The Adventures of Tiny the Pixie

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Text copyright ã EAMarshall 2024<br />

Illustrations copyright ã EAMArshall 2024<br />

All rights reserved<br />

<strong>The</strong> moral rights <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> author have been asserted<br />

Set in Baskerville<br />

ISBN: 979-884-720-0776<br />

Except in <strong>the</strong> United States <strong>of</strong> America, this book is sold subject to <strong>the</strong> condition that it shall<br />

not be, by way <strong>of</strong> trade or o<strong>the</strong>rwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or o<strong>the</strong>rwise circulated<br />

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it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on <strong>the</strong><br />

subsequent purchaser.<br />


About <strong>the</strong> author<br />

E.A. Marshall<br />

Eileen is a mo<strong>the</strong>r, a grandmo<strong>the</strong>r, and a great grandmo<strong>the</strong>r. She was born during <strong>the</strong> second<br />

world war and trained as a nursey nurse. She has lived for all <strong>of</strong> her life without social media<br />

and has always enjoyed reading books to children. <strong>The</strong>se stories were written for Abigail and<br />

Georgia who are now grown up with <strong>the</strong>ir own children.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se stories are a delight which take you back to a time when children played with each o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

and outside with <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r children in <strong>the</strong>ir road. <strong>The</strong>y had make-pretend adventures and not<br />

a single piece <strong>of</strong> technology was in sight.<br />

So, with a flash <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> blue fairy’s wand, take yourself back to a bygone age. Enjoy.<br />

Karen (Eileen’s daughter)<br />


To my granddaughters Abigail and Georgia<br />

with love<br />

from Nan<br />


<strong>Pixie</strong> <strong>Adventures</strong><br />

Only Children can see Fairies<br />

<strong>Tiny</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong>’s story<br />

Christmas Eve<br />

<strong>The</strong> Wendy House<br />

In <strong>the</strong> Garden<br />

<strong>The</strong> Duckpond<br />


Only Children can see Fairies<br />

One day Georgia was woken by a sunbeam shining through her<br />

bedroom window onto <strong>the</strong> tip <strong>of</strong> her nose and making it feel warm. She<br />

got out <strong>of</strong> bed and followed <strong>the</strong> sunbeam to <strong>the</strong> window and looked<br />

outside. To her surprise saw two fairies and a pixie.<br />

Very quietly she ran into Abigail’s room, woke her up and whispered<br />

to come and see <strong>the</strong> fairies playing in <strong>the</strong> garden.<br />

On tiptoe <strong>the</strong>y crept back into Georgia's room and saw that <strong>the</strong> two<br />

fairies were sitting on <strong>the</strong> swing and a large pixie, looking very smart in<br />

a leaf green suit and a pointy hat, was pushing <strong>the</strong>m high up into <strong>the</strong><br />


sky. As <strong>the</strong> early morning sun shone on <strong>the</strong> fairy’s wings, <strong>the</strong>y sparkled<br />

with many different colours.<br />

Georgia and Abigail gasped and <strong>the</strong>n clapped <strong>the</strong>ir hands over <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

mouths in case <strong>the</strong> fairy visitors heard <strong>the</strong>m. Suddenly <strong>the</strong> pixie stopped<br />

pushing <strong>the</strong> swing and ran across to <strong>the</strong> slide. <strong>The</strong> two fairies opened<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir wings and in a flash <strong>of</strong> light flew to join <strong>the</strong> pixie on <strong>the</strong> big green<br />

slide.<br />


Abigail and Georgia saw <strong>the</strong> pixie on <strong>the</strong> slide.<br />


