Estetica Magazine UK (2/2022)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at magazines.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at magazines.esteticanetwork.com


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<strong>UK</strong><br />

the Hair<strong>Magazine</strong><br />


Innovative Ideas and<br />

Inspirational Interviews<br />


Iris Collection:<br />

Captivating Shades<br />

SUMMER<br />

Client Consultations<br />

to Stay Colour Fresh!


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editorial<br />

We at <strong>Estetica</strong> love the Summer - and I’m not talking about the fact that we all pack up<br />

for a couple of weeks and go on holiday! It's more to do with the energy. enthusiasm<br />

and optimism which are prevalent across our wonderful industry. This surge of excitement<br />

is also driven by salon clients, who seems to become much more daring and open to<br />

Hair: Sens.ùs<br />

Creative Team 2021/22<br />

Photo: Paco Di Canto<br />

Make-up: Vania Cesarato<br />

Fashion Styling:<br />

Veronica Spadaro<br />

Location: Lago di Braies,<br />

Bolzano, Italy<br />

new suggestions when it comes not only to their hair, but to their total look as well.<br />

A change in hair colour is often the<br />

driving force that gives salon clients the<br />

confidence to try something different.<br />

It’s not just among salon clients where the excitement levels are building, though.<br />

This is the time of year when quite a bit of the hair professional's skills, insightfulness and<br />

creativity is being scrutinised and analysed behind the scenes. International competitions<br />

like Kao’s Global Creative Awards and Wella’s Trend Vision Awards are really beginning<br />

to build up a head of steam. Although still at the ‘<strong>UK</strong>’ level during the Summer months,<br />

success now can lead on to the opportunity to represent our country on the international<br />

stage and therefore gain world recognition. Our very best wishes go to everyone who<br />

is participating in any hair competition or event at the present time. We wish you every<br />

success in achieving your individual goals.<br />

Gary Kelly,<br />

Editor-in-Chief, <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>UK</strong><br />

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<strong>Estetica</strong> n. 2/<strong>2022</strong><br />

contents<br />



Roberto Pissimiglia<br />


Gary Kelly<br />

estetica.uk@lineone.net<br />



Laura Castelli<br />

l.castelli@estetica.it<br />



Monica Tessari<br />

m.tessari@estetica.it<br />

LAYOUT<br />

Manuela Artosi<br />

m.artosi@estetica.it<br />

Davide Cardente<br />

d.cardente@estetica.it<br />

<strong>UK</strong> SALES & MARKETING<br />


Luca Pissimiglia<br />

l.pissimiglia@estetica.it<br />


FRANCE<br />

Marie Coccoluto<br />

SPAIN<br />

Elisabet Parra,<br />

Cristina Hernández<br />


Michaela Dee<br />

ITALIA<br />

Lucia Preziosi,<br />

Glorianna Vaschetto,<br />

Emanuela Vaser<br />

USA<br />

Marie Scarano<br />


Erica Balduini,<br />

Erika Marchese,<br />

Stefania Rao,<br />

Alessandro Zanetti<br />

Shoot Cover Story 8<br />

Looks Creative Combos 10<br />

Catwalks Spring/Summer <strong>2022</strong> 16<br />

Events 40th Alternative Hair Show 22<br />

Networking Kao Hub Network <strong>2022</strong> 24<br />

Awards IHAs <strong>2022</strong> 26<br />

Teamwork Team Fellowship 28<br />

Interview Daniel Kaner 82<br />

Interview Debbie Digby 84<br />

Interview William Zeqiri & Nick Miller 88<br />

Step by Step Wolfblow by ghd 90<br />

international trends<br />

Colour Symphony 33<br />

Summer is a great<br />

time for clients<br />

to invest in good<br />

quality hair care<br />

to keep their hair<br />

looking and feeling<br />

healthy – and their<br />

colour looking<br />

perfect!<br />

Top inflencers and<br />

professionals from the<br />

world of <strong>UK</strong> hairdressing<br />

give their take on the<br />

industry in <strong>2022</strong>.

Cover Story<br />

Sens.ùs takes us on a journey into nature with its<br />

stunningly beautiful Iris collection for Spring/Summer<br />

<strong>2022</strong>; a sensational riot of colours, fragrances & light.

The Sens.ùs Iris collection was shot in May – the month of flowers and that very transitional light that<br />

carries us from Spring into Summer. The images were shot on Lake Braies, near Bolzano in the North<br />

of Italy. They are reminiscent of the rainbow of captivating colours which can be found in nature.<br />

Shimmering silver grey, like ice on water or untrodden snow; a golden sunlight yellow; the emerald of<br />

evergreen forests reflecting on a lakeside; the mahogany red of tree bark and the lilac-mauve of heather<br />

in bloom. Also prevalent in the collection is Very Peri, the Pantone Colour of the Year <strong>2022</strong>. This colour<br />

trend was confirmed by research carried out in advance by the Sens.ùs Communication & Marketing<br />

Team, who came up with the name Iris - a magical word whose colours encompass a world of meanings:<br />

purple is considered a symbol of wisdom, white is, of course, synonymous with purity, while blue<br />

represents faith and hope. Golden yellow, meanwhile, embodies happiness, optimism, enlightenment<br />

and creativity. In Greek mythology Iris was the messenger of the gods. The divinity of the rainbow was a<br />

beautiful girl characterised by sweetness and refined features. She dressed in a tunic formed by iridescent<br />

multi-coloured drops that left, as she passed, the trail of a thousand colours. These formed a rainbow –<br />

the bridge of colour uniting heaven and earth.<br />

Hair: M. Cardini, P. Crisafulli,<br />

R. D’Amico, E. Franci, S. Gagnoli,<br />

G. Gulino, G. Inturri, L. Magrini,<br />

M. Minciotti, F. Nicolodi,<br />

S. Peluchetti, D. Petterlin,<br />

J. Rizzo, A. Terenziani, F. Tricca<br />

Marketing: G. E. Barbagli,<br />

S. Barbagli, S. Campbell, V. Checcacci,<br />

M. Giovagnini, A. Guerrieri,<br />

E. Spapperi, S. Vaccarecci<br />

Photo: Paco Di Canto<br />

Make-up: Vania Cesarato<br />

Fashion Styling: Veronica Spadaro<br />

photoshoot<br />


Creative combos<br />

Professional colourists worldwide challenge themselves to<br />

study colour theory and geometries for original designs.<br />

Gary Kelly and Marie Scarano<br />

Hairdressers and colourists glean their inspiration from nature, architecture, and more to create original cut ’n’ colour<br />

combinations that can range anywhere from subtle to over-the-top. They may not be for everyone, but there are some<br />

individuals eager to push their own limits, either for a one-off special occasion or for a new lease on life.<br />


“I absolutely love this image and I had so much fun creating it. Colour is a chance to express yourself and make statement and I wanted to do just that. We had an<br />

overall candy style theme for this shoot, which gave me the perfect opportunity to have some fun. I wanted to play with multiple colours and sharp lines to really<br />

make the colours pop. My aim was to create a bold image that was all about the hair and for me, the contrasting colours combined with the precision cut is the<br />

perfect example of that!” Chelsea Bate (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Chelsea Bate @o_chelseashairstyles; Creative Director: Giovanni Perri for Elizabeth & Giovanni @ElizabethandGiovanni;<br />

Photo: Paul Gill @Pablono1; Make-up: Chrissie Trattos @Chrissietmakeup<br />


Colour blocking is the colour application technique of the moment. I love this image from our POP collection so much because of its bright bold placements.<br />

There is no denying that each colour has its place and even though it’s such a contrasting look, the colour block placement just makes it work. This particular<br />

image was inspired by the classic cuts of the sixties and primary colours of the Bauhaus in addition to the contrast of Warhol but all with a modern twist.<br />

The result is this bi-level look with modern texture and dramatic colour blocking. Brian Leo McCallum (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty<br />

10 looks


“Over the past few years, we have included colour blocking and strong colour panels within our colour<br />

collections. This year, we wanted to be even more innovative with our colour placement and decided to<br />

use the Batik Colour Technique, whereby we bleached random areas of the hair to lift the hair and then<br />

applied colour on these areas to create a tie dye hair effect. For this look we paired an ice-white blonde<br />

with a canary yellow hue to really show off the yellow in the hair and create a statement contrast. Paired<br />

with a short-textured crop, I love the quirkiness of this look and how the unique colour placement<br />

enhances the cut and draws your eyes in.” Dylan Brittain (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Dylan Brittain, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International<br />


