Alzheimer Information Guide Winter 2024

The Alzheimer Society is seen as a resource in the area for those living with dementia and caregivers. Our success is significantly due to the desire to work collaboratively with other organizations. We aspire to be a leader in the development of best practices in dementia care. Our programs and services promote wellness and social inclusion.

The Alzheimer Society is seen as a resource in the area for those living with dementia and caregivers. Our success is significantly due to the desire to work collaboratively with other organizations. We aspire to be a leader in the development of best practices in dementia care. Our programs and services promote wellness and social inclusion.


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<strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s Awareness<br />

INFORMATION GUIDE <strong>2024</strong><br />

What you need to know, and how we can help you<br />

alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

When faced with a life changing<br />

diagnosis, people can pick many<br />

paths of how to move<br />

forward or to stay still.<br />

Fred Punch’s new goal<br />

is to make a difference<br />

to those living with<br />

dementia. He would like<br />

to help with the fear he<br />

knows people may face.<br />

He is working hard to<br />

live day to day.<br />

A year ago, Fred and I<br />

gathered to write a story<br />

about his experience of<br />

living with Lewy Body<br />

dementia. We would like<br />

to revisit Fred’s journey and see his<br />

current thoughts and experiences. -<br />

Christine Wright, <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society<br />

Education Coordinator<br />

Fred’s Story: “I have lived in Sarnia<br />

my whole life. I worked selling cars<br />

for 35 years mostly with Lambton<br />

Ford, where I sold about 5,000 new<br />

and used cars. I am 70 years old and<br />

would like to stay 70 for another 20<br />

years at least. Why am I sharing<br />

my story? I hope that I can help<br />

others and their families who have<br />

dementia or are wondering if they<br />

might have dementia.<br />

My form of dementia is called<br />

Lewy Body dementia. You may<br />

not have heard of it but famous<br />

people including Robin Williams,<br />

Ted Turner, and Casey Kasem have/<br />

had it. I would like to share some<br />

of my symptoms, and they may not<br />

Steps to Living with Dementia<br />

happen to everyone with<br />

Lewy Body dementia.<br />

A few years ago, I started<br />

experiencing things in my<br />

life that I couldn’t explain.<br />

I was afraid to talk about<br />

them because they were<br />

bizarre. Honestly, I was<br />

scared. My first symptom<br />

was hallucinations that are<br />

now quite frequent. I see<br />

people walking down the street and<br />

in my living room that are not there.<br />

This only lasts for a few seconds.<br />

My sense of direction was off. I<br />

would follow other customers in<br />

the grocery store until I got to the<br />

cashier. I got lost briefly on my street<br />

where I have lived for 30 years.<br />

My memory became a problem<br />

and affected my daily activities.<br />

I also had issues with my visual<br />

perception. I would sometimes look<br />

By Fred Punch<br />

at a carpet and see a face in the<br />

pattern. I started losing my balance<br />

and fell down the stairs a few times.<br />

Sometimes it helps to laugh at<br />

these things. One time my wife and<br />

I were sitting down at the bridge,<br />

and we could see some fishermen,<br />

but they didn’t seem to be catching<br />

anything. I suggested to my wife<br />

they move their boat to where all<br />

the fish were jumping out of the<br />

water. There<br />

were no fish<br />

jumping out of<br />

the water. It was<br />

instead another<br />

one of my false<br />

visions.<br />

I thought to<br />

myself, what am I<br />

going to do? There is<br />

no cure. What is next<br />

for me? A friend of<br />

mine said to contact<br />

the <strong>Alzheimer</strong><br />

Society right away.<br />

The staff spent<br />

time answering my<br />

questions and told<br />

me of the services<br />

available. I will always remember<br />

those initial conversations and how<br />

I was helped along the way. I will<br />

admit I was leery to start programs<br />

at the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society, but I am<br />

enjoying my time with the Day<br />

Program, the exercises, education<br />

and all the support. No one rushes<br />

you - they are all there to help.<br />

I noticed that people seemed to<br />

be “walking on broken glass” when<br />

talking to me once they learned of<br />

my diagnosis. People need to just<br />

treat people living with dementia<br />

like people.<br />

Besides taking part in the<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society programs, I also<br />

stay active in many community<br />

programs including: swimming,<br />

kayaking, Taoist Tai Chi, and<br />

Drum Fit. While these all help me<br />

physically, and stimulate my brain,<br />

the greatest benefit<br />

may be socializing with<br />

others.<br />

If I can find a positive,<br />

I have met so many<br />

great people that I<br />

would not have met if I<br />

didn’t have dementia.<br />

Some people when<br />

they are diagnosed with<br />

dementia just want to<br />

give up. I have decided<br />

that is not for me. I<br />

worked for 33 years on<br />

commission, so I know a<br />

bit about not giving up.”<br />

From the creators of...<br />

Welcome to ...<br />

THE CLUB<br />


There are approximately 3,000 persons living with a form of dementia in Lambton County.<br />

