Martial Arts World News Magazine - Volume 22 | Special Edition

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry


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VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | SPECIAL EDITION<br />

The #1 Business Resource for the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Industry<br />



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30 The First Ever USA Kukkiwon<br />

36 Soo Min Kim: 20<strong>22</strong> Man of the<br />

Year. The Next President of<br />

Kukkiwon?<br />

44 The 20<strong>22</strong> Disruptive Innovation<br />

and Leadership Awards<br />

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6 Editorial<br />

What if There Were a Recession, But You Chose<br />

Not to Participate?<br />

Master Toby Milroy<br />

8 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> Faculty<br />

12 Next Level Strategy<br />

Convenience Morality, Part 2<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

58 Mind Mastery<br />

Exploring the Subconscious Mind, Part 2<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

60 Growth Hacks<br />

Enhance Your Sales Presentation for Quick Enrollments<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

62 Ninja Business Tactics<br />

Finding The Gift of Living Masterfully<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

64 Pillars of Success<br />

Breathing For Better Living<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

68 The Way of the Samurai<br />

Combative Weapons, Part 1<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

70 Extraordinary Marketing<br />

The Great Fallacies When You Start Your Business,<br />

Part 1<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

72 Mastering Modern BJJ<br />

7 Important Skills Taught In Kids Jiu Jitsu, Part 1<br />

Master Carlos Machado<br />

76 Tactical Self-Defense<br />

Less Can Be More! Part 2<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

78 Complete <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Concepts<br />

Leading With Our Hearts<br />

Professor Willie “the Bam” Johnson<br />


STAFF<br />

80 The Millionaire Smarts Coach<br />

You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea<br />

Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

84 Budo Philosophy<br />

“Educare” Part 2<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

86 Pro Shop Power<br />

Back to School Fever<br />

Mr. Sun Kang<br />

88 Master the Basics<br />

Has Traditional <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Philosophy Become Obsolete<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

90 Instructional Excellence<br />

The Value of Meditation<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

92 Business Buzz<br />

Dialing For Dollars<br />

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

94 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Philosophy<br />

Remembering Beginnings: My Blue Belt Test and<br />

Sport Karate<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

96 Management Excellence<br />

Modernize Your Business System With 3 Simple Steps<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

98 The Warrior Way<br />

The Persistence Factor, Part 3<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

100 Staff Development<br />

Mining For Instructors: Planting the Seed Part 3<br />

Master Zulfi Ahmed<br />

102 Tools & Tactics<br />

The Best Kept Secret to Getting into Schools and<br />

Enrolling New Students<br />

Ms. Chris Lee<br />

104 After School Excellence<br />

Getting Feedback from Your Students<br />

Chief Master Mike Bugg<br />

VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | SPECIAL EDITION<br />


Master Toby Milroy<br />


Mr. Sean Lee<br />


Mr. Jeff Reulbach<br />


Mr. Frank Meyer<br />


Mr. Amen Blue<br />


Ms. Erin Pham<br />


Hanshi Dave Kovar<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

Chief Master Mike Bugg<br />

Professor Willie Johnson<br />

Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed<br />

Ms. Chris Lee<br />

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

Mr. Sun Kang<br />

Master Carlos Machado<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

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What if There Were a Recession,<br />

But You Chose Not to Participate?<br />

by Master Toby Milroy<br />

First, are we ‘in’ a recession or not?<br />

It’s somewhat nuanced, and I don’t profess to be an economist,<br />

but the ‘non technical’ definition of recession for about the last<br />

50ish years has been 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP.<br />

In the first quarter US GDP contracted by 1.6%, and in the second<br />

quarter by .9%. Since the total US GDP is roughly $<strong>22</strong>.8 trillion,<br />

that in real dollars, in the first quarter we shrunk by $364 billion,<br />

and in the second quarter by $205 billion.<br />

Now, “technically” there are other considerations and factors,<br />

but in general terms, we’re ‘in’ a recession already.<br />

We’ve seen recessions and disruptions before<br />

in our industry, and we’ve learned over time how<br />

to respond. We’ve learned what works ‘better’<br />

in recessionary times, and what works ‘worse’.<br />

We’ve seen some models do even better in tough<br />

times than in ‘boom’ times.<br />

We’ll either learn the lessons of the past or be<br />

doomed to repeat them.<br />

Second, how do we build our business to<br />

be more recession ‘resistant’?<br />

In general terms, economic<br />

downturns tend to affect the market<br />

unevenly. The more financially<br />

stable, higher skilled sector<br />

of the economy tend not to feel<br />

much disruption, while the less<br />

financially secure, less skilled,<br />

tend to feel the pinch more<br />

than others. This might help<br />

us consider what segment<br />

of the market you’d choose<br />

to serve in your community.<br />

Do you choose to build your<br />

livelihood and business, relying on<br />

clients that are<br />

more at risk<br />

of economic<br />

disruption, or<br />

less at risk?<br />

I’m not suggesting<br />

that<br />

we shouldn’t<br />

have systems in place to help serve people on the lower end of<br />

the income scale, in fact quite the opposite. I think it’s important<br />

to be financially stable enough that you CAN offer scholarship<br />

programs and have the flexibility to assist families in need, but it’s<br />

virtually impossible to do this if your business is barely ‘getting by’.<br />

In my view, with abundance you can make a far bigger impact on<br />

your community than you can with a lack of abundance.<br />

So, we try to choose a market segment that is best able to fund<br />

the business, in good times and tough times, what else can we do<br />

to make our business more recession resistant?<br />

Schools that build a business model more like a ‘health club’,<br />

with month-to-month agreements, lower tuition, less ‘program’<br />

structure, and less relationship with their students tend to get hit<br />

far harder by difficult economic conditions. When times get tough,<br />

these schools see their attrition rate skyrocket, and students simply<br />

‘disappear’ without a trace.<br />

Schools that provide ‘program’ based memberships, focus<br />

on outcomes not just ‘lessons’, have higher tuition, and deeper<br />

relationships tend to feel economic disruptions less, and in some<br />

cases FAR less than the previous model. We saw this play out during<br />

the COVID crisis in spades.<br />

It’s your choice to build the business you want. If you need<br />

help building a business that’s more resistant, and will allow you to<br />

virtually ignore most economic disruptions, give my team a call at<br />

1-800-275-1600 and we can help!<br />

MASTER TOBY MILROY is a 5th degree black belt. Known as “The Master Systemizer,” Master Toby Milroy<br />

has positively influenced more martial arts schools than anyone in our industry. He has built a successful multi-school<br />

organization, lead the national trade association for the martial arts industry, and coached some of the most successful<br />

martial arts school operators in the world.<br />


Image by Makhbubakhon Ismatova





No Egos – No Politics – No Trolls<br />

Just <strong>News</strong>, Tips, Strategies, and Tools to Help You Grow Your School!<br />



6<br />

Master Toby Milroy<br />

is a 5th degree Black Belt, the CEO and<br />

Publisher of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>, and the Executive Vice<br />

President for AMS. In addition to building<br />

a successful multi-school organization,<br />

Master Milroy has positively influenced<br />

more martial arts schools than virtually<br />

anyone in our industry.<br />

12<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

is a 7th degree black belt, the founder<br />

of the L.I. Ninjutsu Centers, one of the<br />

largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet,<br />

the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur<br />

with one of the first online coaching<br />

companies (TakingItToTheNextLevel.com).<br />

60<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

is President of Karate International of Durham,<br />

Inc., a member of the American <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Association Sport Karate League<br />

and Hall of Fame, and has been a member<br />

of the Duke University PE Staff for over 25<br />

years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body<br />

Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body<br />

Mindfulness Meditation for <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>.<br />

62<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing<br />

for hundreds of martial arts schools<br />

and specializes in online and social media<br />

marketing using his extensive professional<br />

experience in sports and martial<br />

arts marketing, contract negotiation, and<br />

investment.<br />

62<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

has authored more than 20 books,<br />

worked as a bodyguard for the Dalai<br />

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations<br />

worldwide, and was named, "One of<br />

the 10 Most Influential Living <strong>Martial</strong> Artists<br />

in the <strong>World</strong>" by Black Belt <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

64<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

is the most successful martial arts business<br />

leader in the US, having written<br />

over 30 books on martial arts, business,<br />

leadership, and success. He has won<br />

numerous public service awards and is<br />

the founder of the leading martial arts<br />

marketing and management company in<br />

the US.<br />

68<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu,<br />

starting his 14-year education in Tokyo.<br />

He has published five books and designed<br />

a US Patent. Abbott has also<br />

conducted seminars in over 30 countries<br />

and obtained his black belt at the Hombu<br />

dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers<br />

online classes on LearntheSword.com.<br />

70<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and is the<br />

founder and CEO of Mile High Karate<br />

schools, and founder of the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Wealth Mastery Program.<br />



72<br />

Master Carlos Machado<br />

is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu<br />

Jitsu in the United States of America.<br />

Currently a Coral Belt, and promoted<br />

to Black Belt by Carlos Gracie Junior,<br />

Carlos Machado came to the USA in the<br />

early 1990’s with his brothers where they<br />

formed the RCJ Machado Jiu Jitsu Association,<br />

one of the strongest & growing<br />

BJJ organizations in the world today.<br />

76<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

is known as “America’s Leading Personal<br />

Safety Expert” and has appeared on<br />

Good Morning America, The CBS Morning<br />

Show, The Colbert Report, Montel,<br />

plus in mainstream publications such as<br />

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune <strong>Magazine</strong>,<br />

and The Wall Street Journal.<br />

78<br />

Professor Willie “The BAM” Johnson<br />

is a 7th degree black belt and seven-time<br />

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion.<br />

He has appeared in four movies,<br />

16 plays, and 11 television shows. He is<br />

also the national spokesperson for the<br />

Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the<br />

Champions Against Drugs.<br />

84<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

is the CEO and General Manager of the<br />

Budo International Publishing Company,<br />

a leading publisher in the martial arts<br />

with over 35 years in the industry. He<br />

is also author of several books: The<br />

Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the<br />

Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives<br />

in Valencia, Spain.<br />

86<br />

Mr. Sun Kang<br />

is the President of Vision <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Supply who helps school owners all over<br />

the US maximize their retail sales and<br />

drive more revenue into their schools.<br />

88<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

is a 6th degree master instructor and<br />

owner of a Top Ten martial arts school<br />

with successful after school and summer<br />

camp programs.<br />

80<br />

Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

is an Intuitive Business Coach, awardwinning<br />

professional speaker, and TV<br />

personality who has counseled and<br />

trained over a million people throughout<br />

her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire<br />

Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling<br />

author of educational resources.<br />

90<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial<br />

arts educator with a master’s degree in<br />

education. He has been instrumental<br />

in developing two industry-changing<br />

programs, and has directed and been<br />

featured in hundreds of martial arts videos<br />

and webinars.<br />



92<br />

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

is a martial artist specializing in Karate,<br />

Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shoto-kan, and Gojurue,<br />

with 40 Super Kick Karate locations,<br />

and founder of AFKA. <strong>World</strong> champion<br />

Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success<br />

Systems consulting firm, training<br />

martial arts instructors on proper business<br />

practices in schools all over the country.<br />

94<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black<br />

belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist,<br />

winner of five Super Grand National<br />

Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks,<br />

and is the founder of the National<br />

Sport Karate Museum.<br />

100<br />

Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed<br />

has amassed acclaim as a world-class<br />

competitor, martial arts educator, and is<br />

most notably founder and designer of<br />

the internationally renowned style, Bushi<br />

Ban. With over 45 years of martial arts<br />

experience and over 300 martial arts<br />

awards, his schools include ten locations<br />

across Texas.<br />

102<br />

Ms. Chris Lee<br />

is a martial arts business development<br />

consultant with a background in online<br />

and social media marketing.<br />

96<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

is an 8th degree black belt and is the<br />

President of a multimillion-dollar, multischool<br />

organization, has a 30-year track<br />

record of success, and is currently on the<br />

leading edge of martial arts curriculum<br />

and business innovation.<br />

104<br />

Chief Master Mike Bugg<br />

is an 8th degree black belt and the<br />

owner of a 1.5 million-per-year location,<br />

with one of the largest after school and<br />

summer camp programs in the country.<br />

98<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and a former<br />

PKA Fighter of the year. He is widely considered<br />

one of the top experts in martial<br />

arts business with over 40 years of<br />

leadership and innovation, having been<br />

inducted into almost every Hall of Fame<br />

in the industry. He is one of the largest<br />

multi-school owners in the world.<br />

We’re Seeking Contributors!<br />

Do you have something to share?<br />

We’d love to hear about it!<br />


407-895-1996 Editor@<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com<br />

<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com/Ureport<br />


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that Bring New Students into Your School...Fast<br />


You Get a Beautiful, Mobile Responsive, Lead-Generating Website that Works for You 24/7/365<br />

. Designed to ATTRACT<br />

and CAPTURE Leads<br />

. Mobile Responsive<br />

Design<br />

. User Editable Pages,<br />

Posts, and Offers<br />

. search engine<br />

friendly<br />

. Attention-Grabbing<br />

Video Landing & Sales Pages<br />

. Fully Customizable<br />

Website Designs<br />

Amazing<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Websites.com<br />

Friendly, Dedicated US-Based<br />

Support Team - At Your Service!<br />

(800) 275-6900


Convenience Morality, Part 2<br />

by Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

Recently out of 350 people asked to help raise money for the C.T.F – Children’s Tumor<br />

Foundation, only 30 people stepped up and actually helped us raise money.<br />

Some I really pressured and the only reason they did anything<br />

was to avoid the pressure I was putting on them on a daily basis,<br />

while others stepped up willingly. My pitch to all students was to<br />

simply, go out and ask 5 people to donate. It didn’t matter if they<br />

only raised $20, which is a very small amount. If we multiplied<br />

that by 350 people we would have raised $5000. Instead 30<br />

people went above and beyond and we raised $2700 dollars.<br />

10% of the people put the effort forward, while 320 people stood<br />

by and did nothing.<br />

Now in their defense, I can say, they are all great<br />

people: who knows how busy, involved<br />

with other charities or not aligned with<br />

this event they are. Maybe they are not<br />

comfortable with asking others, maybe<br />

they feel funny or do not like the feeling<br />

they get when put in this situation. Maybe<br />

what I feel is right, is totally 100% different<br />

from them. Again, this supports my<br />

theory of “Convenience Morality.” If it is<br />

not entirely inline with their life,<br />

then they step away and do<br />

nothing.<br />

Another quick example<br />

is litter. I continually<br />

still see people<br />

throwing garbage<br />

out the window<br />

of their car, the<br />

biggest being<br />

cigarettes. My<br />

daughter recently<br />

did a cleanup<br />

of a park with her girl<br />

scout troop – she cleaned up<br />

nearly one hundred discarded<br />

cigarettes among<br />

other garbage.<br />

I can’t imagine<br />

people don’t<br />

realize what they<br />

are doing. What<br />

is it? Do they not<br />

care? Again, it is<br />

all about convenience.<br />

The convenience<br />

morality.<br />

So rather than continuing negatively with what people should<br />

do. I want to lay out a few scenarios to help you or others grow<br />

their compassion and morality muscles and change their paradigm.<br />

5 Steps to Change<br />

1. Write down 3 things you would like to see change around<br />

you. For example: Litter, over eating, etc. Then decide what you<br />

can do to make a difference. Remember – picking up garbage<br />

when you see it, removes it for others.<br />

2. Help to educate others about your quest and this type of<br />

mentality. Take this article and share it with others. Ask them to be<br />

a part of the change. Start a movement.<br />

3. Try to pass down your good behavior to your family. Don’t<br />

say “do as I say, not as I do.” Actually lead by example and teach<br />

others to do the same.<br />

4. Create an awareness on facebook, or email friends about<br />

the good things you’re doing. For example: It was gross, but I did<br />

it anyway – I cleaned up garbage on the side of the road, or in my<br />

neighbor’s yard, etc.<br />

5. Pay it forward – ask people that you do good for to do good<br />

for someone else. Not pay it back, but pay it forward. If you do a<br />

good deed and they pay it forward, it can literally impact millions.<br />

Remember, we can easily complain about things we do not like, or<br />

we can be a part of the change. Let’s make a difference.<br />

SHIHAN ALLIE ALBERIGO is a 7th degree black belt, the founder of the L.I. Ninjutsu<br />

Centers, one of the largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet, the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur<br />

with one of the first online coaching companies.<br />

12 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | SPECIAL EDITION Photograph by choochart choochaikupt

You Don’t Need a Degree in<br />

Education to Teach Children<br />

all you need is one book!<br />

Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2<br />

Dimensional <strong>World</strong> is an informationpacked<br />

resource for teachers of all levels<br />

of experience. It takes the latest research<br />

in developmental child psychology and<br />

makes it easy to understand, explaining<br />

how a child’s brain develops, year by<br />

year. Even the youngest members of your<br />

staff will understand which activities are<br />

appropriate for which age groups, which<br />

activities are not, and why.<br />

Take advantage of Grandmaster Tim McCarthy’s research and experience, organized for you<br />

with over 400 age-appropriate activities. It will be the best $5.00 you ever spent.<br />

Order a copy today at 4d-2d.com and share it with your entire staff!


