May 2-SW - The Bowling News

May 2-SW - The Bowling News

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VOL. 57, NO. 18 MAY 2, 2013


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Walter Ray Williams Jr.

wins PBA50 Sun Bowl

For Fifth Career PBA50 Tour Title


a stepladder final made up

of three of the Professional

Bowlers Association’s all-time

greats, Hall of Famer Walter

Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala,

Fla., prevailed to win his fifth

career PBA50 Tour title by

capturing the Sun Bowl In The

Villages presented by Hammer

title Tuesday at Spanish Springs


Williams, the reigning

PBA50 Player of the Year,

defeated fellow Hall of Famer

and 2012 PBA50 Rookie of

the Year Amleto Monacelli

of Venezuela, 276-216, in the

championship match to win the

second tournament of the 2013

PBA50 Tour season.

Williams found it necessary

to implement the unusual

technique of using a different

ball on each lane of the

championship pair in the title

match to get the desired ball

reaction on each lane.

“It’s not something I

normally do, but I practiced

By Lance Ragland, Staff Writer

800 is a number that bowlers

in every league, in every

house, every night hope to

bowl. For 23-year-old Cory Dollard

it’s a number he has seen

three times in his life, including

twice in the last month.

What makes Dollard’s recent

success even more impressive

is that he is Autistic. According

to Jim Dollard, Cory’s father,

he suffers from a mild case of


Dollard hasn’t let his disability

hold him back though.

He attended regular classes

throughout his childhood and

graduated from Richardson-

Berkner High School. “This

forced him to be more social

and get out in the community,”

said his father Jim.

Getting out in the community

is what helped Dollard

discover the sport of bowling.

When he was younger he

started going to AMF Rich-


Walter Ray Williams Jr.

with a few balls and was able

to determine that if I needed

Continued on Page 15

Autistic bowler sets

the mark

ardson Lanes on Sundays for

dollar bowling.

According to AMF Richardson’s

youth director, Sharon

Pease, “ He loved the sport

and eventually started bowling

nine to 15 games every Sunday,

eventually we convinced him

to sign up for one of our youth


“I like to bowl, bowling is

fun, I have made many friends

since I started bowling,” said


Dollard quickly improved

his game and in December

of 2009 he bowled a 279 and

received an 11-in-a-row award

for that game. It wasn’t too

long until he captured the 12th

strike, on August 18th, 2011 he

bowled his first perfect game.

“It’s awesome, we are

completely supportive of his

bowling, we couldn’t be more

proud of what he has already

accomplished in the sport,”

said Jim Dollard.

Scarborough rolls first

900 Series in PBA history


Scarborough of Charlotte, N.C.,

rolled three consecutive 300

games to start the first round

of qualifying in the PBA50

Sun Bowl at The Villages at

Spanish Springs Lanes Sunday,

recording the first 900 series in

Professional Bowlers Association


Scarborough, who turned

50 in October 2012, is bowling

in only his second PBA50 Tour

event. He qualified 38th in the

re-named PBA Senior Tour’s

season-opener in New Port

Richey, Fla., last week, but lost

his first best-of-three-game

single-elimination match.

The self-employed electrical

contractor threw another strike

to start his fourth game, but

his streak ended at 37 in a row

when he left a split on his 38th

shot. Three straight sub-200

games then toppled him out

of the lead and into a tie for

12th place with 1,921 pins, 77

pins behind leader PBA Hall

of Famer Mark Williams of

Beaumont, Texas, who averaged

249.75 for eight games to

Cory Dollard

Dollard continued to bowl in

league at AMF Richardson and

he eventually took a job with

the bowling center, working as

a CSR(Customer Service Rep).

Dollard helps customers by

setting up bumpers, dropping

off food, putting in names and

helping them with anything

else they might need during

their outing.

“I love my job because I’m

able to see my friends that I’ve

Continued on Page 13

A lifetime of material

Page 13


Joe Scarborough

lead the field of 159 bowlers

with a 1,998 total.

“I’m pretty surprised,”

Scarborough said. “I had the

shot, I took my time and it

Continued on Page 13

Joan Feinblum,

USBC Hall of

Famer, dies at 81


Feinblum, who was inducted

into the United States Bowling

Congress Hall of Fame last

year, died Monday. She was 81.

Feinblum, of Santa Rosa,

Calif., dedicated more than five

decades of service to bowling

at the local, state and national

levels, including four years of

work on the committees and

task forces that helped develop


Feinblum spent more than

a decade on the Women's

International Bowling Congress

Board of Directors, and most

recently served as chairperson

of the USBC Nominating Committee

and the USBC Hall of

Fame Committee.

"I stand here humbled and

grateful and I just can't believe

it," Feinblum said at last year's

USBC Hall of Fame inductions.

"What a privilege it is to be

inducted. This isn't about me.

It's about the passion of all

those who work and volunteer

in this industry. I know that

bowling has a big future."

Feinblum caught the attention

of WIBC officials through

her behind-the-scenes activities

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Page 2 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Random Thoughts

This week’s Random

Thoughts will focus on the

one and only Ricky Kay. As

I mentioned last week, Ricky

recently rolled his first career

LEAGUE 800 series, an 811

Ricky Kay

at AMF Showplace Euless.

Now let’s find out a little bit

more about the man and his


Ricky started bowling at the

age of 16 when a friend of his

got them started bowling junior

leagues at the old Golden

Triangle Lanes in Irving.

Kay got out to a decent start,

averaging about 160 throwing

a back-up ball, and keep in





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Th e Bowling News

Tony Franklin, Publisher

mind, this was the ‘70s. Since

those early years, he has been

a constant around the DFW

bowling scene.

I mentioned last week that

I was really surprised this was

his first league 800, because

he’s been in the game for so

long, and has always been a

good bowler. He told me that

prior to last week he had shot

three 799 sets, with the first

being back in 1979, and to

answer the question of why


Ricky in action.

he’s not shot 800 before, he

added with a smile, “I just call

it bad luck and bad carry.”

This however wasn’t his first

800; he has rolled five 800’s in

tournaments, with the biggest

being an 867 at Blazer Bowl in

a PBA Regional Qualifier, and

that included three 289 games!

Ricky does however understand

that this was a big

accomplishment, and is really

enjoying it, “I felt it was a big

monkey off my back…finally.

I left the 3-6-10 in the first the

last game, then threw the next

nine strikes before leaving a

solid 9-pin in the 11th for 279

and the 811, and I was thinking

about,” he said. “Over time it

really began to eat at me when

I would have 530 or 540 after

two games, and then I would

come up just a little short in

the end.” But he wasn’t short

this time.

Kay said that his best

bowling accomplishment, and

proudest moment was winning

the Big Daddy Doubles tournament

with Ted Pritts back in

2001 or 2002 at DC West. It

ended a streak of 2nd place

tournament finishes that had

gone on for about seven years.

As for the ball he used, well

that’s another good story. He

used a Hammer Taboo that

Greg Derrick gave him about

two months ago. But he didn’t

bother to have it re-drilled

to fit his hand; he said it felt

pretty good so he just went

with as is. Maybe that’s what’s

been missing all these years,

his equipment fit too good, and

he just needed to use someone

else’s stuff!

Congrats to Ricky on joining

the club, “officially” that is,

and I’ll bet this is just tip of the

iceberg for him.

Fagan, Kulick to represent

Team USA at World Games


members Mike Fagan of Dallas

and Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J.,

will represent the United States

at the 2013 World Games this

summer in Cali, Colombia.

The duo will look to give

Team USA its first gold medal

in World Games competition.

Since the World Games began

in 1981, the United States has

won two silver medals and

three bronze medals but has

been shut out of the gold medals

in the event, which is held

every four years.

"The World Games traditionally

features a very tough field

and it has been difficult to

win medals as there are only

two events - singles and mixed

doubles," said Team USA head

coach Rod Ross, who made

the selections along with the

rest of the Team USA coaching

staff. "Team USA has a very

talented roster, so it was very

difficult to select who would

compete in this event. I'm

confident Mike and Kelly will

represent us well in Cali."

The last Team USA medal

at the World Games came in

2005 in Duisburg, Germany,

when Team USA's Andrew

Cain took the men's singles

bronze. Vernon Peterson and

Darold Meisel each earned

men's singles silver medals in

1997 and 1989, respectively.

For the U.S. women, Patty Ann

won a singles bronze in 1989,

while Mary Lou Vining also




Starts June 3rd Bowls 13 Weeks

3 Member Ladies Bowls @ 10:00AM

$8.00 Weekly Fees


Starts June 3rd Bowl 13 Weeks

3 Member Ages 8—16

Bowl @ 5:00 PM Bowl 3 Games

$130.00 Total Fees



Starts June 3rd Bowl 13 Weeks

4 Member Mixed Bowls @ 7:00PM

$15.00 Weekly Fees

9 pins counts as a strike



Starts June 4th Bowls 13 Weeks

4 Member Men’s Bowls @ 7:00PM

$16.00 Weekly Fees


Starts June 4th Bowls 13 Weeks

4 Member Ladies Bowls @ 7:00PM

$13.00 Weekly Fees



Starts June 5th Bowls 13 Wks

3 Member Ladies Bowls @ 10:00AM

$8.00 Weekly Fees


Starts June 5th Bowls 13 Wks 4

Member Mixed Bowls @ 7:00PM

$15.00 Weekly Fees

WE STINK 8 for 8

April 24th Bowls 8 Weeks 3 Member

Bowls @ 7:00 PM $8.00 Weekly Fees

Choice of Bowling Ball or Bowling Shoes



Starts June 6th Bowls 12 Weeks

4 Member Mixed Bowls @ 10:00 AM

$8.00 Weekly Fees Free Coffee


Starts June 6th Bowls 12 Weeks 4 Member

Mixed Bowls @ 7:00PM $18.00 Weekly Fees

Each Team Gets Pizza & 1 Pitcher of Beer

2303 W. Ennis Ave.

Ennis, Texas 75119


won a singles bronze in 1981.

The United States has never

medaled in mixed doubles.

Bowling is one of more

than 36 sports not currently

included in the Olympics that

will be showcased in the World

Games for 11 days beginning

July 25. Eight countries from

each of the three zones (American,

Asian and European) of

the World Tenpin Bowling

Association will represent

bowling by sending one male

and one female athlete.

The bowling competition at

the World Games will begin

Aug. 1 with six games of

mixed doubles followed by the

stepladder finals. The singles

event will take place Aug.

2-4 with a total of 12 games

of qualifying followed by

round-robin match play and the

stepladder finals.

In addition to the United

States, the American Zone

will be represented by Brazil,

Canada, Colombia, Guatemala,

Mexico, Puerto Rico and

Venezuela. The Asian Zone

will send China, Japan, Korea,

Macau, Malaysia, Philippines,

Singapore and Chinese Taipei,

while the European Zone countries

will be England, Finland,

France, Germany, Italy, Norway,

Sweden and Ukraine.



Starts May 10th Bowls 8 Weeks

1Youth - 1 Adult Bowls @ 6:30PM

Each bowler gets a new bowling ball



Starts June 8th Bowls 13 Weeks

Bumpers Ages 5—7 Bowl 1 Game

Preps Ages 8—12 Bowl 3 Games

Majors Ages 13—18 Bowl 3 Games

Bowl @ 10:00AM $130.00 Total Fees

Bumper Total Fees $ 60.00



Starts June 9th Bowls 13 Weeks

4 Member Mixed Bowls @ 6:30PM

$15.00 Weekly Fees $15.00 Weekly

Friends & Family 8 for 8

Starts May 5th Bowls 8 Weeks

3 Members Bowls @ 6:00PM

Choice of Bowling Ball or Bowling Shoes

Come in and enjoy

the coldest A/C in East Texas!


Billy Grant, Tenpins & More ................................... 836

Sean Lavery-Spahr, Plano Super Bowl ................. 826

Jason Tidwell, Diamond Lanes ............................. 821

Matt Akin, Oil Bowl Lanes ..................................... 816

Jerry Fears, Oil Bowl Lanes .................................. 815

Jack Armstrong III, AMF Showplace Euless ........ 813

Marshall Morrison, Western Bowl ......................... 813

Jody Graves, Maverick Bowl ................................. 812

Brian Hammond, Cityview Lanes .......................... 809

Mike Donahue, AMF Spare Time Lanes ............... 807

Cory Dollard, AMF Richardson Lanes .................. 804

Mike Miller, AMF DeSoto Lanes ............................ 803

Mark Morgan, Killeen Bowlerama ......................... 798

Anthony Simonsen, AMF Showplace Garland ..... 797

Steven Cox, Pin Center Bowl ................................ 794

Jason Radloff, Eastridge Lanes ............................ 793

Lewis Stansbury, Hallmark Lanes ......................... 790

Randy Williams, Stadium Lanes ............................ 790

Nick Granado, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ........ 785

Larry Millican, Mel’s Lone Star Lanes .................. 785

Philip Ringener, Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama............ 782

Kevin Westdyk, AMF Lewisville Lanes.................. 778

Denver Tollett, Jr., Fiesta Lanes ............................ 778

Ronnie Booth, USA Bowl ....................................... 775

David Walker, Brunswick Zone Watauga .............. 768

Norm Winders, Forum Bowl .................................. 766

Larry Johnson, Heritage Lanes ............................. 766

C J Johnson, Cowtown Bowling Palace ............... 750

Glen Rutledge, Terrell Bowl ................................... 748

Tony Boyd, Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama ......................... 744

Jay Hobson, BRC Thousand Oaks ....................... 739

Robert Grigsby, Red Bird Lanes ........................... 717

Robert Goldsmith, Strikz ....................................... 674


Misty Kaiser, Fiesta Lanes ..................................... 814

Dana Hough, AMF Showplace Garland Lanes ..... 794

Diane Jessie, Forum Bowl ..................................... 783

Jovan Blankenfeld, BRC Thousand Oaks ............ 769

Tennelle Milligan, Cowtown Bowling Palace ........ 767

Tawana Ramey, Killeen Bowlerama ...................... 761

Michelle Rogers, AMF Richardson Lanes ............ 746

Stephanie Mills, Oil Bowl Lanes ........................... 740

Michelle Montgomery, Heritage Lanes ................. 724

Candra Chandler, Western Bowl ........................... 720

Alecia Henderson, AMF Showplace Euless ......... 708

Megan Simon, Plano Super Bowl ......................... 707

Sara Vargas, Tenpins & More ................................ 706

Leigh Batten, Cityview Lanes ................................ 698

Cathy Nelson, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ......... 696

Mindy Wynn, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............... 695

Rebecca Newell, Mel’s Lone Star Lanes .............. 692

Jenny Norris, Oil Bowl Lanes ................................ 688

Owa Ciesiolka, Hallmark Lanes ............................ 685

Ashley Bowen, Diamond Lanes ............................ 684

Leritha Pride, AMF DeSoto Lanes ......................... 675

Velma Campbell, USA Bowl ................................... 674

Sharonda Bishop, AMF Spare Time Lanes .......... 671

Barbara Shaw, Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama ................... 665

Shauna White, Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama .............. 662

Kate Miller, Eastridge Lanes .................................. 653

Pam Matthews, Maverick Bowl ............................. 637

Kari Nunn, Terrell Bowl .......................................... 632

Karla Johnson, Red Bird Lanes ............................ 626

Jeanne Eubanks, Stadium Lanes .......................... 622

Rita Smith, AMF Lewisville Lanes ......................... 613

Loren Tenczar, Strikz .............................................. 610

Stacie Parrish, Pin Center Bowl ............................ 605

At Cityview Lanes

Hammond rips 300/809,

Batten lands 698

Petosa 299, Lock 298

Brian Hammond headed

the leader boards last week at

Cityview Lanes by compiling a

classy 258-300-251 = 809 Billie

& Les High Pot series.

Leigh Batten, from the Sunset

Combo group, paced the ladies

with an outstanding 253-215-230

= 698 set.

Jeremy Petosa, youth bowler,

took runner-up honors with a

near-perfect 299 game while

Clayton Lock followed with a

nice 298 solo.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 3

Booth compiles 775 at USA Bowl,

Campbell drills 674

Huh 300, Ankenbrandt


Ronnie Booth’s first rate 245-

276-254 = 775 Superstars session

ended as the number-one set of

the week at USA Bowl.

Velma Campbell rolled a

chart-topping 200-207-267 = 674

West Stars session to pace the

lady bowlers.

Young Huh garnered

high-game honors with an

award-winning perfecto. Jerry

Ankenbrandt’s near perfect 299

solo took runner-up honors.


Jody Muskett 219-614, Jerry

Ankenbrandt 749, Canessa Brown

192-546, Alex Barnishin 257-728, Diane

Brown 213-597, Karla Balluch 197-522,

Richard Sparks 176-476, Tammy Vick


Robert Goodhough 173-457, Kara

Vick 90-254, Tom Bowman 289-716,

Donna Hartwig 237-599, Young Huh

716, Christine Harding 208-548, John

Johnson 211-546, Mary Lay 176-510.

Jim Simpkins 192-540, Louise

Feuerbacher 190-493, Phil Kepner (4

games) 228-886, Rita Smith (4 games)

201-723, Austin Hill, Sr. (4 games) 219-

749, Mindy McNeal (4 games) 171-647.

Delbert Johnson 258-668, Jack Soria

235-667, Zaneta Jones 214-580, Brad

King 236-675, Judith Guillory 201-590,

Chester Gibson 233-649, Dellie Bolton

205-566, TV Robinson 255-637.

Cathy Sposito 193-539, Jonathan

Martinez 215-610, Sonya Robinson

171-505, Chris Kyser 244-667, Nannie

Harris 235-565, Jerry Dunn 237-640,

Susan Charlton 235-562, James Smith


Dana Short 237-627, James Gray

209-625, Aricia Grant 149-430, Ronnie

.Booth 276-775, Michelle Carr 233-622,

Les Burnham 241-652, Vanessa Brown

227-608, Michael Lorfing 167-481.

Kaye Cameron 159-423, Earl Davis

164-438, Mary Jo Wilmoth 166-414,

Dondi Rhone 182-529.


Burdette Graham 235-639, Marty


Ricky Roberts 277-759, Arnie Parish

256-696, Miki Jo Parish 215-621,

Mary Sandford 257-644, Joey Sanchez

268-729, Yolinda Lenihan 209-579,

John Collins 266-769, Cherie DeLeon


Karen Holder 182-512, Marsh

Weiershausen 258-724, Sherri Miglio

189-527, Ron Neely 277-694, Karen

Steele 209-533, Fred Bailey 213-522,

Sarah Canada 174-436, Jodie Snook


Laughton Smith 278-767, Diane

James 227-644, Ed Demars 227-637,

Jay Rux 287-716, Clayton Lock 787,

Pam Chandler 237-673.


Red Kelly 236-675, Dottye Evans

202-542, Nate Griffin 288-702, Cheryl

Killough 200-550

Barlow 159-442, JD Underwood 224-

634, Carolyn Rush 172-438, Carl Morris

Now taking sign ups for Summer Leagues

Second Annual



United for Christ Student Ministries

Hope Fellowship Church

142 W. Irving Blvd., Irving, TX 75060

Saturday, May 18

ENTRY FEE: $20.00 per person

(includes 3 games and shoes)

- 4 Person Teams -

Check-in: 11:00 AM Bowling Starts: 12:00 PM

Call to reserve a lane in advance.

Late entries will be accepted the day of event.

For questions or to reserve a lane contact Diane Brown at (972)741-1874

Early entries can be turned in at Hope Fellowship or Dawg. E Day S’Paw



214-358-1382 Fax: 214-358-4056

10920 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX 75220

Visit us on the Web at



Sundays from 9 AM to 1 PM

Cityview Lanes will have practice sessions on the lane

conditions of the Open Championship (Reno)

Since the Open Championships will have 2 different lane

conditions this year you will have to specify whether you

want to practice on the Team or the Doubles/Singles pattern.

All practice games on Open patterns

will be $2.00 per game.

Even though the patterns will be on the lanes all day we can’t guarantee

their freshness or what type bowler previously bowled on the lanes

after 1 PM. In addition please call ahead to ensure there has not been

another booking such as the TCBA National Playoffs on the Sunday

you plan to practice.

FYI - Team pattern is 41 feet with 26.05 mils of conditioner per lane.

Doubles/Singles pattern is 39 feet with 24.4 mils of conditioner per lane.

The “New”


213-620, Ann Hayes 189-483, Durwood

Andrew 233-603, Mary Moore 182-476. Fax: 817-346-7208

Page 4 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Just Paying

Attention By Mark London

Bowling radio shows are

not limited to over-the-air

broadcasts. There are a couple

of noteworthy bowling radio

shows worth a listen on your

personal electronic device.

There is a show featuring a

Milwaukee-based bowling personality.

This one is above180.

com Bowlers Pro Shop owner

and Bowlers Journal ball

reviewer Joe Cerar, Jr. and

host Tim Burg upload weekly

podcasts with familiar names

David Walker’s powerful 768

High Points led rocked the men’s

leader board for the week at

Brunswick Zone Watauga.

Mindy Wynn, Walker’s

leaguemate, fronted distaff

scoring with a hard-hitting 695


Johnathon Hooks had the

high-game with a near perfect

299, and Eric Jackson rolled a



John Collins 720, Julie McHugh

in the industry. According to

his bio, Burg is a national radio

talk show producer. It’s very

conversational and is a very

easy listen.