“Hair is a fascinating, transient canvas and colour is our paint to add beautiful, intricate details that<br />

capture attention. I love the dark silhouette of taupe that sits behind a fresh, light tone of mint. I also<br />

love the contrasting stripes of colour, they are totally having a moment and look so fresh with the<br />

throwback seventies blow out. Add to that the texture and shape and it’s the perfect style for summer.”<br />

Siobhan Haug (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Siobhan Haug at TONI&GUY, London; Make-up: Monnie Kaur; Styling: Veronika Greenhill;<br />

Photo: Kevin Luchmun<br />

trends<br />



I wanted this Newance by Topchic collection to be different from the traditional collections, where<br />

colours used were strong, vibrant, and contrasting. This was Japanese-inspired. The goal was to design<br />

looks with nuances between contrasting and natural hues, using colouring techniques to create<br />

movement and texture. Out of the 7 looks I created, Sheryl’s look has the most obvious lighter block<br />

colouration that juxtaposes the total hair design. Yet it is unassuming and blends with the base colour<br />

well. The panel slices strategically placed inside the base colour area made it pop out dimensionally,<br />

creating a soft texture to complement the lighter block colour. The result is cute and somehow brought<br />

out the nuance more than I expected. Justin Javier Tan (Singapore)<br />

Hair: Justin Javier Tan from Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, Singapore National Artist; Newance by Topchic collection<br />


We wanted to create hair looks that speak to the next generation of ghd customers, while using<br />

techniques that have universal appeal. These styles were made to be showcased on social media; the<br />

pastel tones, embellished details and y2k inspirations all have a Gen Z feel, but are built around<br />

techniques and tools that everyone will love. Amy Sontae, ghd global Education Creative Manager (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: James Earnshaw for ghd; Photo: Philip Blythman; Creative: Amy Sontae; Styling: Charly Suggett;<br />

Make-up: Meg Lindow; Nails: Karen Louise<br />

124 trends trends 125


This is a simple one-length bob shape but is made eye catching by adding contrasting colour. Working with a violet blonde tone on the<br />

back, with a soft muted copper tone through the front makes the whole style pop. Lines with soft, blended themes and movement are<br />

combined with bold styling and couture robes. Robert Kirby (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Robert Kirby, Robert Kirby London; Make-up: Maddie Austin Kelly; Styling: Elisa Heinesen;<br />

Photo: Andrew Kimbler<br />


This winning Eufora Stylist of the Year concept was a hybrid inspiration - an incorporation of a precision shaved style featuring<br />

geometric shapes intensified by bold pops of contrasting colours. A look like this can take you from the skatepark to the Met Gala<br />

in style. Plus it can inspire an infinite number of other options. Changing up shapes & colours to suit your mood!<br />

Cut & Colour: Tori Azevedo (USA); Photo: Dee Fortier; Make-up: Kat Shaw<br />

looks<br />



We are loving this contemporary yet timeless look. What do we like most? The textured, disconnected and longish pixie with a<br />

casually sideswept fringe? Or maybe the tousled texture that perfectly exalts the peachy-blond nuances? Or maybe the contrasting<br />

steel blue strands? Maybe even the simple fact that all these come together to create perfection.<br />

Hair: Vicky Tadros (USA) ; Photo: Doug McMillan; Make-up: Jennifer Vandenhoogenband; Styling: Christie<br />

Roth at Typsy Scarf Boutique; Products: Wella Professionals<br />

“Inspired by the colour of the year, periwinkle blue, I designed a complementary colour palette which pulls in opalescent shades<br />

of warm pink, soft mint and milky gold. I then softened and expanded an exaggerated wedge-shaped razor cut bob. I feel like I’m<br />

gazing at an opal shimmering through a calm pool of water.” Ilona Garson (USA)<br />

Hair: Ilona Garson (@ilona.garson.hair); Photo: Brian Garson (@briangarson); Make-up: Nakesha<br />

Chong (@nakeshachong); Model: Ava Leroux (@ava_leroux_); Model Agency: Models International Mgmt<br />

(@mimmodels); Products: Wella Professionals<br />



A touch of punk, very mod, quasi-Trekkie! This look flaunts spectacular precision<br />

in cut, colour and styling. The cherry-red halo effect is pure genius. The chin-hugging<br />

earlocks and the scalloped fringe contoured to accentuate the eyebrows are otherworldly.<br />

Hair: Robin LaChance (USA) ; Photo: Paula Tizzard; Make-up: Florencia Taylor; Styling: Adrian<br />

Arnieri<br />


“It’s important for all of us to respect each canvas and fibre... embrace the fascination of curl and<br />

movement. To be open and flexible so we can deliver truth and versatility in the lived-in precision of<br />

today’s looks. We must rediscover the joy that exists in the art of hairdressing and create uplifting<br />

narratives that spread positive energy. Grant this mindset a new level of inclusiveness and individuality.<br />

And lastly, embrace the opportunity and have fun - hair is a fibre with an attitude just waiting to be<br />

celebrated.” Sam Villa (USA)<br />

Hair: Sam Villa Team; Art Director: Teresa Romero; Photo: Nico Norsdström/Obsidian and Blush;<br />

Tools: Sam Villa; Make-up: Tanya Ortega and Leticia Tapia; Styling: Michi Lafary/Obsidian and Blush<br />

124 trends trends 125

Huishan Zhang<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com<br />

Bora Aksu<br />

Cotton<br />

Candy<br />

This colour is selling like<br />

hot cakes, but smells of<br />

happiness at the sweet<br />

counter. It all about pink,<br />

from hair to seasonal<br />

light boots, to neon<br />

fashion shades. Make-up<br />

is ‘all inclusive’ and goes<br />

without saying!<br />

Laura Castelli<br />

Bani Pasricha<br />

Laura Castelli

SPRING<br />

SUMMER<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Laura Biagiotti<br />

Moschino<br />

KNWLS<br />

Genny<br />

Courrèges<br />

Courrèges<br />

Luisa Spagnoli<br />

Marco Rambaldi<br />

Malan Breton<br />

Bora Aksu<br />

Anna Sui<br />

Isabel Marant<br />

Rokh<br />

Anna Sui<br />

Blumarine<br />

Lanvin<br />

catwalks<br />


SPRING<br />

SUMMER<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Moschino<br />

Sandro Paris<br />

Almeida<br />

Bani Pasricha<br />

Richard Quinn<br />

Az Factory<br />

Richard Quinn Blumarine<br />

Moschino<br />

David Koma<br />

MM6 Maison Margiela<br />

Lemon Juice<br />

Ready with the Factor 50 sun cream? Flashes from the<br />

Maldives clash with your wardrobe! Sunshine inside and<br />

out to help warm your spirit and light up your summer.<br />

A squeeze of supersexy energy...<br />

Vitor Zerbinato<br />

18 catwalks

Hobeika<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com<br />

Roberto Cavalli

LONDON<br />


8-10 October <strong>2022</strong><br />

#salon22<br />

Will you be there?<br />

Join us in October for the biggest brands, hottest shows,<br />

exclusive offers and unrivalled hair inspiration


UNLOCK SALON INTERNATIONAL <strong>2022</strong><br />


After 2 years of virtual events, the Alternative Hair Show<br />

is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a live show at<br />

the Troxy, an Art-Deco theatre in Stepney, East London.<br />

22 events<br />

40 th<br />

Alternative<br />

Sergi Bancells

40 years of pure magic. 40 years of hair fashion inspiration. 40 years of financially<br />

supporting research into childhood blood cancers. 40 years of true hair legends that<br />

<strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> has been following and supporting since the very beginning. The<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Alternative Hair Show, LEGENDS, is celebrating this unique, wonderful legacy on<br />

Sunday 9th October <strong>2022</strong> with a live show at the Troxy theatre in London, a new venue<br />

with an audience capacity of over 3,000 and with fantastic views of the stage. Founder<br />

and director Tony Rizzo has dedicated 40 years of his time and effort to making the<br />

Alternative Hair Show happen. It's been an amazing, inspirational story – since the first<br />

ever AHS at the Camden Palace, through the London Hippodrome years, to that first,<br />

memorable night at the Royal Albert Hall in 1997 and beyond. Over the years,<br />

countless global artistic teams and hairdressing talents have performed at the show.<br />

Loyal Alternative Hair fans have looked to the event for inspiration, as well as<br />

entertainment, but most importantly have helped to raise £13 milion to fund<br />

