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<strong>DAY</strong> 2<br />

TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong><br />

Hall 4<br />

Stand H 386<br />


& VINEXPO PARIS <strong>2024</strong><br />



WORLD<br />




MANY OF MY<br />







<strong>DAY</strong>S<br />

Ole Frantzen<br />

Partner at Calwine AB<br />

NEWS<br />








PARIS <strong>2024</strong><br />

#14<br />



GUIDE<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand C 057<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand E 172<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand D 056-59b<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand H 024<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand B 116<br />

Hall 4 / Stand A 078<br />

Hall 4 / Stand F 026<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand F 088<br />

Hall 6 / Stand C 315<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand G 029<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand G 069-9

Morning<br />

Briefing<br />

by Rodolphe<br />

Lameyse,<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium CEO<br />

Uncorking innovation<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Good morning and welcome to the second day<br />

of <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>! What a<br />

great opening day we had yesterday, filled with<br />

excitement, camaraderie, and opportunities to<br />

explore the world of wine and spirits. I hope you all<br />

enjoyed mingling with exhibitors, tasting exquisite<br />

wines, and immersing yourselves in the vibrant<br />

atmosphere of our show.<br />

I want to extend a special thank you to Mr Marc<br />

Fesneau, the French Minister of Agriculture and<br />

Food Sovereignty, and Mr Thomas Cazenave,<br />

French Deputy Minister in charge of Public<br />

Accounts, for gracing us with their presence<br />

during the inaugural visit. <strong>The</strong>ir support and<br />

encouragement are invaluable as we continue to<br />

champion the excellence and innovation of the<br />

wine and spirits industry.<br />

As we embark on the second day of <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

& <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, I encourage each and<br />

every one of you to take full advantage of what<br />

our show has to offer. With seven halls brimming<br />

with treasures waiting to be discovered, there is<br />

something for everyone to enjoy. No matter what<br />

you came to the show initially looking for, you'll<br />

find endless delights to tantalise your taste buds<br />

and expand your palate.<br />

© Philippe Labeguerie & Joanna Margan<br />

In addition to exploring the exhibitor stands, I invite<br />

you to attend the conference sessions scheduled<br />

for today. One of the highlights will be the sessions<br />

focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact<br />

on the wine and spirits industry. From predictive<br />

analytics to personalised recommendations, AI<br />

is revolutionising how we produce, market, and<br />

enjoy wine. This is a unique opportunity to gain<br />

insights from industry experts and stay ahead of<br />

the curve.<br />

Today's agenda is packed with a diverse array of<br />

activities and events designed to enrich your <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> experience. You might want<br />

to start your day off with a Masterclass on Alsace<br />

wines, then discover some Bordeaux Grands Crus<br />

before taking in a panel discussion on blockchain.<br />

<strong>The</strong> full programme is available online and there<br />

really is something for everyone this year.<br />

So, grab your tasting glass, chart your course<br />

through the halls, and prepare for another busy<br />

day. I look forward to seeing you all as we continue<br />

to celebrate the art, culture, and passion of the<br />

wine and spirits world. Let's raise our glasses to<br />

discovery, innovation, and possibilities. Cheers!<br />


<strong>DAY</strong> 2<br />

TUES<strong>DAY</strong>, 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong><br />




Fabrice Sommier - Union de la Sommellerie Française<br />

9:30a.m. - 12:00p.m.<br />

Location: Press Conference Room<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




Thomas Fournier - SOPEXA<br />

10:00a.m. - 10:30a.m.<br />

Location: Room 4 - Speakeasy<br />

Language: English (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




Various speakers<br />

11:00a.m. - 11:45a.m.<br />

Location: Hall 2.3 - <strong>Wine</strong> Tech Perspectives<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




Various speakers<br />

11:30a.m. - 12:00p.m.<br />

Location: Room 4 - Speakeasy<br />

Language: English (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />



Luca ALVES - Consorzio Vino Chianti<br />

Charlie ARTURAOLA - Grappolo Blu inc<br />

1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m.<br />

Location: Room 3 - Les Masterclasses<br />

Language: English (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




François De La Giraudière - Coutanseaux Aîné<br />

Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger - Champagne Frerejean<br />

Frères<br />

5:30p.m. - 6:30p.m.<br />

Location: Room 3 - Les Masterclasses<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




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4 THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com

I NEWS I<br />

Industry innovation and solidarity highlighted<br />

by <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium CEO and French government<br />

ministers at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> opening<br />

remarks<br />

<strong>The</strong> opening ceremony of <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong> was marked by addresses from industry and<br />

government leaders, including Rodolphe Lameyse, CEO<br />

of <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium, the French Minister for Agriculture and<br />

Food Sovereignty, Marc Fesneau, and Thomas Cazenave,<br />

French Deputy Minister for Public Accounts. This event, a<br />

pivotal gathering for the global wine and spirits industry<br />

with a focus on enhancing French exports, has expanded<br />

this year to feature nearly 4,100 exhibitors from 48<br />

countries, with the exhibition space notably increased,<br />

especially in the spirits section.<br />

In the face of economic<br />

uncertainties and environmental<br />

challenges, the speeches<br />

underscored the industry’s<br />

commitment to innovation and<br />

sustainability. <strong>The</strong> decline in wine<br />

consumption and sales, particularly<br />

in Europe, was identified as a<br />

catalyst for sector-wide reflection<br />

and adaptation.<br />

<strong>The</strong> anticipated return of<br />

France as the world’s leading<br />

wine producer by 2023 was<br />

highlighted, emphasising the<br />

sector’s considerable economic<br />

impact, including 440,000 jobs<br />

and a turnover of 92 billion euros.<br />

<strong>The</strong> presence of the ministers<br />

underscored the government’s<br />

recognition of the sector’s<br />

economic significance and its<br />

support for innovation, including<br />

climate change adaptation<br />

strategies for vine management,<br />

the development of lower-alcohol<br />

wines, and meeting changing<br />

consumer demands.<br />

<strong>The</strong> importance of international<br />

trade and the collective effort<br />

required to navigate geo-economic<br />

risks were also prominent themes.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

was presented as an essential<br />

platform for the industry to unite,<br />

share insights, and address<br />

current challenges while aiming<br />

for a sustainable future. <strong>The</strong><br />

collaborative tone of the opening<br />

remarks, featuring contributions<br />

from both <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium’s CEO<br />

and government ministers,<br />

strengthened the event’s role as a<br />

vital forum for fostering innovation,<br />

sustainability, and quality within<br />

the wine and spirits industry<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 5

