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Spa & Wellness Awards 2022

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Robert Bruce


Katherine Lozell

Art Director

Marcs Bacera

Awards Director

Brian Anson


Complete Spa Guide ................. 10

Before Your Visit .........................12

At The Spa.................................... 14

Popular Treatments ................... 16


Where to Go?................................ 18

Vitali Clinica Spa.........................20

Amara Wellness Centre ............28

Dolce Bella Spa...........................30

TIL SPA - Castanheiro

Boutique Hotel ...........................32

The Appeal of Thai Massage34

Muse Thai Wellness38


DrHair® | Beauty Product

Of the Year 48

DrSpa® and DrHair®50

Nourish Spa and Skin Clinic52

Health & Wellness

Apps for 2022 54

RaskRask 56

An Introduction to Ayurveda 58

New York Ayurveda

Panchakarma Center 60

Unique Welness62

Original Beer Spa64

Massage. Which is

right for you?66

Grace Note Massage68

Editorial Liaison Manager

David Hyde

Director Of Marketing

Azim Aftab

Social Media Manager

Apple Gatus

Senior Writers

Tasmai Dave & Zavier Zulfqar

Senior Designers

Maria Fernandes & Ashwin Ramesh

Awards Managers

Adam Cole, Alice Smith, & Stanley Lucas

Research Managers

Peter Clement & Mukul

Contributing Writers

Joseph Malabanan, & Michael Popoola


The single most important criteria as this

sets the tone and, in some cases, forms

the foundation for the chance of any future

business. Being friendly, open, professional,

patient and caring are all conducive to good

customer service. Staff and owners alike must

set this tone from even before a customer

walks through the door on mediums such as

the telephone, email and social media.

It’s not just customer service that is measured,

it’s also service between businesses and here

at TH awards we always make a note of our

interaction between winners as reference point

for the future should a company be nominated


Being one of the few global independent award

programs online feedback is key marker for our

due diligence. We use a variety of platforms

such as google, Facebook, Linkedin, booking.

com and Tripadvisor, normally going back up

to 12 months to help us establish an in-house


Questions need to be answered such are these

reviews consistently spread in terms of content,

across platforms and date/time? The reason for

any bad reviews?

This criterion is a test of suitability in terms of the

practitioner. In an ideal world the individual(s)

running the treatment or practice should be

both experienced and have all the relevant

certification. However, with many emerging

wellness trends certification may not be easy

to come by or be non-existent, so we need

to consider experience. On the other hand,

individuals starting out may lack experience

but have all the necessary certifications. For us

it’s important to consider the context and find

a balance.

It is no question that the overall style and

design of a place play an important part in

selecting our award winner. Simply put, first

impressions count, and nothing makes a better

first impression than an aesthetically appealing

setting. We’re certainly not partial to a period

piece of architecture – but whether we’re

judging a relaxing spa or a nature focused yoga

retreat, the checklist remains the same. We

consider factors such as architectural features,

eco-friendly materials, use of spaces, décor

and how the look of the property fits in relation

to the brand.

The health of the planet is one of the single

biggest issues of our generation and it’s

important for nominee’s understand this and

attempt to do their bit. Practices such as energy

conservation, a recycling program, energy

efficient products, sustainable work policies

and locally sourced natural materials are all key

markers that we consider.

In the modern age, a business cannot rely on

word of mouth alone to get their message out

into the world. Social media has become a vital

part of everyday life, we like to see companies

that go the extra mile to engage potential

guests as well as those who visit regularly.

Attractive and user-friendly websites, engaging

social media accounts, brand management

and informative content provide the basis for

judging a company’s use of marketing.






A day at the Spa can be a truly indulgent and wonderful

experience, after all it’s a pastime centred on your

enjoyment, needs, and, most importantly, your

wellbeing. With the world now at the end stages of

the Covid pandemic the importance of personal

wellness has never been more apparent. The

continuous lockdowns and restrictions over the

past couple of years has meant that people are

placing more value on “me time”, and one of the

easiest ways to do this is a Spa Day.

Whether you visit with friends, family, a romantic partner,

co-workers, or by yourself, one thing is certain, a day at

the spa will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and destressed.

However, one misstep or awkward situation can

derail the whole experience.

For this reason, we’ve dedicated this piece to providing

you with a comprehensive spa guide that includes our top

tips, popular treatments, the benefits, and a summary of the

some of the best spas in the world.

8 9

Make sure you do your research to find your ideal spa. For the

most part, day spas tend to be consistent with services on

offer, but you want to make sure you find one that suits you.

Say a female only spa, or maybe you want a hotel spa so

you can spend the night, or you may be interested in an

innovative new treatment. Either way a good luck around is

the place to start.



Reservations should be made as soon

as you’ve decided on a date and found

your perfect spa. You may not be sure on

the exact treatments to go for so a quick

call to make a reservation will no doubt

help. Most spa receptionists are usually

able to adequately explain what’s on

offer, the benefits, and tailor packages.

Arriving for your spa day with treatments

and bookings in place mean the whole

experience is likely to be stress-free.

Be prepared by packing a bag.

Most amenities, robes, towels, and

refreshments are provided but you’ll still

want to pack a few essentials. A change

of clothes, swimwear, gym

wear, comfy footwear, and

a book/tablet are some of

the items we recommend. We

suggest approaching the day

as if you’re staying overnight at a

hotel, think about what items you’d

need in this situation.

Finally, arrive early, you want the whole

day to be as relaxing as possible and

getting there 20-30 minutes ahead

of will only help. It’ll allow you to get

acclimatised to the overall ambience and

take advantage of any complimentary

amenities on offer.

10 11

Now that you’ve stepped for inside, you’ll want to start by checking in. This may seem obvious but it’s

a pivotal point, this is when you can ask for a tour of the facility and acquire any robes, slippers, towels

etc. Any good spa will also ask you to fill in a health questionnaire when you first check-in. This is to

understand if you have any medical conditions, are on any medication, or have any allergies which may

determine the type of products used. If you aren’t asked to fill one in be sure to point out any, and we

mean any, issues or concerns you have.