The most well-known

internet show is by a very

familiar name. Lane man

extraordinaire and PBA Hall

of Famer Lenny Nicholson has

hosted his show ‘Phantom

Radio’ for a number of years.

These days, it can be found


At Brunswick Zone Watauga

Walker on top with

768, Wynn claims 695

Hooks 299, Jackson 298

625, Jeff Brace 729, Kathleen LeCroy

643, Robert Galvan 710, Sandy Dooley

654, Dustin Belew 721, Jennifer

Brautigan 455, Dave Schwartz 686,

Victoria Thomas 510.

Leon Morris 663, Ginnette Patzer

561, Jeff Brace 709, Eleanor Williams

609, Eric Garber 729, Sherri Flannery

669, Fred Gonzales 702, Janice

Maggiora 519, Michelle Maddox 521,

Phil Joiner 661, Lisa Head 508.


Chuck Rotruck 609, Joan Dale 510,

Jimmy Hill 644, Sue Condotta 561.

Sunday and


9 PM to Close

$2.29 + tax per Game per Person

$1.00 Each Shoe Rental, Small Drink

and Hot Dog plus Draft Beer Specials!


7301 Rufe Snow Drive, Watauga, TX 76148


radio.mp3, or link his Facebook

‘Phantom Radio’ page

Not only is the ‘Phantom’ a

great story teller, but like other

great interviewers, he allows

guests to tell their stories.

Like the Tonight Show was for

comics when Johnny Carson

hosted, you’ve made it when

you are a guest on this show,

something Publisher Tony

knows, right Tony?

Let’s not forget Mike


internet show. Although it’s on

hiatus right now, the first two

seasons are on the webpage.

According to Flanagan, the

show will return in the not-todistant


An over-the-air show I did

overlook last week is out of

Tampa. It’s heard Wednesdays

from 11am to Noon Eastern

on WTAN 1340 AM. ‘Let’s Go

Bowling’ is one of the longerrunning

shows, this one has

had many notable guests that

have joined hosts Ken Van

Baber and Gold Level certified

coach Bill Zuben.

* * * *

Here’s an update on a show

I profiled last week. Keggler’s

Corner, heard Saturday mornings

in St. Louis is going away.

Let me rephrase that. The host

station, KFNS-AM has new

owners and has changed to an

all-talk format as of May 1. So

the April 27 show may be the

last one for a while until a new

station is found.

Surprisingly, my radio

career might be back. Let me

rephrase that. Co-host Alena

Mathews asked me to be a

last-minute guest for the final

two segments of the April 20th

show. As far as I know, I didn’t

wake-up any of the guests

staying at one of two bed and

breakfasts I currently manage

with my wife. Here I was, heating

up an Andouille sausage

casserole and a pecan orange

bread pastry we prepped the

night before while talking

about the PBA troubles dating

back to 1994, an anecdote on

PDW’s shades, and why my

childhood center was seen on

the silver screen. All this and a

nice glass of cold orange juice

at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

Then the Sports Schmucks

in Kansas City on KCXL 1140

AM and 102.7 FM asked me on

this past Sunday for the 8 p.m.

bowling segment, after PBA

Commissioner Tom Clark and

the new regular segment featuring

Matty McHonor Score,

Matt Mcniel. Talk about feeling

like a pair of brown shoes in a

world of tuxedos.

* * * *

Some weeks I wonder what

to include in this column. A

pair of 900 series, really? Only

two? The one I want to mention

is the first in PBA history.

James Scarborough opened

qualifying in the PBA50 Sun

Bowl in the Villages, presented

by Hammer, with a 37-bagger.

Think about that for a moment.

Not only to get almost forty

straight shots in the hole, but

carrying thirty-seven in a row,

especially in a professional

tournament is simply remark-

able. Think I got to 16 once, 30

of 32 at the Open Championships

a few years ago, but


You’d think he would run

away from the field, but he

didn’t have the best carry

afterward, or on the second day

of qualifying. Fortunately, he at

least cashed, hanging on by ten

pins. I’m waiting to hear from

PBA Media Relations chief Bill

Vint about what, if any award

may be on its way. Would be

one hellacious ring if he gets

one. Truly one of a kind.

* * * *

Finally this week, it’s time

for the list. Not any list, but

THE list. Not to worry, but I

have been given permission

from the source to tell you.

Coming in November, Bowlers

Journal International celebrates

a full century publishing its

magazine with a 100th an-

At Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama

Boyd racks up 744,

Shaw snags 665

Tony Boyd racked up a

rollicking 243-269-232 = 744

Thursday Funfours session to

lead the honor roll last week at

Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama.

Barbara Shaw led the ladies

with a highly commendable

268-205-192 = 665 Wednesday

Mixers set.


Larry Lee 256-686, Janice Olick 175-

492, Bill Clary 236-680, Cara Thompson

191-524, Kevin Jester 257-617, Amanda

niversary special issue. Inside

the issue will be THE list. Ever

watch bowling on television?

I thought so. It’s bowling. Just

bowling. No falling trophies,

no major tournament finals

show delays, not bowling on

Letterman. It’s just bowling

(There is another list for the

other items, I’ve been told).

So in November, the BJI will

publish my Top 25 Pro Tour

Bowling Moments list. Strikes

to remember, numerous 300

games, arena finals, heart

stopping, gut-checking, youremember-where-you-were

type stuff. Some you have seen

many times. A couple you may

have not seen since the original

airing. You’ll like some selections

and you’ll wonder where

your favorites might rank. Let’s

cue Casey Kasem. Now on with


Nelms 168-493, Susan Lee 227-640,

Leonard Barber 268-724.

Susan Lee 205-586, Freddie Wearien

(2 games) 212-398, Sharon Bray (2

games) 227-370.


Randy Terry (2 games) 165-324,

Joann White (2 games) 140-269, Jim

Ritchie 192-505, Louise Garner 191-562,

Rodney Savole (no tap) 300-691, Laura

Peterson (no tap) 244-633.

Check out our Specials

$2 Tuesdays

$2 per game starting at 5 PM

$2 draft all day

Late Night Thursday

9 PM – Close $10.95, All you can bowl

plus free nacho bar


5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088





Have a blast meeting new people and kicking

up the competition with friends!

With leagues for all ages and skill levels.

There’s fun for everyone!

AMF DeSoto Lanes 121 Northgate Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115 Ph: 972-780-8090

AMF Lewisville Lanes 1398 West Main St., Lewisville, TX 75067 Ph: 972-436-6575

AMF Richardson Lanes 2101 N. Central Expwy., Richardson, TX 75080 Ph: 972-231-2695

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 5

AMF Showplace Lanes Euless 1901 W. Airport Frwy., Euless, TX 76040 Ph: 817-540-0303

AMF Showplace Lanes Garland 1950 Marketplace Dr., Garland, TX 75041 Ph: 972-613-8100

AMF Spare Time Lanes 3149 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015 Ph: 817-465-4997

Page 6 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

UMES, Robert Morris claim xbowling Intercollegiate Team Championships

LINCOLN, Neb. — The

Maryland Eastern Shore

women and Robert Morris-

Illinois men hoisted the Kerm

Helmer Cup on Saturday,

Now taking sign-ups for Summer leagues

FRIDAY 11 PM to 2 AM


earning national titles at the

2013 xbowling Intercollegiate

Team Championships.

Maryland Eastern Shore,

the 2011 ITC champion, swept

$26.95 per lane/hr, Shoe Rental $4.75 per person


$10 per lane/hr, Shoe rental $4.75 per person

All pricing is plus tax.

USBC Doubles/Singles Shot

Tuesday nights @ 9:30

$10 per person unlimited bowling



League Start Date # Per #

Type League Name Day & Time Team Wks.

Adult High Pot W/A Twist Thursday June 6th, 7:00 PM 3 11

Adult Friday Mixed Classic Friday June 7th, 7:00 PM 4 11

Adult Sunday Mix Practice Sunday June 2nd, 6:30 PM 4 11

Adult/Youth Y/A Scholarship Monday June 3rd, 6:30 PM 4 12

Adult Nines No Tap Tuesday June 7th, 6:30 PM 4 12

Adult Happy Hour Tuesday June 4th, 6:30 PM 4 12

Adult Scratch Trios Tuesday June 4th, 6:30 PM 3 12

Adult Lousy Bowlers Tuesday June 4th, 9:00 PM 2 12

Adult Wednesday Warmup Wednesday May 29th, 9:30 AM 3 13

Adult Beat the House Wednesday June 5th, 6:45 PM 4 13

Ladies Bowlerettes No Tap Thursday May 30th, 9:30 AM 2 12

Seniors Baby Boomers Thursday May 9th, 1:00 PM 3 15

Seniors Happy Rollers Tuesday May 7th, 1:00 PM 3 15

Juniors Little Rascals Saturday June 1st 10:00 AM 2 12

Juniors Jr. King of the Hill Wednesday June 12th 11:00 AM 1 11


Monday Nights At 9:45 PM


Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76133


Pikeville, 2-0, to take the

trophy, while Robert Morris

knocked off McKendree, 2-0, to

take the men's title. CBS Sports

Network will air the women's

championship match May 17

at 10 p.m. Eastern, while the

men's final will be shown May

24 at 10 p.m. Eastern.

The Hawks' victory in the

women's title match gave the

program five national championships

in the past six years

(three NCAA titles and two ITC

wins). They claimed victories

of 209-180 and 173-171 in making

quick work of Pikeville in

the best-of-three match.

"So few people get to go out

with a win, to go out on top,

what a great way to end a great

experience," Maryland Eastern

Shore senior Anggie Ramirez

said. "My last day of collegiate

bowling couldn't be any more


Senior anchor T'nia

Falbo clinched the win for the

Hawks, tossing a clutch double

At Plano Super Bowl

Lavery-Spahr shoots 826,

Simon chalks up 707

Wasson 805, Piaz 300

Sean Lavery-Spahr, from the

Pepsi Classic group, pocketed

power-laden 289-258-279 = 826

numbers en route to earning

high-series honors the week at

Plano Super Bowl.

Tam Wasson finished close

behind Lavery-Spahr with an 805

Pepsi Classic set.

Megan Simon, also from the

Pepsi Classic group, headed the

ladies’ leader board with a noteworthy

235-215-257 = 707 set.

Steve Piaz earned high-game

honors with award-winning


At Brunswick Westcreek

Granado drums up 785,

Nelson crushes 696

Coggins 299, Hart 298

Nick Granado led the high-set

chase last week at Brunswick

Westcreek Lanes with a hardhitting

253-265-267 = 785 Classic

High Pot session.

Cathy Nelson, Granado’s

league mate, dominated scoring

for the ladies with a booming

226-211-259 = 696 set.

Taylor Coggins earned highgame

honors with a near perfect

299 solo while Coy Hart took

runner-up honors with a 298



Ron Boroff 276-768, Cassandra

Norris 244-635, Ren Johnson 278-739,

Crystal Askins 209-596, Brian Grange

279-738, Linda Hollins 211-584,

Ron Williams 267-726, Jacki Archer

in the final frame of the second

game to take a slim come-frombehind


"To be under all these lights

with everyone staring at you

there's a little more pressure,"

Falbo said. "I just realized that

my girls trusted me to make

the shots, and everything I

have practiced the last four

years came out in that final


In the men's final, Robert

Morris-Illinois won its first collegiate

national title in school

history by defeating McKendree

in consecutive games, 223-192

and 258-207.

"This is what we worked

for all season," Robert Morris

coach William Clark said.

"These guys have done all the

hard work, and I'm proud of


Robert Morris anchor and

college bowling's most valuable

player Marshall Kent doubled

in the 10th frame of the first

game to help the Eagles to


Trent Jacobs 244-671, Danielle

Hopland 213-577, Don Sposito 246-707,

Cathy Sposito 246-608, John Fitzgerald

(2 games) 160-313, Victoria Von

Sachsen (2 games) 167-285, Marshall

Medlin 247-718.

Christi Nedved 216-616, Rod Foster

245-665, Gail Mayer 212-552, David

Lang 179-516, Kim Boyko 180-408,

Russell Knight 275-628, Diane Wallentine

184-528, Phil Stady 253-716,

Anne Silvia 204-554.

Bob Clark 214-606, Jean Foland

172-497, Roger Lago 272-719, Debby

Oulicky 223-621, Mark Thompson


Vic Transki 275-711, Mary

Brathwaite 234-555, Daniel Hughes

279-701, Pearl Tucker 203-552, Mike

Patton 700, Jamey Coggins 191-545,

Ken Korn 256-695, Anita Whitley 245,

Mike Eades 280-694.

Laura Hoffman 209, Rudy Garcia

279, Leisha Murr 206, John Jones 269,

Willie Jackson 266, James Franklin

263, Jeff Sorensen 182-444, Shelia Allen

148-398, Jeff Hamlin 240-649.

Jennifer Flores 111-299, Garry

McKinney 192-518, Ken Garber 221-613,

Robert Flores 147, Carl Jordan 2344-

645, Coy Hart 687, Dorina Hart 178,

Carol Atterbury 473, Ren Johnson 265.

Terra Johnson 220-538, Laughton

Smith 706, Jesse Negrete 232-644,

Paula Armstrong 178, Gwynne

the victory. McKendree's AJ

Johnson had a chance to win

the game in the final frame but

left the 4-6-7 split.

In the second game, Robert

Morris came out of the gates

quickly, starting with a spare

and seven consecutive strikes

to roll to the victory.

"Relief, joy, excitement - it's

a mixture of a lot emotions

right now," said Kent. "It's an

incredible feeling to share this

moment with seven other guys

and our two coaches."

The tournament's most

valuable player honors went to

Lindenwood's Amanda Greene

and Webber International's

Gary Faulkner.

Joining Greene on the

women's all-tournament team

was Ramirez, Falbo, Jazreel

Tan of Wichita State, Brandy

Hensley of Pikeville and

Deanne Dirado of Kutztown.

Faulkner was joined on the

men's all-tournament team by

Continued on Page 18

278-639, Karen Clevenger 214-532,

Doug Marburger 217-536, Catherine

Reiber 136-382.

Julie Barrett 205-583, Diane Sanchez

202-571, Tom Jacobsen 267-672,

Steve Mitchell 235-629, George Frost

212-557, Ann Goad 163-454, Steve

Grimes 265-715, Kelly Frey 256-678.

Russell Wright 235-684, Diane

Wallentine 222-658, Cathy Sposito 231-

647, Diane Mueller 243-603, Richard

Felixson 279-698, Marcy Clampitte

194-547, Anthony Simonsen 279-758.

Barbara Jernigan 215-599, Frank

Phillips 266-669, Diane Wallentine 278-

673, James Sparlin 245-734, Jackie Fisher

220-589, Sean Lavery-Spahr (4 games)

1115, Megan Simon (4 games) 921.

Warren Conerly 280-752, Patty

Ellington 258-644, Roger Herrie II

246-696, Stephanie Robinson 190-544,

Joe Renner 236-673, Stephanie Calbert

245-623, Kevin Hiam 268-729, Megan

Mahan 200-536.

Mickie Tate 235-647, Robyn Gramly


O’Connell 467, Charles Covert 268-679,

Vicky Kopp 223, Shelly Gordan 527.

Jimmy Howery 266-701, Lindsay

Brown 188-495, Robert Rhodes

248-685, Geneva Green 182, Dolores

Howard 500, Maxine Woolard 216,

Cathy Lode 527, Chuck Wilcox 189,

Susan Seward 183.

Richard Crossland, Sr, 253, Gloria

Llagas 207-530, Willie Jackson 644,

Laughton Smith 290-721, Karen

Burns-Lane 245-627, Ron Coggins

279-765, Pearl Tucker 236-631, John

Jones 268-740.

Terri Trefger 245-630, Jonathan

Redfield 259-722, Regina Taddy 210-

609, Carl Jordan 249-698, Rich Perez

258-683, Chong Ketcham 195, Darlene

Jones 496, Mike Bumpus 278, Vella

Edwards 226-609.

James Pagan 750, Kimer Laster

202-564, Cassie Williams 177-502, Mike

McDuff 225-618, Teresa Tibbs 178-483,

Joe White 207-532, Sonja Nichols

153-435, Kevin Williams, Sr. 133-383.

Jennifer Korn 225-594, Steven

Gaudet 203-588, Randy Seward 179-

472, Lloyd Morris 204-517, George

Helfrich 169-484.

I would like to start out by

thanking Terry Taylor and everyone

involved with the new

North Central Texas USBC for

running a smooth and profitable

City Tournament. I wrote

a couple of years ago that the

city tournament was a joke

in that too many checks were

paid out and winning an event

paid next to nothing. This year

the prize fund was outstanding

and I bowled fairly well finishing

2nd in two events and

Robert Grigsby was the top

gun at Red Bird Lanes last week

after pounding out potent 258-

247-212 = 717 marks in Sunday

Night Mix action.

Karla Johnson, also from the

Sunday Night Mix group, paced

the ladies with a solid 214-209-

203 = 626 outing.


Jane Davis 193-562, Lauren Daniel

210-586, Rodney Brooks 278-667, Billy

Cathey 247-642, James Maston (9 pin,

no tap) 300-1111, Lauren Daniel (9

pin, no tap) 288-980, Dorothy Jones

came out with over $500 profit

for the weekend. The folks who

won events may have even

made over $1000 profit for the

weekend. Now that’s a tournament

worth bowling!

I don’t know what has

flowed into the drinking water

lately, but people are going

crazy! As I sit here the Boston

authorities just captured the

second suspect in the bombings

at the Boston Marathon,

and obviously we’re all happy

At Red Bird Lanes

Grigsby collars 717,

Johnson jams 626


Cindi Wilson 187-501, Alex Galeti

220-597, Deanna Hoffman 201-562,

Tim Robinson 267-714, Dwight Moore

243-662, Ray Foster 213-582, Maizie

Baker 145-430, Paul Grody 257-637.

Karen Strang 220-547, Dale Miller

213-617, Angela Davis-White 194-522,

Ted Sutton 225-626, Sue Elmore 181-

514, Lee Jones 224-605, Carol Horton

181-491, A W Moore 178-515, Gale

Walker 207-433. Maizie Baker 172-478,

Barbara Turner 171-494, Ted Shaffer

200-552, Fran Bivins 179-513.




Sunday June 2

Entry $25 per person

This is a doubles tournament,

partners determined by blind draw.

First 3-game set determines places 1-8 in

eliminator style finals. Prize money determined

by number of participants.

Sign up at 11:30 AM, Start time 1 PM

Host Center

AMF Showplace Lanes Euless

1901 W. Airport Frwy., Euless, TX 76040

For more information contact:

Daniel Morris



this is over. Like most of you

this story has had my attention

because it seemed like we were

living an episode of CSI.

Thanks to the media coverage

we were seeing everything

the authorities were trying to

do to catch the ruthless killers.

A few things jump out at

me while viewing all this news

coverage. First the media is too

worried about being the first

to report something as anyone

they speak to seems to be a

“source close to the situation.”

Throughout this ordeal we found

out that just because someone

says something, doesn’t mean

they are credible source, and

obviously in the rush to be the

“first” to report it they don’t

seem to care about the credentials

of the source as many times

they reported false information.

Second, the media is also

tremendously concerned with

getting so close to the situation

that they aren’t being safe.

Several times the police had to

spend energy to back the press

up because they had gathered

very close to the line of fire. I

don’t need to see something if

it risks the life of a reporter.

Finally the scariest part for

me was how true the term “big

brother is watching” really is.

In this situation I’m glad that

all these department stores,

gas stations, and restaurants

had video surveillance so they

were able to quickly nab these

guys, but I am starting to think

that there is no such thing as

privacy anymore. So now you

have cameras everywhere,

which includes businesses and

even stop lights you also have

this facial recognition software,

so basically there is no place

in the United States where you

can hide. Although that’s great

for catching criminals it scares

me to think it could easily be

used to track me for the wrong

reasons. I suppose I can chalk

it up to homeland security, but

does it invade my rights as a

law abiding citizen? That’s for

each of us to decide on our own.

The countdown to my new

arrival is now at 18 weeks and

that means we are far enough

along to announce what we

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 7

are having. I am proud to say

that coming mid-August you all

can prepare for the arrival of

Daceman 2.0 (the upgrade).

Secretly our whole family

was hoping for a boy (especially

Haley since she wants

to be the only Diva in the

household), and after just a few

seconds they were able to spot

the necessary part to determine

it was indeed a boy.

I also decided to throw a

curve ball at the doc and ask if

he could tell what color it was,

but since I have worked with

him numerous times for my job

he knew how to handle me and




Starts June 3rd 3 member/Ladies

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 9:30 AM

$8.00 per week Bowl 3 games

GO GETTERS Youth League

Starts June 3rd Ages 6-15, 3 mem.

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 5:15 PM

$5.00 per week Bowl 2 games


Starts April 15th 3 member/mixed

Bowl 10 weeks Bowls at 11:30 PM

$10.00 per week Elimination format



Starts June 4th 4 member/men only

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 6 PM

$16.00 per week Bowl 3 games


Starts June 4th 4 member/ladies

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 6 PM

$13.00 per week Bowl 3 games


Starts June 4th 3 member/mixed

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 8:30 PM

$13.00 per week Bowl 4 games



Starts June 5th 3 member/ladies

Bowl 12 weeks Bowls at 9:30 AM

$9.00 per week Bowl 3 games


Starts June 5th 4 member/mixed

Bowl 12 weeks Bowls at 6 PM

$13.50 per week Bowl 3 games

Family owned and Independently

operated for 38 years

Bowl Your

Head Off

Sundays & Wednesdays

9 PM to Close

$1.69 + tax per Game per Person

$3.79 Shoe Rental

2200 San Jacinto Blvd.

Denton, TX 76205


said funny story behind that

question! It seems he once had

a couple of the same race in

the delivery room and the baby

was a different race than both

of them. After a few awkward

seconds the mom said “oh it’s

okay he knows he’s not the

father”. The look on his face

had to be priceless!

