PetFood PRO 1/2024

PetFood PRO is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the manufacture of food for domestic animals – the pet food industry. The magazine focuses on food and delicacies for dogs, cats and other small animals, ornamental birds and fish, as well as animals kept in terrariums. We publish feature articles, reports and announcements about new ingredients, technology, equipment and processes, packaging machinery and materials as well as marketing trends and developments. Readers are executives, product developers and specialists in the pet food industry, including process and packaging engineers. PetFood PRO will be published in English. Circulation is worldwide, with an emphasis on important growth markets.

PetFood PRO is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the manufacture of food for domestic animals – the pet food industry. The magazine focuses on food and delicacies for dogs, cats and other small animals, ornamental birds and fish, as well as animals kept in terrariums.

We publish feature articles, reports and announcements about new ingredients, technology, equipment and processes, packaging machinery and materials as well as marketing trends and developments. Readers are executives, product developers and specialists in the pet food industry, including process and packaging engineers. PetFood PRO will be published in English. Circulation is worldwide, with an emphasis on important growth markets.


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International Magazine March <strong>2024</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

1/24<br />

Ingredients: Insect Proteins, Plant Extracts for Pets, Digestive Health, Science in Pet Food<br />

Processing: Heat Pump Drying, Texture Analysis, Rotary Mixing, Butchery Perfection<br />

Packaging: High Technology Packaging, Food Safety, Flexible and Recyclable Films<br />

Marketing: Global Trends in Pet Care, Anuga FoodTec - Pet Food Zone, Interzoo


Invitation to the Pet Food Zone<br />

At first glance the Anuga FoodTec in<br />

Cologne, Germany, this month is a trade<br />

fair for the food and dairy industry.<br />

However, since the last edition two years<br />

ago, there have been major developments<br />

for our branch in pet food manufacturing.<br />

For the first time there is now a separate<br />

Pet Food Zone, which features the<br />

companies who are specifically focussed<br />

on reaching out to our furry and feathered<br />

friends.<br />

Why is this so important and why now?<br />

I asked Matthias Schlüter, Exhibition<br />

Director of the Anuga FoodTec, for his<br />

comments:<br />

“The Pet Food Zone will present innovative<br />

and sustainable solutions, which reflect<br />

the growing standards in the pet food<br />

industry sector. It is our aspiration to be<br />

a pioneer in shaping the future of food<br />

production, especially for our domestic<br />

animals, with a clear focus on improving<br />

quality and protecting the environment.<br />

“At the Anuga FoodTec almost 400<br />

exhibitors offer solutions for the pet food<br />

industry, so the existing commitment<br />

is already very high. There are also<br />

traditionally many visitors from this sector.<br />

The Pet Food Zone is an opportunity<br />

to bring those with mutual interests<br />

together. This is why we have set up this<br />

dedicated area this year.“<br />

Our team at <strong>PetFood</strong> <strong>PRO</strong> magazine is<br />

proud to partner with Kölnmesse for the<br />

Pet Food Zone. We will have a central<br />

booth in the Boulevard and are happy to<br />

meet up with visitors and to answer any<br />

questions and discuss future articles and<br />

topics for upcoming issues.<br />

Since the market for pet food is growing<br />

steadily and recorded annual growth is<br />

more than three percent, with sales of<br />

around 30 billion euros in 2022 in Europe<br />

alone, we are responding to this high<br />

demand by offering the pet food market<br />

its own space, both in these pages and as<br />

a part of the Pet Food Zone.<br />

A growing focus on sustainability is<br />

particularly evident in the increased use<br />

of alternative proteins, such as plantbased,<br />

insect-based and cultured feeds.<br />

Consumers are placing more emphasis<br />

on where ingredients come from and how<br />

well our animals are doing. At the same<br />

Ian D. Healey, Editor-in-Chief<br />

time manufacturers of equipment and<br />

packaging are more aware than ever of<br />

their responsibilities in reducing energy<br />

usage and the wise use of resources.<br />

The Pet Food Zone will showcase a<br />

cross-section of suppliers to the petfood<br />

industry. Come and see us at Stand A048,<br />

Boulevard Central in Cologne, March 19-<br />

22.<br />

Sincerely<br />

If you like it subscribe!<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />



International Magazine March <strong>2024</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

1/24<br />

Ingredients: Insect Proteins, Plant Extracts for Pets, Digestive Health, Science in Pet Food<br />

Processing: Heat Pump Drying, Texture Analysis, Rotary Mixing, Butchery Perfection<br />

Packaging: High Technology Packaging, Food Safety, Flexible and Recyclable Films<br />

Marketing: Global Trends in Pet Care, Anuga FoodTec - Pet Food Zone, Interzoo<br />

Issue 1 March <strong>2024</strong><br />

Sometimes among the non-stop everyday hectic which surrounds us, it is important<br />

to stop, share friendships and enjoy the moment. The photographer Sarah<br />

Brückmann together with Marat and Kira the dog has specialized in such pictures<br />

and has captured the scene for us this month. Sarah is a passionate photographer<br />

and animal lover, who has made her hobbies into a profession. Ponder, refresh and<br />

then delve into this issue of <strong>PetFood</strong> <strong>PRO</strong>.<br />

Cover photo: www.SarahBfotos.de<br />

Ingredients<br />

Processing<br />

6 Global Pet Care Trends in 2023<br />

8 Globe Buddy Introduces New Sustainable Dog Food with<br />

Insect Protein<br />

10 Natural Symbiosis: Plant Extracts Beneficial for Owners and<br />

for Pets<br />

14 Demand for Quality, Nutritional and Healthy Pet Food<br />

Remains High Despite Inflation<br />

16 Science-Backed Insect Proteins Gain Traction in Pet Food<br />

21 Expanding Capacity with a Heat Pump Dryer<br />

24 The Application of Texture Analysis on the Latest<br />

Developments<br />

28 Dr. Harvey's Ups Output of Natural Pet Foods with<br />

Rotary Batch Mixer<br />

34 K+G Wetter at the Anuga: Butcher's Machines for<br />

Perfection also for Pet Food<br />

36 Boosting Productivity and Maximizing Profit in Pet Food<br />

Production<br />

The black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) offers many advantages<br />

as an environmentally conscious alternative source of amino<br />

acids and fatty acids for pet diets. These flies are powerful<br />

upcyclers, efficiently turning low-quality feedstock into<br />

premium-quality ingredients. See page 16 for more details.<br />

The right technology in food production ensures the best quality<br />

when it comes to food for our four-legged friends. K+G Wetter<br />

will be exhibiting at Anuga FoodTec to show customers from<br />

pet food production how meat processing machines can play a<br />

significant role in animal food quality. More on page 34.<br />

4<br />

Technology & Marketing

Departments<br />

3 Editorial<br />

52 Upcoming Events<br />

52 Impressum<br />

Events/Showcase<br />

30 Anuga FoodTec Preview: International, Innovative, Successful<br />

48 Interzoo <strong>2024</strong> Supporting Programme: Concise Overview of<br />

Key Topics in the Pet Industry<br />

50 IFT: Processing Improves Food Sustainability and Nutrition<br />

Automated ingredient handling<br />

Dosing, storing and transfer<br />



SILOS<br />

From 6 to 120 tons<br />

Flour, sugar, salt<br />

Pressure safety<br />

High Hygienic<br />

Packaging<br />

41 High Technology Packaging Solutions<br />

42 Safe Food for Faithful Fido<br />

46 World First with Recyclable Flexible Packaging Film<br />

made from More than 50% Recycled Plastic Waste<br />

MINOR<br />


Bag dumping station<br />

ROTARY<br />

SIFTER<br />

From 1 to 20 tons<br />

Products such as stand-up pouches already provide a<br />

convenient, low carbon solution for transporting every-day<br />

goods. A new development has seen an ultra-thin, rigid film<br />

used for recyclable flexible packaging products made from<br />

more than 50% recycled plastic for the first time. The full story<br />

is on page 46.<br />

Confidence<br />

Built in<br />

BIG BAG<br />


Any kind of<br />

ingredient<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />


4 Place des Noyers -18220 RIANS - 02 48 66 60 60<br />

www.shickesteve.com -<br />



Global Pet Care Trends in 2023<br />

by Kate Kehoe, Marketing Executive at FMCG Gurus<br />

In recent years, the pet care industry has witnessed a notable transformation, driven<br />

by various trends and shifts in consumer preferences. One of the prominent changes<br />

is the increasing demand for natural and organic products for pets. Pet owners<br />

are becoming more conscious of the ingredients and chemicals used in pet care<br />

items, leading them to seek out options that are free from artificial additives and<br />

unnecessary preservatives. This shift towards natural and organic products reflects<br />

a broader trend seen within the health and wellness industry.<br />

Additionally, there is a growing demand for pet care products that cater to specific<br />

pet needs. Issues such as digestive problems are common among pets, and pet<br />

owners are actively seeking out products that can address these concerns effectively.<br />

This has prompted pet care companies to develop specialized formulas and remedies to<br />

provide targeted solutions for these issues.<br />

Ingredients<br />

Pet owners have become more conscious<br />

of the ingredients in pet care products<br />

for various reasons. For instance, FMCG<br />

Gurus’ consumer insights reveal that 70%<br />

of global consumers think the quality<br />

of ingredients used in dog and cat care<br />

food and drink makes the product more<br />

premium. This highlights an increasing<br />

awareness of the health risks associated<br />

with certain ingredients. For example,<br />

the most important formulation claims<br />

global consumers like to see on dog<br />

care products are non-GMO (59%) and<br />

no artificial flavors (43%) or colors (42%).<br />

This demonstrates that just as humans are<br />

more mindful of the ingredients in their<br />

own products, pet owners are recognizing<br />

that the ingredients used in pet care items<br />

can also impact their pets' well-being.<br />

Artificial additives, preservatives, and<br />

chemicals have the potential to trigger<br />

allergies, digestive issues, and other<br />

health problems in pets. By being more<br />

conscious of ingredients, pet owners<br />

aim to provide their pets with safer and<br />

healthier options.<br />

Natural and Organic<br />

Pet owners are looking to align their<br />

pets' diets and care practices with their<br />

own lifestyle choices. The rise in organic<br />

and natural products for humans has<br />

influenced pet owners to seek out similar<br />

choices for their pets. For example, FMCG<br />

Gurus’ market research highlights that<br />

43% of global consumers like to see<br />

natural ingredient claims on dog care<br />

products. This trend is driven by a desire<br />

for holistic approaches to pet care that<br />

emphasize overall well-being and quality<br />

of life. Therefore, pet owners are seeking<br />

products that are free from artificial<br />

ingredients and pesticides, and that are<br />

produced using sustainable and ethical<br />

practices.<br />

As a result, pet owners are willing to invest<br />

more time and effort in understanding<br />

the nutritional needs of their pets and<br />

ensuring that they are providing them<br />

with the best possible care. This includes<br />

being mindful of the ingredients used<br />

in pet care products and seeking out<br />

options that promote their pets' health<br />

and well-being.<br />

Digestive Health<br />

Pet products that have various health<br />

claims are of high appeal to consumers.<br />

Such claims include aiding digestive<br />

health, free-from claims, and streamlined<br />

ingredients, as consumers want maximum<br />

transparency over product formulation.<br />

The most appealing claim on both dog<br />

(56%) and cat care (54%) products is the<br />

aiding of digestive health. This indicates<br />

that pet owners deem digestive health<br />

a crucial area of wellness, due to it being<br />

interlinked with for long-term health<br />

maintenance. As pet owners become<br />

more proactive in their pets' care, they are<br />

seeking out products that address specific<br />

health concerns. The pet care industry<br />

must continue innovating to meet these<br />

needs, by providing specialized solutions<br />

that enhance pets' quality of life.<br />

Plant-based alternatives<br />

Across the last decade, the growth<br />

of Flexitarian diets has resulted in an<br />

increased number of consumers seeking<br />

Kate Kehoe, Marketing Executive, FMCG<br />

Gurus<br />

out plant-based alternatives that they<br />

deem healthier, more sustainable, and<br />

cruelty-free. This trend is being reflected<br />

in the pet food market, with one in<br />

five pet owners saying they like to see<br />

plant-based or vegan claims on pet care<br />

products. Similarly to the human plantbased<br />

market, brands must provide<br />

reassurance over the taste of products<br />

and the nutritional value of such products.<br />

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are also<br />

gaining traction in the pet care sector.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

Pet owners are becoming increasingly<br />

conscious of the environmental impact<br />

of pet care products and packaging.<br />

They are actively seeking out companies<br />

that prioritize eco-friendly practices in<br />

their manufacturing processes, utilize<br />

sustainable ingredients, and offer<br />

recyclable or biodegradable packaging<br />

options. This focus on sustainability<br />

aligns with the broader global movement<br />

towards environmental responsibility and<br />

conservation.<br />

This article is based on FMCG Gurus: The<br />

Humanization of Pets – Global Report 2023.<br />

For more information, please contact info@<br />

fmcggurus.com.<br />

For more information<br />

www.fmcggurus.com<br />

6<br />

Technology & Marketing

Pet Food<br />

Cutting<br />

Solutions<br />

As the #1 Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology,<br />

successful processors depend on Urschel’s expertise<br />

to deliver optimal cutting solutions for pet food<br />

ingredients to produce high-quality fish, chicken, beef,<br />

and vegetable dices and shreds and coarse to smooth<br />

applications such as mousse, pastes, and liquids.<br />

Explore Urschel cutting solutions<br />

to achieve your processing goals.<br />

#1 Best selling provider of<br />

industrial cutting machinery<br />

throughout the world.<br />

The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology<br />

Set up a free test-cut of your product.<br />

www.urschel.com<br />

®Urschel, Urschel logo symbol, and The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology<br />

are registered trademarks of Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.


