SAFG - Wine Brochure - Sept Oct 2023

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Special Offers<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember - <strong>Oct</strong>ober <strong>2023</strong>

Welcome<br />

Hello and welcome to our Autumn issue. We hope<br />

you’ve had a fantastic summer so far and that a late<br />

summer heat wave is in all our futures! Before I kick<br />

off with brochure highlights, a reminder that most<br />

still wine prices in the UK have increased from 1st<br />

August due to the new duty bands and levels. Our<br />

wine oracle Marla has written an overview of the<br />

changes and how they may affect you. The main<br />

takeaway for me is that we should all be making the<br />

most of our fabulous sparkling offers and celebrating<br />

that some sparkling wines have indeed gone down<br />

in price.<br />

Given the significance of these changes, it’s a perfect<br />

time to review your wine list (and retail prices). Check<br />

out our key offers on page 6 where we’ve covered<br />

off all the big hitters, Pinot Grigio, Marlborough<br />

Sauvignon, Argentinian Malbec and more.<br />

If you’re in the market for a bargain, head to page<br />

8 as we’re clearing out a few old favourites to make<br />

room for some new wines later in the year and they<br />

are a steal. My favourite is the excellent Sauvignon<br />

Blanc from family-owned winery Craggy Range,<br />

originally £18.44 now just £9.99. In addition, L’Abbaye<br />

Saint Hilaire Provence Rosé will be perfect when<br />

soaking up the last of the summer rays. Don’t delay,<br />

we have very limited stock of these wines.<br />

For those of you feeling particularly organised, it’s<br />

a great time to stock up for those not-so-distant<br />

festive parties and events. We’ve picked a few of our<br />

favourite crowd pleaser's for banqueting offers.<br />

Holly Ninnes<br />

Head of <strong>Wine</strong><br />

All wines shown here are available on a first-come-firstserve<br />

basis. Please contact Telesales to find out more.<br />

2<br />

2<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Prosecco<br />

Owned by the Zonin Family who are one of the most historic wine<br />

producers in Italy, having been wine makers since 1821. The estate<br />

in Friuli (Northern Italy) is blessed with abundantly rich terroir<br />

and mild climate. This exceptional Prosecco stands out due to its<br />

excellent aromatic quality and delicate but moreish flavours.<br />

Now<br />

£6.49<br />

75cl<br />

Prosecco Spumante Ca’ Vescovo<br />

Italy v<br />

Bright pale straw-yellow; a fine, clear mousse with a very<br />

delicate perlage. Attractively intense, very fruity and aromatic,<br />

with hints of wisteria flowers and Rennet apples. Very wellbalanced<br />

and appealing, with the extremely delicate almond<br />

note that is typical of Glera.<br />

Was: £10.83<br />


1st <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

National Chianti day<br />

Volpetto Chianti<br />

Italy ve<br />

75cl<br />

A lively and intense Chianti. Red plum and fig with<br />

a splash of cherry tart, this is well-structured, fullbodied<br />

and great with red meats and pastas.<br />

Volpetto Chianti Reserva<br />

Italy ve<br />

75cl<br />

A complex wine with a deep intensity of fruit and a<br />

long powerful finish. Well structured and full-bodied.<br />

Was: £10.10<br />

Was: £11.83<br />

Now<br />

£6.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£7.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

4 4<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

New duty<br />

increases<br />

As of the 1st August <strong>2023</strong>, the new alcohol duty bands<br />

have come into force from the Government. This may<br />

leave you pondering ‘What does this mean for my<br />

wine list pricing?’ We hope the following can help<br />

you understand the changes and how you can best<br />

adapt your pricing to protect your profit numbers.<br />

The government has introduced a new tax structure<br />

which will result in an increase in cost on most still<br />

wine but favours sparkling and low ABV products.<br />

Still wines<br />

At 10.5% ABV the duty cost has risen by £0.01 per<br />

bottle and at 11% ABV by £0.12 per bottle.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>s between 11.5% – 14.5% incur a £0.44 per bottle<br />

increase.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>s from 15% - 22% have increased relative to their<br />