Our Case for Support<br />

You can help alleviate the<br />

personal and social consequences<br />

of <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease and other<br />

dementias. Dementia is not a normal<br />

part of aging.<br />

Many people experience some<br />

memory loss as they get older. But only<br />

a portion of people develop dementia<br />

that progresses from mild to severe<br />

over several years. Dementia, like<br />

any other health condition, requires<br />

treatment and interventions to allow<br />

the person affected to have the best<br />

quality of life possible. Each year the<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society of Sarnia-Lambton<br />

helps close to 1000 people live better<br />

with dementia.<br />

With few medical options to slow<br />

the progression of dementia and no<br />

cure, a diagnosis of dementia can feel<br />

hopeless and isolating. The services<br />

provided by the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society<br />

help to reduce the stigma associated<br />

with dementia and ensure people<br />

living with this disease have a network<br />

of support and the help they need to<br />

live well. Supports and services are<br />

provided to both the person living<br />

with dementia and their care partner<br />

to help them navigate the dementia<br />

journey from the very beginning.<br />

We have come a long way in the past<br />

five years, introducing new programs<br />

and services and doubling the number<br />

of clients we serve. However, our<br />

population is aging and the number<br />

of people living with dementia is<br />

expected to triple within the next 30<br />

By Marie Marcy-Smids<br />

years. We are already experiencing<br />

strain on our capacity to meet the<br />

needs of our clients, and we know this<br />

will only get worse.<br />

Wait times result in unnecessary<br />

hospital admission and early<br />

admission to long-term care<br />

Currently, our clients face waits of<br />

up to three weeks for intake. This is<br />

simply not acceptable. Many of those<br />

who reach out to us do so in the later<br />

stages of their dementia journey when<br />

they have reached a point of crisis; a<br />

time when they need service in that<br />

moment. If supports are not accessible<br />

at the time they are needed, the only<br />

option is to access service through the<br />

emergency department, resulting in<br />

hospital admission or early admission<br />

to long-term care. This situation<br />

is avoidable. Family care partners<br />

deserve better. People living with<br />

dementia deserve better, and you can<br />

help.<br />

The <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society of Sarnia-<br />

Lambton is fortunate to receive<br />

funding from Ontario Health, but it<br />

is not enough. It is not enough now,<br />

as we face a $125,000 deficit just to<br />

maintain our current service levels;<br />

and it will not be enough in the<br />

coming years as the need for service<br />

continues to grow. Your financial gift<br />

and support can directly affect our wait<br />

times for service and help us expand<br />

programming. It will directly improve<br />

the quality of life for both people living<br />

with dementia and their care partners.<br />



Sleep apnea and <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s are directly linked. Many studies<br />

show that sleep apnea can contribute to paents developing<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease and many people with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s do have<br />

sleep apnea. Restwell would like to recognize <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s<br />

disease by helping our community in any way we can. If you<br />

think you have problems sleeping, give us a call today!<br />

• Free CPAP Machine Consultaon & Assessment<br />

• CPAP Supplies & Sleep Accessories<br />

• Home Sleep Apnea Tesng<br />

- In your home, no wait list, professionally<br />

analyzed & sent to your doctor in 1-2 weeks<br />

• Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring<br />

Joel Clarke<br />

RPSGT, RCT<br />

Execuve<br />

Director<br />

481 London Rd<br />

Sarnia, ON<br />

226-776-8891<br />

RestwellSarnia.ca<br />

Please contact us for more informaon - We are always happy to help!<br />

Memory loss that affects<br />

Sign1<br />

day-to-day abilities<br />

It is normal to occasionally forget<br />

appointments, colleagues’ names or a friend’s<br />

phone number only to remember them a<br />

short while later. However, a person with<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease may forget things more<br />

often or may have difficulty recalling<br />

information that has recently been learned.<br />

Difficulty performing<br />

Sign2<br />

familiar tasks<br />

Busy people can be so distracted from time<br />

to time that they may forget to serve part of<br />

a meal, only to remember about it later.<br />

However, a person with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease<br />

may have trouble completing tasks that have<br />

been familiar to them all their lives, such as<br />

preparing a meal or playing a game.<br />

Problems with<br />

Sign3<br />

language<br />

Anyone can have trouble finding the right<br />

word to express what they want to say.<br />

However, a person with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease<br />

may forget simple words or may substitute<br />

words such that what they are saying is<br />

difficult to understand.<br />

Disorientation in time<br />

Sign4<br />

and space<br />

It is common to forget the day of the week or<br />

ones destination - for a moment. But people<br />

with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease can become lost on<br />

their own street, not knowing how they got<br />

there or how to get home.<br />

10<br />

Impaired<br />

Sign5<br />

judgment<br />

From time to time, people may make<br />

questionable decisions such as putting off<br />

seeing a doctor when they are not feeling<br />

well. However, a person with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s<br />