I NEWS I<br />


CSR STRATEGY <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> continues to take steps towards sustainability on the road to<br />

carbon neutrality by 2050. This initiative is impacting how the event is approaching its<br />

environmental impact, scrutinising every element from logistics to energy use, aiming for<br />

a comprehensive reduction in carbon emissions. In <strong>2024</strong>, a number of CSR strategies have<br />

been adopted for the show, including:<br />


Exhibitors are asked to place their empty<br />

bottles in the box provided and to leave them<br />

on the edge of their stand. <strong>The</strong> bottles will<br />

no longer be broken up but sorted, cleaned<br />

and re-used by <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

partner Eco in Pack, an initiative supported<br />

by Adelphe. <strong>The</strong> aim is to reuse 80,000<br />

bottles.<br />



Exhibitors are asked to empty bottles into the<br />

spittoon which will be continually collected<br />

by a dedicated team. <strong>The</strong> leftover wine and<br />

spirits are collected every evening by <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> partner Grap’Sud, who<br />

will distill them and use them as bio-fuel. <strong>The</strong><br />

aim is to reuse 5,000 litres.<br />


Exhibitors are asked to recork bottles that<br />

are still full or empty them in the spittoon<br />

and collect the closure. Closures should then<br />

be placed in the brown paper bag provided<br />

in the exhibitor kit. Staff collects bags at the<br />

end of the exhibition.<br />

<strong>The</strong> closures will be collected and re-used<br />

by the Fédération Française du Liège (the<br />

French cork federation). <strong>The</strong> proceeds will be<br />

donated to the association Agir Cancer. <strong>The</strong><br />

aim is to collect 20,000 closures.<br />

© Brigitte Elsner - Unsplash<br />

Friuli Venezia Giulia:<br />

A new way to taste<br />

wine<br />

Through its wines, Friuli Venezia Giulia aims to unveil<br />

the unique characteristics the earth can provide,<br />

namely freshness, balance, harmony, and the ability<br />

to evolve. <strong>The</strong>se are just some of the wines' traits that<br />

will be explored during three Masterclasses at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, using specific data on<br />

the soil, climate, and maturation of the grapes. Each<br />

Masterclass will explore the specific characteristics of<br />

the territory of reference, guiding tasters on a journey<br />

into the earth and teaching them to listen to what its<br />

voice has to say<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand E 172<br />


TO<strong>DAY</strong><br />

Tuesday 13 th February<br />

Sauvignon &<br />

Friends<br />

1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m.<br />

Location: Les Masterclasses<br />

Room 2<br />


Wednesday 14 th February<br />

Friulano &<br />

Friends<br />

11:30a.m. - 12:30 p.m.<br />

Location: Les Masterclasses<br />

Room 2<br />

Domaines Paul<br />

Mas invites<br />

visitors to taste<br />

historic Vignes<br />

de Nicole wines<br />

2023 marked the 25 th vintage of<br />

Domaines Paul Mas' Vignes de<br />

Nicole wines. To celebrate this<br />

momentous occasion, Domaines<br />

Paul Mas, based in the Hérault<br />

region surrounding Montpellier,<br />

is proud to present visitors to<br />

this year's <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> with an opportunity to taste<br />

vintages from across the 25 years<br />

of these historic wines.<br />

With a first vintage in 1998,<br />

Vignes de Nicole produces<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot,<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah, and<br />

Chardonnay-Viognier within the<br />

unique style of Domaines Paul Mas,<br />

which represents 17 estates across<br />

940 hectares over the main Crus<br />

of the Languedoc region: Pézenas,<br />

Grés de Montpellier, Terrasses du<br />

Larzac, Limoux, Boutenac, and<br />

Roussillon<br />

Hall 4 / Stand G 371<br />

6 THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com


I NEWS I<br />

Jean-Claude Mas introduces <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> to the magic<br />