ABV level, starting at +£0.97 per bottle if the wine<br />

is 15% and wines at 22% will see a £1.72 per bottle<br />

increase. This increase will affect all fortified wine<br />

(Port, Sherry etc.)<br />

The vast majority of still wines imported into the UK<br />

sit between 11.5% and 14.5% ABV. <strong>Wine</strong>s within this<br />

ABV range will incur a cost price increase of 44p per<br />

bottle.<br />

To maintain your cash margin, we advise that you<br />

take this increase and add VAT (do this by multiplying<br />

£0.44 by 1.2) and then add this to your selling price<br />

per bottle.<br />

Adding at least £0.53 per bottle to your selling price<br />

will maintain your cash margin, however your GP %<br />

margin will fall.<br />

However, there is some good news amongst the<br />

doom and gloom. You will make savings on your<br />

Champagne and sparkling wines.<br />

Sparkling wines now benefit from the same duty rate<br />

as still wines between 11.5% and 14.5% ABV resulting<br />

in a cost price decrease of £0.18 per bottle. Previously<br />

the rate of duty paid on sparkling wines has been<br />

higher than still wines as it was viewed as a luxury<br />

product.<br />

Sparkling wines at 11% ABV have reduced in cost by<br />

£0.50 per bottle, this includes many Proseccos.<br />

Still wines below 10% have reduced in cost relative to<br />

the ABV %.<br />

The cost of a wine with 10% ABV has been reduced by<br />

£0.10 per bottle and at 9.5% by £0.20 per bottle.<br />

These changes are likely to remain in effect until<br />

February 2025. If you have any queries regarding the<br />

duty change, please do not hesitate to contact your<br />

WDM or SDM who will be on hand to help.<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 5

Key Offers<br />

Frunza Pinot Grigio<br />

Frunza Pinot Grigio | Romania | 75cl<br />

ve<br />

Lovely, opulent notes of grapefruit and peach. Light<br />

in body with melon and apple flavours on the palate<br />

resulting in a citrusy acidity. This is what Pinot Grigio<br />

should be.<br />

Was: £7.77<br />

£5.49<br />

per 75cl<br />

Orchard Lane<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

Orchard Lane Sauvignon Blanc | New Zealand<br />

75cl<br />

Packed with ripe tropical aromas, passion fruit and<br />

mango. The palate is rich and rounded with crisp<br />

hints of citrus fruits.<br />

Was: £12.94<br />

£8.49<br />

per 75cl<br />


Stringy Bark<br />

Creek Chardonnay<br />

Whistle Blower<br />

Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Stringy Bark Creek Chardonnay | Australia | 75cl<br />

A delicious Chardonnay with toasted notes from<br />

oak, on the palate melon and zesty freshness on the<br />

finish.<br />

Whistle Blower Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon | Chile<br />

75cl ve<br />

Juicy red and black fruits on the nose such as<br />

cherries and blackberries. Good intensity, clean,<br />

young with a medium-body and soft tannins.<br />

Was: £8.44<br />

Was: £7.61<br />

£5.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

£4.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

No.10 Malbec<br />

Stringy Bark Creek Shiraz<br />

No.10 Malbec | Argentina | 75cl<br />

ve<br />

Stringy Bark Creek Shiraz | Australia | 75cl<br />

Juicy red and black fruits on the nose such as<br />

cherries and blackberries. Good intensity, clean,<br />

young with a medium-body and soft tannins.<br />

Cool intensity is the style here, showing a wellstructured<br />

palate with berry, coffee and liquorice<br />

flavours.<br />

Was: £8.00<br />

Was: £8.44<br />

£5.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

£5.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 7

When it's gone, it's gone!<br />

Craggy Range Te Muna<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

New Zealand<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

Pale straw colour with a green<br />

hue. Lovely aromas of citrus<br />

blossom, lime, jasmine and the<br />

faintest hint of fresh honey.<br />

Elegant and floral.<br />

L’Abbaye Saint Hilaire<br />

Provence Rosé, France<br />

75cl<br />

A pale dry rosé, made primarily<br />

from Syrah and Grenache,<br />

showing red fruit aromas.<br />

Provence is the rockstar of rosé,<br />

but this wine is also ethically<br />

produced in order to hand<br />

the vineyards on to future<br />

generations.<br />

Haut-Poitou Sauvignon<br />

Blanc Marcel Martin,<br />

France<br />

75cl<br />

Reminiscent of the classic<br />

Sauvignons of Loire; Sancerre and<br />

Pouilly Fumé this is a crisp citrusy<br />

and herbaceous style wine with<br />

cleansing acidity.<br />

Was: £18.44<br />

Was: £12.04<br />

Was: £10.29<br />

Now<br />

£9.99<br />

per bottle<br />

Now<br />

£6.99<br />

per bottle<br />

Now<br />

£5.99<br />

per bottle<br />

8 8<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

It’s that time of year where we say goodbye to some of our lovely wines to make way for<br />

some new ones! We have a limited volume of these wines which are still available as we go to<br />

print but please note, when they’re gone, they’re gone for good!<br />

*All wines shown here are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please contact Telesales to find out more.<br />

