Waikato Business News August/September 2023

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

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18 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, AUGUST/SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

October is breast cancer awareness month<br />

Breast cancer is the most common<br />

cancer in New Zealand women. One<br />

in nine women will get breast cancer<br />

over their lifetime.<br />

In the <strong>Waikato</strong>, more than<br />

400 women, and in NZ,<br />

over 3000 women are diagnosed<br />

each year. Sadly each<br />

year in NZ, we lose 600-700 of<br />

our loved ones to this disease -<br />

more than our annual road toll.<br />

There are women diagnosed in<br />

their early 20s right through<br />

to their 90s. Although it is less<br />

common, men can also get<br />

breast cancer, with 20-30 NZ<br />

men diagnosed annually.<br />

Breast cancer isn’t just one<br />

disease, there are many different<br />

types. Thanks to research,<br />

modern-day treatment and care<br />

is tailored to the type of breast<br />

cancer, as well as the wishes of<br />

each individual woman diagnosed.<br />

Tailoring of treatment<br />

and care has been made possible<br />

through research advances.<br />

Improving cancer patient<br />

outcomes through<br />

research<br />

The Breast Cancer Research<br />

Trust is our local charitable<br />

trust which enables funding<br />

for clinical trials and research.<br />

Trust chair Professor Ian<br />

Campbell says the vision of the<br />






“The lotus flower has<br />

been traditionally regarded<br />

“The lotus flower has been<br />

as a symbol of regeneration,<br />

traditionally regarded as a<br />

healing and enduring beauty.<br />

symbol of regeneration, healing<br />

Make an appointment with<br />

and enduring beauty. Make an<br />

one of our highly skilled<br />

appointment with one of our<br />

specialists today and let us<br />

highly skilled specialists today<br />

and let us help you achieve your<br />

help you achieve your health<br />

health and beauty goals this<br />

and beauty goals this year...<br />

so as the lotus flower,<br />

you can blossom too.”<br />

trust is to gain knowledge and<br />

save lives, and the mission is<br />

to improve breast cancer outcomes<br />

for patients through<br />

research.<br />

Campbell has led many<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong>-based breast cancer<br />