of Languedoc whites<br />

A distinctive feature sets Domaines Paul Mas apart from<br />

other wine producers in the region: from the beginning, half<br />

of its wines have been white, at the heart of a region that<br />

traditionally produces reds<br />

This unique decision was driven by the domaines' founder,<br />

who was immediately convinced that "contrary to popular<br />

belief, the region has the terroir to produce excellent whites".<br />

Founded in 2000 by Jean-Claude<br />

Mas with a small family vineyard,<br />

Domaines Paul Mas now has<br />

seventeen châteaux and estates<br />

throughout the Languedoc<br />

Roussillon region, from the Gard to<br />

the Pyrénées-Orientales. In addition<br />

to these 940 hectares of property,<br />

which represent the heart of the<br />

company and a third of its total<br />

production, Domaines Paul Mas<br />

also vinifies grapes purchased from<br />

dozens of partner winegrowers and<br />

sells twenty-five million bottles a<br />

year in over eighty countries.<br />

In order to prove it his vision for<br />

white wines, Jean-Claude Mas didn't<br />

hesitate to take risks, and one of the<br />

very first cuvées to bear his name<br />

offered a blend of Chardonnay and<br />

Viognier. He transformed what<br />

seemed like an incongruous union,<br />

especially in these latitudes, into an<br />

aromatic bomb set to awaken the<br />

taste buds. His audacious choice<br />

paid off—it was an immediate<br />

success, and was emulated not only<br />

in the Languedoc region but also<br />

outside of France. This success story<br />

taught Jean-Claude Mas to follow his<br />

intuition, even when it goes against<br />

popular belief. Domaine de la<br />

Ferrandière particularly overturned a<br />

widespread belief by demonstrating<br />

that fertile soils can produce great<br />

white wines. With a vast diversity<br />

of terroirs and grape varieties at<br />

his disposal,Jean-Claude Mas has<br />

created a range of white wines with<br />

different characters, from wines<br />

offering great value for money to<br />

prestigious vintages. By combining<br />

flavour and freshness, which today's<br />

technology makes it possible to<br />

preserve, all of these wines tell the<br />

story of their place of origin.<br />

Twenty years of observation<br />

have enabled Jean-Claude Mas<br />

to select the terroirs best suited<br />

to the production of white wines<br />

and provide the vines with precise<br />

support in order to harvest raw<br />

material of the highest quality. In the<br />

chosen plots, a significant difference<br />

in temperature between day and<br />

night slows down the ripening of the<br />

Château Paul Mas, Vignes de Nicole & Côté Mas restaurant<br />

grapes, which gives them optimal<br />

freshness. Ripening must also be as<br />

regular as possible.<br />

<strong>The</strong> common denominator for<br />

all of the Domaines de Paul Mas'<br />

different Languedoc white wines is<br />

that there's nothing austere about<br />

them: they evoke generosity and<br />

voluptuousness, reflections of their<br />

southern terroirs and the freshness<br />

promoted by their creator. Jean-<br />

Claude Mas is confident in his palate<br />

and believes that his wines "speak<br />

to the world". <strong>The</strong>ir international<br />

success would appear to prove him<br />

right<br />

Hall 4 / Stand G 371<br />

© Marie Ormieres<br />



- A UNIQUE<br />


OASIS<br />

<strong>The</strong> property that Jean-Claude<br />

Mas acquired in 2013 located<br />

between Corbières and<br />

Minervois, a few kilometres from<br />

Carcassonne, is not your average<br />

vineyard. <strong>The</strong> 75 hectares of<br />

Domaine de la Ferrandière are<br />

planted in an ancient pond.<br />

This marshland was drained in<br />

the early 19th century and it took<br />

another fifty years to desalinate<br />

the land. <strong>The</strong> construction of a<br />

tunnel and an intricate irrigation<br />

and gravity drainage system<br />

made it possible to capture some<br />

of the water from the Aude river<br />

and pass it under the Canal<br />

du Midi to submerge the 2,000<br />

hectares of land, transforming<br />

the Marseillette pond into a vast<br />

fertile plain where today vines,<br />

fruit trees and rice are grown.<br />

A miracle of nature and human<br />

ingenuity, the water was turned<br />

into wine.<br />

Domaine de la Ferrandière,<br />

with a planted area reaching<br />

154 hectares ten years after its<br />

purchase, represents a living,<br />

innovative space, a unique<br />

natural site shaped by man.<br />

<strong>The</strong> eighteen grape varieties<br />

planted there, both native and<br />

from elsewhere, are vinified with<br />

precision to produce wines that<br />

reflect their terroir and the Jean-<br />

Claude Mas style, combining<br />

freshness and sapidity<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 7

I NEWS I<br />


Piccini redefines its<br />

iconic Memoro in<br />

“Four Element” line<br />

<strong>The</strong> name "Memoro" is a tribute to ancient Latin culture<br />

and celebrates the power of memory with an invitation<br />

to discover the variety the peninsula has to offer.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Memoro line was first created<br />

to put forward the best blends of<br />

all Italian wine areas, accentuating<br />

the range and diversity of different<br />

regions and grapes through<br />

research, travel and tastings.<br />

Piccini is introducing a new project<br />

with the launch of its Memoro<br />

Elementi line at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>. <strong>The</strong> Elementi<br />

line aims to redefine some of the<br />

world's most well-known Italian<br />

blends into four core components<br />

and associate each vine with one<br />

of the four classical elements:<br />

earth, air, fire and water. <strong>The</strong><br />

Memoro Elementi line highlights<br />

the uniqueness of each territory<br />

and its ancient link with the native<br />

grape. Piccini is pioneering this<br />

line with Memoro Rosso, but will<br />

soon apply the same concept to<br />

Memoro Rosato and Memoro<br />

Bianco.<br />

Piccini's Memoro Rosso Elementi<br />

line is composed of a Nero<br />

d'Avola, a deep aromatic red<br />

wine from Sicily (representing<br />

the element fire), a bright ruby<br />

Montepulciano from Abruzzo that<br />

greets with vibrant red berry and<br />

cherry aromas (element water), a<br />

Primitivo from Puglia with aromas<br />

of sun drenched red berries and a<br />

hint of dried herbs (element earth),<br />

and a Merlot from Veneto with<br />

fragrant notes of red cherries that<br />

delivers a smooth, medium bodied<br />

experience on the palate (element<br />

air). Four wines from four historical<br />

regions presenting their native<br />

grapes, giving a taste of the variety<br />

Italy has to offer<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand F088<br />

8 THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com

I NEWS I<br />

© Alex Sarmiento<br />

© Alex Sarmiento<br />

A new chapter in wine excellence:<br />

<strong>The</strong> inaugural V d’Or awards ceremony<br />

In <strong>Paris</strong>, the wine and spirits industry gathered for the firstever<br />

V d’Or Awards, initiated by <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium on the eve of<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>. This event aims to shine<br />

the spotlight on innovation and sustainability in wine and<br />

spirits.<br />

Tastee by <strong>Wine</strong>space secured the<br />


V D’OR for its digital platform<br />

designed to simplify wine selection<br />

for newcomers. This reflects an<br />

industry-wide move towards<br />

enhancing consumer accessibility<br />

and simplifying the wine discovery<br />

process.<br />

<strong>The</strong> BEST ECO-FRIENDLY MARKET<br />

LAUNCH V D’OR was awarded to<br />

Mallard Point from the UK for its<br />

adoption of aluminium packaging.<br />

This choice underscores a<br />

commitment to sustainable practices,<br />

offering a model for reducing<br />

environmental impact.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Wine</strong>s of Alentejo Sustainability<br />

Programme, a collaborative effort<br />

between WWF Portugal and <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

of Alentejo, received the BEST JOINT<br />

INITIATIVE V D’OR. This recognises<br />

the effectiveness of joint efforts in<br />

advancing sustainable viticulture and<br />

promoting environmental strategies<br />

within the wine industry.<br />

Creation <strong>Wine</strong>s was awarded with<br />


V D’OR for creating immersive<br />

consumer experiences that connect<br />

customers directly with the essence<br />

of winemaking through sensory<br />

engagement.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Old Vine Registry by <strong>The</strong><br />