Georgia and Abigail could hear <strong>the</strong>ir tinkling laughter as <strong>the</strong>y went<br />

faster and faster up and down <strong>the</strong> slide. Just <strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong> girls saw a large<br />

crow noisily fly into <strong>the</strong> garden and land on <strong>the</strong> slide. It pushed <strong>the</strong><br />

fairies out <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> way. Much to <strong>the</strong> disappointment <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> girls <strong>the</strong> fairy<br />

folk flew <strong>of</strong>f.<br />

<strong>The</strong> girls sighed and went down to <strong>the</strong> front room. <strong>The</strong>y could still hear<br />

some tinkling sounds, so <strong>the</strong>y looked out <strong>the</strong> window. <strong>The</strong> fairies and<br />

big pixie were now sliding down <strong>the</strong> bonnet <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> car, flying back up<br />

again and once more sliding down. <strong>The</strong>y were giggling and laughing<br />

and having a lot <strong>of</strong> fun. <strong>The</strong> pixie was climbing up <strong>the</strong> car aerial and<br />

sliding down to land with bump before climbing up.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two girls <strong>the</strong>n heard <strong>the</strong> rumble <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> milkman's float outside <strong>the</strong><br />

house. <strong>The</strong> fairies must have heard it as well because <strong>the</strong>y joined hands<br />


with <strong>the</strong> large pixie and in a flash <strong>of</strong> silver and gold <strong>the</strong>y disappeared in<br />

a swirl <strong>of</strong> sunbeams.<br />

Just behind <strong>the</strong>m <strong>the</strong>y heard mum's voice. “What are you two early<br />

birds looking at?”<br />

Abigail explained that <strong>the</strong>y had seen two fairies and Georgia added that<br />

<strong>the</strong>re was also a large pixie in a smart green suit. Mum smiled and told<br />

<strong>the</strong>m that <strong>the</strong>re were a pair <strong>of</strong> lucky little girls because grown-ups<br />

cannot see fairy folk.<br />

Mum pointed to <strong>the</strong> door. “Come into <strong>the</strong> kitchen and have some<br />

breakfast and <strong>the</strong>n you can tell me all about what you saw in <strong>the</strong> garden<br />

early this morning.”<br />

THE END<br />


<strong>Tiny</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong>’s story<br />

Once upon a time in fairyland, <strong>the</strong>re lived a <strong>Pixie</strong> called <strong>Tiny</strong>. <strong>Tiny</strong> was<br />

a very tall pixie, and this is <strong>the</strong> story about how he got that name.<br />

<strong>Tiny</strong> used to be a very small pixie, much smaller than all <strong>the</strong> rest <strong>of</strong> his<br />

<strong>Pixie</strong> friends. One day his mo<strong>the</strong>r sent him into <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong> village to do<br />

some shopping. <strong>The</strong> first item on her list was five pints <strong>of</strong> creamy milk,<br />

so <strong>Tiny</strong> went to <strong>the</strong> farmer’s wife and asked for some milk for his<br />

mo<strong>the</strong>r.<br />

“Why certainly,” said <strong>the</strong> kindly lady, “I will just go and milk <strong>the</strong> cow.<br />

It will be warm milk. Can you come back in a few minutes time?”<br />


<strong>The</strong> farmer’s wife smiled at him and went <strong>of</strong>f to <strong>the</strong> milking parlour to<br />

milk <strong>the</strong> cow.<br />

Now surrounding <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong> village was a magic hedge which stopped<br />

any humans coming into <strong>the</strong> village. That day, a mouse had nibbled a<br />

very small hole in <strong>the</strong> bottom <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> hedge, so <strong>Tiny</strong> crawled through<br />

while he was waiting to see what was on <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side. He was surprised<br />

to see a huge house full <strong>of</strong> Humans.<br />

He decided to see what it was like, so he foolishly run across to <strong>the</strong> front<br />

door that was standing half open and tiptoed into <strong>the</strong> hallway. He <strong>the</strong>n<br />

noticed ano<strong>the</strong>r open door, so he peeped through <strong>the</strong> gap and saw lots<br />

<strong>of</strong> lovely toys.<br />


He ran across to <strong>the</strong> rocking horse to have a ride and he was having a<br />

great time when he heard footsteps outside. He ran quickly to a doll’s<br />

house to hide but, oh dear, he didn’t get <strong>the</strong>re in time. He threw himself<br />

flat on <strong>the</strong> floor and pretended to be a doll.<br />


<strong>Tiny</strong> lay very still next to <strong>the</strong> toy box.<br />


A little girl and boy came rushing and pushing into <strong>the</strong> room and <strong>the</strong>y<br />

stopped have a look at <strong>the</strong> toys. <strong>The</strong>y saw <strong>Tiny</strong> outside <strong>the</strong> doll’s house.<br />