Globe Buddy Introduces New<br />

Sustainable Dog Food with Insect<br />

Protein<br />

Danish pet food company Globe Buddy has introduced a super-premium dog food based on a novel and<br />

sustainable source of protein – insects. The brand wants to inspire a positive change and help dog owners live a<br />

greener pet life.<br />

Bjarne Gravesen Jensen, CEO and co-founder of the<br />

Danish pet food company Globe Buddy.<br />

The carbon footprint of the ingredients in Globe Buddy's new product is just over half that of the<br />

ingredients used in the market's average dog food, according to calculations performed by the<br />

consultancy firm Viegand Maagøe on behalf of Globe Buddy.<br />

“We have made it easy to feed your furry<br />

friend a healthy and tasty diet while doing<br />

some good for the planet, simply by<br />

reducing the climate impact of dog food,”<br />

said Bjarne Gravesen Jensen, CEO and cofounder<br />

of Globe Buddy.<br />

The insect-based dog food Globe Buddy<br />

Brown features protein from the black<br />

soldier fly larvae, which is good for all<br />

dogs, especially those with sensitive<br />

digestion or intolerances to traditional<br />

meats.<br />

It is also a win for the climate. Using<br />

insect protein in pet food reduces carbon<br />

emissions. The carbon footprint of the<br />

ingredients in Globe Buddy's new product<br />

is just over half that of the ingredients<br />

used in the market's average dog food,<br />

according to calculations performed by<br />

the consultancy firm Viegand Maagøe on<br />

behalf of Globe Buddy.<br />

The insect-based product comes with<br />

a third-party verified carbon footprint,<br />

something that is still rarely seen in the<br />

pet food industry.<br />

“While many companies have brought<br />

what are claimed to be green pet foods<br />

to market, we saw a need among petparents<br />

for increased transparency in<br />

the environmental sustainability of their<br />

dog’s food. Our brand aims to address<br />

this unmet need,” said Bjarne Gravesen<br />

Jensen.<br />

Besides the climate-friendliness, insect<br />

larvae are a pet food ingredient that<br />

advances the circular economy and<br />

minimises waste because insects are fed<br />

on by-products from the food industry.<br />

Globe Buddy’s commitment to<br />

sustainability also extends to their<br />

packaging, with a fully recyclable and<br />

perfectly-sized box designed for directto-consumer<br />

distribution.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.globebuddy.dog<br />

8<br />

Technology & Marketing


Collaboration + Innovation:<br />

How Can Food Science and Technology<br />

Transform the Food System?<br />

Join your colleagues at the leading global science<br />

of food event focused on innovation, thought<br />

leadership, and intentional networking.<br />

Register at<br />

iftevent.org.<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Natural Symbiosis: Plant Extracts<br />

Beneficial for Owners and for<br />

Pets<br />

by David Daguet, Scientific Director<br />

Photo: shutterstock_2156779707<br />

We have all seen dogs dressed in eccentric<br />

outfits, wearing hats, wearing glasses in<br />

photos or videos. By making them look<br />

like little people, some owners please<br />

themselves without worrying about<br />

the well-being of their companions.<br />

Anthropomorphism means attributing<br />

to pets, behavior, reactions, and feelings,<br />

specific to humans. But attributing<br />

human faculties and feelings to our cats<br />

or dogs can distort the understanding of<br />

their real emotions and needs, and lead<br />

to errors of interpretation. Sometimes<br />

anthropomorphism can even lead to<br />

involuntarily mistreating pets.<br />

Even without anthropomorphism, pets<br />

may suffer from health troubles or illnesses<br />

that their owners also suffer from.<br />

But anthropomorphism can be extended<br />

to turning to natural treatments used by<br />

humans for years now through healthy<br />

diets, food supplements and cosmetics,<br />

and applied to pets. It is also real that<br />

our cats, dogs, and other pets, like their<br />

owners, may be affected by the “side<br />

effects” of the “modern” way of life.<br />

These can generate health troubles and<br />

sometimes more serious diseases. In<br />

fact, pets, like their owners, can present<br />

metabolic, liver, immune, locomotor,<br />

fertility disorders and diseases.<br />

Natural alternatives that help humans,<br />

can also be considered for our companions.<br />

Vidya Europe, a world leader<br />

in natural solutions, is also concerned<br />

with pet’s well-being. Vidya Europe, by<br />

combining tradition and strong modern<br />

science, develops and offers natural<br />

solutions.<br />

The following GMP+ certified plant<br />

extracts have been scientifically researched<br />

and proven to be beneficial for<br />

cats and dogs.<br />

Cats<br />

Artichoke and milk thistle<br />

As indicated in the introduction, our cats<br />

can suffer from metabolic disorders, and<br />

the main manifestation can be linked to<br />

the health of the liver. As an example,<br />

acute and chronic hepatobiliary diseases<br />

are quite commonly reported for both<br />

dogs and cats. There are many different<br />

causes for these conditions, as well as<br />

many different treatment options. The<br />

treatments reported for these conditions<br />

include anti-inflammatory molecules,<br />

immunosuppressants, antifibrotics,<br />

antioxidants, dietary management,<br />

and management of any possible<br />

complications. Dealing with natural<br />

solutions, artichoke (Cynara scolymus)<br />

and milk thistle (Silybum marianum)<br />

extracts should be considered. Artichoke<br />

leaf extract has been associated with<br />

antioxidant, hepatoprotective, bileexpelling,<br />

and lipid-lowering effects.<br />

Silymarin, the major active component of<br />

milk thistle, exerts immunomodulatory,<br />

anti-inflammatory, regenerative, antifibrotic,<br />

antioxidant, choleretic, and<br />

hepatoprotective actions directly<br />

benefiting to liver.<br />

Curcumin<br />

Curcumin, composed of mainly three<br />

curcuminoids, is the active principle<br />

10<br />

Technology & Marketing

of turmeric (Curcuma longa). Because<br />

its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial,<br />

antioxidant, hepatoprotective, and<br />

immunomodulatory properties, curcumin<br />

is of interest 1,2 , and has been<br />

used in a combined natural formulation<br />

to help in the treatment of feline<br />

hyperthyroidism by Methimazole 3 .<br />

β-carotene<br />

Even if the conversion ratio of β-carotene<br />

into retinol is not clearly established in<br />

feline, cats readily absorb β-carotene.<br />

Domestic cats absorb β-carotene from<br />

their diet, which is then absorbed by<br />

their reproductive tissues and can act as<br />

an antioxidant to maintain the functional<br />

integrity of these tissues, increasing<br />

plasma progesterone, oestradiol concentrations,<br />

and the total amount of uterine<br />

protein 4 .<br />

Dogs<br />

Artichoke and milk thistle<br />

Like for cats, artichoke and milk thistle<br />

are friendly natural remedies for dog’s<br />

livers. But for dogs, milk thistle can also<br />

help to modulate the immune response<br />

to improve their health condition 5 .<br />

Curcumin<br />

Like for humans, diabetes mellitus is a<br />

common endocrine disorder that causes<br />

hyperglycaemia in dogs. Curcuminoid<br />

supplementation with standard treatment<br />

has been demonstrated to significantly<br />

reduce oxidative stress and<br />

can be used as a targeted antioxidant<br />

strategy in adjunctive therapy to<br />

minimise the complications of diabetes<br />

in dogs 6 .<br />

Due to its anti-inflammatory effects,<br />

curcumin may also improve animal<br />

health, with emphasis on the stimulation<br />

of the antioxidant system 7 . Like for<br />

humans, curcumin has a real application<br />

in relieving locomotor disorders by<br />

managing pain and inflammation 8,9 .<br />

β-carotene<br />

Immunity modulation can be very<br />

important, and we know that advanced<br />

age has a negative impact<br />

on various immune variables. Older<br />

dogs that have lower immunological<br />

responses in comparison with younger<br />

ones may benefit from β-carotene<br />

supplementation which can significantly<br />

restore their immune responses 10 . It<br />

has also been demonstrated in female<br />

Beagle dogs that immune response was<br />

impaired in animals classified as low<br />

β-carotene absorbers, in comparison<br />

with similar females fed with the same<br />

amount of β-carotene 11 . Like for feline, it<br />

is possible that dietary β-carotene may<br />

improve reproductive function in the<br />

canine 12 .<br />

Green tea<br />

Green tea (Camellia sinensis) is not only<br />

a healthy beverage, but it also offers<br />

health benefits for dogs. Active in oral<br />

health, epigallocatechin gallate, the<br />

main active ingredient in green tea,<br />

interacts with the bacterial membrane to<br />

inhibit biofilm formation and to damage<br />

the biofilms 13 . As for humans, it can<br />

help manage metabolic disorders, and<br />

has been assessed on obese dogs with<br />

insulin resistance and dyslipidaemia,<br />

demonstrating that nutritional doses of<br />

green tea extract may improve insulin<br />

sensitivity and lipid profile. It also<br />

modifies the expression of genes involved<br />

in glucose and lipid homeostasis 14 .<br />

Owners and pets: the same<br />

remedies<br />

Pets are essential to human’s equilibrium.<br />

Pets help humans cope with solitude;<br />

they are part of a healthier way of<br />

life. Plant extracts beneficial for both<br />

owners and pets reinforce their common<br />

relationship. Like for humans, artichoke,<br />

green tea, milk thistle, curcuma, and<br />

natural β-carotene can help maintain or<br />

improve cats and dogs’ health. A natural<br />

symbiosis between owners and their<br />

pets, using the same natural remedies.<br />

References<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

1. Marchegiani A, Fruganti A, Gavazza<br />

A, Mangiaterra S, Candellone A, Fusi<br />

E, Rossi G, Cerquetella M. Evidences on<br />

Molecules Most Frequently Included<br />

in Canine and Feline Complementary<br />

Feed to Support Liver Function. Vet<br />

Med Int. 2020 May 9;2020:9185759.<br />

doi: 10.1155/2020/9185759. PMID:<br />

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2. Leray V, Freuchet B, Le Bloc'h J,<br />

Jeusette I, Torre C, Nguyen P. Effect<br />

of citrus polyphenol- and curcuminsupplemented<br />

diet on inflammatory<br />

state in obese cats. Br J Nutr. 2011<br />

Best INGREDIENTS in<br />

bioavailability!<br />

CeF i<br />

®pro<br />

–<br />

Autolysed yeast!<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

| free amino acids &<br />

nucleotides<br />

| promotes intestinal<br />

integrity<br />

| stimulates metabolism<br />

| enhances palatability<br />

Visit our website:<br />

leibergmbh.de<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />

11<br />

Leiber GmbH | Franz-Leiber-Straße 1 | 49565 Bramsche<br />

Germany | info@leibergmbh.de


Oct;106 Suppl 1:S198-201. doi:<br />

10.1017/S0007114511002492. PMID:<br />

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Supplementation on Redox Unbalance<br />

in Hyperthyroid Cats Treated with<br />

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Controlled Trial. Antioxidants (Basel).<br />

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and effects on steroidogenesis during<br />

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5. Sgorlon S, Stefanon B, Sandri M,<br />

Colitti M. Nutrigenomic activity of<br />

plant derived compounds in health<br />

and disease: Results of a dietary<br />

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supplementation in canine diabetic<br />

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7. Campigotto G, Alba DF, Sulzbach<br />

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Silva AS. Dog food production using<br />

curcumin as antioxidant: effects of<br />

intake on animal growth, health<br />

and feed conservation. Arch Anim<br />

Nutr. 2020 Oct;74(5):397-413. doi:<br />

10.1080/1745039X.2020.1769442.<br />

Epub 2020 Jun 30. PMID: 32602378.<br />

of the efficacy of a diet supplemented<br />

with curcuminoids extract, hydrolyzed<br />

collagen and green tea extract in<br />

owner's dogs with osteoarthritis. BMC<br />

Vet Res. 2017 Dec 20;13(1):395.<br />

Photo: shutterstock_1919383028<br />

8. Comblain F, Barthélémy N, Lefèbvre<br />

M, Schwartz C, Lesponne I, Serisier<br />

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Y. A randomized, double-blind,<br />

prospective, placebo-controlled study<br />

of the efficacy of a diet supplemented<br />

with curcuminoids extract, hydrolyzed<br />

collagen and green tea extract in<br />

owner's dogs with osteoarthritis. BMC<br />

Vet Res. 2017 Dec 20;13(1):395. doi:<br />

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9. Știrbu, Mara & Mariana, Grecu &<br />

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of Veterinary Medicine Series A. 64. 59<br />

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10. Massimino S, Kearns RJ, Loos KM, Burr<br />

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11. Dietary beta-carotene stimulates<br />

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12. Weng BC, Chew BP, Wong TS, Park JS,<br />

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13. Bai L, Takagi S, Ando T, Yoneyama<br />

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Antimicrobial activity of tea catechin<br />

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14. Serisier S, Leray V, Poudroux W, Magot<br />

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green tea on insulin sensitivity, lipid<br />

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genes in obese dogs. Br J Nutr. 2008<br />

Jun;99(6):1208-16. doi: 10.1017/<br />

S0007114507862386. Epub 2007 Dec<br />

6. PMID: 18053305.<br />

For more information<br />

www.vidyaeurope.com<br />

12<br />

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AFB is more than just palatants. We provide custom solutions to<br />

improve pet food palatability. Our services are tailored to the<br />

specific needs of each customer. We can partner to meet their<br />

objectives while making pet food taste great!<br />

BOOTH 1300<br />

STAND 6-321<br />

To learn how AFB brings value to pet food companies through<br />

research expertise, technical support and unparalleled<br />

customer service, visit afbinternational.com or<br />

contact your AFB account manager.<br />

© <strong>2024</strong> AFB International


Demand for Quality, Nutritional<br />

and Healthy Pet Food Remains<br />

High Despite Inflation<br />

Global survey reveals pet owners consider digestive health key for achieving holistic health and wellbeing<br />

New research results show that despite<br />

inflation and price increases on pet food,<br />

owners continue to want the best for<br />

their pets. As a consequence, delivering<br />

added value such as nutritional, health or<br />

sustainability benefits is key to retaining<br />

consumer interest in times of tighter<br />

budgets. This new global survey has been<br />

conducted by the market research agency<br />

FMCG Gurus, on behalf of BENEO, with<br />

2,500 dog and cat owners in the US, Brazil,<br />

UK, Germany, and China.<br />

Price versus value<br />

The research demonstrates that even<br />

though almost 9 in 10 surveyed pet owners<br />

feel that pet food prices have risen in the<br />

last year, only 1 in 6 pet parents globally has<br />

turned to cheaper products or brands as a<br />

result. Most are staying loyal to their brand<br />

of choice by taking greater advantage of<br />

promotional offers or bigger packs. In fact,<br />

price is considered less important when<br />

buying pet food compared to ingredient<br />

quality, nutritional value, taste and health<br />

claims. And over half of respondents are<br />

even willing to pay a price premium for pet<br />

food with health-promoting ingredients<br />

that have been scientifically proven.<br />

Prioritizing health<br />

Pet parents are very concerned about<br />

their pet’s health and the survey results<br />

reflect this, with more than 4 in 5 owners<br />

considering their pet’s health to be as<br />

important as their own. The link between<br />

their pet’s digestive health and overall<br />

health is also more widely recognised<br />

by pet owners, with over 3 in 4 cat and<br />

dog owners understanding that the<br />

digestive system has a positive influence<br />

on many aspects beyond the gut, such<br />

as bone condition, mental and physical<br />

wellbeing and the immune system. It is<br />

not surprising therefore that the on-pack<br />

claims most likely to influence purchasing<br />

of pet food products include “promotes<br />

digestive health naturally” and “easy-todigest”.<br />

Natural support for digestive<br />

health<br />

Most pet owners opt for a proactive and<br />

natural approach to nurturing their pet’s<br />

digestive health, with more than 1 in<br />

3 saying that they feed their pets food<br />

that features claims to support digestive<br />

health, showing the importance of<br />

highlighting specific benefits on pack. The<br />

digestive health claims with the biggest<br />

effect on pet owners’ purchase interests<br />

are: “digestive comfort and well-being”,<br />

“promotes digestive health naturally”<br />

14<br />

Technology & Marketing


and “supports a healthy and balanced<br />

digestive system”. In addition, almost half<br />

of pet owners associate prebiotics with gut<br />

health, making this a key ingredient in pet<br />

food manufacturers’ toolbox.<br />

Demand for proteins and<br />

sustainable credentials<br />

The survey also reveals that protein quality<br />

and content are important for 7 in 10<br />

respondents. Additionally, sustainability<br />

claims are considered to some extent by 4<br />

in 5 owners when choosing food for their<br />

pets. With more than half of cat and dog<br />

owners considering plant-based proteins<br />

to be better for the environment, it is no<br />

surprise that vegetal ingredient sources<br />

with sustainability credentials are of<br />

increasing relevance. For instance, more<br />

than 80% of pet owners associate faba<br />

beans with being sustainable. Natural and<br />

high-quality vegetal proteins are therefore<br />

a valuable resource for manufacturers,<br />

allowing them to cater to pet owners’<br />

interests, whilst formulating nutritious pet<br />

food recipes.<br />

Dr. Maygane Ronsmans, Product Manager<br />

Animal Nutrition at BENEO says: “The<br />

findings of this latest pet owner survey<br />

highlight that even in times of inflation,<br />

nutritional value and health remain<br />

a priority for pet food purchasers.<br />

Scientifically proven prebiotics, like<br />

BENEO’s Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose<br />

from chicory root, are proving popular<br />

with pet food producers as they naturally<br />

support digestive health, whilst allowing<br />

for appealing on-pack communication.<br />

Also, with pet owners more attentive to<br />

sustainability, BENEO’s vegetal proteins,<br />

derived from faba bean, wheat or rice,<br />

are valuable assets in pet food producers’<br />

toolboxes. Thanks to a versatile range of<br />

plant-based ingredients with technical,<br />

nutritional and health-promoting benefits,<br />

as well as longstanding expertise in<br />

healthy nutrition, BENEO is well equipped<br />

to help manufacturers bring to market<br />

innovative and relevant pet food products<br />

that meet consumer demand, even in a<br />

tough economic climate.”<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.beneo.com<br />