Old <strong>Wine</strong> Conference was given<br />


award, focusing on the importance<br />

of conserving vineyard diversity<br />

and contributing to the sustainable<br />

development of the wine sector.<br />

<strong>The</strong> V d’Or Awards aim to highlight<br />

innovative and sustainable practices<br />

within the wine and spirits industry,<br />

offering a platform for recognising<br />

initiatives that contribute to the<br />

sector's advancement and appeal<br />

to trade visitors looking for the<br />

cutting edge in wine production and<br />

marketing<br />

A toast to Riedel, the official<br />

glassware partner at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

In an exciting first, Riedel steps onto the stage at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong>, taking on the role as the event's<br />

official glassware partner.<br />

With a heritage spanning 268<br />

years, Riedel's debut as the official<br />

glassware partner for <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

& <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> is marked by an<br />

impressive requisition of over<br />

200,000 glasses. <strong>The</strong>se glasses are<br />

being treated with meticulous care<br />

throughout the event, with each<br />

one being washed three times daily,<br />

culminating in a staggering 1.8 million<br />

washes over the course of the show.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Riedel stand, a 39 sqm<br />

space located in hall 3, offers a<br />

comprehensive display of the<br />

brand's extensive range, including<br />

the eagerly anticipated <strong>2024</strong> new<br />

products. Riedel's journey from<br />

the introduction of the innovative<br />

Burgundy Grand Cru glass in 1958<br />

to the prestigious Sommeliers Series<br />

in 1973, has firmly established it as a<br />

forerunner in the creation of varietalspecific<br />

glassware. This approach<br />

has not only transformed wine culture<br />

but also secured Riedel's place in the<br />

annals of design, with pieces featured<br />

in the Museum of Modern Art and the<br />

Corning Museum of Glass, among<br />

others.<br />

Beyond showcasing its collections,<br />

Riedel extends an invitation for oneto-one<br />

tasting sessions at their booth,<br />

offering a hands-on experience to<br />

understand how the right glass can<br />

elevate the wine tasting experience.<br />

Additionally, the brand's expertise will<br />

be on display at the Be-Spirits bar,<br />

where the Drink Specific glassware<br />

line will be featured, highlighting<br />

Riedel's commitment to enhancing<br />

the enjoyment of wine and spirits.<br />

Riedel's participation at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong> not only cements<br />

its status as a leading figure in the<br />

glassware industry but also reflects<br />

its ongoing dedication to enriching<br />

the wine tasting experience through<br />

expertly crafted glassware<br />

Hall 3 / Stand J 236<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 9

I NEWS I<br />


SGVC Champagne classification<br />

offers "the right champagne to<br />

the right person at the right time"<br />

Representing some 4,000 winegrowers and cooperatives, Champagne de<br />

Vignerons is introducing a new way of segmenting the range of champagnes<br />

into three characters, each defined by specific organoleptic properties. This<br />

innovative approach aims to provide consumers with benchmarks to guide<br />

them through the diversity of terroir champagnes.<br />

Champagne de Vignerons is a collective brand<br />

created in 2001 by the Champagne Syndicat<br />

Général des Vignerons (SGVC) in order to develop<br />

the reputation of champagnes produced by the<br />

vineyards. <strong>The</strong> brand brings together winegrowers<br />

and winegrower unions who market champagne.<br />

Champagnes come in a wide variety of choices<br />

offering something for everyone. While this is a<br />

great strength, so much choice can sometimes<br />

be overwhelming to customers. To help guide<br />

them in making their decision, Champagne de<br />

Vignerons has put together a simple classification<br />

system based on the sensory profile of the wines,<br />

dividing them into three characters: lively, fruity,<br />

and intense. <strong>The</strong>se characters give buyers a key<br />

to comprehending the diversity of winegrowers'<br />

champagnes in a new way. <strong>The</strong>y also allow sellers<br />

to adopt a vocabulary that is easy to understand<br />

and intuitive, reassuring customers and facilitating<br />

suggestions adapted to specific preferences or<br />

pairings.<br />

Maxime Toubart, President of the SGVC,<br />

emphasises that the brand was developed "in<br />

a context where the volume of champagne<br />

purchases is rising, driven by the increase in<br />

sales of champagne by the glass and by changes<br />

in consumer habits." Given that champagne is<br />

"becoming more and more a part of consumers'<br />

everyday lives", the aim of this new classification is<br />

"to offer the right champagne to the right person at<br />

the right time"<br />

Hall 3 / Stand L156-9<br />

12 THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com


I NEWS I<br />

Mouton Cadet presents strengthened CSR<br />

commitment with fair trade label at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Wine</strong>makers, distributors and suppliers are at the heart of CSR and<br />

sustainability for Baron Philippe de Rothschild branded wine, symbolised<br />

recently by the obtention of the Fair for Life label for its iconic wine Mouton<br />