‘This must be <strong>the</strong> new toy that mummy said she had bought,’ said <strong>the</strong><br />

little boy.<br />

Both children rushed across to where he lay. <strong>The</strong> little girl grabbed his<br />

legs, and <strong>the</strong> little boy took hold <strong>of</strong> his arms and started to pull in<br />

different directions.<br />

“Let me have him.’’ “I want to play with him first.” “That's not fair.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> two children argued.<br />

Suddenly a voice outside <strong>the</strong> room called out that dinner was ready.<br />

<strong>The</strong> naughty children dropped <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong> and run out. <strong>Tiny</strong> lay still until<br />


he thought it would be safe to move. When he stood up, he was amazed<br />

to find that he was much taller and much floppier than before. <strong>The</strong><br />

children pulled him about so much that <strong>the</strong>y had stretched him to a<br />

bigger size.<br />

He crawled out <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> room through <strong>the</strong> front door and across <strong>the</strong> lawn<br />

until he reached <strong>the</strong> hole in <strong>the</strong> hedge. He had difficulty in getting<br />

through <strong>the</strong> tiny hole now he was so big.<br />

As soon as he managed to get into <strong>the</strong> pixie village again, he hobbled<br />

straight to <strong>the</strong> dairy to collect <strong>the</strong> milk. When <strong>the</strong> farmer’s wife saw<br />

him, she looked in astonishment and didn't recognise him. He really<br />

was very floppy now that he had been stretched.<br />

“Oh, you poor pixie,” cried <strong>the</strong> farmer’s wife.<br />


She went to a barn where some sheep were being shawn and collected<br />

some s<strong>of</strong>t baby wool. She carefully stuffed <strong>the</strong> poor pixie so he was no<br />

longer floppy, but she couldn’t mend <strong>the</strong> stretchiness. From that day<br />

on, <strong>Tiny</strong> <strong>the</strong> pixie was <strong>the</strong> biggest pixie in <strong>the</strong> village.<br />

THE END<br />


Christmas Eve<br />

Late one Christmas Eve, Georgia and Abigail were finding it hard to<br />

sleep. Fa<strong>the</strong>r Christmas was due to come that night and fill <strong>the</strong> stockings<br />

hanging at <strong>the</strong> end <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong>ir bed, but only if <strong>the</strong>y were fast asleep.<br />

Georgia slipped out <strong>of</strong> bed and crept into Abigail’s room where she<br />

found her wide wake.<br />

“What should we do?” <strong>the</strong>y asked each o<strong>the</strong>r, “Fa<strong>the</strong>r Christmas won't<br />

come if we are not asleep.”<br />

Before Georgia could answer, <strong>the</strong>y both heard a little tinkling laugh<br />

downstairs. <strong>The</strong>y looked at one ano<strong>the</strong>r in astonishment and knew that<br />

could only mean one thing, <strong>the</strong> fairies were in <strong>the</strong> house. <strong>The</strong>y both<br />


tiptoed down <strong>the</strong> stairs and very carefully <strong>the</strong>y looked round <strong>the</strong> corner.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y saw that <strong>the</strong> door to <strong>the</strong> front room was open, and <strong>the</strong>y could see<br />

that <strong>the</strong> Christmas tree lights were on.<br />

“Oh dear,” said Georgia, ‘Mum must have forgotten to switch <strong>the</strong> lights<br />

out before she came to bed. We should go and turn <strong>the</strong>m <strong>of</strong>f to save <strong>the</strong><br />

electricity.<br />

Suddenly two fairies and a pixie appeared next to <strong>the</strong> Christmas tree,<br />

and <strong>the</strong>y picked up <strong>the</strong> presents, shook <strong>the</strong>m, and felt <strong>the</strong>m all over.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y <strong>the</strong>n whispered to one ano<strong>the</strong>r as if <strong>the</strong>y had guessed what was in<br />

