

sand, but tucked away in the quiet<br />

north is the luxury wellness resort of<br />

Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig<br />

Thoma. They offer world-class<br />

regenerative health programmes, a<br />

state-of-the-art spa, a fine-dining<br />

restaurant, and luxurious rooms.<br />

If you’re looking for a familyfocused<br />

experience, then the right<br />

type of retreat for you could be the<br />

amazing Stroblhof Active Family<br />

Spa Resort. This mountainous<br />

wellness retreat offers a complete<br />

experience from start to finish.<br />

16<br />


Remote<br />

Sometimes, when you want to get away from it all, you really<br />

want to put as much distance between you and your regular<br />

life as possible. They say that it’s not the destination, it’s<br />

the journey, so each mile you put behind you is another<br />

worry lifted from your shoulders.<br />

It doesn’t get much more remote than the island<br />

nation of Iceland, sitting in the North Atlantic Ocean.<br />

Yes, the capital is a vibrant city, but outside of that<br />

expect deep fjords, powerful geysers, arid plains,<br />

and wild beauty that will make you feel a million<br />

miles away from regular life. For your Icelandic<br />

adventure we recommend the Hotel Vos, who<br />

combine a remote escape with a touch of class.<br />

Going truly remote doesn’t always require a long<br />

flight, though. Arguably the last true wilderness<br />

left in the UK is deep in the Scottish Highlands.<br />

Renting a cottage overlooking the stunning lochs<br />

and glens of Scotland might feel a million miles<br />

away, but it’s only a few hours by car.<br />

Cultural<br />

One way that you can retreat from your<br />

ordinary day-to-day life is to immerse<br />

yourself in the culture of another land.<br />

Explore the people, places, and food of<br />

somewhere you might think you already<br />

know with a local guide. Cultural retreats<br />

are closely linked with wellness and can<br />

help to recharge your drained batteries.<br />

It doesn’t get more immersive than a<br />

cultural tour of Norte, Portugal. You<br />

might think you know the country, but<br />

you really get under its skin with a local<br />

guide. They’ll explain to you the history<br />

of this fascinating part of Portugal that<br />

spans a millennium, find the best food<br />

and drink, and take you to places only the<br />

locals know well.<br />

When you’re looking for somewhere local to<br />

stay, it doesn’t get much better than Quinta<br />

do Rapozinho, a farm stay that’ll connect<br />

you to the culture in a much more authentic<br />

and real way.<br />

18 19

The Kaprun Edition<br />

Austria | Luxury Chalets<br />

Here at the <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> we have the difficult yet fulfilling<br />

task of selecting winners for categories and regions across the globe.<br />

In our experience it takes a lot of dedication, practice, and motivation to<br />

maintain high standards year in year out. Leadership is key and a little in<br />

innovation goes a long way. In our experience however, very few places<br />

can do it well as The Kaprun Edition.<br />

Founded and built from the ground up by Susanne, The Kaprun<br />

Edition is considered one of Austria’s premier chalet resorts.<br />

Guests can look ahead to world class service, attention to<br />

detail, and a team happy to go the extra mile.<br />

The outstanding location in the quaint village of<br />

Kaprun means you can expect privacy as well as<br />

a lovely opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty<br />

that the region has to offer.<br />

Lodges<br />

There are six wonderful accommodation options to<br />

choose from each with its own unique selling point. The<br />

high-quality build, colour, and rustic beauty across all six<br />

are consistent, you can expect luxury amenities, superb<br />

facilities, and great service. If you’re not sure which options<br />

bests suits you then worry not, as here is our rundown of<br />

each.<br />

First up is The Kaprun Edition’s Signature Bio Chalets,<br />

of which there are six available. These stunning deluxe<br />

chalets can accommodate anywhere from 12 to a<br />

staggering 24 guests. Along with all the space you can<br />

expect wonderful hospitality in what many would deem an<br />

authentic chalet setting complete with a private sauna, hot<br />

tub, terrace, and idyllic river view.<br />

Next up is the charming Country Lodge known locally as<br />

the Landhaus Lodge. This wonderfully decorated chalet<br />

boasts eight fully furnished, modern apartments, and a<br />

spacious sauna. The apartments are roomy, fully equipped<br />

with everything you’ll need, and ideally set up to host a<br />

family or small group.<br />


Schulstrasse 15, 5710 Kaprun, Austria<br />

Tel +43 664 9416950<br />

www.thekaprunedition.at<br />

info@thekaprunedition.at<br />

20<br />


If you’re after something a little distinct and unusual, then you’re in luck. The<br />

fabulous Adventure Lodge at Kaprun allows you to experience the rare sensation<br />

of sleeping in a giant barrel. This extraordinary chalet comes complete with three<br />

bedrooms and on the private terrace two utterly unique sleeping barrels, each<br />

with their own bathroom barrel and sauna barrel. We have no doubt you won’t<br />

ever forget the time you slept in a barrel.<br />

At Kaprun stunning mountain landscapes are a common sight but if you’re in<br />

the market for magnificent panoramic views then we recommend you check<br />

in to the appropriately named Flying Lodge. Built on stilts and up high, this<br />

lodge looks like it’s almost floating, and it’s this height that allows for such great<br />

views. There are currently two living units available within the lodge that can<br />

accommodate up to 10 people each. Expect alpine charm, modern ambience,<br />

and of course amazing views.<br />

The Mara Lodge at Kaprun offers a more<br />

affordable and value for money option.<br />

Within the Lodge there are nine rooms<br />

available, and despite the savings they<br />

still offer the same brilliant services.<br />

The Mara Lodge presents the perfect<br />

spot for those interested in a much<br />

longer stay or those looking to set up a<br />

central base in town.<br />

Finally, the newest addition to the<br />

Kaprun family, the Style Lodge. This<br />

modern lodge is home to four chic<br />

suites designed to envoke the artist<br />

in you. This includes magnificent<br />

penthouse suite that comes with a<br />

private glass sauna and whirlpool.<br />

Expect breath-taking panoramic views<br />

of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier.<br />

Further services can be arranged,<br />

and the staff are all too happy to<br />

help. Airport transfers, equipment<br />

rental, hiking tours, and ski lesson are<br />

available on request along with jacuzzi,<br />

bbq equipment, and open fireplaces for<br />

certain chalets.<br />

Going Green at Kaprun<br />

At Kaprun a core mission has<br />

always been to maintain the utmost<br />

integrity and stern dedication<br />

to sustainable and eco-friendly<br />

practices. All chalets were originally<br />

constructed using only locally<br />

sourced wood that’s harvested<br />

using sustainable methods.<br />

Other materials used in chalet<br />

construction were also sourced<br />

using local companies that are on<br />

board with a greener approach.<br />

To further this most open spaces<br />

are fully utilised as green areas<br />

with plenty of lush plants, and<br />

lovely flowers for guests to enjoy.<br />

Currently all issued company cars<br />

are electric, and all guests are<br />

welcome to a Kaprun-Zell am See<br />

travel card which allows unlimited<br />

use of public transport free-ofcharge.<br />

Things To Do<br />

The region is a ski lover’s dream, there are plenty of ski schools and rental shops around.<br />

The area is home several fine slopes with great options for beginners and experiences<br />

skiers alike. If skiing isn’t your thing however then worry not as there is still loads to do<br />

such as hiking, cross-country ski runs, tobogganing, and a luxury spa.<br />

Kaprun is much more than a winter destination, and the summer here are equally<br />

as enjoyable. The breath-taking of the area is more apparent, the mountain, lakes,<br />

waterfalls, and valleys deserve to be explored. There are plenty of bike trails active in<br />

the summer, as well as hiking routes.<br />

22<br />


Pike Paradise Lodge<br />

Sweden | Country Lodge<br />

Nestled deep in the heart of Swedish Lapland, Pike Paradise Lodge offer an<br />

unforgettable country experience. Wildlife, adventure, natural beauty, rustic<br />

cuisine, and a warm welcome await all those fortunate enough to make their way<br />

to this part of Sweden.<br />

Martine, your host for the stay, fell in love with this region many years ago<br />

and has since then turned that passion into a profession. The core of<br />

founding Pike Paradise Lodge stems from Martine’s desire to showcase<br />

the landscape, people, and beauty of the region while simultaneously<br />

offering affordable and family-friendly accommodation. It’s fair to<br />

say this has been achieved!<br />

At Pike Paradise, there are in fact three types of self-catering<br />

lodging available. The biggest option is the award-winning<br />

Pike Paradise Lodge, which sleeps up to eight in four<br />

bedrooms. Second is Perch Haven, that sleeps six in<br />

three bedrooms, while the smallest, Fisherman’s<br />

Corner, can also sleep up to six. However, this is<br />

split with two double sofa beds and one double<br />

bedroom. All the lodges have a rustic, homely<br />

feel and are fully equipped to ensure your<br />

stay is comfortable.<br />

24<br />

The real highlight of the lodge is, of course, the location.<br />

You’ll never be bored during your stay simply because<br />

there’s so much to do and see. Cycling is extremely<br />

popular in the summer, as are forest walks, fishing, and<br />

bird watching. The midnight sun over the beautiful lakes<br />

of the region is one experience you won’t want to miss.<br />

On the other hand, in winter you can expect to do all the<br />

activities the region is known for, such as northern lights<br />

hunting, skiing, ice fishing, dog sledding, wild swimming,<br />

and driving on ice.<br />

There’s also a local village shop and café nearby where<br />

you can stock up, enjoy some local cuisine, or simply<br />

strike up a conversation with the locals.<br />

Kusfors 84,<br />

936 93, Boliden, Sweden<br />

Tel +46 76 763 34 54<br />



26<br />

Johannesbad Thermalhotel<br />

Ludwig Thoma<br />

Germany | Country Hotel<br />

In the renowned Spa town of Bad Füssing, where wellness is sacred,<br />

the Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma stands out as the<br />

quintessential wellness retreat hotel. This four-star luxury resort offers<br />

a complete spa experience and houses its own indoor thermal pool<br />

with water that has been shown to offer many health benefits. The<br />

approach on the whole however is about holistic well-being,<br />

meaning guests can expect much more than a world-class spa.<br />

The Johannesbad Thermalhotel Ludwig Thoma offers fine<br />

dining, ultra-comfortable rooms, a personable service, and<br />

a relaxing to décor.<br />

Rooms are elegantly furnished, spacious, colourful,<br />

and modern. Available are three distinct room types<br />

these are standard, comfort, or suites, with each<br />

varying in size and comforts. On the whole<br />

however guests can expect a balcony, seating<br />

area, de-luxe amenities, free wi-fi, and a<br />

daily breakfast buffet.<br />

The inhouse restaurant, the Brasserie Le Pastis, is famed<br />

for its Bavarian classics mixed with light Mediterranean<br />

snacks. Whether it be delicious salads, or schnitzel, there<br />

is something on the menu for you. Of course, no trip to<br />

Bavaria is complete without sampling the beer and for<br />

this you don’t even need to leave the resort. There is a<br />

beer garden on site as a roof terrace for you to relax.<br />

The big draw of course is the wellness spa. Along with<br />

an indoor thermal pool, the Johannesbad Thermalhotel<br />

Ludwig Thoma is equipped with Finnish sauna, a<br />

whirlpool, massage treatment rooms, salt room, and<br />

a steam bath. There are several packages available all<br />

with the sole purpose of pampering. Staff are on hand to<br />

offer expert advice and the whole area is built with your<br />

wellness in mind.<br />

Ludwig-Thoma-Weg 23, 94072<br />

Bad Füssing, Germany<br />

Tel +49 8531 232909<br />



28<br />

Stroblhof Active<br />

Family Spa Resort<br />

Italy | Family Friendly Resort<br />

Located in the wonderful Passeier Valley, the superb Stroblhof Active<br />

Family Spa Resort offers up an unmatchable family wellness<br />

experience. With an extensive wellness centre, excellent range of<br />

family activities, spacious rooms, and amazing cuisine, this is one<br />

resort that’ll keep you coming back again and again.<br />

Rooms and suites at the resort are homely and have been<br />

designed with space, natural light, and modernity in mind.<br />

Guests can choose from a twin room right the way up<br />

to a one-bedroom suite that can accommodate up to<br />

four people. All rooms come with deluxe amenities,<br />

a balcony offering beautiful views, a minibar, and<br />

outdoor furniture. For a further stress-free<br />

experience, you can even choose to go ¾ board<br />

which includes a lovely breakfast, hearty<br />

lunch, and exquisite dinner.<br />

In fact, at Stroblhof food is viewed as vital to wellness, meaning<br />

culinary endeavours are of the highest quality. Charismatic chef<br />

Alex Sallustio and his team emphasise the harmony between<br />

Alpine and Mediterranean cuisine in their menu with a distinct<br />

focus on local, organic produce.<br />

It’s in the wellness arena where Stroblhof really stands out. The<br />

resort is home to a fully-equipped luxury wellness centre. This<br />

tranquil setting is the perfect place to relax and get pampered.<br />

Enjoy a total of five unique pools, including a children’s pool, a<br />

stunning roof top sauna with 360-degree views, an outdoor<br />

steam bath, massages, body treatments, a state-of-the-art<br />

fitness area, a beauty lounge, and health foods at the day-time<br />

café. If this isn’t enough, there’s also range of classes available<br />

such yoga, aqua aerobics, Pilates, and back gymnastics.<br />

For families, dedicated kids club on site offer a whole host<br />

of activities. These include football, basketball, table tennis,<br />

billiards, kids’ games, and console gaming, as well as an evening<br />

3D cinema. The picturesque mountain village setting of the<br />

resort lends itself to further pastimes such as horse riding,<br />

cycling, and hiking.<br />

Via Passiria, 28/29, 39015<br />

San Leonardo In Passiria<br />

Province of Bolzano, Italy<br />

Tel +39 0473010500<br />



Hotel VOS<br />

Iceland | Boutique Country Hotel<br />

Set amongst the beautifully rugged Icelandic landscape, Hotel Vos is a<br />

small, family-run hotel where excellent service and guest comfort is the<br />

order of the day. Its unique location at Norður-Nýjabæ farm in the village<br />

of Þykkvibær, only 3 km from the coast, makes it the perfect location for<br />

exploring the fascinating region of South Iceland.<br />

This single-storey property houses a total of 18 ensuite rooms.<br />

There are three types of rooms available, the first being a standard<br />

room, the second a slightly larger superior room, and finally the<br />

much bigger family room that can accommodate up to three<br />

adults and is wheelchair accessible. All rooms are designed<br />

in a slick contemporary style and come with a TV, work<br />

desk, toiletries, flat screen TV, access to a hot tub, and<br />

a complimentary breakfast buffet.<br />

For the other meals of the day, you’re in luck: the hotel is also<br />

home to the ever-popular Vos Restaurant. This modern and<br />

elegant dining establishment is centred on serving a range of<br />

hearty dishes using fresh local produce. We recommend the<br />

Skyr Cake, which is uniquely Icelandic, tasty, and filling. What<br />

more could you want?<br />

One of the big draws of Hotel Vos is its rural location. It’s ideally<br />

situated to explore the area, see some of Iceland’s most popular<br />

attractions, and take part in adventure activities. Conveniently,<br />

the hotel hosts a tour desk to provide information. Horse riding,<br />

glacier tours, northern lights hunting, waterfall excursions,<br />

hiking, and so much more can be arranged. Or, if you prefer, the<br />

hotel can arrange a rental car so you can explore to your heart’s<br />

content.<br />


Norður-Nýjabæ<br />

851 Þykkvibær, Iceland<br />

Tel +354 554 8800<br />

30<br />


Quinta do Rapozinho<br />

Portugal | Country Villa<br />

Located in the rural heartland of the district of Braga, Quinta do Rapozinho is<br />

the perfect chilled-out country retreat. Set at the foothills of the majestic<br />

Serra da Cabreira Mountain, Quinta do Rapozinho boasts six different rustic<br />

country villas, an outdoor swimming pool, and panoramic views.<br />

There are six different villas to choose from, all varying in size and<br />

group needs. The smallest villa can accommodate two adults and<br />

two children while the largest, a three-bedroom property, is fit for<br />

up to six adults and two children. The villas have a rustic quality<br />

to them; you can expect exposed bricks, wooden beams,<br />

lots of natural light, fireplaces, and hardwood flooring. The<br />

villas have been fully renovated with modern bathrooms,<br />

fully-equipped kitchens, free Wi-Fi, a lounge, BBQ<br />

equipment, an open terrace, and high-quality<br />

toiletries.<br />

quintadorapozinho.com<br />

Of all the villas, our favourite has to be Casa do Palheiro<br />

Grande, a converted barn that offer tons of space,<br />

a large balcony, and stunning views. For a unique<br />

experience, however, check out Casa dos Toneis, also<br />

known the house of barrels. This villa is designed to<br />

make innovative of use of former wine barrels that are<br />

now used for the exterior of the bedrooms and the frame<br />

of children’s beds.<br />

A wonderful fresh breakfast is served each and every<br />

morning with a great selection of bread and cakes<br />

available, made using the in-house wood-fired oven.<br />

Guests are also presented with a breakfast basket on<br />

arrival. For lunch and dinner, you can request a home<br />

meal service that includes table setting. The menu<br />

is based on traditional dishes and made using local<br />

produce.<br />

Further services and facilities include access to an<br />

outdoor swimming pool, home-made basket service for<br />

special occasions, a grocery shopping service, and a<br />

whole host of family activities and tours.<br />


Rua José Machado - S. Nicolau,<br />

4860-143, Cabeceiras de Basto<br />

Portugal<br />

32<br />


Adventure<br />

in <strong>Europe</strong><br />

thawards.com<br />

Northern light evening, Iceland 000<br />

34 35

If the sound of another beach holiday or mini city break leaves you indifferent, you may begin to wonder<br />

how to get a bit more excitement from your next trip abroad. Well, we suggest you grab your friends, get<br />

out of your comfort zone, and book an exciting adventure holiday.<br />



THE SUPER 6<br />

Hiking & Camping<br />

The great outdoors doesn’t get much purer than lacing up<br />

your boots and hitting the trail. Watching a landscape unveil<br />

itself in front of you as you put one foot in front of the other is<br />

something close to a religious experience for the keen hiker.<br />

If you want rugged hills, high mountain passes, and<br />

spectacular glens, Scotland is your best friend. We work with<br />

the good people at T.M.M Experiences because they offer<br />

complete adventure packages throughout mainland Scotland<br />

and its many stunning islands. They provide all the kit and<br />

experienced instructors to make sure you can concentrate<br />

on just doing the walking.<br />

With tons of treks and walks to choose from, you can opt for<br />

a serious challenge along the West Highland Way, experience<br />

the raw beauty of the Isle of Skye, or take a gentler approach<br />

on the Arran Coastal Way on a route that’s suitable for all<br />

abilities.<br />

Rafting<br />

Navigating a river in a rubber boat with nothing more than<br />

a paddle in your hand takes teamwork, guts, and a healthy<br />

appetite for adventure. It’s one of the best ways we can think<br />

of for getting up close and personal with a river.<br />

Rafting like this as a sport was invented in Italy, so it makes<br />

sense that one of the best places to do it is in the stunning<br />

Calabrian wilderness. There to guide you through river rapids<br />

and white waters are the incredibly experienced team at River<br />

Tribe. They’re some of the best people you can do it with.<br />

Starting off at base camp on the Lao River, you can choose<br />

from an exciting range of rafting packages. From the white<br />

knuckle Fast and Furious adventure to the more sedate Fun<br />

Trip that’s suitable for kids, they’ve got it all. Be prepared to<br />

get wet!<br />

36 37

Jeep Adventure<br />

If you want to explore some of the harshest<br />

yet most beautiful landscapes in the world,<br />

you can’t beat the Arctic State of Iceland.<br />

With 30 volcanic systems on the island and<br />

magnificent but unforgiving terrain, the best<br />

way to see it is from the comfort of a modern<br />

4x4.<br />

The Jeeps operated by Arctic Trucks are<br />

some of the finest in the business. Rugged,<br />

capable, and incredibly comfortable, they<br />

can go to places that others can only dream<br />

of. Take a trip around Iceland’s Golden Circle<br />

to see the geysers and waterfalls that make<br />

this place so special. Hop in your very own<br />

adventure machine and even get behind the<br />

wheel while being guided by an expert guide.<br />

Their fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers and other<br />

capable beasts are available for day trips,<br />

multi-day tours, and even private rental.<br />

Dark Sky Viewing<br />

It’s hard to not be awed at the almost<br />

infinite number of stars that live in our<br />

night sky. Unfortunately, most of us don’t<br />

get to experience this celestial majesty in<br />

our brightly-lit towns and cities. Luckily,<br />

the Alqueva region in Portugal has been<br />

designated as the first starlight tourism<br />

destination in the world.<br />

Getting in touch with the stars and planets<br />

above has never been easier than with<br />

Dark Sky. Their official observatory and<br />

knowledgeable guides make this place an<br />

astro-lover’s paradise. Observe the planets<br />

and look deeply into the galaxy through some<br />

of the clearest skies in <strong>Europe</strong>. If you can’t<br />

stand staying still, Dark Sky also offer kayak<br />

tours of the great lake at night. Watching the<br />

stars unfold above your head while floating<br />

on calm waters is an unforgettable way to<br />

escape ordinary life.<br />

38<br />


Helicopter Flights<br />

Since humans first watched birds soaring<br />

through the skies, we’ve wanted to join<br />

them. The perspective that we get from up<br />

high is important for us to learn our place on<br />

this planet – and we can’t think of anywhere<br />

better to take flight than the jaw-dropping<br />

setting of the Swiss Alps.<br />

Based in the Swiss capital city of Bern, aerial<br />

adventurers Fun Flights are in the business<br />

of showing you the best of the country from<br />

the air. Choose from scenic flights across<br />

Lake Thun with views of the Eiger, or even<br />

challenge yourself to a heli-skydive.<br />

Fun Flights operate one of the longest alpine<br />

helicopter flights in the world too, with their<br />

exciting Matterhorn Tour. Get up close and<br />

personal with the awe-inspiring pyramid of<br />

gneiss rock that towers over the surrounding<br />

mountains. You won’t regret it.<br />

Skiing<br />

Carving up deep powder in the Alps isn’t<br />

just part of the way of life for the Swiss but<br />

something you can experience too. Strapping<br />

on a pair of skis has got to be one of the best<br />

ways to connect with the gorgeous scenery<br />

of the Zermatt area.<br />

Located in the centre of town is our favourite<br />

group of mountain guides and teachers at the<br />

Alpine Ski School. Made up of experienced and<br />

enthusiastic ski and snowboard instructors,<br />

they offer everything from private beginner’s<br />

lessons to a ski safari to the Italian border.<br />

The original extreme sport, off-piste skiing<br />

is best done with a ski guide that knows the<br />

area like the back of their hand. Available for<br />

all levels and in multiple languages, you’re in<br />

good hands.<br />

40<br />


The Mountain Men Ltd<br />

UK | Adventure Tour Company<br />

Scotland’s Premier Wild Camp Experience<br />

Scotland is one of <strong>Europe</strong>’s most beautiful countries, its breath-taking<br />

landscapes, rugged mountains, culinary heritage, and unique culture<br />

deserves to be explored, and enjoyed. What better way to experience<br />

this than through camping with The Mountain Men? Regardless of<br />

whether it’s your first time in Scotland or your fifth, a camping trip<br />

in Scotland is the most immersive way to experience it all. With<br />

The Mountain Men, over several days, you’ll get to explore<br />

beauty spots unreachable by vehicle, visit attractions, learn<br />

about the history of the area from knowledgeable guides,<br />

and travel at your own pace. Expect reliable and safe<br />

camping equipment, good food, a warm fire, and<br />

great company.<br />

There are several trips to choose from that run<br />

throughout the year. The Scottish Experience<br />

throws up many options, challenge yourself on<br />

one of our supported hikes, some are harder than<br />

others, visit the Isles of Skye or Arran or maybe<br />

a road trip on the North Coast 500. If getting on<br />

the water is your thing then The Scottish Kayak<br />

Experience may be for you, options of a single day<br />

out on Loch Lomond, a 3 day trip to an inland loch<br />

island or even a 5 day trip through the Great Glen<br />

are available and all have their charms.<br />


Tel +01355 459538<br />

42<br />


Ritchie Nash<br />

Founder & CEO at The Mountain Men<br />

Tell us a little bit about yourself<br />

I am a 56-year-old family man, married with 4<br />

children (including 3 daughters and a stepson),<br />

grandchildren and a cat. I am an ex-Infantry soldier<br />

and have spent most of my life outdoors.<br />

What was the inspiration for starting the<br />

Mountain Men?<br />

Climbing Ben Nevis for charity and training those<br />

going with me started it all, one thing led to another<br />

and after a few charity climbs I hit on the idea of<br />

the Experiences, tbh I thought someone would be<br />

doing it already so I was pleasantly surprised when<br />

I found out that there was a gap in the market.<br />

In your opinion, why does Scotland remain<br />

such a popular travel destination?<br />

The midgies, the rain and the uncertainty, what’s<br />

not to love? Seriously though we have a beautiful<br />

country, we have a rich and diverse culture and an<br />

equally rich and diverse history and Scots love to<br />

tell a story, or two.<br />

You offer several wonderful experiences. If you could only<br />

choose one, which one would you recommend for a first-time<br />

visitor?<br />

Never an easy question, it really depends on what they want to get<br />

from their experience, we have something for everyone, adventure,<br />

fun, relaxation, exploration, and we do things in such a way that we<br />

can ensure you get the most out of your experience.<br />

What advice would you give anyone interested in booking an<br />

experience?<br />

Look at the website and decide what you want to do and then ask<br />

questions, we are only too happy to answer any question, even if it<br />

seems silly, we would rather people came to us well informed as they<br />

will enjoy themselves all the more.<br />

Do you have any restrictions or requirement related to age,<br />

fitness, or medical conditions?<br />

We don’t take anyone under 3 or over 99, though if someone over 99<br />

books we will welcome them. No real fitness requirements unless<br />

pushing yourself on a walking challenge but our guests will know their<br />

capabilities better than we will, well initially. Severe disabilities may be<br />

a disadvantage but with good will and an understanding of people’s<br />

needs there is lots we can do to ensure anyone can get the benefit of<br />

the outdoors.<br />

44<br />


You’ve recently started offering<br />

an international experience to<br />

the Everest Base Camp in Nepal.<br />

What was the thinking behind<br />

this, and do you have plans to<br />

expand to any other regions?<br />

This was really a birthday treat to<br />

myself that grew legs, we will see<br />

how this experience goes before<br />

deciding If we will do more.<br />

The Isles of Raasay and Skye from Applecross, R.NASH credits<br />

You favourite holiday destination<br />

and why?<br />

Well I have to say Scotland now<br />

don’t I. Outside of work my wife and<br />

I have recently started exploring the<br />

mountain regions of Andalucia, to<br />

be honest it is a break for my wife,<br />

somewhere warm before I start my<br />

own 7-8 months of holidaying with<br />

our guests on our experiences, who<br />

was it that said “If you love what<br />

you do you never work a day in your<br />

life?”…It should have been me.<br />

46<br />


48<br />

River Tribe<br />

Italy | Adventure Tour Company<br />

The beautiful Calabrian landscape lends itself perfectly to outdoor pursuits such as hiking,<br />

water sports, woodland adventures, and mountain biking. One activity that stands out is<br />

rafting, especially on the famous Lao river due to it boasting thrilling bends and spectacular<br />

scenery. To experience this in all its might and a whole host of outdoor activities, there is no<br />

one better equipped to assist you than River Tribe.<br />

Set up by experienced globetrotting adventure enthusiast Antonio Trani, River Tribe<br />

is a company founded on a passion for outdoor pursuits and love of the Pollino<br />