disease may experience changes in judgment<br />

or decision-making, such as not recognizing a<br />

medical problem that needs attention or<br />

wearing heavy clothing on a hot day.<br />

Problems with abstract<br />

Sign6<br />

thinking<br />

From time to time, people may have<br />

difficulty with tasks that require abstract<br />

thinking, such as balancing a chequebook.<br />

However, someone with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease<br />

may have significant difficulties with such<br />

tasks because of a loss of understanding<br />

what numbers are and how they are used.<br />

Misplacing things<br />

Sign7<br />

Anyone can temporarily misplace a wallet or<br />

keys. However, a person with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s<br />

disease may put things in inappropriate<br />

places: for example, an iron in the freezer or<br />

a wristwatch in the sugar bowl.<br />

Is it <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease?<br />


SIGNS<br />

Changes in<br />

Sign<br />

8<br />

mood and behaviour<br />

Anyone can feel sad or moody from time to<br />

time. However, someone with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s<br />

disease can show varied mood swings - from<br />

calmness to tears to anger - for no apparent<br />

reason.<br />

Sign Changes in personality<br />

9<br />

Personalities can change in subtle ways over<br />

time. However, a person with<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease may experience more<br />

striking personality changes and can become<br />

confused, suspicious or withdrawn. Changes<br />

may also include lack of interest, fearfulness<br />

or acting out of character.<br />

Sign Loss of initiative<br />

10<br />

It is normal to tire of housework, business<br />

activities or social obligations, but most<br />

people regain their initiative. However, a<br />

person with <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease may become<br />

passive and disinterested, and require cues<br />

and prompting to become involved.<br />

Page 2<br />



MEDS RX<br />

M<br />

E<br />

D<br />

S<br />

R<br />

X<br />

Almost 80% of the public are concerned about developing dementia at some point.<br />

Mindfulness: Start by being mindful of your stress level<br />

noise exposure, daily habits, and overall health.<br />

• Be aware of your stress levels<br />

• Use meditation and deep breathing to reduce stress<br />

• Limit exposure to loud sounds to protect your hearing and brain<br />

• Be mindful of preventing or effectively managing chronic conditions<br />

Exercise: Stay active and move your body.<br />

• Move your body regularly to stay healthy<br />

• Aim for 30 minutes a day, even in shorter sessions<br />

• Talk to a doctor before starting a new exercise routine<br />

Diet: Choose good foods for your body and brain.<br />

• Eat fruits and veggies to protect your brain with antioxidants<br />

• Have lean proteins like chicken and fish for a healthy brain<br />

• Don’t eat too much sugar or bad fats, and drink plenty of water<br />

Sleep: Time to talk about sleep and how it helps your brain.<br />

• Aim for 7 to 9 hours each night<br />

• Keep a regular sleep schedule<br />

Relationships: Focus on the importance of staying connected.<br />

• Stay connected with family and friends<br />

• Being social is good for your brain<br />

• Regular contact and social activities help prevent loneliness<br />

• Join clubs, volunteer, or make new friends<br />

• Seek help if you feel very lonely<br />

Extras: Here are some extra tips to keep your brain sharp and safe.<br />

• Treat all hearing loss, get regular hearing checks<br />

• Challenge your mind with memory games and puzzles<br />

• Stay safe and prevent falls<br />


Bluewater Hearing & Balance<br />

(519) 344-8887 | www.bluewaterhearing.ca<br />

Sarnia: 714 London Road, Sarnia Ontario N7T 4X6<br />

A Message from our CEO<br />

The <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society of Sarnia<br />