Te Onepoto Sauvignon Blanc<br />

New Zealand v<br />

75cl<br />

Intense gooseberry aromas alongside fresh<br />

herbaceous and grassy notes. Vibrant passion fruit,<br />

citrus and peach characters with top notes of melon<br />

and kiwi balanced with softer apple and white pear<br />

flavours. Well structured zesty acidity.<br />

Charles Smith Eve Chardonnay<br />

USA v<br />

75cl<br />

This Chardonnay has a lot of energy. Hibiscus flower,<br />

stone fruit, apple blossom & a touch of lemon<br />

cream. A long savoury finish.<br />

Was: £11.80<br />

Was: £16.08<br />

Now<br />

£6.99<br />

per bottle<br />

Now<br />

£7.99<br />

per bottle<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 9

27th <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

World Champagne Day<br />

10 10

Joseph Perrier Brut<br />

France<br />

75cl<br />

One of the great overachieving, underestimated<br />

small Champagne houses. It has a relaxed, easydrinking<br />

style with a warm brioche weight to support<br />

its fresh appley fruit.<br />

Joseph Perrier Brut Rosé<br />

France<br />

75cl<br />

A light, welcoming rosé with an abundant mousse<br />

and plenty of vibrant strawberry and violet flavours<br />

for a delicate perfumed style.<br />

Was: £36.30<br />

Was: £47.14<br />

Now<br />

£24.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£31.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

See our full range of Place products your online order at today staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale<br />

on 0345 241 1122 11 11

Banqueting<br />

Dare we mention the 'C' word this early in the year? For those of you feeling particularly organised,<br />

we've pulled together some fantastic offers on delicious crowd pleasers that we think are perfect<br />

for events, banquets and office parties alike. Buy 10 cases and receive a case for free. Christmas<br />

sorted...<br />

Buy 10 cases,<br />

get one free!<br />

Equivalent price per<br />

bottle from £4.80!<br />

12<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Urmeneta Carmenère<br />

Chile<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

Carmenere is a grape variety<br />

that originated in Bordeaux and<br />

was transported by enterprising<br />

Chilean vigenerons as cuttings<br />

in the 1800's. For many years<br />

Carmenère was mistakenly<br />

believed to be Merlot until it was<br />

redicovered in the 1990's and it<br />

has grown in popularity ever since.<br />

It is richly fruity, full-bodied and<br />

has a velvey texture.<br />

Was: £46.60<br />

Alta Baliza Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon, Chile ve<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon is Chile's<br />

iconic grape, and it flourishes<br />

in this country with (generally)<br />

near perfect growing conditions.<br />

Typically packed with flavour, this<br />

wine has attractive aromas of<br />

blackcurrant and delicate notes<br />

of mint. It is medium-bodied with<br />

fine tannins making it a versatile<br />

wine for food matching.<br />

Was: £45.70<br />

Ca'di Ponti Grillo<br />

Italy ve<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

This wine is delicate but complex<br />

with honey, floral and spicy<br />

notes on the nose and hints of<br />

ginger and peach on the palate.<br />

It's fresh and balanced and a<br />

great alternative for Pinot Grigio<br />

drinkers that might want to trade<br />

up over the festive period.<br />

Was: £45.94<br />

Now<br />

£36.20<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£35.20<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£35.20<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 13