National Park. All experiences are designed to be authentic, in tune with nature,<br />

memorable, and environmentally ethical. The philosophy is simply: to not use<br />

nature to sell sport but to use sport to bring you closer to nature.<br />

Rafting<br />

Rafting on the Lao will take you through the heart of Calabria. Expect<br />

unspoilt natural beaty, exhilarating bends, and unforgettable<br />

memories. River Tribe offers a whole host of rafting trips set<br />

around varying ability levels, interests, and group sizes. You can<br />

choose from short family-friendly routes to bigger, multi-day<br />

experiences that include river walking, trekking, camping,<br />

and exploring a town in addition to rafting.<br />

Outdoor Activities<br />

Obviously, rafting isn’t the only activity offered by River Tribe.<br />

In fact, there are a total 14 further activities you can do. These<br />

include mountain biking, trekking, river walking, stand-up<br />

paddling, canyoning, yoga, and much more.<br />

For a more rounded experience, we recommend booking a<br />

tailored package. Combine the outdoor pursuits and enjoy the<br />

culinary heritage, history, and culture of the area.<br />

Base Camp<br />

The Pollino National Park is magnificent – now, thanks to River<br />

Tribe, you have a base camp to set up at. Built on two levels,<br />

one by the road and one by the river, the camp is where you<br />

start your journey. Here you can check in, get settled, and gain<br />

access a plethora services and facilities.<br />

For accommodation, you can choose between glamping,<br />

suspended tree tents, a camper van area, and more traditional<br />

camping. On top of this River Tribe offer changing rooms,<br />

access to the beach, pool, BBQ equipment, Wi-Fi, a bar, a shop,<br />

and yoga sessions.<br />

Loc. San Primo, 35<br />

87014 Laino Borgo (CS)<br />

Tel. +39 339 2101457 /<br />

+39 331 9210618<br />



50<br />

Arctic Trucks Experience<br />

Iceland | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Iceland’s unique geography, stunning landscapes, and uneven population distribution<br />

means it’s not the easiest country in the world to navigate. To see it all (and see it<br />

properly), we recommend travelling in a powerful 4x4 with an experienced, motivated,<br />

and knowledgeable guide. For this, there’s only one company: Arctic Trucks Experience.<br />

Arctic Trucks Experience offers the opportunity to see Iceland in amazing cars at your<br />

own pace. There are a variety of tours available that cover a whole host of places<br />

and activities, but one thing remains consistent and that’s the quality of service.<br />

Hiring only the best guides and putting years of experience into practice, with<br />

Arctic Trucks you can expect a safe, informative, and unique tour.<br />

Day Tours<br />

Private day tours are dynamic, exciting, and fulfilling. All tours include<br />

pick up and drop off from your hotel or guest house in Reykjavik.<br />

What happens in between is up to you! There are plenty of predesigned<br />

tours available that cover all the usual spots but<br />

also a few off-the-beaten-path sites. Popular tours are to<br />

Thórsmörk and Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland’s famed Golden<br />

Circle, Reykjanes, and Blue Lagoon, and so many more.<br />

Multi-Day Tours<br />

Extraordinary, action-packed, and memorable are three<br />

words we’d use to describe multi-day tours. These tours<br />

are a challenge, to say the least, but they offer the purest<br />

experience of Iceland. <strong>Travel</strong>ling in modified arctic trucks<br />

means you’ll get firmly off the beaten path. Expeditions go<br />

deep into the highlands and involve camping or staying in<br />

mountain huts.<br />

Two-day trips include glacier camping, Thórsmörk Valley tour,<br />

and Landmannalaugar tours. If you’ve got a bit more time, a<br />

three-day-long weekend tour covers a whole host of sites.<br />

Custom Made Tours<br />

If you know what you’d like to see or have a specific request,<br />

why not consider a custom-made tour? Flexibility is key,<br />

so designing an itinerary based on your preferences and<br />

budget isn’t an issue. As a full DMC, Arctic Trucks Experience<br />

can take care of whole package. This includes transfers,<br />

accommodation, tours, activities, and food.<br />

Klettháls 3, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland<br />

Tel +354 540 4900<br />

Mob +354 617 8000<br />



52<br />

Dark Sky ® Alqueva<br />

Portugal | Unique Experience<br />

Nestled away in rural Alentejo, in Portugal, is the seemingly ordinary area<br />

of Amieira e Alqueva. One the face of it the area reflects much of the<br />

beauty of Alentejo with lovely rolling hills, wide landscapes, and quaint local<br />

life. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll realise that this area is home to<br />

one of the most unforgettable and wonderful experience you could ever<br />

have, Dark Sky Viewing.<br />

Dark Sky viewing places in the world are few and far between<br />

even less so when you consider onle a small number of places<br />

that are Starlight tourism certified. Dark Sky ® Alqueva in fact<br />

is the world first ever starlight tourism destination.<br />

The rural setting, lack of light pollution, and low<br />

population have all contributed to the area becoming<br />

a Dark Sky destination. With Dark Sky ® Alqueva<br />

you can see the sky in all its starry might, enjoy<br />

the local area, learn about the importance of<br />

Dark Sky, and play your part in contributing<br />

to a sustainable tourism model.<br />

Observatory<br />

The official Dark Sky observatory<br />

in Cumeada villas if fully equipped<br />

with cutting-edge telescopes for<br />

solar and astronomical observation.<br />

You can observe planets, stars and<br />

even craters on the moon.<br />

What to Do<br />

There is so much more to the area<br />

than simply Dark Sky viewing and<br />

the observatory. You can take<br />

part in special astrophotography<br />

workshops, take a canoe tour at<br />

night, blind wine tasting, go sailing,<br />

or take part in a guided tour.<br />

https://darkskyalqueva.com/en/<br />

activities/<br />

Where to Stay<br />

There are several local<br />

accommodation options, ranging<br />


Rua de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, s/n<br />

Cumeada Village, Reguengos de Monsaraz<br />

7200-071 Campo Rmz, Portugal<br />

T. +351 913 103 540<br />

from small local guest houses to<br />

boutique hotels to big private luxury<br />

villas. You could choose to stay<br />

within the confines of a small village<br />

or a go for a more private rural<br />

experience. You can find out more<br />

- https://darkskyalqueva.com/en/<br />

accommodation/<br />

Where to Eat<br />

Alentejo is Portugal agricultural<br />

heartland so food in the area is<br />

always fresh and prepared with<br />

local herbs. The dishes are hearty,<br />

simple, and satisfying. You should<br />

also try out the local wine and<br />

famed liqueur called medronho<br />

Here are some great<br />

recommendations for restaurants<br />

- https://darkskyalqueva.com/en/<br />

gastronomy/<br />


FunFlights<br />

Helicopter-Tours<br />

Switzerland | Adventure Experience<br />

54<br />

The Swiss Alps are quite simply breath-taking. Stretching<br />

hundreds of miles in every direction, this mountain range is<br />

for many a bucket list destination. As there’s no better way to<br />

see the alps than from above, this is why we recommend<br />

FunFlights Helicopter Tours.<br />

Running tours from the Bern-Belp Airport,<br />

FunFlights Helicopter Tours specialises in scenic<br />

helicopter flights for one to four passengers.<br />

Expect incredible and unforgettable<br />

experiences in the company of snowtopped<br />

mountains, idyllic turquoise<br />

lakes, and lush green valleys.<br />

Currently there are five varied<br />

private helicopter tours to<br />

choose from covering a wide<br />

range of areas.<br />

Should you prefer, however, you do have the option of<br />

a customised tour that includes landing on glaciers and<br />

visiting mountain hut restaurants.<br />

FunFlights currently operates in conjunction with<br />

the highly-regarded Mountainflyers Helicopter, thus<br />

guaranteeing the utmost in safety, up-to-date permits,<br />

and relevant insurance certificates.<br />

Airport Bern-Belp,<br />

Flugplatzstrasse 9<br />

(Meeting Point), CH-<br />

3123 Belp, Switzerland<br />

Tel +41 76 331 12 31<br />



Alpine Ski School<br />

Switzerland | Ski School<br />

Based in Zermatt, the outstandingly rated Alpine Ski School is<br />

headed up by pals Maxime Riviera and David “Dido” Erba,<br />

both experienced, multilingual and knowledgeable in the art of<br />

skiing, snowboarding and even mono-skiing.<br />

Maxime and David, along with their team, are passionate<br />

about their work and welcome all learners on board.<br />

Whether it’s your first day on snow or your thousandth,<br />

we have an instructor to teach any level, technique,<br />

at any time and in many languages. Our<br />

instructors live and breathe this mountain and<br />

are more than happy to share its secrets. We<br />

know the best locations to take you to, be<br />

that for the powder pockets, the food or<br />

the panoramic views.<br />

We offer three unique services: private lessons; ski safari (to Italy and<br />

back!); and niche services.<br />

1. Our most popular service: tailor-made ski and snowboard lessons in<br />

10+ languages to the highest standard in a fully private, safe and fun<br />

setting to maximise your learning and enjoyment.<br />

2. Ski safari: Guided tour to Italy and back: A unique and unforgettable<br />

experience from Zermatt to Italy and back, starting from the highest<br />

viewpoint in the Alps and taking in the best pistes, panoramic views<br />

and restaurants on both sides of the border.<br />

3. Niche services and skills if you fancy something different. Be it offpiste,<br />

ski-touring, freestyle, monoski, telemark, snowshoeing or Kids<br />

Academy, enjoy a different perspective and feel for the landscape in<br />

a safe and professional environment.<br />

We pride ourselves on providing the best learning experience, from<br />

hotel pick-up to the pistes in Zermatt and beyond. Our family-size ski<br />

school can also provide first-hand recommendations and advice for<br />

the rest of your time in Zermatt in our traditional chalet office. We are<br />

looking forward to meeting you in one of the best ski resorts in the<br />

world and expanding our snowsports community!<br />


Alpine Ski School Zermatt<br />

Metzggasse 9, 3920 Zermatt<br />

Maxime Riviera<br />

Tel +41791360554<br />

56<br />


Golf<br />

<strong>Europe</strong><br />

thawards.com<br />

Lueg Switzerland<br />

58 59

Photo by AnaIacobPhotography on Depositphotos<br />

Looking for an amazing round of golf<br />

on your travels? Here are our favorite<br />

luxurious golf courses to visit in <strong>Europe</strong> if<br />

you want a fantastic experience.<br />



TO VISIT<br />


<strong>Europe</strong> is one of the most beautiful places on earth<br />

to find yourself. Packed with history, culture, art,<br />

unique cuisine, and some of the most spectacular<br />

natural beauty the world has to offer, there’s hardly<br />

a better place to be if you’re interested in having<br />

luxurious experiences.<br />

And how much more luxurious can you get than golf<br />

courses and their accompanying accommodations<br />

and amenities? Stunning nature, exquisite views,<br />

and luxury dining are just a few of the things they<br />

have to offer.<br />

Finca Cortesin Golf, Spain<br />

This resort golf course boasts everything you’d want in<br />

a luxury getaway, whether golf-related or not! Stunning<br />

mountain and Andalucia coast views, a stone’s throw from<br />

the postcard-picturesque village of Casares, and a wait-onyou-hand-and-foot<br />

kind of service…<br />

And that’s not even mentioning the fantastic golf. It’s<br />

consistently rated one of the country’s top courses to play,<br />

and the course is expertly weaved through the natural<br />

landscape so it feels like it’s been there all along.<br />

We’ve compiled a list of the most luxurious golf<br />

courses to visit in <strong>Europe</strong>. Put these on your bucket<br />

list if you live for a luxury experience because you’ll<br />

find beautiful architecture, impeccable service,<br />

and absolute tranquillity in these settings.<br />

Grab your golf clubs and your favorite person<br />

and get ready to experience the best golf resorts<br />

<strong>Europe</strong> has to offer!<br />

It’s meticulously cared for, with not a blade of grass out of<br />

place. The greens are true and speedy, the fairways excitingly<br />

undulating, and all the while you’re treated to a gorgeous sea<br />

view.<br />

When you’re finished your round, the Andalusian architecture<br />

of the hotel welcomes you to a luxurious off-course<br />

experience. Relax and allow yourself to be served delicately<br />

prepared and delectably flavored Mediterranean cuisine, float<br />

in the ocean-view pool, treat yourself to a spa experience or<br />

catch a tan in the always-stunning Spanish weather.<br />

60 61

Luton Hoo Hotel Golf and Spa, England<br />

Welcome to the quintessential British luxury<br />

experience. Whatever your idea of a luxurious getaway<br />

entails, chances are you’ll find it at the Luton Hoo.<br />

You’ll be greeted by the Mansion House, an 18thcentury<br />

artwork of a building that houses lovely<br />

accommodations, an award-winning restaurant, and<br />

comprehensive conference facilities.<br />

The County Club is nearby and offers everything you<br />

may need to keep you busy during the lovely British<br />

days. A gym, tennis courts, biking and walking routes,<br />

bird watching, clay pigeon shooting, golf, and a fullyequipped<br />

spa (complete with infinity pool).<br />

Speaking of golf, golfers will find the course to be an<br />

exciting challenge, as well as a stunning walk. It winds<br />

through the natural landscape and is abundant with<br />

various species of trees and wildflowers.<br />

It’s one of the longest courses you’ll find in the UK,<br />

and interestingly, you won’t find a single bunker on<br />

the course. You will, however, find a variety of water<br />

hazards, tricky doglegs, and an intimidating tree right<br />

in front of hole 9’s green.<br />

Le Touquet Golf Resort, France<br />

If the romantic in you loves the idea of a luxurious<br />

vacation in France (with some golf on the side), Le<br />

Touquet Golf Resort offers everything you need to<br />

feel at home while enjoying a deluxe experience.<br />

The Anglo-Norman-designed Manor Hotel has an<br />

old-world charm to it that makes it feel warm and<br />

welcoming. Choose from five different room styles<br />

to suit your own luxurious environment needs.<br />

Situated on 350 hectares beautifully landscaped<br />

with both forest and dunes, every area of this hotel<br />

has a beautiful nature view.<br />

It also makes for spectacular golf, with the resort<br />

offering 3 separate courses (two 18-hole and one<br />

9-hole). There’s truly something for every golfer<br />

here, with a tricky links-style course, a smoother,<br />

more traditional ones, and a 9-hole practice course.<br />

And let’s not forget the fantastic French cuisine that<br />

comes as a standard here. Between the eclectic<br />

but luxury Table of the Manor restaurant and the<br />

contemporary but oh-so-local The Spoon at the<br />

clubhouse, you’ll experience a taste of true French<br />

life.<br />

62 63

Schloss Hotel Pichlarn Spa & Golf Resort, Austria<br />

How’s this for luxury - staying in a castle at the foot of the<br />

snow-covered Austrian Alps, indulging in culinary delights from<br />

breakfast to late-night dessert, and pampering yourself with a<br />

massage, a spa treatment, or a sauna session.<br />

If you want to take advantage of the pet-friendly 18-hole golf<br />

course (one of the oldest in Austria) and its majestic views, a<br />

summer visit is a must. Winter is no less fun, though, with skiing<br />

and winter hiking on the agenda.<br />

Other unique deluxe experiences that you can choose to partake<br />

in include a steam bath or infrared room, heated whirlpools,<br />

Ayurvedic treatments, a variety of beauty treatments, and a wine<br />

lounge for those with a discerning palate, and a top-notch cigar<br />

lounge for cigar connoisseurs.<br />

The cuisine promises to delight your senses, with multiple<br />

restaurants and cafes on site. If you’re feeling like breakfast in<br />

bed or a private, delectable dinner for two, room service is every<br />

bit as luxurious as a restaurant meal.<br />

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi, Italy<br />

Food, wine, and golf… Where better to visit than Italy to experience<br />

all three in one luxurious package? Surrounded by classic Italian<br />

countryside complete with olive trees and vineyards, you’ll be<br />

treated to gorgeous views of the Tuscan hills no matter the season.<br />

There are more than 8 centuries of history in this spectacular<br />

region, and the 5-star villa-style hotel mixes modern and medieval<br />

in an effortlessly enchanting way. Rooms are split between the<br />

main hotel and the old tobacco warehouse, allowing you your<br />

choice of chic modern (elegant and smooth), or old traditional<br />

(romantic and classic).<br />

The golf is also fantastic, with 27 holes of play and jaw-dropping<br />

360-degree views. The 18-hole Mountain Course is among the<br />

most technical in the country, so don’t take it lightly! But less<br />

experienced or junior golfers will find the Lake Course to be just<br />

the right combination of enjoyment and challenge to complement<br />

the rest of the resort experience.<br />

Other wonderful experiences you can try here include beekeeping,<br />

harvesting olives, truffle hunting, horseback riding, survival<br />

courses, renting a Ferrari for a day, oil & cheese tasting, cheese,<br />

chocolate, or pizza making, and hot air balloon rides.<br />

No matter what your idea of luxury is, you can experience it at<br />

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi.<br />

64 65

Food<br />

& Drink<br />

thawards.com<br />

Franconian gastronomic<br />

specialties called<br />

“Backstakäs, Germany 000<br />

66 67

Mediterranean cuisine is renowned the world over, from Spanish seafood to Italian pasta to Greek mezze,<br />

the gastronomic heritage of these regions is nothing short of phenomenal. While Scandinavian, French,<br />

and Turkish cuisines hold a solid reputation, Northern and Central <strong>Europe</strong>an food is overlooked more<br />

often than not. However, do a little digging and you’ll quickly realise countries in this part of <strong>Europe</strong> know<br />

more than a thing or two about producing excellent food. For a different type of epicurean holiday, you<br />

should branch out a bit.<br />


FOODIE<br />


Germany<br />

This hugely popular holiday destination isn’t<br />

just about big frothy beers and currywurst,<br />

as good as those two might be. The food<br />

scene in Germany is more diverse than you<br />

might think, owing a lot to its multicultural<br />

population and open-minded attitude to<br />

good food.<br />

The street food scene in Berlin, especially<br />

the trendy Kreuzberg district, reflects its<br />

global population. Expect to find some of<br />

the best Vietnamese spring rolls alongside<br />

modern takes on German classics, like fresh<br />

local asparagus with mashed potato and<br />

sauerkraut, at the chic Kantine Kohlmann.<br />

68 69

Hungary<br />

Visitors flock to Budapest, the exciting<br />

capital city that straddles the wide<br />

Danube River, for a lot of reasons,<br />

although food might not be at the<br />

tops of their lists. Steaming bowls<br />

of rich goulash served with fluffy<br />

dumplings are still on the menu,<br />

but you might not know about<br />

some of the country’s other<br />

exquisite delicacies.<br />

Ranging from simple comfort<br />

foods sold at kiosks across<br />

the country like lángos, a fried<br />

bread stuffed with garlic sauce and<br />

cottage cheese, to elaborate dishes like<br />

meggyleves, a sweet cherry soup, the<br />

Hungarians know how to fill themselves<br />

up!<br />

With the opening of the hugely popular<br />

KARAVÁN street food court, Budapest<br />

locals and visitors alike are being treated<br />

to world foods, twists on Hungarian<br />

classics, and a range of great beers to<br />

wash it all down with.<br />

Belgium<br />

We’re all familiar with Belgian chocolate, sticky waffles, and the many strong<br />

beers that come from this part of <strong>Europe</strong>, but cities like Antwerp are<br />

experiencing a foodie revolution that’s attracting hungry mouths from far<br />

and wide.<br />

You can take guided street food tours around the diamond capital of the<br />

world and tuck into local favourites like potato croquettes and crispy chips<br />

dipped in mayonnaise or push the boat out and discover the city’s growing<br />

vegan food obsession.<br />

For a proper taste of Antwerp’s incredibly fresh<br />

food scene, we recommend a visit to ‘t Fornuis.<br />

This classic restaurant has held a Michelin<br />

star since 1986 and owner and head chef<br />

Johan Segers is constantly pushing the<br />

limit of what Belgian gastronomy is all<br />

about.<br />

70 71

Elements of Food<br />

Germany | The Award for Excellence in Culinary Experiences<br />

Founded by charismatic Israeli chef and foodie Itay Novik, Elements of Food<br />

is a culinary brand in Berlin with a twist. The aim of food tours is not simply<br />

to try different ingredients and dishes, but also to provide an immersive<br />

educational experience on the importance of food source, prep, and<br />

heritage. For Itay the food consumed today, especially in Western<br />

society, is too heavily processed and far removed from its natural<br />

origin. The ability to cook, shop for fresh produce, and to<br />

recognise organic flavours is slowly being lost.<br />

It to this end, Elements of Food goes beyond tours to offer,<br />

workshops and cooking classes so guests have the<br />

tools they need to make a positive change in eating<br />

habits. The tours put the growers and producers<br />

front and centre with a special focus on cuisine<br />

heritage, street food and diversity of Berlin.<br />


72<br />


Bites & Walks<br />

Belgium | The Award for Excellence in Culinary Experiences<br />

Antwerp is a city with a deep history, rich culture, and a proud culinary<br />

heritage. Often times the city can be overlooked for more known<br />

neighbours Brussels or Bruges. However, should you decide to traverse the<br />

city with Bites & Walks, it’s fair to say you’ll discover a glorious foodie<br />

capital.<br />

Starting life as a friendly food blog, Bites & Walks has grown to<br />

become one of Antwerp’s most exciting tour companies. Nina<br />

Laviana Martinez, the founder of Bites & Walks, has combined<br />

her passion for food with the love of her hometown to<br />

create an immersive experience for tourists and locals<br />

alike. Growing up with Spanish grandparents and as<br />

the daughter of a baker, food was always a central<br />

part of Nina’s life.<br />

The tours are ultimately built around Nina’s<br />

own experiences and knowledge of the<br />

city. There are two unique food tours to<br />

choose from.<br />

The first is a Historical Food Tour that takes<br />

you to the best neighbourhood spots to<br />

sample food. You’ll walk the quaint streets<br />

of the city, hear remarkable stories, learn<br />

about the Antwerp’s gastronomic heritage,<br />

experience life like a local, and pick up some<br />

great tips for the rest of your stay. The food<br />

is all locally sourced and handmade thus<br />

guaranteeing a truly authentic experience.<br />

The other option is a vegan food tour. Not to<br />

be stuck in the past, Antwerp is continually<br />

evolving as a city and now has a thriving<br />

vegan food scene. You can try out several<br />

vegan products, pick up tips, and discover<br />

vegan hotspots. Even if you aren’t vegan<br />

this tour is a truly delightful experience.<br />


Tel +0032 491 19 43 92<br />

74<br />


About a Bites & Walks Tour<br />

Stroll the streets of Antwerp guided by Nina.<br />

Bites & Walks is not just a tour but an<br />

experience brought in a unique and personal<br />

way. Revive the past and find out what<br />

exciting new young talent Antwerp has to<br />

offer! Enjoy remarkable Antwerp food stories<br />

about family histories and craftsmanship to<br />

the fullest.<br />

This is a passionate Antwerp love & food story<br />

about family history and craftsmanship!<br />

I will share with you my<br />

favorite places to take out,<br />

book a table and lead you<br />

to amazing squares and<br />

give you an inside on how<br />

Antwerp local people live.<br />

The joie de vivre and the<br />

traditional appetite of the<br />

Belgians is not a legend<br />

but a reality! During this<br />

Bites & Walks tour I will<br />

show the most beautiful<br />

small squares, give you an<br />

inside on the way Antwerp<br />

local people live and give<br />

you the best food!<br />

Savory, sweet, crispy,<br />

creamy, fish, meat, pastry<br />

… your about to taste all of<br />

it! Antwerp has delicious<br />

food. Away from the big<br />

tourist attractions we<br />

choose the streets and<br />

alleys of the locals.<br />

We eat and drink together<br />

from the best entrepreneurs<br />

who serve with passion their<br />

homemade local products.<br />

Find out all there is to know,<br />

the ins and outs about<br />

Antwerps food culture, some<br />

art & history while you enjoy<br />

the best food and a great<br />

beer.<br />

– You will visit the old town<br />

to the new part of Antwerp<br />

and walk the streets as a<br />

local<br />

– You will enjoy remarkable<br />

stories and historical food<br />

facts of Antwerp<br />

– You will enjoy 5 delicious<br />

(seasonable) delicacies<br />

– Foodbars, shops and small<br />

restaurants<br />

– Tuns of tips for the rest of<br />

your stay in Antwerp<br />

76<br />


Nellicious <strong>Travel</strong>s<br />

Hungary | The Award for Excellence in Culinary Experiences<br />

Taste the World, Bite by Bite<br />

Hungarian cuisine is largely unknown on the <strong>Europe</strong>an and Global stage.<br />

