Waikato Business News August/September 2023

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

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16 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, AUGUST/SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Unleash the power of AI to increase<br />

productivity in your business<br />

What if I told you that the most popular<br />

business productivity tools—apps<br />

like Google Sheets, Google Docs,<br />

and Excel—could now harness the<br />

boundless power of ChatGPT?<br />

Imagine having an extraordinary<br />

mind at your side,<br />

ready to assist, suggest,<br />

and co-create within the<br />

very applications you rely on<br />

daily. Writing emails, product<br />

descriptions, and even policy<br />

documents for you; generating<br />

spreadsheet formulas based on<br />

plain English, or cleaning up<br />

data in seconds based on plain<br />

English instructions.<br />

This is not science fiction;<br />

it's the current reality that<br />

businesses are taking advantage<br />

of, and those who aren’t<br />

are getting left behind.<br />

A joint study just released<br />

from Harvard, MIT, Warwick<br />

<strong>Business</strong> School and Boston<br />

Consulting Group tested<br />

over 700 consultants, requiring<br />

them to complete a series<br />

of tasks. Half of them were<br />

allowed to use AI, the other<br />

half were not. The results were<br />

amazing. The consultants who<br />

used AI completed tasks 25%<br />

quicker and produced 40%<br />

higher quality in their results!<br />

What is more, the consultants<br />

who performed the<br />

worst in their benchmark tests<br />

before the experiment, had the<br />

biggest jump in performance<br />

when using AI, with a 43%<br />

improvement. The top consultants<br />

still got a boost, but less<br />

of one, meaning that using AI<br />

can be a significant leveller in<br />


WORLD<br />


Josh Moore is the head<br />

marketing fanatic at Duoplus,<br />

a Hamilton-based digital<br />

marketing agency that<br />

helps clients get more leads<br />

and sales through online<br />

marketing. www.duoplus.nz<br />

terms of performance across a<br />

team.<br />

Welcome to a world where<br />

ChatGPT becomes your indispensable<br />

partner in achieving<br />

unparalleled excellence.<br />

So how do can you use<br />

ChatGPT in everyday business<br />

to increase productivity? Here<br />

are some ideas.<br />

Create Spreadsheet<br />

Formulas Using Plain<br />

English<br />

You can now use GPT within<br />

Cars, cars, cars!<br />

I<br />

had the experience<br />

yesterday of driving through<br />

the Knighton Rd/Cameron<br />

Rd/May St area. We had been<br />

asked to comment on v urban<br />

design, or lack thereof, in the<br />

area – that’s another story.<br />

However, one of the things<br />

that immediately stood out was<br />

the number of cars parked on<br />

the street, and in driveways and<br />

across footpaths.<br />

This is the unfortunate outcome<br />

when insufficient parking<br />

is provided on site. This is particularly<br />

true in areas with a lot<br />

of student flats, which typically<br />

have higher numbers of cars<br />

per houshold or property.<br />

There is a general move<br />

underway – though not without<br />

some resistance – in society<br />

and from central and local government,<br />

to reduce our dependence<br />

on cars, and to enable<br />

and encourage more public<br />

transport use, walking and<br />

cycling. Largely this is driven<br />

by our ugrent need to reduce<br />

carbon emissions, transport<br />

being our second largest producer<br />

after agriculture.<br />

With my productivity hat<br />

on, I cannot see how it is efficient<br />

to move millions of people<br />

around in individual metal<br />

boxes. I readily acknowledge<br />

that public transport is not<br />

suitable for every place or situation.<br />

But the beautiful thing<br />

is that when more people use<br />

public transport or active<br />

transport modes, it also makes<br />

the roads freer and easier for<br />

Google Sheets or Microsoft<br />

Excel to write formulas for you.<br />

There is a small setup process<br />

that is required, but once<br />

connected, you can save considerable<br />

time and effort.<br />

Let’s look at an overly simple<br />

example. Having entered<br />

sales data for last year, you can<br />

ask GPT in plain English, for<br />

the formula you need to calculate<br />

the totals. For example,<br />

“total all sales figures in cells<br />

c3 to f3.”<br />

GPT replies saying,<br />

“Assuming the sales figures<br />

are in cells C3, D3, E3, and F3,<br />

you can use the following formula:<br />

=SUM(C3:F3)”<br />

But where the power really<br />

kicks in is writing complex<br />

those who genuinely need – or<br />

just really want – to drive.<br />

Having said that, and while<br />

our team would love to see a<br />

future with fewer cars – architectural<br />

practices after all being<br />

often idealistic, green-minded<br />

places – we are pragmatic<br />

enough to recognise that, at<br />

least in the immediate future,<br />