14<br />


The picturesque Duoro Valley, located in<br />

Northern Portugal, is home to undoubtedly the<br />

world’s most recognised fortified wine – the<br />

luscious nectar of Port.<br />

Whilst we are huge advocates of enjoying Port<br />

throughout the year, there is no denying that<br />

Port has a special place in people’s hearts as<br />

the days become shorter and the autumn<br />

approaches. From Ruby to Vintage, we have<br />

delved into our cellars to offer you some superb<br />

Ports to grace your lists and delight your<br />

customers over the coming season and beyond.<br />

Graham’s 1977<br />

Portugal<br />

our pick!<br />

Rich complex fruit, powerful but<br />

well balanced. This Port is held in<br />

high regard.<br />

Was: £86.50<br />

Now: £63.99<br />


Ruby port<br />

A great everyday Port, ready to drink on release. Expect a fresh palate with blackberries, plums and<br />

dates.<br />

Now<br />

£9.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Walter Hicks Western Hunt Ruby, Douro Was: £12.97<br />

Stylish fruity nose, full of intense concentrated blackcurrant and cherry aromas.<br />

Full-bodied and firm, the palate is crammed with luscious black fruit flavours.<br />

Now<br />

£12.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Cockburn’s Fine Ruby, Douro Was: £17.10<br />

Lively light ruby colour. On the nose fresh and appealing youthful red fruit aromas<br />

such as red cherry and raspberry. Well balanced with soft fruity flavours leading to<br />

a long elegant finish.<br />

Now<br />

£11.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Fonseca Bin No.27, Douro Was: £18.41<br />

Deep youthful ruby colour. Intense rich fruity nose crammed with pure blackberry,<br />

cassis, cherry and plum aromas interwoven with notes of spice. The palate is full<br />

bodied and round, with a smooth velvety texture balanced by firm mouth filling<br />

tannins. The juicy black fruit flavours linger into the rich luscious finish.<br />

late-bottled vintage port<br />

A single vintage Ruby Port that has been aged for up to 6 years in barrel prior to bottling. A sweet<br />

style Port with cherry, chocolate, dried fruit and an earthy touch.<br />

Now<br />

£13.49<br />

per 75cl<br />

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage, Douro Was: £16.79<br />

On the nose it is brimming with layers of dark fruits combined with herbal notes of<br />

fresh mint. On the palate it is full-bodied with flavours of cassis and has a long, firm<br />

finish.<br />

Now<br />

£13.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage, Douro Was: £20.96<br />

Pungent aromatic nose with heaps of black woodland fruit, dark cherry and plum.<br />

Lovely clean, crisp freshness to the bouquet. The palate is rounded, smooth and<br />

perfectly balanced. Flavours of redcurrant, raspberry and blueberry in abundance,<br />

with a delicious hint of black liquorice. The finish is wonderfully long.<br />

16<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

Tawny port<br />

The Queen to vintage Port’s King. Whilst a vintage Port matures in large wooden vats, Tawny Port<br />

is matured in small casks where is undergoes a controlled oxidation before being bottled labelled<br />

by age to signify the flavour profile that can be expected.<br />

Now<br />

£15.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Warre’s Otima 10 Year Old Tawny, 50cl, Douro Was: £18.42<br />

This full bodied tawny is rich with flavours of coffee, dried fruit and rounded with<br />

hints of toffee and orange peel. Delicious.<br />

Now<br />

£18.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny, Douro Was: £26.59<br />

Rich and elegant nose combining aromas of ripe berry fruit with a delicate nuttiness<br />

and subtle mellow notes of chocolate, butterscotch and fine oak wood. Smooth and<br />

silky on the palate and full of ripe figgy, jammy flavours which persist on the long<br />

finish.<br />

white port<br />

Often forgotten, white Port is a discovery worth making! Whilst red Port is traditionally served at<br />

the end of a meal, white Port makes for a delicious apertif, served over ice or mixed with tonic – a<br />

great G&T alternative.<br />

Now<br />

£12.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Taylor’s Chip Dry White, Douro Was: £26.65<br />

Pale, straw colour. Delicate nose combining fresh fruit fragrances with the mellow<br />

aromas and hints of oak of a traditional white Port. Fresh, lively palate, with good<br />

flavour and crisp, dry finish.<br />

Serving Suggestion...<br />

Chip Dry White Port is a stylish and sophisticated<br />

aperitif, the perfect introduction to a relaxed meal. It<br />

is best served chilled in a large Port glass and<br />

accompanied by marinated olives or salted almonds.<br />

Chip Dry can also be used to make a refreshing and<br />

original summer drink by mixing one part of Chip<br />

Dry white Port with two parts of chilled Tonic water,<br />

adding a sprig of fresh mint or a twist of lemon.<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 17

vintage port<br />

The crème de la crème, made with only the best grapes from a single vintage.<br />

