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Three’s a Crowd,

LUTG: Four’s an Open Door!

Amy Brook


Lancaster University Theatre Group

(LUTG) is always brimming with new

content, and this term is no exception.

With four plays ready for freshers to get

involved in, there’s never been a better

time to embrace your theatrical side and

take to the stage.

Blue Thumbs

First on the list is Blue Thumbs, written and

directed by Freddie DG. Having first made

its debut at the spring term Original Writing

Showcase in 2023, this script tells the story of

a woman who claims to have been abducted

by aliens but struggles to get the local police

to believe her account.

In a non-explicit way, it is used as an allegory

for sexual assault and draws upon the

problems with custodial empathy faced by

victims of crime. Freddie will, no doubt, be

looking to work with like-minded individuals

who can appreciate the delicacy involved in

delivering this performance.

The Sound of Heavy Rain

The second show to be performed by the

group is The Sound of Heavy Rain, directed by

LUTG’s very own External Events Officer, Ellie

Leatherby, and her friend, Adam Dixon. After

her debut performance in LUTG’s After Life in

2022, followed by her

roles in Hamlet and

Machinal during the

following terms in

2023, this will mark

Ellie’s first major

directorial role.

Similarly, as a

committed member

of the society, Adam

Dixon worked on

After Life as a cast

member, dabbled in

assistant directing during Hamlet, and then

resumed his acting career through his minor

role in Machinal.

The duo work phenomenally together on

stage, and will undoubtedly create a wonderful

dynamic between both themselves and their

chosen cast within the rehearsal room.

“The Sound of Heavy

Rain by Penelope Skinner

is a twist on your typical

murder mystery noir play,”

they say.

“Taking the typical

archetypes of “detective”

and “victim” and flipping

them on their head!

There’s jazz, drinks, bright

red wigs and – of course

– the classic mystery at

the core of the plot.”

“We are hoping to have

a lot of fun with this show

and can’t wait to get


The pair are working alongside Arianna Dell,

an emerging assistant stage manager who

lent her talents to Cheeze, Kianna White,

whose commitment to the costume

work on Hamlet and Machinal has been

celebrated by the society, and Alexander

Oswald, the musical supervisor on prior

master student Ian Quint Leisner’s The

Lost Songbird, who is eager to get involved

in his second show.


The third show is an original script written by

Will Oliver. Titled K-Hole, this play has been in

the making for over a year and targets anyone

with a love for the darker side of comedy.

“K-Hole is a musical that

goes against what most

musicals stand for,” Will


“It’s discordant, chaotic,

and dark, with a story

revolving around a


solicitor. It’s an immersive

glimpse into a world

somehow more horrifying

than our own.”

After directing and writing a short, The Camel’s

Back, in May 2023, Will and co-director Eli

Andre are raring to discover both new and

old talents and cast people who are as keen as

they are about bringing this hair-raising script

to life.

“We’re looking for a cast

and crew ready to go with

some of the crazy ideas

we have and don’t mind

dealing with a fair bit of

fake blood,” he says.



will be working

alongside Adam Cunningham, their musical

director, and two first-time stage managers

– Alice Dearden and Carys English. Ni-Elle

Ashton will be overseeing the production and

welfare concerns throughout the process,

which will ensure that this gritty script

remains enjoyable for everyone involved!

Botticell in the


The fourth and final play

which has been passed by

LUTG is Botticelli in the

Fire. With Immy Cowburn

overseeing the set design,

and Daisy Bashworth

lending her artistic flair to

the producing crew, this

performance is bound to

be visually stunning and

rich in acting quality.

“The play by Jordan

Tannahill follows

renaissance painter

Sandro Botticelli whilst

at work on his most

prominent painting, The

Birth of Venus,” says codirector,

Roisin McMullan.

“In this modern retelling

of Renaissance Florence,

Botticelli’s devotion to

pleasure and beauty is

put to the ultimate test. As

plague sweeps through

the city, the charismatic

friar Girolamo Savonarola

begins to stoke the fires

of dissent against the

liberal elite and Sandro

finds the life he knows

breaking apart, forcing

him to choose between

love and survival.”

Following her debut in

LUTG’s Machinal last

academic year, Roisin

is thrilled to finally

be directing her

own play with

her friend, Alice

Kat, who has

prior experience

with the role from

her involvement with

LUTG’s Equus.

She follows on by speaking for the

rest of the production team, declaring:

“With our production

featuring movement

sequences, original

music and handmade set

pieces, we are extremely

passionate and excited

about bringing this play to


She finishes by saying that Botticelli in the

Fire will be performed on the 9th and 10th of

December in the Minor Hall. The team are still

waiting on confirmation for the venue, so this

is subject to change.

To take part in any of the

shows, be on the lookout

for further details on how

to attend the auditions,

which will be held on the

7th and 8th of October.

More information can be

found at

@theatregroup on


In the meantime, prepare your pitches, and

brace yourself for a term filled with joy,

creativity and fun!

Photo: Ellie Leatherby and

Adam Dixon, LUTG and



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