Lambton offers support, information,<br />

education, and system navigation to<br />

people living with dementia, their<br />

families, and their care partners.<br />

We strive to increase public<br />

awareness of dementia and<br />

advocate for services that<br />

respect the dignity of the<br />

individual.<br />

Our caring team of<br />

staff and volunteers<br />

work diligently to fulfill<br />

the Society’s mission,<br />

to alleviate the personal<br />

and social consequences<br />

of <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease<br />

and other dementias and to<br />

promote research.<br />

Support is available to<br />

anyone affected by memory loss or<br />

dementia, and our staff work with<br />

healthcare professionals, and other<br />

community agencies so that they<br />

too can provide person-centred and<br />

meaningful support to people living<br />

with dementia.<br />

The Society prides itself on forwardthinking,<br />

collaborative, inclusive,<br />

diverse, and equitable practices and<br />

is recognized as a leading resource in<br />

the community. We make informed<br />

decisions based on input from our<br />

clients and our community.<br />

We know that social isolation is<br />

one of the most difficult outcomes for<br />

people living with dementia and their<br />

care partners. The benefits of active<br />

Dementia is a call for us all<br />

to be more patient<br />

in a busy world.<br />

living programs and social programs<br />

can help reduce isolation and relieve<br />

care partner stress. Evidence<br />

demonstrates that programs such<br />

as day programs, respite, social<br />

recreation, education, support<br />

groups and counseling<br />

assist people to live well<br />

in our community. It also<br />

eases the burden on our<br />

healthcare system. In the<br />

testimonials included<br />

in this publication, you<br />

can see the wonderful<br />

feedback received from<br />

clients participating in our<br />

services.<br />

We hope this publication<br />

will be helpful for you to<br />

learn more about our services<br />

and programs and how they can<br />

help you, your family member, your<br />

neighbour or anyone else in Lambton<br />

County living with dementia. Clients<br />

have shared that they wish they<br />

had connected with the <strong>Alzheimer</strong><br />

Society earlier to help with<br />

navigation throughout their journey.<br />

Early intervention has proven to be<br />

helpful to everyone involved. Do not<br />

hesitate to reach out to us for more<br />

information or support.<br />

ilivewithdementia.ca | #ilivewithdementia<br />

(Melanie Bouck, CEO)<br />

Welcome to ...<br />

THE<br />

CLUB<br />

Sarnia<br />

Lambton’s<br />


FOR 55 +<br />


It has been a great<br />

honour for us<br />

to partner with the<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society<br />

in creating this<br />

important publication.<br />


for all the work<br />

you do to benefit<br />

our communities.<br />

welcometotheclub.ca • 519-491-1676<br />

Volunteer Opportunities<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society Sarnia-Lambton provides help for<br />

people living with dementia and their care partners.<br />

We need people of all ages, skills, and interests to help<br />

plan, coordinate, advocate, organize, lead and inspire.<br />

We will do our best to match your skill set and interests<br />

with our need for support.<br />

How you can help:<br />

• Individual and Group Supports<br />

• Social Activation Programs: Minds in Motion,<br />

Inspirational Moments, Forget Me Not Social Club<br />

• Client Services Support<br />

• Special Events and Fundraising Support<br />

• Young Leader Collective<br />

• Bingos<br />

• Board of Directors<br />

To get involved:<br />

Call: 519-332-4444<br />

Email: arand@alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

Web: alzheimer.ca/sarnialambton<br />

alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

Page 3

There are 600,000+ persons living with dementia in Canada (1.7 million predicted by 2050).<br />