Cadet rouge<br />

Created in 1930 by Baron Philippe de Rothschild,<br />

Mouton Cadet has demonstrated its continuing<br />

commitment to corporate social responsibility,<br />

adopting a CSR vision that encompasses not only<br />

an ecological transition, but also comprehensive<br />

dialogue with its winegrowers. As a part of this<br />

approach, the brand has now taken a significant step<br />

forward and obtained the Fair for Life label.<br />

Mouton Cadet divides its CSR<br />

efforts into two major areas:<br />

transition and transmission.<br />

While the brand emphasises<br />

that an ecological transition<br />

is the path forward towards<br />

a sustainable future, Mouton<br />

Cadet also understands the<br />

need to pass on knowledge<br />

and excellence to strengthen its<br />

community of winegrowers.<br />

Mouton Cadet endeavours<br />

to guide and encourage<br />

its winegrowers in the<br />

transformation of their<br />

winegrowing processes,<br />

accelerating the deployment of<br />

practices. To do this, the brand<br />

provides individual support,<br />

based on each winegrower's<br />

specific resources. As a<br />

result, today 100% of the<br />

label's winegrowers are High<br />

Environmental Value (HVE3)<br />

certified, and 30% of parcels<br />

are organic or in the process of<br />

converting to organic farming.<br />

Transitioning to a sustainable<br />

future is not without its economic<br />

implications. Taking this into<br />

account, Mouton Cadet is also<br />

investing in the deployment<br />

of more resilient winegrowing<br />

business models, capable of<br />

adapting to climatic shocks as<br />

well as market developments.<br />

In addition, the brand offers its<br />

suppliers multi-year contracts<br />

and boasts a loyal community of<br />

winegrowers, 70% of which have<br />

been with the brand for more<br />

than nine years. <strong>The</strong> fact that<br />

the purchase prices of Mouton<br />

Cadet wines are higher than<br />

market average also reflects a<br />

commitment to offering growers<br />

the reassurance of a more<br />

sustainable future.<br />

In the context of the brand's<br />

dialogue with its growers, and as<br />

an integral part of the company's<br />

social approach, Mouton Cadet<br />

strives to enhance expertise and<br />

provide support for a safe work<br />

environment.<br />

For Mouton Cadet, the success<br />

of a sustainable transition is<br />

first and foremost a human and<br />

collective adventure between<br />

all stakeholders: winemakers,<br />

distributors and suppliers,<br />

rallied around ethical principles,<br />

shared know-how and a culture<br />

of excellence<br />

Hall 6 / Stand F 099<br />



A NEW CSR<br />


Obtaining the Fair for Life label—a guarantee of<br />

ethical standards, respect for the environment,<br />

and economic resilience—is tangible proof<br />

of Mouton Cadet's ongoing commitment to<br />

sustainable winegrowing. Thus far, the Fair for<br />

Life label has been awarded to Mouton Cadet<br />

Rouge.<br />

"<strong>The</strong> Fair for Life label is part of a longterm vision<br />

for the Baron Philippe de Rothschild brand. It<br />

is at the centre of a sustainable approach that<br />

was initiated over 10 years ago. A heartfelt<br />

approach that didn't yet have a name, but which<br />

embodied the brand's values. This label, among<br />

others, also enables consumers to be informed<br />

about Mouton Cadet's sustainable practices and<br />

transparency. We're looking to the future with<br />

great projects that will continue to enhance<br />

transition and transmission," says Véronique<br />

Hombroekx, Managing Director of Baron Philippe<br />

de Rothschild's branded wines.<br />

In addition, within the framework of the brand's<br />

partnership with its winegrowers based on fair<br />

trade principles, Mouton Cadet has created an<br />

endowment fund for the development of joint<br />

projects, financed by the payment of one percent<br />

of the sales of its Fair for Life certified wines<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 13


I LIKE<br />

TO MEET<br />

PEOPLE,<br />

SHAKE<br />

HANDS,<br />


WHAT WE DO<br />



Ole Frantzen<br />

Partner at Calwine AB<br />

14 THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com


I<br />

“Many of my current partners are here,<br />

so it's very easy to meet a lot of them<br />

over the three days”<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Daily</strong> caught up with Ole Frantzen, Partner at Calwine AB,<br />

in the Lounge at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

Ole Frantzen shared his thoughts on the importance of<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> for his business as well as for<br />

the industry at large. He outlined the role of Systembolaget,<br />

the Swedish retail monopoly, in the landscape of the wine<br />

and spirits market in Sweden.<br />

Can you tell us about the importance<br />

of the <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

for your business and the industry<br />

overall?<br />

This is my fourth year coming to<br />

the show. I think that <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

& <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> is growing, it is<br />

becoming more and more important<br />

in the industry, which means that this<br />

year many of my current partners are<br />

here, so it's very easy to meet a lot of<br />

them over the three days. You don't<br />

have to go to Germany to do that<br />

anymore, you can do it right here in<br />

<strong>Paris</strong>.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are some other big fairs out<br />

there, but I do enjoy coming to <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> more. I think<br />

it's well-structured, it's easy to orient<br />

yourself and preparation is quite<br />

easy. I really enjoy it and I think it's<br />

very important for the industry.<br />

Could you share some of your main<br />

goals for the show this year?<br />

I'm meeting with all of my current<br />

contacts and I have set Wednesday<br />

aside with no meetings. Wednesday<br />

will be going to be my day of<br />

exploration, and I look forward to<br />

that.<br />

What are you looking to explore?<br />

I am from Sweden which means that<br />

we have a retail monopoly so there<br />

are a lot of tenders out there and you<br />

try to find someone that could be a<br />

part of that. That said, I do not want<br />

to just send out lots of emails asking<br />

for wine. I like to meet people, shake<br />

hands, explain what we do and take<br />

it from there.<br />

How do you approach discovering<br />

and choosing new wines and spirits<br />

to add to your portfolio?<br />

<strong>The</strong> company that I'm working for is<br />

very focused on the off-trade, which<br />

means that we basically use the<br />

retail monopolies' tenders to look for<br />

wine. It's difficult in Sweden to find<br />

someone and help them to grow.<br />

Since the Horeca part of the market<br />

is very small, it is the off-trade that is<br />

the main focus.<br />

If you find a wine you are really<br />

impressed with, is there a way for<br />

you to encourage its inclusion in<br />

the Swedish retail monopoly?<br />

Of course. We have a retail<br />

monopoly called Systembolaget<br />

and they are great in the sense that<br />

they are very open to input. So if you<br />

find a really good wine that could fit<br />

the gap in their assortment, one that<br />

they don't already have, then it's<br />

always a possibility, you can offer<br />

it to Systembolaget, and if you're<br />

lucky, they might just ask for it.<br />

What wine and spirits trends are<br />

you currently most excited about?<br />

And are you seeing these trends<br />

reflected at the show?<br />

I have a feeling that the wines<br />

are going back to the roots in the<br />

sense that the origin is becoming<br />

increasingly important. <strong>The</strong>re has<br />

also been a high sugar trend in<br />

wines that I think that we are going<br />

to see decreasing. Within rosé wines<br />

I do believe that the consumers are<br />

now getting a little bit tired of the<br />

pink with a dash of orange colour<br />

style. I wouldn't be surprised that<br />

if in a couple of years we see more<br />

traditional rosé wines, claret style or<br />

things like that.<br />

After attending <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong>, how do you follow<br />

up with your connections and<br />

discoveries that you've made at the<br />

event?<br />

I do believe in karma, which means<br />

that if I meet someone I always<br />

respond to them, I always send them<br />

my recap of the meeting, I also try to<br />

explain why I can't work with them<br />

or if I want to work with them, I try<br />

to explain why. I treat everyone with<br />

respect and that is a lot of work<br />

because after a show like this you<br />

probably have 30, 40, sometimes 50<br />

business cards in your pocket. But<br />

it's important. You need to manage<br />

your own brand as well<br />


& VINEXPO<br />



<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium offers an exclusive<br />

