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Expedition equipment - Exped.com exped

1,30m / 51"

0,95m / 38"

0,80m / 32"



1 adult; 2 in a pinch


Minimum*: 4.2 # / 1.9 kg

Packaged: 5.0 # / 2.3 kg


Floor: 30 ft 2 / 2.8 m 2

Vestibule: 13 ft 2 / 1.2 m 2


Rainfly: PU-coated, UV-resistant,

ripstop polyester

Canopy: UV-resistant, ripstop


Floor: PU-coated, taffeta nylon

Poles: DAC 7001-T6 9 mm

Packed size:

16x5’’ / 40x13 cm

Setup time:

2 minutes


3,75m / 148"

1,05m / 41" 2,40m / 94" 0,30m / 12"

Green Terracotta

Solestar Footprint:

Taffeta nylon with 3,000 mm water

column protects tent and vestibule.

Doubles as tarp. 10 oz / 300 g

* fly, cabin, poles

** for exact specifications refer to page 9

0,60m / 24"

0,86m / 34"

0,85m / 33"


1,10m / 43"

Solestar is a spacious, 1 person tent that offers full protection in a lightweight and

compact package. A unique, rollup fly opens easily to reveal the moon and stars in

clear weather but closes quickly in the event of sudden weather changes.

e >




maximum space for the minimalist camper

> Convertible with

a rollup top: with an

inner tent of mosquito

netting, the rainfly rolls

forward to offer a clear

view of the night sky.

If the weather changes,

one cord is pulled for

quick protection without

leaving Solestar!



< d




> Vents above the door

and at the rear provide

protected air circulation,

regardless of the weather





a > A small package with loads of space: Designed for one adult, but with room for

two, Solestar cuts excess weight. Still, it offers enough space to comfortably

wait out a rainy day, store extra gear, or cook in the vestibule. [If you must

cook inside Solestar, always prime and light stoves at a safe distance from the


b > Solestar stands taut with just two arches and three stakes. Poles and sleeves

are color coded for guess-free setups. Inner tent and rainfly structures are fixed

at the front to reduce both weight and setup time!

c > Front vestibule wings open wide, and with the fly rolled forward, Solestar

becomes a comfortable, bugfree shelter.

d > Door tucks into a side pocket, opens for improved ventilation, or functions as

an awning when propped with trekking poles. Or, with one side wing opened,

a protected entrance is created.

e > Storm proof: Flat front pole sleeve and rear inner pole minimize wind

resistance. Numerous, reinforced tie down loops increase stability in stormy

weather. In fact, a secured Solestar has withstood a 150 km/h (94 mph) wind

tunnel test.

f > Organization is maintained with an interior laundry line and two storage


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