Leukaemia research. Happy anniversary AHS. Here's to many more years to come!<br />

Since its first<br />

event in 1983,<br />

the Alternative<br />

Hair Show has<br />

inspired the world<br />

through hundreds<br />

of fascinating<br />

hair fashion<br />

presentations and<br />

cutting edge styles.<br />

For more<br />

information<br />

visit the<br />




The Hub<br />

Network <strong>2022</strong><br />

Earlier this spring, Kao Salon Division was delighted to<br />

welcome back its salon partners to The Hub Network <strong>2022</strong><br />

– a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved!<br />

Kao Salon Division chose the most beautiful setting imaginable for its long-awaited HUB Network <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Under cloudless spring skies and alongside the shimmering blue sea of Carveoiro on Portugal’s Algarve, over<br />

150 salon owners and HUB team members descended on the stunning five-star Tivoli Spa retreat. The venue<br />

offered refined rooms and suites, three pools, spa, dive centre and tennis courts, as well as excellent<br />

hospitality and customer service from its staff.<br />

This was the fourth time that this hugely successful event has been held - after a 2-year hiatus was even more<br />

eagerly-anticipated than ever. Hosted by Director of Sales, Mitch Lucas, and Kao Salon Division Director of<br />

Education Irene Meikle, the official focus for the <strong>2022</strong> event was on how to add value to your business, build<br />

your brand and achieve your ambitions. However, the desire to meet up, engage with like-minded people and<br />

share personal experiences proved to be an equally important element to the proceedings.<br />

24 events

Charles Marcus<br />

Charles inspired the audience with<br />

his powerful story of overcoming<br />

adversity to carve out a highly<br />

successful business and career.<br />

He shared personal experiences<br />

of being different yet having the<br />

courage to use those differences to<br />

stand out.<br />


Participants were able to enjoy two full days of inspirational business presentations; insights and<br />

advice from expert speakers; and exclusive networking opportunities. These experiences were<br />

perfectly complemented by two incredible nights of al fresco dining and entertainment hosted under<br />

the stars overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on the Vale Covo cliffside. “How fantastic to be back together<br />

again in such a stunning location,” commented Julie Winchester, General Manager Kao Salon Division<br />

<strong>UK</strong>, Ireland. “We received some incredible insights and inspiration from our amazing speakers. We<br />

hope all of our customers, who are all part of our Kao Salon family, enjoyed hearing from them and<br />

took home some practical ideas to help support their business. We can’t wait to reveal the destination<br />

of our next HUB Network 2023 and to spending more time with our salon family soon – it’s great to<br />

finally be back together!”<br />

The Hub Network Speakers <strong>2022</strong><br />

Hellen Ward<br />

Hellen tackled the subject of ‘how<br />

to future proof your salon business<br />

and face challenges with fluid<br />

managerial thinking in a changing<br />

market.<br />

Sophia Hilton<br />

Sophia addressed the challenging<br />

matter of toxicity within the salon,<br />

explaining that toxicity is driven<br />

by behaviours and not people and<br />

can be in one part of our lives and<br />

not another.<br />

Anthony Bennett<br />

Anthony enthralled the audience with<br />

his emotional story of a near death<br />

experience that led him to turning his<br />

biggest fear into his biggest passion;<br />

achieving his dreams by facing his<br />

fears and using the power of<br />

imagination to envision the result you<br />

are seeking.<br />

Richard Lambert<br />

Instigating lively discussion<br />

and debate and audience<br />

conversation, Richard addressed<br />

the recent and growing challenges<br />

of skills and recruitment within<br />

the industry currently faced<br />

within the industry.<br />

Penny Etheridge<br />

Penny took to the stage to<br />

share her story of ‘how to turn<br />

an impossible situation into a<br />

success story.’<br />

VIN+OMI<br />

Following the recent partnership<br />

between KMS and sustainable<br />

visionaries and fashion powerhouse,<br />

VIN+OMI, The HUB Network<br />

welcomed Vin onto the stage to<br />

share the inspiring story behind one<br />

of the world’s most recognised and<br />

pioneering sustainable brands.<br />

Holly Tucker<br />

Holly closed the event with an<br />

inspiring and uplifting speech<br />

‘do what you love, love what<br />

you do.’

IHA <strong>2022</strong>:<br />

Unforgettable!<br />

Two thousand professionals from over 30 countries<br />

descended on Madrid for this joyfully creative industry<br />

event: the International Hairdressing Awards <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

26 events

Presented by Mikel Luzea & Sergi Bancells, the International Hairdressing<br />

Awards have Revlon Professional as main sponsor, <strong>Estetica</strong> as international<br />

media partner and Salón Look & The Hair MBA as promoters.<br />

The International Hairdressing Awards gala event brought together the best hairdressers from all over the<br />

world in Madrid. The evening represented an unforgettable experience, in which fashion, talent and<br />

glamour came together on the purple carpet (the red carpet of the hairdressing industry) where collections<br />

by hairdressing teams from around the world were paraded. This was followed by a glamorous awards<br />

ceremony for Siëro (Best Men’s Commercial), Candice McKay (Best Women’s Commercial), Sylvestre<br />

Finold (Best Avant-Garde), X-Presion (Best Team), Cos Sakkas (International Hairdresser of the Year),<br />

Mustafa Avei (Influencer of the Year) and Robert Lobetta (International Hair Legend of the Year).<br />

Visit our website for more photos and information.<br />

The runway shows at the International<br />

Hairdressing Awards <strong>2022</strong> featured a<br />

line-up of truly exceptional teams:<br />

Danilo Giangreco, Pierre Ginsburg,<br />

Experimento No Name, TONI&GUY,<br />

Trevor Sorbie and X-Presion.

Team<br />

Fellowship!<br />

The Fellowship for Hair Artists of Great Britain was<br />

founded in 1946 to promote the professional<br />

hairdressing industry & invite hairdressers to belong to<br />

an organisation to share their experiences & knowledge.<br />

Now, 75 years later, its membership is a who’s who of great British hairdressers and encourages new talent while promoting<br />

excellence, professionalism and creativity. And to take it into the next 75 years, the Fellowship has introduced a brand new<br />

Executive Board, a collection of some of the most exciting names around who will work together to take the industry to a new<br />

level for <strong>2022</strong> and beyond. Each member brings their own wealth of experience, from running a business to working on shoots<br />

and shows, to the ever-changing face of education. With new President Robert Eaton at the helm, the Fellowship is embracing<br />

the diversity of the industry, and looking to guide, inspire and educate salon owners, salon stylists, freelance independent<br />

stylists and barbers, as well as product houses, press and organisations. From assistants starting on their career to wellestablished<br />

names, there will be opportunities, events and education aimed at all levels and experiences. “The Fellowship has<br />

worked tirelessly over the last 75 years to bring creativity and oportunity to everyone – and now the Executive Board will be<br />

working with this heritage to make this even more accessible to every level of hairdressing and barbering, from those thinking<br />

about entering the industry, to those who have expertise and wealth in abundance. We want to grow this amazing industry,<br />

attract new dynamic talent, and create opportunities for everyone," explains Robert. “Because we are brand neutral, we can<br />

offer unrivalled education and experiences to our members, from those who are running a high-street business, to those who<br />

are freelance and on their own journey. We will be working together to re-energise the next generation, and will shout about<br />

what a diverse, inclusive and exciting industry this really is. We’re all excited to get going and already have some great plans in<br />

place that you should start to see in the coming months. We’ve got lots of ideas and initiatives in the pipeline, we can’t wait to<br />

tell you all about them and for you to be part of the new Fellowship journey.”

Karoliina Saunders<br />

Ken Picton<br />

Andreas Stavrou<br />

Ashleigh Hodges<br />

Barry Stephens<br />

Michelle Griffin<br />

Colin McAndrew<br />

Nick Irwin<br />

The Executive Board members are:<br />

Robert Eaton, President<br />

Ashleigh Hodges, Vice President<br />

Andreas Stavrou, Chair<br />

Michelle Griffin, Vice Chair<br />

Karoliina Saunders, Chancellor<br />

Colin McAndrew, Head of Business<br />

Nick Irwin, Head of Creative<br />

Simon Shaw, Head of Education<br />

Ken Picton, Head of Events<br />

Barry Stephens, CEO<br />

Simon Shaw<br />

Robert Eaton<br />

teamwork<br />




Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture<br />

collection immerses you in the essence of the ocean.<br />

To find out more & become an Alterna stockist scan here.

