Expedition equipment - Exped.com exped


Expedition equipment - Exped.com exped

Skylight Easy

Size: 55x27x10 mm / 2x1x0.5“

Weight: 20 g / 0.7 oz

OmniGrip Strap

Offered in 4 lengths. Pairs.

Size (cm / in) Weight (g / oz)

30 / 12 15 / 0.5

60 / 24 26 / 0.5

90 / 36 37 / 1.3

120 / 48 49 / 1.8

Expedition Sewing Kit

Size: 9x6x1 cm / 4x2x0.5“

Weight: 24 g / 0.8 oz


S: weight/pair: 26 g / 1 oz

shoe size (approx): 30-37 / 5-6.5

foot length: 19.0-24.0 cm / 7.5-9.5“

M: weight/pair: 32 g / 1 oz

shoe size (approx): 37-42 / 6.5-8.5

foot length: 24.0-27.5 cm / 9.5-11.0“

L: weight/pair: 37 g / 1 oz

shoe size (approx): 42-48 / 8.5-10.5

foot length: 27.5-32.0 cm / 11.0-12.5“

Extras that add a lot... without weighing a lot.

Skylight Easy

OmniGrip Strap

Expedition Sewing Kit


> World‘s only, fully self contained, solar

rechargeable, pocket LED. Unit is sealed in a special

compound, impact resistant rubber case. Fully splash-

and weatherproof. Bright LED is rated to 9.2 cd and

> Exped-developed, innovative 25 mm wide straps -

each strip incorporates BOTH hook and loop! Back to

back, OmniGrip straps can be cinched in any variety

of ways. Exped began with the goal of connecting

trekking poles to support tarp shelters. What uses will

you find for OmniGrips?

> Use Sewing Kit to repair just about anything that

fails during an expedition, whether an extended trek

or a short business trip. A perfect, compact travel

companion that includes all the right, outdoor tools:

needle-holder with industrial needles, cotter pin,

> Essential for every adventure in extreme cold,

especially high altitude mountaineering and arctic

traversing. Wear between thin inner and heavy outer

socks. Since VBL socks are vaporproof, they block

moisture from the foot that otherwise could diminish

is visible to about 1 km. Features simple push button

switch for On or Off. 10 year guarantee. Made in


Variety of uses:

> fix 2 trekking poles, handle to handle, to support

your tarp

> strap your sleeping mat for transport

> secure two mats to one another

> secure gear to your bicycle or boat

> and more.......

waxed threads, a rainbow of polyester threads, safety

pins, nylon thread, buttons, threader, and instruction

book. Of course, it also includes a simple kit to repair

that lost button.

a boot‘s insulation. In this manner, every bit of

critical warmth is preserved.

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