Trust the staff, especially if it’s your first time. You may not

be sure on what the rules are or how to behave in particular

situations, it’s always best to communicate with the staff on

hand. They’ve probably heard it all, so no question will be

deemed silly, and they’ll likely offer the best advice. You’re not

expected to make friendly conversation but don’t be afraid to

speak up if you’re uncomfortable or have questions about a


Be mindful of other people during your time at the spa. If

you’re in a group, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun but

be aware other people are there to relax also. Discretion and

modesty in the changing area is advised and make sure you

leave this area how you’d like to find it.

If you’re going to a large spa or one that’s part of a hotel, you’ll

probably find a whole host of extra facilities and services

to take advantage of such as a pool, gym, sauna, bar, or

restaurant. Make the most of it, it’s not often you get to treat

yourself to a spa day.

Finally, at the end of it all, keep in mind the tip. This obviously

varies from spa to spa and between countries, so to be safe

check the spa gratuity policy. Some places may charge this

anyway, if in doubt go with 20% of the total treatment cost.

12 13



If you’re unsure about which treatment to get

or which is right for you then check out this

handy rundown of the four most popular.


The quintessential spa treatment

and by far the most common.

Great for relaxing tired muscles,

stimulating blood flow, and

releasing endorphins. Massages

come in many forms such as

Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue,

and Thai, to name but a few.

Body Treatments

Rejuvenating body treatments

such as scrubs, wraps, and soaks,

leave your skin feeling cleaner,

fresher, and more radiant.


Our face is the most visible

part of our body, and the first

thing people see. It deserves

pampering. Facial treatments

include the combination of

cleansing, extraction, and

massage. They are designed to

cleanse pores, exfoliate dead

skin cells, and leave your face


Manicure & Pedicures

A mani-pedi is the perfect

compliment to any one of the

three treatments mentioned

above. Having your hands and

feet scrubbed, cleaned, and

polished will leave you feeling




Regardless of treatment or

procedure, a day at the spa will

reduce stress and calm the mind.

Treat Skin

Facials, body treatments, and even

massages all assist in enhancing

skin quality.

Enhanced Sleep

You can expect better sleep quality

with a calm mind and improved

blood flow.

Improve Blood Flow &


Massages have been shown to

improve blood flow and circulation

thus helping the body to function

more efficiently.

Relieve Pain

A good massage can relieve joint

pain and aches. Just be sure

to let the therapist know of any

problem areas.



Dolce Bella Spa | Canada

Luxury Spa of the Year

Four Seasons Spa | Norway

Luxury Spa of the Year

Amooma Spa | Hong Kong

Day Spa of the Year

Amara Wellness | Australia

Wellness Centre of the Year




Til Spa | Portugal

Boutique Spa of the Year

Our top picks from

around the world.

Vitali Clinica Spa | Mexico

Holistic Spa of the Year

16 17


Vitali Clinica Spa

Mexico | Holistic Spa

“More Than Just a Spa, an IntraSpa

In the hustle and bustle of Mexico City the Vitalí Clinica Spa is a quiet,

calming, and nurturing oasis, providing a wellbeing service like no

other, and dedication to a craft that is unrivalled. Located in the

Cuauhtémoc district, known as the heart of the city, the Vitalí

Clinica Spa offers services that go beyond a spa, known as an


The ultimate goal of Vitalí is to bring together an immensely

pleasant external experience with an internal journey, a

notion named IntraSpa. Its philosophy is based on the

idea that the real source of wellness comes from

being able to listen to yourself. What Vitalí then

aspires to, is to reduce the noise of your mind

as well as relax your body.

Therefore, key tenets such as creating a

wonderful atmosphere, making you feel

welcome, facilitating relaxation techniques,

offering regular advice, motivational support,

and providing reliable information play a key

role in enabling you to achieve a quiet mind

and a revitalized body. This is delivered at

Vitalí through a mix of several high-quality

services such as, all types of massage, yoga,

meditations, Tai chi, ceremonies, detox advice,

and workshops.

On top of this, you will find a good collection

of books, a detox bar with “live drinks” (such

as kombucha) and a boutique where you can

find different items to feed your mind and

strengthen your body.

Av Amsterdam 43,


Cuáuhtemoc, 06100

Mexico City, Mexico

Tel +52 55 5211 6135



Vitalí has been designed right down to every tiny detail,

to get you to that internal trance-like state, whether

it be through partaking in a meditation circuit after a

rejuvenating deep tissue massage, or yoga before a hotstones

treatment. You can even utilise the on-site virtual

reality equipment, perfect for an awesome meditative

experience anywhere in the world.

The Deep Thinker

A Catch Up with Alberto Cortina,

Wellness Extraordinaire

Alberto has been working in the Wellness Industry for over 15 years. He

has a background in media communications and a Master of Business

Administration from Sheffield University. Also, he is permanent student

of a mix of disciplines such as yoga, reiki and tai chi and is passionate

about reading about philosophy and psychology.

He is the cocreator of “the intra movement “which aims to inspire

governments, entrepreneurs, and architects to create spaces to pause

and to do nothing more than listen to themselves. It also aims to make

meditation (taking time for reflection or whichever terminology you

prefer) a social norm in companies and public spaces in order to improve

our mental health in a world that is just asking us to move and achieve

without stopping.

In line with the “intra movement” he has progressed his spa to an

IntraSpa as an example of a space to pause to listen to yourself. He has

also developed a Detox Bar which is a concept that offers an alternative

to Starbucks for people who work more with their creative brain. The

atmosphere is created to make your ideas flow plus you are able to

consume healthy drinks.

Wellness Boutique is a project which has also been designed by Alberto

Cortina that aims to offer sensorial products to make spending time with

yourself a ceremonial and mystic experience.



When did you open the Spa and why?

It was 10 years ago. Back then, it was purely a business

decision, it was offered to me, and I needed some money at

the time.

It started as a side business and of course it did not work

like that, so I ended up leaving my main job to focus on it. I

realized that there was so much meaning in interacting with

people that are hoping to connect with something, people

that are looking to have a break but also understanding that

there is a great responsibility in dealing with hope.