MODA<br />

INT’L<br />

Hair & make-up: Christophe Pujol/Photo: Patrice Berchery<br />

COLOUR<br />


Hair Spectrum<br />

A spectrum is the ultimate colour palette. It incorporates a rainbow of infinite<br />

opportunities that can convey the subtle nuances of every feeling, sensation and<br />

emotion - from the heat of deep sultry reds through to the frosted cool of ice blue.<br />

The Hair Spectrum is equally as vast. The skills of the colour artist combined with<br />

extraordinary advances in product research and development mean that no shade is<br />

ever off-limits. The best news of all is that salon clients are embracing new hair colour<br />

looks in combinations which, not so long ago would have been inconceivable! So get<br />

spectrum-inspired; you might just surprise yourself!<br />

Lo spettro cromatico è la palette colore definitiva. Incorpora un arcobaleno di possibilità<br />

infinite che possono trasmettere le sottili sfumature di ogni sentimento, sensazione<br />

ed emozione – dall’ardente calore dei rossi sensuali all’eleganza gelida dell’azzurro<br />

ghiaccio. Lo spettro capelli è altrettanto vasto. Il talento di un artista del colore, combinato<br />

con gli straordinari progressi nella ricerca e sviluppo dei prodotti, fanno sì che<br />

nessuna sfumatura sia ormai off-limits. La notizia più bella è che i clienti dei saloni<br />

stanno adottando nuove combinazioni di colore fino a poco tempo fa inconcepibili!<br />

Allora lasciatevi ispirare dallo spettro; non potrete che sorprendervi!<br />

Ein Spektrum ist die ultimative Farbpalette. Es enthält einen Regenbogen der<br />

unendlichen Möglichkeiten, die jede subtile Nuance eines jeden Gefühls, jeder<br />

Empfindung vermitteln können - vom Feuer intensiver Rottöne bis hin zur frostigen<br />

Kühle eisigen Blaus. Das Haarspektrum ist ebenso groß. Die Fähigkeiten des Farbkünstlers<br />

vereint mit modernster Produktforschung und -entwicklung zeigen, dass<br />

der Nuancenvielfalt keine Grenzen gesetzt sind. Die beste Nachricht von allen ist,<br />

dass Salonkunden jetzt sogar Haarfarben in Kombination tragen, was man sich vor<br />

noch nicht allzu langer Zeit nie hätte vorstellen können! Lassen Sie sich also spektral<br />

inspirieren; Sie könnten von sich selbst überrascht sein!<br />

Le spectre des couleurs est la palette ultime des tonalités. Un arc-en-ciel infini de<br />

possibilités. Ces nuances subtiles sont la retranscription des sentiments. De la chaleur<br />

ardente d’un rouge intense à l’élégance froide d’un bleu acier. Associées aux progrès<br />

extraordinaires de la recherche et du développement de produits, elles donnent<br />

naissance à une infinité de nuances. La meilleure nouvelle est que les clientes des<br />

salons adoptent ces nouvelles associations de couleurs jusque-là inconcevables ! Alors<br />

laissez-vous surprendre par l'infinité du spectre chromatique !<br />

El espectro cromático es la paleta de colores definitiva. Incorpora un arcoíris de<br />

infinitas oportunidades que permiten transmitir los sutiles matices de cada<br />

sentimiento, sensación y emoción, desde el calor de los rojos intensos y sensuales<br />

hasta el frío helado del azul hielo. El espectro en el cabello es igualmente amplio. El<br />

talento del colorista, combinado con los extraordinarios avances en investigación y<br />

desarrollo de productos, asegura que no existen los límites. La mejor noticia de todas<br />

es que los clientes del salón están adoptando nuevas combinaciones de colores de<br />

cabello que, no hace mucho tiempo, habrían sido ¡inconcebibles! Así que inspírate<br />

en el espectro, ¡puede que te sorprendas a ti mismo!

Hair & AD: Marco Iafrate<br />

Photo: Lorenzo Sampaolesi<br />

Make-up: Massimo Palasciano

COLOUR<br />


Hair & colour: Danielle Waterman<br />

Photo: Richard Monsieurs<br />

Make-up: Deney Adam<br />

Art Direction: Angelo Seminara,<br />

Goldwell Global Ambassador<br />

Photo: Txema Yeste<br />



Hair: Alexey Osipchuk &<br />

Team Park by Osipchuk<br />

Photo: Pasha Pavlov<br />

Hair: David Barron<br />

Photo: John Rawson<br />

Make-up: Maddie Austin<br />

Hair & make-up: Cassandra Torres<br />

Photo: David Arnal

Art Direction: Angelo Seminara,<br />

Goldwell Global Ambassador<br />

Colour: Angelo Seminara<br />

and Takashi Kurokawa<br />

Photo: Txema Yeste<br />

Make-up: Daniel Kolaric

Hair: Steven Smart<br />

Photo: Jamie Blanshard<br />

Make-up: Debra Smart<br />

Styling: Ginger Ninjas

Hair: Mayte Garrote<br />

@ Different Estilistas<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: José Luis Blasco<br />

Styling: Eunnis Mesa

History Evelit ama<br />

qui seruq cumqe<br />

earum id ut earuntis<br />

si bea senisque<br />

solo coreru asm sei<br />

iniquo.<br />

Hair: Luigi Martini @ Lisap Milano<br />

Photo: Mauro Mancioppi<br />

Make-up: Raffaella Tabanelli<br />

Styling: Luca Termine

Hair & styling:<br />

Christian Ríos Hair Couture<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Gloss Make Up<br />

Hair: Raquel Saiz &<br />

Ulises Peluqueros<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Nacho Sanz<br />

Catch the light and run in the face of convention.<br />

Whatever your look colour dictate your true identity.<br />

Hair: Javier Gomar Hairstylist<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Mimi Novella<br />

Hair & Colour: Viktoriia Vradii<br />

Photo: Desmond Murray<br />

Make-up: Evgeniya Spiktorenko

COLOUR<br />


Hair: Matteo Susini @ Loft Parrucchieri<br />

Photo: G. Gori & A. Aldrovandi @ Total black<br />

Make-up: Rossano Fasano<br />

Styling: Mirko Burin<br />

Strong asymmetric lines compete with<br />

sumptuous shades to be the focal point.<br />

Who dares wins; the result is looking<br />

like a draw!

Hair: Emma Simmons<br />

Photo: Tony Le Britton<br />

Make-up: Paula Maxwel<br />

Styling: Chris Simmons

Hair: Giuseppe Stelitano<br />

& Tiziana Di Marcelli<br />

@ Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team<br />

Photo & Colour: Giuseppe Stelitano<br />

Styling: Tiziana DiMarcelli

COLOUR<br />


Hair: Kumenhair<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Raul Castaño<br />

Hair: Rodrigo Araneda<br />

Photo: Leda & St-Jacques<br />

Make-up: Marie-Laure Larrieu<br />

Hair: Shaun Brezanin<br />

TWO-TONE<br />


Hair: Carla Bergamaschi<br />

& Artistic Team Inebrya<br />

Photo: Filippo Fortis<br />

Hair & make-up: Toni Espigares<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

Hair: Imanol Oliver<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: José Méndez

Hair: Danilo Giangreco<br />

Photo: Jack Eames<br />

Make-up: Lans Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Styling: Rubina Marchiori

Hair & photo: Vanessa Secondino<br />

Make-up: Kris Christodoulou<br />

Styling & colour: Kim Rivka Elbaz

Hair: Michelle Griffin @ Loxbox<br />

Photo: Michael Young<br />

Make-up: Natasha De Cazalet<br />

When one colour is never enough! Looks that say<br />

their piece without objection - totally in your face!<br />

Hair: Courtney Cockburn<br />

@ Roar Hair and Beauty<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Lauren Mathis

Hair & styling: Christian Ríos<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Josep López

This page<br />

Hair: X-presion<br />

Photo: Miguel Reveriego<br />

Make-up: De Maria<br />

Left<br />

Hair: Gogen Team - Alter Ego Italy<br />

International Creative Director<br />

Photo: Marco Di Filippo @ TM Studio<br />

Make-up: Trine Marie Skauen<br />

Styling: Fabio Mercuri<br />

Products: Alter Ego

COLOUR<br />


Hair: Cos Sakkas @ Toni&Guy<br />

Photo: Jack Eames<br />

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill<br />

Monochromatic moods:<br />

Self-confidence to the point of<br />

indifference; no exceptions.