Julie Munday,<br />

Certified Pedorthist<br />

www.soledecisions.ca<br />


303 Davis St, Sarnia • 888-971-6345<br />

Established in 1978,<br />

Lambton Pharmacy continues to<br />

provide caring, professional pharmacy<br />

services to residents of the beautiful<br />

town of Petrolia and Lambton County.<br />

4130 Glenview Rd, Unit 2, Petrolia<br />

519-882-0650<br />

Danielle Edgar, B.Sc., PharmD<br />

Pharmacist<br />

Monday–Friday 9–6<br />

Saturday 9–12<br />

The North Lambton Community<br />

Health Centre provides primary<br />

care, health promotion, community<br />

development and volunteerism. We<br />

work together with our system<br />

partners to maximize our<br />

resources.<br />

Our team focusses on assisting<br />

people to improve their wellbeing<br />

through better health and<br />

community inclusion. Our expertise<br />

in rural health and serving<br />

marginalized communities is one<br />

of our core strengths.<br />


• Virtual programs<br />

• In person programs<br />

(Indoor & Outdoor in spring,<br />

summer, fall & winter)<br />

• Virtual appointments<br />

• Outreach to various<br />

community partners<br />

• Harm Reduction and Hep C services<br />


Forest at 519-786-4545 ext.307<br />

Sarnia at 519-344-3017 ext.259<br />

For a full list of programming<br />

visit www.nlchc.com<br />

Follow us on social media:<br />

northlambtoncommunityhealthcentre<br />

westlambtoncommunityhealthcentre<br />

northlambtonchc<br />




• Opening Door Program<br />

• Living through Depression<br />

& Anxiety<br />

• Start Overcoming Stress<br />

• Sleep Happy<br />

• Meditation<br />

• Anger Management<br />

• <strong>Alzheimer</strong>s caregiver<br />

support (Forest)<br />


• Low Impact Exercise<br />

• Yoga • Shibashi<br />

• Seated Chair exercise<br />

• Trail Walking • Walking Fit<br />


• Living with a Chronic Disease<br />

• Living with Chronic Pain<br />

SOCIAL<br />

Coffee Time in Arkona, Brigden,<br />

Forest, Kettle Point & Sarnia<br />


• Garden Fresh Box<br />

• Mindful Eating Program<br />


• Cooking Buddies<br />

• Afterschool Programs<br />


• Baby’s First Foods<br />

• Breastfeeding support<br />

• Feeding supports<br />


• Pulmonary Rehab Program<br />

• Falls Prevention Program<br />

• Cardiac Rehab Program<br />

• Diabetes Program<br />

Ways You<br />

Can Donate<br />

There are so many ways to<br />

take action! Find out how to<br />

make a difference in your<br />

community and in the lives<br />

of people living with dementia by making a donation today.<br />

PLANNED GIFTS - By taking action and creating or updating your<br />

Will and Powers of Attorney, you will protect your family, your<br />

assets, save taxes and help in the fight against dementia. Your<br />

planned gift could be a bequest, gift of securities, gift of life<br />

insurance, major gift or other assets. Plan today for future<br />

distribution. Talk to your advisor.<br />

CORPORATE GIVING - We have many sponsorship opportunities<br />

throughout the year for various fundraising events, as well as<br />

in-office fundraising opportunities your team can participate in. Get<br />

your business involved today by fundraising (i.e. dress-down days,<br />

baked good sale, etc), Matching Gift program, Employee Charitable<br />

Giving program, Corporate Sponsorship or Hosting a Fundraising<br />

Event.<br />

MONTHLY GIVING - Monthly giving is an easy and convenient way<br />

to support the work we do, every month! It allows us to plan ahead,<br />

so that any gift, makes an ongoing difference in the lives of those<br />

living with dementia. Tax receipts are given annually.<br />

SPECIAL OCCASION GIVING (Wedding/Birthday/Tribute) - Use an<br />

event to help support people living with dementia and their families.<br />

Many of our supporters choose to give to ASSL in lieu of favours,<br />

gifts or flowers at special occasions. Our team can offer you a<br />

unique way to help celebrate your special day, making it a<br />

memorable, meaningful way to make a difference to the<br />

community. Ask Marie about Special Occassion giving today<br />

519-332-4444, mmarcy-smids@alzhiemersarnia.ca<br />

MEMORIAL GIFTS - Memorial donations to the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society<br />

Sarnia Lambton are a significant way to pay tribute to a relative,<br />

friend or colleague who has passed away.<br />

Donations can also be made online at www.canadahelps.org, over the<br />

phone (519-332-4444) with a major credit card, by mail or by dropping<br />

by our office. Cheques to <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society of Sarnia-Lambton, 420<br />

East St North, Sarnia, ON N7T 6Y5. Receipts are issued for donations<br />

of $20.00 or more.<br />

Page 4<br />


350,000 persons in Canada experience being a care partner for a person living with dementia annually.<br />

Ways to reduce<br />

dementia stigma:<br />

Focus on what a person<br />

with dementia CAN do.<br />

Join in on our Active Living<br />

Programs including exercise,<br />

art, music, and travel (from the<br />

comfort of home) for persons<br />

living with dementia and their<br />

care partners.<br />

Contact Vanessa<br />

at 519-332-4444<br />

to learn more.<br />

Treating Hearing Loss<br />

helps<br />

keep<br />

your<br />

Untreated<br />

Hearing Loss<br />

Treated<br />

Hearing Loss<br />

Less stimulation<br />

of the brain<br />

Improved<br />

communication skills<br />

Accelerated mental decline<br />

Higher risk of dementia<br />

Socially active<br />

Stimulation of the brain<br />

Trouble with remembering<br />

and problem solving<br />

Keeps your brain fit<br />

Social activities stimulate your brain - proper treatment reduces the risk of mental decline<br />

A person with hearing loss who does<br />

not treat hearing loss has a higher risk<br />

of accelerated mental decline due to<br />

withdrawal from social activities<br />

ACT NOW!<br />

A person with hearting loss who treats it<br />

and is socially active is more likely to have<br />

similar risk of mental decline to a person<br />

with normal hearing<br />

Get better hearing now and experience how new hearing loss treatments can improve communication and social interaction!<br />


(519) 344-8887<br />

alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

Page 5

Almost 62% of healthcare practitioners worldwide incorrectly think that dementia is part of normal ageing.<br />

Our Philosophy<br />

The <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society is seen as a resource in the area for those living<br />

with dementia and caregivers. Our success is significantly due to the<br />

desire to work collaboratively with other organizations. We aspire to be<br />

a leader in the development of best practices in dementia care. Our<br />

programs and services promote wellness and social inclusion.<br />

2023<br />

Photos by Kerry's Klips Photography<br />

Our Mission<br />

To alleviate the personal and social<br />

consequences of <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s disease and<br />

related dementias and to promote research<br />

with respect to such disease and dementias.<br />

Our Role<br />

The role of the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society of<br />