Two Sides of the Same <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Coin:<br />

Tradition and Progress<br />

Many practitioners as well as Instructors take pride in the phrase<br />

“Traditional <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>” as the kind of training and style they<br />

practice and teach. Others are just as eager to express that they<br />

“absorb what is useful” in lieu of wasting their time with what might<br />

be referred to as “The Classical Mess.” The thought being presented<br />

here is that these are two sides of the martial arts coin.<br />

Can we at least agree that today’s tradition at some point was<br />

yesterday’s progress. There is no written or unwritten standard for how<br />

long something must be done before it becomes a tradition, is there?<br />

It” more than likely, and demonstrated in history, that today’s “Traditional<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>” were considered heterodox in the name of progress.<br />

Aikido has in its foundation many styles of Jujitsu and was considered<br />

an innovation when Morihei Ueshiba created it, but today it<br />

receives the traditional label. Jeet Kune Do on the other hand met<br />

much opposition initially even though its foundation is in classical<br />

Wing Chun and incorporated techniques from other Traditional<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>. Surely the practitioners of each are practicing martial<br />

arts in the traditional sense (sarcasm intended).<br />

Today, we have Mixed <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> which most systems are<br />

based in Jujitsu and includes tactics from other styles that also fall<br />

under the so-called Traditional <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Umbrella. Finding the<br />

balance is the key between tradition and progress not division. Many<br />

schools today might call themselves sharing Traditional <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

but have classes that include TaeKwondo, Tai Chi, and Grappling.<br />

Think about it. Did it become Tradition to have Korean, Chinese,<br />

Japanese or Brazilian styles in one Dojang, Kwoon, Dojo or School?<br />

International TaeKwonDo Day –<br />

September 4, 20<strong>22</strong><br />

Annually, September 4 is celebrated as International Taekwondo<br />

Day. The international community observes this<br />

day to commemorate Taekwondo becoming a medal sport in the<br />

Olympics. In 2006, the first International Taekwondo Day was held<br />

in South Korea after being initiated by the ruling body of the style,<br />

formerly known as the <strong>World</strong> Taekwondo Federation.<br />

As a relatively recent development, Taekwondo doesn’t<br />

have a long history, but it has had great growth as a practice<br />

throughout the world. It’s popularity is proven just in having this<br />

kind of celebration when so many other older and well established<br />

martial arts have no such event. It was on September 4,<br />

1996 that the International Olympic Committee officially adopted<br />

Taekwondo as an Olympic competition. In the 2000 Summer<br />

Olympics in Sydney, Australia Taekwondo had it inaugural Olympic<br />

competitive debut.<br />

From the initial celebration of International Taekwondo Day<br />

in Seoul, South Korea to present times, there has been a huge<br />

spread of participants celebrating the day globally. More than 70<br />

million people practice Taekwondo throughout the world, in more<br />

than 188 other countries around the world. This is a great opportunity<br />

to promote your school with community events, media<br />

opportunities and internal promotions.<br />

Do You Have Energizer Bunny<br />

Syndrome?<br />

As a martial artist, you probably pride yourself on being<br />

tireless and always full of energy. Like the Energizer<br />

Bunny for the Energizer<br />

Battery, try to “keep<br />

going and going and<br />

going”. But just like that<br />

battery runs out of juice,<br />

you will too, if you keep<br />

burning the candle from<br />

both ends.<br />

You surely tell your<br />

students, daily exercise,<br />

proper eating, and quality<br />

rest is necessary for being<br />

your best. With this in mind<br />

be sure to manage YOUR<br />

energy and rest well to<br />

optimize your performance<br />

and care for yourself. Your<br />

students deserve to have<br />

you at your ‘best’, not a<br />

drained shell of yourself!<br />


Photography by Artur Didyk (top left) and Prostock-Studio (bottom right)

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Celebrity Birthdays<br />


September<br />

September 1 ......................Billy Blanks<br />

September 6 ...................... James Lew<br />

September 7 ......................Phillip Rhee<br />

September 9 ...................Stephen Hayes<br />

September 10 .....................Don Wilson<br />

October<br />

October 8 ................... Michael Dudikoff<br />

October 11 ........................Kane Kosug<br />

October 17 .......................Keith Hafner<br />

October 18 ...........Jean-Claude Van Damme<br />

October 28 .......................Simon Rhee<br />

September 12 ....................... Bill Clark<br />

September 15 ..................Fumio Demura<br />

September 27 ............Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa<br />

They Call Me Master<br />

They Call Me Master is martial<br />

arts writer Karen Eden’s latest<br />

book release.<br />

Known for her long-standing<br />

inspirational writings, Grandmaster<br />

Eden does not disappoint with her<br />

4th book release.<br />

Available through<br />

Century <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>,<br />

centurymartialarts.com<br />



The Perfect Weapon Was Promoted to a<br />

Perfect 10th Dan<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> would like to send congratulations<br />

to Grandmaster Jeff Speakman on his promotion to 10th<br />

dan black in American Kenpo on Thursday July 7th, 20<strong>22</strong> in Las Vegas.<br />

Most know of Grandmaster Speakman through the iconic martial<br />

arts movie The Perfect Weapon, but many are unaware that over the<br />

last 30 years he has been the leading figure in the further development<br />

and promotion of Kenpo throughout the world.<br />

At the event, not only was Grandmaster Speakman promoted to<br />

10th dan, but was also knighted, given an honorary lifetime membership<br />

to a special advisory board to Federation of Israeli <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>,<br />

and also received a hall of fame award. His tireless efforts and contributions<br />

to the advancement of martial arts, in this case specifically<br />

Kenpo, is truly worthy of these honors and recognition. Once again,<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Salutes Grandmaster Jeff Speakman.<br />

Watch the Awards, Recognitions, & Promotions Ceremony here:<br />

https://martialartsworldnews.com/martial-arts-events-and-tournaments/the-perfect-weapon-was-promoted-to-a-perfect-10th-dan/<br />

Dave Kovar Promoted to 9th<br />

Degree at ProMAC International<br />

Conference<br />

For the first time since<br />

COVID hit 3 years ago,<br />

a ProMAC International<br />

Conference was held and<br />

it was truly memorable.<br />

Attendance was great,<br />

speakers were world<br />

class, and featured guests<br />

were some of the top<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> industry leaders.<br />

In addition, the event was highlighted by Hanshi Dave Kovar’s<br />

promotion to 9th degree black belt, an honor well deserved.<br />

While the event gave participants a renewed passion and new<br />

tools to help take their schools to even higher levels, it was more<br />

than the typical conference. On Friday night of the event, Hanshi<br />

Kovar was presented with the promotion by Grandmaster Fred<br />

Degerberg. That alone would be a great honor, but he was further<br />

honored by it being witnessed by Grandmaster Ray Arquilla, Hanshi<br />

Bruce Juchnik, Grandmaster Ernie Reyes Sr. and Shihan Mikio<br />

Nishiuchi, along with 340 of his closest friends.<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> also extends our congratulations<br />

to Hanshi Kovar.<br />

Grandmaster Willie “The Bam”<br />

Johnson Receives 9th Dan!<br />

In June 20<strong>22</strong>, Grandmaster Willie “Bam” Johnson’s schools celebrated<br />

its twenty-eighth year of service to his community. The<br />

event was made even more special as Grandmaster Dennis Brown<br />

presented Grandmaster Johnson with a Ninth Degree in Wu Shu<br />

for his dedication and preparation mentally and physically in the<br />

way and spirit of Wu Shu. The award and honor also recognized<br />

Willie Johnson as a Senior Disciple of Dennis Brown system of Wu<br />

Shu <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>.<br />

“Bam” responded with humility and great admiration for all that<br />

Grandmaster Brown has done for him since he was 16. In receiving<br />

his “new white belt of ninth degree”, he also expressed a heartfelt<br />

thanks to his parents also. <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

would also like to send congratulate Grandmaster Johnson on this<br />

major accomplishment.<br />


Join Our <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Professional<br />

Facebook Group<br />

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Interact<br />

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How to Easily Attract<br />

More <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Students<br />

ATLAS <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> software will attract more students to your<br />

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ATLAS <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> software provides powerful automation<br />

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class automation, etc., will provide a ton of support.<br />

Another great thing about this software is that it can automate<br />

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ATLAS <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> software offers online lead generation<br />

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and more leads.<br />

ATLAS does the heavy lifting that makes attracting and gaining<br />

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Photograph by AndreyPopov

Our Goal is to Help Young Minds<br />

GROW Stronger and EMPOWER<br />

them through Stories that will:<br />

• Inspire Their Imagination<br />

• Develop Their Moral Compass<br />

• Set Positive Examples Both Visually and Verbally<br />

• Prepare Them for Life’s Challenges<br />

Sarah B. Tucker, Author of<br />

The Adventures of Harry & Friends<br />

Book Series<br />



Budo International:<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> From Around the Globe<br />

Budointernational.com is a great site for the martial arts enthusiast<br />

to find resources to further enhance their training and<br />

to find out about other experts and styles from around the world.<br />

Budo is one of the world’s leading publishers in the martial arts<br />

industry and has been at it for over 35 years. Every<br />

month they publish a FREE online monthly magazine<br />

in several language editions.<br />

While Budo International <strong>Magazine</strong> is well recognized<br />

throughout the industry, you should also<br />

know that the publishing house is also a source for<br />

purchasing martial arts DVDs, digital videos, and<br />

e-books. As the word international indicates, you can<br />

find a broad array of martial arts training videos and<br />

books from styles around the world that could be<br />

used to add techniques to your curriculum.<br />

One of the best parts is that these products are<br />

available in 6 major languages which include German,<br />

English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. In<br />

addition, there are always a number of exciting deals and discount<br />

offers that can equal savings.<br />

You can explore their collection of resources by visiting<br />

Budointernational.com<br />

ExtraordinaryMarketing.com:<br />

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the “Enrollment Acceleration System” which is also designed to<br />

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This program allows for any school<br />

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Oliver’s 42 years of experience of success<br />

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marketing. He’s well-aware of the loopholes<br />

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Put Our 30 Years of Tuition Management<br />

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OurAMS.com/headache<br />


SOCIAL 411<br />

The Core Components of a Strong SEO<br />

Strategy: Backlinks<br />

This is the last entry in our SEO Core Components series and<br />

today we will focus on links, and more specifically back links.<br />

So far, it’s clear that web pages can’t rank if they’re not relevant<br />

or lack authority. Search engines want to provide users with accurate<br />

results, which is why they prioritize pages that are relevant<br />

and popular.<br />

The objective of the two core components we’ve discussed so<br />

far—technical setup and content—is to increase the relevancy of<br />

web pages. But popularity can be, in part, indicated by other reputable<br />

and relevant websites linking to your site, which is why they are<br />

a major SEO hotspot. If you want your martial arts business to thrive<br />

online, it’s important to understand backlinks and how they work.<br />

What Are Backlinks, Exactly?<br />

Known as backlinks in the world of SEO, links are references<br />

to your content that other websites use to lead readers to your<br />

content. Every time a website mentions your content and leads<br />

readers to it, you gain a backlink.<br />

One of the ranking factors that Google takes into consideration<br />

is the quantity and quality of links. Why? Because they, in part,<br />

measure the authority of your website. Webmasters reference<br />

websites that are high-quality and popular a lot more often than<br />

mediocre websites, that’s why quantity is important.<br />

However, quality also matters. Low-quality links, meaning the<br />

links that are created deliberately to trick the algorithm to think the<br />

site has more authority than it actually does, will negatively impact<br />

your ranking. When you build links, you want to build high-quality<br />

references.<br />

Certain factors determine the quality of links, such as the popularity<br />

of the website being linked, the relevancy of the topic, and<br />

the website’s trust; the more trustworthy the site, the better.<br />

A Quick Guide to Link Building<br />

Link building refers to the process of acquiring backlinks and it’s<br />

something that requires creativity, patience, and strategy. A linkbuilding<br />

strategy will allow<br />

you to create quality links,<br />

but this can be challenging.<br />

However, it’s worth the<br />

effort.<br />

Luckily, there are several<br />

strategies you can use. You<br />

have editorial or organic<br />

links, which is when websites<br />

reference your content naturally.<br />

But if you don’t want to<br />

wait for people to do that,<br />

you can contact websites<br />

that work with related topics<br />

and provide them with<br />

valuable content so they can<br />

reference it.<br />

Another popular strategy<br />

is to do guest posts, which<br />

consist of publishing articles<br />

on third-party websites. This<br />

is a collaboration and they<br />

will allow you to use one or<br />

two links to your website and<br />

create an author bio. Your<br />

online profiles also allow you<br />

to create backlinks because<br />

you can list your website there.<br />

Lastly, there’s competitive analysis, where you can analyze the<br />

backlinks of your competitors and identify the ones you can recreate<br />

for your site, but make it better. These are all effective strategies<br />

and even though it may take time and effort, your martial arts<br />

website will be better because of it.<br />

If you want the SEO strategy for your martial arts business to<br />

be strong and effective these are the three core components you<br />

need to focus on. Use this series of articles as a guide and continue<br />

your research to improve your SEO efforts!<br />

<strong>22</strong> MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | SPECIAL EDITION<br />

Photograph by juststock

The Latest Guide<br />

All <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School Owners<br />


Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed’s<br />

newest book, “The Science & Secrets<br />

of Becoming a Master <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Instructor,” is the latest must-have<br />

industry guide for martial arts school<br />

owners and instructors.<br />

The world of martial arts is a very<br />

complicated one, where you can soar<br />

to the heights of the profession or<br />

quickly hit rock bottom, all depending<br />

on your mindset, discipline, and skills.<br />

“The Science & Secrets of Becoming<br />

a Master <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Instructor” is<br />

designed to teach you everything<br />

you’ll need to know to avoid the pitfalls<br />

and succeed as an instructor in the<br />

modern era.<br />

Featuring contributions from<br />

some of the best martial arts minds,<br />

including Grandmaster Ernie Reyes,<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Hayes, and<br />

Hanshi Dave Kovar, “The Science &<br />

Secrets of Becoming a Master <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Instructor” will no doubt help you<br />

take your career to the next level!<br />

To get your copy today for $29.95,<br />

simply go to Lulu.com and search by author.

