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Hozier’s Glorious Comeback with Third

Album Unreal Unearth Amidst a Massive

World Tour

Lexi Joyce


a level of angst not normally seen in Hozier. Exciting to see these new

influences in his work.

Irish musician, Hozier, is a decade into his career, and his

latest work may be his best yet. Best described as a powerful

indie-folk musician with almost blues influence.

Hozier’s mythical and literary themes are a constant through his

previous two albums, Hozier (2014) and Wasteland, Baby! (2019).

Though his third studio album, Unreal Unearth

seems to be his most experimental yet, and it’s

been met with huge success.

A deeply personal edge has been added to this album, not seen

before, through his Gaelic words. So, let’s dive deeper into this

beautifully crafted album.

Immediately I noticed more of an R&B influence, even integrated

into his Irish heritage in ‘De Selby pt. 1’ entirely in Gaelic. This album

marks the birth of a new fusing of genres. The complexity of the

singles really shows the depths of Hozier’s work.

This creates an experience for listeners to ascend through the great

capability of his work and personal reflections. ‘Francesca’ is an

alt-rock, almost power ballad, and ‘Unknown/Nth’ has beautifully

haunting lyricism. Perfect for a yearning mood.

Also, ‘Eat Your Young’ and ‘All Things End’ were released earlier

in the year as part of a three-song EP. These have more gospelinfluence,

with the layering of harmonies and a new nine-part band,

which Hozier expressed as being proud to work with. Whilst ‘De

Selby pt.2’ is straight-up rock with some dynamic guitar pieces, and

FLO 3 of Us: EP Review

Efe Imoyin-Omene


If you don’t know FLO, who are you, what rock have you

been living under and how much is the rent? For my rock

brethren, FLO are a Black British R&B/Pop girl group who’ve

been on a meteoric rise ever since their debut single

Cardboard Box ascended to virality in March 2022.

Since then, Stella, Jorja and Renée have performed for the two

Jimmy’s (Kimmel and Fallon), MOBOs Awards, Soul Train Awards,

Capital’s Summertime Ball, Glastonbury and MTV Push as well as

snagging 3 BET Award nominations and becoming the 1st girl group

in history to win the BRITs Rising Star award.

They are gearing up to release their muchanticipated

debut album. Oh, and they reached

333,000 Instagram followers, which brings us

to Monday July 3rd.

I’m at my desk, scrolling through my phone between tasks on my

internship when suddenly an Instagram notification struts across

my screen. FLO are going live! I love them. I want to watch. I need to

work. I continue work thinking that they wouldn’t share something



Hozier’s storytelling remains profound,

something closely attached to his art.

Ever since his first single, ‘Take Me to Church’, recorded in his

parent’s basement, which sparked his fame a decade ago. I love how

the album is separated into the metaphysical sense of chapters,

based on Dante’s Inferno, taking us through the Mediaeval tragedy’s

nine circles of hell.

Hozier adapts this and separates the songs

thematically based on how they represent

Inferno’s literary scenes, based on ideas of

relationships, discovery, and his experience

with Covid-19. Which is genius, and both

uplifting and heart-breaking.

On top of this intricate, heartfelt album, Hozier is on a world tour.

Having just finished the first leg through the UK this summer. I got to

visit him in Glasgow, in June, and it was truly a religious experience.

From the engagement with the crowd, and

Hozier’s collaborative works on the stage with

his supporting acts, you can tell this tour is a

highlight of his career.

His recent tour was met with massive success, with many shows

selling out quickly, and his joys with working with a new artist and

similarly profound artists. He seems to be constantly elevating his

legacy as an artist.

major on a random Monday afternoon. Good thing I don’t get paid

for thinking. Well, not really.

When I’d left the building, FLO, in celebration of their aforementioned

Instagram milestone, had released a surprise 3 song EP with the

previously teased ‘Control Freak’ and ‘Change’ and brand-new song,

3 of Us. Needless to say, the train delays weren’t the only eventful

thing about my journey home.

Just like their first EP The Lead, 3 of Us

continues FLO’s unique blend of nostalgia and

innovation, embodying the fiercely feminine

spirit of their foremothers Destiny’s Child,

Cleopatra, The Cheetah Girls (and others)

while showcasing their alluring individuality.

The EP is predominantly R&B, exploring familiar themes of disloyal

lovers and female empowerment. Flares of Caribbean music are

especially prominent on ‘Change’, a song where the trio caution

girls away from guys stagnated in mediocrity. Thematically, it bears

a comforting resemblance to ‘Girl’ by Destiny’s Child.

‘Girl, I know/I know it gets so hard /Tryna save a love/When it only

brings you pain/Woah, you need to go/Before he breaks your heart/


The album also includes a track featuring Brandi Carlile, which is

very exciting since Hozier limits who he collaborates with. The song,

‘Damage Gets Done’ is about being young and reckless, making

mistakes and having the safety net of naivety. Which I can relate to

as a university student.

With this album, I’m excited to see how Hozier

elevates his music career and goes forth with

his upcoming tour dates.

But don’t worry if you missed out because the ‘Unreal Unearth’

section of the tour brings new dates. So, check out tickets if you want

to catch him this December.


Photos (top to



on Instagram and

@flolikethis on


He’s just another player in the game/He will never change’ - FLO,


What has always been admirable about FLO is that, unlike past

groups where the breakout solo star was clear as day from the first

gratuitous riff, each member is given ample room to shine without

leaving the other in the shadows.

This is especially apparent on 3 of Us where they discover they have

been three-timed by a guy who used ‘past relationships’ as an excuse

for his refusal to ‘commit’. The song starts with the ladies trying to

prove that their relationship with a dude who ‘prolly got three, four,

five kids/With them other girls on his list’ is the best, reminiscent of

‘The Boy Is Mine’ by Brandy and Monica.

This dude told Reneé that she was ‘his only’ while introducing Stella

to ‘his homies’ but that’s child’s play to Jorja who ‘… met his heart

and soul’. In the chorus they finally realise that this is a ‘scam’ and

an ‘exit plan’ is very much needed.

Overall, 3 of Us is an incredible addition to their consistently solid

discography. However, as they head towards the release of their

debut album, it would be nice if their lyrical content could become

as diverse as their harmonies.


Lana is never beating the witch allegations,

or the sad girl ringleader, either way, she

matches the spooky vibes of Pendle perfectly.

The album talks about the world and mind of

freedom and recovering from deep sadness,

which is always nice. Got the thick skin of

the Lonsdale dragon.

Purple, thoughts on growing up, love and

loss and discovering yourself, and Cartmel

seems to be a very self-assured, confident

college, certainly fitting Taylor’s vibe.

This is Why by Paramore is perfectly upbeat

for the cocktail college, the sixth album by

Paramore. This heartfelt lyricism and punchy

instrumentals are an encouragement to get

through life in those townhouses.

Attention-grabbing, lively elements of

hip&hop, an indie classic, which is the vibe

always playing in County bar. Despite this

being their eighth studio album, this is

greatly solid work.

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