Often times, the cuisine of more glamourous <strong>Europe</strong>an neighbours such<br />

as Italy, Spain, and France get all the plaudits. However, Hungarian food is<br />

every bit as fascinating, and wonderful. The best way to experience the<br />

cuisine, and by extension the culture, of Hungary is via a food tour.<br />

When in Budapest there is no better option than Nellicious <strong>Travel</strong>s!<br />

Founded by friendly foodie, Nelli Hajba, Nellicious <strong>Travel</strong>s is<br />

the one-stop-shop for the ultimate Hungarian culinary<br />

experience. Led by Nelli and a handful of local hosts, the<br />

walking tours come from a place of passion, knowledge,<br />

and love, ensuring guests receive an informative,<br />

joyful, authentic, and interactive experience as part<br />

of a small intimate group.<br />

On offer a 3 distinct Tours, a Budapest Food<br />

Tour, a Budapest Desserts Tour, and a Wine<br />

Tasting Tour.<br />

Tasty Budapest Food Tour<br />

A mouth-watering culinary<br />

journey that will take you off<br />

the beaten path to some of<br />

Budapest most authentic food<br />

spots. Expect typical Hungarian<br />

delicacies, local markets, quaint<br />

pubs, and traditional restaurants.<br />

Budapest Desserts Tour<br />

Perfect if you’ve got a sweet<br />

tooth, indulge in Hungary’s<br />

famous chimney cake, marzipan,<br />

and handmade Praline, all while<br />

traversing the city.<br />

Wine Tasting Tour<br />

Hungary is one of the biggest<br />

wine producers in <strong>Europe</strong>, and<br />

Tel +36 30 995 6333<br />

a tasting experience in the<br />

capital is marvellous. With over<br />

a selection made up from over<br />

400 different small-to-medium<br />

sized wineries you’ll be sure to<br />

find something to suit your taste<br />

buds.<br />

Online Experience<br />

If you can’t travel to Hungary for<br />

some reason, you can still travel<br />

it by preparing mouthwatering<br />

Hungarian dishes from your<br />

home through their online<br />

cooking experiences. It’ll take<br />

your tastebuds on a journey<br />

through the world of Hungarian<br />

cuisine.<br />


78<br />


Sharing a bottle of wine with someone you love or lifting a foamy pint with friends are just two of life’s great<br />

pleasures. It’s no surprise that <strong>Europe</strong> has been home to some of the best tipples for thousands of years,<br />

so why not discover where they come from?<br />

Drinking with the locals tells you a lot about a culture and how they like to let their hair down. So, raise<br />

a glass or two and enjoy the flavours of some of the most exciting grapes, hops, and malt across the<br />

continent.<br />

RAISE<br />


Southern French Wine<br />

Synonymous with wine production but sometimes forgotten amongst the brash<br />

new world offerings of South America and Australia, French wine is undergoing<br />

a revival in popularity. And there’s good reason, too.<br />

If you’re on the hunt for classic flavours or organic wines, look no further<br />

than the Languedoc-Rousillion, France’s biggest wine-producing region.<br />

Expect to find merlot, Syrah, and cabernet sauvignon grapes growing<br />

in the Mediterranean climate. Then check out the varied landscapes of<br />

Provence and the wide range of rosé wines produced there. In colours<br />

from the lightest blush of pink to almost dark red, they’re a delight.<br />

Wine isn’t the only thing that draws visitors to this glorious corner of the<br />

country, though. The simple but flavoursome cuisine, the glamour of the<br />

Cote d’Azur, as well as the ancient Greek and Roman architecture combine<br />

to make this a place worth visiting again and again.<br />

80 81

Greek Wine<br />

Name the top <strong>Europe</strong>an wine-producing<br />

countries and you might go through a few<br />

before you get to Greece. This ancient country<br />

has been in the vinification business for<br />

not hundreds but thousands of years and is<br />

enjoying a renaissance of its own thanks to<br />

the incredible wines being made there.<br />

The unique culinary traditions and special<br />

wines of the Greek mainland are an ideal<br />

place to tour, from the rugged Xinomavro<br />

grape-producing north to the biggest<br />

wine-producing region of the Peloponnese<br />

peninsula. We recommend trying out wines<br />

made from the fabulous Kidonitsa grape that<br />

was once nearly extinct.<br />

Onwards to the islands, the crisp whites of the<br />

Santorini archipelago in particular are enjoying<br />

a new wave of popularity. Expect the famous<br />

Greek welcome wherever you visit, order up<br />

a traditional meze, and indulge in a glass or<br />

two of Crete’s bone dry assyrtiko to wash it all<br />

down, for example. Stin iyia mas!<br />

Craft Beer in Germany<br />

You’re probably already familiar with the giant<br />

steins of beer served at Munich’s Oktoberfest<br />

and the pale weißbiers with their floral notes.<br />

However, you might not know that Germany is<br />

undergoing a craft beer revolution.<br />

Fiercely independent and still following the<br />

traditional artisanal techniques learned from<br />

their ancestors, this new wave of exciting<br />

breweries is worth travelling for. Taking<br />

inspiration from the craft beer explosion in the<br />

USA, you can find small batches of beer to suit<br />

all tastes.<br />

If you want to sample experimental beers<br />

like smoky Rauchbier or a sour IPA, then<br />

Hopperbräu in Hamburg is the place to go. On<br />

a self-proclaimed mission “to save German<br />

beer”, they’re putting their own twist on<br />

German classics as well as making exciting<br />

new products all the time.<br />

82<br />


Greek Grape Wine Tours<br />

Greece | Unique Tour Company<br />

Be prepared for the most memorable wine and food experience in Greece with Greek<br />

Grape Wine Tours! Whether you are visiting Greece for the first or umpteenth<br />

time, it would be a shame to not to explore its diverse and beautiful wine country.<br />

Taste through the rugged villages of Northern Greece where the lush<br />

Xinomavro grape thrives, down to the beautiful Peloponnese appellations of<br />

Nemea and Mantinia, and finally to the stunning, wine-producing islands<br />

of Crete and Santorini where the beauty of the wines are only rivaled by<br />

the stunning landscapes of these Cycladic islands.<br />

Over 11 days, your own private certified wine expert will guide your<br />

small group (no more than 10 people per trip) through each region<br />

as you experience a Greece rarely seen. You will get to know<br />

the winemaker’s histories and unique winemaking stories,<br />

become experts in the indigenous varietals of Greece and<br />

sample wines not available anywhere else in the world!<br />

Throughout the trip, you will enjoy these unique wines<br />

paired with the different gastronomical delights that<br />

capture the essence of each region.<br />

In addition to wining and dining, you will also visit<br />

some of the important archaeological sites of Greece,<br />

including the Acropolis and its must-see museum,<br />

Ancient Nemea, the Royal Tombs in Vergina and<br />

Knossos in Crete. They also ensure that you have time<br />

on your own to explore and savor each destination. This<br />

is an incredible experience for any wine lover, foodie, or<br />

history buff.<br />

The “Greek Grape Tour” covers all these wine regions<br />

and is currently held twice a year in Spring and Fall. They<br />

can also customize tours focused on just the North of<br />

Greece or the Islands.<br />

Whichever tour you may choose, you can count on<br />

Greek Grape Wine Tours to give you the best Greek wine<br />

experience possible. For any wine connoisseur, this is a<br />

trip you simply cannot miss!<br />


84<br />


Nice Food and<br />

Wine Tours<br />

France | Tour Company<br />

Nice is one of the food capitals of <strong>Europe</strong>. A beautiful coastal city<br />

nestled on the stunning French Riviera, Niçoise cuisine is<br />

foodie’s dream. But if you’re unsure where to start or how to map<br />

out a food centred day then worry not as we have the solution,<br />

Nice Food and Wine Tours.<br />

Operated by Nadia Farmer, Nice Food and Wine Tours is<br />

perfect for anyone looking for a fun, educational, and,<br />

most importantly, a tasty experience. Highlights<br />

include the opportunity to try an array of local<br />

specialties, enjoy fine wines, learn about<br />

traditional dishes, sample artisanal desserts,<br />

enjoy a meal at a 150-year-old restaurant,<br />

and see a wide variety of attractions.<br />

The tours are set up to cater for small groups,<br />

mainly to offer a more personable and dedicated<br />

experience. Led by Nadia, an experienced<br />

traveler, the tours present an excellent learning<br />

opportunity and a totally immersive experience.<br />

On average, the daily tour last about four hours<br />

typically starting around 9.45am and ending at<br />

2.15pm. Set at an easy walking pace, guests can<br />

expect a total of 22 tastings, and a sitdown meal<br />

to finish up.<br />


86<br />

Starting Point - Neuf Lignes Oblique,<br />

105 Quai des États-Unis, Nice<br />

Tel +33 762091150<br />


Chauffeur Your<br />

Way Around<br />

thawards.com<br />

<strong>Europe</strong> mountains<br />

88 89

Take the hassle out of getting where you need to go with a safe and reliable transfer service. For a<br />

completely stress-free experience, we wouldn’t rely on public transport – especially if it’s your first time<br />

using it or the first cab driver you meet outside the airport.<br />

Booking a Transfer<br />

One of our favourite ways to make the start of a holiday special is to book a<br />

transfer from the airport to the hotel. If you want to be met by a professional<br />

driver and travel in comfort, or even style, it pays to do some research first.<br />


TIPS<br />

What to Look Out for<br />

For some faraway airports, there’s no way you can get to your resort or<br />

villa outside of business hours. Even if there’s 24-hour public transport,<br />

you could be looking at hours of travelling before you even get to your<br />

hotel.<br />

Always check your arrival time, but the best transfer companies will keep<br />

an eye out for your flight number and will know in advance if your plane<br />

is delayed.<br />

If you’re travelling with small children, make sure that your transfer vehicle is<br />

equipped with the correct child seats. It’s illegal in most countries to travel in a<br />

booked taxi with unrestrained children and you don’t want to be left by the side of<br />

the road if you don’t think ahead.<br />

Special arrangements can be made for travellers with disabilities who may need<br />

support or wheelchair-adapted vehicles.<br />

90 91

The Best Transfer<br />

There are some brilliant transfer comparison sites out<br />

there that can link you up with private drivers as well as<br />

big companies at your destination. Hoppa.com and Holiday<br />

Taxis are two of the best.<br />

Although the bigger resorts usually offer a shuttle<br />

transfer service, it’s run on their own schedule, and<br />

you’ll be sharing with crowds of other holidaymakers.<br />

They’ll generally pick up guests from two or even three<br />

different flights, so you might have to wait a long time.<br />

This is, however, usually the most affordable option.<br />

Booking your own private transfer is ideal if you want<br />

a quiet, discrete, and relaxing start or end of your trip.<br />

You’ll be met at the gate by a company representative<br />

or the driver themselves with a sign. They’ll help with<br />

your bags, load them into their waiting car or minibus,<br />

and whisk you off to your destination.<br />

If you want to really make an entrance, you could always<br />

opt for a luxury private transfer service. Turning up to your<br />

hotel in a blacked-out limousine or executive saloon is just<br />

the thing to start your indulgent break abroad.<br />

92 93

94<br />

Bergen Transfer Service<br />

Norway | Transfer Company<br />

Norway’s second city, Bergen, is its cultural centre. This port city is a<br />

popular cruise stop and famed for its architecture, music heritage, and<br />

surrounding natural scenery. Despite only housing 286.000 inhabitants,<br />

Bergen is a sprawling city, fragmented by mountains, lakes, and Fjords.<br />

This makes getting around the city and its surrounding areas a bit of a<br />

test. The answer to this test? Bergen Transfer Service.<br />

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bergen<br />

Transfer Service is the premier transport company in Bergen.<br />

At the centre of it all is a steadfast dedication to providing<br />

a superior-quality service and attention to detail. Having<br />

run thousands of transfers every year operational and<br />

logistical excellence at Bergen Transfer Service is<br />

second to none. Whether it be monitoring flights<br />

at the airport, updating software, adapting<br />

itineraries, or designing a private tour, the<br />

team at Bergen Transfer Service is well<br />

trained and ready to help.<br />

Direct transfers between the ports (seaport<br />

or airport) and the city centre, from 1 to 16<br />

passengers, is the bread-and-butter of what<br />

Bergen Transfer Service do. However, past this<br />

a whole host of wonderful tours are available.<br />

The full day Hardanger day trip is the perfect<br />

opportunity to see the nearby natural beauty<br />

of Bergen, you can expect to visit a waterfall,<br />

Hardanger Fjord, shop at a local store and visit<br />

the quaint village of Voss. Other popular tours<br />

include a Bergen sightseeing tour and trips to the<br />

waterside village of Gudvangen and Flaam.<br />

The entire Bergen Transfer Service fleet is<br />

constantly monitored to ensure that not only the<br />

best vehicles for the job are used but also that<br />

they’re environmentally friendly.<br />

A constant renwal of the fleet ensures Bergen<br />

Transfer Service do operate the newest car fleet<br />

in the region, all high standard vehicles such as<br />

NIO ES8 luxury SUV, Mercedes EQV and Mercedes<br />

Sprinter VIP.<br />

Juvikflaten 29<br />

5308 Kleppestø<br />

Bergen, Norway<br />

www.btservice.no<br />

post@btservice.no<br />

Tel +47 926 60 360<br />



Week Break Tours<br />

Portugal | Chauffer Service<br />

Next time you visit Portugal, ensure you make the most of your time there by getting<br />

in touch with Week Break Tours. The company offers an excellent choice of<br />

tours and experiences and all the guides and drivers have extensive knowledge of<br />

the country and its culture so it would be hard not to find something that takes<br />

your fancy. Based in Lisbon, Week Break Tours offer daytrips and multi-day tours<br />

as well as other exciting activities, always conducted in small and private<br />

groups for an intimate experience.<br />

Whatever your time available is, Week Break Tours will always find a way<br />

to accommodate you so you enjoy the most of your trip. Pick one of<br />

the numerous day or multiday tour itineraries, visiting Lisbon and<br />

it’s surroundings, like Sintra or Azeitão or the lesser crowded<br />

areas of Évora, Fátima, Tomar or Nazaré for example. You<br />

can visit the local wineries at Évora and taste some of<br />

their magnificient wines, while dwelling into the region’s<br />

beautiful landscapes and 2000 year old monuments,<br />

visit the magnificent Sanctuary of Fátima, choose<br />

to explore Tomar and the secrets of the Templar<br />

Knights or when the season is favourable, visit<br />

the record braking giant waves at Nazaré. The<br />

company also offers popular multi-day trips<br />

where you can combine visits to some<br />

of the best attractions in Lisbon and<br />

96<br />

the surrounding areas, or just make a longer trip along the<br />

marvelous landscapes of the genuine Portugal like Alentejo<br />

or the Douro Valley, the old medieval villages and castles or<br />

the hundreds of wineries along the country to make the<br />

experience completely unforgettable. And if you’re moving<br />

from town to town in Portugal, Week Break Tours also has a<br />

solution for you, why not take a tour while moving from Lisbon<br />

to Porto or from Lisbon to Algarve for example? With multiple<br />

stops along the route it’s a very nice way of making the most<br />

of your time while enjoying the country. And even if you’re<br />

not sure what are the best places to see or visit, Week Break<br />

Tours will provide a customized program especially for you<br />

dedicated to your preferences.<br />

But even if you’ve only got a few hours to spare, why not take<br />

one of the more simple and short tours around the city and<br />

enjoy modern Lisbon in all its glory?<br />

Whatever your choice is, Week Break’s Chauffeurs and Tour<br />

Guides are passionate about the culture and history of<br />

Portugal and will go to great lengths to ensure your utmost<br />

comfort.<br />

Tel +351 914 501 031<br />



Iceland<br />

thawards.com<br />

Vestrahorn Mountain, Iceland<br />

98 99

Visiting the Land of Fire and Ice is an adventurer’s dream.<br />



How to Relax<br />

One of the benefits of visiting a volcanic island is the<br />

abundance of hot springs and geothermal pools. If you’re<br />

feeling the cold, take a dip in soothing waters that are at<br />

constant hot tub temperatures all year round. Our favourite<br />

is the Secret Lagoon in Fludir.<br />

Another natural attraction to Iceland is the vast expanse of<br />

still and quiet lands. Ideal for anyone looking to get away from<br />

it all, you can hike, ride, or drive into stunning landscapes<br />

that are around almost every bend. We think the peace and<br />

tranquillity of the otherworldly Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is<br />

impossible to match.<br />

What to Experience<br />

The natural wonder known as the Aurora Borealis is one of<br />

our favourite things to hunt for in Iceland. Take a trip into<br />

the wilderness in search of the magical green glow of the<br />

northern lights. Guided tours are plentiful, but you can<br />

always head out on your own to experience something you’ll<br />

remember for a lifetime.<br />

What to Eat<br />

If you’re spending any time in Iceland at all, you’ll love the fish.<br />

Icelanders love their hot smoked salmon and you’ll even find<br />

it for breakfast. Expect to find all sorts of trout, cod, and even<br />

chard dishes on the menu. If you like yoghurt, you should try<br />

skyr – it’s made from cows’ milk and tastes great with berries.<br />

What to Drink<br />

One of our favourite things about Iceland is the extraordinarily<br />

pure glacier water found everywhere. For something a little<br />

stronger, the best Icelandic beer is made by Einstök. If you<br />

really want a taste of Iceland, brennivín is the national spirit.<br />

Flavoured with carraway seed and nicknamed “black death”,<br />

it’s worth a try if you’re feeling particularly brave.<br />

100 101

Your Friend in Reykjavik<br />

Iceland | Learning Experience<br />

Unforgettable Reykjavik Day Tours!<br />

The best trips in life are those you take with your friends, the learning,<br />

the discovery, and the experience as a whole is unparalleled. For whatever<br />

reason however, these trips aren’t always possibly, luckily for Iceland we<br />

have the perfect replacement, the excellent team at Your Friend in<br />

Reykjavik.<br />

The cosmopolitan capital of Iceland is an exciting city with<br />

loads to offer, and with Your Friend in Reykjavik you have the<br />

perfect hosts to show you around. Established by proud<br />

Icelander Valur Sævarsson, Your Friend in Reykjavik is<br />

centred around showing visitors the best sites in a<br />

friendly environment through interesting stories<br />

and immersive experiences. All tour guides are<br />

experts and passionate locals, who know the<br />

city, its people, and the best spots.<br />

There are a dozen tours to choose from that cover a wide<br />

variety of areas, experiences, and interests. The Walk With A<br />

Viking Tour in Reykjavik is the perfect introduction to the city,<br />

and if you’re lucky enough to visit in Christmas then there is<br />

unique of version of this tour available. If you’re foodie, then<br />

look no further than the Food Lovers Tour or the delightful Taste<br />

of Nature in West Iceland Tour. Maybe you’re more of a drinker<br />

in which case we recommend the Beer & Booze Tour. Lovers of<br />

fantasy, and the supernatural will no doubt revel in Reykjavik<br />

Folk Tour or even the Reykjavik Cat-Walk.<br />

Or let’s say you want to get out of the city then we suggest<br />

Magical Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour (includes lunch), a<br />

nighttime Northern Lights Hunt, a Whale Watching Tour, and<br />

even Bespoke Driving Experience around the barren plains.<br />

Tours are available in private should this be your preference,<br />

allowing for a degree of flexibility and adaptability. Great if you<br />

want to combine specific elements and tours, or if you’re short<br />

on time. Indeed, the team at You Friend in Reykjavik implore<br />

you to get in touch, ask questions, and pick their brains design<br />

your own customised tour.<br />


Ingólfstorg 101<br />

Reykjavík, Iceland<br />

Tel +354 655 4040<br />

102<br />


Ireland<br />

thawards.com<br />

Anne Street, Dublin, Ireland 000<br />

104 105

Get a load of the great music, good times, and thriving culture in Ireland’s capital city. Dublin is a thriving<br />

city that houses almost half of Ireland’s population and, combined with its exciting culture, vibrant locals,<br />

and long history, it’s fair to say this city is a <strong>Europe</strong>an gem.<br />

DUBLIN |<br />




Getting In & Around<br />

Dublin Airport is the only one the serves the city but it’s well<br />

connecting across the globe via several low-cost carriers<br />

and bigger airlines. The quickest and cheapest way to get<br />

there is by air. Although, if you’re coming in from the UK, you<br />

may want to consider a ferry – especially if you want your<br />

own car while you’re there. Dublin Port welcomes arrivals<br />

from Holyhead and Pembroke in Wales, Liverpool in England,<br />

Douglas in the Isle of Man, and even a ferry from Normandy.<br />

When you’re there, get yourself a Leap Card. Use it on the<br />

train, bus, tram, or even rent a bike with it. Driving can be<br />

tricky, with a lot of rigidly enforced rules and parking that<br />

isn’t ideal. If you’re dead set on travelling by car, then maybe<br />

consider a taxi or personal driver.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

Make sure to visit the busy Temple Bar area to sample Dublin’s<br />

most famous export – Guinness. It’s available in any one of<br />

the city’s 772 pubs, or you could even see how it’s made at<br />

the Guinness Storehouse Experience at St James’ Gate.<br />

Just around the corner are some of the city’s most famous<br />

sights. Visit St Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle for a<br />

taste of history, then get your fill of culture at The National<br />

Gallery of Ireland, home to one of the greatest art collections<br />

in <strong>Europe</strong>.<br />

Dining<br />

If you want a true flavour of Ireland, we recommend a visit to<br />

L. Mulligan Grocer. It’s a traditional Irish pub serving the best<br />

of Irish seafood and heart-warming fare with a contemporary<br />

twist.<br />

Accommodation<br />

One of our favourite hotels in Dublin is The Mayson. Bursting<br />

out from a Victorian Warehouse, it’s got to be seen to be<br />

believed.<br />

106 107

Unearthed Tours<br />

Ireland | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Thousands of years of history, unrivalled good times, and live music on what<br />

feels like every street corner. The fascinating and culturally rich capital<br />

of Ireland is one of our favourite places to visit but getting a real feel for a<br />

place takes local knowledge.<br />

Exploring on your own is one thing but walking the streets of Dublin<br />

with a native guide will open it up to you in the most magical way.<br />

Look out for the purple umbrellas of Unearthed Tours, the experts<br />

who’ll guide you through the streets of this fair city. If you can<br />

find a place on the immensely popular Free Tour of Dublin, get<br />

ready for a full dose of culture, history, and legend.<br />

You’ll get a glimpse into the almost 12,000 years of<br />

history that makes up Dublin’s past as well as where<br />

it’s going. Take in the magnificent Trinity College,<br />

stroll along the river Liffey, and finish up at Dublin<br />

Castle on this two and half-hour taster tour<br />

with an expert native guide.<br />

Feeling brave? Then we think the best, and rather<br />

unique, way to spend a few hours is on the Dark Dublin<br />

Tour. Discover a deadly history of the city through the<br />

deeds of cannibals, killers, witches, and other dangerous<br />

inhabitants. The knowledge and good humour of<br />

Unearthed Tours guides keeps things light enough, but<br />

it’s not suitable for young children. Book it if you dare.<br />

For those who want a more personally tailored experience,<br />

Unearthed Tours offer private tours of Dublin and Howth.<br />

You can choose the schedule, the subject, and even the<br />

route! If you want to get the real feel of Ireland’s most<br />

thrilling city, why choose anyone else?<br />


108<br />


Laid out along the rugged Atlantic coastline, County Kerry is the jewel of south-west Ireland. Filled with<br />

wild and ancient beauty, we think it’s well worth a visit.<br />

COUNTY<br />

KERRY TOP 5<br />

Take in the Sights on a Coastal Adventure<br />

Winding its way through the county, the Ring of Kerry is a must<br />

when visiting the area. This circular route passes through<br />

some of the most beautiful landscapes that the Emerald Isle<br />

has to offer. Visit tiny villages and golden sand beaches all at<br />

your own pace.<br />

Get Back to Nature<br />

If you want to get away from it all, then Killarney National Park<br />

has something for everyone. Visit the 15 th Century Ross Castle<br />

and take a horse-drawn carriage ride or walk one of the many<br />

trails that criss-cross the beautiful grounds. Alternatively,<br />

hop aboard M.V Pride of The Lakes for a stunning tour of<br />

Loch Leane.<br />

Try a Proper Pint of the Black Stuff<br />

A trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the<br />

most popular stout in the world. Drop into the award-winning<br />

Dick Mack’s in the picturesque fishing village of Dingle for a<br />

real drop of Guinness. Choose from more than 200 whiskeys<br />

or sample one of their famous craft beers. Go for the great<br />

atmosphere of a pub that has been in the same family since<br />

1899. Sláinte!<br />

Experience the Impossible<br />

Towering above the raging Atlantic Sea at 230 m, the jagged<br />

outcrop of Skellig Michael has filled the imaginations of writers<br />

and visitors alike with visions of the past. The 8 th Century<br />

abandoned monastery on this craggy island is full of mystery.<br />

Take a boat tour to see the 600 steps that monks carved out of<br />

the rock and the wildlife that inhabits it now.<br />

Pamper Yourself<br />

After all this exploring, walking, and famous Irish hospitality,<br />

you might want to take advantage of a relaxing spa day. The<br />

Ballygarry Estate Hotel and Spa offers world-class treatments<br />

and luxury rooms set in 180 acres of land at the foot of the<br />

Kerry mountains. You deserve it.<br />

110 111

112<br />

Kerry Experience Tours<br />

Ireland | Tour Company<br />

Ireland is a beautiful, bold, and enchanting. Beyond its famed capital, Dublin, there is in fact so<br />

much to see, do, learn, and experience that many travellers won’t know where to start. We<br />

know where to start and it’s with Kerry Experience Tours.<br />

Founded and run by dynamic duo Gerrit & Ester, Kerry Experience Tours have been<br />

operating since 2007. Armed with a wealth of experience, extensive knowledge, and a<br />

deep love for the Emerald Isle, it’s fair to say with Kerry Experience Tours you’re in safe<br />

hand. The tours can be broken down into two distinct types these are Private Day<br />