SOCIAL 411<br />

Effortlessly Keep Facebook Groups<br />

In Check<br />

From time to time martial arts group discussions can head<br />

in the wrong direction and quickly get out of hand.<br />

In those moments, school owners may wish there<br />

was a way to prevent the issue from escalating<br />

in the first place. Well Facebook has rolled out<br />

a new tool for group administrators to help<br />

manage the groups you use to market and<br />

communicate to reach your intended goals.<br />

These tools will enable those running<br />

groups to not get overwhelmed and manage<br />

groups so they don’t become a place of misinformation,<br />

spam, or abuse. With the Admin<br />

Home dashboard, all the settings, tools, features,<br />

and pro tips can help tailor your groups<br />

needs to operate most optimally. To keep your<br />

group community healthy and thriving, you’ll<br />

want to take advantage of these powerful tools as<br />

soon as you can.<br />

Some notable features empower admins with tools called<br />

“Conflict Alerts”. These alerts will notify admins when a<br />

potentially contentious or unhealthy discussion is taking<br />

place in the group. The administrator then could<br />

quickly take an action in ways like: turning off<br />

comments, limiting who can comment, removing<br />

a post, or however else they want to approach<br />

the situation. A criteria automation can be set<br />

up to restrict comments and posts more proactively,<br />

instead of forcing admins to go back after<br />

the fact and delete them which can help to limit<br />

spam and conflicts.<br />

Armed with these type of tools will help keep<br />

your martial art group happy, informed, growing, and<br />

productive! Prevention is worth a pound of cure in maintaining<br />

a good report on social groups and this feature<br />

makes it possible to meet things off beforehand and keep<br />

communication running smoothly.<br />

Bring Students Back With A 5 Step<br />

Message Model<br />

When COVID hit, many martial arts schools witnessed a mass<br />

exodus of their student bodies, but to be honest students<br />

leaving is really nothing new. No matter what business someone<br />

runs, occasionally the loss of customers occurs, and finding ways<br />

to successfully get them to return is a necessity. Stability and loyalty<br />

are staples of a good business, so bringing back good students<br />

that leave is a must to avoid having a revolving door customer<br />

base for your martial arts school.<br />

The first thing you have to do in this process is build a list of<br />

those former students who need to be reached with all their contact<br />

information. Choose wisely, not every lost student is a good return.<br />

The beauty behind this is that you already have a relationship with<br />

these people, so there’s already an open door to reach out. Once<br />

you have the list, you should follow a sequential strategy with Facebook,<br />

SMS, and email messages as the platforms to lure them back.<br />

The 5 Step Sequence Message Model That Reels Them In:<br />

Open Lines of Communication: Tell the departed student that<br />

they are missed and ask to start a conversation which is the first<br />

step in rekindling the relationship. Ex. “Hope you’re doing well<br />

cause you’re in my thoughts. Let’s talk soon.”<br />

Discover What Made Them Leave: Once you understand the<br />

reason they left, you have to acknowledge the problem by taking<br />

some of the responsibility. Ex. “I understand money is tight, sorry I<br />

didn’t realize that sooner to help you.”<br />

Express Business Improvements: Describe the new exciting<br />

classes, activities and programs that are going on at the school<br />

and the benefits others are receiving. Ex. “We’re holding a spot for<br />

you in our exciting <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Classes.”<br />

Give An Incentive to Return: Make a special offer that provides<br />

them with increased value if they come back that differs from first<br />

time enrollees. Ex. “For Limited Time Get 50% Off For 6 Months.<br />

Must Be a Returning Student.”<br />

Welcome Them Back: Upon accepting your offer, express your<br />

happiness for their return with a welcome and promise for a better<br />

experience this time. Ex. “Welcome Back, We’re Excited to Exceed<br />

Your Expectations.”<br />

This is a proven sequence of generic message ideas to induce<br />

the return of students that left for various reasons. It’s just a pattern,<br />

but you’ll have to come up with your own language or utilize<br />

a company that already has a professionally designed return<br />

customer sequence with social media and emails.<br />





• Instructor Tips and Tricks<br />

• Class Management Skills<br />

• <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Events<br />

• Classified Marketplace<br />

• Social Media Marketing Tactics<br />

• Marketing Breakthroughs<br />

• Industry <strong>News</strong><br />

• <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School Profiles<br />

And MUCH More!<br />




<strong>Special</strong> Needs Has A <strong>Special</strong><br />

Place At Universal Warrior<br />

Mixed <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Grand Master Austin Wright is a UWMA 10th Dan and the head master instructor and<br />

founder of the Universal Warrior Mixed <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> school in Bayonne, NJ.<br />

He is a highly decorated martial artist with many<br />

championships from competition as well as hall<br />

of fame awards. Grand Master Wright has a talented<br />

group of instructors and black belts that<br />

deliver high level instruction in their modern<br />

Mixed <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> curriculum and training<br />

to the community. In addition to exciting<br />

mainstream programs, he also dedicates time<br />

and resources to providing a special needs<br />

program for kids and adults in his community.<br />

The program is running successfully due<br />

to the patience Grand Master Wright<br />

has with his students and the high<br />

motivation he gives during class.<br />

Parents and adult students<br />

constantly rave about the<br />

school. It is truly an institution<br />

for self-improvement<br />

and the home of life<br />

champions because<br />

Universal Warrior Mixed<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> is focused<br />

on creating a positive,<br />

safe, injury-free training<br />

environment for<br />

EVERYONE – including<br />

those whom<br />

others ignore.<br />

MAWN: What is the<br />

name of your unique special<br />

needs program and when did<br />

you establish it?<br />

AW: At Universal Warrior<br />

<strong>Arts</strong>, we call the program<br />

Dragon’s Club-- it’s been<br />

established since 1996.<br />

MAWN: What inspired you<br />

to begin this special needs<br />

program and who does it<br />

facilitate?<br />

Grand Master Austin Wright Combines Tradition,<br />

with Exciting Experiences for His Students.<br />

AW: As an educator to special needs children, I felt like I could<br />

help make a difference in my community by creating a program<br />

accessible to all kids.<br />

MAWN: How many current students are participating in this<br />

much needed type of program?<br />

AW: Between 20 and 30 students, it’s a small group but it’s<br />

growing. We prefer to keep a family-oriented environment.<br />

MAWN: What is the structure of this program and the general<br />

intended benefits for participants?<br />

AW: For special needs children specifically, it’s about life skills<br />



and social interaction skills. The most important part for them is to<br />

build confidence and give them motivation in order to keep a “Yes<br />

I Can!” attitude.<br />

MAWN: Can you site a couple specific examples of how students<br />

have benefited from this program?<br />

AW: Our success stories are all the black belts that have had<br />

the discipline to not only commit to becoming a black belt in the<br />

school, but also at home.<br />

MAWN: In what ways have you marketed this program in your<br />

community and beyond it?<br />

AW: Universal Warrior <strong>Arts</strong> has a website that attracts many<br />

new residents in the area. We have been in the Bayonne community<br />

for 3 generations, which has made our school popular through<br />

word-of-mouth. We also promote UWA with business cards, online<br />

promotions, and flyers. We are satisfied with the outcome of the<br />

Dragon’s Club program.<br />

MAWN: Does this program bring in any income or is it just charitable<br />

community service or both?<br />

AW: The program does both<br />

bring in some income and offer<br />

community service. In fact, we<br />

accept volunteers from the<br />

community to help out from<br />

time to time.<br />

MAWN: If another school<br />

owner wanted to start a similar<br />

program, what advice would<br />

you give him or her?<br />

AW: A new school should<br />

definitely have reliable instructors<br />

with a background in karate.<br />

These instructors should<br />

have experience working with<br />

children and be educated on<br />

working with different groups.<br />

A background check should be<br />

done to instructors, plus staff<br />

that have patience and experience<br />

is vital for a successful<br />

special needs program. New<br />

school owners should also<br />

focus on the style of martial<br />

arts they would like to teach<br />

and do their best to implement<br />

their style.<br />

MAWN: Please share any<br />

other things you feel are personally<br />

relevant and inspiring<br />

related to this program and/or<br />

pertinent for other martial arts<br />

school owners.<br />

AW: Make sure your<br />

students feel welcome and<br />

comfortable in your dojo.<br />

Encourage each student’s<br />

strengths and allow them to<br />

improve their weaknesses.<br />




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The First Ever USA Kukkiwon<br />

Expo – A Huge Success!<br />

On June 27, Hundreds of Taekwondo Masters gathered in our nation’s capital, to<br />

train, learn, and grow together. This was an historic event, as this was the first ever<br />

Kukkiwon Expo in the United States.<br />

Sponsored, organized, and facilitated by “The Lee Brothers”<br />

from the DC Area, Grandmaster H.K. Lee, Grandmaster Kang Suk<br />

Lee, Grandmaster Jun Lee, Grandmaster Byung Seok Lee, Grandmaster<br />

Sang Ho Lee, and Grandmaster Jung Ho Lee, invested tremendous<br />

time, energy and effort to produce this historic gathering.<br />

First up was the International Master’s certification course.<br />

Here, several hundred Masters, instructors and Black Belts, from<br />

more than 17 countries, studied under some of the most talented<br />

Masters and Grandmasters in the <strong>World</strong>.<br />

From Sparring<br />

application<br />

and strategy with<br />

Multiple Gold Medal<br />

Olympian Professor<br />

Moon Dae-Sung, to<br />

in-depth Taekwondo<br />

history, to modern Maw<strong>News</strong> Team Members - Master Toby Milroy, and<br />

curriculum management<br />

and teaching<br />

Mr. Sean Lee Welcome Visitors from All Over the <strong>World</strong>.<br />

tools, attendees gained a new level of expertise and motivation<br />

through the intensive 5 days of training. The final day brought a<br />

final exam and certification ceremony.<br />

Next, attendees were treated to an elegant banquet where, the<br />

guest of honor, Kukkiwon President Grandmaster Dong Sup Lee<br />

made himself available to answer questions and concerns about<br />

the direction and vision for the Kukkiwon. Grandmaster Lee was<br />

https://www.facebook.com/606546516/videos/584191020002616/<br />



The Kukkiwon Demo Team Performed a Historic Exhibition on the DC Mall.<br />

not able to travel due to doctors’ orders, after having a series of<br />

serious surgeries over the previous few weeks, but his dedication<br />

and commitment were on full display, as he attended the session<br />

virtually via Zoom, and patiently, thoughtfully answered important<br />

questions from Taekwondo<br />

leaders all<br />

over the world.<br />

Third, Saturday<br />

July 2nd, thousands<br />

of students, families<br />

and instructors traveled<br />

to the beautiful<br />

George Mason<br />

University campus<br />

to participate in the first ever USA Kukkiwon Cup tournament.<br />

Spirited competition in forms, sparring, breaking and demo team<br />

were the order of the day.<br />

<strong>Special</strong> guests, too numerous to list here included, the first<br />

Korean American “Miss America” Emma Broyles, Congressman<br />

Gregory Murphy from the 3rd district of North Carolina (whose<br />

family has studied Taekwondo for many years), Grandmaster Sang<br />

Lee, Grandmaster Bruce Harris, and many other guests and dignitaries<br />

from all over the world.<br />

Following the main competitions, a light hearted interlude of<br />

a K-Pop live performance, a beautiful traditional Korean dance<br />

exhibition, and a thunderous traditional Korean drum chorus, the<br />

energy in the Eagle Bank area was electric, as the world famous<br />

Kukkiwon Demo Team put on an astonishing performance!<br />

https://www.facebook.com/10000150910<strong>22</strong>62/videos/3202805196597896/<br />



Guests of Honor, Congressman Gregory Murphy and<br />

20<strong>22</strong> Miss America Emma Broyles<br />

From the nose bleed high flying board breaking, to the Swiss<br />

watch-like precision group form performances, the crowd stood<br />

stunned at the expertise and athleticism of these young practitioners.<br />

Along with the energy and excitement of the ‘high flying’ techniques,<br />

came a warm, heartstring-plucking story of a young boy<br />

with a physical disability, discovering his true potential under the<br />

sage guidance<br />

of a caring Taekwondo<br />

instructor.<br />

I can assure<br />

you, there was<br />

not a dry eye in<br />

the house when<br />

this exceptional<br />

Master Toby Milroy Helping School Owners Implement<br />

Cutting Edge Marketing Systems<br />

young man demonstrated<br />

how<br />

his journey has<br />

changed him, as<br />

he shattered a stack of boards.<br />

Then, beginning on July 3rd, high ranking practitioners assembled<br />

to learn and practice the Kukkiwon’s new testing and<br />

examiner procedures and requirements. This is one of the impactful<br />

innovations in Kukkiwon in recent months, in order to raise the<br />

standards, the quality of students and Taekwondo programs all<br />

over the world.<br />

At the same time, Dojang owners joined together for 2 days of<br />

high impact marketing, student service, and business operations<br />

sessions with some massively successful school owners. In fact,<br />

our very own Publisher, Master Toby Milroy, and Editor Mr. Sean<br />

Lee were honored to present the most important lessons we’ve<br />

learned following the COVID-19 pandemic, and how schools can<br />

turn crisis into massive opportunity.<br />

Overall, this was a truly inspiring event, and will positively impact<br />

millions of Taekwondo students, all across the world.<br />

Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee Answers Important Questions from the Group.<br />

The Kukkiwon Demo Team Brought the House Down with an Inspiring Performance<br />


presenting<br />

the Ninja<br />

‘Five Elements’ system<br />

Author Stephen K. Hayes presents the Ninja "Five Elements" system to explain fundamental aspects of self-defense.<br />

According to Japanese Buddhist belief, human nature is connected to the natural world and is made up of five elements. By<br />

understanding that connection, essential responses to any threat become clear:<br />

EARTH—Remain grounded in your thinking and footing to repel attempts to distract or deceive you<br />

WATER—Shift, angle and move fluidly to tactically confuse attackers and put them off balance<br />

FIRE—See where a situation is going as it develops and intercept it at the critical moment<br />

WIND—Stay light on your feet and move nimbly to evade and escape attempts to pin you down<br />

VOID—Control a fight's direction by changing dynamics to confuse your attacker<br />

“Ninja Fighting Techniques” explains how the five elements can<br />

become automatic, unconscious responses for fighters who<br />

train the Ninja way. Through study and practice they become<br />

instinctive, effectively employed precisely when you need them<br />

without thinking.<br />

The advantage of Ninja teachings over other martial disciplines<br />

is that, in addition to providing physical combat methods, they<br />

teach you to develop a better understanding of human behavior<br />

and psychology as well as "real-time" awareness of your<br />

surroundings — invaluable in any combat and street fighting<br />

situation.<br />

With over 300 full-color photographs and detailed step-by-step<br />

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Join Us on the<br />

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1:00 P.M. Eastern<br />

Join Us for Our Business Brainstorming Sessions with Master Toby Milroy!<br />


September 14th<br />

October 11<br />




MAW<strong>News</strong>: Would you briefly introduce<br />

yourself to our readers?<br />

SMK: I was Born in Seoul, Korea in<br />

February of 1964. I grew up in Korea and<br />

started learning Taekwondo when I was 12<br />

years old. After graduating from Dongguk<br />

University’s Department of Trade, I got a<br />

job in a trading company and went to the<br />

United States to study abroad in 1991. At<br />

that time, I gained a 4th Dan and Instructor<br />

Certification from Kukkiwon. Thinking that I<br />

should continue my studies abroad, I went<br />

on further to get an MBA in Business Administration<br />

in Orlando, Florida, and forged<br />

a Taekwondo Dojang business into a<br />

great success.<br />

After returning to Korea in 1997, I<br />

started working at a German Company<br />

called the Osram Lighting<br />

Company. Then in 2001, I established<br />

a company called<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> Korea,<br />