The range of services at the spa is very impressive,

how did you go about selecting these specific


It was a very natural process because we understand our

business. We know that we are facilitators, and we are very

conscious that our business is about recognising individuals

therefore we need a broad range of vehicles on offer to get

to the same place. For example, some people can naturally

enjoy a meditation in the lotus position, there are others that

will enjoy dancing more, but the intention is the same. That

is the key, it does not matter if you go for a facial or you are

more of a yogi, the point is you do it to love yourself more.

What challenges did the Covid

pandemic present?

Financially there were many challenges, however

that is just about numbers and so it was important

to accept the circumstances as quick as possible,

in order to start an adaptation process. However,

the biggest challenge was to remain as wellness

facilitators remotely when we were in lock down

and now to improve all the time to respond to

much higher levels of distress, anxiety, depression,

loneliness, and low motivation.

Can you tell us about IntraSpa?

The real sanctuary is inside of us as well as the answers. We

just need to go inside of ourselves and pose a couple of key

questions: what do we really like and what do we really love? If

we know the answers to these questions, we can do a massive

internal clean out and focus less on the source of stress but

instead feed the source we love.

It sounds simple but everyone knows that it can be very

threatening and complicated because we have personal and

collective beliefs, social, family, and personal expectations,

different traumas. We are afraid of being rejected so we protect

ourselves and avoid questioning.

The thing is, all of this is in our mind, so the option is to ground

ourselves in reality, starting with our senses: touch; smell; taste;

hearing, sight and being conscious of our whole body through

breathing or balance exercises. All these with the aim of

making you feel safe, welcome, unique, and inspired, setting up

favourable conditions for you to have that internal conversation.

If it doesn’t come to you straight away that is fine, it will come

when you are ready. We like to call it the “intra moment”.

So, an IntraSpa aims to inspire you to have a moment on your

internal journey by helping you to quiet your mind and just feel.



In recent times Mexico has

developed a reputation for

being a premier wellness

destination, why do you think

this is?

Mexico has got a great tradition

of being connected with the

earth, ceremonies, and rituals

to heal the body and the soul.

In my case one of the things

that has inspired me is in the

Mexican tradition of the Chaman

who always personalized your

medicine. In the modern world

this is vital because we are seen

just as data. Also in my opinion,

Mexicans have that unique mix

of warmth, ceremonial spirit, a

willingness to help others and a

dash of spice.

What advice would you give to anyone interested

in opening their own spa?

To have as mantra the Beatles song “all you need is love”

When you understand that to give love is the reason to

open a spa you will find you way and your unique offering.

Finally, what your favourite place to

travel and why?

I would have to say inside me, but I love it when I open my

eyes and see mountains and lots of green, so my favourite

place is Scotland.




Amara Wellness Centre

Australia | Wellness Centre

Founded by Dr Zara Celik, the Amara Wellness Centre is a culmination of experience,

understanding, education, and tradition. The centre is focused on values of

prevention, treatment, and true wellness, which when combined with Dr Zara Celik’s

industry background and excellent level of service, ensures that Melbourne is in

fact home to a world class wellness studio.

The experience from start to finish is tailored to individual needs, not

everyone is the same and as such no one therapy on its own will be

effective. Ultimately, a holistic and integrative approach is required

meaning all sessions are customised to address the mind, body,

and soul. Whether you’re looking for reliable advice, a calming

massage, rejuvenate your skin, revitalise your body, or simply

enjoy a hot steam “hammam” then Amara is the perfect

place for you.

Visitors to the centre can expect a whole host of

services and treatments. Most start with a wellness

consultation, which is essentially a holistic review

of an individual person’s health, the result of

which normally forms a basis for a personalised

treatment plan.

On offer beyond this are a whole host of massages

& endermotherapie treatment; to achieve a glowing

complexion, facials, endermolifts, and LED light therapy

available at the centre are brilliant. Or if you’re interested

in slimming, then a lipo-massage is probably more your

thing. With regards to strength and conditioning the centre

is home to one of few state-of-the-art Huber Motion Labs,

in the Asia-Pacific region. For recovery you can’t go too far

wrong with endermosport massage, a favourite amongst

world-leading athletes. Dr Zara Celik herself is an expert

chiropractor and has a master’s in the field, so you can trust

you’ll be good hands for this. The range on offer is extensive

and too much to cover, so if you’re interested in full list of

services then click here. Zara was chosen as a top health

coach in Australia and is an executive contributor for Brainz

magazine and a part of global 500.

One practice worth mentioning however, is that the centre

boasts Melbourne’s first Hammam. With the hammam

playing a key role in Dr Zara’s early life growing up in Turkey,

she was keen to bring this unique experience to Melbourne,

it’s fair to this goal has been well and truly achieved!


Level 1 Suite 3, 597-601 Sydney Road,

Brunswick, Victoria 3056


Tel +61 406 998 998



Tel +




Dolce Bella Spa

Canada | Luxury Spa

Opulence and variety are the order of the day at Ontario’s magnificent Dolce Bella Spa.

A spa where history and luxury meet to create a unique one-stop spa experience.

Established within a 19th Century Wooden Mill nestled on the tranquil waterfront of

Ottawa’s famous River-Rideau Canal, the Dolce Bella Spa retains its historical charm

while boasting an array of wellness services administered by expertly trained staff

using only the highest quality products.

To start, familiar and more conventional treatments are presented.

There’s plenty to choose from, this includes facials, massages, body

treatments (such as wraps and hydrotherapy), mani-pedi, makeup

services (using Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup), and waxing. On top

of this there is a healthy cuisine menu available, serving freshly

prepared dishes, made using the finest ingredients. This

services to enhance the whole wellness experience leaving

your insides feeling as pampered as your exterior. To give

gives guests the utmost in value Dolce Belle offers a

range of packages designed for varying group sizes,

events, and needs.

A unique feature of the Dolce Bella Spa is the

on-site hair salon. The salon offers a wide

range of services to perfect complement

to the beauty treatments that will no doubt

leave you looking fresh as every for any


The medical aesthetic treatments round off

the excellent array of services at Dolce Bella

Spa. Should you want healthy, glowing, and

younger looking skin then these treatments

maybe ideal for you. Skin rejuvenation

therapies, acne treatment, permanent hair

removal, and pigmented lesion remedy, are

all available.