<strong>PetFood</strong>Pro_1_3ad_210x99mm_f.pdf 1 16/01/<strong>2024</strong> 14:06:23<br />

Pawsitively Beneficial<br />

Water Extracted Botanical Ingredients<br />

®<br />

®<br />

®<br />

® ®<br />

Pomegranate fruit extract<br />

Antioxidant Support<br />

Healthy Ageing<br />

Cucumber extract<br />

Joint Health<br />

Lemon fruit extract<br />

Naturally Bioavailable Flavonoids<br />

Artichoke bud extract<br />

Prebiotic and<br />

Digestive Health<br />

Olive fruit extract<br />

Powerful Antioxidant<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

Discover our 40+ botanical extracts<br />

www.euromedgroup.com<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Science-Backed Insect Proteins<br />

Gain Traction in Pet Food<br />

by Jennifer Adolphe<br />

Hermetia Illucens (black soldier fly)<br />

©Innovafeed<br />

Innovafeed vertical farm<br />

Innovafeed team<br />

Pet foods have traditionally relied on<br />

animal protein ingredients. Growing<br />

environmental concern is partly to thank<br />

for the surge in demand for alternative<br />

proteins that can supplement or replace<br />

animal derived ingredients that have<br />

traditionally been more resource intensive.<br />

Insect ingredients from black soldier<br />

fly larvae (BSFL) offer a more resource<br />

friendly alternative to go along with<br />

unique benefits for your furry friends.<br />

The Mighty Black Soldier Fly<br />

The black soldier fly (Hermetia<br />

illucens) offers many advantages as an<br />

environmentally conscious alternative<br />

source of amino acids and fatty acids<br />

for pet diets. These flies are powerful<br />

upcyclers, efficiently turning lowquality<br />

feedstock into premium-quality<br />

ingredients.<br />

Innovafeed is a biotechnology company<br />

and a leading producer of black soldier<br />

fly larvae ingredients. Innovafeed’s<br />

Hilucia Protein and Oil contain unique<br />

components, including lauric acid,<br />

bioactive peptides and chitin. Lauric acid<br />

is a medium chain triglyceride, a fatty<br />

acid prevalent in coconut oil, and is being<br />

studied for its potential benefits. The<br />

black soldier fly expresses over 50 unique<br />

bioactive peptides, which are small<br />

proteins with distinct properties. Chitin<br />

acts as a dietary fiber to support digestive<br />

health. These components are in addition<br />

to the highly digestive amino acids that<br />

help dogs and cats meet their essential<br />

amino acid requirements.<br />

By combining the most advanced<br />

knowledge of Hermetia illucens’ nutritional<br />

properties with Innovafeed’s circular<br />

and zero-waste insect breeding model<br />

and expertise in ingredient formulation,<br />

Hilucia aims to meet consumer demand<br />

for high-protein, sustainably sourced<br />

ingredients for pet foods, treats and<br />

supplements.<br />

Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, Pet Technical<br />

Services Manager, ADM<br />

Innovafeed and ADM have recently<br />

entered a partnership agreement for<br />

exclusive distribution rights of Innovafeed’s<br />

ingredients in North America. Additionally,<br />

ADM and Innovafeed have pursued joint<br />

research and development focused on<br />

BSFL and pet nutrition, such as palatability<br />

studies and protein performance.<br />

Innovations in Research &<br />

Development<br />

Before a novel ingredient can be<br />

incorporated in new product development,<br />

pet brands must evaluate a number<br />

of factors. Rigorous scientific research is<br />

crucial to uncovering viable sources of<br />

proteins and oils that will provide optimal<br />

nutrition for cats and dogs. For example,<br />

an animal must be able to digest the<br />

amino acids from a protein source to<br />

ensure their amino acid requirements are<br />

met.<br />

In collaboration with ADM and Innovafeed,<br />

a research study was conducted at the<br />

University of Illinois to investigate the<br />

protein quality of BSFL in dogs 1 .<br />

The goal was to determine the suitability<br />

of BSFL as a nutritious substitution for<br />

other commonly used protein ingredients<br />

in pet food. The research study included<br />

two feeding trials. First, three ingredients<br />

were evaluated: Hilucia Protein, whole<br />

powdered egg and chicken meal, to assess<br />

amino acid digestibility. A second trial<br />

was designed to evaluate macronutrient<br />

digestibility of Hilucia Protein in dog<br />

diets.<br />

16<br />

Technology & Marketing

PLANT<br />


FOR PETS<br />

The first trial measured the digestible<br />

indispensable amino acid score (DIAAS),<br />

a score based on amino acid digestibility<br />

that is used to assess protein quality.<br />

DIAAS values for Hilucia Protein were<br />

compared to scores for chicken meal, a<br />

high-quality, very common ingredient<br />

in pet food, and powdered egg, which<br />

is considered the gold standard for<br />

protein quality. Results demonstrate that<br />

Hilucia Protein is a suitable substitute<br />

for chicken meal in pet foods 1 .<br />

• Turmeric<br />

• Capsicum<br />

• Rosemary<br />

• Black pepper<br />

• And more...<br />

In the second trial, dog diets were<br />

specifically formulated for this research<br />

and included a controlled diet made<br />

with chicken meal, a diet that included<br />

15% Hilucia Protein, and another<br />

test diet that included 30% Hilucia<br />

Protein. These levels represented using<br />

insect protein as a partial substitution<br />

for chicken meal and one that replaced<br />

chicken meal entirely. Findings indicate<br />

that the Hilucia Protein at both 15%<br />

and 30% inclusion was well accepted<br />

by the dogs 1 . Additionally, all the diets<br />

had average fecal scores between<br />

2 and 3, which is considered ideal 1 .<br />

Researchers also noted that macronutrient<br />

digestibility values were<br />

very similar between the three diets,<br />

again suggesting that Hilucia Protein<br />

performs similarly to chicken meal in dog<br />

diets 1 .<br />



Hermetia Illucens Larvae ©Innovafeed<br />

Consumer Perceptions Soar<br />

Understanding consumer perceptions<br />

of novel ingredients is another key<br />

component in new product development.<br />

ADM and Innovafeed recently<br />

conducted a study of U.S. pet owners<br />

who had at least one dog, at least one<br />

cat, or both. Participants were first asked<br />

how likely they were to feed their pet a<br />

food made with insect protein to get<br />

a baseline response. Other questions<br />

included some educational facts about<br />

insect ingredients, and then the initial<br />

question was repeated.<br />

Results suggest that with a bit of<br />

education, 42% of pet owners were<br />

more likely to feed their pet with insect<br />

protein 2 . It is essential for pet food to be<br />

tasty and nutritious, and other attributes<br />

may encourage pet owners to choose<br />

an insect-based pet food, such as the<br />

science behind specific ingredient<br />

inclusions 2 .<br />

The top-ranked wellness claims that<br />

are important to pet owners are high<br />

protein, digestive health and healthy<br />

aging 2 . Sixty-three percent of surveyed<br />

pet owners said having such priorities<br />

met would increase their likelihood<br />

of serving pet food made with insect<br />

protein2. And with additional education,<br />

35% of pet owners became comfortable<br />

or very comfortable with serving insect<br />

protein 2 .<br />

Environmentally Conscious<br />

Production<br />

Modern pet parents have a heightened<br />

focus on pet products that are good<br />

for their furry family members<br />

and for the planet. In fact, 42% of<br />

global pet owners say they want to<br />

purchase pet food with sustainably<br />

sourced ingredients 3 . Insect<br />

ingredients have exciting potential<br />

to support a circular economy and<br />

corporate environmental initiatives.<br />

Innovafeed insect farming<br />

Innovafeed’s innovative vertical insect<br />

farms are strategically located alongside<br />

grain processing facilities to enable an<br />

“industrial symbiosis” production model.<br />

ADM’s corn processing plant in Decatur,<br />

Illinois, will provide grain byproducts<br />

that Innovafeed will upcycle as feedstock<br />

to grow BSFL, eliminating the need for<br />

energy to dry the feedstock and trucks<br />

required for transport. This commitment<br />

to sustainably produced ingredients and<br />

ethical business practices has earned<br />

Innovafeed the distinction of becoming<br />

a B Corp-certified company.<br />

With more pets in the home than<br />

ever, there is a rising sense of urgency<br />

to provide high-performance pet<br />

nutrition products that can assist in<br />

supporting the circular economy.<br />

ADM’s partnership with Innovafeed and<br />

promising advancements in research and<br />

development are just a few examples of<br />

how the pet food industry is evolving to<br />

meet the needs of today’s discerning pet<br />

owners.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

1Maria R. C. de Godoy, Ph.D., Associate<br />

Professor at the Department of Animal<br />

Sciences, University of Illinois. Unpublished<br />

research.<br />

2ADM Outside Voice SM<br />

3FMCG Gurus, Pet Care Health, 2022<br />

For more information<br />

www.adm.com<br />

18<br />

Technology & Marketing

W300U<br />

■<br />

■<br />

■<br />

■<br />

Flexibility with fluctuating meat prices<br />

Separate or simultaneous processing of fresh meat and<br />

frozen meat blocks down to -25 °C<br />

Same cutting set for fresh meat and frozen<br />

meat blocks<br />

Easy control with programmes for respective<br />

raw materials to avoid operating errors<br />

■<br />

■<br />

■<br />

Frequency-controlled and continuously variable drives:<br />

No current peaks, low energy consumption<br />

Robust and reliable construction<br />

Hygienic design: polished surfaces, embedded covers,<br />

CIP-cleaning, removable bearing<br />

duction Lines<br />

nd-Hand M

Expanding Capacity with a Heat<br />

Pump Dryer<br />

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Investing in a new drying system a producer of pet food could increase output, cut energy cost, optimize<br />

product quality, and shorten the drying period. Let us look at an alternative dehumidification technology<br />

based on the use of a heat pump.<br />

The 8-chamber dryer is designed to process daily batches of about 1,500 kg of sausage meat placed on Intercarne’s existing trolleys.<br />

Intercarne of Upper Bavaria, Germany,<br />

is a producer of special dog food. The<br />

company founded in 1985 sells snacks<br />

and chews made from 100 percent<br />

natural, pluck and grain free raw<br />

materials, also organic, on international<br />

markets. Intercarne, as so many other<br />

manufacturers, used a dryer that did<br />

no longer work efficiently enough. The<br />

company based at lake Chiemsee also<br />

intended to expand their capacity. "We<br />

also wanted to find a solution that would<br />

allow the continued use of our existing<br />

drying trolleys," explains Philipp Hibler,<br />

Managing Director of Intercarne GmbH.<br />

So, it was time for an up-to-date, energy<br />

efficient technology and a versatile<br />

drying solution. Hibler found such a<br />

solution through an internet search –<br />

a heat pump assisted, chamber-type<br />

condensation drying system.<br />

Harter of Stiefenhofen, Germany,<br />

dev-eloped this drying technique<br />

more than 30 years ago. Nobody was<br />

interested in a heat pump at that time,<br />

it was the quality result that mattered.<br />

"Today, efficiency and saving of energy<br />

are of equal value as meeting the<br />

specified residual humidity requirement,"<br />

explains Stephan Ortmann of<br />

Harter Technical Sales. "Another plus<br />

of our heat pump assisted process<br />

is that its low drying temperatures<br />

have positive effects on the flavor, the<br />

ingredients, and the look and feel." Each<br />

manufacturer has, of course, their very<br />

special requirements.<br />

Tests and Solution<br />

The German drying system manufacturer<br />

normally runs tests in their in-house<br />

pilot plant station to establish the<br />

drying response of the relevant product.<br />

The station includes several dryers to<br />

determine the relevant parameters. For<br />

Intercarne, the tests were conducted<br />

using a loan system on site. Upon<br />

instruction by an engineer, the dog food<br />

producer tested samples of products from<br />

horse meat, strips of beef, turkey, venison,<br />

or salmon. Depending on their size and<br />

properties, some snacks showed a residual<br />

humidity below 10 percent after only a<br />

few hours, while others – with originally<br />

higher humidity – needed 30, 40 or more<br />

hours. Another factor is the desired final<br />

consistency – soft or rather firm to the<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

started. Temperature and humidity<br />

sensors pick up the relevant parameters.<br />

Once the desired result is obtained, the<br />

drying system shuts down automatically.<br />

Snacks and chews are then forwarded for<br />

further processing.<br />

Heat Pump and Government<br />

Subsidy<br />

The core of each Harter dryer is the<br />

heat pump technology integrated in<br />

the dehumidification module. Where<br />

the module is installed depends on the<br />

space available on site – directly next<br />

to the drying chamber or, alternatively,<br />

in another room or on another level.<br />

Irrespective of its installation space<br />

the module is connected to the drying<br />

chamber through insulated piping.<br />

Ortmann explains: "The heat pump<br />

module conditions the process air and<br />

is also responsible for the condensation<br />

process." The process air is extremely<br />

dry and, thus, unsaturated. It is passed<br />

through or over the items to be dried. It<br />

perfectly absorbs any humidity present.<br />

Subsequently, the air is cooled, and<br />

the humidity condenses to form water.<br />

The air is reheated and returned to the<br />

drying chamber. Drying temperatures are<br />

normally between 20 °C and 75 °C. High<br />

temperature steps or cooling stations may<br />

easily be integrated if desired.<br />

Managing Director Philipp Hibler inspects dried material for conformity with defined quality<br />

features including the defined residual humidity, the desired consistency, and a uniformly<br />

dry product.<br />

The drying period depends on the<br />

desired or required residual humidity to<br />

be achieved. For packaged food, where<br />

the wet package is to be dried, the drying<br />

period is often in the order of minutes to<br />

meet the specified cycle time. For direct<br />

product drying, the drying period is often<br />

longer and as required to obtain the<br />

desired residual humidity of the product.<br />

bite. This has, of course, an impact on the<br />

drying period. The temperatures used for<br />

test purposes were between 50 °C and<br />

55 °C. The data obtained from the tests<br />

was used to create individual recipes. The<br />

recipes are stored in the controller of the<br />

drying system built and may be called up<br />

by the operator.<br />

The tests are also used to establish the<br />

design of the drying system best suited<br />

for the product in question. Sensitive<br />

products, for example, are often<br />

dehumidified on trolleys whereas more<br />

robust material may also be dried in<br />

barrels. Continuous solutions, such as belt<br />

dryers, are rather used for semi or fully<br />

automatic processes.<br />

The solution for Intercarne was given<br />

from the beginning because they<br />

wanted to continue to use their existing<br />

drying trolleys. Harter designed and<br />

built an 8-chamber dryer to process the<br />

manufacturer’s 1,500 kg approx. batches<br />

of dog snacks. The dryer was sized to<br />

exactly accommodate the existing<br />

trolleys. The trolleys are manually moved<br />

into the drying chambers, the appropriate<br />

recipe is selected, and the drying process<br />

A critical factor for drying to be successful<br />

is air routeing because the air, by its very<br />

nature, always follows the path of least<br />

resistance. The method to force the air onto<br />

the desired path is one of Harter’s recipes<br />

for success. "Special system engineering<br />

is our strong suit because every customer<br />

has their own product and their own<br />

process," says Ortmann. "What counts at<br />

the end of the day is that the product is<br />

perfectly and uniformly dehumidified and<br />

the process is reproducible – and this goal<br />

we do achieve."<br />

The power rating of the 8-chamber dryer<br />

is only 45 kW. The closed air system<br />

contributes to even higher efficiency.<br />

22<br />

Technology & Marketing

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Residual humidities below 10 percent were obtained in<br />

tests at 50 °C to 55 °C. This corresponded to the desired<br />

consistency. Defined temperature limits enable exact<br />

dry matter contents to be achieved. Absolute process<br />

reliability is thus ensured.<br />

Our drying technique was classified by<br />

the government as future fit technology<br />

in 2017. So, Harter’s heat pump systems<br />

stand out by their high energy efficiency.<br />

"Constant quality, shorter drying periods<br />

through optimized air routeing, lower<br />

energy consumption - for us, this drying<br />

method has fulfilled more than we had<br />

desired. Consequently, we ordered<br />

another two large size Harter drying<br />

systems," summarizes Hibler contentedly.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.harter-gmbh.de<br />