Hair: Michelle Griffin @ Loxbox<br />

Photo: Michael Young<br />

Make-up: Natasha De Cazalet

Hair & make-up: Toni Espigares<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Styling: Artistic Team of Toni Espigares<br />

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair: Cos Sakkas @ Toni&Guy<br />

Photo: Jack Eames<br />

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill

Hair & Make-up: Hairkrone<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Styling: Visori FashionArt

Hair & Creative Direction:<br />

Antoinette Beenders<br />

Photo: Andrew Yee<br />

Make-up: Walter Obal<br />

Styling: Anna Katsanis<br />

Prop styling: Shari Anlauf

Art Direction: Eric Maurice<br />

Hair: A. Zachary & E. Belmonte<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Make-up: Stéphanie Joffroy<br />

Styling: Antonio Ortega

Hair & photo: Jose Urrutia<br />

Make-up: Anabel Larrauri<br />

Styling: Candy Mot<br />

Hair: S. McGill & D. Brittain<br />

@ Rainbow Room International<br />

Photo: Michael Young<br />

Make-up: Kirsten Baillie<br />

Fringe benefits. Well yes, we are talking colour, but<br />

who can ignore such skilful scissor-work as this!?<br />

Hair: Antonio Palladino<br />

Photo: Desmond Murray<br />

Make-up: Bianca Bonjour<br />

Images: FPA<br />

Hair: Gorka Nevado<br />

Colour: Esther Lozano<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Styling: Eu Mesa

Hair: Italian Style<br />

International @ Framesi<br />

Photo: Karel Losenicky<br />

Make-up: S. Dell'Orto,<br />

G. Giarratana

Hair: Carla Bergamaschi<br />

& Artistic Team Inebrya<br />

Photo: Filippo Fortis

COLOUR<br />


Hair & Colour: Kat Trotter<br />

Photo: Nick Berardi<br />

Make-up: Kolby Beauty<br />

Twist and turn; duck and dive. There is<br />

never only one direction of travel when<br />

style is inspired by colour... and colour<br />

offers endless possibilites.

Hair: Tiziana Di Marcelli<br />

@ Trevor Sorbie<br />

Photo: Giuseppe Stelitano<br />

Make-up: Sabrina Gatej

COLOUR<br />


Hair: Danilo Giangreco<br />

Photo: Chris Bulezuik<br />

Make-up: Grace Hayward<br />

Hair: Tom Smith<br />

Photo: Chris Bulezuik<br />

Make-up: Grace Hayward<br />


COLOUR<br />

Art Direction & hair: Maria Polushko<br />

Photo: Pasha Pavlov<br />

Make-up: Karina Grigoriants<br />

Art Direction: Miquel García Cotado<br />

Hair: Revlon Professional Artistic Team<br />

Photo: M. Reveriego & M. García Cotado<br />

Make-up: Dani Rull<br />

Products: Revlon Professional<br />

Hair: Italian Style Framesi<br />

Photo: Karel Losenicky<br />

Make-up: S. Dell'Orto, G. Giarratana

Hair: Now Progressional Team<br />

@ Alfaparf Milano<br />

Products: Alfaparf Milano

Art Direction: Bruno Marc,<br />

Joico Ambassador for <strong>UK</strong>,<br />

Europe and Ireland<br />

Hair: David Murray & Katrina Kelly<br />

Photo: Jamie Blanshard<br />

Styling: Katie Moore<br />

Products: Joico Europe

Hair: Salvo Filetti<br />

@ Compagnia della Bellezza<br />

Photo: Antonio Di Maria<br />

Make-up: Giorgia Bellanova<br />

Styling: Vittoria Rossi Provesi<br />

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel

Hair: Toni&Guy International<br />

Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Jack Eames<br />

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill<br />

COLOUR<br />


Never overlook the lengths! They create<br />

the perfect opportunity to take colour and<br />

style expertise to their breathtaking<br />


Hair: Tom Connell,<br />

Davines Hair Art Director<br />

Products: Davines

Hair: Olga García<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Jose Luís Blasco<br />

Styling: Visori Fashionart<br />

Hair: Lorems Ipsums<br />

Photo: Aleglie Brazzoff<br />

Make-up: Pico Pallo e sister<br />

Styling: Alpibel Dladoirasuta<br />

Products: Sumaimei Prof

Hair: Raquel Saiz<br />

& Ulises Peluqueros<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Nacho Sanz<br />

Hair: Olga García<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Jose Luís Blasco<br />

Because 4 eyes are better than 2: You can double<br />

up on everything - hair magnetism included!<br />

Hair: Rick Roberts<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Roseanne Velin<br />

Hair: Alfredo Valero<br />

Photo: Santi Nuñez<br />

Make-up: Isabel Bernardino

Hair: Sens.ùs Creative Team<br />

Photo: Paco Di Canto<br />

Make-up: Vania Cesarato<br />

Styling: Veronica Spadaro

Art Direction & hair:<br />

Maria Polushko<br />

Photo: Pasha Pavlov<br />

Make-up: Karina Grigoriants<br />

Styling: Ksenia Kostenko

Hair & photo: Headup<br />

Make-up: Natasha De Cazalet<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill<br />

Captivating glances that speak a thousand words.<br />

e.g: “Look how beautiful my hair colour is today!”<br />

Hair: Alexander Dinter,<br />

Creative International Director<br />

@ La Biosthétique<br />

Products: La Biosthétique

Hair: Sara Piera<br />

@ Salones Carlos Valiente<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Nacho Sanz<br />

Styling: Art Team Salones CV

Hair & make-up: Federico Patelli<br />

Photo: Headup<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill

Art Direction: Shayna<br />

and Florian Knittel<br />

Hair: Shy+Flo Creative Team<br />

Photo: Ko Photography<br />

Make-up: Jasmin Berger<br />

Styling: Edgar Balseca

Art Director: Jo Capelli &<br />

Alessandro Galetti @ Art Hair Studios<br />

Photo: Alberto Rugolotto<br />

Make-up: M. De Marco & D. Devittis<br />

Clothes Stylist: Eleonora Papetti<br />

Products: Wella Professionals<br />

COLOUR<br />


Up-do. Down-do. When all is said<br />

and done, it's all in the detail.<br />

Entrance them with the colour and<br />

all the rest is excels.

Hair: Lucca & Yvan Estatoff<br />

Photo: Bruno Estatoff<br />

Colour: Laetitia Bonnand<br />

Make-up: Morgane Guillet



A new digital way to enhance<br />

international business is<br />

now available!<br />

An editorial and digital<br />

service supporting hair & beauty<br />

product manufacturers entering<br />

new international markets.<br />



Lather,<br />

Rinse,<br />

Refill<br />

At Oribe, we believe in big hair —<br />

and a small carbon footprint.<br />

The new refill pouches use 71% less single-use plastic<br />

than our large-format liter bottles.<br />


“<br />

Daniel<br />

Kaner<br />








”<br />

Q: It’s now five years since your partnership with Kao Salon Division was created. Tell us about<br />

that journey so far?<br />

A: It’s been a great journey so far! We already loved the Kao philosophy, its people and what the brand<br />

represented, so as far as Oribe was concerned we wanted them to carry on with what they had already<br />

been doing so well for such a long time. The Kao Corporation is a 130 year old company with strong<br />

core values and a global culture. The professional division has a long history in the salon industry, led<br />

by some very insightful leaders. The Kao Corporation is also one of the most ethical corporations in<br />

the world. In fact, the Ethisphere Institute, a leading US think-tank, has recently named the Kao<br />

Corporation one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for a record 16th consecutive year - and the<br />

only Asian company to have made the list every year since Ethisphere began its ranking in 2007. Kao<br />

also has quite an aggressive environmental social corporate governance standard, which is something<br />

Daniel Kaner is President and that’s very important to the Oribe brand identity. During Covid we had two 3rd party coaches who<br />

Co-Founder of Oribe Hair Care.<br />

came to work with our senior team – one specialising in diversity, equity and inclusion; the other in<br />