8 Cataraqui Street,

Kingston, Ontario,


Tel +1 877 424 4417



TIL SPA - Castanheiro

Boutique Hotel

Portugal | Boutique Spa


The sleepy island of Madeira is the perfect European getaway. In recent

times the Island has developed a reputation for its world class spas

and wellness retreats. Madeira’s exceptional location, connection

with nature, peaceful setting, subtropical climate, and quality of

living means its ideally suited to welcoming wellness seekers. For

this we recommend none other than the luxurious Til Spa at

the wonderful Castanheiro Boutique Hotel.

The concept of the Spa is simple, it’s to connect with

nature through wonderful sensations, smells, and

touches. The experiences are immersive as they are

rejuvenating and much of the treatments utilise

natural organic ingredients. Seaweed wraps,

nourishing body oils, eucalyptus aromatherapy,

bamboo brushes, and volcanic hot stone

massage are just some of the unique

treatments you can expect delivered

by experienced and knowledgeable


On the whole the spa does much in the way of catering

to most tastes, there are treatments offered for men

that use purpose made essences; couples in the form

full body and back massage aromatherapies; Even kids

can enjoy a “make the children happy” or “modern youth”

massage that are adjusted based on age. Facilities

include an indoor pool with a hydrotherapy circuit, two

massage booths, sauna, Turkish bath, relaxation room

and a gym.

Castanheiro Boutique Hotel

R. do Castanheiro 31

9000-081, Funchal


Tel +351 969 149 279



Enduringly popular all over the world and a UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity, Thai

massage is a worldwide phenomenon. Practitioners, centres, and retreats specialising

in the practice are common, in most big cities its relatively easy to get a Thai

massage. For sure, it’s one you won’t regret!



Originating from the Kingdom of Thailand, historically known as Siam, Thai

Massage has been practiced, developed, and honed over thousands of years.

Combining acupressure, ayurvedic tenets, and yoga positions, Thai massage

is unlike any western, Swedish or shiatsu massage techniques. The receiver

in a Thai massage lies on the floor and actively participates in the massage

as opposed to laying still on a bed or floor. Sessions can last up to two hours

and may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking knuckles, and walking

on the receivers back.

It is recommended that after a Thai massage you rest and drink plenty

of water. Even though you may feel relaxed muscles have been worked,

stretched and prodded. There are no guidelines on how often you should have

a Thai massage. In fact, one of the appealing qualities is the customisability

of Thai massage, therapists are open to working with receivers on specific

problems areas. The use of essential oils, sounds, and aromatherapy, further

enhances the whole experience and adds an extra dimension of relaxation.

This is a relatively modern addition to Thai massage but one that has been

encompassed to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

32 33

Thai massage has been shown to ease muscle

soreness and joint pain. The use of pressure, stretching

and kneading on the body is proven to release muscle

tension and enhance flexibility. Other benefits include

improved blood circulation, reduction in stress, anxiety

relief, and an increase in energy levels.

A Thai massage can be taken one step further with

the use of Luk Pra Kob. Luk Pra Kob is the pressing

of an herbal stamp on the body for the purpose

alleviating muscular pain and exfoliating skin.

The stamp is made up of a blend of herbs

which are wrapped in unbleached cotton

and heated in a steamer. The hot compress

is then applied to the body. The heat releases

the essential oils of the medicinal herbs

inside the stamp, allowing them to penetrate

the skin. It is recommended not to shower for

a few hours after the treatment in order to fully

maximise the benefits of the herbal oils.

34 35

Muse Thai Wellness

Germany | Thai Massage Centre

In Thai culture wellness is a part of the tradition, rather than the “trend” we

see today, it’s a practice that has been honed and refined over centuries

to a point now where there is a huge global demand for Thai Spa’s, herbal

treatments, and massages. It’s not easy to find a reputable and reliable

practitioner however if you’d lucky enough to live in or visit Germany

or Thurgau in Switzerland then we strongly recommend Muse Thai


A muse can best be described as a source of inspiration

and creativity, a somewhat guiding light, and for visitors,

Muses of traditional Thai massage await in the region

of Konstanz. At Muse Thai Wellness knowledgeable,

experienced, and intuitive masseurs are coupled with

the appropriate décor, sounds, scents, and oils, to

create the perfect atmosphere for a traditional

Thai massage like no other.

Thai Massage itself is broad and has been developed over

centuries, it can help prevent or relieve several ailments as

well as improve mental health. It’s for this reason the Thai

Wellness massage can consist of several different stretches,

movements, joint mobilizations, and pressure points, as well

as the use of hand, thumbs, knees, elbows, and feet. At Muse

Thai wellness you can expect all of this to be put into practice

with a range of massages to choose from including a Hot

Stone Massage, Problem Area Massage, Asian Foot Massage,

KoNaSchu (specialised for head, neck, and shoulder), Nuad

Thai Nammanh (ancient healing touch) and event massage

(available on request).

In addition to this a plethora of oils are also utilised to

maximise the advantageous property of each relative to any

ailment or need. Lavender, Coconut, Leelavadee, Rice, Rose,

and Basic oils are all on hand.

Overall, a Thai wellness massage is much deeper and more

multifaceted than you’d expect so finding an accomplished

practitioner may not be easy but for those who are willing

Muse Thai Wellness awaits!


Kanzleistraße 3, 78462

Konstanz, Germany

Tel +49 7531 9911677



1) What motivated you to open a Thai

Massage Spa in Constance?

Buppha: I love being by the water. Here in

Konstanz you can live and work directly on

the lake. Here I can best pursue my greatest

passion, Thai massage.

Frank: In addition, the people of Constance

and the region appreciate Thai massage

very much.

3) What are the different types of Thai massage and which would you

recommend for beginners?

Buppha: First is the classic Thai massage,

and then continue the Thai reflexology

massage of the feet and Thai massage

with herbal stamp.

Frank: for people who can enjoy a

Thai massage for the first time I would

recommend the classic Thai massage

with oil. The massage can be performed in

various intensities.