and also ran a company<br />

that developed<br />

and disseminated<br />

advanced management<br />

techniques<br />

of Taekwondo and<br />

programs for success in<br />

the Dojang. Later on, I stopped<br />

the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> Business and<br />

changed industries, moving to a lighting<br />

firm. I expanded the business to the manufacturing<br />

sector; from R&D, production, and<br />

sales, and built a successful business in<br />

that sector.<br />

MAW<strong>News</strong>: Every business faces challenges,<br />

what are some of the challenges<br />

you’ve faced in your time building such a<br />

successful business.<br />

SMK: If I had to pick one of the most<br />

memorable and difficult times since I began<br />

in business, it would be speaking in Korean<br />

in September 2008. I can’t forget the<br />

Lehman Brothers crisis that started around<br />

the end of the Chuseok holiday.<br />

Four negative factors impacted the<br />

business:<br />

First, an increase in raw material prices<br />

led to an increase in prices.<br />

Second, costs and margins fell due to<br />

the sharp rise in the exchange rate.<br />

Third, a sharp decline in sales due to a<br />

decrease in market demand.<br />

Fourth, sales and sales’ promotion were<br />

challenging and the collection of money<br />

became more difficult.<br />

I remember being pushed to the limit, I<br />

almost gave up on the business as all these<br />

factors combine into the “Perfect Storm”.<br />



I knew that if I gave up, I would face a<br />

huge financial burden, and all our employees<br />

would have to suffer the pain of<br />

unemployment. The goals and dreams that<br />

I wanted to achieve through the business<br />

would die.<br />

I decided to take massive action<br />

instead. My desperate but effective efforts<br />

began to overcome these terrible<br />

conditions.<br />

As the ‘crunch’ came, other team members<br />

gave up on the business, but I was so<br />

determined to make this business work,<br />

that I did every job you can imagine, including<br />

helping to run the factory.<br />

We were able to convince a key<br />

wholesaler to do business with us because<br />

we promised them there would<br />

be no supply disruption, and that I and<br />

my team would do whatever was necessary<br />

to make sure they had the supply<br />

they needed!<br />

At that time, the government was expanding<br />

it’s procurement systems, and we<br />

had acquired a special certification to be<br />

able to fulfill their needs. We put ourselves<br />

in the position to supply the highly customized<br />

equipment they needed, and were<br />

able to leverage the contract as collateral<br />

to fund our recovery.<br />

We focused intently on quality control<br />

(Q/C) to prevent returns when the products<br />

were delivered, and also introduced a job<br />

sharing system through employee communication<br />

and encouragement.<br />

Because we refused to quit, and<br />

focused on finding solutions to this crisis,<br />

I was able to overcome the long Lehman<br />

Brothers crisis.<br />

MAW<strong>News</strong>: You say<br />

you have a different<br />

perspective on<br />

Taekwondo,<br />

what is the difference?<br />

SMK: It is currently estimated that 150<br />

to 200 million people are sweating in Taekwondo<br />

classes all over the world and are<br />

passionate about Taekwondo training.<br />

I have thought deeply about why, and I<br />

have come to the conclusion that there are<br />

three powers to change the world.<br />

First, when people’s thinking<br />

continued on page 42<br />


Finally A…<br />

FinallCUTTING<br />

EDGE,<br />

All in One<br />

Marketing & Management System.<br />


ATLAS<br />





CALL 1-800-275-1600<br />












TOOLS<br />






continued from page 39<br />

changes, they have the power to change<br />

the world.<br />

Second, advances in science and technology<br />

change the world.<br />

Third, it is said that the ideology and<br />

philosophy that leads an organization or<br />

country changes the world.<br />

Taekwondo can change people’s<br />

thinking. This has the unparalleled power<br />

to change the world. It can change a life in<br />

which a negative person becomes a positive<br />

person. It can help a person without<br />

self-confidence to become a confident<br />

person. A life that is aimless and without a<br />

goal, to have clarity, self-confidence, and<br />

an indomitable will and spirit that never<br />

gives up. It can usher in a new era and a<br />

new future that can evoke the power of<br />

positivity. Our taekwondo is for all mankind,<br />

not the cultural heritage of Korea, as well<br />

as the essential spirit that stays close to<br />

us like air, water, salt, and nourishment<br />

for world peace and coexistence of<br />

people all around the world.<br />

MAW<strong>News</strong>: How did the spirit<br />

of Taekwondo help you succeed in<br />

your business?<br />

SMK: In general, when people<br />

think of Taekwondo, the thoughts<br />

that come to mind are a strong body,<br />

a strong mind, and a healthy mind. I<br />

think that Taekwondo has a deeper<br />

life than just a strong body and mind<br />

and is very closely related to our<br />

lives. When interpreting Taekwondo<br />

in English, it is called “The way<br />

of Life.” In Christianity, the way<br />

of salvation is to ultimately<br />

go to<br />

heaven<br />

through the love of Jesus Christ. In Buddhism,<br />

the path to liberation or nirvana by<br />

practicing the mercy of the Buddha will be<br />

the final path of the path. Since we only live<br />

once, it is everyone’s hope and dream to<br />

live a life of success rather than failure, a life<br />

of victory rather than defeat, and a life of<br />

happiness rather than unhappiness.<br />

However, to achieve this requires not<br />

only ceaseless efforts, but also the basic<br />

requirements to achieve happiness begins<br />

from satisfying wants and needs.<br />

If the want is the goal of what I want to<br />

do, then the action plan for this is the need.<br />

For example, if the goal is a gold medal in<br />

the Olympic Games, then the action plan to<br />

achieve it must be well crafted. When we<br />

compete in a competition, the competition<br />

is not over just because<br />

we<br />

allow 1<br />

point because the match is not over until<br />

the bell rings. Even though, sometimes it<br />

looks like there is no end to such a long<br />

tunnel, with a clear personal goal, practice,<br />

and execution, there will be an end. It is<br />

important to form an internal and external<br />

corporate culture for constant devotion,<br />

honest effort, trust and value. Even in the<br />

ever-changing world of business, I am always<br />

grateful that the spirit brought by the<br />

Taekwondo spirit has been with Taekwondo<br />

in corporate management as well.<br />

I would like to say some things to the instructors<br />

who have special characteristics<br />

from Taekwondo in the country and who<br />

run a dojang in the United States. Everyone<br />

dreams of success and everyone has hope<br />

for a beautiful future. With changes in the<br />

times, there are differences in thinking and<br />

values, but what should not be changed is<br />

that the status of the master and instructor<br />

in the dojang business and the symbol<br />

and value of Taekwondo itself should not<br />

be damaged in any case. That will be the<br />

master’s credibility and its symbolism in the<br />

dojang.<br />

I hear these days that in relation to<br />

joining the T-Con at the Kukkiwon in Korea,<br />

there is an inconvenience and unfairness<br />

for the masters and instructors who apply<br />

for a dan certification to the Kukkiwon and<br />

situations that undermine the authority,<br />

credibility and status of the instructors<br />

are taking place. If we look at this, the<br />

problem occurred three years ago from<br />

the development stage of T-con. From the<br />

stage of preparation, sufficient explanation<br />

and understanding of the purpose of the T-<br />

Con system, the practical benefits and benefits<br />

obtained by implementing it, and the<br />

convenience that can be given to<br />

the front-line American dojang.<br />

By doing this, and how the<br />

expected benefits will<br />

appear, should have<br />

been followed.<br />

However, the<br />

T-con system<br />

was newly<br />

implemented<br />

without sufficient<br />

explanation<br />

and<br />

persuasion,<br />

so I<br />



think the idea of ​following it unconditionally<br />

is a big problem. In any case, the authority<br />

and status of the instructors should be protected<br />

and the value of Taekwondo should<br />

be given priority.<br />

MAW<strong>News</strong>: You were the Secretary<br />

General of the Kukkiwon, but resigned last<br />

month. What are the challenges you see for<br />

Taekwondo’s development?<br />

SMK: As the secretary general of the<br />

<strong>World</strong> Taekwondo Headquarters, I have<br />

felt the alienation dojang operators, students,<br />

instructors and many others have<br />

experienced. I clearly see the power of<br />

Taekwondo with great potential and could<br />

be a growth engine for not only itself, but<br />

for the world. It is a pity that this Kukkiwon<br />

is not engaging with its members, dojang<br />

owners, masters and instructors, all over<br />

the world, in a more powerful and meaningful<br />

way . In viewing Taekwondo from a<br />

broad viewpoint, the market and culture<br />

will direct the Taekwondo industry sales<br />

in the world. There is also an opportunity<br />

for cultural diplomacy in the world, but the<br />

view of business is too narrow and the<br />

presence of Kukkiwon too limited, only<br />

focusing on Korea and is very regrettable.<br />

We need innovative thinking for limitless<br />

development and growth along with a<br />

well-planned roadmap to promote it. A<br />

plan, strategy, and execution that can be<br />

passed down to the next generation for<br />

strong leadership that creates achievements<br />

and results based on this, and a<br />

blueprint for the future I would like to<br />

reveal the alienation with the idea that it<br />

should be created.<br />

MAW<strong>News</strong>: What plans do you have<br />

for the expansion of Kukkiwon?<br />

SMK: The current Kukkiwon business<br />

model of issuing Dan certifications,<br />

and government subsidies needs to be<br />

rapidly and massively overhauled, and<br />

new models must be developed for the<br />

rapidly changing future of the next 10,<br />

20 or even 50 years. For this, economic<br />

stimulus and expansion through the Taekwondo<br />

industry will be necessary. For example,<br />

if you look at the state of American<br />

companies called “GAFA”, the foundations<br />

of giant group companies such as Google,<br />

Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft<br />

are all building business infrastructures<br />

based on human networking.<br />

Since Taekwondo has such a large<br />

global appeal, estimated to be 150 to<br />

200 million, ‘connecting’ these practitioners<br />

in more meaningful ways,<br />

and building channels to bring<br />

more people across the world into<br />

Taekwondo will create an economical<br />

business structure of enormous<br />

scale for and by Taekwondo. Based<br />

on this, I think that it will be possible<br />

to establish a strong foundation that<br />

can contribute to the peace and devotion<br />

of Taekwondo practitioners all over<br />

the world.<br />


AWARDS<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Presents:<br />

THE<br />

20<strong>22</strong><br />



Elon Musk<br />

Elon Musk is revered as one of history’s greatest innovators. But what makes him so brilliant is that his genius<br />

is rooted not in an abstract complexity, but straightforward simplicity. It’s this ability that enables him to seemingly<br />

turn any wild idea he pursues into a wildly successful business. He commands multiple businesses that could<br />

define the world’s future. And with a net worth of $257 billion, according to Bloomberg, Musk has the ability and<br />

drive to influence the global conversation.<br />

Jeff Bezos<br />

Bezos is an inventor at heart, patenting hundreds of his own inventions. No matter what he’s creating — the<br />

10,000-year clock that requires incredible engineering, Blue Origin, an airbag system for phones, a solar cooker<br />

as a kid, or Amazon.com, Bezos is always coming up with something new. Bezos’ vision for Amazon as the ‘everything’<br />

store completely disrupted the retail industry, and fundamentally changed the way people shop. His impact<br />

on our society will be felt for generations to come.<br />

Dana White<br />

UFC president Dana White has been named the most innovative person in sport by leading industry publication<br />

Sports Business International. The UFC led by Dana White essentially ‘created’ the MMA sport, and is the<br />

most successful promotion company in the MMA business. From some of the best fighters in the world to innovative<br />

ways of capturing an audience, the UFC is leading the MMA business despite robust competition. The scope<br />

of popularity and media coverage of the UFC affects virtually every <strong>Martial</strong> Art in the world.<br />

Donald Trump<br />

Donald J. Trump has been upsetting the status quo for most of his life. He built a massive, unconventional real<br />

estate business by acquiring and renovating residential buildings, hotels, skyscrapers, casinos, golf courses and<br />

more. He then went on to acquire and build other entities like sports teams, air lines, beauty contests, and even<br />

online learning platforms. He then decided to disrupt the political status quo in the United States by running for<br />

and winning election for President in 2016. He led the nation to historically low unemployment, a roaring economy,<br />

historically low energy prices (adjusted for inflation), and attracted business and industries to the United States.<br />

Un Yong Kim<br />

Kim brought his PhD in Political Science to bear as he created one of the largest disruptions in the history of his<br />

beloved Taekwondo, with his work to bring taekwondo to the Olympics, approved in 1993 for the 2000 Olympics<br />

while serving as president of the <strong>World</strong> Taekwondo Federation from 1993 to 2004. Kim initially declined to take<br />

on this role in the association due to the conflicts the organization was contending with, but ultimately, took on the<br />

challenge of re-organizing and re-vitalizing the WTF.<br />


AWARDS<br />

America has always welcomed, embraced, and celebrated innovation, disruption and<br />

disrupters — the rebels, the troublemakers, the ones who see things differently. They<br />

invent. They explore. They create. They inspire. They change things. They push the human<br />

race forward.<br />

This year, <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> recognizes these 10 innovators for their<br />

outstanding contribution to humanity, society, industry, and the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>.<br />

Chuck Norris<br />

Chuck Norris blazed several all-new paths for the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> and <strong>Martial</strong> Artists. From his competitive martial<br />

arts career to building profitable, effective martial arts schools in the early days, he took his martial arts to an unprecedented<br />

level of success. He became the most popular movie stars of all time, a 2 time New York Times best-selling<br />

author with published books on a variety of subjects which was an incredible feat. Chuck also created a television<br />

career, product endorsements and partnerships, and public speaking, he took even more innovative steps.<br />

Joe Biden<br />

As the leader of the nation, the Biden administration faces critical challenges that make a tremendous impact<br />

on not only the 330 million Americans, but on people and nations all over the world. As the congress swayed to<br />

the left after the previous conservative administration, nearly everything the current administration does could be<br />

considered ‘disruptive’. Biden’s leadership has seen the passing of the American Rescue Plan, created a strong<br />

vaccine program, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act. Getting legislation<br />

of the scale and magnitude passed is no slight feat, and the impacts will be felt for generations to come.<br />

Satya Nadella<br />

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, transformed the company into a hotbed of innovation, a talent magnet where<br />

people want to come and grow, a world-class technology player and a valued digital technology partner. But ask<br />

him how it’s going, and he will say they are making great progress, but they still have so much more to do. Never<br />

raising his voice or showing overt anger at employees or executives, Nadella constantly worked to create a more<br />

comfortable, creative environment where innovation and ‘good ideas’ are carefully nurtured, and team members<br />

can express their creativity in a supportive environment. This culture helped Microsoft lead the way in newly<br />

emerging technology domains.<br />

Tim Cook<br />

Tim Cook took the CEO job at Apple in August 2011, many wondered if he could fill the shoes left by his friend,<br />

colleague, and mentor, the brilliant visionary Steve Jobs. However, Cook has not only continued the tradition of excellence<br />

and innovation that Jobs had established, but also led the disruption of well-established product categories<br />

and services that affect billions of people all over the world. In addition to facilitating the launch of AirPods, the Apple<br />

Watch, and Apple Music, he led Apple to becoming one of the world’s most valuable companies, with a market cap<br />

hovering around $3 trillion. As Apple surpassed a $2 trillion market cap in 2020, Cook reached billionaire status.<br />

Soo Min Kim<br />

Grandmaster Kim has been an innovator from a very early age. From establishing a highly successful chain of<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> schools in both the United States and Korea, to building a massively successful company outside the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>, he’s created tremendous opportunity ‘from scratch’. His innovative approach to designing products,<br />

unconventional concepts for managing the supply chain, and ‘massive action’ philosophy are some of his keys to<br />

‘getting things done’ where others think it’s impossible. His new vision for the Kukkiwon, and its role in not only<br />

Taekwondo but in society in general are an inspiration for the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> industry and schools all over the world.<br />





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A Solid Foundation: the House of <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Karate Academy<br />

The Head Instructor Gino Bovo has built a home for a small community in<br />

Pennsylvania who can learn the principles for living well at the House of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Karate Academy. Since 1998, twenty-four years, the house has provided martial arts<br />

training benefits like self-confidence and tools to face bullies for the small town. The<br />

school has a great community reputation and a well-rounded active student body due<br />

to a combination of styles presented in the training.<br />

MAWN: What is the major contribution(s) that your school is<br />

bringing to its community?<br />

GB: Our dojo is located in a smaller town so bringing people<br />

into town helps other businesses as well as ours. We help to promote<br />

discipline, and respect daily. We also do a food drive for our<br />

local food bank.<br />

MAWN: What are the best producing marketing strategies<br />

you use?<br />

GB: I think the thing that works best for us is good old fashioned<br />

word of mouth, but social media gets the word out really well<br />

too, and we are on a main road with a large front window, so a lot<br />

of drive by traffic helps too.<br />

MAWN: What are the programs you provide and their benefits<br />

to participants?<br />

GB: Our main program that we teach is a Shotokan based<br />

karate system. In addition to the karate we also offer Jujitsu and<br />

Grappling, as well as a little bit of boxing. Our karate programs<br />

promote building self-confidence, respect, & anti-bullying. We also<br />

think that teaching a good combination of styles helps to create a<br />

more well rounded martial artist.<br />

MAWN: Do you have a lead generating website and what<br />

about it has been most productive regarding leads?<br />

Modern Approach to Traditional Karate<br />

GB: Yes, I do. Our<br />

website is set up so<br />

that the client can very<br />

easily sign up and<br />

pay for trial programs,<br />

tuition packages, and<br />

purchase directly from<br />

our online pro-shop.<br />

MAWN: Do you use<br />

a management software<br />

and what features<br />

are providing the best<br />

benefits for running<br />

your school more efficiently?<br />

GB: Yes, we do<br />

have a management<br />

software to run our<br />

school efficiently. The<br />

main thing for me is<br />

Head Instructor Gino Bovo is Dedicated to<br />

Serving His Small Community<br />

that it helps me to focus on teaching. It helps to take care of a lot of<br />

the business side of things for us. It tracks all of our sales. It does<br />

monthly and annual totals. It automatically contacts the<br />

client for declined or late payments. It lets us, as well<br />

as the client, know when trial packages are expiring.<br />

It also has a great communication system to contact<br />

clients individually or as groups.<br />

MAWN: What advice do you have for other martial<br />

arts school owners for having success in business?<br />

GB: I’ve been in business full time for 24 years. I<br />

would just say, be ready to adapt to change (because<br />

it will be required at some point). Know your students,<br />

care about what you teach them, and no matter what<br />

DON’T GIVE UP.<br />


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Kim’s Hapkido: Building<br />

Tomorrow’s Leaders The <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Way<br />

Grand Master Dong Kun Kim has proudly served his community for 31 years at Kim’s<br />

Hapkido. The school has been a beacon in the community for developing leaders<br />

through its innovative martial arts curriculum and charitable community events. The<br />

school currently has a growing enrollment of 207 active students.<br />

MAWN: How does your school help young students to develop<br />

into future leaders?<br />

SL: We strive to build future leaders in our community. Our<br />

student body is taught from the first introductory class that being<br />

independent is an essential quality.<br />

Kicking and punching are just the tools<br />

we utilize. They learn how to work<br />

with one another and create a bond<br />

with each student. Learning not only<br />

self-discipline, but confidence, respect<br />

for self and others, along with being<br />

taught their job right now is to make<br />

good grades so that they have the<br />

tools and character development to<br />

make something of themselves. We<br />

also strive to teach them humbleness<br />

and humility by setting up events for<br />

charity for them to participate in.<br />

MAWN: What are the best and<br />

most effective ways you promote the<br />

school and what are the leads per<br />

month?<br />

SL: Word of mouth is always our<br />

top lead producer but working with<br />

the schools in the community comes in<br />

close second. We partner with our local<br />

PTAs and teachers, always keeping<br />

contact not only with our students but<br />

the principals as well. On average we<br />

get about 80-100 leads from word of mouth, social media, Google,<br />

and school events.<br />

MAWN: With what kind of programs do you develop leadership<br />

in your school and how does it benefit the participants?<br />

SL: Our Leadership program is our most beneficial program<br />

by far. Not only do our students learn to be leaders, but they also<br />

learn to work with other students. They learn the benefits of teamwork<br />

and how important it is to see each person as an individual.<br />

Students in this program go through training on how to teach any<br />

kind of student that may walk into our door. It also helps those who<br />

need to work on confidence as they can become assistant instructors<br />

and must help with Basic classes<br />

before they can move up.<br />

MAWN: Do you have a lead generating<br />

website and what about it has<br />

been most productive regarding leads?<br />

SL: Yes, we have a lead generating<br />

website that is paired with our management<br />

software. It is very helpful as<br />

it not only sends us a SMS when a lead<br />

comes in, but also places it into our<br />

Prospect tab. ATLAS is such an amazing<br />

software that I highly recommend it<br />

to anyone in the martial arts world.<br />

MAWN: So in utilizing ATLAS<br />

what features are providing the best<br />

benefits for running your school more<br />

efficiently?<br />

SL: There are so many useful<br />

features in one place. From generating<br />

my list of leads, to keeping attendance<br />

and absences in one place. It also has<br />

an amazing feature of sending emails<br />

Grand Master Dong Kun Kim Has Served His Community for and SMS to your student body for<br />