Tours, and Bespoke Private Tours of Ireland – Multiday.<br />

Private Day Tours<br />

The Kerry Experience Private Day Tours are convenient, unique, and<br />

flexible. The advantage of having an exclusive chauffer driven journey<br />

is you can get a fulfilling experience at your own pace whether it be in<br />

a as an individual, couple, or group. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy<br />

the incredible scenery, intriguing history, and fascinating culture.<br />

The tours are well thought out and cover a variety of areas<br />

although most follow the famed Wild Atlantic Way, a<br />

spectacular coastal route, one that you won’t forget<br />

anytime soon.<br />

Recommended Private Day Tours:<br />

Undiscovered Ring of Kerry Tour, Dingle Tour,<br />

Beara Tour, Mizen Head Tour<br />

Bespoke Private Tours of Ireland – Multiday<br />

A Bespoke Tour of Ireland is perfect for individuals, couples,<br />

families, friends, and small groups who are looking to enjoy<br />

Ireland at an exceptional level. Whether you wish to explore<br />

the highlights of Ireland, travel off the beaten path, enjoy a<br />

golf tour, organise a family gathering, or find the home of your<br />

ancestors, with Kerry Experience Tours you can plan the perfect<br />

trip designed around your travel dates and interests.<br />

Whatever you wish to do, see, or enjoy in Ireland can be yours.<br />

You choose your own accommodation and travel at your own<br />

pace. Let Kerry Experience Tours know what your dream trip to<br />

Ireland looks like and get a quote for a customized private tour<br />

of Ireland.<br />

Join Kerry Experience Tours and find the Ireland you’ve always<br />

imagined.<br />

Derreenavurrig, Sneem<br />

Co. Kerry, Ireland<br />

Tel +00353 (0)86 255 4098<br />

Tel +00353 (0)86 407 4679<br />



United Kingdom<br />

thawards.com<br />

Cambridge City Canal,<br />

England<br />

114 115

Most visitors to London will head to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, or even go on a very<br />

generic open top bus tour. It makes sense for a first-time visitor but if it’s your second or third time<br />

visiting, we suggest you get off the beaten track and do something different in this historic city.<br />

UNIQUE<br />

LONDON<br />

Get On the Water<br />

Experience a part of London that’s often overlooked: the view<br />

from the river Thames itself. We think the great river that flows<br />

across the capital is one of the best ways to get to know the<br />

sights, all from a different angle.<br />

The London Kayak Company offer night-time paddles through<br />

the heart of the city. Starting in Battersea and ending in<br />

Greenwich, hop aboard with an experienced instructor and<br />

take a two-person kayak downstream for an unforgettable<br />

ride.<br />

A Chocolate Making Masterclass<br />

Calling all chocoholics! Satisfy your cravings for the sweet<br />

stuff with a bespoke chocolate workshop. Ideal for couples<br />

or even a hen party, you can learn all about the art of<br />

making chocolate. You can turn a few simple but luxurious<br />

ingredients into the world’s favourite snack with guidance<br />

from a knowledgeable chocolatier.<br />

Whether you want to become a serious pâtissier or simply<br />

spend a few fun hours with your friends, we think a chocolatemaking<br />

experience is a great way to spend time in London.<br />

Lose Yourself in a Zen Garden<br />

Found tucked away in a corner of swanky Kensington’s<br />

Holland Park, there’s an oasis of calm in the middle of this<br />

busy city. If you want to really get away from it all and spend a<br />

quiet afternoon with yourself, you should visit Kyoto Garden.<br />

Carefully designed to feel like an authentic Japanese Zen<br />

Garden, you can spot exotic peacocks strutting around, lazy<br />

koi carp swimming in the cool pond, and a gentle waterfall<br />

bubbling between native Japanese plants and trees. We<br />

can’t think of a better way to lose yourself in Central London.<br />

116 117

118<br />

MyChocolate<br />

UK | Culinary Experience<br />

A<br />

Chocoholic’s Dream!<br />

The UK offers much in the way of culinary excitement – the capital,<br />

London, is a melting pot of the world and unmissable food experiences<br />

can be found all over. For us, the art of chocolate making stands out a<br />

one such experience that you simply must do when here. And who<br />

better to guide you on this wonderful experience than the good<br />

folks at MyChocolate?<br />

Founded by Hannah Saxton, MyChocolate has grown to<br />

become one of the premier culinary experiences in the<br />

UK, with workshops available in London, Manchester,<br />

and Brighton. On offer are a wide range of chocolatecentred<br />

workshops, team building sessions,<br />

parties, and even virtual events.<br />

The chocolate workshops present the most<br />

feasible option, especially if you’re limited<br />

on time during your trip. There are six<br />

unique workshops on offer lasting<br />

between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.<br />

The original chocolate workshop is extremely popular<br />

and the ideal introduction to chocolate making. You can<br />

expect to do some tasting, watch demonstrations, learn<br />

to decorate, make a chocolate slab, dip the chocolate,<br />

and enjoy fresh truffles. If you’re a fan of fine chocolate,<br />

then why not try the luxury chocolate-making workshop?<br />

Building on the original workshops, this offering adds the<br />

opportunity to indulge in prosecco and make chocolate<br />

martinis.<br />

The chocolate street challenge is an exciting scavenger<br />

hunt around historic east London: solve clues, scavenge<br />

items, and win awesome chocolate prizes. It’s a great<br />

way to see the city and a unique alternative to making<br />

chocolate indoors.<br />

Cocktails and chocolate making is a thrilling blend of<br />

mixology and chocolate alchemy. Why not go with the<br />

Choc-tails workshop to try your hand at chocolate martini<br />

and truffle making?<br />

Finally, if you’re part of a family group, then the Fabulous<br />

Family School Holiday Special is the workshop for you.<br />

Have fun making chocolate slabs and truffles.<br />

Tel +0207 2695760<br />



Famous for its world-leading university and reputation for intellectual excellence, Cambridge has more<br />

to offer than you might think. A vibrant food scene and some of the best independent shopping awaits.<br />



ON THIS<br />


HUB<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

The famous university city of Cambridge is just 49 miles away<br />

from London. Served by regular train and bus services, getting<br />

there is easy and doable as a daytrip. Known as Britain’s most<br />

cycle-friendly city, ditch the car and hire a bike while you’re<br />

there. The city is fairly compact and flat, meaning you can<br />

almost certainly see all the sights using pedal power alone.<br />

Things to Do & See<br />

With more than 1,000 years of history, there’s something<br />

new (or old) to see around every cobbled street corner in<br />

Cambridge. Walk in the footsteps of some of Great Britain’s<br />

finest minds that studied at the university, go for a punt<br />

on the river Cam, or discover some of the city’s fascinating<br />

museums. Don’t forget to visit one of 280 independent shops<br />

while you’re there.<br />

Dining<br />

With cosy pubs warmed by roaring fires in the winter and<br />

contemporary modern eateries catering for all the family,<br />

you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants in<br />

Cambridge. If you want to treat yourself to a night of fine<br />

dining, we recommend booking a table at the exclusive<br />

Midsummer House. Tasting menus are highly sought after<br />

and feature the best of modern British cuisine.<br />

Accommodation<br />

The city of Cambridge is served by hotels and B&Bs to fit<br />

every taste and budget, from big name chain hotels that<br />

offer comfort and a familiar setting to classy boutiques that<br />

promise a luxury stay. The Fellows House Curio Collection by<br />

Hilton is one of the highest rated places to stay and would<br />

certainly be our choice. Head over to the next page to see our<br />

in-depth feature.<br />

120 121

The Fellows House Cambridge,<br />

Curio Collection By Hilton<br />

UK | ApartHotel<br />

Located just 20 minutes away from Cambridge City Centre, The Fellows<br />

House is an exquisitely designed, modern aparthotel that comes<br />

complete with everything you could want. Despite only being open<br />

since last July, the property is considered one of the finest in<br />

Cambridge and has quickly developed a reputation for worldclass<br />

customer service. Guests can expect all the privacy and<br />

liberty of an apartment with the service, care, and facilities<br />

you would expect in a high-end hotel.<br />

The Fellows House takes much of its inspiration,<br />

including the name, from the prestigious<br />

University of Cambridge, which the city is<br />

famous for. The elegant interior and unique<br />

décor have an almost studious feel to it<br />

while rooms are named after famous<br />

university fellows, past and present.<br />

All the rooms at The Fellows House, with<br />

the exception of the Kipling King Room,<br />

are apartments and studios. Both come<br />

complete with a modern fully equipped<br />

kitchen, a luxurious private bathroom, and a<br />

whole host of wonderful in-room amenities<br />

such as flat screen TV, work desk, coffee<br />

machine, air conditioning, room service,<br />

and deluxe toiletries. Some of the bigger<br />

apartments also include a separate sitting<br />

area, and dining table.<br />

Services and facilities are pretty much on<br />

par with what you would expect from a<br />

four-star hotel. There’s a state-of-the-art<br />

gym, an indoor pool, a sauna, and steam<br />

room. The on-site restaurant and bar, the<br />

Folio Bar & Kitchen, serves up continental<br />

and buffet breakfast every morning, as well<br />

as lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout<br />

the day.<br />


33A Milton Rd,<br />

Cambridge CB4 1UZ<br />

Tel +01223 949499<br />

122<br />


Tucked away on the North Yorkshire coast, this seaside town is perfectly placed for exploring miles of<br />

pristine beaches and the wild beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors.<br />

WHITBY |<br />

A HIDDEN<br />

GEM<br />

Why is Whitby a Hidden Gem?<br />

When you think of beach holidays, especially in the UK, you<br />

might be drawn to the surfer’s paradise of Cornwall or the<br />

bright lights of Brighton. However, the unique and eccentric<br />

charms of this old fishing port make Whitby one of the most<br />

interesting places to visit by the sea.<br />

It’s not your typical seaside town, either. The ruin of Whitby<br />

Abbey stands overlooking the town and it lacks many of the<br />

tropes found in most British seaside towns.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Whitby Station is at the end of the beautiful North Yorkshire<br />

Moors Railway. It’s an ideal way to see the moors in comfort<br />

and heritage steam trains frequently run on the same line.<br />

Whitby’s compact size and famous narrow streets and<br />

alleyways mean you can explore the whole place on foot.<br />

Plus, if you’re feeling fit, you can climb the 199 steps from the<br />

Old Town up to the Abbey.<br />

The Attractions<br />

Alongside Whitby Harbour on the east bank of the river Esk<br />

are cobbled streets lined with tiny independent shops and<br />

cafes offering everything from cream teas to second-hand<br />

books. You can also visit the Captain Cook Memorial Museum<br />

to learn about the famous explorer’s connection with the<br />

town.<br />

Best Time of the Year to Visit<br />

North Yorkshire isn’t renowned for tropical temperatures and<br />

the mercury doesn’t tend to hit more than 18°C, even in the<br />

summer months. We’d recommend visiting between July and<br />

August for the best weather possible.<br />

Dining<br />

It makes sense that Whitby is home to some of the finest fish<br />

and chips you’ll find anywhere in England. We recommend a<br />

visit to Hadley’s Fish & Chips – they’ve been serving freshlycaught<br />

fare for more than 85 years.<br />

124 125

126<br />

Riviera Guesthouse<br />

UK | Sea View Guest House<br />

Set in the stunning seaside town of Whitby, the Riviera Guesthouse is a<br />

quintessential British Bed & Breakfast. This award-winning property is<br />

family-run, elegant, welcoming, and ideally located on the beach front.<br />

With 15 uniquely designed rooms on offer, a delicious daily breakfast,<br />

and friendly hosts, it does beg the question, why stay anywhere else<br />

in Whitby?<br />

Given its excellent seafront location it’s no surprise that most<br />

rooms at the property are sea view. All rooms are elegantly<br />

decorated, inviting, and comfortable. Guests can choose<br />

from a single, a standard double, deluxe double, King<br />

Size, twin, and family rooms, all that way up to to an<br />

impressive Superior King room that comes complete<br />

with a four-poster bed and a bay window for<br />

those stunning sea views. All rooms come with<br />

a flat screen TV, access to free Wi-FI, a wellstocked<br />

refreshment tray, tea, coffee, and<br />

large white fluffy towels.<br />

There’s no better start to the day than a filling<br />

breakfast and at Riviera Guesthouse you get just<br />

that. There’s an excellent range available, this<br />

includes cooked options, a delightful breakfast<br />

bar, and unique local delicacies such as the<br />

Whitby Kipper. To top it off breakfast is served in<br />

sea-facing dining rooms fitted with large “floor<br />

to ceiling” bay windows that offer beautiful sea<br />

views while you dine.<br />

At Riviera Guesthouse hosts Emma and Zed are<br />

always ready to go the extra mile so should you<br />

have any needs, concerns, or requests. their local<br />

knowledge and experience of living in Whitby will<br />

no doubt come in handy during your stay.<br />

Riviera Guesthouse<br />

4 Crescent Terrace<br />

West Cliff, WHITBY<br />

North Yorkshire<br />

YO21 3EL<br />

Tel +01947 602533<br />

Mob +07540 945537<br />



The 10 Reasons You Should Visit Wales<br />

The smallest of the countries in Great Britain, Wales, is an evocative place that’s proud of its industrial<br />

heritage and unique culture. Whether you want to climb mountains, surf waves, or explore castles, Wales<br />

has got a lot to offer.<br />

WHY WALES?<br />

1. Gower Peninsula<br />

You’re never far from dramatic scenery in Wales, but the Gower<br />

Peninsula is rightly labelled an Area of Outstanding Natural<br />

Beauty. Just a stone’s throw away from Swansea, you can lose<br />

yourself in verdant green fields and the striking coastline.<br />

2. The Mumbles<br />

Perched on the south-eastern tip of Gower is the exquisite<br />

Mumbles, a headland that’s home to wild and natural beauty<br />

and a thriving little town that we think is well worth a visit.<br />

Check out the Lovespoon Gallery for an interesting slice of<br />

Welsh folk art.<br />

3. Cardiff<br />

Wales’ vibrant capital city is a fantastic place to be. It’s a melting<br />

pot of different cultures and has some of the country’s best<br />

nightlife. There’s Cardiff Castle and the National Museum Wales<br />

to visit, as well as hot Welsh cakes to eat in Cardiff Market. Plus,<br />

if you’re into craft beer, you’ve got to try out the Tiny Rebel<br />

Beer Bar.<br />

128 129

4. Snowdonia National Park<br />

The largest national park in Wales and home of Yr Wyddfa, or<br />

Mount Snowdon, is a thrill-seeker’s playground. Scale the highest<br />

mountain in the British Isles outside of the Scottish Highlands,<br />

or get the train up if you fancy a rest. You can mountain bike, zip<br />

line, and even surf at Adventure Parc Snowdonia.<br />

7. Conwy Castle<br />

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to castles in Wales. With more than 400 of them<br />

across the country, it takes a special one to make it onto this list. Conwy Castle is a<br />

magnificent fortress that still stands guard over the river Conwy in far North Wales.<br />

With battlements and walls nearly two metres thick, it’s an impressive sight to behold.<br />

6. Tenby<br />

5. Pembrokeshire<br />

Making the journey out to the wild beauty of<br />

Pembrokeshire is well worth the effort. With 243<br />

beaches along its length, you’ll probably find one<br />

all to yourself at any given time. Famed as Wales’<br />

own surfers’ paradise, make sure you take your<br />

wetsuit with you!<br />

For something a little more laid back, visit the cheerful and picturesque harbour<br />

town of Tenby. It’s been a popular holiday spot since the 19th century and is one<br />

of our favourite spots to grab a coffee and do some people-watching. Have a stroll<br />

around the cobbled streets or take a cruise out to Caldey Island to see the working<br />

monastery.<br />

9. Portmeirion Village<br />

8. Hay-on-Wye<br />

For lovers of literature, the best place to see and be seen is a small town that straddles the<br />

Welsh and English border. Famous for its abundance of bookshops, you can leaf your way through<br />

crime books galore at Murder and Mayhem or use it as a base to explore the Black Mountains. Oh,<br />

the Hay Festival is also one of the world’s premier literary events.<br />

You might not expect to find a little slice of Italy in<br />

Gwynedd in north Wales, but close to Porthmadog is<br />

a tourist village that gives you just that. The colourful<br />

buildings and miniature piazzas, complete with elegant<br />

fountains, were the work of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.<br />

It’s a magical place to visit, with plenty of chances to<br />

recreate scenes from the cult TV show The Prisoner,<br />

which was filmed there.<br />

10. Devil’s Bridge Falls<br />

Spanning the river Mynach<br />

are not one but three<br />

bridges stacked on top<br />

of each other. Just a<br />

few miles inland from<br />

the coastal town of<br />

Aberystwyth, the main<br />

attraction is the impressive<br />

waterfall and the trails that<br />

circle around it.<br />

130 131

Holm House Hotel<br />

United Kingdom | Hotel and Restaurant<br />

Elegance, luxury, and sophistication are the order of the day at the stunning<br />

Holm House Hotel. Located in the upper-class Victorian seaside town<br />

of Penarth in South Wales, Holm House Hotel offers guests a relaxed<br />

experience in a contemporary setting and inviting ambience.<br />

Each room at the property is designed with opulence, space, and<br />

comfort in mind. There are five rooms to choose from, starting<br />

with a standard room and going right the way up to an amazing<br />

balcony suite that offers gorgeous views over the Severn<br />

Estuary. In between are large family rooms, boutique<br />

sea view rooms, and a fashionable mini suite. Guests<br />

can expect HD TV with Sky, deluxe Molton Brown<br />

toiletries, a coffee machine, complimentary bottled<br />

water, hair dryer, bath robe, and free Wi-Fi.<br />

Dining at Holm House is a treat for your taste buds,<br />

with the on-location restaurant serving an ala carte<br />

breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day as well as<br />

afternoon tea. The menu is British and continental<br />

with a special focus on locally-sourced ingredients and<br />

produce. The contemporary cocktail bar and lounge<br />

area offer a perfect spot for after-dinner drinks, a catch<br />

up, or a spot to just relax.<br />

For all your wellness needs, we implore you to visit the<br />

on-site spa. Expect a decadent wellness centre that<br />

offers wonderful, pampered journeys of relaxation and<br />

escape. The expansive spa menu includes a whole range<br />

of massages, wraps, peels, and facials, all bought to you<br />

in partnership with the ELEMIS skincare brand. Should<br />

you be interested in an extended experience or whole<br />

day, there a several treatment packages to choose from.<br />

Ultimately, a trip to Penarth is the opportunity to have<br />

a break, unwind, and enjoy the seaside. At Holm House<br />

Hotel, you have the perfect base to do just that.<br />


Holm House Hotel,<br />

Marine Parade,<br />

Penarth, CF64 3BG<br />

Tel +44 02920 706029<br />

132<br />


This vibrant and youthful city, offering incredible nightlife and an unforgettable welcome, is found on<br />

Northern Ireland’s east coast. Home to a fascinating industrial and cultural past, Belfast is a city of<br />

captivating wall murals, great humour, and beautiful gardens.<br />

BELFAST |<br />




CENTRE<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Two airports serve the city, so you can choose from Belfast<br />

International Airport or George Best Belfast City Airport. If you<br />

don’t fancy flying, you can get there by regular ferry service<br />

from either Liverpool or Cairnryan in Scotland. Because<br />

Belfast is a compact city, you can easily get around on public<br />

transport or even see most of it on foot.<br />

Things To Do & See<br />

Visit the Titanic Quarter, a tribute to the city’s proud industrial<br />

heritage and its most famous export. Take in Titanic Belfast,<br />

the world’s largest museum dedicated to the fateful ship,<br />

or simply enjoy the shops, restaurants, and bars that have<br />

sprung up around this massive redevelopment.<br />

If you want a taste of a more traditional Belfast, we think you<br />

should include at least one visit to a proper Northern Irish<br />

pub. Order yourself a perfectly poured pint of Guinness at<br />

Kelly’s Cellars, a traditional pub with its roots dating back to<br />

the 1720s.<br />

Dining<br />

Belfast has a growing foodie scene that’s busy putting a<br />

contemporary twist on traditional Irish fare. As a city that’s<br />

defined by its proximity to the Irish sea, expect to find<br />

excellent seafood alongside sumptuous local beef. Famous<br />

restaurants in the city include James St. bar & grill and The<br />

Muddlers Club.<br />

Accommodation<br />

If you prefer accommodation that’s completely different<br />

and celebrates Belfast’s maritime history, we recommend<br />

checking out Barge at Titanic. You can stay on the water in<br />

a luxury converted barge that’s just a ten-minute walk from<br />

the city centre and everything it has to offer.<br />

134 135

MicksTours.com<br />

Northern Ireland | Tour Company<br />

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is perhaps the most fascinating<br />

city in the United Kingdom. Despite its troubled past the city is on the<br />

up with a bright future ahead especially in tourism, and when it comes to<br />

touristic activities there’s no one better placed to show you around than<br />

MicksTours.<br />

Owned and operated by local tour operator Michael Smith,<br />

MicksTours is your guide to Belfast, and Northern Ireland as a<br />

whole. With over 25 years of experience Michael Smith and<br />

his team are ready to show you around.<br />

MicksTours offers up a range of tours that cover key<br />

areas and trip types while also keeping an open mind<br />

to customised and tailor-made options. Popular trips<br />

include a fun City Tour, an exciting Game of Thrones<br />

Tour, a trip to the magnificent Giants Causeway,<br />

rewarding Hiking Trips, and Executive Transfers.<br />

Belfast’s status as the UKs best port of call for cruise<br />

ships means high-quality shore excursion providers are<br />

crucial. With limited time, most cruise goers are looking<br />

for value and this is exactly where MicksTours comes<br />

into its own. Putting years of experience and extensive<br />

knowledge into practice, MicksTours are currently the<br />

only tour operator able to present a stunning “Titanic<br />

Package” that covers five unmissable sites in one day. In<br />

one mammoth 10-hour trip guest can expect to see the<br />

vibrant Titanic Quarter, the Giants Causeway (including<br />

rope bridge), the scenic Glens of Antrim, the inspiring<br />

Belfast Murals, and get in a City Sightseeing Tour. Shorter<br />

and more specialised shore excursions are available<br />

but it’s fair to say the Titanic Package won’t be beaten<br />

anytime soon.<br />

Maybe you’re not short on time and have a few days<br />

in Belfast. Then for you, MicksTours has a specialised<br />

tailored staycation package. Whether you’re in town for<br />

two days or ten, MicksTours can take care of everything<br />

from accommodation options to attractions, to transfers,<br />

and even restaurant recommendations.<br />


Tel +447552477285<br />

136<br />


Portugal<br />

thawards.com<br />

Porto, Portugal<br />

138 139

The vibrant, liberal, and welcoming capital city of Portugal really does have it all. Thousands of years of<br />

history, exciting beaches, and amazing food await visitors hungry for the city’s unique blend of cultures,<br />