Sarnia-Lambton is to offer support, information<br />

and education to people with dementia, their<br />

families and their caregivers, to increase public<br />

awareness of dementia, to promote research<br />

and to advocate for services that respect the<br />

dignity of the individual.<br />

Our Vision<br />

We envision a world without <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s<br />

disease and other dementias.<br />

Our Values<br />

C A R E E<br />

Collaboration Accountability Respect Empowerment Excellence<br />

In support of<br />

CANADA<br />

Sarnia Construction Association<br />

www.sarniaconstructionassociation.ca<br />

954 Upper Canada Drive, Sarnia, Ontario N7T 7J4<br />

Page 6<br />


1 in 11 persons over the age of 65 currently have a form of dementia.<br />

From Independent Living<br />

to Comprehensive Care<br />

VISION74<br />

’74 INC.<br />


519-332-8461 • www.vision74.com<br />

Corporation or Business Winner<br />

Steve Orr and Matt Rothwell<br />

Bayview Chrysler Dodge<br />

Bayview was selected because their<br />

leadership team has made dementia<br />

and <strong>Alzheimer</strong> disease a priority<br />

in their corporate philanthropy.<br />

The Dorothea Rivett Award<br />

In 1993, Dorothea Rivett volunteered<br />

as a Board Member with the <strong>Alzheimer</strong><br />

Society of Sarnia Lambton. During her<br />

tenure, she served as President and<br />

Treasurer and has been credited with<br />

rebuilding the Society. Dorothea had<br />

a vision for the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society and<br />

believed the agency should be in a<br />

location accessible to all.<br />

She worked hard to have the office<br />

moved to Sarnia where it was more<br />

visible than its prior location within a<br />

long- term care home in the County. She<br />

hired a staff team, secured charitable<br />

status and affiliation as a federated<br />

partner of the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society of<br />

Ontario. Dorothea’s belief was that<br />

the ASSL should be highly visible and<br />

accessible to all. Dorothea passed away<br />

on October 19, 2006.<br />

The Dorothea Rivett award is<br />

presented annually to one individual<br />

and to one corporation or business.<br />

Nominations open in April and<br />

recipients are selected by Committee at<br />

the end of May. Winners are recognized<br />

at the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society’s Annual<br />

General Meeting in September.<br />

Candidates must have made some<br />

contribution to move the community<br />

forward in one of the following areas:<br />

research, program need, forward<br />

thinking for change, visibility of the<br />

disease, accessibility to information<br />

– contribution makes the individual a<br />

“champion” of awareness.<br />

Individual Winner<br />

Michelle Stewardson RN., GEM<br />

Nurse, Bluewater Health (pictured<br />

on right, with Maggie Boulton from<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society on left)<br />

Michelle was selected for going<br />

above and beyond in advocating for<br />

patients & family at the hospital.<br />

What Our Clients Have Shared:<br />

“The staff of the ASSL are<br />

consummate professionals<br />

whose work is consistently<br />

characterized by kindness<br />

and a personal touch.”<br />

“My brother wouldn’t have coped as well as<br />

he has with his dementia and I wouldn’t have<br />

been able to provide the care and support he<br />

needed without the expertise of the Society.<br />

As our needs changed, the society staff knew<br />

next steps and how to support us.”<br />

“Without all of these caring<br />

and trustworthy people in<br />

our lives, Harold and I<br />

would be living a life of<br />

dread and hopelessness.<br />

Getting in touch with these<br />

people over the last few<br />

years has been the absolute<br />

best part of our lives.”<br />

“I never could’ve dreamed I would gain such valuable<br />

insight into tactics, techniques, and strategies. Nor could<br />

I have imagined the deep friendships that were formed.”<br />

“ASSL is a valuable asset in our community, fostering<br />

cooperation among relevant agencies and institutions,<br />

reaching out with public education, and creating<br />

a hopeful outlook on dementia care.”<br />

“[The] instructor presented the<br />

material in a manner which<br />

was easy to follow, informative.<br />

Excellent presentation.<br />

Good presenter. Brought some<br />

sense of humour to the<br />

presentation as well.”<br />

– First responder, participant.<br />

“It was just a really bad day and thank goodness<br />

I called [my First Link Care Navigator]. She helped<br />

me calm down and think things through. I would<br />

have gone to the Emergency department as I did<br />

not know what to do with her… I am so grateful<br />

to have such an excellent [Society] close to home<br />

to support me and my husband.”<br />

alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

Page 7

46% of Canadians admit they would feel ashamed or embarrassed if they had dementia.<br />




850 Colborne Street @ Exmouth Street<br />

Northgate Plaza, Sarnia • 519-336-3838<br />

Seniors<br />

Save<br />

Young @<br />

Heart<br />

Earn Free<br />

Rewards<br />

on almost<br />

everything you<br />

buy at Pharmasave.<br />

20%<br />

OFF<br />

Regular Priced<br />

Items In-Store<br />

Every Thursday of every month!<br />

2023 Open House<br />


Locally Owned and Operated<br />

www.londonroadpharmacy.com<br />

Tammy Maure<br />

1249 London Rd<br />

519-491-6778<br />




MPP - Sarnia-Lambton<br />


805 Christina St. North, Suite 102<br />

Point Edward, ON N7V 1X6<br />

www.bobbaileympp.com<br />

Tel: (519) 337-0051<br />

Email: bob.baileyco@pc.ola.org<br />

Page 8<br />


Up to three quarters of those living with dementia worldwide have not received a diagnosis.<br />