More than 31 Years<br />

updates and events. The academy tab<br />

has useful ad files that you can use for<br />

events you are thinking about doing as well.<br />

MAWN: What advice do you have for other martial arts school<br />

owners for having success in business?<br />

SL: Learn how to look at each student as an individual. Not<br />

every student that walks into your doors is looking for the same<br />

thing. Get to know your students and parents and learn what they<br />

want to benefit from in your school.<br />


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Exploring the Subconscious<br />

Mind, Part 2<br />

by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

In continuation from my previous article, remember the importance of the mind and in<br />

particular the subconscious mind.<br />

Your subconscious mind regulates many of the body’s functions,<br />

including your heartbeat, breaths, and your nervous system.<br />

When the subconscious mind is acting correctly, your body functions<br />

in complete harmony without you thinking about it. Below are<br />

a couple of exercises to work on accessing the subconscious mind<br />

and explore it through relaxation techniques.<br />

Visualization<br />

Visualization techniques are one of the most important ways to<br />

achieve your goals and reach a level of success. By understanding<br />

your subconscious mind, you can train it to deliver your dreams<br />

and let go of the fears holding you back.<br />

When athletes experience<br />

mental blocks and fear, it is a<br />

result of their subconscious<br />

mind blocking them from their<br />

dreams. Athletes often use<br />

visualization techniques before<br />

competitions and games<br />

in order to tap into their<br />

subconscious<br />

mind and<br />

train it for success.<br />

By imagining yourself<br />

attaining your goals and<br />

dreams, you have shifted<br />

your perception to a<br />

different reality that will<br />

allow you to let go of the<br />

fears and things that are<br />

holding you back.<br />

Your conscious brain is where you can imagine and think things<br />

through, but your subconscious mind takes these thoughts and<br />

does not get distracted by them. Your subconscious mind is what<br />

allows you to believe in yourself and reach your goals.<br />

Identify Subconscious Thoughts<br />

Identifying and reflecting upon thoughts that come about<br />

through visualization and relaxation is the best way to train and develop<br />

your subconscious mind to work for you. One way to reflect<br />

upon these thoughts is to create a journal where you write down<br />

these thoughts when they appear.<br />

For example, if you feel afraid, frequently<br />

write down where you are each time it occurs<br />

and the thoughts that are appearing in<br />

your head. This way, you can question them<br />

and ask yourself how you can improve and<br />

change these thoughts. This self-reflection<br />

allows you to understand your fears and<br />

things that are holding you back in order to<br />

shift your perspectives.<br />

Exploring your subconscious mind is the<br />

best way to let go of fears, mental blocks,<br />

and constant stresses. By reflecting upon the thoughts that come<br />

into your head and why they are appearing, you can listen to your<br />

mind and act accordingly. These exercises require practice and<br />

time, but they will teach you how you can be successful and why<br />

you are holding back.<br />

To learn more about how to harness the power of your mind,<br />

check out my audio program title harnessing the power of<br />

your mind which is available on Amazon and from my website:<br />

coachjessiebowensonlinestore.com/audio-programs<br />

GRANDMASTER JESSIE BOWEN is president of Karate International of Durham, Inc., a member of the<br />

American <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Association Sport Karate League and Hall of Fame, and has been a member of the Duke University<br />

PE Staff for over 25 years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness<br />

Meditation for <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>, as well as several other books, programs, and audio CDs on meditation and success training.<br />


Image by agsandrew

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“21st Century Ninjutsu - “A Warrior’s Way of Life”<br />

With over 50 years in the martial arts Allie Alberigo has put on paper his thoughts &<br />

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Ninjutsu or classical martial art enthusiast then this is a book you won’t put down Read<br />

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The 5 Gateways to Happiness!<br />

With over 50 years as a martial artist personal coach Allie Alberigo has put on paper his<br />

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The Three Kings<br />

The Three Kings is a work of fiction from the imaginative mind of Allie Albergio. This<br />

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Enhance Your Sales<br />

Presentation for Quick<br />

Enrollments<br />

by Mr. Sean Lee<br />

Face it, your first impression with prospective new students is extremely important.<br />

You have a matter of minutes to grab their attention and convince customers that they<br />

have come to the right place.<br />

You already know you have what they need, but the secret<br />

to enroll 10 to 20 new students every month at your location is<br />

entirely dependent on how you present it. How would you like to<br />

easily enroll the majority of new prospects up to<br />

long term contracts? Sounds hard to believe,<br />

but it can be your reality when you have the<br />

right tool to guide you through your sales<br />

presentations. The PowerPoint Sales<br />

Presentation from AMS will elevate your<br />

ability to present well and dramatically<br />

increase your percentage of enrollments.<br />

Components to a Good Sales<br />

Presentation<br />

A good sales presentation has the<br />

right stuff and does the work for a<br />

presenter to lead the customer<br />

to sign on the dotted line. So<br />

what are the keys to a successful<br />

presentation?<br />

1. Draw – This means<br />

that the presenter pulls<br />

and captures the attention<br />

of prospects. It<br />

must be motivational,<br />

which suggests it<br />

creates desire for<br />

your programs. It has to be inviting, which makes people feel like<br />

they can see themselves doing it. Lastly, to draw prospects into<br />

becoming new students your presentations must be leading,<br />

which means it goes through a process to the logical conclusion<br />

of signing up.<br />

2. Content – This is the nuts and bolts of things related to<br />

your school. Of course, this has to include the various types of<br />

classes and programs that you offer, plus specific features and<br />

benefits for the prospect. Scheduling for classes and programs<br />

must also be incorporated into this component. In addition, the<br />

presentation needs to spell out clearly the fees for various kinds<br />

of members.<br />

3. Invitation – This is a simple invitation for the prospect to<br />

enroll. This is the part of the presentation that directly tells the<br />

customer to act. Without this component you put on a nice show,<br />

but leave the person hanging. A good invitation tells them what<br />

to do and the benefit of doing so.<br />

A lot of thought goes into effective sales presentations that<br />

quickly lead to lots of new enrollments. The PowerPoint Sales<br />

Presentation designed by AMS does all of these things and more.<br />

Plus, the beauty behind this tool is that it is entirely customizable<br />

for any school so that your school is presented distinctively.<br />

With the PowerPoint Sales Presentation from AMS at your<br />

disposal, you’ll be increasing your new enrollments the easy way.<br />

Just call 1.800.275.1600 to get more details on enhancing your<br />

sales presentations to start filling your school with prospects that<br />

used to get away.<br />

SEAN LEE is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for hundreds of martial arts schools<br />

and specializes in online and social media marketing using his extensive professional experience in<br />

sports and martial arts marketing, contract negotiation, and investment.<br />


We teach Character through Karate<br />

Kickstart Kids is an award winning in-school<br />

character development program that uses<br />

karate to teach life-changing values to middle<br />

school and high school students. The non-profit<br />

organization was founded in 1990 by martial<br />

artist, actor, and philanthropist Chuck Norris.<br />

For employment opportunities or to find out<br />

how you can help support this great cause, visit<br />

kickstartkids.org<br />



Finding The Gift of<br />

Living Masterfully<br />

By An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

Developing real martial arts skill is not a quick-stick tack-on,<br />

but rather a deep-seep accumulation.<br />

You have to learn important lessons and then repeat those<br />

over and over to make a part of you the new insights and ways of<br />

being.<br />

Make a point of sharing with everyone who enrolls alongside<br />

you in your martial arts training hall your stories of how practice<br />

has shaped and sharpened your life. Encourage all newcomers<br />

to look beyond the minutes of each class to the months and<br />

years needed to cultivate the deepest benefits of your<br />

shared martial art practice.<br />

As a seeker in a good and worthwhile<br />

martial arts dojo, you get to learn that:<br />

• Most things are achievable, if you<br />

clearly state your goal, hold to the belief<br />

that you are worthy of succeeding at that<br />

goal, and just refuse to give up. Sure, one<br />

person in millions might win a lottery, but<br />

success rarely floats down as a surprise<br />

gift. Progress in the personal development<br />

needed to blossom into the person you were<br />

meant to be takes work and time because<br />

you are changing who you are and how the<br />

world is.<br />

• What you enrolled for<br />

is not achieved in a class<br />

— or even a month<br />

of classes. The real<br />

power of martial arts<br />

training emerges<br />

when approached<br />

as a life-practice.<br />

Vibrant well-being<br />

is not derived<br />

from a single careful meal each week. Health restorative benefits<br />

of sleep are not achieved with one good night of deep, restful<br />

sleep on a weekend. Yes, you can certainly attend a few classes<br />

in the dojo to check out how it feels to train, but once committed<br />

training seriously begins, you must understand that nothing happens<br />

without long-term consistent focused effort.<br />

• The most valuable lessons learned from years of martial<br />

arts practice are not immediately obvious. A powerful deep<br />

knowing, way under the surface and so hard to name and define<br />

before you get there and experience it, builds with sincere life-long<br />

practice of the martial arts. In a worthwhile martial arts school, you<br />

not only become a master of your martial technique, you become a<br />

master of living fully and authentically.<br />

• And… This study’s benefits are way broader and deeper<br />

than you ever imagined when first enrolling.<br />

AN-SHU STEPHEN HAYES has authored more than 20 books, worked as a body guard for the Dali<br />

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations worldwide, and was named “A legend; one of the 10 most influential<br />

living martial artists in the world” by Black Belt <strong>Magazine</strong><br />


Photograph by Diamond Dogs


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Breathing For Better Living<br />

by Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

I believe in Power Breathing, the most important way to train: for oxygen inside my blood,<br />

for energy and muscle gain. Shallow breathing makes me tired, steals my health, and<br />

starves my brain. Deeper breaths enrich my blood, clean my mind, and ease my pain.<br />

You have to breathe the whole day long, it doesn’t cost a single<br />

dime, you can get in better shape, without spending extra time. My<br />

prescription for your health and the health of all mankind: Don’t just<br />

breathe, Power Breathe to supercharge your body and mind!<br />

What is the most important exercise in human life? Power<br />

Breathing!<br />

Use Power Breathing to exercise 24 hours a day and 7 days a<br />

week. You will exercise even while you sleep! You don’t need to<br />

devote a single extra second or any money to breathing<br />

because it comes naturally to you. If you don’t<br />

breathe, you will die, so you must breathe to<br />

survive. Of course you will have to breathe.<br />

However, don’t just breathe, Power Breathe.<br />

Why do you need Power Breathing exercise?<br />

A healthy body requires positive blood<br />

circulation; positive blood circulation requires<br />

fresh oxygen. Maximizing fresh oxygen requires<br />

Power Breathing.<br />

Power Breathing is your top priority.<br />

Power Breathing is a natural resource of<br />

your health that will make you healthier. It<br />

will increase the oxygen supply to your<br />

body, increase your blood circulation,<br />

strengthen your internal<br />

organs, improve your digestive<br />

system, build up your immune<br />

system, balance your hormones,<br />

relax your nervous<br />

system, calm your mind, and<br />

increase your energy level.<br />

Power Breathing is the best<br />

resource for inner energy.<br />

Build energy and a positive<br />

body with Power Breathing.<br />

There are two different types of breathing:<br />

Deep breathing (Lower abdominal breathing) is natural breathing.<br />

When you breathe deeply your diaphragm is pushed down, so<br />

when you breathe all the pockets of oxygen in the lungs are being<br />

used. This is the most beneficial breathing because you can receive<br />

enough fresh oxygen. Plus when your diaphragm is pushed<br />

down, it will strengthen your internal organs because of internal<br />

muscle exercise.<br />

Shallow breathing (Chest breathing) is bad habit breathing.<br />

When you are using your chest, you are only doing shallow breathing.<br />

You are not using all the pockets of oxygen in the lungs. This<br />

is a bad way of breathing because you will have much less oxygen<br />

than deep breathing.<br />

What is natural breathing? When you were a baby, you<br />

breathed with your lower abdomen. Look at a sleeping baby: you<br />

can see its lower abdomen rise and fall when it breathes, so we<br />

call that natural breathing (baby or deep breathing).<br />

What is bad habit breathing? If you ask an adult to intentionally<br />

inhale, most people breathe by their chest. We all breathed deeply<br />

when we were babies; unfortunately as we grew up, stress made<br />

us chest breathers. For example, when people are angry, they<br />

have short and shallow breathing. As we grew up and experienced<br />

stress, we slowly started breathing farther upwards and adopted<br />

this bad habit.<br />

How do you know you have deep or shallow breathing?<br />

If, when you breathe, your chest rises up when you breathe<br />

in, and it goes back down when you breathe out, then you are<br />

actually breathing totally wrong. That is shallow breathing. If,<br />

when you inhale, your abdomen is full and when you exhale your<br />

abdomen is empty, then that is the correct way to breathe. That is<br />

deep breathing.<br />

GRANDMASTER Y. K. KIM is the most successful martial arts business leader in the US, having written<br />

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Combative Weapons (Part 1)<br />

by Shihan Dana Abbot<br />

The Japanese Art of Chanbara Promises Safe Sparring for All <strong>Martial</strong> Artists<br />

If you want to walk anywhere in the world<br />

without risking injury to your feet, you have two<br />

options. You can carpet the surface of the earth<br />

and walk barefoot, or you can put shoes on your<br />

feet and walk on whatever surface lies in front<br />

of you. Obviously, the first option is nonsensical<br />

while the second is quite practical.<br />

Why is it, then, that when martial artists<br />

engage in weapons sparring, they insist on<br />

covering every square inch of every legal target<br />

on their body so it can be struck with an unpadded<br />

weapon? Why not simply cover the hard<br />

surfaces of the weapon<br />

and leave the body unprotected and<br />

unencumbered?<br />

The latter philosophy lies at<br />

the heart of the<br />

Japanese art<br />

known as chanbara.<br />

More than<br />

200,000 practitioners<br />

in 35 countries<br />

now regularly don a<br />

helmet, pick up a padded<br />

sword and have at<br />

it. They are building their<br />

self-confidence and<br />

staying fit, and all<br />

their frustrations<br />

fade as they<br />

unleash full-power<br />

blasts nonstop. They<br />

are keeping the samurai<br />

spirit alive.<br />

Recent History<br />

Thirty years ago, Tanabe Tetsundo and a few<br />

of the top swordsmen in Japan got together.<br />

Although they were a traditional bunch, they<br />

admitted that their society was changing rapidly<br />

and what people learned 100 years ago might<br />

not appeal to a 20th-century Japanese teenager.<br />

The masters ended up creating a school<br />

of thought called goshindo (self-defense way),<br />

which was later nicknamed “chanbara”.<br />

A loose translation means swashbuckling<br />

or full-contact weapons sparring. All Japanese<br />

know this term and apply it in their vocabulary, as<br />

Americans would say cowboys and Indians. For<br />

example: Their version of a Western Movie would be a Chanbara<br />

Eiga. All Japanese children have played chanbara by picking up a<br />

stick and pretending they were a famous samurai.<br />

Tanabe’s aim was to take a sport that had been reserved for<br />

the upper class easy and make it affordable for the masses. With<br />

a little innovation and some help from science and technology, he<br />

designed a system in which the weapons were padded and the<br />

combatants were not, thus allowing them to move with total freedom.<br />

The only equipment required for participation was a helmet<br />

and a padded weapon.<br />

The sport swept across Japan like wildfire; it was even recognized<br />

by the Department of Education there. Part of the reason<br />

for that success is chanbara’s lack of restrictions. It teaches that<br />

there’s no incorrect way to fight. One combatant may practice<br />

kendo while his opponent uses techniques from European fencing.<br />

Both can train with the same weapons and compete under the<br />

same rules—with no fear of injuring the other person.<br />

In the United States, chanbara has become an affordable<br />

alternative to kendo, which never really got off the ground mostly<br />

because of the high cost of the requisite protective gear. More<br />

and more American students are finding it easy, enjoyable and<br />

inexpensive to learn how to wield the weapons of war without all<br />

the bloodletting.<br />

SHIHAN DANA ABBOTT Is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu, starting his 14-year education<br />

in Tokyo. He has published five books and designed a US Patent. Abbott has also conducted seminars in<br />

over 30 countries and obtained his black belt at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers online<br />

classes on LearntheSword.com, his unique swordsmanship academy.<br />


Photograph by IJdema

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The Great Fallacies When You<br />