clinical trials over the past<br />

25 years. <strong>Waikato</strong> has been a<br />

centre for over 50 studies and<br />

clinical trials introducing new<br />

surgeries, radiotherapy techniques,<br />

drug treatments and<br />

devices. The trust also enables<br />

research for better quality of<br />

life, reduced side effects and<br />

better communication of complex<br />

treatment options.<br />

Research examples enabled<br />

by the trust include:<br />

i) Using a sophisticated laboratory<br />

test that examines<br />

50 different aspects of a<br />

tumour, the result of this<br />

test indicates the risk of<br />

breast cancer recurrence. In<br />

women with very low risk<br />

of recurrence, this test may<br />

help doctors in the future to<br />

select women who can safely<br />

avoid radiation therapy (and<br />

after breast cancer surgery.<br />

Cosmetic and Reconstructive<br />

Plastic Surgery<br />

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgery<br />

Adult and Paediatric Dermatology<br />

Adult and Paediatric Dermatology<br />

Vascular Surgery and<br />

Ultrasound Scanning<br />

Vascular Surgery and Ultrasound Scanning<br />

Appearance Medicine<br />

Gynaecology and fertility specialist<br />

Cutera Appearance Laser Skin Medicine Rejuvenation<br />

and Re-surfacing<br />

year...<br />

So as the lotus flower, you can<br />

blossom too”<br />

Cutera Laser Skin Rejuvenation<br />

IPL Treatments Beauty Therapy<br />

Beauty Therapy Treatments<br />

Medical Tattooing<br />

ii) <strong>Waikato</strong> researchers are<br />

currently partnering with<br />

the Breast Cancer Foundation<br />

NZ to introduce<br />

(via research) a technology<br />

for women with advanced<br />

breast cancer (ABC). The<br />

“ABCpro study” is introducing<br />

electronic reporting of<br />

symptoms and treatment<br />


its associated side-effects) side<br />


effects for women livfort<br />

she<br />


is experiencing. provided<br />


her with a sense of<br />

ing with this incurable form<br />

Medical Tattooing<br />

of breast cancer. Participating<br />

women complete a<br />

weekly online survey and<br />

report on their symptoms<br />

and side effects. If there is<br />

a deterioration in either,<br />

an email alert is sent to an<br />

ABC nurse, who then contacts<br />

the woman to discuss<br />

how to manage the discom-<br />

The aim of the “ABCpro<br />

study” is to be more proactive<br />

in managing symptoms<br />

and side effects, to improve<br />

quality of life, and reduce<br />

hospital admissions and<br />

urgent health reviews.<br />

Local Hamilton woman<br />

Huia is taking part in the ABCpro<br />

study, and she says this has<br />

support and peace of mind.<br />

Marius Rademaker BM, FRCP, FRACP, DM<br />

Amanda Oakley MBChB, FRACP, DipHealInf<br />

Sarah Hill MBchB, DERMATOLOGIST<br />

FRACP<br />

Sarah Hill MBchB, FRACP<br />


“For me, being a participant<br />

in the ABC study<br />

meant that I was going to<br />

receive extra immediate care<br />

and support. It feels like a<br />

wrap-around service.”<br />

The ABC tool has enabled<br />

Huia to connect with an ABC<br />

nurse who provides her with<br />

ideas to help self-manage<br />

her symptoms and any side<br />

effects.<br />

“I’ve built a really good<br />

rapport with my nurse, which<br />

has been great.”<br />

Additionally, the ABC tool<br />

has aided Huia in connecting<br />

with specialists such as a<br />

physiotherapist, lymphedema<br />

nurse, and a dietitian, contributing<br />

to a better quality of life.<br />

Huia speaks highly of the<br />

ABCpro study and the important<br />

role the regular surveys<br />

have played in helping her<br />

monitor and manage her<br />

symptoms and side effects.<br />

An initial analysis of<br />

patient feedback shows this<br />

is an easy-to-use survey tool<br />

that alerts a nurse to symptom<br />

issues. This has overall<br />

helped patients feel they could<br />

carry on their life “as normal”,<br />

with some control over<br />

their symptoms and knowing<br />

support was available when<br />

needed. These factors reduce<br />

anxiety and improve quality of<br />

life, enabling ABC patients to<br />

maintain a positive mindset.<br />

David Ferrar VASCULAR MBChB, FRCS, SURGEON FRACS (Vascular), DDU (Vascular)<br />

David Ferrar MBChB, FRCS, FRACS (VASCULAR), DDU<br />

Thodur Vasudevan FRACS (Vasc), FRACS (Gen), FRCS<br />

(VASCULAR)<br />

Paul Haggart MBChB MD, BSc, FRCS<br />

Paul Haggart MB, ChB, MD, BSc, FRCS<br />






Stuart McNicoLL PLASTIC MBChB, SURGEONS FRACS (Plastics)<br />

Ahmed Alkadhi Stuart MBChB, McNicoLL FRACS MBChB, (Plastics) FRACS (Plastics)<br />

Michael Woodfield Ahmed MBChB, Alkadhi MBChB, FRACS FRACS (Plastics) (Plastics)<br />

Brandon Adams Michael MBChB, Woodfield FRACS MBChB, (Plastics) FRACS (Plastics)<br />

Arthur Yang MBChB, FRACS (Plastics)<br />

Arthur Yang MBChB FRACS (Plastics)<br />




Laura Miller BM, PaDipOMG, MRMed, FRANZCOG<br />

Sonya Ferguson App Medicine Nurse RCompN<br />

Pip Walker BBMedSci, MBChB, FRANZCOG, AGES certified<br />

Stella Wilkins App Medicine Nurse RCompN<br />

Madeleine McNicoLL APPEARANCE App Medicine MEDICINE Nurse RCompN<br />

Sonya Ferguson App Medicine Nurse RCompN<br />

Megan Lyons Laser Therapist<br />

Stella Wilkins App Medicine Nurse RCompN<br />

Debbie Casson<br />

Madeleine<br />

Cosmetic<br />

McNicoLL<br />

Tattooing<br />

App Medicine Nurse RCompN<br />

Juliette Smith Megan Beauty Lyons Therapist Laser Therapy<br />

Debbie Casson Cosmetic Tattooing<br />


p 07 838 1035 e appts@tristramclinic.co.nz 200 Collingwood St, Hamilton www.tristramclinic.co.nz

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