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Oscar Buzz at Lancaster?

What to Expect from the Students Behind

Lancaster Filmmaking Society

Freya Stoodley


The Lancaster Filmmaking Society has become a hub for

some of the best creative talent Lancaster has to offer.

On the promise of an upcoming showing, here is a brief

insight into the brilliant films these incredible people

have made this year.

Starting off with the first batch of films we made: Pop!, The

Farmer’s Wife and Gaslighter. These films couldn’t be more

different; directed by teams of two these short films vary from

horror to your daily dose of inter-dimensional travel. As far as

big concepts in small packages go, these films take the cake.

Directed by: Valentina Caneschi, Jess Broad

The third and final film of the first batch, directed by Valentina

Caneschi and Jess Broad. This short film tests the will of a

woman whose partner’s manipulative and egotistic tendencies

will certainly set you ablaze!

Three incredible films from truly talented people. You’d

think the first set of films would be unmatched, but

when you hear about the second batch you’ll be just as


Directed by: Lorna Brierly

You’ll be left seeing stars afterour next short. Smoke and Stars is

a soft and dreamy take on university night life. Astray from the

sick filled bathrooms of the fresher’s fairs, this film looks at the

university experience through rose-tinted glasses.

Directed by: Sam Turnbull, Sky Fong

If you’ve ever wanted an ex-partner to disappear, you may find

Pop! to be your worst nightmare. This short will take you on

a rollercoaster to test your motion sickness, along with a man

who can travel wherever he wants with a single *pop*.

Directed by: Naomi Onakunle

Have you ever been bothered by a stone cold caller? A university

student becomes engulfed in stress when she is swarmed by an

endless supply of cold callers. There’s no running away from this

mobile nightmare.

Directed by: Scarlett Gill

There’s more than one twist and turn in this whirlwind of a tale.

When a young woman finds herself broken down at night on

an unfamiliar street, she has no choice but to put her trust in a

peculiar stranger to get her home safe.

Directed by: Freya Stoodley, Carolina Silva

This film will transport you back to the 19th century where a

mute scarecrow creates a mess for a struggling farmer’s wife,

who wrestles with house work and guarding a heavy secret.

And there you have it! A brand new

society, and seven new films. Get

ready for the new term to kick in,

because cinema is back on the menu!

A Guide to The Dukes: Supporting Local

Screens and Stage

Sky Fong

Arts Associate Editor

The Dukes, located at the heart of Lancaster town on

Moor Lane, is Lancaster’s only professional producing

theatre and the oldest Lancaster cinema, dating back

to 1971. Lancaster Univeristy’s alumni Andy Serkis even

worked at the Dukes at the beginning of his career. It’s a

fantastic location for cinema and theatre buffs to gather

and have a great time.

The Dukes has a variety of stage performances – from theatre

production, dance to comedy shows. They have got you covered.

Look out for their yearly Christmas production, and this year,

they are performing a musical adapted from the classic tale A

Christmas Carol! Looking for comedy? Check out Rhys James

and Rachel Fairburn, who will be performing at the Dukes in


The films shown at the Dukes are nicely curated. From wide

releases to indie favourites, you’ll always get to find something

you would enjoy. If you are dying to watch a film on the big screen

and other cinemas are not showing it, your best bet will be the


Dark Dukes is returning for its second year to celebrate the

Halloween spirit. Dress up in your best costume and enjoy

horror films and performances in the last week of October.

This year’s highlights include The Exorcist, Evil Dead double bill

and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Buster Keaton’s The Haunted

House and a collection of shorts will also be screened with a live

score by pianist Neil Brand at the Lancaster Priory. It’ll also be a

perfect Halloween night to check out the folklore-inspired dance

performance, Lore.

Do you want a free party with drinks, treats, and great vibes?

They hosted a Barbie party with a life-sized Ryan Gosling

cardboard cut-out a few months ago. And they are planning

on having more in the future! I’ve received intel that they are

preparing one for Halloween, so be on the lookout for more


Film buffs who want a fun night out with your mates? I’ll

Directed by: David Mead

Last but not least, Crystal Gazing follows the misadventures of a

Kleptomaniac, a man who gets a tingle from nicking your stolen

goods. This short film will take you on a bike ride like no other,

where you’ll lose more than an odd sock.

Photos : @popshortfilm, @farmerswife_

film, @gaslighter.film, @victim_shortfilm,

@smokeandstarsfilm, @coldcalling.film,

and @crystalgazing.film

definitely recommend their mystery screening every month.

Before the film, there’s a free film quiz, where you can prove your

film knowledge and win prizes!

The mystery film could be a preview of an upcoming film, an old

classic, or even a cult favourite. You get to sit in a cinema with

people waiting for the BBFC black card to pop out to know what

film you’re watching. How exciting!

If you want to talk about a film or a stage production after

watching it, you’ll always find people hanging around in the bar

area. They also introduced Talking Pictures last year, where you

can chill and discuss the film with other audience members led

by a professional in the genre.

The Dukes have been a long-time partner of the university, and

they occasionally host screenings of films made by our film

students (like me!), so do come support your fellow students! They

also offer a free student membership for all Lancaster University

students. Just sign up online, and you’ll receive a free film ticket

and a £1 discount for every film you watch at the Dukes.

Follow their website at www.dukeslancaster.org or their

Instagram @thedukeslancaster for more updates.

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