Club programme to the most<br />

prestigious wine and spirits buyers<br />

worldwide. Key players benefit from<br />

a range of privileges and services,<br />

all year round, at all of <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium<br />

in-person events and as well as on<br />

the digital portal. Club Members<br />

must be one of the top buyers<br />

in their market with a purchase<br />

volume exceeding a minimum<br />

number of bottles per year.<br />




•Free Admission to <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium<br />

events worldwide<br />

•Access to the lounge, the perfect<br />

place for networking<br />

•Priority services including<br />

concierge services, cloakroom,<br />

meeting rooms etc.<br />

•Invitations to dedicated in-person<br />

and online events as well as the<br />

grand openings of trade events<br />

•Free access to <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium 365,<br />

the portal that allows buyers to<br />

look for new products and contact<br />

producers 365 days a year<br />

•<strong>The</strong> chance to be selected for<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium's Hosted Buyers<br />

Programme and enjoy the<br />

advantages of an international<br />

city to maximise business and<br />

networking opportunities<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 15


S de Sorgin: A rosé gin<br />

perfect for summer<br />

Hysope presents its made-in-<br />

France Original Tonic Water<br />

At <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> for the<br />

first time this year, French maker of<br />

premium mixers Hysope presents its<br />

Original Tonic Water, a 100% organic<br />

product produced entirely in France.<br />

Created from natural quassia, citrus,<br />

gentian, and cinchona flavours,<br />

Hysope's Original Tonic Water<br />

presents a frank bitterness and rich<br />

aromatic bouquet that make it ideal<br />

for Gin Tonics and other cocktails.<br />

<strong>The</strong> brand is looking to expand the<br />

reach of its Original Tonic Water and<br />

other products in Western Europe<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand C 079<br />

A single malt Scotch whisky<br />

risen from the ashes<br />

Glen Moray has been distilling fine single malts since 1897,<br />

continually exploring how wood influences its whisky’s<br />

taste. <strong>The</strong> distillery's latest release, Phoenix Rising, which<br />

is finished in new charred oak casks scorched by fire, is<br />

its tribute to the mythical bird that mysteriously burns at<br />

the end of its life, before being born anew.<br />

Inspired by the phoenix, the distillery's whisky makers<br />

took a smooth, balanced Glen Moray whisky aged in<br />

bourbon casks, and transferred it into the virgin casks,<br />

which have been heavily charred to release the<br />

wood’s full intensity<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand H 006<br />


POINTS<br />


POINTS<br />

Made-in-France<br />

100 percent organic<br />

Used by top hospitality<br />

brands Hilton and<br />

Cheval Blanc (LVMH)<br />

Notes of creamy caramel, milk<br />

chocolate, ginger and pepper<br />

Comes in an especially created<br />

gift box with a phoenix illustration<br />

Can be enjoyed by those who are<br />

new to whisky and connoisseurs<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>maker François Lurton's<br />

decision in 2016 to expand into<br />

spirits and distill Sauvignon<br />

Blanc resulted in the Sorgin<br />

premium distilled gin. This year,<br />

Sorgin continues to innovate,<br />

launching its latest creation, S<br />

de Sorgin, a wine-based rosé gin<br />

that combines the freshness of<br />

wine with natural aromas of pink<br />

grapefruit, cranberry and French<br />

fig for a fresh and light profile<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand D 014<br />


POINTS<br />

A wine-based gin<br />

Completely natural with no<br />

additives<br />

Fresh and light, perfect for<br />

summer<br />

Bottega's Green Gin:<br />

<strong>The</strong> unique character of<br />

Italian botanicals<br />

Bottega's Green Gin Bottega is a distilled dry gin<br />

produced using water from the Alps and botanicals<br />

from different regions of Italy, including juniper from<br />

Tuscany and citrus fruits from Sicily. To produce its<br />

Green Gin, the Italian company also known for its<br />

premium Prosecco and its Limoncino, lets the plants<br />

macerate separately and for a long time in a hydroalcoholic<br />

solution. A double distillation is then<br />

carried out, which cleanses the liquid of any<br />

undesirable scents producing an elegant<br />

distillate with a complex bouquet<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand H 002<br />


POINTS<br />

Created with wild plants<br />

from Italy<br />

Unique aromatic profile<br />

Produced in small<br />

quantities, preserving its<br />

premium quality<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 17



From Ardèche with Love: Cuvée A Rouge<br />

by Château les Amoureuses<br />

Hall 4 / Stand A 078<br />

Château les Amoureuses is presenting its limited edition red wine<br />

Cuvée A Rouge at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> this year.<br />