Start Your Business (Part 1)<br />

By Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

When you first become self-employed there are often a series of fallacies that creep<br />

into your thinking without even being recognized or questioned.<br />

The following is far from an exhaustive set of these fallacies—<br />

but, clearly some of the major ones. To those of you who have<br />

been self-employed for some period of time — I apologize for<br />

belaboring what may appear obvious to you from your experience.<br />

1. Now that you are self-employed you get to “set your own<br />

hours.” There’s a joke. Once you become truly self employed,<br />

the first indication may be that queasy feeling in the pit of your<br />

stomach that is your payroll, home payment and lease payment<br />

all coming due at the same time. My first time — to the best of my<br />

recall — was when suddenly I had $35,000+ due at<br />

the beginning of the month with about $4,000 on<br />

hand five days before. I dare you to put in your<br />

40 hours when you are trying to make payroll<br />

and insure that the lease is paid on time. The<br />

reality, of course, is that as they transition<br />

from employee to business owner then to employer,<br />

most small business owners find that<br />

they go from a relatively fixed time schedule,<br />

guaranteed income and the ability to “turn-off”<br />

their work when they leave the office, to<br />

100 hour weeks, getting paid last,<br />

if at all, and being mentally “on”<br />

24 hours per day, seven days<br />

per week.<br />

2. Adding employees<br />

means I have to do less<br />

myself. A great quote, which<br />

I’m afraid I can’t remember<br />

where I got it from, is “Always<br />

inspect what you expect.<br />

That’s the way you get respect.”<br />

Obviously, one person cannot<br />

do everything, and the only<br />

route to growth is adding additional people. That being said, sometimes<br />

the added value of the person is outweighed by the amount<br />

of supervision required to insure that individual’s productivity and<br />

contribution. There are two truths of employees:<br />

A. An owner will ALWAYS care more about the results than an<br />

employee.<br />

B. Without aligned purposes and proper supervision — any<br />

employee (with rare exceptions) will ultimately detract from rather<br />

than add to the quality of your operation.<br />

3. I’ll build up my business then have an asset to sell. Sorry<br />

about the wakeup call — but who are you going to sell it to? I’ve<br />

been approached to buy schools and seen desperate owners try<br />

to sell their businesses. You know the reality is you can only sell a<br />

karate school to a karate instructor — and that usually that means<br />

a Black Belt or employee in your school. If you are lucky enough to<br />

find one with a “burning desire” and a huge nest egg, more power<br />

to you. More likely, when you decide to move on, you may be<br />

able to slowly turn the school over to an employee with a monthly<br />

payout. However don’t be surprised if they can’t run it as well as<br />

you do. And, what looked like a good deal for you changes rapidly<br />

when their finances are on the ropes and they are on the verge of<br />

eviction. I’ve accomplished this successfully, as have several of my<br />

friends — we’ll review this more later — but it’s really harder than it<br />

may seem to be at first.<br />

4. The staff will run the show. I’ll just stop in and make the<br />

deposits and keep my own training high. First, see point #2 above,<br />

then realize that running a school profitably is difficult enough. A<br />

poorly-trained volunteer or poorly paid staff is highly unlikely to<br />

keep things running Everything I Wish I Knew When I Was <strong>22</strong> at a<br />

level to support your lifestyle and to keep the school running at a<br />

high level. If they are running it really well, then their compensation<br />

and lifestyle better reflect their skill set pretty quickly, or they just<br />

may end up doing extremely well — across the street from you!<br />

More to come next time....<br />

GRANDMASTER STEPHEN OLIVER, is a 9th degree black belt and is the founder and CEO of<br />

Mile High Karate schools, and founder of the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Wealth Mastery Program.<br />




7 Important Skills Taught In Kids<br />

Jiu Jitsu, Part 1<br />

by Master Carlos Machado<br />

The 7 Important Skills Taught In Kids Jui Jitsu<br />

1. Discipline and Focus<br />

2. Coordination and Body Awareness<br />

3. Goal Setting<br />

4. Confidence<br />

5. Self-Defense<br />

6. Socialization<br />

7. Fitness and the “Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle”<br />

Kids today have to endure many obstacles: distractions, bullies,<br />

poor fitness, depression, and much more. Parents want to<br />

give children every opportunity to excel in life. One of the hardest<br />

things to develop within our children is a combination of a healthy<br />

mindset, focus, and fitness. This obstacle is why learning Brazilian<br />

Jiu Jitsu is good for kids. These are the seven important<br />

skills taught in kids Jiu Jitsu.<br />

#1 Discipline and Focus<br />

The most difficult enemies for kids to<br />

overcome are distractions. We live in a world<br />

full of stimulation. Teaching kids to tune out<br />

the distractions and focus on the task at hand<br />

is, for any parent or teacher, a monumental<br />

task. What may get confused as<br />

A.D.D. may be over-stimulation.<br />

Focus is not an innate trait that<br />

we are all born with. It is a<br />

muscle that kids must train<br />

consistently. Learning Jiu<br />

Jitsu is fun, but the techniques<br />

require focus,<br />

discipline, and practice<br />

for kids to learn. Jiu Jitsu<br />

is fun to learn while<br />

training complicated<br />

techniques. This type<br />

of training makes kids enjoy paying attention to instructors while<br />

strengthening their focus. Jiu Jitsu will strengthen and improve<br />

kids’ discipline and focus. This improved discipline and focus will<br />

translate into better school work, better relationships, and overall<br />

quality of life.<br />

#2 Coordination and Body Awareness<br />

Learning Jiu Jitsu requires a child to execute techniques that<br />

contain many small details. Learning to perform these techniques<br />

develops the child’s fine motor skills and teaches them a good<br />

understanding of base and balance. These techniques then create<br />

strong neuromuscular connections in the child and increase coordination<br />

and balance. The intent of this is not to just make them good<br />

at Jiu Jitsu. With these new neuromuscular connections, they will<br />

quickly adapt to other sports and activities throughout their lives.<br />

#3 Goal Setting<br />

Jiu Jitsu provides many opportunities to test children and measure<br />

improvement; competition, receiving your next belt, executing<br />

a new technique during live rolling, or an old one against a new<br />

opponent. Through the learning process in Jiu Jitsu, kids learn to<br />

reach a little farther and work a little bit harder each day. The goal<br />

is to improve little by little while doing the same with confidence<br />

every day.<br />

MASTER CARLOS MACHADO is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the United<br />

States of America. Currently a Coral Belt, and promoted to Black Belt by Carlos Gracie Junior, Carlos<br />

Machado came to the USA in the early 1990’s with his brothers where they formed the RCJ Machado<br />

Jiu Jitsu Association, one of the strongest & growing BJJ organizations in the world today.<br />


Photograph by rbv (top right)



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associated with BLAC! I really believe BLAC will add<br />

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-Chance Burleson, owner Chance Legends Dojo<br />

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Less Can Be More! Part 2<br />

By Tom Patire<br />

In all fairness when fear factors and adrenaline kick in it changes the rationale of a<br />

clear decision process.<br />

That is where scenario-based training comes in within your<br />

academy. Creating certain hostile atmospheres and aggressive situations<br />

help the brain to see, understand and decide. When I teach<br />

my seminars, I like to always stress the aspect that you must be the<br />

calm as well as the storm and know when to apply each.<br />

Each defense situation dictates a different response<br />

and most of the time, I say most, that response<br />

has a decision process. That process allows for<br />

choice and that choice is all up to you.<br />

With martial arts, self-defense and personal<br />

protection academies starting to reopen all<br />

over and the country being in turbulent and<br />

unpredictable waters, we as instructors need<br />

to become the beacon of awareness for our<br />

trainees. Documented attacks show that the majority<br />

of attacks are low level, what I trademarked<br />

as a ‘Bad Guest®’ not a Bad Guy! This is<br />

someone that gets aggressive,<br />

verbally demeaning,<br />

a bit handsy, grabbing,<br />

poking, pushing, etc. This<br />

is where we as instructors<br />

must realize what<br />

our main responsibility<br />

to our students is. And<br />

that is to teach the<br />

entire spectrum of<br />

defense – proactive<br />

and reactive! This<br />

gives our students<br />

options while protecting<br />

our liability<br />

as business owners.<br />

Law Enforcement<br />

has a use of force continuum, we as martial artist instructors<br />

should include in our curriculum ‘Personal Defense Initiatives’.<br />

Training that encompasses everything from confrontational avoidance,<br />

situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, self-escape,<br />

control tactics, personal protection, and third-party defense. Life is<br />

and has always been about choices. Choices come from options<br />

and options are what we as true experts in total defense give to<br />

our students. After that it is on them on how and what they choose<br />

to do in that type of situation.<br />

I say this to all my brothers and sisters in the arts: ‘Less Can Be<br />

More!’ If you can avoid, then do not confront! If you can escape,<br />

then do not engage! If you must defend, then understand your<br />

capabilities and engage them accordingly! I have seen too many<br />

‘good’ people including some of my friends get arrested and /or<br />

sued for taking their defense to unnecessary levels. Remember<br />

what you do today will affect you as well as your loved ones tomorrow.<br />

Be Safe Always!<br />

GRANDMASTER TOM PATIRE, is known as “America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert” and has appeared<br />

on Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, The Colbert Report, Montel, plus in mainstream publications such as<br />

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune <strong>Magazine</strong>, and The Wall Street Journal. He has written several books and has personal<br />

safety programs that can be incorporated into your martial arts school, available at TomPatire.com.<br />


Photograph by g-stockstudio (top right)



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Leading With Our Hearts<br />

by Professor Willie “The Bam” Johnson<br />

It is interesting with all the stars in the <strong>Martial</strong> arts today, I still know that Bruce Lee was<br />

the greatest of all time after watching The Way Of The Dragon.<br />

The movie reminded me that Bruce Lee had a cause<br />

he was fighting for that was beyond the money, the fame,<br />

and recognition. You see, Bruce Lee is worthy of my<br />

commitment to build beyond his dream with true thanks<br />

going back to him because he was my inspiration and<br />

spiritual guide.<br />

So I ask you, are you worthy of your students’ commitment?<br />

What is your cause or calling and how does being<br />

a part of the Better Attitude Makers relate to it. If<br />

you’ve not committed to a cause of preparation<br />

action that elevates your team’s success<br />

then change your course of action now.<br />

Every day is a journey to learn and<br />

grow from, so be grateful for it while living<br />

it with exuberance and excitement.<br />

Live it right.<br />

Do so by following the six fundamental qualities<br />

that makes every team great: Communication,<br />

Trust, Collective<br />

Responsibility, Caring, Pride<br />

and Honesty.<br />

Each is like a separate<br />

finger on the fist. Anyone<br />

individually is important,<br />

but all of them together<br />

are unbeatable.<br />

We as a team have to<br />

stop creating sloppy situations<br />

and this is avoided<br />

by being straightforward<br />

and honest during the<br />

days and times you work<br />

preferably in the meeting<br />

or in writing.<br />

Life changes when you least expect it to. The future is uncertain<br />

but you must a least plan your work and then work your plan<br />

to the best of your ability. So you can seize the day, seize the moment,<br />

and make the most of it.<br />

It is about raising our standards, which in return raises the<br />

industry standards, so let’s stop the unnecessary sloppy situations.<br />

Examples:<br />

1. Not keeping up with the test info.<br />

2. Not filing things quicker.<br />

3. Not being thorough about intro’s and lead calls along with<br />

renewals.<br />

4. Making negative comments other staff members, instead of<br />

the owner in the format stated, stop jumping to conclusions<br />

and ask questions.<br />

5. I don’t pay you to train as a staff member or black belt and<br />

learn; instead I share it with you from my heart.<br />

6. If you are here just for a paycheck you are at the wrong place.<br />

7. Get back right away about conflicts in schedules after trying<br />

to work it out with team members.<br />

PROFESSOR WILLIE “THE BAM” JOHNSON is a 7th degree black belt and seventime<br />

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion. He has appeared in four movies, 16 plays, and 11 television<br />

shows. He is also the national spokesperson for the Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the Champions<br />

Against Drugs.<br />


Photograph by Velishchuk (TOP)



You Are Not Everyone’s<br />

Cup of Tea<br />

By Lee Milteer<br />

As a very shy rancher’s daughter growing up in the middle of nowhere, I came home<br />

from high school one day to find a mean-spirited letter in the mailbox from some<br />

female classmates. Their cruel words crushed me.<br />

After moping around depressed for a couple of days, my dad<br />

took me horseback riding for a serious, grown-up conversation. He<br />

told me that I was different from the girls in high school, and I was<br />

never going to be everyone’s cup of tea. He did his best to explain<br />

that the world is filled with people who will simply not like me and will<br />

try to tear me down, no matter what I do, what I wear, or what I say.<br />

But dad also told me, “The world is filled with people who will<br />

love you for being authentic. Those are your people.<br />

“The best father’s advice I could ever give you is to<br />

never be average and follow the crowds—they are<br />

weak-minded and easily manipulated. It takes<br />

nothing to join the crowd; it takes everything<br />

to stand your ground. You were born an<br />

original; don’t change yourself so others<br />

will like you. You just be you and you will<br />

find your path in life just fine.”<br />

His advice has guided me for<br />

many years, particularly now during<br />

these unparalleled, polarized times.<br />

People have become sincerely<br />

afraid of just being their real<br />

selves, thanks to the daily<br />

media brainwashing that<br />

would have us all be<br />

politically correct, never<br />

saying or doing anything<br />

that might offend someone<br />

else. In business this<br />

is a death sentence.<br />

How can you ever<br />

stand out in a crowd<br />

by being milk toast, blending in with everyone and everything<br />

around you?<br />

So don’t waste your time and emotional energy trying to convince<br />

people who are not aligned with you that you have value and<br />

worth. They will not buy what you are selling.<br />

You are not their cup of tea, and they are not yours.<br />

There is no need to pretend otherwise. Move away from them<br />

as fast as possible and don’t look back.<br />

Only share your path with those who clearly recognize and appreciate<br />

your gifts.<br />

BE the original and authentic person you are.<br />

There are plenty of people who will see your worth. Pay attention<br />

to your inner instincts of who are truly aligned with you and<br />

who are not, but often pretend to be if they can use you.<br />

So why is it that so many people are waiting to live their lives,<br />

go for their dreams, and express their true authentic selves in<br />

today’s world?<br />

Being your authentic self means you do what makes you genuinely<br />

happy; you don’t feel obligated to pay attention to what society<br />

is doing or saying, and you genuinely follow your own heart.<br />

Part of being your authentic self is speaking your truth. If we<br />

aren’t being true to ourselves, we can’t be authentic. And when we<br />

aren’t authentic, we aren’t living the life we came here to live, and<br />

we are not following our life’s true purpose.<br />

When our words and actions align with what’s in our hearts,<br />

that’s when we live our truth and embrace our authentic selves.<br />

When we remain silent or do something that doesn’t align with what<br />

we know to be true, we betray our authentic selves and get stuck.<br />

I encourage you to give yourself permission to let the real authentic<br />

you out in the world and in your business. You will be amazed at<br />

the new opportunities and people you attract into your world.<br />

MS. LEE MILTEER is an Intuitive Business Coach, award-winning professional speaker, and TV personality<br />

who has counseled and trained over a million people throughout her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling author of educational resources.<br />