Buppha: whereby the masseuse can

immediately respond to the customer’s

reaction. The other two massages are

intense massages that go into the depths

of the body.

6) Which wheel would you give someone who wants to open their

own massage center?

Frank: first I would say he should respond to customers. He should try to

meet customer requirements and exceed expectations. He should see the

customer as a personal guest with absolute passion.

Buppha: We try to make our guest’s stay as pleasant as possible and always

help them.

7) How did Covid affect business and how did they deal with it?

2) What are the advantages of Thai


Buppha: In my home country, Thai massage

is part of the daily ritual and has already

saved many people so many courses to the

doctor due to their preventive effect.

Thai massage can prevent many diseases

and sufferings – while being a pleasant and

beneficial method to get rid of everyday

stress and relax properly.

Frank: Thai massage with its healthpromoting

effects on nature, body, mind,

and soul of man makes it a particularly

valuable and unique treatment. After all,

Aristotle already knew: “The whole thing is

more than the sum of its parts.

4) How to compare Thai massage

techniques with, for example, Swedish

massage or shiatsu massage.

Buppha: If the rubbing and kneading of

the skin are essential elements, traditional

Thai massages can also positively influence

internal or distant organs by means of the

remote effect.

A Swedish massage is a form of massage in

which, as with connective tissue massage,

gentle striking and circular movements are

combined with deeply effective kneading.

Unlike other massage techniques such as Thai

massage, the masseur practicesShiatsualways

very gentle pressure. Pressure pain does not


5) in Thailand wellness is a valued

‘’tradition. Why do they think that

is so and they believe that the

rest of the world can learn from it.

Buppha: Traditional Thai massage is

also associated with Buddhism in its

current practice. It is used with Metta

(the usual term for loving goodness).

Masters are usually deeply religious

people who perform the massage in

a state of mindfulness, uniformity,

compassion, and joy. This can be

taken as a model of how to deal with

each other in general.

In today’s world, an indispensable


Frank: Of course, customer

frequency has been reduced by the

measures of the Covid regulations,

and we both had to think about

how we could draw attention even

more and respond even more to the

wishes of our guests.

We deal very openly with cleanliness

and hygiene, i.e. for example, our

guests can disinfect their hands

automatically and without touching

the device when entering our


Our guests immediately get a

positive impression of all the senses

when entering our rooms.

Our guests should notice that we

are preparing our massage rooms

exclusively for them.

Buppha: We make sure that we

employ very well-trained staff and

always train them to withstand

everyone on the same knowledge.

We all always want to be at our


Frank : But we also want to point

out that we want to expand and

strengthen our presence on the


8) Your favorite place to travel and why?

Our favorite destination is of course Thailand

Why? It is home to Buppha and people are very


We always go directly to the sea - we love the water.

We enjoy every moment we can spend by the sea.

The sea decelerates us and brings us to rest.

It is a wonderful moment we were able to experience

in Thailand.




Often times skincare is neglected in favour of focusing on other areas of the body. For most of us our

skincare routine will never go beyond regular showering with use of gels or applying a little moisturiser.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is subject to both internal and external risk factors. The skin

is responsible for releasing harmful toxins from the body while at the same protecting us from outside

threats such as bacteria. Healthy skin can improve appearance, enhance mood, and keep wrinkles at

bay. Changes in the skin can also highlight internal issues such as bad diet and stress.

The good news is that it’s never too late to adopt a skincare routine and skin healthy habits. We’ve

highlighted five key areas to consider when developing your routine.


This is the most obvious place to start. There are plenty of products on the

market that can leave you feeling a little daunted in terms of knowing where

to begin, not all skin is the same so what may work for one person may

not necessarily work for you. It’s always worth speaking to a professional

to determine which product or ingredient is right for your skin. There

maybe a little trial and error involved at the beginning but later you’ll

determine which products are ideal for your skin type. Keep in mind

however products can change based on season and climate.

Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunscreen, exfoliator, and serums should

be staples in any skincare routine.

40 41

Spa Treatments

Regular trips to the spa will play a key role

in any good skincare routine. Going to the

professionals to get treatment is a great way

to ensure a high-quality experience, get

advice, and simply relax.

The most common treatment is a facial, which

despite the name, can be applied to most areas

of the body. This is a beautifying treatment

that cleanses pores, exfoliates dead skin cells,

moisturises the skin, and relieve common

skin ailments. Methods used include the use

of steam, creams, lotions, peels, face masks,

massage, and skin lasers.

Other popular spa treatments to consider are

body scrubs, aromatherapy massages, laser

skin resurfacing, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Therapy, or spending up to 15 minutes in

sauna or steam room.


The famous saying goes “you are what you

eat”, and this is especially true when it comes

to your skin. Skin cells are constantly shed

and replaced with younger ones that require

a steady supply of essential nutrients. Eat the

correct balance of foods and you’ll feed your

skin the nutrients it needs to stay soft, supple,

and blemish free.

Fruits and vegetable are full of antioxidants

and top of the list when it comes to foods that

protect the skin. Selenium rich foods such as

Brazil nuts, fish, wheatgerm, and tomatoes

are also great. Remaining well hydrated

throughout the day is imperative as even mild

dehydration can cause you skin to look dry;

8-10 glasses a day of water is a solid target.

Omega-3 and Omega 6 fats found in oily fish,

seeds, and walnuts produce anti inflammatory

compounds which may help skin conditions

such as eczema and psoriasis.

It goes without saying that smoking and

excessive alcohol consumption must be

avoided as both can age the skin ahead of time.

42 43


The benefit of exercise is two-fold. Firstly,

there is the improved blood flow during

exercise that assists in nourishing skin

cells and removing toxins. Then there is

the de-stressing benefit of exercise. Stress

triggers several physiological responses that

negatively impact the skin. These can cause

breakouts, inflammation, and discolouration.

For the best workout for your skin, we

recommend hitting the gym and staying

indoors as you risk sun exposure outdoors

especially in sunnier climates. Another skin

issue that can arise is chafing which can

cause rashes, we advise avoiding cotton and

wearing activewear.


