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Lancaster University’s African & Caribbean Society

Efe Imoyin-Omene

One of the things that differentiates

University from Secondary School and

Sixth Form are the opportunities it provides

for learning outside of the classroom.

After a while everything in school starts to

look the same and you seek change only

found in uncertain adventures within Uni


For some of us, growing up in an area

where finding our reflection is an uphill

battle, the diversity of Uni societies is a

breath of much-needed fresh air.

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One of those societies is the African and

Caribbean society (ACS) which Social

Media and Creative Officer Chinaza

Asiegbu says help bring a ‘sense of

community’ to Lancaster University,

reassuring those who may sometimes feel

unheard, unrepresented and undervalued

that ‘[they’re] not alone’.

‘Everyone loves to say that we

bleed the same colour and while

that is true, we still have many

cultural differences that make us

Lancaster University’s Nigerian Society @NSocLancaster

Efe Imoyin-Omene

Divine Oghenerukevwe Tebite, who serves

as the Events Officer for the Nigerian Society

NSOC is similarly grateful for her position.

Wanting to use her role ‘to foster

inclusivity’ and ‘curate experiences

that welcome individuals from diverse

backgrounds, including those who are

introverted, religious, or enthusiastic


One of her aspirations with NSOC is to

introduce the richness of Nigerian culture

to those who may not be familiar with it,

uniting Nigerians of all experiences while

introducing the unfamiliar to the rich and

oftentimes unsung history of Nigeria.

She was inspired to pursue this role due

to spending seven of her formative years

in Nigeria ‘witnessing the enduring joy that

seems to be in the hearts of Nigerians’.

This observation motivated her to apply,

driven by the desire to bring a sense of

enjoyment, or as the slang goes, ‘gbedu’, to

all Nigerians during their university journey,

recognizing the academic demands that

can be overwhelming.

While the pressure of perfectionism (Naja No

Dey Carry Last), she soon realized that her

love for her country and culture surpassed

any doubts her mind could create.

Our society is an inclusive and welcoming

space where every individual matters. It’s

natural to feel a bit anxious and worried

about not knowing anyone, especially if

you’re new to Lancaster.

However, take it from me, someone who


Naomi Onakunle

Lancaster University Hip Hop and

Breakdance Society is a welcoming

space for students, beginner or

experienced, to let loose and be

creative as they explore a variety of

different dance styles.

“The society has helped

aspiring dancers to become

better not only through dance

itself but also by contributing

towards leading and growing

this society!”

arrived here without knowing anyone – the

Nigerian society played a pivotal role in

helping me connect with others and find a

sense of belonging.

Like Chinaza, The Nigerian society has

been an incredible source of support Divine,

leading to some of the most profound and

lasting friendships she’s ever experienced.

‘One of my closest friends is also an

executive member of the society, which

speaks to the depth of connections you can

forge here.’

‘From the bottom of my heart, I

genuinely believe that there’s a friend

for everyone within NSOC. No matter

how unique or different you may

feel, you’ll discover someone who

not only comprehends that aspect of

your life but also provides emotional

and academic support.’ – Divine

Oghenerukevwe Tebite

all unique.’ – Chinaza Asiegbu

While it is normal to be

apprehensive about joining a

new society Chinaza says ‘don’t

be scared’ assuring that ACS

‘welcome anyone with open


While joining societies is beneficial for

networking as well as enhancing social

skills, for Chinaza it goes even deeper

than that who has ‘made friends for life’

she is ‘forever grateful for.’

Lancaster University Hip Hop

and Breakdance Society

With two sessions occurring weekly,

members will be taught different styles

of hip hop, vogue, street and many


Not only this, but members are

also encouraged to share their

choreographies and ideas throughout

the year by leading a class.

There is also an opportunity to

participate in representing Lancaster

at an inter-university competition every


“This society has introduced

us to many amazing people

and given us hundreds of

memories to look back at.”

In the new academic year, there will be

many fun socials, performances within

the university such as Bonfire Night,

and the preparation for an entirely new


So, stay tuned for any new posts on

their social media!

Caitlyn Taft

Are you interested in the production

that goes behind the works of

television? LA1TV is Lancaster

University’s student lead TV society.

LA1TV’s Station Manager, Eve, told

me :

“We’ve run a range of

productions from livestreams

of LUSU events to edited

content such as SugarTV.”

The society offers a range of

opportunities to get involved

including editing, scriptwriting,

presenting, producing, camera

operating, and so much more.

Plus, you don’t need any experience


They also offer 3 different FREE

opportunities from training sessions

to full production livestreams.


Eve continued:

“Our exec is on hand to

support members and we

look forward to working on a

range of projects this year!”

Check out their website

www.la1tv.co.uk to see their

previous content!

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