Defrosting<br />

Tumbling<br />

Pressing<br />

Slicing<br />

Mixing & Grinding<br />

Forming<br />

Separation<br />

provisur.com<br />

Anuga FoodTec 19. – 22. March <strong>2024</strong><br />

Hall 9.1 || Booth B040 C059<br />




The Beehive S-Series rotary separator<br />

• Very high yield and quantity in pet food<br />

• High-speed separation leads to reduced temperature rise<br />

on end product<br />

• Robust construction with simple design<br />

BEEHIVE S20<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />

23<br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

The Application of Texture<br />

Analysis on the Latest<br />

Developments<br />

by Jo Smewing, Business Development Director<br />

The soaring demand for protein poses a<br />

real challenge, because current available<br />

supplies just can't keep up. This gap<br />

between protein supply and demand<br />

is expected to continue to expand as<br />

the world population and global pet<br />

ownership increases. From alligator,<br />

kangaroo, buffalo and brushtail possum<br />

in dog and cat treats pet food companies<br />

are cleverly catering to growing consumer<br />

demand for ever more exotic and novel<br />

sources of protein. Just as people are<br />

seeking to try new types, and increase<br />

the levels, of protein in the foods they eat,<br />

they are doing the same for their pets'<br />

foods, thanks to ongoing humanization.<br />

Plant-based proteins<br />

Many plant-based proteins have been<br />

widely used in human and animal nutrition<br />

for years such as soybeans, peas, lupin<br />

beans, potatoes, wheat and corn. Other<br />

meat analogues and the development of<br />

e.g. vegan canine biscuits, are just now<br />

starting to become popular and widely<br />

available.<br />

Upcycling<br />

Upcycling is a new word for something<br />

the pet food industry has done for a long<br />

time, using human food products that<br />

would have otherwise gone to waste.<br />

Upcycled pet food ingredients use existing<br />

materials, especially otherwise discarded<br />

foods like misshapen vegetables or citrus<br />

by-products, to make a value-added item.<br />

Fortified and functional foods<br />

Fortified and functional foods are<br />

packaged foods and beverages that have<br />

been enhanced with additional health<br />

components and/or nutrients in order to<br />

provide a nutritional benefit. Pet treats<br />

are given to dogs to strengthen pet and<br />

owner bonds and as a reward but it is<br />

essential to understand the functionality<br />

of the raw materials, e.g. sorghum, and<br />

relate their impact on animal health and<br />

acceptance of the pet and the pet owner.<br />

Personalized doses for animals<br />

Currently, the number of approved<br />

veterinary medicines are limited, and<br />

Typical kibble compression test and resulting comparative graphs<br />

human medications are used off-label.<br />

These approved human medications<br />

are of too high potencies for a cat or a<br />

small dog breed. Therefore, there is a dire<br />

demand for smaller doses of veterinary<br />

medicines. 3D printing (PDF) could<br />

potentially be used to manufacture<br />

personalised doses for animals at the<br />

point-of-care and is the perfect example<br />

of where texture analysis is being<br />

applied.<br />

Insects<br />

One alternative protein source gaining<br />

attention is insects, and is already<br />

spilling over into pet food. For people<br />

who are not comfortable eating them<br />

directly, insects still have a role to play in<br />

addressing climate change and making<br />

agriculture more sustainable. Using<br />

insects as a feed source for farm animals<br />

has been happening already and is a<br />

lot less costly for the environment than<br />

traditional feeds.<br />

However, unlike our farm animals, our<br />

pets may be all too fussy to switch unless<br />

the palatability of the new pet food is<br />

up to their liking. As the purchaser of<br />

their food, consumers loyalty is affected<br />

when the pet finds their new food not to<br />

their liking. Whilst it would not be clear<br />

whether that was due to taste or texture,<br />

the right food texture should be high<br />

on a formulators list of priorities. This is<br />

when you need to compare the texture<br />

of original ‘well liked’ pet foods with their<br />

reformulated counterpart to see whether<br />

you have created a textural match.<br />

Using a Texture Analyser in<br />

pet food and animal feed<br />

development<br />

The integration of the Texture Analyser<br />

in pet food and animal feed product<br />

research and development (R&D) holds<br />

a diverse range of applications, playing a<br />

pivotal role in enhancing the quality and<br />

effectiveness of animal feed. Measuring<br />

kibble hardness for dry pet foods offers<br />

24<br />

Technology & Marketing

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Typical multiple puncture test<br />

and the resulting graph<br />

insights into chewability, allowing<br />

adjustments based on the target animal's<br />

size and age. Understanding moisture<br />

content and cohesiveness becomes<br />

vital for wet pet foods, influencing<br />

palatability. Adhesiveness assessment<br />

proves significant for pet treats or pastes,<br />

predicting how well they'll be accepted<br />

and handled by animals.<br />

All of these measurements and textural<br />

properties are possible by the correct<br />

choice of test for the Texture Analyser to<br />

perform. The sample is placed under the<br />

arm of the Texture Analyser and a suitable<br />

attachment selected in order to test the<br />

sample in a specific way by the choice of<br />

the following test types: compression,<br />

penetration, shearing, tension, bending,<br />

extrusion or adhesion. Examples of<br />

typical tests and their resulting graphs<br />

are shown.<br />

The Texture Analyser's contributions<br />

extend to ensuring the integrity of animal<br />

feed pellets, particularly in aquaculture<br />

settings where maintaining pellet<br />

structure in water is essential. Quality<br />

Safety and reliability are top priorities for pet owners when it comes to their<br />

beloved animals. The increasing demand for premium quality, high flexibility<br />

and limitless reliability is constantly presenting pet food producers with new<br />

challenges!<br />

Whether wet food in cups, cans, jars and thermoformed packaging or clipped<br />

products, such as dog sausage and fresh pet food filled to the exact gram,<br />

or snacks, such as filled and unfilled chews, treats, sticks or stripes:<br />

VEMAG offers reliable solutions with flexible machine systems!<br />

VEMAG: Boundless passion for YOUR solution!<br />

vemag.com/pet-food · e-mail@vemag.de<br />

VISIT US<br />

19. – 22.03.<strong>2024</strong><br />

Hall 9 | Stand C-10<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Typical three-point bend test and<br />

the resulting graph<br />

control is upheld as the Analyser aids in<br />

maintaining consistent texture across<br />

feed batches, impacting palatability for<br />

pets and feed efficiency for livestock. In<br />

formulation testing, understanding how<br />

the introduction of new ingredients or<br />

changes in ratios affects the resulting<br />

texture is of paramount importance.<br />

Shelf-life studies, vital for monitoring<br />

textural changes over time, especially in<br />

the presence of moisture, ensure feed<br />

quality over its lifespan. Furthermore, the<br />

Texture Analyser serves as an indicator of<br />

digestibility, as certain feeds' hardness<br />

and texture can correlate with digestibility<br />

levels, thus aiding in optimising animal<br />

health. While true palatability tests<br />

involve animals' responses, texture<br />

analysis offers quantitative data that,<br />

when combined with palatability tests,<br />

guides formulation decisions. In the<br />

realm of animal feed product R&D,<br />

the Texture Analyser emerges as an<br />

indispensable tool, enabling precise<br />

analysis and contributing to the creation<br />

of high-quality feeds that meet animal<br />

preferences and nutritional requirements.<br />

The combination of innovative ingredients,<br />

sustainable practices, and instruments<br />

like Texture Analysers ensures the<br />

pet food and animal feed industry can<br />

create products that are beneficial for<br />

animal health, accepted by animals, and<br />

environmentally sustainable.<br />

New ingredient and product<br />

ideas in pet food and animal<br />

feed product research,<br />

development and production<br />

• Alternative proteins: There's a<br />

growing interest in sustainable<br />

protein sources for pet food, such<br />

as insect-based proteins, fungibased<br />

proteins, and plant-based<br />

proteins. These sources are seen as<br />

environmentally friendly alternatives<br />

to traditional meat.<br />

• Functional ingredients: Incorporating<br />

health-beneficial ingredients into pet<br />

food, such as probiotics, prebiotics,<br />

antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids,<br />

and joint supplements.<br />

• Grain-free and limited ingredient<br />

diets: Many pet owners are looking<br />

for grain-free options or foods with<br />

limited ingredients to address allergy<br />

concerns or dietary sensitivities.<br />

• Human-grade and premium ingredients:<br />

As pet owners increasingly<br />

view pets as family members, there's<br />

a demand for high-quality, humangrade<br />

ingredients in pet food.<br />

• Customisable pet foods: Offering<br />

tailor-made pet food blends based<br />

on the specific needs, age, breed, or<br />

health concerns of individual pets.<br />

• Sustainability: Sustainable sourcing<br />

of ingredients, upcycling ingredients<br />

(using food by-products), and ecofriendly<br />

packaging.<br />

• Clean label movement: Just as in<br />

human foods, there's a trend toward<br />

simpler ingredient lists and avoiding<br />

synthetic additives in pet foods.<br />

• Alternative animal feed additives: Use<br />

of seaweeds or specific botanicals<br />

that can reduce methane emissions<br />

from ruminants, helping to combat<br />

climate change. Use of novel petfood<br />

supplementary ingredients can<br />

add beneficial nutrients to existing<br />

compositions.<br />

• Aquaculture feeds: With the growth<br />

of the fish farming industry, there's<br />

research into more sustainable and<br />

efficient feed for farmed fish.<br />

• Fermented and processed feeds:<br />

Fermentation or specific processing<br />

techniques can improve the<br />

digestibility and nutrient availability<br />

of animal feeds.<br />

The market is exciting and opportunities<br />

abound but loyalty is key and quick to<br />

change so you’ll want to make sure that<br />

the product quality is optimally measured<br />

and monitored to minimize failure<br />

and that is where texture analysis is an<br />

invaluable tool.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.stablemicrosystems.com<br />

26<br />

Technology & Marketing

BAKE<br />



H A P P<br />

I E R<br />

P E T S<br />

· New All-in-One technology:<br />

Dehydrating, cooking and baking<br />

by forced convection<br />

· Acceleration of Innovation:<br />

Allows to develop new foods<br />

and treats for pets<br />

· Great Versatility:<br />

Possibility to dry & cook & bake<br />

any type of product and format<br />

· Process Optimization:<br />

Continuous system, with superior<br />

performance and lower energy consumption<br />

· Full Connectivity 4.0:<br />

Full control of the process<br />


<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Dr. Harvey's Ups Output of<br />