<strong>Estetica</strong> interviewed him when<br />

he visited London in the Spring sustainability. These are considerations which are very important to us as we have a broad audience<br />

for the Oribe Experience and within our community.<br />

Signature Session Event in the <strong>UK</strong>. Q: Being part of Kao inevitably means Oribe has a strategic partnership with Goldwell,<br />

especially in term of professional colour. How do the two brands work in synergy and what are the<br />

advantages and benefits for Oribe?<br />

A: This is such an important partnership for us as we don’t have a colour line. We identified Goldwell<br />

as a strategic partner for us, as their colour is the gold standard in our industry and a perfect<br />

companion for our brand. A professional colour service offers such support to the salon community<br />

and before we partnered with Kao we had already been working in synergy with a number of<br />

colourists and educators in North America. It was amazing, because we slowly began to see Oribe<br />

products filtering in when they worked on-stage and then of course the synergy with Goldwell which<br />

evolved, to the point where educators were using this expansive colour palette to deliver education<br />

on-stage ‘the Oribe way’.<br />

Q: What are the core-values of Oribe that make it such an outstanding professional brand both in<br />

terms of reputation and quality?<br />

82 interview

A: We set out with the objective of being ‘extraordinary’. The big question we asked ourselves was how we could stand out<br />

from the crowd. We therefore worked on all the component parts: the fragrance had to be special, rather than a stock<br />

fragrance, so we had it custom-blended; the packaging and design came as a result of a long careful study and finding the<br />

right designer... everything mattered. Choosing the right salon partners and the relationships we build with them was also<br />

vital. We began to learn not only what it takes to be better than average, but what’s required to grow and get even better<br />

as the journey continues. As a result, all Oribe creatives are not considered as ‘employees’ but are all trained leaders and<br />

mentors. I’m so proud of our team and the many stakeholders involved in our brand. Many of our partners have been with<br />

us from the very beginning. I think back to when we started the brand with limited resources and many of our partners<br />

believed in our goal... which allowed us to turn our vision into a reality. Our goal is greater than selling products; it’s become<br />

more about strengthening our larger network and making sure that we evolve together and leave the community stronger<br />

than we found it, providing an interesting future for younger artists and owners.<br />

Q: Tell us a bit more about that beautiful fragrance.<br />

A: We’ve worked together with the team for so many years to make products that we’re all proud of and that consumers can<br />

enjoy using. One of the products I am most proud of is not a hair care product but is, in fact, the Oribe signature fragrance.<br />

It’s a beautiful mix of bergamot, cedarwood and Cuba’s national flower, la mariposa blanca (white butterfly jasmine), and we<br />

were able to capture the fragrance in the form of incense, which adds to our signature fragrance; it’s beautiful. We worked<br />

with legendary incense makers on the Awaji islands off the coast of Japan. It’s a simple meditation, I love burning it throughout<br />

the day... it incites a subtle pause or change of focus.<br />

Q: As an industry, we can now feel fairly safe in considering ourselves ‘post-pandemic’. What has the Covid learningcurve<br />

meant to you in terms of both business and social attitudes?<br />

A: We had numerous calls with Oribe stakeholders and key leaders throughout the pandemic and what was most important<br />

to them was, above everything else, the safety of their staff and, of course, consumers as well. We really worked hard to<br />

create an environment which was safe for all. It was amazing to experience the great leadership that was delivered by<br />

everyone concerned. The second important thing was how our leaders shared their experiences. Hairdressing creates a very<br />

collegial quality within people, so they were able to support one other with essential advice and information. It’s an altruism<br />

I’ve always seen during my career within our industry, but it has been absolutely extraordinary to watch it during such<br />

challenging times as these. Another thing I want to mention is how the pandemic highlighted how fundamental the salon<br />

experience is to people. As everything has become more digitalised in recent decades, people miss the human touch and the<br />

salon experience is one of the few remaining ‘hands on’ life events which cannot be moved online. The closure of salons<br />

during the pandemic really had a strong impact on people as they endured the temporary loss of what is, for many clients,<br />

a social experience as well as a hair & beauty service.<br />

Q: The Oribe Experience & Signature Session Event during which we met you this Spring in London was been a<br />

fantastic opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange ideas and aspirations. What makes you most proud about the<br />

event which we all experienced together?<br />

A: London was just one destination on the tour. We had already been in Sweden, Rome and Milan in Italy, Munich in<br />

Germany and then, after London in the <strong>UK</strong>, we headed back to Chicago in the USA. The most wonderful part of the Oribe<br />

Experience & Signature Sessions was the fact that they took place at all – being all together to share hair creativity and<br />

education in person after so many months when it just wasn’t possible to do that. We’ve learned the importance of seeing<br />

each other and all being together. That’s what really counts.<br />

Q: Are there any exciting plans you’re able to share with us involving both Oribe and your activities within the brand?<br />

A: There is so much to share. An exciting project in the international arena as that for 2023 we have just signed a collaboration<br />

with our first non-English-speaking artist in Japan. Another wonderful development has been the launch of Oribe Hair<br />

Alchemy, which has sold out globally and is proving to be incredibly successful. We’ve also been working with an Italian<br />

manufacturer to develop some customised hair tools. Of course, we’re also looking at both our existing product lines, as well<br />

as researching and developing new ones, so there’s a lot coming up in the Oribe pipeline!

Interview with<br />

Debbie Digby<br />

Debbie is CEO of independent education and distribution<br />

company, passion4hair. The company is the <strong>UK</strong> distributor<br />

of Italian professional product brand, Sens.ùs, renowned<br />

for making high performance products using the latest<br />

technology and natural formulations.<br />

84 interview<br />

Please give us an overview of passion4hair.com and what you do in the <strong>UK</strong> hair industry.<br />

Passion4hair are an award winning (<strong>UK</strong> Enterprise Award <strong>2022</strong>), independent education and<br />

distribution company who believe our industry begins and ends with the hairdresser. Why is this<br />

important? There is only so much one can achieve alone, so a network of likeminded people is a<br />

valuable asset for salon owners and their team. Our goal is to be the best business relationship with<br />

the salons we partner with, we demonstrate this through our education. From product knowledge<br />

through to business management delivered from our academy in Milton Keynes, in salons and<br />

online, we strive to make the knowledge and skill necessary to be successful easily accessible to all.<br />

Tell us about the passion4hair.com salon exclusive distribution philosophy in the <strong>UK</strong> and how it’s<br />

specifically beneficial to Sens.ùs as a brand? What makes it so effective?<br />

P4h work closely within the industry to bring solutions that benefit our customers, their customers<br />

and consequently us. We only work with independent manufacturers like Sens.ùs and have a<br />

professional exclusive distribution policy. We believe this is important, it means everyone in the<br />

supply chain is accessible and invested in mutual success. We understand that exclusivity within the<br />

professional industry is important for the success of salons, but we acknowledge that consumers want<br />

to buy online. Our award winning #SALONLOVE online shop was conceived to protect the<br />

exclusivity of our brands whilst simultaneously supporting salons with commission payments and<br />

giving their clients the convenience of buying online.<br />

Which are the key selling points which make Sens.ùs products so attractive to quality and high-end <strong>UK</strong><br />

salons?<br />

Sens.ùs make high performance products using the latest technology and natural formulations in<br />

keeping with the demands of todays sophisticated market. For example, MC2 is a permanent<br />

oxidative colour without PPD, Ammonia, Parabens, Silicones and Resorcinol. It colours and<br />

restructures hair in a single action using its proprietary ARC (Active Revitalising Complex). Home<br />

care to maintain salon results between visits is an important aspect of achieving beautiful hair every<br />

day. Sens.ùs Illumyna prescribes Tailor Made Rituals by answering a simple set of questions on the<br />

Sens.ùs App and recommends the individual home care, making product selection easy and effective.<br />

How does Sens.ùs respond to the needs of its <strong>UK</strong> salon clients in terms of the creative support it can give?<br />

Digital assets for online promotion and in-salon marketing materials are readily available for salons<br />

and can be custom made by Passion4hair’s marketing support team. Sens.ùs release two inspirational<br />

collections a year, the current IRIS S/S collection is an example of the beautiful images and assets

made available for Sens.ùs partners. To be able to identify with fast moving trends is important for a<br />

salon’s image and with limited resources this can be a challenge. Sens.ùs as a brand is easy to promote<br />

and identify with due to the carefully presented Collections.<br />

Educational courses and training are vital elements in our industry. How do you deliver these to salons and<br />

which are the stand-out benefits in terms of staff career building and staff retention?<br />

P4h have a foundation in education, this means we have the creative and technical expertise in our<br />

education team to be able to support salons and stylists in their understanding and use of Sens.ùs<br />

products. Creating beautiful hair colour results is a combination of great products, skilled technical<br />

ability and creative vision which culminates in the ‘Insta Hair of Dreams’ we all strive for. It does not end<br />

THE HAIR EDUCATOR - Jude Bale, Sens.ùs Ambassador<br />

As a Sens.ùs ambassador you help deliver brand training and education. Why is the Sens.ùs educational model so effective?<br />

What do participants love most about it? Why would you recommend Sens.ùs to friends and colleagues who are looking to<br />

enhance their professional hair skills?<br />

By working closely with the product development team, we are given first access to new and changing ranges, this makes it easier to<br />

create teaching modules. We understand the ingredient selections and the benefits to the hair. In this present era clients are asking<br />

more questions, researching before they go to the stylist or deciding on a product. The Masterclass, held in the Sens.ùs Global<br />

Academy in Tuscany, gives attendees the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facility. I have never worked with a company so<br />

transparent and inclusive with their customers. When you are surrounded by passionate people you cannot help but be in love with<br />

Sens.ùs and its results, why would you use anything else?

