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Adrian Collis

& Emily Holtom

What Do Students

Want From Extravs?

Caitlyn Taft


For Freshers who don’t know,

Extrav(aganza)s are basically massive

parties thrown by every college to

celebrate the end of the academic year.

Back in August, we asked questions about this

year’s Extravs. Many students had a lot to say

about what they loved and hated about the end

of year celebrations; from questions ranging to

favourite Extrav theme to why students opted

out of joining in with the fun.

The story highlights were

accumulated from around

140 students who attended


The first question: How

many Extravs did you

attend this year?

60% of the 140 students only attended

one Extrav. 23% ended up going

to two Extravs, whilst only a small

percentage (7%) attended three

Extravs. The remaining percent, 9%,

attended more than four.

However, the students who attended

more than four where those who were

working. For example, future FTOs, students

working on media, and friends of bands who

were tasked for taking photos and videos for the

bands’ social media accounts.

The second question: To

those who went to none,

why didn’t you attend?

I know many students who didn’t attend any

Extravs, but I wanted to find the main reasons

why students weren’t appealed by the end of year

events. I’ve identified four reasons why students

didn’t want to attend Extravs.

45% of students expressed concerns over the

pricing of the events. A few students stated that

the events were

“Not worth the money.”

Lancaster student who revealed why they

didn’t attend any Extravs.

This year, a ticket to attend one Extrav costed

£14.37. Last year, a ticket cost £13.31. Whilst a

£1.05 increase doesn’t seem like a lot for some

students, others struggle to justify the expenses

of attending an event which they’ll spend more

money at, if they intend on drinking.

28% of the students said they were at home when

the Extrav week begun. A lot of students had

exams late into the term and were exhausted.

One student commented about how they

understand why the Extravs are so late, in order

to accommodate to the majority of students, but

it was held way too late for them.

18% of students who didn’t attend said the events

didn’t appeal to them. 9% of which said the

events are mostly targeted towards students who

drink, which doesn’t appeal to sober students.

Even the Extrav has events that aren’t all about

drinking, like bungee runs and Just Dance,

weren’t enough to persuade some sober students

into going.

The third question: Which

Extravs did you attend?

To recap, there were 8 Extravs. Bowland held a

70s Disco, Cartmel held Toystrav, County held

Shrekstrav, Furness held Super Sneakystrav,

Fylde held Fylde Gone Wild, Grizadale held

Grizjail, Lonsdale held Mariostrav, and Pendle

held Stranger Things.

Grizedale scored the

highest percentage

of voters with 17%.

Then, following up

with 15%, is Pendle.

In joint third is

Furness and County,

both achieving 13% of

the votes.

In joint fourth is Bowland

and Fylde with 12%. Lonsdale

came in fifth with 10%. Finally, Cartmel had the

remaining 8% of votes.

It’s important to take into

account that not every

student who went to these

Extravs voted. These votes

were from only a small

portion who attended

these events.

The people who set up these Extravs should be

proud of the amount of fun they were able to give

to each of their attendees.

The fourth question:

What was your favourite


Students choose which Extrav to go to based

on the theme of the night. Having an exciting

and interesting theme makes students want to

attend them.

This means the theme

each college chose was

really important in how

many attendees they’d


More students (272 to be exact) voted on this

question as they weren’t forced to attend to

choose which theme they liked the most.

Even though this college was fifth in attendance,

Lonsdale scored the highest percent in this

question with 18%. Bowland was a close second

with 16%. Grizedale had the highest percentage

of attendees, but only scored 15%.

In joint fourth is Pendle and County with 11% of

the votes. In joint fifth is Furness and Cartmel

with 10%. Last but not least is Fylde with 9% of

the votes.

The fifth question: Was

there anything you

felt was missing at the

Extrav(s) you went to?

This question is incredibly subjective to the

students who answered it. However, I have

chosen the two most popular answers.

The first answer that most students wished was

at their Extrav was food. Some colleges supplied

snacks like chocolate and cotton candy. The

majority of them didn’t have any actual food. One

student commented saying,

“The food included in

our ticket wasn’t allergen


Lancaster student who commented on the

lack of allergen friendly food and snacks

available at Extrav.

This meant that some students couldn’t have

any of the snacks either. People may argue that

Extravs are parties so there isn’t a necessity for

food. However, this could be a thing for colleges

to think about in the future.

The second answer was about the lack of

activities. Some Extravs had lots of activities

whilst others heavily focused on the drinking

aspect. A few students compared pervious years

Extravs to this year, with one student saying,

“Remember when there

was a dinosaur sand pit

last year? Miss her.”

Lancaster student who’s comparing the

activities of this year’s Extravs to previous’


Obviously it’s difficult to attend to the needs of

thousands of students, however this provides

colleges with the opportunity to broaden

their activities and find other ways to keep the

students attended.

The final question: What

are your predictions for

next year?

As I previously said before, themes are so

important for attracting attendees to Extrav. I

asked this question to grasp the full idea on what

students truly want from Extrav. Here are just a

few answers that students said:

“Star Wars”

One of the most popular answers for Extrav

theme predictions.


The most popular answer for Extrav theme


“Harry Potter”

Another popular answer from students about

theme predictions.


After reviewing all the questions and doing maths

for some of them, I’ve come to the conclusion

that students want more from Extrav.

The only problem with

that is the costs of them.

It’s difficult for colleges to

appease all students but

everything I’ve discussed

is something that they

could think about.

It’s obvious that students like the Extravaganza

week but some don’t see the point of them. That’s

okay because there’s a large amount of students

who love attending them. But is it worth the

money if there’s no activities or food?

Some students commented on whether Extravs

will be around this time next year because of

those two main issues.

To some students, yes

it’s worth every penny. To

others, they’d rather be at


Appealing to students who remain in Lancaster

is important for the survival of Extravs. I hope to

be attending many more next year.

Photo Credits: Lancaster Student Union on Facebook

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