The most inexpensive of all five, a good

night’s sleep can go a long way in maintaining

skin health. During sleep blood flow to your

skin increases which aids in the rebuilding

of collagen and repairing damage from UV

exposure. A good night’s sleep (8-10 hours)

will maximise the effectiveness of these

processes. Whereas a lack of sleep raises

your cortisol levels, a hormone which triggers

inflammation, limits skin recovery from UV

exposure, and ages skin faster.

44 45

DrHair ® | Beauty

Product Of the Year

Make Hair Loss a Thing of the Past!

D rHair® is a line of flawless, award-winning hair and scalp treatments that

have gone on to revolutionise the industry. Curated by the ingenious

Dr Georgia Lee, DrHair ® is the natural companion to the DrGL ® line of

products in keeping with the high quality of the brand, DrHair ®

treatments tap onto the art of science, utilising only the finest

ingredients to ensure the utmost effectiveness and efficacy.

At DrHair ® you can expect no less than a premium service at

the hands of experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained

professionals who specialise in hair and scalp treatments.

DrHair ® treatments comprise of clinically proven hairloss

prevention methods, deep cleanse and hair

booster formulas for healthy scalp and hair.

About DrGL ®

Founded by Singaporean doctor Dr Georgia Lee,

and named with her initials, DrGL ® is ultimately a

reflection of her approach and attitude to skin and hair

care. Designed for maximum efficacy and minimum

fuss, the products and treatments are innovations of Dr

Lee’s extensive expertise. Years of medical and aesthetic

experience, thorough patient feedback, extensive clinical

trials, and demanding standards have led to the curation

and curation of unrivalled skin and scalp products. All

our products and treatments are developed using only

scientifically-driven research, and the finest ingredients.

As a result, you’re always guaranteed products and

services from DrGL ® that are effective, safe and crueltyfree.

All products are assessed by independent certified

toxicologists and tested at independent EU labs for quality

in safety, stability, and compatibility with the packaging.

Find our more - https:// drgl.com/drgl-brand-story/



DrSpa ® and DrHair ®

Singapore | Products & Skincare Treatment

D rSpa® is uniquely focused on boutique doctorcurated

treatments dedicated to Asian skin types

and climates. DrSpa ® is the natural accompaniment to

the DrGL ® product range. Clinical solutions developed

at DrSpa ® are always customised, combined with, and

to ultimately amplify the DrGL ® skincare routine for

optimal, long-lasting results. All treatments start with

a professional skin analysis and a homecare routine,

determined and recommended according to the

individual’s needs and requirements.

Highlights of DrSpa ® include:

– Glorious skin brightening solutions for a radiant complexion

– Acne treatments that are gentle yet effective for a clear, blemish-free


– Body solutions for slimming, firming and cellulite reduction

– Treatments to slow down the skin aging process and reverse the look

of fine lines

– Specially curated treatments just for men.

– Targeted facials to perfect the complexion

DrSpa ® | Skincare Treatment


100H Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118524

Tel +65 9178 3472




Nourish Spa and Skin Clinic

Australia | Spa & Skincare Clinic

Presenting a tranquil and calming space, the Nourish Spa & Skin Centre is a beacon

of relaxation on Victoria’s trendy wellness scene. Located on the fashionable

Fitzroy Street, the Nourish Spa specialises in massage and skin treatments. The spa

perfectly blends a traditional approach to wellbeing with advanced cosmeceutical

skin care and relaxation treatments, all bough together by expertly trained

professionals providing a high-quality service. This stunning urban retreat is

not one to be missed!

Skin Treatments

There is much on offer a Nourish Spa for skin treatments. You can

choose from an array of facial remedies ranging from a simple

spa facial ranging all the way up to LED light therapy and skin

needling. Skins peels are a fantastic alternative and at Nourish

you have 7 unique versions to choose from. You can also

get a dry body brushing treatment or choose aromatic

body scrubs to rejuvenate your skin. For something a

little different we recommend trying Intense Pulsed

Light (IPL) skin rejuvenation therapy.


In terms of massages, you can choose from Deep Tissue, Swedish

Relaxation, and Prenatal as well as a unique treatment called Spa Rituals,

for which there are four exceptional options to choose from. A Spa Ritual is

a truly immersive experience that uses a combination of treatments design

to help find serenity and inner balance. Of the four available our favourite

has to be the Nourish journey that starts with a herbal tea and foot soak,

followed an exfoliating scrub, relaxing massage and rejuvenating facial

customised for skin type and condition.

Beauty and Hair Removal Treatments

Beauty treatments remain extremely popular at Nourish Spa, these include

manicures and pedicures, eye lash touch up, and spray tanning using

Tuscan Tan. Hair removal options are waxing, body sugaring, and Intense

Pulsating Light (IPL) permanent hair reduction.

Cosmetic Injectables

Should you wish to go one step further then Nourish Spa provides antiwrinkle

treatments, dermal fillers, and collagen injections for a range of

aesthetic and cosmetic purposes

Level 2, 157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

(Entrance via Astral Apartments),

Victoria 3182 Australia

Tel +61 395 342 122



The stress of the pandemic has no doubt led to an increased awareness on the importance of individual

wellbeing. However, making time for personal wellness is a different story especially when you consider

safety restrictions, and costs. This means many of us have turned to the convenience of apps to assist.

Here are four of the best for 2022.





All Out Studio

Your one-stop-shop for exclusive on

demand workouts. Bought to you by

several of the worlds most trusted health

brands, All Out Studio makes working out

at home a breeze. Hundreds of workouts

are designed for specific body types,

lifestyles, and goals, meaning finding

one unique to yourself is easy enough.

For full access subscription is required

which can be paid for per month or for

the whole year.


Access to a licenced mental health

therapist through your phone is the

simple yet powerful vision of Talkspace.

A convenient and affordable way to

improve your mental health, Talkspace is

centred on matching individuals with an

appropriate therapist for their needs with

unlimited communication and regular

feedback. The user interface is set up to

measure progress, foster healthy habits,

and measure long term goals.


One of the best yoga apps on the market

for beginners, Glo is home to over 4000

yoga classes. At sign up you’re asked

three questions to determine the best

yoga style to suit your goals, as well as

access to content from some of the

best instructors from all over the world.