most households have at least<br />

a couple of vehicles, and therefore,<br />

require somewhere to put<br />

them.<br />

The 2020 National Policy<br />

Statement on Urban Development<br />

(NPS-UD), prevents<br />

local councils from requiring<br />

developers to provide a set<br />

minimum number of carparks<br />

in new developments. While<br />

well-intentioned, and appropriate<br />

to encourage higher<br />

density development in city<br />

centres, the broad application<br />

of this rule to all urban areas<br />

formulas for you that would<br />

normally take an Excel expert to<br />

write. Things like XLOOKUP,<br />



and more. With ChatGPT connected<br />

you can just describe in<br />

plain English what you want to<br />

happen, and it will create the<br />

formula for you.<br />

Easily Extract Specific<br />

Information From Your<br />

Spreadsheet<br />

You can also use some specific<br />

GPT functions to extract<br />

information from within cells.<br />

This can be extremely useful<br />

for extracting names, emails,<br />

domains, or company names<br />



Phil Mackay is <strong>Business</strong><br />

Devolpment Manger at<br />

Hamilton-based PAUA,<br />

Procuta Associates Urban +<br />

Architecture<br />

means private developers are<br />

less likely to include adequate<br />

parking provisions for new<br />

housing.<br />

Until a change is made to<br />

allow councils more scope to<br />

control parking in suburban<br />

developments, the burden will<br />

fall on ratepayers to provide<br />

additional on-street parks, and<br />

we will see suburban streets<br />

increasingly crowded with<br />

parked cars.<br />

from a big list of data.<br />

For example, if we have a<br />

list of full names, and you want<br />

to extract the first names, and<br />

remove duplicates, you can<br />

use GPT_EXTRACT to quickly<br />

achieve that without any complex<br />

formula.<br />

e.g. We can use the formula:<br />

=GPT_EXTRACT(B3:B11,<br />

”unique first names”).<br />

Almost instantly the result<br />

comes back with the first<br />

names from that range.<br />

The power comes in<br />

ChatGPT understanding what<br />

you want to extract. You might<br />

hand it a list of contacts where<br />

all the information is in a single<br />

cell, and you can ask it<br />

to extract names and email<br />

addresses or company names,<br />

and it understands and pulls<br />

out the data.<br />

One of our team members<br />

spent three hours manually<br />

creating some very<br />

complex formulas to extract<br />

URLs from a long list of data.<br />

Another team member used a<br />

ChatGPT function to achieve<br />

the same result in less than<br />

four minutes!<br />

Access Internet<br />

Information from Within<br />

Your Spreadsheet<br />

There are other functions<br />

where GPT will access its<br />

knowledge base to provide<br />

information we didn’t already<br />

have in the sheet.<br />

=GPT_TABLE("Make a<br />

table of the top 3 Korean car<br />

manufacturers with their<br />

annual revenue and number<br />

of employees")<br />

Sheets returns a table with<br />

the data almost instantly.<br />

That’s wild!<br />

Creating Emails and Policy<br />

Documents in Google<br />

Docs<br />

One of the things ChatGPT has<br />

become famous for is its ability<br />

to write very well-written content.<br />

Let’s look at two scenarios.<br />

In the first scenario you<br />

want to create a professional<br />

and friendly email to thank<br />

everyone who attended your<br />

recent networking event. Simply<br />

use plain English in the<br />

custom prompt box to tell Docs<br />

what you want and then let it do<br />

the work for you.<br />

We can tell GPT that we<br />

want it to, “create a brief thank<br />

you email to send to the people<br />

who attended our networking<br />

evening.”<br />

The results come back<br />

within seconds, and it’s very<br />

well-written.<br />

In the second scenario, you<br />

could get GPT + Docs to create<br />

social media marketing content<br />

for your business.<br />

For our example, we could<br />

tell GPT that we want it to,<br />

“write a LinkedIn post, welcoming<br />

our new sales manager,<br />

Tim Major, formerly<br />

Queensland Territory Manager<br />

for XYZ Widgets in<br />

Sydney.”<br />

The result is superb. If you<br />

haven’t tried it before, try these<br />

prompts as examples and you’ll<br />

be suitably impressed with it<br />

returns.<br />

I don’t know how many<br />

times I have sat at the keyboard<br />

waiting for inspiration, trying<br />

to find just the right words, and<br />

ending up with a result I’m not<br />

entirely happy with.<br />

Never again! While the<br />

results aren’t always perfect,<br />

it is much faster to edit than<br />

to start from scratch. The<br />

speed and productivity boost<br />

that comes from embracing<br />

AI is so impressive, that every<br />

office-based company needs<br />

to be embracing AI to boost<br />

productivity and effectiveness,<br />

or alternatively find yourself<br />

struggling to keep up with the<br />


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