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62 Why people choose

62 Why people choose VISION Premium Club? “I created VISION company and gave it to people, because our main objective is person. Everything that is connected with the person is determined by one thing - his or her life. Substance of VISION proposal is not the high ethical business. Substance of VISION proposal is not unique effective products. Substance of VISION proposal is that we propose to change the quality of life. This is our ideological platform, which is essential to VISION.” Dmitry Buriak – President of the Vision International People Group President’s Team President’s Team is a team of top leaders of the Company, who make up President’s inner circle. A leader with VIP 4S status and higher, who in addition to the core business of sponsor and leader of own organization is willing to cooperate with the Company’s management and to offer ideas that will be useful for the Company as a whole, may become a member of this team. Main President’s Advisors Lam Hoang Phong & Nguen Thi Phuong Svetlana and Pavel Dubrov Alla and Oleg Andriychuk Alexei Kukushkin and Margarita Gribuleva Yuri Mitrokhin and Daria Panina Elena and Christopher Christofi Svetlana and Dmitry Safronov Tatiana and Dmitry Goldin

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