Sens.ùs make high<br />

performance products<br />

using the latest<br />

technology and natural<br />

formulations in keeping<br />

with the demands of<br />

todays sophisticated<br />

market.<br />

there; through our academy program we teach and support salons and stylists in best practice – working<br />

with duty of care is an important responsibility for hairdressers when working with technical products.<br />

Green credentials and environmental awareness are now a mainstream considerations for the hairdressing<br />

industry. What makes Sens.ùs so special in terms of sustainability?<br />

Made in Tuscany is a bold declaration intended to encapsulate the passion of the company for the local<br />

community and the welfare of our planet. Natural ingredients are sourced locally and mindful methods<br />

of manufacturing are used in order to preserve the environment. The manufacturing facility is solar<br />

powered and supported by an innovative water system that uses reverse osmosis and a demineralisation<br />

process that not only protects the environment but enhances the quality of water in the Tiber River.<br />

THE CREATIVE STYLIST - Barrie Stephen, Sens.ùs Ambassador<br />

Tell us what you love most about Sens.ùs products. What makes them special to you? Why would you recommend them<br />

to your industry colleagues? What do you clients love most about them?<br />

Sens.ùs brand ethics are aligned with Barrie Stephen Hair beliefs and values. We love the fact that the brand is<br />

environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free. Our clients can intertwine their own beliefs making Sens.ùs a truly<br />

aspirational brand we are proud to be aligned with. Sens.ùs products guarantee the highest levels of innovation, safety and<br />

quality fully supporting all aspects of hair giving us and our clients the opportunity to create beautiful hair. I highly<br />

recommend Sens.ùs to fellow industry friends because Sens.ùs delivers on so many levels. Exclusively sold in independently<br />

owned hair salons, the in-salon support and education platform ensure excellence in technical, creative and business practices.






For more than 150 years, the Hair and Beauty<br />

Charity has helped those in our industry who have<br />

fallen on hard times. We provide practical and<br />

financial support to those who need us and their<br />

families, to make their lives a little easier.<br />

Many of our beneficiaries have given a lifetime<br />

of service to the hair and beauty industry, changing<br />

the lives of millions of people. It is our duty to see<br />

them through in their time of need.<br />

Scan to meet<br />

our sponsors<br />





Fresha:<br />

Now and into the Future<br />








What is Fresha? Please give our readers a brief overview.<br />

Founder and CEO, WILLIAM ZEQIRI: “Fresha is the world's #1 and only subscriptionfree<br />

booking software for beauty and wellness, trusted by millions worldwide. Top-rated<br />

independently by Capterra, our advanced suite of tools gives businesses unmissable<br />

opportunities to attract, convert and retain your clients.”<br />

Co-Founder and Chief of Product, NICK MILLER: “Fresha helps over 320,000 businesses<br />

and professionals put their salons, barbershops and spas in the spotlight. More than 500<br />

million appointments are booked through Fresha every year, in over 120 countries.”<br />

What’s your winning formula?<br />

WILLIAM: Fresha’s all-in-one platform combines intuitive salon management, payment<br />

processing and a client marketplace that replaces any collection of standalone tools.<br />

Our subscription-free pricing model has no contract - you only pay for what you use.<br />

NICK: We know how hard it is to own a business, and we think managing it shouldn’t be. Our<br />

clean and simple user experience means anyone can use it, and your clients will love it too.<br />

How does your booking software help businesses get new customers?<br />

WILLIAM: Businesses using our marketplace app gain 26% more clients on average.<br />

With Fresha, your business is ranked higher on Google Search and Maps, offering<br />

people a chance to book directly from the page. You can also add Book Now buttons on<br />

your Instagram and Facebook pages for seamless booking.<br />

NICK: Low occupancy rates are a key challenge in the industry, but Fresha’s smart tech<br />

can increase client retention by 12%. We know 41% of online bookings are made<br />

outside business hours, as staying open online 24/7 gives clients the flexibility to book at<br />

their convenience.<br />

Tell us more about Fresha's features helping businesses with managing and<br />

Fresha’s Headquarters in Central London.<br />

marketing their salons.<br />

WILLIAM: Our partners get an incredible 392% return on investment when using our<br />

marketing campaigns. You can set up automated birthday offers and messages designed<br />

88 interview

Co-Founder and Chief of Product,<br />

NICK MILLER (left) and Founder<br />

and CEO, WILLIAM ZEQIRI (right).<br />

to turn newcomers into regulars and win back disengaged clients. When you share an offer to a targeted group, our blast<br />

messaging options quickly fill in any gaps in your calendar.<br />

NICK: And whether you’re tracking sales or monitoring your stock levels, Fresha’s live reports will help you understand<br />

how well your business and team are performing. With all this info at your fingertips, we’ll help you achieve your goals!<br />

How do the optional paid features work?<br />

NICK: Most features on Fresha are 100% free to use for everyone, with no monthly subscription. In November 2021, we decided<br />

to no longer apply a fee for returning clients from the marketplace, or for any bookings via social pages or Google. We only<br />

charge our partners in three instances: a one-off fee for new clients we bring you through the marketplace, our competitive<br />

payment processing fees and blast email and text fees. These features are completely optional and you can opt-out any time.<br />

What are the benefits of Fresha’s integrated payment features?<br />

NICK: We offer a brilliant payment experience which combines cashless in-app payment options with financial protection<br />

by securely capturing client card details on file. Our partners enjoy 89% fewer no-shows this way. Many payment systems<br />

have hidden monthly rental costs. At Fresha, we’ve kept things simple and only charge a small fee per transaction.<br />

WILLIAM: Not only can you save money, but you can also generate extra income through cancellation fees and online tips.<br />

By managing your transactions alongside your calendar, you’ll reduce your admin and spend more time focusing on what<br />

matters – your clients.<br />

Explain how your newly introduced deposit feature is proving to be so important for salons.<br />

NICK: Businesses can collect pre-paid deposits to avoid no-shows and late cancellations. This feature adds an extra layer of<br />

security to online bookings, as clients won’t be able to book unless a payment is made first. Fresha deposits are fully customisable<br />

and you are in full control. If you only want to charge a deposit for certain services, or only for first-time clients, you can.<br />

WILLIAM: Fresha releases deposit funds to your bank straight away. Getting a part payment before the appointment increases<br />

your cash flow, and when clients pay a deposit, our research shows they spend 20% more on the day.<br />

How do you sell products with the Fresha Store?<br />

NICK: You can boost your revenue by creating your own professionally designed shop to sell your products online in<br />

minutes. We’ve made that process super simple so you can take orders online and manage your inventory in one place.<br />

What do you have in store for the rest of <strong>2022</strong>?<br />

NICK: We’ve released over 45 updates to our software in the last two months alone, including Google calendar syncing and<br />

replying to client reviews to build loyalty. We’re only just getting started.<br />

WILLIAM: As for what’s next, expect more payment and deposit options, customisable promotions and a state-of-the-art<br />

staff roster, plus some really exciting stuff we can’t mention yet – you’ll just have to wait and see!<br />