<strong>the</strong>m.<br />

<strong>Tiny</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong> tried to open one <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> presents, but <strong>the</strong> fairies<br />

immediately pulled it away from him and <strong>the</strong>n tweaked his nose. He<br />


stamped his foot and with a mischievous look on his face, <strong>Tiny</strong> climbed<br />

<strong>the</strong> Christmas tree. It swayed and <strong>the</strong> decorations jiggled up and down.<br />

<strong>The</strong> pink fairy looked up, shook her finger at him, and told him to come<br />

down immediately. <strong>The</strong> pixie looked down at her with a worried look<br />

on his face.<br />

“I can't climb down,” he stammered, “I am stuck.”<br />

“Oh dear, you are in trouble now,” said <strong>the</strong> pink fairy, “Fa<strong>the</strong>r<br />

Christmas will not visit this house if <strong>the</strong>re is any one up and that<br />

includes us.<br />


<strong>Tiny</strong> was stuck up <strong>the</strong> Christmas tree.<br />


<strong>Tiny</strong> started to cry with little tears running down his face. <strong>The</strong> fairies<br />

looked at each o<strong>the</strong>r and felt sorry for him. It was Christmas eve after<br />

all.<br />

“We will bring you down, but you must promise to be good for a whole<br />

week and not play any naughty tricks,” said <strong>the</strong> blue fairy sternly.<br />

<strong>Tiny</strong> promised <strong>the</strong> fairies he would try and be good, but even so he had<br />

a mischievous twinkle in his eye.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two fairies flew to <strong>the</strong> top <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> tree, took hold <strong>of</strong> his hands, and<br />

flew down to <strong>the</strong> floor. <strong>The</strong>y all heard <strong>the</strong> tinkling sound <strong>of</strong> bells in <strong>the</strong><br />

distance.<br />


“Fa<strong>the</strong>r Christmas is coming,” whispered <strong>the</strong> pink fairy, ‘quick, we<br />

must go.”<br />

With that <strong>the</strong> three <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong>m disappeared, leaving floating gold<br />

shimmers in <strong>the</strong> air.<br />

Abigail looked at tree lights which were still on and wondered what to<br />

do. She didn't need to wait long as <strong>the</strong> pink fairy reappeared, switched<br />

<strong>the</strong> lights <strong>of</strong>f, and <strong>the</strong>n disappeared into a cloud <strong>of</strong> pink shimmers.<br />

<strong>The</strong> girls had also heard <strong>the</strong> faint tinkling <strong>of</strong> bells and rushed back<br />

upstairs to bed. <strong>The</strong>y must have got to sleep fairly quickly as when <strong>the</strong>y<br />

awoke <strong>the</strong> next morning, <strong>the</strong>ir Christmas stockings were filled to <strong>the</strong><br />

top with presents. Fa<strong>the</strong>r Christmas had left only a few crumbs <strong>of</strong> mince<br />


pie and couple <strong>of</strong> drops <strong>of</strong> sherry. <strong>The</strong> carrots left for <strong>the</strong> reindeer had<br />

also been chewed.<br />

After a Christmas breakfast, <strong>the</strong> family went into <strong>the</strong> front room. Mum<br />

looked at <strong>the</strong> Christmas tree with a puzzled look on her face.<br />

“I think that all <strong>the</strong>se presents have been moved.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> girls looked at each o<strong>the</strong>r and grinned.<br />

“Ah,” laughed <strong>the</strong>ir mo<strong>the</strong>r, “let me guess, did we have a visit from <strong>the</strong><br />

fairies and pixies last night!”<br />

<strong>The</strong> children smiled and gave <strong>the</strong>ir mum a big Christmas hug.<br />

THE END<br />


<strong>The</strong> Wendy house<br />

Early one winter afternoon Abigail and Georgia asked <strong>the</strong>ir mum if<br />

<strong>the</strong>y could go out and play in <strong>the</strong> garden.<br />