The 2013 MLB season

is now under way and that

can mean only one thing.

Dacestranomous’ 2013 top 5


1) Although I wish it weren’t

true the Anaheim Angels

Continued on Page 11


Starts June 5th 3 member/men only

Bowl 12 weeks Bowls at 8:30 PM

$15.00 per week Bowl 3 games



Starts June 6th 3 member/mixed

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 9:30 AM

$9.00 per week Bowl 3 games


Starts June 6th 4 member/mixed

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 6 PM

$13.00 per week Bowl 3 games


Starts June 6th 4 member/mixed

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 8:30 PM

$13.00 per week Bowl 3 games



Starts June 7th 4 member/55+

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 10:30 AM

$9.00 per week Bowl 3 games


Starts June 7th 2 member Y/A

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 6:30 PM

$17.00 per week/Tm Bowl 3 game



Starts June 1st 1-4 member

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 10 AM

Ages 4-6 $5.00/wk Bowl 2 games

Ages 7-11 $7.00/wk Bowl 3 games

Ages 12-18 $7.00/wk Bowl 3 games



Starts June 2nd 4 member/mixed

Bowl 13 weeks Bowls at 6 PM

$16.00 per week Bowl 3 games

1114 S. Main



fax: 972-709-5677

Page 8 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Saginaw’s Lorincz, Nebraska’s Mickelson win

xbowling Intercollegiate Singles

LINCOLN, Neb. — Saginaw

Valley State's Aaron Lorincz

and Nebraska's Kristina Mickel-

son took individual national

titles Saturday at the 2013

xbowling Intercollegiate Singles

Leagues for all ages

Senior / Adult / Junior / Youth/Adult

2 Member, 3 Member, 4 Member

All types to suit your Style!

Call today for

more details!

2001 S. Great

Southwest Parkway

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

972-641-4406 or 972-647-2275


Sign up now at


For more

Lessons from


contact Chris

Johnson or

Jamie Brooks


the best

Paul Fleming


4333 River Oaks Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76114


The semifinals and finals

will be televised on CBS Sports

Network with the women's

show airing May 3 at 10 p.m.

Eastern and the men's show

airing May 10 at 10 p.m.


Lorincz defeated Urbana's

Brock Finch, 245-222, to win

the men's title, while Mickelson

took down Wichita State's

Tannya Roumimper, 289-233, at

Sun Valley Lanes.

In the two games he bowled

on television, Lorincz threw

20 of 24 strikes en route to the

title. He threw 10 strikes in the

win over Finch and also had 10

strikes, including the first eight,

in a 278-153 semifinal win over

Lindenwood's Ronnie Fujita.

"This win is for all the

guys back in Saginaw, and it's

hard to put into words what it

means to take this trophy back

to them," Lorincz said. "My

goal was just to put the ball

in the pocket and hopefully

make the pins scatter. Brock

had a great line, so I knew that

I would have to stick with him


Finch advanced to the championship

match with a 248-213

semifinal win over Mike Conn

of Morehead State. He trailed

by 31 pins halfway through the

At Forum Bowl

Jessie fires 783,

Winders belts 766

Wilson, Bridges, Sienicki 300’s

Diane Jessie, from the Fast

Lane Trio group, led Forum Bowl

this week with a rock solid 290-

279-214 = 783 series.

Norm Winders from the

Weekenders league led the men

with a power-packed 266-296--

204 = 766 set.

Carl Wilson, James Bridges,

and Elizabeth Sienicki all had

At Cowtown Bowling Palace

Milligan polishes off 767,

Johnson handles 750

Tennelle Milligan headed

the honor roll for the week at

Cowtown Bowling Palace with

a solid 256-245-266 = 767

Ft. Worth Classic Trio league

production. Tennelle finished

her 4 game outing with a 1056.

C J Johnson, Milligan’s league

mate, pounded out a powerful

259-256-235 = 750 set to lead

the men’s high-set chart and

completing his 4 game series

with a 1008.


Randy Cross, Sr. 259-729, Katie

title match against Lorincz and

mounted a late comeback but

ran out of frames.

In the women's title match,

Mickelson started with the first

10 strikes before leaving a 10

pin to end her bid at perfection.

"I switched balls between

matches and it had a better

roll to it and luckily it worked

out," said Mickelson, a senior

who helped lead Nebraska to

the NCAA Women's Bowling

Championship title last week.

perfect games during the week.


Mark Neville (9 pin) 266-733, Janet

Swope (9 pin) 244-670, Mark Neville

232-641, Michelle Anderson 213-591,

Joyce Johnson 168-515, Tony Herr

250-687, Carol McGinley 211-559.

Frank Mills (9 pin 4gm) 300-1110,

Laura Corwin (9 pin 4gm) 265-968, Ed

William 175-495, Cathy Thomas 140-

Tallant 182-520, Michael Johnson 235-

662, Lauri Hix 120-308, Cody Franks

236, Sheryl Strand 120-348, Sean

Seibert 277-664, Katie Tallant 218-621.

David Poe 258-698, Lindsey

Mecredy 207-602, Ron Nason 232-664,

Amanda Couch 205-586, Roy Simpson

288-732, Sam Magill 267-748, Jim Sapey

266-716, Coy Hart 266-710, Rosemary

Brown 218-526. Gustavo Leon, Jr.

234-674, Gracie Hernandez 195-502, Joe

Allcock 233-666, J J Martin 287-782,

Miki Jo Parish 265-697, Ron Nason

274-665, Jamie Hines 235-606, Kyle

Martinez 669, Lindsey Megredy 619.

"To cap off my Husker career

with another title is magical.

And to be able to call myself

a national champion against

the best college bowlers in the

world is really special."

In the semifinals, Mickelson

pulled away in the back half

of the game to defeat Wichita

State's Jazreel Tan, 192-165.

Roumimper advanced to

the title match by defeating

Wichita State teammate Daria

Kovalova, 243-223.

At AMF Richardson

Dollard hammers 804,

Rogers nails 746

Lavery-Spahr 803, Estes, Whitney add 300’s

Cory Dollard’s chart-topping

255-258-290 = 804 session in

XXXX Rated action earned highseries

honors for the week at AMF

Richardson Lanes.

Sean Lavery-Spahr followed

close behind Dollard with an awardwinning

803 Classic Trio series.

Michelle Rogers headed

the ladies high-set race with a

rip-roaring 266-259-221 = 746

Classic Trios outing.

Bryan Estes and Ryan Whitney

shared high-game accolades with

award-winning 12-baggers.


Jack Alphin 238-696, Betty Quillen

169-427, Karleen Reynolds 286-711,

Jim Perl 243-672, Kelly Ellis 192-505,

Jim Mahoney 235-675, Sandi Joseph

258-709, Jack Alphin 219-567, Betty

Quillen 171-468.

Bill North 259-677, Melissa

Killebrew 256-698, Mike Crouch 267-

736, Andy Fischman 186-528, Cory

Dollard 246-622, Kathleen Wright

192-495, Jeff Carter 205-600, Lisa

Sturm 167-450.

Wayne Walker 199-564, Sandra

Lyman 164-460, Ron Yoshida, Sr.

217-642, Terry Shannon 199-575,

Warren Caldwell 259-712, Mary Gesino

207-543, Cory Toombs 246-706, April

Gourley 180-484.

357, Cindy King 222-567, Mark Rogers

244-634, Donny Hawkland 257-736.

Donna Pulice 255-575, Marvin Sitts

Jr 243-660, Dana Short 243-637, Marty

Valdez 237-605, Sandy Lloyd 137-363,

Carl Wilson 300-735, Dena Buffington

232-585, Ben Haack (4gm) 275-985.

Bill Hollifield 259-714, Annie

Akanni 268-656, David Boski 257-658,

Karen Hoyle 225-616, Ric Brinkman

214-611, Mary Flores 178-489, Ricky

Swope 245-712, Kristal Canales


Aie Lah 249-728, James Stewart

249-744, Karen Hoyle 268-639, Issac

Delagarza 259-630, Emily Montgomery

246-628, Tina Wimberley 188-502,

Bradley Colburn 213-564, Kimberly

Sanders 146-432.

Josh Briggs (4 games) 972, Stefanie

Nation (4 games) 247-905, Michael

Williams 645, Kris Jennings 185-456,

Grady Adams 245-618, Jennifer Lawson

176-476, Michael Johnson 267-688,

Sandy James 203-553. Randy Miller

254-657, Alice Cain 185-540, Zachery

Moore 246-630, Gloria Plemons 204-

499, Jesse Negrete 639, Frances Reyes

426, Tommy Perkins 245, Richard

Rosamond 535, Shari Roach 183-442.

Brad Woods 532, Susan South 183-

440, Dalton Rosamond 522.


Gary Kryder 258-677, Neva House

211-547, Johnny Zaskoda 258-668,

Carol Watson 186-521, John Stewart

243-657, Delbert Tullous 213-635, Karen

Wittenberg 191-517, Sal Grieco 237-600.

Larrie Boyett 188-514, James Phugh

226-599, Millie Griggs 191-513, Cody

Franks 237-664, Wanda Eads 194-548,

David Pruitt 212-619, Vicky Martinez

183-484, Wes Vance 604, Judy Biel 471.

At AMF Showplace Garland

Simonsen rocks 298/797,

Hough slams 300/794

Wooldridge adds 300, Sleeper 298

Anthony Simonsen headed the

honor roll for the week at AMF

Showplace Garland Lanes taking

high-series with a top drawer

287-298-212 = 797 NASCAR

league series.

Donna Hough posted an

impressive 236-258-300 = 794

NASCAR set to front fem scoring.

Drake Wooldridge had highgame

honors with an awardwinning

12-bagger. Mark Sleeper

Jr. held strong with a 298 game.


Johnny Lannan 247-668, Donna

Hough 218-616, Troy Smith 280-737,

Nikki Hardwick 213-570, Garrett

Mazzuca 569, Pam Williams 182-486,

Curtis Vann 211-508, Loren Puyear


JD Venable 234-648, Rita Williams

178-500, Drake Wooldridge 300-729,

Mark Sleeper Jr 298-765, Deneace

Johnson 275-704, Gale Maida 162-463,

Jeff Schupbach (2gm) 206-386.

Lilly Schultz (2gm) 137-274, Ron

Horn 221-563, Arlane Mitchell 183-522,

Al Aguilar 259-660, Bertha Sanchez

212-563, Roger Wendt 234-626, Joyce

Powers 200-532, Brandon Davidson


Ira Taylor Jr 258-687, Mandy

Pezzano 256-722, Clen Chancellor

297-735, Anthony Simonsen 266-770,

Tonjah Castro 223-648, Tony Walton

227-645, Janis Gharras 193-559, Brian

Talley 258-706.

Mark DeArmanet Sr 257-680, Janet

Scarbrough 179-493, Angie Ashley

223-579, Sammy Espinoza 216-606,

Ralene Minyard 165-410.

North Central Texas USBC

Final Prize Listing

2013 NCTUSBC Open City Tournament

Team, Open, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 The Price Is Right 70 2,889 $2,000.00 Irving, TX

2 29-Squeeze 84 2,883 $1,000.00 Arlington, TX

3 Bowling Bums 22 2,880 $600.00 Cleburne, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $10,860.00

Team, Scratch (Optional), Scratch

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 29-Squeeze 84 2,839 $800.00 Arlington, TX

2 BANKSTON & CREW 152 2,759 $600.00 Burleson, TX

3 Lightening Bolts 115 2,752 $372.00 Grapevine, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $2,072.00

Total prizes awarded in this event: $12,932.00

Doubles, 381 Over, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Zuniga, Jack / Jones- Whitney, Heather L 64 1,631 $1,200.00 Frisco, TX

2 Franklin, Anthony T / Dacy, Clint H 10 1,575 $600.00 Frisco, TX

3 Chetister, Alan L, Jr / Vermilyea, Erik O 19 1,538 $300.00 Mansfield, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $5,998.00

Doubles, 380 Under, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Colquitt, David / Price, Randy N 70 1,546 $1,200.00 Irving, TX

2 Wise, John ‘Jay’ W / Ewig, Andrew S 2 1,522 $600.00 Arlington, TX

3 Johnson, Sean M / Johnson, Bryce G 133 1,517 $300.00 Alvarado, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $5,522.00

Doubles, Scratch (Optional), Scratch

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Zuniga, Jack / Jones-Whitney, Heather L 64 1,626 $800.00 Frisco, TX

2 Franklin, Anthony T / Dacy, Clint H 10 1,543 $400.00 Frisco, TX

3 Chetister, Alan L, Jr / Vermilyea, Erik O 19 1,538 $240.00 Mansfield, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $2,188.00

Total prizes awarded in this event: $13,708.00

Singles, 191 Over, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Sienicki, Elizabeth R 33 831 $1,000.00 Grand Prairie, TX

2 Maryland, Jason J 115 815 $600.00 Grapevine, TX

3 Williams, Marcus A 3 811 $300.00 Keller, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $6,440.00

Singles, 190 Under, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Herbert, Frank J 124 828 $1,000.00 Stephenville, TX

2 Cornelius, James E 66 803 $500.00 Fort Worth, TX

3 Drews, Nikki J 21 795 $280.00 Fort Worth, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $5,046.00

Singles, Scratch (Optional), Scratch

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Ray, Kelly L 127 803 $500.00 Benbrook, TX

2 Williams, Marcus A 3 801 $250.00 Keller, TX

3 McMicken, Rand 42 791 $120.00 Grapevine, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $2,341.00

Total prizes awarded in this event: $13,827.00

All Events, Open, Handicapped

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Sienicki, Elizabeth R 33 2,397 $500.00 Grand Prairie, TX

2 Montgomery, Bradley O 137 2,372 $250.00 Cedar Hill, TX

3 Maryland, Jason J 115 2,342 $125.00 Grapevine, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $5,766.00

All Events, Scratch, Scratch

Place Team name Entry Score Prize From

1 Ray, Kelly L 127 2,294 $500.00 Benbrook, TX

2 Franklin, Anthony T 10 2,259 $250.00 Frisco, TX

3 Williams, Marcus A 3 2,255 $125.00 Keller, TX

Total prizes awarded in this division: $2,278.00

Total prizes awarded in this event: $8,044.00

Total prizes awarded in this tournament: $48,511.00

At AMF DeSoto

Miller leads

at 803, Pride

downs 675

Mike Miller outscored the

competition last week at AMF

DeSoto Lanes with a solid 245-

279-279 = 803 DeSoto Classic

league series.

Leritha Pride paced the ladies

with a robust 247-237-191 = 675

Pushovers set.


Ken Suber Sr 226-631, Mae Boose

178-482, William Malone 259-715,

Stacey Pride 245-643, Steve Ford

244-674, Dellie Bolton 205-581, Chuck

Mooney 256-686, Merschelle Braswell


Erik Williamson 267-728, Deneace

Johnson 225-616, Bill Goat 230-634,

Vicky Dunn 192-529, Keith Johnson

226-622, Joyce Thurman 255-647,

Jessie Sereseroz 231-622, Dolores

Heitman 183-536.

Steve Cox 279-727, Janet Miller

223-598, Bam Pride 278-724, Lynette

Harris 221-637.


Hershel Smith 225-648, Billie

Bradley 179-520, Willie Pearse 225-631,

Martha Trees 182-529.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 9

League Name Day Time



Type #/Team

Desoto Classic MON 7:00 PM 6/03/13 ANY 3 person any combo

Youth/ Adult MON 6:30 PM 6/03/13 YTH/ADULT 2 Person Teams

Senior Mixed


TUES 10:30 AM 5/28/13 SR COED 55 2 Person Mixed

Tuesday Nighters TUES 6:00 PM 5/28/13 Mixed 2 Person Mixed

Battle of the Sexes TUES 6:30 PM 5/28/13 2M/2W 2 Men or 2 Women

Pushovers WED 6:30 PM 5/29/13 COED 5 Person Mixed

Sunshine Seniors THUR 10:30 AM 5/30/13 COED 55 4-2/2 OR 3/1, 1/3

Merchants THUR 7:00 PM 5/30/13 COED 2 Person Teams

8 for 12 U pick it MON 6:00 PM

Bowl AMF DeSoto’s





2 person any combo

Ball-Bag or Shoe Choice

Sunday Funnies SUN 6:30 PM 6/06/13 COED 4-ANY COMBO

Just give us a call or contact

the front desk to sign-up

or for more information.


Jamie Engle led the honor roll with 859 at Park Central…

Cody Jones rolled 816 at DC Cityview…Vernon Smith Jr. shot

816 at BRC Westcreek…Joe Schenck with 300/805 at Longview…

Daceman shot 746 at BRC Watauga…Brenda Anderson led the

ladies with 772 at DC Cityview…Sandi Irvine with 737 at Killeen

Bowlerama…Genie Franklin rolled 706 at DC West…Dana Mackie

had a 732 at Tenpins & More…Walter Ray Williams is selected

PBA Player of the Year for the 6th time…Sean Rash wins the MLT

tournament at Forum Bowl, and $3000…Rick Talley wins his

4th SASBA title at Dynamic Lanes in Houston…Donny Busocker

had a perfect game at DC West…Jerry Clark shot 300 at Killeen

Bowlerama…Brad Angelo is the PBA Rookie of the Year.


Jim Carter led the honor roll with 300/857 at Showplace-

Euless…Rick Minier rolled 836 at Blazer…Shane McDaniel with

300/826 at Grove Country…Susie Minshew led the ladies with 806

at DC SW…Christy Shankle had 758 at Jupiter…Mickie Archer

shot 736 at DC FW…Teresa Lott had 722 at Showplace-Euless…

George Branham defeats Parker Bohn III to win the Firestone

Tournament of Champions and $60k…Frankie Alonzo wins Tour

at DC East and $1000…Big Goose Wall had a 300 at Showplace-

Euless…Chris Johnson and Michelle Bazinet win Jr Masters/Jr

Queens at Grove Country.


Lloyd Sandusky and MR Kirby co-led the honor roll with

791’s at Jupiter and Lewisville…Jerry Farris with 751 at Bronco

Bowl…Sherry Slaughter led the ladies with 700 at Alpine…

Barbara Bradshaw rolled 694 at Fiesta Lanes…Yo Yo Larsen had

676 at Ridglea…Maxine Smith shot 644 at Wedgwood…Larry

Hayes takes ACBA at Big Town…Mickey Jefferson won the

TTBA at Jupiter…Val Goss and Robert Beck won the Jr Master/

Jr Queens titles at Alpine.


DeSoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr., Desoto, TX 75115


Page 10 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

Sponsored by

Matt Lenz headed the Southwest-area

USBC youth bowling

last month with a booming

176-276-249 = 783 Family Time

series at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes.

Jessica McAda paced the girls

with a powerful 255/694 All Star

Youth Classic set at Fiesta Lanes.

At BRC Thousand Oaks, San

Antonio – Gilbert Leal 289-748, Sydney

Barren 247-650, Jeanette Van Gundy

220-620, Megan Eaglehouse 224-607,

Robert Wright 150-411, Shelby Duelm

124-356, A J Lusk 165-410, Royal Senaj-

Boyd 142-347, Aaron Loera 237-663,

Clay Hart 253-594.

At Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama, Big

Spring – Cole Schroyer 258-721, Breanna

Rogers 204-567, Richie Ewing 216-

645, Kaitlyn Schroyer 201-558, Ransom

Parks 244-617, Alexia Rawls 177-505,

Dylan Lance 206-602, Christina

Rawls 172-415, Dakota Backes 223-531,

Cheyenne Jones 145-362, Michael Reyes

185-490, Tera Henry 141-357, Bracy

Bacon 181-450, Mercedes Rodriquez

123-356, Scott Cantrelle 142-399,

Megan Reyes 122-350, Brandon Rogers

134-354, Aubrey Bentley 133-322,

Breydon Reyes 149-352, Chloe Scroggins

102-280, Sonny Prince 137-352,

Mariah Chavarria 118-277, Drayklyn

Henry 152-347, Jessica Henry 97-275,

Allen Rawls 126-331, Delia Rawls

117-260, Cameron Tradewell 121-326,

Caitlyn Corley 99-258, Dominick Rawls

125-296, Sara Jones 91-255, Shae Lang


At Eastridge Lanes, Amarillo,

TX – Alexis Radloff 183-447, Tim

Hartshorn 225-607.

At Fiesta Lanes, New Braunfels –

Area USBC Youth Scores

Dallas USBC Youth Scores

Michael Wempe headed the

Dallas-area USBC youth bowling

last week with a power-packed

239/710 Major league series at

AMF Lewisville Lanes.

Shana Geerdes paced the girls

with a rollicking 188-234-224

= 646 Youth/Adult set at Plano

Super Bowl.

At AMF Lewisville Lanes – Jeremy

Palmatier 112-304, DeVesia Bland

103-272, Corbin Hicks 183-469, Alexis

Boggs 172-350, Kelly Cozza 185-494.

