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Brihaspati বৃহস্পতি Bangla Magazine 2/1 October 2015

Brihaspati বৃহস্পতি is the First Bangla 'Web' Magazine of Mumbai, India. It was formed to propagate Bangla language in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane districts of Maharashtra state, India.

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¤õÒÑš[t¡ s "ìC¡à¤¹¡ 2015 s s 2015 Brihaspati October 2015 [>l¡ü ë¤Uº Aáà¤, =àìo Mullabaug Ground, (in front of Neelkanth Woods, behind Happy Valley Complex), Manpada, Thane (West) This year New Bengal Club, Thane will celebrate its 14 th consecutive years of Durga Puja at Mullabaug ground,in front of neelkanth woods,behind happy valley complex,manpada.thane ( west).the festivities will start from 18 th Oct and go till 24 th oct 2015. A special attraction of this year’s puja is our very innovative theme pandel based on “ NARI SHAKTI”. The craft mediums like Dhann ( unhasked rice), Tush (rice husks) and jute will be used for Inside & outside pandal. Furthermore talented idol sculptor of Kumartuli,Kolkata,Mr Pradip Rudra Paul who is the consecutive winner of “Asian Paints Sharad Samman Award” from 1994 in kolkatta has agreed to make idol for this year. It has never happened in Mumbai. Another USP is deployment of “Museum on Wheel” for creation of knowledge on History and culture among students , a unique creation by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya , Fort, Mumbai which is first time in India. The venue is about 30000 sq ft-up market residential and commercial area closed to Hiranandani Meadow complex, more than one million are commute through our Puja ground and the adjacent area every day. This will serve as an important medium for any organization to promote its products and services against millions of devotees and participants. The goodwill we enjoy is owing to our various social drive towards orphans, destitute girls, runaway children, senior citizens and needy ones. Our activities 1. We have already taken up distribution of monthly grocery and provision of milk daily to an orphanage where run away children are taken care of. 2. We have already facilitated students of Thane securing 90% marks in std. X and 85% and above in std. XII. 3. Children shown achievement in extracurricular activities in singing, drawing, dance and sports are recognized. 4. Continuation of teaching classes of Marathi, Bengali language and singing at free of cost in our Club house. 5. As a part of educational promotional activities by way of participation, our club will invite all students of schools at Thane including special children to enrich knowledge on how to worship. 6. Students will have Devi Bhog prasad along with at least six thousand people daily during all the puja days at our pandal. 7. To conduct SBI Supermind Mega event “Maharashtra Interschool Quiz competition”. 8. To organize free health checkup for senior citizen. 9. To organize blood donation camp. We have selected one village which is around 70 kms away (Murbad) where we are going to render assistance in local village school in terms of providing toilet and bore well water as swatch Bharat Abhijan as an initiative taken by our hon. Prime Minister. šø¤àÎã ë¤U[º Î[³[t¡, k¡àA塹ô[º (³[Òºà Î[³[t¡ ÑHåþº šøàUo) 9

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