SEPTEMBER 9TH – 11TH, 20<strong>22</strong><br />




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“Educare” Part 2<br />

By Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

Where are the boundaries of teaching? Unfortunately, we have no accurate maps<br />

to delineate this border because we all have our own character, our strengths and<br />

weaknesses, our wants and goals. Knowing how to ride a horse does not mean being<br />

able to ride all the horses in the world.<br />

My dear friend, Colonel Ramos Alcaraz (requiescat in pace), a<br />

special Raid rider, hated riding dressage horses, because he said<br />

“they had more springs than a computer”. To him, riding meant<br />

pace, trot, gallop and jump, that is, getting from one place to<br />

another on a horse, experiencing the joy of freedom,<br />

coming and going across the fields, being one<br />

with the noble beast, and so, making monkey<br />

shines on a horse was not only unnecessary,<br />

but also something that could even be<br />

dangerous, because while you thought you<br />

were ordering “ahead”, the mount could be<br />

understanding “behind”.<br />

It seems that in these things, as in many<br />

others, common sense is completely irreplaceable;<br />

same thing happens with humility.<br />

Filling up your head with things, data or<br />

assumptions (that’s what opinions are), like<br />

if you were filling a container, will not<br />

help anyone to fulfill his or her destiny,<br />

to be better and freer, wiser, or<br />

happier. Knowledge is overrated<br />

as much as wisdom is undervalued.<br />

Getting to be simply<br />

impeccable in the noble task of<br />

education is extremely difficult<br />

without the right combination of<br />

commitment and detachment.<br />

Exceeding the limits or falling<br />

short is the most common<br />

outcome.<br />

There’s no Master that<br />

has not been frustrated in his efforts, there’s no teacher without<br />

disappointments. But we will always justify ourselves, because<br />

we are individuals and therefore we need to be the owners of<br />

our reflexes, we want to love each other, we want to be loved, to<br />

be respected. Humans are herd as well as individuals. The tribe,<br />

whatever the conception we may have about it, is essential in our<br />

lives and this principle is engraved in our genes. Although life is a<br />

personal experience, the social dimension of our being cannot be<br />

either overlooked or turn into a whole that enslaves us or postpones<br />

what is only ours. To Caesar what is Caesar’s...<br />

Today, what they call education is to associate data with an<br />

alleged and always false functionality; anyone who has graduated<br />

from the University knows this big lie. Experience and field work<br />

are what make the expert, the Master is brought up by time and<br />

the stubborn perseverance in understanding.<br />

They say that you only know something when you are able to<br />

teach it properly. This is the truth, rarely explained, about why the<br />

master needs the pupil. The emphasis is always put in the other<br />

direction. But it’s in emptying ourselves, in contrasting ourselves<br />

trying to explain what we believe we dominate, when we do<br />

understand our limitations, it’s the<br />

moment in which we discover<br />

our deficiencies and, sometimes,<br />

we even are amazed to find out<br />

that we knew more than what they<br />

taught us. And as the old Spanish<br />

saying goes: “A clever learns more<br />

from a fool than a fool from a clever.”<br />

The sentimental assessments<br />

don’t make good the exploited<br />

experiences.<br />

SHIDOSHI ALFREDO TUCCI is the CEO and General Manager of the Budo International Publishing<br />

Company, a leading publisher in the martial arts with over 35 years in the industry. He is also author of several<br />

books: The Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain.<br />


Photograph by coffeekai

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Back to School Fever<br />

Pro-Shop sales are an effective way to generate income!<br />

By Mr. Sun Kang<br />

Pro-Shop sales are an effective way to generate income!<br />

The new school year is about to begin for all of your students.<br />

Just like any other school, they need to have the supplies and gear<br />

to participate in all the fun activities. Help your students prepare<br />

for your classes with the gear<br />

they will need by having a proshop<br />

sale. One option is to hold<br />

the sale before school starts so<br />

that they buy from you before<br />

they spend all their money at the<br />

mall. The other option is to wait<br />

until after school has started and<br />

you have a fairly large group of<br />

new students.<br />

In order to get them thinking<br />

about the things they will need<br />

for class, you will need to make<br />

a detailed list of items for each<br />

class, each art, or each belt level.<br />

Make a checklist that is available<br />

to each person with the prices of<br />

each item, both regular and sale price, so they can see how much<br />

they’re saving. This way, they can create a budget for themselves<br />

and know how much they will be spending. For those who can’t<br />

pay for everything at one time, set up an automatic payment in<br />

ATLAS so they get their supplies right away and get them at the<br />

sale price.<br />

Be sure to hang a poster in the lobby promoting the<br />

pro-shop sale to get everyone excited about all the<br />

new things they can get for class while saving<br />

money.<br />

Have each staff member start promoting<br />

items in the pro-shop at the beginning or end of<br />

every class, maybe even both. As it gets closer<br />

to the pro-shop sale, have the staff members wear<br />

and suggest items from the pro-shop to as<br />

many students as possible.<br />

Your pro-shop sale will have even better results if you give<br />

your staff incentives. Let them know that they will receive a bonus<br />

based on the number of sales for that month compared to the rest<br />

of the months. You will surely<br />

see a significant difference for<br />

this promotion if you use this<br />

method.<br />

Another way to use incentives<br />

is to offer coupons and discounts<br />

to the students. Give discount<br />

certificates away as a sign of<br />

recognition for hard work like the<br />

student of the month, classroom<br />

hero, most improved student,<br />

honor roll, or any other positive<br />

form of reinforcement. You<br />

may also choose to do an extra<br />

percentage off on their next<br />

purchase. Another suggestion is<br />

to play certain games or have a<br />

specific contest, like a VIP promotion where the winners get a gift<br />

certificate or an extra discount on the pro-shop sale.<br />

The only thing missing is your inventory list. You may want to<br />

double up on your inventory for this promotion, so go through your<br />

inventory checklist to make sure you have more than enough supplies<br />

for your students. You can lose many sales by being under<br />

stocked, and there is no guarantee that they will come back to get<br />

the item they wish to purchase at a later date, so whenever possible<br />

take a deposit on the order with the understanding they will<br />

pay the rest when the product arrives.<br />

The main focus in a pro-shop sale is to increase revenue in your<br />

school while getting your students more involved in their training<br />

with supplies and equipment. By having your students and staff<br />

use or wear your products, they create the perfect marketing tool<br />

without even knowing it. So, start planning your pro-shop sale with<br />

your staff now.<br />

MR. SUN KANG is the President of Vision <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Supply, Los Angeles Branch, who helps school owners all over<br />

the US maximize their retail sales and drive more revenue into their schools.<br />


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Has Traditional <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Philosophy Become Obsolete<br />

by Master Tina Bane<br />

We are standing at a crossroads. The direction we choose will determine the future of<br />

the martial arts for the next generation. That is a pretty heavy responsibility, when you<br />

think about it.<br />

One road is the way of the UFC. The other road is the way of<br />

traditional martial arts. Which path should we, as the leaders of the<br />

martial arts industry, follow?<br />

Unquestionably, the way of traditional martial arts. If we want to<br />

preserve our 5,000 year tradition, we should respect that tradition.<br />

If we want to preserve the business that feeds our families,<br />

we should go home with the partner that brought us<br />

to the dance.<br />

Sure, the UFC is exciting. It has great ratings<br />

and a powerful promotional machine behind it.<br />

It’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon, but<br />

how many students do you think want to get<br />

grounded and pounded? How many students do<br />

you need to support a successful martial<br />

arts school? Do you really believe a UFC<br />

style school can be financially secure?<br />

How many successful boxing<br />

gyms do you see in your city?<br />

How many successful wrestling<br />

schools do you see<br />

in your city? These are<br />

Olympic sports with<br />

long histories, but<br />

they do not represent<br />

a viable business plan.<br />

On the other hand,<br />

there are probably several<br />

successful martial arts schools in<br />

your city . . . hopefully yours is one<br />

of them.<br />

What is the difference? When you<br />

focus on winning<br />

championships,<br />

whether that<br />

championship is<br />

represented by a<br />

belt or a medal,<br />

you can only have<br />

one champion. On<br />

the other hand,<br />

when you focus<br />

on self-development, everyone can be a champion. Only one<br />

person can become the Olympic Champion or the UFC Champion,<br />

but every student can become a life champion.<br />

The physical techniques are important, but only as a means to<br />

develop the internal person. Traditional martial arts schools that<br />

focus on the philosophy of the martial arts will be more successful<br />

than schools that focus on only the physical techniques. When we<br />

find simple ways to incorporate philosophy into the classroom our<br />

martial arts training is truly practical and relevant for everyday use<br />

and not merely emergencies.<br />

Can we create a martial arts competition that is more in line<br />

with traditional martial arts values? We hope so. One possibility<br />

is to have exhibition competitions, which show all the beauty and<br />

excitement of the martial arts without the violence. Another is to<br />

create team sparring competitions, possibly tag-team competitions<br />

to increase the action.<br />

We are the current leaders of the martial arts. We are standing<br />

at the crossroads. It is up to us which road we follow. It just makes<br />

sense that we follow the path that brought us here, the way of<br />

traditional martial arts. Both economically and philosophically, it is<br />

the right choice.<br />

MASTER TINA BANE is a 6th degree master instructor and owner of a Top Ten martial arts school<br />

with successful after school and summer camp programs.<br />


Photograph by ia_64

Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated<br />

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Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly<br />

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The Value of Meditation<br />

by Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

The value of meditation for your classes depends on the goals for your school.<br />

If your goal is only to create great fighters, meditation may<br />

not be right for your students. On the other hand, if you tell prospective<br />

parents that training at your school will help their kids<br />

focus, or if you tell adults that training in the martial arts will help<br />

them reduce stress, incorporate meditation in your classes.<br />

For Children<br />

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) seems to be<br />

growing among children in the U.S. In one study<br />

(eurekalert.org/news-releases/667173) they reported that in 1997<br />

approximately 6.1% of U.S. children were diagnosed with ADHD,<br />

while in 2016 that number increased to 10.2%.<br />

Whether that increase represents a change in the<br />

number of diagnoses or a change in the actual<br />

number of children affected, it represents a<br />

growing concern. Chances are you have several<br />

children with ADHD in your classes. You may<br />

even tell parents in your sales presentation<br />

that the martial arts will help their child develop<br />

focus. Meditation is one clear way we can help.<br />

I recommend a simple addition to your belt<br />

requirements: Children must sit completely still<br />

for 30 seconds for each belt level. That would<br />

mean a white belt testing for yellow<br />

would have to sit completely still<br />

for 30 seconds, while a yellow<br />

belt testing for green would<br />

have to sit completely still for<br />

60 seconds, adding 30 more<br />

seconds for each belt level,<br />

possibly requiring 5 minutes<br />

or more before they are ready<br />

for black belt.<br />

At first, they will not be<br />

aware of fidgeting, rocking,<br />

or scratching their nose,<br />

but when you point it out,<br />

they will become aware. Ask them to focus on their breathing,<br />

possibly feeling their heart beat. If you make it part of a tip test<br />

requirement, they will master the skill with practice.<br />

Just imagine how valuable those 30 seconds or more would<br />

be to the parent of a hyperactive child. Just imagine how valuable<br />

that ability to calm down would be to the child who has a<br />

race car brain and bicycle brakes. It can change his or her life.<br />

For Adults<br />

ADHD does not just go away when you become an adult.<br />

Many adults continue to suffer from a lack of focus because their<br />

brains learned to function as ADHD children and they never<br />

learned any other way. Focus is a skill that can be learned and<br />

practiced. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.<br />

Adults can probably learn to sit motionless for several<br />

minutes, but they may have a harder time quieting their minds.<br />

They are so used to worrying about money and work and family<br />

and relationships that they may not know how to stop worrying.<br />

Again, just sitting still for a set period of time and focusing on<br />

your breath (trying to slow it down) can do wonders in reducing<br />

stress. If your students feel less stressed when they practice<br />

the martial arts and more stress when they don’t, that’s a pretty<br />

powerful retention program.<br />

Beyond these basic “sit still and breathe” techniques, there<br />

are may more advanced forms of meditation that you can find<br />

on the Internet with more advanced benefits, especially for<br />

internal martial arts. Grandmaster Y. K. Kim offers several different<br />

kinds of meditation appropriate for martial artists in his<br />

book and video collection Health is the Foundation of Success,<br />

plus he has updated some of the meditation videos on YouTube.<br />

Contact your AMS business development consultant for details<br />

on where to get them.<br />

Ultimately the choice to teach meditation in your classes is up<br />

to you based on your goals for your students. I highly recommend<br />

it not as a central focus, but as one of the many facets<br />

of the martial arts that separates us from other activities like<br />

aerobics, soccer, gymnastics, and even yoga.<br />

GRANDMASTER TIM MCCARTHY is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial arts educator<br />

with a master’s degree in education. He has been instrumental in developing two industry-changing<br />

programs, plus has directed and been featured in hundreds of martial arts videos and webinars.<br />


Are Parents Allowing<br />

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Dialing For Dollars<br />

By Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

Most money can be collected during non-prime time hours. Just pick up the phone<br />

and call your students to offer them a discount on the balance of their tuition, or any of<br />

the 9 areas of income, if they give you a credit card over the phone now.<br />

You are losing the same amount of future tuition as your<br />

monthly billing amounts to. When someone quits, they stop paying,<br />

and no matter what you try to do to collect the balance of their<br />

agreement, they simply will not pay you. So, you are losing the balance<br />

of their agreement which equals about the same amount as<br />

your billing is. My professional advice is to collect as much of your<br />

monthly billing (never-never money) as you can now.<br />

Here are 9 Principles to Follow:<br />

1. Call every account you have and offer them a 20—30%<br />

discount for prepayment. You can also use the instructor or staff<br />

member’s birthday or Anniversary etc. to set the discount amount,<br />

such as 28 years old birthday offer 28% off that day, week or<br />

month. Know what their total amount is if they were<br />

to continue to pay monthly, and how much they<br />

will save by paying you now, and what the total<br />

payoff amount is, before you call.<br />

2. Ask sincerely, simply use their name<br />

and ask them to take care of their tuition now<br />

and save.<br />

3. Ask directly. Create the impression<br />

of confidence. “I’ve got some great news.”<br />

Extend the savings to everyone, “I can offer<br />

you 20% off, saving you....$600, your total is<br />

only $1,500 and you can put that on<br />

a credit card.” Stack the offer<br />

with a bonus such as a new<br />

uniform, extra months, or<br />

piece of training equipment<br />

or free seminars,<br />

test fees, etc.<br />

4. Ask again. If they ask you if they can pay you later, tell them<br />

they can give you a form of payment that you can deposit later. Tell<br />

them they need to take care of this now.<br />

5. Ask again. If you get a no, tell them “Before you say no to the<br />

savings, Let’s do this, pay half now and the other half next month,<br />

and you will still get the full 20% savings.” “Can we do that?”<br />

6. Ask again. “What if we broke this into 3 installments of<br />

only…$______ each for your family, will that work for you?”<br />

7. Ask permission to ask again later. “Mrs. Jones, I see that<br />

now is not the right time for you to take advantage of the savings.”<br />

May I offer it to you again in the future if it becomes available?”<br />

8. If they do give you the big payment, don’t make a big deal<br />

over it. You are going to collect $100,000, either in 12 months or 12<br />

hours. Don’t alarm them about how good it is to you. You are training<br />

yourself and your students on how to pay.<br />

9. If they give you money, ask for more. Anytime a student pays<br />

for anything, ask them to save 20% by prepaying for the rest of it.<br />

GRANDMASTER LAWRENCE ARTHUR has been a martial artist, specializing<br />

in Karate, Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shotokan, and Goju Ryu, since 1968. He owns 40 Super Kick Karate<br />

locations and is founder of the American Freestyle Karate Association (AFKA). A world champion<br />

and hall of famer, Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success Systems consulting firm, which trains<br />

martial arts instructors on proper business practices and is used by schools all over the country.<br />


Photograph by Worawut Prasuwan

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Remembering Beginnings: My<br />

Blue Belt Test and Sport Karate<br />

By Sensei Gary Lee<br />

Written in Memory of Sport Karate <strong>World</strong> Champion Joe Lewis R.I.P.<br />

My Blue Belt Test<br />

At today’s test for my Blue Belt, we were introduced to Sport<br />

Karate point fighting and let me tell you it is different<br />

than anything we have done in class up to<br />

this point. First of all, it is about Ippon, one<br />

technique knock-out or symbolizing a knockdown<br />

or knock-out punch or kick to a legal<br />

target area. It’s cool!! The only part I didn’t<br />

like is that we had to wear hand pads, foot<br />

pads, headgear, mouth pieces, and groin<br />

cups, way too much stuff! One of my friends<br />

told me about a karate competition where<br />

there are knock-outs and where<br />

they use one punch ippon. He<br />

said there were different circuits<br />

where you can win<br />

trophies and awards.<br />

That is way cool! I<br />

might like this<br />

challenge!!!<br />

My first<br />

tournament is in two months after my next test. I will train for this<br />

and be prepared. I’m kinda nervous about doing this karate stuff<br />

in public, but my Sensei says competition is good, even if it really<br />

is only 1% real Karate. Always remember that, he said. So another<br />

door has opened, oh . . .<br />

One other thing I learned at my Blue Belt test today, I learned<br />

the word “Oss”. It means respect and acknowledges someone’s<br />

attitude toward you. You say it not because Sensei tells you to say<br />

it, but because you have earned the privilege to say it among your<br />

fellow warriors and peers. This is loyalty, trust, and acknowledgement,<br />

Oss.<br />

My First Sport Karate Tournament<br />

This day is very exciting to say the least. There are hundreds of<br />

people watching me perform and lots of pressure to represent my<br />

school well, and to show honor to my Sensei. Because it is Tanaka<br />

Sensei who got me here, now, I perform for him, my Sensei.<br />

I have told no one my thoughts but this is what my hearts says:<br />

I have trained hard for this. Thousands of punches on the Makiwara,<br />

hundreds of kicks, take downs, sweeps, and follow up. I am<br />

defensive ready.<br />

I can be offensive too, back fist, reverse punch, spin back kick.<br />

I own them.<br />

Sensei has taught me to have confidence in my technique, pure<br />

PMA, live for the ippon.<br />

I learned that if you are going to do sport karate, do the best<br />

you can and go to win. I also learned to have fun!<br />

Oops…<br />

I got disqualified for excessive contact. Reverse punch to the<br />

body, he could not continue and the judges said it was excessive<br />

with no control, Oss.<br />

Sorry, Tanaka Sensei, please forgive me…<br />

Oss… Protecting Our History, One Warrior At A Time…<br />

SENSEI GARY LEE, the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black belt, a USA Karate<br />

