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Richard Barnes

Chief Analyst


to Guangzhou!

While welcoming you, the attendees of the first CE China

event in Guangzhou to this incredible Chinese megalopolis,

we, also, are here for the first time to discover the wonders

of this legendary place.

Guangzhou is a “global city”: a primary node in the global

economic network, regularly ranked by Forbes as the

“best commercial city in mainland China”, and the main

manufacturing hub of the Pearl River Delta.

The move of CE China to Guangzhou, and the change of

date to the end of the third quarter – as opposed to the

beginning of the second quarter in the three preceding

years, is set to totally change the dynamic of the event.

Furthermore, added momentum is being created by the

addition of the brand-new CE Summit, along with the

addition of a new concept – that of connected driving and

new energy vehicles.

The success of this event will be underpinned not only by

the change of venue, but most importantly by the will of

the local authorities in China to bring new partners to the

fore. To this end, earlier this month, a high-level delegation

representing the Government of the Municipality of

Guangzhou travelled to Germany to meet with senior

officials of Messe Berlin in order to solidify the spawning

relationship concerning CE China. It all augers towards a

bright future for the event!

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Germany puts its

best foot forward

CE China features a German Pavilion for the first time, supported

by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy,

as the government expands investment in high-tech.

The German Pavilion is part of a move

to replicate a number of success stories

from IFA at the Chinese event.

Beurer, Faytech, Gfk, gfu, Maybaum,

Miji, Sennheiser, Severin, VDE and

other German brands have brought

their latest innovations and services

to Guangzhou, offering CE China

delegates the chance to meet with

the people and companies behind the

world-leading “Made in Germany”


The announcement came after

Germany’s Federal Ministry for

Economic Affairs and Energy or BMWi,

announced major new funding for

innovative technologies – in particular

AI – in June of this year.

“The federal government draft budget

for my Ministry shows that we are clearly

focusing on forward-looking fields that

are very important for Germany as a

business location,” Federal Minister

Peter Altmaier said. “More funds will

be made available for the development

of artificial intelligence, the expansion

of digitisation and the promotion of

breakthrough innovations. In addition,

we will strengthen the aerospace


An additional e44m has been allocated

to the Federal Ministry for Economic

Affairs and Energy for 2020 to fund

the promotion of AI. In order to ensure

sustainable seed financing, the funds

will be made available for three years

– at a total of e137m. Furthermore, an

additional e45m will be made available

annually for AI and digitisation beyond

the fiscal planning period by means of

internal reallocations.










Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs

said that one of the main benefits for

businesses taking part in the German

Pavilion is that the whole booth is

organised from Germany. It said that

small and medium sized businesses in

particular benefit from the opportunity

of exhibiting and networking in the

international arena as part of the

German Pavilion


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