Natural Pet Foods with<br />

Rotary Batch Mixer<br />

Operators weigh and empty ingredients into bowls<br />

which are emptied into a 0.56 m3 (20 cu ft) hopper<br />

that feeds the Rotary Batch Mixer.<br />

Proprietary mixing flights impart a tumble-turn-cutfold<br />

mixing action that causes particles to recombine<br />

288 times per minute, yielding uniform blends in<br />

about five minutes.<br />

One receiving hopper containing a blended batch is<br />

rolled away from the mixer (foreground) as another<br />

fills a packaging machine surge hopper (rear left).<br />

Dr. Harvey’s produces all-natural food<br />

products for dogs and birds, each of which<br />

is a blend of 15 to 30 dry ingredients<br />

ranging from seeds, dried vegetables,<br />

fruits and organic grains, to protein<br />

powder and freeze-dried meat.<br />

The company's previous 836 m2 (9000 sq<br />

ft) plant and 57 liter (2 cu ft) ribbon blender<br />

limited growth, prompting Dr. Harvey’s to<br />

move to a 2787 m2 (30,000 sq ft) facility in<br />

Eatontown, New Jersey, and install a 566<br />

liter (20 cu ft) Munson Rotary Batch Mixer,<br />

which is “the central and fastest part of<br />

the process,” says General Manager Cesar<br />

Salazar.<br />

Achieving uniform distribution<br />

of disparate ingredients<br />

Each food product begins with a base<br />

mixture of grains and dry vegetables to<br />

which herbs, protein powders, and other<br />

ingredients are added. Canine products<br />

contain between 20 and 25 ingredients,<br />

versus about 30 for bird feed products<br />

containing seeds, nuts, dehydrated<br />

protein, and fruit. Ingredient particles<br />

are powder-sized up to a quarter inch–or<br />

about 6 millimeters.<br />

Ingredients for batches of up to 363<br />

kg (800 lb) are manually weighed and<br />

dumped into a plastic hopper, which is<br />

then forklifted above the mixer's inlet to<br />

be gravity discharged through a manual<br />

slide gate into the Rotary Batch Mixer.<br />

The mixer's stationary inlet and outlet<br />

allow loading and discharging of the<br />

vessel as it rotates, reducing mixing cycle<br />

times, while preventing segregation of<br />

ingredients during discharge, regardless<br />

of the large variations in particle sizes and<br />

shapes.<br />

The four-way action of the vessel's<br />

proprietary mixing flights lifts, folds, cuts<br />

and turns the materials with no shear, heat<br />

or degradation, yielding uniform blends in<br />

about five minutes. The flights also serve<br />

to elevate and direct the material toward<br />

and through a plug gate valve which,<br />

when opened, discharges the batch with<br />

less residual than the plant's previous<br />

ribbon blender, despite having 10-times<br />

greater capacity.<br />

The general manager says, "A number of<br />

fragile ingredients dust easily, but they<br />

remain in the same condition as when we<br />

loaded them into the mixer.”<br />

The portable hopper containing the<br />

blended batch is then forklifted above the<br />

surge hopper of the adjacent packaging<br />

machine and discharged through a<br />

manual knife gate valve.<br />

Complying with sanitary<br />

standards<br />

Following discharge, the previous ribbon<br />

blender left about 1.5 kg (3 lb) of residual<br />

material in the vessel trough requiring<br />

manual removal, while dried vegetable<br />

particles adhered between the ribbon<br />

agitator and the trough walls required<br />

manual scraping and/or removal of the<br />

agitator.<br />

With no shaft seals, dead spots or<br />

recesses to trap contaminants, the Rotary<br />

Batch Mixer can be cleaned in 30 to 40<br />

minutes. Operators blast the interior using<br />

compressed air nozzles, then vacuum and<br />

hand wipe with towels.<br />

For batches containing certain dried meat<br />

products, a dry sanitising agent is applied<br />

in addition to the standard cleaning<br />

regimen. “We deep clean each surface to<br />

ensure no cross contamination,” says Marie<br />

Limoges, PhD, RDN Director of Food Safety<br />

and Nutrition.<br />

Clean-out doors on opposite sides of<br />

the vessel allow unrestricted access for<br />

cleaning and visual inspection of all<br />

material contact surfaces, contributing<br />

to the plant's compliance with National<br />

Animal Supplement Council guidelines,<br />

which incorporate FDA and state<br />

requirements.<br />

28<br />

Technology & Marketing

Ingredients are emptied into a 0.56 m3<br />

(20 cu ft) hopper that is forklifted into<br />

position above the mixer's inlet.<br />

Batched ingredients gravity discharge from<br />

the 0.56 m3 (20 cu ft) hopper into the Rotary<br />

Batch Mixer of equal capacity.<br />

Blended ingredients are transferred from a<br />

receiving hopper below the mixer's plug gate<br />

discharge valve, into the packaging machine inlet.<br />

To prevent dust contamination of the plant<br />

environment, intake ducts of a central<br />

dust collection system are positioned<br />

at the Rotary Batch Mixer, packaging<br />

machine, hand batching stations and<br />

other production points.<br />

Anticipating exponential<br />

growth<br />

Dr. Harvey's is meeting increased demand<br />

by running a minimum of three batches<br />

per day on average. Considering five<br />

minute mixing cycles per batch, and<br />

typical cleaning times of under one hour<br />

for non-meat products, the company has<br />

significant reserve capacity to handle<br />

future growth.<br />

“We are nowhere near capacity,” explains<br />

Salazar, adding “At our previous location,<br />

we had no extra inventory. All of our<br />

product went out the door soon after<br />

it was made. Now we have inventory<br />

on hand, increased production and can<br />

plan accordingly for growth. We will be<br />

adding a second shift and will accelerate<br />

marketing to increase demand and<br />

output.”<br />

By offering "Fine Health Foods for<br />

Companion Animals" per the company<br />

slogan, and outfitting the new plant with<br />

equipment having reserve capacity, Dr.<br />

Harvey's is prepared to meet burgeoning<br />

demand for its healthful products.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.drharveys.com<br />

www.munsonmachinery.com<br />

The final blend of homogenous and<br />

undamaged ingredients.<br />

Pouches of Dr. Harvey’s product––a blend<br />

of 15 to 30 dry ingredients––are filled at the<br />

packaging machine.<br />

Dr. Harvey’s produces all-natural food products<br />

for dogs and birds with dry ingredients ranging<br />

from seeds, dried vegetables, fruits and organic<br />

grains, to protein powder, and freeze-dried meat.<br />

#GENTLE #<strong>PRO</strong>CESS-SAFE<br />




75 % ENERGY AND CO2!<br />

COLOGNE TRADE FAIR 19 - 22 MARCH <strong>2024</strong> HALL 10.1 STAND A010<br />

HARTER GmbH | +49 (0) 83 83 / 92 23-0 | info@ harter-gmbh.de | harter-gmbh.de


International, Innovative,<br />

Successful<br />

Photos: Anuga FoodTec<br />

Anuga FoodTec is the most important<br />

information and business platform for new<br />

concepts and innovative developments<br />

in the international food and beverage<br />

industry, this year with an added Pet Food<br />

Zone. It is the world's only supplier fair that<br />

30<br />

competently covers all aspects of food<br />

and beverage production - from process<br />

technology and filling and packaging<br />

technology to food safety, packaging,<br />

digitalization and intralogistics.<br />

Pet Food Zone @ Anuga<br />

FoodTec<br />

The pet food business is developing<br />

dynamically. The forecasts are good<br />

for the coming years too. Whereby the<br />

requirements for the production, quality,<br />

packaging, storage and transport of pet<br />

food are as equally demanding as those for<br />

food and beverages. The manufacturers<br />

of pet food are thus equally interested<br />

in innovative technologies that make<br />

their production even more competitive<br />

and cost-effective. In order to also reach<br />

this producer market, Anuga FoodTec<br />

is offering an ideal presentation and<br />

networking platform called the Pet Food<br />

Zone for all suppliers from this spectrum<br />

of offers of the trade fair. This special area<br />

is easily found on the Boulevard Central,<br />

starting at Booth A048.<br />

Revolutionizing food<br />

production<br />

Whether it is about complete production<br />

lines or individual process systems for<br />

milk products, cheese, beverages and<br />

viscous food – Best Practice technologies<br />

are currently called for that ensure<br />

both efficiency and product quality. At<br />

the same time, these systems must be<br />

scalable and flexible, in order to also be<br />

able to process new ingredients in future.<br />

In advance of Anuga FoodTec, which is<br />

taking place from 19 to 22 March <strong>2024</strong><br />

in Cologne, it is becoming clear that the<br />

latest generation of process technology<br />

systems distinguishes itself through<br />

three important trends – digitalization,<br />

sustainability and individualization.<br />

The goal of sustainably redesigning<br />

the food and beverage industries has<br />

never been as urgent as it is today. It is<br />

all the more important for producers to<br />

efficiently and flexibly use systems that<br />

are appropriate for this task. Not least, the<br />

consistently high quality of food and food<br />

safety is in the focus of developments.<br />

Matthias Schlüter,<br />

Director Anuga FoodTec KoelnMesse GmbH<br />

"Globally, we are seeing innovations of<br />

completely different kinds in process<br />

technology. This diversity is also reflected<br />

on the Cologne fair grounds at the stands<br />

of the exhibitors," says Matthias Schlüter,<br />

Director of Anuga FoodTec.<br />

More than a third of the around 1,350<br />

exhibitors from Germany and abroad<br />

present solutions in the field of process<br />

technology. And these already start with<br />

mixing – a complex process that often<br />

takes place at the start of production.<br />

Mixers are the workhorses of the food<br />

industry and are indispensable for the<br />

standardization of product masses. Where<br />

a simple batch mixer was sufficient 15<br />

years ago to process standard recipes<br />

with few ingredients, the situation has<br />

fundamentally transformed. The market<br />

is now more dynamic than ever before.<br />

Manufacturers change recipes several<br />

times per day in order to adapt their<br />

production to the changing wishes of<br />

consumers. A modern mixer must be able<br />

to master this complexity and be capable<br />

of mixing varied raw materials equally<br />

wet and dry, and that without making the<br />

process more difficult. At Anuga FoodTec,<br />

visitors will find a great variety of models<br />

that can be adapted to the respective<br />

requirements. An example of this are<br />

trajectory mixers. They introduce the<br />

shear forces by way of the inertia of the<br />

mass through the use of programmable<br />

trajectories. The highlight: the product<br />

found in the process container processes<br />

itself gently with itself, entirely without<br />

stirring tools.<br />

Technology & Marketing

www.anugafoodtec.com<br />

International<br />

supplier fair for the<br />

food and beverage industry<br />

COLOGNE, 19.-22.03.<strong>2024</strong><br />



Discover innovations on the key theme Responsibility as well<br />

as further pioneering solutions at Anuga FoodTec <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Buy your tickets now!<br />

Koelnmesse GmbH<br />

Messeplatz 1, 50679 Cologne<br />

Tel. +49 1806 578 866<br />

Fax +49 221 821991020<br />



Photo: AdobeStock_653739713, Anuga FoodTec<br />

However, there is more than one process<br />

step behind the manufacture of food.<br />

The stirrers, kneaders, mixers, extruders,<br />

homogenizers and heat exchangers on<br />

the Cologne fair grounds are flanked by a<br />

large number of digital solutions that are<br />

specifically coordinated to the processes<br />

and network these to form a complete line.<br />

Recipe and batch management software<br />

makes it possible to plan and control fullyautomated<br />

production. Thanks to central<br />

terminals, all functions, such as rotational<br />

speeds, vacuum values, exposure to gas or<br />

the speed of the conveyor systems, can be<br />

monitored and operated by one person.<br />

User-friendly designs ensure process-safe<br />

and intuitive operation and are also a<br />

response to the lack of skilled workers in<br />

the industry.<br />

Digital and networked along<br />

the entire line<br />

The optimization of production processes<br />

occupies a lot of space at Anuga FoodTec.<br />

It is primarily the digital technologies that<br />

provide insights into the processes that<br />

were not so available in the past. Food<br />

manufacturers use this as the foundation<br />

for elevating their own production to<br />

the latest standard and to optimize the<br />

harmonization of human being, machine<br />

and processes. With their portfolios, the<br />

exhibitors in Cologne begin at precisely this<br />

point – for example, with intelligent sensor<br />

and web-based process control systems<br />

that can also be retrofitted on existing<br />

systems. They enable comprehensive<br />

sustainability management at the central<br />

point of the plant control system.<br />

This enables cross-process automation<br />

from the preparation of raw materials with<br />

mixing and reduction through processing<br />

with portioning, dispensing, molding<br />

or extrusion to options like gripping<br />

and insertion of the products into the<br />

packaging. Intelligent feeds and precise<br />

sorting then subsequently ensure that the<br />

products are finally packaged and ready<br />

for shipping. With such an integrated<br />

complete solution, the individual product<br />

components for ready-made meals<br />

pass without interruption through the<br />

weighing and filling stations and are<br />

subsequently filled cleanly into bowls and<br />

sealed.<br />

Gentle processing for higher<br />

quality<br />

Food manufacturers not only face the<br />

challenge of continually improving the<br />

efficiency of their processes. They must at<br />

the same time ensure the durability and<br />

the quality of their products. Against this<br />

background, non-thermal preservation<br />

processes remain the trend. The solutions<br />

to be found in Cologne are bundled<br />

under the term "Minimal Processing".<br />

These include, for example, high pressure<br />

processing (HPP). This enables the gentle<br />

preservation of food at 6,000 bar, without<br />

heat or additives. The products are treated<br />

directly in the final packaging. Because<br />

high temperatures are unnecessary,<br />

the products remain fresh and of a high<br />

quality. That works as well for vacuum and<br />

modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) as<br />

it does with PET bottles.<br />

New application areas in food processing<br />

are also always arising for pulsed electric<br />

fields (PEF). The technology is primarily<br />

used to date with vegetables and fruit.<br />

When producing French fries, PEF<br />

pretreatment has become the standard<br />

in the meantime. It results in a better cut<br />

appearance, reduced loss of raw material<br />

and starch losses for manufacturers.<br />

The process can be combined with<br />

conventional drying methods like hot air,<br />

freeze, vacuum, microwave or infrared<br />

drying and increases the attractiveness<br />

of the dried products – with reduced<br />

consumption of water and energy.<br />

The future of food production<br />

From 19 to 22 March <strong>2024</strong>, Anuga FoodTec<br />

will show what levers food producers can<br />

apply to elevate their production processes<br />

to the next level of resource efficiency<br />

and product quality. The exhibition<br />

programme will be complemented by<br />

conferences with prominent guests,<br />

interactive forums, panel discussions<br />

and lectures, special events, guided<br />

tours as well as the presentation of the<br />

International FoodTec Award <strong>2024</strong>. The<br />

Main Stage Responsibility (Hall 9, B080/<br />

C081) and the Innovation Stage (Hall<br />

5.2, C100/D119) revolve around themes<br />

like automation, digitalization, robotics,<br />

sustainability and process optimization.<br />

"This overarching perspective of Anuga<br />

FoodTec on developments of the industry<br />

thereby helps with reaching investment<br />

decisions for new technologies," according<br />

to Matthias Schlüter. The Best Practice<br />

technologies shown at the trade fair<br />

offer trade visitors valuable stimuli in this<br />

regard.<br />

Anuga FoodTec is the leading international<br />

supplier fair for the food and beverage<br />

industries. Organised by Koelnmesse, the<br />

trade fair takes place from 19 to 22 March<br />

<strong>2024</strong> in Cologne and places the emphasis<br />

on the key theme of Responsibility. The<br />

professional and industry sponsor is the<br />

DLG, the German Agricultural Society.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.anugafoodtec.com<br />

32<br />

Technology & Marketing

Download our brochure


K+G Wetter at the Anuga:<br />

Butcher's Machines for Perfection<br />

also for Pet Food<br />

Food Production Technology optimizes food quality for four-legged friends<br />

Anuga FoodTec<br />

March 19-22<br />

Cologne<br />

Hall 6.1 Booth A010<br />

At the heart of VetConcept’s wet feed production are two AW 280s from<br />

K+G Wetter. The industrial automatic grinders with a cutting set diameter<br />

of 280mm process frozen meat and raw materials containing bones for<br />

currently up to 17,000 tonnes of wet feed per year.<br />

Safe handling and high productivity,<br />

flexible application options and perfect<br />

hygiene are not just important in the<br />

production of food. The right technology<br />

also ensures the best quality when it<br />

comes to food for four-legged friends.<br />

K+G Wetter will be exhibiting at the Anuga<br />

FoodTec <strong>2024</strong> (Hall 6.1, Stand A010/B011)<br />

to also show customers from pet food<br />

production how the meat processing<br />

machines can play a significant role in<br />

animal food quality.<br />

Sophisticated machine<br />

technology for pet food<br />

production<br />

Pet food professionals like VetConcept<br />

deliberately choose machines from K+G<br />

Wetter. When planning the new<br />

wet food plant for the German<br />

speciality food manufacturer,<br />

two AW 280 industrial<br />

automatic grinders from K+G<br />

Wetter were right at the top of<br />

the wish list for the production<br />

line. "I knew there was no other<br />

alternative but to opt for K+G<br />

Wetter as manufacturer. The<br />

grinders are good, they work,"<br />

says VetConcept production<br />

manager Arthur Schäfer, who<br />

comes from the butcher's trade.<br />

One machine type –<br />

different tasks<br />

The two industrial grinders<br />

from K+G Wetter perform two<br />

different tasks in VetConcept’s<br />

wet food production line: One<br />

of the AW 280s produces only coarse<br />

material - i.e. what dogs and cats later<br />

find as pieces of meat in their bowls.<br />

The second grinder is used for products<br />

containing bones. "In order to chop the<br />

extremely hard material down to a size of<br />

7 to 8 millimeters, the grinder must have<br />

the necessary power and robustness." A<br />

task that the AW 280 masters effortlessly,<br />

as Arthur Schäfer reports.<br />

Perfect hygiene ensures<br />

product safety<br />

"Because we produce special dietetic<br />

food and monoprotein varieties for<br />

dogs and cats, we must have very clear<br />

batch separation," says VetConcept<br />

Works Manager Schäfer. Sensitive and<br />

allergic animals are best protected from<br />

unwanted proteins by perfect hygiene<br />

during cleaning. This is achieved in a<br />

particularly time-saving manner with<br />

all K+G Wetter machines, thanks to<br />

their sophisticated design and features:<br />

The grinders have optimum cleaning<br />

properties thanks to the closed housing<br />

made of hand-polished stainless steel<br />

and carefully polished weld seams. The<br />

flushing chamber allows the seals of the<br />

drive shafts to be cleaned daily on both<br />

sides via an exterior, easily accessible<br />

flushing access. The additional effort<br />

is minimal, at maximum effectiveness.<br />

Depending on the model, the feeder and<br />

meat worms of K+G Wetter grinders can<br />

be removed in a few simple steps or made<br />

accessible from the outside for cleaning.<br />

The result: Machines that are perfectly<br />

clean and residue-free after cleaning,<br />

ready for the next batch.<br />

Compact and powerful angle<br />

grinder for medium-sized<br />

businesses: the new WW U200<br />

K+G Wetter will be showing the brand<br />

new WW U200 angle grinder at the Anuga<br />

FoodTec <strong>2024</strong>: particularly powerful,<br />

with extremely low space requirements.<br />

The asymmetrical shape of the big angle<br />

grinder hopper with a ca. 500 liter capacity<br />

ensures that meat and other ingredients<br />

are fed evenly to the feeder worm after<br />

loading. The customized design of the<br />

grinder hopper prevents even bulky<br />

frozen meat blocks from jamming. The<br />

34<br />

Technology & Marketing


All K+G Wetter machines are consistently optimized for hygienic<br />

design. Thanks to the closed housing made of hand-polished<br />

stainless steel and carefully ground smooth weld seams, the<br />

automatic grinders offer optimal cleaning characteristics.<br />

space-saving powerhouse WW U200<br />

features particularly flexible application<br />

options for fresh and frozen meat blocks,<br />

making almost anything possible in<br />

the pet food sector for medium-sized<br />

businesses and industry.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.kgwetter.de<br />