“Yes, as long as you keep warm,” <strong>the</strong>ir mum said. “Put on your coats,<br />

woolly hats, and warm mittens. I will call you soon as tea is ready.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir mum smiled as <strong>the</strong>y run down <strong>the</strong> steps into <strong>the</strong> garden.<br />

“What should we do first?” asked Georgia.<br />

“Let’s go and see if our Wendy house needs tidying,” replied Abigail.<br />


Off <strong>the</strong>y went to <strong>the</strong> bottom <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong>ir garden where <strong>the</strong>ir new little<br />

playhouse stood. It was warm and cosy with <strong>the</strong> sunshine brightly<br />

shining on its little polished windows and its painted walls smelt <strong>of</strong> fresh<br />

wood.<br />

Suddenly, before <strong>the</strong>y could go into <strong>the</strong> house, <strong>the</strong>y heard <strong>the</strong> tinkling<br />

laughter <strong>of</strong> fairies whispering to one ano<strong>the</strong>r. <strong>The</strong>y silently tiptoed<br />

forward until <strong>the</strong>y could peep in through <strong>the</strong> window.<br />

Inside <strong>the</strong> fairies were having a party. <strong>The</strong>re were plates <strong>of</strong> sandwiches<br />

and little ice cakes arranged on golden oak leaves. Besides each plate<br />

was an acorn filled to <strong>the</strong> top with something that sparkled. <strong>Tiny</strong> <strong>the</strong><br />

pixie appeared and sung a song about a naughty elf who had eaten too<br />

many blackberries and became so fat he had to roll home. <strong>The</strong> fairies<br />

laughed and laughed until <strong>the</strong>y fell <strong>of</strong>f <strong>the</strong>ir seats.<br />


Georgia heard a noise behind her she looked quickly over her shoulder<br />

just in time to see Scratchy <strong>the</strong> cat leap on to <strong>the</strong> step <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> Wendy<br />

house. He pushed <strong>the</strong> door open with his head and strolled. <strong>The</strong> fairies<br />

jumped up and ran across to hug and kiss him and <strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong>y flew up to<br />

sit on his back so <strong>the</strong>y could have a ride.<br />


<strong>The</strong> fairies stroked Scratchy <strong>the</strong> cat.<br />


<strong>Tiny</strong>, who was quite a naughty <strong>Pixie</strong>, reached up and pulled <strong>the</strong> little<br />

cat’s whiskers hard. In a flash, <strong>the</strong> fairies flew down and chased <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong><br />

around <strong>the</strong> table. When <strong>the</strong>y caught him, <strong>the</strong>y boxed his ears until he<br />

said he was sorry.<br />

<strong>The</strong> fairies ran over and gave <strong>the</strong> cat ano<strong>the</strong>r kiss <strong>the</strong>n grabbed <strong>the</strong><br />

pixie and disappeared leaving a cloud <strong>of</strong> golden pink and blue and a<br />

very puzzled cat.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two girls rushed into <strong>the</strong> house. Abigail picked Scratchy up.<br />

Georgia rushed to <strong>the</strong> table, but all that she found were three golden<br />

oak leaves and three empty acorns.<br />

Just <strong>the</strong>n mum called <strong>the</strong>m in for tea. She took one look at <strong>the</strong>ir bright,<br />

happy faces and laughed.<br />


“Let me guess. <strong>The</strong> fairies have been visiting again.”<br />

“Yes, <strong>the</strong>y have,” <strong>the</strong> girls shouted toge<strong>the</strong>r.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> fairies had a ride on Scratchy,” said Abigail hugging him tight.<br />

“<strong>The</strong>y had a party in <strong>the</strong> playhouse,” added Georgia.<br />