2000<br />

A small harvest resulted in concentrated wines - ripe, focused and stylish<br />

Now<br />

£44.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Fonseca 2000, Douro Was: £60.08<br />

Inky purple colour. Complete nose, with impressive depth and background,<br />

displaying the concentrated and opulent fruitiness which is the hallmark of the<br />

Fonseca style.<br />

Now<br />

£54.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Taylor’s 2000, Douro Was: £73.59<br />

Rich magenta colour. Powerful, intense, black fruit and cherry aromas with lovely<br />

fragrant aromatic notes. On the mouth this wine is in perfect harmony with<br />

beautifully balanced fruit and tannins. Rich, elegant, luscious black fruit flavours.<br />

Long rich finish. Very stylish.<br />

1997<br />

Textbook Vintage. Firm tannic backbones complemented by ripe fruit and refreshing aroma.<br />

Now<br />

£55.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Fonseca 1997, Douro Was: £75.38<br />

A very elegant, smooth and complete wine. Hints of tobacco and cedar wood spice<br />

– enormous depth. Lovely rich fruit and big tannins.<br />

Perfect With...<br />

fig &<br />

gorgonzola<br />

canapes<br />

Warre’s 1985<br />

Portugal<br />

Rich and warming, dark fruit. Plums, figs and a hint of<br />

floral come together to create a long, lingering finish.<br />

Was: £71.34<br />

Now: £52.99<br />

18<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

1985<br />

Opulent and intense.<br />

Now<br />

£43.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Dow’s 1985, Douro Was: £59.56<br />

Black fruits, smooth tannins. This mature Port is sweet & ripe on the palate.<br />

Now<br />

£52.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Warre’s 1985, Douro Was: £71.34<br />

Rich and warming, dark fruit. Plums, figs and a hint of floral come together to create<br />

a long, lingering finish.<br />

Now<br />

£55.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Graham’s 1985, Douro Was: £74.87<br />

Superb backbone and opulent, intense fruit. It is beautifully fresh and assertive on<br />

the nose, with perfumed floral aromas. Elegant and well-structured, this lovely wine<br />

will benefit from being kept in bottle for another few years but can be enjoyed now.<br />

Now<br />

£57.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Taylor’s 1985, Douro Was: £77.26<br />

Intense ruby colour, now just beginning to open out. Rich, complete,<br />

multidimensional nose, displaying elements of both youth and maturity. Aromas of<br />

ripe berry fruit, liquorice and butterscotch with scented violet notes. The palate is<br />

now quite smooth and round with velvety well integrated tannins and masses of rich<br />

figgy fruit flavour. Warm mellow finish full of rich jammy fruit.<br />

Now<br />

£61.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Fonseca 1985, Douro Was: £82.98<br />

Huge ripe, rich, blackcurrant nose. Attractive, extremely powerful bouquet. Full,<br />

concentrated, powerful palate. Great richness, depth, complexity. Lovely intense<br />

chocolate and blackberry flavours.<br />

Perfect With...<br />

chocolate<br />

tarts<br />

Walter Hicks Western Hunt Ruby<br />

Portugal<br />

Stylish fruity nose, full of intense concentrated<br />

blackcurrant and cherry aromas. Full-bodied and<br />

firm, the palate is crammed with luscious black fruit<br />

flavours.<br />

Was: £12.97<br />

Now: £9.99<br />

Place your order today on 0345 241 1122 19

Port pairs<br />

perfectly<br />

with...<br />

vintage port:<br />

blue cheese<br />

late bottled<br />

vintage:<br />

dark truffles<br />

1983<br />

Powerful, tannic and age worthy.<br />

Now<br />

£45.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Dow’s 1983, Douro Was: £62.37<br />

Rich and raisiny, sweet and well structured. This wine will hold its own for many<br />

years to come.<br />

Now<br />

£47.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£51.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Graham’s 1983, Douro Was: £64.29<br />

An explosion of luscious black fruit flavours ending with hints of spice and mint. It<br />

has exceptional balance and structure, and is intensely aromatic and full-bodied on<br />

the palate.<br />

Fonseca 1983, Douro Was: £70.00<br />

Intense bouquet. Strong aromas and flavours of chocolate, prune and fig. Nice<br />

depth. Concentrated, rich and complex. Almost creamy.<br />

Now<br />

£54.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Taylor’s 1983, Douro Was: £74.08<br />