Cuvée A Rouge 2021, the latest wine from<br />

Château les Amoureuses, is pure, balanced<br />

and silky. A blend of Touriga, Syrah,<br />

Marselan, Mourvèdre, Cabernet-Sauvignon<br />

and Tempranillo, Cuvée A Rouge is a nonfiltered<br />

wine aged for 18 months in 100%<br />

TAVA amphorae. Only 3,000 bottles are<br />

available of this limited edition French wine.<br />

On the nose, this wine is deep and subtle,<br />

with notes of sweet spices, blackcurrant,<br />

black fruit and gunflint. On the palate, it gives<br />

pleasant minerality with aromas of black fruit<br />

and dried flowers mingled with baked earth<br />

and spices. <strong>The</strong> chewiness is intense and<br />

deep, with an infinite finish. Cuvée A Rouge<br />

pairs well with all types of grilled meat as<br />

well as elaborate and spicy dishes.<br />

the sweetness of Provençal air. When J. P.<br />

Bedel acquired Château Les Amoureuses<br />

in 2011, he had an ambitious project: to<br />

offer an alternative to the vineyards of the<br />

southern Ardèche and Drôme Provençale,<br />

whose image lacked the prestige of the other<br />

terroirs of the Rhône Valley. Château les<br />

Amoureuses' domaine is an ecosystem of<br />

150 hectares, made up of 80 hectares of<br />

vines, 3 hectares of olive trees and about<br />

thirty beehives as well as oak groves,<br />

truffle trees and lavender. <strong>The</strong> estate is<br />

organic certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01<br />

and biodynamic certified by Demeter.<br />

Visitors to <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

can discover Cuvée A Rouge and<br />

Château les Amoureuses' other<br />

wines on its stand in hall 4<br />

Château Les Amoureuses combines the<br />

rural and natural authenticity of the Ardèche<br />

region, respecting the natural balance of<br />

the living world and the mineral, bathed in<br />

Amo Roujo:<br />

A taste of tradition<br />

Domaine de Rimauresq's<br />

flagship cuvée R<br />

Amo Roujo, Domaine Le Novi's<br />

signature red wine, stands as<br />

a testament to the vineyard's<br />

commitment to organic farming<br />

and traditional winemaking<br />

techniques. Crafted from<br />

handpicked grapes, this wine<br />

is a harmonious blend of classic<br />

varietals, offering a rich palette<br />

of flavours that reflect the unique<br />

terroir of the region. With its robust<br />

body, Amo Roujo pairs perfectly<br />


POINTS<br />

Organic<br />

Rich and robust flavour<br />

profile<br />

Versatile pairing<br />

with a wide range of cuisines,<br />

making it a versatile choice for any<br />

dining occasion<br />

Hall 4 / Stand B 308<br />

Cuvée R, Domaine de Rimauresq's flagship<br />

cuvée, is the fruit of the twenty years of<br />

labour the winery has put into its vineyards<br />

located in the heart of Provence. <strong>The</strong> result<br />

of a meticulous selection of the domain's<br />

best plots and precise vinification, Cuvée R<br />

rouge 2020 has matured for 12 months and is<br />

made from 39% Syrah, 29% Mourvèdre, 19%<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon, and 13% Grenache<br />

Hall 4 / Stand G 087<br />


POINTS<br />

A historic Cru Classé<br />

Low yield<br />

Long cellar life<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 19


<strong>The</strong> DWI showcases the diversity<br />

of German wines<br />

At this year's <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong>, the German <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Institute (DWI) has doubled its exhibition space surface<br />

and is presenting a record 46 wine producers from eight<br />

German wine-growing regions, highlighting the variety of<br />

the country's offer.<br />

At the joint stand of the Federal<br />

Ministry of Food and Agriculture<br />

(BMEL) in the German Pavilion,<br />

the DWI is presenting a wide range<br />

of German red, white, rosé and<br />

sparkling wines including not only<br />

German flagship grape varieties such<br />

as Riesling and Spätburgunder, but<br />

also white Burgundy varieties and<br />

regional specialities like Silvaner and<br />

Scheurebe. In addition, the DWI is<br />

also showcasing PIWI grape varieties<br />

such as Sauvignac as well as alcoholfree,<br />

and low-alcohol wines.<br />

"We are delighted that so many<br />

local wine producers are taking the<br />

opportunity to present their products<br />

to an international audience of wine<br />

experts and thus represent the<br />

diversity of German wines," explained<br />

DWI Managing Director Monika<br />

Reule.<br />

Exhibitors are also offering one wine<br />

each at the DWI tasting counter<br />

throughout the event, and the DWI<br />

is providing a varied programme<br />

of seminars and themed tastings.<br />

Highlights include "Licence<br />

to Sparkle: German Premium<br />

Sekt" and mature wines today,<br />

and "Germany's Dream Team:<br />

Riesling+Spätburgunder" tomorrow.<br />

Additionally, German winegrowers<br />

will be organising their own seminars<br />

on the stand, and the team from the<br />

German <strong>Wine</strong> Institute as well as the<br />

German <strong>Wine</strong> Queen Eva Brockmann<br />

will be on hand to answer questions<br />

from trade visitors<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stands F049 / G049 / G069<br />

Domaine des Herbauges<br />

presents new range of premium<br />

cans and low alcohol wines<br />

<strong>The</strong> Domaine des Herbauges, a<br />

family-owned estate in the Loire<br />

Valley operating since 1864, is<br />

continually looking to modernise and<br />

stay abreast of current consumer<br />

trends. As a result, the estate, which<br />

boasts 107 hectares and makes<br />

mainly white wines, is launching a<br />

new range of wine in cans, “By Jérome<br />

Choblet,” the fourth generation to run<br />

the estate. In addition, Domaine des<br />

Herbauges has created a low alcohol<br />

line at 8.5 % to appeal to consumers<br />

looking for lower alcohol options<br />

Hall 3 / Stand C 071<br />

Cooperatives shift upmarket with<br />

Caves de Pouilly-Sur-Loire's Le<br />

Poirier Fou and Tonelum<br />

<strong>The</strong> perception surrounding wine<br />

cooperatives is changing as they<br />

continue to invest in their wine<br />

making processes and develop<br />

their expertise, producing wines<br />

of increasing quality. <strong>The</strong> volumes<br />

processed, thanks to the inertia<br />

induced during the various stages<br />

of vinification, are also a guarantee<br />

of stability in terms of quality. In<br />

addition, the support and advice<br />

provided to members has helped<br />

to improve the quality of inputs.<br />

As a result, wines produced by<br />

cooperatives are no longer the<br />

ordinary wines they once had a<br />

reputation for, and two elegant<br />

examples from Caves de Pouilly-<br />

Sur-Loire attest to their quality:<br />

Le Poirier Fou, an award-winning<br />

single-vineyard Pouilly-Fumé cuvée<br />

and Tonelum, a Pouilly-Fumé from a<br />

predominantly flinty terroir<br />

Hall 3 / Stand C 027<br />

THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 21



Moldova's wine renaissance:<br />

A decade of transformation<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> of Moldova is exhibiting at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> for the first time this year with 18 producers<br />

showcasing their wines on the stand<br />

<strong>2024</strong> marks 10 years of the brand's journey transforming the<br />

country's wine industry. <strong>The</strong> national wine brand, "<strong>Wine</strong> of<br />

Moldova, A Legend Alive," was launched by US Secretary of<br />

State John Kerry during his 2013 visit to Moldova.<br />

Set up in 2014 with USAID<br />

assistance, the National Office of<br />

Vine and <strong>Wine</strong> (ONVV), the premier<br />

public-private institution in Moldova,<br />

is managed and funded jointly by the<br />

private sector and the government.<br />

<strong>The</strong> ONVV's mission is to ensure<br />

the world is well-acquainted with<br />

the quality and distinctiveness of<br />

Moldovan wines.<br />

Challenges on the export market<br />

motivated Moldovan wineries to<br />

review their export offerings and<br />

move towards an increasing share of<br />

bottled wine—a product with higher<br />

added value. As a result, Moldova<br />

expanded into new markets and reoriented<br />

exports to the EU and other<br />

high-value trade markets, exporting<br />

its wines to over 70 countries and<br />

tripling in value to non-CIS countries.<br />

In 2017, Moldova took a leap forward<br />

with the Vine and <strong>Wine</strong> Register<br />

(VWR), enhancing transparency<br />

and traceability in Moldovan<br />

winemaking. This initiative aims<br />

elevate the quality of Moldovan<br />

wines as well as instill trust among<br />

consumers worldwide.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Product Quality Upgrading<br />