both old and new.<br />

LISBON | THE<br />



Getting In & Around<br />

As it’s the capital city of Portugal, flights are plentiful and<br />

usually inexpensive. Humberto Delgado Airport isn’t miles<br />

outside of the city either, meaning you’re less than 10 km<br />

away from the heart of downtown when you arrive.<br />

Once you’ve arrived, we don’t recommend driving unless you<br />

plan on leaving the city. Thanks to Lisbon’s extensive and<br />

budget-friendly public transport network, you can beat the<br />

constant traffic and see the sights on your way.<br />

We can’t recommend the Lisboa Card enough. With prices<br />

starting at a reasonable €21, you get free travel on all<br />

public transport as well as unlimited access to the main<br />

museums, galleries, and attractions in the city. It’s an<br />

invaluable resource and a great way to start your adventure.<br />

Our favourite way to get around the city is by tram. The<br />

routes crisscross almost every district of the city and the<br />

number 28 is like a city tour all on its own. It visits most of the<br />

popular sights and, with the Lisboa Card, you won’t ever be<br />

overcharged.<br />

140 141

Things To Do & See<br />

Lisbon is an ancient city that has seen everyone from<br />

the Romans to the Moors feature in its more than 2,000<br />

years of history. Strategically placed at the mouth of the<br />

river Tagus, it circles an enormous natural harbour that<br />

has provided most of its wealth over the centuries.<br />

One of the most exciting districts of Lisbon is Alfama.<br />

Built on a steep hill, it’s a warren of narrow alleyways,<br />

stone steps, and whitewashed buildings. Once a<br />

haven for cutthroats and world-weary sailors, it’s now<br />

a trendy artisan area that still retains a strong sense of<br />

community.<br />

If you head down to the water’s edge at Belém, you’ll<br />

be met by the impressive bulk of the Torre de Belém,<br />

a 15th century fortress that was built to guard the<br />

city harbour from marauding pirates and other<br />

undesirables. Sit and admire it from the shore or<br />

pay a few Euros to climb the spiral staircase for<br />

an unforgettable view.<br />

And if you want to party, we recommend a visit to<br />

the Bairro Alto neighbourhood. Packed with bars<br />

and places to eat, it’s the place where Lisboans<br />

and visitors alike come to catch up with friends and<br />

let their hair down.<br />

Dining<br />

It won’t take you long to work out that the Portuguese<br />

love their fish. The national favourite dish of grilled<br />

sardines and bacalhau, or salted cod, can be found<br />

almost everywhere. A trip to the Mercado de<br />

Arroios, a huge fresh food market, will show off<br />

the abundance of delicious produce that Lisboans<br />

have at their fingertips.<br />

The national obsession with pastéis de nata, a type<br />

of egg custard tart, and other sweet pastry treats<br />

is another delight not to be missed. We think there’s<br />

nothing better than starting the day with a café com<br />

leite and one of the gooey indulgences from Pastéis de<br />

Belém in the Ajuda district.<br />

Accommodation<br />

Set in an 18 th century Pombaline-style building, the<br />

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado hotel is right in the heart<br />

of downtown. Just a few streets away from Lisbon<br />

Cathedral and flanked by two of Lisbon’s best<br />

museums, the Money Museum and the National<br />

Museum of Contemporary Art, it’s perfectly placed<br />

to explore the city. This boutique hotel features<br />

stunning rooms with original features throughout.<br />

142 143

TakingUThere<br />

Portugal | Tailor Made Tour Company<br />

The Capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is one of <strong>Europe</strong>’s most electrifying cities. This<br />

enchanting metropolis is home to a thriving wine & gastronomy scene, rich<br />

history, unique architecture, and vibrant modern culture. To see Lisbon, and to<br />

see it well i.e., off the beaten path is no easy feat, hiring a local company is your<br />

best bet and for this there are very few better than TakingUThere.<br />

Founded by Portuguese native and impassioned Alfacinha, Joao<br />

Dickmann, TakingUThere is a multi-award-winning tour company. At its<br />

core is the desire to show visitors the alternative sites of Lisbon and<br />

its surrounding towns, to focus on lesser seen beautiful attractions,<br />

and create unforgettable memories, away from the touristic<br />

hustle. Joao and his team at TakingUThere all channel a<br />

passion and knowledge for their craft that’s reflected in their<br />

professionalism and approach to guiding.<br />

Tours can be categorised either by region or experience.<br />

Regions covered, along with Lisbon of course,<br />

include Sintra, Cascais, Obidos, Mafra, and Evora.<br />

Experiential tours on the other hand are built<br />

around three distinct interests. These are<br />

Wine & Gastronomy, History & Culture, and<br />

Dolphin & Nature.<br />

144<br />

For a unique look at Lisbon’s history, we recommend the<br />

marvellous Lisbon’s Forgotten Historical Palaces Tour. Or<br />

for a more immersive experience you should check out the<br />

Jewish Odyssey Tour. If you’re a foodie, then you mustn’t miss<br />

the Traditional Lisbon Food Tasting Experience. It’s more than<br />

just taste testing food, you’ll learn all about Lisbon’s culinary<br />

history, local customs, and the important role food plays in the<br />

daily lives of Alfacinha (the proper name for Lisboans).<br />

Why not compliment your food tour by going on the Setubal<br />

Wine Tasting Tour? The small neighbouring city of Setubal is<br />

a wine lovers dream and with Takinguthere you can revel in<br />

three of the region’s finest cellars. Enjoy 10 delicious wines in<br />

front of a beautiful mountain backdrop.<br />

If you fancy getting out for the day, then the Obidos and Mafra<br />

tour will more than suffice. You’ll discover the fascinating and<br />

well-preserved Museum village of Obidos and the magnificent<br />

palace of Mafra.<br />

Of-course completely tailored tours are another option. If you<br />

know exactly what you want to see or aren’t sure but have an<br />

idea, then the team at TakingUThere will work closely to design<br />

your perfect tour from when you land to when you leave.<br />

Rua de Campolide, nº27 – 4º esq.<br />

Lisboa 1070-026<br />

Portugal<br />

Tel +351 917 837 597<br />



Lisbon with Pats<br />

Portugal | Innovative Tour Company<br />

Founded in 2017 by long time Lisbon lover and resident, Pats Madeira, Lisbon<br />

with Pats has established itself as one of the finest tour options in the city.<br />

Pats’ fascination of Lisbon’s long history, rich culture, fine food, and local<br />

customs fed into the organic creation of a truly unique tour of Portugal’s<br />

capital city. Combined with Pats passion, energetic style, and positivity<br />

the tours have a way of bringing history to life.<br />

Pats belief of a sharing Lisbon personally means that there<br />

aren’t any set tours. Instead, all tours are personalised based<br />

on customer preferences or needs. Through email or via a<br />

call Pats will design the tour so every step is relatable,<br />

personalised, simple, and stress free. If for example<br />

you prefer to sample the city’s cuisine, then Pats<br />

can show you the best spots, or if you’re history<br />

lover then expect an insightful experience.<br />

Whatever your preference you can expect a<br />

detailed plan suited to your tastes.<br />

Lisbon is a wonderful city, so see it your<br />

way, see it with Pats!<br />

Tel +351 919 260333<br />


146<br />


Not far from the bustling city of Lisbon, Sintra is known best for its enchanting architecture that looks<br />

like it’s jumped straight from the pages of a fairy tale. For serious gastronauts, it’s also home to some of<br />

the best food in all of Portugal.<br />

SINTRA<br />


What to Drink<br />

When you think of wine from Portugal, port would be the<br />

first export that comes to mind. However, you might not<br />

know that the compact region of Colares is home to some<br />

the oldest wineries in the world. Unique because the vines<br />

are grown in sand, this sumptuous wine is one of Portugal’s<br />

best-kept secrets.<br />

There are wine tours to take around the region, with visits<br />

to the most westerly vineyards in all of <strong>Europe</strong>. Of all the<br />

wineries, we think the Casal Sta Maria, with its fabulous wines<br />

and food on offer, makes it well worth a visit.<br />

Café Culture<br />

Another delightfully unique part of Portuguese culture is<br />

how they drink their coffee. You’re probably more used to the<br />

Italian-style latte, but in one of Sintra’s best cafes you’ll be<br />

asking for a galão, a coffee topped up with warm milk.<br />

What to Eat<br />

Most visitors to Sintra make their way up to the ethereal Pena<br />

Palace and around the sights without realising that there are<br />

some incredible restaurants right around the corner. If you’re<br />

in the mood for one of Portugal’s traditional delicacies, we<br />

recommend visiting Incomum for their take on octopus with<br />

spinach and sweet potato.<br />

For more delights from the sea, visiting Romaria de Baco for<br />

the best cod in the region is also a great idea. A restaurant<br />

that’s as popular with the locals as it is with visitors, you can<br />

tuck into a petiscos tasting menu to get a real flavour of the<br />

region.<br />

148 149

If your idea of heaven is wandering around ancient castles and palaces, the UNESCO World Heritage<br />

town of Sintra is the place for you. Situated just outside Lisbon, make sure to add it to your itinerary.<br />


SITES<br />


The Pena Palace<br />

What most people travel to Sintra to see, this magical<br />

Romanticist palace was built by Prince Ferdinand to be used<br />

by the royal family. The colourful walls set this palace apart<br />

from any other castle you may have visited before.<br />

Built lovingly in a spectacular range of styles, this palace<br />

showcases neo-classical, neo-Islamic, and neo-renaissance<br />

architecture, among other delights. You can discover the<br />

breath-taking views from the many ramparts and turrets that<br />

feature heavily in this eclectic palace.<br />

The National Palace of Sintra<br />

A thousand years of history from within the walls tell its story<br />

as a bolt hole for royalty when things got tough in Lisbon. The<br />

luxurious interior and especially the remarkable tiling in the<br />

Sala dos Brasões are well worth the visit.<br />

Originally built for the Moorish rulers, the Manueline style<br />

building is exceptional and, even though it was badly<br />

damaged in the earthquake of 1755, it was faithfully restored<br />

to its former glory.<br />

The Moorish Castle<br />

More like something out of<br />

The Lord of The Rings than<br />

the romantic Pena Palace,<br />

this ruined fortress looks<br />

like it’s witnessed more<br />

than its fair share of<br />

battles. The double walls<br />

march along the rocky<br />

hillside above Lisbon<br />

and provide spectacular<br />

views. Even though it<br />

looks like a real fortress, the<br />

towers and walls were rebuilt<br />

in the romantic style loved by King<br />

Ferdinand II in the mid-19 th century.<br />

The Gardens of Chalet Da Condessa D’edla<br />

This miniature palace looks more at home in the alps than<br />

Portugal, but its eclectic charm is spellbinding. The intricate<br />

architecture and spectacular gardens feature plants and<br />

trees from across the globe. The shady Feteira da Condessa<br />

is filled with ferns from as far as New Zealand.<br />

150 151

The relaxed and thoroughly tourist-friendly south of Portugal is the ideal place to kick back and enjoy<br />

warm weather, inviting beaches, and fantastic cuisine. Perched on the south-western tip of <strong>Europe</strong>,<br />

there are many reasons the region is so popular.<br />

ALGARVE |<br />


JUST A<br />

RESORT<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

There’s only one airport that serves the Portuguese south –<br />

that’s Faro. Be aware that getting from the airport to your<br />

resort, especially far-off places like Praia da Luz, isn’t possible<br />

by public transport in the evenings. Luckily, there are plenty<br />

of airport transfer companies that operate at reasonable<br />

prices. Check if the resort or hotel you’re staying at offers a<br />

service like this.<br />

If you want to reach the more inaccessible parts of the<br />

Algarve, we recommend renting a car. Driving around is a<br />

pleasant experience and most of the roads are in excellent<br />

condition. For a few Euros per trip, you can speed up your<br />

journey by taking the A22 toll road that connects all major<br />

towns and cities in the region.<br />

Although there is a train line connecting Lagos in the west<br />

to Vila Real de Santo António in the east, trains aren’t too<br />

frequent and it’s only a single line. Getting around by bus in<br />

the main towns, such as Albufeira, Faro, and Portimão, is an<br />

inexpensive way to travel… or you could just walk.<br />

152 153

Things to Do & See<br />

Whatever type of holiday you want to have, you can find it in the<br />

Algarve. For history buffs, there’s the historic town of Silves<br />

with its dramatic citadel and orange tree-lined streets. Or, if<br />

you want to party, there’s the strip in Albufeira. Upmarket and<br />

sophisticated Villamoura has classy resorts and superyachts<br />

in the harbour, while golf fans have 31 stunning courses to<br />

choose from.<br />

One of the things we like the most about the Algarve is that<br />

you’re never too far from a beautiful beach. From the wild and<br />

rugged stretch of coast in Sagres, which feels like the end of the<br />

Earth, to a sunbather’s paradise in Quarteira, there’s something to<br />

meet the tastes of every palate.<br />

The Algarve is a great place for water sports of all kinds. There’s<br />

excellent surfing to be found, especially on the west coast, but<br />

stand-up paddleboarding is becoming an increasingly popular<br />

way to experience the sea at a statelier pace. One of the best ways<br />

to discover the dramatic coastline is by kayak, with guided tours<br />

available around hotspots like the Algar de Benagil, a natural sea<br />

cave with a huge skylight that’s only accessible by sea.<br />

When it comes to getting a feel for the real Algarve, we recommend<br />

a visit to the beautiful town of Lagos. The walled Old Town is a<br />

warren of narrow cobbled streets, trendy coffee shops, and some<br />

of the best restaurants in the region.<br />

Dining<br />

The Portuguese love their fish and nothing is more sacred<br />

to them than the humble sardine. There are festivals<br />

dedicated to the small silver fish and you’ll see them<br />

on flags, souvenirs, and barbecues across the Algarve.<br />

One of our favourite places to see the abundance of<br />

delightful fresh food available in the Algarve is at the<br />

Mercados de Olhão. The pair of brick market halls on<br />

the waterfront are packed with sellers offering the best<br />

fruits, vegetables, seafood, cheeses, and some of the<br />

most delicious honey you’ll ever try.<br />

The other national obsession is with sweet pastries. When<br />

you’re in Lagos, don’t miss Padaria Central, the centuries-old<br />

bakery where locals queue up alongside tourists to buy fresh<br />

pastel de nata and bolinhos de canela.<br />

Accommodation<br />

There are so many ways to experience the Algarve. If you want a<br />

relaxing holiday around the pool, then Albufeira with its familyfriendly<br />

resorts is an ideal getaway. If you want something a little<br />

more private, we recommend renting a villa – and for this, there’s<br />

none better than Shanti Villas Algarve, a <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong><br />

Award winner. Check out the next page to find out more.<br />

154<br />


Shantivillas Group<br />

Portugal, Algarve | Luxury Villas<br />

There is nowhere else in <strong>Europe</strong> quite as enchanting as the Algarve, Portugal<br />

famous southern region boasts a rich culinary heritage, a beautiful<br />

coastline, friendly locals, plenty of attractions, and quaint villages. The<br />

area has long been considered a bucket list destination for many, and it<br />

remains an extremely attractive destination for professional athletes,<br />

celebrities and affluents individuals. So, if you find yourself yearning<br />

for a holiday to the region and are in the market for a luxurious stay<br />

then why not check out Shantivillas.<br />

Founded back in 2016, the multi award-winning Shantivillas<br />

has grown to become one of the leading Villa brokers in all<br />

of Portugal. The company was borne out of a common<br />

issue for many travellers which was difficulty in finding<br />

a reputable and professional villa provider who could<br />

source high quality, private, and luxurious villas.<br />

With a current base in the vibrant town of Albufeira, the Shantivillas<br />

portfolio includes 13 spectacular villas, 10 located in Malhão and the<br />

other 3 in Olhos d’Água. All of which are finished to a world class<br />

standard with the smallest, ideal for an intimate group of four,<br />

and the largest able to accommodate a staggering 16 individuals.<br />

As a standard all villas come with a private swimming pool, plenty<br />

of sun loungers, a state-of-the-art kitchen, en Suite bedrooms,<br />

luxurious amenities, air-conditioning, and free WIFI, some even<br />

have children’s pool. All properties are located only 40 minutes or<br />

so from Faro International airport with golf courses, sandy beaches,<br />

and shopping outlets easily accessible nearby.<br />


Aldeamento do Malhão<br />

8200-484, Albufeira, Portugal<br />

Tel +351 289 362 131<br />

156<br />


To top this Shantivillas provides<br />

a whole host of additional<br />

hospitality services such as<br />

transfers, car rentals, a private<br />

chef, sightseeing tours, arrival<br />

orientation, grocery shopping,<br />

maid service and expert advice<br />

on the local area.<br />

At this point you’re probably<br />

wondering which Villa is right<br />

for you. To help we’ve put<br />

together a small guide on our<br />

favourites we’ve termed the<br />

amazing eight.<br />

Casa Cahombo<br />

Location | Malhão<br />

Bedrooms | 7, Sleeps up to 14<br />

This large and inviting villa<br />

exudes shades of traditional<br />

“Montes Alentejanos”, blending<br />

contemporary and rustic styles<br />

with panoramic views. Upon<br />

request we can liaise with local<br />

partners to provide a large pool,<br />

children’s pool, private games<br />

room, and a lush garden.<br />

Casa do Alemão<br />

Location | Malhão<br />

Bedrooms | 6, Sleeps up to 12<br />

Enriched with a beautiful white and blue<br />

design this property is lovely to look at. Its<br />

special location at the top Monte do Malhão<br />

means you can aspect spectacular coastal<br />

views to go with your private luxury haven.<br />

Equipped with both an adult and child pool,<br />

an impressive games room, spacious dining<br />

room, and lovely decorative fireplace, it’s<br />

fair to say it just might be our pick of the<br />

bunch.<br />

Casa do Inglês<br />

Location | Malhão<br />

Bedrooms | 4, Sleeps up to 10<br />

A homely country house that comes with everything<br />

you could ever want for a private family getaway.<br />

Expect elegant décor, a private swimming pool, a<br />

children’s pool, a billiard table, foosball table, and<br />

plenty of space.<br />

Casa de Baixo<br />

Location | Malhão<br />

Bedrooms | 4, Sleeps up to 8<br />

Supreme levels of elegance and style await at the vibrant Casa de Baixo, a spacious villa surrounded by manicured<br />

gardens and breath-taking panoramic views. Expect a games room with billiards table, a children’s pool, an adult pool,<br />

smart TV, BBQ equipment, open terrace, and nearby golf course.<br />

158<br />


Casa da Música<br />

Location | Malhão<br />

Bedrooms | 7, Sleeps up to 14<br />

It’s no surprise, given its name, that this villa pays homage<br />

to the importance of music in Portuguese culture. The<br />

musical décor and fine artwork are a treat to behold. The<br />

villa is one of the largest on the Shantivillas portfolio<br />

and offers tons of garden space to appreciate as well as<br />

breath-taking coastal views. Guests can enjoy both an<br />

adult and child swimming pool, a table tennis table, plenty<br />

of outdoor seating, and a smart TV.<br />

Casa Mirante 1<br />

Location | Olhos d’Água<br />

Bedrooms | 6, Sleeps up to 12<br />

A magnificent grand villa surrounded by lush,<br />

landscaped gardens and pool area overlooking<br />

the splendid Mediterranean Sea. There’s also<br />

an additional children’s pool, foosball table,<br />

and even tennis courts. The outdoor BBQ and<br />

open dining area means this villa is perfect for<br />

a spot of alfresco dining.<br />

Casa da Montanha<br />

Location | Malhão<br />

Bedrooms | 8, Sleeps up to 16<br />

Built towards the top of Malhão, the Casa da Montanha<br />

offer unbeatable views. On one side = it’s the majestic<br />

Monchique mountains and the other side the deep<br />

blue sea. This is the largest offering from Shantivillas,<br />

so much so that it comes with a separate garage for<br />

two cars, a pool house converted to a games room, an<br />

adult pool, children’s pool, and BBQ facilities.<br />

Casa Colónia<br />

Location | Olhos d’Água<br />

Bedrooms | 2, Sleeps up to 4<br />

The smallest villa on the roster certainly packs<br />

a punch. Ideal for a small intimate group, this<br />

villa is neatly located near the beach and in<br />

the vibrant seaside village of Olhos d’Água. It<br />

comes with its own private pool, sea views,<br />

and modern décor.<br />

160<br />


It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of Portugal, but the Iberian Peninsula is home<br />

to some of the biggest and best surfing waves found anywhere on the planet. From the mega waves of<br />

Nazaré to the surfer’s dream of Peniche, Portugal’s got it all.<br />



What to Expect<br />

Peniche, on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, is a true surfer’s<br />

paradise. Thanks to a combination of ocean currents, a<br />

favourably shallow seabed, and predictable winds, the<br />

waves are phenomenal and attract surfers from around the<br />

world. Both sides of the Peniche peninsula have long, sandy<br />

beaches and there’s surf to be caught practically every day.<br />

The most famous beach and wave is called Supertubos, a<br />

huge and hollow barrel wave that’s up to five metres high.<br />

Home to the MEO Portugal Pro surfing competition, it’s not<br />

for the faint-hearted or novice surfer.<br />

Best Time of Year to Go<br />

If you want to catch the pros doing their thing in the waves,<br />

the best time to head to Peniche is in October. The MEO<br />

Portugal Pro surfing competition attracts the best surfers<br />

from around the world, so it’s an ideal time to visit even if<br />

you’re just going to watch.<br />

The ideal surfing conditions with consistent waves and<br />

light winds are in the dead of winter. February is reported<br />

to have the best swells of the whole<br />

year. For anyone more interested<br />

in warm weather than peak<br />

surfing conditions, visit during<br />

the summer when the average<br />

temperature is around 20°C.<br />

Preparation<br />

If you’re new to the sport of surfing,<br />

Peniche is one of the best places to<br />

learn. As Portugal’s surf capital, there<br />

are plenty of surf camps to join all year round. Beginners,<br />

however, should aim to visit between April and September,<br />

when the waves are smaller and more manageable.<br />

The water temperatures around Portugal, outside of the<br />

Algarve, is low enough to warrant a wetsuit all year round. We<br />

recommend buying your own or renting one from one of the<br />

surf schools in the village.<br />

162 163

164<br />

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort<br />

Portugal | Resort<br />

Located only 15 minutes from <strong>Europe</strong>’s surf capital, Peniche, the Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort<br />

is a surfer’s dream. It’s location near Peniche means it’s easy to reach, with Lisbon<br />

airport only an hour or so away by car, and the resorts focus on sustainability and ecofriendly<br />

practices makes it the ideal choice if you’re planning a trip to the region.<br />

To start with guests, have the choice of three distinctive types of accommodation.<br />

First there is the Casas na Árvore, meaning houses in trees. This is exactly<br />

what you get, a uniquely suspended bungalow nestled amongst the<br />

trees. The bungalows are spacious, private, and come complete with a<br />

kitchenette, dining area, and terrace. Or if you prefer to sleep more in<br />

tune with nature then there are several tents available at Bukubaki<br />

Eco Surf Resort. These tents are fairly large, come with heating,<br />

a shared bathroom, and can accommodate up to Four adults.<br />

For the more economically minded there is the third option<br />

of a bed in a shared villa, much like a hostel everything<br />

in the villa is shared between occupants, this includes<br />

a kitchen, dining area, extensive bathrooms, a lounge<br />

area, and an outdoor terrace.<br />

For surfers there is much on offer. If you’re new or need<br />

to sharpen up, then the resort runs regular group lesson<br />

as well as private classes. On top of this any and all items<br />

you need are available for rent for either half a day, full<br />

day or week. This includes soft and hard boards, suits,<br />

long planks, and SUP.<br />

Surfing however, isn’t the only pastime on offer. The<br />

resort is home to a wellness centre, this includes the use<br />

of a Finnish Sauna and a wide selection of massages to<br />

choose from, along with regular Yoga and Pilates sessions.<br />

If you want something more adventurous then there is a<br />

small skate park on site and equipment available for rent.<br />

After a long day of surfing, nothing beats a good drink and<br />

bit of food in a lively bar. At the Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort<br />

guests can enjoy this at the onsite establishment named<br />

the Juncal n6. Built on the notion of local dining, the bar<br />

serves simple, fresh, homecooked style meals with a wide<br />

variety available to suit varying dietary requirements.<br />

Rua do Juncal 6,<br />

2525-331, Casais Mestre Mendo<br />

Tel +351 262 249 830<br />

Tel +351 967 138 917<br />



Spain<br />

thawards.com<br />

Madrid, Spain 000<br />

166 167

The rich and exciting culture of Spain’s south west has attracted visitors for thousands of years. From the<br />

Romans to the Moors, you can expect to see traces of these great civilisations in the region’s architecture,<br />

food, and outlook on life.<br />




Traditional Seville<br />

When you visit beautiful Seville, you get a feel for the real<br />

Andalucia. Stroll around the ancient and narrow streets of the<br />

Triana district where you might still hear traditional Flamenco<br />

music in the air.<br />

Don’t miss out on some of the best tapas bars in all of<br />

Spain, too. There are so many great eateries to choose from,<br />

ranging from the traditional to the ultra-contemporary, that<br />

we recommend taking one of the popular tapas tours.<br />

Moorish Granada<br />

The influence of the Moors and<br />

their Islamic architecture on<br />

this part of Spain is written<br />

large in the city of Granada.<br />

It’s an ancient place sitting<br />

at the foot of the impressive<br />

snow-capped Sierra Nevada<br />

mountains.<br />

You’ll want to visit the Alhambra, an astonishing Moorish<br />

fortress that overlooks the town. The labyrinth of slender<br />

alleyways around Alcaicería, at the base of the Alhambra, is<br />

reminiscent of the Arabic bazaar that used to be there.<br />

The Cuisine<br />

A visit to Andalucia is only made complete when you dive into<br />

some of the best food that Spain has to offer. Southern Spain<br />

is where tapas was first made popular, and the bars found on<br />

almost every street are well worth checking out.<br />

Try out salmorejo, a tomato soup served cold with jamón on<br />

top. Andalucia’s obsession with cured ham is found<br />

everywhere, as is their most famous comfort food, the<br />

humble but delicious churros con chocolate.<br />

And you can’t complete a trip to Andalucia without trying<br />

jerez. The fortified wine, named after the Jerez region, is<br />

better known as sherry in the rest of the world and is delicious<br />

when paired with local seafood.<br />

168 169

170<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> Factory Andalucía<br />

