October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle


October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle

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Page 66

The Burglars

are back:

Once again

we seem to

be suffering

at the hands

of these evil

lowlifes, the


burglars who

continue to

make life a

misery for some of us. Lately there has been

a marked increase in house burglaries in our

area. Burglars have recently been targeting

Camposol, Mazarrón Country Club and

Isla Plana in particular. They are becoming

more and more ruthless in their methods

and do not care how much damage they do

in order to gain entry to your property. It

would appear that in many cases they are

targeting holiday homes and they seem to

be interested in fl at screen TVs, DVDs and

laptop computers in particular. They also

make such a mess as they tend to search

every cupboard and drawer just dumping

everything out on the fl oor. I am often the

fi rst outside person called in after the police

and I must say that I will never get used

to the wanton vandalism caused by these

people. It must be devastating for the

homeowners when they return home to view

such a scene.

What can you do to combat these


You need to make sure that your property is

properly secured every time you leave home

and also when you are going to bed at night.

Never leave tools or any other implements

which might be used by the burglar lying

about or within easy reach. Get into a routine

of checking and double checking before you

go out or go to bed each night. Whatever

security measures that you have installed

in your home, always ensure that they are

operational. It is very important if you have

an alarm system fi tted and your insurance

company has been informed, then you must

always make sure that it is fully operational

and armed. If you forget to arm it and are

unlucky enough to be burgled then your

claim may be invalid.

If you need any advice about upgrading

your home security, call Pat Dunne at ADS

Locksmiths (00 34) 600 255 250 for a

free home security survey. ADS Locksmiths

is a fully legally registered business and is

part of ADS Property and we have been

serving the local community since 2003.

We also have an insurance broker service

offering policies underwritten at Lloyds of

London. The policies are written in English

and easy to understand. If you wish to avail

of this service please call Maura Dunne at

ADS Property (00 34) 646 969 455 for an

instant quote.

ADS Locksmiths also work in partnership

with many leading businesses involved in

matters regarding home security. We can

supply security grilles (rejas) manufactured

locally by a leading supplier.

Here at ADS we know it is virtually

impossible to stop the determined burglar,

but you must do as much as you can to

make it more diffi cult for them to gain entry

to your home. We must fi ght back to protect

our hard earned possessions. Take care of

yourselves and your property.

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