The peeling edge of the feeder worm pre-cuts<br />

frozen and – as shown in this photo – ingredients<br />

containing bone, without squeezing them. At the<br />

same time, it gently conveys the material towards<br />

the meat worm by means of variably adjustable<br />

speeds. This results in a first-class cutting pattern.<br />




Your advantages:<br />

· optimal solution for the extraction of proteins from<br />

various raw materials<br />

· suitable for all process steps - extraction, washing,<br />

concentration and clarification<br />

· maximum yield and quality by efficiently using wet<br />

fractionation<br />

Cologne, 19.-22.03.<strong>2024</strong><br />

Hall 5.1 / Booth C061<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Boosting Productivity and<br />

Maximizing Profit in Pet Food<br />

Production<br />

Systems and Solutions from Provisur® Technologies<br />

During the pandemic, the number of pet owners increased, leading to significant<br />

growth in the pet food industry. As the production of pet food requires efficient<br />

processes and robust machines able to handle large quantities, many pet food<br />

manufacturers rely on innovative technologies from the Provisur® portfolio. These highperformance<br />

systems support producers across a range of applications to increase yield<br />

and reduce costs. Renowned as a specialist for industrial food processing machines,<br />

Provisur is currently working on new, exciting solutions that will expand the range of<br />

raw materials in the pet food industry in the future.<br />

Anuga FoodTec<br />

March 19-22<br />

Cologne<br />

Hall 9.1 Booth B040<br />

Photos: Provisur<br />

Due to the pet boom of the COVID-19<br />

pandemic, the rapid growth in the pet<br />

food industry has led to an increased<br />

demand for the modern, highperformance<br />

machines pioneered by<br />

Provisur® Technologies, headquartered in<br />

Chicago, Illinois. In accordance with the<br />

company motto "Pushing Boundaries",<br />

Provisur® develops and manufactures<br />

efficient and robust systems for<br />

separating, grinding and mixing, forming,<br />

and more. The machines are used in<br />

industrial food processing as well as in the<br />

pet food segment. The Provisur® portfolio<br />

includes premium quality legacy brands<br />

such as AM2C®, Beehive®, Formax®,<br />

Lutetia®, Weiler® and others, all of them<br />

cutting-edge technology leaders in their<br />

respective segments.<br />

Olivier Bazin, Area Sales Manager EMEA-<br />

CIS Separation Business Unit, describes<br />

current developments in the pet food<br />

market segment: "In order to meet the<br />

increased demand, the current trend<br />

among the major players in the industry<br />

is towards high-performance production<br />

lines that can process large volumes and<br />

at the same time drive automation in the<br />

industry." Peter Berkensträter, Provisur<br />

Account Manager Central and Eastern<br />

Europe/Central Asia adds: "We are seeing<br />

that pet food processors are increasingly<br />

investing in first-class quality systems and<br />

that their products comply with the same<br />

safety and hygiene standards as those<br />

applied to non-pet food items. Another<br />

trend that is currently emerging is that<br />

many food manufacturers are now also<br />

producing for the pet food segment."<br />

Overall, the specialists at Provisur® have<br />

observed that pet food suppliers are<br />

focusing on making their processes even<br />

more efficient and profitable in the wake<br />

The Weiler® Dominator 14 from<br />

Provisur is one of the outstanding<br />

system components and impresses<br />

with its first-class quality and high<br />

throughput.<br />

of increased raw material costs and global<br />

supply chain bottlenecks. This is where<br />

Provisur's® high-performance systems<br />

come into play, offering innovative,<br />

modern, and profitable solutions for<br />

processes such as separation, grinding<br />

and mixing.<br />

Separation - robust systems for<br />

high-performance applications<br />

The Provisur® portfolio includes a wide<br />

range of systems for separating meat<br />

or fish that optimally meet the needs<br />

of the pet food industry. These include,<br />

for example, the separators of the<br />

particularly powerful Beehive S series,<br />

which separate meat, poultry and more<br />

at high speed and maximize recovery<br />

yield thanks to the innovative screw and<br />

filter technology. They are characterized<br />

by their robust design and are therefore<br />

ideal for processing large quantities of<br />

raw materials. Their innovative, extremely<br />

durable ceramic components reduce<br />

maintenance requirements and thus<br />

lead to lower maintenance costs. The<br />

modular Barracuda separation system<br />

from Provisur® is also highly sought after<br />

by pet food producers. It combines the<br />

outstanding separation technologies<br />

of the Beehive® and AM2C® brands to<br />

create a new standard of excellence for<br />

this application. The Barracuda series<br />

deploys a high-pressure system that<br />

increases throughput while minimizing<br />

the temperature rise in the end product,<br />

which in turn increases product safety.<br />

The bottom line is that users of this<br />

innovative separation technology benefit<br />

from optimized yields.<br />

36<br />

Technology & Marketing

<strong>PRO</strong>CESSING<br />

Grinding and mixing - Weiler®<br />

for quality and reliability<br />

When it comes to grinding and mixing pet<br />

food components, the renowned Weiler®<br />

brand from the Provisur® portfolio is the<br />

brand of choice for many producers. For<br />

eight decades now, these grinding and<br />

mixing systems have been used for both<br />

food and pet food production and are still<br />

used by many major manufacturers in the<br />

industry today. The Weiler® Dominator<br />

14 mincer is one of the outstanding<br />

system components for this application.<br />

It not only achieves first-class product<br />

quality but also delivers extremely high<br />

throughput, thereby meeting the needs<br />

of large manufacturers in the industry. The<br />

system is suitable for the fast processing<br />

of beef, pork, and further raw materials.<br />

Other system components for this<br />

segment are the Weiler® Dominator mixers<br />

and mixer grinders. They use the unique<br />

balanced flow technology developed by<br />

Provisur®. This ensures that the product<br />

flow is always optimal: backflow and the<br />

subsequent overloading of the product<br />

are virtually eliminated. The double<br />

overlapping, counter-rotating paddles<br />

are particularly advantageous for perfect<br />

mixing. The stainless-steel machines<br />

are equipped with correspondingly<br />

powerful motors. Another unique feature<br />

is the design with its reduced number<br />

of components, e.g. only one hole plate.<br />

In addition, almost all screws are made<br />

from a single piece of material. "All these<br />

features make the Weiler® Dominator<br />

range particularly reliable and low<br />

maintenance. The low operating costs are<br />

unparalleled and have generated interest<br />

in the pet food industry and beyond," says<br />

Peter Berkensträter.<br />

Further applications - from<br />

formed veterinary products to<br />

treats<br />

The latest generation of the market<br />

leading Formax® forming technology<br />

from the Provisur® portfolio is available for<br />

the veterinary pharmaceuticals market.<br />

These highly efficient systems can be<br />

used to produce formed products such<br />

as medication for dogs or cats. Lutetia®<br />

tumblers are ideal for pet food suppliers<br />

looking for efficient smaller volume<br />

solutions for certain process steps in the<br />

production of treats for dogs or cats.<br />

These versatile tumblers can be used in<br />

a variety of ways: drying, cooking with<br />

steam, dry cooking with heated air or<br />

cooking previously vacuum-packed<br />

Pet owners prioritize their dogs' health, recognizing<br />

the direct impact of food choices. The focus is shifting<br />

towards higher quality, natural, and healthier<br />

ingredients.<br />

products at a relatively low temperature.<br />

They maximize throughput while<br />

reducing cycle times and producing<br />

high-quality end products.<br />

Tapping into new sources of<br />

raw materials with innovative<br />

technologies<br />

Various Provisur® systems have become<br />

firmly established in many areas of the<br />

pet food industry. Current trends are<br />

contributing to the continuous expansion<br />

of this spectrum. Provisur® specialists are<br />

now experiencing how market trends<br />

from the food industry are reaching into<br />

the pet food segment. Peter Berkensträter<br />

Visit Us at<br />

ANUGA <strong>2024</strong><br />

Booth A-080<br />

HRS Heat Exchangers operates at<br />

the forefront of thermal technology,<br />

offering innovative and effective heat<br />

transfer products and systems for highly<br />

viscous applications worldwide, focusing on<br />

managing energy efficiently.<br />

Pasteurisation<br />

Sterilisation<br />

Heating & Cooling<br />

Evaporation<br />

CIP Systems<br />

Process Skids<br />


Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />

HRS Heat Exchangers<br />

info@uk.hrs-he.com | +44 (0)19237<br />

545 625<br />



Powerful Beehive series. The Beehive S 20<br />

(behind) combined with the Weiler® BPF 40.<br />

pet food industry. Current trends are<br />

contributing to the continuous expansion<br />

of this spectrum. Provisur® specialists are<br />

now experiencing how market trends<br />

from the food industry are reaching into<br />

the pet food segment. Peter Berkensträter<br />

explains: "Many pet owners treat their pets<br />

like a fully-fledged member of the family.<br />

We hear from our customers that this also<br />

has an impact on choice of food, and that<br />

aspects similar to those at play in human<br />

nutrition are becoming increasingly<br />

important in pet food." In short, pet<br />

owners are becoming better informed<br />

about the health of their four-legged<br />

family members, knowing that food can<br />

have a direct impact. As a result, they are<br />

increasingly looking for higher quality,<br />

as well as more natural and healthier<br />

ingredients. This leads to a willingness to<br />

pay a higher price for pet food - and thus<br />

to the growth of the premium segment.<br />

"Sustainability concerns such as reduced<br />

meat consumption also have an influence<br />

on the purchasing behavior of pet owners<br />

and therefore on the pet food market.<br />

Provisur® is currently working intensively<br />

on sustainable solutions to open up new<br />

sources of low-cost raw materials for the<br />

pet food industry. For example, added<br />

vegetables or new sources of protein such<br />

as insects or larvae. The industry can look<br />

forward to news from our research and<br />

development efforts," promises Olivier<br />

Bazin.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.provisur.com<br />

Servo Motors Increase Flexibility<br />

of Coperion K-Tron Feeders<br />

Anuga FoodTec<br />

After over half a century of supplying<br />

feeding equipment using mainly direct<br />

current (DC) motors, Coperion K-Tron<br />

is entering a new era. All new Coperion<br />

K-Tron feeders will be supplied with<br />

servo motors. Servo motors are capable<br />

of tremendous turndown (up to 2000:1<br />

RPM) without overheating or loss of<br />

torque. As a result, it will no longer be<br />

necessary to offer multiple gearboxes<br />

to cover the full feed range of a feeder,<br />

making the implementation of a single<br />

feeder configuration more flexible in its<br />

application. In addition, thanks to the high<br />

resolution of our SFT weighing technology<br />

we can supply excellent feeding accuracy<br />

across the full feed rate range. In loss-inweight<br />

feeding applications, servo motors<br />

offer an additional advantage due to<br />

their smaller size and lighter weight. This<br />

reduction in feeder weight results in an<br />

increase of the scale weighing range.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

March 19-22<br />

Cologne<br />

Hall 10.1 Booth B011<br />

For more information<br />

www.coperion.com<br />

38<br />

Technology & Marketing


SAIREM at Anuga FoodTec <strong>2024</strong>:<br />

Innovative Heat Treatment<br />

for High Quality Pet Food<br />

SAIREM, a world-leading specialist in microwave (MW) and radio frequency (RF)<br />

industrial solutions, will showcase the company’s innovative food and pet food industry<br />

processes at Anuga FoodTec from 19th-22nd March <strong>2024</strong> in Cologne, Germany. On<br />

display at the SAIREM booth will be one of the company’s tempering tunnels as well as<br />

samples of treated products.<br />

Energy-efficient solutions from<br />

the food-safety experts<br />

SAIREM, located in Lyon, France, is an<br />

expert in MW and RF solutions for a wide<br />

range of industries and applications in the<br />

food sector. For over 40 years the company<br />

has developed customized and highly<br />

specialized equipment and processes and<br />

has excelled at ensuring food safety and<br />

process efficiency. SAIREM’s tailored pet<br />

food solutions lead to products that are<br />

healthy, of consistent high quality and<br />

have a long shelf life.<br />

Sylvain Tissier, Business Development<br />

Manager at SAIREM, adds, “Our solutions<br />

are fully electric and highly energy efficient.<br />

In addition, they are easy to install and easy<br />

to maintain, offering maximum reliability<br />

with few moving parts.”<br />

Pet food – safe, high-protein,<br />

energy-efficient<br />

With the growth of worldwide pet<br />

ownership, SAIREM's innovative MW and<br />

RF systems have taken center stage. One<br />

popular application is the gentle defrosting<br />

of frozen pet food components such<br />

as beef - including liver, spleen, rumen,<br />

etc. - or poultry. These can be brought<br />

to the required temperature for further<br />

processing in a very short time using<br />

microwaves. Compared to other methods,<br />

there is no drip loss, and product safety is<br />

increased by reducing bacterial growth.<br />

In the search for alternative protein sources,<br />

insects such as mealworms or crickets<br />

are increasingly coming into focus: they<br />

are easy to breed and have high protein<br />

content. For further processing, however,<br />

they must be dried uniformly. Conventional<br />

methods are ill equipped to deal with this<br />

challenge as they are time-consuming,<br />

energy-intensive and lead to quality losses.<br />

With SAIREM MW technology, this process<br />

can be carried out in just one step, leading<br />

to homogeneous results. The insects do<br />

not dry out: color, texture, and volume are<br />

preserved, and their specific proteins and<br />

oil content are retained.<br />

Future-oriented technology and<br />

comprehensive solutions<br />

By harnessing the power and strength<br />

of MW and RF, SAIREM offers state-ofthe-art<br />

solutions tailored to the needs<br />

of a wide range of food industry sectors.<br />

SAIREM solutions cover all angles: proof<br />

of operation and extensive testing is<br />

performed at<br />

the SAIREM lab;<br />

development<br />

engineers<br />

support<br />

customers<br />

during the<br />

design phase;<br />

equipment<br />

design and<br />

assembly is<br />

provided,<br />

and a factory<br />

acceptance<br />

test as well as<br />

installation<br />

and start up<br />

at customers’<br />

facilities is<br />

carried out. To<br />

round off its<br />

comprehensive<br />

customer<br />

service, SAIREM<br />

trains customer<br />

technicians<br />

and offers<br />

maintenance<br />

performed by<br />

a multilingual<br />

customer<br />

service team.<br />

Sylvain Tissier, Business<br />

Development Manager<br />

at SAIREM<br />



The cutters, grinders and mixer grinders<br />

from K+G Wetter:<br />

Efficient technology for the production of petfood.<br />

More hygiene, more shelf life, more quality.<br />

Get your<br />

free ticket!<br />

kgwetter.de/anuga-en<br />

For more information<br />

www.sairem.com<br />

Anuga FoodTec<br />

March 19-22<br />

Cologne<br />

Hall 6.1 Booth B071<br />

A N U GA<br />

F O O DTEC<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

H A L L 6 .1 ,<br />

B O OT H A 0 1 0<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

www.kgwetter.de<br />



HRS to Showcase Turnkey<br />

Processing Solutions at Anuga<br />

FoodTec<br />

Anuga FoodTec<br />

March 19-22<br />

Cologne<br />

Hall 4.1 Booth A080<br />

steam injection sterilizers (DSI Series)<br />

and dedicated CIP and SIP systems.<br />

The company also provides systems<br />

for customers to conduct product and<br />

processing trials before committing to a<br />

final production solution.<br />

HRS Asepticblock pasteurisers and sterilizers which combine heat treatment, aseptic filling<br />

