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ITB Berlin News 2020 #3

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I NEWS INEWIDeaSThe revenue managementsoftware company IDeaS haslaunched a new cloud-basedmodule to complements itsexisting portfolio.Bespoke Inc hasannounced the officiallaunch of "Bebot", whichinforms and assistsresidents and travellersabout Covid-19.Bespoke is described as the“world's first AI-poweredchatbot developed specificallyfor travellers”. The designatedchatbot can be easily accessedby anyone at Bebotprovides information on what'shappening with the virus,prevention methods, what to dowhen infected, updates on travelbans and contact information forgovernment and health services."When the devastatingearthquake hit Japan on March 11,2011, I was on the 20th floor of ahigh-rise. Monitors started falling,and as I hid under a desk, I triedcalling my mother but the phonelines were down. Not knowingwhat would happen next, thisbecame the longest 15 minutesof my life," says Bespoke's CEOAkemi Tsunagawa. "From mypersonal experiences of thatdisaster, I wanted to create aservice that could assist peoplein the middle of any emergency. Iempathize with people's fears andthe need to receive immediateand accurate informationwherever they are."As the year began with theCovid-19 pandemic, Bebot canhelp to address the concernsof residents and anxiousvisitors. With Bebot, usershave immediate access tocritical information about thecoronavirus in English, SimplifiedChinese and Traditional Chinesefrom any mobile device. Bebotshares health and virus-specificinformation, such as symptomsto look out for, preventativeBebot will provide information on what'shappening with the virus, preventionmethods, what to do if infected, updateson travel bans and contact informationfor government and health services.AI Chatbot providesassistance duringCoronavirusmeasures to take and treatmentprocedures. Additionally, Bebotshares the latest news aboutthe outbreak, current statisticalinformation like transmissionrates and contact information togovernment agencies.Headquartered in Tokyo, BespokeInc. describes itself as the world'sleading developer of multilingualArtificial Intelligence solutionsserving the travel and tourismindustry. Bespoke providessolutions to major airports, citiesand transport authorities to aidin congestion management,emergency communicationand driving in-market spend.Bespoke's customers includethe Narita International Airport,Sendai International Airport, theTokyo Metro, JR East's TokyoStation, the Mie Prefecture,Holiday Inn and Sofitel Hotels &ResortsIDeaS, a SAS company, is a leading providerof revenue management software andservices. The company delivers “revenuescience” to more than 13,000 clients in 140countries. The company has now launchedits new “RevPlan” software package, acloud-based module built to complementits flagship RMS products. The module isdesigned to take the pain out of budgetingand forecasting a hotel's total business,including food and beverage outlets.Until now, hotels have relied on manualforecasting and data collection to planoperations for their total business.This error-prone, time-consumingprocess leads to inefficient labour costs,siloed decision-making and smaller profits.Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder andChief Operating Officer, IDeaS,said, "While others talk about the futureof hotel technology, for the past 30years, IDeaS has invented it. Hoteliersface many challenges when it comes tothe planning and budgeting of their totalbusiness. Essential data is spread outand isolated, the manual process is proneto errors and non-rooms revenue is left onthe side-lines. That's why we developedRevPlan, a budgeting and planning solutionbuilt for and by hoteliers"Sanjay NagaliaCo-founderand Chief Operating Officer,IDeaSITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 19 TH MARCH 2020 • 9

ITB Berlin News