Caregiver Resolutions<br />

Start by first telling yourself “I give myself<br />

permission to not keep the following<br />

resolutions or to keep them only partway.”<br />

& “I give myself permission to not be perfect.”<br />

• I will not try to maintain the impossible<br />

• I will be realistic about the illness<br />

• I will consider what can realistically change<br />

• I will ask for help from others & share the load<br />

• I will support myself like I am my own friend<br />

• I will accept help from others<br />

• I will ask for help from others<br />

• I will understand that I may not feel in control<br />

• I will look for humour in joy when I can<br />

• I will take care of myself too<br />

• I will contact the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society<br />

for support and information<br />

New Year<br />

519-332-4444<br />

alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

Easy<br />

is always<br />

on hand.<br />

Open your freezer to many easy<br />

meals made especially for seniors,<br />

delivered for free*.<br />

In September 2021, ASSL launched<br />

the Young Leaders Collective (YLC), a<br />

passionate community committed to<br />

changing lives affected by dementia.<br />

The YLC stands on the pillars of<br />

advocacy, networking, education, and<br />

community engagement.<br />

Currently, our Young Leaders<br />

Collective boasts 9 active members, each<br />

devoted to supporting our fundraising<br />

activities. Throughout the past year,<br />

we’ve had some remarkable moments,<br />

including successful events like “It’s 5<br />

O’clock Somewhere,” BorderFest, the IG<br />

Wealth Walk for <strong>Alzheimer</strong>’s, and even<br />

the Kinsmen Santa Claus parade!<br />

The group’s primary goal is to gather<br />

regularly, foster awareness and<br />

understanding of dementia care, while<br />

also facilitating valuable networking<br />

opportunities and making meaningful<br />

contributions to our community.<br />

Photos by Kerry's Klips Photography<br />

2023<br />

Locally owned by<br />

Paul & Linda Knight<br />

Get your FREE Menu<br />

1-877-404-4246<br />

HeartToHomeMeals.ca<br />

*Some conditions may apply.<br />

alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

Page 9

A new case of dementia arises somewhere in the world every 3 seconds.<br />


Do you know someone living with dementia?<br />

3 out of 5 people living with<br />

dementia will go missing at some<br />

point, a frightening experience,<br />

and a dangerous one.<br />

That’s why the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society<br />

of Sarnia-Lambton is partnering<br />

with The Sarnia Police Services and<br />

OPP to provide an opportunity for<br />

individuals living with dementia to<br />

be registered as someone at risk of<br />

going missing. Critical information<br />

collected provides searchers with<br />

quick access to key information to<br />

assist in locating the individual and<br />

returning them home safely.<br />

Y<br />

D<br />

E<br />

M<br />

E<br />

N<br />

T<br />

I<br />

A<br />

S<br />


L<br />

D<br />

M<br />

I<br />

S<br />

S<br />

I<br />

N<br />

G<br />

N<br />

A<br />

L<br />

Z<br />

H<br />

E<br />

I<br />

M<br />

E<br />

R<br />

H<br />

V<br />

U<br />

L<br />

N<br />

E<br />

R<br />

A<br />

B<br />

L<br />

E<br />

R<br />

E<br />

G<br />

I<br />

S<br />

T<br />

R<br />

Y<br />

F<br />

O<br />

M<br />

C<br />

A<br />

R<br />

E<br />

S<br />

A<br />

F<br />

E<br />

G<br />

E<br />

S<br />

E<br />

R<br />

V<br />

I<br />

C<br />

E<br />

S<br />

Y<br />

P<br />

O<br />

L<br />

I<br />

C<br />

E<br />

H<br />

O<br />

M<br />

E<br />

R<br />

A<br />

F<br />

I<br />

N<br />

D<br />

I<br />

N<br />

G<br />

H<br />

R<br />

Z<br />

U<br />

S<br />

O<br />

C<br />

I<br />

E<br />

T<br />

Y<br />

Can you find the 12 words related<br />

to the vulnerable person registry?<br />

2023<br />


Photos by Von Shoemaker<br />

Registration<br />

is easy!<br />

Let’s all do our part to help individuals with<br />

dementia live safely in our community.<br />

Simply call <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society Sarnia-Lambton<br />

at 519 332 4444 to learn how.<br />


Page 10<br />


Over 50% of carers globally say their health has suffered as a result of their caring responsibilities.<br />

What We Do - Programs & Services in Sarnia-Lambton<br />

<strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society of Sarnia Lambton has many programs including:<br />

• Counselling Services<br />

• Care Navigation<br />

• Support Groups<br />

• Social Recreation Programs<br />

• Education Sessions for people living with dementia,<br />

families, care partners and healthcare professionals<br />

• Professional training programs<br />

• <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society Mindful Music project<br />