At AMF Showplace Garland Lanes

– Dakota Boyette 254-640, Mikayla

Rodriguez 192-527, James Hough III

160-385, Grace Blair 145-385, Kaylan

Nicholson 178-431, Dakota Boyette

Brad Edwards 278-755, Matthew Smith

241-643, Brad Edwards 232-633, Matthew

Smith 212-619, Gabe Rodriguez

236-596, D J Rodriguez 216-560, Harlen

Vick 223-556, Luke Truesevich 210-546,

Banner Bradshaw 223-588, Taylor

Votion 188-556, Ryan Mowery 110-179,

Ashton Kirkland 91-164, Dominic Walls

160-399, Brandon Halterman 128-341,

Colby Delano 255-683, Jessica McAda

212-563, Shelby Light 189-539, Alysha

Knudstrup 166-443, Ashley Devine

150-384, Katelyn Nowotny 146-351,

Diana Berger 126-339, Ashley Lambert

120-334, Autmun Andress 110-217,

Shelby Littlebear 120-345, Marley

Brownslo 120-293.

At Hallmark Lanes, Killeen – Mike

Mikell 180-492, Wendy Dillon 157,

Suzanne Brown 430, John Kilpatrick

192-516, Wendy Dillon 148-415, Martin

Daley 100-199, Hunter Wood 209-459,

Caitlin Schirripa 140-397, Chritina-

Anthony Trinidad 246, Eri Thomas

636, May Dixon-Dates 227-559, Jacob

Reed 208, Jordan Garza 549, Megan

Wehmeier 182-484, Mike Mikell 168-

459, Suzanne Brown 143-376, Malachi

Smith 101-170, Jordan Cina 147, Hunter

Wood 379, Micaella Fox 99-286, Jeffrey

Stamp 259, Heath Fletcher 692, Maya

Dixon-Dates 185-534, Heath Fletcher

233-514, Samantha Kriner 212-510,

Mike Mikell 159-448, Cynthia Boneo

159-397, Joseph Munns 109-199, Hunter

Wood 174-476, Shyanne Cieiolka 155-

391, Jordan Garza 237-689, Stephani

Brown 200, Maya Dixon-Dates 572,

Heath Fletcher 215, Jason Bardales 592,

Samantha Kriner 212-506.

At Heritage Lanes, OKC, Ok – Seth

Baratz 171-432, Morgan Nunn 172-440,


At Plano Super Bowl – Allister Rutledge

276-706, Nate Leiter 257-706, Luke

Henke 156-424, Mya Murray 80-219,

Aidan Hudson 161-446, Kristin Wood

121-352, Spencer Brandon 151-383,

Faith Kiefert 126-343, Trey Bevels 151-

391, Katelyn Elliston 153-399, Connor

Hatzmann 257-673, Jada Davis 177-526,

Shana Geerdes 226-639, Alec Selinsky

258-630, Kim Klein 146-431, Sydney

Sanchez 154-431, Zachary Howarth

169-396, Megan Cooley 148-407, Hope

Gramly 198-532, Mitchell Whitehead

223-573, Clay Adams 198-483, Veronica

Prior 209-583, Nick Wiggins 225-560,

Jill Helbig 205-511, Sammy Woodfill

(2 games) 112-194, Ashley O’Malley

(2 games) 80-155.

At Red Bird Lanes – Trenton

Strickland 210-512, Bailey Speaks

187-517, Zackary McGlothin 79-156,

Allura Jules 101-199, Michael Frazier

81-200, Mariah Frazier 70-142.

Jaylen Ramirez 233-663, Tiesha Davis


At Killeen Bowlerama – Chance

Capinia 221-560, Crystal Ching 163-

450, Remington Smith 204-548, Molly

Maxson 224-593, Myles Meier 104-264,

Ethan Godfrey 114-243, Allison Vekasy

53-120, Lowen Lara 333, Amber Vekasy

132-350, Douglas Vaughan 131, Craig

Arnett 169-412, Caitlin Stone 158-431,

Shawn Crittenden 131-352, Aurora

Hall 173-426.

At Mel’s Lone Star Lanes – Kayla

Endicott 247-684, Garrison Kurland

269-705, Kira Hamman 257-649, Justin

Grant 208-500, Kiara Grant 211-587,

Robert Hamman 215-525, Jaelle Hamman

208-500, Bobby Smith 237-609,

Crystal Reese 193-571, Noah Diaz

117-217, Sykora Hatton 105-204.

At Oil Bowl Lanes, Longview

– March - Alex Ozment 284-686,

Alyssa Hamby 210-540,Donald Keener

246-682,Hunter Holler 220-615.

At Pin Center, Cleburne – T J

Shoemaker 136-379, T J Shoemaker


At Stadium Lanes, San Angelo –

Blake Kypfer 242-638, Skylar Bowles

167-405, Ethan Clifford 129-355, Chris

Taylor 227-559.

At Tenpins & More, Rio Rancho,

NM – Bryan Nogan 252-661, Josh

Herschman 278-749, Natalia Tchoylians

248, Daniel Dawes 151, Ashley Abbott

129, Angel Ortega 236.


Matt Lenz, Mel’s Lone Star Lanes ......................... 783

Jeremy Petosa, Cityview Lanes ............................ 759

Brad Edwards, Fiesta Lanes .................................. 755

Josh Herschman, Tenpins & More ........................ 749

Gilbert Leal, BRC Thousand Oaks ........................ 748

Cole Schroyer, Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama ............. 721

Michael Wempe, AMF Lewisville Lanes ................ 710

Allister Rutledge, Plano Super Bowl .................... 706

Nate Leiter, Plano Super Bowl .............................. 706

Heath Fletcher, Hallmark Lanes ............................ 692

Alex Ozment, Oil Bowl ........................................... 686

Adam Beasley, Cowtown Bowling Palace ............ 680

Jaylen Ramirez, Heritage Lanes ........................... 663

Alex Negrete, Brunswick Zone Watauga .............. 661

Dakota Boyette, AMF Showplace Garland ........... 640

Kamari Wine, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes .......... 640

Blake Kypfer, Stadium Lanes ................................ 638

Cameron Royes, AMF Spare Time Lanes ............. 634

Tim Hartshorn, Eastridge Lanes ........................... 607

Mitchell Neville, Forum Bowl ................................. 603

Chance Capinia, Killeen Bowlerama ..................... 560

Micah McCracken, AMF Showplace Euless ......... 541

Trenton Strickland, Red Bird Lanes ...................... 512

Elliot Callens, Strikz ............................................... 430

T J Shoemaker, Pin Center Bowl .......................... 379


Jessica McAda, Fiesta Lanes ................................ 694

Kayla Endicott, Mel’s Lone Star Lanes ................. 684

Destiny Velez, AMF Showplace Euless Lanes ..... 666

Sydney Barren, BRC Thousand Oaks ................... 650

Tiesha Davis, Heritage Lanes ................................ 648

Shana Geerdes, Plano Super Bowl ....................... 646

Nadia Stone, Cowtown Bowling Palace ................ 593

Molly Maxson, Killeen Bowlerama ........................ 593

Maya Dixon-Dates, Hallmark Lanes ...................... 572

Breanna Rogers, Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama .......... 567

Jordan Tucker, Brunswick Zone Watauga ............ 561

Alyssa Hamby, Oil Bowl ......................................... 540

Khilya Dyche, Cityview Lanes ............................... 531

Mikayla Rodriguez, AMF Showplace Garland ...... 527

Bailey Speaks, Red Bird Lanes ............................. 517

Kristin Hilker, Forum Bowl ..................................... 516

Diane Hasty, AMF Spare Time Lanes .................... 500

Kelly Cozza, AMF Lewisville Lanes ....................... 494

Katarina Korn, Brunswick Westcreek Lanes ........ 470

Alexis Radloff, Eastridge Lanes ............................ 447

Skylar Bowles, Stadium Lanes .............................. 405

Danielle Stelzer, Strikz ........................................... 275

Fort Worth USBC Youth Results

Jeremy Petosa headed the Fort

Worth-area USBC youth bowling

last week with a sky-high 235-

299-225 = 759 series at Cityview


Destiny Velez paced the girls

with a high-flying 237/666 Final

Destination set at AMF Showplace

Euless Lanes.

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

– Micah McCracken 197-541, Dayne

Yanai 191-504, Andrew Marvel 185-499,

Alex Scotch 168-473, Andrew Marvel

194-495, Zackary Brown 128-320, Max

Morelli 110-311, Blake Deluna 103-204,

Jake Scheiden 67-125, Kim Yanai 227-

605, Taylor Wood 178-474, Victoria

Hylton 148-361, Taylor Wood 175-458,

Bella Stahrfisher 138-354, Liberty

Estrada 107-244, Mieke Lass 54-107.

At AMF Spare Time Lanes –

Cameron Royes 262-634, Diane Hasty

202-500, Logan King 96-190, Amiah

Johunkin 119-210, Colin Robben 144,

Tara Spridco 120-334, Dave Heffington


At Brunswick Westcreek Lanes –

Kamari Wine 236-640, Katarina Korn

188-470, Jordan Cooks 171-442, Megan

McDuff 110-320, Austin Laster 154-416,

Caitlynn Yarbrough 74, Christian

Yarbrough 94, Tore Freeman 178-425,

Kevin Williams, Jr. 96-273, Gabby

Castro 162-446, Casey Tibbs 155-377,

Katie Hamlin 156-385, Teddy Nelson

139-383, Dylan Morris 152-413, Tra

McKinney, Jr. 97-277, Brandon Flores

164-375, Nathan Flores 191-400, Jared

Nichols 211-561.

At Brunswick Zone Watauga –

Hayden Norman 340, Kaylan Bennett

365, Caleb Drews 391, Reynalda Contreras

423, Alex Negrete 661, Jordan

Tucker 561.

At Cityview Lanes – Adam Sears

195-475, Thelma Watson 149-422, Trey

Berry 85-222, Katie Hamlin 165-442,

David Berry 65-148, Sydnee LeClear

93-245, Brandon Bonner 92-148,

Stephanie LeClear 107-289, Kevin Berry

82-217, Caitlyn Wallace 128-324, AJ

Felps 170-431, Thelma Watson 219-

518, Adam Berry 54-142, Tory Davis

126-333, Josh Reininger 127-339, Katie

Carlberg 153-405, Kevin Graham 213-

580, Tyler Meeks 161-396, Aaron Hayes

192-508, Samantha LeClear 201-528,

Sam Ambani 134-353, Khilya Dyche

188-531, Matthew Reininger 144-390,

David Becker 146-424, Jake Martin

107-230, AJ Schotanus 199-537, Josh

Gibbs 211-566, Keith Thomas 199-546,

Tanner Bankston 205-579, Matthew

Becker 167-495.

At Cowtown Bowling Palace – Adam

Beasley 258-680, Nadia Stone 211-593,

Daniel Christopher 204-594, Olivia

Lindsey 140-407, Zach Redford 179, Alex

LeMaster 147-399, Haggan Allcock

(2 games) 106-486, Heavyn Virgil (2

games) 98-188, Therin Virgil (2 games)

100-185, Conner Fleming 170-434, Ro’Nae

Medearis 137-381, Jake Swift 150-416,

Bethany Jones 133-358, Josh Swanson

137, Kristin Virgil 87-228, Angel Orozco

358, Adam Beasley 225-649, Olivia

Lindsey 164-463, Randy Cross 224-643,

Dannyella Hochstine 152-404, David

Strand 219-591, Bailey Upmore 136-382.

At Forum Bowl – Dane Wehr

104-181, Annalee Roane 95-177, Jacob

Harriman 99-174, David Carter 200-551,

Katelynn Correll 181-505, Adan Ruiz

161-440, Amaya Boles 189-471, Mitchell

Neville 219-603, Kristin Hilker 200-516,

Cole Jennings 209-576, Shelbie Goad


Sponsored by

Bowling Novelties at

North Central Texas USBC Youth City


Official Standings

Place Team Name

Team Event Division 1, Handicapped

Total Pins Prize Fund

1 Showplace #2 2962 $380.00

Colin Clark, John Howell, Lindsey Paredes, Zach Ballas

Team Event Division 2, Handicapped

1 Watagua #5 2941 $375.00

Kara Draper, Jordan Tucker, Vanessa Vasquez, Ernie Armenda

2 Watagua #2 2899 $200.00

Haley Dacy, Kobe Nelson, Nick Drews, Marcelino Negrete

3 Sparetime 2851 $100.00

Lyric Nunley, Liayah Lyons, Grant Fretz, Diane Hasty

Team Event Division 3, Handicapped

1 Watagua #4 3006 $275.00

Austin Grigsom, Austin Schoenfeldt, Mike Mengel, Mark Mengel

2 Watagua #3 2951 $140.00

Reed Ashley, Rosie Baxley, Bryan Nedermeier, Spencer Rath

Team Event Division 4, Handicapped

1 The Gutter Cleaners 2809 $300.00

Gabriel Phillips, Samantha Kuilan, Anyssa Boles, Amaya Boles

2 SpareTime 2796 $225.00

Felicity Campbell, Allison Williams, Phillip Anello, Tyson Oliver

Doubles Event Division 1, Handicapped

1 Tanner Bankston/Adam Sears 1456 $200.00

Doubles Event Division 2, Handicapped

1 Chance Moore/ Jared Nichols 1519 $225.00

2 Ashley Walker/Kelsie Land 1489 $165.00

3 Alex Renaud/ Chris Mailloux 1473 $100.00

Doubles Event Division 3 Handicapped

1 Ryan Niedermeier/Spencer Rath 1689 $220.00

2 Michael Mengel/Mark Mengel 1601 $132.00

3 Kara Draper/Ernie Armenda 1493 $119.00

Doubles Event Division4, Handicapped

1 Felicity Campbell/Allison Williams 1465 $220.00

2 Roddy Douthit/Dakota Bogart-Cates 1431 $117.00

2 Jason Merideth/Zachary Jennings 1431 $117.00

Singles Event Division 1, Handicapped

1 Nathan Runs Through 772 $125.00

2 Micah Mccracken 752 $75.00

3 Cameron Royes 750 $56.00

Singles Event Division 2, Handicapped

1 Colton Jordan 854 $150.00

2 Jayson Honegger 807 $90.00

3 Scott Dillon Braudrick 801 $59.00

Singles Event Division 3, Handicapped

1 Barry Harris 842 $134.00

2 Tyson Oliver 806 $80.00

3 Ryan Niedermeier 798 $61.00

Singles Event Division 4, Handicapped

1 Allison Williams 795 $168.00

2 Colby Anderson 769 $100.00

3 Caleb Drews 767 $57.00

All Event Division 1,Boy Handicapped

1 Jordan Soria 2283 $150.00

2 Collin Clark 2274 $75.00

All Event Division 1, Girl Handicapped

1 Kimberly Yanai 2186 $150.00

All Event Division 2, Boy Handicapped

1 John Howell 2313 $150.00

2 Ernie Armenda 2276 $100.00

3 Colton Jordan 2265 $75.00

All Event Division 2, Girl Handicapped

1 Jordan Tucker 2270 $150.00

2 Vanessa Vasquez 2229 $75.00

All Event Division 3, Boy Handicapped

1 Ryan Niedermeier 2471 $150.00

2 Michael Mengel 2348 $75.00

All Event Division 3, Girl Handicapped

1 Megan Budnik 2205 $150.00

2 Lyric Nunley 2202 $75.00

All Event Division 4, Boy Handicapped

1 Caleb Drews 2261 $150.00

2 Gaberial Phillips 2242 $75.00

All Event Division 4, Girl Handicapped

1 Allism Williams 2265 $150.00

2 Sarah Young 2148 $75.00

3 Sara Zieseniss 2129 $50.00

Prize Fund $7,635.00


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will win the American

League West and be

the American League

representative in the World


2) Although our beloved

Texas Rangers will put up

a fight they will not win

90 games and will miss the


3) In the National League the

LA Dodgers will win the

National league proving

money CAN buy you


4) Although this is somewhat

cheating since he has

already almost thrown a

perfect game this year,

Yu Darvish will win the

American League Cy

Young award.

5) In the all Los Angeles

World Series the Dodgers

will throw slider after

slider in the dirt to Josh

Hamilton who will bat .075

for the World Series and the

Dodgers win in 5 games.

FRISCO – Robert Goldsmith

collected high-series honors for

the week at Strikz with a highpowered

182-266-226 = 674

Strikerz series.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 11

Lane Laughter

At Strikz

Goldsmith shines with 674,

Tenczar claims 610



TBCA Youth Tournaments 2012-13

May 4-5, 2013

All Star State Finals - Oil Bowl, Longview

August 3-4, 2013

Grand Prix State - Plano Super Bowl, Plano

Grand Prix Regionals –2012-13

( 8 regionals )

Sundays - 10 AM & Noon

May 19, 2013

AMF Euless Lanes, Euless

June 9, 2013

Diamond Lanes, Odessa

June 16, 2013

Del Mar Lanes, Houston

August 2 & 3, 2013

Plano Super Bowl - Last qualifying

August 3 & 4, 2013

State Finals at Plano Super Bowl

Teen Bowlers Circuit

Contact: Brad Ellis, at

Qualifying on Saturday, top 8 return Sunday for

match play finals.

May 4-5, 2013

AMF Richardson Lanes, Qualifying squads 12 PM,

2:30 PM 5 PM

June 15-16, 2013

Plano Super Bowl, Qualifying squads on Saturday

July 13-14, 2013

Brunswick Zone Denton, Qualifying squads on


August 10-11, 2013

Cowtown Bowling Palace, Qualifying squads on


Other Tournaments

May 10-11-12, 2013

Malott’s All-Stars Youth Championships, Highland

Lanes, Austin,

If you have upcoming youth tournaments

you would like listed on the schedule,

contact The Bowling News at 817-267-8686,

fax: (817-267-1813) or email: bowlingnews@

Loren Tenczar from the

Monday Mixerz group, led the

gals with a top-notch 202-240-168

= 610 set.


Kevin Higar 225-616, Mel Covington

175-498, Craig Santoli 225-623, Candy

Torrey 199-570, Lewen Albritton 255-

645, Cathy Eberly 194-540, Ron Shrive

244-657, Matt Matusik 251-595.

Mary Matusik 183-465, Amrk

Donnelly 237-630, Belinda Bathie

170-415, Jamie Sensat 227-619, David

Edwards 236-615, Dewayne Smith

234-662, Debbie Colby 226-581, Skip

Sands 224-616.

Brian Holland 264-604, Kelly

Holland 162-414, Bob Held 205-591,

Scott Orofino 247-654, Rick Irvine

216-621, Ron Shive 228-632.


Sign up now at


8789 Lebanon Road,

Frisco, TX 75034

Page 12 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

(For April 17-23, 2013)

Team USA member leads

two events at USBC Open


John Szczerbinski of North

Tonawanda, N.Y., threw 31

strikes in his final set at the

National Bowling Stadium on

April 21 to take the lead in

Regular Singles and Regular

All-Events at the 2013 United

States Bowling Congress Open


The 25-year-old right-hander

finished with games of 279, 269

and 241 for a 789 singles series

and had 777 in team and 662

in doubles for a 2,228 all-events

total. Kelly Bonta of Wichita,

Kan., previously held the Regular

Singles lead with 776, while

two-time USBC Open Championships

titlist John Janawicz of

Winter Haven, Fla., topped the

all-events standings with 2,169.

“I had a pretty good look

last night and knew the pattern

would be close, even though

it’s a little bit shorter,” said Szczerbinski,

who won the 2013

USBC Team USA Trials to earn

his third berth on Team USA

and a trip to the QubicaAMF

World Cup later this year. “I

came in with a game plan of

making quality shots, and

that’s what happened. When

you’ve got 10 guys around you

who are rooting for you and

giving you support, it makes

it a lot easier to make those

quality shots.”

Three of Szczerbinski’s five

Open Championships appearances

have come at the NBS,

where he has averaged 238.5

for 27 games, including a 299

game and 805 series in singles

in 2011.

Familiar names come up big

At AMF Lewisville

Westdyk crunches

778, Smith snags 613

Hatton 300

Kevin Westdyk was red hot

last week at AMF Lewisville

Lanes with an outstanding 254-

289-235 = 778 Monday Nite

Mens series.

Rita Smith’s banner 176-201-

236 = 613 Coffee Breaker session

paced the ladies.

Larry Hatton captured highgame

honors with an awardwinning



Laney Royal 258-721, Amy Anderson

203-593, Bob Bottorff 224-637, Dana

Stites 176-474, Stacey Cox 178-474,

James Westdyke 279-757, Kim Laurita

222-581, Stephen Boswell 253-643.

Stacie Hatton 213-511, Lee McDonald,

Jr. 267-751, Kathy Kyle 221-612,

Former Team USA member

Scott Pohl of Burnsville, Minn.,

and Blaine Weninger of Clackamas,

Ore., became the 10th and

11th competitors to roll perfect

games at the 2013 USBC Open


The two right-handers

achieved perfection during

team competition at the


The commit NMW

National Bowling Stadium

on April 22, while Matthew

Smith of Altoona, Iowa, fell one

pin shy of becoming the 27th

bowler in tournament history

to notch multiple 300 games on

the championship lanes. A 4

pin after 11 consecutive strikes

left him with 299. His first 300

at the Open Championships

came in singles in 2012.

Smith and Pohl also made

runs at the first 800 series of

the tournament, before settling

for 752 and 749, respectively.