To further this, you can also access

meditation, pilates, and fitness classes.


RaskRask sets the standard in

convenience when it comes to finding

a professional masseur, trainer, or

hairdresser to suit your lifestyle. With

hundreds of thoroughly vetted and

highly knowledgeable professionals to

choose from RaskRask undoubtedly

offers wellness on your terms.

To find out more check out the following


52 53



Denmark | The Award for Excellence in Service

Your Health. Your Terms

A simply yet powerful platform, RaskRask is all about giving you freedom

and control when it comes to your wellbeing. Never before in history has so

much emphasis been placed on the importance of wellness at home and

with RaskRask you get the perfect antidote to that unpleasant or tired

feeling of not wanting to go out whether it be to the gym, yoga, spa,

or salon.

For a customer it works much like any other demand service, you

simply create an account, login, and book for a professional

to visit your home or office. Massage therapists, yoga

instructors, personal trainers, and hairdressers are all

available. This provides the ultimate convenience; you

book when it’s feasible, pay a fair price, don’t have

to travel, or worry about equipment, and you’re

not committed to a set number of sessions or

a monthly contract. Although should you

wish you do have the option of multitrip

cards but are still afforded to book

sessions any time you want.

All professionals are carefully selected based

on experience and expertise, this includes

background checked and thorough vetting

procedure, so you know with RaskRask you’re

in safe hands. Many of the massage therapists

are trained in a variety of styles meaning you

can book a sport’s, physiotherapy, wellness,

prenatal, and even couple’s massage.

For a therapist the benefits are fantastic, to

start with there’s no need to worry about timeconsuming

tasks such as marketing and admin.

Then there is the added benefit of flexibility

such as choosing when and where you work.

Finally, there is the added layer of customer

support & security with Tryg insurance offered

to all therapists.

So, the next time you think you’re too busy to

have a massage or go to the gym, think again,

think RaskRask!

Universitetsbyen 7,

8000 Aarhus C,


Tel +45 93 88 00 63



Ayurvedic healing or medicine is one of the oldest medicinal systems in world, with a history spanning

over several millennia. Ayurveda’s historical roots are set on the Indian subcontinent, practiced mainly in

India and Nepal, however in recent times the practice has gained worldwide interest and there are now

centres specialising in the Ayurvedic healing all over the world.




Based on ancient text and knowledge, Ayurveda is a natural

and holistic approach to wellness that centres on finding the

balance between mind, body, and spirit.

To understand and create balance you first need determine

your individual constitution. Your constitution, much like

a fingerprint, is unique to every individual. It’s made up of a

set of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics, and

is determined at conception by a number of circumstances

that remain the same throughout life. When this balance is

disturbed, it negatively impacts individual constitution. Stress,

anxiety, diet, seasons, trauma, social strains are all factors that

create an imbalance. Once this is understood, appropriate

actions or treatments can be undertaken to restore balance

and re-establish order.

The evaluation and treatment of imbalances is best done via an

Ayurvedic professional, who’ll normally start by observing and

assessing signs and symptoms of illness (physical or mental)

to determine the cause of an imbalance. Once a conclusion is

reached, a treatment is prescribed. This can be any one of the

following: herbal medicines, special diets, meditation, yoga,

massage, laxatives, enemas, and medical oils.

Ultimately however, Ayurveda is a complex system developed

over thousands of years. To fully understand it requires much

time and effort. To find out more check out - https://www.


56 57


New York Ayurveda

Panchakarma Center

USA | Ayurveda Spa

Ayurveda can best be described as an ancient form of healing with its

roots in the Indian subcontinent and a system honed over millennia.

Today it’s more popular than ever with thousands of practitioners,

teachers, and centres all over the world. Those living or visiting New

York are fortunate as the city is home to one of the best Ayurvedic

Wellness Centres in North America, the aptly named “New York

Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre”. Founded by Ayurveda

specialist Nisha Saini and home to several Ayurveda Doctors

and Ayurveda therapists, the centre specialises in Ayurvedic

constitutional evaluation, herbal treatments, Abhyanga

massage, Merma (energy) therapy, Shirodhara (warm

oil flow on forehead), Basti treatments (for balancing

and nurturing Vata Dosha), facial treatments, body

scrubs, and much more. If this wasn’t enough the

centre is also one of the few on the east coast

that’s able to administer Panchakarma, a very

specialised Ayurvedic treatment designed

to cleanse and rejuvenate the body using

5 distinct therapies.

The process at the centre is intended to be as simple as possible,

starting with the dosha/constitution evaluation, followed by

a carefully designed treatment plan to be incorporated into

any schedule, budget, or lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to strike

a perfect balance between health and harmony. A further

innovation within the centre is the opportunity to purchase

traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations, refreshing and

healing herbal teas, nourishing oils, tablets, and organic

Ayurvedic skincare products. The online store means it’s not

just New Yorkers who get to benefit from the centre’s expertise.

Find out more - Ayurveda Plaza

315 W 55th St

Ground Floor

New York, NY, 10019

United States

Tel +212 616 4127



Wellness practices come in a variety of wonderful forms; some are more popular than others. Many of us

are always on the lookout for the next alternative “trend” or something different to relieve our ailments.

To assist in this endeavour, we’ve three of our favourites unique wellness practices that may just by

about to take the world by storm.



Chocolate Therapy

For some of us gorging on chocolate after a tough day might be

therapeutic enough, however simply consuming chocolate isn’t

the only way to enjoy its benefits. Indulging in chocolate-based

treatments such as cocoa body scrubs, whipped cocoa baths,

chocolate lotion massages, and chocolate wraps, have been

shown to be beneficial for the skin, joints, and circulation system

For the ultimate chocolate spa experience, we recommend the

After the Rain Spa, in Geneva


In today’s digital age we spend most of our time staring at screens,

engaged in conversation, conducted business, browsing the

web etc., we have little time for proper rest. This is the basis

for Vipassana retreats that are designed to reduce stress and

purify the mind through self-observation. To do these guests

must observe a prolonged period (normally 10 days) of silence

while living restrictively and attending meditation sessions.