• Peer-led support groups, and program support<br />

• Fundraising and Events<br />

• Online Programming (webinars, and social recreation)<br />

• Inter-professional collaboration and building community partnerships<br />

• Advocacy to support person with dementia to live well in our community<br />


First Link Learning Series<br />

First Steps Workshop for persons with dementia to understand and address<br />

concerns about progression and changes they may experience.<br />

Next Steps for Families Workshop for care partners to better understand<br />

dementia symptoms and affects.<br />

Care Essentials Workshop Workshop on middle stages of dementia and<br />

understanding responsive behaviours, communication tips and best approach<br />

for care partners.<br />

Care in the Later Stages Workshop focusses on quality of life and end of life<br />

care for person living with dementia and support for care partners.<br />

Education for the Public that are open to anyone that would like to learn about<br />

dementia throughout Lambton County. Locations and topics change throughout<br />

the year. Can be booked for your organization. Some sessions we bring in outside<br />

guest speakers and experts on dementia care. Included in this education is<br />

Dementia Friendly Communities where you can learn how your organization<br />

can help people with dementia thrive in our community. Find Your Way program<br />

looks at safety for person living with dementia including our local Vulnerable<br />

Persons Registry with the police services.<br />

Topical Tuesdays are virtual session held weekly to help care partners to<br />

better understand dementia, improve care and care for themselves. The topic<br />

changes weekly and can be attended from the comfort of your home.<br />

TEACH® and CARERs® programs are developed by the Reitman Centre, Sinai<br />

Health Systems and our local facilitators lead this interactive group program<br />

helping care partners develop skills and strategies in care for the person living<br />

dementia.<br />

Support Groups for care partners & person living with dementia occur<br />

monthly giving and opportunity to share insights, concerns and support from<br />

peers and group facilitators. These groups are designed for the interests of the<br />

group including a support group specifically for care partners of someone with<br />

a frontotemporal dementia.<br />

Respite Services designed to provide in home activation, socialization and<br />

support for the person living with dementia as the care partner can take a break<br />

from daily care.<br />


Minds in Motion®<br />

A social recreational program that<br />

incorporates physical and mental<br />

stimulation for people with early to<br />

middle stage dementia. This program<br />

is designed for the care partner to also<br />

take part. Options to attend virtually<br />

or in person. Thank you to Strangway<br />

Centre and Grace United Church for<br />

partnering for these sessions.<br />

Mindful Music<br />

Provides personalized music<br />

intervention to stimulate the long<br />

term memory of persons living with<br />

dementia while providing meaningful<br />

engagement, supporting self<br />

expression and identity.<br />

Forget Me Not Social Club<br />

A social networking opportunity for<br />

people living with dementia and their<br />

care partners to enjoy the company of<br />

others, and to get into the community<br />

to participate in planned activities<br />

Inspirational Moments<br />

An art based program that allows<br />

participants to access a tour of our<br />

newest exhibits and the Judith &<br />

Norman Alix Art Gallery. Explores<br />

art and conversation about specific<br />

artworks and then the groups has the<br />

opportunity to create their own art.<br />

Armchair Travelogue<br />

Sit back and enjoy traveling around<br />

the world from the comfort of your<br />

home. Virtual session take groups to<br />

different countries around the work<br />

to learn more, and discuss their new<br />

discoveries.<br />

For more information<br />

on any of our programs<br />

and services, call us at<br />

519-332-4444.<br />

Years of dedicated service from the <strong>Alzheimer</strong> Society team<br />

has meant all the difference in so many people’s lives.<br />

With admiration -<br />

Chris & Sabrina Treftlin, Shine at Home<br />

Seniors’ Home Independence Network<br />

Life is Better When<br />

You’re Home<br />

Seniors live at home -<br />

independently,<br />

comfortably & happily.<br />

In-Home Care<br />

Housekeeping<br />

Companionship<br />

Established in 2010, Shine at<br />

Home serves seniors who<br />

wish to live in full<br />

independence. Since our<br />

earliest beginnings we have<br />

learned that with just a little<br />

help, people can remain in<br />

their homes for many years<br />

safe and free in the<br />

knowledge that a dedicated<br />

team is there for them.<br />

It doesn’t matter how old you are, life is always better<br />

when you’re home. There’s a deep comfort that comes<br />

from being in familiar surroundings, sleeping in your own<br />

bed, and living under a roof that belongs to you.<br />

Call today to find out how we can help you:<br />

519-336-9898 shineathome.com<br />

alzheimersarnia.ca<br />

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STEEVES & ROZEMA proudly supports...<br />

and the AMAZING WORK THEY DO in our community!<br />

Live Your<br />

Best<br />

Life!<br />



Independent Living I Assisted Living I Enriched Care<br />

• Chef Prepared Meals • Housekeeping<br />

• Personalized Care Plans & Wellness Packages<br />

• FUN / Activities / Entertainment<br />

• Companionship • And much much more!<br />

Explore our Villages today!<br />

Book a personalized visit at: 1-800-491-3042<br />

www.srseniorsliving.ca<br />

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