Weninger closed with a 731

series to kick off his 2013


A look ahead

Matt McNiel of Prior Lake,

Minn., the defending Regular

All-Events champion, will put

his title on the line April 30

and May 1.

He and Charles Vashaw

of Deephaven, Minn., also

claimed the 2012 Regular

Doubles title and will look to

successfully defend live on

BowlTV on May 2 at 1:30 a.m.




National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.

(Top 10 division leaders with hometown and




1, Lodge Lanes Too (Mitch Jabczenski, John

Gaines, Scott Newell, Vernon Peterson, John

Janawicz), Orlando, Fla., 3,538. 2, Junior

Team USA Support 1, Mansfield, Texas,

3,521. 3, Red Carpet Lanes, Waukesha, Wis.,

3,499. 4,, Wichita, Kan.,

3,469. 5, S & B Pro Shop 1, Clinton Township,

Mich., 3,439. 6, Cambridge 1, Arlington,

Texas, 3,420. 7, Blue Ball Rebellion, Wichita,

Kansas, 3,375. 8, HornswogglerS, Staten

Island, N.Y., 3,371. 9, Team NABRankings.

com, West Henrietta, N.Y., 3,361. 10,

Breakpoint Pro Shop 2, Sartell, Minn., 3,358.


1(tie), Chris Greene/Joe Keltner, Wichita, Kan.,

and Joe Conti Jr., Liverpool, N.Y./Derek

Magno, Cicero, N.Y., 1,403. 3, Russ Wilson,

Rita Smith 236-613, Henry Honore

235-654, Sheri Steele 178-497, Adam

Pritzkaw 247-602, Lanesa Sherfey


Richard Sherrane 236-640, Diana

Davis 195-551, Robert LeBaube 245-

662, Mindy McNeal 202-577, Karen

Stewart 158-474, Kevin Wilson 279-745,

Kelly Hollingsworth 210-605, Phil

Bender 259-699.

Dana Stites 207-536, Chuck Davenport

259-699, Jim Young 257-715,

Yvonne Wynn 177-464, Wayne Crosswy

214-620, Stephanie Ellis 166-472,

Joe Lay 253-701, Roneshia Williams



Rich Cimino 246-645, Dee Jungerman


Lawrence, Kan./Jay Futrell, Derby, Kan.,

1,396. 4, Ben Hoefs, Mobile, Ala./Henry

Teetz III, West Allis, Wis., 1,392. 5, Adam

Barta, Girard, Ohio/Robert Gotchall, Lincoln,

Neb., 1,373. 6, Donald Robinson/Shawn

Maldonado, Houston, 1,370. 7(tie), Curtiss

Rasnic Jr./Curt Rasnic Sr., Fairborn, Ohio,

and Steve Novak, Bay City, Mich./Anthony

LaCaze, Melrose Park, Ill., 1,366. 9, Sean

Greene, Stockbridge, Ga./Stephen Mohn,

Norcross, Ga., 1,365. 10, Michael Harpster,

Flinton, Pa./Anthony Sobczak, Altoona, Pa.,


1, John Szczerbinski, North Tonawanda, N.Y.,

789. 2, Kelly Bonta, Wichita, Kan., 776. 3,

Greg Roberts, Oshkosh, Wis., 771. 4, Robert

Young, Ontario, Calif., 769. 5, Steve Harman,

Indianapolis, 756. 6, Bill Faerber, St. Cloud,

Minn., 755. 7, Jack Laffey, Indianapolis, 754.

8, Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, 751.

9(tie), Paul McCordic, Sugar Land, Texas, and

Gordon Kilpatrick, Waterloo, Iowa, 748.


1, John Szczerbinski, North Tonawanda, N.Y.,

2,228. 2, John Janawicz, Winter Haven, Fla.,

2,169. 3, Joe Keltner, Wichita, Kan., 2,154. 4,

Steve Novak, Bay City, Mich., 2,153. 5, Steve

Harman, Indianapolis, 2,151. 6, Jack Laffey,

Indianapolis, 2,139. 7, Shawn Maldonado,

Houston, 2,124. 8, Bryan Goebel, Shawnee,

Kansas, 2,110. 9, Bill Webb, Guilford, Conn.,

2,107. 10, Brandon Brilinski, Flint, Mich.,


Team All-Events

1, Junior Team USA Support 1(Matthew Tuckfield,

Steve Novak, Anthony LaCaze, Jeffrey

Mersch, Erik Vermilyea), Mansfield, Texas,

10,247. 2, HornswogglerS, Staten Island,

N.Y., 10,204. 3, Backhaul Direct - Lumper,

Indianapolis, 10,111. 4, Team Tilt, Lawrence,

Kan., 10,065. 5, Red Carpet Lanes, Waukesha,

Wis., 10,007. 6, Cambridge 1, Arlington,

Texas, 9,988. 7,, Wichita,

Kan., 9,921. 8, Team,

West Henrietta, N.Y., 9,906. 9, Brunswick Five

Horseman, Racine, Wis., 9,841. 10, Lodge

Lanes Too, Orlando, Fla., 9,820.



1, Scotty’s 1 (Tom Lee, Dave Fremling, John

Fremling, Dan Fremling, Jon Lee), Alexandria,

Minn., 2,720. 2, The Inexplicables, Conetoe,

N.C., 2,662. 3, Garden Center Lanes 4,

Alexandria, Minn., 2,642. 4, High Five, Belen,

N.M., 2,632. 5, Concordia Strikers, Jewell,

Kan., 2,623. 6, Central City Travelers, Central

City, Nebr., 2,616. 7, Burnside Taxidermy,

New Effington, S.D., 2,614. 8(tie), Terry’s

Home Improvement, Musselshell, Mont., and

The IncrediBowls, Campbell, Calif., 2,608. 10,

Bluedog Blazers, Webster, S.D., 2,605.


1(tie), Tom Musante, San Mateo, Calif./Ryan

Riewer, Fargo, N.D., and Wayne Sakai/

Glen Yagi, Lodi, Calif., 1,150. 3, Robert

Biederstadt/Walter Williamson, Bellingham,

Wash., 1,141. 4, Todd Austin, Cedar Springs,

Mich./David Lane, Sparta, Mich., 1,140. 5,

Raymond Cummings, Miramar, Fla./Rudolph

Levarity, Miami, 1,139. 6, George Kolstad,

West St. Paul, Minn./John Kolstad, Bedford,

Texas, 1,135. 7, (tie), Richard Eisenhut,

Downers Grove, Ill./Richard Janicke, Lena,

Ill., Glenn Smoot, Fay, Okla./Bob Wion,

Fairview, Okla., and Arden Schuft, Gaylord,

Minn./Glenn Koch, Glencoe, Minn., 1,134. 10,

Barbara Allen, Fountain Hills, Ariz./Ellouise

Sammetinger, Phoenix, 1,128.


1, George Atkinson Jr, Henderson, Nev., 663.

2, Dan Delong, Emerald, Wis., 641. 3, Ryan

Peterson, Story City, Iowa, 640. 4, James

Kennedy, Plattsburg, Mo., 631. 5, Johnny

Anderson, Richfield, Utah, 627. 6, John

Schrader, Enid, Okla., 625. 7, Joe Post,

Celina, Ohio, 618. 8, Jeff Mallory, Weaverville,

Calif., 613. 9, Rick Larson, McHenry, Ill., 611.

10, Ben Dowler, Palm Harbor, Fla., 609.


1, Mitch Soeffker, Gaylord, Minn., 1,746. 2, Tyler

Stockeland, Hannaford, N.D., 1,717. 3, Fawn

Worthen, Las Vegas, 1,700. 4, Roy Umehira,

Honolulu, 1,698. 5, Marcus Drew, Dillon,

Mont., 1,693. 6, Roger Munson, Belmond,

Iowa, 1,692. 7, Sam Hauter, Van Wert, Ohio,

1,677. 8, Kent Delaney, Webster, S.D., 1,676.

9(tie), Kelly Funk, Tripoli, Iowa, and Stewart

Tanner, Gainsville, Ga., 1,668.

Without a commitment to

your shot, it’s like anything

good is an accident and

anything else is because you

weren’t committed. You’ll

never see a pro on television

or a great player in league look

like they threw a shot they

didn’t trust. They don’t baby

the ball or throw tentatively

or like they don’t believe in

themselves or whatever they

have decided. For example,

they may pull it or send it wide

but they don’t cut off their

follow through. If shots don’t

work, it will be because their

strategy wasn’t quite right, not

because they were not committed

to whatever they had

decided. That’s a huge difference

between them and us.

If I throw like I doubt I

can do whatever I’ve decided

or like whatever I’ve decided

could be wrong and it actually

works, I’m in trouble. How can

a shot that worked be trouble?

Because I didn’t throw that

shot with all of me, with pure

intent, and if I get a good result

I feel like I stole something or

ARLINGTON — The Bowling

Proprietors' Association

of America (BPAA), the bowling

industry's premier trade

association, announced their

list of the winners of the 2013

Proprietor of the Year award.

"This year's group of

honorees is deserving of this

special recognition," said Cathy

DeSocio, president of BPAA.

"The men and women on this

list actively promote bowling

and the bowling industry at

a grassroots level. They are

involved in their communities

both on and off the lanes.

This group of proprietors are

successful businesspeople who

have earned the respect of their

customers, their community

and their peers. Congratulations

to each and every one of


This will be the ninth

year this prestigious award

is presented to a proprietor

in each state who has been

nominated by their respective

BPAA-affiliated state

associations for outstanding

contributions to the industry

and the sport of bowling. The

awards are intended to raise

the importance, prestige and

visibility of proprietors' accomplishments

on the state and

local levels. The 2013 honorees

got away with something and

indeed I did. There is no pride

of ownership or satisfaction in

the accomplishment. I might

pretend to be thrilled but deep

down I wonder when the luck

will run out.

You have to start commitment

with your thought, not

your execution. Make whatever

decision you want about this

next shot, and THEN step up

on the approach and do it. If

you doubt what you decided or

you think maybe there is more

oil than you figured or it just

doesn’t look right from where

you’re standing, step back.

Don’t throw. Back off.

Your teammates will be

happy to wait on a good shot.

If you throw an uncommitted

shot, you’ll get exactly the

result you feared. Your doubt

makes sure it doesn’t work.

What you resist, persists.

Make up your mind about

what you want to do. Decide

you will do it. That simple.

Make a decision based on your

vast inventory of information

and then commit to do it, No

Matter What.

BPAA announces 2013

Proprietor of the Year awards

Proprietors from 23 states to be recognized by their peers for

outstanding contributions to the bowling industry

will be recognized at BPAA's

annual meeting Monday, June

24, at the Paris Hotel Casino,

Las Vegas, during International

Bowl Expo:

Ann Hash, Rivergate Bowling

Lanes, Alabama/Mississippi

Jim Self, Oasis Bowl,


Jeff Bojé, Brandon Crossroads

Bowl, Florida

Phil Torgerson, Super Bowl


Vernon Oertel, Sunset Bowling

Center, Idaho

Dave Kerschner, Crazy Pinz

Northland, Fort Wayne, IN

Tom Doud, Channahon

Lanes, Illinois

Mark Voight, Community

Bowling Centers, Michigan

Doug DeMarce, Pam De

Marce, Wow Zone, Minnesota

Tino DiFranco, Tropicana

Lanes, Missouri

Randy Dodge, Dodger Bowl,


Victor Meyerhoff, Pesidio

Bowling Center, Northern


Joe Poelking, Poelking

Lanes, South, Ohio

Tom Burke, Jon Tang,

Sunset Lanes, Oregon

Darlene Montgomery, 222

Dutch Lanes Inc., Pennsylvania

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met through bowling, I love

being in the bowling center,”

said Dollard.

Dollard continued to bowl

well and in May of 2012 he

bowled games of 255, 260 and

299 for an 814 series. This

set gave Dollard his first 800

and fourth honor score in his


“Cory shows great enthusiasm

for the game, everyone at

the center is as excited as he

is at the success he’s having,”

said Kitty Lubcker, AMF Richardson’s

league coordinator.

A lifetime of


By Kayla Endicott, Staff Writer

Back in December 2012, a loving

wife, Delilah Fullilove, had a quilt

made for her husband as a surprise

birthday present. This is not your

typical, ordinary quilt though. The

quilt was made out of 26 bowling

shirts and dozens of patches earned

since Delilah’s husband Jim, started

bowling. Jim has been bowling for

38 years. The first 22 years were

spent in Shreveport, Louisiana, and

the past 16 years have been spent in

the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For the

past 33 years, Jim has traveled all

over the United States to participate

in the USBC Open Championships.

“We had tons of his shirts hanging

up in the back of the closet and I

decided to finally put them to good

use!” Jim’s wife quotes.

The quilt was made by a man

named Ron Bruni, who lives in

Baraboo, Wisconsin. The man

pictured is Ron with the quilt.

Delilah found him through a friend

who also had a different type of quilt

made. “Jim had no idea that I was

doing this for him for his birthday. I

had to ask him questions sometimes

about bowling, trying not to make

it obvious. When the quilt finally

Cory Dollard added 231 the second game and

Dollard’s streak continued

in November of 2012 when he

added another 299 game to his

resume. “I feel powerful when

I bowl honor scores, it is very

exciting,” said Dollard.

As impressive as it was

that the autistic Dollard had

already bowled one 800 series,

he added a second on April 4th,

2013, with games of 255, 259

and 290 for an impressive 804


It only got better in April, as

two weeks later he had the opportunity

to add to his resume.

He started off perfect, rolling

a 300 game to start his set. He


Continued from Page 1

worked out. To be honest, no, I

wasn’t nervous. I was pretending

I was at home practicing,

and I blocked out the crowd

and focused on executing every


“After the first three games,

I moved to the other end of the

house where the lanes were

drier and I just couldn’t get the

ball down the lane the same

way. It wasn’t the pressure.

“It’s unbelievable, especially

to be the first in the PBA to do

it,” he added. Scarborough said

his previous high three-game

series was an 838 and he had

14 previous 300 games.

“It’s interesting that I used a

different ball to start practice,

but I switched (to a Storm IQ

Tour Pearl) and I threw six

strikes in a row to end practice.

then went for perfection again

the third game. After throwing

the first ten strikes, Dollard

nine-counted and finished with

a 289 game. Rolling games

of 300, 231 and 289, Dollard

bowled his highest sanctioned

series, an 820.

In a matter of three weeks,

Dollard had an 11-in-a-row

game, 300 game and two 800

series to his resume. On top of

being autistic, Dollard bowls

with a 13-pound Roto-Grip

Defiant. “I’ve never seen a

13-pound ball strike as much

as Cory makes his strike,” said

AMF employee Scott Spolar.

While Dollard does have a

So I decided to start with that

ball. I knew I had something

good, but not this good.

“I’m proud of what I’ve done

so far,” he added, “but I’ve still

got work to do.”

Scarborough’s perfect start

set PBA50 Tour records for

consecutive 300 games (the

previous record was two by

Norb Wetzel of Fond du Lac,

Wis., in Albany, N.Y., in 1998

and by Rohn Morton of Portland,

Ore., in Tucson, Ariz., in

2005), and highest three-game

series. He also tied the record

for most 300s by an individual

in a PBA50 Tour tournament,

shared by Ron Mohr of Eagle

River, Alaska (Columbus, Ohio,

2010) and Bob Kelly of Dayton,

Ohio (Mooresville, N.C., 2010).

Norm Duke of Clermont,

Fla., bowled three consecutive

300s in a standard PBA Tour

event in North Brunswick, N.J.,

arrived, Jim was shocked that I cut up

all his bowling shirts. But he was very

excited about it too!” Delilah said.

Jim Fullilove currently bowls at Plano

mild case of autism he hasn’t

let it hold him back. From

taking regular classes and

graduating from high school

to putting on a show on the

lanes, Dollard has impressed

everyone who has been around


Only time will tell what else

Dollard can accomplish in the

sport, but his family and friends

at AMF Richardson Lanes are

excited to see what else the

bright, young man will accomplish

in the sport and in life.

“We are excited to see how

far this sport takes him and

we are just glad he is taking us

for the ride with him,” said his

father, Jim Dollard.

in 1996, but the performance

didn’t count as a 900 series

because he ended one round

with two perfect games and

started the next round with the

third perfect game.

Williams, who rolled games

of 269, 234, 259, 268, 204, 279,

268 and 217, said he had his

only open frame in the 204


The conditions were really

good,” Williams said. “There

was a lot of oil in the front,

some hold area and the carry

was good. But there are a lot of

games to go, so we’ll see how

things go.”

The PBA50 Sun Bowl in

The Villages produced another

record when 87-year-old Darrell

Ducat of Perrysville, Ohio,

became the oldest player to

compete in a PBA tournament.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 13

Ron Bruni, quiltmaker and Delilah Fullilove with the bowling memories quilt.

Alexis Clark and Gilbert

Leal each earned the title of

"Champion" and $300 scholarships,

in their respective

divisions, at the recent "Spring

Fling" Survivor Youth Scholarship

Tournament held at Brunswick

Thousand Oaks Bowling

Center in San Antonio.

23 youth bowlers participated

in this, the inaugural, event

with a unique format. Texas

USBC "Coach of the Year" and

Brunswick Thousand Oaks

Youth Director Debbie Galler

provided additional scholarship

prize money...adding to the

excitement of this first-time

and fast-paced tournament.

Other Thousand Oaks youth

bowlers who earned scholar-

Super Bowl in the Jack and Jill League on

Wednesday nights and holds a 199 average.

His highest game is a 298 and also has a

high series of 796.

Clark and Leal Champions at “Spring

Fling” Survivor Tournament

Alexis Clark and Gilbert Leal

ships were: Girl's Division

- Taryn Deppe (2nd Place and

$150 scholarship) and Amber

Perez (3rd Place and $100

scholarship); Boy's Division

- Daniel Caballero (2nd

Place and $150 scholarship),

Ja'Tavius White (3rd Place and

$100 scholarship), and Jordan

Frenzel (4th Place and $50

scholarship). A total of $1,150

in scholarships were awarded.

Thank you Ms. Galler for

your support of, and the dedication

to, the youth bowlers of

Brunswick Thousand Oaks and

San Antonio!

Page 14 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS








1901 W. Airport Freeway

Euless, TX 76040

(817) 571-1174



5707 State Street

Saginaw, MI 48603

(989) 220-4064

Giving You The

Power To Perform

Susie Minshew

USOC Bowling

Coach of the Year

(800) 346-3648

FAX 817-783-6010


1114 S. Main

Duncanville, Texas

Phone 972-298-7143

Jeff Cathey, Manager

(inside AMF DeSoto Lanes & AMF Spare Time Lanes)


Andrew Lowy

Russell Corwin

Cody Carlton

Billy DeCicco


Working Hard

for Your Success



5021 Lakeview Parkway

Rowlett, TX 75088

(972) 475-7080


Geoff Martin

1212 E. University Drive

Denton, TX 76209

(940) 808-1622

AMF Spare Time Lanes

3149 S. Cooper

Arlington, TX 76015


AMF Desoto Lanes

121 Northgate Dr.

DeSoto, TX 75115


Kirk Wright



A. Mark Plagens

Chris Castro

2521 Avenue K

Plano, TX 75074

(972) 881-0242

Fastrack Pro Shop

Located Inside Allen Bowl

1011 S. Greenville Ave

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-509-9274


Chad Newman - Owner

Lessons available by appointment

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard & Del Ballard, Owners

Located inside

Brunswick Zone Watauga

7301 Rufe Snow

Watauga, TX 76148

Phone: 817-485-2695

Brunswick Westcreek Lanes

3025 Altamesa Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76133

Phone: 817-294-0501

Cowtown Bowling Palace

4333 River Oaks Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76114

Phone: 817-624-2151

Kurt Gengelbach, Owner

Member, Professional Bowlers Association

Member, Storm and Turbo Advisory Staffs

Private Instructions Available

“Old School” Service Always Available

(Located inside AMF Richardson Lanes)

2101 N. Central Expressway

Richardson, TX 75080


Derrick Lott

Brian English

Rudy Garcia Jr.

Taylor Coggins

Xeno Garcia

Dillon Coggins

Rene Benavides


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to make a change like that

I had the equipment I could

do it with,” Williams said. “It

turned out that I made the

right decisions at the right time

and Amleto had a couple bad

breaks and I was fortunate to

get the win.”

It was a rematch of the last

time Williams and Monacelli,

a 19-time Tour winner, met in

a PBA50 Tour championship

match when Monacelli defeated

Williams 255-247 to win the

2012 PBA Senior U.S. Open last

June in Las Vegas.

“Anytime you can beat

Amleto it’s an accomplishment,”

said Williams, who

owns 47 PBA Tour titles which

tops the all-time list. “There

were so many great players

in this tournament I feel very

fortunate to have won it.”

Williams advanced to the

title match by defeating Bo

Goergen of Sanford, Mich., 258-

191, in the semifinal. Goergen,

who was trying for his first

PBA50 Tour win, made a

dramatic jump from seventh in

the match play position round

Jack Armstrong III turned

in the top score of the week at

AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

with an award-winning 277-257-

279 = 813 Matchpoint Mixed

league session. He also posted

a 299/805 series in the Masters

league outing.

Ricky Kay followed close

behind Armstrong III with an

279/811 Masters series.

Alecia Henderson, from the

Masters group, dominated the

ladies with a blistering 233-246-

229 = 708 set.