Participants who complete the 10 days tend to acknowledge the

positive benefits it brings.

Four your next Vipassana retreat we recommend Tushita

Meditation Centre in India

Beer Spa

A unique concept from the middle-ages that has well and

truly stood the test of time. The hops and yeast within beer is

beneficial to the skin in cleaning out pores, detoxifying, and

improving blood circulation. It’s a great stress reliever, not least

for the fact that most establishment offer unlimited beer on tap

throughout your session.

Check out the next page for our in-depth feature on the Original

Beer Spa in Prague.

60 61

Original Beer Spa

Czech Republic | Spa


trip to Prague isn’t complete without a visit to the award-winning

ORIGINAL BEER SPA. Excellent service and unique treatments await in

two locations. While this may seem innovative and new, the ingredients and

approach are actually based on traditional and local medical procedures,

with the added caveat of unlimited draft beer throughout!

The journey begins upon entering a fully private chamber setup

exclusively for you or your small group. You start by submerging

yourself into a spectacular hand-made, thousand-litre, royal

oak whirlpool tub filled with the natural extracts used to

brew Czech Krušovice ® beer. Soaking in the hops and

barley is reinvigorating as it is relaxing.

The beer soak contains a plethora of nutrients,

vitamins, proteins, and saccharides that have

been proven to improve skin and muscle

health. For example, the high hop oil

content assists in opening up skin pores

and releasing toxins. The high dose

of vitamin B and active enzymes in

the brewer’s yeast, add vitality and

health to the skin.


Furthermore, this concoction has been shown to

stimulate metabolism, help remove harmful substances

from the body, reduce muscle tension, and ease fatigue.

The wellbeing benefits go far beyond the physical as

the beer spa environment is conducive to a relaxing

experience that can help reduce stress, relieve anxiety,

and improve mood.

Following the soak, you can continue relaxing by getting

into a traditional hop sauna quirkily built to resemble a

beer barrel and/or spend a few moments laying down on

a wheat straw bed the purpose of which is to absorb all

the vitamins and extracts from the bath.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish at this or any point, then you

can feast on fresh homemade beer bread or continue

to consume the draft beer. Everything is provided from

cotton towels, bathrobes, sheets to linen blankets, and

basswood slippers.

Finally, should you want to take this experience home

with you then why not check out the gift shop? On offer

are several fantastic handmade beer cosmetics that

replicate the positive effects beer has on skin.

Tel + 420 252 544 849









Massage is a popular wellness

therapy that has roots in ancient

civilisations. The practice itself is

a simple one, it’s the manipulation

of the bodies soft tissue using

hands, elbows, knees, forearms,

feet, or a device. The purpose is to

treat muscle and joint pain as well

relieve stress. Massage has been

shown to effectively improve

blood circulation, treat joint pain,

improve flexibility, enhance sleep

quality, relax the mind, aid muscle

recovery, and reduce risk of injury

through sports.

Anyone can give you a massage

but for more effective treatment

you will want to use the services

of a qualified practitioner. With so

many techniques and variations

of massage out there it can be

tricky finding one that’s right for

you. To help you make your choice

we’ve put together a handy

guide of a few popular types of



A common full body massage that tends to cover

the whole body and lasts 60 to 90 minutes. It’s

good for dealing with muscle soreness, knots,

and stress. Ideal if you’re new to massage or

have a lot of tension to release.

Deep Tissue

A much more pressure version of a Swedish

massage, Deep Tissue is fantastic at treating

chronic muscle pain, tightness, and joint aches.

This is a good alternative to a Swedish massage

as long as you’re not overly sensitive to muscle



This is the combination of soft pressure with the

use of fragrant essential oils. Most therapists

tend to pick the oil, but you can let them know

your preference. The oil is added to a diffuser

to be inhaled and absorbed through your skin

via gentle rubbing. This type of massage is

effective at reducing stress and anxiety. Ideal if

you want to add a mental health component to

the experience.


The focus of this massage is to target pressure

points of the feet, hands, and ears, to restore

natural energy levels. If you’re uncomfortable

with exposing your entire body or have limited

time, then this may work for you as you can take

part fully clothed and be finished within half an



A Japanese type of massage that is particularly

useful at honing on certain areas of the body

that need attention. Therapists will use pulsing

and rhythmic pressure as well as the thumbs

to targets certain points. Shiatsu is brilliant for

relaxing and reliving tension. Like reflexology it

can be done fully clothed.


A more active form of massage that’s effective

at reducing stress while enhancing circulation.

A Thai massage involves working the entire

body through stretches, movements, and firm

pressure. This is another type of massage where

you can remain fully clothed.

64 65

Grace Note Massage

USA | Massage Therapist

For many a massage is the opportunity to relax, de-stress, have a mental

break, and a physical rejuvenation. It’s important to find the right

therapist, someone dedicated, understanding, calming, and fluid. You want

the massage to be a whole experience and for this we urge you to pay

Grace Note Massage in Santa Fe a visit, if you’re travelling through the

area or lucky enough to live nearby you won’t regret it.

Founded by Irina and Tim Campbell, a husband-and-wife super

team, Grace Note Massage has a stellar reputation in the

Santa Fe area for offering excellent massages in a nurturing

and caring environment. They understand the value in

a massage not just from a physical perspective but

a mental and emotional aspect too. So guests can

expect a calming and relaxing ambience where all

the senses are perfectly catered to.

It’s also why they are trained extensively to

offer several different kinds of therapy. Guests

can expect to find a pattern that suits them

and their ailments. The traditional Therapeutic

Massage tailored to specific needs performed

with the intention to restore balance and

improve energy flow. The Root to Crown

treatment involves a nourishing massage and

special care on feet, hands, and head with

healing scrubs, warm oils, and salves. The

Cranio Sacral therapy is unique in that you are

fully clothed and treated to gentle touches

to examine the joints of your head, ultimately

leading to a restoration of imbalances. Finally,

there’s the Traveller, a 90-minute soothing

session that involves energy work, sound

vibrations, aromatherapy, healing touch, and

deep presence.


201 Nambe street,

Santa Fe,

NM, 87505

Tel +575 613 3133








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