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Valentina Caneschi

& Lexi Joyce

Revolutionising the Music Industry:

Taylor Swift and Her Re-Recordings

Valentina Caneschi


You might not be a massive fan like me

and at least other 300 people at Lancaster

University (data gathered from the biggest

event held by the Swift Society, official

since 2022), but you have certainly heard

of her name: Taylor Swift.

The queen herself, the music industry.

Songwriter, singer, musician, actor, director, and

multi-awarded woman, winning 12 Grammys, an

Emmy award, 14 MTV Music awards, and many


She was the first country singer in history to win

an MTV Music award and the most streamed

female artist in both 2021 and 2022 on Spotify.

And if you’re still not sure she’s gotten your

respect, just know that she is the biggest cat

person and owns not one, not two, but three

wonderful cats.

Unfortunately, though,

some people still don’t

recognise her value as a

person, and only see her

as a money machine.

As I’m writing this, I have a very specific man in

mind: Scooter Braun. In 2019, all of Taylor Swift’s

six albums recorded between 2005 and 2018 were

sold to him and his studio, giving the singer little

to no right to her own music.

However, Taylor was far from giving it up. As a

matter of fact, in the same year, she announced

she was going to re-record every single one of

those six albums, gaining back control of her

early creations.

On the 9th of April 2021, the songwriter released

her first re-recording, picking her country pop

album Fearless (2008) as the subject.

Songs such as You Belong With Me and Love

Story made her a mainstream icon back in 2008,

and she didn’t hesitate to show Scooter Braun

and the world who really was the artifice of her

accomplishments: herself.

Lexi Joyce


Fearless (Taylor’s Version) was a gigantic success,

the fifth best-selling album in the entirety of

2021 in the United States, and topping the music

charts in many countries, including the United

Kingdom, which brought it in the top 10 most

sold albums of the year globally.

Other than the original

songs, she added what

she calls ‘From the Vault’

songs, pieces that had

been deleted from the

original album before


In Fearless (Taylor’s Version) we can find six of

these songs, including You All Over Me, featuring

Maren Morris, That’s When, featuring Keith

Urban, and the most famous Fearless TV Vault

song (and my personal favourite) Mr. Perfectly


Following this unprecedented re-recording

success, Taylor Swift announced her second

re-release, which happened on the 12th of

November 2021, just seven months after Fearless

(Taylor’s Version). The subject of this release was

Red (2012), to which she added the most ‘From

the Vault’ songs so far: eight.

Amongst them, Nothing New, featuring the

queer artist Phoebe Bridgers, Run, featuring Ed

Sheeran, and the biggest hit amongst the Vault

songs, I Bet You Think About Me, featuring Chris


Red (Taylor’s Version) was critically received

even better than the previous re-recording, and

won many awards, amongst which the Billboard

Music Award for Top Country Album.

Miss Swift even added a 10-minute version of the

acclaimed song All Too Well. She also directed a

short film, All Too Well: The Short Film, starring

Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien, and Taylor Swift

herself, which won the Best Music Video Award

at the Grammys in 2023.

More recently, on the 7th of July 2023, Taylor

Swift released her third re-recorded album,

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), based on Speak

Now (2010), after a break in which she released

the completely new album Midnights (2022).

The new re-recording was announced on the 5th

of May of this year during one of her concerts on

the US leg of the Eras Tour, her first tour since she

had to cancel the Lover tour due to the COVID-19


The six ‘From the Vault’ songs include Electric

Touch, featuring Fall Out Boy, Castles Crumbling,

featuring Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams,

and I Can See You, the most streamed not only

Vault, but Speak Now (TV) song since its release.

I Can See You also received a music video

starring the singer as well as Joey King and

Taylor Lautner, which, as of September 2023, has

almost 30 million views on YouTube. At the end

of the music video, Taylor even placed an Easter

egg, proving that the next re-recording would be

based on her first completely pop album 1989


Every Swiftie in the globe

is now patiently waiting for

the recently announced

re-recording 1989 (Taylor’s

Version), due to be

released on the 27th of

October. When the artist

announced the album on

Instagram, she added in

her caption that it is her

favourite re-recording so


It should come as no surprise that she is

emotionally attached to the album, as it made

her even more of an icon than she already was,

featuring incredibly famous songs such as Shake

It Off and Blank Space.

The album will contain five new songs ‘From The

Vault’, other than the original sixteen, and it is

predicted to be an enormous success. After all,

this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about.

What 2023 Album You Are Based on your College




It is a certainty that Miss Swift will not stop at

1989 (Taylor’s Version). Fans believe she will

reclaim her two final albums before the end of

the Eras Tour.

They speculate she will release Reputation

(Taylor’s Version) first, to then finish her whole

re-recording experience with the album she

debuted with as a singer and songwriter back in

2006, Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version).

However, many fans seem to strongly believe that

after 1989 (TV) she will release the ‘lost album’

Karma, the album she fully wrote and recorded,

due to air in 2016, but that was never released

due to the situation Taylor Swift was in with

the press, which led instead to the writing and

release of Reputation the following year.

Is it now the time for her to

finally show her fans what

she worked on before her

name was unjustly stepped


Taylor is an unprecedented artist, earning the

success she rightly deserves. Her re-recorded

albums revolutionised the music industry, as she

had already done by spacing throughout genres

and topping charts in every single one of them.

Even if you’re not a fan of her music, her cheery

personality, her political efforts, her love for cats,

her alliance with just causes, and her wonderful

achievements should be enough for you to

admire Miss Swift.

Photos (left to right): @taylorswift13 on X, Faber & Faber, @ebruyildiz

on Instagram

Lancaster’s nine colleges all have their

own fun quirks. Some are more rowdier,

being party centrals for any hit flat party.

Others are more obscure and quiet. So,

here’s some albums based on your colleges!


Rolling Stone describes it as “never being short on

bad times and lacerating observations” and this

reminds me of a cheeky night in Bowland Trough.

Heavy rock and sentimental emotion, Queens never


Jackman by Jack Harlow has some great hype music,

perfect for the sporty college. Harlow’s most flexible and

rhythmic work, sharing his experiences on growing up

around toxic masculinity and the joys of his adulthood.

This album feels like being in the Lake

District, peaceful, and haunting. Chilling

harmonies and folky vibes, pair perfectly with

the woodland, relaxed vibe of Furness.

A masterful album, very articulate and crafted

to the Gods of perfection. Which reminded

me of graduate students pursuing their best

desires and qualities.



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