“Well, wash your hands and you can tell me all about it while we have<br />

tea,” smiled <strong>the</strong>ir mum.<br />

THE END<br />


<strong>The</strong> Flowers<br />

Early one summer evening Georgia had put her pyjamas on and was<br />

looking for her o<strong>the</strong>r slipper. No matter how hard she looked, she could<br />

not find it. She went to have a look in her sister’s bedroom.<br />

“Abigail, have you seen my slipper?” she asked.<br />

“Mm, I think it is by my chair, <strong>the</strong> one next to <strong>the</strong> window.” Abigail’s<br />

voice was muffled because she was under her bed looking for her<br />

slippers as well.<br />

As Georgia picked up <strong>the</strong> slipper, she glanced out <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> window.<br />


“Oh no!” she said in a shocked voice.<br />

Abigail came over to <strong>the</strong> window and also looked out. It was still light<br />

on <strong>the</strong> summer evening and in <strong>the</strong> garden she could clearly see <strong>Tiny</strong><br />

<strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong> pulling all <strong>the</strong> heads <strong>of</strong>f mum’s flowers. He was really making<br />

quite a mess.<br />

Suddenly five golden swirls <strong>of</strong> light settled in a circle around <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong><br />

and slowly changed into five fairies. Georgia and Abigail whispered to<br />

one ano<strong>the</strong>r in excitement, sure that <strong>the</strong> fairies would be able to make<br />

everything right again.<br />

One fairy, who seemed to be <strong>the</strong> leader, was shaking her finger at <strong>the</strong><br />

<strong>Pixie</strong> and she looked very cross as <strong>Tiny</strong> stood with his arms folded and<br />

pulled a grumpy face. <strong>The</strong> fairy <strong>the</strong>n tweaked his nose and boxed his<br />


ears. <strong>The</strong>y took him over to <strong>the</strong> flower heads which were lying on <strong>the</strong><br />

ground and pointed to <strong>the</strong>m. <strong>The</strong> pixie nodded his head and<br />

understood what he had to do.<br />

One by one, puffing and panting, he lifted <strong>the</strong> flowers back onto <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

stalks and held <strong>the</strong>m <strong>the</strong>re until <strong>the</strong> fairy had touched <strong>the</strong>m with her<br />

wand and applied fairy glue.<br />


<strong>Tiny</strong> had to mend all <strong>the</strong> flowers<br />


It took him quite a long time and when he was finished, he was so tired<br />

that he had to sit down. Just <strong>the</strong>n a moonbeam came down and<br />

whispered something in <strong>the</strong> pink fairy’s ear. In a flash, all <strong>the</strong> fairy folk<br />

were gone and only a ring <strong>of</strong> gold with a flash <strong>of</strong> green in <strong>the</strong> middle<br />

remained.<br />

<strong>The</strong> next morning, while Georgia and Abigail were looking for <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

blue book bags to take to school, mum went out into <strong>the</strong> garden to hang<br />

out <strong>the</strong> tea towels to dry. <strong>The</strong> two girls went running out to tell mum<br />

that <strong>the</strong>y were ready to go to school when <strong>the</strong>y saw her looking at <strong>the</strong><br />

flowers with a puzzled look on her face.<br />

“What's <strong>the</strong> matter, mum?” questioned Abigail.<br />


“Well,” replied mum, “I was just looking at <strong>the</strong> flowers and something<br />

is not quite right. <strong>The</strong>y are wonky and are quite odd shapes.”<br />

Georgia started to explain to her mum what had happened <strong>the</strong> night<br />

before with <strong>the</strong> fairies and <strong>the</strong> naughty <strong>Pixie</strong>. Before she could start<br />

telling <strong>the</strong> story her mum smiled and gave <strong>the</strong> girls school <strong>the</strong>ir coats to<br />

put on. <strong>The</strong> grabbed <strong>the</strong>ir book bags and lunchboxes and headed out<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> door.<br />

“Now,” <strong>the</strong>ir mo<strong>the</strong>r said as she walked down <strong>the</strong> road with <strong>the</strong><br />

children, “tell me all about <strong>the</strong> fairies adventures last night.”<br />