Federation gold medalist, winner of five Super Grand National Titles, a featured actor in<br />

the movie Sidekicks, and is the founder of the National Sport Karate Museum.<br />


Photograph by Michael Burrell

Protecting the History, One Warrior at a Time<br />

The History of<br />

Traditional Karate Pioneers,<br />

Legends and Champions<br />

in the 20th Century.<br />



Modernize Your Business<br />

System With 3 Simple Steps<br />

by Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

A modern martial arts school needs three things to be successful in this challenging<br />

economy: Exceptional Curriculum, Exceptional Leadership, and an Exceptional<br />

Business System. ONLINE!<br />

First, an exceptional curriculum is easy, exciting and meaningful<br />

to teach, plus easy, exciting and beneficial to learn. <strong>Martial</strong> arts<br />

training requires two things: physical training and a philosophy of<br />

discipline. <strong>Martial</strong> arts training without philosophy is no different<br />

than organized street fighting. But without physical training,<br />

you have no martial arts because without action<br />

nothing happens. Action requires a quality body,<br />

and a quality body requires physical fitness.<br />

Second, exceptional leadership is modern<br />

leadership. Traditional leadership was positional<br />

power; modern leadership is personal power. Positional<br />

power was based on a hierarchy, similar<br />

to a master and slave relationship. Personal power<br />

is based on the individual’s ability to motivate,<br />

inspire and assist others to maximize their potential.<br />

For example, an instructor who relies on positional<br />

power teaches all students equally<br />

by showing the correct technique and<br />

expecting students to imitate that<br />

technique as closely as possible.<br />

An instructor who is also a<br />

leader, who relies on personal<br />

power, teaches students fairly,<br />

which means he shows the<br />

purpose of the technique, how<br />

to adapt the technique to the<br />

individual’s needs, and the<br />

benefits of training. An<br />

instructor who develops<br />

his personal power will<br />

motivate, inspire, and encourage each one of his students to maximize<br />

their potential.<br />

Third, an exceptional business system must be simple, practical<br />

and beneficial, so you can make more, spend less, and increase<br />

profit. The best modern martial arts business system I have found<br />

is the ATLAS all-in-one management solution. It does everything<br />

for your school, from taking attendance, to managing your Pro<br />

Shop, to providing proven marketing materials, to analyzing areas<br />

of improvement, and then giving specific advice on how to attain<br />

those improvements. It’s like hiring a complete staff, an office<br />

manager, a marketing manager, and a business consultant for a<br />

few dollars a day.<br />

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benefits of ATLAS to help you create a new level of success!<br />

CHIEF MASTER KIRK PELT is an 8th degree black belt and is the President of a multimillion<br />

dollar, multi-school organization, has a 30-year track record of success, and is currently on<br />

the leading edge of martial arts curriculum and business innovation.<br />


Photograph by Ratana21


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The Persistence Factor, Part 3<br />

by Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

I love business stories because they are microcosms of life. A lot can unfold in a very<br />

short time and we can really benefit from successful examples in our own life, careers,<br />

businesses and experiences.<br />

There is a famous tale of an IBM employee who blew a $10-million<br />

deal and offered company president Tom Watson his resignation.<br />

Watson, who had hired the man, looked at him and said, “I can’t<br />

possibly let you go. I’ve just spent $10 million dollars training you!”<br />

Watson understood the principle of experience and tried to<br />

teach it to others. “Would you like me to give you a formula for<br />

success”, he asked? “Then double your rate of failure! You’re thinking<br />

of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. Go ahead<br />

and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because, remember, that’s<br />

where you’ll find success—on the far side of failure.”<br />

Don’t Take It Personally<br />

One reason so many people fail to persist is<br />

because they take every rejection, setback, or<br />

failure personally. They somehow equate their<br />

idea, product, or service with their personal selfesteem<br />

and worth.<br />

In this type of negative thinking,<br />

each business setback means you<br />

feel like a failure and a loser in<br />

life, and so you’ll never get<br />

ahead. Think back to past<br />

setbacks. Are they really<br />

a reflection of you as a<br />

person?<br />

Give Yourself a<br />

Break!<br />

You have to get<br />

out of the habit of<br />

beating yourself<br />

up mentally when<br />

things go wrong. There are plenty of other people out there who<br />

are only too willing to do that for you! I’ve had this conversation a<br />

lot with my students. Some of them are so mean to themselves it’s<br />

incredible! So I say to them: Would you be friends with someone<br />

who spoke to you like that? And if that’s not empowering, why are<br />

you listening to you?!<br />

By blaming yourself you are breaking down your own persistence<br />

like a wrecking ball. By all means, analyze what went wrong,<br />

be accountable if it was your fault, but don’t take the rap personally.<br />

How does that old song go…? “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off<br />

and start all over again.” You have to fix what went wrong, focus on<br />

a new angle and use your mental energy and sense of persistence<br />

to come up with a new solution.<br />

Failure leads to Success<br />

There is no success in anything without some failure along the<br />

way. The key is to fail fast, admit bad decisions quickly, and kill<br />

them fast. As W.C. Fields once said, “If at first you don’t succeed,<br />

quit. There is no use being a damn fool about it!” What he needed<br />

to add was, “Learn from your experience and quickly move on with<br />

more productive strategies!”<br />

Along with the courage to take action under pressure, all great<br />

leaders have the character trait of PERSISTENCE. They have the<br />

determination needed to see a project through to the end. PER-<br />

SISTENCE also requires COURAGE. They know “Murphy’s Law”<br />

(Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!) will rear its ugly head<br />

when least expected.<br />

There will always be setbacks, curve balls, and sometimes<br />

total failure along the road to success. Successful people understand<br />

and accept these facts, so they are better-equipped<br />

mentally and physically to handle adversity. They recover quickly<br />

from setbacks.<br />

GRANDMASTER BILL CLARK is a 9th degree black belt and a former PKA Fighter of<br />

the Year. He is widely considered one of the top experts in martial arts business with over 50 years<br />

of leadership and innovation, having been inducted into almost every Hall of Fame in the industry. He<br />

is one of the largest multi-school owners in the world.<br />


EVERYTHING You’ll EVER Need<br />

to Market Your <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School!<br />




Mining for Instructors:<br />

Planting the Seed, Part 3<br />

by Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed<br />

Make Teaching a Part of Your Brown Belt Curriculum<br />

Many schools already require black belt candidates to start<br />

teaching to fulfill requirements towards their black belt-earning<br />

process. The required amount of assisted teaching hours can vary<br />

widely from 20 hours to over 200 hours. I recommend that you<br />

start the teaching requirement process as early as a brown belt<br />

and not wait until they begin the testing cycle.<br />

The earlier you begin their indoctrination into<br />

instructorship and other leadership roles, the<br />

earlier you’ll see the benefits come to fruition<br />

as they begin forming better teaching habits.<br />

Encourage Leadership<br />

Development As<br />

Early As White Belt<br />

Encourage leadership<br />

development as early as white belt?<br />

Of course encourage leadership development<br />

as early as white belt! After all, most<br />

students come to us seeking confidence and<br />

self-esteem development, so why not start the<br />

process of giving them responsibility and earning<br />

recognition as early as white belt? Start by<br />

giving them simple, fun responsibilities<br />

such as organizing the pads or bags,<br />

helping with simple classroom management,<br />

taking roll, calling class to<br />

assemble in formation, or assist with<br />

stripe awards. Once they reach the<br />

intermediate level, begin giving<br />

them larger and more important<br />

responsibilities. They can even<br />

lead warm-ups, count out loud<br />

a certain skillset, or assist<br />

younger, more junior students under the supervision of an adult<br />

instructor. There’s always someone out there on your floor who<br />

can one day become an outstanding instructor.<br />

Have a Robust Instructor Training Program<br />

Simply implementing all of the above ideas without actually<br />

having a well-developed instructor development<br />

and training program that clearly outlines the<br />

process, guidelines, and requirements from white<br />

belt to instructor will only keep students engaged<br />

for so long. If you truly want to grow an instructor<br />

base and have a good number of students benefit<br />

from your education, it’s imperative that you<br />

have a robust and systematic instructor, and even<br />

a master instructor training program accessible<br />

and available to all your qualified instructor candidates.<br />

To achieve this, you need to clearly define the process and<br />

curriculum for your school and get it organized in a manner that<br />

allows you to start teaching and implementing it in your school.<br />

A Clearly Defined Process For Your Students<br />

When your students can actually observe other students<br />

participating and benefiting from your instructor training program,<br />

they, too, will want to become a part of this exciting process. But<br />

they must first see the teaching and training in action for themselves.<br />

The culture of instructors differs from that of the student<br />

body in that there are many privileges and various aspects to instructorship<br />

that differ from normal student life, such as invitations<br />

to special events, discounts, beautifully adorned certificates of<br />

achievement, and many other tangible and intangible benefits that<br />

come with being an instructor. But, most of all, the status, respect,<br />

and skill level of the martial artist must be visible by everyone.<br />

Every student is a potential future instructor.<br />

GRANDMASTER ZULFI AHMED has amassed acclaim as a world-class competitor, martial<br />

arts educator, and is most notably founder and designer of the internationally renowned style, Bushi Ban.<br />

With over 45 years of martial arts experience and over 300 martial arts awards, his schools include ten<br />

locations across Texas.<br />


Photograph by JackF

TOOL<br />


School Supply Drive<br />

The School Supply Drive is a<br />

great way to partner with public<br />

and private schools to promote<br />

local education.<br />

If you are looking for a way to<br />

establish a relationship with your<br />

local school system, this is it!<br />

Get this FREE sample of the<br />

creative events MA Biz Academy<br />

members enjoy every month to<br />

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bring dozens of new students<br />

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also receive a fully developed<br />

promotion outline and other<br />

support materials.<br />

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Tools & Tactics<br />

The Best Kept Secret to<br />

Getting into Schools and<br />

Enrolling New Students<br />

by Chris Lee<br />

The best place for you to find students to join your school is in school.<br />

Academic schools, that is. When schools are in session, the<br />

academic schools are the best places to find potential students for<br />

your kids program: Thousands of potential students in your neighborhood,<br />

all in one place. The schools are where you need to be if<br />

your goal is to double or triple your enrollment this year!<br />

What gives your martial arts school a secret<br />

advantage over other businesses when it<br />

comes to getting into academic schools?<br />

You also run a school and you are also an<br />

educator! Your goals are in line with those<br />

of your local academic schools: to help<br />

children learn and grow in a positive<br />

environment and to equip them with<br />

the skills to be the leaders of the future.<br />

You are not selling video games or<br />

junk food. You are selling a better way<br />

of life, life skills, and the promise of<br />

possibility.<br />

The best kept secret for<br />

you to do this is with Partners<br />

in Education. The Partners in<br />

Education program is designed<br />

to connect businesses that<br />

care about the education of<br />

children in their community<br />

with schools. The type of relationships<br />

and opportunities are<br />

“limited only by your imagination.”<br />

You can go to the<br />

academic school and teach a<br />

gym class or be a judge at the<br />

science fair. You can teach a<br />

class on bully-proofing or donate athletic equipment to the physical<br />

education program.<br />

The secret advantage of Partners in Education is that it gives<br />

you an opportunity to get to know the children in your community,<br />

the teachers, and the parents. This can bring great exposure to<br />

your school without ever distributing a single flyer or hanging even<br />

one poster. While other schools struggle to make a name in their<br />

communities with various kinds of ads, you are building real relationships<br />

with potential students. Now when you circulate flyers,<br />

posters, or social media concerning special events and offers at<br />

your school, you’re likely to see much better response.<br />

Being a Partner in Education also opens doors to you with other<br />

local businesses for joint promotions and partnerships.<br />

Getting involved in the Partners in Education program is easy.<br />

For more information on how to become a Partner in Education<br />

and achieve instant enrollment success and prestige in your community,<br />

contact your marketing consultant at 1.800.275.1600.<br />

MS. CHRIS LEE is a martial arts business development consultant with a background in online and<br />

social media marketing.<br />


Photograph by Wavebreakmedia


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Getting Feedback from<br />

Your Students<br />

By Master Mike Bugg<br />

There’s a popular saying that you should work smarter, not harder, which is something<br />

to keep in mind as we explore the concept of intelligence.<br />

There are several things you can do at your school to work<br />

smarter, not harder. The lifeline of your school is your students.<br />

They dictate the growth and development of your school. Without<br />

students, you’re definitely doing things the hard way. Within<br />

your school, you work hard to bring in tons of new students in<br />

your doors, but once you bring the new students in, you’ve got to<br />

close the door behind them; otherwise you’re constantly trying to<br />

replace new students—an effort that’s not working smartly at all.<br />

So, how do you keep the students you get?<br />

That requires establishing communication between your staff<br />

and students. You’ve got to learn what your students like about<br />

your school so you can better serve their needs and retain them as<br />

students.<br />

Here are a few tips on how you can get the necessary feedback<br />

from your students so that growing your numbers is a<br />

breeze, and you can work smarter, make your school<br />

healthier, and make your students happier.<br />

Your most important source of student desires<br />

and wishes is obviously going to be students.<br />

However, you shouldn’t overlook feedback from<br />

parents. There are times when students may feel<br />

intimidated, shy, or embarrassed to share certain<br />

ideas with you, and parents can be helpful with<br />

communicating things that kids are slow to share<br />

(like bullying at school). Also, since parents hold the<br />

purse strings, it’s not a bad idea to find out what<br />

they like and don’t like about your program<br />

so you can address those concerns before<br />

they get out of your control. You may also<br />

want to utilize your relationship with local<br />

schools to get more feedback on what<br />

students like and don’t like, or what<br />

might be effective in the martial arts<br />

school and what won’t work. Talk to people who have tried these<br />

things before. There’s no sense reinventing the wheel if there are<br />

more efficient ways to improve your program and retention.<br />

Make a comment box for the lobby at your school. You can<br />

have your students decorate it with martial arts-themed drawings.<br />

Place it near your front door or somewhere that people will see it<br />

as soon as they come in. Provide a simple questionnaire for people<br />

to fill out that includes some things you want to know, like do your<br />

students enjoy your activities? You can include a scale from 0–5<br />

that makes it easier for students to answer. At the bottom leave<br />

a blank space where students can write comments. This will give<br />

you invaluable insight into how students are enjoying your school<br />

and what can be done to improve their experience.<br />

Check in with parents through regular calls home. You can<br />

present these calls as progress reports on each student’s performance<br />

and get their opinion on many aspects of your school’s<br />

instruction.<br />

If you haven’t ventured into the digital world and social media<br />

yet, it’s never too late to get started. AMS offers outstanding products<br />

and services that can help you develop your school website<br />

and online strategy. A Facebook account is a great place to post<br />

polls and get feedback from your community. Operating a blog<br />

with a comment section gives you access to unfiltered feedback<br />

from your students.<br />

Your staff is also a good source of information about your<br />

school’s strengths and weaknesses. Hold regular meetings where<br />

you can ask your staff questions and get their input on curriculum<br />

and course objectives. If staff members leave to pursue other<br />

career interests, conduct exit interviews where you can hear their<br />

suggestions for improvement.<br />

Opening your ears and getting feedback on your school is<br />

essential to achieving your greatest success. Working smarter and<br />

not harder will yield you incredible results!<br />

CHIEF MASTER MIKE BUGG is an 8th degree black belt and the owner of a $1.52 million-per-year<br />

location, with one of the largest after school and summer camp programs in the country.<br />


Transform Your School<br />

Transform Your School<br />

with Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

The most successful martial arts<br />

business leader in the world<br />

Y. K. Kim<br />

• Author of a best seller<br />

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• Producer, writer, director,<br />

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<strong>World</strong><br />

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Meet Modern Educator and<br />

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Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

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I Love to Promote the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> -- I will not<br />

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Book Y. K. Kim at www.ykkim.com<br />


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