Waikato Business News August/September 2023

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

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There’s an audience<br />

for every business<br />

on TikTok<br />

TikTok is not just for Gen Z, and<br />

businesses who do it well are reaping<br />

huge rewards, according to awardwinning<br />

PR agency HMC.<br />

HMC director Heather<br />

Claycomb says if your<br />

business isn’t on the<br />

platform yet, now is a great<br />

time to be first and capture a<br />

loyal audience, because others<br />

will follow.<br />

“TikTok is not a trend, it is<br />

a platform that has changed<br />

the face of social media permanently.<br />

Our team believes most<br />

businesses will be on it within<br />

the next five years.”<br />

HMC has helped several<br />

businesses lean into TikTok<br />

and overcome any pre-conceived<br />

perceptions they may<br />

have about the platform.<br />

Hamilton Central <strong>Business</strong><br />

Association (HCBA) general<br />

manager Vanessa Williams<br />

started using TikTok to promote<br />

the many and varied<br />

shops and businesses in Hamilton’s<br />

CBD. She admits she<br />

knew very little about the platform<br />

before she started but<br />

says its short-form video content<br />

has been a game-changer<br />

for the organisation.<br />

“When TikTok crossed our<br />

radar as a tool to promote the<br />

CBD’s businesses, I felt lost.<br />

But even then, I could see it<br />

was a hand-in-glove fit for our<br />

objectives. Short, snappy videos<br />

seemed like the perfect way<br />

to showcase these businesses<br />

to a new audience of younger<br />

digital natives,” she says.<br />

“HCBA promotes a diverse<br />

range of businesses, so we<br />

must attract a variety of people<br />

of different ages and interests.<br />

We were already leaning<br />

heavily into Facebook<br />

and Instagram but felt that<br />

we lacked a good channel to<br />

reach a younger audience. Tik-<br />

Tok plugged that gap for us<br />

and was where we could post<br />

punchy, engaging compilation<br />

videos.”<br />

Can I find my<br />

audience on TikTok?<br />

So, can other businesses find<br />

their audience on TikTok?<br />

With over 1 billion monthly<br />

active users around the world<br />

the answer is most likely yes.<br />

Although many assume it is a<br />

platform for teens, research<br />

shows 61.6% of users are over<br />

25, and 170 million users are<br />

aged 35-44.<br />

HMC’s social media expert<br />

Jamie Batters says most businesses<br />

can benefit from Tik-<br />

Tok, and it pays to do your<br />

research first.<br />

“See if your competitors are<br />

on the platform already. If they<br />

are, have a look at their content<br />

and the amount of engagement<br />

they’re getting. That’s a<br />

quick way to see if TikTok has<br />

an audience you can capture,”<br />

she says.<br />


Can I provide value to my<br />

audience on this platform?<br />

Reaching an audience is one<br />

thing but turning them into<br />

customers is another. The key<br />

is deep engagement – getting<br />

them to watch your videos<br />

then seek you out for advice.<br />

How do you achieve that? For<br />

Jamie, it’s about giving them<br />

something valuable first.<br />

“TikTok lends itself to quick<br />

explainer videos, light-hearted<br />

how-tos, life hacks, “day in the<br />

life” videos, and educational<br />

tools. If you’re a lawyer or<br />

accountant, what great advice<br />

can you give for free?<br />

“Younger users are turning<br />

to the app for discovery<br />

purposes in place of Google.<br />

Nearly 40% of Gen Z members<br />

prefer TikTok over Google<br />

for online searches, and<br />

we are experiencing a shift of<br />

users utilising the platform as<br />

a search engine.”<br />

Work to a plan<br />

TikTok success comes from<br />

playing a longer game, which<br />

puts an emphasis on consistency<br />

and frequency of content.<br />

That may sound daunting, but<br />

Vanessa insists it’s well within<br />

reach of most businesses, provided<br />

they get one thing right.<br />

“Planning is everything.<br />

That’s one of the early things<br />

Jamie did with us – we sat<br />

down with her and laid out a<br />

3-month map of the content<br />

we wanted to capture on video.<br />

Working to a plan freed us<br />

from the weekly stress of ‘What<br />

now?’”<br />

