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66 Terms and Conditions

66 Terms and Conditions and glossary Terms and Conditions and glossary CV (Commission Volume) means a special unit of turnover. Each product has its CV, which serves as the basis for calculating the commission to consultants. Consultant Code means a special code that is automatically assigned upon registration. Your customers need it to make orders at a retail price through the Company’s online store. Personal Volume (PV) means the CV amount of orders made over the past month by the member of VISION Premium Club or its customers who have made the order using his/her Consultant Code through the Company’s online store at Personal Group Volume (PGV) is the sum of your PV and PGV of your partners, except for PGV of your Senior Consultants. Group Volume One (GV1) is the sum of your PGV and PGV of your first-level Senior Consultants, taking into account the dynamic compression. Group Volume Six (GV6) is the sum of your PGV and PGV of your Senior Consultants from the first to sixth level, taking into account the dynamic Group Volume (GO) is the CV amount of your entire team, including your PGV. ID means your personal registration number in the Company. It is associated with the number of VISION Premium Card and is assigned automatically. Sponsor is a person who invited another person to VISION Club Premium. Career Plan means Career Development Plan of VISION Premium Club members - from the VIP status and higher. Branch Volume is the CV amount except for the volume of the largest organization in your team, including your PGV. Bonus Account means an internal account in the Company. The funds accumulated on this account may be used to buy products with points (CV). Commission (check) means percent accrued to VISION Premium Club member from his/her team’s turnover in accordance with the Marketing Plan. The commission is paid to the bank account. Dynamic compression means the volumes of partners who have not reached the status of Senior Consultant, which “rise” to the Personal Group Volume of the next Senior Consultant in the current month. PGVs of Senior Consultants “rise” to the next Senior Consultant.

From discount card to financial independence 67 Degrade means the procedure applicable to the team of the partner, who failed to reach PV of 47.5 CV for four consecutive months. This means that he retains the sponsor, but upon expiration of the fourth month his/her entire team goes to the upline sponsor. GOS means Global Ordering System - an online store for customers and members of VISION Premium Club Personal account is a web page that provides access to the statistics of your achievements, volume of orders of your team and your customers, the opportunity to track and manage your bonus accounts, online marketing tools, access to training webinars and personal information management

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