Spain | Cultural Tour Company<br />

Experiences Through Different Eyes<br />

Andalucía, the vast southern region of Spain, is a holiday maker’s dream<br />

and has been a popular travel destination for decades. Most travellers<br />

to the region will feel they have it figured out or they’ve seen it all, but<br />

they couldn’t be more wrong. Andalucía boasts a ton of hidden gems,<br />

unique sites, and unexplored quarters. To see this side of the region,<br />

you’ll need an expert – and for this, we recommend <strong>Travel</strong> Factory<br />

Andalucía.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> Factory Andalucía was established on the core principle<br />

of providing an in-depth, immersive, and alternative<br />

Andalusian experience for visitors. “Experience through<br />

different eyes” is the company motto, which is exactly<br />

what you get. Tours are built on exploring lesser<br />

visited but much more local historical attractions,<br />

cultural sites, idyllic villages, and natural<br />

landscapes, all culminating in a much more<br />

authentic and enveloping experience for<br />

travellers.<br />

Tours are built to encourage a more affable and intimate<br />

experience, meaning group numbers are limited to six.<br />

This allows for a degree of flexibility and personalisation<br />

so you can always customise the tour to suit your own<br />

preferences and requirements. This leads to much more<br />

unique and memorable experiences.<br />

The pre-designed tours can either be road trips, hiking<br />

and walking tours, or a hybrid of the two. Road trips last for<br />

about seven hours and encompass a range of beautiful,<br />

quirky, and peculiar places in Andalucía. Hiking and<br />

walking tours, on the other hand, allow access to those<br />

parts of Andalucía you can’t reach via car. Expect to see<br />

some of the most beautiful, untouched, natural sites in all<br />

the region. The hybrid tours obviously mix the two, taking<br />

you to some truly unique and remote attractions.<br />

The other option is a completely tailored experience,<br />

where you can work with the knowledgeable and friendly<br />

team at <strong>Travel</strong> Factory Andalucía to design a trip that suits<br />

you. These can be full day, half-day, road-trip, hiking, etc.<br />

– anything you want!<br />

Av. de Colon, 1, T3<br />

29740 Torre del Mar, Málaga<br />

Spain<br />

Tel +34 688 908 435<br />



There’s a good reason why the autonomous communities of the Balearic Islands are so popular with<br />

tourists. There’s everything from raucous nightlife to UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserves to discover<br />

on your next trip.<br />



Mallorca<br />

The biggest island of the four by size, Mallorca, boats crystalclear<br />

waters and towering mountains. Visit the cultural hub<br />

of Palma with its stunning Gothic Roman cathedral, Arab<br />

baths, and high-end shopping on the Passeig des Born. The<br />

rest of the island offers treks through the world heritage site<br />

of Serra de Tramuntana, white sand beaches, and exciting<br />

nightlife in Magaluf.<br />

Menorca<br />

Low-key and relaxed are two of the best ways to describe<br />

pretty Menorca. The cities of Maó in the east and Ciutadella<br />

de Menorca in the west are as close as you can get to busy,<br />

while the rest of the island has a distinctly bucolic charm not<br />

found on the other Balearics. Although there are hundreds<br />

to choose from, we recommend checking out Cala Mitjaneta<br />

beach for an unforgettable time.<br />

Ibiza<br />

The proud party capital of the Balearics, Ibiza, is famous<br />

for its hedonistic parties and mega-clubs that attract the<br />

best DJs in the world. Ibiza Town<br />

and Sant Antoni are where you’ll<br />

find the action, but don’t forget<br />

that this island is also ideal for<br />

a more relaxed holiday in the<br />

sun. Check out the quieter<br />

resorts of Portinatx and Puerto<br />

San Miguel – they’re perfect for<br />

a lazy holiday in and out of the<br />

blue western Mediterranean seas.<br />

Formentera<br />

The smallest of the four Balearic Islands, this relaxed island<br />

lies just off the southern tip of Ibiza and is worlds away from<br />

the slick nightclubs and boat parties of its closest neighbour.<br />

If you’re looking for a place to get away from world, this is<br />

it. The only way to get there is by sea and, with blinding<br />

white sand beaches and rocky coves galore, it’s a swimmer’s<br />

paradise.<br />

172 173

France<br />

thawards.com<br />

Drôme, France 000<br />

174 175

The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame de Paris… France’s cosmopolitan capital is home<br />

to some of the most iconic sights in the entire world and often tops the list of the most-visited cities in<br />

the world. It’s easy to see why.<br />

PARIS |<br />

THE CITY<br />

OF LIGHT<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Like any key world city, Paris is home to multiple airports.<br />

The Charles de Gaulle International Airport is probably most<br />

familiar to tourists and well connected globally through many<br />

major air carriers. Orly International Airport, on the other<br />

hand, is more focused on domestic routes and short-haul<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>an routes. Beauvais Airport, the smallest of the three,<br />

is used primarily by low-cost carriers.<br />

We think the easiest way to get to Paris is by train. You can<br />

hop onboard the Eurostar or a Trans-<strong>Europe</strong>an Train and be<br />

there within a few hours from most neighbouring <strong>Europe</strong>an<br />

cities. A Navigo card will get you on the famous Paris Metro<br />

that connects all parts of the city.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

You could head over to the Louvre Museum and join the<br />

crowds gazing at the world’s most famous painting, the<br />

Mona Lisa. Then take a stroll west along the wide Avenue<br />

des Champs-Élysées to the chic shopping district of the<br />

8 th Arrondissement. Finally, head over to Montmartre with<br />

its village feel and spectacular<br />

nightlife.<br />

Dining<br />

Parisians practically<br />

invented café culture,<br />

so make sure you visit<br />

a couple during your<br />

stay. A great place for<br />

people-watching, you<br />

can tuck into a colourful<br />

macaron while downing<br />

an espresso or two at Le<br />

Voltigeur, on rue des Francs<br />

Bourgeois.<br />

Accommodation<br />

A stone’s throw from the Moulin Rouge is the ultra-cool Kube<br />

Hotel. Expect stunning modern interiors and one of the best<br />

cocktail bars in the area.<br />

176 177

My Private Paris<br />

France | Private Tour Company<br />

Experience Paris with the Finest Local Guides<br />

Paris is one of the finest cities in the world, jam packed with historic<br />

sites, world-class museums, beautiful architecture, iconic art, and a<br />

wonderful culinary heritage. Deciding how to navigate and make the<br />

most of your trip may seem like a daunting task, for which we have<br />

the solution. Planning your trip with My Private Paris.<br />

My Private Paris, a boutique tour company found by experienced<br />

guides Marie & Bertrand, is your opportunity to see and<br />

experience Paris through the eyes of a local. Rather than<br />

focusing on big groups Marie and Bertrand centred My<br />

Private Paris on providing high quality and immersive<br />

private tours and experiences. Using handpicked<br />

private guides, insider knowledge, and love of<br />

the city, My Private Paris has grown to become<br />

the most awarded company in the city.<br />

The services presented by My Private Paris are built around<br />

varying interests, needs, and are 100% tailor made. These can<br />

be broken down into four distinct categories, firstly there are<br />

Museum Tours, local neighborhoods and experiences to Explore<br />

Paris, Day Trips from Paris, and finally the most premium service<br />

of a carefully tailored multi-day itinerary.<br />

Museum Tours are private tours focused on the many stunning<br />

museums and historic attractions Paris is home to. The Louvre<br />

of course, Musée d’Orsay, Rodin Museum, but also Gothic<br />

wonders such as Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame, and even<br />

the famous Paris Catacombs are covered.<br />

To Explore Paris on the other hand, other great tours concentrate<br />

on some of the most important aspects of the French culture<br />

such as the local gastronomy with chocolate & pastries or wine<br />

& cheese tastings, or local iconic neighborhoods charming area<br />

of Montmartre, and the trendy neighbourhood of Le Marais.<br />

The Day Trips from Paris provide the opportunity to get out and<br />

explore exciting parts of France. Versailles, Normandy, Giverny,<br />

Fontainebleau, and the Loire Valley all make for an unforgettable<br />

day trip from Paris. Choose Wisely.<br />

Finally, the Custom-Made Itineraries allow you to work with My<br />

Private Paris to design your perfect trip from A to Z. A chance<br />

to work with Marie and Bertrand, pick their brain, and take<br />

advantage of their unique insight.<br />


178<br />


Belgium<br />

thawards.com<br />

Walzin, Dinant, Belgium<br />

180 181

Less touristy than Bruges, the multicultural yet traditional capital city of Belgium is one of our favourite<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>an destinations.<br />

BRUSSELS |<br />




Getting In & Around<br />

One of the best things about Brussels is its location. Less<br />

than two hours away from London by Eurostar, you don’t<br />

need to worry about flying to one of <strong>Europe</strong>’s best capital<br />

cities. Getting around once you’re there is a cinch thanks to<br />

its affordable and reliable public transport system. See the<br />

sights by train, tram, bus, or metro.<br />

Things To Do & See<br />

A trip to Brussels wouldn’t be right without a visit to the<br />

Grand Place. One of <strong>Europe</strong>’s best surviving main squares, it’s<br />

classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you’re there,<br />

don’t forget to look for the cheeky Manneken Pis fountain just<br />

around the corner.<br />

One of our favourite things to visit in Brussels is the Atomium,<br />

the stainless-steel oddity that houses exhibitions as well as<br />

one of the best views of the city. After touring the city sights,<br />

the best way to relax is with a traditional Belgian beer or to<br />

get pampered at the world-class Serendip Spa.<br />

Dining<br />

Fans of comfort food will find themselves at home in Belgium’s<br />

capital. The national obsession with delicious moulesfrites<br />

(mussels and chips) is obvious, with the famous Chez<br />

Léon definitely being the place to try it. Or you can forget<br />

the mussels and simply indulge in crispy fries served with<br />

mayonnaise at a street corner friterie.<br />

You’ll be happy to know that the indulgent eating doesn’t stop<br />

there. The two most famous Belgian foodie exports should<br />

not be missed. Hot Belgian waffles served with fresh fruit,<br />

decadent whipped cream, or Nutella are firm favourites. And<br />

don’t forget the luxurious chocolate shops on nearly every<br />

street!<br />

Accommodation<br />

We recommend checking in to Hotel Amigo, which is situated<br />

just off the Grand Place. This elegant and stylish hotel offers<br />

a concierge service and fine dining restaurant on site.<br />

182 183

184<br />

Serendip Spa & Yoga<br />

Belgium | Massage Centre<br />

Rejuvenate Your Mind Body & Soul<br />

Tucked way just off Brussels prestigious Avenue Louise lies the multi-award<br />

winning Serendip Spa & Yoga, a famed local centre for wellbeing and health.<br />

Since it opened, over 10 years ago, the Spa has built up an excellent reputation<br />

for its luxurious ambience, excellent service, unique treatments, high quality<br />

products, and innovation. Treatments, teachings, and perspectives, from all<br />

over the world are bought together to ensure you find your perfect wellness<br />

experience regardless of whether you’re an individual or as part of a<br />

couple, family group, or work team.<br />

There are an excellent range of treatments available a Serendip<br />

Spa & Yoga. There are over 30 different massages to choose<br />

from, this includes common ones like Shiatsu, Sports,<br />

Balinese, Deep Tissue, and Aromatherapy, and some notso-common.<br />

There are even family-centric massages<br />

offered such as a baby massage, a mother-baby<br />

bonding massage, and a pregnancy soother. And<br />

for couples there are some great options like<br />

the 3-hour Serendipity Ritual for Two.<br />

Our pick of the bunch however is the Serendips Signature Asian<br />

Fusion Therapy which combines elements of Balinese, Ayurvedic,<br />

Tibetan, Aborigine & Thai massage, acupressure points and<br />

gentle stretching with alluring aromas to leave you feeling deeply<br />

relaxed, rejuvenated, and de-stressed.<br />

Aside from the massages there is a wonderful set of facials and<br />

body treatments available. This includes anti-cellulite treatments,<br />

body scrubs, aromatherapy wraps, thermogenic attacks, and<br />

reflexology.<br />

Yoga is of course a key facet of wellness, and with over 40 types<br />

of courses, classes, workshops, and sessions to choose from, it’s<br />

fair to say Serendip is one of the most inspiring yoga hubs in the<br />

area. There are regular and private options that vary in difficulty so<br />

whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced yogi there’s<br />

something for you.<br />

So, whether you’re in search of a restorative massage to fix<br />

aching muscles, or a feel-good treatment, or a yoga class, or to<br />

simply escapes to recharge your mental & physical batteries then<br />

the world class international team at Serendip is here for you.<br />

Place Stephanie 16-18<br />

1050 Brussels, Belgium<br />

Tel +32 2 503 55 04<br />



Netherlands<br />

thawards.com<br />

Zaanse Schans, Zaanstad, Netherlands<br />

186 187

Although the Dutch capital has a reputation for wild nightlife and its quirky coffeeshop culture, there’s a<br />

lot more to this city on the water than first meets the eye.<br />


SOUNDS<br />


Fill Up on Culture<br />

Nearly three million people visit the Rijksmuseum<br />

every year; it’s worth joining them on your visit. You<br />

can gawp at Rembrandt’s unfinished masterpiece The<br />

Night Watch, then check out the biggest collection of<br />

art and artifacts in the Netherlands, all under one roof.<br />

That’s not all, though – the Dutch capital is home to<br />

the CoBrA Museum of Modern Art for something a<br />

little more contemporary.<br />

Hit the Markets<br />

The Dutch love shopping for a bargain, especially in<br />

the open air. The Albert Cuyp Market is a great place<br />

to find souvenirs in Amsterdam. It’s a pleasing assault<br />

on all the senses where you can find anything from<br />

delicious stroopwafels and fresh fruit and vegetables<br />

to clothing.<br />

Go For a Cycle<br />

At the last count there were more than 881,000 bikes<br />

in Amsterdam. It’s no secret that the Dutch love to<br />

pedal around, so you should rent a bicycle<br />

when you’re in town. Cycling is easy,<br />

fun, and one of the best ways to see<br />

the sights. It’s an affordable mode<br />

of transport and a great way to<br />

burn off breakfast!<br />

Take a Canal Cruise<br />

With more than 60 miles of<br />

canals in the city alone, we<br />

think the best way to get to<br />

know Amsterdam is from the<br />

deck of a Dutch barge. There’s not<br />

only something special about seeing<br />

Amsterdam from this angle but it’s<br />

also a handy way to get around. Take in a<br />

night tour to see the bright lights of the city’s most<br />

exciting neighbourhoods.<br />

188 189

Sebi Boat Tours<br />

Netherlands | Cruise Company<br />

The famous Canals of Amsterdam are one of the city’s most iconic attractions, with boat<br />

cruises being a big draw for tourists all year round. While companies providing this<br />

service are plentiful, we however recommend only the finest; Sebi Boat Tours. Founded<br />

by passionate Amsterdammers and best friends Sebi and Olivier, Sebi Boat Tours offer<br />

unforgettable and unparalleled cruises. Watching Sebi captain, his affectionately<br />

named vessel Giuliana, is a sight to behold as he draws on years of experience to<br />

provide you with a personalized, insightful, and beautiful tour of Amsterdam.<br />

The Giuliana has both an inside and outside space and is equipped with a<br />

toilet. The boat is suitable for maximum 12 guests. Guests can choose<br />

between a daily ticket tour or a tailored private tour. The ticket tour<br />

is a pleasant two-hour cruise where you can expect to see all the<br />

famous sights, enjoy complimentary snacks, unlimited drinks,<br />

and learn about the heritage of Amsterdam. On the other hand,<br />

with a private tour you will have the whole vessel to yourself,<br />

and you can decide on time, location, route, and extensive<br />

food & drinks options. The whole experience can also<br />

be catered for special occasions including birthdays,<br />

corporate events, and even marriage proposals.<br />


Tel +31638389474<br />

www.sebiboattours.com<br />

info@sebiboattours.com<br />

www.instagram.com/sebiboattours<br />

190<br />


Finland<br />

thawards.com<br />

Sveaborg, Helsinki, Finland<br />

192 193

If you’ve never visited the capital of Finland before, prepare to be impressed by this young city’s bold<br />

sense of style, unique character, and fantastic culture.<br />

HELSINKI |<br />


NORDIC<br />


Getting In & Around<br />

Even though Finland is nestled in the far eastern reaches of<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>, it’s less than a three-hour flight away from London.<br />

If you like your public transport clean and efficient, you’ll love<br />

this place. Grab yourself a Helsinki Card when you arrive –<br />

this pass grants you access to the main sights as well as the<br />

excellent hop-on/hop-off bus tour.<br />

Things To Do & See<br />

Famous for its distinctive white granite buildings and jawdropping<br />

contemporary stylings, Helsinki is a place where<br />

neo-classical architecture sits comfortably next to modernist<br />

design. Check out the Central Market first. It’s a haven for<br />

fresh local produce, souvenirs, and the perfect place for a bit<br />

of people-watching.<br />

Stroll along Aleksanterinkatu, the main shopping street, or<br />

take in the culture at one of the city’s many museums and<br />

art galleries. We recommend visiting Ateneum, Finland’s<br />

national gallery, as well as the stunning Kiasma Museum of<br />

Contemporary Art.<br />

Dining<br />

The Finns drink more coffee per head than anyone else in<br />

the world. We recommend checking out one of the city’s best<br />

coffee shops, the quirky Café Regatta, housed in a traditional<br />

cottage. Fish is an extremely popular food with Finnish<br />

people and Baltic herring is a firm favourite. Check out the<br />

contemporary food scene or go traditional at Lappi Ravintola,<br />

where roasted reindeer is a menu highlight.<br />

Accommodation<br />

You can expect to find an impressive range of luxury and<br />

contemporary hotels in Helsinki, but nothing fits the bill better<br />

than the Hotel Lilla Roberts. Based in a former police station,<br />

this boutique hotel is in the Kaartinkaupunki district and has<br />

a pleasant art deco theme running through the rooms.<br />

194 195

Helsinki TukTours<br />

Finland | Unique Tour Company<br />

Finland’s largest and capital City, Helsinki, is a thriving metropolis<br />

offering much in the way to see and do. Its fairly accessible<br />

location makes it an ideal for a weekend getaway or short<br />

break. If you’re looking to get the most out of your time in<br />

the city, then look no further than Helsinki TukTours.<br />

Helsinki TukTours presents a unique, innovative,<br />

exciting, and eco-friendly way to experience<br />

Helsinki with just you and your friends.<br />

With the whole Tuk-tuk to yourself, and a<br />

knowledgeable local guide on hand, all you<br />

have to do is sit back and enjoy. Tours are<br />

informative, engaging, and adaptable<br />

should you wish to deviate or try<br />

something different.<br />

Currently there are four<br />

wonderful tours to choose<br />

from. This includes an<br />

immersive Best of Helsinki<br />

Tours, which is about two<br />

hour long or if you’re limited<br />

on time then you may prefer<br />

the Glimpse of Helsinki which<br />

is about one hour. For a<br />

unique look at Helsinki’s urban<br />

history why not go on the<br />

Concrete Jungle and Wooden<br />

Classicism Tours? And finally,<br />

there The True Nature of<br />

Helsinki Tour which includes a<br />

lovely stroll through Helsinki’s<br />

stunning Central Park Forest.<br />

Whatever you decide, you<br />

won’t be disappointed!<br />


196<br />


Germany<br />

thawards.com<br />

Reichstagufer, Berlin, Germany<br />

198 199

If you want to really get under the skin of Germany’s exciting capital city, you need to get off the tourist<br />

trail and dig a little deeper. By following the road less travelled, this exhilarating and non-stop city will<br />

open itself up to you and help forge memories that last a lifetime.<br />

72 Hour Club Nights<br />

It’s no secret that Berlin is home to some of the most outrageously cool nightclubs<br />

in the world. Since techno music was invented there in the early 80’s, Berlin’s<br />

reputation for insane nightlife has attracted clubbers from around the world.<br />

Arguably the most famous nightclub going is the eccentric and secretive<br />

Berghain, with its parties lasting from Friday to Monday and a strict ban on<br />

any photography inside the venue. You can expect an unforgettable night of<br />

loud music and pure hedonism – if the bouncers let you in, that is…<br />


BERLIN<br />

The Corner Pub<br />

Although Berlin is famous for its exclusive mega-clubs playing techno 24<br />

hours a day, there’s also a vibrant slice of culture to be found in the cosy and<br />

traditional Eckkneipe, corner bars that dot the city. Survivors of world wars<br />

and the division of the city from east to west, they each tell a story that will<br />

show a side of Berlin you might have otherwise missed.<br />

Gather your friends for “a bump and a beer” – a glass of pilsner to wash down a<br />

shot of hard liquor, a tradition that has been fuelling Berliners for centuries. We<br />

recommend visiting any one of these couple of thousand unpretentious little<br />

community bars, but the best is probably Dicke Wirtin in Charlottenburg.<br />

200 201

Art in a Once Divided City<br />

Berlin’s complicated and often difficult history has made it a hub for creative types and their fascinating artistic statements.<br />

Standing side by side with traditional art galleries and museums is a rich culture of street art that begs to be explored. We<br />

recommend a visit to gritty Dead Chicken Alley for a taste of old East Berlin, or the ruined listening post in Teufelsberg.<br />

Everywhere you visit in this multicultural city, bright and often politically-charged graffiti adorns walls, buildings, and just<br />

about any surface you can spray paint on. The stretches of the Berlin Wall that still stand are an ever-changing gallery for<br />

worldwide artists to add to daily.<br />

A Sustainable Place to Live and Work<br />

All this street art, self-expression, and political activism<br />

from Berliners doesn’t just mean a catchy slogan or empty<br />

promises. Berlin is one of the more progressive cities in<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>, with the abundance of eco-friendly products and<br />

vegan food available standing as testament to that.<br />

You can explore all sorts of environmental initiatives during<br />

your stay. These include urban farms in the heart of the<br />

city, restaurants that specialise in using ingredients that<br />

might otherwise be thrown away, and conscious fashion<br />

boutiques like Naturkaufhaus Steglitz.<br />

The Roaring 20s<br />

Even though it’s better known these days for its modern<br />

take on life, one of the most exciting periods of Berlin<br />

history was in the 1920s. Between the two world wars that<br />

tore Germany apart, the raucous parties, strong cocktails,<br />

and cheeky burlesque shows have become the stuff of<br />

legends.<br />

You can relive this period in Berlin’s past by visiting a<br />

modern take on decadent cabaret acts at the hip bar<br />

Prinzipal Kreuzberg or at Kleine Nachtrevue in Schöneberg.<br />

These naughty and fun slices of Berlin nightlife will give<br />

you an insight into how this industrial city became such an<br />

exciting place to be in the 21st century.<br />

202 203

Berlinsidestories<br />

Germany | Tour Company<br />

Berlin is a historic city, an urban metropolis, and one of <strong>Europe</strong>’s cultural centres.<br />

Which is why it deserves to be explored to its fullest, going past the more<br />

common attractions, right through to the real cultural, artistic, and authentic heart<br />

of the city. For this task there’s only one company for the job: Berlinsidestories.<br />

Set up by vibrant Berliner, Emiko Morgaine, Berlinsidestories has fast<br />

developed a reputation for being one of the leading enterprises for a more<br />

immersive Berlin experience. Berlinsidestories originated from Emiko’s<br />

love of the city, educational background, and experience working as<br />

an artist and performer in the city’s nightlife and art scene. All this<br />

has ultimately lead to a passion for wanting to share Berlin from<br />

a different perspective.<br />

The tours are, in essence, personalised cultural tours<br />

showcasing Berlins colourful urban life. They usually last<br />

between 2 and 3 hours and have a limit of six people<br />

to ensure a more pleasant and communal setting.<br />

Expect to learn about Berlins history, walk around<br />

neighbourhoods, experience the contemporary<br />

culture, marvel at the art, shop at the<br />

boutiques, and for a day become a Berliner.<br />

Tours can be separated in to three interrelated categories: Art, Culture,<br />

and Social. With the art tours there are three to choose from, the East-<br />

Side-Story, West-Side-Story, and Subculture and Art Tour. Of course, East<br />

Berlin holds a stellar reputation for the arts, but the West is something of<br />

a hidden gem. The one to choose is up to you.<br />

While the art tours incorporate a cultural element, there are four tours<br />

dedicated specifically to the culture of Berlin. The Golden 20’s, Kneipen,<br />

and Everything But Techno tours are all wonderful nightlife experiences.<br />

Alternatively, you can select the Club Culture Tour and learn all the political,<br />

social, and historical significance of the famous Berlin club scene.<br />

If this wasn’t enough there are two political tours on offer. The first<br />

is a hard-hitting Refugees in Berlin tour that focuses on the positive<br />

impact and reality of life as refugee in Berlin. The second is a Berlin and<br />

Sustainability tour, a platform highlighting the importance of sustainability,<br />

environmental ethics, responsible consumption, and upcycling, and how<br />

this is shaping the city for the future.<br />

Last but not least Berlinsidestories also provide company events. These<br />

are exceptional personalised tours built around a specific enterprise,<br />

association, or professional group. Using Emiko’s expert knowledge, you<br />

can build a tour or experience set around art, history, culture, and so<br />

much more.<br />


Tel +4917699585058<br />

204<br />


Italy<br />

thawards.com<br />

City of Florence<br />

206 207

Also known as Trentino South-Tyrol, this region borders both Austria and Switzerland. Containing the<br />