THE END<br />


<strong>The</strong> Duck pond<br />

Abigail and Georgia went to stay with <strong>the</strong>ir cousin Molly in <strong>the</strong> country.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y had to share a bedroom with two little bunk beds in. <strong>The</strong>y were<br />

really excited as this was <strong>the</strong> first time <strong>the</strong>y had come to Molly's new<br />

house. Georgia hopped from one foot to <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r eager to explore.<br />

“Hurry up Abigail,” she called impatiently, “Auntie Karen said that we<br />

could have a look at <strong>the</strong> garden before we have tea.’<br />

Very soon <strong>the</strong> two girls were cluttering noisily down <strong>the</strong> stairs, heading<br />

for <strong>the</strong> garden. It was very overgrown and <strong>the</strong>refore held <strong>the</strong> promise<br />

<strong>of</strong> lots <strong>of</strong> hiding places to play in. When <strong>the</strong>y reached <strong>the</strong> bottom <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong><br />

garden, <strong>the</strong>y looked over <strong>the</strong> wall. <strong>The</strong>re <strong>the</strong>y saw <strong>the</strong> duck pond that<br />


Uncle Peter had told <strong>the</strong>m about. It was in a farmer's field at <strong>the</strong> bottom<br />

<strong>of</strong> a valley. <strong>The</strong>y were surprised to see <strong>the</strong> ducks swimming in a circle.<br />

“That's a funny way for <strong>the</strong>m swim, just going round and round?”<br />

Georgia whispered to Abigail, “do you think <strong>the</strong>y'll get dizzy?”<br />

Georgia pointed in amazement at a duck with <strong>the</strong> pink tail. Both girls<br />

gasped as <strong>the</strong>y saw <strong>Tiny</strong>, <strong>the</strong> naughty pixie. He had tied <strong>the</strong> ducks<br />

toge<strong>the</strong>r, one behind <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r, in a long line and was riding on <strong>the</strong> first<br />

one.<br />


<strong>Tiny</strong> was riding <strong>the</strong> ducks.<br />


Abigail asked Georgia if she thought he would stop if <strong>the</strong>y clapped <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

hands and shouted loudly. Before Georgia could say anything <strong>the</strong>re was<br />

a golden blue flash <strong>of</strong> light over <strong>the</strong> pond. <strong>The</strong> fairies had come to <strong>the</strong><br />

rescue.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two girls watched as <strong>the</strong> pink fairy shook her finger at <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong>.<br />

<strong>The</strong>n <strong>the</strong> blue fairy pointed her wand at him, and a streak <strong>of</strong> blue light<br />

flew out and danced all around <strong>the</strong> ducks and <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong>.<br />

First <strong>the</strong> string tying all <strong>the</strong> ducks toge<strong>the</strong>r disappeared, <strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong> <strong>Pixie</strong><br />

changed into a big green frog and fell with a loud splash into <strong>the</strong> muddy<br />

water. He tried to shout but all that could be heard was a croak.<br />

<strong>The</strong> fairies laughed so much, as <strong>the</strong>y sat on <strong>the</strong> side <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> bridge over<br />

<strong>the</strong> stream, <strong>the</strong>y nearly fell into <strong>the</strong> water <strong>the</strong>mselves.<br />


<strong>The</strong> ducks floated over to see what was happening, but as soon as <strong>Tiny</strong><br />

<strong>the</strong> pixie saw <strong>the</strong> line <strong>of</strong> ducks heading for him, he started to swim for<br />

<strong>the</strong> riverbank as fast as he could. <strong>The</strong> leading duck was bending over<br />

to peck him when he did an enormous frog leap and landed safely on<br />

<strong>the</strong> grass.<br />

<strong>The</strong> fairy magic wore <strong>of</strong>f and he returned to his normal self, dripping<br />

wet and covered in pondweed. <strong>The</strong> fairies took hold <strong>of</strong> his ears and<br />

swish <strong>the</strong>y had disappeared leaving <strong>the</strong> ducks staring at a shower <strong>of</strong> gold<br />

and blue twinkling lights.<br />

Georgia and Abigail dashed back up <strong>the</strong> garden shouting, “Mum,<br />

Auntie Karen, guess what has just happened?”<br />

THE END<br />


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