Larry Batts took runner-up

honors with a 297 solo.


Kevin Connell 290, Dennis

Trammell 280-785, Dustin Brock

276-767, Mark Delanney, Jr. 267-751,

Ricky Kay 279-748, Tom Crawford

279-731, Steven Ward 267-725, Mike

Thrasher 278-701.

Edward Harrison 276-691, Taz

to make the final stepladder


In the opening match, Goergen

defeated Hall of Famer Pete

Weber of St. Ann, Mo., 259-256.

Weber, a 37-time PBA Tour

winner who is competing as a

rookie on the PBA50 Tour this

season, won the PBA Tournament

of Champions on March

31 for a record-tying 10th

major title and also became the

first player to win PBA’s triple

crown twice. He was also a

member of the New York City

WTT KingPins team that won

the inaugural PBA League Elias


Several scoring records were

set during the Sun Bowl In The

Villages which included the

first 900 series in PBA history

bowled by Joe Scarborough

of Mars Hill, N.C., during the

tournament’s first qualifying

round. He ended the tournament

finishing in a tie for 49th

place. A record 20 300 games

were bowled in the tournament

and Scarborough along with

Williams tied the record for

most 300 games bowled in one

tournament with three.

Another milestone was set

in the Sun Bowl In The Villages

when 87-year-old Darrell

At AMF Showplace Euless Lanes

Armstrong III crunches 813,

Henderson scorches 708

Kay 811, Armstrong III 299/805, Batts 297

Watson 244-683, Michael Meriwether

255-660, Frank Houser 235-652,

Bryant McDowell 253-646, Lee Cooper

226-628, Keith Haines 235-620, Ray

Mahar 220-615.

Chris Gilman 239-593, Clint

Barton 214-585, Royce Jacobs 227-559,

Johnathan Garner 182-503, Tammy

Self 257-690, Melissa Lewis 246-676,

Kathleen LeCroy 248-655, Demetrya

Wilson 245-652.

Tamara Hamilton 234-648, Teresa

Ross 233-621, Shelley Fugitt 225-616,

Sheila Walton 227-603, Lisa Steele

226-582, Rita Becker 223-577, Judith

Guillory 204-568, Valerie Williams


Mindy Wynn 225-556, Rhonda

Downing 214-554, Linda Petty 180-509,

Shirley Burt 186-496, Linda Petty 178-

490, Denise Wheeler 189-478, Linda

Petty 164-474, Robin Montgomery


Chantelle Carter 164-431, Debra

Holladay 144-396.



Ducat became the oldest player

ever to bowl in a PBA event.

Throughout the 2013 PBA50

Tour season, players will be

competing for the opportunity

to advance to the nationallytelevised

PBA50 Tour Finals

which will be conducted as

part of the World Series of

Bowling V in Las Vegas in

November. The top three players

in points at the conclusion

of the season will advance to

the PBA50 Tour Finals.

The PBA50 Tour makes its

first visit to the Birmingham,

Ala., area for the third stop of

the season when the PBA50

Greater Birmingham Open

presented by Ebonite will be

conducted at Lightning Strikes

in Trussville April 28-May 1.

PBA’s online bowling channel

Xtra Frame will return with

start-to-finish coverage of the

PBA50 Miller High Life Classic

presented by Columbia 300 at

George Pappas Victory Lanes

in Mooresville, N.C., May 5-8.

Click on the Xtra Frame logo

on the homepage

for subscription and schedule





Lanes, The Villages, Fla.

Final Standings

1, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., $7,500.

2, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, $4,000.

3, Bo Goergen, Sanford, Mich., $2,500.

4, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., $2,000.

Stepladder Results

Match One: Goergen def. Weber, 259-256.

Semifinal Match: Williams Jr. def. Goergen,


Championship: Williams Jr. def. Monacelli,


At AMF Spare Time


banks 807,


wires 671

Mike Donahue held the hot

hand at AMF Spare Time Lanes

last week by pounding out a

power-packed 290-258-259 = 807

STL Businessmen’s league series.

Sharonda Bishop lit up the

ladies high-set board with a

rousing 211-246-214 = 671 STL

Rejects session.


Carrie Lacey 202-519, Rodney

Williams 244, Raphael Penn 657, Sonya

Little 257, Kara Congi 654, Gayle Brice

195-545, Ken Martin 247-664, Sean

Garrett 279-768, Norm Patterson 279,

Marsha Lawson 184.

Susan Klocinski 475, Linda

Williamson 192-504, Mike Campbell

255-644, Lisa Ray 199-515, Jamie Evans

255, Lisa Schrader 236, James Wilson

669, Ginger Busocker 586.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 15


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John Haveles, Linbrook

Lanes, Southern California

David Kellerman, Melanie

Kellerman, Dot Ammons, Mel's

Lone Star Lanes, Texas

Ed Andrews, Twin Pin Bowl,

Virginia (Military)

Gary Larson, Acme Bowling

& Billiards, Washington

Pete Riopelle, Village Bowl,



Every Monday

thru Friday

11 am until 2 pm

Just join our VIP Club!

Join for FREE at

Eastbound I-30 Service Road and Hwy 205

Rockwall, TX 75087

World Famous




International Bowl Expo is

the premier bowling industry

event attracting bowling center

owners, proprietors, managers

and industry partners from

around the world. In 2013 the

event will be held at Paris Las

Vegas Hotel and Casino June

23 - 27. The trade show will be

at the Las Vegas Convention

Center Wednesday and Thursday,

June 26-27.


New Orleans


There is only one


Rock ’n Bowl is a federally registered service mark belonging to Mid

City Lanes and Sports Palace, Inc. in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is

against the law to infringe in anyway on this service mark.

Inquiries on such use should be referred to our trademark a orney,

Rick Stanley at 504-523-1580.


3016 S. Carrollton Avenue New Orleans, LA 70118



$5 99

Page 16 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

At Oil Bowl Lanes

Fears pockets 300/815,

Mills mints 740

Waits 300/802, Bostock, Hazel 300, Sanders 299

LONGVIEW, TX – Jerry Fears’

monster 300/815 session ended

as the number-one set of the

month for March at Oil Bowl in

the Tuesday Mega Bucks league


Oil Bowl of Longview

Come out for our

biggest summer ever

Allen Waits finished close

behind Fears with an awardwinning

300/802 Oil league


Stephanie Mills’, Fears’ league

mate, masterful showing of


Date Name Type Time


Monday Seniors

3 per

5/27/2013 Trio

Summer Color

team 1:00PM

6/3/2013 Pin Sweeper



5 Per


5/28/2013 Summer Big Bucks Challenge

Limited to the first 32 Teams



4 Per


5/22/2013 Seniors

Team 1:00PM

Adult/Child Have-A-Ball 2 per

6/7/2013 (At least 1 youth per team)



5 Per


5/30/2013 Summer Big Bucks Challenge(2) Team 7:00PM

8 th Annual East Texas Open

July 13,14 & 20,21, 2013

Oil Bowl Lanes

1102 W. Cotton St., Longview, TX 75604

Telephone: 903-758-9961

Visit our website at:

$1.50 Game


Monday thru Thursday 2 PM - 5 PM

Fridays—3 PM - 5 PM



2500 W. MOORE, TERRELL, TX 75160

(972) 524-0820

257/740 garnered fem scoring


George Bostock and David

Hazel shared high-game honors

with Fears and Waits as each

registered award-winning

perfectos. Chris Sanders took

runner-up honors with a near

perfect 299game.


James McGuire II 279-737, Ed

Stegall 276-735, Dillon Swain 258-727,

Gilbert Lopez 256-715, Dillon Swain

288-779, Chris Sanders 772, Tiger

Stovall 290-723, Ashley Adams 257-688,

Kim Fourman 247-609. Brenda Smith

212-600, Jeff Alexander 278-706, Julie

Bonner 202-539, Todd Bonner 285-690,

Ricky Bodovsky 266-703, Sue Waits

180-496, Terry Dixon 260-737, Frank

Copeland 259-726.

Kelly Bunt 236-606, Celeste Fears

221-635, David Hazel 738, Ken Messer

279-782, Laura Payne 234-628, Dillon

Swain 288-764, Stephanie Mills 233-

614, Tabitha Smitherman 226-615.

Stephanie Mills 255-706, Brenda

Smith 245-683, Leroy Small 245-683,

Carol Shelton 224-614.


Truman DeLoach 253-619, Monia

O’quinn 203-569, Ray Farrell 245-557,

Jean McCloskey 199-517,

Ed Duffee 227-637, Cheryl Wade

190-541, Barry Marett 218-603, Carol

Staiti 189-517.

Irvin Wallace 279-760, Ophelia

Warrick 235-596, Richard Alexander

266-712, Sandy Lyon 205-562, Robert

Elmore 227-656, Carol Shelton 192-544.

At Oil Bowl Lanes

Akin romps 300/816,

Norris smashes 688

Swain 804, Fears 300, Stegall 299

LONGVIEW, TX – Matt Akin

headed the honor roll for the

month at Oil Bowl with a rocksolid

300/816 Tuesday Mega

Bucks league set.

Dillon Swain followed close

behind Akin with an 804 Tuesday

At Terrell Bowling Center

Rutledge masters 748,

Nunn collars 632

Price 300

TERRELL – Glen Rutledge

won high-series honors last

month at Terrell Bowling Center

by polishing off robust 267-205-

276 = 748 numbers in Monday

Night Mixed action.

Kari Nunn, Rutledge’s league

mate, led the ladies’ leader board

after registering a sizzling 216-

257-149 = 632 series.

Michael Price’s awardwinning

12-bagger garnered high

game honors.


WTBA creates John Davis

Memorial Award


Tenpin Bowling Association

has created the John Davis

Memorial Award in honor of

the late Kegel founder who

passed away earlier this year.

The WTBA John Davis

Memorial Award will recognize

individuals who have selflessly

devoted their time and resources

to the sport of bowling over

a significant period of time.

The John Davis Memorial

Award will be awarded entirely

at the discretion of the World

Tenpin Bowling Association, and

no more than one recipient will

be honored in any given year.

"John Davis was a driving

force in the bowling industry

and his selfless contributions

to the sport we all cherish must

never be forgotten," WTBA

President and CEO Kevin Dornberger

said. "It is only fitting

that WTBA create an award to

honor those who have made

significant contributions to the

sport like John Davis did."

Using his passion for the

sport of bowling as a base,

Davis created Kegel, an international

bowling maintenance

Mega Bucks session.

Jenny Norris, Akin and

Swain’s league mate, led the

ladies with a highly commendable

246/688 showing.

Jerry Fears shared highgame

accolades with Akin as

Matt Quarrington 247-644, Kelly

Sanders 193-524, Lisa Massey 268-618,

Art Cooper 243-574, Gayle Hatch 214-

567, James Hill 246-590, Ben Riddle

232-597, Rad Quarrington 258-718.

Rita Wilson 196-554, Robert Justis

258-636, Kathy Hopkins 234-594,

Michael Price 671, Lou Goff 201-571,

Glen Rutledge 280-715, Josh Orr

268-712, Terri Cooper 227-534, Bobby

Holley 264-717.

Richie Rylant 269-723, Mark Blasius


supply company with a state-ofthe-art

training center in Lake

Wales, Fla., from the ground up.

"My dad truly loved competitive

bowling," said Jonathan

Davis, son and Chief Business

Development Officer at Kegel.

"The WTBA is an organization

where he found friends who

shared his passion. He was very

lucky, and acknowledged it

many times, that he had a place

to go where he could be with

friends, talk about his passion,

and have the ability to make the

world a better place in his own

way. It is a tremendous honor

for the WTBA, an organization

my father loved so much, to

remember him in this way."

The initial John Davis Memorial

Award will be presented

during the WTBA Congress

activities on Sept. 1 at Sunset

Station Hotel and Casino in

conjunction with the WTBA

World Championships.

The World Tenpin Bowling

Association, which is made

up of 115 bowling federations,

governs the sport throughout

the world.

both rolled award-winning

12-baggers. Ed Stegall took

runner-up honors with a near

perfect 299 game.


Charlie Hoot 268-762, Burton Lilley

278-749, Steve Swain 267-726, Ed Stegall

702, Ashley Adams 267-668, Stephanie

Mills 234-607, Brenda Smith 234-595,

Dillon Swain 286, Andy Patterson


Todd Bonner 255-646, Julie Bonner

202-507, Brian Mills 234-616, Mary

Stuart 180-511, Toney Jones 233-646,

Sue Waits 160-434, Frank Copeland

278-781, Ashley Adams 226-653, Ryan

Houser 278-704.

Celeste Fears 220-535, Doc Houser,

Jr. 267-743, Deborah Robinson 200-

535, Charlie Hoot 279-775, Rebecca

Hamby 254-606, Tony Azzam 276-719,

Stephanie Mills 246-624, Zack Mills


Misty McKinley 199-567, Carol

Shelton 245-597, Stephanie Mills

244-681, Coach Small 241-643, Lena

Neugent 235-617.


Lee Martin 246-626, Ed Duffee

244-634, Barry Marett 244-611, Ron

Waits 211-604, Monia O’Quinn 198-512,

Cheryl Wade 186-507, Doris Eason

177-474, Irvin Wallace 266-779, Michael

Reyna 268-690.

Charles Sullivan 247-654, Carol

Shelton 199-562, Patsy Cobb 233-525,

Debby Bearden 200-521.

Earl Anthony Memorial

Scholarships awarded


United Bowling Congress Youth

members have been selected

to receive the Earl Anthony

Memorial Scholarship in

recognition of their community

involvement and academic


The scholarships are

presented in honor of the late

Earl Anthony, the legendary

bowling professional who was

dedicated to helping youth

bowlers. The USBC Youth

committee selects the scholarship

winners and each will be

awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

All five scholarship recipients

are completing their senior

year of high school. They are:

Taylor Brown, Louisville, Ky.

Landon Coleman, Newton, N.C.

MARSHALL, TX – Jody Graves

topped the charts for the week at

Maverick Bowling Center with

a booming 277-269-266 = 812

Monday Night Trio session.

Billy Holler finished close

behind Graves with an awardwinning

300/804 Ball & Chain


Pam Matthews posted a tidy

180-254-203 = 637 Ball & Chain

series to lead the ladies.

Paul Pitts shared highgame

honors with Holler as

each registered award-winning


CLEBURNE, TX – Steven Cox’s

power-packed 258-237-299 = 794

Whenever league session won

high-set honors for the month at

Pin Center Bowl.

Stacie Parrish, also from

the Whenever group, rolled

a lofty 226-171-208 = 605 set

to lead the ladies.


Tim Dempsey 255-697, David

White 243-655, Becky Lee 208-520

Tim Dempsey 236-696, Nancy Rago

200-560, Stacie Parrish 190-525, Danny

Bergman 256-693, Stella Bruce 225-543.

Greg Sut 269-694, Selena Hernandez

232-578, Greg Sut 257-686, Selena

Hernandez 235-565, Steven Cox 277-

748, Kathy McGonagil 194-483, Alan

Samantha Roberts, Port

Orange, Fla.

Michelle Rose, West Des

Moines, Iowa

Kendra Rowey, St. Louis, Mo.

Brown, who wants to

become a veterinarian, attends

Jeffersontown High

School and is a member of the

National Honor Society, the

school orchestra and bowling

team. She has taken honors

and Advanced Placement (AP)

courses in English, history and

science, and has a 3.98 gradepoint

average (4.0 scale).

She joined the Girl Scouts in

the second grade and has performed

more than 200 hours of

volunteer work. She received

the Girl Scout Gold Award for

her community service at the

At Maverick Bowling Center

Graves smashes 812,

Matthews bags 637

Holler 300/804, Pitts 300


Joy McBride 212-615, Pat Grogan

279-761, Patti Sipes 224-616, Paul

Pitts 730, Kyle Ford 280-778, Jim

Krc 289-669, Scott Fuller 266-726,

Dudley Taylor 279-716, Steve McDaniel


Scott Beck 264-722, Jason Jumper

279-772, Martin Guzman 289-647,

Rusty Marsh 246-663, Cathie Branch

595, Carmen Chavez 200, Sue Moore



Calvin McBride 237-636, Henry

Houston 255-655

At Pin Center Bowl

Cox topples 299/794,

Parrish lands 605

Hewitt 279-731, Becky Lee 190-556.

Nick Garcia 233-666, Chris

Whitehead 259-690, Joey Hyde 244-

688, Stacie Parrish 216-580, Becky

Lee 189-534, Brian Malard (no tap)

278-712, PA Dawkins (no tap) 231-487,

Ace Rurak (no tap) 242-710.

Vicki Fisher (no tap) 192-521,

Ronnie Rurak (no tap) 276-751, Vicki

Fisher (no tap) 264-596, Stuart Fisher

(no tap) 277-756, Coach Benton (2

games) 198-364, Rebkah Anthony (2

games) 170-339.


Bill Barber 232-672, Shirley Johnson

189-462, Bill Barber 259-619, PA

Dawkins 193-488, Ila Reed 207-536,

Glenda Kenes 172-488.

Fern Creek Community Center.

Coleman is a member of the

National Beta, Art, Spanish and

Rocket clubs at Maiden High

School. He has earned a 3.93

GPA, while taking AP classes in

science, statistics and history in

addition to honors classes.

He has received several

awards as a member of JROTC

and took part in the Boys State

Leadership Conference and

the Converse College Leadership

School for AFJROTC. His

community service includes

tutoring elementary students

in reading and math, Adopt-

A-Highway cleanup and the

Backpack for Kids program.

Roberts is a member of the

National Honor Society, Spanish

Club, Education and Support

Services Academy and the

bowling team at Atlantic High

School. She has a 4.17 GPA (4.0

scale) and has taken several

honors and AP courses, including

AP statistics and physics.

She has been a director for

the East Volusia-Flagler County

USBC Youth Association and a

Florida State USBC Youth Leader

since 2009. Roberts, who plans

to become a teacher, has been a

Girl Scout for 12 years and has

been a substitute Sunday School

teacher for three years.

Rose is one of 15 students in

the honors program at Valley

High School, which includes

taking a rigorous course load

and completing a Seniors

Honors project. She has taken

nine AP courses and has a 3.91

GPA. She is a National Merit

Have fun with old friends and make

new friends, Life is too short not to

have fun! Give us a call today!

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 17


She is an accomplished

cellist in the school's orchestra,

an ambassador for the school

and a member of the bowling

team. She has volunteered with

Meals from the Heartland,

packing meals for countries

in need, and worked at the

Red Rock Wildlife Education

Center. She also has served as

a camp counselor at the Living

History Farms Day Camp and

at her church.

Rowey, who plans to

become a dentist, attends Parkway

North High School, where

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Handicap & Scratch Divisions

Brackets and High Pots

Friday nights

at 7:30 PM

Entry: $15.00

2401 E. Travis St.

Marshall, TX 75672


Don’t Worry if you do not have a full team


Call today to sign up 817-641-4441


Mystery score for Pin Center League Bowlers Only!

$1 per game on Friday’s until 5 PM and $1 per game all day

Sunday for all PCB League Bowlers!

112 Williams Ave., Cleburne, TX 76033


Page 18 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

U12 division added for 2014

North Pointe Junior Gold


Pointe Junior Gold Championships

will grow in 2014 when

a new age division is added to

the event, allowing younger

bowlers to get involved in the

sport's most prestigious youth


The new U12 division for

Every Monday & Thursday Night is

College Night

@ Stadium Lanes

Unlimited Bowling for only $6 per person

10 PM to 12 AM

Come check out our newly revamped

sound system and light show

Diamond Lanes

Where Family Fun Begins

Come visit The Pink Elephant, our NEW

full-service Bar and Lounge, check out our Snack

Bar and meet our friendly staff.



$1.25 Game - $1.25 Shoes

2208 East 8th Street

Odessa, TX 79761


boys and girls will feature

bowlers 12 and under, joining

their counterparts in the U15

and U20 divisions in competing

for national titles. The

2014 North Pointe Junior Gold

Championships, presented by

Track, Columbia 300, Ebonite

and Hammer, will take place in

2105 Knickerbocker Rd.

San Angelo, Texas 76904


Fax: 325-224-3052

Buffalo, N.Y.

"We received tremendous

positive feedback to the

addition of the U15 division

last year and this is another

step in the direction of getting

our younger bowlers involved

in Junior Gold," International

Bowling Campus Managing

Director of Youth Development

Chad Murphy said. "This is

all about athlete development

and getting younger bowlers

into the pipeline to help them

become successful as they get


Bowlers in the U12 division

will compete in qualifying

blocks of four games and champions

will be decided based on

a bracket format. Automatic

spots on Junior Team USA will

continue to only be available

to those in the U20 division,

while automatic spots on the

developmental Junior Team

USA will only be available to

those in the U15 division.

At Stadium Lanes

Williams cruises to 790,

Eubanks hurls 622

Ward 300


Williams’ solid 243-278-269 =

790 Mixed Majors series headed

the honor roll for the month at

Stadium Lanes.