and clean-in-place capabilities in a single system<br />

Other HRS products include the BP Series of<br />

hydraulic piston pumps, which are ideal for<br />

challenging food applications<br />

Over the course of its 40-year history, HRS<br />

Heat Exchangers has become a global<br />

leader in heat exchange technology<br />

for the food and drink industry, with<br />

processes such as pasteurization, cooling<br />

and evaporation being particular<br />

specialties.<br />

In response to demand from customers<br />

across a wide range of sectors, from fruit<br />

juice makers to meat processors and<br />

dairies, HRS has now developed a wide<br />

range of turnkey line solutions, which<br />

are successfully being used by food<br />

processors worldwide. At Anuga FoodTec<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, the company will showcase its<br />

range of complete all-in-one solutions,<br />

including pasteurizing, sterilizing, aseptic<br />

filling and clean-in-place capabilities in<br />

a single system, as well as options which<br />

can be skid-mounted for easy installation.<br />

Other HRS systems for the food and drink<br />

sector include deaeration systems, the I<br />

Series of ice crushers and melters, direct<br />

Unlike some providers that only sell<br />

standard options, each HRS product is<br />

designed to the client’s individual needs,<br />

meaning customers can be sure of getting<br />

the right system first time around. And<br />

although clients are increasingly looking<br />

for all-in-one solutions, HRS continues to<br />

supply individual heat exchangers and<br />

other products (such as its BP series of<br />

hydraulic piston pumps and AF series of<br />

aseptic fillers) across the food sector.<br />

To learn more about HRS Heat Exchangers’<br />

wide range of complete line solutions for<br />

the food and drink industry, please visit<br />

Stand A080 in Hall 4.1 at Angua FoodTec,<br />

Koelnmesse Cologne, 19-22 March <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Visitors attending the new Anuga<br />

exhibition areas for environmental<br />

technology and energy are also invited<br />

to visit stand A080 to learn how our<br />

heat transfer technology is employed<br />

in areas such as sludge and wastewater<br />

management, anaerobic digestion and<br />

zero liquid discharge.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.hrsheatexchangers.com<br />

40<br />

Technology & Marketing


High Technology<br />

Packaging Solutions<br />

On display at Cama’s booth in Hall 7-B040<br />

at Anuga FoodTec will be an IF monoblock<br />

packaging machine comprising a trayforming<br />

unit and loading unit, tailored to<br />

the precise needs of a leading European<br />

confectionary customer. The machine will<br />

run in demo mode.<br />

Two robots – NEW compact RB002<br />

designed and developed in-house by<br />

Cama to cater for the precise needs of<br />

packaging applications – are used to<br />

prepare the cartons collations, which are<br />

then picked and placed into the trays in<br />

a wide variety of pre-determined arrays,<br />

depending on batch-based recipes. The<br />

loading unit receives cartons coming<br />

from two independent upstream Cama<br />

cartoners.<br />

Machine infeed speed is is 360<br />

cartons/minute with an output<br />

of 30 trays/minute.<br />

Supporting and delivering even greater<br />

flexibility and agility is the integrated<br />

Augmented Reality on board. This gives<br />

operators more intimate, intuitive and<br />

unrestricted insights into the machine’s<br />

internals, enabling and supporting<br />

far more effective and efficient<br />

training, operation, batch changeover,<br />

maintenance and spares identification &<br />

ordering.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.camagroup.com<br />

The Power of Partnerships<br />

Petfood Competence Network, Boulevard Central Stand A044<br />

11 like-minded companies – all experts in their<br />

own fields – have joined forces to deliver complete<br />

end-to-end wet and dry pet food plant solutions –<br />

all through a single point of contact. The Network<br />

comprises Miavit, JRS, JBT FTNON, Andritz, Waldner,<br />

Cama Group, OPEM, The Packaging Group,<br />

Clevertech, Reich and Karl Schnell.<br />

Each company brings its own domain expertise<br />

and extensive industry R&D experiences and<br />

merges them into a complete, tightly integrated<br />

production solution, which can be trialled, scaled<br />

and fully connected to match customers‘ precise<br />

requirements, to deliver quality processes, products<br />

and packaging every single time.<br />

Many of these companies already work together<br />

across the globe, not just in pet food, but also<br />

in other equally demanding industries. Mutual<br />

understanding, trust, technological integration<br />

and Industry 4.0 data architectures are already<br />

in place, proven in action and ready for you to<br />

leverage. In addition to Anuga FoodTec, the Petfood<br />

Competence Network will also be at Interzoo in<br />

Nuremberg, the largest event this year for pet<br />

supplies.<br />


From 19. – 22. March<br />

<strong>2024</strong> in Cologne<br />

Hall 9.1 Booth C 038<br />

Come and visit us in cologne.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.petcompetencenetwork.com<br />


Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Safe Food for Faithful Fido<br />

Any contamination is a food safety issue that can have a negative and potentially irreparable effect on a pet processors<br />

reputation. Catching metal contaminants at the tail-end of lines can be more expensive. Fortress Technology reveals the<br />

benefits of installing its inline metal detection equipment upstream on pet processing lines.<br />

Breeding Trust<br />

Providing a plethora of well-being<br />

benefits to owners, from companionship<br />

to support therapy and even preventing<br />

certain health conditions, pets undoubtedly<br />

play a vital role in their humans’<br />

lives. Currently, more than half of UK<br />

households (57% in 2023) own at least<br />

one pet , with a large majority considering<br />

them part of the family.<br />

Most owners will say the love of a pet is<br />

priceless. Their bank accounts, however,<br />

disagree. Sales of natural versions of pet<br />

slurries, kibble and raw diets has escalated,<br />

with many owners admitting their furry<br />

friends eat better than they do. Testament<br />

to this, 21% of British householders admit<br />

to spending the same amount on pet<br />

food, if not more, than they do on their<br />

own groceries.<br />

According to the association UK Pet Food,<br />

over 50 pieces of legislation govern the<br />

manufacturing of pet food in the UK to<br />

ensure consistent high standards and<br />

utmost safety and hygiene. The Guide<br />

to Good Practice for the Manufacture<br />

of Safe Pet Food developed by FEDIAF<br />

comprehensively covers the safety<br />

and hygiene of pet food processes and<br />

products.<br />

Like human food, pet food processors<br />

are required to adopt a HACCP and<br />

formal foreign bodies control policy. This<br />

includes introducing measures to prevent,<br />

control or detect potential contaminants<br />

identified by hazard assessments.<br />

Sensitive and hygienic inline contaminant<br />

detection equipment can play a crucial<br />

role in assisting pet food processors to<br />

protect pets, safeguard their brand and<br />

adhere to these stringent regulations.<br />

Protecting Brands<br />

With wet viscous pet food processing<br />

compliance demanding the highest levels<br />

of sanitation, the Fortress Meat Pump<br />

Metal Detector tackles contamination<br />

and hygiene simultaneously. Utilised to<br />

prevent metal contaminants reaching<br />

the cooking and packing stages, the<br />

inspection system’s removable plastic<br />

tube is constructed from ultra-hygienic<br />

food-safe Delrin.<br />

IP69K-rated, the slimline machine<br />

is constructed with no metal ends,<br />

ensuring no bacteria-harbouring crevices.<br />

Customised Delrin wrenches stored on<br />

the machine enable operators on wet<br />

food processing lines to loosen and<br />

tighten the pipe’s threads without the<br />

risk of damaging the equipment. An easy<br />

roll out mobile frame gives processors<br />

maximum flexibility. Additionally, the<br />

unique rail mounted reject valve supports<br />

fast removal of the pipe for cleaning and<br />

reassembly.<br />

In less than three minutes, operatives can<br />

blast high pressure water jets through the<br />

system, eliminating bacteria and product<br />

residue to prevent cross contamination.<br />

Features like this are especially useful<br />

in enclosed metal detector pipeline<br />

configurations, which are virtually<br />

impossible to access efficiently. By<br />

optimising hygiene standards, the<br />

Fortress Meat Pump machine helps to<br />

prevent cross-contact contamination<br />

and the spread of bacteria in pet food<br />

products. Providing quality assurance to<br />

both pet owners and processors alike.<br />

There are virtually no limitations to<br />

installing Metal Detectors, although<br />

specific features of likely contaminants,<br />

the product, packaging, processing and<br />

supply chain may determine whether<br />

metal detection is chosen for a particular<br />

point on a pet food processing line. Should<br />

pet food processors need to detect other<br />

physical contaminants, for example glass<br />

or bone, they may opt for a Pipeline X-Ray<br />

machine.<br />

42<br />

Technology & Marketing


Gravity Metal Detectors are the best<br />

option for “free-falling” dry kibble and pet<br />

treat applications. These are often located<br />

between product chutes and hoppers<br />

on pet food mixing lines and integrated<br />

with automated packing systems and<br />

checkweighers.<br />

For final quality checks, highly sensitive<br />

Bulk Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and<br />

Combination systems can be added to<br />

inspect large pet food bags and boxed<br />

wet food trays.<br />

Fetch the Stick<br />

To enhance and optimize these inspection<br />

systems, automatic testing can be<br />

deployed. Running performance and<br />

verification tests at regular intervals, these<br />

automatic tests are cleaner, accurate, and<br />

labor and waste saving.<br />

A number of Fortress pet processors<br />

use Halo automatic testing to reduce<br />

the risk of human error by eliminating<br />

the challenge of manually inserting<br />

and retrieving test sticks and balls from<br />

a closed pipeline or gravity pet food<br />

inspection systems.<br />

Test sticks involve the operators inserting<br />

the test piece in the gap between the<br />

tube and the aperture, which is the most<br />

sensitive part of the metal detector.<br />

Whilst this may deliver a great signal, it’s<br />

not representative of testing for metal<br />

contaminants in the product flow.<br />

Equally, introducing the test balls into the<br />

actual product flow can be even more<br />

convoluted and time-consuming. This<br />

process requires operators to recover the<br />

test sample from the product after it has<br />

flowed through the pipeline system or<br />

disassemble and reseal the pipe. Not only<br />

is this messy, but it can also increase test<br />

times from several minutes to between 15<br />

to 20 minutes.<br />

Testing hard-to-access kibble gravity metal<br />

detectors can be even more challenging.<br />

Climbing up above production silos to<br />

perform testing manually is usually a twoperson<br />

task and can be a safety risk even<br />

with the most robust precautions in place.<br />

Additionally, dropping the test sample<br />

from a height, consistently through the<br />

exact center of the aperture and product<br />

flow is nearly impossible. So, rarely<br />

challenges the metal detectors’ capability.<br />

To overcome these gravity access<br />

challenges, some metal detectors may<br />

be fitted with a test ball insertion port<br />





Cama Group is a leading supplier of advanced secondary packaging systems in the pet food, continuously<br />

investing in innovative solutions. www.camagroup.com - sales@♥camagroup.com<br />

Cologne - gerMany<br />

19 - 22 MarCH <strong>2024</strong><br />

Hall 7.1 - B040 C041<br />

SHowCaSe Petfood<br />

Boulevard „BoCf“ a-056<br />

viSit uS at<br />

Boulevard BoCf a-044<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />



Single piece of ultra-hygienic remobalbe Delrin tube on the Meat Pump eliminates crevices<br />

that mmay harbor bacteria.<br />

at the top of the non-metallic product<br />

tube. Although this might make it easier<br />

to insert the test balls, in most cases the<br />

freefall height is well above the local<br />

insertion port. This means that the test is<br />

performed at a slower speed and doesn’t<br />

reflect the true freefalling velocity of reallife<br />

contaminants falling from height or<br />

accurately challenge the reject reaction<br />

time.<br />

The Fortress automatic testing solution<br />

Halo solves this by enabling pet<br />

processors to activate tests remotely,<br />

locally or automatically on a timer. Tests<br />

can be scheduled without the need to<br />

halt production to place and retrieve<br />

test samples. The validated test data can<br />

then be digitally saved for audit purposes.<br />

Using Contact 4.0, pet processors can<br />

also network multiple machines to<br />

generate more comprehensive machine<br />

performance reports.<br />

With British animal owners spending such<br />

sizable sums on premium wet and dry<br />

foods, pet food processors need to ensure<br />

every meal and treat has undergone<br />

thorough contamination detection. No<br />

matter the ingredients or application<br />

format, pet food production lines<br />

today must reflect the authentic safety,<br />

wellbeing and trust that owners and their<br />

faithful companions expect.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.fortresstechnology.co.uk<br />

44<br />

Technology & Marketing

7 – 10 May <strong>2024</strong> | Nuremberg, Germany<br />

38th International Trade Fair for Pet Supplies<br />



Find out about the latest trends<br />

and developments in your industry.<br />

Discover a wide range of innovative<br />

products and services for pets.<br />

Experience on-site what makes<br />

the world‘s leading event Interzoo so unique.<br />

The world market is present<br />

here – for your success!<br />



Follow us!<br />

Organizer<br />

Honorary sponsor<br />

Organization on behalf<br />

of the organizer<br />

Admission granted to authorized trade visitors only.


