October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle


October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle



By Tracy, your fully qualifi ed Dog Listener

in Spain

“Ever wonder where you’d end up if you

took your dog for a walk and never once

pulled back on the leash?” – Robert Brault.

“By mastering the walk, you have the ability

to truly bond with your dog as her pack

leader. The walk is the foundation of your

relationship” – Caesar Millan

With Autumn approaching and bringing with

it some much longed for cooler weather,

we can start enjoying some lovely walks

with our best friend, unless, that is, your

dog walking is a stressful experience. If

your experience of walking your dog is

being dragged round the block with the

dog wrenching your arm out of its shoulder

and your arriving back home dishevelled,

stressed and frustrated, then it’s time to

take control of the situation. The reason

your dog is pulling on the lead like crazy is

simply because he thinks he is the leader

and therefore he makes the decisions as to

where and how fast you go – in plain canine

terms, he is leading the hunt!

You can improve the situation immensely

by showing your dog, that you are the

leader and that you are quite capable of

making these decisions yourself. The fi rst

step you need to take is to gain control of

the situation before you have even left the

house – never take an over-excited dog out

of your house.

Well I am pleased to report that we had a

wonderful last minute holiday on a short

Mediterranean Cruise. I realised how lucky

we were when we met so many British people

who were so envious that we live here that it

did make me realise that we should not take

it all for granted. I did manage to buy a violin

whilst I was away as have been dying to take

it up again recently. I have not played since

I was about 15 years old, so could do with a

few lessons if there is anyone out there who

can help please let me know!

I had never experienced Refl exology before

and knew little about it when I decided to

fi nd out more, so I booked a session with

Drew Ryder (Mind and Body Therapist).

It is a very relaxing and pleasant experience

and I also learned quite a lot about how

areas on your feet are linked to all parts of

your body that I was not aware of before. I

am starting to realise that it is all very well

paying attention to my hair and nails etc on

the outside, but the inside needs some tlc as

well. I am defi nitely going to focus more on

these types of treatments in the future.

I spent a very pleasant afternoon/evening

Step 1 - If your dog has set times for his

walk and he comes and harasses you to let

you know it’s that time, you need to leave

it for a short while before getting up to go

out. This tells the dog that you make the

decision as to when the walk will happen.

Wait until he has calmed down and then get


Step 2 – If, once you have decided it’s time

for the walk and you get up to put on a

jacket, or pick up your keys and the dog’s

lead, he starts leaping around excitedly

again, simply sit back down and wait for

him to calm down again. This step may

need to be repeated over and over until he

gets the message.

Step 3 – Once you have managed to get

the lead on to a calm dog, remember that

you should always leave the property ahead

of your dog. The walk should not begin with

the dog dragging you to the front gate. If

your dog starts to pull straight away, you

should turn swiftly and walk in the opposite

direction. This may mean that you walk

backwards and forwards on your driveway

or in your house for quite a while, but this

will send the message to your dog that you

are the one who makes the decisions as to

where you go – i.e. you are now leading the

hunt. If the bad behaviour continues, you

should cancel the walk at this time. Simply

turn around, head back indoors and sit back

down. The dog will soon get the message

that you only leave the house when their

behaviour is calm. I have known dogs resist

handing over leadership of the walk for 3


with friends at the fashion show organised

by Jane’s Salon, in Bolnuevo. There were

some lovely items on show and all the

models looked fabulous, courtesy of the

staff at Jane’s Salon. They all had their hair

and nails done beautifully and looked very

glamorous. Jane’s Salon has a really wide

selection of treatments and therapies and is

well worth investigating.

I was delighted to visit “La Vista Café

Bar”, formerly The Sol Beach Bar in Los

Alcazares now under the new ownership of

Melanie Elkington. This location is beautiful

as it has a beach front view and is right on

the boardwalk. At this time of year it is a

wonderful place to visit as although many of

the summer visitors have left, there are still

plenty to see and the parking is much easier.

Whether you just need a cold drink, an ice

cream or a full meal, Melanie will assure you

a warm welcome.

I must just share this with you that my

favourite snack of the month must go to

Liz’s Cafe for their new Chicken Ceaser

Wrap. Ymmm


Once these 3 steps have been mastered,

you will fi nd it much easier to take control

whilst actually out on a walk and be able to

deal with any undesirable behaviour such as

lunging at other dogs or other people etc.

Remember though, this is not a quick fi x.

This is an ongoing message that you need

to be sending to your dog.

Should you need further information or

help in understanding your canine friends,

contact Tracy on 868 082 011 or 630 021


Tip of the month - You are what you

eat. This applies to dogs just as much as

to humans. Feed your dog a good quality

complete food and do not feed him leftovers

from your table. Limit treats to rewarding

good behaviour only.

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