Deep cherry, burgundy colour, fading at the rim. Rich, jammy harmonious fruit.<br />

Stylish, aromatic, concentrated flavours of raisin, chocolate and plum jam.<br />

20<br />

See our full range of products online at staustellfamilygroup.co.uk/wholesale

1980<br />

Solid and well-structured, with focused fruit – approachable and easy going.<br />

Now<br />

£46.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Warre’s 1980, Douro Was: £63.34<br />

A combination of figs, coffee, chocolate and bold tannins. Good length with a<br />

lingering after taste.<br />

Now<br />

£53.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£54.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Now<br />

£63.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Fonseca 1980, Douro Was: £71.94<br />

Rich ruby fading gently at the rim. Scents of spice, raisin and fruit cake. Soft, sweet<br />

and ever so slightly plump. Deep and rounded. Flavours of chocolate, spice and<br />

Christmas cake.<br />

Graham’s 1980, Douro Was: £73.70<br />

This well-structured Vintage was initially unfairly underrated but it has since<br />

established its great worth. It is a beautifully balanced wine with a long future ahead<br />

of it.<br />

Taylor’s 1980, Douro Was: £85.23<br />

Ruby, cherry red tones gently fading at edges. Attractive fresh fruit and spice<br />

bouquet. Intense; surprisingly youthful. An elegant, nicely weighted and balanced<br />

wine. Firm full fruit flavours with a freshness that carries on through to the finish.<br />

1977<br />

Highly rated vintage. Tannic and complex.<br />

Now<br />

£58.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Croft 1977, Douro Was: £78.67<br />

Ripe red berry fruits with harmonious tones of ginger and honey.<br />

Now<br />

£63.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Graham’s 1977, Douro Was: £86.50<br />

Rich complex fruit, powerful but well balanced. This Port is held in high regard.<br />

Now<br />

£91.99<br />

per 75cl<br />

Taylor’s 1977, Douro Was: £123.62<br />

Fresh nose, clean fruit with delicate floral notes. A wine with great complexity of<br />

fruit – berry and spice, dense, luscious and concentrated, yet with a soft, delicate<br />

finish which belies the inner strength.<br />

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Nice Malbec (Can) 12x18.7cl £24.50 £2.04<br />

Arapala Sky Merlot 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Shiraz 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Zinfandel Rosé 24 x 18.7cl £40.55 £1.69<br />

Arapala Sky Inzolia-Pinot Grigio 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Sauvignon Blanc 24 x 18.7cl £43.18 £1.80<br />

Arapala Sky Merlot 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Shiraz 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Zinfandel Rosé 6 x 75cl £32.03 £5.34<br />

Arapala Sky Chardonnay 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Inzolia Pinot Grigio 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

Arapala Sky Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl £33.96 £5.66<br />

McGuigan Red Blend 6 x 75cl £36.16 £6.03<br />

McGuigan Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl £36.16 £6.03<br />

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel 6 x 75cl £34.31 £5.72<br />

Jack Rabbit Chardonnay 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit Shiraz 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit Merlot 6 x 75cl £36.24 £6.04<br />

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel 12 x 18.7cl £21.00 £1.75<br />

Jack Rabbit Shiraz 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Jack Rabbit Chardonnay 12 x 18.7cl £23.32 £1.86<br />

Baron de Villeboerg Brut 6 x 75cl £17.99<br />

Prosecco Bollicine Frizzante 6 x 75cl £36.65 £6.99<br />

Tramonto White 6 x 75cl £27.24 £4.54<br />

Tramonto Red 6 x 75cl £27.24 £4.54<br />

Tramonto Rosé 6 x 75cl £27.24 £4.54<br />

Tramonto Sparkling 6 x 75cl £36.46 £6.08<br />

Badet Clément, Cuvee Prestige Blanc 6 x 75cl £35.64 £5.94<br />

Badet Clément, Cuvee Prestige Rouge 6 x 75cl £35.64 £5.94<br />

Badet Clément, Cuvee Prestige Rosé 6 x 75cl £35.64 £5.94<br />

Miopasso Fiano 6 x 75cl £6.45<br />

Sancerre, Domaine de la Perrière 6 x 75cl £16.45<br />

Rioja, 1000 Milhojas Crianza 6 x 75cl £6.45<br />

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