››› Join Fresha for free at www.fresha.com/for-business

GHD<br />

Hair: James Earnshaw<br />

Photo: Philip Blythman<br />

Creative: Amy Sontae<br />

Styling: Charly Suggett<br />

Make-up: Meg Lindow<br />

Nails: Karen Louise

2<br />

1<br />

4<br />

3<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11<br />

Wolfblow is one of the<br />

stunningly inspirational<br />

looks in ghd’s Spring/<br />

Summer <strong>2022</strong> collection.<br />

It captures the zeitgeist<br />

which is integral to the<br />

brand and is all about<br />

Gen Z and their spirit of<br />

individuality, optimism<br />

and connectivity.<br />

1. PREP: apply ghd body goals<br />

total volume foam.<br />

2. COMB: through the hair using<br />

ghd detangling comb.<br />

3. PRE DRY: to 80% dry.<br />

4. SECTION: divide the hair<br />

diagonally back from the ear on<br />

both sides.<br />


take a 3 inch diagonal back<br />

section of hair and place ghd size<br />

2 ceramic vented radial brush<br />

parallel to the section.<br />

6. TURN: rotate the brush in the<br />

ends diagonally roll up towards<br />

the root to dry.<br />

7. TRAVEL: glide on base at 45˚,<br />

twisting as you travel to lock in<br />

the texture.<br />

8. CONTINUE: always directing<br />

the hair away from the face.<br />

9. CONTINUE: until all the hair<br />

has been styled this way.<br />

10. FINISH: massage the roots to<br />

blend the texture.<br />

11. DRESS: using ghd detangling<br />

comb to pad the texture.<br />

step by step<br />


Advertorial<br />

Discover how<br />

subscription-free Fresha<br />

is boosting House of<br />

Gloss’ business.<br />

Shaping the World of Beauty and<br />

Wellness Businesses<br />

M<br />

onika Serafim<br />

specialises in high-tech,<br />

high-value beauty<br />

treatments including<br />

laser hair removal,<br />

microdermabrasion<br />

facials and nail care. As<br />

an expert cosmetologist and owner<br />

at House of Gloss, London, she<br />

makes every client “feel like they’re<br />

visiting an old friend”.<br />

Located in fashionable Fulham,<br />

House of Gloss puts the customer<br />

experience at the heart of every<br />

service. Alongside its state-of-theart<br />

aesthetic equipment, central to<br />

delivering what her clients want,<br />

Fresha plays a key role in Monika’s<br />

business. “We are fully booked two<br />

weeks ahead and most of it is<br />

thanks to Fresha.”<br />

A beautiful journey<br />

After a decade specialising in<br />

aesthetics and laser treatments,<br />

Monika took the brave decision to<br />

open her own business during the<br />

pandemic. A crucial step on her<br />

journey was to use Fresha’s business<br />

software to help her grow House of<br />

Gloss. “Fresha plays a massive part in<br />

managing my business because I am<br />

running the whole show. As a<br />

business owner, it has made my life<br />

so much easier – I absolutely love it!”<br />

Transforming business with<br />

memberships and deposits<br />

Before using Fresha, Monika<br />

experienced high numbers of<br />

no-shows and late cancellations. She<br />

now relies on Fresha’s deposits and<br />

memberships to increase client<br />

loyalty and protect bookings. “Before<br />

using Fresha, up to 80% of<br />

treatments that were not paid<br />

upfront resulted in a no-show. This<br />

was very bad for our business. Now,<br />

with Fresha’s deposit feature, I have<br />

virtually zero no-shows.”<br />

Many of Monika’s treatments, such<br />

as laser hair removal, require clients<br />

to book a minimum number of<br />

sessions. Fresha has allowed Monika<br />

and the team at House of Gloss to<br />

“sell a membership and automatically<br />

see how many times clients have<br />

been in, which is very useful.”<br />

Fresha – the #1 booking software,<br />

totally subscription-free<br />

Now, as a fully booked thriving<br />

business, Monika is using Fresha with<br />

confidence. And unlike her<br />

experiences with other booking<br />

software, Fresha offers her invaluable<br />

support. “One of the reasons I’m with<br />

Fresha is the incredible customer<br />

service. Fresha is not just software,<br />

there are people behind it, and I think<br />

that’s really important,” Monika says.<br />

House of Gloss benefits from Fresha’s<br />

integrated payment methods to<br />

process payments seamlessly. Monika<br />

also uses the full range of automated<br />

messaging features to remind clients<br />

about their appointments, reward<br />

regulars, send birthday gifts and offer<br />

promotions through email and text<br />

marketing tools. “I can spend less<br />

than £20 on a blast marketing<br />

campaign that will generate £400-<br />

£500 worth of bookings; this is very<br />

effective for driving my business<br />

forward.”<br />

Most importantly, House of Gloss’<br />

clients enjoy using Fresha to book<br />

and manage appointments. Monika<br />

says: “They all find it helpful, simple<br />

and very clear. Even when a client<br />

cancels, there’s no issue or<br />

awkwardness. I’ve been raving about<br />

Fresha and I 100% recommend it to<br />

other salons.”<br />

Transform your business just like Monika by joining Fresha for free at<br />

https://www.fresha.com/for-business<br />

business<br />


MORB<br />

Aube Hair<br />

Setting standards of contemporary design,<br />

first-class functionality and pure luxury since 1921<br />

Love it. Lease it. Own it.<br />

Contact your local distributor now<br />


Advertorial<br />

Fast-track your<br />

Salon Upgrade!<br />

Takara Belmont<br />

understands your<br />

vision for your<br />

space; they’re the<br />

perfect partner to help<br />

bring every element<br />

together in creating<br />

your perfect salon.<br />

Yume Espoir Yume Espoir at Face Deco Aveda Salon in Japan<br />

Leasing with Takara Belmont enables you to upscale your interior<br />

with world-class equipment, spreading the cost with lease purchase<br />

options make every product affordable & tax efficient.<br />

P<br />

Patience is a virtue and<br />

real quality takes time.<br />

Takara Belmont products<br />

are rarely available ‘off<br />

the shelf’ as each is<br />

crafted to the highest<br />

standards of quality and<br />

precision, with many customised to<br />

the client’s own specification. And<br />

the reward for your patience?<br />

Products that deliver decades of<br />

timeless style, uninterrupted<br />

performance and lasting comfort.<br />

Harp Styling Chair<br />




The same is true of salon design.<br />

Achieving a look and ambience<br />

that’s distinctive - and a true<br />

reflection of your brand - means<br />

understanding your vision, clients<br />

and space. It also means knowing<br />

how to bring all these elements<br />

together to create the perfect salon.<br />

This is what Takara Belmont does.<br />

So why not take advantage of their<br />

FREE* Salon Design service to<br />

explore new horizons, set new goals<br />

and give your business a real boost<br />

by reimagining your space? It also<br />

means you increase the value of<br />

your services, enhance every client<br />

experience and maximise profits.<br />



What’s even more exciting is that<br />

a wide range of their most popular<br />

chairs and equipment are in-stock<br />

and available in just a few weeks. Why<br />

not refine every service at the styling<br />

station and backwash area with the<br />

Cadilla styling chair and Cadilla BW<br />

chair? Bring elegance and comfort<br />

in the shape of the Harp styling<br />

chair and elevate every shampoo<br />

experience with the luxurious Yume<br />

Espoir back wash. Or why not boost<br />

colour business and accelerate client<br />

flow through with the Roller Ball F<br />

processor? Barbers and salons offering<br />

men’s grooming services can<br />

upgrade too, with the legendary<br />

Apollo 2 grooming chair and<br />

vintage inspired Legacy 95 available<br />

in as little as 3 weeks from order!<br />


Not only can you transform the look<br />

and feel of your interior and upscale<br />

every service with world-class<br />

equipment, spreading the cost with<br />

lease purchase options make every<br />

product affordable and tax efficient.<br />

Takara Belmont. Love it. Lease it.<br />

Own it.<br />

For salon design:<br />

https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk/<br />

salon-design-service<br />

For the benefits of leasing:<br />

https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk/<br />

leasing<br />

* Roller Ball F is available in 2 working days from<br />

order. Other from stock items stated are available in<br />

4 weeks from order and receipt of payment. Only<br />

available in standard colours and specification while<br />

stocks last. Salon Design service is FREE subject to<br />

T&Cs. See website for details.<br />

design<br />


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FRESHA 92-93<br />

www.fresha.com<br />


IFC-1<br />

www.goldwell.com<br />


www.greatlengthshair.co.uk<br />


www.hairandbeautycharity.org<br />


IBC-OBC<br />

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ORIBE 81<br />

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SENS.ÙS<br />

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www.ilovesensus.it<br />

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A PROVEN<br />



Bond Building Technology repairs all types<br />

of hair damage.<br />

When used in salon services, hair is left in<br />

better condition than before.<br />

Discover how OLAPLEX can help<br />

your business.<br />


@OLAPLEX<br />


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