World First with Recyclable Flexible<br />

Packaging Film made from More<br />

than 50% Recycled Plastic Waste<br />

• INEOS announces a world first, producing ultra-thin, rigid film used for recyclable<br />

flexible packaging products made from more than 50% recycled plastic<br />

• Achieved by processing INEOS Recycl-IN hybrid resins, which compound recycled<br />

plastic waste with highly engineered new resins, using state of the art machinedirection<br />

orientation (MDO) technology to make polyethylene film used to manufacture<br />

recyclable single polymer flexible packaging products<br />

• Demonstrates that Recycl-IN can be applied to demanding film extrusion applications<br />

such as MDO polyethylene – and opens the door to exploring the application of Recycl-<br />

IN and MDO technology to other flexible packaging products<br />

• Enables INEOS to make a unique contribution to the development of a circular economy<br />

for products that play a valuable role in daily life<br />

INEOS has today announced a world first as<br />

it has produced ultra-thin, rigid film used<br />

for recyclable flexible packaging products<br />

made from more than 50% recycled plastic.<br />

It is the first time such a high proportion of<br />

recycled waste plastic has been used in<br />

packaging roducts.<br />

INEOS’ polymer know-how and Hosakawa<br />

Alpine’s state of the art Machine-Direction<br />

Orientation (MDO) technology have come<br />

together to process Recycl-IN resins containing<br />

more than 50% recycled plastic to<br />

make polyethylene film. This new film will<br />

be used to manufacture recyclable single<br />

polymer flexible packaging products that<br />

replace difficult-to-recycle multimaterial<br />

packaging products.<br />

The INEOS Recycl-IN product range<br />

compounds recycled plastic waste with<br />

highly engineered new resins. It helps<br />

converters and brand owners retain<br />

the high quality of their products while<br />

increasing recycled content.<br />

The announcement follows INEOS’ investment<br />

in a new Hosakawa Alpine MDO film<br />

line to develop flexible packaging films<br />

made from a single polymer family. This<br />

approach increases the recyclability of<br />

plastic packaging.<br />

Products such as stand-up pouches<br />

already provide a convenient, low carbon<br />

solution for transporting every-day<br />

goods. This further development will<br />

ensure that packaging can<br />

be manufactured from raw<br />

materials containing a high<br />

percentage of recycled plastic<br />

waste and be recyclable in the<br />

future.<br />

The success of this demonstration<br />

shows that Recycl-IN<br />

can be applied to demanding<br />

film extrusion applications<br />

such as MDO polyethylene. It<br />

enables advanced technical<br />

film applications to use<br />

mechanically recycled polyethylene. The<br />

combination of Recycl-IN resins and this<br />

leading technology will enable INEOS<br />

to make a unique contribution to the<br />

development of a circular economy for<br />

these products.<br />

Recycl-IN resins are also certified as<br />

providing a reduction in carbon emissions<br />

of between 25 and 50 per cent1 when<br />

compared to the use of virgin feedstocks.<br />

Rob Ingram, Chief Executive, INEOS O&P<br />

Europe North, said: “We share people’s<br />

concerns about plastic waste, showing<br />

we can help produce more recyclable end<br />

products using large quantities of recycled<br />

materials shows our commitment to<br />

creating a more sustainable future.”<br />

“Now that we’ve proved the concept, we<br />

open the door to exploring the application<br />

of Recycl-IN and MDO technology to other<br />

flexible packaging products where we can<br />

make a real difference.”<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

1 independently verified by third parties<br />

For more information<br />

www.ineos.com<br />

46<br />

Technology & Marketing

India International<br />

Pet Trade Fair<br />

14 th BIGGER<br />

Better<br />


And<br />

5 TH AND 6 TH<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2024</strong><br />


For More Information Contact<br />

+91-7827892179 | +91-8287768466 | info@iiptf.in | www.iiptf.in

EVENTS<br />

Interzoo <strong>2024</strong> Supporting<br />

Programme: Concise Overview of<br />

Key Topics in the Pet Industry<br />

Photo: WZF / Thomas Geiger<br />

Interzoo Sustainability Session; with Ewald Van den Auwelant - Antwerp Management School; Anne Klein - Pet Sustainability Coalition;<br />

Fabien Leroux - Ocean Heart; Moderator: Dr. Rowena Arzt<br />

One week packed with exclusive insights: Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world will meet at Interzoo<br />

<strong>2024</strong> (7-10 May <strong>2024</strong>) to be part of the pet industry's leading trade fair.<br />

Interzoo continues to be a unique source of inspiration for the international pet industry by offering a concise<br />

overview of markets, trends and innovations in its versatile supporting programme. The <strong>2024</strong> edition of the<br />

world's leading trade fair for the pet industry provides insights into current topics of the pet supplies industry<br />

as well as developments in specific markets.<br />

Interzoo <strong>2024</strong> presents the world's most<br />

comprehensive range of pet supplies<br />

in 14 exhibition halls. In addition, the<br />

Interzoo supporting programme offers<br />

short conferences, special shows and<br />

demonstrations on current topics and<br />

developments within the pet industry.<br />

One day prior to the opening of the<br />

exhibition halls, Petfood Forum Europe<br />

will be the starting point for a week full<br />

of interesting events covering key topics<br />

of the global pet supplies industry.<br />

The conference organized by WATT<br />

Global Media for the second time in<br />

cooperation with Interzoo takes place<br />

on 6 May <strong>2024</strong> and focuses on the latest<br />

developments in pet food for cats and<br />

dogs as well as technological innovations<br />

in manufacturing and packaging. It is<br />

necessary to register for the Petfood<br />

Forum Europe directly via the organiser's<br />

website. The conference ticket includes<br />

access to Interzoo <strong>2024</strong> on all four days of<br />

the trade fair.<br />

On 7 May <strong>2024</strong>, the first official day<br />

of Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>, the supporting<br />

programme focuses on sustainability.<br />

At that day, the Interzoo Sustainability<br />

48<br />

Technology & Marketing

EVENTS<br />

Session will present the results of the<br />

Interzoo Sustainability Study <strong>2024</strong>. By<br />

help of recent data, experts will explain<br />

the current developments and challenges<br />

related to the topic of sustainability in<br />

the pet supplies industry and show ways<br />

to enhance sustainable development.<br />

Best practice examples will serve as<br />

illustrations and provide the basis for an<br />

in-depth discussion.<br />

The Interzoo Country Sessions highlight<br />

and discuss the most exciting and<br />

important developments in the various<br />

geographic pet supplies markets. At<br />

Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>, industry experts will<br />

present market data, trends and import<br />

regulations for countries and regions<br />

such as Brazil, Europe, Southeast Asia and<br />

the US in short conferences. Following<br />

the presentations, there will be time for<br />

discussion and networking.<br />

Participation in the Sustainability Session<br />

and the Country Sessions is free of<br />

charge for visitors to Interzoo <strong>2024</strong>. The<br />

presentations will be held in English. All<br />

sessions will take place in NCC East, hall St.<br />

Petersburg.<br />

In addition to the Interzoo Sessions, the<br />

supporting programme offers many other<br />

exciting presentations and networking<br />

formats for the pet industry. The stand<br />

of Interzoo’s honorary sponsor ZZF, for<br />

example, will offer multiple presentations,<br />

including dog grooming demonstrations.<br />

In hall 3 the Fresh Ideas Stage provides<br />

a special presentation platform for new<br />

business ideas in the pet sector. On<br />

the stage, start-ups and innovators will<br />

present forward-looking industry topics<br />

and products, concentrating on the<br />

four major topics of food, accessories,<br />

tech and sustainability. A total of over<br />

30 presentation slots on all four days of<br />

the trade fair will make the Fresh Ideas<br />

Area a vibrant hub for new ideas and<br />

innovative discussion. Next door to the<br />

stage, the international Start-up Pavilion<br />

and the Young Innovators Pavilion<br />

with a combined total of more than 50<br />

companies will give a sneak peek into the<br />

future of the industry. On top of that, the<br />

Product Showcase in Entrance Mitte will<br />

also present new and innovative products.<br />

Further networking opportunities will<br />

be provided by exhibitor events and<br />

the official Interzoo Party. Guests at the<br />

Interzoo Party on 9 May <strong>2024</strong> can already<br />

look forward to an unforgettable evening<br />

that focuses on the specialities and<br />

characteristics of Bavaria.<br />

Finally, on Friday, 10 May <strong>2024</strong>, the final<br />

day of the trade fair, the Fresh Ideas<br />

Contest will take place on the Fresh Ideas<br />

Stage in hall 3, where innovative product<br />

ideas and services will compete for an<br />

award.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

For more information<br />

www.interzoo.com<br />

Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />


EVENTS<br />

IFT: Processing Improves Food<br />

Sustainability and Nutrition<br />

technologies to improve nutrition<br />

quality."<br />

Some of the challenges outlined in<br />

the white paper that the global food<br />

community must address to maximize<br />

the benefits of processing technology<br />

include a lack of up-to-date and<br />

aligned regulations, limited publicprivate<br />

funding support, unoptimized<br />

technology, and inaccurate consumer<br />

knowledge about food processing.<br />

By Dennis Van Milligen<br />

Despite ensuring families were fed<br />

during the pandemic's most difficult<br />

moments, processed foods are often<br />

portrayed as a villain in the vast global<br />

food picture. Yet, food processing has<br />

enabled delivery of more nutritious and<br />

safe food than at any time in human<br />

history and food processing helps<br />

preserve food and extend shelf life,<br />

helping reduce food waste.<br />

And while many may prefer to focus on<br />

the ongoing debate over ultraprocessed<br />

foods, a lack of understanding of food<br />

processing and why it is so important<br />

to addressing global food and nutrition<br />

security demands equal attention, as<br />

noted in the new white paper from the<br />

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).<br />

The Institute of Food Technologists<br />

(IFT), a non-profit scientific organization<br />

committed to advancing the<br />

science of food and its application across<br />

the global food system, has released a<br />

white paper that examines how existing<br />

and novel processing technologies could<br />

help improve global food and nutrition<br />

security. This applies equally to pet food<br />

as well as human nutrition, since the<br />

pet population is growing even faster.<br />

"Sustainable Production of Nutritious<br />

Foods Through Processing Technology"<br />

explores how existing and novel<br />

processing technologies can improve<br />

global food and nutrition security while<br />

touching upon the difference between<br />

food processing and food formulation;<br />

how food processing technologies, such<br />

as fermentation, can improve nutrient<br />

bioavailability and supplement plantbased<br />

diets; as well as why up-todate<br />

and aligned regulations must be<br />

considered to accelerate the creation<br />

and adoption of sustainable food<br />

processing technologies.<br />

The White Paper is the result of a virtual<br />

roundtable discussion organized by<br />

IFT’s Food & Nutrition Security Steering<br />

Committee (FNSSC) that focused on<br />

utilizing existing and novel processing<br />

technologies to help better preserve<br />

nutritional quality.<br />

"With the global population expected<br />

to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050,<br />

the demand for safe, nutritious, and<br />

accessible food will only continue<br />

to increase, as will the need to<br />

conserve natural resources. Processing<br />

technology can help bridge the gap<br />

between these two necessities," said<br />

IFT Chief Science and Technology<br />

Officer Bryan Hitchcock. "This white<br />

paper highlights the important role<br />

of food processing and identifies<br />

opportunities for scaling processing<br />

“Sustainable processing technologies<br />

that can be used both long-term<br />

and in emergency relief situations<br />

are especially valuable in developing<br />

countries where the need for adequate<br />

nutrition and safe food are persistent<br />

concerns,” added Anna Rosales, IFT’s<br />

Senior Director of Government Affairs<br />

and Nutrition and moderator of the<br />

virtual roundtable discussion.<br />

About IFT<br />

The IFT is a global organization of<br />

12,000 individual members from more<br />

than 100 countries committed to<br />

advancing the science of food. Since<br />

1939, IFT has brought together the<br />

brightest minds in food science, technology<br />

and related professions from<br />

academia, government, and industry<br />

to solve the world’s greatest food<br />

challenges. IFT believes that science<br />

is essential to ensuring a global food<br />

supply that is sustainable, safe, nutritious,<br />

and accessible to all.<br />

The next IFT FIRST Food Expo will take<br />

place in Chicago, 14-17 July <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

<strong>PetFood</strong> <strong>PRO</strong> will be at Booth S 2381.<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

The Author<br />

Dennis Van Milligen, Director, Public and<br />

Media Relations, IFT, Chicago Illinois, USA<br />

For more information<br />

www.ift.org<br />

50<br />

Technology & Marketing

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www.harnisch.com<br />

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Take a look at www.harnisch.com<br />

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Our publications include:<br />

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Upcoming Events<br />

March 19-24, <strong>2024</strong><br />

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Cologne, Germany<br />

www.anugafoodtec.com<br />

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Interzoo <strong>2024</strong><br />

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www.interzoo.com<br />

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IIPE <strong>2024</strong><br />

BSD City, Jakarta, Indonesia<br />

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September 24-26, <strong>2024</strong><br />

PPMA<br />

Birmingham, UK<br />

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October 5-6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

India International Pet Trade Fair<br />

Bombay, India<br />

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May 3-8, 2025<br />

IFFA Frankfurt<br />

Frankfurt, Germany<br />

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May 5-7, 2025<br />

Zoomark<br />

Bologna, Italy<br />

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June 3-5, 2025<br />

VICTAM<br />

Utrecht, The Netherlands<br />

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International Magazine May <strong>2024</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing 2/24<br />

Preview May <strong>2024</strong><br />

Gelatine, Proteins, Hydrocolloids,<br />

Drying, Extrusion, Testing<br />

Pouches, Labelling,<br />

Anuga FoodTec,<br />

… and lots more!<br />

Ingredients: Insect Proteins, Plant Extracts for Pets, Digestive Health, Science in Pet Food<br />

Processing: Heat Pump Drying, Texture Analysis, Rotary Mixing, Butchery Perfection<br />

Packaging: High Technology Packaging, Food Safety, Flexible and Recyclable Films<br />

Marketing: Global Trends in Pet Care, Anuga FoodTec - Pet Food Zone, Interzoo<br />

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ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing<br />

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Dr. Harnisch Publications<br />

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90441 Nuremberg, Germany<br />

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Publisher: Benno Keller<br />

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Benjamin Costemend, Gabriele Fahlbusch,<br />

Steve Max, Britta Steinberg<br />

Editorial Team:<br />

Editorial Team:<br />

Pamela Almenara Cabrera, Sabine Straka,<br />

Axinja Peine , Sabine Straka, Britta Göpfert, Bruno Bozic<br />

Bruno Bozic, Sabrina Maasberg<br />

Digital: Britta Steinberg<br />

Digital: Britta Steinberg<br />

Graphic Designer: Sabine Krauss<br />

Graphic Designer: Pamela Almenara Cabrera, Sabine Krauss<br />

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Technical Manager: Armin König<br />

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Advertising: Sabrina Maasberg<br />

Tel: +49-(0)-911-2018-245<br />

Tel: +49-(0)-911-2018-245<br />

E-mail: maasberg@harnisch.com<br />

E-mail: maasberg@harnisch.com<br />

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Subscriptions: Marta Bletek-Gonzalez<br />

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Technology & Marketing

International Magazine March <strong>2024</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />


Technology & Marketing 1/24<br />

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Ingredients: Insect Proteins, Plant Extracts for Pets, Digestive Health, Science in Pet Food<br />

Processing: Heat Pump Drying, Texture Analysis, Rotary Mixing, Butchery Perfection<br />

Packaging: High Technology Packaging, Food Safety, Flexible and Recyclable Films<br />

Marketing: Global Trends in Pet Care, Anuga FoodTec - Pet Food Zone, Interzoo<br />

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Issue 1 <strong>2024</strong><br />


The Results<br />

Speak for Themselves<br />

With Wenger, you make products that pets love to eat.<br />

Through careful testing and extensive research, our world-class team helps you develop premium foods and treats,<br />

and the processes to produce them at scale. Pet food producers globally trust Wenger for extrusion cooking and<br />

drying solutions to satisfy healthy pets everywhere.<br />

See what Wenger can do for your business.<br />


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