Italian Alps as well as sections of the towering Dolomites, it’s a fascinating place that’s packed with<br />

excellent ski resorts, picturesque mountain villages, and impressive fortresses.<br />

ALPINE<br />




Why is it becoming a popular destination?<br />

The simple answer is because it has, until recently, been a bit<br />

overlooked by tourists. Visitors to Northern Italy will usually<br />

travel to Venice or Milan, while ski holidays are more likely to<br />

be booked in nearby Innsbruck or St Moritz.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong>lers in the know are flocking to Trentino thanks to<br />

its incredible alpine scenery, wealth of world-class ski<br />

destinations, and the cultural delights found in the region’s<br />

capital of Trento. You can have an outdoor holiday like no<br />

other here, with mountain biking and hiking trails to rival any<br />

other in <strong>Europe</strong> – and all without the massive queues.<br />

Even though this is a quieter part of Italy that’s less well known<br />

than Tuscany or Rome, you’ll most probably have heard of<br />

Lake Garda. Boasting a fantastic climate all year round,<br />

picturesque lakeside destinations like Riva Del Garda, and<br />

lake cruises available throughout the day, there’s something<br />

for everyone.<br />

History<br />

The fact that the area has different names depending on<br />

which language you speak tells some of the tale of this<br />

border region. As the gateway to Italy’s northern fertile plains,<br />

this mountainous province has changed hands between<br />

the Romans, the Goths, the Franks, and other tribes that<br />

fought over control of the area. It retains influence from its<br />

neighbouring Austria, while German is still the mother tongue<br />

of some towns and villages. In fact, it’s officially a bilingual<br />

part of Italy.<br />

208 209

What to Expect<br />

Stunning jagged mountain ranges, crystal-clear lakes,<br />

pristine alpine villages, and some of the best foods in<br />

northern Italy. Raw cow’s milk cheeses like Puzzone di<br />

Moena are made in the high Dolomites, while Speck, a type<br />

of Tyrolean salami, is another delicacy that the locals are<br />

rightfully proud of.<br />

Things to Do<br />

When you’re in Trento, take the dizzyingly high cable car up<br />

to the village of Sardagna. You’ll ascend 400 metres in just a<br />

few minutes, all for one of the finest views of this staggeringly<br />

beautiful landscape. The city itself is a bit of a hidden gem.<br />

Nowhere near as overcrowded as Venice or Milan, the medieval<br />

centre has a 13th century castle and wide piazzas to explore.<br />

Obviously, this is a paradise for skiing and snowboarding. Our<br />

favourite destination is in Madonna di Campiglio, a lively ski<br />

resort that favours holidaymakers rather than professionals.<br />

For the elite skier, however, there’s Val di Fassa, home of the<br />

Italian ski team.<br />

If the idea of skiing down mountains or visiting cultural sights<br />

isn’t on your to-do list, the Trentino region has a wealth of<br />

luxurious hotels and resorts. Take Ansitz Steinbock, where you<br />

can relax in a luxurious suite, enjoy fine food, or simply use it<br />

as a base to explore the surrounding area.<br />

Because it’s an incredibly mountainous region, it’s also<br />

home to some of the most spectacular driving routes<br />

in <strong>Europe</strong>. You can discover incredible vistas, plunging<br />

valleys, and tiny villages, all from the comfort of your<br />

car. If the idea of driving yourself around isn’t appealing,<br />

there are private day tours that take in some of the best<br />

sights.<br />

210 211

Ansitz Steinbock<br />

Italy | Luxury Hotel<br />

Flawless style, fine cuisine, and exceptional service are the order of the day<br />

at the charming Ansitz Steinbock. Nestled at the heart of the quaint<br />

hillside village of Villanders and offering beautiful views of the Dolomite<br />

mountains, this hotel is true <strong>Europe</strong>an gem. The history of the property<br />

dates back over 400 years, it started life as a castle residence whereas<br />

today it perfectly blends tradition with modernity to provide a world<br />

class hospitality experience.<br />

Housed at the hotel are 12 gorgeous suites, a whole host of<br />

dining options, and a soothing sun terrace. The surrounding<br />

area is perfect for a relaxed mountain break, a wellness<br />

retreat, culturally immersive activities, and thrilling<br />

outdoor pursuits.<br />

Suites<br />

The phrase “less is more” has always been the historic<br />

approach at the property and this is evident throughout<br />

the hotel. The interior design and décor, strikes a<br />

wonderful balance between sophisticated minimalism<br />

and elegant tradition. This is clear none more so than in<br />

the brilliantly constructed suites.<br />

There are in total 12 suites to choose from available as<br />

four distinct types. As a general rule you’ll find all the<br />

suites have an exclusive feel, equipped with wenge<br />

furniture, soft lights, and loam-plastered walls.<br />

In terms of amenities the suites come complete with<br />

an honesty-bar, king-sized bed, work desk, flatscreen<br />

TV, spacious living area, blue-tooth sound system,<br />

complimentary Wi-FI, century old spruce floorboards,<br />

a wellness shower, and bathroom with custom-made<br />

furniture from famed Tuscan brand, Antonio Lupi.<br />


Vicolo F.-v.-Defreggergasse 14–<br />

39040 Villanders<br />

Tel +39 0472 843 111<br />

212<br />


Suite Von Neuhaus<br />

This is the largest suite available<br />

and can easily accommodate four<br />

individuals across two separate<br />

bedrooms. Welcoming open<br />

space, good use of natural light,<br />

and charming views await. On<br />

top of this guests are treated to<br />

a Finnish sauna made from Swiss<br />

pine, and a free-standing bathtub<br />

within the room.<br />

Suite Von Wolkenstein<br />

The slightly smaller Suite Von<br />

Wolkenstein differs from the Von<br />

Neuhaus only in that there is one<br />

guest bedroom. Otherwise, the<br />

room still has the same refined<br />

feel, can accommodate up to four<br />

people, includes a Finnish sauna,<br />

freestanding bathtub, and a pullout<br />

sofa for village and mountain<br />

views.<br />

Suite Caruesses<br />

Suite Caruesses is comparable<br />

to the Suite Von Wolkenstein<br />

in size and amenities although<br />

instead of a pull-out sofa<br />

guests can revel in a large<br />

Divan set in front of the bay<br />

window. The exposed timber<br />

and attention to details gives<br />

this suite an almost rustic feel.<br />

Suite Krössbrunn<br />

The smallest of all suites<br />

available, the Suite<br />

Krössbrunn, is by no means<br />

the least. It exudes elegance<br />

and what it lacks in indoor<br />

space it makes up for with a<br />

loggia, or covered balcony,<br />

which offers stunning views of<br />

over the majestic Dolomites.<br />

Instead of a Finnish sauna<br />

guests can enjoy an infrared<br />

sauna.<br />

Cuisine<br />

Main Dining Stube<br />

The main dining stube boasts a warm<br />

ambience, wood panelled walls, and idyllic<br />

views of the historic village of Villanders,<br />

dining will feel like a treat. This is where<br />

breakfast and dinner are served.<br />

All guests are treated a world class<br />

complimentary breakfast during their<br />

stay, aptly named the Breakfast Royale.<br />

A richly laid out spread packed locally<br />

baked goods, crisp bread, freshly brewed<br />

coffee, refreshing fruit, rich cold cuts, and<br />

appetizing cheese, await. All followed up<br />

by some caviar and champagne.<br />

The 5-course Alpine Dinner on the other<br />

hand gives a guest a glimpse into the<br />

gastronomic excellence of the region.<br />

Prepared by expert Gault Millau chef,<br />

Tomek Kinder, the menu emphasises local<br />

produce, fresh ingredients, and traditional<br />

flavours. It’s an a la carte menu that<br />

includes vegetarian options.<br />

214<br />


Defregger Stuben<br />

One of the premier fine-dining restaurants in the region, the<br />

Defregger Stuben, has 1 culinary philosophy: to sweep you off<br />

your feet and take you on a wonderful taste bud journey with<br />

Gault Millau chef Tomek Kinder. With only 8 tables available we<br />

strongly advise to book ahead. The seasonal a la carte menus<br />

will leave you with an unforgettable dining experience.<br />

Stain<br />

For lunch the Defregger Stuben serves up a delectable and<br />

refined menu. So refined in fact it deserves its own name, Stain.<br />

Every meal on the menu is created by chef Tomek Kinder, a<br />

sublime blend of regional flavours and Mediterranean influences.<br />

Seasonal ingredients are transformed into masterpieces to<br />

create a remarkable lunch.<br />

Garden Terrace<br />

The ideal spot to enjoy life, watch the world go by, and bask in the<br />

warm glow of the sun. During the spring and summer months<br />

the outdoor terrace is transformed into a restaurant, boasting<br />

lovely views over the mountains. A great spot for a coffee, light<br />

lunch, or snack. In the evening it’s the setting for the Defregger<br />

lounge’s garden.<br />

Location<br />

No feature on Ansitz Steinbock<br />

would be complete without a<br />

short bit on Villandro or as its more<br />

commonly known outside of Italy,<br />

Villanders.<br />

The village has a long and rich<br />

history which is intertwined with<br />

the hotel itself. Castles played a<br />

key role in fortifying the village and<br />

consolidating power for the Lords<br />

of Villanders. Today the castles<br />

are well preserved and offer a<br />

great opportunity to observe fine<br />

historic architecture. Villanders is<br />

also known for its extensive mines<br />

which are open to the public. The<br />

surrounding mountainous area<br />

is popular among hikers and for<br />

Törggelen.<br />

216<br />


The perfect Tuscan holiday makes the most of the region’s fascinating array of architecture, culture,<br />

food, wine, and beautiful natural scenery. From the high Appenine Mountains to the fertile lands of the<br />

Tuscan Plain, get ready for a journey like no other.<br />



Where to Go<br />

You won’t find it difficult to see why this is one of Italy’s most<br />

popular regions for visitors. You can see the home of the Italian<br />

Renaissance in Florence, with its grand Duomo and Ponte Vecchio<br />

spanning the river Arno, or travel to Pisa and see the famous<br />

leaning tower.<br />

One of the other great attractions in the region is San Gimignano,<br />

a medieval walled town with towers that soar above the cobbled<br />

streets below. However, we think the jewel in the crown of this<br />

golden coloured part of Italy is Siena, a grand old city with a<br />

stunning piazza, friendly locals, picturesque old buildings,<br />

exciting cuisine, and, of course, a heart-stopping city-centre<br />

horseback race each year.<br />

If golden sand beaches, a dramatic coastline, and the<br />

crystal-clear waters of the Ligurian sea are more your<br />

sort of thing, the Etruscan Coast is the place to go.<br />

Even though Tuscany is more famous for its hills<br />

and countryside, the Tuscan coastline is criminally<br />

underrated and a seaside retreat is a beautiful way to<br />

spend a few lazy days.<br />

218 219

What To Do<br />

We think one of the ways to bring home a little<br />

piece of Tuscany with you is to learn how<br />

they cook. Luckily, there are a vast number of<br />

cookery experiences scattered throughout<br />

the region. From village homestays where<br />

Nonna teaches you her secret recipe to worldrenowned<br />

culinary schools, you’re spoiled for<br />

choice.<br />

As the perfect accompaniment to classic Tuscan<br />

food, the region’s wines are some of the most<br />

famous across the world. The dry red wines<br />

of Montepulciano, Chianti, and Brunello di<br />

Montalcino are some of our favourites,<br />

so a wine tasting tour is an ideal way to<br />

familiarise yourself with the vintage while<br />

exploring the countryside.<br />

Or maybe you’re a bit of an adventurer,<br />

in which case Tuscany offers up much<br />

in the way of hiking and trekking routes.<br />

There are so many stunning parts of this<br />

region only accessible via foot that makes<br />

the trip evermore rewarding.<br />

The Best Time of Year to Visit<br />

If you want to experience Tuscany’s most famous race, the Palio di<br />

Siena, the only time to visit is in mid-August. You will, however,<br />

be sharing the city with at least 60,000 people and the mercury<br />

can rise to more than 40°C. To avoid the huge crowds that<br />

flock to the region’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites,<br />

we recommend visiting in the spring or autumn, when the<br />

temperatures are also more comfortable.<br />

Where to Stay<br />

Our personal favourite for a truly unique Tuscan experience<br />

is the Arli Hotel Hideaway Punta<br />

Ala, a well-run and worldclass<br />

resort nestled in<br />

rural Tuscany. This<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong><br />

Award Winner is<br />

featured on the<br />

next page.<br />

220 221

222<br />

ARLI Hotel Hideaway<br />

Punta Ala<br />

Italy | Design Hotel<br />

Tuscany is one of the most popular holiday destinations in <strong>Europe</strong>, famed for<br />

its historic towns, renaissance art, culinary heritage, local wine, and rolling<br />

green hills. It goes without saying that you’ll want to stay in a hotel that<br />

exudes a high level of luxury, quality, and service. For this, there’s only one<br />

answer: the Arli Hotel Hideaway Punta Ala.<br />

Owned and operated by hospitality extraordinaire Francesca Lopez<br />

Spajani, this luxurious boutique hotel is renowned for its unique<br />

adults-only concept, superb design, outstanding location, deluxe<br />

feel, and, most of all, excellent guest service.<br />

The rooms ooze a majestic elegance and traditional charm<br />

that is visible throughout the property. You can choose<br />

from a single room to a double and right the way up<br />

to a master suite, a stylishly decorated, expansive<br />

room that sleeps up to four. All rooms boast a fully<br />

furnished patio or balcony, plush amenities,<br />

Frigobar, free Wi-Fi, flatscreen TVs, air<br />

conditioning, and tea and coffee makers.<br />

Facilities on the premises include an inviting<br />

swimming pool, a tranquil hot tub, an outfitted<br />

gym, a relaxing sauna, a superb cocktail bar,<br />

and beautiful gardens furnished with tables,<br />

seating, and deck chairs. A treat for all guests is<br />

the complimentary breakfast buffet, made up of<br />

a wide selection of only the best local produce<br />

and ingredients.<br />

The exceptional location means you can indulge<br />

in several activities. The nearby golf club Punta<br />

Ala will set you up for a great game, while the<br />

nearest beach is only a couple of miles away,<br />

making it easily accessible and ideal for sailing or<br />

water sports. Cycling, hiking, and walking tours<br />

can all be arranged at the property as well as any<br />

wellness experiences, such as massages and<br />

yoga classes.<br />

Your dream Tuscan trip can only start with the<br />

perfect Tuscan hotel – which is exactly what you<br />

get at the Arli Hotel Hideaway Punta Ala!<br />

Via del Pozzino, 2, 58043<br />

Punta Ala GR, Italy<br />

Tel +39 0564 923184<br />



If you only have a day in what’s arguably the most beautiful region of Italy, you’re going to need to fit a<br />

lot in.<br />

6 AM<br />

12 PM<br />

5 PM<br />

10 PM<br />

24 HOURS IN<br />


Buongiorno! If you want to<br />

visit an active volcano that’s<br />

also home to more than 3<br />

million people, put on your<br />

boots and head to Mount<br />

Vesuvius. It’s an easy climb<br />

and the views from the top<br />

are spectacular.<br />

10 AM<br />

Head towards the<br />

Spaccanapoli neighbourhood<br />

of Naples – it’s full of life and<br />

vibrant colour at any time of<br />

the day. This chaotic Italian<br />

city is the perfect place to<br />

do a bit of people-watching.<br />

Visit a typical Neapolitan<br />

café to try an espresso and a<br />

crispy sfogliatella pastry.<br />

It’s lunchtime and you’re in<br />

Naples, the home of the pizza.<br />

You can take a Neapolitan<br />

pizza-making lesson from<br />

an expert pizzaiolo, then eat<br />

your creation. Buon appetito!<br />

3 PM<br />

The coastal road from Naples<br />

to Sorrento is gorgeous. You’ll<br />

have a hard time keeping<br />

your eyes on the winding<br />

roads that take you south<br />

around the Gulf of Naples.<br />

Hop on a boat trip from<br />

Sorrento to see the beauty<br />

of the Amalfi Coast and<br />

Capri from sea level. Get a<br />

glimpse of the famous Blue<br />

Grotto and return in time for<br />

dinner and a swim at Bagni<br />

Salvatore.<br />

9 PM<br />

The sun is slowly going down<br />

over the bay of Naples. We<br />

can’t think of anywhere<br />

better to watch it sink into<br />

the blue sea than from the<br />

Pignatella Beach.<br />

If you feel like having a party,<br />

head east to the university<br />

town of Salerno. The nightlife<br />

is famous in this area and<br />

won’t stop until the next<br />

morning.<br />

6 AM<br />

If you can manage it, make<br />

your way to Salerno’s open<br />

market. You can buy a huge<br />

range of delicious local fruits,<br />

vegetables, cheeses, and<br />

olives. You’ll need it after<br />

your busy 24 hours!<br />

224 225

GoinItaly<br />

Italy | Private Tour Company<br />

The southern regions of Italy such as Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, and Puglia, are<br />

amongst the most stunning in <strong>Europe</strong> and offer much in the way of attractions,<br />

historical sites, culture pursuits, outdoor activities, culinary tradition, and wine<br />

tourism.<br />

A holiday to southern Italy is a thing of beauty, it’ll allow you to experience<br />

authentic local culture, try regional cuisine, take in magnificent landscapes,<br />

and leave you with wonderful memories for life. You may ask, who will<br />

be the one to guide us on this Southern Italian Odyssey? The answers<br />

is none other than the excellent GoiniItaly.<br />

Goinitaly is your gateway to the wonderful regions of southern Italy.<br />

Helmed by native Italian and experienced industry specialist,<br />

Gaetano Barone, GoinItaly aim to offer a much more immersive<br />

experiences than a simple tour. The goal is for you to enjoy<br />

a complete holiday from when you land to when you<br />

depart. Luxury transfers, knowledgeable guides, an<br />

overabundance of activities, and thoroughly vetted<br />

hotels are included in packages to allow you to enjoy<br />

a stress-free trip. Ultimately, you’ll come away with<br />

a better understanding of Italy, the culture, the<br />

local customs, and traditions.<br />

Popular activities include wine tasting, a culinary tour,<br />

cooking classes, boat tours, city walking tours, and<br />

an insightful visit to a traditional extra virgin olive oil<br />

producer. If you’re interested in an outdoor activity, then<br />

why not check out one of Campania’s famous trekking<br />

trails. Treks to the Path of the Gods, the Mills’ Valley,<br />

Mount Vesuvius, Mount Tre Calli, and so much more can<br />

all be arranged.<br />

For history buffs there’s load to do, southern Italy is<br />

packed with museums and art galleries, as well as<br />

religious and archaeological sites dating back to pre-<br />

Roman times.<br />

Tours are focused on a personable experience meaning<br />

group numbers are limited to no more than 16 people. The<br />

small-group approach equates to a more comfortable<br />

and captivating trip while also allowing for a degree of<br />

flexibility so you can always customise the tour to suit<br />

your own preferences and requirements.<br />

With Goinitaly you’re assured is an unforgettable journey<br />

in a fascinating country with a passionate guide. What<br />

more could you want?<br />


Tel +39 339 652 6524<br />

226<br />


Croatia<br />

thawards.com<br />

Visovac Island, National Park Krka, Croatia 000<br />

228 229

Ancient, fascinating, and sophisticated, this is a place that needs to be seen to be believed. Explore<br />

soaring city walls that surround immaculately preserved medieval buildings in this magical city on the<br />

blue Adriatic Sea.<br />


PEARL<br />

OF THE<br />


Getting In & Around<br />

It’s just two and a half hours away from London by plane, but<br />

you’ll feel like you’re much further away. The main airport is<br />

only 30 minutes away from the old town by bus or taxi, or you<br />

could arrange for an airport transfer to your accommodation.<br />

The city lacks trains or even trams but don’t worry because<br />

it’s still really easy to get around. It’s a walkable city for most<br />

explorers, but the bus system is reliable and totally affordable<br />

too.<br />

Situated on the beautiful Adriatic Sea and boasting lots of<br />

tiny islands just off the coast, a popular way to get around is<br />

by boat. You can hop aboard one of the main ferries or smaller<br />

private rental boats at Gruž harbour. From here, you can reach<br />

the stunning islands of Lopud and Mljet in complete comfort.<br />

Exploring the city walls and Old Town is best done on foot.<br />

Avoid renting a car unless you like sitting in traffic and<br />

searching for parking. Taking in the sights at walking pace is<br />

the best way to understand this venerable city.<br />

230 231

Things to Do & See<br />

If you want to understand a city, you<br />

need to see it from a few different angles.<br />

We think the best way of doing this in<br />

Dubrovnik is by clambering up Mount<br />

Srđ, the rocky outcrop that overlooks the<br />

town. The zig-zag path that snakes up<br />

its side is worth the effort, but if you don’t<br />

fancy a hike, you can take the cable car<br />

instead. The view is jaw dropping, and it’s the<br />

perfect spot to watch the sun set over the<br />

idyllic Adriatic Sea.<br />

The Old Town is arguably the biggest<br />

attraction in the city, and it’s easy to see why.<br />

You can explore the well-preserved medieval<br />

architecture all around you, or simply wander<br />

along the palm tree-lined streets with views<br />

of the harbour and the waters beyond.<br />

Once you’ve visited the famous Rector’s<br />

Palace and the Large and Small Onofrio’s<br />

fountains, you can chill out on Stradun, the<br />

picture-perfect main street for a bit of people<br />

watching. And if you’re a big fan of Game<br />

of Thrones, you can take a walking tour of<br />

fictional King’s Landing from the hit series.<br />

Dining<br />

To get a real taste of Croatian food, you need to try some slow cooked<br />

Pašticada. This traditional Dalmatian dish is made from marinated beef<br />

and is best washed down with local red wines such as Postup or Dingač.<br />

If seafood’s more your thing, you’re in luck. This city makes the most of<br />

its place on the bountiful Adriatic, and there’s no better place to try it<br />

than our favourite restaurant, Nautika. It’s a fine dining restaurant with a<br />

constantly changing menu that showcases local favourites like sea bass<br />

and lobster.<br />

Accommodation<br />

Famous for its beautiful beach, relaxed<br />

atmosphere, and plentiful nightlife, the best<br />

part of Dubrovnik to stay in is the newer trendy<br />

neighbourhood of Lapad. Accommodation<br />

options our plentiful but our favourite must<br />

be the stunning Hotel More. A <strong>Travel</strong> and<br />

<strong>Hospitality</strong> Award winner profiled extensively<br />

on the next page.<br />

232 233

234<br />

Hotel More<br />

Croatia | Luxury Boutique Hotel<br />

As if the stunning surroundings of Dubrovnik’s Lapad Bay wasn’t enough,<br />

Hotel More has made its name by offering the ultimate in luxury, in a<br />

location that’s close to the action but still feels a million miles away from<br />

ordinary life.<br />

Thousands of visitors every year make the ancient but sophisticated<br />

city of Dubrovnik one of the most popular places to go to in<br />

all of Croatia. Known, for good reason, as the Pearl of the<br />

Adriatic, the city boasts high city walls, sublime renaissance<br />

architecture, and exciting nightlife.<br />

The five star luxury boutique Hotel More is perfectly<br />

sited on the water’s edge, with terraced suites<br />

that blend into the green hillside and an outdoor<br />

pool with the best view of the sunset in all of<br />

Dubrovnik. Each room or suite offers a sea or<br />

garden view, with air conditioning, exquisite<br />

bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs.<br />

But there’s something that Hotel More has that is<br />

completely unique. If you want to grab a burger or tortilla,<br />

or even the best morning coffee you’ve ever tried, in an<br />

unforgettable setting, you need to check out the Cave<br />

Bar. Set over three levels, you can escape the heat of the<br />

day and treat yourself among the unique rock formations<br />

in comfort.<br />

With elegant rooms, first-class service, and a fitness<br />

centre with hydro tub, there’s everything on site to make<br />

your stay as comfortable as possible. And if you want to<br />

cool off in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, you<br />

can relax by the bay with a cool drink from the terrace by<br />

the sea.<br />

Your adventure in Dubrovnik starts at Hotel More. Enjoy<br />

fine Dalmatian cuisine at Restaurant Tramuntana and<br />

Restaurant More (Mediterranean & International Cuisine),<br />

sumptuous cocktails in the Cave Bar, and the best sunset<br />

views in all of Croatia. You won’t be disappointed.<br />

Kardinala Stepinca 33<br />

tel + 385 20 494 200<br />

sales@hotel-more.hr<br />

www.instagram.com/<br />

hotelmoredubrovnik/<br />



Greece<br />

thawards.com<br />

Thera, Greece<br />

236 237

From the hedonistic party haven of the Laganas strip to the protected sea turtle breeding grounds,<br />