Programme (PQUP) was launched<br />

to support transitioning wineries in<br />

improving production technologies<br />

and business practices and<br />

move from producing bulk wine<br />

and low-quality bottled wine to<br />

new quality wine segments with<br />

higher value added, sustained by<br />

integrated marketing strategies. In<br />

cooperation with the Association<br />

of Small <strong>Wine</strong>makers (ASW), the<br />

Small <strong>Wine</strong>makers Mentorship<br />

Programme was implemented<br />

to identify and support small<br />

winemakers as a new generation<br />

for Moldova’s wine industry. <strong>The</strong><br />

programme uses a peer-support<br />

format to incentivise farmers who<br />

own vine plantations to transition to<br />

commercial wines, pursuing added<br />

value, income, and employment<br />

benefits. Small winegrowers grew<br />

more than five times in the last<br />

decade.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> of Moldova Academy was<br />

designed to provide continuous<br />

education and knowledge sharing<br />

in wine service and hospitality,<br />

marketing, sales, organoleptic<br />

evaluation, and wine assessment. By<br />

partnering with international experts<br />

and participating in workshops and<br />

seminars, Moldovan wineries and<br />

winemakers have been able to gain<br />

international exposure.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> tourism has also been an<br />

important pillar of the industry’s<br />

growth. Moldova hosted the <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Tourism Conference (WTO) in<br />

2019, and soon after, in 2020, the<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> Routes of Moldova received<br />

recognition as part of the "Iter<br />

Vitis" Cultural Route of the Council<br />

of Europe. Moldova's wineries<br />

with tourism facilities have grown<br />

from 4 in 2012 to over 40 in 2023.<br />

Moldova currently has over 200<br />

wineries, including 60 boutique<br />

establishments.<br />

Over the past decade, Moldovan<br />

wines have received over<br />

6,500 international awards and<br />

recognitions. <strong>Wine</strong> critic Jancis<br />

Robinson cites the natural<br />

advantages to Moldova wine her<br />

2023 article, "Moldova's <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Revolution - <strong>The</strong> Proof." International<br />

media outlets, including <strong>The</strong> Times,<br />

Euronews, Decanter, and Meininger,<br />

have also featured Moldovan wines,<br />

underscoring the quality and<br />

distinctiveness of the offering. This<br />

global recognition attests to the<br />

transformation of the wines over the<br />

last decade<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand B 161<br />

THE BEST<br />

GRAPES:<br />


AND NEW<br />



<strong>Wine</strong> of Moldova <strong>The</strong> Best<br />

Grapes project was designed<br />

to help develop best practices in<br />

viticulture to provide high-quality<br />

grapes for wine production. <strong>The</strong><br />

implementation of cutting-edge<br />

technologies now allows grape<br />

growers to predict meteorological<br />

and disease infection risks and<br />

optimise spraying and other<br />

activities in the context of climate<br />

change.<br />

Moldovan grape growers and<br />

winemakers are focusing on<br />

indigenous grape varieties as well<br />

new selection varieties to give their<br />

wines local, distinct flavours. Local<br />

Moldovan grape varieties include<br />

Rara Neagră, Feteasca Neagră,<br />

Feteasca Regală, Feteasca Albă<br />

and new selection varieties include<br />

Alb de Onițcani, Codrinschi, Viorica,<br />

Legenda and Riton<br />


Wednesday 14 February<br />

1:30p.m.<br />

Location: Hall 5.3, Room 3<br />

With special participation<br />

of the Ambassador of<br />

the Republic of Moldova<br />

to France, Mrs Corina<br />

Călugăru and hosted by<br />

Stefan Iamandi, Director of<br />

the National Vine and <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Office of Moldova and Robert<br />

Joseph, leading author and<br />

consultant.<br />

22 THE DAILY • TUES<strong>DAY</strong> 13 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com

© Emilio Del Prado<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GO IN<br />

PARIS<br />

<strong>The</strong> OFF - getting into<br />

the right mood in the<br />

French Capital<br />

<strong>The</strong> OFF by <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> is THE definitive<br />

list of restaurants and bars across the city of lights. Take<br />

the time to drop by one or two – and get into the right<br />

mood for the show!<br />

Bar Les Ambassadeurs<br />

Located opposite the Place de la Concorde, the Les Ambassadeurs bar embodies<br />

the quintessential spirit of <strong>Paris</strong>, a fusion of history and cutting edge. This<br />

legendary and unique venue enchants <strong>Paris</strong>ians and guests with inventive<br />

cocktails and live music.<br />

10 Place de la Concorde - 8 e arr. - TEL: +33 1 44 71 15 17<br />

bar-les-ambassadeurs.com<br />

Huthopi<br />

A testament to the friendship of three chefs,<br />

this location serves cuisine that combines<br />

techniques and seasonal produce. For the<br />

wines, the Clown Bar shares its expertise to<br />

create an alluring list replete with biodynamic<br />

wines.<br />

53 rue de Charenton - 12 e arr.<br />

TEL: +33 1 43 46 12 94<br />

huthopi.fr<br />

Pépites<br />

Pépites combines the traditional wine<br />

merchant concept and wine bar by offering<br />

a generous list of nearly 1,500 organic and<br />

natural wines. And if you can’t find something<br />

you like here…<br />

<br />

36 rue de Buci - 6 e arr.<br />

TEL: +33 1 81 70 25 52<br />

pepites-lacave.fr<br />

Selection<br />

by VertdeVin<br />

<strong>The</strong> "Selection by VertdeVin" tasting will take place<br />

in <strong>Paris</strong> during <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

See all restaurants & bars<br />

and book online:<br />

More informations<br />

& Registration<br />

Tuesday, 13 th February <strong>2024</strong><br />

from 7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.<br />

Hôtel Mercure <strong>Paris</strong> Vaugirard<br />

(Porte de Versailles)

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