Jeanne Eubanks led the ladies

with a rip-roaring 193-214-215 =

622 Slaves & Masters set.

Terry Ward garnered highgame

accolades with an awardwinning



Charles Hale 237-699, Michael

McIntosh 238-661, Suzanne Torres

230-545, Vern Gant 264-716, Cameron

At Diamond Lanes

Tidwell explodes with

298/821, Bowen levels 684

Tidwell 802, Tidwell 300/802, Pope 800, Leverich, Reyes, White

300, Billingsley, Bowen, Hammonds, Holliday and Leverich

299’s, Dickman, Jr. 298

ODESSA, TX – Jason Tidwell

held the hot hand as he led the

way last month at Diamond Lanes

with a dual award-winning 255-

268-298 = 821 City Industrial

session. He also had two 802

series, one with a 300 game.

David Pope followed close

behind with an award-winning

800 series.

Ashley Bowen rolled an

outstanding 234-268-182 = 684

Young at Heart set to lead the


Ron Leverich, Ernie Reyes

The new U12 division will

operate like the other divisions

with bowlers qualifying

through the local level to

advance to the championships,

and the division will have a

separate scholarship pool. The

U12 winners (one boy and one

girl) at the Pepsi Youth Championships

from each state will

automatically advance.

There are two significant

changes to the cost structure

of the U12 versus the existing

divisions. The cost of a

U12 qualifying spot has been

reduced to $100 and the annual

Junior Gold membership fees

for U12 bowlers will be $10,

while Junior Gold membership

fees for the U20 and U15 divisions

will remain $30.

"We realize the cost is a

barrier to enter these types

of events so, we are trying to

keep it down for the younger

kids and their families,"

Murphy said.

Hartson 225-594, Luann Bailey 226-

549, Terry Ward 768, William Gressett


Marc Stevens 194-509, Betty

McIntosh 215-524, Seth Hensley

267-676, Vivian Bryant 217-527, David

Shelley 214-521, Robi Smith 177-466,

Reese Howard 166-414, Dolores Norton



Robert Ackley 268-651, Sue Phifer

202-544, Donald Kinkle 246-638,

Marilyn Lann 209-526, Jesse Davis

245-704, Joyce Pickins 228-522, Ula

McKee 235-634, Delores Davis 182-502.

and Lee White shared highgame

accolades with Tidwell as

each recorded award-winning

12-baggers. Randy Billingsley,

Jessey Bowen, Tido Hammonds,

Thomas Holliday and Ron

Leverich took runner-up honors

with near perfect 299 games

while Kirk Dickman, Jr. finished

with a 298 solo.


Judy Leverich 266-656, Connie

Tucker 232-622, Jennifer Shannon

240-611, Tricia Tidwell 234-550, Sheri

Rogers 236-557, Gloria Hernandez


Continued from Page 6

Chris Via of Notre Dame-Ohio,

Zack Hattori of Marian, Kiel

Jordan of Fresno State and


The xbowling Intercollegiate

Team Championships featured

the top 16 men's and top 16

women's college bowling

teams in the country vying for

national titles. All 32 teams

competed in best-of-seven,

double-elimination match play

in the Baker format Friday,

after which the field was

pared down to the finalists in

both the men's and women's



Continued from Page 17

she is a member of the symphonic

and concert orchestras

and captain of the tennis team.

Her AP courses have included

literature, biology, chemistry

and calculus, and she has a

4.31 GPA (4.0 scale).

She has volunteered with St.

Louis Arc - Supporting People

with Disabilities, the St. Louis

Assistance League and has

been a middle school math

teaching assistant. She was

named the Missouri State USBC

Dorothy Johnson Female Youth

Bowler of the Year in 2011.

To be considered for the Earl

Anthony Memorial Scholarship,

applicants must be USBC Youth

members in their senior year of

high school or enrolled in college,

have a minimum gradepoint

average of 3.0 (based on

a 4.0 scale), and submit at least

two letters of reference.

Go to

for information and

applications for all USBC Youth


226-537, Jean Willis 226-583, Becky

Beadle 225-534.

Jaynee Peel 225-562, Sherlonda

Owens 221-518, Rhonda White 214-533,

Londa Sparks 221-525, Eddie Tucker

290-721, Glenna Anderson 207-528,

Terry Fogerty 290-747, Elaine Stephens


John Blake 290-739, Stella

Carpentier 187-473, Bill Bartolomae

289-691, Thelma Dugas 202-519,

George Gifford 286-690, Mary Ryan

200-511, Jimmy Melvin 289-736, Jewell

Thiebaud 203-517.

George Boon 278-772, Eunice Rice

202-458, Van Hill 244-693, LeeAnne

Dickenson 198-505, Reon Beadle

275-721, Margaret Gilbert 189-402,

Danny Moralez 254-624, Gayle Clanton


Mike Smith 262-727, Larry White

254-625, Ariel Villa 257-658, Mike

McArthur 258-650, Frosty Foust 268-

690, RW Brown 258-679, Larry Rimer

257-681, Ryan Pope 258-667, A J Eaton


Delvin Thurman 256-596, Raymond

Cook 254-667, Matt Looney 263-653.

At Eastridge Lanes

Radloff topples 793,

Miller mints 653


Radloff’s power-packed 258-

289-246 = 793 Company

league session won the highset

honors for the month at

Eastridge Lanes.

Kate Miller, Radloff’s league

mate, rolled a lofty 216-205-232

= 653 set to lead the ladies.


Sydney Bowerman 188-507, Randy

Ingram 279-713, Sydney Bowerman

222-567, Scott Bush 228-652,

Betty McLemore 216-526, Betty

McLemore 161-442, James Winningham


Jacque Harrison 165-429, Ben

Hilmers 243-658, Jory Dunavin

276-714, Steve Radloff 243-698, Tony

Treiber 279-707, Don Henderson

278-707, James Sarna 231-603, Don

Henderson 244-701.

AMARILLO – Marshall

Morrison pocketed prime

278-279-256 = 813 Petroleum

numbers to head the honor roll

for the month at Western Bowl.

Jeff Campbell, Sean Corbett

and David Wilson finished


2002 Quincy,

Plainview, TX




Call for dates

$15 per person






Richard Hunter 262-678, Mitzi

Martin 186-537, Chris Sledge 256-633,

Rosa Sledge 208-584, Chris Sledge

268-703, Rosa Sledge 177-475, Chris

Sledge 224-606, Rosa Sledge 224-613,

Benny Rector 237-645.

Lisa Fuller 187-510, T. J. Johnson

234-696, Jacque Harrison 200-535, Don

Simmons 258-698, Jacque Harrison

248-613, Lonnie Barclay 275-676,

Steven Planer 266-736, Cang Tran


Tony Treiber 277-747, Jonathan

Lawson 269-700, Jeff Campbell 243-721,

Darren Lambright 269-747, Jimmy

Ewell 280-730, Nathan Ritter 269-715,

Brian Guillen 279-781, Mark Scroggins


Don Simmons 279-706, Sean Sadat

269-727, Hien Tran 256-723, Dylan

Macon 279-746.

At Western Bowl

Morrison soars to 813,

Chandler notches 720

Campbell 300/811, Corbett 807, Wilson 804,

Epperson, Planer, Williams 300, Macon 298

close behind Morrison as each

recorded award-winning 800

series. Campbell downed a

300/811 in Petroleum league

action while Corbett fired an 807

Asarco Mixed set and Wilson

finished with a Friday Nite


Continued from Page 1

with the Redwood Empire and

California Women's Bowling

Associations, an organization

for which she later served

as director. After serving as

president of both organizations,

she was elected a WIBC

director in 1994 and served as

a Vice President for five years


In 1988, while serving

California as a mental health

administrator, she was honored

with an Outstanding Manager

Award - a tribute to her experience

as a physical education

instructor and teacher of

emotionally disturbed children.

Feinblum's ability on the

lanes became evident in 1965,

when she won the Santa Rosa

Women's Bowling Association

Bowler of the Year award.

A longtime member of the

Bowling Writers Association of

America as well as the National

Women Bowling Writers, Fein-

Runarounds 804 series.

Candra Chandler rolled a tiptop

236-258-226 = 720 Majorettes

series to take top honors for the


Mark Epperson, Stephan

Planer and Brandon Williams

shared high-game honors with

award-winning perfectos. Dylan

Macon took runner-up honors

with near perfect 298 solo.


Chris Fox 290-789, Gary Dunn 268-

781, Randy Webb 269-779, Marshall

Morrison 279-779, Rick Sevier 269-776,

Jeff Campbell 279-774, Walter Mollan

269-773, Dylan Macon 267-771, Dinh

Ho 279-765.

Eddy Kelley 276-764, Brian Burkett

279-759, Gary Dunn 259-759, Shane

Martin 258-759, Calvin Askins 286-

758, Victor Gomez 279-757, Brandon

Williams 268-752, Joseph Young


Curtis Parker 289-748, Seth Rutledge

278-742, Jimmy Ewell 267-742, Mark

Epperson 267-741, Mike Gentry 259-740,

Chien Dang 254-740, Megan Campbell

257-695, Wendy Shelton 267-694.

Annette Mader 237-686, Brenda

McMahon 249-678, Connie Moorman

257-676, Candra Chandler 256-675,

Elayne Glenn 244-671, Carrie Wichers

233-670, Pat Herring 247-665, Robyn

Myers 278-662.

Debra Shannon 257-645, Wendy

Shelton 237-641, Jaime Sharp 234-641,

Bonnie Clemens 236-638, Connie

Moorman 279-635, Glenda Bouker

257-622, Cindy Gill 208-617, Cindy

Brock 221-611.

Pam Nicholson 218-611, Carrie

Selman 222-604.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 19

blum has earned the NWBW

Dudley Peebles Photography

Award as well as the NWBA Jo

Ettein Leiber Award.

In addition to being a

member of the USBC Hall

of Fame, Feinblum was also

inducted into the California

WBA and the Redwood Empire

WBA Halls of Fame.



Color Pin Sweeper

Saturday Nights

at 8 PM

5405 Amarillo Blvd. East, Amarillo, Texas 79107




5120 Canyon Dr. Amarillo, TX 79109

60 Lanes Pro Shop Restaurant Bar


$20.00 Non-Refundable

deposit required.

Reserve your lanes today!

Call Kathy or Randy.

Entry fee $15.00

The quickest

and best way to

reach people in


P.O. Box 1642, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone 817-267-8686

Fax 817-267-1813

Strikepot & Super Strikepot

Tickets Each Game



2 Hours of Bowling

Use of House Shoes

Large Pizza

Large Coke per person

$10.00 worth of Game

Tokens (for Birthday Honoree)

$15.95 plus tax per person

(minimum of 10 bowlers)

Page 20 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

This month I will be headed

for San Antonio to compete

in the Texas State Senior’s

Tournament. I was looking

at some old photographs and

found one from the 1980 State

Championship in San Antonio.

Sadly, all my teammates have

passed away.

In 1980 my team consisted

of Paul Mize, Bert Fukuda,

Fred Bruni and Frank Chapman.

They were great friends

KILLEEN – Mark Morgan lit

up the lanes last month at Killeen

Bowlerama with a high-flying

798 Sundowners outing.

Tawana Ramey, Morgan’s

league mate, paced the ladies

with a sturdy 268-761 set.

Randy Cathey and Jackie

Harris shared high-game honors

with award-winning 12 baggers.

Edd Assel’s near perfect 299 solo

took runner-up honors.


By Don Wright



Mondays 7 PM–12 AM

Wednesdays 9 PM–12 AM

Thursdays 9 PM–12 AM

$1.00 per person/per game

(tax not included)

Have fun, go bowling!!!

For Friendly Service, A Super-Clean Facility and




who loved to bowl and were

ready for any tournament, any


Unfortunately, Father time

has taken its toll on a lot of my

bowling friends. Recently, our

bowling family lost two great

ladies with the passing of USBC

Hall of Famers Agnes Duffy

and Joan Feinblum. I was

fortunate enough to have met

those two ladies during our

Bowling Writers Association of

At Killeen Bowlerama

Morgan smothers

798, Ramey bags 761

Paul Kalugdan 768, Tina Miller

212-529, Rodney Martinez 278, Mark

Smith 279-755, Lesha Smith 604, Kris

Vanecek 234, Jackie Harris 761, Linda

Strickland 566, Joann Biels 222, Brad

Dewald 780.

Amanda Greenlaw 289-748, Robert

Butler 256-705, Lynda Roberts 464,

Liz Barragan 179, Win Cockrell 290,

Russell Brown 748, Amanda Greenlaw

268-747, Danny Reymundo 277.

Edd Assel 761, Stephanie Tennity



922 N. 38th Street


America meetings.

It’s always sad when we lose

friends, but it’s inevitable and

it comes around fast as we get


Rest in peace my friends.

_ _ _

With a little more than

three months before the Killeen

Open, Hallmark Lanes is gearing

up for the event. This has

always been a popular stop for

the Southwest Region PBA Tour

and many of the top bowlers

from the National Tour compete.

The roster has not been

published, but touring pros

who normally attend are Mike

Scroggins, a four time winner

of the event. Chris Barnes,

Wes Malott, Nathan Bohr, Paul

Fleming and Lonnie Waliczek

are all past winners.

Hallmark Lanes will host

Cathey, Harris 300’s, Assel 299 KILLEEN – Lewis Stansbury

was the man to beat at Hallmark

Lanes last month as he had a

chart-topping 300-235-255 =

790 series in Friday’s Best league


Owa Ciesiolka was high for

the ladies in Partytimer’s action

with a super solid 247-224-214

= 685 set.

Bryce Ellison and Andy Layne

shared high-game honors with

Stansbury as each recorded

award-winning 12-baggers.


Paul Duerre 256-634, Kathy Koehne

199-574, Robert Billman 263, Daniel

Manochio 676, Lisa Blackman 229-638,

Mike Call Sr. 225-601, Vivian Mikell

188-491, Amy Starkovich 227-583, Chris

Causey 268.

Rod Watkins 687, Mitzi Cina 277,

Bryce Ellison 774, Karin Ciesiolka

255-656, Eric Odette 266-727, Brenda

Wiegert 226-578, Robert Juarez 255,

Keith Desmarais 700, Lisa Blackman


Mark Markwordt 253-601, Kathy

Koehne 214, Samuel Green 266, Jimmy

Ryan Jr. 676, Christine Scott 244-610,

Jerry Kilpatrick 194, Mike Call Sr.

544, Kristina Marley 188-498, Suzie

Wollek 203-564.

Tom Guillory 258-741, Owa Ciesiolka

246-639, Andy Layne 278-729, Heather

Cook 225-622, Regis Payne 267, Eric

Odette 728, Mitzi Cina 235-599, Warren

Howard 707, Lisa Blackman 237-612.

Mark Markwordt 254, Bryce

Ellison 599, Phyllis Love 231-596, RJ

Rudnick III 264-744, Pamela Hensley

215, Christine Scott 565, Kristie

Duerre 206-501, Wilma Reid 214, Amy

Starkovich 538.

Red Demerson 278-765, Owa

Ciesiolka 231-592, Joe White Sr. 268,

Andrew Kirshner 693, Heather Cook

221-592, Harry Kirshner Sr. 266, Jose

Caballero 695, Brenda Wiegert 210-580.

Keith Desmarais 266-706, Karin

a series of qualifiers offering

local bowlers the opportunity

to earn a spot on the roster.

I’ll have more on this event

as it approaches.

_ _ _

I enjoyed an earlier column

by Leisha Murr in which she

wrote about “high-fives” in

bowling. I have never liked

the high-five slap in bowling. I

have had people slap my hand

so hard it hurt my hand and

elbow. I was recently in the

men’s room at a center and no

one washed their hands before

leaving. Coughing on your

hand, then slapping everyone’s

hand is not a good thing. I

agree with Leisha, simply say

“nice shot”, or “nice pick-up,”

and leave it at that.

I was bowling against a

team a few weeks ago and the

At Hallmark

Stansbury drills 300/790,

Ciesiolka grabs 685

Ellison, Layne 300’s

Ciesiolka 276-632, Steven Krech 244-

581, Steve Salak 259, George Brown

652, Lisa Blackman 226-602, Jerry

Kilpatrick 177-485, Vivian Mikell 191,

Kristie Duerre 457.

Amy Starkovich 189-518, John

Dixon 269, Bryan Leonard 685, Mitzi

Cina 225-621, Bryce Ellison 277, Lonnie

Bridges 672, Karin Ciesiolka 227-631,

Lewis Stansbury 264, Pete Schirripa

Jr. 742.

Nella China 218, Brenda Wiegert

609, Karin Ciesiolka 226-631, John

Manibusan 245, Lee Ellison 589.


guy on their team insisted on

giving high-fives and I told him

I didn’t care to do that and he

got real testy about it. It’s not

that I’m antisocial; I just don’t

like doing it.

_ _ _

Rumor control has been

working overtime and people

are talking that the manager

of Phantom Warrior Lanes,

Barbara Cox, is considering

retirement. Cox has been

involved with bowling in some

capacity for as long as I have

been bowling on Fort Hood. I

have not had a chance to get

her comments, but hopefully

I will have more for another


My personal feelings are

that we will miss her terribly

should she retire. She has been

a great friend of the soldiers,

Lee Ellison 267, Bryce Ellison

658, Barbara Person 243-609, Robert

Sanders 249, Harry Hellon 634, Jean

Wilson 193, Martha Joy 514, Ray Miles

258, Birce Miller Jr. 656, JoAnn Biels

232, Nee Wallace 579.

Gus Garcia 235, Harry Hellon 627,

Peggy Hartley 196, Nancy Holstine

544, Ismael Rubio 239, John Hoff

630, Peggy Morgeson 192-525, Jay

Herman 265, Birce Miller Jr. 723, Lorna

Kensinger 223.

Linda Strickland 547, Robert

Sanders 247, Gene Love 608, Martha

Joy 232-575, Ray Miles 267-694,

Carolyn Scott 199, Ivy Jefferson 530,

Bob Chouinard 255, Lee Ellison 660,

Anne-Marie Rumsis 214.

Suzie Wollek 580, Jay Herman 256,

Gus Garcia 666, Jane Montgomery 189,

Peggy Hartley 501, Gene Love 237-630,

Vernell Wiemers 206, Regina King 529,

Russell King 239-663.

Nee Wallace 213, Barbara Person








Hails & Farewells, Private Parties, Pool, Karaoke

Mini Sports Bar w/3 TV Screens & DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket




Week Night Specials - 9 PM to Midnight

Exit Stan Schlueter Loop off U.S. Hwy. 190

Next to Patriot Pontiac-Buick in Killeen

254-690-4949 FAX: 254-690-4964


Visit our Web Site:

and Visit Us on FACEBOOK

PBA Spare





PBA’s Xtra Frame viewers

had an exclusive opportunity

to witness the first 900 series

in PBA history, when the

Xtra Frame crew covering

the PBA50 Sun Bowl in The

Villages presented by Hammer

aired Joe Scarborough’s

back-to-back-to-back 300

game performance live on the

internet on Sunday, April 21.

For those who missed it

live, you can watch the final


Ringener rocked the Big Spring

Bowl-A-Rama last month as he

captured high-series honors

with a notable 278-279-225

= 782 Men’s Caprock league


Shauna White paced the ladies

with a stalwart 246-236-180 =

662 set in Double Trouble action.


Jared Ringener 279-763, Chico

Hewtly, Jr. 268-737, John Dodd

265-730, Charlie Campbell 248-727,

Jacob Martinez 257-720, James Rawls

255-720, Eddie Gonzales, Jr. 267-717,

Richard Rowden 264-716.

three games of Scarborough’s

series on YouTube (http://

watch?v=o0KvVlNdpy8). More

than 14,000 people watched the

YouTube coverage in the first

day it was posted.

The record-setting PBA

series generated national news

media coverage via Associated

Press, and quickly went viral

on social media platforms.




Scott Norton of Mission

Viejo, Calif., defeated Rhino

Page of Dade City, Fla., 245-214,

to win the PBA John Gonsalves

Memorial West/Northwest

Open presented by Storm at

Schofield Army Base Lanes in

Hawaii on Thursday, April 18.

At Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama

Ringener rolls to 782,

White tosses 662

Aaron Hendricks 257-712, Michael

Rowden 266-697, Tommy Booth

278-695, Charlie Garcia 267-687, Sam

Gonzales, Sr. 248-686, Eddie Gonzales,

Sr. 245-681, Mike Holt 235-681, Alice

Ewing 247-651.

Teri Woolverton 256-642, Tammy

Newton 224-588, Debbie Liles 215-567,

Diane Ewing 204-567, Kay Beeler

200-560, Julie Bass 201-543, Annette

Hopper 207-542, Denise Ferrell


Tina Rawls 192-533, Irene Jackson

212-532, Veronica Schroyer 195-528,

Mary Lou Saldana 179-527, Denise

Archer 214-521, Sheila Armstrong






(Based on 10 Teams Entered)

FEMALE Handicap Factor is 100% of 220

MALE Handicap Factor is 90% of 220

Open to men, women & youth bowlers

Tournament Date: May 12, 2013

Start Time: 3:00 PM

Complete Rules and Details available at:

3318 E. Interstate 20, Big Spring, TX 79720

John and Diana Dodd, Owners and Certifi ed Coaches

432-267-7484 — Fax: 432-267-1644

Snack Bar 432-267-7485

Norton’s win in the first of

three PBA West/Northwest Region

tournaments taking place

over the extended weekend

was his fifth in PBA Regional

competition. He earned $2,000.

Former Junior Team USA

member Toby Sambueno of

Henderson, Nev., won the

second leg of the Hawaii series,

defeating Michael Haugen Jr. of

Carefree, Ariz., 248-166, to win

the PBA Naval Station West/

Northwest Open presented by

Storm at Naval Station Lanes at

Pearl Harbor on Sunday.