Zakynthos, or Zante, has everything you need to get away from it all.<br />



ISLAND<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

One of the best-connected of the Greek Islands, Zakynthos can<br />

be reached by regular flights from London or by ferry from the<br />

mainland. Plus, because it’s only 40 km long and 20 km wide,<br />

you’re never that far away from where you want to be.<br />

Bus routes connect all parts of the island and taxis are available<br />

if you want some privacy, but for ultimate convenience, you can<br />

rent a car or scooter during your stay. Doing this means you can<br />

get to the most secluded spots on Zakynthos.<br />

Things To Do & See<br />

Home to one of the most iconic views in all of Greece, Navagio, or<br />

Shipwreck Beach, is only accessible by sea. It’s a unique cove on<br />

the west side of the island flanked on all sides by vertical cliffs, so<br />

you’ll need to hire a caïque, or traditional fishing boat, to reach it.<br />

It can get busy during peak season but there are plenty of other<br />

secluded beaches to visit.<br />

The crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround the island make<br />

it a swimmer’s paradise. A haven for scuba diving and other<br />

water sports, we recommend visiting Banana Beach during your<br />

stay. There are plenty of sunbeds to be found here, as well as a<br />

selection of beachside bars to quench your thirst in the sun.<br />

If you’re feeling in the mood for a party, the mile-long Laganas<br />

strip is the place to be seen. Packed with decadent nightclubs<br />

and bars, it’s the sort of place where you can forget yourself for<br />

the night and have a lot of fun.<br />

Don’t worry if your idea of a good time is something a little<br />

quieter, as Zakynthos caters for all types of holidays. For a funpacked<br />

family adventure, we recommend a visit to Tsilivi Water<br />

Park during your stay.<br />

Dining<br />

One of our favourite things about visiting Greece is the<br />

abundance of delicious, authentic cuisine on offer. Zakynthos<br />

is no exception. As you might expect on an island in the Ionian<br />

Sea, the fish and seafood are top notch and Spartakos Taverna<br />

tops the list for many visitors. Located right by the harbour in<br />

Zakynthos town, it serves up fresh calamari as well as traditional<br />

Greek meze.<br />

Accommodation<br />

Although there are plenty of affordable places to stay on the<br />

island, we were completely blown away by the five-star Olea All<br />

Suite Hotel. An adult-only hotel, it offers the ultimate luxury stay.<br />

238 239

Nefis <strong>Travel</strong> -<br />

Private Day Tours<br />

Greece | Private Tour Company<br />

Zakynthos is a Greek Island that’s offers so much for travellers whether you’re<br />

visiting for a cultural experience, history, the nightlife, beaches, or food<br />

you’ll be more than satisfied. To truly discover the Island is no easy feat and<br />

it’s often advised you find yourself a good travel agency. For you however,<br />

we don’t just recommend a a good travel agency, we recommend the<br />

best. That is Nefis <strong>Travel</strong>.<br />

Nefis <strong>Travel</strong> is the leading travel company on Zakynthos, with a wellearned<br />

reputation for attention to detail, authentic experiences,<br />

enjoyable tours, and a unique approach. Founded by Dutch<br />

native, Jackie Boots, her Zakynthian husband, Takis, and<br />

daughter Nefeli; Nefis <strong>Travel</strong> has been founded on a natural<br />

love and passion for the Island.<br />

Keen to show guests a more local, cultural, and<br />

somewhat alternative side to Zakynthos, Jackie set<br />

about designing tours built around her unique insight<br />

and challenges facing tourists. While these tours offer<br />

fantastic value, flexibility is a key tenet at Nefis <strong>Travel</strong><br />

and you can always discuss customising a tour to suit<br />

your needs. Fully tailor-made tours offer a fantastic<br />

opportunity to work with Jackie and the team at Nefis<br />

to put together your perfect trip while using their vast<br />

knowledge and experience.<br />

Tours cover beaches, hidden gems, sea life, cultural<br />

attractions, historical sites, gastronomy, natural scenery,<br />

and cruises. Services stretch beyond simply that of<br />

tours. At Nefis you’ll also find a whole host of areas<br />

covered such as proposals, wedding planning, romantic<br />

retreats, adventure activities, wellness holidays. At Nefis<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> things don’t just happen they make them happen.<br />


Tel +30 2695048004<br />

240<br />


The most visited of all the Greek Islands, picturesque Santorini has grown up on an extinct volcano that’s<br />

now home to beautiful beaches and exquisite restaurants.<br />




Getting In & Around<br />

The Greek Island of Santorini is the largest of the Cyclades<br />

in the beautiful azure blue Aegean Sea. There are two ways<br />

of getting there, depending on how much time you have to<br />

spare. The quickest is to hop on a four-hour direct flight from<br />

London that will land you on the eastern side of the island.<br />

If, however, the journey is more important to you than just<br />

getting there, you can take a slow ferry from the mainland.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> around the island itself is made easy by a regular and<br />

inexpensive bus service and the towns are ideal for exploring<br />

on foot. You can rent a car or scooter, though, if you want to<br />

explore at your own pace.<br />

Things to See & Do<br />

When you’re on this island, it’s well worth a visit to the town of<br />

Oia at the extreme north of the island. It’s the place you see<br />

on most of the postcards and offers an absolutely stunning<br />

view of the caldera at sunset.<br />

We highly recommend viewing the iconic blue roofs and<br />

windmills scattered around the island that make Santorini<br />

such a desirable place to visit. For buzzing nightlife, the<br />

biggest town of Fira is the place to be.<br />

Dining<br />

Home to some of the oldest Greek vineyards, make sure<br />

to try the delightful dry white wine made from the local<br />

Assyrtiko grape. For a taste of authentic Greek cuisine, head<br />

to Anemoloos in Exo Gonia, in the centre of the island.<br />

Accommodation<br />

When you’re in Santorini, treat yourself to ultimate comfort<br />

at the Alma Libre suites which boast some of the best views<br />

anywhere on the island.<br />

242 243

Santorini’s Luxury <strong>Travel</strong><br />

Greece | The Award for Excellence in Branding<br />

244<br />

Your Journey Starts Here<br />

Whether you’re visiting Santorini for a romantic break, private trip, or immersive<br />

experience, the team at Santorini’s Luxury <strong>Travel</strong> have something special for you!<br />

Offering up a whole host of tours built around your preferences, Santorini’s<br />

Luxury <strong>Travel</strong> is one of the island’s leading private tour providers.<br />

Tours and day trips cover the best places to see, the most eye-catching<br />

views, and exciting activities. With an experienced, knowledgeable,<br />

and friendly local guide, you know you’re in good hands. Popular<br />

tour options include sumptuous wine tours, visits to quaint<br />

villages, hiking up Prophet Elias Monastery, deluxe VIP<br />

transfers, sessions at any one of Santorini’s wonderful<br />

beaches, an enthralling helicopter ride, and a relaxing<br />

private boat cruise.<br />

Going beyond those mentioned above, couple’s<br />

activities can also be arranged such as massages,<br />

romantic hotels, candlelit dinners, and welcome<br />

baskets.<br />

So why not book your dream vacation?<br />

Simply call or email to begin planning.<br />

Santorini, Cyclades, Greece<br />

Tel +0030 2286 771168<br />



246<br />

Alma Libre Suites<br />

Greece | Modern Guest House<br />

Santorini is a magnificent bucket list destination for most of us that only<br />

a few of us will really get to properly experience. For a truly authentic<br />

experience at the heart of Fira, we implore you to check in at the truly<br />

wonderful Alma Libre Suites.<br />

Located on the famed Caldera, the views, service, and<br />

accommodation at Alma Libre Suites will leave you more than<br />

satisfied. The history of the building dates back to 1758; it was<br />

only in 2017 that it was converted and completely renovated<br />

into an enchanting boutique guest house. The owner<br />

came up with the idea of opening the suites while<br />

revelling in the views from the roof of the building<br />

one day. The sheer breath-taking beauty of the<br />

scenery combined with his love and passion for<br />

the island led to the realisation that it needed<br />

to be shared. He felt liberated in such a place<br />

and wanted every soul to experience this<br />

– hence the name Alma Libre, which<br />

translates to Free Soul in Spanish.<br />

The suites are designed to promote a relaxed and tranquil<br />

ambiance. Amenities are plentiful, views are exquisite,<br />

and a modern flair is perfectly blended with a traditional<br />

Cycladic style. Yellow and red tones line the walls and the<br />

décor, complimenting the wooden floors.<br />

For accommodation, you have two luxurious suites to<br />

choose from. One is the stunning sea suite, made up<br />

of single bedroom and a sofa bed. It also comes with a<br />

private hot tub and a balcony. The second is the much<br />

more expansive volcano suite, which comes complete<br />

with two bedrooms, one of which is uniquely located in<br />

the attic room above. A hot tub is available, as well as<br />

lovely private pool.<br />

Both suites come complete with breath-taking views, a<br />

daily complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, mini bar,<br />

Nespresso machine, air conditioning, Bluetooth sound<br />

system, toiletries, and outdoor furniture. The service is<br />

of the highest quality: along with continued support and<br />

advice, a concierge is provided so that transfers, tours,<br />

and reservations can all be arranged.<br />


Caldera, Fira, 84700 Santorini, Greece<br />

Tel +30 22860 36698<br />

WhatsApp: 6973 780 845<br />


Angel Sailing Santorini<br />

Greece | Charter Company<br />

A<br />

sailing trip in Santorini is a wonderful experience. The serenity of the water,<br />

luxury of the vessel, and sheer beauty of the Island await all those lucky<br />

enough to go on such a trip. When it comes to securing a sailing trip, look<br />

no further: Angel Sailing Santorini are unmatched in quality, service, and<br />

efficiency.<br />

Charismatic skipper and founder George Makrigiannis is an<br />

experienced seaman who, in 2016, put his years of industry<br />

knowledge and passion into practice by setting up Angel<br />

Sailing utilising a magnificent 45 ft yacht. Since then,<br />

the company has gone from strength to strength –<br />

especially given the exciting focus on uncrowded and<br />

alternative locations, meaning quieter and more<br />

tranquil experiences.<br />

Tours can be divided into two main categories: semiprivate<br />

and private. Semi-private tours cater to up to<br />

eight passengers and are ideal if there are only a few<br />

of you. This small group size allows you to enjoy your<br />

own space. Private tours, on the other hand, involves<br />

you having the entire yacht to yourself (along with the<br />

crew), making them perfect for special occasions such as<br />

birthdays or honeymoons.<br />


Vlychada, Santorini,<br />

Cyclades, Greece, 84703<br />

Tel +30 6932 735 521<br />

248<br />


Athiri Santorini<br />

Santorini, Greece<br />

Greece | Family Friendly Hotel<br />

For a family favourite holiday, you can’t beat the drop-dead<br />

gorgeous island of Santorini. For a family favourite hotel, you<br />

can’t be the stunning Athiri Santorini.<br />

Set in the hillside above the sea and just a few minutes’<br />

walk away from the restaurants and bars of Imerovigli,<br />

Athiri Santorini is perfectly placed for a quiet family<br />

holiday. The in-room continental breakfasts are a<br />

real highlight and will help you relax before a busy<br />

day of sightseeing.<br />

With superior double rooms and wellappointed<br />

family rooms to choose from,<br />

you’ll be glad to know that they all come<br />

with a private kitchenette, balcony,<br />

air conditioning, and coffee maker.<br />

Some family rooms even come<br />

with a private hot tub to relax<br />

in and enjoy stunning views<br />

of the caldera.<br />

Epar.Od. Firon-Ias, Imerovigli<br />

847 00, Greece<br />

Tel +30 22860 36230<br />


250<br />


One of Greece’s amazing islands, Naxos, is quieter than Santorini but still packed with ancient charm and<br />

famous Greek hospitality.<br />

Go Island Hopping<br />

We think the best way to see Naxos and the hundreds of tiny<br />

islands around it is by boat. Hire a sailing boat for a private tour<br />

and discover Greece at its best. Visit picturesque Koufonisia<br />

for a stroll around the town, or simply jump into the turquoise<br />

waters of the Aegean to cool off. You can also visit places like<br />

Seagull Island, which are only reachable by sea.<br />

NAXOS TOP 5<br />

Take up Water Sports<br />

The two main resort beaches on Naxos, Plaka and St George,<br />

offer a wide range of water sports for the whole family. If you’re<br />

looking for a shot of adrenaline, rent a jet ski or go wakeboarding<br />

in the warm seas. If you fancy something a bit more relaxing,<br />

however, you can hire a stand-up paddleboard instead. The<br />

northern winds known as meltemia also make Naxos the<br />

ideal place to learn how to windsurf. Book lessons with<br />

experienced instructors at the Flisvos Surf Centre in Agios<br />

Georgios.<br />

252 253

See the Island from its Highest Point<br />

Break out your walking shoes and prepare for the sight of your life. Mount<br />

Zas is the mythical birthplace of the ancient Greek god Zeus – and you can<br />

head up there to meet him if you’re feeling fit. Standing at just over 1,000<br />

m, it’s the ideal place to get a lay of the land and see the surrounding<br />

islands. There are two routes up the mountain, but only the most difficult<br />

passage passes by the cave where Zeus is said to have lived.<br />

Chill Out on the White Sands<br />

Nothing beats a relaxing trip to the beach; Naxos has some<br />

of the best we’ve ever visited. The west side of the island<br />

is home to Plaka beach, the longest white sand beach<br />

you’ll ever experience. Ideal for visits with the kids, take<br />

advantage of sunbeds, water sports, and beach bars. For<br />

the more adventurous traveller looking for something<br />

more serene, hit the beautiful natural beaches of Psili<br />

Ammos or Moutsouna on the eastern side of the<br />

island.<br />

Eat Like a Local<br />

It wouldn’t be a trip to Naxos without a dive into its unique culinary<br />

offerings. There’s plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from,<br />

but our favourite is Rotonda. Situated in Apeiranthos, it offers not just<br />

amazing food and cocktails but probably the best view in all of Naxos.<br />

Sit back and enjoy traditional moussaka or refreshing salads from the<br />

extensive menu. After a long climb up Mount Zas, we can’t think of a better<br />

way to spend an evening.<br />

254<br />


Naxos Island Tours<br />

Greece | Tailor-Made Tour Company<br />

Naxos is often overlooked as a tourist destination, usually in favour of the more<br />

famous nearby island of Santorini. However, Naxos is certainly worth a visit,<br />

especially if you’re interested in a more relaxed, authentic, and local experience.<br />

For this and more, there’s no one better than Naxos Island Tours!<br />

A specialist on hospitality for the island, Naxos Island Tours provide several<br />

quality services including private tours, excursions, transfers, boat<br />

chartering, outdoor activities, car rental, and workshops.<br />

Popular tours include an immersive Essence of Naxos FD Tour, a<br />

unique FD Round Island Tour, and a fun HD Hinterland of Naxos<br />

Tour. If you’d like a charter, there are several vessels to choose<br />

from. Or maybe you’d prefer an activity, a workshop, or even<br />

a culinary experience – worry not, as all and so much more<br />

can be arranged.<br />

In fact, tailoring a tour is a specialty for Naxos<br />

Island Tours, so simply get in touch and design<br />

your perfect Island Experience with a team of<br />

dedicated professionals.<br />

Chora Naxos<br />

84300, Greece<br />

Tel +30 6942662660<br />


256<br />


Turkey<br />

thawards.com<br />

Ancient city of Istanbul<br />

258 259

An ancient city of mosques and cathedrals built on the Bosphorus that divides <strong>Europe</strong> from Asia, the<br />

biggest city in Turkey is home to more than 15 million people. This exotic destination is full of exciting<br />

sights, sounds, and tastes to suit all budgets.<br />

ISTANBUL |<br />



Getting In & Around<br />

A little under four hours away by plane from London, Istanbul<br />

Airport is one of the busiest in <strong>Europe</strong>. There are plenty of<br />

options when it comes to flying in, but if you’ve got a taste<br />

for adventure then you could trace the route of the Simplon-<br />

Orient-Express and go by train. Luckily, most of the major<br />

sites in this megacity are close enough to walk or take the<br />

tram.<br />

Things To Do & See<br />

In the city that straddles two continents, expect to be wowed<br />

by the impressive architecture that has built up over the<br />

nearly 2,000 years of history. We recommend visiting the<br />

Hagia Sophia mosque and discovering the subterranean<br />

wonders of the nearby Basilica Cistern while you’re there.<br />

Take a trip to the spectacular Blue Mosque and gaze at the<br />

thousands of hand-painted tiles and stained glass inside.<br />

When you’re done craning your neck, it’s time to check out<br />

the Grand Bazaar – arguably the world’s oldest shopping mall!<br />

Dining<br />

There’s a good reason Turkish food has made its way<br />

around the world. Its diverse flavours and textures mean<br />

there’s something to suit any palate. Enjoy a meze of grilled<br />

aubergine, artichoke, and olives before tucking in to an<br />

iskender or adana kebab, all while watching the boats sail by<br />

on the Bosphorus. Our favourite restaurant must be the Roof<br />

Mezze 360 for its views and warm welcome.<br />

Accommodation<br />

For an authentic experience and a slice of luxury in the heart<br />

of Istanbul, we can’t help but recommend the multi-awardwinning<br />

Richmond Istanbul, to date the only hotel operating<br />

in Istiklal Avenue, profiled in full on the next page.<br />

260 261

262<br />

Richmond Istanbul<br />

Turkey | Family Friendly Hotel<br />

The first and only hotel on Istanbul’s famed Istiklal Boulevard, the Richmond<br />

Istanbul boasts a prime location, stunning views, modern rooms, a<br />

pleasant ambience, fine dining, and unique architecture. For all those<br />

looking to venture into the heart of the city and revel in its culture, there<br />

are very few properties that can match the Richmond Istanbul.<br />

With over 100 rooms available, it’s fair to say you’ll find something<br />

to suit your taste. Rooms start with a quaint standard room<br />

leading right the way up to a spacious and luxurious<br />

Bosphorus Suite that comes complete with stunning<br />

city and river views. In between are triple, executive,<br />

and deluxe rooms to choose from. All rooms are<br />

pleasingly designed with a soft and inviting palette,<br />

loads of natural light, and minimalist décor. As a<br />

standard, all rooms come with Wi-Fi, satellite<br />

TV, air conditioning, a mini-bar, high-quality<br />

toiletries, a safety deposit box, tea and<br />

coffee makers, and lovely views of<br />

Istiklal Caddesi, the Bosphorus, or the<br />

Istanbul skyline.<br />

An amazing a la carte breakfast is served to guests each<br />

and every morning in a beautifully-designed breakfast<br />

dining room. Breakfast is varied, fresh, and thoughtfully<br />

prepared. Should you fancy a meal at any other time of<br />

the day, head on over to the onsite eatery, the Bistro<br />

Urbanist. This trendy Bistro is popular with guests and<br />

locals alike, serving as the ideal spot for a late-night dish<br />

or daytime snack.<br />

For business travel, the Richmond is a treat. The hotel<br />

offers up a whole array of exclusive and customisable<br />

business services with state-of-the-art tech and<br />

dedicated personnel. Whether it’s a small business<br />

meeting or much bigger conference, the Richmond has<br />

you covered.<br />

Istiklal St. No:227<br />

34430, Beyoglu<br />

Istanbul, Turkey<br />

Tel +90 212 252 54 60<br />



264<br />

Konuk <strong>Travel</strong><br />

Turkey | Innovative Tour Company<br />

Turkey is a vast country filled with welcoming locals, beautiful natural<br />

landscapes, rich history, a vibrant culture, an exciting art scene, renowned<br />

culinary heritage, and ancient cities, of which Istanbul is renowned the<br />

world over. Getting the most out of your trip to the country is no easy<br />

feat when you consider its size, spread of attractions, and sometimes<br />

complex local bureaucracies. Worry not, however, as we have the<br />

perfect partner for all your Turkish travel needs: Konuk <strong>Travel</strong>.<br />

Konuk <strong>Travel</strong> is a new start-up travel company built on<br />

innovation, understanding, and experience in Turkey’s<br />

booming travel sector. Tours are designed to offer an<br />

enjoyable and satisfying experience without ever<br />

getting too taxing or rigid. Flexibility is important, with<br />

guest preferences and the option to customise<br />

being key cornerstones. Tours can last a day<br />

or multiple days and cover all the major (and<br />

some not-so-major) travel destinations<br />

across all of Turkey.<br />

One of the most popular tours available is the North Tour, also<br />

known as the red tour, to the wonderful region of Northern<br />

Cappadocia. This includes visits to the famed world heritage<br />

sites the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the Open-Air Museum,<br />

Deverant Valley, Love Valley, and Uchisar Historic Castle.<br />

Other fantastic tours to choose from include a Green Tour to<br />

Southern Cappadocia, an Antalya Tour that includes outdoor<br />

activities, a Konya Tour, and, for history lovers, a private Ertugrul<br />

Ghazi Tour.<br />

Within Istanbul we recommend the Private Old City Tour to<br />

some of the most well-known attractions. Expect an immersive<br />

and educational trip to the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi<br />

Palace, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome, and the Grand Bazaar.<br />

Or if you’d like to get out of Istanbul for the day, why not take the<br />

Princes’ Islands Tour? Nestled about 20 km away from Istanbul<br />

are the idyllic Princes’ Islands. With Konuk <strong>Travel</strong>, you can take a<br />

relaxed trip and revel in all these wonderful islands have to offer.<br />

Other popular day trips from Istanbul include a daily Pamukkale<br />

Tour, Daily Ephesus Tour, and a multi-day Trabzon Unzungol<br />

Tour.<br />

Alemdar, Divanyolu Cd<br />

Ticarethane Sk. No:10/2<br />

34122, Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey<br />

Tel +90 539 593 78 11<br />



This peaceful village is fast becoming a popular tourist destination for those in the know. Whether you’re<br />

on an extended holiday or just dropping in for the day, the memories made here will stay with you for a<br />

long time.<br />

ŞIRINCE|<br />

A HIDDEN<br />

GEM<br />

Why is Şirince a Hidden Gem?<br />

Simply put, Şirince is overlooked because a lot of visitors to<br />

the area come to see the ancient city of Ephesus. This means<br />

Şirince feels almost like it’s off the beaten track despite easy<br />

accessibility. Expect an authentic feel with plenty of friendly<br />

locals and quaint accommodation.<br />

Getting In & Around<br />

Located in the southwest of the Izmir Province and just 8<br />

km away from the ancient city of Ephesus in Selçuk, Şirince<br />

is easily reached. You can take one of the regular minibuses<br />

from Selçuk bus station but, for longer stays, we recommend<br />

hiring a car. As cars are banned from the streets of Şirince<br />

itself, you’ll still need to do a bit of walking around.<br />

The Attractions<br />

Old traditions live on in this quiet corner of Turkey, but you<br />

might be surprised to find out that Şirince was originally a<br />

Greek orthodox settlement. Several Christian churches<br />

can be found in the village, complete with well-preserved<br />

frescoes from the Ottoman Empire.<br />

Best Time of Year to Visit<br />

The summer months in Turkey can get extremely hot, so<br />

you should consider visiting during the spring or autumn.<br />

Plus, because Şirince is close to the busy tourist centre of<br />

Ephesus, you can also beat the crowds by visiting during the<br />

off season.<br />

Dining<br />

This region is famous for wine making as well, with Şirince<br />

being known as the wine hub of Turkey. Visit some of their<br />

famous wine houses to try classic wine varieties as well<br />

as delicious local fruit wines. To soak up the day’s tasting<br />

session, try a dish of iskender. It’s sliced döner meat covered<br />

with a sumptuous and rich tomato sauce served in a freshbaked<br />

pita bread.<br />

266 267

Terrace Houses Sirince<br />

Turkey | Cottages<br />

Tucked away in the heart of the Aegean is the picturesque, hilly village of Sirince. This<br />

quaint hamlet, located only 15 minutes from the magnificent site of Ephesus, boasts<br />

a quirky past, diverse heritage, welcoming local community, thriving agrotourism<br />

industry, and beautifully-restored traditional cottages. With Terrace Houses<br />

Sirince, you now have the perfect opportunity to stay in one of these wonderful,<br />

traditional homes.<br />

Through hard work, passion, and belief, owners Omer and Charlotte Samli have<br />

succeeded in restoring four cottages back to their former glory. The Fig House,<br />

Olive House, Grapevine House, and the Clockmaker’s Cottage are all elegant,<br />

spacious, and fully equipped. All four can be booked in their entirety, with the<br />

Clockmaker’s Cottage also available as two self-contained units.<br />

Fig House is a charming 19 th century home that was brought back from<br />

the brink. It can sleep up to six in two bedrooms and a living room sofa<br />

bed. It comes with one bathroom, a sun terrace, a lovely outdoor<br />

garden, a fireplace, and outdoor dining furniture.<br />

Olive House, on the other hand, is located in the heart of the<br />

village and is closer to local shops and restaurants. This<br />

house exudes elegance and what it lacks in outdoor<br />

space it makes it for in indoor living. Guests can expect<br />

a limestone bathroom, separate walk-in shower, cosy<br />

Sedir seating, and beautiful views of the village.<br />

268<br />

The Grapevine House, new as of 2021, is the largest of the three<br />

houses. It can accommodate up to six in two bedrooms and<br />

the living room. The bedrooms are ensuite, expansive, and offer<br />

fantastic views. This house was designed with rustic Turkish<br />

design and craftsmanship in mind, which shows at every level<br />

of the property.<br />

Finally, there’s the Clockmaker’s Cottage which, as the name<br />

suggests, was once the home of the village clock specialist.<br />

Rebuilt from almost complete ruin, this cottage is split into<br />

two parts. There’s the Hamam Suite on the ground floor and<br />

then the Harem Suite above, the interior styles of which are<br />

inspired by Ottoman design. Both suites can accommodate two<br />

and are ideally suited for couples who wish to be in the same<br />

accommodation but have their own private suites.<br />

A daily complimentary breakfast is included as part of the stay<br />

and is served at the famed local Terrace Café. The breakfast is<br />

home-made using only locally-sourced and fresh ingredients.<br />

Guests can also purchase food and snacks throughout the<br />

day as well pre-booked evening meals. The café is open all day<br />

during the spring and summer months serving delicious Turkish<br />

delicacies.<br />

Sirince Village 213 sokak No<br />

10 ,Selcuk . Izmir<br />

Tel +0090 532 263 79 42<br />





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