How difficult is it to<br />

create video content?<br />

A cursory look on TikTok will<br />

show you that most of the best<br />

content has been created with<br />

a simple point-and-shoot of<br />

the phone video. For Jamie,<br />

keeping things simple is better.<br />

“Bring it back to basics. The<br />

key is giving your audience<br />

something they’ll find valuable.<br />

That’s how you become a<br />

resource that people will turn<br />

to when they need your product,<br />

service, or advice.”<br />

Our<br />

Democracy<br />

Needs You<br />

The General Election is upon us, and<br />

voting is one of the foundations of<br />

democracy, and with democracy<br />

comes so many freedoms.<br />

There are many<br />

nations where voting<br />

is not offered and<br />

many more where there is<br />

only one “real” alternative,<br />

so it is a rare privilege to be<br />

able to pick your representatives<br />

and one that over the<br />

broad sweep of humanity on<br />

this planet has been offered<br />

to very few.<br />

We need good people to<br />

stand for election and to<br />

show common sense in Parliament.<br />

Sadly, this trimester<br />

there have been a few<br />

whose behaviour has not<br />

met the public’s standards,<br />

and many more members<br />

of Parliament who simply<br />

have not delivered.<br />

Good luck to all the candidates.<br />

In today’s world the concept<br />

of elected service to<br />

your community is forgotten<br />

by many, yet we want<br />

the best, most meritorious,<br />

candidates to represent us<br />

in Parliament or on Council.<br />

Whatever your politics,<br />

when Members of Parliament<br />

voluntarily close<br />

their political careers and<br />

get the opportunity to look<br />

back on their time in Parliament,<br />

with its review of<br />

why they stood for election,<br />

we should read or listen to<br />

their speeches in appreciation<br />

of their service.<br />

It is easy to be partisan<br />

and block your ears to the<br />

words of the people and<br />

parties you may not support.<br />

But the Chamber is a<br />

broad church with its members<br />

spread across the political<br />

spectrum.<br />

In the hurly burly of<br />

electioneering, we as voters<br />

often miss why a candidate<br />

stands for election.<br />

Accordingly, when two of<br />

our serving politicians voluntarily<br />

step down and get<br />

to deliver their valedictories,<br />

we should listen and<br />

appreciate their contributions.<br />

Hamilton East has both<br />

Jamie Strange and David<br />

Bennett retiring this electoral<br />

cycle.<br />

We encourage you to<br />

head to Parliament TV On<br />

By Don Good, CEO of <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce.<br />

Demand and watch Jamie’s<br />

valedictory from 15 <strong>August</strong><br />

and David’s on 23 <strong>August</strong>.<br />

The Chamber is also<br />

hosting a debate for the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> business community<br />

to hear from the Labour<br />

and National candidates for<br />

the Hamilton East & West<br />

electorates two weeks out<br />

from New Zealand’s General<br />

Election.<br />

Join us on Tuesday,<br />

October 3 as Labour’s<br />

Georgie Dansey (Hamilton<br />

East) and Myra Williamson<br />

(Hamilton West) go headto-head<br />

with National’s<br />

incumbent Hamilton West<br />

MP Tama Potaka and candidate<br />

for Hamilton East<br />

Ryan Hamilton.<br />

The debate will be moderated<br />

by former Hamilton<br />

City Councillor, Mark Bunting.<br />

This event is open to<br />

non-Chamber members,<br />

however registration is<br />

required in advance on our<br />

website: https://business.<br />

waikatochamber.co.nz/<br />

events/calendar.<br />

Jamie Batters<br />

Vicky Redwood and Vanessa Williams<br />

Want to learn more?<br />

Tune in to CRUNCH, HMC’s<br />

podcast designed to lift the lid<br />

on public relations and communications.<br />

In the latest episode,<br />

HCBA general manager<br />

Vanessa Williams and marketing<br />

manager Vicky Redwood<br />

share how they are leveraging<br />

TikTok to boost reputation and<br />

relationships and social media<br />

expert Jamie breaks down<br />

what TikTok can achieve, and<br />

how to do it well – using a real<br />

success story. www.wearehmc.<br />

co.nz/ep-2-the-pr-power-oftiktok-using-short-form-vid/<br />

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