Sambueno, a Hawaiian

native, earned $2,000, but does

not receive credit for a PBA

title because he is not a PBA

member. He defeated Stuart

Williams of England, 213-195,

while Haugen eliminated Norm

Duke of Clermont, Fla., 247-

193, in the semifinal round.

Amateur Tracy Nakashima

of Hilo, Hawaii, wrapped up

the Hawaiian series with a

193-180 victory over Josh


Continued from Page 20

bowlers, families and the sport.

_ _ _

The Greater Killeen-Fort

Hood USBC Association held

their annual meeting in April

and an election of vicepresident

and three directors

was conducted.

Rod Kensinger was elected

vice-president and Cheryl

Dewald, Marquita Darland, and

Hank Williams were elected

directors. Jeffery Foraker was

appointed to the director’s position

vacated by Kensinger.


Our association is small

with less than 2,000 members,

but we have some very talented

bowlers. The men have some

outstanding bowlers as do the

senior leagues. We have many

outstanding women bowlers

and our youth program is


We need to work harder to

make our association tournaments

meaningful. Over the

years the entries have fallen

off and the association is hard

pressed to get a good turn-out.

Anyone having suggestions on

how to beef up entries please

contact me at wrightdk@hot.

_ _ _

I’m looking forward to

the PBA Summer Swing. The

GEICO PBA Summer Swing will

feature five two-hour telecasts

on CBS Sports Network – the

Badger, Wolf and Bear Opens,

the Milwaukee Open and the

GEICO Summer King of the

Swing – which will air on

consecutive Tuesdays at 6 p.m.

CT beginning June 11.

Now is the time to be sure

your recorder is working right.

See you on the lanes.

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 21

Blanchard of Gilbert, Ariz.,

to win the PBA Kona West/

Northwest Open at KBXtreme

Lanes Tuesday, wrapping up a

three-event series of PBA West/

Northwest Regional tournaments

in Hawaii.

Nakashima earned $2,000

but does not receive credit for

a PBA title because he is not a

PBA member.

At BRC Thousand Oaks

Blankenfeld registers

769, Leal records 748


Blankenfeld claimed high

series honors last week at BRC

Thousand Oaks with a sizzling

254-279-236 = 769 Thursday

Early Mixed outing.

Youth Bowler, Gilbert Leal

recorded a thundering 236-223-

289 = 748 Scholarship set to head

up the guys scoring.


Jay Hobson 277-739, Brandall

Russell 274-676, Kathleen Bedingfield

188-495, Lonnie Kim 256-577, Helen

Keith 268-686, Pete Frazier 254-684,

Kevin Acfalle 267-696, Jennifer Harper


Keith Durgin 279-719, Karen

Glacken 258-657, David Greenfield

256-734, Roy Gonzales 266-666, Marlo

Cook 268-674, Bruce Rice 258-737, Peter

Varner 286-657, Selina Perez 211-569.


PBA Hall of Famer John

Jowdy of El Cajon, Calif.,

celebrated his 93rd birthday on

Sunday, April 21. The long-time

Columbia 300 sales rep and

world-class bowling instructor

said he “isn’t doing so well”

these days. “At 93, everything

is falling apart,” he said. “I’m

just going along one day at a


Wanda Hannah 205-534, Ray

Duelm 258-632, Sarah Buck 220-547,

Bruce Rice 246-668, Ross Mangus

255-574, Ruth Tuller 206-569, Brent

Tabor 255-679, Billy Rocha 234-589.

Becky Mudd 180-424, Johnny Green

233-619, Dee Pollock 155-445.


Tom Barry 256-665, Edna Martin

189-511, George Coffee 266-637, Pita

Quinney 197-539, John Robison 227-

610, Bobbie Strickland 182-476, Olivia

Ladson 182-506.

Thousand Oaks

Team Shootout

4 Member Mixed Team

(Must have 1 member of opposite sex)

Cap 810 per team - Moving after each game

Handicap is 90% of 220 per person,

Max of 40 pins per person

Early Bird Sign-Up $60.00 per person

for 5 game series

$75.00 Per Person for Walk-Ins

June 8 @ 1:00 PM


PLACE based on 40 teams

Brackets, Cross-Over & High Game Pots Available

Average based on highest 2011-2012 year book average. If no book average, highest current

average of 21 games (must have current standing sheet). If no current average, bowler will

bowl using 220. The tournament director reserves the right to re-rate anyone at anytime.

Always Smoke-Free Fun!

BIG FUN! Small Commitment!


4330 Thousand Oaks Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78217


Page 22 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS



From Ten Pins & More

Big scoring was the order

of the day in last Sunday's

"Pentathabowl" five-game

tournament at Tenpins & More.

Gil Chavez, who recently

shot his best set of 763 in a

"Rancho Runners" league outing

bought that same form on

the weekend, putting together

consistent games of 258, 268,

290, 234 and 246 to win from

April Trudell by 14 pins.

Trudell won two of the five

individual games in the novelty

scoring format, along with

"Nikon" league member, Robert

Edwards. The handicap game

It’s BACK!

August 2013!

10th annual




August 15-18, 2013

No longer clashes with PBA Killeen Open

1st Place - a RECORD $10,000 guaranteed

Total prize money is $53,000 on a full field

Paid down to 80th place, plus squad high games, high

woman, high senior

Consolation tourney (49th-last) for total $1,000 prize


Traditional format: 9 games qualifying (5 squads) top

48 bowl 4, top 12 match-play, top 5 step-ladder


Entry fee: only $225

Makes this THE best value tournament in the Southwest U.S.

Field restricted to 240 entries/prize money based on 240


Entry forms available at


Monday Wednesday Thursday Fri. & Sat. Sunday

Twilite Bowl 2 til 2


+ tax

9 PM till 11 PM




All You

Can Bowl


2 Hours

$9.99 + tax

Per Person

includes shoes

9 PM till Midnight


Monday thru Friday Open to 5 PM $2.89 per game

Monday thru Thurs. 5 PM to Close $3.89 per game

5 PM Friday thru Sunday $4.39 per game

Shoe Rental $3.29


was won by Danny Cobine who

shot a flawless, real perfect

game of 300.

Cobine finished third,

followed by senior bowler,

Bob Lawrence, Rick Galindo

and Edwards in an event that

attracted 34 bowlers.

This weekend (4/28 at

9:30 a.m.) is the first in a number

of roll-offs for paid entry in

to the 10th annual New Mexico

Open coming up August 16-18

at Tenpins & More.

The field contains many

high-average area bowlers

looking to win their way in to

the $53,000 tournament that

features a record $10,000 to the


Fifteen leagues are

featured on the summer roster

at Tenpins & More, with some

starting early May.



9 PM till Midnight

$10.99 Cover Charge

3-hours, all you can bowl

$.25 Popcorn

$.75 Hot Dogs

$.25 Small Cokes

$1.00 Draft Beer

All prices plus tax

All you can bowl

Glo-Bowling, Light

Show and Music

All You Can Bowl For

3 Hours: $14.99

Shoes Included

11 PM til 2 AM

All prices plus tax


11917 N. Pennsylvania

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120


Tan and Kent named IBMA

College Bowlers of the Year

At Heritage Lanes


handles 766,


banks 724


Johnson racked up a rollicking

243-234-286 = 766 Bowlers R

U series to earn top billing on

the honor roll for the month at

Heritage Lanes.

Michelle Montgomery, Johnson’s

league mate, led the ladies with a

lofty 246-258-220 = 724 set.


David Barz 215-623, Carrie Walton

199-441, Ernest Ferrand 267-727,

Crystal Best 257-695, Jerry Hill 257-719,

Kim McDonald 226-613, Greg Fein

268-705, Stephanie Fein 279-625.


Jerry Hill 257-707, Michelle

Montgomery 226-648, Marty Baratz

278-724, Florence McGraw 223-552.

11 AM til 2 PM

$1.99 PER GAME


Shoes Not Included

Sunday Twilight

8 PM til 11 PM

3 Hours


$9.99 per Person

Plus Tax

Shoes Included

Minimum 4 to a Lane


Jazreel Tan and Marshall Kent

LINCOLN, NEB. - Jazreel

Tan, Wichita State and

Marshall Kent, Robert Morris

Illinois, have been awarded

the College Bowler of the Year

Awards for the 2012-2013

season by the International

Bowling Media Association.

Tan is a three time winner

and Kent accepted his second

consecutive award. The players

were honored at the Night of

Champions banquet and reception

on April 17, 2013 which

precedes the Intercollegiate

Bowling Championships.

Marshall Kent, who started

bowling at age two, is a two

time winner of the IBMA

College Bowler of the Year

Award. "It's indescribable to be

a two-time winner. Our team

has a lot to do with it. I could

not do it all myself. Without

my team and coaches I would

not be here now" said Kent

when accepting his award.

He is a sophomore majoring

in Business Management at

Robert Morris - Illinois, where

he is coached by DJ Hayes and

William Clarke. His favorite

At Tenpins & More

Grant masters 836,

Vargas snares 706

Cobine, Emerson, Helmick, Lewis add 300’s


Grant captured high-series

honors for the month with a

sky-high 289-268-279 = 836 Bud

Scratch Doubles set at Tenpins

& More.

Sara Vargas, from the 8 for 8

group, fired a thundering 268-

235-203 = 706 session to lead

the lady bowlers.

Danny Cobine, Lance

Emerson, Dennis Helmick and

Theran Lewis shared high-game

honors with award-winning

collegiate tournament is the

Hoosier Classic because of the

demanding lane conditions and

the quality of the field. Kent,

who attended West Valley High

School in Yakima Wash, says

his greatest accomplishment so

far is winning two gold, two

silver and one bronze medal

in the 2012 World Youth Cham

pionships. His favorite player is

Tommy Jones and his current

"go-to" ball is the Storm


Jazreel Tan, a senior who

majors in Sports Management

at Wichita State hails from

Singapore and attended the

Singapore Sports School. "It's

awesome to be honored three

times." said Tan. "I would not

be here without my coaches

and teammates. Individual

awards are always nice, but

the important thing is the team

event and hopefully something

good comes out of it. I would

love to get a national team title

and it's all going to be for the

team." She is the first woman

to win the IBMA Bowler of the

Year Award three times, the

only other college player to

achieve the feat was PJ Haggerty

of Fresno State in 2005,

2006 and 2007. Tan's favorite

player is Kelly Kulick, "I just

love how she portrays herself

as a person and as a bowler.

She is a great friend and also

a great competitor." said Tan.

Her current "go-to" ball is the

Brunswick Paranormal Aura.

Tan, a true sportswoman,

was a National Swimmer for

Singapore and loves to play

Frisbee and soccer.

Different entities have

different criteria for voting, like

the Academy Awards and the

Golden Globes and the NCBCA

and IBMA are no different.

While Kent swept the two

major awards, Bowler of the

Year and MVP, Tan edged out

teammate Tannya Roumimper

in the IBMA polls, who was a

close second. Roumimper was

chosen as the Most Valuable

Player for the 2012-13 College

Continued on Page 23



Brian Titus 278-723, Becky Luco

244-665, Steve Mackie 279-795,

Rebecca Hutchinson 232-644, Monte

Gustafson 266-712, Dana Miller-Mackie

236-684, Dave Wiley 256-657, Pauline

McMaster 202-521.

Abby Maxwell 266-627, Monte

Gustafson 268-771, Mellany Herrera

253-613, Bob Lawrence 256-721,

Demost Quintana 279-759, REg Card

279-750, Gil Chavez 279-763, Al Carinci



Continued from Page 22

bowling season by the National

Collegiate Bowling Coaches

Association. She is a senior

at Wichita State, majoring in

Communications and Psychology.

Hailing from West Java,

Indonesia, she credits the

balance of her parents Robby


Millican racked up a rousing

279-259-247 = 785 Thursday

Thunder session to earn the top

spot on the honor roll last month

at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes.

Rebecca Newell’s banner 158-

256-278 = 692 Pot-O-gold set

claimed the lead for the ladies.

Alex Cheesman earned highgame

honors with an awardwinning

perfecto. Jeff Banks

took runner-up accolades with

a near perfect 299 single.


Jeff Banks 781, Wanda Clark

243-638, Albert Wininger 249-735,


Kaiser headed the leader boards

last month at Fiesta Lanes with

a powerful 278/814 Ball & Chain

league series.

Denver Tollett, Jr. led the

men’s scoring race with a

stalwart 300/778 Rush League


Dennis Buck, Scott Gerbert,

Rob Kaiser and Larry Spencer

shared high-game honors with

Tollett, Jr. as each registered

award-winning 12-baggers.

David Backhaus took runner-up

honors with a near perfect 299



RJ Klann 290-777, Philip Spence

236-670, Steven Spence 135-641, Coop

Cooper 232-681, Peter Sasser 247-665,

Jim O’Brien 224-580, Darren Robeck

180-534, Jake Mueller 276-741, David

Blackhaus 268-735. Denver Tollett,

Jr. 230-672, Greg Elbel 244-647,

George Lombardo 210-578 Kenneth

Winkelman 192-531, Michael Smith

278-718, Alan Bueche 257-687, Dale

Blume 280-727, Tom Meyer 269-727.

Larry Spencer (4 games) 990, Mike

Sills (4 games) 276-939, Trey Votion

244-637, John Person 223-622, David

Schmidt 278-735, Ted Zahorski 253-691,

and Monica for pushing her to

attend college at Wichita State.

IBMA Runners Up MEN:

Mike Conn, Morehead State;

Kyle King, Robert Morris Illinois;

Nick Kruml, Wisconsin-

Whitewater; Dan Lemiesz,


IBMA Runners Up WOMEN:

Amanda Greene, Lindenwood;

Caitlin Hoffman,

Robert Morris-Illinois; Anggie

At Mel’s Lone Star Lanes

Millican compiles 785,

Newell tackles 692

Cheesman 300, Banks 299

Carol O’Brien 263-681, Henry Robettse

268-641, Brenda Rupkey 179-503,

Tracy Paul 235-646, Charlie Buxton,

Jr. 290-783.

Randy Sanders 267-736, Stacy

Hackenberg 197-561, Ken Gervais

208-771, Ann Shivers 172-665, Larry

Millican 246-647, Crystal Ganoung

201-573, Pat Parker 232-635, Alex

Cheesman 717.

Katina Fotiou 233-605, Jacob

Wininger 283-701, Teri Merkel 180-472.


Bob Drewitt 247-711, Wanda Clark

227-598, John McCormick 268-725,

Jeaniett Chicky 246-605.

At Fiesta Lanes

Kaiser turns in 814, Tollett,

Jr. hurls 300/778

Buck, Gerbert, Kaiser and Spencer add 300’s, Backhaus 299

Alex Jahns 254-576, Colbert Trawhon


Chris Doepke 257-728, Jared Werner

258-715, David Schmidt 258-726, Dave

Dupont 248-691, Mike Devanney 245-

700, J J Baltierra 239-676, Coop Cooper

246-698, Santiago Rivera 267-696.

Bethany Dupree 256-658, Shelly

Arnold 206-531, Heather Henk 172-446,

Lashonda Mannie 247-675, Sylvia

Guerra 217-607, Kathy Robeck 180-478,

Kathleen Their 161-424, Amy Clements

218-594. Catherine Wilson 225-542,

Elizabeth Pitts 162-458, Stephanie

Eller 167-436, Virginia Stevens 153-425,

Birdie Grein 152-391, Kelly Rock 173-

483, Jacque Watkins 168-438, Jessica

Cummins 247-635.

Lashonda Mannie 217-628, Sylvia

Guerra 217-608, Gini Griffith 221-587,

Sylvia Guerra 224-614, Joan Killen 196-

554, Debbie Bradshaw 226-571, Cindy

Grimes 199-529, Nancy Smith 217-603.

Paula Brissenden 234-579, Sarah

Seaman 181-510, Regina Tom 165-

430, Misty Kaiser 233-670, Jacque

Devine 211-533, Kathy King 233-639,

Linda Morris 213-577, Corrine Gaudio


Wendy Odom 211-542, Tara Light

224-642, Crystal Salone 214-595,

Lashonda Mannie 256-621, Jessica

Cummins 218-598.

Ramirez, Mariland Eastern

Shore; Tannya Roumimper,

Wichita State

Honorable Mention MEN:

Cameron Foster, William

Penn; Kyle Sherman, Lindenwood;

Chris Via, Notre Dame


Honorable Mention WOMEN:

Daria Kovalova, Wichita

State; Katie Thornton, Webber

International; Diana Zavjalova,

Webber International

The IBMA (formerly

Bowling Writers Association

of America) College Bowler

of the Year Award is given

each season to the male and

female bowlers who excel on

the lanes in USBC officially

certified tournament play.

Many professional and highranking

amateur bowlers have

received the award which was

established in 1987 to honor

the sport's finest young players

and bring media attention to

college bowling.

Top Eight Women Finalists

Kovalova, Thornton, Zavjalova,

Tan, Greene, Hoffman Ramirez

Top Eight Men Finalists:

Foster, Via, Sherman, Kent, King,

Conn, Lemiesz

Other Awards

National Collegiate Bowling

Coaches Association All Americans

First Team Men:

Marshall Kent, Robert Morris-

Illinois; Dan Lemiesz, Lindenwood;

Chris Via, Notre Dame-Ohio; Mike

Conn, Morehead State; Kyle King,

Robert Morris-Illinois

First Team Women:

Tannya Roumimper, Wichita

State; Jazreel Tan, Wichita State;

Amanda Greene, Lindenwood;

Caitlin Hoffman, Robert Morris-

Illinois; Katie Thornton, Webber


Second Team Men:

Kyle Sherman, Lindenwood;

Nick Kruml, Wisconsin-Whitewater;

Cameron Foster, William Penn;

Matt Fitch, Morehead State; Jeremy


1010 N. Austin Ave.

Georgetown, TX 78626


Call Mel or Doug and sign up today !

May Trio


Saturday, May 18th

Entry Fee: $120.00 ($40 per person)

See fl yer for complete rules.

Squad Times:

1 PM and 3:30 PM

1. This is a handicap tournament. Pays 1 team spot per 5 teams entered.

2. Individual handicap 80% of 220.

3. The team can be any combination of men and/or women.

4. Bowlers can bowl all squads, but must change at least one bowler on the

team (Bowlers can cash more than once).

5. Each squad, teams will bowl three games. Total pin fall after both squads

have been completed will determine placing for the tournament. Prize fund

will be returned 100%.

6. No current exempt PBA members will be allowed to bowl.

Singles Side Event

$15 entry fee, pays 1 place per 5 entries

THE BOWLING NEWS | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Page 23

Zimmerly, Lindenwood

Second Team Women:

Diana Zavjalova, Webber International;

Kelsey Muther, Wichita

State; Sabrena Divis, Midland; Sayna

Kanemoto, Wright State; Samantha

Johnson, Lindenwood

Honorable Mention Men:

Dylan Burns, Kansas; Perry

Crowell, Midland; Brandon Hott,

Webber International; AJ Johnson,

McKendree; Cameron Weier, Robert


Honorable Mention Women:

Daria Kovalova, Wichita State;

Christina Halen, Pikeville; Grace

Hall, Central Oklahoma; Marilyn

Gawlik, McKendree; Tawni Vollmer,

Robert Morris-Illinois

Other NCBCA Awards

Most Valuable Player

Marshall Kent, Robert


Tannya Roumimper, Wichita


Rookie of the Year

Kyle King, Robert Morris-Illinois

Sabrena Divis, Midland

Kerm Helmer Coach of the Year

Mike Kubacki, Calumet

Gordon Teigen Meritorious Service


Gary Brown, Director Collegiate/

Youth Tournaments, IBC Youth


2013 Summer League Schedule

Fiesta Lanes

1202 Huisache, New Braunfels, TX 78130


17th Annual Joe

Mata’s Birthday


$2000 First Place

with 28 teams

Saturday, May 11th at 1:00 PM

Sunday, May 12th at 11:00 AM

Team Fee: $250.00 - Brackets - $5.00

Side Pots: $10.00


1. Joe Mata Birthday tourney is a non sanctioned handicap mixed

tournament. Tournament director has the right to refuse any bowlers

or entry. Tournament director has the right to adjust any bowlers


2. No exempt pro bowlers will be allowed to bowl. Violation of this rule will disqualify

the individual and the team members as well. No Money will be refunded.

3. Team maximum average is 1000. Team must consist of 3 men and 2 women, 4

men and 1 woman or vice-versa.

4. Total scratch and handicap series will determine where a team places.

5. Bowlers will use one of the following averages: Current ITA average based on 36

games as of April 1st 2013 72 game ITA average. Bowlers not having an ITA average

will use their highest 2011-12 USBC book average or Current average as of May 1st,

20123 All others will bowl scratch. (210)6. Handicap will be 80% of 210 for both men

and women.


Page 24 | Thursday, May 2, 2013 | THE BOWLING NEWS

8th Annual

East Texas Open

Hosted by

The Oil Bowl

Host Hotel

205 North Spur 63

Longview, Texas, 75601


July 13-14 & 20-21, 2013


4 person teams, doubles & singles

(Any combination of Men or Women)

Lanes fully reconditioned between every squad

Handicap 80% from 220

Brackets & Highpots, Optional Scratch Events

Entry Deadline: June 14, 2013


Presented by lark's

Promotions L.L.C.

For more information call 972-754-0387



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